“Love and discipline – it’s a delicate balance,” Randy had said, instructing his boy Pablo on the tough task of being a boy’s master, now that Pablo had a new boy of his own.

Pablo had had just spent his first night with his boy Tommy and in the morning Randy inevitably got right down to basics. “Did you fuck him?” Bob winced at Randy’s customary crude question but Pablo took it in stride.

“No I didn’t, sir. It was an interesting night – not what I had intended at all. See, when Tommy first took off all his clothes and stood in front of me he looked beautiful naked but … kinda lonely, real nervous. I know you all said he used to be an arrogant prick but what I felt was … I hope it’s OK to say this, sir … I felt sorry for him.”

“So, no, I didn’t fuck him, sir. I made sure we both got off on each other sexually by jacking off looking at each other, then he licked the cum off me and spent the rest of the night sleeping in my arms. Maybe I should’ve been rougher on him, but I wanted us to get a feel for each other, get to like each other. I mean, you taught me that a man and his boy should be friends. I hope I did the right thing, sir.”

Randy was proud to see that Pablo had the right instincts. “See,” Randy said, “the boy responds to that friendship thing – makes him feel secure – but he craves something else. You know why he came here and you know what he wants. Tommy needs love and protection but he also needs to know who the master is. He craves that physical and sexual domination, the kind I gave him when I worked him over real good in that hotel room. That’s why he thinks he’s in love with me.”

At Bob’s insistence Tommy went back to work out his notice at the hotel before he quit. Before he left Pablo said, “See you in two weeks, dude. And when you get back you’ll spend the day working with me and Darius on the construction site. Randy and Zack will be there too, horny as ever.

“So while you’re away you have to decide whether you want to come back to a bunch of tough, shirtless, musclehunk construction workers with big dicks, looking out for a new guy with a gorgeous ass.” Thomas smiled at Pablo and they both knew the answer to that question.

While he was away Randy took Pablo out on a motorcycle run and submitted his body to his own boy to make sure he had what it takes – the fire in the belly, as he called it – to give Tommy the physical and sexual domination he had described, as well as love and protection. Randy figured that if Pablo could pound the ass of his own tough gypsy master and make him submit, he could handle anyone.

Pablo proved himself to be more than equal to the task, subjecting Randy to a savage fuck and fist pounding that forced the master to submit to his boy. When it was over, as they lay on their sides facing each other, Randy said, “You did great, kiddo … really convinced me you’re ready to be the master of a boy like Tommy.”

“Thank you sir.” Then, after a long silence, Pablo asked, “Sir, do you really think Tommy will come back to us?”

Randy laughed. “Are you kidding? I guarantee he’ll be there bright and early the morning after his last day of work. Hell, you saw his face when you described the construction site with … what was it again…?”

“…. a bunch of musclehunk construction workers, hung and horny, looking out for a new guy with a gorgeous ass,” Pablo laughed.

“And you really think he’s gonna say no to that? Hell, he’s probably jacking off thinking about it as we speak. I’m looking forward to that day myself, watching that hot young gymnast walking onto the site, seeing it for the first time. There’ll be no looking back after that, kiddo.”


Randy had been right, of course. Tommy had thought of nothing else during his last two weeks at the hotel and he had jacked off a lot imagining Randy, Pablo, Zack, Darius, and then tried to picture them all laboring shirtless on the construction site, sweating and cursing as men do, their dicks hard in their work pants waiting for release during their next break – looking for a new, hot piece of ass, as Pablo had put it..

He tried to shake those images from his mind and thought instead of Bob – calm, steady, authoritative Bob who had shown him kindness when he was at his most insecure. Unlike the others, Bob’s manhood was not defined by raw, ripped-T-shirt physicality and raunchy sex. His clothes were almost preppy, his speech refined, his demeanor understated, and yet he oozed masculinity and came across as the most dominant alpha male of them all.

It was Bob, playing by the rules, who had insisted that Thomas should come back to the hotel and give his two weeks’ notice – the right thing to do. He respected Bob for that. He saw Bob as the rock the tribe was built on and he knew that if ever he had a problem that could not be solved by Pablo, Bob was the man he would go to. But still, when he jerked off, the image that first came to mind was the gypsy muscle-god Randy.

The thought of Bob calmed his fears – and he did have fears despite his determination to return to the tribe. As he moved through the hotel in his smart uniform, being treated by the staff with the deference they owed to an assistant manager, the thought of subservience to a young guy like Pablo, plus becoming the low man on the tribal totem pole, seemed such a dramatic change in his life. He knew that he was throwing common sense out the window and being led by his dick. But, crazy as that was, he had no choice. He had to go back and submit to these men.

Pablo had promised to protect him, but how did that work? Pablo was his master, but he was a boy himself, obedient to Randy and the other masters of the house. If push came to shove, could he defy them to protect his boy Thomas? He knew that this was new unexplored territory in the tribe, and the feeling that he was merely a pawn in this game scared him.

As he went to bed on his last night in the hotel all these doubts and fears mingled with the uncontrollable excitement he felt. He tossed and turned in a dream-laden sleep and woke up way before dawn. He had to get up, get dressed, gather his bags and head back to whatever fate awaited him. He had to.

Like a man in a trance, drawn by some inexorable force, he went out through the staff entrance, got into his car and drove off. He glanced back one last time at the luxury hotel, then set his sights firmly forward on the road to his future.


By the time he reached the house his heart was beating wildly. As sometimes happens he had a last-minute moment of panic and for a fleeting instant thought of turning tail and driving away. But here he was at the gate and he knew that going though it would shape his whole future. So he went through it.

It was still so early that everything was unexpectedly quiet in the house. He stood nervously in the garden not sure what to do, when he heard sounds coming from the kitchen. He knocked and went in to find a hive of activity in contrast to the silence of the rest of the house. The twins and Danny were busy preparing breakfast for all the guys.

Kyle looked up from the stove and grinned, “Hey, guys … look what the wind blew in.” Kevin added, “Welcome back dude, you’re just in time for breakfast!”

