The shack in the remote dunes had been the scene of many life-changing events in the past involving all of the men. Today, as Mark, Hassan and the two boys drove up there for a four-day visit, Mark had thought to himself, 'Hmm, maybe the place will work its magic once again.'

Well, 'magic' might not be quite the right word for the happenings so far. Mark and Hassan had been so turned on by each other that they had re-lived some of the traumatic events of their first encounter, a painful military interrogation when they were enemy soldiers.

Right after that Jamie had caused a scare by disappearing while surfing with Nate, and then had made matters far worse by insolently defending himself, insulting and provoking Mark. Jamie had paid a price, enduring painful punishment from Mark while tied to his own surfboard.

Some time later Mark and Hassan were sitting on the small porch watching Jamie and Nate rough-housing in the surf. The experience had brought the boys closer together than ever and Jamie was even more of a hero in Nate's eyes. The men sipped beers in silence for a while, then Hassan looked at Mark and said, "Well done, man. That couldn't have been easy."

"It was agony for me, hurting my boy like that. I'm ashamed of myself."

"Nah, you had to do that and you know it. Jamie wanted to be punished and it had to be real. It was the only way he could ever begin to forgive himself for talking to you like he did."

Mark fell silent again, wrapped in thought. Suddenly he said, "Look, buddy, you know that the plan was for the boys to sleep in their tent tonight and we'd share the bed in the shack. Well I was wondering ..... just for tonight if ....."

".... if you could sleep with Jamie in the tent and Nate will bunk in with me in the shack? Of course, man ..... wouldn't have it any other way. You two have to make your peace. Hell, you'll probably be making love all night ..... but tomorrow night, you're all mine OK?"

Hassan smiled and took a sip of beer. "Besides, that Nate's a hot young kid. Oh, he doesn't have the glamor that Jamie has, but he's real handsome in a quiet way ..... hot young body too. He may be shy, but he's nobody's fool ...... real direct and honest, with a great sense of humor. I like all that about him. Reminds me a bit of how I was at his age. Yeah, I like Nate a lot."

"Sounds like you won't mind sharing your bed with him, buddy."

"Oh, I won't mind," Hassan said, flashing a big smile. "I won't mind at all." Actually, Hassan had already spent a little time with Nate as they had worked together stowing all their gear in the shack and making it look livable. At first Nate was shy around the exotically handsome Marine, but as his inhibitions faded he had amused Hassan with stories of his life in Australia and impressed him with his boyish enthusiasm about living in the L.A. house and working as houseboy.

"See, me and Jamie are best mates now," Nate said, his eyes shining "He's a great guy and a terrific surfer, so gorgeous too and ..... well ...."

".......... and you're a bit in love with him," Hassan smiled.

Nate blushed .... "More than a bit, sir." Embarrassed, Nate averted his eyes and concentrated on cleaning the room while Hassan smiled down at him with growing affection


In the time they had known each other the boys had quickly developed a deep friendship and now, as they played boisterously in the surf, Nate was helping Jamie recover from the emotional and physical ordeal of being punished by Mark. And yet, as they trudge back up the beach that painful event still resonated and the boys watched Mark warily and with some trepidation.

But Mark's smile and light-hearted tone helped to dispel their fears. "Now I just wanna say one thing, guys. You know that Randy and I don't always see eye-to-eye but he has one rule that I firmly agree with. When a guy steps out of line, once he has taken his punishment the thing's over. You screw up, get punished, and that's it ..... get on with your life. OK? Now, I don't know about you all but I'm starved, so what say we walk into the village and grab some dinner?"

There was an audible sigh of relief all round and they quickly pulled on some clothes. "Hey, Nate," Mark said, "you sure did a number on the shack. The only time I've seen it this tidy is when you were up here that first time."

"Well, sir, it's what I do ..... houseboy and all." He grinned. "Plus this time Hassan gave me a whole lot of help."

Hassan smiled at him and ruffled his hair affectionately. The warmth between them was not lost on Mark who raised his eyebrows at Jamie with a wide-eyed grin. Mark walked ahead with his arm round Jamie in comfortable silence. There was a lot they wanted to say .... and do ..... to each other but that would come later. Hassan and Nate walked together behind them, also in silence, but that was because Nate was still in awe of the gorgeous soldier and his shyness kicked in.

