Hassan pulled feverishly at the ropes binding his wrists and ankles to stakes driven into the sand. As his muscles strained and flexed Zack looked down in triumph at the naked Marine, spread-eagled on the ground, helpless, his magnificent body smothered in pools of cum and sweat.

Zack was waiting for Darius who was driving up to meet him and had just called from the truck. "Hey, kiddo, where are you?" Zack said. "Great ..... perfect timing. See you in twenty minutes, then. Hey, Darius, you got your camera with you? Good boy, 'cause I've got something pretty spectacular to show you......that perfect shot you're always looking for."

He snapped off the phone and looked down at the almost pornographic sight of the Marine in bondage and shook his head.

"Oh man ..... my boy is gonna go ape-shit when he sees that!"


Meanwhile a bondage scene of a different kind was unfolding at the Los Angeles house in the basement gym. With Darius gone the house was quiet and Randy had been lying by the pool, sunning himself, eyes closed, when he heard a sound beside him. He opened one eye and saw Bob and the twins standing beside the chaise. "What's up, guys?" he said drowsily.

Bob tried to sound serious. "Seems that the twins need your help. They think that bondage sounds cool and Kyle was trying to tie Kevin up but he was making a hash of it. They asked me to help but I told them you're the expert."

"Damn right," said Randy, opening both eyes now. He hauled himself up onto his elbows and grinned at the twins standing nervously before him. "OK, kids, you've come to the master. Now get your asses downstairs to the basement."

In the basement gym Bob watched with affection as Randy patiently educated the shy twins on the art of bondage. They were so eager to try it that soon they stood naked, back to back, their arms stretched upward, tied to ropes slung over a chin bar above them. Their eyes were shining with excitement.

Randy grinned at Bob. "Gotta say, buddy, your boys look pretty sensational like this. You feeling OK, guys?" He glanced down and saw both their cocks standing straight out, rigid as poles. "No need to answer that, guys," he laughed. "OK, turn round. The ropes twisted above them as they turned to face each other, chests pressed together. Randy looked down at the two perfect, identical young asses and his eyes gleamed and he rubbed his jaw in thought.

"Let's see, guys, you work for Pablo and Jamie now, right? "

"Yes, sir," they answered in unison.

"So Pablo's your boss, Kyle, and Jamie is yours, right Kevin?"

"Yes, sir."

"They ever fuck you?"

"No, sir. Not yet sir."

Randy grinned across the room to Bob. "Hey, Bob, these guys have never been fucked by their bosses. Every other guy in this house has had to submit his ass to his boss. It's a house ritual. Gotta complete their education, buddy. Go upstairs and tell Pablo and Jamie to get down here, pronto."


Pablo and Jamie had been hanging out together and were surprised when Bob came in and said, "Hey guys, Randy wants you downstairs in the basement. He wants your help with something." A summons from Randy always caused a twinge of excitement.

They followed Bob into the garden, headed for the basement stairs, when the gate opened and Mark walked in in his police uniform, just off work. Bob asked the boys to wait and took Mark aside. He described briefly what was happening but Mark's first reaction was to bristle with anger.

"So Randy's gonna use my boy?" he growled. "Without checking with me? No way, buddy!"

"Now wait a minute, Mark," Bob said gently. "It could be a turn-on for Jamie and I'm all for it for the twins. Why don't you come down with us and if you don't approve you can pull Jamie out?" He grinned. "I know you're always horny when you get off work and head straight for Jamie's ass so maybe this'll just warm him up for you."

Mark relaxed a bit. "My Jamie doesn't need any warming up, buddy. He's always hot as a pistol when I walk through the door." But Mark could never refuse Bob. "OK then, let's take a look."

The four of them went down to the basement and stopped just inside the door. Pablo's face lit up with his signature crooked smile and he said, "Dudes, that is totally awesome!" All Jamie could manage was, "Wow!" as his jaw dropped at the sight of the bound twins.

