Darius had committed the ultimate sin.  

Disobeying one of the first rules of the tribe and insulting his master Zack in the process he had had sex with a man outside the tribe, named Vince, who had fucked him in the ass. Darius saw it as payment to Vince for making a cast of Darius's enormous dick and producing an exact replica in silicone, a dildo for anyone brave enough to use it.

Frantic that his boy had gone missing, Zack went searching for him, and Darius finally came home after midnight. When he told Zack what had happened Zack's fear at losing his boy turned to rage on finding him. The boy had stayed out late, worrying his master sick, and worst of all had offered his ass to someone he picked up in a bar.

Zack struck Darius and roared, "Get out. Get your sorry ass out of my house and don't come back. This house is off-limits to you from now on. I never want to see your face again, boy."

There followed an uneasy period where Darius thought he was no longer Zack's boy and would be banished from the house. Zack's fury was implacable and he refused to budge, despite appeals from first Bob and then, surprisingly, Brandon. Zack was angry and offensive to both of them, insulting Bob and pushing him to the ground, then yelling at Brandon and making his wheelchair tip over, sending the boy sprawling.

But that incident, hurting a boy he loved, at last brought Zack back to his senses and he agreed to a lesser punishment though no less painful, especially physically. In a ritual of the tribe he tied Darius up in front of the whole clan, shoved the boy's massive dildo in his ass and left it there for several hours.

But at last the boys, distraught at watching Darius's suffering and admiring his stoic endurance, all stood up and applauded. Zack relented. He slowly extracted the dildo, replaced it with his own cock in the painfully sore ass and fucked him 'til they both came.

When it was over, men and boys rose to their feet in a clamor of applause and cheers, a standing ovation for a master and his boy engaging in the tribal ritual of punishment, retribution and forgiveness. Zack freed Darius's wrists, took him in his arms and kissed him, provoking renewed cheers and whistles.

Jamie was standing next to Pablo and grinned at him. "Question is, dude, what comes next? I'm sure you're gonna want to fuck with your reprieved boyfriend - just go easy on that ravaged ass. And, after this, the men are all fired up to show their love for their boys. Can't wait for Mark to make love to me, which from the look in his eye will be any time now."

"Yeah," Pablo agreed, "but most of all Zack has a shitload of bridges to build. He has to make everything cool with his boy, and with Brandon who he apparently kicked out of his wheelchair when the kid tried to help. Pete's not gonna like that.

"But worst of all, word on the grapevine is that Zack was real offensive to Bob when he came to offer advice. Said some real vicious things to him and shoved him on the ground. Hell, when Randy hears about that he's not gonna be best pleased, to say the least."

"You're right, buddy," Jamie said. "This has set off a whole mess of stuff. You throw a rock in a pond and the ripples last a long time. Like they always say, 'It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings ...' and we don't have no fat lady. If we did she'd be singing like a canary."


After the very public display of savage punishment, the masters' instincts were to show affection and reassurance to their own boys, all of whom had been horrified watching their buddy endure such a prolonged ordeal. So they mostly paired off as the crowd disbursed.

As Jamie had predicted, Mark was the first man to grab his boy by the wrists and pull him into their ground-floor apartment, where Jamie stripped naked and lay on the bed. He gazed lovingly up at the cop as he slowly took off his shirt and shorts, revealing his stunning physique and his iron-hard cock pointing straight at Jamie's ass.

In the garden Bob and Randy sat on the ground under a shade tree with the twins and Pablo. They drank beer and talked earnestly about what had happened, why, and how necessary it had been. Randy did most of the talking, his voice instructive and unusually gentle, almost professorial. It was one of the ways Bob loved him the most, a caring master with the three boys looking up at him in awe, hanging on his every word.

He looked earnestly at Pablo. "Kiddo, I never want you to be afraid, like Darius was, that I'll ever throw you out. I know you're loyal and obedient but whatever mistakes you make you'll always be my boy. You're my son and I may punish you hard 'cos that's what a dad does - trains and disciplines his boy. But we'll always be together - and that's a promise."

Bob and the twins smiled knowingly at each other. Words weren't necessary to convey the same message - that the twins would always be Bob's boys. Now was the time to put speech into action, and soon they all went upstairs to the master suite, got naked and made group love.

In fact, after the anguish of the morning, it was a mellow Saturday afternoon of love all round. Adam took Nate to their house next door and straight into bed. Mario and Grady needed no excuse to go to Mario's room and make love - something they did all the time these days.

Hassan took Eddie up to his guesthouse in the Hollywood Hills and Jason drove Ben down to his rustic house by the arroyo. Steve and Lloyd went back to their house on Mulholland and straight down to their basement playroom.

