In the early morning the truck drove north up the coast road with three surfboards in the back.  Mark was behind the wheel, wearing shorts and the black ribbed tank that turned Jamie on so much.  On the other side was Jamie in his usual gear of surfer trunks and a loose, faded tank.  

Between them sat Grady, also wearing surfer trunks and a tank Jamie had lent him. With the two gorgeous men on either side of him, their legs touching his, Grady felt far away from the bright lights of yesterday. He had something entirely different on his mind, with his permanent erection a constant reminder.

Everything had moved so fast. Grady had met Mark and Jamie only two days ago and had watched in awe with Steve and Lloyd as the cop and his boy made passionate love. Grady was shocked when Mark urged him to join in and fuck Jamie, which he did with his eyes fixed on the shirtless cop, fantasizing about getting fucked by him.

For Grady this trip was an escape. He was poised to star in a big action movie and the previous day he had gone to the studio for wardrobe fittings and a publicity shoot which had ended in him hiding in his house from the paparazzi. He had been rescued by, of all people, young Eddie, posing as a pool boy and spiriting him out on the floor of his truck. Back at Steve's house Eddie, hamming it up as always, found himself the hero of the day.

Grady explained to the guys at the house that this burst of media activity would typically last only a few days, "Then they'll lose interest and go on to something else. But right now they're still sniffing around and they'll find me here. I don't wanna drag you guys into this so ...." he grinned ruefully "I don't suppose any of you know of some isolated log cabin hidden in the woods where I could hunker down for the next few days?"

"Not in the woods," Mark said, "but how about the dunes?" He leaned over and whispered in Jamie's ear. Jamie's eyes sparkled and he said to Grady, "Sir, I have a shack in the Guadalupe dunes about 150 miles up the coast. Mark gave it to me. We were toying with the idea of going up there this weekend, leaving early tomorrow morning, and you're very welcome to join us. We'd like that a lot.

"The shack is real remote, never anyone around, and we always have the beach to ourselves. Nobody would ever find you there. Oh," Jamie grinned, "did I mention that surfing's great up there? Waves can get real gnarly."

Grady flashed his dazzling smile and looked at Mark, who grinned and nodded encouragement. "Great idea," said Steve. "Kill two, maybe three, birds with one stone. Give you a place to hide out 'til the heat's off and also give you an opportunity to get to know these guys better. That place is beautiful ... wild, remote, deserted. Just what the doctor ordered."

Grady grinned, "Well, if my doc orders it who am I to object? I accept your invitation with pleasure, Jamie."

So the next day here he was sitting between master and boy with a big erection under his shorts. Mark sat mostly silently with a smile on his face as he listened to Jamie and Grady chatting like old friends, mostly about surfing techniques and the best waves they had ever ridden. Mark had chosen the scenic route rather than the faster freeway, so it was several hours before they were bumping over the sandy track that led to the shack.

Mark pulled up behind it and they all jumped out and trudged over the dune to the front door. At the top of the dune the endless beach came into view and Grady gasped. "You were right about the surf, Jamie. Those waves are epic."

"Surf's awesome right now," Jamie agreed, "though it tends to die down in the afternoon." He looked expectantly at Mark.

"OK, OK," Mark grinned. "Soon as we've unloaded the truck you two can hit the water. After all that driving I'm gonna relax with a beer."

With the sound surf pounding in their ears Jamie and Grady helped Mark quickly unload their gear and stow it in the shack. Mark grabbed a beer, stripped down to his speedos, settled into one of the Adirondack chairs on the shack's terrace and contentedly watched the two men waxing their boards.

He focused on Grady and was again struck by his beauty, his square-cut features concentrating on his task, his athletic physique gleaming in the sun. When they were finished Jamie said, "OK if we go now, sir?"

"Hey, you don't have to ask me, kiddo. You guys go have fun. I'll just kick back and dream of you both."

Mark closed his eyes and Jamie chuckled. "He will too. See that bulge in his speedos? He's probably thinking of your ass."

Grady gazed at the near naked Greek God sprawled in the chair, his magnificent body striped by the sunlight coming through the slats of the terrace. Looking at the bulging speedos Grady could have cum in his shorts thinking about that cock in his ass, but he was jerked back to reality by Jamie's urging. "Come on, dude, quit daydreaming - let's hit the waves." They ran to the water's edge, flung their boards in, fell on their stomachs and paddled out to the waves.

Jamie had been right - Mark was seeing visions of Grady's ass. Man, he wanted to fuck it and he knew Grady wanted it too, real bad. He had felt it driving up here, had sensed Grady's desire as he rested his leg against Mark's. But Mark was content to bide his time. A supremely confident man, the cop was used to men lusting for him and he took it for granted, without arrogance, that he could pluck the fruit at any time. He would tease Grady, make him wait, make him all the hotter for when the time came.

He dozed off and must have slept for some time, shedding the stress of his job, because he was woken by two excited voices. He opened his eyes and was met with the dazzling sight of the two jocks walking through the shallow surf carrying their boards under their arms. Their flawless bodies were pumped after their exertion, water streaming down their rippling muscles gleaming in the sun, hair hanging over their glowing salt-spattered faces.

As he watched them approach Mark stretched and said quietly to himself, "Mark, old buddy, how come you got to be so damn lucky?"


There was also a twinge of something else in Mark as he watched the two surfers walk up the beach to the shack. They were talking animatedly to each other and it was obvious that they had bonded in a growing friendship. Mark always encouraged his boy to make new friends, as he had done previously with Nate and then Mario. Mark knew that he was the center of Jamie's universe, but that came with a certain pressure and he wanted Jamie to have close friends nearer his own age with whom he could share his interests, as he was doing now with Grady.

So what was the problem? Unlike previous friends of Jamie's Mark lusted hard for this one, this stunningly beautiful actor who, by all accounts, was soon to become a movie star, endowing him with the kind of glamor Mark could not match. Mark winced as he wondered, could he be jealous of his own boy, becoming buddies with the man Mark lusted for?"

But these irrational doubts were put to rest when the guys reached him and Grady's eyes locked on his with a look of intense desire. Yeah, the man was his for the taking, which he would ... but all in good time. Mark was reassured even more when Jamie ran up to him, bent down and kissed him, then said, "Thanks for letting us go out together, sir. It was awesome out there."

"Hey, you don't need my permission to be with your friends. I just want you to have a good time. How was it for you, Grady?"

