The 'three amigos' had been plotting - always a risky thing.  Ben had been complaining to Brandon and Eddy that his master Jason had still not spent time with Grady. There had been an obvious attraction between the two men when they briefly met at the group dinner and Jason had thrown out an open-ended invitation for Grady to work out with him at Jason's home. "But nothing's happened," Eddie said, "so we gotta make it happen. Agreed, men?"

"Agreed," said Ben. "After all, dudes, your masters Pete and Hassan got to fuck that hunky movie star so it's only fair that we get to see Jason do the same. What d'ya say, Brandon?"

"Well, shouldn't be too difficult. I happen to have Grady's work schedule for when we might have to do that pool-boy rescue stunt to avoid the paparazzi, and he sure ain't working this weekend. So how about Friday after work?"

Ben was elected to get the ball rolling which he did that night when he went down as usual to Jason's house by the Arroyo. After Jason had made love to Ben and they were lying in each other's arms Ben brought the subject up. "Er, you know that guy Grady, sir?"

Jason chuckled, "Hard to miss a guy like that, kiddo. Sure wouldn't mind tangling with that stud in the gym."

"I'm glad you bought that up, sir" (ignoring the fact that it was Ben himself who had mentioned the subject) "'cos we was thinking that it's about time you and Grady got together, sir, and like, worked out or something. Kind of, say," he bit his tongue ... "er, next Friday evening?"

"Fine... like I said, I wanna meet the guy. So whatever. Let's do it."

"Oh..." Ben turned on his side and looked straight at Jason with his baby blue eyes that were so like his big brother Randy's. "There was one other thing ... well me and the guys were wondering ... you know, Eddie and Brandon and me... well, we was wondering if we could like watch you work out together. You know, we work out too and we like to study and pick up tips from the experts like you and Grady, sir, so ...."

"Kiddo, what have I told you? Never bullshit a bullshitter. Cut the tips-from-the-experts crap and face it - you just wanna watch two hot jocks working out together - and whatever else happens. Anyway, you know me, kid - I love an audience. I'd like to get to know this New Tarzan character before he gets rich and famous. Just make sure Eddie and Brandon get permission from Hassan and Pete.


As soon as Eddie and Brandon got the good word from Ben they went to work on Grady. The next day they decided to use two pool boys in their usual bluff with the paparazzi to 'rescue' Grady incognito from his house and take him up to Steve's where he was living - his privacy fortress. When he emerged from under the blanket they used to smuggle him out Grady was immediately aware, as he sat in the truck beside them, that they were ganging up on him.

"You know, sir," Brandon began, "you've met almost every guy in the tribe now but still not Ben's master Jason. He was in a fireman's calendar once, you know - the August page - and ...."

"Hey, kid, you don't have to sell me on how gorgeous the guy is. And I've seen that calendar - awesome dude. The time I met him briefly at dinner he suggested we should get together sometime in his gym. "

"Well now's the time, sir," Eddie blurted out, relieved that Grady was suddenly making it easier for them. They relayed Ben's conversation and Grady was all for it. "I knew when I laid eyes on that hunk that the two of us would eventually come face to face in the time-honored spirit of athletic competition.

And so it was that on Friday evening the same two 'pool boys' picked Grady up from his house and drove him down to Jason's small, rustic house by the Arroyo Seco. Ben was already there and explained that Jason had been delayed by a big fire event and would come straight home from that at the end of his shift. It turned out to be a good half hour before they heard the screech of brakes outside the gates, all heads turned and they saw the fireman stride in.

Grady did a double take. Only in the calendar had Grady seen the man in his heavy work gear - shirtless in his heavy yellow pants and red suspenders over his bare chest. Now he was in full gear and as he pulled off the heavy helmet Grady saw the blond hair matted over his high forehead, his chiseled features running with sweat and streaked with smoke smudges.

"Hey, boys," he said cheerfully. "Grady, my man, sorry I'm late. The boys been taking care of you?" He strode forward and shook Grady's hand with a vise-like grip. Deep inside his work pants Jason's cock stirred as he perused Grady who, as always, had not dressed to look sexy - he didn't have to. Just his usual gym shorts, sneakers and loose tank were enough to show off his perfect physique.

Grady sat down at the table with the boys and watched while Jason said, "Shit, you don't know how long I've been wanting to get rid of this heavy jacket. I almost stripped shirtless in the middle of the damn fire." (Another cock twinge all round.)

He shucked off the big fireman's jacket and Grady realized that Jason was putting on a show. He had heard from most of the guys that Jason always put on a show. Fine by him. Grady found narcissism sexy. He wasn't beyond a bit of mirror-love himself.

But this show turned out to be a real cock-stiffener. Jason's dark blue regulation T-shirt was wringing wet and he quickly pushed the wide red suspenders off his shoulders and pulled the T-shirt off over his head. Slowly he wiped his face clean of soot and sweat with the T-shirt, then wiped his neck and around the slim waist inside the waistband of his pants,

With the suspenders dangling at the sides of his pants Jason walked over to the outdoor shower and stood under it, letting the cascade of water pour over his head, down his rippling muscles and over his flameproof pants. It was quite a show and as Grady watched he realized how badly he wanted the guy.

Jason pulled his suspenders up over his bare chest, which only served to highlight the full beauty of his torso. This was exactly the way he looked in the calendar. He shook the water from his hair and straddled a chair at the table, gratefully grabbing the ice-cold beer Ben had brought for him.

"Phew, that feels better." Jason raised his bottle in a toast to Grady. "OK, big guy, here's to new compadres. I have a feeling we'll hit it off big time."

Grady raised his bottle and as he gazed into Jason's eyes it was as if he saw exactly what made the man tick - the beauty, of course, the openness, masculinity, but the narcissism too, which indicated exactly what Jason wanted.

Suddenly Grady knew what he wanted too. With all the other guys it had been almost routine. They took one look at Grady and wanted to fuck him - which was great by him. But this time it was different somehow. He wanted something different.

As for the boys - they wanted whatever they could get from the two gorgeous, muscular jocks eyeing each other. And they knew they would get it.