One boy who was in for a really good time was Brandon. Pete smiled at him and said, "You are such a great kid, Brandon. You never cease to surprise me with your kindhearted instincts and your courage in expressing them, even to a raging bull like Zack."

"Thank you, sir. I knew Darius had to be punished, but I told Zack that kicking him out of the house was way over the top. And I got through to Zack, sir." Brandon chuckled, "Even if he did push me out of my chair. When he hugged me and cried I knew it was a turning point."

"Well you deserve a reward kiddo. How about we go up to our bungalow and spend the afternoon in bed and you can choose what you want me to do?"

Brandon grinned mischievously. "Oh I know that already, sir. Come on, I'll drive."


It came naturally to the various couples to fall in bed with each other - except for the leather master and his boy who stood looking down at the bed, then at each other, making only flickering eye contact. After the ordeal they had both gone through - caused by the boy and prolonged by the master - Zack and Darius were not sure how to start - how to put behind them the trauma of the last few days that had culminated today in Darius's agonizing penance.

The painful rift between them had been started by Darius and his disgraceful behavior, but Zack knew that he himself was not blameless as he had let his towering rage drive him to irrational retaliation. "Over the top" was how Brandon had described it, and Zack knew that was true. Which explained the current uneasy stalemate.

It was Darius who impulsively broke the silence. (He wasn't known by Randy as motor-mouth for nothing, though this time it was a good thing.) "Sir," he began boldly, but almost lost his nerve as he met Zack's stern gray eyes.

"Sir, I ... I know it's too little too late but I want to apologize to you again, sir. I must've lost my mind - or been way too drunk, probably both - to let that guy fuck me. I caused you a shit load of pain and I understand why you threw me out. I deserved everything, sir ... and I'm real sorry. See, I love you, sir - worship you - and I promise never ever to do stuff like that again. I upset the whole house, I know that." He frowned and shuffled uncomfortably. "But sir, can I... can I still be your boy?"

Zack smiled at him. "You never stopped being my boy, kiddo, in spite of the crazy things I said. My anger got the better of me and I didn't realize it until I saw Brandon sprawled on the ground because of me. We owe that kid a lot. Fact is, there's enough blame for us both to share."

They stared at each other with watery eyes. "Jesus, kiddo, why do we let bullshit like this happen? Life's too short to waste time in this kinda stuff. I love you and always will ... you're my boy and always will be. So let's cut the crap. Come here, kid."

Zack opened his arms and Darius fell into them in the tightest, longest hug since they first met. Wrapped in his master's arms Darius felt loved, elated and, above all safe. He would always be Zack's boy, Zack had said so, and right now that's all he wanted in the world.

At last Zack pulled back and said, "How about we put all this behind us, forget about it and get on with our lives together?"

"Thank you, sir. I'll be the best boy for you that a man ever had."

Zack frowned. "There's just one thing, though."


"I was miserable watching you endure that dildo in your ass. But I saw pleasure in your eyes mixed with the pain and ... I kinda wondered what it really felt like." He looked hard at the long black dildo that he had brought in with him.

"Only one way to find out," Darius said, and his rascal smile was back.

"What? Is my young leather-boy suggesting some kinda role reversal here?"

"He sure is, sir ... with all due respect."

"Hm, I don't think respect has much to do with it, boy, but if we're gonna do it we might as well go the whole way."

The only thing Darius was wearing was the slave chain round his neck. Zack quickly unlocked it then locked it round his own neck, with the loose end dangling down between the solid mounds of his pecs. He threw himself on his back on the bed. Seeing his master with the chain round his neck compelled Darius to react by grabbing his studded leather harness from the closet and clipping it on, crossed over his chest. The leather-boy was in charge.

Darius stared down at the shirtless black muscle-god wearing tight black jeans and work boots. He looked magnificent ... Darius was his boy ... and it was payback time. He unlaced Zack's boots and pulled them off. Then he ripped open his pants and his master's monster dick sprang up. God, how Darius had missed that. He bent down clamped his mouth over it and swallowed the whole length in one gulp.

"Holy shit," Zack moaned loudly, grabbing his boy's head and pumping it down on his cock. Darius was euphoric, going in one day from outcast to a boy sucking his master's dick, without gagging or choking once. But when he heard Zack gasp and felt his cock shudder in his mouth he pulled off quickly. "No blast-off yet," he ordered (dropping the 'sir'). "Long way to go still ..."

He got behind Zack's head, grabbed his wrists and pulled them to the headboard. Zack had taught Darius to be expert with ropes and he quickly tied his master's wrists to the corner bedposts with the ropes that always hung there. Then he pulled Zack's jeans clear off.

The boy paced round the bed and stared in awe at the spread-eagled leather-master with the shiny black skin and shaved head, buck naked except for the slave chain round his neck, his massive cock rearing up out of his wiry mass of pubic hair like a tent pole. He struggled instinctively against the ropes, his rugged face grimacing, his carved-in-ebony muscles rippling as he writhed on the bed.

