"Sounds like a plan, soldier," Bob grinned at Hassan as they sat by Steve's pool waiting for Randy to join them. "Course, you'd still be in military uniform and I'd be in my own kind of uniform - business suit and tie - but I could bring something to change into. Yeah, I like the sound of that. Let's do it."

"Let's do what?" said a deep voice. Randy appeared, still in his 'uniform' - old work pants and ragged tank - having come straight from the construction site. "What are you two plotting? Wait, let me grab a beer." He sat down and took a swig of beer while Bob explained what he and Hassan had been discussing.

Next Friday the Marine had to go up to Vandenberg Air Force Base for a day of military maneuvers. As it happened Bob was due to visit his company's branch office in nearby San Luis Obispo the same day, so Hassan had made a suggestion.

"Those maneuvers can be grueling, and the rush-hour traffic back to town a real bitch, so I usually stay the night in a small house the military has up there on a sea cliff right by the forest where the maneuvers take place. The rest of the guys go back to the Base, drinking and partying, but you know me, I prefer to be alone.

"So here's the thing. It sounds kinda dumb - me alone in that house, you sweating it out in stop-and-go traffic. Would you, er, consider spending the night with me? The woods and the house will be deserted so it would just be the two of us."

After explaining all this to Randy Bob said, "But if you'd rather I come back, of course I ..."

"What," Randy grinned, "you need my permission?"

"No, of course not," Bob said. "I just don't want to hurt you at all..."

"Man, I don't hurt so easy, you know that ... I'm a big boy. So go for it. Sounds like a nice break for you."

A bit later, lounging in the pool while Bob was in the kitchen, Randy confided in Hassan, "You know, buddy, I'm glad this little scheme came up. See, there's been a lotta stuff going on lately, what with me getting too involved with Grady and neglecting Bob, and him sorting out the whole mess. Plus Bob keeps the Company going and the house too, organizing the boys.

"What I'm getting at is that Bob's been doing a lot of the heavy lifting around here and I'd like his mind taken off it for a while. I mean, we make love all the time and he's crazy about that, but he doesn't get time for much ... you know ... imaginative stuff like ... well ... the fantasizing you, Zack and the other guys get into, so ..."

"Say no more, Randy, I know just what you mean. Leave it to me, and don't worry. I'll take good care of your Bob - in more ways than one.


Hassan was as good as his word. When Bob arrived at the woods in his smart business suit Hassan had lured him into an erotic fantasy where the handsome young business executive was captured and bound, at the mercy of the rugged Marine. Hassan had toyed with his captive and inevitably fucked him, only to have the tables turned on him and, in a classic payback, had taken Bob's dick in his ass.

As their cocks drained for the last time, they stared into each other's eyes, reluctant to leave the homoerotic world they had created. But Bob at last fell on top of Hassan and kissed him softly, bringing the fantasy of the soldier and the businessman in the woods to an end.

Nothing more was said of the encounter, no praise, no superlatives.  The fantasy itself was its own superlative. But at last Bob broke the silence. "So tell me, buddy - this house you kept talking about, the house on the cliffs. Was that a fantasy too?"

Hassan laughed his deep laugh. "Hell no, it's real enough alright, fully equipped, and I'm gonna take you there.   We'll cook dinner, relax, talk, watch the moonlight on the waves and then go to bed and make love. And who knows, maybe tomorrow we'll have visitors. Stranger things have happened.


The tease that Hassan threw out was, as he knew well, real enough.  As a matter of fact, at that very moment Randy and Mark were plotting. They had everything figured out - except the final detail of whose truck they would drive up the coast. That was soon resolved, or maybe just assumed, as Randy always took the lead and drove his own big truck. He was rarely anyone's passenger ... when they went anywhere, Randy drove, simple as that.

So early next morning Randy met with Zack, the powerful black muscle-hunk, his co-manager of the construction site, and with Randy's boy Pablo, who both reassured him that they could easily handle the site for a day or so.

Mark gathered the boys together and told them this was a chance for them all to show they could manage the house in the absence of most of the masters. Adam and Nate, the Aussies from next door; and Pete, the Ranger from up the hill, would come by and stay the night in case any problems arose, which excited Pete's boy Brandon. He loved showing Pete off.

"Good feeling," Randy said to Mark as they drove off, "knowing that everything's in safe hands. They're a great bunch of guys, and the boys are all coming along great. Sometimes I think that's the best part of all this, Mark - bringing up those kids. Nearly all of them are rescues, you know, a lot of them living rough, and look at them now."

"How's your boy Pablo coming along?"

"Terrific. He's become a natural leader now he's got over that 'boss's boy' bullshit. He'll inherit my share of the company one day. I don't spend enough time with him, though, I'm so wrapped up in work. I often think of those days when I was an itinerant construction worker going wherever I could find work and now look at me, boss of my own company, with a whole tribe of great guys - and all that began the day I met Bob.

Mark smiled. "That man's become your whole life hasn't he, buddy?"

"Couldn't live without him, Mark. I cringe when I think how badly I treated him at first. But I didn't know what was happening. I'd never been in love like that before and I was scared he'd leave me so the only way I knew to keep him was to own him. It was the instinct of a caveman but I'm getting better at it, I really am. One thing's for sure ... I'd protect him with my life."

"Is that why you decided to come up here?"

"Nah, not really. I wanted him to spend time with Hassan and I trust that soldier with him. No, I ... I just miss him, that's all."