Danny wiped his hands on his apron, walked over and shook Thomas’s hand with a smile. “Hello Thomas. I’m glad you came back. And I know Pablo will be too. He’s up in his room with Darius. Why don’t you go on up? I’ll see you later, dude.”

Encouraged by the friendliness of the three chefs Thomas went upstairs to the boys’ apartment and walked in. There were sounds coming from the bedroom so he knocked and tentatively opened the door. He gaped as he saw Pablo and Darius lying naked side by side on the bed, laughing, their breath heaving. And Pablo’s body was smothered in cum. He had clearly just cum over himself while being fucked by Darius’s ten-inch cock.

“Hey, Tommy!” Pablo shouted. He leapt out of bed and took his new boy in a tight hug. When he pulled back he realized he had covered Tommy’s shirt in semen. “Oops,” he grinned. “I messed up your shirt dude. Jism is something you’ll soon get used to … kinda goes with the territory round here. Hey, it’s good to see you, Tommy. I’m real glad you came back – thought you would. So you’re here for good this time?”

“Yes, sir, if you still want me.”

“’Course he does, dude.” Darius sprang boisterously out of bed buck naked and wrapped his muscular black arms round the boy. “My buddy here’s got big plans for you. But hey, first things first. You hungry? Sure you are. Let’s go down and see what our three chefs have cooked up for us.”

Swept up in the energetic force-field of the tribe Thomas was hustled downstairs where the rest of the clan was gathering noisily for breakfast. It was all happening so fast he had no time to wonder if coming back here was the right thing. He just knew that it was – beyond a shadow of a doubt.


From then on everything was a haze of activity. Having just come from a well-ordered, opulent world where he had been in a position of authority he found a sense of relief in submitting himself to the authority of others, specifically Pablo. After breakfast Pablo took him back upstairs. “OK, time for work. Don’t wanna piss off Randy by being late on your first day.”

Thomas was surprised to see Pablo take off all his clothes, then pull on a pair of ragged oil-streaked dungarees over his naked body and hook them over one shoulder. He put on muddy work boots and that was it. “That’s me done,” he grinned. “Ready for work. Randy likes me this way. It’s how I was when he first met me.” Darius was already wearing black jeans and boots and that was it for him too. No shirt. He looked stunning, his muscular black torso flexing in anticipation of manual labor.

Pablo grinned, “That preppy T-shirt and neat jeans with creases down the front won’t do for where we’re going, Tommy. Here try these. He tossed him a pair of his old cargo pants and boots and a frayed tank top. Pablo surveyed the finished result with satisfaction. “Hot, dude. You’ll fit in real well in that outfit with that body of yours … turn a few heads, stiffen a few dicks.”

Excitement mounted in Thomas as he sat between Pablo and Darius in Pablo’s big truck, starting to feel almost like one of the crew. But that delusion was dispelled when he saw the real crew as he went through the gates of the construction site. The picture was more erotic even than his own earlier imaginings – a boisterous scene of lusty workers in grimy pants and T-shirts, flexing their muscles as they labored, yelling, swearing, in the testosterone-heavy atmosphere of macho alpha-males.

And in the middle of it all was Randy, taller than the rest, clearly the boss, yelling orders and curses as he strode though the site. Near him was his co-manager, the black muscle-god Zack, as always shirtless in black jeans and boots like his boy Darius.

Randy broke away from the activity and strode toward the small group that had just come onto the site. His swarthy, square-jawed features broke into a gleaming smile and he gave Tommy a bone-crushing handshake. “Hey, there, Tom. Good to have you back. Knew you’d come. I’ll see you later – then I’ll give you my personal welcome to the site.” Abruptly he walked back into the thick of the action.

Thomas looked questioningly at Pablo who grinned, “Don’t ask, dude. You’ll find out.” Darius peeled off to go work with Zack, and Pablo said, “Come on, let’s see what Ben’s up to with this truck.”

The young gypsy, Randy’s kid brother, was cursing in frustration at the obstinate engine that refused to cooperate. “Hey, dude,” Pablo said, “you two met before, right? Tommy’s here to help us for the day.” Ben grinned at Thomas as Pablo took an expert look at the engine. “I see what your problem could be. OK, Tommy, get your hands dirty – hand me that wrench.”


After that the day proceeded pretty much as it had started, with everyone focused on work. The sun rose, the men sweated – and Tommy’s rigid cock dripped pre-cum in his work pants. Dirt and grease were not really his thing but he felt more alive than he ever had as he worked alongside Pablo, and periodically caught Randy’s eye over the grunting mass of activity.

Randy had decreed that they would all work through the lunch break and quit work early, a decision he knew would be popular with the crew. It seemed like a long, hot day to Tommy who was so turned on by the homoerotic scene all round him that he longed to jerk off. But he didn’t dare to even when he took a bathroom break, instinctively waiting for Pablo’s permission.

The result was that when the end of the work day came in mid-afternoon he was as ragingly horny as the rest of the men. The crew eagerly left for home, leaving behind the family group of Randy and Zack, their boys Pablo, Darius, Ben … and of course Pablo’s boy Thomas.

Thomas was surprised that they didn’t head for home too. Instead they went to a hut that was used by the crew during breaks, with a rudimentary kitchen, chairs, benches and an old mattress that men occasionally rested on if they had been injured. They all lounged around while Ben broke out beers from the fridge and they kicked back drinking and, Thomas noticed, rubbing their crotches. As always the twins had provided them with packed lunches which they broke open and munched hungrily.

Conversation was mostly about the day’s events on the site, like Pablo’s progress report on which trucks and heavy equipment still had problems, and Zack conferring with Randy on the next day’s priorities. Thomas remained silent, listening to the men – and lusting for them as he breathed in the intoxicating smell of grease and man-sweat that hung heavy in the air. He had the impression that underneath the everyday talk of work there was a groundswell of raw sexuality that threatened to rise to the surface any minute.