It had always been a secret fantasy of Darius to see the big, muscular construction boss in a position of subservience, tied down and abused by another tough alpha male. Darius was Zack's boy but as he looked in the mirror and flexed his sculpted body he saw himself as the aggressor and it excited the hell out of him. A leather-boy dominating his master.

He picked up the dildo Zack had dropped, pulled lube from a drawer and slowly, tauntingly, greased up the formidable weapon. Zack was transfixed as he fully realized the length and thickness of the replica of his boy's cock. He had forced Darius to endure it in his ass for several hours and now understood the courage and sheer guts of his boy. He doubted he could endure as much and regretted starting this.

"Boy," he said, "I don't think I can take ...."

"You've got to," Darius said resolutely. "You said you shared the guilt so now you have to share the pain." He pushed Zack's feet towards his butt on the bed, bending his knees so his ass was raised up and vulnerable. He gazed at the gorgeous ass, ringed with curly black hair, and pressed the head of the greasy dildo against it. He eased it into his ass, slowly at first, then with increasing force.

Zack gasped, feeling his ass stretched open and moaned, "No, boy ... stop ... stop. I'm telling you to stop."

"No deal, stud," Darius growled, easily sliding into the role of vengeful top man.

Zack gazed up at the macho young buck in the leather harness, with a mix of anger, awe and lust. All day the rugged construction boss strode around the construction site shirtless, barking orders and instilling fear and respect in his men. He was omnipotent, could beat any man to a pulp and endure any pain. But now the naked muscle-god was helpless, bound spread-eagled on the bed, a chain round his neck, at the mercy of his own boy and the weapon cast from his monster cock.

He groaned when the entire length of the rod was buried in his ass, the head passing over the inner sphincter and driving him wild. "Shit, that hurts so bad. Pull it out, boy ... I can't take it ... pull the damn thing out!"

Darius did as his master told him - but not all the way out. He paused with the head of the dildo still inside Zack's butt. Then, with one long thrust, he drove the weapon even deeper than before and Zack's howls shook the whole house. He pulled desperately against the ropes, his body writhed, his head thrashed from side to side and tears spurted from his eyes.

Darius stared spellbound ... he had never seen his master look more beautiful ... the naked construction boss in bondage, muscles flexed, veins standing out, his ass being tortured by a replica of his own boy's cock.

Then the fuck began in earnest. As Darius pulled the dildo slowly back and forth he said, "Like you said earlier, man, I could rip you open with this thing. But I'll keep ramming it in your ass like this until you submit to your boy and beg for mercy.

"Fuck you, boy. I never give up, least of all to my boy." Darius's eyes flashed and he drove the rod in fast and deep, making the agonized muscle-god howl in pain. With short, sharp thrusts the boy repeatedly jerked the head of the dildo over the inner sphincter and back, massaging the sphincter and jabbing in and out of the fiery inner chamber of Zack's ass.

It was driving Zack crazy. It wasn't the pain - that had faded away. It was the ecstatic sensation of the cock moving deep inside him, and he desperately held back his orgasm knowing that would be a sign of defeat. But Darius smiled down at him maliciously, grabbed Zack's cock and began stroking it hard, all the while shoving the dildo deep in his ass.

"You're finished, man," Darius growled. "You know you've gotta cum. You gotta submit."

On the edge of delirium Zack howled, "OK, OK, I'm done ... I can't take any more. I submit to you, boy. I'm begging you ... I gotta cum. His magnificent body was heaving, tears springing from his eyes. "Shit, oh shit ... fuck, fuck, fuuuck ... aaagh ..." Darius felt cum racing up the length of his master's cock and saw it explode in blasts of semen that rose high and splashed down on Zack's chest and face.

Darius could hardly believe the sight of the black muscle-god writhing in agony and euphoria, tugging at his restraints, body running with sweat, his rugged face stained with cum, tears and sweat. It was Darius's ultimate fantasy of a powerful top-man sobbing in defeat, body spread-eagled in bondage, impaled on a massive rod torturing his ass.

The image was even more homoerotic with the young black leather-boy in a harness towering over him. The master had been broken by his own boy.


Slowly, gently, Darius pulled the long dildo from his master's ass. After a final wince of pain Zack stared up at Darius and groaned, "You are the prefect boy for me, Darius. You are so damn sexy, not to mention gorgeous. Have you finished with me?"

"Not quite sir. I haven't cum yet. And if this really is payback time we gotta go all the way like you said. When you punished me the worst thing of all - and the best! - was when you pulled the dildo out of my ass and replaced it with your dick. Hell my ass was sore, on fire, and your cock had never hurt so bad. I gotta show you how it felt. I'll leave the ropes tied, otherwise you'll push me off when you feel the pain of my dick in your burning ass.

