Mark had just received a phone call from his boy Jamie on vacation in Australia. They were both missing each other like crazy, so the conversation turned sexual ..... very sexual. Afterwards, just as Mark shut off his phone, Bob came home from work. He walked over to Mark and smiled as he looked down at the muscular body smothered in cum.

"The twins?"

"No .... Jamie. On the phone from Sydney."

They both laughed and a few minutes later they were lying side-by-side on the lawn by the kitchen wall in the last patch of sun of the day. Life was good this week as Bob, Mark and the twins had the house to themselves. Randy, Zack and their two boys were on a cabin cruiser off Catalina Island, fishing ..... and a whole lot else besides. Jamie was in Sydney with his new friend (and their just-hired houseboy) Nate.

"Thank god for the phone," Mark said to Bob, who was wiping the semen off Mark's chest.

"Yeah," Bob grinned. "Seems like Jamie's voice is almost as sexy as that perfect ass of his."

Just then they became aware of other voices behind the open kitchen window above them. The twins were preparing dinner. For Kyle and Kevin this week with Bob and Mark felt like a vacation ...... very few household duties, just infinite kindness from the two masters. Except ....... maybe a bit too much kindness ..... and that's where their conversation got interesting.

"I mean," Kevin was saying, "it's great just lounging around with Bob and Mark, but ....."

"Yeah," Kyle agreed, completing his thought. "Most guys would pay good money to trade places with us, but......."

It soon became clear what the "but" was all about. When Bob was with Randy there was more authority in the air, and the twins loved authority. It was one of their joys to show their devotion to their master by serving him, waiting on him, obeying instructions. In short, they loved being boys, subservient to their glorious master.

Kyle's mention of money had jerked Kevin's memory. "Hmm, remember when we first came here? After we tried to steal Bob's car he forgave us and agreed to take us in as houseboys and said he'd pay us for our work. We had to be real careful to follow orders and serve his every need, remember?"

"Yeah," Kyle said dreamily. "That was great, standing there waiting for the next order from him, doing whatever we could to please him. It was so cool. I mean, it was almost like we were boys-for-hire ...... rent boys. Still, that was in the past. Now he loves us and we're his boys, so he doesn't order us around like he used to. Not any more ... guess those days are gone."

"Hmm, maybe not," Bob murmured quietly below the window, having heard every word.

Mark studied Bob's expression and grinned. "I see that mind of yours ticking over, buddy. I think I can read your thoughts and I like what I'm reading."

"Yeah," said Bob. "Maybe it's time for the twins to take another spin on the fantasy wheel."


It was over dinner that evening that Bob instigated his plan. The twins had just brought coffee and brandy out to the garden and sat down with the men, when Bob said casually, "Hey guys, remember that day when you gave Lloyd and me massages in your house? You were really good at that and Mark and I were wondering if you could do your stuff for us, too."

The twins' eyes lit up. "Of course, sir. It would be our pleasure. Just say when and where."

"Well, how about tomorrow afternoon? Mark's shift ends at two and I'll be leaving work early ..... so how about just after that in the garden here by the pool?"

Bob had already explained to Mark that before they came to live here the homeless twins had made money by giving massages to guys. They had become quite expert and even liked doing it, except when the clients wanted sex too. They had done that too for extra money, though they never let anyone fuck them. Bob had been the first man ever to do that ..... the day he asked them to become his boys. In fact, just like now, he had been with Mark that day, and the cop had helped him with the initiation.

But, as Kyle had said, "now we're his boys he doesn't order us around like he used to ..... guess those days are gone." Well it was true, those days were gone, and although the twins loved their new life with Bob, occasionally they still looked back with some regret to the early days when they were still treated as houseboys, earning a living by obeying orders. Bob sensed all this, which is why he planned to take them on a trip into their past.


As it turned out, the next afternoon Mark and Bob got home at more or less the same time, and were relaxing with beers by the pool before they took off their work clothes ...... Bob in his business suit and Mark in his police uniform.