But over plates of food in the small Mexican restaurant, and with the help of several Dos Equis beers, any reticence they felt quickly dissolved and the boys launched into enthusiastic tales about some of their surfing adventures in Australia. Hassan noted quietly how Nate's eyes sparkled each time he brought up Adam's name.

Finally Mark called for silence and said, "Now, when we get back you boys still have to pitch your tent in the dunes, but then there's gonna be a slight change of plans." He fixed his eyes on Jamie. "Tonight I'm gonna sleep in the tent with Jamie. We two have a lot of, er ...... reconstruction to do, stuff to talk about, and it could take a long time ...... best part of the night, maybe."

Jamie blushed and Hassan murmured, "Hmm, 'reconstruction'. That's a new word for it." Amid the laughter he looked at Nate. "You OK bunking in with me, Nate? It's a big bed..... promise I won't crowd you.

"Oh, crowding's OK, sir," and it was Nate's turn to blush.


It had been an exhausting first day ..... first Mark and Hassan challenging each other in a re-enactment of their first sexual encounter, with its painful struggle for sexual supremacy ..... and then the disappearance of the boys and Jamie's painful punishment by Mark. So they were all pretty much ready for bed as soon as they trudged back from dinner.

Mark and Hassan sipped late-night drinks on the deck of the shack while the boys quickly erected their tent in the dunes and stuffed a mattress inside. They came back and stood before the men as if reporting for duty, waiting for orders. Mark's impatience to be alone with his boy was palpable as he stood and put his hand behind Jamie's neck, guiding him back to the dunes. He looked back over his shoulder and shouted, "'Night, guys. Sleep well .... or whatever...."

When they reached the tent Mark and Jamie stood staring into each other's eyes, their emotions overflowing as they recalled the events of the day, the fear they had felt and the pain they had caused each other. Mark smiled lightly, reached forward and ran the backs of his fingers over Jamie's shirt, feeling the nipples underneath. Jamie inhaled sharply and flinched, still tender from the intense pain when Mark had squeezed them as he was helplessly tied to his surfboard.

"Still sore, eh, kid?" Mark grinned.

"Yes, sir, but it feels ....." He looked down at his cock making a tent pole in his shorts.

"Thought so," Mark smiled. "Come on, kid, let's hit the sack.

Jamie quickly pulled off his T-shirt, dropped his shorts and stood naked in front of his master. Mark sighed and shook his head, gazing at his golden boy. "Oh, man, that is so fucking gorgeous ..... and to think I hurt you so bad ......? But he shook off the regrets and pulled off his clothes. As he always did, Jamie gasped seeing his master, the stunning, muscular cop, naked. The words came out instinctively ..... "Sir, will you take me to bed?"

They crawled into the tent and lay on the mattress on their sides facing each other, Mark's head propped up on his elbow. "Sir, Jamie said hesitantly, I want to apologize again for ........"

"Sshh," whispered Mark laying a finger on his lips. "Like I said, that's over kiddo. I said things to you that wish to god I never had. They were so cruel that I wouldn't blame you if you'd stopped loving me."

Jamie's eyes opened wide. "Never, sir. That would never happen. As a matter of fact ....." Mark saw his boy blush, even though his face was lit only by the light of the moon filtering into the tent. "..... as a matter of fact, sir, when I was tied to my board and you were hurting me I think I loved you more than ever. I loved being in your power, tied up, watching my master do whatever he wanted to me. It was like you owned me, sir. It was so hot ..... I loved it, even the pain."

"Yeah," Mark smiled, touching Jamie's nipples again. "Randy and Bob taught me all about that .... and if you like we'll do it again sometime. Like you said, I can do whatever I want to you .... you're my boy. And right now the thing I want to do is what I've wanted since the minute we got here today. Guess we just got a little sidetracked."

Jamie smiled and instinctively turned over on his back. Mark knelt over him, pushed his legs up and gazed down at the young blond face, stunningly beautiful in the silver light of the moon. "Yeah, that's what I wanted. I wanted that face, that body .... and that ass. This is not a punishment fuck, Jamie. This time, kiddo, it's love."

