"Yup, it's the swing of the pendulum, buddy," Bob said.

It was later afternoon and Bob and Mark were sitting in Bob's upstairs office. Mark had just got off work and was still in his uniform, sprawled in a chair sipping on a beer. Bob had told Jamie he could quit work for the day and go down to the pool for a swim. Everyone else was still out at work and there was a blessed calm in the house after all the dramatic events of the day before.

"You know how that works," Bob continued. "Someone gives the pendulum a big shove and as it swings it knocks a few things out of whack before it eventually becomes still again. This time it was Pablo and Hassan who did the shoving."

"And d'you think the pendulum has stopped swinging?" Mark grinned.

"Almost but not quite," Bob said. "Randy says he still hasn't finished with Hassan, so it looks like there's still at least one act to play out."

After Pablo had come back alone the previous day from his disastrous trip to Camp Pendleton with Hassan, balance was only now being restored. First Darius had made his peace with his lover Pablo in the way he knew best ...... using his cock as an instrument of reconciliation. Then Randy had predictably, and impulsively, taken merciless revenge on Hassan, who was even now recovering in Zack's house, under the tender loving care of the twins.

Finally Randy had confronted his shamefaced boy Pablo, and it was sex again that had eventually restored peace between them. But this morning it was back to work, and Randy had driven Pablo and Darius to the construction site. So Bob and Mark were alone and, as always, enjoying each other's company, with that electric undercurrent of sexual attraction that always ran between them.

Mark continued the conversation. "Any idea how that final act will play out, Bob?"

"Well, not really. But I can make a guess. See, although Randy punished Hassan yesterday for endangering Pablo ..... using his fists as usual ..... I knew it wouldn't end there. The thing is, the way Randy sees it, Hassan took Pablo away from him ..... his boy, his son for Chrissake ...... while we were all there watching ..... the whole group of us. That was a huge loss of face for Randy."

Mark shook his head. "Yeah, you don't challenge the boss in front of everyone and get away with it. That, plus Hassan is a spectacular-looking hunk of man and that in itself is a challenge for Randy. He knows how everyone lusts for Hassan whether they admit it or not."

"You're right there," grinned Bob, blushing a little. "So now Randy has to reassert his authority, and I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that he'll do it with all of us as an audience. But Mark, I'm concerned about Hassan. What happened with Pablo wasn't all his fault, after all. How's he taking it?"

"You know, the guy is really terrific, and I don't say that just because he's become a good friend. He feels real bad about that trip and wants to take all the blame on himself, and he accepts whatever that entails. Did you know that when Randy beat him up he didn't defend himself? He just stood there and took the punishment he thought he deserved."

Mark shook his head and sighed. "The thing is, he's become very attached to Jamie and me and I happen to know he respects the hell out of you, Bob. Asks about you a lot." Bob blushed again. "He really wants to be part of our group and he'll submit to Randy if that's what it takes. At the same time, I have a lot of sympathy for Randy. Whatever we feel about Hassan's guilt or otherwise, if he had put Jamie in danger the way he did Pablo I'd have beat the shit out of him too. I'd have got just as angry as Randy did."

Bob grinned. "Mark, old buddy, nobody gets as angry as Randy does, you know that."

"Yeah," said Mark ruefully rubbing his jaw. "And most of us have the bruises to prove it."

Bob frowned. "Talking of Jamie, how's he taken all this?"

"Not well ..... it's been tough on him. After Hassan and I got right with each other out in Palm Springs Jamie grew to like Hassan a lot and looks up to him." He grinned. "Great sex didn't hurt either. So he's become a bit possessive of Hassan and didn't like the idea of him getting blamed and beaten up. I suspect he thinks it's all Pablo's fault."

"Sure, I can see that," Bob nodded. "Pablo has a lot of fences to mend. He's already made up with Darius and Randy, so we'll see ......." But at that moment he was interrupted by loud voices coming from the garden below.

"No! Stop right there asshole. I wanna talk to you."