The twins had been waiting in their little house in Zack's garden across the street, watching for the men to get home. They were all ready, glanced at each other briefly to make sure they looked just right, then set out across the street. Kyle lifted the latch on the gate and pushed ..... but it was locked. That was odd ...... it was never locked during the day.

"Weird," said Kyle. "You got a key?" Neither of them did, so they rang the bell.

Inside, Bob and Mark grinned at each other. "Showtime," said Bob getting to his feet and walking to the gate. He opened it and stared with a puzzled look at the twins. He frowned, then said at last, "Oh, that's right, you must be the massage guys we ordered online, right?"

The twins blinked in confusion and frowned at each other. What the hell was he talking about? "What's the matter," Bob said, "you do speak, don't you?"

"Yes, sir," Kevin stammered. "we can speak."

"Well that's a relief," Bob said. "My sign language is a bit rusty. Hey, I recognize you two, don't I? Weren't you the guys my friend Lloyd and I hired some time ago for a massage?"

Hearing the word 'hired', Kyle, the more adventuresome of the two, suddenly got the picture and took a deep breath. "That's right, sir ..... same guys, same price." He nudged Kevin and flashed him a quick, conspiratorial look of encouragement.

"A hundred bucks, right?" said Bob.

"That's right, sir," said Kevin. "Each," added Kyle, surprised by his own chutzpah.

"Wow, you two don't come cheap do you? Still from what I remember it was a damn good massage ...... OK, it's a deal. Come on in."

Bob turned and walked over to Mark followed by the twins. Their bodies were tingling and their cocks growing stiff as they realized that this was another of Bob's trips he was so good at. They stood looking at the fully clothed business executive and the cop, sitting on a bench leaning back, elbows on the table. And suddenly the twins were transported back to their past life, the times when they would be looking nervously at new clients, men who had rented them for a massage and, the boys always hoped, not much else besides.

On those occasions they had been scared, but with a touch of exhilaration, as they never knew what was coming next. Now they felt the same adrenaline rush and fell naturally into their old roles as boys-for-hire, waiting obediently to see what the clients would order them to do. The only difference this time was that they felt no fear ...... plus, these two guys were by far the most handsome clients they had ever served ...... hell, they thought, more gorgeous than any guys on the planet.

Bob and Mark surveyed the twins, identically dressed in white T-shirts, long white pants and white sneakers, both with small back packs slung over their shoulder. As he had been so often before, Bob was moved by the sight of the boys. They had obviously dressed carefully in their role as masseurs, even though they of course had no idea of the turn things would take into fantasy. They had simply wanted to look professional for the men.

"Hey, Mark," Bob said. "Remember I told you about the great massage Lloyd and I once had? These are the same guys. They're damn good."

"They should be for that price. I dunno, man, two-hundred bucks is a bit steep. Let's see if they're worth it. OK, kids, take off your shirts."

The twins dropped the backpacks, pulled off their T-shirts and stood to attention for inspection by the cop. Mark got slowly to his feet and walked round them. With one hand on each of them he ran his palms over the boys' smooth chests, up over their necks, then down over their backs to their slender waists until he was cupping the cheeks of their asses. The sight and feel of the gorgeous uniformed cop inspecting them like pieces of meat excited the hell out of them.

"Gotta admit, Bob, they're beautiful enough ..... much hotter than their Internet picture."

"So, you think they'll do, buddy?"

Mark stroked his chin. "Hmm ...... dunno." He stared at the boys with the police officer glare that had intimidated many men before them, and ordered sternly, "Drop your pants."

The boys unbuckled their white belts and, with some hesitation because they knew they had stiff erections, unzipped and let their pants fall round their ankles. Underneath they were wearing tight white briefs that showed off their bulges to perfection.