"Me too," Mark smiled. "You know, sometimes in the middle of my shift when I take a break I pull over in some deserted spot, horny as hell, and imagine you two guys fucking. I sit astride my bike in my uniform and jerk off thinking about it. Had some great orgasms that way."

"Well you're part of us now, buddy. I know you're in love with Bob too."

"I'm in love with you both, Randy. You can be a jackass sometimes but I respect you and lust for you. I'd like to spend more time with you, but I've usually got my arms full of my gorgeous Jamie."

"Bring him too," Randy smiled. "He's a terrific kid with an ass that could make grown men weep. I always say the quickest way for a boy to become a man is to spend a lot of time with men - especially men like us. The four of us would be great together."

"Now there's a thought," Mark laughed. He threw his arm over Randy's shoulder and the two alpha males - police officer and construction boss - drove north in companionable silence.


While Randy and Mark were still on the road, Bob and Hassan were still asleep in bed. The previous evening Hassan had been as good as his word - "We'll cook dinner, relax, talk, watch the moonlight on the waves and then go to bed and make love." And that's exactly what happened.

It was a simple house with a sign in front saying "Property of U.S, Air Force. Private." But this didn't apply to Hassan, of course, who had brought food to the house before Bob arrived. Now, wearing only boxer shorts, they spent a good hour in the kitchen cooking, interrupted by kissing, nuzzling and bites on the back of the neck.

At one point, while Bob stood at the sink washing vegetables, Hassan knelt on the floor between him and the counter, pulled Bob's dick over the top of his shorts and sucked it. It wasn't long before the water gushing in the sink was matched by Bob gushing semen in the Marine's mouth.

The house may not have been elaborate but the view was. Perched on the cliff-top it overlooked the wide expanse of the ocean that tonight sparkled silver in the light of an almost-full moon. The only sounds were the evening breezes, the seagulls wheeling overhead and the muted sound of waves breaking on the shore below.

They ate dinner on the small patio at the front of the house in a mellow mood conducive to reflective conversation, soon helped along by after-dinner drinks. Bob talked of Randy, of course, then asked after Hassan's boy, Eddie.

A smile came to the soldier's handsome face. "You know, the kid's nineteen but acts younger, one of those boys who resists getting older 'cos he's having so much fun where he is - a real-life Peter Pan. I could help him grow up but I resist that too 'cos I love him the way he is. Sure, he runs off at the mouth but that zipping the lips thing he does just makes me wanna hug him.

"Mind you, he's no dummy. In some ways he has a mind like a steel trap ... he can see through people and recognize bullshit when he hears it. He has a real sense of fun and mischief, which is great for me as I can be moody and reclusive as you know. He keeps me on my toes ... plus he gives the best blow-job on the planet and loves taking my dick up that sweet ass of his. I love him to death. Plenty of time for him to grow up later."

Bob loved the big Marine in this soft, reflective mood, so different from the fierce warrior who had tied him up in the woods and fucked his ass. Staying on the subject of his boy Bob said, "You know Eddie spends a lot of time with my twins. They're a good calming influence on him and teach him a lot. We should get together more often, the five of us.

"I'd like that," Hassan smiled. He stretched and yawned. "In the meantime it's just the two of us, old buddy and, after the day I've had - those punishing military maneuvers, then that incredible scene with you in the woods - I'm totally wasted. How about we hit the sack?" He smiled, "Damn that sounds good - sleeping all night with you."

They left the remains of the dinner on the patio and went into one of the two rather Spartan bedrooms. There was not much more than a king-size bed and a wall mirror, which is all they needed. (Randy would have approved of the mirror, Bob grinned to himself.) They dropped their shorts and fell into bed. They kissed and nuzzled for a while but Bob soon discovered he was as tired as Hassan, and they were soon fast asleep in each other's arms.


During the night Bob came to semi-consciousness a couple of times and snuggled against the naked Marine, but Hassan never roused out of a deep sleep. Bob realized that this was a skill developed by soldiers, being able to sleep deeply despite, or because of, the exertions of the day before and those to come.

When Bob finally awoke the rising sun was already sending rays through the slatted blinds and illuminating the body beside him, still deep in sleep. Bob turned on his side, propped himself on his elbow and gazed at the naked soldier. In his sleep Hassan had pushed the sheet down off him and now lay in all his naked glory, his sculpted chest rising and falling in the slow rhythm of deep sleep.

One arm was raised listlessly over his head and the other hand rested on his half-hard cock. With his eyes closed, his handsome features relaxed, black hair tangled on the pillow and his full lips slightly apart in the suggestion of a smile, the body-perfect Marine was magnificent. Bob instinctively touched his own growing cock, stroked it once or twice and in seconds it was rock hard.

In his sleep Hassan sighed and stirred slightly, his muscles rippling, striped by the sun coming through the blinds. It was such a beautiful sight that Bob's reflexes were entirely sensual. Quietly he got up on his knees beside the naked muscle-god and gazed down at him, his eyes searching every erotic inch of his body while stroking his cock faster and faster.

He thought of Hassan fucking him the day before, thought of himself retaliating and ploughing the soldier's ass. He remembered their moonlit dinner, Hassan's reflective mood, his loving talk of his boy ... and it was love as much as carnal lust that made him groan quietly and shoot a stream of juice that splashed down on the Marine's flawless chest and face.