They both went to the window and looked down. "Jesus," Bob said. "Looks like you were right." Jamie had apparently leapt out of the pool and, naked and dripping wet, was confronting Pablo, who was obviously just home from work, still wearing his mechanic's dungarees.

Jamie was yelling now. "You fucked everything up, dude. Just because you're the boss's boy you think you can help yourself to whatever you want, including Hassan. He was mine ..... mine and Mark's ...... and you seduced him like a whore and now he's been beaten up and everything's totally fucked."

Pablo was backing off. "Hey, cool it, dude. Just calm down for a minute and we can talk. Now listen, I know I screwed up big time and I've already apologized to Randy and Darius."

"Oh, yeah, and I supposed they fucked that perfect ass you flaunt everywhere and that made everything right." Jamie started jabbing Pablo in the chest. "Well you've still gotta answer to me, dude. Mark won't say anything to you but I will. And I'm gonna hurt you the same as your dad hurt Hassan."

Mark watched in horror from the window. "Jesus," he said to Bob. "I gotta get down there. Jamie's no match for him ...... Pablo will kill him."

He turned to leave but Bob grabbed him by the arm. "I'm not so sure, Mark. Wait up a bit. Maybe the boys should sort this out for themselves."

What Bob had seen was Pablo backing away from Jamie. The tough young kid must have known he could beat Jamie in a fight, but he was holding out his arms in a gesture of conciliation. "Jamie, no. I don't wanna fight you, dude. You're right, I did fuck everything up and I'm real sorry. Let me try to make it up to you."

Jamie hesitated, confused, his determination faltering. Pablo pleaded, "I want to make

amends ...... show you how bad I feel and .... and ..... how much I love you, dude."

Jamie watched as Pablo unbuckled his dungarees from one shoulder and let them drop. As always he was wearing nothing underneath. He stepped out of them and fell to his knees. He fell forward onto his hands and began to crawl toward the stunned boy. Naked now, except for his work boots, the beautiful young boy moved slowly forward on hands and knees. No longer the young tough he always pretended to be, he was degrading himself in humiliating submission.

He reached Jamie, naked and still dripping wet, and gazed up at him. "Dude, what I did was stupid, selfish. I knew Hassan was your special friend but I was too wrapped up in what I wanted ..... too fucking arrogant. Please, man ...... I'm on my knees. Let me show you we're still buddies."

Stunned, Jamie didn't move. He looked down at the muscular guy kneeling before him, saw the pleading look in his dark brown eyes. Although Jamie hesitated in confusion, one thing was sure ...... his cock was getting hard at the sight of the tough young stud on his knees.

Pablo saw it too. He reached forward, grasped Jamie's cock and stroked it gently until it was fully erect. Then he leaned forward ..... and slid his mouth over it. Slowly, evenly, he pushed his head forward until the head of the cock rested against the back of his throat. Jamie gasped as he felt his cock bathed in the heat of Pablo's mouth. His anger and hostility dissolved, replaced by sensual pleasure that began to suffuse his body.

He sighed as Pablo pulled back, then eased forward again, letting the cock fill his mouth until his face was buried in Jamie's damp, blonde pubic hair. He pulled back again, let the cock fall from his mouth, then lowered his face down to the balls, licked them, then used his hand to stuff them in his mouth, pulling back on them so he stretched the scrotum. Jamie moaned loudly and his naked body shuddered as the erotic sensation in his balls raced down his legs and up through his entire body.

"Jesus," Mark said softly at the upstairs window. "That is so fucking hot." He turned toward Bob and saw that he was already facing him. The lust that always lay just beneath the surface overflowed and their faces came together in a hungry, probing embrace. Both of them almost came to orgasm in their pants, stirred by the sight of the impassioned boys and the sweet taste of each other's mouth as their lips ground together.

To hold back their orgasm they pulled apart and turned to look through the window again. By now Pablo was working on Jamie with a frenzy they had never seen in him before. He rolled the balls round in his mouth, then stretched one last time until they slid free. He licked them frantically, then buried his face into the curly pubic hair again. He went lower, running his tongue over Jamie's groin, over the sharp tan line, then down over his thighs.

