The whole tribe was gathered round the outdoor table after dinner watching a video - one that Darius had introduced in the lurid language of old time spectaculars ... "One of the greatest epics Darius Productions has ever brought to the screen!!!"

Despite his grandiose hyperbole everyone agreed that it was, in fact, a pretty hot movie. Darius had been allowed to film the twins living out their secret fantasy - the twins as sexy young leather boys captured and worked over by two tough, greasy construction workers - alias Bob and Randy.

It was the latest in a series of events where a tribe member had displayed his private fantasies. The psychologist Doctor Steve sometimes referred to men's buried desires like these as their inner demons, and the guys were starting to wonder who would be next to take the plunge and resurrect his fantasies. Even the ruggedly handsome Doctor Steve himself had a secret desire, known only to himself and maybe his lover Lloyd - one he felt he could never act upon.

Steve and Lloyd were there that evening for dinner and the Darius 'epic'. (Not your traditional dinner-and-a-movie date). Lloyd, who always had an infatuation for handsome, muscular jocks like the guys at his gym, was especially turned on by the video. Sitting next to Bob he said, "Wow, that was quite something, Bob. You all looked spectacular ... sure gave me a boner."

With Steve out of earshot at the other end of the table Lloyd grinned at Bob conspiratorially. "Seems to be the season for guys releasing their 'inner demons' and living out their secret fantasies. First Zack opens up to Brandon, and now your twins have lived out their deep desires for bondage and rough sex as we've all just seen. So who's next, I wonder?"

"You, maybe?" Bob smiled, who had a feeling Lloyd wanted to open up about something. All the men confided in Bob at one time or another.

"Nah, not me. I'm out in the open about all my fantasies, but ..." He leaned closer and resumed his conspiratorial whisper. "My man Steve once hinted at a long-suppressed fantasy that he could never really act out. Yup, the cool, confident therapist, that gorgeous alpha male, Randy's hot brother, has demons of his own. He never came right out with it but I'm pretty sure it's this."

Lloyd elaborated, then added, "Now you see why he thinks he could never actually do it. But ... here's the thing. I'd love to help Steve bring it to life and I've thought about it a lot. See there's this guy at the gym ...." But as Lloyd enthusiastically outlined his plan Bob's brow furrowed.

"So what d'ya think, Bob?"

"Hmm, I'm not so sure it's such a great idea, Lloyd. You could be playing with fire there. I'd tread real carefully if I were you."

"Nah," Lloyd laughed, "don't you see, buddy? It's a win-win situation. What could go wrong?"


Win-win? Bob had his doubts as he mulled over Lloyd's enthusiastic plan. Lloyd was probably right that Doctor Steve had nursed this particular fantasy as it was a fairly standard one in the annals of homoeroticism - a sexy doctor getting it on with a patient. After all, Steve was a hot blooded male - not to mention hot looking - and, besides, he had his brother Randy's oversexed genes buried in him somewhere.

But Steve was a consummate professional, a respected Beverly Hills psychologist so it was unsurprising that he would banish thoughts of an act that had cost many a doctor his license - even if he was sometimes sorely tempted. A therapist's code of conduct was strict and Steve went by the book. Except, Bob frowned, wait a minute .... wait a minute ....

"Now wait just a minute, here," Bob said to Lloyd. "We all know Steve and what are euphemistically called his 'unconventional methods'. He's treated most of our men and boys and it has almost always included sex of one kind or another - often with the handsome doctor himself. So what's the big deal? What's all this stuff about stifling his fantasies of having sex with a patient?"

"But that's just the point, Bob, don't you see? That's forbidden fruit - with a regular patient. What he does within the tribe is another matter entirely. Steve looks on all these guys as family - shit, two of them are his brothers - so there's no confidentiality issue here. You know Randy's old saying - 'what happens in the tribe stays in the tribe'- so there's no chance of his 'unconventional methods' getting out - no second thoughts or recriminations. Hell, Bob, you know as well as I do that the guys love it, can't wait for more. Plus his methods always work."

"Hmm," Bob stroked his chin. "So what you're saying is the tribe has nothing to do with it. His fantasy is about a regular patient, a guy who comes to his office, for example, and there's mutual attraction and Steve ends up fucking him, or vice-versa."

"Trust me, Bob, there would be no vice-versa. Steve does the fucking," grinned Lloyd.

"Yeah," Bob nodded, "I understand how that would be a fantasy Steve would bury. He'd never jeopardize his practice for a roll in the hay with a patient, no matter how hot the patient."

"And talking of hot guys," Lloyd said, "I have this buddy at the gym, Grady, who's drop dead gorgeous. We've often whacked off admiring each other - even fucked a couple of times - you know me and hot men. Anyway, Grady has this libido problem - he's addicted to gorgeous men."

"Not unlike you, Lloyd," Bob grinned.

"Bingo," Lloyd laughed. "Anyway, he mentioned the other day that he wants to see a therapist about it 'coz it sucks up so much of his energy. I naturally mentioned Steve, so Grady, with a nudge from me, will probably go see him.

"Now here's how I figure it. A guy like Steve - everyone's dream of a square-jawed musclehunk doctor - is exactly the kind of guy who'd send Grady though the ceiling. And Steve would get a hard-on the minute Grady walked through the door if I know Steve - and believe me I do. Well, two hot guys in intimate private conversation - you do the math. Match made in porn heaven, I'd say."

Bob was getting more skeptical by the minute. "But what if nothing happens?"

"But that's the beauty of it, don't you see? If nothing happens, Grady gets the therapy he wants and needs, and that's that. But if something does happen, like I expect, Steve gets to play out the doctor/patient fantasy he's been stifling for years. Like I said - win-win."

Bob shook his head. "Lloyd, if you want my advice, which you probably don't, I'd warn you to stay miles away from a stunt like this. Like I said, you're playing with fire. Something like this could get out of control. Besides, would you be OK with Steve fucking your buddy?"

"Hell, I've fucked him. Steve and me, we occasionally fool around on the side - nothing serious, just takes the pressure off, Steve says."

Bob had a suspicion that most of the 'fooling around' was done by Lloyd at the gym, but then another thought struck him. "You sure you can trust this ... Grady? I mean, discretion and all."