Bob tried to still his heavy breathing as he watched Hassan, sure that this would waken him. But there was no more movement than Hassan absently brushing cum from his brow, like a man flicking away a fly in his sleep. Man, he can sleep, Bob smiled to himself. Impulsively he leaned forward and licked semen from Hassan's chest, from the cleft between his pecs, his neck and, very lightly, from his face.

Hasan stirred and moaned but then settled back to sleep, the smile on his lips a little wider. His hand fell away from his crotch and Bob saw that his cock was now almost hard. He licked lower, over his ripped abs, down his pubic hair then over his cock that he drew into his mouth. He took it all the way in and sucked it slowly, carefully. Despite his caution he heard Hassan moan more loudly and felt his body stir under his cheek.

Instinctively, still sleeping, Hassan ran his fingers ran through Bob's thick dark hair, pushing his face down on his cock. He was at last, and very slowly, regaining consciousness, aware of nothing specific, only a sensual warmth flooding every part of his body.

There are many ways of waking a man but this was the best. Hassan slowly entered the magical zone between sleeping and waking, becoming more aware of the sensation in his cock and the wet mouth working it. His feeling of euphoria mounted and it was when he was on the verge of orgasm that he suddenly jerked fully awake. Just as he had the soldier's gift of sleeping deeply, he also had the soldier's knack of being suddenly wide awake when he heard or felt something disturbing.

Hassan looked down and pleasure came flooding back at the sight of the handsome man sucking his cock. "Yeah!" he shouted as his muscles flexed and he flipped Bob over onto his back, braced himself over him and pinned his wrists to the bed. He smiled down at the startled brown eyes and said, "And good morning to you, buddy. Or let me put it this way..."

He pushed Bob's legs back, slid his saliva-wet cock into his ass, then paused ... "You like?"

"What's not to like?" Bob grinned up at the muscular Marine, his naked body gleaming with a sheen of sweat. "So what are you waiting for, big guy?"

"You're fucking insatiable, buddy, you know that? Good job I'm here to satisfy you." Unlike Hassan's savage fuck in the woods the previous evening this was slow, tender, loving. Again he saw himself reflected in Bob's brown eyes, again he felt a spiritual connection with this beautiful man that felt like love. He leaned forward and kissed Bob gently on the lips, then his neck, his cheeks and his eyes.

"Man, that feels good," Hassan said softly as the feel of Bob's warm ass drove him once again close to orgasm. "I envy Randy for waking up to this every day."

Bob smiled, "Oh yeah? Well sometimes Randy gets woken by this..." In a sudden move Bob pushed Hassan off him, reversed their positions and sunk his already-hard-again cock in the Marine's ass. Hassan reached up and pressed his hands on Bob's chest, not to push him away but to feel the hard slabs of his pecs as they rose and fell over him.

Hassan moaned, "Man, I could take this all day, every day. But your cock feels so damn hot in my ass you're driving me over the edge, and you know what they say - when a man's gotta cum, he's gotta cum. Fuck, here it comes, buddy ... fuck yeah ... fuck ... aaah." He sighed deeply and gazed lovingly into Bob's eyes as his cock erupted in a massive shower of semen that soared up and splashed on Bob's chest.

Even after Bob's own recent orgasm he found a reserve of semen that flowed inside the soldier's ass. "What a way to wake up," Hassan grinned. "I gotta train my boy Eddie to do that every day."

"Come on," Bob teased, "if I know that kid he sucks you awake every morning, and at night you probably fall asleep with your dick in his mouth."

"You're right," Hassan laughed, "but you know what he likes best ... cuddling, with my arms round him. Come here, boy." He pulled Bob close and held him tight in his arms.


When Hassan had said to Bob the previous evening, "Who knows, maybe tomorrow we'll have visitors," he knew very well ... because he had planned it with Randy on the phone. And even as Hassan and Bob still lay lazily entwined in bed, Randy and Mark were pulling up next to Bob's Mercedes on the other side of the woods from the house. Hassan had given Randy the same directions as he had given Bob, so the newcomers were tracing the same path through the woods.

But the circumstances were quite different form the shadowy, spooky silence Bob had encountered, and the outcome was certainly less dramatic. The early morning sun streamed through the trees and any thieving soldier would have been insane to try and take these men captive. The two muscle-hunks, the blond cop and the black-haired gypsy, were wearing casual cargo shorts and sneakers. Randy was bare chested and Mark was wearing a faded Hawaiian shirt that flapped open in the breeze giving glimpses of his powerful pecs.

When they came to the small clearing Randy raised his nose in the air and sniffed, like a stag on alert. "This is where it happened," he said. "I can smell old jism at fifty paces. And look at this..." He bent down to the foot of a tree and picked up a length of rope and the fragment of a torn white tank top. "Here's the evidence," he laughed. "This is where Hassan did the deed."

Mark chuckled, "And all you need is these two items to know just what they did. Bondage - torn tank - looks like a lot of fun. You OK with all this?"

"Sure I am," Randy said a tad unconvincingly, and Mark noticed that he quickened his pace along the path to the house, where at this moment Hassan was saying, "Hey, stud, about time you and I took a breather and threw together some breakfast."

"Ah, breakfast can wait," Bob said seductively. Hassan's arms were stretched above his head and Bob leaned over and licked his armpit, burying his face in the damp black hair.

"Son of a bitch," Hassan growled, pressing Bob's head harder into his pit. You sure make it hard for a soldier to get out of bed. OK, your choice - bromance or breakfast?"

"I'd settle for breakfast," said a deep voice from the door. Bob looked up startled and saw two muscular figures backlit by the sun in the doorway. He had to shield his eyes to see who it was and his jaw dropped - Randy and Mark.

