The house was quiet that evening ..... the only ones there were Bob, Lloyd and the twins. Randy, Steve and Pablo were away at the lake, so as Lloyd had been left alone Bob had suggested that he come over and stay with him until Steve got back. All the other guys had gone out to dinner ..... and that's what gave the twins their idea.

They hesitated but finally plucked up the courage to make their suggestion to Bob. "Sir, we thought ..... well, as it's just gonna be just the four of us, we ...... we wondered if you and Lloyd would be our guests for dinner in our house. It's only a small place, but ......."

"Guys, that would be terrific," Bob beamed. "What d'you say, Lloyd? The twins live in the guest house at Zack's place just across the street."

"I'd be honored," said Lloyd. "Thank you for including me, guys."

And so, an hour later Bob grabbed a bottle of wine from the kitchen and said to Lloyd, "OK, you ready for the twins? You're gonna love their food. Can't wait to see what they've cooked up."

As they walked toward the gate Lloyd smiled at him. "You really love those boys, don't you?"

Crazy about them," said Bob. "They've had a really tough life but they're finally coming out of their shell. There's still a lot I have to teach them though."

"Like what?"

"Well, for one thing, they never spend any time apart from each other. It's like they're joined at the hip. They work together, play together ...... they're always together when we have sex ..... even jerk each other off. They've always been scared to death of being separated ...... and I don't think that kind of dependence is healthy. So I have plans for them ..... big plans."

"OK, here we are." They had gone through Zack's garden and were standing at the door to the guest house. Bob knocked, the door opened and the twins were standing shoulder to shoulder, with twin smiles lighting up their faces.

"Er, hi," said Bob, offering the wine bottle. "I'm Bob and this is my friend Lloyd and we were invited to dinner, I think."

"You sure were, sir," said Kevin. They led the way into the small living room where the table was elaborately set with flowers, four immaculate place settings and intricately folded napkins. Mouthwatering smells drifted from the kitchen.

"Something smells good," Bob said. The twins stood together behind the table, both smartly dressed in Polo shirts and shorts, smiling nervously. Bob's heart melted and his eyes misted over. Yeah, he was crazy about them, all right.


As they all sat in the garden over cocktails things were a bit tentative at first. This was a new experience for the twins, a big event for them, and they wanted everything to be perfect for Bob, the man they idolized. They didn't know Lloyd well and they were still shy with the handsome, sophisticated architect. They hid their nervousness by taking refuge in what they did best, cooking, and one or other of them made frequent trips to the kitchen to check on dinner.

Bob, of course, was expert at putting the twins at their ease, and so, it turned out, was Lloyd. He immediately found a common subject of interest, their guest house, which Lloyd had designed for Zack.

"Of course," he said to the twins, "when you design a building you're never quite sure how it's going to work for the people living or working in it. That's why I try to get feedback from clients a few months after they've moved in." He smiled. "So, here's your chance, guys .....tell me what mistakes I made in your house."

That was an opening for the twins that they jumped into eagerly. They were full of praise for their house, which was like a palace for them compared with the tough life they had been used to. However, at Lloyd's insistence, they came up with a few suggestions.

Gaining in confidence, Kevin said, "Well, sir, it would be better to have the fridge on the same side of the kitchen as the stove, rather than opposite. When we're both working in the kitchen we keep colliding as we turn round. And a six-burner stove-top would really help when we're cooking dinner for Zack and Darius."

Lloyd whipped out a notebook and wrote down their suggestions. "That's real helpful." He smiled. "You guys really know your way around a kitchen. Maybe I should consult with you before I design my next one. The guys all tell me you're master chefs."

The twins blushed, but from then on their shyness disappeared. The food was, as always, a huge success, and as dinner progressed the boys pumped Lloyd for information about his work as an architect. Bob loved to see their eagerness and was grateful to Lloyd for bringing them out of their shells so enthusiastically.