"Oh, sure. Grady's an actor, career about to take off - he could easily be the big screen's newest sex symbol. Shit, all he has to do is take his shirt off. But any hint of a scandal would stop his career dead in its tracks. Nah, all he'd want out of it is to get fucked by one of the most gorgeous men he's ever laid eyes on - his doctor."

"Somebody call for a doctor?" came a deep genial vice as Steve walked up. "That would be me, guys. Sorry, I got caught up in a long conversation with Randy. Jeez that brother of mine can be intense. Anyway, you two seemed to be engrossed in a real heart-to-hearter - plotting something no doubt. Hope it includes me."

Bob blushed slightly as Steve accidentally came so near to the truth. But Steve was focused on Lloyd. "Time we hit the road buddy. I got a full day tomorrow and anyway, that video gave me such a boner that it's still there, hard as a rock. And you know what that means, old buddy."


As they were driving up the hill to their house on Mulholland Steve asked, "So what were you and Bob in such a huddle about back there after dinner? You looked like the Witches of Macbeth stirring toil and trouble - except there were only two of you and you were hunched over brandies instead of a cauldron.

Lloyd laughed. "Nice one, Steve. Never been compared to a witch before ... I better double up my workouts at the gym. Nah, we were just shooting the breeze. But I did happen to mention that gym buddy of mine, Grady."

"Grady? Oh, that hunk who's gonna be the next big thing in movies ... the guy you fooled around with?"

"Yeah," Lloyd blushed."

"Ah, don't sweat it, big guy. Just as long as you don't get caught, get thrown out of the gym and lose your membership. Huh," he chuckled, "no gym membership, now that would be a major calamity for a jock like you. Besides, you mentioned that this Grady was hung up on gorgeous guys so I gotta say his taste is impeccable."

"Thanks doc. Anyway, with all this talk going around lately of guys' fantasies, I said to Bob that hang-ups can sometimes become a problem. Take Grady .... He's thinking he's gonna need help with what he calls his addiction to hot guys. Whenever he sees a gorgeous guy at the gym he becomes obsessive, follows them around, even ends up fucking a few of them.

"He's gonna get into trouble one day but his acting career is about to take off big time - starring role in a major blockbuster - and his manager's warned him he needs to get professional help. Scandal like that could kill his career stone dead. He told me he's looking for a therapist so naturally I suggested the best therapist in town. Maybe I could make an appointment for him."

"Hm, I see the problem," Steve said. "Does sound like the guy needs help. I treat a lot of guys with sexual compulsions of one kind or another, so sure I'll see him. But you can't make the appointment for him. You know the rules. It's the patient who has to reach out and call the therapist. So tell him to call my office and my secretary will set something up."

A smile came to Steve's face. "But on to more important matters - namely, the boner I still got in my pants after that pornographic movie of the twins. And talking of therapy reminds me that it's a long time since you went to see your shrink to get some of your hang-ups sorted out. 'Course, you need a doctor who understands your needs, one who knows just how to treat you."

Now it was Lloyd's turn to get a hard-on.


By the time they got to the house their imaginations were working overtime and they had only one thing on their mind. They went straight to the bedroom where Lloyd lay on his back on the bed, propped on his elbows, and Steve sat in a chair facing him. Lloyd was in blue jeans and a gray V-neck T-shirt, Steve in beige slacks and loafers and a white polo shirt that showed off the ripped muscles of his torso.

Steve grabbed his clipboard from the bedside table, a sign that he was in therapist mode. Lloyd was only too happy to play the patient.

"Now let's see here," Steve said, going over his notes. "At our last session you said, and I quote, 'I'm totally stressed out, doc - wound tighter than a cock ring.' Hm, unfortunate metaphor, but I think it points to where your problem lies. Let's see if you're still as wound tight as you were then."

Steve leaned forward and pressed his ear to Lloyd's chest checking his heartbeat. "Yeah, heart's beating a mile a minute, almost like a panic attack. Do you feel panicked, Lloyd?"

"Well, not sure I'd call it panic, doc, but there sure is something going on." Steve's head was turned sideways away from his face so Lloyd was looking down at the back of Steve's head and the thick hair curled over the nape of his neck. He felt the weight of the doc's head on his chest and his cheek brushing against his nipple, which only made his heart race faster.

"There sure is something going on," Steve said. "I can see your pulse throbbing right down to the bulge in your jeans. Man, that is one hyperactive crotch, and I do believe there's a wet stain down there - getting bigger too."

He drew back his head and gave his prognosis. "OK, first thing is we have get you stabilized. You gotta calm down and relax, young man, so we're going to loosen any clothing that's too tight. Gotta get rid of the bulges, starting with this one."

He gently, pulled down Lloyd's zipper and jerked his head back as Lloyd's long, hard prick sprang out of his pants and stood up straight as a flagpole. "Oh yeah, that right there is one of the focal points of your tension, so we have get that to go down. It's oozing some kind of pre-cum too so let me get rid of that for you."

Steve leaned forward again, flicked out his tongue and licked the fluid from the tip of Lloyd's cock. Lloyd inhaled sharply and groaned.

"Sorry, Lloyd, didn't mean to hurt you. And while we're at it, that shirt is real tight on you. You seem to have a habit of wearing clothes that cling to your body when you come here, so maybe you'd feel more comfortable in looser shirts. After all," Steve smiled, "you're here to get your mind right, not to show off your body, attractive as it might be. So this has to come off."

Gently Steve pushed the shirt up from his waist. He eased it up behind Lloyd, then up over his chest, inadvertently brushing Lloyd's nipples with his thumbs. "Mmm," Lloyd moaned again and Steve apologized again. He pulled the T-shirt off over Lloyd's head, folded it neatly and placed it over the back of his chair.

Steve sat back in his chair and checked his clip board again, glancing sideways at his shirtless patient leaning back on his elbows - at his broad shoulders, sculpted pecs and razor sharp abs.

"I see from your chart that you've mentioned in the past a hyperactive libido and I think that sex may still be a problem for you. A lot of tension comes from sex - or the lack of it. Chronic tension is sometimes referred to as being anal-retentive, so what I'd like to try today is a therapy I call anal relaxation - otherwise known as a butt-fuck."