"So," Jason said between sips of beer, "you've been working out with Randy twice a day I hear. That guy can be pretty punishing but he knows what he's doing and I gotta say, pal, the results are right there." He touched Grady's chest with his bottle, raised it in salute and took another sip.

He leaned back in his chair. "Course, you always were a looker - best there is. I've seen that billboard on Sunset with you in your skivvies causing traffic accidents as everyone braked to get a better look. If you were a fireman you would have been in the calendar for sure - right next to my picture." That was his usual touch of vanity showing - competitive narcissism.

The boys grinned at each other. They had already put the calendar picture next to a magazine shot of the near-naked model and discussed heatedly who was the sexier of the two. They had even played a game where they jerked off looking at the pictures, then had to confess which of the guys they had been looking at when they shot their load.

Jason grinned sexily and leaned toward Grady conspiratorially across the table. "Hey, handsome, wanna know a secret?" The boys leaned forward too, trying hard not to be too obvious about it. They knew better than to get in the way of two masters, especially when confiding in each other like this, but this was pure gold - secrets between two muscle-god jocks like these. Darius should have been filming this.

Jason couldn't miss their fascination and looked at the three boy sternly. "OK, you kids set this meeting up and you're here for the afternoon, which is all fine and good, provided you never breathe a word of what me and Grady talk about. That clear?"

Eddie, predictably, like a wide-eyed urchin, slid his fingers tips across pursed lips, zipping them up and turned the key at the corner. Ben said, "You know me, sir - never kiss and tell." And Brandon, sitting in his wheelchair, simply nodded vigorously and blinked his wide eyes rapidly under his black framed glasses. No one could resist that and Jason ruffled his hair with a smile. "Ok, kiddo, no reason we can't all have a bit of fun, eh?"

Then Jason leaned closer to Grady. "Now this is something I would never tell Bob or Randy or the other guys 'cos it's ... well, I already got a reputation among the guys of being - you know, kinda vain and all when I work out in front of a mirror - and I wouldn't want them to think I was this total weirdo who did bizarro stuff like ...."

"Like what, Jason?" Grady egged him on, intrigued. "I won't think it's 'bizarro' (love that word, dude). Hey, me and a lot of guys I knew at the gym used to pose and admire ourselves in the mirror after a tough workout. Check out the progress, you know. It's only natural - you work hard for it, might as well flaunt it to yourself.

"And, fuck, if the reflection was so damn hot that it turned me on, dammit, if I was all alone I'd jack off looking at myself. All those guys on Sunset did it looking at my billboard, why should I be left out? Had some of my best orgasms that way ..." he blushed ... "'til I met all the guys up at the house and they, well, seemed to get off, like, fucking me and stuff."

He trailed off, seeing in his mind so many images of great-looking guys screwing him. Then he shook his head and grinned at Jason. "OK, stud, now that I've spilled my guts, what's this great secret of yours? Can't be much more 'bizarro' than mine."

Jason leaned even closer across the table. "Well, see, you know how that billboard picture of yours was reproduced forever in magazines? I saw it in one of the big glossies, cut out the page and stuck it in the side of my gym mirror so I could see it while I was working out. And you know how at the gym you get inspiration watching other guys' ripped muscles? Well I got that inspiration from your picture. Weird but true.

"Frankly, man, you have one of the finest physiques I have seen in a long time, so while I exercised different body parts I looked at your traps, your pecs, abs, bi's and tri's, lats, waist, thighs, calves ... shit I could go on and on ... the gorgeous total package. And shit did that make me work hard to try and compete!

"Course, it didn't stop there. It was those fucking green eyes of yours ... I thought they were looking at me ... even thought you were getting the same inspiration from my body that I was getting from yours. It was like the ultimate gym partner. You know, not just two regular guys helping each other, but two jocks gazing at each other, like mirror images, copying each other, competing with each other ... getting off on each other ....

"Well, there was that too of course. Hell, man, you are fucking supremo so of course I got off on you. Like you said, guys often jerk off looking at themselves after their workout - I sure do, almost every time unless I fuck Ben here. But finally here was a jock at least as hot as me and I had someone else to jerk off to after the session.

"And here's the deal, dude. My ultimate fantasy was that, after working out face to face - mirrors of each other - you would beat your meat and cum getting off on me. I mean, you are one hot fucking dude but I'm not exactly chopped liver. Shit, man I'm on the August page!"

That made Grady throw his head back and laugh raucously. "Dude, now that is seriously bizarro."

Jason looked hurt and blushed. "Man, you said you wouldn't say that. I kinda even thought you'd get off on it."

"Hey, let me finish, man. I was gonna say, 'seriously bizarro ... and smoking hot!' Your imagination can match mine any day of the week - your body too. Hell, I'd love to see those mirror images compete. What do you say, guys?"

Grady's sudden attention on the boys caught them unawares and they instinctively tried to stuff their dicks back in their shorts. All three had been stroking them hard as they listened to Jason's fantasy with mounting excitement.

The men laughed and Jason said, "Well, buddy, I guess that speaks for itself. No doubt how the boys feel about it. But, dudes, you don't have to stop. Keep pumping ... that's what this is all about. I have a feeling this is gonna be one of those no-holds-barred gym workouts, right buddy?"

"You got it, pal."

Jason took another swig of beer and stared at Grady, shaking his head. "Glad I met you before all this major stardom thing takes over. And when at last you're swinging from the trees on the big screen I can say to myself, 'I worked out with that stud up there and for a while we were gym buddies' - and hell, maybe I even got to fuck that gorgeous ass. Not many guys can say they fucked the hottest Tarzan ever to hit the screen. I'll probably go to a movie theater and jack off in the dark watching you and remembering.

"Course, by then you'll be living in your big mansion in the hills with security up the wazoo and all kinds of rich and famous pals, jetting all over the world. But kids, you're my witnesses that today, at least, I got to go head to head with my buddy Grady. And maybe you too, Grady, will sometimes even remember your old fireman pal and think, 'wonder whatever happened to that guy Jason?' 'Course by then you'll be way out of my league and ..."

