Grady's first day on the set of the big-budget movie he was starring in as the 'new Tarzan' was grueling and he felt overwhelmed by the pressure on him. He came home to a long therapy session with Steve who said," You know, Grady, I've watched you since you came here and you never look more alive, more macho, more powerful, than when you're having sex, especially rough sex. So here's my prescription.... 

"While you're home here you do what you enjoy most - you have as much sex as you like, the raunchier the better. It'll not only take your mind off the studio, it'll set you up for work with that gleam in your eye I mentioned - that powerful, macho look, muscles flexed with energy like an animal ready to pounce. That's the hot, erotic look that has turned us on, turns your crew on at the studio and will turn on audiences all over the world."

"As for keeping your body in shape, what'll really do that for you is a gym workout with my brother Randy every day. That'll really pump you, body and spirit."

"Yeah, well," Grady grinned ruefully. "After the way he roughed me up and tortured my ass when he came up here that first time I think I'll be steering clear of that guy. He seems to be keeping his distance too, which is fine by me."

"OK," Steve shrugged, "but it's about time you met some of the other guys of the tribe. Like those two leather guys who came by briefly the other day on their bikes? Don't know if you noticed them."

"Yeah, I saw them," Grady said casually. Did he ever! He got hard just thinking about them.


Grady wasn't due at the studio for another week and he was grateful for the breather - give him time to regroup his thoughts, relax and study his script. But after a few days Steve noticed him pacing the house and saw that old yearning in his eyes. So, ever the ringmaster of the circus, Steve took steps to make sure the prescription he gave was put into action.

The next afternoon Grady was feeling edgy, not to mention horny. He was alone in the house when, out of the blue, 'those two leather guys', Zack and Darius, roared down the drive on their bikes. Zack insisted that Grady come with them down to their house for a drink so they could get to know each other better.

Grady hesitated but Zack insisted. "Do I have to spell it out for you, Tarzan?" he grinned. "Lock the fucking door, put on the helmet, jump on behind me and hold on tight." It was more an order than an invitation so Grady obeyed, and only twenty minutes later they were at Zack's house.

What followed was pretty inevitable as Zack was soon putting a leather collar round Grady's neck and attaching it to a long rope tied to a tree. In that captive position he waited with a mix of fear and excitement, especially when Zack made Darius display his massive horse-dick, inch by inch by inch. Grady gazed at it in awe, then flinched and said, "I ... I could never take a rod like that in my ass, it's way too ....."

"I'll be the judge of that," Zack snapped. But whatever Zack had in mind was forestalled by the unexpected appearance of Randy, followed by Bob, both straight from work and horny for each other as ever. Tied by the neck Grady was forced to watch Randy fuck Bob, and his confused but lustful thoughts about Randy spiked.

He gasped as he watched the gorgeous Bob, the self-assured, powerful executive, getting jack-hammered by the savage gypsy, his ass impaled on his massive cock. He watched every muscle in Randy's body ripple and flex as he pounded ass ... and Grady knew what he wanted. He wanted to be Bob, begging this wild gypsy to fuck him, feeling his rod pile-driving his ass.

But it was not to be, and in a haze of frustration and desire Grady, on his knees, watched Randy lead the naked muscle-god away. Just before they disappeared round the corner Randy looked back over his shoulder and his eyes flashed at Grady, a look of triumph that made it clear he was the undisputed boss, and Bob was his man.

Grady felt he had once again been raped and dominated by Randy, even though this time he had not laid a finger on him. Such was Randy's power and the depth of Grady's lust for him. Still on his knees Grady dropped his head in an act of surrender to him.

A few minutes later he felt a hand under his chin pushing his face up. He found himself staring at the crotches of two leather-clad men, the one with a bulge straining under the leather, the other with ten inches of horsemeat hanging out of his pants.

Grady looked up at the rugged black face as Zack said, "OK, now where were we?"


Zack, a natural born leader who knew his men well, sensed that a change of pace was needed. Normally he would have taken a breather but he could see the desire burning in Darius's eyes, his yearning to work on Grady's spectacular ass.

Like all good masters Zack was committed to giving his boy what he wanted, so he detached the rope from the collar round Grady's neck and pulled him to his feet. "We're going inside," Zack said curtly and led Grady by the collar into the house and into the bedroom Grady had glimpsed earlier. Darius zipped up his pants and followed them.

As before Grady breathed in the testosterone-heavy air, redolent of man-sweat and semen. Darius picked up the sweaty clothes, underwear, jock straps from the disheveled bed and flung them in a heap in the corner. Then he dropped to his knees before his master and pulled off Zack's motorcycle boots. He unbuckled his belt and pulled the leather pants down, and Zack stepped out of them, buck naked.

His massive cock was semi hard but it took only a few gulps from Darius to suck it into a rigid steel rod. Grady gasped as he saw for the first time the full naked glory of the black leather-stud, his muscles flexing and gleaming under the spotlights in the bedroom ceiling, his boy kneeling at his feet feeding on his cock.

"Get up, boy," Zack commanded and Darius obeyed, knowing what he had to do next. He unclipped the harness from his chest, pulled it off and flung it onto the pile of clothes in the corner. Then he unbuckled his leather pants and unzipped them. As he bent down to take off his boots the pants slid halfway over the perfectly rounded mounds of ass.

When the boots were off Darius stood up and faced Zack and Grady. As he had done before, he lowered his pants, slowly revealing all ten inches of his huge black dick that finally sprang out and pointed straight at Grady like a weapon. Grady gasped and flinched from the sight. "I can't ..." he groaned. "I can never take a club like that ...."

Zack grabbed Grady's chin and turned his face toward him. "You'll do just what I tell you to do, stud. You're in my house now and I'm in charge so you will follow my orders, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," Grady said meekly, mesmerized by the pale gray eyes in the rugged black face. Grady was as tall and almost as muscular as Zack, usually with the same macho arrogance, but now he felt completely in this leather master's power, helpless to disobey his orders. So he could only stare in nervous anticipation when Zack went over to Darius and grabbed his monster dick in his fist.

"You see this pile driver? My boy is gonna fill your ass with it, that ass that's already been screwed by my buddies. I myself take that horse-dick in my ass when the boy fucks his master."

That thought made Grady shudder - the homoerotic image of the black muscle-god master getting butt-fucked by his boy's massive dick. "On your knees, big guy. Get a taste of it." Grady obeyed and Darius walked toward him. Zack stood behind Grady, clamped his hands round his head and held it tight. Darius pressed the head of his cock against Grady's lips, he opened his mouth wide, and felt the rod slide slowly into his mouth.