While the twins were in the kitchen making coffee Bob said, "You're great with them, Lloyd. They're usually not this animated. You know how I met them? They were trying to steal my SUV ..... so they could live in it ! They were homeless, making a living by turning tricks ..... you know, letting guys suck them off, giving massages, that kind of stuff. They hated it but they did whatever they could just so long as they could stay together. Like I said, they were terrified of being separated."

He sighed. "That's what I have to work on now. I made them a promise that they'd never be parted, and they never will be, but being together a hundred percent of the time is not healthy. They have to learn to do things separately sometimes ...... even sex."

"Wow," Lloyd said, "you've got your work cut out, buddy. Still, the sex bit should be no problem ...... you've got plenty of over-sexed guys around here to help you out."

"Yeah," Bob grinned, "I've already worked that out ..... it's part of my plan."

The twins came back in with coffee and soon the evening was winding down. As they all sat around the table Bob's sensitive antennae picked up a slight tension, anticipation almost, between the twins. By now he was skilled at seeing the fleeting glances they sometimes exchanged, imperceptible to anyone else. "OK, guys, what's up," he said. "You know you can't keep anything from me."

Kyle cleared his throat. Well, sir, Kevin and me were talking and we were wondering ......" Kevin jumped in, "..... but we figured you probably wouldn't go for it, sir."

"Go for what?" Bob asked, intrigued. "Come on, boys, spill it."

"Well, sir." Kyle hesitated. "You know when we ...... like ..... before we came here ..... the things we did for guys to make money. Well, we were wondering if we could do it for both of you, sir, before you go home."

Bob recoiled. "But you hated turning tricks. I told you you'd never have to do that again."

Kevin clarified, "Kyle means massage, sir. Back in those days, we had to do it for johns, guys we didn't like, but now it would be an honor to do it for you and Lloyd, sir. Please, sir. We're good at it and we would love to do it for you. ...... send you home nice and relaxed."

Bob shot a questioning look at Lloyd. "Hell," Lloyd said, "with all the tension that's built up in me since Steve left, a massage would be perfect. Just what the doctor ordered. But if you don't think ......"

Bob hesitated, then smiled as he saw the eagerness in the twins' faces. "Sure, why not. If you boys are sure that's what you want. Yeah, a massage would be a perfect end to the day."


Bob and Lloyd were finishing their coffee while the twins were busy in the bedroom. Lloyd asked, "Do you think ...... I mean, is there anything you think I should do ..... or not do?"

"Nah ..... I have a feeling the twins will lead the way. They may be shy, but you'd be surprised how they take charge when they're doing something they love ..... like cooking."

He was right. When the twins came back in there was a light of self-assurance in their eyes. "Please come with us," Kyle said. They followed them into the bedroom and immediately felt the aura of serenity the twins had created. The big bed was covered in a plain white sheet, soft music was playing and there was a warm scent of sandalwood in the air.

Kevin went to the wall and dimmed the lights. He smiled at Lloyd. "Thank you for putting all the light switches on dimmers, sir."

There was an awkward pause as Bob and Lloyd were not sure what came next. But as Bob had predicted, the twins took over. "Please, sirs, you are our guests. Leave everything to us." From then on the twins did everything in tandem, moving in perfect coordination.

Kyle faced Lloyd, and Kevin stood before Bob. Quickly, efficiently they pulled the men's T-shirts up over their head and folded them on a chair. Then they knelt at their feet, unlaced their sneakers and pulled them off, socks too. They reached up, unbuttoned their shorts and let them drop. Then, slowly, they pulled down their boxers, letting their cocks spring free, already semi-erect at the sight of the two beautiful boys kneeling before them.

The twins stood up and gazed at the now-naked men, and for a moment their poise and confidence faltered. The sight of the two men was overpowering ....... the stunningly beautiful muscle-god with his dark, sculpted Superman looks ...... and their new friend, the architect with the handsome face and goatee beard, and the perfectly proportioned, tanned physique. The boys took deep breaths, controlled their lust and resumed the task at hand.