He eased his cock into the soft, downy fur of the ass and pushed, sighing deeply as he felt his boy welcome him into the warm secret places that he knew so well. There was no sound except for their deep breathing and the distant hiss of waves breaking on the shore. Mark's perfect body rose and fell over the boy, joining them physically and spiritually in a union where all other feelings ..... fear, anger, shame ..... faded into meaningless trivia. This was love ..... the kind of love that truly does conquer all.

Their orgasms were not a climax ..... they were a beginning. When Mark came inside his boy and Jamie's cum flowed over him there was no pause. Mark kept on fucking his boy and soon their juice flowed again. Neither was aware how many times they came, or how long their lovemaking lasted. Sometimes Mark lowered his body onto Jamie's and they dozed, but when they woke Mark was still inside his boy and they fucked again. Eventually they did fall into a deep sleep, but not before the moonlight faded in the first fragile rays of dawn sunlight.


When Mark and Jamie had walked away from the shack in the confident expectation of rekindling the embers of their love, they left behind two men who were on much less solid ground, men who were new to each other. After they had watched Mark and Jamie disappear over the dunes, Hassan and Nate turned and walked into the shack. Nate looked down at the bed they were to share and timidity gripped him, bordering on fear.

Insecurity often makes a person take refuge in a comfort zone and so Nate reverted to his ..... being houseboy. He avoided looking at Hassan and busied himself tidying the room, even though he had already tidied a short while before. He folded clothes, cleared away bottles and glasses, and generally worked with such concentration that he had almost convinced himself he was alone in the room. Until he heard a throat clear and a deep voice say, "Nate."

He looked up and saw Hassan's handsome face smiling at him. "Nate, would you mind stopping your houseboy act and paying a little attention to me? I'm beginning to think you don't like me."

"Oh, no, sir," Nate blurted out. "It's not that ..... it's not that at all ..... not at all."

"Good. OK then, time for bed, don't you think?" Hassan pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his sneakers and Nate gasped as he saw the muscular, olive-skinned soldier with the exotically beautiful face standing god-like before him, stripped to the waist in his faded fatigue pants. Nate's knees went weak and he grabbed a corner of a table and turned his head away.

"Nate?" Hassan asked gently. "What's the matter?"

Nate pulled himself together and willed himself back to the forthright Australian he had always been. "Well, sir, it's just that ......" his voice weakened. "..... it's just that you're so far out of my league, sir." Seeing Hassan's puzzled frown Nate's explanation poured out.

"Sir, I love living with Jamie and Mark and all the other guys but I know they're different from me 'cause they're all so incredibly beautiful. I still don't understand why they all seem to like me, and especially how Jamie could have chosen me as his best mate. I mean, they could have anyone they wanted, yet they hired me as their houseboy. And now you, sir. You are absolutely in their league, sir ..... you are one of the most gorgeous men I've ever seen in my life, and now ...... and now I'm supposed to share a bed with you, sir? ..... with you! I don't think I can, sir."

"Wow," Hassan said as Nate ran out of steam. "So that's it." He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Nate down beside him. "Let me tell you something, kid. All my life I've been could-shouldered and rejected by guys because they were in awe of me or just plain jealous. I know how beautiful I am and it's been a cross I've always born. Why do you think I live alone, tucked away in the Hollywood Hills and the only guys I socialize with are the guys in your house? And now here I am rejected once more. I was looking forward to getting to know you better, Nate, and now you won't even share a bed with me.

"Oh, sir, I didn't mean ....."

But Hassan cut him off. "You sell yourself far too short, Nate. When I first saw you I was impressed by your good looks. You're what I would call quietly handsome with a natural masculinity. You're direct, unpretentious, no bullshit, with a great sense of humor ..... not to mention that hot young body now that you've been working out so hard.

"See, Jamie and the other guys all have a glamorous aura about them. You're not glamorous in that way, but I'm tired of glamor, tired of seeing it in the mirror. You're the kind of hot young guy that anyone would be proud to call his own. So quit beating yourself up and get into bed. And don't worry, I promise not to keep you awake. No touching if that's what it takes, OK?"

"OK, sir," Nate grinned shyly. The 'no touching' thing he wasn't sure about, but realized that's the only way he would get any sleep. Again he watched in awe as Hassan pulled off his jeans and threw himself down on the bed, his body looking spectacular in just white boxer shorts. Nate modestly turned his back, stripped down to his briefs and climbed into bed, keeping a safe distance from Hassan.