"STOP!" Grady leapt to his feet. "Stop, man ... stop saying those things." He paced round the table with his hands pressed to the sides of his head trying to blot out the sound. Jason looked startled and glanced at the boys with a did-I-say-something-wrong? look of confusion. The boys too were stunned by the sudden change of mood but they, at least, had some idea of what troubled Grady.

And he soon made it clear. "Jason, no offence, man, but what you're describing is exactly what I don't want and frankly it scares me shitless - all this talk of rich and famous and moving on up to the jet-set. And it's all total bullshit.

"Listen, here's the down and dirty truth. I am a charter member of what they call in Hollywood the 'fucking lucky club'. I was a good-looking guy from the middle of nowhere who hit town and by some fluke got seen by a modeling agency that signed me on. I went up for a job as the face and body of a new underwear campaign and, out of hundreds of great looking guys, god knows why but they picked me.

"You saw what happened with that and I was blown away by all the attention, the traffic-stopping billboard, magazines ... men and women saying they wanted to meet me, offering their bodies to me. I kinda ran to ground and promised myself that whatever ever else happened in my career I would never lose myself to all that crap and start believing that my own PR was all real. 'Cos it's not. They build you up one day and then wait for the day they can tear you down.

"Anyway, the ad campaign caught the attention of the producers of this big new movie. They were searching internationally for the 'New Tarzan' - a new actor, not a big name - and they asked me to audition. Well, you know how that turned out. And it scares the bejesus out of me - the pressure, the paparazzi bullshit. I wouldn't have survived if I hadn't met Steve and Lloyd, and then all you other guys. It was like I found my home ... and what terrifies me is that they'll try to take me away from all this and turn me into something I'm not - kinda like you described, Jason."

His tone softened. "Aw fuck, I'm sorry man, venting like this, laying all my garbage on you. But ... but ... hey, Brandon." Brandon looked up in surprise with tears in his eyes. "They try to make out I'm something special but it's you, kid, who are really special, with that wheelchair thing, your fight for independence, the way you drive a truck and a motor bike. But what was it you wanted more than anything when you first met this group of guys?"

Brandon blinked behind his glasses and said confidently, "That's easy, sir. I just wanted to be treated like one of the boys - nothing different, no specials, no extras, just - one of the guys."

"Bingo! And you are one of the guys, kiddo - hell, nobody even thinks about the wheelchair anymore. And that's what I want - to be one of the guys. Forget that jet-set crapola. You guys - this tribe thing you got going - are all I need. You know something? You three boys - you 'three amigos' - are some of the best pals I ever had - that crazy pool-boy stunt you pull to protect my privacy, you make a game of it. I love it with you guys and so this talk of soon being out of your league, and having to ...."

Grady's eyes filled with tears and he turned his back on them in embarrassment. "Shit fucking damn," he said, turning to face Jason. "Fucking dickhead - I had to go and shoot my mouth off didn't I? Things were going so well too - you and me, Jason, we really clicked and you're so fucking hot and ... and now I've fucked everything up pouring out my bullshit troubles like that."

There was a stunned silence. The boys had stopped playing with their cocks and all had tears in their eyes. Instinctively Jason looked at Brandon who gave a directional nod toward Grady. Jason stood up, hesitated, then walked up to Grady and took him in his arms.

"Hey, man, I was the dickhead, gabbing like that. I had no idea all this was going on with you but I'm real glad you said what you did." He gazed into his eyes and pressed their lips together in a long, lingering kiss - exploring their mouths as a first step to all the exploration to follow.

Jason pulled back and stammered, "Look, man, I'm not good at putting feeling into words ..." he shrugged with a wacky grin ... "good old narcissistic airhead Jason. But ... I really like you, man. When I first saw you - perfect face, perfect body - I thought, hmm I could go for that ... little muscle worship, voyeurism, then fuck the shit out of you. Tell you the truth, I must have been a bit jealous - a man as hot looking as me and a movie star into the bargain. Maybe that's why I said what I did. But it's ... kinda different now."

He gulped. "Shit this is hard - as a talker I make a great fireman. But well, like, could we just rewind, go back to before I opened my big mouth? What was it I was saying? 'This is gonna be one of those no-holds-barred gym workouts?' Well, as you say in the movies, could we do a retake on that scene - from the top?" He turned to the boys for support. "What d'ya say kids?"

Eddie and Ben stood up, Brandon rocked his wheelchair, and they cheered and whistled. "Yeah ... fuck yeah." Eddie couldn't resist. "Like they say in the movies, sirs, 'Lights - Cameras - Action!"


Jason held Grady at arms' length. "OK, dude, so let's see why they picked you out of thousands. What makes you so damn special, anyway? Let's see what you got, big guy. Twenty buck says you can't make me shoot jizz all over you."

Grady rose to the challenge with a "Fuck you, fireman, you think you're so damned hot - Mr. August, huh? Get a load of this." Grady could put on a show every bit as erotic as Jason.

Barefoot but still in his old gym shorts and loose tank Grady strode over to the outdoor shower Jason had used and turned it on. He raised his handsome face and let water pour over the square cut, masculine features, down his neck and over his gym clothes, making the tank stick to the flawless pecs and body. The slabs of his pecs and ridges of his eight-pack abs were dramatically outlined under the almost transparently thin tank.

His shorts clung to his muscled thighs and there was no mistaking the outline of his long rod slanting down from his balls. "Holy shit, dude," Jason breathed, "you are something else again."

Grady walked the few steps to Jason's open air gym on the patio and prowled around, sizing up the equipment. "You got some cool gear here, buddy. Ah, yeah, gymnastic rings, my favorites. Not too many gyms have these and you've got two pairs." He admired the pairs of rings hanging at the end of ropes from the roof - basic gymnastic equipment. "Hell, I can rehearse my Tarzan swinging form vine to vine on these."

He jumped up, caught hold of the rings and did a few basic gymnastic moves, curling up and over, then holding the rings out straight to the sides, the toughest position to maintain, one that made his pecs, shoulders and arms flex to the max.