Randy pulled from his pocket the rope and torn tank he had found in the woods. "I guess this is yours, soldier," he said holding out the rope, and this is definitely yours, Bob," dangling the shredded tank. "But I'll hold on to them for now. Never know when they'll come in handy."

Bob leapt out of bed, his pleasure at seeing them tempered by his embarrassment. His first instinct was fear that Randy had found him in bed with another man. But that was from another time and, when he saw lascivious grins flash between Randy and Hassan, he suddenly knew the truth. "Son of a bitch," he scolded Randy. "You were in on this right from the beginning. Man, do you control my life or what?"

"Pretty much, kiddo. Come here." Randy opened his arms wide, Bob fell into them and they closed mouths in a passionate kiss. Mark looked over at Hassan, still naked in bed, and smiled with a mock salute. "'Morning, captain. You sure look good and rested - fucking gorgeous as ever." He leaned down and pulled the naked Marine up on his feet straight into a macho shoulder bump that turned into a tight bear-hug.

"Good to see you again, soldier," Mark said in Hassan's ear. "We don't see enough of each other. We should make up for that this trip."

"You read my mind," Hassan grinned seductively.

"Hey, officer," Randy's commanding voice addressed Mark, "ain't you gonna say hi to our man here. He may have been fucked rotten by the Marine, but he's got some left for us judging by this..." and he slapped Bob's rigid dick.

They changed partners and Mark said softly to Bob, "Hey buddy - you have a good time?"

"Spectacular. Well, you know Hassan better than anyone. You two met a long time ago and half a world away. You've probably got a lot to catch up on."

Randy was saying to Hassan, "Thanks for what you did for Bob, buddy. I recognize that afterglow of his anywhere. You mind if we take a while to get reacquainted?"

"Go for it, stud. I'll take the cop to the kitchen and we'll get breakfast started. The bed here is all yours - still nice and warm, though the sheets may smell of old jizz."

"So much the better," Randy grinned. "It'll help to turn my man on."

"Huh," Hassan chuckled, "looks like he already is judging by that boner he's sporting there."


Hassan and Mark left the room, then Hassan reappeared with two beers. "Here, this'll keep you going 'til breakfast. I'll leave the protein to you," he chuckled and closed the door quietly behind him.

Randy's eyes met Bob's, shining with the joy of reunion - even though they had been apart for only 24 hours. The length of time was irrelevant ... seeing each other again after an absence of only an hour made their cocks swell.

Randy pushed Bob's chest and sent him tumbling on his back on the bed. "You know that's how I like you best, big guy ... on your back naked. Shit you look hot. Who needs breakfast when I've got you to eat? Catch." He threw him a beer bottle that Bob caught, then propped himself up on his elbows so he could stare at the swarthy gypsy, shirtless in cargo shorts.

Randy sprawled in a chair at the foot of the bed, took a long swig of beer, gulped hard and wiped his forearm sloppily across his mouth. That was a gesture that always excited Bob - a gesture of coarse masculinity that defined Randy, somehow, as a rough gypsy who didn't give a shit about appearances. The only thing in the world he gave a shit about right now was the naked muscle-god sprawled before him - his lover.

"So, tell me about it, man - how did it work out with Hassan? I wanna know."

"I think you already do know, Randy," Bob said with a hint of defiance, "since you helped him cook up the scheme."

Randy's eyes flashed impatiently. "Yeah, but I want you to tell me. I wanna hear it from you."

There was no denying Randy, so Bob launched into a description of the evening before.

"I was walking through the woods as Hassan had directed but getting spooked by the silence, the shadows and the feeling that someone was watching me. I was still dressed up in my business suit and tie so I loosened my tie, took off my jacket and slung it over my shoulder. I came to that clearing and leaned against a tree for a breather. That's when someone came up behind me and roped my wrists together behind the tree.

"It was this anonymous soldier, wearing full combat uniform, a baggy jacket and a balaclava mask covering his head and face. He stared at me through slits in the mask but said nothing. He stole my wallet, cell phone and Rolex watch and disappeared. I was relieved that it was only a mugging, so all I had to do was wait for Hassan. Then, deep in the shadows I saw the guy again, staring at me through the balaclava slits ... and stroking his enormous dick."

"Fuck," Randy said, rubbing the bulge in his shorts, "I bet he was. Damn, I can see you now looking fucking great in those smart black pants and white shirt, the tie loose round your neck. I've often busted my load looking at that, and would have done again if I'd seen the muscle-stud business executive roped to a tree at the mercy of a soldier. What happened next?"

Bob knew that Randy was toying with him, making him re-live the fantasy in the woods. He might have resented that except that it was wildly exciting. You never knew what came next with Randy, though Bob was pretty sure how it would end. Randy had that look in his eye.

"Suddenly everything changed," Bob continued, "as the solider whipped off his balaclava mask. It was Hassan himself, of course. He stared at me, pumped his dick and shot a whole load of cum across the clearing. But he said he was gonna fuck my ass and made me get him hard again. I sank to my knees, the ropes sliding down the tree behind me, and he shoved his dick in my mouth.

Randy's eyes gleamed. He went to the bed, knelt astride Bob's chest and tied his wrists to the headboard rail above his head with the rope he had salvaged from the woods. "Did he tie you up like that?"

"He tied me up, but not like that."