"Hey, guys," said Randy, enjoying his role as ringmaster of the circus. "Bob's twins here wanted to feel what it was like to be tied up, and I think you'll agree that they look real hot. But you know what I discovered? Even though they now work for Pablo and Jamie they haven't offered their asses to their new bosses yet. Now Pablo, I know you get fucked regularly by your boss .... meaning me .... and Jamie I assume that Mark fucks your ass occasionally."

"Try three times a day, sir," Pablo murmured grinning at Jamie.

"OK, then. Pablo, you're my boy, so you up for this?"

"I'll say, sir!" Pablo beamed.

Randy stepped back as Mark had a quiet word with Jamie. "You OK with this, kid?" he asked doubtfully.

"Absolutely, sir. I mean, that is, if it's OK with you, sir." Mark smiled and ruffled his hair, then walked across the room and sat down with Bob.

"Good," said Randy, taking charge again. "Now, Kyle, Kevin, I've told you that if the guy who's tied up wants to stop, then we stop. You don't have to do anything you don't want ....."

Kevin cut him off and blurted out, "But we do want it, sir." He suddenly blushed and spoke to Jamie. "Sir, remember the other day when you sat next to me at the computer showing me how to do something. Your face was next to mine and as you typed with one hand you put your other arm round my shoulder."

"Yeah and you got up real fast and went to the bathroom to take a leak."

Kevin blushed more deeply. "It wasn't to pee, sir. When I felt your arm round me, so close and all, I ...... I creamed in my shorts, sir. I ran to the bathroom to clean up."

Mark smiled and said quietly to Bob, "No surprise there. That young stud of mine would make any guy shoot his load. Always works for me."

"OK, Kyle," said Randy. "What's your story?"

Kyle blushed as deeply as his brother. "There's been lots of times." He spoke directly to Pablo. "Like the other day, sir, when you reached up to pull on that hoist ...... Well, sir, you were shirtless, with your dungarees tied round your waist, and you were sweating, and there was oil on your face and chest, you looked so ..... "

"Yeah," Pablo interrupted. "I noticed you suddenly disappeared. Thought it was because I stunk of sweat."

"It was in a way, sir. I just had to ......well ..... I went behind the fence and watched you, and I ..... I beat my meat looking at you, sir, and shot my load all over the fence."

Randy laughed. "Hey, you were on company time, kid! Next time Pablo turns you on like that you wait for your break before you jack off, OK?"

There was laughter all round. The atmosphere was becoming festive, and all fear and reticence had disappeared. Even Mark was enjoying himself and grinned at Bob as he got comfortable and unbuttoned his uniform shirt.

"OK," Randy said with a flourish. "Pablo, Jamie, it's all yours, guys. Time for you to show the twins who's boss. Let the games begin."


Suddenly the hesitancy was all on the part of Pablo and Jamie. They realized with a jolt that they were now acting as masters. They were the bosses of these young boys who had just confessed to lusting for them so much they had shot their loads. And now here they were, tied up, eyes shining with anticipation, waiting for their bosses to fuck them. The young masters tried to recall how their own masters, Randy and Mark, had first entered their asses. And the memory of that produced the rock hard erections they needed now.

The twins were tied back to back and watched spellbound as Pablo approached Kyle and Jamie walked slowly up to Kevin. As Randy sat and watched with Bob and Mark, all three were surprised by the tenderness their boys showed to the twins, who were experiencing a moment of panic. Realizing they were helpless they instinctively pulled at the ropes stretching their arms up to the chin bar. A second reflex was to look across the room at Bob and they relaxed when they saw his encouraging smile. If Bob was OK with this, then so were they, of course.

Jamie looked into Kevin's eyes and said softly, "Are you sure you want me to do this, Kevin?"

"Absolutely, sir. It's been a fantasy of mine for a long time."

Pablo was more blunt with Kyle. "So, at last you want my dick in your ass, boy?" ("That's my boy," Randy grinned to himself.)

Bolder than his twin, Kyle replied to Pablo confidently, "You bet, sir. Please fuck me, sir."