"Please, lie on the bed, sirs." The men lay down on their backs and gazed up at the smiling young men. There was a momentary stillness, and then the boys reached up and pulled off their T-shirts. They kicked off their sneakers, dropped their shorts and stepped out of them. They were both wearing white cotton briefs, bulging from the hard-ons caused by the sight of the naked men.

They were a stunning picture of pure, youthful beauty. "I always forget how beautiful you boys are," Bob said quietly as his cock, and Lloyd's, quickly rose up in a stiff erection. But then something happened that almost made them cum. The boys turned to face each other, gazed into each other's eyes, and then, without any other part of their bodies touching, brought their lips together in a gentle, searching kiss.

"Oh, man," Lloyd moaned. "Jesus that's beautiful." As the twins kissed they moved their hips forward until the front of their briefs touched, rubbing lightly together. Only their lips and their bulging briefs were touching, and the picture was exquisitely erotic. The men were mesmerized, and finally they saw the twins separate and they heard Kevin's soft voice.

"Please, sirs, turn over onto your stomachs." The men followed instructions, heard soft noises behind them and felt movement on the bed. "Look up," Bob whispered to Lloyd.

What Lloyd had not noticed before was that the headboard was mirrored. Now he saw in it what Bob saw, the two young, tanned bodies in white briefs standing over them on the bed, legs astride, slowly warming the oil in their hands. The smell of sandalwood became stronger as the twins, in unison, dropped to their knees astride their backs. They leaned forward and for the first time the men felt warm oil on their skin as the twins' palms rubbed gently over their backs.

And so began the most sensuous massage either Bob or Lloyd had ever experienced. Working in perfect unison, the twins moved their hands up to the neck, applying pressure to the trapezius muscles where all the tension was concentrated. They squeezed with their fingers, digging them into the hard sinews, making both men gasp as tension flowed from them out through the twins' hands, in in an exquisite blend of release bordering on pain.

Next the hands kneaded the hard ridges of the trapezius muscles next to the spine, eliciting the same gasps of pleasure. And so the massage progressed, down the lats, over the waist, and then, amazingly, over the asses, squeezing, molding, caressing the white mounds.

"Look at that," Bob said, his face turned up to the mirror. They both saw the identical twins kneeling over their butts, their young muscles flexing as they worked, their faces set in quiet concentration. Lloyd whispered, "Oh, man, is your cock as hard as mine?" Bob smiled. "Like a rock. But don't shoot, man. Save it."

The twins were now working on their legs ..... the hamstrings, down to the calves. They knew exactly where to apply sharp pressure, digging into the solid muscle, each move causing moans of ecstasy from the men. Suddenly the pressure eased and they heard Kyle's voice. "Please, sirs, turn over."

On their backs Bob and Lloyd gazed up at the young faces. The twins knew exactly the effect they were having, and their success increased their confidence. For Bob, their look of self-assurance, of command ...... of newfound masculinity ..... compounded his love for them. They were growing up, taking charge, and he found it so erotic that he felt his cock oozing pre-cum and he had to concentrate to hold back his orgasm.

The twins were holding bottles of oil that they poured slowly over the hard-muscled chests, the smell of sandalwood permeating the air with its spicy, masculine scent. The twins leaned forward and the massage resumed, over the bulging pecs, brushing against the nipples, then lingering on the ridges of the eight-pack abs.

"Man, these guys are sensational," Lloyd said, turning his head toward Bob's ..... and meeting his eyes. They were both in such a state of bliss that their faces came together and their lips met in a slow, tender embrace. Unseen above them the twins smiled at each other, thrilled with the success of their efforts to bring pleasure to these men.

Bob and Lloyd had slipped into a state of euphoria as they tasted each other while feeling the sensuous hands on their flesh, all bathed in the intoxicating smell of sandalwood. But suddenly their faces sprang apart and their felt their cocks jolt. The boy's hands had moved down to their balls, covering them lightly with oil and rolling them in their hands.

"Oh, guys," Bob said. "You're gonna make us cum like that. We won't be able to hold back."

