The boys, Ben, Brandon and Eddie - the self-styled 'three amigos' - had hatched a plot. The result was the long overdue meeting between Jason, the handsome, muscular fireman; and the equally stunning young muscle-god Grady, a newcomer to the tribe and set to star in a big-budget Tarzan movie.

The powerful gym jocks, equal in strength and beauty, quickly developed a friendly rivalry natural to macho alpha males like them. They instinctively gravitated to Jason's home gym where the two athletes competed in a narcissistic contest of strength, muscle-worship and sexual prowess.

Stripped down to ragged loincloths like twin Tarzans they battled in midair, swinging from gym ropes, and ended up in a ferocious, winner-take-all wrestling match. The action paralleled the climactic scene in Grady's movie where two jungle heroes in loincloths battle for supremacy, except that in the real-life version the loser's ass was the prize.

After a fierce, equally matched battle, Grady, in a final burst of adrenaline and rage, emerged the winner and subjected the hot young fireman's ass to the hardest, longest fuck he had ever endured.

But in the end, exhausted as they were, the contest had doubled the respect and admiration Grady and Jason felt for each other, not to mention the towering lust between two supreme young jocks that bordered on man-on-man love. Grady reached down and pulled Jason to his feet. They fell into a jubilant hug, like athletes at the end of a match, then showered together under the outdoor shower beside the gym.

The three boys had watched the entire spectacle in a state of awed disbelief. They had seen things no boy had ever seen before, and had drained their balls dry with multiple orgasms. Even Eddy, the 'little gusher', proclaimed himself "dry as a bone ... not another drop, dudes."

Now their only desire was to serve the men whom they now looked on as young demigods. Jason and Grady pulled on gym shorts and sat at the table, plied with drinks by the boys who then dashed off to the kitchen to make dinner. As their testosterone levels subsided Jason and Grady gazed at each other in wonder at what they had been through together. They knew that from this time on they were committed buddies, two extraordinary men cut from the same cloth.

Grady grinned, "Man, that fight hanging from ropes was fucking awesome ... much better than anything in the movie script. The fight directors and stuntmen are still choreographing the big climax fight, but so far it's all on the ground. Imagine those two guys in loincloths fighting as they swing from the vines, doing just what we did. Fucking epic. I'm gonna suggest it ... I bet they'll go for it." He chuckled, "Maybe you should come and we'll demonstrate our moves."

"Not all of them, I hope," Jason laughed. "Pity they don't allow fucking in your movie. That would put asses in theater seats all over the world."

Soon the boys appeared with trays of food and the men did a double take. They were all wearing tight white T-shirts and boxer briefs that showed off their young physiques in the most provocative way. Brandon was right there with them, dressed the same, the same sexy smile on his face with food piled on the tray table of his wheelchair.

The men burst out laughing and Jason said, "Hey, boys, sexy outfits, but you don't have to seduce us - you're already spoken for. Me and Grady have been talking..." ("Uh-uh" the boys said in unison, mimicking the masters' usual reaction to that phrase). "Specifically about dessert. I hope you haven't made any 'cos ... you're it. You ever fantasize about getting your asses fucked by Tarzan and his jungle buddy?"

"All the time, sir," they said together, with identical wide grins.

"Well," Grady laughed, "remember what you're mother told you. Don't eat too much dinner - save room for dessert."


That last part went ignored as the boys ploughed into the food. Watching the jock fight and jerking off so many times had sharpened their appetites for many things, not least for food. That basic need had to be filled first before their minds focused on other hungers. With his usual sense of the over-dramatic Eddie confided to his two buddies, "Dudes, gotta build up our strength so we can take whatever these muscle guys throw at us."

Released from the rigors of exercise and muscle maintenance (at least for the rest of the day) Jason and Grady indulged their own appetites to the full. "Great food, kids," Grady said. "Who taught you to cook like this?"

"The twins, sir," they said in unison and left it at that. No further explanation was needed - everyone knew the twins well - except Grady. He had met them briefly at that one dinner at the house but they hadn't had a chance to talk as they were busy all the time serving the gourmet food they had prepared.

"Oh yeah," Grady said, "they're Bob's boys right? Man, talk about identical beauties. Double the fun, eh?"