He breathed frantically through his nose as the cock filled his mouth and slid down his throat, deeper and deeper until Grady choked and grabbed wildly at Zack's wrists trying frantically to pull them off his head. On a nod from Zack Darius pulled back until only the head of his cock was in Grady's mouth.

Zack released his hold but Grady didn't pull away. He was captivated by the sensation of his mouth wrapped round the boy's huge black dick and pushed his head forward, swallowing half its length. "That's enough," came the deep voice from the bed. Darius backed off, pulled Grady to his feet and they both stared down at Zack who had sprawled naked on his back on the bed, his hands linked behind his head, grinning up at them.

"OK, Tarzan. On your hands and knees, over me." Surprised, Grady thought at first he hadn't heard right, but then he knelt on the bed between Zack's sprawled legs, leaned forward and braced his hands on the bed on either side of Zack, just below his bent arms. Arched on all fours over Zack he stared down into the gray eyes, soft now, smiling.

The roughness had gone from Zack's voice. "You are one gorgeous hunk of man, Grady, everything they've been saying about you and more. Ever since the guys said you loved taking it up the butt I've know this day would come. Look in the mirror."

Grady raised his head, stared into it the full length mirror behind the bed and gasped. Darius was standing on the bed behind him his fist wrapped around his cock stroking it, spreading generous amounts of lube over its length. Grady groaned again, "No ... please, I can't."

"Look at me." Grady looked fearfully down at Zack who said gently, "Like I said, buddy, you'll do as I say. Just look into my eyes and trust me, and you'll get the ride of your life."

Grady took strength from Zack's bold, virile features and steady gaze. Zack pulled his hands from behind his head and reached up to Grady's nipples, rolling them firmly in his fingers. Grady inhaled sharply and the distraction of the pain in his chest helped when he felt the solid round head of Darius's cock push in between the mounds of his ass.

Everything was still for a moment and then Grady winced as the head pushed over his sphincter and the cock began its long journey into his ass. Zack looked over Grady's shoulder at his boy and said, "Go easy on him, kid." Darius's cock was moving almost imperceptibly but Grady's breathing became more ragged as he felt the thick rod sliding down his chute inch by inch.

The shaft was so huge that Grady thought he had reached his limit. But when he reached behind him and touched the cock he gasped as he realized it was only halfway in. He put his hand back on the bed beside Zack and looked desperately into his eyes. "I can't, man .... No more ... I can't take anymore." Zack reached up, put both hands behind Grady's head and pulled his face down to his, clamped his mouth over Grady's and kissed him passionately.

Overwhelmed by the taste and musky smell of the leatherman's breath, feeling his tongue explore his mouth, Grady relaxed into the warmth of the erotic embrace. His ass too relaxed as he focused solely on the beautiful black man kissing him. Zack's eyes flicked up at Darius who nodded. Feeling the ass muscles unclench round his cock he pushed in more rapidly and, although he heard Grady screaming into the gag of Zack's mouth, he at last felt his balls pressing against Grady's ass.

Tears were streaming down Grady's face as he pulled his face back and groaned in desperation, his voice rising in panic. "No ... I can't ... it hurts too bad. Take it out ... make him pull out, sir, please..."

"Grady - look at me ... look at me. Breathe deeply. My boy is all the way inside you and he's not moving. Relax your ass muscles and get used to that beautiful cock filling your ass. You feel it? You feel how good it is? You've never felt anything like this before, have you?"

"No, sir ...." But as Darius pulled back slightly he panicked again and sobbed as he felt the huge pole moving inside him. "OK, OK," Zack said. "Wait a second and breathe..." He stretched his hand down, touched Grady's cock and stroked it gently. It was already hard and Zack's hand round it made it rock solid. As blood flowed into his cock he felt relief in his ass for the first time.

Zack smiled at Grady, licked his own hand and again stroked Grady's cock. By now Grady was in a delirium of pain and the beginnings of ecstasy. He was almost unaware when Zack bent his knees, raised his ass and pulled Grady's cock forward until Grady felt the head rubbing against the wiry hair around Zack's hole. Zach grabbed Grady's hips and pulled them toward him ... and Grady felt the unbelievable sensation of his cock sliding into the leatherman's ass.

He stared wildly at Zack who spoke calmly. "When you first saw the leather master astride his bike I knew what you wanted. But never, in your wildest imagination, did you dream you would end up fucking him. But that's what I want, man. I want you to fuck my ass. You are so fucking gorgeous, I wanna get my ass ploughed by Tarzan."

A jolt of adrenaline surged through Grady as he fantasized about the muscular young jock fucking the dominant black leather-god. His cock was on fire ... so was his ass. The master's boy was still inside him but now, when he moved, Grady felt more pleasure than pain. The cock was in so deep it touched parts that had never been touched before ... and it felt sensational.

Darius pulled slowly back in Grady's ass and Grady eased back in Zack's. "That's it, man," Zack growled. "Fuck me ... fuck me while my boy plugs your ass."

Grady again felt the massive dick pushing slowly inside him. The pressure forced him forward so his own cock buried itself in the master's ass. Soon all pain disappeared and he felt the incredible sensation of being sandwiched between the two. He did all the work, rocking his hips back and forth, alternately pushing forward into Zack's ass then easing back onto Darius's cock, pulling it in deeper and deeper as he grew to love the feeling of the long rod moving in his ass.

Zack stared up at him. "Man that feels hot, your cock working my ass while my boy's fucks yours. It's like he's fucking me through you, like I'm getting ploughed by you both at once. You look fucking awesome, man, that perfect body impaled on my boy's pole. You feel it?"

"It feels incredible," Grady moaned, "like nothing I've felt before, like it's buried deep in my gut. Fuck me, Darius .... harder." Darius needed no prompting to increase the speed and intensity of his piston driving inside the handsome young jock. Grady moaned in ecstasy and pumped his own cock harder and faster into the leatherman.

He looked up and saw the boy's eager face in the mirror, shining with sweat, his eyes wild with desire. Then he looked down at Zack, his face writhing from side to side, and Grady rested his hands on his chest, digging his fingers into his pecs as he fucked his ass. It went on and on, three gorgeous men lost in the throes of animal lust and passion.

But at last Zack knew that Grady couldn't hold back much longer - and neither could Darius, not to mention his own cock dripping with pre-cum. Zack knew how to end it. He looked up at Darius, grinned and nodded. Darius knew the sign and pulled his cock back so only the head was still in Grady's ass. He paused and Grady looked up at the mirror and yelled, "No, keep fucking me, man. Push your dick in my ass. Fuck me..."

