It is likely that most people have sexual fantasies buried deep inside that they don't reveal to a soul, sometimes not even to themselves. The men and boys of this tribe had more than their share of fantasies, but the uninhibited boys of the group were much more likely to reveal them to anyone who would listen - to shout them from the rooftop if necessary and certainly to have them filmed by Darius with his ever-present camera.

The psychologist Doctor Steve sometimes referred to men's buried desires as their inner demons, and this seemed to be the season for men to resurrect their secret fantasies and share them with a select few. It started with Zack, who took Brandon on a trip and, in a strikingly homoerotic demonstration, had vented his own inner demons and shown the boy how a rugged alpha male, a top leatherman, sometimes longs deep down to be overpowered by an equally dominant master. Himself - in a mirror.

The ruggedly handsome Doctor Steve himself had a secret desire that it would be unwise ever to speak of - though his lover Lloyd had a fair idea what it was and was hatching a plan to make him reveal it when the time was right.

But currently most of the boys' fantasies were focused on Bob - who was already a fantasy in himself, but especially right now. Randy had persuaded Bob to work for a day as a crew member on the construction site and he made sure that Bob was well and truly 'dirtied up' - a favorite phrase of Randy's. When Bob came home the boys who were in the garden were stunned by the jaw-dropping sight.

Every day they had seen Bob come home from his corporate office, the handsome executive in his elegantly tailored suit. But this was an instant hard-on - the muscle-god construction worker in muddy boots, cargo pants and a torn, sweaty tank covered in dirt and grease. His tousled dark hair hung over his face, sweat trickled down into the stubble of his square jaw, down his neck and the oil-streaked muscles of his arms and shoulders. It was like Superman emerging from a knock-down drag-out fight.

Naturally the spectacle unleashed some of the boys' own fantasies that they were quick to share. When Pablo's dog, Billy, growled, Brandon held him in check and grinned, "Sorry, sir, but he doesn't recognize you. Probably thinks you're one of those construction workers who's been beaten up by Randy and come for revenge."

The ever-inventive Eddie of course had to throw in his own ten-cents' worth - or more like a dollar's worth from him. "Can't blame Billy, sir .... you look like ... like a roughneck from an oil rig who hasn't had sex in weeks and has come here to grab a boy and fuck him gutless for days and days."

Bob laughed off their harmless imaginings and asked where his boys, the twins, were. On hearing that they were in the basement playroom he had a good idea what they were doing - living out their own secret fantasies. Usually polite, mild and buttoned-down, the handsome young brothers had developed a growing desire to kick over the traces and indulge in some rough sex of their own. Randy had sensed this brewing, which is why he 'dirtied up' Bob as a tough construction worker, an iconic image of macho domination.

Which was just as well because, left to themselves, the best-laid plans of boys in heat often end in failure. They had imagined an elaborate Inquisition scene, with Kevin tied up as the victim and Kyle the tormentor with the whip. They were both wearing black leather pants and boots. Kevin, in a torn white shirt had his arms stretched up by ropes hooked over a celling beam. His 'inquisitor', Kyle, had a leather harness crossed over the chest.

Great scenario, but when they came to act it out they fell apart in a welter of B-movie dialogue and sputtering inaction.

Enter Bob who put a leather collar round Kyle's neck and tied him to the rafter facing his brother a few yards apart. He subjected them to a real bondage and domination scene that ended with the boys blasting their loads, and Bob cumming all over them. He had rarely seen anything so emotionally erotic as his twins making love to each other while being (mildly) tortured.

And neither had Randy. The twins heard a slow hand-clap coming from the door and slowly raised their heads to see, watching from the shadows, a second construction worker just like the first - only fiercer.

"Fucking incredible, buddy," Randy said, walking toward Bob. "Looks like you're really teaching these boys a lesson. I knew that's what they wanted. But you ain't finished with them are you?"

"Hell no," Bob grinned. "This is just the start. You wanna give me a hand, old buddy?"

Randy stroked his chin. "Let's see now. Two handsome identical young brothers in leather pants and torn white shirts, tied up and worked over, at the mercy of two macho construction guys. Yeah, now that has definite possibilities. Sure, buddy, count me in.


Bob knew, with a mix of admiration and frustration, that Randy would do more than just 'give him a hand' ... he would take over as he always did. He walked up to the boys - their bodies stretched upward, wrists bound - grabbed their chins and turned their faces toward him. He stared into their eyes with the full intensity of his steel blue lasers. That was enough to let the twins know, beyond a doubt, that he was in control.

The swarthy gypsy - with his stubbled, square-jawed face, long black hair, and his hard-muscled body under a greasy sweat-stained tank, work pants and boots - would have intimidated most men, and there was an edge of fear in the twins as they involuntarily pulled at the ropes binding their wrists above them.