His eager tongue rose higher, back over the groin and up to the waist, tasting, smelling, the smooth flesh. "God, man, you are so fucking beautiful," Pablo moaned. He gently twisted Jamie's body round and gasped ......"and that ass, that beautiful ass!" Again his tongue worked feverishly over the pure white globes of the surfer's butt. He pulled them apart and stared at the hole, surrounded by soft wisps of blonde hair.

He couldn't hold back, and buried his face in the light fur, nuzzling it, rubbing his cheeks in it. He tasted and smelt the sweetness of the hole, fresh from the pool, and licked the velvet membrane of the rim. Then he buried his tongue deep inside the hole and tasted the muskiness inside. Pablo's own cock was roaring hard and he was close to shooting his load, so he pulled his tongue out and twisted Jamie's body round again to face him.

He licked Jamie's waist, his groin, his legs ..... everywhere except his cock. Deliberately he avoided it, grazing the head lightly with his tongue, sending Jamie into a welter of desire. Pablo knew that he was driving Jamie wild and he raised his head. "Come on, dude, you know you want it. You know you want it in my mouth again. Let me make you cum, Jamie. Show me how much you love me ..... how much you forgive me."

That was his mistake. They were the wrong words to use. Suddenly something snapped inside Jamie, breaking the erotic trance he was in. 'Love him? Forgive him?!' After everything Pablo had done, ruined everything for him with Hassan? He realized that Pablo had been using his sexual skills on him the same as he had with Hassan. And he was supposed to be seduced as Hassan had been!

"NO!" he yelled. "You fucker. I know what you're doing. You can't fucking seduce me into forgiving you, asshole. I hate you for what you did and I'm gonna hurt you!"

Jamie clamped his hands round Pablo's head and yanked it forward. Startled, Pablo opened his mouth and it was impaled on Jamie's rigid cock as it plunged ferociously to the back of his throat. Jamie pushed the boy's head back, then pulled it forward again, hard against him. He was pushing the face back and forth onto his stiff rod, harder and harder, hammering the throat as he smiled with satisfaction at the choking, gagging sound of the tortured boy.

And so began the most savage face-fuck Jamie had ever given or Pablo had ever received. Again and again the cock pistoned inside the ravaged mouth as Pablo screamed into the gag and his eyes streamed with tears.

At the upstairs window Bob and Mark were mesmerized. Mark murmured, "God, that's incredible. He turned to Bob. "Oh man ...... I want that. I want it from you, man." Then, as if it hadn't been said, they looked through the window again to see the climax of the spectacle below.

Pablo's face was still being battered by Jamie's merciless cock as the boy's hips smashed forward again and again against the face that was held helpless in the vise of his grip. Pablo was in a vortex of pain ..... it felt as if his throat was being ripped apart. And yet he was determined to take the punishment like a man, the only way he could absolve himself in the eyes of his young friend.

Jamie was now in an ecstasy of erotic revenge ..... a volcano that had to erupt. His body was on fire as it flexed hard, moving with the speed of a piston. His cock was burning and the flames spread down his legs and up over his pulsing body. "This is it, asshole," he screamed. "This if for Hassan...... and for me...... aagh!"

It was as if his whole body exploded inside Pablo's mouth. Semen poured from his cock and Pablo tried desperately to swallow the hot liquid that was choking him. Suddenly, mercifully, the cock pulled out and Pablo looked up, coughing and gagging, with cum pouring from his mouth. But Jamie wasn't finished ..... there was still more pent-up vengeance. His body went rigid again and a second, bigger stream of cum blasted from his cock, slamming into the face of the agonized boy.

Reflexively Pablo opened his mouth and semen poured into it, then into his eyes, into his hair and over his face. White creamed flowed down his face onto his chest and stomach. He was bathed in the semen of his young friend, the juice of revenge.


Upstairs there was silence as Bob and Mark faced each other. The heat and passion they had witnessed in the boys now held them in its grip and they had to have release. Mark repeated his earlier words. "I need that, man ...... from you." Still in his full police uniform he dropped to his knees before the man he had loved since he first saw him. As if in a trance Bob yanked open the buttons of his jeans and pulled out his raging cock.