Pablo sensed his boy’s unease and took him into the adjoining toilet for a quiet word as they stood side by side at the urinal and peed. “I want you to know one thing Tommy. Whatever happens, no one in this tribe has to take more than he can handle. It’s one of Randy’s firm rules. For instance, he makes everyone use escape knots, and there’s always a safe word. The thing that always makes me feel safest is my dog Billy, so that’s your word, dude. If anyone pushes you over your limit, you say Billy to me and I’ll make sure it all stops.”

When they went back into the hut the atmosphere had changed. The small talk had died down and they were all looking lasciviously at Thomas, who waited in the middle of the room while Pablo sat down next to Randy. Randy whispered in Pablo’s ear and the boy nodded, evidently agreeing to what came next.

“We were just talking about you, Tommy boy,” Randy said. “Seems you worked well today, so you’ve earned the boss’s reward I sometimes give to new boys like you. OK, boy. Give the guys a good look at you. Take your shirt off.”

Tommy pulled off his tank top, and stood shirtless under the men’s appraising gaze. Not for the first time he felt like a slave at auction waiting to see which of the men would buy him. “Shit damn,” Randy said, “look at that body, guys … one day I’ll have the kid do gymnastics in front of the tribe while all the guys jerk off watching him. Right now, though, we gotta give him our traditional welcome to the crew. Turn round, boy.”

He obeyed and all eyes settled on the shape of the perfect buns straining against the tight fabric of the cargo pants Pablo had given him. “Drop ‘em, boy.” There was a collective gasp as his pants fell round his boots and the hard, round globes of his ass were displayed in all their glory.

“Shit, guys,” Randy growled. “Forget that coin toss we always use to decide who goes first. This time I gotta claim boss’s privilege, I want that ass so damn bad. Turn back round, Tommy.” The young athlete turned round and blushed deeply as his cock stood out stiff as a poker from his mass of blond pubic hair. “You know what’s gonna happen to you, don’t you, boy?”

“Yes, sir. You’re gonna fuck my ass, sir.”

“Damn right I am. And then the rest of the guys get their turn at your butt. Don’t worry, Pablo’s agreed to loan you out, and by the look of that boner you got there you want it real bad, right?”

“Yes, sir. Real bad, sir.” Thomas’s heart was pounding at the thought of getting gang fucked by these horny construction workers. His legs felt weak and pre-cum dripped from his cock as he stared hypnotically at Randy’s laser blue eyes. Randy stood up, pulled off his own filthy tank top and used it to wipe the grease and sweat from his own face and body, then approached the boy. “You’re sweating like a pig, dude. Here let me get that.”

Randy wiped the boy’s chest and face and Thomas felt himself being gagged and suffocated by the filthy tank pressing against his face, forcing him to breathe in the stink of the gypsy’s sweat and man juices. His legs gave way and he sank to his knees before the master.

Ever since the time Randy had first worked him over in the hotel room Thomas had craved more from him and now he didn’t care if the other men got to witness his abject surrender. Impulsively he leaned forward on hands and knees, still in his boots with his pants round his ankles, and found himself looking at the only mirror in the rudimentary hut. He watched as the rugged, bare-chested gypsy behind him ripped open his pants and yanked out his cock, hard as a battering ram. Thomas raised his gorgeous ass in the air and begged, “Please, sir … please fuck my ass, sir.”

Randy knelt behind him, pressed his hands on the rock-hard twin globes and moaned, “Beautiful fucking ass. I gotta have it.” But before he could make another move Pablo interceded and pulled a small jar of lube from the pocket of his dungarees. Randy usually had no time for such refinements but this was Pablo’s boy so he nodded and allowed him to grease up the boy’s ass.

“OK, Tommy,” Randy growled, “is this what you wanted?” Slowly but firmly Randy pushed his big tool between the cheeks, over the sphincter and drove it into the depths of his ass. “Aaah,” Thomas shuddered and moaned raggedly, “Thank you, sir. Fuck me, sir. I need it so bad.”

So that’s what he got, a classic fuck where Randy used all his finesse and precise awareness of just what the boy needed and how far he could go. As horny as he was after the day’s work his animal instinct was to jackhammer the flawless ass, but this was not some stray piece of ass he could use just to get his rocks off. This was his boy’s boy and Pablo was watching, learning from the master the art of how to please his boy by alternating force and tenderness, driving the boy wild with desire. (‘Love and discipline –a delicate balance.’)

After repeatedly pulling the boy’s ass back onto his cock Randy then pushed him flat on his stomach and arched over him like a man doing pushups as he impaled his ass on his rod. They both locked eyes in the mirror, Randy smiling with a hint of arrogance. He knew what a great fuck he was, knew the boy would take anything from him. Mindful of his boy, Pablo watched carefully, always in Thomas’s eye-line making sure he was OK.

The other men watched too, mesmerized, as the gypsy’s muscular body rose and fell over the flawless ass, until Randy said at last, “I know what you want most, boy.” He pulled out, flipped him onto his back, pushed his legs high so his boots were hooked over Randy’s shoulders, his crumpled pants round the back of his neck. The image was pornographic – the shirtless, muscular construction boss fucking the new young recruit with his pants round his ankles.

Randy leaned forward, pinned his wrists to the ground, eased his cock back into his ass and stared into his eyes. “This is what you like best, I know that boy, pinned down at the mercy of the big gypsy, feeling his pole sliding in your ass. Right?”

“Yes, sir.” Thomas was in heaven, feeling blissfully helpless as he gazed up at the muscular dirt-streaked chest rising over him, at the stubbled jaw, the chiseled features, the long, black hair and the hypnotic, steel-blue eyes penetrating him while his rod penetrated his ass. In such a haze of carnal pleasure he could have taken the gypsy’s cock endlessly, only he was having increasing difficulty holding back his orgasm, knowing he had to wait for permission.