He dipped his fingers in the lube again, stood above the bound giant and stroked his own cock in his fist. "See this, sir? It's identical to the rod that just tortured your ass ... only this time it's the real thing. I'm gonna tell you a secret, sir. You never look more beautiful than when you are tied up helpless and your gorgeous face is writing in pain. I often beat off thinking of that, sir, only now it's real."

Zack braced himself, pulling at his bound wrists, his shoulders and biceps bulging, his chest and razor-sharp abs flexed hard waiting for the assault on his ass. He was in the same position as before, knees bent, feet pulled up to his ass that was raised up, vulnerable. The boy braced his hands on Zack's knees and pressed his ten-inch club against his hole. Gazing into his master's eyes he eased all ten inches gently into his ass until it came to rest deep inside.

Zack's face grimaced and thrashed from side to side - just what excited Darius the most. "Shit damn," the bound man groaned, "that hurts so bad. My ass is so damn sore I felt every inch of your dick sliding into it. Man, it feels great. You're such a beautiful young buck. So fuck your master's ass, boy. Show him how much you love him."

"I worship you, sir. It's an honor to fuck you. Wow, your ass fees so damn hot."

The fuck was loving and gentle at first and Darius reached forward and caressed Zack's nipples with his finger tips to heighten the ecstasy coursing through his body. The pain in Zack's ass diminished and he succumbed to the gentle rhythm of the long cock pulling all the way back, then easing inside him. The membrane of his ass was hot and tender after the dildo fuck but that only sharpened the pleasure for the naked leather-master and his boy.

Darius released Zack's nipples, clenched his fists and rested them on his rock hard pecs. He accelerated the speed and force of his pile-driving cock and began punching Zack's pecs hard, first one then the other, his mind fantasizing about a fight where the hero lay on his back getting pec-punched by his rival.

Zack flexed his chest hard to withstand the blows, groaning in his own fantasy of a rugged black alpha male tied up and being pummeled into submission by a muscular young jock. "Aaagh," he yelled, pulling desperately against the ropes binding him. "That is so fucking hot it's gonna make me bust another load."

Darius stopped punching and, still fucking his ass, leaned forward and rested his hands flat on the bed on either side of Zack. In an amazing first for both of them Darius began a series of pushups over his master, coming down low enough to brush his lips against Zack's before pushing up again. And each downward move was accompanied by an ever deeper thrust of his cock in his ass.

Darius could do limitless pushups in the gym and he did so now over the bound muscle-boss. Each time he came low he kissed Zack lightly, or licked his face, his eyes, his neck ... and buried his rod in Zack's ass.

Zack was mesmerized by the sight of the boy's muscles flexing under his harness as he rose and fell above him, and by the tantalizing touches of Darius's lips on his mouth and face. At the last minute Darius pulled back upright on his knees, grabbed the end of the chain round Zack's neck and pulled his head up off the bed.

The rugged face withed from side to side, pulling against the chain that held his head suspended, forcing him to look up at the muscle-jock pounding his ass. Zack reached up and grasped a strap of the boy's leather harness. "I can't take this boy. I gotta cum. Let me feel your juice in my ass. Fuck me, boy."

Darius had never seen anything more erotic than this, a master begging his boy to cum inside him. Their bodies shuddered as he pumped a pent-up load of jizz in his master's ass while Zack roared and blasted another shower of white juice over his own body.

They gazed at each other spellbound until their cocks drained and their breathing subsided. Then Darius pulled out his dick, quickly untied his master's wrists and fell on top of him, their bodies sliding together over the slick semen from Zack's two orgasms. Zack wrapped his arms round his boy and said in his ear, "Nobody could give me all that except you, kiddo. Man, you are so fucking exciting. You gonna stay with me always?"

Darius, grinned broadly. "For richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, 'til death us do part. Oh, and with my body I thee honor, sir."

"And what a body!" Zack smiled, hugging him tighter. Even if they had been wedded they couldn't have been closer than they were at this moment.


Dinner on Saturday was usually sparsely attended as many of the guys had Saturday night plans. But this evening was an exception. The men had all spent an afternoon of love and lust and wanted to share their exhilaration with their buddies.

The 'three amigos', Eddie, Ben and Brandon, were helping the twins in the kitchen with food for the unexpectedly large group. The twins, intently focused on this major task, tried to blot out the incessant chatter as the three boys talked over each other, describing their afternoon adventures in lurid detail. It was not so much a discussion as three monologues colliding.

Outside, the senior boys sat at table close to their masters, still basking in the afterglow. They were all pleased to see Zack and Darius reunited, closer than ever before, it seemed, from the way they gazed at each other with shining eyes. Pablo was sitting between Randy and Bob, tired but happy having been serially fucked by the two masters and double-teamed by the twins.