Mark looked up at him and opened his mouth, welcoming in the long shaft that pushed quickly into his throat. It was not as savage as the face-fuck they had just witnessed, but just as impassioned. It was the visual image that turned them on most. Bob looked down at the glorious, Nordic-blonde cop, with his stunning face and perfect physique straining under his uniform shirt. Bob's T-shirt was sticking to him so he pulled it off.

Mark was hypnotized by the sight of the sculpted Superman features of the muscular-god standing over him, stripped to the waist, a gentle smile in his soft brown eyes. He heard the deep, soothing voice. "Unlike the boys, Mark, this is not revenge ..... this is love, pure and simple. You are so fucking gorgeous, and I love you, man." He began to move his cock in and out of the cop's mouth with increasing speed. He moaned as he felt Mark clench his throat muscles round his cock ..... and the two men were joined, physically and spiritually.

"Let me see you cum, Mark. Let me see you spill your juice, so I can cum."

Mark unzipped his uniform pants, pulled out his cock and stroked it as he squeezed Bob's cock with his mouth and swallowed the pre-cum oozing out of it. He felt the sweat from his body soaking his uniform and felt the sweat of Bob's face dripping down onto him.

It was sensual overload. He felt his cock spasm, his body tense, and he blasted a long ribbon of semen across the floor in front of him. Involuntarily he clenched his throat muscles harder as he felt Bob's hot juice pouring into his mouth. He swallowed the sweet juice in huge gulps as if it were nectar from a god.

When they were both drained dry Mark got to his feet and threw his arms round Bob's naked torso as their mouths clamped together and they passed back and forth Bob's juice still filling Mark's mouth. Finally they separated, paused, and looked down at the garden one last time. "Jesus, will you look at that," Bob said.

Jamie and Pablo were rolling over the lawn, their arms wrapped round each other in a joyful embrace as they kissed each other's lips, eyes and face. Revenge, animosity, confrontation had all evaporated. The boys had undergone a cleansing, a passionate reaffirmation of their relationship, a friendship that they now knew could survive anything.

But suddenly this scene of reconciliation was shattered by a shout. "OK, guys, that's a wrap!" It was Darius, charging from the house brandishing his video camera.

The boys stood up in amazement. "What the fuck......?" Pablo demanded.

"Dude, I got home just after you did and saw what was going down out here. You didn't notice me 'cause I guess you were ..... well ...... kind of busy." So I went the back way upstairs into our room, grabbed my camera ...... and filmed the whole thing from up there. Dudes! You guys were spectacular. You should do this for a living. You'd make awesome porn stars."

Pablo took a step forward with an angry frown. But when he saw the wide-eyed enthusiasm on his lover's face, his irrepressible sense of fun, Pablo's frown disappeared, replaced by a smile, then uncontrollable laughter. Jamie joined in, in a joyful celebration of friendship renewed. Soon the boys had their arms round each other and they were walking toward the house.

"Let's go see the movie!" Darius yelled.

At another upstairs window Bob and Mark were also laughing. "Pity, Mark said. "We don't have a movie of our own. "

"No," Bob grinned. "But we do have a shower. Care to join me?"


The boys were still watching a replay of the action and Bob and Mark were sitting at the poolside table in their shorts when Randy finally strode in through the gate. He flopped down on a chair at the table and, ever vigilant, one of the twins ran out with a beer for him.

"Hell of a shitty fucking day," Randy growled, then took a restorative swig of beer. "Three big pieces of equipment out of service ..... shitload of work for Pablo. Anyway, what have you guys been up to?" As he gave them his full attention he noticed the afterglow hovering round them. "Uh-oh, don't tell me," he grinned. "Who fucked who?"

Bob loved that by now Randy was easy with the fact that Bob and Mark had sex ..... something he would have been punished for in the past. "Well nobody fucked anyone," Bob said, "though the officer here gives a sensational blow job."

"Yeah, and you returned the favor in the shower as I recall," said Mark.