Sensing everything Randy grinned. “You wanna bust a load, kid? I know – you make me real hot too. OK, you cum when you feel my jizz pumping inside you. Let’s kick up the action, eh?”

His cock pistoned harder and faster in the boy’s ass, their hearts pounded and Randy flashed a gleaming smile. “OK, kid, this is it … here it comes. Do it boy … Now!” As he felt the gypsy’s hot juice flooding his ass, Thomas thrashed wildly, he screamed and a stream of cum spurted up from his cock and splashed on the boss’s heaving chest.


Randy pulled out and rolled off Thomas laughing, “Holy shit, that boy has one helluva hot ass. You guys gotta get a piece of the action here. He sprang to his feet and grinned at Pablo. It’s your call, buddy. He’s your boy. You want him to take more?”

Pablo looked down at Thomas’s sparkling eyes that spoke for themselves. “Reckon so,” Pablo said. “Hey Ben, about time you got a taste of my boy’s ass. You too, Darius.” They did not need telling twice and from then on it was a blur of sex and semen as Thomas was spit-roasted on all fours, with Ben banging his ass while Darius pushed his ten-inch cock (at least half of it) down his throat.

When Ben had cum noisily in Thomas’s ass Darius took his turn behind him. Cautioned by the warning look in Pablo’s eyes he was careful not to hurt him with his massive shaft but it still took its toll on Thomas’s ass until Darius finally added his juice to Randy’s and Ben’s inside him.

Then all eyes turned to Zack. The muscular black leather master had been stroking his huge cock as he watched Randy with that sense of friendly rivalry that always existed between the two alpha-male bosses. So now, as he stood up and towered over the kneeling boy, he was motivated to prove he could be as tough as Randy when fucking a new recruit.

He planted his black boot down on the boy’s ass cheeks and pressed down hard, pushing him flat on his stomach. He fell forward, braced his hands on the ground beside Thomas’s head so he was arched over him as Randy had been – only his hands and feet touching the ground. Suddenly his hips fell and his huge black shaft pierced the boy’s already tender ass.

Thomas’s scream rang round the hut and he gritted his teeth, trying desperately to endure the pounding that followed. Proving that he was as much of a boss as Randy, Zack ramrodded the boy’s ass, taking him right up to his pain threshold. But what he had not taken into account was how raw Thomas’s ass was already after being serially fucked by Randy, Ben and Darius.

But Pablo knew … knew how sore his ass must be by now. He was on high alert, kneeling in front of his boy, watching his face carefully for signs of his limit of endurance.

Zack was playing to the gallery now, under the scrutiny of his buddy Randy and his boy Darius. As he had once before, Thomas loved being dominated by the magnificent black muscle-god, but after already getting triple-fucked his ass was burning raw and he knew he couldn’t take any more. Grasping at the safe word he looked pleadingly at Pablo and moaned, “Please, sir … I think I need Billy.”

Instantly Pablo was on his feet shouting, “OK, that’s enough. No more!”

“Not yet,” Zack panted, pounding harder. “I’m getting close …”

“I said that’s enough! Stop … now!” Exerting all his strength Pablo grabbed Zack’s shoulders and pulled him off Thomas as the others gasped. It was an unthinkable act – a boy forcing a master to stop fucking, and Zack predictably leapt to his feet and whirled on Pablo. But an ugly confrontation was averted as Randy stood up and fixed his gaze on his friend. “Pablo is the boy’s master, Zack. He’s protecting him. You would do the same, bro.”

Zack relented, knowing Randy was right, though the concept of Randy’s boy Pablo as a master was tough to swallow. To save face he grinned at Randy, “OK, bro, but in exchange I’m gonna have your ass … tonight … you come to my house.”

“Deal,” Randy grinned. “You can tie me up and work me over. See if you’ve still got what it takes, big guy. But right now you’ve still gotta unload all that jizz busting your balls, so what say we give our new recruit a group welcome, guys?” He pulled Thomas upright on his knees and the men and boys stood round him in a tight circle, stroking their cocks.

In a daze the naked athlete looked up at the pornographic sight of five raunchy, shirtless construction workers stroking their cocks above his face, their sweat dripping down on him, and he waited breathlessly for what he knew was coming. Zack was first, slamming a load of hot jizz in his face and mouth, followed by Ben, Darius and then finally the gypsy boss himself. Only Pablo held back.

Semen rained down on the young gymnast, streaming over his muscular body, in his hair, over his face and in his mouth as he gulped down the warm, rancid juice that had been building all day in the horny construction workers. Overwhelmed by the taste and smell of sweat and semen he thought he would drown in cum, but he didn’t care. He wasn’t scared anymore. This is where he wanted to be … safe in the certainty that Pablo would always protect him.


Randy, Zack, Darius and Ben left the hut still swigging beer, a rowdy group of laborers who had just got their rocks off after work by gangbanging the new blond recruit with the perfect ass. As he left, Randy murmured to Pablo, “You were terrific, kiddo. A great master. Now take care of your boy.”

Pablo helped the exhausted, cum-splashed boy over to the mattress where he lay on his back regaining his scattered wits. “Thank you, sir. I’m sorry, I tried, but my ass was so sore I …”

“It’s OK, Tommy. Getting gang fucked by that group is real tough. You did great. But you probably saw that I was the only one who didn’t cum. You probably also realize that, ever since we met, we’ve done a lot of stuff except one thing. I’ve not actually fucked your ass. I was saving it for the right moment. And that moment is now, dude.”

Thomas winced in alarm. “But, sir, my ass is ….”

“I know, I know, real sore, but there’s one thing Randy taught me early on. When he fucks me he can be real savage, but when he’s pounded me raw he suddenly stops and makes love to my ravaged ass real gentle like. Now I’m gonna show you what that feels like.”

Pablo knelt between Tommy’s legs, pushed them up and pressed the head of his dick between his ass cheeks. “No need for lube, your ass is so damn slick with cum. You trust me, Tommy?”