"Did he fuck your face like this?" Randy pulled his stiff cock out of his shorts and drove it into Bob's mouth and down his throat. He had done this hundreds of time and knew just how to please his man, thrusting deep, then pulling back and gently massaging his throat. After a few minutes he pulled out and asked again, "Did the Marine fuck your face like that?

Catching his breath Bob replied, "He fucked my face but not like that. You're different."

"Better than him?"

"Different." Bob wasn't going to fall into the comparison trap. He knew what Randy was doing. Although he had encouraged Hassan to work a fantasy for Bob Randy now had to prove to Bob (and himself) that he was the best. That came partly from his insecurity over Bob and partly from his sexual arrogance. He was the best and, whatever pleasure his lover got from other men, Bob had to know that he could never do better than Randy ... and would never leave him.

"Then he fucked your ass? Did it feel like this?" Randy eased back, knelt between Bob's legs, pushed them up and impaled his ass on his wet cock. "Aaagh!" Bob moaned in pain and pleasure at the familiar feeling of the steel piston invading his ass. He gazed up at the blue-eyed, black-haired rugged gypsy, as sure as ever that there was no man in the world like this.

The first few minutes were rough as Randy reasserted his dominance with one of his notorious fucks, his thick cock ferociously jackhammering his lover's ass, taking him to his pain threshold and then pulling back into a gentle caress until he ramped up again to the edge of savagery.

Bob had known this would happen after all the verbal teasing but it was as exciting as the first time. Randy was a master fuck, toying with his ass, slamming it, massaging it, and all the time his steel blue eyes hypnotizing Bob's. "Did he fuck you like this?"

"He ... he fucked me," Bob panted, "but not like that."

Randy pulled from his pocket the shredded tank, and pulled it round the back of Bob's neck. He grabbed the two ends in one fist and jerked on it so Bob's head was raised up from the pillow, staring straight up at Randy. "Tell me who's the best ... tell me."

Puling on the tank like a rider pulling on reins, Randy held his other arm high in the air as he ramrodded Bob's ass. Bob stared up at the swarthy gypsy face, black hair flying, his muscles flexed, eyes gleaming in triumph like he was riding a bucking stallion. Bob heaved beneath him, pushing his ass up onto the cock that slammed into him.

Randy was magnificent - a complex man, strong, powerful, and yet always needing to prove himself to Bob. Bob loved the strange mix of dominance and insecurity, a protective man who needed protecting. They were a perfect fit and Bob fell in love with him for the millionth time.

"I love you, Randy," Bob panted raggedly as the pile-driver pounded his ass. "Aaaah ... you are the best ... there's no one like you. Fuck me, man ... fuck me ... you're making me ... aaagh!" Hs cock exploded in a shower of semen that splashed down on him as he heard Randy's howl of triumph and his cock unloaded deep inside him, flooding his ass with warm juice.

In seconds they were in each other's arms, protecting each other, safe in the knowledge that nothing, and no one, could come between them.


So that's what 'getting reacquainted,' sounds like," Hassan grinned at Mark as they worked in the kitchen and heard raucous sounds of passion echoing through the house.

Mark chuckled. "More like the sounds of Randy proving himself again ... and Bob loving every thrust of that massive dick."

The two men had been working silently preparing breakfast while Randy and Bob were at it in the bedroom. Hassan had pulled on an old pair of boxers and Mark was barefoot and shirtless in cargo shorts. They stole furtive glances at each other, shy about revealing their building lust for each other as they brushed shoulders in the small kitchen. It was Hassan who broke the silence with an oblique reference to his desire.

"Feels good to be alone together again, Mark. Doesn't happen too often with so many men around."

"Yeah, feels real good," said the taciturn cop."

Another long silence, then Hassan plucked up his courage again. "Do you, er ... like, still remember the way we met all those yours ago in the desert?"

"Yeah I do."

Not much encouragement, but Hassan pushed on. "And, er ... you probably don't but ... like do you ever, kinda ..."

"...do I ever jack off thinking about it? Sure I do. Not an experience I wanna repeat - it was painful and terrifying - but damn it was hot. Seems like a world away - which it was, in the Arabian Desert, but I still remember every detail."

"It's not something I'm proud of," Hassan said, "chaining up a beautiful man like you in a cell and interrogating him."

"It was wartime, man. You had to follow military orders, as I did. Who knew that in that dirty hellhole two soldiers from opposite sides, one torturing the other, would fall in love?"

They let the thought hang in the air for a while, then Hassan murmured, "Still, as you say, not something we want to repeat." They glanced at each other and in that split-second look they both knew they meant quite the reverse.

The uneasiness was dispelled by the door bursting open and Randy standing there buck naked, his monster dick swinging between his thighs and his muscular arms stretching in the air. "Mmm, something smells good." Randy glowed with that triumphant look he had after winning a fight. He had clearly just proved his dominance once again, to Bob, himself and to the world. "Shit, guys, sorry we left all the cooking to you but we were ...

"Yeah, we heard what you were doing, buddy," Mark grinned. "The whole of Vandenberg probably heard. So, the reunion was a success?"

"The best," said Bob, appearing behind Randy. Unlike Randy he had pulled on boxers and now waved a pair at Randy. "In this establishment we dress for breakfast, barbarian." Bob walked over to Mark and kissed him passionately on the lips. "Next time, officer, we want you there. You two doing OK here?"

"Sure," Hassan smiled. "Breakfast is ready - and we've been having a nice little chat."

"What about?" Bob asked.