Darius grinned at him. "Okey-dokey, sir. Here it comes." His eyes flashed .... and suddenly, he plunged his dick in his ass like a pile-driver, fast and furious, as he had wanted to do from the start. Grady felt the rod bury itself in the hottest cauldron of his gut and he threw his head back and screamed. The force of the thrust slammed him hard against Zack's ass, his iron-hard cock spiking him deeper than ever.

Zack howled and his cock blasted semen over his heaving chest and ripped abs as he felt Grady pouring his juice inside him. Darius was last, releasing a torrent of cum that poured inside Grady and filled his ass.

It was a long time before their heartbeats and heavy breathing subsided, but at last Grady sighed deeply as Darius pulled all ten inches of dark meat slowly out of his ass. Grady pulled out of Zack and fell on his cum-drenched body and soon the three of them were writhing together in the bed in the afterglow of spectacular sex.


After soothing beers out in the garden Darius offered to drive Grady home in his truck. Grady and Zack hugged, exchanging long looks of mutual respect between two males who had bonded in in the most intensely physical way. Darius pulled on shorts and, shirtless and barefoot, drove Grady up to Steve's house.

His eyes dancing with mischief and desire he pulled Grady into a ravenous kiss, then said, "Epic fuck, sir. Spectacular. Here's my cell number. Any time you want a repeat, just say the word."

"I'll hold you to that, Darius. You and Zack are great guys, perfect fodder for fantasies. I'll jack off thinking of that huge thing swinging between your legs." He got out of the car and Darius said, "Can't wait to see the movie." With a peal of laughter and a squeal of tires he sped away.

Grady was greeted inside by Steve and Lloyd who instantly burst out laughing. "Zack obviously did a number on you," Steve said.

Grady looked at them puzzled by their reaction, wondering what they were looking at. Then he touched his neck and realized that he was still wearing the leather collar. He blushed deeply, hastily unbuckled the collar and shoved it in his pocket. "I'll take it back tomorrow," he said sheepishly. Then he looked at their sparkling eyes and joined in their raucous laughter.


The next day Grady had to run by the studio briefly for another fitting in the costume department. The women there greeted him like an old friend and soon they were laughing together. "Don't forget ladies," Grady teased, "a costume malfunction swinging between trees could expose me and all my shortcomings."

The wardrobe mistress, Moira, a motherly woman with a bawdy sense of humor laughed, "Shortcomings! Not from what I've heard from the girls who fitted your loincloth. Your, er, endowment was quite a challenge. They had to order more fabric. Just don't get a boner when you're swinging from the vines, or the loincloth could split wide open, giving the customers more than they bargained for. 'Course, ticket sales would go through the roof."

Grady doubled up laughing. "Moira you're a wicked woman, too rich for the ears of an innocent young man like me." Another whoop of mocking laughter and Grady gave them a hug before he left, leaving them with stars in their eyes.

As he walked off the soundstage to his car Grady, on a whim, pulled out the card Darius had given him and called his cell. "Hey, Darius," he said jovially, "how's it hanging?"

"Not exactly hanging loose any more at the sound of your voice, sir. More like a tent pole in my jeans. What can I do for you?" he asked hopefully.

"See, like an idiot I went home from your place wearing that collar. Was my face red! I'm just leaving the studio so I thought I'd drop it off to you."

"Well, I'm at work right now but why don't you swing by here? The construction site's right on your way home. Give you a chance to see the natives in their natural habitat." Hearing Grady hesitate Darius chuckled. "Don't worry, sir, Randy's not here. He's up at the house, going over figures in the office with Jamie and Brandon."

"Oh, I wasn't worried about that," Grady said, much too hastily. Darius chuckled again. "Whatever - just drive right onto the site, sir, and I'll meet you there."

Darius gave him easy directions and as Grady drove there he was feeling in a great mood, excited at meeting Darius and Zack again and the guys they worked with. He found the big construction site easily and drove onto it as directed. Darius came running up to his car, looking ultra-sexy stripped to the waist in black jeans and boots, and when Zack followed him he was dressed identically. Grady had already noticed how the boys often copied their masters in how they behaved and dressed.

Out of the corner of his eye he glimpsed movement as a grease monkey pulled himself out from under a truck. He jumped up and ran toward them. "Hey, sir, it's me, Ben, under all this grease. I'm one of the mechanics here. Great to see you again, sir. How's the movie coming?"

Grady gave Ben a hug and said, "Well, we haven't actually started principal photography yet. That's next week and it's got me good and nervous. I'll feel a lot better when we've started." He was distracted by another boy emerging from under the truck, a tough looking, muscular young man who seemed to be wearing nothing under his greasy dungarees held up by a single strap, his handsome, exotic features smeared with engine oil.

As he swaggered toward them Grady knew he had seen the swagger and the haughty look before .... Randy. The boy held out his hand confidently and said, "Hi, you must be Grady, sir. I'm Pablo, the boss's boy. My dad often talks about you."

Of course, Grady thought, Randy had adopted him - Brandon had told him that - but it was a surprise to hear that Randy talked about him. He thought he barely registered anymore on Randy's radar. "Good to meet you, Pablo," Grady said with a firm handshake. "I could have guessed you were Randy's boy. You act a lot like him." Pablo puffed himself up with pride. Grady couldn't have said anything more flattering.

But at that moment they all heard the big gates at the site's entrance clang shut, accompanied by shouts inside and outside. One of the crew ran over to Zack and said, "Hey boss, we got some kinda weird situation outside. Bunch of guys with cameras being pretty obnoxious, insisting they gotta come in. I didn't think you or Randy would go for that."

"Oh shit!" Grady clapped his hand to his forehead and blushed. "That's all my fault, Zack. I was in such a good mood when I left the studio that I didn't pay attention, and a bunch of press guys must have followed me up here. Wouldn't have happened if Eddie had been driving me - he keeps on the lookout for them. I'm sorry, guys."

"Not your fault, Grady. First we gotta get you out of sight. Pablo, take Grady into the trailer office and stay there." They hurried to the trailer and Zack pulled out his phone and called Randy. "Hey, buddy, we gotta situation down here. Grady dropped by and now there's a bunch of rowdy press guys trying to get in. I'll try to hold them behind the gate but I think you should get down here fast."

"On my way," said Randy, in the office with Jamie and Brandon. A look of thunder crossed his face and he said to Brandon, "Stand by, kid. We may need your help. Think you can look like a pool boy?"

"Sure, sir," he grinned, putting on his baseball cap sideways as he had seen Eddie do so often.


Randy sped away, his white-knuckled hands clenching the wheel. One of his guys was in trouble (he already thought of Grady as 'one of his guys') and a bunch of assholes were trying to get onto the construction site - invading his territory. There was more to it, too. Over the last few days Randy had grown to respect the handsome down-to-earth young man (not to mention lust for him) and he thought of himself as his protector.