"Shit, man," Mark grinned, "will you look at those boners? Guess I turn you on a lot, eh, boys? You get turned on by police officers in uniform? Especially a gorgeous one like me, eh?"

"Yes, sir," they said in unison, their throats dry.

Then they gasped as Mark grabbed their bulging crotches, one in each hand and squeezed them. Suddenly his voice became stern again. "You know, I could arrest you two for what you're doing. It's called prostitution. You'd go over real big with the other guys in jail."

"Sir," said Kyle, genuinely offended. "We are not prostitutes ...... we're masseurs."

In the background Bob laughed uproariously. "Well said, kid. I like a boy who stands up for himself. Hey Mark, stop harassing them. You're intimidating the hell out of them. God you can be vain sometimes. You just love turning young guys on, don't you?"

"Hey, what is this," Mark retorted, "a good-cop bad-cop routine, with me as the bad one? OK, OK, they'll do. In fact they're pretty spectacular. Let's see how good they are."

As he walked back toward the table the twins didn't see the smile that flashed between the two men. "God," Bob thought, "he's really good at this."

But the twins could see the look of deep affection in Bob's eyes as he stared at the them standing there in just their briefs, their pants crumpled round their ankles. "OK, boys," he said. "Let's get this show on the road."


The twins were now fully immersed in their roles of masseurs-for-hire. They kicked off their sneakers, stepped out of their pants and carefully folded them over a nearby chair. Then, moving with the precision of professionals, they pulled out from each of their backpacks a large sheet, which they spread and smoothed out on the lawn. Next came the tools of their trade, several white towels and various bottles of scented oils, which they placed meticulously on the ground by the sheets.

They stood at attention and Kevin said, "Would you please disrobe, gentlemen?"

Bob smiled at the rather formal language and took off his jacket, while Mark unbuttoned his uniform shirt. The boys took each item of clothing and folded them carefully on the table. Bob removed his shirt and Mark pulled off his T-shirt.

In the old days this used to be the point that the twins disliked the most, when they first saw the naked bodies of their clients, usually something they had to steel themselves against. But this time was different. The twins stood still and their jaws dropped, stunned by the sight of the men stripped to the waist, their stunning, muscular physiques gleaming in the afternoon sun.

"What's up, boys?" said Mark. You gone off the idea or something? Come on, help me off with these boots."

He sat on the bench and the boys turned their backs to him. Each one took a boot between his legs and tugged it off while Mark gazed at the globes of their asses flexing under their briefs. He turned and smiled at Bob. "Yeah, they'll do, buddy. They'll do just fine."

The men stood up, Bob kicked off his loafers and they dropped their pants. Again there were muted gasps from the twins as they saw the men naked, except for their boxers and their socks.

"Underwear too?" Bob asked.

"It's better naked, sir," Kevin said.

"You said a mouthful there, kid," Mark muttered. Only Bob heard him, and elbowed him gently in the ribs.

They took off their socks and shorts and threw themselves down on the sheets, lying on their backs, propped on their elbows. The twins moved toward them but Mark said, "Wait a minute." They stopped short and Mark gave them a quizzical look. "You know, when I see twins, especially handsome studs like you two, there's always something I fantasize about that would turn me on. I often wonder if they ever kiss each other. I want to see you two do that ..... provided it won't cost me extra."

A gleam came to the boys' eyes and in response they turned to face each other. They came close, paused, then wrapped their arms round each other. Their faces were inches apart and slowly their mouths came together. This was not just a brothers' kiss. This was a passionate embrace as their lips caressed each other's, their bodies locked together. Their hips pushed forward and their bulging crotches ground against each other, their cocks growing under the cotton of their briefs.

"Oh, man, that is sensational," Mark said softly as he saw the two identical brothers making love to each other. "It's so fucking beautiful." He and Bob both moved their hands down to their cocks and began stroking them. The sight was so erotic that they could have shot their loads right there but Bob called a halt.

"That's enough, guys. That was good ..... now how about our massage?"