But he dropped to the floor and said, "I gotta see this." He pulled the loose tank down off his shoulders and let it hang loosely round his waist, then resumed the same position in the rings. The boys gasped loudly, watching in disbelief as Grady's wet muscles bulged in one of the hottest displays of muscular beauty they had ever seen. With his arms stretched straight to the sides, the muscle-jock's body was ultra-tense, muscles rippling, veins popping, his jaw clenched with determination, beads of sweat forming on his brow.

Without even thinking, Jason unzipped his pants, pulled out his long pole and stroked it, dazzled by the homoerotic sight before him. "Man," Jason moaned, "I've looked at myself doing that and once busted my load all over the mirror, but you look fucking spectacular, dude. I'm having second thoughts about that bet."

"Oh yeah?" Grady growled through clenched teeth. I'll raise you twenty if you can watch for a count of fifteen without cumming over this body. The boys, jumping up and down, made the bet official when Ben shouted, "We'll do the count, sirs."

Grady dropped to the floor and said, "We're on, then, big guy. Oh, just one thing first. He pulled down his gym shorts and the tank from his waist. Underneath he was wearing the familiar black briefs, just like he had in the billboard. Jason inhaled sharply. "Holy shit, that looks - you never said anything about ... Oh what the hell," Jason grinned with admiration and lust. "No way you can hold that for fifteen seconds, man, not even you. My money's safe. 

With a defiant smile Grady once more jumped up and grabbed the rings in the same grueling position and the boys yelled in unison, "15 ... 14 ...13 ..."

As many times as Jason had looked at the underwear ad of Jason stripped down to his briefs and fantasized about working out with him, he had never in his wildest dreams pictured him like this in a classic gymnastic pose guys usually held for a only few seconds. He was just so fucking gorgeous that Jason pumped his dick hard, and to hell with the bet.

"... 11... 10 ..." the boys raucous voices got louder as they counted. Grady was now feeling the pain. His body shuddered, sweat poured off him and his handsome face grimaced in agony. Jason loved the look of a muscle-stud bound and in pain - he had occasionally jerked off over pictures of that. But this ... this was, "fucking supremo" as he murmured to himself and he pumped his cock hard in his fists, his balls fit to burst.

"... 8 .. 7 ..." Grady was howling now, the way some of the exhibitionist guys at the gym show off, except this was for real. "Aaagh," he yelled, "the pain in my fucking chest ... my arms. You know you've gotta cum, asshole. You have to ..."

He was right. Hypnotized by the pornographic spectacle of the hot young jock pushing his body to incredible levels of endurance Jason stared wildly at his handsome, agonized face and yelled, "Fucking beautiful, man ... ("...5 ... 4 ... 3 ...") aaagh!!"

The fireman's hose unleashed a torrent of jizz that slammed into Grady's face and flexed torso. The boys reached their own loud crescendo - "...2 ... 1 ... Yeah, fuckin'-A"... resulting in three gushing fountains of cum. They screamed with delight as Grady dropped from the ropes and fell exhausted to his knees before Jason. But this time it was the victor kneeling before the loser as Grady looked up in triumph at Jason and felt the last spurt of juiced splash on his chin.

"Son of a bitch," Jason said, shaking his head in disbelief. "Ben, go in and bring out forty bucks for the winner here." Ben ran off and Jason pulled Grady gently to his feet. Grady fell into his arms and they kissed, with Jason greedily sucking in the man's rasping breaths. "Man," he said at last, "that was the best ... the absolute best." They turned to the boys and Jason carefully raised Grady's aching arm triumphantly in the air.

Ben ran out with two twenties and tucked the bills in the waistband of Grady's briefs, like someone giving money to a stripper, and Grady laughed out loud. And for the boys the sight of the black briefs with two twenties sticking out of them was even more fodder for a future fantasy.


Having recently been gym-coached by Randy morning and evening, Grady was used to pain and recovered quickly - another attribute he would need on his film where grueling scenes were re-shot take after take. The ice was now well and truly broken between Grady and Jason who lost their earlier inhibitions about the 'bizarro' quality of their mutual lust. They gazed at each other now as macho equals, two handsome jocks ready to go mano-a-mano in a contest of strength and narcissistic muscle-worship.

First Jason flirted with Grady by completing his strip routine, kicking off his big fireman's boots, then slowly lowering his cumbersome yellow pants and stepping out of them, naked except for the jock-strap he routinely wore underneath. Grady did a double take as he saw Jason's superb body near-naked for the first time. He felt a brief instant of intimidation but then his competitive instincts surged back stronger than ever. "OK, stud," he growled. "Let's rock."

While the boys watched in awe, stroking their dicks again, the competition was fast and furious, beginning with routine push-ups - the tough kind with a handclap between each push. The boys counted off gleefully as the two men faced each other defiantly, their eyes locked with a mix of alpha respect and theatrical disdain. Grady's muscles were still aching from his previous trial of strength and this time he was the one to falter first, collapsing on his stomach and banging his fist on the floor in a gesture of defeat and self-disgust.

Jason leapt to his feet, pulled Grady up and shook his hand. "Round One to me," he grinned. "What say we make this more interesting, dude? The loser of each round submits to the other in the time-honored way." On Grady's hesitation Jason taunted, "What, haven't got the guts, Tarzan? Insecure in your own masculinity?'

"Fuck you," Grady snarled.

"OK then. Like I said - Round One to me." Grady stared at him defiantly ... then dropped to his knees and clamped his mouth over Jason's sweaty jock, licking his cock and balls through the thin fabric. "Mmm," Jason sighed. "Feels good having the future Tarzan surrendering on his knees sucking my dick through my jock. But you gotta go all the way, man."

With the faked disgust of a macho top-man but the actual enthusiasm of the real Grady, he pulled the rigid cock out of the jockstrap and sucked it into his mouth until his face was buried in the fireman's damp pubic hair. Jason grabbed Grady's head and pulled him down and back on his cock, bringing tears to his eyes and spit running down his square jaw.

The boys were ecstatic. Whenever they had laid pictures of Jason and Grady side by side, comparing them, they wondered who would come out on top in a sex fight, and now here they were watching the real thing - the sexy muscle-god model from the billboard on his knees in defeat, sucking the fireman's cock. They grinned at each other and, by mutual consent, howled together in another triple orgasm. Cum was everywhere."