In no time he was approaching the construction site and saw a small crowd clamoring outside the closed gates. His jaw clenched as he drove his big truck recklessly up to the crowd and barreled straight through them, sending them jumping for safety, barely missing some of them.

He stopped at the gate amid a chorus of protests. One shouted, "Maniac! Who the fuck do you think you are?"

Randy leapt from the truck and towered over them. His mere presence was threatening enough to make them take a step back. He grabbed the complaining man by his shirt collar and his eyes blazed. "I don't think who I am, dickhead, I know who I am," he snarled. "I'm the boss of this outfit and you're trespassing on my property. I'm the guy who decides who'll come onto the site and that sure as hell don't include a bunch of bottom feeders like you.

"Yeah, fuckface, I know who I am and I know who you are too. You're pond scum, a gang of pussy parasites who make a living invading guys' privacy. Like I said, you're trespassing so I'll give you ten seconds to get the hell out of my sight."

Intimidating as Randy was, one photographer objected. "Look, man, we have our rights and ..."

"Your rights!" Randy bellowed. "Take a look at my rights, pal," raising his clenched fists. "If you don't get out of here pronto I'll tear you apart and shove that fucking camera up your sorry ass."

He saw a camera flash and strode over to the photographer. He yanked the camera out of his hand, threw it in the ground and smashed the heel of his boot down on it, grinding it into rubble. He raised his arms to the side and yelled, "Anyone else wanna take my picture? Thought not - maybe you'd prefer this."

Randy picked up a long plank leaning against the fence and swung it over his head. He looked terrifying - the wild, raging gypsy in cargo pants and boots, eyes blazing, his muscles bulging under the sweaty tank stretched over his chest. He made sure the plank narrowly missed their faces and they shrank back in terror, raced for their cars and beat a hasty, disorganized retreat.

Randy flung down the plank in disgust and yelled, "OK guys - you can open the gate now." He jumped into his truck and as the gates swung inward he drove to the middle of the site.

Standing at the open door at the top of the steps to the trailer Pablo and Grady could see over the fence and hear everything that happened. Pablo beamed with pride. "That was vintage Randy," he said, "protecting his men - you actually. Don't ever get on the bad side of that guy."

Grady grinned and shrugged, "I already did, Pablo, and he tied me up and reamed my ass."

"Oh yeah, well, that. Sometimes he loses his cool ... slugs first and thinks after. He knows it was kinda a mistake, though he'd never admit it, but he'll make it up to you. He always does. He thinks of you as one of his guys so he'll protect you like a tiger - as you just saw."

Grady's cock had stiffened in his shorts as he had watched Randy's macho display of musclehunk domination, and now it got even harder as he saw Randy striding toward the trailer, his eyes still blazing with residual anger. But they softened as they looked at Grady. "OK," he said, "they've gone. Now let's get you out of here. I'll take you home."

Randy phoned Brandon. "Hey, kid. In twenty minutes get your ass over to Grady's house and take him to Steve's. There's a clicker to his gate in the office there. And in case any of those assholes are hanging around try to look like the pool boy."

"No problem there, sir," Brandon said, proud that Randy had entrusted a mission like this to him. It was one of the things Brandon loved about Randy - he always seemed completely unaware of his handicap and treated him the same as the other boys - just as Brandon wanted it.

Grady said remorseful thanks to Zack and Darius, gave Ben a hug and shook Pablo's hand, then climbed into the passenger seat of Randy's truck. "Better keep your head down 'til we get away from here," Randy said, "just to be sure."

Grady did as he was told and Randy drove faster than any paparazzi could ever give chase if there were any around. Grady sat up and there was silence between them at first, eventually broken by Grady. "Randy, that back there was exactly what I was afraid of, getting you and your guys involved in my troubles. So I'm planning on moving out of Steve's house, holing up alone in my own place and installing an alarm system with cameras.     

"The hell you will," Randy snorted. "Listen, man, we don't give in to assholes like that. Nobody dictates to us - we live as we want to live. If you run into problems like that again, any problems at all in fact, you call me direct and I'll be right there."

Grady wondered if this was Randy's way of 'making it up to him' as Pablo had said. This was the first time he had been alone with Randy (that first savage encounter didn't count) and his cock was hard as he breathed in the scent of the man, sweat, oil and maybe a hint of dried semen? - though maybe that was just wishful thinking. He didn't realize that, under his cargo pants, Randy was battling a boner of his own.

They drove on in silence until they came to Grady's house just off Laurel Canyon. Grady's heart was beating and he hesitated getting out of the truck, hoping Randy would come in with him. The tension built and suddenly Randy turned towards him, put his hand behind Grady's head and pulled him into a voracious kiss, their lips grinding hard, tongue's probing, sharing each other's breath.

It seemed like an eternity before Randy pulled back and Grady saw raw lust in his eyes. But Randy's words belied that lust. "OK, man - I saved you and you thanked me. So now we're quits. You're home safe, so get out of the truck and go inside. I'll arrange for one of the boys to pick you up."

Startled by the blunt words Grady got out wordlessly and walked toward the gate, hands thrust morosely in his shorts' pockets. Randy watched him go, his shorts stretched tight over the mounds of his flawless ass. He clenched his jaw and drove away. But in a sheltered spot down the hill he pulled over and slammed his hands on the steering wheel. "Fuck ... fuck ... fuck."

He thought of Grady walking dejectedly into his lonely house, then flashed on the sight of him butt naked, tied by the neck watching Randy fuck Bob and cumming all over them. He pulled his cock out of his work pants and pumped it in his fist. With the taste of Grady on his lips, images of him came thick and fast, even the pictures of him as Tarzan that Randy had looked at in the magazine the boys had. His breathing became ragged and he moaned, "Yeah ... fuck you, man ... fuck you ..." Semen blasted from his cock and splashed over the steering wheel.

"Damn," Randy said in embarrassed frustration and stuffed his cock back in his pants without even wiping it off. That smell of semen Grady had imagined in the truck was not his imagination. It was real.

At the same time Grady was lying on his bed doing much the same thing, stroking his cock as visions of Randy flashed through his mind - confronting the mob, fucking his lover Bob, and just now kissing him savagely. "Fuck me, sir," he groaned ... fuck me ... fuck me ... aaagh!" A ribbon of cum arched up high and splashed down on his face and the loose tank over his chest.


Brandon pulled up at the gate, with the peak of his cap pulled down to one side, looking round him to spot intruders. As added disguise he had thrown some of the pool equipment from the house into the back of his small pickup truck. He clicked open the gate and drove round to the back of the house. Grady had been too busy to hear him but Brandon had certainly heard his ecstatic yell which, as he was all alone, could only mean one thing.