Nate, looking dazed, came in from next door with a proudly satiated Adam, then Steve and Lloyd arrived, still breathing heavily. Grady and Mario came down, looking as they always did after one of their sexual marathons. Last to arrive were Mark and Jamie, the muscle-cop and his surfer-jock who had been making love all afternoon, judging by their disheveled appearance.

Hassan, Jason and Pete were there too, having delivered their boys Eddie, Ben and Brandon to the kitchen. So when dinner was served the conversation was more boisterous than ever now that the clouds of discord had blown away.

The only man who seemed slightly troubled when he tore his adoring gaze from his boy was Zack. He knew that he and Darius had thrown a large rock in the tribal pond and the ripples hadn't stopped rippling. They had decisively restored their own loving relationship, but there were still a few more acts of contrition to play out - not by Darius this time but by his master Zack. Even now, at the table, Zack had a problem making eye contact with Bob or Brandon, two guys he had verbally trashed when they came to offer help.

When dinner was over Darius stood up and said to the boys, "OK, guys, meeting." They all grinned at each other ... Darius was back, tough and proud, a natural leader. Urged on by the others he described in detail his afternoon with Zack, basking in their adoring, wide-eyed reactions ... "No way, dude." "Holy crap, that really happened?" Not to be outdone, the other boys all took their turn with colorful descriptions of their exploits ... so it was a long meeting.

Finally Randy's voice boomed, "OK, guys, dinner's over. If anyone wants to resume where they left off this afternoon, go for it." They all went for it, coupling up and dispersing quickly to their various rooms and homes.

The only boy left alone was Pablo, except, of course, for his dog Billy who was always with him ... always. Darius had naturally gone back to spend the night with Zack, and the twins were with each other in their rooms above the kitchen. They were reaffirming the strength of their own special kind of love, though nobody ever doubted that in the slightest.

Normally Pablo had no problem being alone. He enjoyed his own company and that of Billy nestled against him on the bed. But, after all the action in this deeply emotional and sexual day where the pendulum had swung from high drama to passionate love, tonight was one of the rare times when Pablo felt lonely. He wanted company, needed to touch flesh. He shrugged and grinned at Billy, "Well, kiddo, there's no harm in asking." Billy gave a soft whine of agreement and trotted beside his master down the hall to the master suite.

"Come in," Bob said in response to Pablo's knock on the door. Pablo entered cautiously and looked at the men naked in bed. But he relaxed when he saw that, if Randy and Bob had been fucking, they were finished. "So what's up, kid?" Randy asked.

The boy stood in the middle of the room with his dog sitting beside him, both of them looking slightly forlorn. Pablo cleared his throat. "Well, sir, see the thing is, me and Billy were feeling a bit lonely. I mean, Darius is with Zack, of course, so it's just me and Billy and, well ...

"And you would like to spend the night with us," Bob rescued him with a smile. "What d'ya think, Randy?"

Randy always loved the idea of his boy joining them in bed but he teasingly put on a show of doubt and rubbed his stubbled chin thoughtfully. "Hmm ... OK, you can get in the bed but the dog stays on the floor."

Pablo's face broke into his crooked grin. "No problem there, sir. Billy prefers to sleep on the floor when there's a lot of action in the bed."

"Ah, so you think there's gonna be a lot of action in this bed tonight, do you?"

"Oh, I didn't mean ... well, I don't know if you and Bob ... like, if you ..."

Randy laughed. "Cut the crap and get in the bed, kiddo." Pablo bounded into the bed between them, and Billy sank down on the floor beside it with a satisfied sigh."

"Get this clear, boy, we're bushed and we're gonna sleep - and so are you." Randy paused and winked at Bob. "'Course, kid, you may get woken up in the night by a cock or two in your ass."

Pablo pressed against him. "No problem there, sir. None at all."


And so peace settled over the house after events that could have been make or break for the tribe. But, thanks in large part to the intervention of two members of the group - a peace-loving master and a brave boy - disaster had been averted. While he lay with his boy in his arms Zack's mind kept returning to those two guys and he replayed the scene over and over again when he had insulted and assaulted them both, two of the kindest and most loved of the tribe.

As soon as Zack woke up next morning, in an effort to clear his mind of his guilt - and to satisfy his raging cock - he reached for his boy and pulled him against him. Darius was sleeping on his side with his back to Zack. Still recovering from the grueling events of the previous day he remained in a deep sleep even as Zack pulled him close. Zack smiled at the muscular young jock, breathing steadily with a faint smile on his face as he lay dreaming.

Zack reached for the lube on the bedside table and greased up his own rock-hard cock. He pressed it against the boy's hole, and Darius's ass was so relaxed it slid easily inside. "Mmm ..." Darius moaned in his sleep.