"But listen Randy," Bob said more seriously. "Just now young Jamie confronted Pablo about the Hassan thing and you'd be amazed at what your boy did." He explained the way Pablo had reacted to Jamie's anger on his knees, instead of responding with his fists as he usually did. "He was amazing the way he just took Jamie's cock, pounding into his face, when we all know he could have dropped Jamie with one blow."

Randy had a big satisfied smile on his face. "That's my boy, he said. Finally learning that there are other ways of solving a problem than taking a swing at it."

"Yeah," said Bob raising his eyebrows. "Maybe he could teach his old man a thing or two."

"OK, OK, asshole ...... point taken. Hell, I wish I'd seen it."

"You still can," Mark laughed. "Darius filmed the whole thing."

"Damn, the punk never quits, does he?"

As if on cue they were interrupted by a sudden clatter of noise as the three boys burst out of the house all talking over each other. Randy stood up and opened his arms to Pablo. "Come here kiddo," he said, taking him into a bearhug. "I heard what you and Jamie did and I gotta tell you I'm damn proud of you."

"The cameraman, too, sir," Darius protested, "don't forget about him. "Sure the actors were hot, but it's me recorded it for prosperity."

"Posterity!" Bob sighed. Darius grinned and shrugged, "Whatever ..... sir."

Randy took Pablo's face in his hands. "By all accounts, kiddo, you got your face fucked but not your ass. Now I've had a hot, hard day that's left me sweaty and all wound up. And there's only one remedy for that. Gotta find me a perfect piece of ass."

"No problem there, sir," said Pablo with his rascal grin. Randy threw his arm over his shoulder and they went into the house.


A bit later they were all sitting at the outdoor table and the twins were starting to bring out dinner. Zack came through the gate and joined them, and Mark gave him a searching look.

"How is he?" he asked softly.

"Doing great," Zack said. "Hassan's real tough, resilient. Seems he can bounce back from a beating with only a few bruises to show for it ...... like another tough guy I know." He looked at Randy who shifted uneasily in his seat.

Since his brutal confrontation with Randy Hassan had taken a few days sick leave and was recovering in Zack's house, under the tender care of Zack and the twins. Mark visited often, and had long, intense conversations with Hassan, some of them including Jamie. Bob also dropped in to chat, and Hassan was impressed by his gentle, non-judgmental manner, not to mention his stunningly beautiful face and physique. And not to be outdone, Darius of course ran in and out, a welcome dash of humor and energy for the recovering soldier.

All in all Hassan found himself increasingly attracted to this great-looking, extraordinary bunch of guys. The only ones who did not come by were Randy and Pablo. The psychological wounds there were still too raw. Despite the brutal punishment he had dished out Randy still simmered, torn between residual resentment and a grudging respect for the man's masculine beauty, rugged strength and independence, the qualities he most admired in a man.

Pablo too was still conflicted. His painful experience with Hassan in Oceanside had soured him, and yet, if he were totally honest, he still could not get over the physical and sexual attraction that the handsome soldier radiated.

Anyway, the subject of Hassan was dropped, the twins sat down to eat with the rest of them and the meal was its usual noisy, boisterous affair. The boys especially were even more lively than usual as they rehashed the events of the past few days, and especially of that afternoon. Darius of course took the lead, his mounting exaggerations met with mocking laughter.

But then something happened that slowly caused the noise to die down as each man in turn looked up toward the gate. Darius, chattering obliviously, was the last to notice anything ".......'course they say the camera never lies, but if you're good you can......" and then even his voice trailed off as he looked up in astonishment.

It was Hassan. He had quietly come through the gate and was now standing a short way from the table facing them all. Nine pairs of eyes focused on him in stunned silence and none of the men could deny the tremor that ran through them as they gazed on the gorgeous muscle-stud, barefoot in military fatigue pants and a white tank-top stretched over his perfect torso. Many cocks grew stiff under the table.

The silence was broken by Hassan himself, speaking rather formally in his accented, lilting voice. "Gentlemen, I must apologize for intruding on you all, but before I leave tomorrow I wanted to say a few words of parting. My stay with you was forced upon me" (he glanced at Randy) "but now that I have got to know most of you better I'm glad it was. I have come to like and admire your extraordinary group and, had circumstances been otherwise, I would have enjoyed spending time with you. My introduction to you was, of course, rocky right from the start....."