He waited discreetly for a few minutes, then pulled himself out of his truck into his wheelchair, tapped on the door and rolled in. He wheeled himself into the bedroom then backed out quickly mumbling, "Oh, sorry, sir. I thought you were finished."

"It's OK, Brandon come on in. No secrets between us, eh? As you see from the jizz all over me I just got through whacking off." Brandon bent down from his wheelchair and licked the cum off Grady's face.

"Was it Randy, sir?"

"How the hell did you know that?" Grady blushed but then stood up and smiled at Brandon who was gazing up at him earnestly. "Yeah, OK, kiddo, Randy just rescued me from the paparazzi and drove me up here. He kissed me, then told me to get out of the truck and sped off on his own. Hell, I was so turned on, my dick was so hard I came in here and jerked off thinking of him fucking me. Not like that's ever gonna happen."

"Did it ever occur to you while you were jacking off, sir, that Randy was doing the same thing? I've watched him at the house and whenever your name is mentioned his head jerks up and his eyes gleam. Whenever I've seen that look before it means his dick is getting hard. I've told you before, sir, that Randy is a great guy. You two would get along great together."

Grady laughed and looked with affection at this outspoken boy blinking solemnly behind his black-rimmed glasses. "So you've got it all figured out, eh Einstein? But I think you may be wide of the mark on this one. Anyway, you think you can get me to Steve's so the paparazzi don't follow us?"

"Of course, sir." He rolled himself out to his truck, pulled himself expertly into the driver's seat and folded his wheelchair behind him. Grady jumped in beside him but as they rounded the corner of the house Grady glimpsed several photographers at the gate and groaned, "Fuck!"

"Don't worry, sir. Just duck under that blanket and leave everything to me." With Grady safely hidden Brandon drove confidently up to the gate, clicked it open, drove through and closed it behind him. "Hey, kid," one of the men shouted to him, "is Grady in there?"

"Grady?" Brandon said vacantly. "I don't know nuthin' 'bout no Grady. I jus' de pool-boy. I don't know nuthin'." They lost interest and as Brandon drove away a voice from under the blanket said, "Interesting accent, kid. I bet you do a great Jimmy Cagney."

Brandon growled deep - "Yooou dirty rat..." As a muffled laugh came from the blanket Brandon added. "I do a great Good Witch of the North too," adding in a high falsetto, "Come out, come out wherever you are. The coast is clear."

Grady emerged from the blanket choking with laughter. "Hey, Brandon, you should do a standup comedy act." Then realizing what he had said to a boy in a wheelchair, "Oops, sorry about that kiddo."

"No sweat, sir. Happens all the time." He giggled. "At least when I get a standing ovation at the end of my act I'll be the only one in the place still sitting down."

Grady leaned over and kissed his cheek. Brandon checked frequently in his rear-view mirror and no one was following. "Looks like your pool-boy act worked," Grady grinned. "Brandon the brilliant. Guess it never occurred to them that a kid in a truck with all hand controls would make an unlikely pool boy."

Brandon bristled. "Sure I could, sir, I'd make a great pool-boy. I can be anything I want."

"Yeah, I bet you could. Sorry about that Brandon. Stupid of me. Thanks for putting me in my place." He threw his arm over Brandon's shoulder for the rest of the drive, and when they got to Steve's house Grady invited him in for a drink. Brandon soon found himself sitting on the deck with Grady, Steve and Lloyd as Grady told the story of his escape. Randy and Brandon were the heroes of the hour and Brandon basked in their admiration.


Randy, however, was not feeling much like a hero when he got back to the house and Bob came out to meet him. Bob noticed the look of anger and frustration in his eyes, then the obvious cum stains over the bulge in his pants. News of Randy's heroics at the construction site had been trumpeted to the house by Darius, of course, and Bob hugged his man and said, "Well done, Randy. You OK?"

"Yeah, yeah," Randy said bad-temperedly. "Grady was hemmed in on the site by the paparazzi so I went down there and got rid of the mother-fuckers. Assholes won't be back in a hurry. Then I took Grady back to his house."

"And then...?"

"Then what? I told that I'd saved him and he'd thanked me so we were quits and he should get into his house fast and I drove away. End of story."

Bob doubted that. "You just let him go back into his lonely little house and that's it?"

Randy shot back. "I told Brandon to go pick him up. What the fuck else do you want from me?"

Bob sighed. "It's not what I want, Randy. It's what you and Grady want. Each other!"

Randy's anger was thwarted by the twins who, ever vigilant, came out with a tray of drinks and another of appetizers. "Drinks, sirs?"

Bob thanked the boys profusely and soon Randy and Bob were sitting at the table by the pool facing each other, Bob sipping wine and Randy slugging beer. "Look, Randy," Bob said gently. "At the risk of you getting angry and slugging me ..."

"Oh, man, you know I'd never do that."

Bob smiled, "It's been known. Whatever - I gotta speak my mind about you and Grady. My guess is that when you drove away from Grady's house you couldn't get him off your mind and you whacked off thinking about fucking him - hence the cum stains on your pants. Face it, man, you're aching to screw that gorgeous ass. You teased the hell out of him when you fucked me in front of him, then you end up jacking off thinking about him like some confused schoolkid."

Randy jumped to his feet and said, "Fuck you, asshole," clenching his fists. Bob jutted out his chin and pointed to it as a target. Randy snorted and sat down again.

"Look," Bob persisted, "I know you got off to a rocky start with Grady when you lost your cool and savaged him for no reason. You made a mistake and Steve punished you so, like you always say, a man does wrong, he gets punished and that's the end of it. So for god sake put your guilt behind you. A lot of your buddies have already fucked Grady but where were you? Nursing your wounded pride. I thought you were the big boss who always welcomes a new member to the group with one of his legendary fucks."

Randy was looking cowed as Bob continued. "The thing is Randy, I saw Grady's face when you were fucking me and I know for sure he wants your dick in his ass like crazy. He also needs you in other ways. Steve was telling me that one of Gray's priorities over the next few months is keeping his body in perfect shape while he's shooting the movie. He's thinking of using the trainer at the studio."

"Big mistake," Randy growled. "Those guys don't know crap."

"But you do, Randy, and you have a state of the art gym right here. Man, I always thought you took care of your guys. So what's stopping you this time?"

Randy knew he was beaten and, as Bob knew, he had to reassert his dominance. He took another slug of beer, wiped his forearm across his mouth and growled, "I gotta fuck. Get your ass up those stairs. He strode to the house with Bob following eagerly behind, smiling with satisfaction. He knew he had won - in more ways than one.