A quick glance flashed between the twins. They knew it was time. Quickly they got off the bed and knelt down, one on each side of the bed. They looked into each other's eyes, smiled, then lowered their heads, down toward the rigid cocks, and licked the heads.

"Oh shit," Lloyd exclaimed. "I can't take this, man."

"No! Hold on," Bob told him. "Wait."

With exquisite timing the twins finally slid their mouths over the huge shafts, lowering their faces until the heads came to rest at the back of their throats. Their faces were buried in the men's damp pubic hair. After a pause, they slowly pulled back, then lowered their mouths again over the cocks that were now pulsing for release. The men raise their heads off the pillows and looked down at the beautiful young faces as they increased the rhythm, pounding the cocks with their mouths, bringing the men to a state of ecstasy, to the brink of orgasm.

Finally, the twins brought it to an end. They tightened their throat muscles round the cocks, stopped still, and felt the cocks spasm and pour hot liquid deep inside them. The screams of Bob and Lloyd echoed round the room as their cocks exploded with endless streams of cum.

But suddenly the twins pulled back and knelt straight up looking at each, cum dripping from their mouths. They leaned toward each other and their open mouths joined. They shared the semen of two men, back and forth, glorying in the musky smell and taste of the juice of their masters.

The men could not believe what they were watching. It was spectacularly beautiful. Instinctively they grabbed their cocks, stroked them, and shot another ribbon of white cream over themselves, howling in uninhibited joy. But still, having brought the men to one climax after another, the boys were not finished. They separated and got to their feet. They looked down at the glorious sight of the two bodybuilders, muscles gleaming with sweat and semen.

It didn't take the boys long. Quickly they pushed off their briefs and their cocks sprang out fully erect. Standing naked, one on each side of the bed, they stroked their cocks only a few times before they erupted in streams of white cream that splashed down on the already cum-soaked bodies beneath them. Soon the men's faces, chests, hair were dripping with semen, the warm juice of youthful passion, the final gift of the handsome young twins smiling down at them.

Minutes went by when nobody moved or spoke. Then the boys sank to their knees once more and quickly, expertly, lapped at the exhausted bodies, sucking up the pools of cum, licking the chests and faces clean. Kevin smiled at Lloyd as he licked his goatee beard clean. The boys grabbed small towels and dried the bodies off. Then they stood up and, their task completed, smiled down proudly at the men they had serviced so spectacularly.

There were tears in Bob's eyes. "Guys, that was spectacular ..... there are no words ...... but you always know what I'm feeling. I love the hell out of you, you know that."

"Kevin, Kyle," Lloyd said, "I want to thank you for one of the most erotic experiences I have ever had. You are incredible, beautiful young men...... and Bob is a lucky man to have you as his boys. All that ..... plus you can cook !"

Bob laughed, then heaved a sigh. "Well I, for one, am not getting off this bed. I don't have the energy to walk across the street. Nor do I want to. You Lloyd?"

"I'd love to stay, but ...... it's the twins' bed after all."

"Lloyd," Bob said, "there is one feature of this house, and the one across the street, that we installed without the help of an architect. You may have noticed that all the beds here are California King-size ..... in anticipation of just such a moment as this. Come here guys."

Still flush with their triumph the twins threw themselves on the oversize bed. Within minutes one was in the arms of Bob and the other pressed against Lloyd. And that's how they slept ...... well not quite all night. At some point in the early hours the boys switched partners in their sleep, and sighed happily as a new set of strong arms folded round them.


When Bob and Lloyd woke next morning the twins were gone, though there was a strong smell of coffee drifting from the kitchen. There was a note propped up by the bed and Bob read it to Lloyd. "There's fresh coffee for you, sir, but we have gone across the street to cook breakfast for everyone. Looks like there will be a crowd. P.S. Thank you for last night, sir, and thank Lloyd too. We think he's hot."

"No argument from me there," Bob laughed. "God I wish they didn't have to work so hard round here. That's also part of my plan for them, by the way."