Grady grinned ruefully. "To tell you the truth, sir, it was a bit embarrassing. Jamie is such an expert he put me to shame. I wiped out quite a lot but Jamie has perfect technique, beautiful style. When I watched him ride the wave, arms outstretched water, pouring off that chiseled body I got a woody in my shorts. Oh, is it OK to say that, sir?"

"It's more than alright, Grady, it's a big compliment. And I know what you mean 'cos he has the same effect on me. Hell, when he comes out of the water I'm so stoked that my cock goes straight to his ass like a homing device."

"Oh, if you want to do that now I can go for a run or...."

"Nah," Mark laughed, "plenty of time for that later. We got all weekend, eh Jamie?"

"Yes, sir," Jamie grinned sexily, "and you know I'll be ready."

"So why don't you bring out some beer, Jamie, and join me on the porch. Don't you guys need a debriefing or something?"

A few minutes later Mark was listening with amusement to Jamie earnestly instructing his new friend. "See, your feet were not positioned exactly right on the board, and your timing was a bit off getting up on the board. Next time we go out we'll ....."

Grady listened attentively but he was somewhat distracted by the aura of sex that hung heavily in the air, specifically the big bulge in Mark's speedos. The cop was aware of this and silently teased Grady by resting his beer bottle on the bulge, making it jerk visibly. God, Grady wanted it so bad ... longed to get butt-fucked by this gorgeous blond muscle-god.

When Jamie's instructions were finished Mark changed the subject. "So, Steve told me you had a pretty good time with him and Lloyd."

"Oh, man, it was a life-changer. I mean, Lloyd and me were already good gym buddies but when we got on that bed ... wow. And you know what Lloyd did?" Grady blushed a little. "He ... er ... he tied my hands to the bed posts while he fucked me and that blew my mind. First time anyone's done that ... except for Randy, of course, but that was different. He was in a rage and got real rough - not something I cared for - not like that."

"Are you sure, Grady?" Mark's eyes gleamed with lust and Grady realized they had crossed a line. His cock jumped in his wet shorts that clung to his dick so tight that Mark saw it clearly. "Don't you think that after the shock and pain of a savage act like Randy's have died down you might look back on it with different feelings?"

Mark was right. Grady flashed back to the scene - lying on the deck, his hands roped above him, the hypnotic blue eyes in the gypsy face staring down at him, the magnificent body pounding his ass, impaling him on the huge, thick cock. He moaned quietly ... and realized what Mark was doing. He was seducing him, toying with him.

Grady had thought when they came back from surfing that Mark might have fucked him then as he knew how gorgeous he looked with water streaming down his pumped muscles. Maybe he had lost his chance by talking so much to Jamie. But then Mark had changed the subject to sex so casually that Grady had revealed his excitement about bondage. And now the near naked cop was gazing at him with a lust that foretold what was in store for him.

He gasped as Mark stood up, stretched, and said, "OK, time for some action." This was it, and Grady almost busted a load in anticipation. "I've been slumped in this chair for so long it's time for me to get active, get the blood pounding. I'm going for a run on the beach."

No.... Grady felt a stab of disappointment. What was all that talk about sex and bondage? Was Mark just cock-teasing him? After all he had Jamie, a beautiful boy with a beautiful ass, all to himself. So what did he need Grady, for? As if reading his mind Mark took Grady by the chin and smiled down at him. "Don't worry, big guy. Your time will come."

He disappeared into the shack and returned wearing thin, flimsy brown shorts that he always wore for running. The shape of his cock hanging down was very evident, so long it almost protruded from the bottom. He looked penetratingly at Jamie and Grady and said, "You see that old doorframe over there, Grady?" Grady had been wondering what the thing was doing there sticking up in the sand, all that was left of a long-ago collapsed shed or something.

"That doorframe has played a big part in the times we've spent here. See, when I go off for a run and leave Jamie behind he knows I'm gonna fuck him when I get back. But I don't want him to touch himself or jack off while I'm gone so I tie his wrists to the top corners of the frame. See those ropes up there? He has to wait for me, thinking about my dick in his ass, and by the time I get back he's so damn hot he's begging for it.

"Thing is, though, it's not Jamie I'm worried about this time, it's you, stud. I know as soon as my back is turned you'll reach out for Jamie and in no time you'll be fucking. So here's what I'm gonna do...."

He grabbed Grady by the back of the neck and pulled him out of his chair. He pushed him over the sand until he was standing squarely in the doorframe. Mark pressed forward so they were chest to chest, faces only inches apart. He grabbed one of Grady's wrists and held it up to the corner of the frame. "Tie it, boy," he ordered Jamie.

While Jamie secured the rope on the beam to Grady's wrist the handsome cop smiled lasciviously into the jock's wide-open green eyes. Then Mark ran his tongue lightly along Grady's lips. Grady leaned forward for a kiss but Mark pulled back. "Now the other wrist boy," he ordered. This time while Jamie tied the rope Mark's deep voice said softly, "See, I know what you need, stud, before you do. Right now you need this."

He closed his mouth over Grady's and probed with his tongue, locking their lips so tight that they had to share the same breath between them. Grady's head was swimming, dependent on the cop for the very breath of life - tasting him, inhaling him. Desperate to touch his captor Grady pulled helplessly against the ropes binding him and finally understood the mental agony of bondage. His pulse was racing, his cock shuddering and he was on the verge of orgasm when Mark separated from him.

Mark untied the cord at the waist of Grady's surfer trunks and they fell round his ankles. His cock sprang out like a flagpole in a salute to the god-like man he lusted for so desperately.

Mark took a few steps back, folded his arms across his chest and gazed at the man he now controlled so completely. Grady stood in the doorframe legs apart, his hands roped not so tight as to be spread-eagled, as Jamie had left enough rope that his arms were bent at the elbows, his forearms straight up, giving him slight room for movement.

"Perfect," Mark said, surveying the naked muscle-jock - his square-cut, masculine features, the ripped musculature of his physique, and his long rod standing straight out from a tangle of pubic hair. It reminded Mark of the arrogant pose Grady had assumed on the billboard as an underwear model, only that time he was not bound and he had been wearing black briefs. And now the arrogance was gone, replaced by a need bordering on desperation.