The next morning Grady was alone in Steve's house when the phone rang. He picked it up and before he could speak the curt voice said, with no introduction, "So, my brother says you've gotta stay in shape for this movie and you need a trainer. Well, you've come to the right place." Grady wasn't aware that he had 'come' anywhere - it was Randy making the approach. But never mind - the mere sound of his deep voice made Grady's dick hard.

"You'll need to come to me early in the morning before you report to the studio. And when you get off work you come straight here for another workout. An hour each time should do it, but I'll work you hard. You start work on Monday, right? So that gives us a couple of days for a party pump to make your muscles pop for your first day. We'll start today. I get home around five and I want you there waiting for me. You, er, can stay for dinner after if you like."

The phone went dead and Grady looked at the receiver in a daze. The man hadn't even identified himself, taking it for granted that Grady knew, and that he would obey his instructions. Which of course Grady would. No way would he ever disobey this guy.

So at a quarter to five Grady was standing at the gate waiting, wearing his usual gym gear of shorts, sneakers and a loose tank top. He didn't want to go inside and meet anyone else. This was between him and Randy. He had put on his gym clothes without thinking but now he suddenly thought he should have worn something more sexy. No, this was not about sex, it was about working out, wasn't it?

That question was answered definitively as Randy drove up and jumped out of his truck, a rugged construction worker in dirty jeans and a ragged tank top over his brawny torso, smelling of grease, sweat and, imagined or not, the faint smell of dry semen. "Good," Randy said without any further greeting, "you're here like I told you to be. Come down to the gym."

He led the way into the garden, then down the basement stairs to the gym. "Wow." Grady gazed in awe at the profusion of equipment filling the room. It was better than a professional gym, obviously put together by an expert in physical fitness. Grady was about to comment on it when he swallowed hard as Randy started to strip. He kicked off his boots, pulled down his jeans and shorts and, wearing just his tank strode over to a pile of old clothes in the corner, his massive cock swinging between legs.

Randy picked old thin gym shorts from the pile, pulled them on, then took off his tank and tossed it on the same pile. Grady stared at the muscular, near-naked body and his cock jolted in his shorts so hard he had to look away to prevent an orgasm. Randy came back to Grady and said, "OK, let's get a look at what we've got to work with here. He yanked Grady's tank off over his head and ran his hands over the musculature of his pecs and abs.

"Yeah, nigh on perfect," Randy murmured admiringly. "You are one fucking alpha stud, man. We're gonna keep it in shape, improve on it and get your head in the right place too. You've gotta have arrogance, a don't-fuck-with-me attitude. You're the king of the fucking jungle, right?" Suddenly Randy slammed his fist into Grady's abs in a savage gut punch.

Grady doubled over with a howl, feeling nauseous. When the shock wore off he straightened up his eyes blazing. "You mother-fucker, always the fucking caveman." He retaliated in kind, smashing his fists into Randy's stomach, slapping his face from side to side, then raising his leg in a fierce karate kick against his abs, making him stagger backward and drop to his knees, clutching his stomach.

When he raised his head Randy was grinning. "Perfect," he said. "Just what Tarzan would have done. I wanna see that attitude, that dominance all the time we work out. You got it, buddy ... takes a big man to drop me."

Grady bathed in Randy's praise and, even more, his calling him buddy. They understood each other - two muscle-stud alpha males pushing each other to physical extremes. Randy jumped to his feet as if nothing had happened and again inspected Grady like a prize specimen, making him gasp as he rubbed the back of his hands against his tits, lingering longer than necessary, then pinching his flesh and saying. "Great, almost no body fat. OK, I wanna see it all."

In a sudden move Randy pulled down Grady shorts. He was wearing an old, gray jock strap, underneath, worn thin and stained with old juices of several kinds, the waistband hugging his narrow waist. He was acutely aware of his huge erection clearly outlined under the thin fabric, the head poking up over the waistband. He blushed and murmured, "Sorry about that, man."

"Ah, no sweat, man. I expected it. Always happens to guys working out with me."

Grady recoiled momentarily, angered at the man's arrogance. But then, looking at him, he realized it was not arrogance. The man had no personal vanity. He was proud of Bob and his boys, sure, but displays of lust for himself by other guys he took in stride, as an inevitable occurrence, not worthy of notice. It had been a mere statement of fact.

Randy walked round him and inhaled sharply as he stared at the perfect white globes of Grady's ass, framed by the straps of the jock. Randy willed his own cock to go down in his shorts and, to distract himself, ran his hands over Grady's back and down his lats, stopping short of his ass. "Great proportion here in this V shape. I'd say you don't wanna get much bigger. Tarzan's not a body-builder, just a naturally gorgeous man." His pressed his hands on Grady's shoulders. "But your deltoids here could be a bit bigger so we'll work on that. OK, let's get started."

There followed a punishing hour of intense workout. Grady felt empowered by this man, felt renewed strength. He wanted to please Randy and tried to copy his fuck-you attitude and his physical endurance.

Focused as he was on pushing his muscles hard there was still a heavy aura of sex in the room that was often a distraction. When he lay on his back on the bench press Randy leaned over him from behind, spotting him, his hands helping support the bar. Grady's eyes were closed as he strained but when he opened them he saw straight up Randy's shorts, at the long thick cock under them stiff as a rod. His strength failed him and he gasped, "I can't ... help me, man."

Randy pulled the bar up and set it back in its cradle. "Concentrate, man. Don't lose you focus."

Easier said than done, Grady thought.

When later his arms were stretched up grasping the chin bar preparing for chin lifts, Randy said, "No, position the hands wider, like this." He pressed against him, chest to chest, reached up and pushed his hands wider on the bar. As he did so his armpit pressed against Grady's face who smelled and tasted the musky essence of man-sweat and licked the wiry armpit hair. "That's better," Randy said, though Grady wasn't sure if he meant the position of his hands or the licking of his pits.

Finally the workout was nearing its end. "OK, one more shoulder exercise," said Randy. "Dumbbell flies. On your belly on the bench." He handed him a pair of mid-weight dumbbells and, arms stretched up in a V, Grady proceeded to raise them, the strain concentrated in his shoulders and back. Randy watched his shoulders bulge, the muscles ripple down his back, the lats sloping down the jock round his tight waist, the straps framing the mounds of his ass.

His ass! That glorious ass that Randy had jacked off thinking about so often. It was here, gazing up at him, enticing him in. Throughout the workout Randy had tried to maintain a professional cool, but now he lost it. "Holy fucking shit," he moaned. "That ass is fucking pornographic." He dropped to his knees and buried his face between the cheeks.

Grady gasped, dropped the weights and groaned as he felt the stubbled face scratch his ass roughly, felt the tongue licking his hole, then pushing into it and massaging the hot membrane inside. Grady couldn't believe it was happening, this tough gypsy feeding on his ass, eating him out. He heard Randy's greedy slurping and his deep, muffled groans as Randy pressed his face between the white globes of his ass.