Hassan glanced at Mark who jumped in, "Oh ... this and that ... memories."

From which Bob deduced that it had been a bit more than a 'nice little chat'.


They had breakfast on the patio with a view of the ocean right to the horizon from their perch on the cliff top - four stunning men, each in his own way a perfect specimen of manhood, confident in his looks and his achievements - the business executive, construction boss, police officer and Marine captain.

On some level they were all aware of the supremacy of their elite group and conversation flowed easily - humorous, rowdy, often raunchy. But through it all there was obviously a special connection between Bob and Randy after their boisterous reunion, and between Mark and Hassan after their innuendo-filled conversation in the kitchen.

So it wasn't surprising that, after eating their fill and lingering over coffee in the genial company, they would naturally split into two pairs. Bob as always, with his fine-tuned sensitivity, took the lead, seeing clearly the light of conspiratorial lust in the eyes of Mark and Hassan, as if they were planning something - which, as yet unspoken, they were.

Great breakfast, guys, thanks," Bob said. "Hey Randy, how about we clear away the dishes then work off all that food with a run on the beach? Maybe we can find some cave in the cliffs where I can get my revenge for what you did to me." He laughed. "That would be a switch - Bob the Caveman."

"Asshole," Randy fake punched his flexed abs. "OK, you're on, pal." They quickly cleared the table, then took off toward the path down the cliffs. As they ran off Bob turned his head and grinned, "Take good care of each other."

"We're planning on it," said Hassan, with his eyes on Mark.


Idling over a fresh pot of coffee, conversation between the two men drifted almost inevitably to their experiences on opposite sides in the Middle East war. They circled the subject uppermost in their minds - Mark's capture and interrogation - but soon succumbed to its gravitational pull.

"Wait," Hassan said. "Stay here. I have something to show you." He went into the house and returned a few minutes later dressed in military fatigue pants and combat boots. Mark took a sharp intake of breath seeing the shirtless soldier as he had first seen him in the interrogation cell in the desert. Hassan was carrying a big backpack out of which he pulled another pair of fatigues and boots.

"Here, buddy. Indulge me and my memories, will you?" Without hesitation and trembling with anticipation, Mark pulled on the camouflage pants, buckled the belt, put on the combat boots and laced them up. Hassan's cock swelled immediately as he gazed at the handsome, bare-chested army corporal. He placed military dog tags round his neck and said, "Oh, Mark ... that's exactly how you looked. You remember how it was?"

"Of course I do." Mark walked off the patio which was level with the ground - no steps. The bare, sandy earth was the same as the sand in the desert cell, and the railings and posts of the patio were an adequate stand-in for the metal grill he had been chained to all those years ago. He leaned back against the railings and draped his arms back over the top rail.

Their memories were working in sync. Hassan pulled Mark's arms further over the rail, pulled the wrists down and tied them behind him with the same rope he had used in the woods. Hassan stood back facing him and they gazed at each other as they had done in the desert.

Although this time there was no terror, no threat of torture, ropes instead of chains, still all the sensations they had felt in that menacing place came flooding back. And the memories were enough to transport them back to the day they first met - as enemies ... and yet.

Now as then they felt their cocks stirring in their pants as Hassan stared at the muscular Nordic-blond soldier, bound and at is mercy. Despite his imminent peril back then Mark had gazed with something other than fear at his shirtless captor, at his muscular physique, his exotic Arab/Asian features, high cheek bones, slanted dark eyes and jet black hair.

As he had then, Hassan now yanked open Mark's pants and pulled out his cock and balls. He cupped his hands round the hanging balls and squeezed them, moaning, "Yes ... so big, hard, beautiful." Mark winced, not so much at the pain now but at the memory of the cock and balls torture he had endured then. Mark stared into Hassan's eyes, remembering the hatred he had for him then, so different from what he felt now.

Hassan moved his hands up to Mark's chest and stroked his pecs, then squeezed his nipples. Remember that, corporal? Remember how I tortured your tits?"

Mark winced again and groaned, "And I hated your guts ... called you a bastard and a coward ... spat in your face."

"But you looked so beautiful, Mark, writhing in pain. I think it was that sight of you that made me feel the first stirrings of love for you - at least, for your beauty. And it was when the torture stopped and I started to take possession of your body that I knew what I wanted. I remember what I said, almost word for word.

"I will take you to my house far out in the desert, so remote nobody can get away, and you will live there, always naked, as my sex slave. Mostly you will be chained as you look so magnificent in chains and I will use your beautiful body for my sexual pleasure. Sometimes I will hurt you, but mostly I will give you the pleasure of feeling my muscular body against you, my huge cock inside you, and my handsome face pressed against yours. That is your fate, my beautiful Mark ..... to be with me always."

"Yeah," Mark said, "and I remember how my future flashed before me. The nightmare of being enslaved by this handsome Arab, used by him, feeling his naked body press against me, his cock inside me, day and night - it was too terrible to contemplate. I had never, ever, had those feelings for a man ... not even for a moment. The thought of it appalled me. And yet ... though I fought against it and despite my disgust at myself ... my dick got hard."

"As it is now," Hassan grinned, slowly stroking Mark's iron-hard shaft. "But now there is no disgust, no hatred, only man-to-man lust. And you remember how I rewarded you? By opening your mind to your first ever sexual act with a man. Like this." He fell on his knees, opened his lips wide and lowered his mouth over Mark's trembling cock.