The men turned over on their stomachs, pushing their erections under them, and in a few seconds they felt the boys kneeling astride them and smelt the scented oil being warmed in the twins' hands. They inhaled sharply as they felt the hands on their necks, massaging gently but firmly, then moving down to the trapezius muscles, the fingers digging in deep.

The massage was long and exquisitely sensual, as strong young hands moved over the men's backs, their waists, then ran over the mounds of their asses. After the legs the boys asked them to turn over, and smiled when they saw the men's huge erections. Although their scented palms moved first over their shoulders and pecs, the obvious target was the groin.

Emboldened by the sighs and moans of the gorgeous men the twins teased them by massaging around the groin area without touching the balls at first. Finally they brushed the balls with their fingers. They rolled them lightly in their oily hands, then stroked up the long, rigid shafts. Mark took a sharp intake of breath. "Jesus Christ," he moaned as he and Bob looked up at the young faces, made even more beautiful by their intensity as they concentrated on their task, their eyes locked on the magnificent cocks in their care.

Both men knew they could not survive this without shooting their loads. Mark's breathing became heavier as he felt his orgasm near, but then he surprised them all by shouting, "Enough. That's enough. Stand up."

The twins shot to their feet, afraid they had displeased the police officer. Mark stood up and paced round them, running his hand through his tousled blond hair in frustration. "I can't take this. I've gotta have what I want ...... and I always get what I want. Do you boys ever take a man's dick up your ass?"

The twins glanced quickly at each other. "That would be extra, sir," Kevin said. "Another hundred."

"Each," added Kyle.

Marked frowned. "Shit .... oh what the hell ..... I gotta have it one way or the other." He stopped pacing and, from long experience, assumed the authority of a police officer giving orders. "Bob ..... get up, man. You two, lose the shorts and take his place on the ground." Within seconds the twins were lying naked on the sheet, gazing up at the commanding cop, a little scared about what came next. Bob stood amazed that Mark had taken charge like this, so fully immersed in the fantasy of the moment.

"OK," Mark rasped, "turn toward each other." The boys rolled onto their sides facing each other. "Right. Now that thing I made you do when you were standing here. I want you to do it again ...... and whatever happens, don't stop."

Once again the twins came together in a loving embrace, this time lying on their sides, chests pressed together, mouths kissing each other hungrily. "Oh shit," Mark said, stroking his cock as he gazed down at them. "They're so beautiful. Am I gonna love this......!

Bob grinned at him and shook his head, "You son-of-a-bitch. OK, buddy, I'm right there with you." They dropped to the ground, Bob lying on his side behind Kevin, and Mark lying behind Kyle. Bob and Mark smiled at each other over the young bodies and eased forward.

The twins were so passionately engrossed in making love to each other that they were unaware of the men's move behind them. The first they knew was when they felt pressure on their asses. Their eyes opened wide as they suddenly realized what was about to happen.

But the shock of the moment, instead of pulling them apart, only propelled them to greater intensity in their attraction to each other. Their kisses became more ardent, their bodies ground against each other more urgently as they felt the huge cocks behind them slide slowly inside their asses, coming to rest in the warm softness deep inside them. "Oh, man," Mark breathed in their ears. "You boys are so fucking hot."

From their first sight of the twins, dressed in white, ready to serve them, the desire had begun to build in Bob and Mark, lovingly coaxed to a near-climax by the twins' erotic massage. Now they could give it full expression by fucking the succulent young asses of the beautiful brothers while the boys made love to each other. The twins were going wild, gripping each other tight, kissing each other ferociously as they felt their masters' cocks sliding inside them. Then the tempo increased as the men began pounding the boys' asses.

It had never been like this. Up to now the twins' love making had been fraternal affection, but now it was lust, raw carnal desire for their beautiful twin. It had never been like this for Bob or Mark either. They had fucked the twins before but never while the boys were in such a state of arousal. The passion raging through the boys made their bodies hot, their reflexes razor-sharp and their asses like cauldrons, flexing tight around the poles inside them. The four bodies writhed together on their sides as the men's cocks pistoned inside the impassioned young twins.