They knew they were at the mercy of Randy and Bob, but in this room there existed an element essential to any scene of bondage and domination - trust. Without that the experience would take on another whole dimension, bordering on the panic of reality. Sure they knew, as well as anyone, that Randy could lose control and become fearsome if crossed. But that was mostly with real enemies, whom Randy could demolish and usually did.

But they also knew that Randy, more than any other man, had an acute sense of his victim's limits and he was notorious for pushing a man right up to his limit - and then over it for an instant, which always resulted in an explosive orgasm.

However, more important than anything was the presence of Bob, their master who had most likely saved their lives when he took them into the house. They worshipped him and knew that he would always love and protect them. They also knew that he was just about the only man who could control Randy so, whatever happened, the twins were absolutely certain they would come to no harm at the hands of the fiery man who loved their master.

All of which allowed the twins to clear their minds of real fear and willingly enter the world of fantasy - their alternate reality. It was so vivid that they came to believe in the fear, the pain, the torment, to believe they really were prisoners of these badass laborers. After all, the sense that it was all real was the ultimate goal of true fantasy - the willing suspension of disbelief.

Which is why the twins were trembling when they felt the intensity of Randy's power. Each one watched his brother, identically bound, scared of having to witness his pain - and feel his own. Randy saw them tug again at their ropes, in a futile attempt to help their brother, and he grinned at Bob as he walked over to the pile of clothes in the corner.

He found what he wanted, came back with Bob and dropped the items on the floor. Bob looked at them sternly, though not as fiercely as Randy, and said to Kyle. "You - I'm gonna release you for a minute, just long enough to give you orders. I warn you, though, don't try anything foolish 'cos my buddy there punishes defiance in boys and I'm not sure I could control him. He nodded over to Randy who stood, legs astride, tapping the handle of the whip on his palm.

It was the classic good-cop-bad-cop routine and it had its effect. As Bob released Kyle from his wrist restraints the boy kept a wary eye on Randy. Kyle was still in leather pants and boots, a harness crossed over his chest and a collar round his neck. "Take off the harness," Bob said. Kyle hesitated, a momentary act of defiance, but he instantly felt the sting of the whip on his back as Randy yelled, "You heard what the man said - lose the fucking harness."

Kyle hastily unclipped the harness and let it fall to the floor. "Now see that shirt on your brother? Rip if off," Randy ordered. Again Kyle defied him but when he felt the crack of the whip across his bare back he staggered forward and grabbed the shirt. Avoiding his brother's eyes he yanked at the shirt, ripped it off and let it fall to the floor.

The twins now gazed at each other, both stripped to the waist in black leather pants, completely alike except for the collar round Kyle's neck. Bob took care of that next, handing an identical collar to Kyle. "Put this on your brother." Kyle flinched, not wanting to inflict this indignity on Kevin. "Fuck you, boy," Randy yelled and lashed the boy's back again.

Both boys flinched and their eyes locked onto each other as Kyle gently placed the collar round his twin's neck and buckled it in place. It was a ritualistic act, reducing Kevin to the same humiliating status as his brother.

Suddenly Kyle acted on impulse - maybe an act of contrition for degrading his brother, more likely a spontaneous urge to reinforce his love for him. Clasping his hands behind Kevin's neck he kissed the collar, then kissed his lips, their mouths churning together in a desperate and forbidden act of love before they were pulled apart and forced to witness each other's pain.

"Jesus Christ," said Randy in exaggerated surprise. "These guys are in love with each other - and they're brothers! Fuck that bullshit, we'll soon knock that out of them ... damn well keep them apart." When he grabbed Kyle's collar and pulled them apart, the boy reached forward, desperate to touch his brother one more time. Randy tied Kyle's arms upward like his brother's and looped the rope over the same beam a few yards apart so physical contact was impossible.

As a street fighter Randy had learned long ago to zero in on his opponent's major weakness and fear. And now he used that skill to torment the brothers by focusing in their greatest dread. Separation! All their lives it had been the twins' worst fear, something they had fought against through many hardships and many attempts to divide them, until Bob had rescued them from their itinerant life and promised they would never, ever have to live apart.

Bob had been as good as his word and, in their idyllic life at the house, they always had the luxury of reaching out to each other which they did frequently, quietly touching fingertips, kissing cheeks, brushing against each other, reassuring acts that were as essential to them as the air they breathed, the air they shared.

Right now they were tied only a few yards apart but it might as well have been miles as even the slightest physical contact was denied them. This ritual enactment of the separation of two brothers, two lovers, triggered the same dread that had lurked in them for so many years.

Now their only contact was through the eyes - and it was intense. They gazed at each other longingly with the unfamiliar frustration and pain of being unable to feel each other's flesh. With their arms stretched upward they pulled against the ropes, the muscles of their naked torsos gleaming under the lights as they writhed in an effort to get closer.

And it was now that the bondage fantasy became totally real, with an irrational panic that they would never be able to feel each other again. Physical pain would have been preferable, they would have welcomed the whip, but instead they were forced to suffer the agony of separation.