Grady was wilting under the laser gaze of the rugged cop and reflexively pulled at the ropes round his wrists in a futile attempt to free his hands. Mark laughed, "Nah, it doesn't work like that, buddy. See, I'm in charge here, and you are at my mercy." He strode forward and curled his hand loosely round Grady's neck. "You gotta understand, Grady. I'm a cop, I give the orders and men obey me. I keep my distance from other men and if anyone wants to get close they have to be prepared to take whatever I dish out.

"You're a beautiful man, Grady, one of the best, and I'm told you're soon gonna be rich and famous. But right now you're my prisoner and you do what I say. Of course, I can always set you free and we can just be buddies, but if you want more you gotta submit to me entirely. Which one do you want, stud? What is it you want?"

"Please don't set me free, sir. I want you so bad. I do submit to you, whatever you want to do to me. Ever since I first saw you I've dreamed of having your dick in my ass. I want you to fuck me so bad, sir."

"Good," Mark smiled. "So let's see if that ass is worthy of me." He walked behind Grady and pressed the cock hanging in his shorts against the crack of Grady's. Grady gasped, imagining it sliding inside him, but Mark pulled back and said, "Yeah, seems like a good fit, and I gotta say those twin globes are really fine, right up there with my boy Jamie's. In the Old West they marked ownership of flesh by branding it. Guess I have to do the same thing."

The cop raised his arm and brought it down hard, slapping his hand fiercely against first one cheek then the other. "Aaagh ... Aaagh," Grady howled."

"What do you say, boy?" asked Mark, looking with satisfaction at his red handprints on the white ass. "Thank you, sir," gasped Grady, now completely in the cop's power.

Mark and Jamie faced the bound man and Mark threw his arm over his boy's shoulder. "Magnificent ain't he, Jamie? That spectacular muscle-jock on the billboard, staring arrogantly down on Sunset Boulevard. And now he's tied up naked on a deserted beach waited to get his ass fucked by a cop. And he's all ours. Was it good when he fucked you yesterday?"

"It was awesome, sir. He's a great fuck ... and so beautiful."

"I thought you'd get off on it. Only thing is, when a man fucks my boy I have to fuck the man, that's just the way it is. But first I'm going for my run, build up a head of steam. In the meantime you're in charge. I want you to keep an eye on him, take care of him. Prime him up for me. You can do anything you want to him except untie him and, of course, one other thing. His ass has my mark on it so it's reserved for me ... for this."

Mark rubbed his hand down the shape of his huge cock, rigid under his thin shorts. Then he grinned, "That's not to say you can't get his ass ready for me."

Grady groaned in an agony of desire and frustration. He looked at the cop's flawlessly sculpted body gleaming in the sun, and his ruggedly handsome face. The man was driving him wild, but he would wait for as long as it took ... he had no choice.

Mark walked up to him, grabbed his hair and pulled his face forward, grinding their lips together in a voracious kiss. He pulled away and grinned, "Your ass is mine, big guy." Then, without another word, he turned and took off down the beach. Grady watched as the powerful legs pounded in the shallow surf. He couldn't take his eyes off the tall, muscular figure as it got smaller and smaller and finally disappeared in the spray mist in the far distance.


Jamie grabbed his beer and sat cross-legged on the sand gazing up at his handsome new buddy, the young athlete who had so recently fucked him and now stood naked, roped to the doorframe, waiting for Jamie's master the cop to take his ass. It was a wildly erotic picture and Jamie stroked his cock through his trunks as he studied every contour of Grady's rippling muscles already gleaming with a sheen of sweat under the hot sun.

The suspense was killing Grady, and his ass was still stinging from Mark's blows. He had been branded by the cop, and his thoughts were burning with the image of Mark taking possession of his ass. But would he really or was this just another way the cop teased and frustrated him?

He stared at the boy cross-legged before him. "Jamie, I already think of us as friends so tell me the truth, buddy to buddy. Is Mark just toying with me or is he really gonna fuck my ass?"

"Oh he's gonna fuck you, dude, for sure. When you both arrived at the house yesterday I saw him stare at you with a look that I always see before he fucks me ... which he does a lot. He wants your ass real bad, but he's doing to you what he often does to me, as you saw yesterday. He takes his time, teasing me, even sucks my cock so that by the time he drives his cock in my ass I'm begging for it, pleading with him. That's the way he likes a man - totally at his mercy.

"See, Mark's a cop so, like he said, he stands a bit apart from other men - walks to the sound of his own drummer. He's so sure of himself, used to everyone obeying him, guys wanting to give their asses to him, that he can take his own good time. I guarantee that right now as he runs he's fantasizing about your ass - what he calls building up a head of steam. But he does like a man to be good and ready .... and that's where I come in."

Jamie stood up, licked his thumbs, walked toward Grady, and rolled his nipples gently in his wet fingers. Then he squeezed them hard and Grady groaned, "Jamie, you're so fucking hot, I wanna touch you. Untie one of my hands, just for a minute, so I can touch your cock."

Jamie laughed. "You know I can't do that, dude. I can't disobey my master. He'd whip me for sure."

"Whip you? He actually whips his boy?"

"Sure he does sometimes. Oh, not so hard that it hurts bad - he would never really hurt me. But it stings a lot and ... well it turns me on so much that I often shoot my load. Here, I'll show you." He ran into the shack and came out brandishing a whip with a dozen long strips of rawhide - a cat-o'-nine-tails.

"Man, that looks plenty brutal," Grady said, instinctively pulling at his bound wrists.

As Grady's muscles flexed he looked so beautiful that Jamie knew he had to use the whip. "Here, I'll show you what Mark does to me." He raised his arm and brought the whip down across Grady's chest, hard enough for it to sting. His body writhed, his muscles rippled and that stirred Jamie on to land a few more lashes, with increasing force.

Grady howled, tugging at his bound wrists. He had never been subjected to this before, never even thought of it, at least not consciously. But the desire must have been buried deep in his subconscious as he felt suddenly alive - his ass stinging with the marks of the cop's hands and his chest feeling the kiss of the whip brandished by the cop's boy. Jamie draped the whip round the bound jock's neck so the handle and the rawhide braids hung down over his pecs.

"Holy fuck," Grady groaned, "I feel like a slave chained at auction whipped by the slave master."

"In a way you are, bro, except you've already been purchased and you're waiting for your new master to work you over. Man, you look seriously hot ... he's gonna go apeshit for you. In the meantime," said Jamie, "you risk burning up in this sun so I gotta put some protection on you. Mark always insists on that."