“Yes, sir.” He stared into the almond shaped eyes smiling down at him and winced as he felt his master’s cock enter him. But it was so slow, so tender, that the first hint of pain disappeared and he experienced an exquisite sensation he had never felt before. His ass was alive, the raw membrane so sensitive that he felt every slight movement of the cock sliding slowly inside him.

He relaxed and surrendered himself totally into the care of his handsome young master. He felt he was floating on air as he realized at last just what it meant to be a man’s boy, to be loved and protected … not to mention fucked in the most exciting way he could ever imagine. It went on and on until his ass was on fire, and just when it got too hot to endure … he felt his master’s juice pouring inside him it was like balm soothing his wounded flesh, and his own semen pumped out of him and over his chest.

Pablo’s sparkling eyes smiled down at him, Thomas smiled back … and they started to laugh. The hut that had echoed to so many erotic sounds that afternoon, now rang with laughter as master and boy lay side by side on the old ragged mattress, an unlikely place to begin their new life together.


As the days went by, Thomas found himself getting used to the routine of the house, the moods of the men and the dynamic of the close-knit tribe. While Randy was obviously the undisputed boss of the construction company and leader of the tribe, Thomas was confirmed in his belief that the house and family functioned according to the desires and rhythms of Bob.

On that first day, after his hazing at the construction site, Thomas was summoned for a meeting with Bob. He went up to the master suite and found Bob in his small private office, barefoot in his customary blue jeans and white V-neck T-shirt. He seemed to look more stunning every time Thomas met him, like the kind of man whose beauty surprises you every time you see him.

Bob flashed a welcoming smile and Thomas felt his dick get hard even though he had just cum often enough to last a week. “Take a seat, Thomas. I just wanted to add my own formal welcome to the clan, although I imagine you just endured something rather less formal at the work-site. I know how those guys can be. Did you come through it OK?”

Thomas reassured him that he was more than OK, and Bob could tell from his shining eyes that Randy had worked his magic again … and Pablo too, no doubt. “While you were gone for two weeks I discussed with Pablo your future with us. First we have to find you a room, and fortunately there’s one that has been vacated by Mario who is, of course, living with Grady. Danny was there for a while but is staying with Brandon until he moves into the Grady House.

“You’ll like the room, which Mario decorated with all the charm and finesse of his Italian culture. Which brings me to what work you will do here. I have future plans in mind for you but in the meantime I don’t think the construction site is the place for you. You don’t strike me as the torn T-shirt and greasy pants kind of guy – me neither as you’ve probably guessed. We have that in common.

“So I’ll have you work with Nate for now. He’s in charge of keeping the house in shape, assisted by Eddie, and with the opening of the Grady House there’s going to be a whole lot of work of that kind. Grady and Mario are already in the process of moving into the house with Danny’s help, so we’ll see what develops.

“Now you’d better go and change out of those work clothes of Pablo’s and take a shower – wash off the smell of sweat and semen before dinner.” Bob smiled. “Why don’t you put on what you were wearing when you came here – that white T-shirt and the jeans with creases down the front? You looked good in that – kind of what I’m wearing. Two of a kind, eh?”

Impulsively Thomas stood up, threw his arms round Bob and kissed him, feeling his hard muscles under his T-shirt. He pulled back, embarrassed. “Sorry, sir, it’s just that I owe you so much and you’ve been so kind to me …”

Bob laughed, “You don’t have to apologize for a kiss, Thomas. Don’t forget that you’re a beautiful young man and one day soon when Randy spends the night with Pablo you can share my bed and sleep with me. I don’t think Pablo would object to that, do you?”

Thomas almost creamed his pants. A night with Bob! He smiled and said boldly, “I don’t think Pablo or anyone else would ever object to anything you wanted. sir. Not even Randy.”

“Especially not Randy,” Bob chuckled. “OK, off you go. It’s great having you here, Thomas.”


As Bob had said, the move into the Grady House was in full swing. Bob had negotiated a very short escrow and Grady was now the legal owner. It was a big house, there was a whole lot of furniture and the operation was complicated, with more than its share of the usual frustrations and glitches associated with any move-in. Danny, the future chef-housekeeper was in the thick of things, with Mario making most of the decisions about furniture placement.

It all coincided with a couple of heavy weeks for Grady at the studio with long hours and a lot of tension, as the movie was starting to run over budget and behind schedule – almost inevitable on a major production like this. Nerves were frayed on the set, tempers short and Grady was in the middle of all the pressures, the natural target for much venting of frustrations.

So he was absent from the house much of the time and when he came home he was exhausted and in a bad mood. Mario did his best to console and comfort him and Danny kept a close eye on things, trying to gauge the root of the tensions and doing his best to ameliorate them. During the day he had the help of Brandon, Eddie and Nate but in the evening he was alone with the two men. The twins had helped him set up the kitchen where he spent most of his time trying to soothe angry spirits by teasing their taste buds.

But inevitably, as the days wore on, tempers flared. Frustrations built in both men – Mario trying to cope with setting up the house, making decisions for Grady, trying to guess what his preferences were … Grady battling the stress of the studio where much of the movie’s success rested on his shoulders.

Danny was fearful that things would come to a head and inevitably they did. As with all couples when problems arise at home or at work, each partner was the closest target for the other’s anger. Common sense, affection went out the window, replaced by irrational argument and recriminations.

One night Grady came home in a foul mood and Mario was obsessing over furniture that had been damaged in transit. He tried to discuss it with Grady who snapped, “Look, I don’t wanna discuss fucking furniture, OK? I’m out there all day busting my butt to pay for all this and that’s why you’re here, to make the place decent for when I come home.”

Clearly that hadn’t come out the way Grady meant it, but it had been said and in the ensuing standoff Grady stormed out and spent the night alone in one of the guest rooms. He left again at crack of dawn and Mario spent the day stewing over what Grady had said.