"Aw, come off it, doc, I don't go in for shit like that. Can't we stick to the usual stuff - like how my fucked-up childhood made me the mess I am today - you know, primal scream stuff and all that?"

Steve's response was to stand up and pull off his polo shirt. Lloyd's rigid prong started to ooze pre-cum again as he stared up at the shirtless musclehunk doctor with the chiseled torso. He said, "Then again, doc, maybe you got a point. Perhaps we should give this 'anal relaxation' thing a try."

"Good," Steve smiled, "I thought you'd see it my way." And we don't have to give up on the 'primal scream' either, if that's what you want. That'll be part of the treatment too. There's just one thing, though. Some of my patients find the anal relaxation therapy a bit painful at first and their reflex is to resist. But that only increases their stress, so I want you to just lie back, stretch your arms up and take a deep breath. What I usually I recommend is this...."

Gently he pulled one of Lloyd's wrists up to the bed post and tied it with a length of cord that always hung there. He did the same to the other wrist and stood back. Instinctively Lloyd pulled at his wrists and said, "Hey, doc, I'm not sure about this. Is this supposed to relax me?"

"Now calm down, Lloyd, and trust me. Therapy doesn't work unless there is complete trust between doctor and patient. Just lie back and watch while I prepare for the therapy."

He reached own and pulled off Lloyd's sneakers. Then he tugged at the bottom of his Levi's, slid them down over his feet and meticulously folded them over the chair. Again he looked down at his patient, the dark-haired handsome athlete now wearing only white socks and gray boxer briefs with his cock standing up tall through the fly.

"Perfect," Steve smiled. "You know, young man, I think you're going to respond well to this treatment. We gotta lose the shorts though." He tugged at them but they clung tight to his hips and round his ass.

Steve chuckled, "There you go again with your tight clothes, Lloyd. Not good for your penis, you know, to be bunched up in them when it's hard - which I gather it is most of the time. Sorry, Lloyd, but there's only one way to get them off." Steve flexed his arm and, with one heave, ripped the shorts clean off.

"There, that's better." Holding the torn shorts in his hand Steve towered over Lloyd who moaned as he gazed up at the gorgeous, half naked doctor.

Steve kicked off his loafers, unbuckled his belt and let his slacks drop. Careful as ever he folded them neatly, getting the creases right, and lay them over Lloyd's jeans on the chair. Lloyd had a fleeting impression of a meticulous surgeon painstakingly preparing for an operation, except that this doctor was now stripped down to white boxer shorts and beige socks.

"Now, I see you're still very tense so I'm going to have to do this as part of your anal relaxation. Think of it like the topical gel the dentist rubs over your gums to numb them. Steve knelt on the end of the bed, grabbed Lloyd's legs behind the knees and push them way back, exposing his ass, with fine dark hair ringed round the hole.

The doctor leaned down and pushed the tip of his tongue against the tight sphincter. "Oh, yeah," he murmured, "that is severe anal retention. That's your problem, Lloyd, so just relax while I work on it. He licked round the hole then pushed his tongue in further, further until he heard the patient moan and felt his body quiver. And at last he felt the ass relax.

"Excellent." Steve pulled back and wiped his mouth with a hand towel. You responded well again, Lloyd. I think you're starting to let go. Now, with some patients that's enough, but you are an especially tough case, so I'm going to use this." He held up a jar of lube. "Now, still on the dentist analogy, I want you to think of this as the Novocain he injects before he starts drilling, OK?"

"If you say so doc," Lloyd murmured, "but there are still parts of me that just won't relax," and he stared down at the rigid flagpole sticking out of his pubic hair.

"Like I said, Lloyd, leave everything to me." The doctor dipped his fingers in the lube and massaged the already spit-slick hole of Lloyd's ass. "OK, now try to relax 'cos I'm gonna enter you and it may hurt a bit. He pushed a finger slowly into his ass, then two and, as Lloyd's groans mounted, added a third.

Steve looked down at the athletic body writhing on the bed, his biceps flexing as he tugged at his wrists, his face wincing as his head tossed from side to side. "Aaah," Lloyd gasped as the fingers withdrew and his ass felt suddenly empty.

"You have a really tight ass, Lloyd. With some patients, if you can believe it, I can push my whole fist in their ass. And believe me, that sure relaxes them."

"Maybe I'll graduate to that later, doc, but what you just did didn't work ... look." Steve followed his gaze down to his cock where pre-cum was oozing from the tip and running down the sides like a leaking faucet.

"You're right," Steve sighed, wiping his hands on the same hand towel. "So let's clean that thing up before we proceed. Let me run something up the flagpole." He chuckled, "Sorry, Lloyd, just a little doctor humor there - always gets a laugh." What he ran up the flagpole was his tongue, from Lloyd's pubic hair to the top, efficiently licking the shaft clean as he sucked in the thin juice.

Again he wiped his mouth with the towel. "Right, we've had minimal success so far so we're obviously gonna have go through the whole procedure ..." he grinned "... pull out the big guns so to speak." Steve turned his back to Lloyd, pulled down his boxers and folded them with the rest of the clothes. He picked up the lube again and turned round to face Lloyd.

Lloyd gasped at the sight of the massive piece of meat swinging between Steve's muscled thighs, but Steve was still the calm, clinical professional. "Now I'll explain the final procedure." He held his cock in the palm of his hand. "This is the tool I use for the rest of the therapy."

"But it's fucking massive," said the patient.

Steve shrugged. "Yeah, and unfortunately it gets even bigger before it's ready for insertion."

"I don't think this is gonna work, doc. I told you I don't really go for this stuff."

"Just as you like, Lloyd. Of course, treatment has to be consensual, so we can discontinue this approach and go back to discussing - what was your preference? - yes, your 'fucked-up childhood' as you called it." Steve picked up his shorts and started to put them back on."

"No, no, doctor. I mean, let's try this. I'm a tough jock, I don't scare easy. I'll just grit my teeth."

"Well, gritted teeth are not what we're going for here, but OK we'll proceed. Obviously you're intimidated by this tool in my hand so we have to make you lose your fear of it. I want you to watch carefully while I make it grow hard. Stare at it, become familiar with it."