Ignoring their cries, Jason looked at the image in the mirror, at himself, the naked fireman, taking his revenge on the humiliated Tarzan. It would have taken him only seconds to shoot in his mouth but he suddenly pulled out and said, "No jizz - not yet. We'll save that for the big finish. OK, dude. Bench."

They went to the two side-by-side bench presses and loaded the weights on the bar, each one loading more as a challenge to the other. Before they sat down Jason said, "To hell with this. Let's get serious." He yanked off his jockstrap and held it out to Grady, who grinned, took it from him and pressed it against his own face, breathing in the smell and taste of sweat, old cum and dry piss.

Grady reciprocated by pulling off his black briefs, which Jason likewise used to taste the male juices of his rival. "You ready for the countdown, kids?" he shouted. Were they ever! The two naked jocks lay on their backs on the adjacent benches and Grady realized that above them was a slanted mirror that Jason had installed to watch himself bench.

As they lifted the bars they got what Jason had dreamed of, the sight of himself and Grady working out side by side. But this time it was no picture from a magazine - this was the real man in the glorious flesh, matching him muscles for muscle, their torso's flexing and rippling in perfect unison. For muscle-worshipping Jason it was like there were two of him - and no true narcissist could wish for better than that.

The sight inspired them both to new heights of muscle-crunching effort, calling on untapped reserves of strength they didn't know they had. The boys' count, while they stood back and pumped their dicks, went on and on as both jocks stared up at each other in the mirror and tried to demoralize each other with taunting obscenities.

"Fucking wimp," Jason sneered between grunts. "Not so easy with no director to say 'cut' eh? I got plenty left. You're finished, asshole."

Grady groaned loudly, "Think you're some big hotshot, don't you, you shit-for-brains dickhead? Mr. August eh? The boys'll soon rip out that page and burn it when they see me whip your ass, mother-fucker."

Then they saved their breath for enduring the agony both were feeling. It was clear it was nearly over. Both men had the bar down close to their chests and were desperately reaching for that one last push that would raise it. With a massive yell Grady nailed it ... Jason not so much. His strength failed, only one arm raised and the bar crashed sideways to the floor.

Grady let the bar drop neatly in the cradle and they both lay exhausted on the benches, staring up at the two naked athletes in the mirror, chests heaving, their ripped muscles pumped to the max. It was a body-worshipper's dream and the instinct of both men was to jack off gazing at each other.

But this was a competitive trial of strength and Grady gloated, "Round Two to me, I think. You know what that means big boy." Jason dragged himself to his feet and stared down at the magnificent young jock lying on his back, his cock pointing straight up like a flagpole. Grady grinned up at him and, arms still outstretched, flicked his fingers and pointed to his cock. "There she blows, loser - all yours."

The boys held their breath as they saw the hot young fireman, the macho guy they had jerked off over so many times, now kneel in submission to the muscle-jock lying contemptuously on his back, legs splayed out to the side, feet on the floor, his cock ready and waiting. Grady linked his hands casually behind his head and pulled his head forward so he could watch Jason on his knees at the foot of the bench lean forward, stare at the rigid pole, then lower his mouth over it.

He didn't hesitate as he sucked in the long shaft, something he had fantasized about so often, and breathed in through his nose as it buried itself in Grady's tangle of sweat-soaked pubic hair.

"Oh ... fuck ... yeah..." Grady moaned slowly, looking down at the handsome square-jawed face performing the ultimate ritual of surrender, sucking the victor's cock deep in his throat.

Grady had seen some homoerotic sights lately, and this was right up there with the best, straight out of a porn movie, only much better than anything ever captured on film. When he saw Jason glancing to the side, watching his mirror image suck dick, that made it even more sexy. The man's vanity turned Grady on big time and, after all his exertions and muscle pumping, he felt his most important muscle pulse in the fireman's mouth.

"Yeah, suck that dick, stud. So fucking gorgeous, man. Shit, it's too good to waste. You're doing it, man ... you're making me cuuuumm!" His cock erupted in Jason's mouth and the fireman gulped in surprise, swallowing the stream of bitter-sweet juice pouring down his throat. He gagged at first but then swallowed the liquid eagerly like he was drinking nectar from a god - which in his mind he was.

Jason finally pulled away, still on his knees, jism oozing from his mouth and dribbling down his square jaw onto his heaving chest. He pumped his fists in the air and laughed triumphantly, "Yeah, I sucked Tarzan's dick." Grady opened his mouth to laugh but it was suddenly filled with the juice of three clamorous boys who showered him with semen.

Jason fell forward on top of Grady and their mouths ground together, lubricated by the juice of three boys and Grady's own cum. When Jason finally pulled away he smiled, "I thought I said no jizz, dude - not 'til the big finish."

"Man," Grady said, "with you I could cum all day and still bust another load. Anyway, we've both cum once - you all over me, and me in your mouth - so we're even. And by my count the score right now is tied, one round apiece. So, best of three, the next round will clinch it. I guess that's the big finish you keep taking about."


When they stood up they laughingly poured the contents of their water bottles all over themselves. The boys sat close together and watched in wide-eyed amazement, like three young Alices in Wonderland (or perhaps Through The Looking Glass would be more appropriate given the part mirrors played in this fantasy).

Time for one of those outdoor showers. The naked jocks stood together under the shower deluge, staring at each other and running their hands over the sparkling contours of each other's face and body. They kissed, locking their mouths together and sharing their breath, like men under water breathing their own air in their own charmed world.

When at last they emerged they shook themselves in a circular spray of dazzling water drops, then sat at the table with fresh bottles of water supplied by Ben. As they talked about gym stuff, with the prospect of Round Three hanging over everything, the boys put their heads together whispering earnestly.

"OK, guys, what's up?" Jason's stern tone masked his amusement at another of those 'Sir, me and the boys have been talking' moments that usually spelled trouble. But in this case he was met with an embarrassed silence. "Hey, don't hold out on us, kids. One of you say something."