He went back into the shack and came out with a bottle of suntan oil. He poured it on Grady's shoulders and watched the amber liquid run down over the mound of his pecs, then drip over the razor sharp ridges of his abs, through his pubic hair and down the length of his cock. Jamie was thrilled by the homoerotic act of oiling the young athlete's sculpted physique, running his hands over his oiled muscles that flexed under his touch.

He poured more oil on the small of Grady's back and watched it run over his ass cheeks and down into the crack. He used his fingers to oil up the hole, then pushed them inside to lubricate his ass in readiness for Mark. The young surfer's sensuous hands sent shivers through the bound jock and when he felt the fingers entering his ass he moaned, thinking of Mark's cock. "Jamie - tell me, buddy, what does it feel like getting fucked by Mark?"

"Wow, that's something you can't really put into words. And it varies so much. But I'll try to make you understand." Jamie came round to face Grady. "See, first he just looks at you with those penetrating blue-gray eyes of his while he drops his shorts like this." Grady inhaled sharply as Jamie pulled open his surfer trunks, let them fall and his stiff cock sprang free.

"Then he usually teases you like this." Jamie stroked Grady's oiled chest, pinched his nipples, then reached down and stroked his cock lightly and slowly. "Or else he'll do this." Jamie pressed his chest against Grady's and they slid together over the oil. Then he pressed his lips against his buddy's and they kissed hungrily.

Jamie pulled away, leaving Grady gasping. "But it's the next bit that always gets me. See, he gets behind you like this and presses his cock against your ass." Jamie pressed his chest against Grady's back, reached round from behind and squeezed his nipples in his fingers. Then, "aaah", Grady gasped, as Jamie pressed the length of his cock against his butt and slid it up and down against the crack, simulating fucking.

"Imagine Mark doing that to you, dude. It can drive a man crazy waiting for the cock to push inside his ass. Imagine the cop's hard body pressed against you, his cock teasing your ass. Imagine his hands running over your chest, his fingers digging into your pecs. He's always turned on by the nape of my neck, my blond hair curled over it, and he licks it, like this."

Jamie kissed the back of Grady's neck and squeezed his nipples hard, all the while rubbing his cock against the crack of his ass. The bound jock was in a haze of desire and he moaned, "I can't take it, man. Fuck my ass. Please shove your dick in my ass. I need to cum so bad."

"You know my master's orders, buddy. I'd love to butt-fuck you but that's forbidden. Your ass right now belongs to Mark. But he often makes me shoot before he fucks me ... he prefers a man to be drained. He's tired of guys cumming as soon as his dick slides inside them. He can make a guy bust a load easily, just like this."

Pressing against his back, with one hand still squeezing Grady's nipple, Jamie reached down with the other hand, folded it round Grady's cock and stroked it slowly, still sliding his body and cock against Grady's back and whispering in his ear.

"Soon it'll be the cop doing this to you, stud. You'll feel his cock pressing against your hole, then sliding down your chute. It's real big, hurts at first, but then it's the most incredible sensation in the world. I know you want it, buddy .... You feel the cop's dick driving inside you, fucking you, pounding your ass?"

Grady was hallucinating, tugging at his restraints as he moaned, "Fuck me sir. Fuck me ... fuuuck me ... aaagh!" A ribbon of juice streamed from his cock, rose in a high arc and splashed down on the sand. Jamie ran round and knelt in front of him in time to catch the next spurt of cum in his mouth. The last blast splashed into his face and ran down his cheeks.

Both men breathed raggedly, their hearts pounding, when suddenly Grady saw a small dot moving in the far distance. "He's coming!"


Jamie jumped to his feet and stood beside the bound athlete, both of them straining their eyes to see the figure slowly getting larger in the distance. At last they could see the man, the tall, muscled figure, his powerful legs pounding through the shallow waves, backlit by the sun, glowing gold like a god emerging from the misty spray.

He ran up the beach to them, then doubled over, hands on his knees, catching his breath in deep gulps. Then slowly he straightened up and his eyes met Grady's. "Aaah ... aaah" Grady gasped as he looked at the almost-naked muscle-god.

Mark had run a good many miles and his magnificent body was pumped hard, his chiseled physique gleaming with sweat and sea-spray. His blond hair clung damply to his forehead and water ran down his square-cut features. His soaking wet shorts clung to his muscled thighs, his cock clearly outlined under the thin wet fabric, the head poking out at the bottom.

Dazzled by the sight Grady hung his head, a gesture of homage to this glorious man. Mark gaze at the beautiful young athlete, tied by his wrists, his spectacular body gleaming with oil, chest streaked with the marks of the whip. The whip hung round his neck and .... the long cock swinging between his legs was still dripping cum.

Mark grinned over to Jamie who smiled back mischievously, with cum running down his cheeks and oozing from his mouth. "Like they say, kiddo, when the master's away the cat will play, and you seem to have played pretty good with our young friend here. Mark walked up to Grady and pushed his chin up with one finger, forcing him to look into his eyes.

The cop saw in those green eyes that Grady was totally in his power, at his mercy. Desire burned fiercely in them and he knew just what the man craved. "So," he said, tracing his finger along the faint stripes of the whip. "Looks like my boy whipped you good. Did he hurt you?"

"No, sir?"

"Did you like it?"

"Yes, sir."

"He made love to you too. How did he make you cum?" He growled, "Did he fuck your ass?"

"No, sir, absolutely not. He got behind me and rubbed his dick against my ass and told me what it was like to get butt-fucked by you. It was so fucking hot. I imagined getting fucked by you, sir, and it made me lose my load." His voice broke into a sob. "I want it so bad, sir."

"Yeah, yeah, all in good time, big guy. Boy," he said to Jamie, "you did a great job on this young muscle-jock here. You whipped him, oiled him up, his ass too I bet, and made him bust a load. I like a man with drained balls. Makes his ass more sensitive when I fuck him. Let's take a look at this whip here."

His eyes boring into Grady's, Mark slid the whip from around his neck and cracked it in the air. "So, you say you like it, eh? Like this?" He brought the whip down across Grady's chest, then curled it round his back, using not nearly the force he was capable off. "What d'you say, stud?"

"Thank you, sir. Thank you."