The sensation was so unexpected, so erotic that his cock was pounding between his stomach and the bench and he knew he was about to cum. But Randy always knew his man and suddenly pulled away. With spit running down his stubbled chin he gazed down fiercely at the wet, flexed ass and slapped it, each cheek in turn, watching the mounds bounce under his hand until he saw red handprints appear on the white flesh.

Then he flipped Grady off the bench, onto his back on the carpeted floor. Grady gasped as Randy dropped his shorts and towered over him, wrapping his fist round his huge pole and stroking it. "Fuck you, man," Randy growled, "you are so fucking gorgeous and right now you're mine. I gotta have you. I know you want this cock, stud. Tell me you want it."

"Yes, sir," Grady said loudly, his heart beating wildly. "I've wanted it for days - every time I saw you. I jerk off all the time imagining your rod in my ass. Please, sir ... please ... fuck me."

Eyes gleaming with lust Randy fell to his knees and pushed Grady's legs up high. He looked down at his ass, still slick with his spit, and pressed the bulbous head of his cock against it. "You've been fucked by my buddies, but this is different, man. This is me, stud. This is what you've been craving. Here it comes."

Grady looked up at the swarthy gypsy face, the long black hair falling over it, the steel blue eyes piercing his, and he was lost. "Please, sir," he sobbed "... please." With one long, forceful move Randy drove his thick pole into the young jock's ass, deeper, deeper until it passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest. "Aaaagh!! It was so huge, filling his ass, that Grady thought he would pass out. The pain was so intense that he clawed at Randy's hairy chest, digging his fingers into the pecs, trying instinctively to push him away.

But Randy pulled his dick back slowly, almost all the way out, and said with a half-smile, "Do it, man. Do it for me." Hypnotized by Randy's eyes and his gravelly voice Grady felt the massive prong push into him again, slower this time, and there was no pain, blotted out by the exquisite sensation of this muscle-god's cock sliding inside him. The voice came again. "I said do it, man. You wanna please me, don't you? Do it."

Grady had no choice. He was totally under the gypsy's control. The cock pushed deeper and deeper, Grady dug his fingers in harder and his scream echoed round the room as his cock exploded in a cascade of sperm that splashed down on his own heaving body and writhing face.

Randy smiled down at him. "Good boy. Now we can really fuck."

"Through rasping breaths Grady pleaded, "Don't take it out, sir. Fuck me more, fuck me hard."

"All in good time, big guy." Randy pulled his cock out, stood up and wiped his dick clean with a towel. He reached down and pulled Grady's jockstrap off. He pulled Grady to his feet and looped the jockstrap round his neck. Cum was still running down his sculpted face and chest and Randy said, "Perfect ... fucking beautiful ... the kind of man you wanna show off. Be a shame not to. So let's go."


Upstairs by the pool the whole tribe had gathered. Word had gone round on the grapevine about what was happening and they were all there - those he already knew and the few he hadn't met - the twins, Adam and Nate, Mario and Jason. It was to be a major dinner, but even the twins had taken a breather from the kitchen and were waiting with bated breath with the others. They had all heard Grady's screams coming from the basement, then silence.

They didn't have long to wait. The door to the basement opened and Randy emerged, buck naked. There was a collective gasp as they saw what followed. Randy was leading Grady by the jockstrap round his neck. He too was naked, with jizz dripping down his face, down the cleft between his pec and over the ridges of his abs.

Randy led him like his slave (which by this time he was) into the middle of the lawn, several yards from the group. "Pay no attention to anyone else," Randy said. "Right now you belong to me ... you focus on me and obey me. Understand?"

"Yes, sir." A ripple went round the spectators, hearing the tone of total submission in Grady's voice. They watched in stunned awe as Grady fell to his knees and licked the massive cock swinging before his face. He buried his face in the black tangle of pubic hair and inhaled deeply. There wasn't a soft dick in the crowd as they watched the pornographic sight of the handsome, muscular young alpha jock surrendering to the powerful gypsy in an act of worship.

Nothing existed for Grady but the man he had desired for so long, and the dick he needed so badly. He again licked it down to the head, opened his mouth wide and sucked it into his mouth, pausing to gag and swallow, then gulp it down until it filled his mouth and throat as Grady breathed desperately though his nose.

"I gotta give the guy lessons," Eddie whispered to Ben, but Hassan smacked him lightly round the head. "Down, boy. Quiet." No one else had heard, intensely focused on what came next. Randy grabbed Grady's head in both hands and pushed his face back and forth on his cock, taking pleasure in the jock's gagging and choking as the cock crammed down his throat.

Finally Randy pulled out and Grady fell forward coughing on hands and knees, his vulnerable ass on full display, the white flesh marked with handprints. Randy grabbed his hair and pulled his face up, streaming with tears now, mixed with semen. "Tell me what you want now, stud."

"Sir, I want you to fuck my ass. I need to feel your cock pounding my ass. Please, sir."

Many of the men and boys were now stroking their cocks watching the handsome muscle-jock begging the construction boss to fuck his ass. Randy reached down and slapped his ass again, bringing a gasp from the crowd. Then he pressed his foot against the kneeling man and pushed him over onto his back. He dropped to his knees, pulled Grady's legs over his shoulders, leaned forward and pinned his wrists to the ground, their faces two feet apart.

Randy stared down at Grady's flawless body naked except for the jockstrap round his neck, at his chiseled face and stunning green eyes. He growled, "Man, you are so fucking beautiful you were born to be fucked. Like this..." Without pausing he rammed his cock hard in Grady's ass like a pile driver, pulled back and drove it in again. "Aaaagh ... no! ... I can't ..."

"You want me to stop, boy?"

"No, sir, no," Grady said in a panic. "Please fuck me ... I can take it, sir. My ass is yours ... do what you want to it, sir."

Randy drove his rod in again and Grady braced for a battering, but suddenly Randy paused, pulled almost out and the head of hic cock massaged his sphincter with short strokes. "Ah...ah ..." Grady whimpered, his gaze fixed on the hypnotic blue eyes staring down at him. In a daze he was moaning, "Fuck me ... fuck me ..."

Then again, the sudden plunge deep inside him, eliciting another howl, this time of pleasure, and for the next five minutes Randy's cock pistoned inside him, pushing him right up to his pain threshold, then at the end going beyond his limit for an instant, making Grady scream, before pulling back and caressing his now raging-hot ass.