The youthful love-making, the ferocious fuck by the men, all of it continued for a long time. Always the commanding cop, Mark took the lead. "Come on, man," he yelled at Bob. Fuck him, fuck that gorgeous young ass." The rhythm increased, became more frenzied, until Mark finally shouted again, "Oh, man, my boy is so damned hot, my dick's on fire. Shit, I can't take any more. Let's go, guys. I'm gonna shoot. This is it, men. All of you .... now!"

The boys each felt the heat of his brother's lips, felt him spasm, they felt the muscular bodies pounding behind them, felt hot juice spurting up between their chests and blasting into their asses. The men gazed wildly at each other across the twins' heaving bodies as they felt their cum pouring deep inside the tender young asses. "Aaaah!" The screams of four men shattered the quiet afternoon and echoed round the hills.

Eventually their breathing subsided but the four bodies still clung together. The twins were sobbing with emotion as each one felt his brother's heart beating against his chest.


The twins were so enraptured by what had happened ..... by the whole scene ..... that they didn't want the fantasy to end. After washing off in the pool and drying themselves, they pulled on their white pants and sneakers, but not the shirts. They disappeared into the kitchen and brought drinks and snacks out to the men. Then they cooked dinner and served it at the outdoor table. But now there was no question of sitting down with them. They were servants, handsome boys-for-hire, standing by the table shirtless in their crisp white pants, ready to step forward and pour the wine or respond to any of the men's orders.

Mark and Bob smiled at each other, pleased that the twins were having such a great time. They chatted to each other quietly, heads together, then Mark looked up at the twins.

"You did well today, boys, worth every dime, so my buddy and I were wondering ..... how much do you charge for all night? And be careful before you answer. By all night I mean sharing our bed. We sleep together and would fuck you during the night as often as we like. Your bodies and your asses would belong to us. You would suck our cocks, massage our bodies, and then we'd fuck you some more. We would order you to watch while me and my buddy make love to each other. In the morning you would make breakfast for us ..... and we'd fuck you again. So ..... how much for all that?

The twins smiled. "No charge for that, sir," said Kevin. "It's on the house," said Kyle.


And so the week went on. After having their fantasy fulfilled the twins hovered somewhere between members of the family and hired boys waiting attendance on their masters. Bob and Mark were not reticent now in giving them orders, knowing how much the boys loved serving them, and so the distinction between masters and boys was maintained. The twins were in heaven, sometimes sharing the table with the men, sometimes withdrawing and watching them talk intimately. Best of all was when the twins got to watch them make love.

Bob and Mark also got everything they had wanted from their week together. Always drawn to each other with love and affection, they had been able to indulge their mutual attraction in every way possible, domestically, emotionally and, most frequently, physically, taking possession of each other's asses as they had dreamed of doing so often in the past.

Now that the pressure of their once-muted relationship was released they felt able to turn their minds to their respective lovers free of any sense of guilt. Bob spoke often with Randy by phone, though their conversations were brief, Randy being a man of action rather than words. He really just wanted to hear Bob's voice. Mark and Jamie were much more verbal, and their transpacific calls often spilled over into prolonged phone sex.

And so, inevitably, the week came to a close and the domestic calm was shattered by a noisy homecoming. It was late afternoon when Randy called and said they had just docked in Long Beach and would be home soon. There was just time for the twins to set up the table with drinks and snacks, and they were sitting with Bob and Mark when they heard the sound of truck tires on gravel, and then the gate burst open.

"Hi, guys! Did you miss us?" Pablo and Darius charged in, looking scruffy in old tank tops and shorts, and after hugging everyone in sight, huddled with the twins. While the boys all talked at once without pausing for breath, Randy and Zack strode in and exchanged warm handshakes with the other two men. Randy tousled the hair of the twins. "Hi, kids, you have a good time here with these guys?"