"Aaah..." Mark's face thrashed from side to side in a welter of confusion. The sensation of another man's mouth on his dick was familiar to him now, of course, but he was locked in the memory of that first time when he had fought against the shame of it. He had heard of guys doing this but never contemplated it for himself. And self-disgust seized him because, although it was happening to him against his will ... his cock was getting harder in the soldier's mouth.

That revulsion slowly faded and turned gradually to acceptance ... and then desire. He had looked down and seen the dark, sculpted features of this exotically handsome man rising and falling on his cock, his mouth clamping it in a vise, his face burying itself in his pubic hair, tears brimming in his eyes.

It was pornographic ... and for the first time in the young soldier's life, homoerotic. His resistance wilted, the sensation in his cock was overwhelming and the soldier at his feet was so utterly beautiful that, as Mark screamed "No! ... No!..." his cock blasted semen into the man's mouth - and he was swallowing it! - stream after stream until it was oozing out over his square, stubbled jaw."

Hassan now pulled back, gazed up at Mark and they slowly returned to the present. "That's exactly how it was," Hassan said breathlessly, his mouth dripping cum. "And I will always treasure the thought that your first sexual experience with a man was with me."

"The second one too, and the third," Mark grinned.

"Ah yes, I could never forget that. And even back in that fetid cell I was so aroused by a man that I had to release my own pent-up desires." Hassan reached forward, grabbed hold of the post above Mark's head and pulled himself up until he was standing on a horizontal bar level with Mark's thighs, his cock hanging out of his pants level with his face.

"I had broken you, Mark, overcome your resistance and your taboos, made you accept, even welcome, the sexual approaches of another man. And you knew what you had to do next."

Mark's strong jaw sagged open and he felt the long, thick rod slide into his mouth. His first impulse back then had been to resist but then, as now, he had surrendered when he heard Hassan say, "Your first dick in your mouth, soldier. Eat it, swallow it."

Mark squeezed the rod hard in his throat, making Hassan groan and his cock pulse. The rhythm intensified until Hassan was ramming his cock inside him, howling into the wind, "I love you, Mark. I love you ..." and Mark felt the soldier's thick semen pouring down his throat.


In their intense reliving of the past the men had not heard the sounds from the cliff path. At the end of their run Bob and Randy had panted slowly up the steep path but stopped suddenly as they came over a rise and saw the scene in front of the house. They crouched down behind a bush, not wanting to intervene in what was obviously an intense happening.

"They're both wearing fatigues," Randy said softly. "And they look fucking sensational."

"Yeah," Bob replied. "Two soldiers living the past, by the looks of things. And with Mark tied like that it's obvious they've gone right back to the beginning - that interrogation we've heard described so often - a scene we've imagined and even jacked off to. And this is a live re-enactment. So that's what those mysterious glances at breakfast were all about. Quiet, let's watch, buddy. Looks like they're coming to the climax."

A short time had passed and Hassan was standing on the porch behind Mark. "Of course you remember how it ended, Mark. I had said I would own you, and so I was about to take possession of you in the most intimate way that one male can possess another."

Hassan's cock was already rock hard again, still lubricated with the spit and semen from Mark's mouth. Mark braced himself as he had done that first time, and he felt the soldier's long rod pierce his ass and drive deep inside him. Mark howled, not so much from pain as from the memory of the pain that first time, the first time a man's cock had penetrated his ass.

Hasan reached round from behind and squeezed his nipples hard, a lesser version of the pain caused by the clamps on Mark's chest in the desert while his virgin ass was violated.

"God, I remember," Mark groaned, as Hassan's rod pistoned inside him. "How I watched myself in the mirror, watched that blond soldier getting fucked by the handsome young Arab - the pain ... the ecstasy ... my body on fire as you drove me to the most spectacular orgasm of my life ...

"As I came again and again across that cell I remember sobbing deliriously, "I submit to you, Hassan. You've beaten me. Take me, use me as your slave. Torture my ass." I heard words I had never thought to hear. "Hassan ... I love you." Mark's body spasmed and his cock blasted jets of semen into the hot sand.

Hearing those words again Hassan drove in deep one last time and poured his juice into his bound captive. His face fell onto Mark's shoulder and, while their breathing subsided, their thoughts still ran to that extraordinary day. After a long while Hassan finally said into Mark's ear. "But were not beaten were you, Mark? There may have been something close to love between us, but I had not broken your spirit. I know now that no man could do that."

Hassan withdrew his cock, came round to face Mark, and they kissed long and hard. Then Hassan smiled at him. "You persuaded me that you wanted to make love to me."

"That was partly true, even then," Mark said, "but mostly I wanted to escape ... it was my duty as a soldier."

"Either way," Hassan said, "I knew I had to untie you." Which is what he did now. Mark rubbed his wrists and watched Hassan lie on his back on the ground.

Looking up at Mark and seeing him as he had that first time, Hassan recalled, "We rolled on the floor until you were on top and your cock entered my ass. It was ecstasy for me and as you fucked my ass you put your hands round my throat. I loved giving myself to the blond American soldier who had bewitched me.

"But then you increased the pressure on my neck, applying a hold you had been trained in, a hold that finally made me lose consciousness and allowed you to tie me up where you had been chained."

Mark gazed down at him and said gently, "And I will never forget the words you shouted after me as I left you. 'Mark! I love you, Mark. I must see you again. I swear, I will come to your country and find you. I love you!'" Mark smiled, "And you lived up to your word, Hassan. You did come ... and you found me."