Not surprisingly he had been dreaming of lying in the strong arms of a dominant black muscle-god, and he dreamed of (felt?) the stud's huge tool pushing inside his ass. It was like a dream come alive of some long rod filling his ass. It felt so real, the most vivid dream he had ever had, and he moaned in his sleep to the man of his dreams, "Thank you sir."

Zack smiled as he eased his dick in and out of his boy's ass. He knew Darius was dreaming and felt more protective than ever as he fucked the unconscious young jock's gorgeous ass. He took care to avoid sudden moves that might waken the boy, but even so Darius stirred and began very slowly to creep toward consciousness. But in that magical state between sleeping and waking he wanted above all to prevent this incredible dream from disappearing.

The movement in his ass was hypnotic and in an instant he was back inside his dream. He saw the man so distinctly, felt his cock so intensely and was half aware of his own cock shuddering. It was like an hallucination where he watched the scene from above, saw the two black men, the big muscular boss fucking the boy. He saw the man tense, heard him groan and felt a wet warmth inside his own ass. He almost jerked awake as he felt his own cock pour hot liquid onto the sheet.

When he was spent he drifted off to sleep again. It had been a wet dream to top them all.

Slowly, carefully, Zack pulled out of his boy's ass and eased away from him, leaving a pillow in his place to maintain the warmth against Darius's back as he slept soundly once more. Zack pulled the sheet up to his boy's neck and kissed him lightly on the cheek. He put on a pair of boxers and left the room. Immediately, his thoughts flew back to his rage-induced insults to two men he loved, and he knew he couldn't go any longer without trying to atone for them.


He walked across the street and through the gate where he bumped into Pablo who said, "Oh, sorry, sir, I was just coming across to your place to check in on Darius. Is he awake, sir?"

"No, kid, he's fast asleep, exhausted. So don't wake him. But it might be a good idea if you crawled into bed beside him and put your arms round him. Could be just what he needs."

"Thank you, sir," Pablo said with his trademark crooked gin. "I can handle that."

Zack sighed and paused to think out how to proceed with his next difficult task. He looked up with some trepidation at the widows of the master suite. Pablo had evidently just left Bob and Randy so at least they were awake.

Actually they were not only awake they were talking animatedly as they lay naked together. It started calmly enough when Randy said, "Hey, buddy, you never did tell me what happened yesterday morning when you went to speak to Zack and tried to reason with him about his boy. What did he say?"

"Oh, not much," Bob shrugged nonchalantly. "He was stubborn that's all."

Randy was immediately suspicious. "Don't lie to me, Bob. I can always tell when you're lying. What are you covering up? Did he hit you?"

"Nah, not really, a shove that's all. It wasn't so much what he did as what he said, but I know it was his anger speaking - shit, I've had enough experience with you to know that. So I didn't take it seriously."

"What did he say?" Randy persisted, his anger building.

"Like I said, I didn't pay much attention. Can't rightly remember what he said."

"No, but I can!" Zack came into the room. Pablo had left the door ajar when he departed and Zack had heard most of the conversation as he came up the stairs.

"Bob's protecting me, Randy, and I don't deserve it. You know you and me never lie to each other, buddy. I have too much respect for you. Maybe Bob can't remember, but every word I spat out is etched on my brain. I've thought about it over and over, longing to take every word back. I was angry and confused about my boy but there's no excuse for what I said."

Randy leapt to his feet, his body tense, his fists already clenched. The one thing in his life that was not negotiable was other men's treatment of Bob. You bad-mouthed Bob and Randy retaliated. His protective instincts, honed over years of defending his younger brothers, transferred tenfold to Bob and could be formidable when coupled with his explosive anger.

And now he was in full protective mode as he growled threateningly. "What did you say to Bob, Zack? What did you do? Tell me everything, every last word."

Zack cleared his throat and looked Randy straight in the eye. "Like I said, I remember exactly. When Bob confronted me about my treatment of my boy I saw red and pushed him out to the garden. I prodded him in the chest as I said, 'What the fuck do you know about anything, asshole?'

"I told him, 'You're so fucking high and mighty, but look how you coddle your boys, a couple of pussies. They could set fire to the house and you wouldn't blame them.' My rage took over completely and I kept prodding him in the chest as I said that I set the rules for my boy and when he breaks them he's out - simple as that. 'And it's got nothing the fuck to do with you'."

Randy's eyes were blazing, his body coiled tight as if about to strike. He was visualizing Bob, the man he would protect with his own life, being attacked by this ferocious black muscle-stud. Bob was shocked at Zack's candor and the thought crossed his mind that he was actually looking for Randy to punish him.