The boys glanced at each other nervously until Eddie and Ben pushed Brandon's wheelchair forward a few feet. Brandon turned and snarled at them, finding himself out front, the designated spokesman. He blushed deeply and said, "Well, sir, me and the boys ..."

"I know, I know, you've been talking ... so what about?"

"These, sir." Brandon fumbled in one of the side-bags of his wheelchair, pulled out two pieces of brown cloth and threw them on the table. Grady took one look and threw his head back in uncontrolled laughter as Jason picked one up and frowned, "What the fuck...?"

"You kept them all this time, kiddo?" Grady said, wiping away his tears of laughter. "Jason, this here is a gag gift from the wardrobe women at the studio. When they first gave me Tarzan's loincloth to try on I, the nervous young actor, discovered there were no briefs underneath the two flaps of rawhide hanging loose front and back. They told me it would make the scenes more dramatic as Tarzan swung from the trees. No kidding."

Anyway, they made several of these fake loincloths and spring them on me when I'm least expecting it. I gave these to Brandon as a keepsake. So why produce them now, kiddo?"

"Well, sir, we was thinking about Round Three and thought it might be a good idea if you and Jason wore them - like, kind of, two Tarzans, if you get my ... nah, bad idea. Sorry, sirs."

"No wait," Grady said. "As a matter of fact it's not too different from the movie. See, in the period scenes set in England the young Viscount John (Tarzan when he goes back to his ancestral home) has a run-in with the handsome young lord of the manor who beats Tarzan up and tells him to 'get back to the jungle where you belong'.

"Anyway (don't ask) eventually the competitive young lord follows him to the jungle to confront him in his native world, and there's a knock down drag out fight at the end of the movie - like two Tarzan's fighting it out. Sound corny? Well believe me, it makes a hell of a climax to the film."

He grinned at Jason. "So, stud, how's that for Round Three? Only this time the loser doesn't just have to suck dick. He gets fucked in the ass by the winner. Hell," he mused, "I wish they could do that in the movie. Oh, never mind. So, you big enough to man up for that, Jason?"

There was no need to answer as Jason's eyes gleamed.


A short while later the boys were sitting together facing the empty gym like eager first-nighters in the theater waiting for the show to begin. All they needed was popcorn. It would be a first for everyone, that's for sure.

Grady was back in the trees helping Jason with the unfamiliar fake loincloth, no better than two ragged triangles of brown rawhide, one hanging over the ass, the other the dick. It was the biggest gasp of the day when the boys finally saw Grady emerge from one side, Jason the other, both muscle-gods identically dressed (if you could call it that) in nothing but the brief loincloths. For the hundredth time the boys wished Darius had been there with his camera because, as Eddie hissed, "The guys are never gonna believe this."

The men stood side by side before a mirror, their shredded muscles primed as never before after their ball-busting workouts. Jason sighed, "Shit damn that looks hot. I've imagined this moment a lot but, hell, I had no idea it would be this good. Just like the scene you described in your movie - the two Tarzans in the final challenge - or in our case, Round Three. So let's get it over 'cos, man, I can't wait to cream that perfect ass of yours."

They looked around the gym and their eyes alighted at the same time on the four gymnastic rings hanging on ropes from the roof. "Back where we started, eh, buddy?" said Jason.

"You're on, big guy. Prepare to get your ass whipped." Grady jumped and grabbed one pair of rings, Jason the others and they started with a few pull-ups to test their strength and get off watching each other's muscles strain. But they had gone beyond mere body-worship by now. The natural jock rivalry had evolved into a full-blown challenge for supremacy, not unlike the fictional contest in the climax of the movie.

Showing off, Jason hung by one arm and used the other to punch Grady's shoulder and shove him away. "Fuck you, man," Grady growled and there ensued a grappling match, both men hanging by one hand and prodding, punching, slapping with the other. In the end Jason grabbed both rings again, raised his legs, pressed them against Grady's chest and shoved him hard away from him.

Grady held both rings now as he swung wide. He could see that as he swung back Jason's knees would slam into his gut and finish him off. "No escape now, asshole," Jason taunted. But as Grady swung toward him he raised his legs up high ... and clamped them round Jason's neck in a vicious leg-lock, his feet tightly locked together behind his head. He squeezed his sinewy thighs round Jason's neck, making him gasp for breath and scream in pain.

It was a spectacular sight, one jock trapped in the vise round his neck, his chiseled macho features twisted in pain. "Yeah," Grady snarled, "let me hear you scream, asshole. You're finished, big guy. Your ass is mine," and he clenched the leg-lock hard as a vise round his rival's neck.

Jason dropped one arm and flailed frantically, reaching behind his neck in a futile attempt to unlock Grady's legs. He tried slamming his free fist on Grady's thighs to no effect on the iron-hard muscles. But one of his frantic ill-aimed blows suddenly landed on Grady's loin cloth, sending agonizing pain though his balls.

"Aaagh!!" Grady's screams bounced off the walls as he released the leg-lock and his magnificent body hung helplessly from the rings, barely holding on as pain radiated out from his balls. Jason seized the advantage and repeated the maneuver of pressing his feet on Grady's chest and pushing him backward. Grady had no fight left in him and his body swung out, then back into certain defeat.

Jason had learned from Grady's leg-lock move and determined to return the favor. So this time as Grady swung close to Jason, the fireman opened his legs and slammed them round Grady's slim waist, locking his feet behind him just as Grady had done with the leg-lock round Jason's neck.

"Aaagh...." Another agonized scream from Grady as he felt the powerful legs crushing his body. He let go of one of the rings and instinctively reached behind to force the legs apart. But his efforts were as feeble as Jason's had been and he too flailed with his free arm, feeling the strength drain from his body.

He felt his upstretched arm weaken, his grasp on the ring slip ... and suddenly it fell and he was hanging trapped between Jason's legs, face up, both arms and legs hanging down limp as a rag doll, his superb body trapped between his rival's steel thighs, tears flowing down his rugged face.