Pablo and Jamie could see each other over the twins' shoulders and coordinated their moves. They put a hand behind their twin's head, pulled it forward and pressed their mouths together. All their cocks jolted as their tongues searched each other's mouths hungrily. Then the boys pulled back, grasped the twins' shoulders and turned them round to face each other as the ropes twisted above them. They looked down at the ass before them.

Pablo grinned at Jamie. "Dude! Do you see what I see? Mine's gorgeous."

A bit embarrassed by Pablo's raunchy tone Jamie said simply, "Kevin has a perfect ass. Here goes, then." He pressed the head of his dick gently against Kevin's hole and pushed, moaning as he felt it slide past the velvet membrane of the young ass. At the same time he heard Pablo's "Oh yeah, man" as he plunged into Kyle's ass, more forcefully than Jamie.

The twins' eyes opened wide and gazed at each other, their faces only inches apart. It was not only the incredible feeling in their ass that excited them, not only the knowledge that their bosses, the handsome young studs they lusted for, were finally inside their asses. What thrilled them was that they were both feeling exactly the same sensations. Each boy saw in the other's eyes the same joy, the same surge of pleasure that raced through his own body.

Now Pablo and Jamie began to fuck in earnest. With each thrust of their hips they drove their cocks in deeper, pressing the twins hard against each other. They reached forward past the boys and grabbed each other's wrists, encircling the young bodies. As they fucked, Pablo and Jamie pulled each other's arms forward for more leverage, crushing the twins between them.

Across the room the men watched in awe. "God, that's beautiful," Bob murmured and all three men ran their hands over their bulging crotches. Jamie flashed a glance at Mark and they exchange fleeting smiles. Randy was more vocal. "Go for it, kiddo," he shouted to Pablo.

Knowing they were putting on a show for their masters boosted the rush of adrenaline in Pablo and Jamie and they increased the rhythm and power of their thrusting hips. Pressed so tightly together the twins' faces were now touching. Instinctively they opened their mouths and began kissing each other passionately as they felt their masters' rods piston inside them. They felt their hearts beating against each other as their chests heaved together.

This was a huge turn-on for the boys, seeing the twins kissing each other as they got fucked. "Oh man," groaned Pablo. "I'm not sure how much more of this I can take."

As the men gazed at the scene Bob was aware of Mark's mounting excitement. As always when he had just got off a long shift at work he was sexually fired-up and he was now riveted by the sight of his young blond surfer, his ass flexing as his hips pounded forward. Bob said in his ear, "Looks beautiful doesn't he? So go for it, man. You know you want it."

As if in a trance Mark stood up. He threw off his cop shirt, then pulled his T-shirt over his head. In the midst of their frenzied activity the four boys caught sight of the gorgeous, shirtless cop approaching and the erotic image sent a powerful charge through their cocks. Mark came behind Jamie and whispered in his ear.

"You look amazing, Jamie. And you know how I am when I've had that motorbike between my legs all day. You know what I need." He ripped open his pants and pulled out his rigid dick. "I need this ...."

He drove his cock deep into Jamie's ass. The boy gasped and the blow pushed him forward with such force that his cock buried deeper than ever into Kevin's hole. It was a chain reaction. Kevin in turn crushed against his brother, who pushed backward, hard onto Pablo's cock.

Randy sprang to his feet, dropped his shorts and went quickly behind Pablo. "Can't let those guys have all the fun, kiddo," he said. "We gotta get a piece of the action here."

"You gonna fuck my ass, sir?" Pablo yelled.

"You bet your life I am." With typical ferocity Randy plunged his cock into his boy's perfect ass, and the tableau was complete. The rhythm was established immediately. As the boys got fucked by their masters their own cocks ploughed into the twins. It was one of those moments when the men forgot where they were or why. It was all pure sensation of flesh against flesh, man against boy.