"Yes thank you, sir," they said in unison, always in awe of the big boss.

Soon Zack and Mark were exchanging small-talk ..... the trip, the boat, the fish they had brought back with them. But Randy and Bob simply stared at each other ..... with no talk at all.

It was times like this when the most eloquent language was the language of the eyes, when each man saw deep into the other's eyes ..... into his soul, as they sometimes believed ...... and a wave of love and affection swept over them, settling in the groin where their cocks began to swell. Their breathing became heavy, their heartbeats stronger, and Randy finally said, "God, I've missed you, man."

He grabbed Bob's arm and with silent mutual consent they walked to the house and straight up to their bedroom. Randy stood and watched, arms folded, as Bob took off his T-shirt and shorts, as if in obedience to Randy's unspoken order to get naked. Bob threw himself onto the bed and lay on his back staring up at the dark, rugged gypsy face of the tall, muscular man gazing down at him.

It was amazing to Bob that, even though he had seen this sight so many times, it never failed to thrill him, made his body quiver with excitement, tinged with fear. He knew what was coming ...... just as he knew what Randy would say.

"Did he fuck you?" Randy was reverting to type; it was the time-honored question and Bob knew he did not have to answer. But he did anyway. "Yes, of course."

"And did you fuck him?"

"Yes ..... many times. We made love many times."

"Yeah," Randy said with a half-smile, "but never like this." In a series of quick, fluid movements Randy pulled off his T-shirt, kicked off his boots, dropped his jeans and knelt naked on the foot of the bed. He pushed Bob's legs up high and gazed down at his ass. "God, I thought about that so often. Used to lie on the beach all on my own and jerk off thinking about it ...... thinking about this! I guarantee, man, your cop never fucked you like this ......"

With no further warning he suddenly plunged his huge cock ferociously into his lover's ass, burying it deep in his gut. Bob's scream carried all the way out to the garden, where all the men grinned in silent recognition of what was taking place upstairs ...... of course it was! Bob's eyes opened wide and spurted with tears ...... tears of pain and of joy that Randy was home ..... home and reclaiming possession of his ass.

Randy pulled back, then speared his ass again, and soon the iron piston was ramming him with the force of a jack-hammer. Bob had forgotten ..... he always forgot ..... what it was like to get fucked by this man. It was spectacular ..... it hurt, it frightened, and it thrilled. It excited him like nothing else, nobody else, ever could.

He looked up at the stunning, chiseled features ..... square, stubbled jaw, high cheek bones, black tousled hair falling over this brow ....and his eyes ...... those steel blue eyes smiling down at him in the certain triumphant knowledge that Bob was his man. No matter who else fucked him, even the blond Greek God, Bob would always be his.

Randy smiled as he continued to fuck savagely. "Remember that? Remember that, man? Nobody gives you that, do they?"

"No, sir. Only you ..... only you."

Randy fell forward so Bob's legs draped over Randy's shoulders, and he pressed Bob's wrists down on the bed above his head. Their faces were closer now as the savage fuck continued. Randy growled, "I don't care who else you fuck, who else you love. I'm not scared of that. Why would I be when I can do this to you? Look at me man, look into my eyes, feel my dick in your ass, and tell me."

"Yes, sir. You are my master. I need you ..... I crave you ...... I love you!" The last was a wild cry of pain and desire as Bob's handsome face thrashed from side to side. He was entering that delirious world where Randy always took him, a world where all he could feel was the cock inside him, all he could see was the eyes. His ass was helplessly impaled on the huge shaft ..... and he was drowning in the limpid blue of the eyes.

Sweat was dripping from Randy's face down onto Bob as he said, "OK, man. This is it. This is where I give the order and you obey. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir."