"And you wanna feel a cop's dick in your ass? Well, my boy warmed you up but I gotta make sure that gorgeous ass is good and ready for me." He walked behind Grady and said, "Show me your ass, man. Grady took a step back, leaned forward against the ropes above him and pushed his ass as high as he could. Mark raised his arm and lashed the rounded cheeks, hard enough to make the flesh sting and Grady howl.

He landed another two blows, watching the white globes bounce under each lash. Then he paused. "Grady, I've said before, you can make this stop at any time. I'll untie you and we'll go back to you simply being a buddy for my boy Jamie. I won't lay another hand on you, won't fuck that ass, much as I want to.

"No, sir, no," Grady gasped in a panic. "Don't stop, sir. Please I need to get fucked. Whip me sir, do what you want to me. I beg you sir."

Mark chuckled. "That's what I wanted to hear, stud. Turns me on to hear a handsome, macho stud beg, and they don't come more handsome than you." He delivered two final lashes, then draped the whip back round Grady's neck. "OK, buddy, I've teased you long enough. Now for the main event."


Casually he pushed his fingers under the waistband of his shorts and let them drop. "Aaagh!" It was the first time that day Grady and seen the cop naked, seen his huge dick swinging between his legs. He couldn't take his eyes off the long rod and his breathing became ragged as he imagined it - felt it! - in his ass. He braced for the imminent onslaught, but he was frustrated again as Mark said to Jamie, "OK, boy, you know what to do."

Obediently the naked young surfer dropped to his knees on the sand before his master, leaned forward, licked the semi-hard dick then sucked it into mouth. Mark grinned at Grady and said, "Best young fluffer in the business. Shit, he doesn't even have to suck it - I get hard just looking at him.

Grady gazed mesmerized at the surfer boy sucking the cop's rod, taking it deep down his throat without gagging. (Even Jamie had taken lessons from Eddie.) He held onto Mark's slim waist and his tangled blond hair flew over his face as his head pounded up and down.

Grady watched the cock get harder and harder until Mark pulled out. "Aaah ...." Grady saw the steel-hard weapon and wondered if he could even take such a long pole in his ass. Of course he could. It's what he had been waiting for, hadn't he - jacked off thinking about?

Without any more foreplay Mark walked behind him and eased the head of his cock between the white cheeks that were striped red by the whip. Grady had waited so long for this he thought his pounding heart would burst from his chest. He was afraid he might pass out when the cock drove into him and he held his breath. Mark paused ... and Grady waited....

And then the cock pulled back. "Nah, this ain't working for me," Mark said.

"No, no, please," Grady pleaded in a pitch of desire and frustration. "I want it sir, please, I beg you .... please ...." The bound athlete was almost sobbing as Mark walked round to face him.

"Oh you're gonna get it, stud," Mark said cheerfully. "But I gotta see you while I fuck you. Can't let that gorgeous face and spectacular body go to waste. Jamie, we'll do the stakes. Set it up."

"Aye-aye, sir," Jamie smiled. In a haze of confused anticipation Grady watched Jamie go into the shack and come out with a large blanket that he spread on the sand. Then he got two long wooden stakes and hammered them into the sand at the top two corners of the blanket.

While he did this Grady was staring at the naked cop leaning nonchalantly back against the shack's terrace, his elbows back resting on the rail. His chest was thrust forward, his legs apart, his huge schlong pointing straight out of his blond pubic hair. There was a casual arrogance about him, a demi-god who commanded his world and the men in it.

Jamie came over to Grady and said softly. "Sorry for the delay, buddy. I know how bad you want it. You're in luck, though. He wants you staked out on the sand. Tell you what it always makes me fantasize about. A macho Foreign Legion soldier being dragged through the desert then stripped naked and staked out on the sand, his perfect body spread-eagled, waiting for the Arabs to work him over and their leader to fuck his ass. It actually happened once to Mark himself. Hold onto that image, dude. It makes it even hotter - take it from one who's tried it."

Jamie untied the ropes from the top of the doorframe but left them round Grady's wrists. Pulling on the ropes he dragged the naked jock forward to the blanket. They stood staring at each other and Jamie said mischievously, "Good luck, soldier." He gave him a shove and Grady fell on his back on the blanket. Jamie knelt at one stake, Mark at the other and in seconds Grady's wrists were tied, his arm stretched up in a V.

Jamie moved away and Mark stood at the foot of the blanket staring down at him. Grady gazed up at the alpha muscle-god he lusted for so hard, his magnificent body gleaming, his rugged face backlit by the sun ... and that enormous cock, stiff as a pole. Grady was electrified by the sight and by the fantasy Jamie had planted in his mind.

As if reading his thoughts Mark said, "Was my boy giving you that Foreign Legion fantasy of his? That kid is the king of fantasy, but that one I can go for ... it's a real turn-on." He kicked Grady's legs wide apart so the handsome jock was spread-eagled on the ground. "Man that is so fucking gorgeous. Years ago I was a soldier in the desert war and if I had come across a prisoner as beautiful as you staked out, spread-eagled naked in the sand, I know just what I would do."

Mark dropped to his knees between Grady's legs and pushed one of them high in the air. With his free hand he probed the captive's hole and his fingers slid easily into the ass that had been well oiled by Jamie. "Jeez, your ass is on fire, man. Squeeze it round my fingers," the cop ordered. Grady obeyed and Mark grinned, "Yeah, that's how I like 'em - a tight, well-lubed butt. You keep it tight like that when I shove my dick in you. That's an order."

He pushed up Grady's other leg, then let both hang over his shoulders. Shit you look fucking gorgeous, man, an alpha male staked out on the sand - just like Hassan was. That's where I met him, in the desert war. He was the enemy at the time and I was a lieutenant, captured, dragged through the desert and delivered to him for interrogation. He chained me up in a cell, ripped off my shirt and tortured my body, then slammed his huge dick in my ass.

"But he made the mistake of falling in love with me. He unchained me and I pinned him to the ground and pressed the head of my dick against his hole like this." Grady gasped at the feel of the head between his cheeks. "Knowing he was about to get butt-fucked, something he had never had before, the big Arab stud struggled like mad to get free."

Caught up in the fantasy Grady imagined the muscular Arab soldier pinned to the ground. He assumed Hassan's role and struggled as he had. His muscles flexed as his body writhed and his rugged face thrashed from side to side. "Shit that turns me on," Mark said. He fell forward and braced himself with his hands pressing Grady's biceps to the ground, their faces close.