"No kidding," murmured Darius, who received a clip round his head from Zack and glaring looks from the others.

Hassan could not help smiling slightly at the interruption. "Before I leave I have to thank Zack and the twins especially for taking such good care of me." The twins blushed. "Thanks also to Bob who I know did a lot behind the scenes to smooth the waters I churned up. And to Darius for his humor, that made me laugh even when I was still in pain. And my heart, of course, goes out as always to Mark and to his boy Jamie, both of whom I have come to love deeply."

There was an uneasy shuffling round the table and a few moist eyes as Hassan concluded. "I will return to my base tomorrow afternoon, and I have to tell you that I will leave with a heavy heart. But I realize that my presence among you is disruptive and undesirable to at least one of you, so I will not return. I hope it is not presumptuous of me to wish you all the best for the future of your beautiful group ..... dare I say family? I will remember you long after I have gone."

He gazed at them for a long moment, during which the only sound was the rustle of the trees. Then he turned and walked slowly toward the gate.

"WAIT!" The bellowing voice was Randy's who had shot to his feet. Hassan turned round and Randy strode up to him. "Now wait just a goddamn minute. You came in here days ago without my approval, caused a shitload of trouble, and now you turn your back and walk out on us just like that? Well fuck you, man. You'll leave when I say you can."

Hassan smiled broadly. "Randy, I respect your position here as boss, and I should perhaps have sought your approval before coming here. But I do not ..... I certainly do not .... need your permission to leave."

Randy was taken aback by the resolute authority, and obvious truth, of Hassan's words. Even Randy realized how arrogantly stupid his own words had been and he backed off a bit. He was not sure why, but he didn't want Hassan to leave. There was something ...... something ...... missing, incomplete.

He made an effort to regain his composure. "You say ...... you say you want to spend time with us ......"

"I would have liked to yes, but ......."

Randy's eyes bored into his. "Look, man, I didn't like you when you came and maybe I still don't, but ....... I have to ......" He faltered.

"..... you have to assert your authority," Hassan completed his sentence for him. "I respect that, Randy. I would do the same if I were in your place. And I know just how I would do it."

A flash of recognition passed between them, master to master, and a slight smile crossed both their faces. "We are very much alike, you and I," Hassan said. "Very much. Maybe too much. We shall see."

The men round the table watched mesmerized as the two magnificent males faced each other, a mutual understanding taking silent root. Suddenly Randy called out, "Darius. I want a record kept of this for everyone to see. You know what to do."

Thrilled, Darius reached under the table and pulled out his camera. "Right here, boss. Always carry it with me." He leapt up and circled the two men at a distance with the camera to his eye.

Randy turned his attention back to Hassan and growled, "Get ready, stud." There was a collective gasp in the group as Hassan slowly pulled off his tank, his eyes still riveted on Randy's. As the soldier stood there stripped to the waist Randy was again taken aback by the beauty of the man's perfect physique ..... broad shoulders, muscular arms and flared lats sloping down, past washboard abs to a trim waist. He was a perfect specimen of a man.

Hassan smiled at Randy, unbuttoned his pants and let them fall. He stepped neatly out of them and raised his arms sideways, palms facing forward in a gesture of conciliation. There was another gasp from the guys at the table as they watched the spectacular tableau taking shape before them. The naked soldier at last lowered his eyes from Randy's and sank slowly to his knees.

"Pablo," Randy shouted. "Tell me again, boy. How many times did this man fuck your ass?"

Pablo opened his eyes wide with surprise, but stood up and managed to say firmly, "Twice sir ..... but it was all my ......." Randy silenced him with a raise of his hand. Pablo sat down again next to Bob who put his hand round his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Don't worry, Pablo. It's not about you anymore ...... this is all about the two of them."