Fortunately it was Sunday, and when Bob and Lloyd finally made it across the street, breakfast was in full swing. The twins had set everything up around the big outdoor table and Mark, Zack, Jamie and Darius were already eating. Mark grinned at the new arrivals.

"Judging by the gleam in the twins' eyes and the look on your faces I'd guess all four of you had one hell of a night. Never even made it home."

Bob blushed a little. "Yeah, it was kind of special. I'll tell you later."

"Ah no, tell us now sir," pleaded Darius. But Bob flashed him what the boys called 'his executive look', and Darius said hastily, "Never mind, sir. I'll get it all from the twins later."

"You want my story too?" The enthusiastic shout came from Pablo running through the gate with his dog Billy, just back from the lake.

"Hell yes, dude," said Darius. "But you're gonna tell it on camera. One for the family archive."

Pablo was followed by Randy and Steve, and everyone was relieved to find them in a relaxed, mellow mood. Obviously the new brothers had sorted things out between them, something of a longshot after the trauma of their dramatic departure two days ago. Randy grinned broadly and said, "Thank God, breakfast," and they sat down with the others.

The meal was something of a free-for-all as the twins struggled cheerfully to keep up with demand. Pablo, Darius and Jamie rushed to lend a hand, but as usual the impulsive boys were falling over each other, more a hindrance than a help, and the twins ended up ordering them out of the kitchen.

After the meal everyone paired off. The twins left the clean-up for later and ran back to their guest house to eagerly rehash the events of the night. Zack took Darius and Pablo over to his house where he knew Darius wanted to get the goods on the happenings at the lake from Pablo ..... on camera. Though Zack would not have admitted it, he too was keen to hear all the details.

And it was obvious to anyone what Mark and Jamie wanted from the way they gazed at each other. "Jesus," Darius said to Pablo as they left. "Those two fuck like jack-rabbits. Don't they ever get tired?"

Pablo huffed, "Would you get tired if that Greek God wanted to fuck you all the time?"

Pablo was right. When Mark and Jamie got back to their bedroom Mark said, "How long ago is it since I last fucked you, kiddo?"

"When we woke up, sir."

Mark smiled at him. "Seems like a lifetime ago ..... too long." They ripped off their clothes and in seconds the blond surfer was on his back with the muscular cop looking down at him. "You want some more, boy?"

"Always, sir."

Mark laughed. "That's what I love about you, Jamie." And he slid his cock inside the perfect ass for the second time that morning.


Meanwhile the new brothers were making their peace with their respective lovers. By the pool Steve was explaining to Lloyd everything that happened by the lake and reassuring him that he was back and that their relationship was as strong as ever. Something the same was happening upstairs between Randy and Bob in their bedroom, though not quite so predictably.

Randy was a bit on edge. The memory was still fresh of the way he had hit Bob shortly before he rushed out of the house. As always, he overcame his insecurity with bravado. "OK," he said, pacing the room. "I want to make one thing clear. Just because I've found a long-lost brother who could almost be my twin, and just because he loves me ..... shit, we love each other ...... that doesn't mean that anything's changed between us. I want you to know you're still my number one guy."

Bob, annoyingly calm, just grinned. "Oh shut up, Randy, I know that. I'm far more secure than you are. I know nothing will ever come between us ...... even a hot-looking brother."

The wind went out of Randy's sails. "Well fuck you, asshole." He bit his lip. "Shit I didn't mean that ..... just like I ..... like I didn't mean to slug you the other day." He winced. "You know what Pablo said to me? He said, 'All of us guys love Bob. No one would ever hurt him ....... no one except you, sir.' Shit, that cut me like a knife ..... because it's true."

He started pacing again. "Man, as much as there was going on at the lake, you were always on my mind. I couldn't get over the way I yelled at you and knocked you down. I'm crazy in love with you, man, and that scares the hell out of me. How can I say sorry to you?"

Bob stood up, smiled, and put his hands on Randy's shoulders. "Listen, Randy. When I was a little kid and someone hit me my mom would always kiss the hurt better. Well, I'm a big guy now, and so are you, and a kiss doesn't hack it any more..... so now I want you to fuck it better."