"See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Hassan laughed.

Reassured by Hassan's joking tone Nate said impulsively, "The only thing that's hard right now is my cock, sir."

Hassan laughed even louder. "See, what did I say about that Aussie sense of humor?"

Nate blushed at his own boldness and edged away a few more inches. Now for sleep ..... if only that roaring hard-on would go down.


He did sleep for a while, he thought ..... just a short while before he opened his eyes, suddenly wide awake, and listened to the steady breathing of the man sleeping beside him. His hard-on was still raging, probably hadn't gone down even while he slept. Nate turned his head to the side, looked at the beautiful face with its eyes closed, but quickly turned back and looked straight up at the ceiling. Oh, shit .... he would never get to sleep like this, he thought.

Anyway, he needed to take a leak. Carefully, silently, he slid out of bed and went to the small rustic bathroom a few feet away and closed the door. It wasn't easy to pee with his cock so rigid, but he finally did, then crammed his cock back in his briefs, opened the door .... and stopped dead, gazing at the incredible sight.

The same moon that right now was lighting Jamie's face in the tent was streaming through the window blinds, striping the Marine's near naked body with its silver light. It was a warm night and in his sleep Hassan had pushed the sheet down so it covered only his feet. The rest of his body was stretched out in the moonlight, his arms sprawled upwards above his head that lolled to one side. He was naked except for his white shorts that clung tightly to him because of the bulge of a sleeping erection.

Nate gazed at the glorious image that reminded him of pornographic pictures he used to jack off to back in Sydney. His eyes focused on the bulging biceps of the stretched arms, then travelled down over his wide shoulders, the flare of his lats, the square slabs of his chest, the ridges of his washboard stomach and his narrow waist. His gazed settled on the bulge in Hassan's shorts, their lower edge tight round his rock-hard thighs.

Nate felt himself go weak again. He had been right to think he couldn't do this ..... sleep beside this incredible muscle-god. Maybe he should sleep on the floor. Nah, that would look stupid. The solution came by instinct, as he became aware that he had pulled his cock out of his briefs and he was stroking it hard. It would only take a few minutes of this before he would bust his load and get release. Then maybe he could sleep.

He gasped softly and held his breath as Hassan stirred in his sleep. His body shifted a little and one of his arms moved down, the hand coming to rest lightly on the bulge in his shorts. He sighed deeply and then was still again. His movement had made the sinews of his spectacular body glint in the moonlight as the muscles rippled under the olive skin.

Nate was lost in the erotic perfection of the naked Marine and he beat his meat in a frenzy until his body went rigid and he stifled a scream as a jet of cum blasted from is cock and splashed onto the floor, followed by another ..... and another. It took a huge effort to remain silent and to control his heaving breathing.

He came back to reality and needed to get back in bed before he woke Hassan. He grabbed a towel, wiped his cock and pushed it back in his briefs. (The floor could wait 'til the morning). When his breathing finally subsided he tiptoed over the floor to the bed, and eased himself ever-so-carefully in beside Hassan. He lay on his back eyes closed and waited for sleep to come.

Then he heard the soft, deep voice. "Did you just jerk off looking at me, kid?"


Nate's eyes jolted wide open. Busted! Hassan knew what he had done. Had he seen? Heard? He gulped and decided in his direct Aussie way to come clean. "Yes, sir ...." he cleared his throat .... "yes, sir, I did. I couldn't sleep next to you 'cause I had this raging boner and it wouldn't go down, so I went to the bathroom and blew my wad just looking at you." He fell silent, waiting for a reprimand, but instead he heard a laugh.

"Well, good ..... it's about time."

Nate turned to look at Hassan. "You knew I would do that, sir?"

"Of course I did. Nate, I know the effect I have on guys ..... shit, I can't count the number of times I've seen guys out of the corner of my eye beating their meat and cumming just looking at me ..... in the showers, in the gym. Hell, I was once in a meeting, bunch of us Marines sitting round a boardroom table, and I realized that one of the guys was staring at me, stroking his bulge under the table, and I saw him flinch as he shot his load into his pants. He didn't know I knew, but I tell you it was damned hard to concentrate after that."