They watched as Randy leaned down, put his hand under Hassan's chin and raised his head, so their eyes met once again. "Hassan, one thing you should know about me is that I believe in the punishment fitting the crime ..... an eye-for-an-eye and a fuck-for-a-fuck.' You took my boy away from me and fucked him twice. So that does it." He put his foot against Hassan's chest and pushed firmly enough to send him falling onto his back.

He looked down with admiration "I gotta say, man, you look pretty fucking spectacular lying there naked on the ground. But I gotta do this ...... gotta see what you're made of, stud."

Suddenly things moved into high gear as Randy ripped his T-shirt from his body, kicked off his boots and dropped his jeans. He stood for a moment towering naked over Hassan ..... commanding, magnificent. Then he dropped to his knees and pulled Hassan's legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward and pushed Hassan's arms upward on the ground, pinning his wrists into the dirt so the man was helpless.

As Randy's body stretched above Hassan's their eyes met like dueling lasers. "So this is it, stud, just you and me at last, man to man. You knew it would come to this ...... it had to ...... always does when a man challenges me. The soldier fucked my boy. Now the soldier's gonna get his ass fucked by a man. And this, soldier, is what it feels like."

Suddenly Hassan threw his head back and screamed as, in one savage move, Randy pierced his ass with his thick, hard rod. The pain shot through Hassan's body as it writhed in agony, twisting desperately in a futile attempt at escape. Randy's hips rose up high, then fell forward with brute force, burying the steel pole even deeper into the soldier's gut.

Hassan had been fucked occasionally in the past, especially by Mark, but he had never felt anything like this. He was not just being fucked .....his body was being brutally impaled on a burning steel rod, pistoning in his ass. He was screaming, struggling to get free, but his wrists were held in a vise and he was being hammered into the ground. And all the time that face ..... those wild, burning eyes staring down at him. As the battering intensified he thought for a moment he would pass out, but he was determined not to give in to the merciless power of this man.

He stared up into the steel-blue eyes, set in the rugged, swarthy face, black hair flying over it. It was wild as a stallion, savage, relentless. It was magnificent. The gaze was hypnotic, piercing deep into him, down to his naked soul. And suddenly Hassan was transformed. The blue eyes flashed and he saw something in them beyond savagery, beyond retribution. It was as if he became one with the spectacular maleness of this extraordinary man.

He had never seen such rugged manhood and he was exhilarated by it, spellbound ...... proud to be its captive, to have his body invaded by it. The agony in his ass diminished, fading into an erotic mix of ecstasy and pain. It was all the same, everything blended into the blinding sense of being overpowered by this glorious man. Then he heard the hypnotic voice.

"That's it, man. Now you know ..... now you know who I am, why I'm the boss. You feel that? Look into my eyes and tell me what you want, man. You're a fucking beautiful stud, a glorious man, but you're gonna submit to your master. Tell me!"

Hassan heard his own voice, as if coming from a distance. "Yes, sir. I want it. I want you, sir. I've never seen a man like you. You're magnificent. Please fuck my ass, sir. Hurt me, thrash me, let me feel your body on me, inside me. I submit to you, man. You're the master."

As Randy heard these words, looked into the exotic face of his beautiful captive, he too was transformed. Suddenly he no longer wanted to hurt the man, to take revenge. He wanted ..... he wanted to make love to him! He stopped moving, paused, then began easing in and out of the man's ass gently, aware for the first time of the warm, velvet membrane sliding past his cock.

He said softly, "Your first fuck is ended, man ..... this is the second. And oh, man, it's the best. No more pain, no more punishment. Just this, Hassan. Jesus, you feel sensational ...... you have the most incredible ass. You are so fucking beautiful, man."

Hassan's body was shuddering with the elation of being overpowered by this spectacular muscle-god. Arrogant, irrational, impulsive he may be, but the man was an icon of raw masculinity. And as Hassan watched the muscular body rise and fall over him he had never wanted so much to submit to another man.

Randy was smiling at him. "You're one of us now man. And you're gonna prove it. I'm gonna make you do what I've made every man do who came here wanting to join us."

"Anything, man," Hassan groaned. "I'll do anything for you. Tell me, order me."