"It's just what Hassan did, but you know what? I made him wait and soon he was begging me to fuck him. The big, musclehunk soldier who had chained and tortured me was now in my power - and that excited the hell out of him. In minutes he was begging me to fuck him. And that's what I was waiting for. Before I fuck a man he has to beg for it, has to surrender to my dick. It's what I need from you, Grady," he smiled. "The more beautiful the man the more he has to beg."

"Oh, man, you know I want it. I crave your dick in my ass, it's what I've been waiting for all day. You want me to beg again? OK, I'm begging you, sir. You are a spectacular man, and that cock is so huge, I gotta have it. I submit to you, sir. My ass is yours."

"When I heard that from Hassan," Mark said, "here's what I did. His eyes flashed, Grady held his breath, and .... "Aaagh ... aaagh! His screams drowned out the noise of the surf as the cop drove his rod in him like a sledgehammer. He pulled back, all the way out, then slammed into him again, the massive cock barreling down the chute and over the inner sphincter.

The young athlete screamed again and stared up at the cop in disbelief. He pulled frantically at the ropes, his body shook and a stream of cum spurted from his cock as everything went dark.

In a few seconds he opened his eyes to a view blurred by his own semen and felt the exquisite pain in his ass. It took a few moments to understand what had happened and then his face twisted in shame. "Man, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cum, but it felt so .... Please don't stop ... keep fucking me, sir. Your cock feels so damn good in my ass."

"Hey, don't beat yourself up, man," Mark said, his cock still buried deep inside Grady. "I knew you would shoot. It's why I speared your ass so hard. Like I said before, I like a man to drain his juice before I fuck him. Don't forget, squeeze that ass tight." Grady obeyed, luxuriating in the feel of the cop's massive cock filling his ass.

Then Mark's tone changed as he flashed a gleaming smile. "Buddy, I've really put you through the ringer haven't I? I've teased you, turned you over to my boy, then whipped you, made you beg like you've never begged before. But I'll tell you a secret. I'm never intimidated by any man - but I was by you. The minute you got out of that car I knew I had to fuck you, and when I heard that you, a gorgeous macho jock, loved to get fucked in the ass, that clinched it

"But you were so damn beautiful that you threw me off balance and I knew I had to dominate you, hear you submit to me, before I fucked you. I'm used to guys falling at my feet but you were so confident of your beauty I needed you to submit to mine. And you did. Now I'm sure of you - and myself. You deserve to be a buddy for my boy and a regular fuck for me - starting now. I've already shown you how savage I can be ... now I'm gonna make love to you, Grady."

Mark bent his head and closed his mouth over Grady's. They kissed passionately while Mark gently massaged the jock's fiery ass with his thick cock.

Grady was intoxicated by the taste and smell of the stunning man he had lusted for all day. He had expected a punishing fuck by the dominant cop but making love to him was even more exhilarating. He clenched his ass muscles tight round the pole pushing inside him and, when Mark finally pulled his face back Grady licked it - his eyes, cheeks, the stubbled chin, and sucked in the beads of sweat running down his neck.

They gazed into each other's eyes and saw themselves reflected in them - two handsome men drinking in each other's beauty. And that's how they made love, Mark inside Grady's ass, in his eyes and in his head. It was more erotic than Grady could ever have imagined and he floated in a sea of pure ecstasy as the huge cock he had craved for so long filled his ass, setting it on fire. Grady was still pulling at his bound wrists and Mark said, "Do you want to touch me, man?"

"You know I do." With one hand Mark released the ropes (like all the other men Mark used Randy's safe escape knot) and Grady's hands were free. He smiled up at the square jawed face, then pressed his palms against the slabs of the cop's chest as it rose up and down above him. He traced the cleft between them, wetting his fingers with the sweat running down it and then, with a glint of mischief in his eyes, put his fingers in his mouth and moaned, "Mmmm."

Mark laughed. He loved this hint of playfulness, evidence that Grady had shed his fear and frustration and was now totally relaxed with him. That's what was so good about making love to a man whose beauty matched Mark's. They were equal, no sense of envy or competition, they could relax and make love.

Grady was exploring Mark's body, his flared lats sloping down to his narrow hips, the ridges of his eight-pack abs and then the damp pubic hair as he touched the cock pumping his ass. "Man," Grady moaned, "your cock feels so good in my ass. I knew it would but ... wow this is spectacular. I'm trying hard not to bust my load here."

In response Mark looked over at Jamie who had been standing there stroking his dick, spellbound by the sight of his master the cop fucking the handsome young jock. "Hey, kid, you wanna grab a piece of the action here?"

Jamie grinned, knowing exactly what Mark meant. He approached and knelt in the sand beside Grady. Still fucking, Mark straightened up on his knees. Then he pushed Grady's legs off his shoulders so his feet were flat on the blanket, knees bent, pushing his ass up to receive the long rod that still pistoned slowly inside it. Mark grabbed the back of Jamie's head, pulled him toward him and kissed him tenderly.

When he pulled away he said, "You're my boy, right?"

"You bet I am, sir. Always."

"Good, so you know what I want you to do."

"Absolutely, sir," Jamie grinned, looking down at Grady's cock standing up proud as a flagpole and already oozing pre-cum. Mark pulled his boy's head back by the hair, then forced it down on Grady's cock ... all the way down until his face was pressed against his friend's pubic hair. Mark pulled his head back up, then pushed it back down, forcing him to suck Grady's cock.

Mark was again in complete control of both men and he set the rhythm, forcing Jamie's head down at the same time as he plunged his cock in Grady's ass. The sensation in Grady's body was electric and he raised his torso and leaned back on his elbows to get a perfect view of the naked cop ploughing his ass and forcing his hot young surfer boy to suck his dick.

The perfect coordination drove him wild - his own cock plunging deep in the boy's throat while his master's dick buried itself deep in his ass. He clenched his ass muscles while Jamie squeezed his cock in his mouth. Grady had never experienced any sensation like this and his head was spinning. He stared at the god-like cop, his flawless physique, his rippling muscles gleaming with sweat as his hips moved and his hand worked Jamie's head.

The spectacle overwhelmed Grady and his balls were bursting. But he knew he had to wait for the cop's command and it soon came. "OK, boy, you wanna drink your buddy's cum?" Jamie nodded wide-eyed without missing a beat. "And you, stud, you wanna feel my hot man-juice filling that gorgeous ass?"