Nate laughed and the tension dissolved. "Anyway," Hassan continued, "I'm glad you finally emptied you ball sac 'cause now I can fuck you without you cumming the minute I enter you."

Nate winced, trying to get his mind round Hassan's matter-of-fact statement. "You ..... you mean you're gonna ..... you want to ..... fuck me, sir? Me?"

Hassan laughed. "Sure I do, kid. Of course I do. I've wanted to do that ever since we drove up here. I'm just glad that Mark felt so bad about hurting Jamie that he chose to spend the night with him. The minute he asked me to share my bed with you my dick got hard." Suddenly a thought occurred to him and he looked hard at Nate. "You do get your ass fucked, don't you, kid?"

"Oh, yes, sir, no worries there. Jamie was the first guy ever to fuck me, then Mark, and Adam my Aussie friend ...... and Randy of course."

"Yeah, Randy of course," Hassan sighed. "No surprise there ..... he always has to show he's boss by fucking every new guy who comes to the house."

"Oh I didn't mind, sir. As a matter of fact it was awesome when he ......" He trailed off in embarrassment.

"When he what, kid?"

Well sir, he said he wanted to juice things up a bit so he ..... he tied me to the bed and then fucked me ..... and it was great, sir."

"You liked that?"

Nate blushed, but the vivid memory prompted him to explain. "See, sir, before I came here ..... like when I was in Australia ..... I never went with guys but I used to fantasize all the time. You know, videos, magazines, pictures, drawings .... and I'd get off like that. And my fantasies got kind of extreme ...... like, leather, construction workers, cops ...... that's one reason Mark is such an incredible turn-on ...... Randy too, when he fucked me in his work clothes. That's why living in the house is so cool ..... all the guys there are like some pornographic fantasy.

"Anyway, all those pictures in the magazines of macho guys getting tied up and whipped, that always made me shoot. But I guess my favorite was military guys in their uniforms .... jeez that was so hot. I had a magazine that was all about a bunch of hot soldiers in some desert challenging each other, and they were wrestling and this young soldier lost and got his uniform ripped off. He was tied up and whipped and his ass was fucked by this gorgeous muscle-stud, a Marine he was ..... oh, sorry, sir." He suddenly remembered he was talking to a Marine more gorgeous than any he had ever seen in pictures.

While Nate chattered on so eagerly Hassan was staring at him with a slight smile on his face. There was a lot more to this kid than met the eye ..... still waters running deep, he thought. He interrupted him. "Nate, did anyone ever tell you the story of how I met Mark, during the war, and I had to interrogate him, so I chained him to the wall and whipped him and fucked him?"

"Yes, sir, Darius did. I know it must have been real rough and painful but ..... but I often jack off thinking about it. Sorry, sir."

Suddenly Hassan roused himself and jumped out of bed. Nate was stunned. "Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I was kind of running off at the mouth, wasn't I? I don't know why I told you all those things. It's just that I ....."

"Quiet, boy!" Nate was shocked by the sudden harsh tone in Hassan's voice. "Now you stay right where you are. You don't move ...... is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Nate said. He obeyed instantly, lying stiffly on his back, staring up at the ceiling, afraid that he had offended Hassan by letting his tongue run away with him. He was dimly aware of Hassan grabbing some clothes, taking them into the bathroom and closing the door. "Ah, hell," Nate thought. "I guess I offended him. Shit, he's gonna leave me on my own."


As he lay there in the silence Nate was depressed and angry with himself for talking so much. But at the same time there was an atmosphere in the quiet room that was ...... suspenseful somehow, almost too quiet, as if something was about to happen. The moonlight filtering through the slatted window blinds gave the place an eerie, unreal feeling ..... reminding him almost of some of those pictures he had been talking about ...... talking too much, it seemed, and he cursed himself again.

As the minutes dragged on he began to feel uneasy and his mind started playing tricks. Part of him wanted to leave but he knew that he couldn't ...... he had been forbidden to move. It was almost like he was a prisoner, even though he was not tied up.

He took the risk of moving his head and looked up over his shoulder. He wished he hadn't. He inhaled sharply as he saw some lengths of rope wrapped loosely round the bedposts. He frowned, then it dawned on him that they must have been left over from when Mark and Jamie were last here, when no doubt Mark had tied Jamie to the bed and fucked him. Nate's nervousness increased, but at the same time he felt a stirring in his cock.