The boys watched in awe and fear, seeing the spectacular muscle-god, Tarzan in a loincloth, hanging limply from Jason's brutal leg-lock, his body arched backward, head sagging behind him. Paralyzing as the spectacle was, the boys automatically beat their meat and shot yet another load watching their hero's agony.

"You're done, man," Jason yelled triumphantly. "You can't take any more and you know it. I've beaten you. All you can do is submit. I'll release you, shove my dick in your ass and prove once and for all that I'm the master." But Jason's words were met only by groans from the helpless captive swinging slowly in the air.

"I said submit, asshole. Here, you wanna little help with that?" Hanging by one arm Jason pounded Grady's stomach with his fist, again and again. Reflexively Grady flexed his rock hard abs to absorb the blows as he looked up desperately at the man on the verge of forcing a humiliating submission.

That thought released a surge of adrenaline from deep down and Grady made his last desperate move. Gazing up in though a haze of pain he focused on Jason's upstretched arm, already under intense strain supporting the weight of two men. Summoning his last ounces of strength Grady raised his torso up, raised his fist and took one last wild slam on Jason's bicep.

It was enough. Taken by surprise, and underestimating the strength in his own arm, Jason howled. His arm shuddered, his fingers slipped slowly from the ring ... and the two men fell, crashing to the floor in a heap of exhausted muscle.


At first nothing moved. Stunned and exhausted from intense physical strain both men gulped in rasping breaths of air, their hearts pounding. But then survival instinct kicked in and Grady, knowing he was the more weakened of the two, slowly began to crawl away over the ground, buying much needed time for strength to return. But Jason crawled after him, an erotic sight for the boys of two muscular athletes in ragged loincloths dragging themselves exhausted through the dirt.

Jason caught up with Grady, grabbed his leg and gazed down at the twin globes of his ass now exposed below the fragment of cloth round his waist. He slapped first one cheek then the other and gloated, "It's still mine, loser. You know you're done for. That ass is gonna get reamed."

Jason looked up at the boys staring in disbelief. "Hey, guys, Tarzan's been beaten ... you're gonna see him get fucked in the ass. If you wanna make it easy on him you'll throw me some lube."

Brandon quickly searched in his wheelchair bag, pulled out a jar of lube, unscrewed the top and rolled it across the ground. Jason was now on his knees over Grady, with one knee pressing into the small of his back, pinning him to the ground. Grady clawed at the ground in front of him but all attempts at escape were futile and he knew it.

It wasn't so much the prospect of getting fucked that angered him. God knows that, in any other circumstances, he would have loved to get butt fucked by the gorgeous fireman, but this had become a real contest of masculinity, just like the movie climax where two Tarzans fight for supremacy. Now here he was, beaten, exhausted, trapped on the ground waiting for the ultimate humiliation of his rival pounding his ass. Never had Tarzan been so degraded.

Jason had grabbed the lube, dipped in his fingers, and was pushing them into Grady ass, twisting, probing, making the beautiful young muscle-jock groan in pain and humiliation.

"I knew I could break you, man," Jason growled. "A pretty-boy model is no match for a tough firefighter like me. Yeah, that ass feels good and it'll feel even better when it's wrapped round my cock. Word is that you give your ass to anyone with a dick. Tarzan, eh? Huh, you're just a pussy boy, that's all. I should cage you up in the jungle as my sex slave - fuck you whenever I want - in the face, the ass, wherever. Sounds like a great sequel - Tarzan the Sex Slave. So get ready, stud ... here it comes.

Jason's scathing words were like arrows piercing Grady's manly pride. Jason was making him grovel and soon he would be begging for mercy. He clenched his jaw. No, that was not gonna happen - not while he had an ounce of strength left in his body.

Jason lubed up his cock and shifted his knee off Grady's back to position himself between his legs. That split second was enough. "NO!!" Grady bucked hard, slammed his elbow back behind him and hit Jason with enough strength to knock him sprawling on the ground. Both men got to their knees facing each other and Grady was transformed from amiable jock to enraged stallion

"Motherfucker!!" His eyes blazed, his body tensed and he flung himself at Jason. The sudden mutation to wildman made Jason reel back in shock and the boys grabbed each other's hands, staring at a rage in Grady they had never seen before. But Randy had seen it, and encouraged it in their workouts. Steve had recognized it too and knew that's what his movie role needed. And the producers of his movie had seen it - his ability to transform the gentle lord of the jungle into a roaring lion bent on revenge - and that's why they cast him.

"And now Jason saw it - and it scared him. Still on their knees the two men locked hands in a test of strength which Grady quickly won, pulling Jason's arms down to the ground then hitting his back with a forearm smash sending him down on his stomach.

From then on the scene was beyond anyone's wildest fantasy - two handsome, muscular young athletes stripped down to loincloths, grappling on the ground, rolling over and over in a tumult of trashing limbs and a series of wrestling holds that displayed each man in the full ferocity and beauty of manhood. There were shouts as the boys poured ever more semen on the ground but still pumped their cocks toward the next orgasm.

The men were evenly matched in strength, but Jason was no match for the raging passion that drove Grady to ultimate supremacy. Jason was on his stomach and Grady was kneeling astride the small of his back. He grabbed Jason's wrists and pushed his arms up behind him, almost to his neck, in a brutal double hammerlock. Jason screamed in pain and Grady gloated, "Pretty boy, uh? Pussy boy? Sex slave? Does this feel like a pussy boy to you, pal?"

Holding Jason's wrists tight in one hand, Grady ripped off the loincloth with the other hand, revealing his bare ass, then dipped his fingers in the lube and greased up Jason's exposed ass. He ripped off his own loincloth and greased his rock-hard cock. He released the hold, shifted back between his legs and clamped his hands like claws on the small of Jason's back pinning him helplessly. "What was the deal, stud?" Grady snarled. "The winner gets to shove his dick in the loser's ass? Like this you mean?"

Jason's screams shattered the evening air as Grady drove his steel rod deep inside the fireman's ass. He pulled back and ramrodded it again ... and again and again. Sobbing, Jason tried to claw his way forward as his ass got reamed, and Grady realized they were close to one of the floor length windows of the house that acted like a mirror. He reached forward, curled his arm round Jason's neck and pulled his head back, arching his back.