Steve again dipped his fingers in the lube and spread it over his cock hanging between his legs, stroking it slowly from the base down to the head halfway down his thigh. The therapist's voice assumed a hypnotic tone as he described his progress. "See that cock, Lloyd? I'm feeling it come to life in my fist, feel the blood coursing through it. Watch it get hard, Lloyd. See that?"

Steve's huge schlong was hard in seconds and he continued to lube it and stroke it. "Keep your eyes on that tool, Lloyd. Don't be afraid, it's your friend, it's gonna make you feel so good when it penetrates your anus - hence anal relaxation. Your ass is tight but it's gonna open up for this rod and you'll feel your ass full of this prime piece of meat. You want it Lloyd?"

Want it!? Lloyd was drooling as he watched Steve's cock, long and thick like his brother Randy's, getting hard as steel. He was mesmerized by the sound of the doctor's deep voice and his promise of how his cock would feel in Lloyd's ass. He took his eyes off the cock and stared into Steve's eyes, the same laser blue as his brother's.

"You're right, doc. I want that pole in my ass. Please, doc. Push it in my ass. Fuck me..."

Steve stood at the foot of the bed, grabbed Lloyd's ankles and pushed his legs up high so his ass came level with the tip of Steve's cock. He pressed it against his hole and eased it in slowly, feeling the tight ass open up under the pressure. Lloyd winced and said, "Go slow, doc, it hurts. Stop a minute, pull back a bit and let me get used to it."

Steve pulled his cock back and paused. He pushed the legs back even farther until the feet touched the headboard and Lloyd's own cock pointed straight down at his face. Steve was standing on the foot of the bed, his body arched over Lloyd, holding his ankles against the headboard, the head of his cock inside Lloyd's ass. Lloyd stared up at the doctor with the rugged square-jawed features, the muscled body flexed as it poised motionless over him.

Steve smiled down at him. "You know how doctors work, Lloyd. When they give you an injection they don't ease the needle in. They take aim and spear it in like a dart. "Well I'm a doctor too, Lloyd. So...." His eyes gleamed and suddenly his body fell, his hips slamming down and his cock driving into Lloyd's ass like a piston.

"Aaagh!!...." Lloyd's scream echoed round the room, his body writhing, his arms pulling frantically at the ropes as he felt the iron shaft bury deep inside him. Tears spurting from his eyes he gazed frantically up at Steve's smiling face as the doctor pulled back again, paused, then speared his ass again, even harder. This time as Lloyd screamed his body shook and his cock erupted, blasting streams of semen into his face, his hair and neck.

Through a film of cum he looked up at Steve who smiled and used the time-honored phrase of all shrinks. "And how did you feel about that, Lloyd?"


"And, as I promised, we even got the scream - not quite primal but close enough." Steve was on his knees, with Lloyd's legs hooked over his shoulders and Steve's hands resting on the bed beside Lloyd's face. His cock was still inside him, but it was his patient's cock that interested him - it was soft.

"See," Steve smiled with satisfaction, "relaxed at last. I told you my therapy worked. Your cock and your ass are the sources of most of your stress. Next time you feel tense you should try masturbating."

"Oh, I do that, doc - a lot - but it doesn't last. My dick's up and ready in no time ... like now." They looked down at Lloyd's cock that was already stirring. "Er, is the treatment finished, doc?"

"Apparently not. Only this time you're more relaxed so we don't have to be so physical. As a matter of fact I'd like to try something a little more cerebral. He leaned further forward so their faces were only two feet apart. "So here's what I want you to do. Some guys get so hooked on their doctor they think they've fallen in love with him. I want you to try and imagine the same thing while I carry on fucking your ass."

His cock, still hard, started moving again in Lloyd's ass. But gone was the brutal pile driver. This was a gentle massage of soft warm membrane, sometimes sliding in deep but never painful. "OK, Lloyd, now look at me, at my body rising and falling over you, my face smiling down at you .... and my eyes, especially my eyes. Just relax and concentrate. Don't speak ... not until your words come from here ..." (he tapped his chest) '... "instead of here" (tapping his forehead).

It wasn't hard to do. As always, Lloyd fell under the spell of this amazing man. Steve had the same sexual magnetism as his brother, though they used it differently. They both had stunning looks, superb physiques and rugged features, and it only took seconds for Lloyd to succumb to the magic. His words came spontaneously .... "I love you, man, you are so fucking hot, so exciting and so good to me. Please, doc, please make me cum again."

"Would it help if I kissed you, Lloyd?"

"Quite possibly, doc. You could give it a try."

Steve leaned down and licked the tears from Lloyd's cheeks He kissed his brow, his eyes, ran his tongue along Lloyd's lips ... and then kissed him, a long open mouthed kiss where their tongues played with each other and they breathed the same air. After a long embrace Steve pulled back and asked, "Would it help if I empty a load of jizz in your ass?"

"Quite possibly, doc. You could give it a try."

"OK, Lloyd. Feel my cock inside you? Feel it getting bigger and bigger, starting to throb in your ass? My balls are bursting ... here it comes, Lloyd .... Here it comes .... Aaahh." He sighed deeply as his sperm poured deep inside his lover's ass and Lloyd had no choice but to match him, shooting another load of cum that this time splashed on Steve's chest above him.

Steve fell on top of Lloyd and held him tight. When he regained his breath he murmured in his ear, "Man, that was so fucking hot ... a great scene. You're a perfect lover for me, Lloyd. A handsome muscular jock who thinks like me, plays like me and loves like me. I'm crazy about you buddy."

As they started to doze off in each other's arms Lloyd wanted to repay Steve by doing something exciting for him. After tonight he was convinced that Steve loved the doctor/patient fantasy. Tonight had been two lovers playacting, but Lloyd was more determined than ever to give Steve the real thing. Yeah, he'd get that going right away.


It was only three mornings later that Steve walked into his outer office and his receptionist Ruth handed him his list of patients for the day. As he was sitting at his desk waiting for his first patient to arrive Steve scanned the list and one name caught his eye - Grady. Grady? Oh yeah, that was Lloyd's gym buddy, the oversexed actor who's addicted to beautiful men. He was his last appointment of the day, 4 o'clock. Steve was usually mentally exhausted by then, but he hoped he could still give full attention to the poor guy.