Randy stood back and murmured to Bob, "Fucking incredible, man, look at that - two gorgeous young bucks, stripped to the waist, so fucking beautiful, and they're crazy in love with each other. They turn each other on so much, they wanna make love so bad - and they can't even touch each other. That, old buddy, is psychological torture, even worse than physical pain. Even better if we combine the two ... watch this."

He picked up the two sets of tit-clamps Bob had used earlier and clamped one set to Kyle's nipples, the other to Kevin's. "Just enough to turn them on without real pain," said the expert. Then he unzipped the boys' pants and pulled out their cocks, which swung between their legs.

He stood behind Kevin and murmured to him so Kyle could hear, "Look at that beautiful young leather boy, captured and bound by a couple of construction guys. He's been stripped shirtless, clamps on his pecs, cock hanging out of his leather pants, his arms stretched up to the ceiling like he's being tortured on a rack. Best of all, they got his brother and tied him up too so they're gonna have to watch each writhe in pain."

Randy's growling description and the image he had created was more erotic than the twins could ever have imagined for themselves and their cocks shuddered. But he was so convincing that they still had an edge of fear and still felt the pain of separation.

Randy went on, "Those two guys, they're not only twins, they're lovers too. They wanna help each other ... wanna touch each other ... make love to each other to ease the pain. But they can't. All they can do is watch. It's up to you, now man. Don't disappoint me - remember the whip." He cracked it on the ground, making them wince.

Randy turned abruptly and threw his arm over Bob's shoulder. "Come on, buddy, wanna beer?"


The two construction workers sat sprawled in chairs in the shadows, sipping beer, watching the boys under the spotlights.

The twins had eyes only for each other, staring at the erotic image of the handsome young man stretched in bondage. They tugged at the ropes in an instinctive attempt at freedom they knew to be hopeless, and their minds swam with conflicting currents of fantasy and reality.

There was, of course, the sexual excitement of watching a young prisoner in bondage, helpless to avoid his fate at the hands of two rough construction guys. Black leather pants hugged his slim hips, and he was naked to the waist except for the chain hanging from clamps on his chest and the black collar round his neck denoting his status as prisoner. His tousled light brown hair fell over his finely etched features and his soft hazel eyes reflected fear and determination. The muscles of his youthful body rippled under the lights, as if stretched on an inquisitor's rack.

But woven in with this homoerotic pictorial fantasy was the very real anguish each boy felt of not being able to touch the brother he loved. In times of jeopardy they had always sought solace in each other's arms but now the slightest touch was forbidden.

This may have been a ritual separation but it brought back stark memories of all the bleak times when people had tried to keep them apart. Whenever these nightmarish thoughts sprang to mind they quickly dispelled them by reassuring each other with a touch. But not this time.

No one felt their very real anguish as acutely as Bob. After all this time he could read their minds and what he read now made him tense. He was not cut out to be the torturer of his beloved twins, having spent all his time protecting them from distress and pain. "It's too real," he murmured and started to rise from his chair but Randy pulled him back and reassured him.

"Don't sweat it, buddy, your boys are having a blast. Maybe they're not aware of it right now but they will be. They'll jerk each other off in the future remembering this."

Bob relaxed a little and glanced at Randy. Always that touch of arrogance, that certainty of being right, which he usually was. Bob loved that side of him - the power, the strength, the raw, fist-swinging masculinity.

Conversely Randy was infatuated by Bob's kind and gentle instincts, a rugged alpha male who could not bring himself to cause pain. To Randy's mind this proved how much Bob needed him to take care of him, and his boys too, even to the point of causing them the anguish they felt now, which they would thank him for later.

Randy pulled out his phone and turned aside to muffle the sound. "Hey, Pablo," he said quietly into the phone, "tell the boys to get started on dinner ... the twins will be a while ... they're kinda tied up right now. And while you're at it, tell Darius to get his ass down here with that camera of his. Tell him he needs to capture this one for posterity .... OK, OK - prosperity," he grinned. "Just do it."

Within minutes Darius was sliding unobtrusively through the door, excited by Randy's summons. Like a good documentarian he had become expert at remaining invisible as he filmed scenes like this, and now he stifled a gasp as he remained in the shadows with his camera focused on the tableau under the lights in the middle of the room.

The scene was slowly becoming more animated after the long motionless silence of the two boys simply gazing at each other. Darius focused momentarily on their cocks that were beginning to stir. They jolted, stiffened and slowly became semi erect. Darius made an effort to hold his camera steady and Bob and Randy watched in awe as the twins' gaze grew even more intense. They were making love with their eyes.

The need for contact became more imperative and they tried to walk forward and touch boots but the ropes pulling on their arms were not slack enough to allow it. In frustration, acting in unison, they grabbed the ropes and pulled themselves up off the ground. The muscles of their stretched torsos flexed as they tried to swing forward, their legs kicking out in a dramatic attempt at contact.