But Zack wasn't finished. "I jabbed Bob hard and he tripped over and fell on his back on the grass. But he wasn't hurt and got right back up. I yelled at him, 'I've had enough of your bullshit, asshole. Get the fuck out of my house'." It's good that he left when he did 'cos I was so out of control I'd have hit him again."

There was a deathly silence as a naked Randy paced the room, trying unsuccessfully to control his rage. He and Zack were close buddies, like brothers under the skin, but there was always a competitive edge to their friendship, inevitable between two tough, dominant alpha males.

Now the simmering rivalry erupted as Randy's eyes pierced Zack's like lasers. "Fuck you, man, I thought we were buddies ... I treat you like a brother and you betray me by insulting and abusing my man." He slapped Zack's face with the back of his hand. "Come on, man, fight ... give me the satisfaction of beating you to a fucking pulp."

Bob jumped to his feet and said, "Hey, don't I have a say in this?"

Randy spun round. "No you don't. This is no concern of yours. It's between Zack and me."

Bob sat back down on the bed with a resigned sigh. He knew of old that when Randy was seized with a rage like this, common sense and logic flew out the window.

But Zack made no move to defend himself. "Look, man, I'm not gonna fight you but you have every right to punish me."

"Every right?!" Randy roared. "I don't need an asshole like you to read me my rights. You're a fucking coward. Come on, fight me." He slapped Zack's face harder, one side then the other, pushing him back against the wall where he made no move to retaliate as his face swung from side to side under the blows.

Randy gut punched him, making him double over, then pushed his face up against the wall again and raised his arm. But it was grabbed from behind by Bob who yelled, "No, Randy. Stop. This gets us nowhere."

Randy shoved him off, swung round erratically and his raised hand made contact with Bob's face, slapping him so hard he went sprawling naked on the bed. Enraged by the sight of Bob rubbing his cheek Zack roared "Asshole" and threw himself at Randy.

Bob rolled off the bed just in time as the two muscular, naked alpha males fell heavily on the bed, wrestling, punching, clawing at each other. Zack soon had Randy on his back, pinning him down by kneeling on his arms. Breathing heavily Zack raged. "I'll take my punishment, asshole, but I won't stand by while you hurt Bob. He needs protection from an animal like you." Zack turned the tables on Randy by slapping his handsome, stubbled face from side to side.

Bob flashed on the irony of the two men who were committed to protecting him, both hurting him instead and now fighting each other. He sprang to his feet and tried to pull Zack off. "Stop! Damn idiots. Protection like this I don't need. Stop fighting or I'll leave you and go shack up with Mark. At least he won't hit me. He loves me!"

That struck home and their eyes, locked on each other, now refocused on Bob. "Shit, man, I hit you," Randy gasped, seeing reason at last. "Are you OK, buddy?"

"I would be OK if you didn't hit me and stopped behaving like raging bulls. Pounding each other and trashing the room is no solution to all this."

"You got a better one?" Randy asked meekly.

"Sure I do. After all, I'm supposed to be the injured party here so it stands to reason I get to punish the aggressor. You two get off the bed."

They obeyed submissively and stood by the bed as Bob lay on it on his back. They gazed down in awe at the man who had suddenly assumed control with quiet authority. He looked spectacular lying there naked, with his flawless physique, his square, chiseled features, deep brown eyes and dark, tousled hair.

Bob reached to the side table and pulled from a drawer a jar of lube, which he dipped into and slowly greased up his huge cock by wrapping both fists round it and stroking slowly. Randy and Zack were salivating as they watched Bob's muscles ripple, both of them more ashamed than ever of abusing this kind and beautiful, man.

"Lose the shorts, Zack, and kneel astride me," Bob said. Light dawned and Zack knew exactly what he had to do, though it hardly qualified as punishment. As Randy watched enviously, the naked black muscle-god did as ordered, knelt astride Bob's waist, then lowered his ass down until the long greasy cock slid between his ass cheeks. Suddenly Bob thrust his hips up high spearing Zack's ass and making him howl with pain.

But the pain dissolved instantly as he looked down at the gorgeous man and felt his cock buried deep inside him. "Oh shit," he moaned, "Fuck me, man, let me feel that rod in my ass."

"It's all up to you, man," Bob said. And so it was - more like Zack doing the fucking as he rode Bob's cock with increasing speed and force, watching the magnificent body flex and the face writhe in ecstasy. Zack reached forward and traced the contours of Bob's chest and ripped abs, then stroked his neck and face, all the time sinking deeper and deeper on his cock.

Randy watched them with envy and resentment. He had started out by punishing Zack but now Bob had taken over and was all but making love to the man. Suddenly Bob's eyes broke away from Zack and glanced at Randy, then at the lube on the table and back to Randy.