Time dragged on, and then ...... he heard the creaking of the bathroom door as it opened. His body went rigid and he stared at the ceiling. He heard someone move and slowly he lowered his eyes. "Aaah!" He gasped at what he saw.

Standing at the foot of the bed was a tall, heavily muscled Marine, with rugged square-cut features, an exotic mix of Arab and Asian. He was stunning, in khaki fatigue pants with a heavy belt at the slim waist, the bottoms tucked into heavy military boots. He was wearing what looked like an old gray tank-top stretched over the slabs of his chest, and over that a ragged, sleeveless military shirt tucked into the narrow waist of his pants.

Nate's heart was beating so loudly he could hear it. His breathing was ragged and his cock was so hard that the head poked up above his briefs. This was a pornographic picture come to life, a macho military icon more erotic than anything in his wildest imagination. The Marine folded his arms across his chest and Nate made a huge effort to stop himself blowing his load right there. He drifted into a different world, like stepping into one of his erotic pictures, steeped in an atmosphere of menace and intense male sexuality.

He held his breath ...... and suddenly the soldier came to life. "OK," he said in a detached, efficient manner, "you're next, boy. Shit you're younger than the others. Still, no need to be scared, boy, just as long as you obey orders and tell me what I need to know." He moved to the head of the bed. "Good ..... ropes still here from the last one." He grabbed Nate's right wrist, yanked his arm up and out to the bedpost and quickly tied it tight. He moved over and did the same to his other wrist, so the boy's arms were now stretched upward and he was spread-eagled helplessly on the bed.

The Marine stood back and surveyed his prisoner with satisfaction. "Yeah, that'll do fine. Shit, you're a good looking young stud. I'm gonna enjoy working you over. Still, that won't be necessary if you tell me what I ask right away. Man, the guy before you was tough. Worked on him for a couple of hours before I broke him and he screamed for mercy."

Nate's eyes opened wide with awe as the solider quickly ripped open his shirt and pulled it off, the muscles of his upper body bulging under the sweat-stained old tank top. He folded his arms across his chest. "So, kid, where are your two buddies you came here with?"

Nate's mind was reeling. This was exactly his fantasy come to life ..... but was it real or still a fantasy? There flashed into his whirling thoughts Darius's voice saying, "Yeah, but it's only good if it feels like the real thing." This felt like the real thing but it wasn't good. He felt scared and he had lost his erection. But in spite of all this he instinctively knew that above all he mustn't tell the solider what he wanted to know. So he stared up at the spectacular man towering over him and stayed silent.

"OK, boy, it that's the way you want to play this. No sweat for me .... it's what I'm paid to do." His next move caused Nate to panic. The Marine was unbuckling his belt and sliding it out of his pants.

"No!" Nate yelled and began to struggle desperately to get free, pulling frantically against the ropes, his body twisting and writhing on the bed. He heard the Marine say, "Oh yeah, now that looks wild, boy. Just what turns me on. I like it when they struggle and scream. Makes my job more interesting."

In his blind panic Nate recalled Randy's advice to him ..... "never let a guy tie you up unless you know him well and trust him." And here he was at the mercy of a man who had been a military interrogator, who had captured Mark, chained and tortured him. He had lusted so much for Mark that he had threatened to drag him to his remote desert house and keep him captive as a sex slave. And now this same man, whose job had been to torture one enemy soldier after another, had tied him up and was about to torture him in some sadistic sex game.

Terrified, Nate looked at the belt hanging from the soldier's right hand as he stood beside the bed. The soldier reached forward with his left hand and Nate flinched and closed his eyes, waiting. But then ....... he felt the back of the hand stroke against his cheek ever so gently. He opened his eyes and saw soft brown eyes looking down at him with tenderness and a slight smile. Suddenly Nate understood ..... and his panic subsided. This was Hassan, Nate's picture-perfect erotic image of a handsome, muscular soldier ..... the man who had listened to his fantasies ......and who was right now making his dreams come to life.

The boy's fear disappeared, replaced by an exhilaration of a kind he had never felt before. He was into the fantasy, deep in. 'It has to feel real,' Darius had said. And so it did. He was the bound young soldier in the picture, and he knew what the soldier would have done

"One last chance for you to talk, boy," the Marine growled.