But it was hopeless and inevitably their muscles weakened and they dropped to the ground. As they stood gazing at each other they realized their only salvation was through their eyes. The twins not only loved their brother's touch, but when one of them caught sight of the other working in the kitchen he felt a stab of love and his cock stiffened.

Now that was all that was left to them - visual stimulation. They relaxed and drifted into each other's soft gaze as if they were entering the other's very existence, an enchanted world they inhabited together. Their love was so profound it transcended even the physical touch they yearned for.

They saw it all in the other's eyes. They didn't need physical contact to feel the same strain in their shoulders, the same fire in their chests as the clamps bit, the weight of the collar round their necks, the same pulsing of their cocks that were now rock hard, dripping pre-cum, such was the intensity of their fraternal desire.

Hypnotized by the other's eyes they instinctively tried to walk forward, but with the same impediment as before. But ... not quite the same. As their arms stretched backward above them they felt the ropes slip slightly forward on the beam. They realized that, as they had swung forward just now, the ropes looped over the beam had loosened minutely. With small tugs they found they were able to inch forward.

Bob and Randy watched in stunned silence and Darius knew he was recording a new phenomenon in the house. The intensity in the twins eyes deepened as their faces came slowly closer until their lips were only inches apart - when the ropes jammed. That was it ... they could move no further. Bob stifled a cry, sharing his boys' frustration that they were so close but were still denied the touch of the other's flesh.

But having come this far they would not be denied. They leaned forward, the ropes pulling their shoulders painfully behind them, their flawless pecs flexed tight. They stretched their faces forward, the leather collars biting into their necks, and their lips almost touched. They smiled ... they would touch ... they had to.

They opened their mouths and pushed out their tongues, probing like antennae, stretching further and further ... until the tips touched! And that, at long last, was all it took - the tips of their tongues.

They felt the soft flesh, tasted the warm taste, breathed the same breath. They moaned in ecstasy as their bodies shuddered, their cocks throbbed and .... "aaahh" ... erupted in streams of warm semen that splashed over their brother's stomach, into his pubic hair and flowed down his legs.

"Yes!" With a jubilant shout Bob sprang forward and loosened the ropes enough for them to press their faces together, to lick the tears from their cheeks and kiss passionately. They pressed their bodies together and sank to their knees. As their bodies arched back, still stretched by the lengthened ropes over their heads, only their cocks were touching. It was a remarkable sight, the two beautiful brothers still bound, on their knees, but triumphant after all.

Randy and Bob stood over them in rapt admiration and Darius, trying to keep his cool, focused his camera on the final tableau for a long time until he quietly murmured, "Cut!"


Ever mindful of safety and excessive pain Randy knew how much strain there was on the boy's shoulders and arms, which had been stretched upward for such a long time. "Give me a hand, buddy," he said to Bob and they loosened the restraints round the boys' wrists allowing their arms to drop by their sides at long last. The twins rubbed their wrists and rotated their shoulders to get the feeling back into them.

Randy picked up a four-foot length of rope and tied the ends to the collars so the twins were now loosely joined by the neck, still on their knees. They gazed at each other, then looked up at the two brawny laborers in their workpants and torn, sweat-stained tanks. Randy rubbed the huge bulge in his pants and stared down at them with his piercing blue eyes.

"Man, that looked hot - two gorgeous young bucks busting their loads over each other. But that right there is the fucking problem. While you young punks got your rocks off you left me and my buddy with massive boners. Show them buddy." He and Bob yanked open their workpants and pulled out their long, thick cocks, hard as steel.

The twins, kneeling side by side, gasped - part fear, part rabid lust. Having been held captive for so long in this basement and subjected to physical and mental anguish by two muscular construction workers they had succumbed to the feeling experienced by many hostages. They had not only accepted their imprisonment - they welcomed it and had become infatuated by their captors.

Now as they knelt together, a rope stretched between their necks, their infatuation centered on the hard cocks inches from their mouths. They hardly needed the order from Randy, "If you don't want to feel my whip again you'll service these fucking rods, boys." Their eager young faces leaned forward and they licked the pre-cum oozing from the heads. Then Kyle swallowed Bob's cock whole and Kevin sucked in Randy's.

"Oh, man," Randy groaned, "that feels fucking awesome." He grinned at Bob, then clamped his hands on Kevin's head and pulled his mouth onto his cock, ramming it down his throat until he choked. Bob flashed a warning sign at him and, as if to set an example, treated Kyle much more gently, easing his cock into his mouth and massaging the soft membrane of his throat.

Even Randy saw the difference. Kyle's bright eyes were looking adoringly up at Bob. Kevin's eyes were sprouting tears and wincing as he gagged on the brutal shaft. Bob opened his eyes wide to Randy who got the message. He eased off and instantly felt the exquisite sensation of the warm mouth alternately relaxing and clenching round his cock. Bob gave him one of his superior 'told you so' looks ... Randy grinned and growled, "Fuck you, man." Damn, the man was giving him lessons in how to fuck a boy's face!