At last Randy relaxed. Bob pulled away, quickly stripped off his clothes, then lay on his back on the bed. Randy gazed down at him. "God, man, what in hell would I ever do without you?"

"I've told you before, stud. You'll never have to find out."

Randy ripped off his shirt, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, hard as always at the sight of his gorgeous lover. He fell forward and pinned Bob's wrists to the bed above his head. Bob loved the sensation of helplessness he always had with Randy. He raised his legs, offering his ass to the dark gypsy and felt the huge cock slide inside him. They were home, right where they belonged.

Randy's fucks could be ferocious, but this time he was gentle as the breeze. Slowly he rose and fell over the man he loved, staring into his eyes waiting for that mystical moment when their gaze transported them into their own private world, to which only they had the key. When that moment came and they were joined as one man, Randy began talking softly.

"This is it, man, you and me. There's no one else, just us. Now I feel safe. When I'm fucking you all my fear goes away ..... no pain, no hurt ..... just this ..... this incredible feeling of being deep inside you. God, you're so beautiful it makes my cock ache, sets my body on fire. It's like I'm possessing you, man, like you're the most precious thing in the world. And pouring my juice inside you is the only gift I can give. Here it comes. I love you, Bob."

And with no sound from either of them his semen streamed deep inside his lover's body. He watched Bob's cock shudder, then pour its milk all over his spectacular chest. They smiled at each other and Bob said, "See, you can always make me shoot without touching myself. You always could, and always will. I'm glad you're back, big guy."


It was a lazy day ..... swimming, lounging, relaxing in the harmonious mood that for now united this often opinionated group of men. But while the others zoned out, Bob's mind was ticking over, planning, fine-tuning his ideas for the twins. He had already talked with Randy, Mark and Zack and they were on board with his ideas, so Bob decided that it would be best to simply announce the details to the boys as a done deal.

So it was that as that in the usual noisy hubbub as they were gathered round the table for lunch Bob stood up. He tapped his knife against his wine glass for silence and all talking stopped. As always he commanded everyone's full respect and attention, and they all looked up at him as he cleared his throat.

"Over the last few weeks the guys and I have been talking about the work load around here, in the office and at the construction sites. Pablo, Randy was saying you have a shitload of work with the heavy equipment problems on the site, and you, Jamie, I know are snowed under managing the office single handed."

"There's another thing too. The twins are my boys and I don't want them doing the cleaning work around the house any longer. Now you, Kyle, already help Pablo with the equipment in your free time, and Kevin, you've shown an interest in Jamie's work, am I right?" The twins nodded eagerly.

"OK ....... so here's what's gonna happen. Randy has agreed to hire Kyle as an assistant mechanic for Pablo, and Kevin will be Jamie's office assistant. Both jobs will be part-time, a few hours a day, and we'll take away their cleaning duties as soon as we've found some kind of houseboy to do that work. How would that work for you Kyle, Kevin?"

All eyes turned to the twins who blushed at the sudden attention, but their eyes were glowing. "That would be terrific sir," said Kyle, only......" Kevin took over "...... only we would still be the chefs in the house wouldn't we?"

"Damn right," said Randy. "You kids give us the best food we've ever eaten. We're damn well not gonna give that up."

Bob clarified. "You'll still make breakfast and dinner, but you'll have down-time in the middle of the day, enough for your new part-time jobs. "We'll work out all the details and schedules together."

If Bob had any more to say it was drowned out by the burst of excited chatter among the boys, with the twins starting to enjoy the unaccustomed place as center of attention.

Bob looked at the three men and raised his eyebrows with a sigh of relief. So far so good.


But that was only the start of what Bob had in mind for the twins. The next part he had to explain to Pablo, Darius and Jamie, so later in the afternoon he asked them to report to him upstairs in his office. Intrigued, they sat together on the couch while Bob turned a wooden chair round backwards and straddled it, his muscular arms wrapped round the back. Every one of the boys had an erection in his shorts, confronted by the gorgeous man they all idolized.