Nate looked up at him defiantly. "Go fuck yourself, soldier."

"OK, boy. You asked for it." The Marine raised his arm and brought the belt sharply across the boy's chest. Nate gasped and flexed, surprised by how much it stung. But he realized that this was not a real blow, not something that really hurt. His feeling of anger and defiance was real now as he stared up at his captor and sneered, "Fuck you, asshole."

So the whipping began in earnest ..... rather a ritual, symbolic flogging, with nothing like the force that Hassan had used on Mark all those years ago. Lash after lash fell across the boy's chest and his lean young body writhed under them. The feel and sound of the belt, and the sight of the powerful Marine were all incredibly erotic and his cock strained under his briefs. But eventually his stinging chest began to hurt ..... it was becoming too much .... too real.

He heard the Marine's words. "You can make it stop, boy. You can trade the whip for a good fuck up the ass. Just say the word."

"Fuck you, man. My ass has never been fucked. No man's ever gonna do that, especially not you, asshole."

The soldier's eyes glinted. "Oh, no ..... you don't get to fuck with me like that, boy. Look at me," and he held out his arms and flexed his muscles. "Do I look like a man who takes shit from a helpless little fucker like you? No, you're gonna beg me to fuck that virgin ass, boy." He raised his arm and delivered one last lash of the belt, hard this time, smashing across Nate's chest and taking him over his limit."

This was real ..... the pain was far too much and he screamed, "OK! OK, I give up. I submit. No more whipping, please. Fuck my ass, soldier. I beg you, fuck my ass .... sir."

The soldier smiled and threw down the belt. Staring down at the boy he reached up, pulled his tank over his head and threw it aside. Nate gasped as he saw the Marine shirtless, his magnificent torso tapering from his broad shoulders down to the tight waist of his fatigues, legs astride in heavy, laced combat boots. God he wanted the soldier to fuck him.

Nate gasped as the man suddenly reached down and forcibly ripped his briefs clean off him. He yanked his huge rod out of his pants and said, "OK, boy, so you've never been fucked before. Well, I gotta tell you, I don't break new guys in easy .... I don't do nice and easy. Virgin ass or not, I do this." He threw Nate's legs in the air, knelt on the bed ...... and plunged his cock deep into his hole, forcing it viciously into the hot cauldron of Nate's ass.

The shock and the pain made Nate scream. It was like the first time ..... it really was as if he had never been fucked before. He opened his eyes and saw the incredible body of the Marine rising over him, impaling him on his iron rod as it pistoned inside him. He couldn't breathe, he thought he would pass out. He flashed on that young soldier in the picture, roped to the bed being tortured by the spectacular Marine, getting his ass hammered again and again by the merciless cock.

But still the defiant young soldier refused to submit. He gazed up at the Marine and yelled, "Go ahead, soldier. Fuck that ass .... torture it ..... you'll never break me, man."

"You don't think so?" the Marine sneered. "There's more than one way to break a guy .... and I always do break them, boy. Now it's your turn. And this is how I do it." He plunged his cock deep inside Nate's ass, then pulled all the way out and smashed it in again. All the way out, then ..... a slow, gentle easing all the way back in. A few more jackhammer blows and suddenly a long, long caress into the ravaged ass.

Nate was being driven wild, never knowing when the pole would pierce him and when the huge cock would tenderly massage his ass. He loved the tenderness ..... and longed for the jackhammer. He looked up at the spectacular face, black hair falling over his forehead, sweat running over his rugged features. Their eyes met and Hassan knew he had him.

"You're finished, boy," he sneered. "I've broken you." He pulled back, then impaled the ass savagely one last time. Nate's body jolted, went rigid and his cock exploded in streams of hot cum all over his bound, writhing young body as he screamed, "I submit, sir ..... I submit!"

Hassan's body heaved as he gazed down at the sobbing boy, semen streaming over his face and chest. Hassan's cock was still inside him as he reached forward and quickly untied his wrists. He smiled down at Nate. "You OK, kid?"

"Oh, sir .... I .....I"

"You know I still have to cum, don't you? Let me feel your hands on my body."