The boys were in heaven. They reached up and ran their hands over the sweat-damp tanks, dug their fingers into the men's bulging pecs and clawed at the shirts, ripping them as they frenetically sucked cock.

Darius pushed in for a close-up of the handsome, identical faces pounding up and down on the workmen's rods. The usually placid young boys were now shirtless captives in black leather pants, on their knees, collars round their necks linked by a rope. Their muscular torsos gleamed as they were forced to service their captors' dicks. Darius had never seen the brothers look this hot and his own cock was oozing pre-cum in his shorts as he struggled to keep the camera steady.

The men were reaching their limit and Bob looked at Randy. "I'm real close, buddy. You ready to pump jizz in their mouths?"

"Hell no!" Randy pulled his cock out of Kevin's mouth and sprang back. He'd had it with Bob telling him how to fuck and when to cum. "I'm the fucking boss around here and these boys need to know it. When I work a guy over I do whatever the fuck I want with him ... and right now I ... wanna ...fuck ... ass!"

Bob pulled back and Randy used his boot to push the twins forward onto all fours doggy-style, facing a mirrored wall. They looked at each other's reflection nervously, startled by the abrupt change of mood. Had Randy finally lost his cool? Like everyone else they were scared when Randy's irrational anger consumed him and hoped that Bob could control him even now.

They needn't have worried.

They gazed up at the refection of the two men standing behind them, Bob's eyes wary, Randy's blazing. Randy ripped the torn tank shirt from his body and tossed it contemptuously aside. Bob pulled his off over his head and dropped it. Darius got a classic shot of the pornographic spectacle - two bare chested muscle-gods, their massive cocks hanging out of their pants, towering over two virile young leather-boys, shirtless in leather pants and boots, roped to each other by black collars, on all fours waiting to get butt-fucked.

"OK," said Randy, "Which of you two punks defied me earlier? You, boy ... you're mine." He dropped to his knees behind Kyle. Bob knelt behind Kevin and they pulled their pants down over their asses, exposing their flawless white globes.

Bob flashed a reassuring look in the mirror - a look that was not matched by Randy who, whenever he sensed control slipping from him, reverted to raw caveman mode. He held his cock in the palm of his hand and spat on it, Randy's equivalent of foreplay. But he felt a touch on his elbow as Bob unobtrusively slid a jar of lube to him across the floor.

It was a battle of eyes as Randy's flashed fire at Bob who stared steadily back with a look that could have frozen hell over. Ice triumphed over fire and Randy silently yielded, dipping his fingers into the jar and lubing up his cock. Bob did the same and then pointedly inserted greasy fingers into Kevin's ass to loosen him up. Inwardly fuming, Randy did the same to Kyle.

But again Randy felt his natural dominance being usurped by Bob and he was having none of that. Reverting to type he clamped his big hands round Kyle's ass ... and savagely slammed his pole deep in his ass. Kyle screamed, Kevin's eyes filled with tears, and Bob glared at Randy in fierce reproach, a look as savage as a blow to the jaw. Randy saw an angry flush come to Bob's face and he was instantly cowed.

These were Bob's boys and Randy, usually a master at domination scenes, had lost control over a petty annoyance and hurt one of them. Randy knew it was not worthy of him and, worse, not worthy of Bob.

From then on Randy took his cue from Bob. The pain of reality was forgotten and the fantasy resumed. Trust returned to the boys and they willingly played their part of captive leather boys being butt-fucked by two muscular construction hunks.

Randy was back on form, starting with a gentle fuck, then imperceptibly increasing the rhythm and the thrust until he brought the boy to the edge of pain and the peak of pleasure. Then he stopped, Kyle felt the hunk of meat filling his ass and he almost ejaculated .... almost. The boy's tension dissolved with a sigh and he waited for the master to bring him to a pitch of excitement once more. Such was Randy's skill - as long as he kept his anger in check.

Kevin too was at a peak of sexual desire looking in the mirror at his beloved master, his gorgeous body rippling as he slid his cock gently in and out of his ass. He always loved getting fucked by Bob but now the sensation was heightened by the fantasy of the stubbled, greasy stud fucking the handsome leather boy tied by the neck to his twin brother. He gazed at his brother, seeing in his shining eyes an excitement equal to his own.

It was Randy who finally ramped it up to a climax. He looked at Bob and said. "Hey, stud, I think these punks have had it too easy too long. I wanna bust my fucking load in this kid. How about we finish them off?"

"Fine by me," Bob said, flashing a look at the twins in the mirror. Bob too had been having trouble holding back his orgasm as he gazed at the erotic sight of the beautiful young twins on their knees. In tandem with Randy he fucked harder ... and harder ... until he saw that familiar look of savagery in the gypsy's eyes.