"You'd be gobsmacked, sir!" Eddie's mouth was off and running. "Shit, watching those brothers make love to each other is worth the price of admission alone, worth a bucket of anyone's jizz. And then when they turn their attention to you, hell you don't know if you're cumming or choking, getting fucked in the back or front, or both. You should take them for a trial run, sir, I know they're crazy about you - told me so - just the other day they ... Oops"

He stopped suddenly, realizing he had fallen into his usual trap of talking too much. Jason shook his head. "Eddie, my boy, it's a toss-up whether you spend more time running off at the mouth or blasting jizz from your cock. Either way it's probably too much."

"Oh, the talking maybe, sir, but not the jizz thing. I always say a boy should cum early and often. I heard a guy say once that he votes like that too. I didn't really get it at the time ..."

Jason's look turned from good-natured to impatient and he said, "Stop with the crazy talk, Eddie." The boy stopped short, zipped his pursed lips with his fingertips and turned the key. That familiar gesture made them laugh and set the tone for the merry, raucous conversation that followed.

Jason and Grady, always conscious of their diet like most athletes, never really drank much alcohol, but this evening was an exception, a celebration where they felt entitled to push the boat out a bit, especially when the boys brought out the brandy. And so they got pleasantly drunk like good buddies do and their conversation got more raunchily macho.

Grady had a theory that his movie could make more money as a porn movie and they piled on crazy ideas of Tarzan getting butt-fucked by the other characters as they came and went in the story. "And came again," Jason laughed, spluttering out brandy. Grady moved round the table and sat beside him on the bench, both leaning back on their elbows on the table like two raunchy athletes after a game getting drunk as they sized up the talent.

As they talked they watched the boys run back and forth to the house clearing away dishes. Grady grabbed his crotch crudely and growled, "Get a load of that, dude, those boys are mighty fine, just ripe for the plucking. We didn't get dessert but I could still go for something sweet - like a sweet piece of ass. Hey, boys. Come here and let's get a look at you."

The boys had been clearing dishes, sure but, much more important, they had used all the running around as an opportunity to show off their asses and bodies to the two bawdy jocks cheering them on. Now they stood in a row like schoolboys at team selection before a match. And each of them longed to be chosen. In precision formation they all slowly pulled their T-shirts off over their heads and threw them at the men's feet in the time-honored tradition of strippers."

"Awesome," Jason shouted. "Now turn around. Let's see those asses."

All three turned round, Brandon in the middle doing a double wheelie in his wheelchair. As Ben and Eddie pulled their boxers down over their beautiful asses Brandon reached out on either side and gracefully waved his hands over their butt cheeks with the elegance of a hostess on a game show displaying the prizes. Which actually is pretty much what this was.

"Enough," Grady said. "Turn round." They pulled up their shorts and turned to face the men. "Dunno about you, buddy," Grady said, "but my prick would feel real snug buried in one of those butts."

"Me too," Jason grinned. "Only thing is, after busting those massive loads earlier I'm not sure if I've got anything left. Look at this." He pulled down the front of his gym shorts and displayed his only semi-hard dick.

"Same here, dude. And the booze don't help." Grady pulled out his dick that was in the same flaccid condition. "Hey you guys, two hot jocks like us gotta have real boners. You got any suggestions?"

The boys looked at each other and giggled. "Hey," Jason grinned, "be careful what you wish for, dude. Eddie here can make anyone hard. He's a master cocksucker and he's taught his buddies. Did you know he gives cocksucking lessons to a lot of guys in the house? He doesn't charge for them but still offers a money-back guarantee ...."

"... if not completely satisfied," Eddie grinned proudly. "See, I used to suck cock in the back room of a leather bar in the desert and ..."

"Enough," Jason snapped. "We don't wanna know what you did for guys in a bar ... it's what you're gonna do for us. OK, come on, let's see what you got." The boys moved forward ... it was three mouths and two cocks but they were used to handling this kind of situation. Ben held back at first as he routinely sucked Jason's cock daily since he became his boy. He left the field clear for Brandon and Eddie who made the most of it.

Grady felt a special affection for Brandon and beckoned him with a quick jerk of the head. Brandon wheeled between his outstretched legs, took off his glasses and tucked them away with meticulous precision, then pulled out of his saddlebag a jar of lube that he put on the ground for whatever came after. Grady held Brandon's face in both hands and grinned at his big, blinking eyes. "Go for it kiddo."

Brandon leaned forward in his chair, glanced quickly to his right and Eddie winked at him, his mouth already wide open. This was evidently going to be synchronized cocksucking and the men's reaction was simultaneous as the young mouths closed over their cocks and their throat muscles clenched. "Shit, damn," Grady moaned, "that feels ... holy fuck ...."