It was a classic Randy fuck, which every one of the men and boys could relate to, having all felt it at one time of another, usually when they first came to the house to Randy's 'initiation fuck'. They saw Grady's magnificent body writhe under the onslaught, his face thrashing from side to side, tears flowing down his cheeks, mouth open wide - not to scream but in disbelief at the incredible sensation radiating out from his ass through his whole beautiful body.

As they saw the magnificent Tarzan impaled on the gypsy's thick pole, gazing up into his laser blue eyes, the men knew that Grady was floating in a world of raw animal lust where Randy ruled. He was a prisoner of the gypsy and of his cock filling his ass and he gloried in his captivity. He was his sex slave, giving his ass to his master to fuck as much as he wanted.

It seemed to go on forever, with Randy alternately jackhammering his ass, then making tender love to it, driving Grady wild with desire. It went on for so long that some of the men became concerned. But Randy asked several times if Grady had had enough and he always begged for more. He was clearly bewitched by the rugged gypsy as so many of them had been before.

In the end it was Randy, of course, who dictated when the climax should come. He released Grady's arms, pulled back, looked at the crowd and stared straight at Pablo. "Boy, get your ass over here." Pablo obeyed instantly, knelt beside them and Randy pulled his head toward him in a grinding kiss. Grady's desire grew even more intense as he looked up in awe at the handsome, muscular young man kissing his master - father and son in a passionate embrace.

Randy grabbed the back of his boy's head, pulled it back and said, "Kid, my buddy here wants to bust his load, and you're gonna help him."

Pablo looked down at Grady and said, "You are such a smoking hot stud, sir, and your cock is so beautiful, it'll be my honor, sir." Randy pressed Pablo's head down low and forced his mouth over Grady's iron-hard cock dripping with pre-cum. Pablo (who had had lessons from Eddie) took the long rod easily all the way down his throat and, without gagging once, proceeded to suck smoothly and deeply.

"Aaaah," Grady sighed heavily. He held Pablo's head in both hands and pushed it up and down on his cock, watching the exotic young buck concentrate on his work. Then he gazed back up at Randy and smiled for the first time. "Thank you, sir. Thank you."

"You're a great fuck Grady. A big muscle-stud like you taking it in the ass is a big turn-on for me. When we work out together, morning and evening, if you work real hard, this'll be your reward - twice a day if you're good. But right now my balls are fit to explode and I'm busting to shoot my jizz in your ass. And you're gonna let my boy drink yours. You ready?"

"I could have come a hundred times already, sir. Just give the order."

Randy pushed his cock in slowly and deeply, driving Grady wild as he felt it push into the deepest furnace of his ass. At the same time Randy's boy was feeding on his cock, clenching his throat muscles round it, squeezing then releasing like he was fucking his cock. Grady stared wide eyed at Randy. "Please, sir... I can't hold back ... I'm on fire ... I gotta cum ..."

"OK, stud, let it go." Grady's breathing got ragged, he reached up and ran his hands over Randy's neck and chest. "Thank you, sir. Thank you, I ... oh fuck ... fuck ... I'm cumming ... I'm gonna shoot. Yeaahh ..." His body convulsed, his mouth opened wide in an ecstatic scream and his cock blasted sperm into Pablo's mouth, who gulped it down like nectar from a god.

Grady gazed up at Randy who grinned, "This is what you wanted, man - my juice in your ass. Here it comes ... yeah ... oh man ... you're so fucking hot ... fuuuck yeah." Grady saw the big body heave as the massive cock poured a river of hot jizz deep in his ass. The sensation made Grady shot another load in Pablo's mouth, which he gulped down, savoring every last drop.

Pablo pulled back off Grady's cock and looked up at Randy. "May I sir?" Randy grinned, "Go for it, boy." Pablo knelt astride Grady's chest, stroked his stiff cock and said, "Your face is so gorgeous, sir. I gotta do this." Grady opened his mouth just as the boy blasted a ribbon of cum straight into his mouth and over his face.

Semen was everywhere - in his ass, his mouth and all over his face and chest. His ass was still filled by the gypsy's hunk of prime beef. Grady breathed deeply and gazed up at the sky with a smile on his face. He had been fucked at last by the boss, by the wild gypsy he had lusted for so intensely. It was a fuck he would never forget, and one that would be repeated. 'Twice a day' Randy had said. He was hungry again already.


Pablo leaned forward and kissed Grady, both their mouths full of semen. A third mouth joined them, the unmistakable rough stubble of the gypsy. Grady was in a euphoric daze being smothered by master and boy. Randy leapt to his feet, pulled Grady up beside him and raised his arm up high like a victorious boxer, his cum-soaked jock hanging round his neck. "Gentlemen," Randy shouted ... "Grady!"

The spectators rose to their feet in a raucous standing ovation as Randy grabbed Pablo's hand on his other side and raised it too. Grady realized, along with everyone else, that this is what it took to finally become a member of the tribe - Randy's endorsement ... not to mention his dick up your ass.

As the group regained their seats, Bob remained standing and walked forward, kissing Randy, then drawing Grady into a tight hug. Then they both looked over the crowd. "Most of the men you know already," Bob said, "but I'll point out those you don't. The guys running around with food are my boys the twins, Kyle and Kevin. Grady was dazzled by the beautiful, identical young men intent on serving dinner.

"Then there are the Aussies from next door, Adam and Nate." "Good on ya, mate," shouted the ruggedly handsome man with the gym-honed physique, and his good-looking boy Nate with a cheeky look in his eye. "And this handsome young man as you might guess is our stylish Italian, Mario. The dark haired, square-featured beauty with the Mediterranean looks smiled up from the table. "Benvenuto, signore."

"And last but not least is our resident fireman Jason." Grady caught his breath as he gazed at the stunning blond with the superb body, shirtless in gym shorts, who got up from the table, walked up to Grady, stared into his eyes and kissed him full on the lips. "Looks like we have a lot in common, big guy. My boy Ben has talked a lot about you. Can't wait to work out with you down at the gym in my house."

As Jason sat back down Grady looked at Bob and laughed, "Where to start eh?" His cock was getting hard again and Bob picked up two pairs of shorts from a chair and threw them at Randy and Grady. "Here, get decent you guys," he laughed.

Grady took his place at table between Randy and Bob and the group became even more boisterous than usual, their high spirits caused by Randy's initiation of a new guy - an especially glamorous one in this case.

But Bob was looking into the future and he was not comfortable with what he saw. Grady and Randy were deep in conversation, ostensibly about gym stuff, but Bob could see the adoration in Grady's eyes and a possessive, hungry look in Randy's as if he were eating Grady up. Bob had seen that look several times in the past and it always led to trouble. He looked across the table at Mark with a rueful smile, sighed and shook his head. "Not again, buddy. Not again."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 277


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