"Now I've asked you here, guys," Bob said, "because I want your help with the twins. I've made some suggestions to Randy, Mark and Zack and they've accepted them."

"Course they have," Darius muttered. "As if those guys would ever refuse you anything."

"Excuse me?" Bob said sharply.

"Sorry, sir," Darius said, backtracking. "I meant that as a compliment, sir. Like, those guys are crazy in love with you and would never say no to you, sir."

"Oh no? Check with Randy on that."

"Oh Randy's different," Darius ploughed on, "him being the boss and all. See the thing you have to know about Randy is ....."

"Enough !" Bob snapped. "Concentrate here, Darius. I need you to focus, otherwise you're out of here."

"Sorry, sir," Darius said meekly. He got a withering glare from Pablo but he simply shrugged with a 'Did-I-say-something-wrong?' grin.

"Now," Bob continued, "I'm trying to make the twins more independent of each other. From now on they'll be spending several hours a day working apart, but I also want to lessen the intense emotional attachment they have for each other, which is not really healthy ..... or even natural. But I have to tread very carefully ...... because this is where sex comes into the picture. And it's something I can't do myself."

The 'sex' word made the boys lean forward eagerly. And now Bob had Darius's full attention.


A week or so later the job plan was working great. Randy reported that Pablo had really taken Kyle under his wing and the boy was already able to relieve Pablo of some of the simpler tasks. And in the office Bob saw for himself how much Kevin enjoyed working with Jamie. Their closeness bordered on intimacy, with a hint of sexual attraction, which was just fine with Bob as it fitted in with the next phase of his plan.

It all had to be well orchestrated, but everything was finally in place a few days later. Darius had been working with Pablo and Kyle at the construction site, and it was mid-afternoon when Randy came over and said, "Guys, I need to go over some specs with Pablo in the trailer, so why don't you two cut out early. Darius will take you home, Kyle."

Darius was his usual chatty self driving home and Kyle was entirely at ease. So he readily agreed when Darius said, "Hey, Zack asked me to go over to his place for a drink. Wanna join us?" A drink with these two gorgeous black studs would be great, Kyle thought. And just think how much he'd have to talk about with Kevin afterwards!


He couldn't know, of course, that Kevin was having a parallel experience. Bob had been supervising him and Jamie in the office when they heard the roar of a motor cycle outside, and soon Mark strode in, in his police uniform, taking off his helmet. "Wow, another hell of a day," he said.

As usual Mark raised his eyebrows at Bob who grinned. He was well aware that as soon as Mark got off duty he was horny as hell and needed Jamie's ass. "OK," Bob smiled. "You're free to go, Jamie. Kevin, we'll shut down for today and get back to this tomorrow."

Kevin looked momentarily disoriented with nothing to do suddenly, and Jamie said, "Wanna come with us, Kevin ...... have a beer with us, wash off the dust of all these old files?"

Kevin had often wondered why Jamie always ran off with Mark as soon as the cop got home from work. He had a vague idea ...... after all, Jamie was Mark's boy ...... and now he would get to see. "Sure," he said, though he looked questioningly at Bob for his approval.

"I think that's a great idea," Bob smiled. "And just think of everything you'll have to tell Kyle."


Once he got to Mark and Jamie's bedroom Kevin suddenly panicked and instinctively looked around him for his brother. Mark put a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry, Kevin, Kyle's doing just fine. He's with Zack and Darius. And you're with us. We're gonna show you what we do every time I come home. Just go and sit over there and watch. You don't have to do a thing ...... unless you want to, of course."

Kevin sat down, trembling, not so much with nervousness as with anticipation. He was about to watch something private between the police officer and his boy, the young blond surfer. Jamie stood with his back to the bed facing Mark. He quickly pulled off his T-shirt and the faded blue surfer shorts he always wore, and stood naked before the uniformed cop. Mark ran his hands over Jamie's chest and said softly, "You're so hot, Jamie, you never fail to make my dick hard." Then suddenly he shoved Jamie, making him fall backwards onto the bed.