In a daze .... more like a dream ..... Nate reached up and ran his hands over the Marine's beautiful face, then down over the neck, and he pressed his palms on the slabs of Hassan's chest as it rose and fell over him. The sensation of the cock sliding into his ass was exquisite. "Sir," he moaned, "sir, that feels ..... aaah ...... sir, I love you. Please, sir, let me feel your juice in my ass ..... please."

Hassan smiled. "OK, kiddo, here it comes," and his semen began flowing into the tender young ass. Nate felt it and couldn't hold back. He dug his fingers into Hassan's chest and, even though he had cum twice, his cock shuddered again and creamy liquid pumped out over his already cum-soaked body.


Minutes later Nate was lying quietly in Hassan's arms and Hassan asked him, "Hey, when Darius told you the story of me and Mark, did he mention that in the heat of our passion, when Mark was still my prisoner, I said I would smuggle him out of the prison, take him to my house in the desert and chain him up so he would belong to me forever .... my sex slave?"

"He did tell me that sir. Is that what you want to do with me, sir? I think that would be cool."

Hassan laughed. "No kid, that's in the world of fantasy. But now that we're back in the real world, there is something you can tell me. I know you work all the time as houseboy for the guys, but what are your lightest days?"

Surprised by the question out of the blue, Nate said, "Oh that's easy, sir. The weekends are my busiest when the guys are all there, but Wednesday and Thursday are the lightest."

"Hmm. Well I was wondering. If I can clear it with Bob, do you think you could come over and clean my place on Wednesdays? I can be a messy kinda guy and the place gets real untidy. And maybe sometimes you could even stay over Wednesday night and go back next morning. Might be fun. I've got all kinds of military gear ..... you know, drill kit, dress uniforms, fatigues, workout gear. Thought you might get off on it."

Nate's eyes sparkled. "Sir, that would be awesome. I'd do a real good job for you."

"Oh I know you would, kid," Hassan laughed. "I'd make damn sure of that. OK, now sleep."

Nate sighed and as he drifted off to sleep in Hassan's arms there was a smile on his face. He wouldn't be needing those pictures and magazines anymore. He had it all right here.


"Hey, buddy," Mark said to Hassan as they walked along the beach next morning, "Whatever the hell you did to that kid last night sure transformed him. He's glowing ..... walking on air."

Hassan flashed a conspiratorial smile. "Hell, Mark, you should talk. You obviously made your peace with Jamie the way he smiles at you all the time. Guess you fucked his sweet ass most of the night."

"Pretty much," Mark grinned, with satisfaction bordering on arrogance. "Hey, I wonder how the guys are getting on up at the lake? I had a strong feeling that Randy wanted some time out for him and Bob to 'get re-acquainted' as he calls it. I guess that means Randy reminding Bob who the boss is around there. Sure would like to be in the bushes watching that."

Hassan chuckled. "Yeah, well while they're at it they better keep an eye on those boys of theirs. What did Zack call it, a 'Truckload of Trouble'?" That boy of Randy's, Pablo, is a handful .... trying to grow up to be just like Randy. Thinks of himself as some kind of master-in-training ..... and it looks like he's practicing on the twins. Wonder how that's working out for them."

"Talking of keeping an eye on their boys," Mark said, "where the fuck are ours?" They had reached the shack and, just like before, Jamie and Nate were nowhere in sight. "Shit damn, if they've ......"

"Hey, chill, buddy." Hassan put a restraining hand on his arms. "Listen." From over the nearest dune came the unmistakable sound of laughter. The men quickly scrambled up the dune and looked down into the sandy hollow, with smiles spreading over their faces. "Holy shit," Hassan said, "will you look at that?"

One of the surfboards was on the ground and Nate was lying on it on his back. His arms were stretched up and tied to the curved fin, just as Jamie's had been when Mark had punished him. The boys were obviously trying to duplicate that bondage scene ..... but it wasn't working. Trouble was Jamie was unable to resist Nate's upstretched armpits and was tickling them unmercifully.

Nate was screaming with laughter and frustration ..... "Stop .... no, stop it, mate. You wait 'til I get free, dude....I'll get you for this." His helpless laughter was infectious and Jamie's hilarity was irrepressible as he tickled him harder. And to hell with any pretense of re-living the punishment bondage scene.

These two were best mates after all ..... still celebrating after one of the best nights of their lives.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ..... Chapter 138


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