During the long silence that followed Bob and Randy appeared on either side of Mark, who said, "What you couldn't know, Hassan, is that when I left that desert cell I walked for only a short while until I met up with my army buddies searching for me. I had a strong impulse to return to you, to see you again, release you. But I knew that my buddies would capture and torture you in revenge and I couldn't do that anymore. So I let them take me away to safety."

"Would have been interesting to see what they did to you," Randy growled. "Something like this, maybe." He fell on his knees and pulled Hassan's fatigues down below his ass. Hassan raised his legs ready for the retribution he knew he should have received back then.

Randy spat in his palm, wet his cock ... and pushed it inside the Marine "You tortured one of my guys, Hassan." Randy had already brutally punished Hassan for that long ago when he first showed up at the house, so now his fuck was savage but short, enough to remind him that anyone who hurt his men would answer to him.

Bob came next, predictably conciliatory. As he fucked Hassan gently he smiled, "I admire you, buddy, the way you changed from warrior to peacemaker and friend, one of the pillars of our tribe. Now you know why Randy and I fell in love with Mark, as you did. And that's why I have to cum inside you now. Here it comes, soldier ... because I love you." Hassan sighed deeply as he felt this handsome, gentle man once again spill his juice inside him.

Last came Mark himself. Kneeling before Hassan he said, "Remember how I fucked you on the floor of that cell, Hassan? That deep sigh of pleasure as I entered your ass ... like this?" The two men were joined once more, not in anger now but love, coming full circle after the climactic re-enactment of their first traumatic encounter which, then too, had inexplicably shifted from anger to love.

"I'm glad you kept your promise, my friend, and came halfway round the world to find me. Deep down I always thought you would, though it was an almost impossible hope. But our bond in that dank cell was as strong as it is now, after all these years. You are part of me, Hassan, and part of this tribe. So thanks for coming" - he grinned - "do you think you can cum again for me now?"

"Anytime you ask, Mark, you know that." Mark leaned forward and put his hands lightly round Hassan's neck in imitation of what he had done in the desert.  Hassan was transported back to that tumultuous time when he had tried to break his prisoner but instead had fallen under his spell forever.  He gazed up at Mark and, as they climaxed simultaneously for the last time, Hassan howled ... and went blank as he had so long ago.

But this time it was only for seconds and when his eyes opened he saw Mark smiling down at him. Once again they were united in a bond that, against all odds, had been strong enough to travel through time and space and come to rest here at the small house on top of the cliff.


One of the attributes of the modest house was an oversized shower, big enough to accommodate four men if they didn't mind being close together. These four men didn't mind. They insisted on it. And that's how they spent the next two days, close together in comradeship, in mind and spirit ... and in bed. They talked, played, laughed and got drunk. And it goes without saying that the four beautiful alpha males made love - a whole lot.

Another feature of the house was a major king-size bed and at night it would have been hard to sort out the tangle of muscular limbs - even with the lights on.


While the four men played and loved in the remote north, back in town the newcomer to the tribe, Grady, had been working long hours at the film studio in his role as the New Tarzan. But at last he came home to announce to Steve and Lloyd that he had a four-day weekend off. And he wanted to do something special.

"Guys," he said, "if it's OK with you I want to give a party, a dinner party ..." he looked at them apprehensively ... "for the whole tribe - everyone. See, I really want to show my gratitude to all of you. Ever since I showed up here, you two especially and all the men and boys have treated me like a king - and I don't mean the King of the Jungle." He grinned. "Well that too from time to time."

He hastened to reassure them. "I promise it wouldn't mess up your house or interrupt your lives too much. I'd hire caterers and they would leave the house in mint condition. And anything you object to, I'd make sure ..."

"Hey, hey, don't sweat it, Grady," Steve smiled. "That's a terrific idea and the house will survive just fine. We've had big parties before - well, maybe not quite that big - and as for our lives, an interruption is probably just what we need right now."

"Phew, that's a relief," said Grady. "Thanks guys. Thing is, the money's starting to come in from the studio, more money than I've ever had, so I want the best. If you know any real good caterers, probably from somewhere like Beverly Hills, I'd be grateful..."

"Sure," Lloyd jumped in, "we know the best caterers there are - gourmet food, great service and a gorgeous pair of guys into the bargain. You know them too, as a matter of fact."

"I do?" Grady frowned. Then the penny dropped and his eyes opened wide. "You mean the twins! Of course, I should have thought of them. But are they up to catering a group this big?"

Steve burst out laughing. "Hell, Grady, they cater to a crowd almost this big every day of their lives, often twice a day. Here, why don't I invite them up here for a meeting and you can judge for yourself?"

And so, a few hours later Grady was swimming naked in the pool and as he broke the surface he saw the two identical young brothers standing on the deck, looking handsome and immaculate in white shorts and matching blue shirts hanging open over their flawless chests.

Taken by surprise Grady pulled himself out of the pool and stood there butt naked, dripping with water. He looked round for a towel but there wasn't one, so he blushed and said lamely, "Hi guys ... thanks for coming up here."

Smiling serenely at Grady's embarrassment and total unfazed by his nakedness, Kyle and Kevin spoke confidently - and in sequence. "Hello, sir ... how can we help you?" "We're sure we can provide for all your needs - anything at all."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 182

NOTE TO READERS: The events of Mark's long-ago desert interrogation, re-enacted in this chapter by Mark and Hassan, were first described in much greater length and graphic detail by Mark himself in Chapters 91 and 92.


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