He had watched Randy climax so many times when they made love and could never hold back when he saw the magnificent body flex, the swarthy face rear back, black hair flying, his mouth open in an animal howl. "Let's do it, man," Randy yelled.

The twins saw their captors in the heat of passion, their muscles strain, their eyes flash, their mouths open in a scream ... aaagh!!" ... that bounced off the mirrored walls. The fantasy was complete as the rugged muscle-gods finally unloaded their jizz in the asses of the hot young leather boys they had bound and tormented, identical twins who had resisted them at first, then fallen under the spell of their captors and lusted for more.

Kyle and Kevin gazed at the men in awe, then smiled at each other in the mirror, sharing a secret in that private language of the eyes only they could understand.


Randy and Bob finally pulled out, and helped the twins to their feet. Bob untied the rope from their collars while the boys pulled up their pants and, with some difficulty, stuffed their still-hard dicks inside and zipped the pants up. Bob kissed his boys in turn but Randy was frowning.

"Now wait just a goddamn minute here. You boys didn't spill your jizz. Shit, that's a fucking insult to me and my buddy. When I fuck a guy he damn-well busts his load - big time. You want me to fuck you again, is that it?"

Bob sighed impatiently and silenced Randy with a look. "Guys," he said gently to the twins, "you've really given us a great time down here and I know you already shot one load a way back, but you're cocks are still rock hard so if you want to cum again tell me what you need."

The twins exchanged looks and Bob knew they had a plan. Kevin cleared his throat and said, "Sir, you and Randy look so hot - like, shirtless and all ... hot construction workers ... that we could cum just looking at you ... we'd like to."

"Hey, no problem there," grinned Randy, flexing his muscles. "How d'you want us?"

Kyle took over. "Well, thing is, sir, we got off looking at ourselves with our bodies stretched up like that and we think it would be cool to see you the same way. All you'd have to do is slip your hands through those loose restraints and let us whack off looking at you."

Randy preened, his arrogance spiking again, and raised his arms. He slid his hands through the leather restraints dangling from the rope and rested his wrists in them. He flexed again and said, "Like this, you mean? This turn you on?"

"Wow, sure does, sir," Kevin said, as both boys stroked the bulges in their leather pants.

Randy grinned at Bob. "Come on, buddy, do like your boys said."

Bob knew his twins well. He looked at them and realized that their hesitant innocence was pretty much an act. He had seen how stoked they had been after surviving their erotic 'captivity', how their pride and confidence had resurfaced. But he humored them and Randy by doing as Randy had done. Now facing his lover he got off on the illusion of the King of the Gypsies in imagined bondage.

Even though this was all for the boys' benefit Bob still felt a thrill watching the construction boss's magnificent body twist and gleam under the lights. Randy was getting off on it too and couldn't resist embellishing the fantasy. "Payback time, eh, kids? The captive leather boys get worked over by two rough construction hunks but in the end get loose and turn the tables on them, is that it?"

"Pretty much, sir," Kyle smiled. "But it's gotta look just right so let me adjust those restraints a bit, make them more comfortable. He reached up to Randy wrists and in a lightning move pulled the straps tighter, so tight the big man could not get free. In the same spilt second Kevin did the same to Bob and the brothers stood back and surveyed their handiwork.

"What the fuck?" Randy bellowed, yanking hard on the ropes above him, his rippling muscles only intensifying the homoerotic image for the twins. Bob had known the twins were hatching something but this startled him and he too reflexively tugged at the ropes binding him.

This was not the fucking plan," Randy yelled, "so untie us or I'll fucking thrash the two of you."

"Actually," Kevin said, "we're working to our plan now, and as for thrashing us, I don't thinks so. We have protection," nodding toward Bob. Recognizing the truth Randy howled in frustration.

The shirtless twins were now transformed into commanding young alpha bucks, shirtless in leather pants and boots, legs astride, arms folded across their muscular chests. "Kyle's voice had lost all traces of innocence as he taunted Randy. "Payback time, you said, and you were right .... but you didn't know how right."

He nodded at Kevin and they unbuckled the collars from their own necks and ritualistically placed them round the necks of their prisoners. They transferred the tit clamps for their own chests to the men's. The picture was complete. The fantasy was reversed, tables turned .... well, almost ...."

The final act was inevitable. Standing in full view reflected in the mirror the twins synchronized their movements perfectly, they slowly unzipped their pants and pulled out their still rigid cocks. They held them in the palms of their hands, gazed down at them lovingly and spat on them, mimicking Randy. Kyle raised his head and grinned at them. "Just kidding."

Each boy dipped two fingers in the adjacent jar of lube and spread it over his cock. Kyle looked at Randy and said, "Let's see ... yeah, you're the guy who fucked my ass so're mine." Kevin smiled at Bob. "And you're mine, sir."