It had struck a nerve because Mario was acutely aware of the imbalance in their relationship, which played on his insecurities. Grady was the budding movie star, earning a ton of money that made this house possible and Mario was a mere gardener, relegated now to arranging furniture to please the master. Such things are trivialities at first, overcome by love, but when the pressure is on, hairline cracks like this can become chasms, relationships can suddenly crumble and fall apart.

Grady came home late again and, looking to lash out at anyone, anything, he said, “Damn, this room looks as if it’s been decorated to death. All that fancy shmancy Italian decorator bullshit I suppose. You know I like things casual, cluttered, easy-going, but this room looks like a fucking antique shop.”

Mario flared up. “Well what am I to do? You’re never here so I have to guess what you want while you’re being pampered at the studio, everyone falling over themselves to keep Grady happy. I’m not one of your paid staff, you know.”

“Oh no? Seems to me it comes pretty close. I’d remind you that I’m the one paying for all this, paying for the house, the lifestyle and keeping you in luxury, and all I want you to do is your job? What is your job by the way, man? The gardener? A lot of bills that fucking pays. You’re such a star-fuck … the only reason you stick around is you just wanna be the boyfriend of someone rich and famous.”

“Fuck you, man!” Mario yelled, eyes blazing. “So speaks the high and mighty movie star, the glamorous muscle-god everyone is supposed to fall down and worship. Well if that’s my role, count me out, asshole. Oh, I get it now. All you want me around for is to keep your bed warm, to fuck your ass when you need it – which is most of the time by the way – and then rearrange the furniture when you’re gone.

“OK, you wanna know what my job is? I’ll tell you – resident toy-boy to keep the master happy in bed, pretend to make love to him like a paid hustler. Well I’ve got news for you, jungle man. I’m done with playing the part of Tarzan’s boy. I’m outa here, buddy – for good.”

“Great,” Gray snarled, “now I can have whoever I want up here. Do you have any idea how many gorgeous guys there are at work who drool over me all day. They’d give their eye teeth to live up here with me, make love to me and be kept by me the way you are. So go. Who needs ya?” He shoved Mario who staggered backward, almost coming to blows.”

Mario stormed out, slamming the door behind him. Grady went into the bedroom and slammed that door. Danny, who had heard everything, was left alone in the kitchen, his eyes brimming with tears. The men he loved, the two beautiful men he was going to live with, look after, were breaking up. It was over.


Danny spent a fitful night in his room in the house, tossing and turning, running through his mind over and over again the terrible things he had heard. It was hard to believe it had actually been Grady and Mario fighting, beautiful men mouthing such ugly words. They had always been so much in love, so happy and fun-loving, but the words had been real and so hurtful it was hard to see how the damage could ever be repaired.

All Danny could think of to do was to continue at his job, stick to routine and keep the house running. So he got up early, went to the kitchen and started to cook breakfast for Grady. In a desperate reach for normalcy he put on his apron and his chef’s hat to remind Grady of how things were meant to be.

When he heard Grady moving around the house he held his breath, hoping. But Grady dashed his hopes when he looked into the kitchen and said gruffly, “Saturday today. Day off. No breakfast, I’m going down to Randy’s gym – need to work out.”

“But, sir, I …”

“It’s all over, Danny. After the things he said to me – like he was ‘pretending to love me’ – nah, no coming back from that.”

“But you said some terrible things too, sir.”

“I don’t need to hear it, boy,” Grady snapped. “It’s over, done.” And he was gone – no words of comfort, no hint of remorse or reconciliation. Sadly Danny turned off the stove and sat alone in the kitchen staring into space, feeling bereft.

His cell phone rang. It was Jamie, speaking softly and hurriedly. “Danny, I can’t make out what happened up there but Mario’s here. He came last night and said he wants to stay here in our guest room until he finds a place of his own. He seems so angry Mark said it’s best not to ask too many questions. I just wanted you to know he’s here and safe. Sorry, dude, gotta go.”

At least he was safe, with his old boyfriend Jamie. But what next? Danny couldn’t just sit there on his own and do nothing. He loved these guys and they loved each other, he was sure of it. Then he remembered someone telling him if ever he was in trouble to go to him. Bob. That was it. He could solve anything. Danny dashed out of the house, jumped in his small truck and drove away, making sure the gate swung shut behind him.


Randy and Bob’s Saturday morning ritual was to have breakfast in their room. They had just got out of bed and they were still in just their boxers sitting at the small table when they heard tires on gravel outside, then footsteps on the brick path … and then a hesitant knock at their door. “Come in!”

The door opened and in came Danny, looking bewildered and lost, with a deep sadness in his eyes. Before they could say anything words poured out of him. “I’m sorry, sirs, I shouldn’t have come, I know that … I know things are confidential so I mustn’t say anything, that’s the deal … but you did say I could come to you if there’s trouble and there is, sirs. It was so bad I didn’t know what to do but I’ve gotta help them, you see, I gotta ….”

“Hey, hey, hey, Danny, calm down.” Bob said taking his arm. “Now sit down and take a deep breath.” Danny slumped in a chair and Bob’s heart went out to the boy, looking so earnest, blinking behind his black rimmed glasses. He looked pitiful still wearing his chef’s hat and apron as if trying to convince himself that he still had a job. “OK, now tell us what’s happened.”

“They’ve split up, sir, Grady and Mario. Things have been rough for some time, what with Grady’s work and all the stuff Mario’s coping with at the house. It’s been real tense between them and then last night the shit really hit the fan. Grady came home and didn’t like what Mario had been doing arranging the furniture and stuff and he just kinda blew up. They had a terrible row, accusing each other of all kinds of shit.

“Grady said he was the one paying for everything and Mario was just the gardener, and Mario said Grady only wanted him around to fuck him and that made him feel like a cheap hustler pretending to love the big movie star. Mario said he was leaving and Grady kinda said good riddance and there were plenty of guys waiting to take his place and get kept by Grady like he kept Mario.”

Tears welled up in his eyes as he said, “So they’ve split up and Grady says that’s it … it’s over.” His tears started running down his cheeks and he said, “I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to do this but … sir, can you do something, sir? Please.”