Randy redoubled the pressure and pace of his savage fuck. "You can't take much more of my cock, man, I know that, so I'm gonna cum inside you. And you're gonna cum with me. But you have to want it ..... want it real bad. I'm close, man, but I have to know how bad you want it."

"Oh yeah," Bob moaned. "God, I wanna feel your juice in my ass. Please, sir. Please cum inside me. Oh man ..... that body, that face, that cock pounding my ass. I can't take any more, sir. I can't hold back. You're making me shoot, sir. I'm cumming ..... aagh!"

Both men exploded at the same time. They both felt Randy blast his load deep inside his lover's ass ..... they both saw a huge plume of white cream shoot from Bob's cock high into the air and splash down onto Randy's massive chest. They came again and again as all the pent-up lust that had lain dormant for a week now erupted in two spectacular orgasms.

Their howls of ecstasy had, of course, been heard in the garden. Zack looked at the other guys and grinned. "They're back ...... no mistake about that."


A short time later the two men were lying on the bed, with Randy's arm under Bob's head. The euphoria still resonated in the room but the men were resting at last. Bob turned and grinned at Randy.

"So, did you and Zack eventually sort things out between you?"

"Pretty much."

"Pretty much? Is that it? You always say that when I ask you questions like that."

"Look, buddy, if you want all the gory details watch the video Darius made. It's all there. If all you want to see is two muscle-studs wrestling each other into submission, that's all it is. Is that really what you want?"

Bob grinned. "Pretty much."


Just then there was a tap at the door and Mark came in. "Oh, sorry to interrupt, guys, but we were wondering about dinner? I'll come back later."

"No, no, come on in officer," said Randy jovially. "I'm glad you're here, Mark. I really wanna thank you for taking such good care of my guy here. He tells me you had a great time."

Mark blushed and shifted a bit uncomfortably. "Yeah, well, we did. But you know it's me who should be thanking you, Randy. You made it clear that we could do whatever we wanted. It was very generous of you, 'cause I know how ......" he searched for the word ..... "how protective you feel about Bob. So I thank you, buddy. If there's ever anything I can do for you ....."

"Well," Randy's eyes gleamed. "Now that you mention it ..... and if you're really serious about thanking me, there's always one obvious way ...... "

Bob and Mark exchanged alarmed looks as Randy's meaning sank in. He meant to reassert his authority in the house by dominating both men. It had been obvious that Randy would exact his pound of flesh ..... and it seemed it was flesh that he wanted now. But Mark was confident enough to take it in stride and smiled. "Well, OK. Why not?" He was just wearing swim shorts, which he quickly took off. Bob got off the bed and Mark replaced him.

Randy stood up and gazed down at Mark, lying naked on his back. "God, man, it's true what they all say. You are fucking gorgeous ..... what is it, a Greek God they call you? I can see why my guy is so crazy about you. It's a long time since we did this, man. This'll be my way of thanking you for taking care of Bob and your way of thanking me for letting you."

As he had done so recently with Bob, Randy knelt on the bed, pulled Mark's legs over his shoulders and fell forward, pinning his wrists to the bed. Randy smiled at him. "For once this is not revenge, man. It's what's called love and respect for an equal."

He eased his cock inside Mark's ass and the cop moaned. "Oh yeah, man, I'd forgotten how great your cock feels. Jesus, you are one hell of a stud. Come on man, fuck me."

Bob stood mesmerized above them, watching as the darkly-handsome, muscular construction-worker moved rhythmically over the beautiful, Nordic-blond cop. Not for the first time Bob fantasized that it was God being tamed by the Devil. It was spectacular watching Mark's stunning face flinch as the huge cock plundered his ass. This time Randy was gentle ..... physically at least. It was verbally that he asserted his dominance."

"This is it, officer. This is where you submit to the construction boss. This is where the master takes that gorgeous ass of yours. So, you fucked my man. Now you have to pay. Oh, I'm not gonna hurt you, buddy. You're too fine for that. I just wanna hear you beg ..... and I can make you do that. How's your cock feel, man?"