"Simple. You're gonna cum for me. While I pin you to the ground, while I fuck your ass, you're gonna shoot a massive load all over that gorgeous face and body of yours. You're gonna do it the moment I tell you."

"Yes, sir," breathed Hassan. It wasn't so much the exquisite feeling in his ass as the spellbinding look in the steely eyes, the eyes that drew him in, hypnotized him, so his one desire was to please him. He was swimming in those eyes as he heard the voice again.

"OK, man. Now I'm gonna pour my juice inside that magnificent body. And when I do that you're gonna join with me, man to man, and shoot your load.

Hassan felt the rod pulse in his ass, felt hot liquid pouring deep inside him. He stared up wildly, saw the blue eyes flash, and he screamed "I love you, man." His body jolted and his cock exploded with a gushing stream of white semen that shot up into his face and over his gleaming chest, again and again, in an orgasm that seemed to last for eternity.


Randy pulled his cock out and leapt to his feet. His chest heaving, sweat pouring off him, he gazed down in triumph at the naked warrior whose body he had impaled in a dazzling display of domination and desire. He reached down to him, Hassan reached up and their hands joined. In one strong movement Randy pulled him up and into his arms, grinding their mouths together.

They turned round and round in a bear hug, kissing hungrily, two magnificent men joined in the revelation of newfound admiration and passion. They were lost in the unique world they shared, oblivious of all else ..... until they became slowly, dimly aware of a sound. It was applause. All the men were on their feet, shouting, whistling, applauding in recognition of the breathtaking demonstration of sexual prowess they had just witnessed.

Suddenly a voice shouted louder than all the others. "CUT!" Darius, of course, lowering his camera. "OK, people, that's a wrap. And that one's gonna win an Oscar."


After the two men had cleaned off in the pool, toweled dry and pulled on their clothes, they walked to the table and, ceremonially, Randy pulled out a chair and waved his hand toward it. Hassan took the place he had earned at the table between Mark and Jamie, and felt Mark's arm curl round his neck. "Incredible, man," Mark whispered. "I love you."

"Me too, sir," added Jamie with a proud grin.

Randy resumed his seat next to Bob, unsure of his reaction. But he need not have worried. Bob turned to him with shining eyes. "You son-of-a-bitch," Bob smiled. "You are one hell of a man. You never cease to amaze me ..... and excite the hell out of me. So you broke in another member of the group. It was so fucking hot. Man, you turn me on!"

"Good," grinned Randy. "Because you're next. I'm all fired up now, like a bull in heat."

"Just the way I like you," laughed Bob.

Randy put his arm round his neck. "And I'm gonna give you a night you'll never forget. Because, buddy, whoever else comes into our lives, no matter how fucking gorgeous they are, it's you I love, man. Only you."


Before the group broke up for the night Mark stood up. "Guys, tonight Hassan will sleep with Jamie and me before he goes back to Pendleton. And I have something to tell you. I want to demonstrate once and for all my respect for Hassan and the trust I have in him, so the three of us have been talking."

Jamie was looking up at him with a gleam in his eye as Mark continued. "In a week's time Hassan has to make a trip up to Vandenberg Air Force Base for a quick visit. He's gonna drop in here on the way up, pick up Jamie and take him with him. Jamie's all for it. Hassan will drop him off in Santa Barbara for a few hours surfing, which is great up there, and then he'll come back for him and they'll spend the night in a hotel."

There were murmurs of surprise all round. "OK, OK," Mark said. "I know it sounds a bit like a replay of Pablo's trip to Pendleton, but that's the point. I want to purge the demons from that episode in entrusting my boy to Hassan." He paused. "OK, that's all. Sleep well, you guys."

As they all walked toward the house Bob said quietly to Mark, "You quite sure about all this, buddy?"

"Sure I'm sure. Jamie loves the idea and he'll be perfectly safe with Hassan. And besides, I have a surprise in store for Jamie. Something that's gonna blow his mind."

Bob smiled at him. "You're crazy about that kid, aren't you Mark?"

"Mad about him," Mark said. "He's my boy."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength ...... Part 110"


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