Hardly able to speak, his heart pounding, Grady stammered, "Yes, sir. Please, sir, I want it bad. You look so fucking gorgeous, I want it real bad."

"And you're gonna give my boy what he wants to drink?"

"Yes, sir. Please, sir."

"OK, men," Mark yelled. "This is it. Let's see what you got, guys."

He increased the rhythm and Grady felt the cock pounding his ass while the boy pounded his cock. He was getting fucked by master and boy and he couldn't hold back anymore. He stared at Mark's demigod face and squeezed his ass tight round his cock. His mouth opened in a scream as his body shuddered and his cock exploded in Jamie's mouth. His cum poured into it but Jamie handle it like a pro, skillfully gulping down every last drop.

"God boy, kiddo," Mark shouted exultantly. "OK, stud, here it comes - what you've been wanting for since you met me." Mark raised his arm triumphantly in the air and Grady watched the magnificent body flex, the handsome features contort in a scream as the cock bulged and burst in his ass. He felt hot sperm slamming deep inside him, filling his ass, the juice of the incredible muscle god who had totally dominated him, bound him, whipped him, made love to him and turned the proud alpha jock into a slave begging his master for more.


"You were fucking sensational, Grady," Mark said a few minutes later. The three of them were lying on the blanket, limbs entwined in the afterglow of spectacular sex.

"Thank you sir. I can't get enough of that. Did I hear you say, 'A buddy for my boy and a regular fuck for me'? Did you mean it?"

"Damn right I did. I might show up any time to claim your ass. And if it's not already being fucked by Steve, Lloyd or Hassan - or all of them - it's mine, is that clear?"

"Absolutely, sir. Whenever you want it. But Jamie, in all of that you didn't get to cum."

Jamie grinned. "Deliberately. I had something else in mind." He turned to Mark, "Permission to go surfing, sir?"

"Like I told you, kid, you don't have to ask. Go for it - if you still have the energy."

Jamie jumped up and pulled Grady up with him. Grady reached for his shorts but Jamie stopped him. "Nah, you won't need those, not this time." Grady picked up his board and jogged toward the water butt naked. Jamie turned to Mark and said in a conspiratorial whisper, "Keep these binoculars handy, sir." Then he followed Grady into the waves.


There was a feeling of elation and freedom as Jamie and Grady sat close to each other astride their boards stark naked and rode the swell waiting for the next set of waves. But as Jamie had predicted the waves had diminished since the morning and Jamie realized that the swell was building further out. "Hey, dude, let's go out deeper and pick up a wave there."

They lay flat on their boards and paddled hard. Following Grady Jamie gazed at the globes of his ass as water splashed over it. Jamie's cock was hard between him and his board and he knew that now was the time. He slipped off his board and let it drift away, knowing it would float safely to shore on the incoming tide. He swam strongly toward Grady who was still lying stomach down on his board facing away from his friend.

It would take some doing, he knew, but the temptation of Grady's ass was incentive enough. He grabbed the back of Grady's board, gave a kick under water and hauled himself up - right on top of Grady's back.

"Hey, what the fuck?" yelled Grady turning his head to look at Jamie.

"Here's the fuck," Jamie laughed. "Your ass is so damn gorgeous and it's still got some of Mark's jizz in it lubing it up, so what's a horny young surfer to do? This!" Resting his hands on the side of the board Jamie arched his body .... and plunged his stiff dick straight into his buddy's ass.

"Aaagh," Grady yelled. "You're gonna tip us over, man."

"All the more reason for you to lie still and take it, buddy - all the way up your ass."

On the shore Mark held the binoculars to his eyes and murmured, "Son of a bitch." As the board rose up and down on the swell of water so Jamie rose and fell over Grady, his dick evidently pounding his ass. "Way to go, Jamie."

"Oh, man," Grady yelled above the sound of the surf, "your dick feels fucking great, buddy. Keep fucking my ass, dude. Don't stop." With their innate surfer skills they worked together to keep the board level while Jamie drove his cock deeper and deeper into the gorgeous young athlete. As they fucked, the board slowly turned to point to shore, riding the growing swell.

The waves had weakened to the point where they were no good for riding - but perfect for surfboarding. "Keep going, buddy," Grady shouted, "I fucking love it. Don't stop. They felt the wave building beneath them and, at just the right moment, Jamie yelled. "On your knees, stud ... Now!"

Moving together as one they both eased up on their knees, Jamie behind Grady with his cock still embedded in the jock's ass. They stretched their arms out to the side for balance as the small wave lifted them and carried them with increasing speed to the shore.

"Holy shit," Mark said to himself, 'that's fucking incredible. He could hear their screams of joyful triumph as they sped forward kneeling on the board, two surfer buddies joined together by the cock of one deep in the other's butt. They were in perfect harmony until .... as the shallow wave broke it tossed them head over heels in the surf and Mark held his breath as they disappeared under the water.

When they broke surface they were laughing uncontrollably as the dying wave carried them to shallow water, tumbling over each other in a tangle of limbs. When they came to rest Grady was on his back with Jamie kneeling over him, their sparkling eyes gazing at each other. "Finish me off, boy," Grady said, like he was now in command. "I gotta have it."

Grady grabbed behind his own knees and pulled his ass up, but still under the surface. Jamie quickly put his hand underwater and felt round Grady's butt, making sure it was free of sand. Then he washed his own cock, pushed it under the water .... and slid it easily back inside Grady's ass. He fell forward and rested his hands on Grady's hard pecs.

As their previous fuck resumed, underwater this time, they both became aware of a tall figure standing naked at the water's edge stroking his dick. "That was epic, guys. Got me all fired up. Come on, make me shoot another load."

"No problem there, sir," Jamie said. "We're real close."

As he felt Jamie's piston driving in his ass Grady looked up at his beautiful, eager face, streaming with water and streaked with sand. "I love you, man," he yelled. "You're gonna make me cum ... I'm gonna shoot.... Aaagh!" His cock suddenly broke the surface like a fountain and spurted jizz high in the air that blew sideways in the breeze and splashed down on the water to be carried away in the waves.

Jamie howled with joy as his own cock erupted in his buddy's ass under the water. At the same time they heard a roar from Mark and felt his juice splash down on them until it was washed off by the hissing surf.

Jamie and Grady fell into each other arms in the water, laughing, hugging, kissing in the exhilaration of a friendship that was now firmer than ever. Mark smiled down at them. It was just as it should be, especially now that he had established beyond doubt that he was in command of both beautiful men. They both worshipped him. And he liked that a lot.