Bob took a deep breath and said, “Danny, I’m sorry you’ve been in the middle of this but I’m not sure if there is anything to be done yet. In domestic disputes like this it’s always best not to intervene. I know it all sounds bad but the guys have to work things out for themselves. Right now they wouldn’t listen to anything I or anyone else said anyway. But when they’ve calmed down maybe there’s a chance they can work something out – maybe a counseling session with Dr. Steve – but in the meantime we really shouldn’t interfere.”

“Bullshit.” Up to now Randy had sat silently watching Danny. He loved and admired the loyal, plucky kid and now his protective instincts sprang to life. “Fucking bullshit,” he growled again. “Where are they now, kid?”

“Mario is with Jamie and Grady said he was coming to your gym here, sir, to work out.”

Randy stood up. “OK, leave it to me, kid. I’ll take care of it – and I’ll take care of you too, like I always promised I would. Don’t worry kiddo, and keep that hat on. Your job’s as safe as houses.” He turned and stomped to the door, muttering, “Fucking bullshit.”


Downstairs in Mark’s apartment Mario was talking solemnly to Jamie when Randy burst in without knocking. They looked up startled and Jamie started to speak, but Randy ignored him and went straight to Mario. “You – come with me.” He grabbed Mario’s forearm and practically dragged him out the door, across the garden and down the stairs to the basement gym.

Grady, stripped down to just gym shorts, was doing chin lifts and he dropped to the floor in surprise as Randy pulled Mario in. The two men stood rooted to the spot without making eye contact as Randy’s eyes blazed.

“OK, what the fuck kinda bullshit is this you guys are pulling? You’re splitting up? Like hell you are. Everyone knows you love each other, a blind man could see that. And here you are at each other's throats just because of some dumb-ass fight about where to put the fucking furniture. It’s bullshit. What are you, still in fucking high school?”

He jabbed his finger at them. “Now listen up you dickheads. That kid Danny is upstairs in tears because he loves you two, though god knows you don't deserve him. Now I don't want to see the boy hurt. He's special to Bob and me. So here’s what’s gonna happen. You're gonna cut the crap, make up, make love and fuck. Then, and only then, I'll let you out of here and you go to the boy, you apologize and make things right with him. Do I make myself clear?"

Without waiting for a response Randy turned round, strode out of the room and locked the door behind him, taking the key with him.

He left a stunned silence behind him. Instinctively Mario went to the door and tried the handle but it was locked tight. The two men stood sullenly with their backs to each other but, surrounded by mirrors in the gym they could not avoid catching glimpses of each other.

Grady, shirtless in gym shorts and sneakers had been working out hard to get rid of his anger and frustrations, and his chest was heaving, his spectacular body gleaming with sweat. His eyes wide with confusion, he had rarely looked more sexy.

Mario was wearing the same loose cotton pants he had been wearing when he left the house the night before, with a pale blue linen shirt hanging loose over his chest. A shock of tousled black hair hanging over his handsome Italian face, he was an icon of classic, male beauty.

They still could not bring themselves to make direct eye contact but as they glimpsed each other in the mirrors their emotions took over and chased from their minds all the recriminations they had been rehearsing since last night. They were both yearning, both resisting still. But their male stubbornness was crumbling and their silent standoff was nearing its end.

Suddenly Mario heard a sob and saw in the mirror the handsome muscle jock transformed into an unhappy young boy as his body crumpled, he sank down and slumped on a bench. Moved almost to tears Mario at last turned to face him as Grady said softly. “Don’t leave me, buddy. Please don’t go away. I need you so bad … I do.”

The emotional dam had been breached and Mario sat beside Grady and took his hand. “Of course I won’t leave you, amico. How could I leave the guy I love so much? But how can you ever forgive me for everything I said? I can’t believe I said those things. I didn’t mean a word of it – I don’t even know where the words came from. Man, I’ll do anything to ….”

“No, no, Mario it’s me who’s a prize shit for the way I treated you. Of course I didn’t mean any of it either. I can’t believe I was such an asshole. I guess it was all the stress at the studio or … or whatever … it was unforgivable. Man, I don’t give a shit about the furniture or the house, the movie, the fame or anything. I’d give it all up in an instant for you. You’re all I want, buddy – to live with, laugh with, to love forever. Buddy, when I think of all those names I called you …”

“I don’t care, mi amico, those names meant nothin, I know that. Man, I’ll be anything you want me to be – gardener, companion, boyfriend, lover, toy-boy…” he manage a grin … “especially toy-boy … that sounds hot. I’ll be a hustler, if you want, knocking on your door, come to service the handsome movie star.”

Grady’s face broke into a smile, “Now that does sound hot. We can do that. Or, or maybe I’m feeling horny and I look out the window and jack off watching the sexy gardener, and he sees me and comes inside and fucks my ass. We can do that … we can do anything … just as long as we’re together. And we are, Mario, aren’t we? Together, I mean?”

“More than ever, Grady. I just want to show you how much I love you.”

“Well,” Grady grinned, “as I recall we’re under orders from the boss. Remember what the big guy said we have to do? ‘Cut the crap, make up, make love and fuck.’ Well we’ve pretty much taken care of the first three. How about the last one?”

In reply Mario stood up and faced him. Slowly he shrugged his shirt to the back of his shoulders and let it slide off onto the floor. He stepped out of his Italian slide sandals, untied the string of his cotton pants and let then drop to the ground. He stood under the gym’s spotlight, naked except for pale blue briefs stretched over the bulge of his rigid cock.

Grady stared up at the exotic vision – the most exquisite man, his lover, his soul mate – and he breathed, “Oh, man. That is so fucking beautiful. Please, buddy. You know what I need … I need it so bad.” He pulled off his shorts and lay naked on one of the gym mats, on his back, gazing up at the handsome Italian. He raised his knees, slid his heels back toward him and displayed his flawless ass.