For Pablo and Jamie especially the experience was exhilarating. For the first time in their lives they were simultaneously masters and boys. As bosses they were fucking the asses of their boys, while they themselves were boys being fucked by their masters. This merging of identities was intensely erotic ......a dual personality ..... the master feeling the heat in his cock and the boy feeling the cock drilling his ass

Bob began to be concerned for the twins, crushed together, almost as if each was being hammered now by two men. He got up and stood close to them. They turned to him and all his doubts vanished as he saw the wild exhilaration gleaming from their eyes. He had never seen them more alive, more beautiful. Without thinking he pulled off his shirt, unzipped his jeans and yanked out his cock that had been raging ever since the whole scene began.

"You look so hot, guys. I love watching you get your asses pounded like that. Man, you turn me on ...... I could shoot just watching you." By now he was stroking his cock feverishly.

It was Kyle who managed to speak between his heaving breaths. "Please cum, sir. Please shoot all over Kevin and me. Please ......"

His pleading voice pushed Bob over the edge. He took a step back, looked at the gorgeous young bodies, their asses getting reamed, and felt heat rising from his legs, into his balls and through his cock. His eyes opened wide, he screamed and a huge jet of white cream blasted from his cock onto the twins' bodies. Another ribbon of cum hit their faces, then another until they were streaming with their master's juice.

Bob had set in motion another chain reaction. As the twins felt themselves bathed in cum their bodies went rigid. Their rock-hard cocks were pressed against each other's stomach and they erupted, pouring cum up between them, all over each other's chests. As their bodies stiffened their asses clenched tight in a vise-like grip on the cocks inside them. They heard the screams of Pablo and Jamie as they exploded deep in their asses. Those two in turn spasmed, squeezing their masters' cocks with their asses, forcing streams of hot juice to blast inside them.

The basement had seen some pretty spectacular orgasms, but never one like this. All seven men shuddered with the intensity of their sexual release. As cocks pulled out of asses cum was everywhere, smothering the twins, dripping from the asses of all the boys and from the cocks of the men. Randy reached up to the chin bar and pulled the release cord at the twins' wrists. Their arms fell free and they threw them round Randy, much to Bob's delight.

"Thank you, sir," they said in turn. That was awesome, sir. Thank you for doing it for us. Is ..... is it OK to say we love you, sir?"

Randy was taken aback. "Well, yeah, I guess so," he muttered. "Never thought it'd hear it, though." If Bob hadn't known Randy better we would swear that the big boss actually blushed.

Jamie was in Mark's arms and said quietly to him, "Er, was that my 'welcome home' fuck for today, sir?"

"You know me better than that," the cop smiled. "Come upstairs. Time to make love ..... and this time I want that ass all to myself."

As they left Randy threw his arms round Bob and Pablo. "You son of a bitch," Bob said to Randy. "You never cease to amaze me, man."

"Me too," Pablo chimed in, feeling pleased with himself. "Pity Darius wasn't here with his camera. You wait 'til I tell him what he missed."

"Oh," Bob said, "I wouldn't worry too much about that guy. I have a feeling Zack's giving him plenty to make his cock hard up there in the dunes. Plenty to point his camera at, too."


In fact as he drove north Darius had not spared a thought for the guys he had left behind in the house. His thoughts were all focused on Zack. Actually, much more than mere thoughts. His imagination was in overdrive and he fantasized about the surprise his master had promised.

Darius still assumed that he would be alone in the dunes with Zack, a thrill in itself, and his mind created larger-than-life pictures of how the black muscle-stud would treat him. Tie him up, probably. Then he frowned ..... no, that can't be it. He made sure I was bringing my camera, but how can I film stuff if I'm tied up?

After a long fantasy-filled drive he saw the turn-off from the highway and his heart started to race as the truck bounced over the sandy path to the shack. As he got close his dick stiffened the instant he saw the stunning body of the black bodybuilder, naked except for an old pair of loose shorts.