Gazing down at him Mark growled, "Now you know what's gonna happen, boy. I'm gonna fuck your ass." Feverishly he unbuttoned his uniform shirt, pulled it off and threw it down. He paused, still gazing down at the naked boy waiting for him. Kevin was mesmerized by the sight of the tall, muscular blond cop, his chest heaving under the tight, white T-shirt. Instinctively Kevin's hand went down to his crotch and he pulled out his cock.

Mark was staring at Jamie as he yanked off his T-shirt and stood stripped to the waist, his gleaming torso tapering in a V from broad shoulders down to the slim waist, cinched by his wide black uniform belt. He ripped open his pants and yanked out his rigid cock. With lust in his eyes he commanded, "Show me your ass, boy."

The young surfer put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs up, offering to the shirtless police officer his perfect ass, a light fuzz of soft blond hair round the hole. "Oh, man," Mark said, "that ass is mine." He dropped to his knees and in one expert move pushed his rod deep inside the boy's ass. Jamie's eyes spurted with tears as he moaned at the forceful invasion of his ass.

For Kevin the sight was breathtaking as the cop thrusted his hips forward, again and again. As he fucked the ass he leaned back slightly, holding his arms up wide, fists clenched in a triumphant pose. His ridged abs rippled as his waist moved back and forth, his only point of contact with the boy his long shaft as it pistoned inside his ass.

Jamie's head was thrashing from side to side, his tousled blond hair flying across his face. He was moaning, "Fuck me, sir. Please, sir, fuck me hard." Mark grinned. "OK, kid, you asked for it," and the pace accelerated as the cop's pubic hair smashed relentlessly against the boy's ass.

Kevin was beating his meat furiously. In a trance he stood up, walked to the bed and stared down at the young blond surfer, impaled on the cop's huge rod. Hypnotized by the sight, Kevin fell to his knees and his eyes focused on Jamie's cock, standing straight up stiff as a pole. He leaned forward, paused, then lowered his mouth over the cock, swallowing it all the way down his throat.

Jamie howled. "Oh, yeah, man. Eat that meat, boy. Yeah, fuck my cock while my master fucks my ass. Come on, boy, eat it." He grabbed Kevin's head and forced his face down onto his pubic hair.

Jamie's words drove Mark wild as he watched his boy getting blown by another, younger guy. "Shit, man," the cop yelled. "This is the best. God, I'm real close. My cock feels spectacular in your ass, boy." As Jamie's cock shuddered in Kevin's mouth his ass spasmed and gripped Mark's cock like a vise. And that pushed Mark over the top.

"That's it, guys," he yelled. I'm gonna shoot...... aaah !"

The cop's juice flooded into the surfer's burning ass. Jamie's body jerked and he felt his cock explode in Kevin's mouth. And Kevin was in another world as he swallowed the warm juice and felt his own cock blast a huge stream of cum against Jamie's side and over his chest. Close to Kevin's face the cop's rod was still buried in Jamie's ass. When the shouts subsided the only sound was heavy breathing as they all fought to bring their bodies under control. Kevin's mind was spinning, but gradually he was coming back to reality.

And then reality hit. Suddenly he jumped to his feet and looked around. He had just had an incredible orgasm, but where was Kyle? He was always here. He had to be here. Dimly he saw Mark pull out of Jamie's ass and walk toward him. Kevin reached out for his twin but instead felt strong arms wrap round him, felt the hard, sweat-soaked muscles of the cop's chest and heard the soothing voice.

"Don't worry Kevin. You'll see him soon. Kyle's having a great time too. I told you, he's with Zack and Darius." He pulled back, and said gently, "You did great, kid. How about a smile?" Kevin relaxed and managed a smile.

"And I'll tell you this," Mark said. "If Kyle is having even half as good a time as you just did, you guys are gonna have a hell of a lot to talk about."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ..... Part 115"


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