The day seemed to drag, with one patient after another pouring out their troubles and hoping that the shrink had all the answers, even though it didn't work like that. Therapy was not like treating a head cold with a simple two-aspirins-and-drink-lots-of-water remedy. It was a bit more complicated than that. Which was why Steve was really tired by the end of the afternoon. Only one more, he thought.

Four o'clock came and went - five past, ten past, fifteen. "Shit," Steve thought, "that's all I need, a no-show this late in the day. Suddenly his intercom buzzed and Ruth said in a rather peeved tone, "Grady is here, doctor."

"OK, Ruth, send him in." Steve stood up behind his desk, ready to say something frosty about a therapist's 50-minute hour. But he didn't have the chance. Grady burst in like a tornado, strode up to Steve and shook his hand in a vice like grip, his other hand gripping Steve's bicep through his jacket.

"Doc, I am sooo sorry about being so late but that Beverly Hills traffic is a bitch. And I bet I'm your last patient and you're just dying to get home, so I don't expect you to forgive me." He let go his hand at last and stood back. "Shit damn you're gorgeous. I think Lloyd mentioned you were good looking but this ... wow ...!" He spread his arms and pumped his fists for emphasis.

"Shit, I come here to spill my guts about being hooked on gorgeous men and I'm doing it to one of the hottest guys in the whole fucking city, how about that? He clamped his hands behind his head and spun round. "Wow."

Finally he paused for breath and Steve said, "Grady, would you care to sit there on the couch?"

"Oh sure, doc. Don't mind me, running off at the mouth as usual .... I'm an actor, see."

He sprawled on the couch - 'draped' would be more accurate - his arms stretched along the back, leaning back with his long body stretched before him and his legs thrown lazily wide apart. He had obviously come straight from the gym as he was wearing gym shorts, unlaced sneakers and a black tank top. His only concession to Beverly Hills formality was a thin dark gray sleeveless shirt hanging open over his tank.

When Lloyd had earlier spoken to Bob one thing he predicted was absolutely true, that "Steve would get a hard-on the minute Grady walked through the door." He did. Not only a pulsing boner but a pounding heart-beat too.

The man was spectacular, a flawlessly built body under his gym gear, broad shoulders, long muscular biceps, gorgeous pecs, and washboard abs that were clearly etched under his tight tank. His muscled thighs bulged against his shorts and Steve could see the outline of a long cock under the shorts, obviously rock hard. The boners were mutual.

Grady had what could only be described as movie-star looks. Golden tanned he glowed with health, his full lips framing a dazzling white-teeth smile. His features were square cut with prominent cheeks bones and a stubbled lantern jaw, and his black hair fell in a tousled mass over his forehead. Then there were his eyes - a remarkable pale green that danced with amusement and the confidence of a man who knows just how gorgeous he is.

But it wasn't just his physical beauty - it was his buoyant attitude. Oozing masculinity he was his own energy force-field with a strong self-awareness that smilingly welcomed others into his charmed world. When those green eyes looked at a man they made the guy feel like the most important man in the world.

Instinctively the therapist in Steve tried to categorize him, but the closest he could come was a cross between Lloyd and Jason - the one with his dark good looks, the other a blond muscle-god from the August page of the Fireman's Calendar. Perversely there was also a touch of young Eddie about him with his bubbling sense of fun and habit of 'running off at the mouth,' as Grady had laughingly admitted.

Steve took off his suit jacket and draped it over his desk chair. He sat down, rolled up his shirt sleeves a notch or two, undid his top shirt button and loosened his tie, exposing a thicket of chest hair. Subconsciously he knew that under his white shirt the contours of his perfect torso were unmistakable.

"Aw, don't do this to me, doc," Grady laughed. "You know I'm here 'coz I got this thing about gorgeous men and here you are flashing that body that won't quit and that Greek God face that don't look like any doctor I've ever known." He linked his hands behind his head, stretched out his elbows and leaned back with a dazzling smile. "Awesome, doc, totally fucking awesome."

Steve reached for his water glass and took a few gulps to steady himself. "Grady, a few ground rules. While I appreciate your admiration, therapy is all about the patient, so let's try to concentrate on you." (Which wasn't hard -Steve was mesmerized.) He looked hard at Grady, with his hands behind his head, arms stretched out, and said, "Have we met before? You look very familiar."

Grady flashed that smile again, this time with a touch of aw-shucks embarrassment. "Ah, probably that damn billboard. Seems I'll never escape that. See, before I got into acting I was an underwear model and I did a shoot that ended up everywhere - including a 30-foot billboard on Sunset Boulevard and another in Times Square. That's probably where you saw me - hard to miss, kinda hits you in the face. Someone even told me it had caused a few car wrecks on Sunset," and he roared with laughter.

"That billboard was you?" Now it was Steve's turn to blush as it all came back to him.

One day last year he had been driving along Sunset feeling horny and the billboard kind of hit him in the face, as Grady said. It showed a stunning muscle-god posing in nothing but a pair of black briefs, flexing his body in a bodybuilder pose with his hands behind his head, just as he was now - except now he had clothes on. Steve had pulled over to the curb, shoved his hand down his pants and jerked off looking up at the homoerotic billboard. Then he had driven home and asked Lloyd to fuck him.

And now here he was, that same charismatic guy, on the couch looking at him with his eager, smiling face, waiting for Steve to help him. Steve took another gulp of water, a deep breath, and got down to business. "OK, Grady, one thing I don't understand is that you are, as you well know, a sensational looking man and yet you seek out other beautiful men all the time. What's that about?"

For the first time Grady got serious. "Doc, I'm glad you're a beautiful man 'cos you probably understand what a curse beauty can be, especially in a guy. Women lust for you and men resent you, so the only guys I feel comfortable with are the good-looking ones. And I know that even they are thinking that envious old thing - 'find a flaw, find a flaw'.

"And it's not necessarily about fucking - though there is that," he grinned. "I really don't have a lot of sex - it's more about the search. When I see a hot guy at the gym, sometimes I just wanna get to know him, sometimes I jerk off looking at him and sometimes I want him to fuck my ass. Depends on the guy. Now a hot stud like you doc .... you fall into the last category. I'd give my ass to you in a heartbeat."