They walked behind their man, reached round him, yanked open his cargo pants and pulled them down below his ass. They pushed their dicks between the men's ass cheeks and Kyle said in Randy's ear, "Now this is what's called payback time."

"Aaaah!" Two shouts echoed round the room as the boys' cocks buried themselves deep in the men. Copying what Randy had done, they fucked slowly at first and built gradually to a point where their cocks became pistons driving into the asses of their former captors.

In truth neither man was in pain (it took a lot more than that to hurt Randy) but the feel of the hard young cocks pounding their asses, and the view in the mirror of the two stud leather boys punishing the muscular construction guys, was a huge turn-on for Bob and Randy who were already sporting huge boners.

The men gazed at each other just as the twins had done and like them, strained forward to touch. The twins flashed a glance at each other, reached up and loosened the ropes enough for the men to walk toward each other and grind their chests together.

As always happened, Bob and Randy saw themselves reflected in the other's eyes, but the passion this time was heightened by the feel of the twins' cocks pile-driving inside them. Each, man knew, just as the twins had known, that they were both feeling the same exquisite sensation as their bodies shook and their lips came together in a ravenous kiss.

Darius saw this as the perfect climax and his camera lovingly panned over the straining bodies and chiseled features of the rugged laborers, and the rippling muscles of the handsome young leather boys. Darius's camera was making love to the four spectacular men.

They were all reaching their peak when Kyle shouted to Kevin. "Shall we finish them off, bro?

Make them bust another load?"

"Let's do it," Kevin yelled. "I'm so close ... oh yeah ... oh fuck ... fuck ... fuck ....yeaahh!" Perfectly synchronized, the twins stared at each other and pumped hot jism into the asses of their masters.

As the men felt the leather boys' jizz flooding their asses Bob said, "Better do as they say, buddy." Staring into his eyes Randy moaned, "I love you man ... you and your boys. Shit, it feels so fucking ... oh man, I'm cumming ... I'm cumming." Their cocks, pressed together against their stomachs, spouted sperm up between their bodies as their mouths churned together and their asses filled with the juice of the twins.

Darius ended with a close four-shot of wild-eyed faces in the afterglow of spectacular sex - two men and two boys. He held it some time before lowering his camera and saying, "And that, guys, is definitely, positively, a wrap.


"Did you get it all, Darius?" asked Kevin, acknowledging their cameraman for the first time. "I mean, like, when we fucked the guys and all."

"Hey, dude, this is me Darius - ace cameraman. Sure I got it, and it'll make the boys look at you in a whole new way. I mean, like, no more Mister Nice Guys, eh? Just let me get a shot for the fade-out under the credits, though."

With their new-found confidence, machismo even, the twins hugged the men hard, with heartfelt thanks. Playing to the camera Kevin picked up the shirt that had been ripped off him earlier and used it to wipe off his cock and then Kyle's.

Then Kyle announced, "Gentlemen, if you'll excuse us we gotta go and see what mess those guys are making in the kitchen. Don't worry, we'll whip 'em into shape. Come on, bro." Kevin threw the shirt over his shoulder, put his other arm over his brother's shoulder and they swaggered proudly to the door.

Darius said, "I gotta go too, sirs on this video. Thanks for letting me shoot that, sirs ... unbelievable action ... totally awesome. Definitely one for prosperity."

Reflexively Bob opened his mouth to correct him but Randy grinned, "Don't even go there, buddy." As Darius left, Bob looked at Randy. "I gotta thank you for setting all this up, Randy, starting with that dirtying-me-up thing you did, making me a greasy construction worker like you. Did you see how the twins were when they left - bold, decisive? That's exactly what I wanted for them. You're right, they'll be jerking off to that for years."

"Well, I won't say I told you so .... but, 'course, I did. OK, let's go get cleaned up before dinner. Though come to think of it, you do look hot when I dirty you up. Maybe we should ...."

"No way, asshole." Bob grinned at him and shrugged. "Well ... later maybe."


The other boys were gathered in breathless anticipation, knowing that "something epic is going on downstairs", as Eddie put it. When Darius emerged from the basement they surrounded him but he shrugged them off and announced grandly, "Not now, guys. I gotta work on the stuff I got in here," waving his camera. "I'll just tell you now, it's pure gold and I intend to screen it after dinner, so get everyone here."

No sooner said than done. The ever efficient jungle drums sent the word out and the boys persuaded their masters to come to dinner, Steve and Lloyd too. Even Hassan agreed. He tended to be reclusive but always enjoyed the company of the tribe and, besides, he had to control motor-mouth Eddie - keep an eye on him and a hand over his mouth if necessary.

Suddenly the twins emerged from the basement and the boys were shocked into silence. They looked stunning - shirtless in black leather pants and boots - but it was more than that. It was the way they held themselves, their confident, macho stride and determined expressions. "Now that's what you call butch," Ben whispered.