Jason was no stranger to looking in mirrors, god knows, but he had never seen his reflection like this. His handsome face grimaced in pain, his jaw dropped in a scream and tears poured down his face as Grady's iron bicep pressed against his throat. "See that, stud?" Grady taunted. "Not the tough hotshot fireman now, eh? You thought you could finish me off, and now look at you, screaming for mercy."

Jason stared up at the powerful young muscle-jock torturing his ass, saw the fury and strength in his face that made him ten times more beautiful than before. This was a real man ... and he was at his mercy. He looked at himself, the rugged fireman he had admired so often, now writhing in pain, beaten, humiliated, captive. And still the pile driver rammed into his ass, the hardest, longest fuck he had ever endured.

The sight of the two men in the mirror - victor and loser - was so erotic it overwhelmed all pain and degradation in Jason. "Aaaagh, I can't take any more, man," he gasped. "I'm beaten, finished. I give up ... I submit ... you're so fucking gorgeous you're making me cum ... aaagh! ..." The young fireman's body convulsed, he screamed into the mirror and his cock erupted underneath him in floods of semen that sank into the earth.

He was sobbing uncontrollably, deliriously .... "Thank, you sir ... thank you, I ..." Grady released him and his face fell down in the earth. Grady pulled his dick out, stood up and towered over the broken muscle-god lying at his feet.


Jason turned slowly onto his back and gazed up at the man who had just hammered his ass. "But I'm not finished," Grady grinned. "Didn't get my rocks off. I gotta cum inside you, man. And you know what that means." He hauled Jason to his feet and pushed him back toward the open-air gym. At this point, even though strength was returning to his body, Jason would have let this incredible man do anything to him.

In the gym Grady toyed with the gymnastic rings hanging before them. Remember how all this started, buddy? Me showing off in that gymnastic position, arms stretched out rigid to the sides. Looked so hot you busted a load all over me. How about it, big guy?"

Jason's eyes gleamed. He jumped up and grabbed the rings, watching himself sway in front of the mirror. "Oh, just one small difference this time, buddy. It's this." Grady grabbed Jason's swaying hips ... and plunged his rigid cock back in his ass.

"Aaaagh! Fuck you, man. You think I can't take it again? Watch this..." holding the rings Jason stretched out his arms to the side in the same classic gymnast pose as Grady had used, supporting himself by the flexed muscles of his chest, shoulders and arms His body was displayed in all its macho glory and he looked as spectacular as Grady had.

It sure turned Grady on and he knew that this time he had to cum. His hands clamped round Jason's hips, Grady pulled the hanging fireman onto his cock, driving it deep in the cauldron of his ass. With the pain in his torso Jason felt none in his ass and he yelled, "Yeah, stud, fuck my ass. Watch me take that pole up my ass. Fuck me, man. You know I turn you on like crazy."

"You're fucking beautiful, man," Grady yelled. "We're two of a kind, you and me ... equal in strength and beauty. I love you, man. Shit, I've never seen anything so damned hot in a mirror before. Fucking spectacular." He was pulling Jason's ass onto his cock faster and deeper, mesmerized by the sight of the magnificent body straining in the muscle-breaking hold. "I gotta cum, buddy. I gotta cum in your ass."

"Let's do it, man," Jason howled, "... two gym-jocks, Tarzans ... whatever ... just two good buddies getting off on each other. Here it comes ... let me feel it, buddy. Now .... Aaagh!!. They screamed in unison as their cocks erupted, Grady's deep inside his fireman buddy and Jason's all over the spectacular image of himself in the mirror. They held the position until their cocks were drained, then Jason let go the rings and stood unsteadily beside Grady, both looking at themselves in the mirror.

They grinned at each other and pumped their fists triumphantly in the air. And just for good measure Grady opened his mouth wide and gave an ear-splitting Tarzan yell.


"I'm fucking starved." Jason and Grady had once again showered together, then pulled on their gym shorts and sat at the table, plied with drinks and snacks by the boys. The boys had seen things no-one had ever seen before, and they had drained their balls dry with multiple orgasms. Even Eddy, the 'little gusher' proclaimed himself "dry as a bone ... not another drop, dudes."

Now their only desire was to serve the men who had given them such a spectacle and they hurried off to the kitchen to make dinner.

Jason and Grady were gazing at each other in wonder and Grady said, "Man, that fight hanging from rings was fucking awesome ... much better than anything in the movie script. The fight directors and stuntmen are still working out the big climax fight, but so far it's all on the ground. Imagine those two guys in loincloths fight as they swing from the vines, doing just what we did. Fucking epic. I'm gonna suggest it ... I'm sure they'll go for it."

"Yeah, Jason laughed. "Pity they don't allow fucking in your movie. That would put asses in theater seats all over the world."

Soon the boys appeared with trays of food and the men did a double take. They were all wearing tight white T-shirts and boxer briefs that showed off their young physiques in the most provocative way. Brandon was right there with them, dressed the same, the same sexy smile on his face with food piled on the tray table of his wheelchair.

The men laughed out loud and Jason said, "Hey, boys, sexy outfits, but you don't have to seduce us - you're already spoken for. Me and Grady have been talking..." ("Uh-uh" the boys said in unison, mimicking the masters' usual reaction to that phrase). "Specifically about dessert. I hope you haven't made any 'cos ... you're it. You ever fantasize about getting your asses fucked by Tarzan and his jungle buddy?"

"All the time, sir," they said together, with identical wide grins.

"Well," Grady laughed, "remember what you're mother told you. Don't eat too much dinner - save room for dessert."


At that moment, up at Steve's house, Bob was lounging over pre-dinner drinks, waiting for Randy to join them. But before he showed up Hassan appeared straight from work, looking spectacular in the full Marine battle gear he had worn in another promotional video he had been shooting.

He and Bob exchanged lustful looks. It was a long time since they had spent time together, just the two of them, and Hassan suddenly blurted out an idea to put that right.

"Hey, soldier, sounds intriguing," Bob grinned. "Yeah, I like the sound of that. Let's do it."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 280


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