Steve felt pre-cum dripping from his cock into his shorts and knew he had to take control. "Grady, like I said before, in therapy sessions it's better to leave the therapist out of the discussion I'm just a sounding board, that's all."

Grady grinned mischievously. "If you say so, doc ... you're the boss." Then he frowned. "But see, that's just it ... coming on to you like that ... I can't help it. I mean you're so fucking gorgeous that..." on Steve's raised eyebrows ... "sorry, doc, OK, OK, I'll behave. But it kinda rules my life and my agent says I gotta get my act together, 'cause I'm about to hit the big time. I've been cast as the lead in one of those big-budget action blockbusters and any kind of scandal could bring it all to a screeching halt."

Grady leaned forward on the couch with his elbows. "I know I may have gotten off to a bad start here, but I really need your help, doc. Do you think you can help me?"


Steve was calmer now and for the first time he saw the need and insecurity in this extraordinary man. He got up, came round his desk and pulled a chair up to face the couch. They were closer now with a new intimacy. Grady looked earnestly into Steve's eyes and said, "Look doc...." Steve interrupted him. "Er, do you think you could bring yourself to call me Steve? This doc thing is kind of a barrier, I always think."

"Sure, doc ...." he flashed a smile ... "Steve." Steve's heart missed a beat as he heard Grady say his name. He had a vague sense that a barrier had been crossed and it made him nervous.

"OK, Steve, I've always been told that you have to be completely honest with your shrink and I gotta say I feel real comfortable with you. I've only known you a few minutes but you're the first guy I've ever felt I could really open up to. The usual attitude I get is, 'Look at you, man, with your looks, your personality, and your career about to take off. You're gonna be rich and famous, and you think you've got problems? Get over yourself, man.'"

Steve smiled. "I get it Grady .... I get that kind of stuff a lot too - except the famous bit."

"See," Grady smiled, "I knew we were two of a kind, you and me. So anyway, I'll level with you, Steve - when I came in here I lied to you. I wasn't late because of traffic. Just before I left the gym I saw this incredible guy, hotter than a pistol, a fitness model I think. I followed him around and we chatted and he gave me his number. Here, I got it right here." He pulled a slip of paper from his shorts pocket. "Anyway, that's why I was late. You think you can forgive me? Now you know the truth, can you forgive me?"

Steve smiled. "I'm your therapist, Grady, you're my patient. There's nothing to forgive"

The green eyes bored into his. "I'd like you to anyway, Steve. It would mean a lot to me."

"OK," Steve said simply. "I forgive you, Grady. Of course I do."

Another line had been crossed.


The rest of the session was more or less professional - as professional as things could be between these two men nursing hard-ons in their pants. At the end Steve said, "That was a good session, Grady, though you still have a ways to go."

"Yeah, I know, doc ... Steve, I mean." They stood up and shook hands ... and locked eyes. "Steve, I know this isn't kosher but there's something I've been wanting to do since I walked in here. It might get me canned, but here goes."

He clamped his hand behind Steve's head, pulled it to him and Steve felt warm lips close over his. Instantly they were in a ravenous, grinding embrace, their arms round each other, bodies pressed together, chest flexing against chest, crotch against crotch.

Steve felt he was floating in a new world and was about to cream his shorts when he pushed Grady roughly away and said, "No, no ... we can't do that. It's wrong. I'm your doctor Grady, and you're my patient. godammit."

Grady paced round the room with his hand again behind his head. "Shit, I fucked up ... I knew I would the minute I saw you. I knew I couldn't keep my hands off you." He faced Steve up close again and said urgently, "Steve, please don't end my therapy, you're the only guy I can talk to. Let me come again. Please, can I see you again?"

"As a patient, Grady," Steve said sternly. "As a patient. You can make an appointment with Ruth on the way out."

"Deal," grinned Grady. "And thanks a million. Here, this is a token of the progress I made today. He pulled the slip of paper out of his pocket. "The number of the fitness model who made me late." He screwed the paper into a ball and lobbed it over his shoulder into the waste basket by the desk. "I won't be needing that." Again that mischievous grin. "But you can use it if you want, doc. I know he'd be pleased to see you."

And Grady was gone. Steve stood there, breath heaving, heart pounding, fists clenched. He walked to his private restroom, closed the door and looked at the mirror. "Grady," he murmured. He yanked his cock out of his pants stroked it twice and it exploded over the mirror.

"Damn, damn, damn," he said, wiping the mirror with a towel. He knew jerking off was not enough. He zipped himself up, grabbed his jacket and slung it over his shoulder. He strode through the outer office with a cursory, "'Night, Ruth," and almost ran to the elevator.


"Fuck ... fuck the traffic," Steve growled to himself, his BMW crawling along Wilshire in the usual rush-hour snarl. He was sweating through his shirt, so distracted that he didn't even think to turn on the air-conditioner. He willed himself to not take driving risks until, what seemed like an eternity later, he finally pulled into the driveway of his house.

He was willing Lloyd to be home, and sighed with relief when he saw him sitting at his desk poring over architectural plans. Lloyd looked up and his smile faded when he saw the usually cool, smiling doctor, now wet with sweat and wild-eyed. He looked more like his ferocious brother Randy as he grabbed Lloyd's wrist and pulled him into their bedroom.

Lloyd, still dressed in business clothes, stood still in amazement as Steve pulled off his own tie, ripped off his shirt and tossed it aside. He kicked off his loafers, unbuckled his belt, pushed down his slacks and shorts and stepped out of them. Naked he flung himself on his back on the bed at stared wildly up at Lloyd. "Take off your clothes, buddy. Let me watch you strip naked."

Lloyd always obeyed a command like that and he slowly pulled off his tie and shirt, then his pants. "Yeah, yeah, that's it," Steve moaned, pounding his cock frantically in his fist while he stared up at Lloyd standing there in just black briefs like Grady had been in the billboard. "Let me see it, man," Steve said. "Let me see your cock." Lloyd pulled down his briefs and his rigid cock sprang out.

"Yeah, that's it. Man that looks hot." Steve grabbed his legs behind his knees and pulled them back, exposing his ass to his lover. "Fuck me, Lloyd. Fuck me ..."