"OK," Kyle said, "whatever mess you guys have made in the kitchen we'll put it right. We're in charge now so stay out." When Jamie told them that the number for dinner had increased, the twins waved it away as inconsequential. "We can handle that. We can handle anything."

"I guess they can at that," Pablo grinned at Jamie.

Bob and Randy appeared next, and the boys could only guess what the two shirtless construction workers had done to the twins - or vice versa. Pablo and Jamie went to them and quietly asked if it was OK that there would be so many guys at dinner. "The more the merrier," said Randy, obviously in high spirits. "OK, Bob, now for that clean-up."

"Not too clean," shouted Eddie. "Dirt is way hot." Brandon and Ben both clamped their hands over his mouth and he reacted with a surprised what-did-I-do? look.

Dinner was even more rambunctious than usual as word spread that the twins had been involved in something epic with Randy and Bob, and Darius had promised an after-dinner movie event. The twins shrugged it all off, though no-one could ignore their new look. They had kept on their leather pants and boots and pulled tight black T-shirts on over their chests. It was a sexy, macho look, far different from their usual preppy appearance, especially as they took it all in stride as they concentrated on serving dinner.

Doctor Steve pulled Bob aside and said, "Well done, Bob. Whatever you and Randy did to those boys sure worked a treat. They've really come out of their shell and started acting like the senior boys they are." He chuckled, "I must get your methods from you - maybe apply them to some of my patients."

The boys bolted their food, anxious to get to the movie, which was the sole subject of conversation among them. The men too were kind of eager to see what all the fuss was about, though Bob and Randy kept pretty tight lipped.

During dinner Darius had done some rudimentary editing of the movie and had set up a screen outdoors where everyone had a good view. After the twins had served after-dinner drinks an expectant hush fell over the group and Darius rose in typical dramatic fashion to address them.

"Gentlemen, an event occurred today that was way hot, even for this house, which has seen its share of ... of ... heat," he said lamely. "Definitely one for prosperity." Zack grinned at Bob, raised his eyes and gave a resigned shrug as Darius continued. "You could even say that..."

"Hey, dude," Pablo shouted, "could we just cut to the chase here and show the damn movie?" There were loud murmurs of agreement so Darius capitulated and shouted, "OK, OK..." he cleared his throat ... "Darius Productions presents...." And the screen came to life.

Despite the exaggerated buildup the video did not disappoint. To loud gasps it opened on the dramatic scene of the two handsome young captives facing each other, stripped to the waist in black leather pants and boots, collars round their necks, arms stretched tight above them. Their 'separation' was traumatic and their attempts to make physical contact stunned the group into silence. Then their tongues touched and a cheer erupted as the twins shot jizz over each other.

The audience sat mesmerized as the captive leather boys sucked cock and then, on all fours, took the construction guys' cocks in their ass. But the loudest cheers erupted when the boys turned the tables on their captors, tied them up and fucked them in a breathtaking climax.

When the video ended the boys mobbed the twins who basked in the congratulations. Only Bob noticed the red faces on the three amigos who had all creamed their shorts. Even the men were impressed and voiced their admiration for Randy and Bob. Over the clamor of voices Randy called for more drinks and the party continued.

Steve's lover Lloyd, who was always had an infatuation for handsome, muscular jocks like the guys at his gym, was especially turned on by the video. Sitting next to Bob he said, "Wow, that was quite something, Bob. You all looked spectacular ... sure gave me a boner."

Lloyd grinned conspiratorially. "Seems to be the season for guys releasing their 'inner demons', as Steve calls it, and living out their secret fantasies. First Zack opens up to Brandon, though no one knows what his secret is except Brandon and Darius. And now your twins have lived out their deep desires for bondage and rough sex in a wild fantasy that we've all just been treated to. So who's next, I wonder?"

"You, maybe?" Bob smiled, who had a feeling Lloyd wanted to open up about something. All the men confided in Bob at one time or another.

"Nah, not me. I act out all my fantasies, but ..." He leaned closer and again spoke in a conspiratorial whisper. "My man Steve once hinted at a long-suppressed fantasy that he could never really act out. Yup, the cool, confident therapist, the gorgeous alpha male, Randy's brother, has demons of his own. He never came right out with it but I'm pretty sure it's this."

Lloyd elaborated briefly and said, "Now you see why he thinks he could never actually do it. But ... here's the thing. I'd love to help Steve put it into practice and I've thought about it a lot. See there's this guy at the gym ...."

But as Lloyd enthusiastically outlined his plan Bob's brow furrowed.

"So what d'ya think, Bob?"

"Hmm, I'm not so sure it's such a great idea, Lloyd. You could be playing with fire there. I'd tread real carefully if I were you."

"Nah," Lloyd laughed, "don't you see, buddy? It's a win-win situation. Doctor Steve won't even know it's happening ... so what could go wrong?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 264


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