"Oh, man, you are fucking spectacular. My cock is on fire. You're driving me crazy, man. You're a sensational fuck. I wanna cum. God, I'm close, but I wanna feel your juice inside me, man." Randy simply smiled quietly at him. He knew he had him. "Come on, man," Mark said, more urgently now. "Spill that load inside me ..... let me feel it. Shit, that's hot. Please, man, cum inside my ass. What, you want me to beg? OK, I'm begging you, man. Please ...... cum in me ...... please ......"

They shot their loads together, gazing at each other, two glorious muscle-gods, equals, making their peace with each other for having shared the love of one man. And that man was at this moment looking down in awe. Bob knew what this act symbolized, but more than that, it was simply glorious to watch, and Bob's cock erupted over them, in a jubilant affirmation that love between three men is not only possible ...... it is magnificent.


Later, at dinner, Randy was still smiling with the quiet arrogance of a man who had once again re-established his position as master of the house over this boisterous group of men.

"Jesus," Zack said, trying to make himself heard at the table over the clamor of voices. "Now I know the origin of the word dinner ...... it's the damn noise ..... the din." ......

Bob laughed and shouted, "OK guys, keep it down, OK? We can't hear ourselves think here."

It was inevitable as that this meal would be more raucous than most, as the boys round the table scrambled to tell stories of their week's vacation, shouting over each other. Darius was touting his movie like a Hollywood press agent, promising, in his usual exaggerated way, "the most spectacular! stupendous! ......" until Pablo said, "OK, cram it dude, it's just a home movie."

"Excuse me!" Darius protested. "This is the story of the hottest groups of guys ever to ....."

"Oh, shut up," said the twins in unison, making themselves blush and everyone else laugh.

The only one at the table who was rather subdued was Mark. Jamie was missing from the gathering, of course, and Mark felt his absence deeply. Bob naturally picked up on this and said softly in his ear. "Don't worry, buddy. He's having a great time, and you'll see him in a week."

Mark sighed. "He said he'd try to call around this time, but ......" Once again it was like telepathy as Mark's cell phone rang. They could all see instantly by the smile on Mark's face that it was Jamie. "Hi, dude," the boys all yelled toward the phone, and then fell into a respectful silence so Mark could hear. They saw Mark's smile grow wider and his eyes get moist as he listened."

"Guess what?" Jamie's excited voice was saying. "We're coming home three days early. See, Adam, the flight attendant we met on the flight over, is working a flight back to L.A. on Wednesday and he said that if we changed to that flight he could probably bump us up to First Class again. Nate has finished clearing up all his stuff in Sydney and says he's eager to get back to you guys and start work. And....." his voice faltered, ".... and most of all, sir, I miss you ..... I miss you so much .... I'm homesick for you, sir. I miss seeing you and feeling you. I love you so much, sir, and ..... and I want you to hold me."

"Wait a second, kiddo." Mark lowered the phone, then beamed at Bob and the others, his face glowing. "He's coming home early! Says he misses me so much he can't wait to be with me, wants to feel me holding him." His eyes teared up again. "Excuse me, guys." He left the table and walked to the corner of the garden to take the call in private.

There were knowing smiles all round. "Hell," said Randy, "whatever happened to the big stud cop? He don't take shit from no one, never backs down, always the tough guy, but when that boy of his calls he goes weak at the knees ..... he's Jello."

Bob put his arm round Randy. "It's called love, Randy. Boy, when that kid gets home it's gonna be one hell of a reunion."

Darius looked across the garden and grinned, "I'd love to hack into that phone call right now."

In fact the call was becoming intense. "Oh Jamie, I've missed the hell out of you too, kiddo. I can't wait to see you. And the minute you get home you know what I'm gonna do to you?"

"No, sir, tell me ......."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" ..... Chapter 128


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