Much as the spectacular image turned him on, Darius's next feeling was one of disappointment. Zack was working, stacking old broken planks in a heap. He had said he would be making repairs to the shack, replacing the deck, so this must be it. Was that the surprise ..... putting him to work as Zack had once done before when he made him dig a trench to toughen him up? All his exaggerated fantasies caved in on themselves. Ah, well, never mind. Being here with his gorgeous master was more than enough for him. Darius stopped the truck and leapt down.

Zack strode over to him and threw his arms round him in a tight bearhug. It was like an electric charge shooting through Darius's body as he smelled Zack's sweat and felt the damp flesh of the muscular body embracing him. Yeah, this was enough, alright! Who needed surprises when he had a god like this all to himself?

Zack's handsome face was lit with a gleaming smile. "Great to see you, kid. Good trip? Come inside and get comfortable." He threw his arm over the boy's shoulder and they went into the cool dimness of the shack. "Get out of those city clothes, kiddo. Here, find yourself a pair of shorts from the pile over there."

Darius went to the bed and was surprised how messy it was, strewn with old clothes. It flashed through his mind that there sure was a lot of gear there for one guy, but the thought vanished instantly, he was so excited to be here with Zack. He quickly got naked and as he raked over the pile of old clothes, smelling vaguely of sweat and even old semen, his cock got hard again. He was relieved to find an old pair of shorts and pull then on to hide his erection.

"You need a beer," Zack laughed. They went out to the patio and Darius took a long, deep breath of sea air. Zack produced two beers and they sat in the weather-beaten Adirondack chairs. Darius was content to sit and get acclimatized to the sights and sounds of this remote and lovely place, but he noticed that Zack was looking at him with a strange smile ..... kind of mysterious ..... conspiratorial even.

Darius gulped his beer down fast, and Zack said, "You bring your camera with you?"

"Of course, sir. It's inside. I'll go get it." He ran inside the shack, pulled the camera from his backpack and came out to show Zack.

"Great," Zack said. "You told me you're always looking for that perfect shot so why don't you stroll along the beach and see what you can find. You never know."

Still sensing something weird in the air Darius did as he was told. Beach views were not exactly what he had in mind. Wouldn't make much of a show for the guys back home ...... but hey, what the hell? He trudged through the sand and had only gone a few yards when he heard .... what? ...... heavy breathing? He walked in the direction of the sound and then stopped dead in his tracks. He blinked, shook his head. Couldn't be! His imagination was playing tricks. Must be a mirage or something.

But it was no mirage. It was Hassan! "What the fuck ......?" he gasped, as his cock sprang to attention in his shorts and his knees went weak. The sight was unbelievable ..... pornographic.

The Marine was naked on his back on the sand. His muscular body was spread-eagled like it was being crucified, legs splayed in a V and arms stretch straight out to the sides. But most spectacular, his wrists and ankles were tied by ropes to stakes driven into the sand and the body was smothered in what had to be pools of cum. The sinewy, bulging muscles gleamed with sweat under the hot sun. The beautiful face had fallen to one side, eyes closed, and the chest heaved with deep breaths. He was asleep.

Darius just stared, still as a statue. He had met Hassan before, of course, first at the gym, and then at the house with the other guys. Shit, Randy had once even made Darius fuck him. But he had never spent any real length of time with him ..... and had certainly never seen him like this ..... even his fantasies never stretched to this. The boy's cock was pulsing and he thought he would cream in his shorts just looking down at the bound muscle-god. But then he heard a soft voice over his shoulder.

"Superb, isn't he?" Darius turned and threw himself in Zack's arms, burying his face in his shoulder. It was partly gratitude to his master, but mostly he needed momentary relief from the unbearably erotic sight. "I said I had a surprise for you," Zack smiled. "Told him you'd go ape-shit."

Darius came to his senses and stammered. "But, how ..... I mean, like .... how did he ..... why is he........?"

"Sshh," Zack said. "No questions yet. I need this on film, kiddo."