Mario was mesmerized by the sight of the naked jock, the stunning movie star, the new Tarzan, offering himself to him. “Magnifico,” Mario sighed, removing his briefs and letting his cock spring free. He wet it with saliva and fell to his knees on the mat. He pushed Grady’s knees back and, without a pause, eased his cock slowly into his lover’s ass.

Grady closed his eyes as the long cock buried itself in his ass. When he opened them he gazed up at his beautiful lover and said, “You’re inside me, buddy … inside my ass. God, I Iove you.” Emotion overwhelmed him and his tears brimmed over and rolled down his cheeks. “I’m so sorry, Mario. Forgive me, please …”

“Sshh, sshh,” Mario whispered as his cock caressed his ass. “All that is behind us, amico … gone, finito. Randy was right, it was all bullshit. This is the reality, you and me, together, making love. It’s the only thing that makes sense.”

And so they made love, intense, passionate love, clinging onto it after the scare of almost losing it, doing all they could to heal the scars of their folly. As he gazed up at his lover’s handsome, smiling face and felt his cock moving inside him Grady sighed deeply and released a stream of semen over his own abs and chest. But Mario didn’t stop. He merely smiled and continued to fuck gently, endlessly, not wanting this moment of blissful reconciliation to end.

Grady reached up and ran his hands over the smooth, tanned flesh of Mario’s chest, neck and face. “I love you, buddy,” he sighed again and again. He too wanted this to last forever, and it seemed that it did as they lost all sense of time and place.

But, inexorably, their passion built to its climax… and at long last overflowed. They held each other’s gaze, saw themselves reflected in each other’s eyes and sighed with exquisite relief as Grady’s cock erupted again and Mario flooded his ass with healing juice, then fell forward on him, emotionally exhausted, and held him tight in his arms.

They lay like that for a long time, letting the anguish and bitterness of the last few days dissolve in their renewed passion. When at last they lay side by side, holding hands and staring up at the ceiling, Grady said, "Wow, life can get complicated can’t it, buddy? Here we are, the perfect couple, and even we can fuck things up. Do you think it gets any easier as time goes by?”

“No, amico,” Mario grinned, “not if you really want something.  Like the song says, it’s always pretty much 'A fight for love and glory'.  Danny, Brandon and the other boys could tell you that.”

“Yeah, that poor kid, Danny … what we put him through! I love that guy, and we hurt him real bad. I wouldn’t blame him if he quit – but he won’t, not a boy like that.”

“No,” Mario agreed. “He’s too loyal, too loving. If it hadn’t been for him going to Randy and Bob we would still be behaving like idiots. But we’ll make it up to him, amico. He’s part of the house, part of us. So now, like Randy said, we have to go to him and put things right – show him how much we love him." 

There was another silence, then Grady smiled. “That song you just mentioned, Mario. I’ve just remembered another line from it: ‘The world will always welcome lovers’.  So I’d say we’re on pretty safe ground.”

Mario threw back his head and laughed. “Oh, Grady, we are all gonna have so much fun.”


When Randy had returned to Bob and Danny he was still muttering “bullshit” under his breath, and didn’t say too much else. “OK, that’s settled. Don’t worry, kiddo, everything’s gonna be just fine, even better than before. You’re gonna have a whole bunch of fun at that house.”

Bob stared at Randy and shook his head. He never failed to amaze him. “What did you say to them?” Bob asked curiously.

“Nothing much. Just told them to snap out of it and locked them in the gym. They’ll call soon and I’ll let them out.” He grinned at Danny. “Bob was right, you know. They have to work it out for themselves. All I did was lock them in the damn basement ‘til they do.” His swarthy face broke into his dazzling smile and he snatched the chef’s hat off Danny’s head. “Now I’m fucking starved, so what d’ya say, chef? Let’s eat.”

As Danny sat between the two men at the table eating breakfast he felt he was floating on air. He felt safer than he had ever felt in his life before. Impulsively he leaned over and kissed Randy on the cheek. “Thank you, sir. You made things come right. You’re my hero.”

“Oh yeah? Well you’re my hero too, kid. What you did coming here – good move. Now you better start planning the big house-warming celebration up there. That’ll be a ton of work. You’re gonna need help with that.” He grinned at Bob. “And I suppose you have a plan.”

“As a matter of fact I have been giving it some thought,” Bob smiled. "Danny can’t run that place and the kitchen all by himself. The other boys can help part-time of course but we mustn’t forget Nate, if Adam’s OK with that. Actually I was talking to Adam and I think he might like to get involved too. And then there’s our new boy Thomas. I’ve been talking to him too.”

“Shit, you get around, don’t you, big guy? Any other plans brewing in that noggin of yours?”

Bob grinned, “Now that you mention it, Randy, you and I have a celebration of our own coming up. In a couple of weeks it’ll be the anniversary of that long-ago day we first met in that sleazy bar at the wrong end of Hollywood Boulevard … and then spent the night in that crummy motel. Room 14, remember?”

“Hell yes. We gotta celebrate, just you and me, buddy. And I know exactly how.”

Bob became reflective. “And just think, none of this would have happened, there would have been no story, if I hadn’t turned the wrong way on Hollywood Boulevard. I was driving south on the 101 headed for Mexico, running away from my life in San Francisco. Passing through L.A. I thought I’d get off the freeway for a drink, a bite to eat and a few hours’ sleep before driving on.

“I didn’t really know L.A. or Hollywood but I thought if I got off on Hollywood Boulevard I’d hit the bright lights. And I would have, too, if I had turned right on the Boulevard at the top of the off-ramp to the glamorous part of town. But, as it happened, without thinking, I turned left and found myself in sleaze-town, in a run-down bar, with a big gypsy-looking construction worker a few stools down at the bar.”

Bob smiled to himself. “Strange how a small decision of no importance – like which way you turn from a freeway off ramp – can change your life forever.”

That thought hung in the air for a while. Then Randy smiled at Bob and said softly. “Hell, buddy, I’m sure glad you turned left.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 301


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