Lloyd had never seen his alpha top-man lover like this and it was a huge turn on. He knelt on the bed, wiped the sweat from Steve's chest and used it to lube his cock. Then he leaned forward over Steve between his raised legs, pressed his cock against his hole and eased it slowly into his ass.

"No, not like that .... hard, man, fuck it hard." Surprised and exhilarated, Lloyd turned up the heat and drove in harder. Steve pleaded with him, "Come on, stud, jackhammer that fucking ass. Hold me down and punish my ass, man."

"OK, buddy. You asked for it." Lloyd reached forward and pinned Steve's wrists to the bed. He raised himself off his knees and, with his feet on the bed, arched over the wild muscle-god begging to get his ass tortured. Just as Steve had done to him only a few days ago, Lloyd slammed his cock deep in Steve's gut, pulled back and plunged it in again. "Aaagh," Steve screamed, "yeah, hurt it man, let me feel it .... "aaagh". The doctor's screams bounced off the wall as the muscle jock pounded his ass, like a piston gathering speed.

Knowing what Steve wanted Lloyd sneered at him savagely. "Take it, stud. Not a damn thing you can do about it. Your ass is getting ripped open and you just gotta take it." His cock became a battering ram and the savage onslaught seemed endless. But Lloyd finally yelled, "OK, you've had enough big guy. I'm gonna bust a full load of jism in your ass, and you're gonna cum all over that gorgeous face. Here is comes, big guy. Feel my cock filling your ass? Here it is.... Aaah!"

Steve felt hot jizz pouring into his ass and he struggled against Lloyd's vise-like grip as his own cock erupted with semen that splashed over his own face and chest. As he gazed up at his handsome lover he felt tension flowing from his body and he momentarily forgot Grady.

And that, after all, had been his intention - to forget the man, with Lloyd's help. Of course, Steve didn't realize that it was Lloyd who had steered Grady into his path in the first place.


After a fitful night spent clinging to Lloyd rather desperately, the next day in the office was a tough one. Steve had to make an effort to concentrate on his patients and, looking at one of them sitting on his couch he resented him for not being Grady.

Then, toward the end of the afternoon, between patients he Google Imaged Grady and found himself staring at a screen-full of images of him from his underwear modeling days, most of them near-naked in a variety of briefs, boxer briefs and swimwear. Steve reflexively ran his hands over the bulge in his suit pants.

In the 24 hours since Grady had left the office Steve had forgotten just how spectacular he looked. But it was hard to believe that this chiseled muscle-god was the same amiable, talkative man with the sparkling green eyes and the winning smile, dazzling and mischievous at the same time. Steve felt a visceral urge to talk to him, to help him with his problem and do what he could to help him navigate the shark-infested waters of Hollywood.

He gazed at the most homoerotic of the images, enlarged it on the screen and gazed into his eyes - smiling in this picture. "Yeah he looked like Lloyd in some ways, and even more like Jason in others. He had the same bone structure as the fireman and the same self-assured pose of a man proudly aware of his beauty.

Suddenly Ruth announced his last patient and Steve slammed his lap-top shut. He knew just what he was going to do. Yesterday's ferocious fuck from Lloyd had not removed Steve's fixation, and anyway he couldn't repeat that every evening when he got home.

After work he battled the same grinding traffic as yesterday, but when he cleared it he drove not to Mulholland but to the wooded area of the Arroyo Seco. He drew up at Jason's rustic house and was greeted inside the gate by his surprised and delighted youngest brother Ben.

"Hey, baby brother, how's my little gypsy doing? Is your master home?"

"Not so much of the baby brother, sir," the dark gypsy boy grinned, flexing his lithe young muscles. And Jason's over there in his gym - where else?"

Steve walked forward and saw Jason, stripped down to frayed gym shorts and old sneakers, working out energetically in his patio gym in front of a mirror - where else? Steve stood in the shadows and watched the sun catch the rippling muscles of Jason's flawless physique. Yeah, he was a lot like Grady, a similarity that made Steve catch his breath and his dick swell.

Jason finally caught sight of him and called out cheerfully, "Hey big guy, you're looking hotter than ever. So what brings the big bad doc to this neck of the woods? You don't mind if I continue my routine do you? Don't wanna break the rhythm."

"No, go right ahead. I'll just watch and admire. I was just passing by," he said unconvincingly.

Having an audience Jason turned up the heat, flexing and groaning and showing off his body as only he knew how. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Steve stroking the bulge in his pants and Jason grinned. "Somehow I don't think you came here just to watch and admire, doc. So what's on your mind, stud?"

"Jason ...." Steve stammered and swallowed hard. "I need your help."

"Well that's a switch," Jason laughed, "my shrink needs my help. Hey, come over here and for god's sake get out of that damn suit. You make me feel under-dressed. Steve walked onto the mirrored patio and lost no time getting out of his business suit. In seconds he was standing in just his boxers, with Jason staring at both of them in the mirror.

"Shit, man, I always forget how fucking amazing you are. That is instant hard-on time. You know, you should wear that outfit in your office. Your business would triple. OK, doc, spill ... what's your problem?"

"Not so much a problem," Steve faltered. "It's just .... I can't explain right now but ... I need to fuck you, man."

Jason threw back his head and laughed. "Hell, buddy, you don't need an explanation for that. Here's all the explanation you need." He pulled down his gym shorts and exposed the perfect white globes of his ass. Steve stared at them. Yeah, that's exactly how he imagined Grady's ass must look.

"So come on, doc. You can't give me a raging boner, tell me you're gonna fuck my ass, and then just stand there like a bump on a log. Lose the damn shorts and get the lube over there. I keep it here for when I jack off looking at myself, or when I fuck my boy Ben. You got me all stoked ... can't wait to see the stud doctor fuck that naked fireman."

He leaned forward toward the mirror, stretched his arms up and pressed his hands to the glass. He pushed his ass back and spread his legs wide. As Steve greased up his cock he stared at the raised arms, the broad shoulders, rippling back muscles and V-shaped lats sloping down to the slim waist and that incredible bubble-butt just waiting for him.

Yeah that's how Grady would be ... it's how Steve would make him be if he ever fucked him - which he never would of course. His hand guided his stiff dick between the hard mounds, pushed, and he felt his cock slide deep into Grady's ... into Jason's ass. "Man, that feels awesome," Jason moaned. "Come on, stud, pound that ass."