With all the tension relieved by an explosion of spectacular man-on-man sex they could now settle down to an idyllic weekend together. They lazed, swam, surfed and jogged, all punctuated by long bouts of sex. And at night they slept together. When Mark and Jamie finally delivered Grady back to Steve's house there were firm vows of continued, perpetual friendship.

"And remember, stud," Mark grinned, "I can show up any time I like and take possession of what's mine."

"Absolutely," Grady smiled. "I'll be ready." When at last they drove away Steve laughed, "We better be careful, Grady. That glow of yours could set the house on fire. You obviously fell in love with the cop and his boy. So I guess you're gonna be sleeping in your guestroom tonight."

"Oh no, sir, this doesn't change how I feel about you and Lloyd. I wanna sleep with both of you ...." he blushed ... "if you still want me, that is."

"You damn well better," Lloyd grinned. "Even if I have to tie you to the bed."

"That too," Grady laughed. Then a cloud crossed his face. "Guys, I hope you'll still want me staying here after what's gonna happen next week. You remember that photo shoot at the studio? Well my manager says People Magazine is gonna give it a center spread in the next issue so the publicity will crank up again for a while. Sorry guys.

"Grady," Steve reassured him. "You can stay here out of sight for as long as you like. And personally I hope that will be for a long, long time."


When the magazine hit the news-stands and the Internet the next week it was all the boys in the house could talk about. It caused a storm of enthusiastic - and exaggerated - comment and opinions in what could only be described as rave reviews from all the boys.

The headline screamed "The Next Tarzan." It was to be a big-budget, special effects-filled retelling of the Tarzan legend, set mostly in the jungle but also with scenes back in aristocratic England in a version faithful to the original story where Tarzan was actually Viscount Greystoke.

The pictures of Grady were truly stunning, mostly with him in the traditional loincloth but also in period dress, several of those shirtless too. The actor would have been sensational by any standards, but the boys were even more excited as they actually knew the man ... he was Grady, living with Steve and Lloyd, hiding out there.

Exaggerations aside, to be more accurate only Eddie and Jamie had actually met Grady, but as Eddie sat with Brandon drooling over the magazine pages Eddie was determined to do something about that. The next day Hassan and Eddie, as they often did, walked up from their guesthouse to have lunch by the pool with Steve, Lloyd and now Grady.

Grady noticed with regret that Eddie was more diffident around him, treating him with a reverence that stifled his usual stream of chatter. It was the magazine of course that tinged the warmth of friendship with the curse of celebrity now that his pictures stared out of the pages of a national publication. Grady knew he had to nip this in the bud.

"Hey, Eddie," he said. "This is still me, your pal Grady. One thing I'm determined to avoid is having this bullshit publicity change me. And I hope it won't change our friendship either. We're still pals aren't we?"

That was all it took to bring the urchin sparkle to Eddie's eyes. "Sure we are, sir ... and on that note ..." He blushed. "Er, would it, er, be OK if I had my best friend came up here to meet you?"

"Of course," Grady smiled broadly. "Provided he can be discreet ... not tell anyone I'm here."

"Oh, no worries there, sir. Any secrets he knows he'll take to the grave with him. 'Course, he's a long way from the grave, sir. I mean he's the same age as me and I don't intend to kick the bucket anytime soon. I mean ...."

Hasan cleared his throat noisily and silenced his boy. Grady smiled ... good, the garrulous Eddie was back. Eddie went off to make an excited phone call, and half an hour later there was the sound of an engine out front. "He's here," Eddie said breathlessly.

A few minutes later Eddie's friend came round the side of the house and Grady opened his eyes wide in surprise. The boy was in a wheelchair. Eddie went to meet him and proudly introduced him to Grady. Hopping from one foot to another he said, "Sir, this is my friend Brandon. Brandon, meet Grady ... who you already know in a way."

Grady stood up and shook Brandon's hand. "Hello, sir," Brandon said, shyly at first. But then his eyes gleamed and he picked up a copy of the magazine he had in his lap. "Jeez, you look so much hotter in real life than you even do in these pictures. You're totally gorgeous, sir, if you don't mind my saying so."

"I don't mind at all, Brandon," Grady laughed. "Compliments always gratefully accepted." He looked around and asked, "Er, who brought you here?"

"Brandon drew himself up in his wheelchair and said with a hint of reproach, "Nobody, sir. I brought myself of course. I have my own truck that Pablo fitted up for me - he's Randy's boy - and I have my own motor bike too. I came on that. Would you like to see?"

Grady liked this boy's forthright, confident manner and caught the touch of proud independence in his shining eyes. "I sure would, Brandon. Let's go." He grabbed the handles of the wheelchair and began to push it, but Brandon looked back sharply. "No thank you, sir. I can do this myself ... I always have." Again Grady caught his look of fierce independence and smiled, suitably chastised.

As Grady walked beside him round the house Brandon said, "Sometimes I come here with my master, Pete. You'd like him, sir. He's a Forest Ranger and he's gorgeous - tall, handsome with a drop-dead body and this monster cock that .... Sorry, sir, too much information." Not enough actually, Grady thought, as Brandon went on. "Anyway this time I came on my bike - and here it is.

Grady stared at the motor-trike. "Wow, I've never seen one of these. You know, Brandon, I have a cousin back east who uses a wheelchair and I used to spend a lot of time with him, helping him as much as I could. But he's not nearly as independent as you, even though he loves motorbikes and even subscribes to Motorcycle Magazine. He would go crazy for one of these. But how do you...?"

"I'll show you, sir." Brandon proudly wheeled up to the trike and lowered the rear ramp, then wheeled up the ramp, locked the wheels in place on the platform and pressed a button to raise the ramp up behind him. "Raising the drawbridge I call it, sir," he laughed. He put on his black helmet and said, "Here we go." With his hand controls he revved the engine, smiled at Grady, and took off driving round Steve's circular driveway, his face glowing with self-confidence.

Grady gazed at the boy in awe. There was something special about him - his determination, fierce independence and the straightforward, open way he talked. Grady's heart went out to him and he found his eyes misting up as he watched the brave young kid in his biker helmet sitting straight-backed in his wheelchair, riding round the driveway pumped with pride.

Grady felt a surprising warmth for the boy.   He would like to get to know him better ... his Forest Ranger too.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 274


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