The man's a genius, Randy thought and lubed his own cock Zack was too focused on Bob to notice Randy in the mirror, or to feel him kneel on the bed behind him.

Bob put his hand round the back of Zack's neck and pulled his face down on his in a hungry kiss - and incidentally raising Zack's ass higher as he leaned forward, still riding Bob's cock. Dazed, Zack was floating on an erotic cloud ... when suddenly ... He pulled away sharply and howled, "No, I can't ... no ... stop!" Zack tried to rise off Bob's cock but his hips were held down from behind in a vise-like grip as a second cock - massive, unrelenting - pushed against his hole.

As the huge rod drove inside him alongside Bob's, Zack again howled in pain that, this time, did not go away so soon. His head started to spin as his ass was stretched to the limit, filled by two thick cocks working in tandem. He looked in the mirror and saw over his shoulder Randy's dark demon face, grinning in triumph.

"This is your punishment, big guy" Randy growled. "Making love to my man is no punishment, we all know that. When you insulted him you insulted me, so you had to get double-teamed."

"Fuck you, man. That hurts like shit - two fucking huge cocks in my ass." But even as he said it the pain did at last start to subside. He looked down at Bob's ecstatic face, then up at Randy's rugged face in the mirror - two gorgeous lovers grinding their cocks together in his ass. It was meant to be punishment but what all of them felt mostly was raw, male-to-male lust.

The sexual power of three alpha males sent testosterone coursing through their veins and made them prolong the dual fuck endlessly. Zack straightened up and rode both cocks, with his arms held triumphantly in the air, flexing his biceps in a bodybuilder pose yelling, "Yeah, fuck that black ass, guys. Let me ride those poles."

Impaled on two cocks at once Zack was a spectacular sight, his ebony muscles rippling. He lowered one arm, clamped his fist round his cock and pounded it, his other fist pumping the air like a rodeo cowboy. He looked at himself in the mirror rising and falling on the two rods stuffed in his ass and howled, "Holy fuck, that looks good." Bob gazed up in awe and said, "Let me see you shoot your wad, cowboy. I wanna feel your jizz all over me. Do it, man."

"Yeah, yeah," Zack roared ... "I'm gonna cum ... fuck ... fuck ... oh fuck ... here it comes... Aaagh!" His body convulsed and a river of semen spurted from his cock like water from a hose, splashing down on Bob's abs, his rock hard pecs, in his face and down his throat. Through a film of cum Bob stared up at Randy and said, "You ready, man?

"Right there with you, buddy. Let's do it. Yeaahh!" Twin screams split the air as they unleashed their loads and Zack felt hot juices pouring inside him, filling his ass, oozing out of it and running down his legs. It made his cock erupt a second time and Bob gulped it down, choking as if he were drowning in cum.


Minutes later they were lying next to each other, willing their heartbeats to slow and their breathing to subside. "Man," Zack sighed, 'that was some fucking punishment, guys. Maybe I'll insult Bob again just to get double-teamed again." Randy grinned, "Don't push your luck, buddy. Next time we'll invite Mark and go for a triple. Hey, I'm fucking starved. You think those twins of yours have got food on the table?"

Not only was the Sunday Brunch on the table but most of the men and boys were round it, waiting impatiently for the three men to appear. Pablo had filled them in on what was happening and they now waited with bated breath. The three men had showered together, then pulled on clean shorts and appeared at last. It was obvious from their smiles that peace was restored and they were greeted by cheers and whistles.

Mark strode up to them and said, "Well done, guys. No one murdered anyone I see."

"Close, though," Bob laughed, setting of a round of fist bumps and bear hugs. Finally Randy and Zack grinned at each other with a long, bone-crushing handshake. Their respect, admiration and love had been restored, stronger than ever - brothers under the skin.

"One bridge mended," Pablo whispered to Darius, "one more to go."

As if reading his mind Zack asked, "Hey, where are Pete and Brandon?"

"Still up in their bungalow, sir," Darius said. "They're gardening - putting the final touches to the landscaping Mario did for them. They'll be down later." Zack looked at Darius then at Bob and they both knew what was going through his mind.

At that moment up in the garden behind their bungalow, Pete and Brandon, their faces and hands grubby with soil, were bringing their own touch to the garden, working contentedly side by side. Pete smiled at his boy. "I have a strong feeling we won't be left alone for long, boy."

"Zack, sir?"

"Hell, I always forget how smart you are, kid. Yeah, Zack. I know he feels real bad about what he said to you, the way he treated you - pushing your chair over and all. But he's a good guy and he'll be itching to make amends and do penance." He smiled quizzically at Brandon. "But I think I'll leave the choice to you what happens to him, so start thinking about it."

"Oh, I don't need to think, sir. I already know exactly what I want from Zack. Yeah, I've known that for a long time.   All I need, sir, is your approval."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 288


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