Jason got more than he asked for. This was no gentle fuck. Like a man obsessed (which he was) Steve drove his huge dick deep inside Jason like a pile driver. Jason groaned but got off on the mirror image of the gorgeous fireman getting his ass pumped by the wild-eyed bodybuilder. "Man, you sure are hungry for ass, doc. OK, take it - it's all yours."

Ben had watched all this from under the trees and, well trained by Darius, had reached for the camera Darius had given him. (Darius had given all the boys his old cameras as he replaced them, on the understanding that they were to give him the videos for editing.) Now Ben trained the lens on the two musclehunks, Steve and Jason, as the action grew ever more ferocious.

But for Steve it wasn't Jason. It was Grady, the man he had first seen sprawled on his office couch, flashing his dazzling smile with humor and desire in his sparkling green eyes. If he couldn't have him he could dream, couldn't he? He reached round and ran his hands over the slabs of Jason's chest, squeezing his nipples and hearing him groan with pleasure.

"You wanted me the minute you came in, didn't you stud?" he murmured. "You wanted the doc's rod in your ass like this, you good as told me. Well now you've got it, Grady, and it feels fucking great. Man you are so beautiful I had to fuck that ass, you know I had to do it. Shit, it's so damn hot my cock's on fire."

As he pounded ass Steve's fantasy came alive. That magnificent man who had bounded into his office, then thrown himself on the couch, his masculinity filling the room, model-perfect muscles bulging under his gym gear, his tanned features beaming with confidence and mischief ... this was the man he was fucking, the man begging for more. The face in the mirror morphed from Jason to Grady and he knew he couldn't resist him.

"Now you're gonna cum for me Grady ... you're gonna cum 'cos you love my dick ramrodding that ass, don't you? Shit, man, you're so fucking hot I can't hold back. This is it man, what you've been craving all the time. I'm gonna make you shoot that jizz all over the glass. Oh fuck .... fuck ... fuck .... Aaagh .....!!"

Steve unloaded his pent up juice deep in Jason's ass while the fireman whooped in triumph as he watched himself shoot sperm over the glass, obscuring the glorious vision of the naked fireman who had just had his ass reamed.

Ben kept filming as he watched Steve turn Jason round and hold him tight in his arms, kissing him ravenously until Jason's lips hurt. Jason pushed gently away and smiled at Steve.

"Buddy, I don't know what all that was about but it was hotter than hell. 'Course, you know it's not considered good etiquette to murmur one guy's name while you're fucking another. But when it feels that incredible you won't hear me complain. Shit, man, you were like a stallion in heat. Any time you wanna fuck one man and fantasize about some other guy, just call on me. I can use a great fuck like that anytime."

Steve stared into Jason's blue eyes. "Buddy, I'm sorry about that. I can't explain now but, whatever I said, you, Jason, are a spectacular fuck. So fucking gorgeous. Listen I can't stay, gotta get home." He kissed him again. "You're a great guy. Take care of my kid brother." He pulled on his boxers, grabbed the rest of his clothes, ruffled Ben's hair, "bye little brother," and disappeared, near naked, through the gate.

Jason put his arm round Ben's shoulder and chuckled. "Well what the hell did you make of that, kiddo? And who the hell is Grady?"

"Don't have a clue, sir. But it looked awesome and," waving the camera, "I got it all on this."


Of course, Steve's unusual behavior spread round the house like a forest fire, especially with rumors of a video, courtesy of Ben. Randy and Bob discussed it before they went to bed. "What the fuck's going on with my brother Steve?" Randy demanded. "Word is that he's behaving like fucking lunatic."

Bob held his silence and Randy stared at him. "You know, don't you? You know what this is all about."

Bob frowned uneasily. "I have a feeling Steve's just not thinking too clearly right now. He and Lloyd are just going through some .... stuff, is all."

"My brother Ben told me he came to Jason's house and fucked the shit out of the fireman, and he was rambling on about someone they'd never heard of." Randy glared at Bob. "Is there another man involved in this, someone who's fucking with my brother's head?"

Bob grimaced, "Uh, I would just leave that for Steve to ....."

" ... 'Coz if there is I wanna know about it. Listen, anyone who injures one of my brothers, fucks with his mind or whatever, he answers to me."

"Randy, cool it. Your brother's a big boy and can take care of himself. Just don't get involved."

"Don't get involved?!" Randy roared. "Listen, asshole, Steve may be a bigshot shrink and all but I'm the head of that family and I take care of my brothers - always have, always will. Steve and Lloyd have got a good thing going there and I will personally deal with any mother fucker who tries to mess it up - and that won't be pretty."

"Randy," Bob said soothingly, "like I said, stay out of it." Fat chance, Bob thought to himself as he watched Randy grit his teeth and clench his fists. But he eventually calmed down and grinned at Bob. "Sorry I called you an asshole, buddy. You're not an asshole."

"Thanks, I guess I'll take that as a compliment," Bob smiled, "though it sets the bar a bit low."

"Asshole," Randy grinned and grabbed Bob's butt. "Hmm, while we're on the subject of asses ... let's go to bed, big guy."


Steve slept that night clinging onto Lloyd like the night before but his obsession wouldn't go away. Next day he was scheduled to work at his home office, where he saw patients every Tuesday and Friday. He called his Beverly Hills office early and spoke to his receptionist. "Hey Ruth, you're already there. Er, remember that patient who came in late the day before yesterday - name of Grady? Did he by chance make a follow-up appointment?"

"Yes, Steve, he did, on his way out. I told him it's normal to let a week go by but he said he wanted to see you as soon as possible." She chuckled. "Guess you worked the usual magic on him, doctor. Anyway as he lives in Laurel Canyon not far from you I told him you saw patients at your home on Friday and I could fit him in then - that's today actually. He's on the patient list I emailed you - three o'clock this afternoon, your last patient. I hope I did the right thing."

There was a long silence. "Er yeah, of course Ruth, that's fine. I'll be home alone all day, perfect for seeing patients. So thanks, Ruth - have a great weekend."

"You too, doctor." Steve put down the phone and murmured softly, "Damn, damn, damn."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 265


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