Suddenly Darius snapped to and became the seasoned photojournalist on the best assignment of his life. He knelt down, raised the camera to his eye and went close on the exotic, sculpted face. He stood up slowly, pulling back, revealing first the gleaming chest, the washboard abs, then back further to include the muscular arms and legs and the bound wrists and ankles.

He gasped and tried to keep the camera still as the beautiful face moved. In his deep exhausted sleep Hassan had become dimly aware of sounds around him and he drifted slowly back to consciousness. Disoriented, his first reflex was to pull at his bound wrists trying to free himself. "Oh, man," Darius groaned as he saw the muscles flex, the biceps bulge and the helpless body writhe on the sand.

Slowly Hassan opened his eyes ..... and one by one the memories came back. He remembered the fight, how Zack had beaten him and staked him to the ground. He heard again Zack's voice planting visions on his mind, visions of men in bondage ..... of Zack himself getting whipped ..... of Bob who had been staked out just like this ...... and then of Mark, beautiful Mark, chained to the wall and tortured. Hassan felt again the urge to touch his cock and shoot but he was helpless, just as before when he had suffered the agony of a bulging cock without being able to touch it for release.

Finally he recalled the huge load of cum that had blasted from him he saw the black muscle-stud standing over him. After that, Zack had untied his legs so he could fuck him and Hassan could still feel the sensation of the huge black club in his ass. When it was over Zack had re-tied his legs and it was then that he had fallen into a deep sleep of total exhaustion.

Now he looked up at not one black stud but two ...... Zack and his boy, towering over him like black marble statues. He felt his cock stir and quickly grow hard. Still dazed he had no inhibitions and murmured, "I have to shoot, man. I have to cum again. Please man."

"All in good time," said Zack gently. "You'll shoot another load, I promise you. But right now you're there for the pleasure of my boy. Go for it, kid."

Darius again raised the camera to his eye, but he had the same overwhelming need as Hassan. He hadn't masturbated ever since Zack had left the day before. The long drive up, the erotic fantasies, had built up a head of steam in him that had to erupt. And now this ..... the magnificent naked soldier, staked to the ground, spread-eagled ..... the ultimate pornographic fantasy.

"Sir," Darius pleaded with Zack. "Sir, I have to cum too. Any minute now I'm gonna cream my shorts. Please, sir."

"Hey, kiddo, it's your show. OK, boy, let's do it."

Zack dropped his shorts and Darius did the same, laying the camera down on the sand. Hassan looked up and saw the two naked black men stand one on each side of him. The sun behind them bathed them in an ethereal glow, like they were gods, or the devil ..... maybe both. Again he pulled hard at his restraints, longing to touch his cock. His handsome face flew from side to side, black hair flying, slanted eyes wet with tears.

The sight of the beautiful Marine struggling helplessly, his muscles flexing, gleaming wet, his body writhing on the sand, was all it took for Darius. "I can't stop, sir. I'm sorry, sir. I have to shoot now."

"Right there with you, boy," yelled Zack, and the two men help their cocks as they erupted with streams of hot juice that blasted high in the air, then slammed down on the body of the tortured Marine. Hassan was hypnotized by the sight of the two black studs, their huge cocks gushing semen down onto him. That was his last sight as cum splashed into his eyes and he felt his body go rigid. He screamed as his own cock exploded, pouring more rivers of cum into the pools on his chest.

Darius's chest was heaving, his cock dripping with the last of his juice, as he gazed down in disbelief at the spectacular Marine drowning in cum. Zack roused him from his trance. "How was that, kiddo? I told you I had a surprise for you."

"Awesome, sir," Darius said. "Totally awesome. The guys'll be beating off to that movie forever."


By now Hassan had been staked to the ground in the same position for a long time. He should be begging for release ..... but he wasn't. He lay there gazing up at the man and his boy who had drenched his naked body in semen and still towered over him. His overwhelming feeling was one of total degradation ...... and, against all reason, that feeling was making his dick hard again.

His mind flew back to other times when he had been beaten and humiliated ..... first by the young army corporal Mark who had thrashed him and left him soaked in cum, and years later by Randy who had taken revenge for Mark. Randy had chained and whipped him, then left him broken in the mud, his body soaked.

It was one of Hassan's darkest secrets that memories of those humiliations had caused him to masturbate often in the privacy of his imagination. Hassan knew what a stunningly beautiful man he was and he had pictured that powerful, macho top-man being humiliated by another dominant stud. He had often jerked off as he looked at his own magnificent body in the mirror and imagined it bound, degraded and soaked. He had no idea why, but that image was one that always roused his sexual hunger. And it did so now. And now it was real!

He knew how he looked to the men standing over him. He saw the scene clearly in his mind's eye. And it made his dick hard. He had already shot his load ..... but there was more. There was one last indignity that Mark, and later Randy, had forced on him, and it was the memory of that that always made his cock explode. And that's what he wanted now from the two black men. He craved it as the final act of submission.

Zack looked down at him and sensed something of Hassan's thoughts. It was almost as if he was reading his mind and Zack's speculation was confirmed when he heard the Marine's pleading voice.

"It's not over, man. Finish me off, degrade me. I'm at your mercy. Please, I need it. I need to feel it. I need to cum one last time. Please, sir."

"You hear that, boy?" Zack said to Darius. "The final act, then. Just follow my lead." He stood beside the cum-soaked body, took hold of his cock and pointed it downward. Darius trembled as he finally guessed what was about to happen. He watched spellbound as drops began to ooze from his master's cock. They stopped, then Zack's cock sprang to life and a stream of rancid yellow liquid poured from him, gushing straight down onto the naked soldier.

Darius had not pissed since he had left the house hours ago, even after the beer he had drunk with Zack. Now his huge ten-inch cock trembled and, like a hose being turned on full-blast, a huge jet of piss blasted from it, smashing down on the bound muscle-stud with a force that hurt.

"YES!" Hassan screamed as he looked up at the two black men and saw the golden rain streaming down on him, felt it splash on his body and face. He went wild. "Oh, man I love it. Yeah, piss on me guys. Soak that gorgeous body. Come on, guys. More! Humiliate that fucking pig soldier."

He got his wish. Watching the muscular body writhe, hearing the spectacular Marine beg to be humiliated, drove Zack and his boy wild. Like a cloudburst, the torrent kept coming, raining down on Hassan, growing in strength and volume. He was being soaked and soon his face and chest were streaming, his black hair saturated, spraying liquid as he shook his head.

Darius was mesmerized as he saw piss pouring over the straining muscles of the spread-eagled soldier. The streams were endless and it seemed that the gorgeous muscle-god was drowning in urine. He saw the ecstasy in the exotic face as Hassan lost all control and screamed to Zack, "Yeah, finish me, man. Look at that naked body, soaked in piss. You've broken him, man." He was sobbing now. "Thank you, sir. It's what I needed. I submit."

Then, finally all was still, except for the sobbing of the broken man. Zack and Darius were like statues gazing in awe at the magnificent sight. Instinctively Darius picked up his camera and took final shots of the handsome muscle-god lying staked out on the sand, his glorious body soaked with pools of piss and cum. Then he put down his camera as if in deference to the man who had suffered so magnificently.


As if from a great distance Hassan heard the voice of Zack speaking to his boy. Zack grasped Darius's shoulders and looked gravely into his eyes. "Darius, I love this man like a brother. What he has suffered, what he needed to suffer, I was able to give him. I fed his hunger. And now I owe him peace and serenity. While we are here your will be his boy as well as mine. You will do whatever he tells you. You will serve him in every way. If he wants to fuck you, you give him your ass. Is that clear?"

"Absolutely, sir. It will be an honor."

Zack walked away and Darius knelt beside Hassan. He ran his hand over the soaking chest and face and said quietly, "Sir, I think you are just spectacular. I have never seen a sight like that. Zack has ordered me to be your boy, and that will be my privilege, sir. One thing, though. Sir, may I kiss you?"

For the first time Hassan smiled. "I will be disappointed if you don't, young man."

Darius bent low and pressed his mouth against Hassan's. Then he kissed his face, his eyes, licked his cheeks and neck, reveling in the taste of sweat, semen and urine. Quickly he untied the ropes and massaged the soldier's chafed wrists and ankles. He put his hand behind Hassan's back and helped him to sit up.

"Sir," Darius said. "Might I suggest a swim, sir?"

"You read my mind, kid," said Hassan. He stood up and leaned on Darius to regain his balance. A minute later they were running down to the surf and they heard Zack's feet pounding behind them. Soon all three were in the waves, washing away all thoughts of conflict, punishment, degradation. It was as if they were being cleansed of their demons, purging their darkest longings and secret desires. The cool water was like a baptism, a new beginning, a release from their sexual cravings ...... until the next time.


When they came out of the ocean Darius ran ahead to bring them towels from the shack and they dried off. Zack and Hassan sat on the deck while Darius brought them fresh shorts and tank tops and two cold beers. Then he went back inside to tackle the chaos of the bed. As he picked up the men's soiled clothes he pressed them against his face, breathing in the smell of male juices. His cock got hard, a condition that was to persist for the rest of their stay.

This in itself was a fantasy for Darius, a slave to the two men, serving the needs of the beautiful black man and the gorgeous Marine he called brother. He knew what was in store for him and he couldn't wait!

So he cleaned up the bed, put on fresh sheets, then investigated the food Zack had brought with him. There was enough for a snack, which he served to the men outside. Sometime later they all got dressed and walked into the village for dinner. In the restaurant Darius watched all the admiring heads turn, as they always did for Zack and Hassan, and he was bursting with pride to be seen with these men.

He was in heaven as he sat and listened to their conversation. No more the smart, cocky young stud he usually was, he loved the role of respectful boy, subservient to the whims and desires of these glorious men.

It was when they got back to the shack that his full duties became apparent. Zack smiled at him. "Love what you did to the bed, kid. You wanna share it with us?" Darius's beaming face was the only reply they needed. Soon the three men were lying naked on the clean, cool sheets, tired but not quite ready for sleep.

Zack smiled at Hassan. "You wanna go first, buddy?"

"Absolutely. On your back, boy."

Darius turned onto his back, Hassan pushed his legs up and eased his cock inside him. Darius gazed into the exotic, slanted eyes and sighed deeply as he felt the soldier's cock inside him. He moaned as Hassan massaged his ass, but soon he heard, "Hey, shove over, man. Let me get a piece of the action." One cock pulled out of the boy's ass as the other slid in, a sequence that was to be repeated many times.

Darius was in a heaven he could not have dreamed of. He had the night of his life.


The rest of their time in the dunes was magical. Finally, sometime in the afternoon, Zack said to Hassan, "Listen buddy, I know you're anxious to get back and spend time with Mark. You're going back in your jeep, and I'll drive Darius back in the truck. But I was thinking of spending another night here with my boy ..... have some time alone with him, get re-acquainted with the cocky, loud-mouthed young buck I used to know. That OK with you, kiddo?"

"You know the answer to that, sir," Darius beamed.

It was true that Hassan was longing to see Mark again and he said, "I called Mark and he'll be out late with Jamie, but there'll be somebody to let me in until they get back, no?"

"Sure," said Zack. "Randy said something about doing a night job with Pablo on one of the sites, but Bob will be at home and there'll be the twins to take care of you both. You haven't spent much time alone with Bob I know, but this'll give you a chance to get to know him. You'll like him ...... he's a terrific guy, not to mention insanely beautiful."

He detected a slight hesitation in Hassan. "Don't worry, man. Alone with Bob is no hardship believe me." He laughed. "As long as you don't fuck him. Don't think Randy would be too thrilled about that."

Darius was watching carefully and saw Hassan take a sharp intake of breath. As always the boy projected into the future, and what he saw there was actually not too wide of the mark.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ..... Part 118"


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