"Told you," Jason gasped. "Dude, this kid could make me shoot my wad in seconds. But don't cum, buddy... save that for their asses."

The boys really went to town, thrilled to be sucking the dicks of the alpha jocks, the two Tarzans they had watched in homoerotic combat, who were now leaning back against the table waiting to be pleasured by their boys. The boys' skills were not so much in making them cum (too easy) but in preventing it - teasing them by bringing them to the cusp of orgasm then opening their mouth wide and simply breathing hot breath over the shuddering rods.

Soon Ben got in on the act, elbowing Eddie aside and taking his turn on Jason. Eddie moved sideways and took over from Brandon who wheeled himself round to await his turn at the other end of the line. That set the pattern and the men were treated to a succession of juicy mouths on their cocks, which were instantly iron hard. They grabbed the head of each boy in succession and rammed them down on their dicks so the boys' faces were pressed into the tangle of blond pubic hair.

Each boy's technique was slightly different but equally effective in making the athletes writhe on the edge of orgasm. After a while greed overtook precision and soon the boys were fighting for each cock, snuffling like piglets feeding at the trough.

Finally Grady was so close to losing his load that he pushed Ben's head back off his cock. "Hell, I can't take any more of this ... I gotta fuck ... I gotta fuck ass." The three boys pulled back and stared at the jocks with shining eyes. They sported wide grins and were drooling saliva, panting hard, their tongues hanging out like Spaniels pleasing their masters and waiting for their next orders.

The orders came instantly. "Get naked!" Eagerly Ben and Eddie stood up and took off their shorts. Brandon wriggled in his chair and expertly pulled down his boxer briefs - a move he had perfected over time when responding to orders from his master Pete.

Again the boys gathered in a row while Jason and Grady, naked now, their cocks stiff as ramrods and oozing pre-cum, paced round them, making their choice like masters at a boy auction. As before, Grady chose Brandon while Jason winked knowingly at his boy Ben and chose Eddie. Ben was content to stand back and watch until his turn came.

Eddie fell on his back on the ground offering his ass to the gorgeous young fireman. Grady grinned at Brandon, "So how do we do this, kid?"

"Just like anyone else, sir." Expertly Brandon slid down out of his wheelchair and lay on his back on the ground beside Eddie. "See," Brandon grinned ... "just like everyone else." Jason had slung Eddie's legs over his shoulders and Grady did the same with Brandon. Jason had already lubed Eddie's ass and now passed the jar to Grady who carefully inserted his fingers in Brandon's ass.

"You don't have to be careful with me, sir. I can take whatever the other boys take, and more. I'm a tough dude."

"I bet you are, kid, but are you tough enough for this?" He plunged his shaft inside the boy's ass and Brandon threw his head back and howled. It was a howl of joy but Grady saw pain and slowed down. Brandon frowned up at Grady. "I like it hard, sir. Is that all you got?"

"Fuck you, kid!" Grady growled. He was being challenged by a boy! "OK, punk, you asked for this." Grady leaned forward, braced his hands on the ground and his cock became a pile-driver slamming into Brandon's ass. He was amazed to see the look of ecstasy on the boy's face, taking dick in his ass, proving his toughness, proving he was as good as everyone else.

Brandon looked up in disbelief at the handsome young muscle-jock, the movie Tarzan, rising and falling above him. He was getting butt-fucked by the man on the billboard, the man everyone wanted, the man who loved to get fucked. But not this time. This was a rugged alpha top-man, no doubt about it if the pounding in the boy's ass was anything to go by. Brandon was in heaven and ran his hands over the contours of Grady's chest and arms, feeling his sinews ripple as he fucked with increasing force.

Eddie too was yelling with excitement, getting his ass reamed by the blond, muscle-god fireman. He had watched Jason so often, had jerked off over the calendar's August page, and now here he was getting ploughed by the huge dick of the man himself.

The boys were desperately holding back their orgasms - they wanted it to last all night, but then something happened that pushed them over the top. Jason and Grady, pounding ass shoulder to shoulder, suddenly looked at each other and saw the same raw lust in each other's eyes. "This is so fucking hot, dude," Jason said. "I love you, man." Their faces came together in a ravenous kiss, the embrace of two jock buddies as they fucked their boys.

It was pornographic - two gym jocks displaying the man-on-man love they felt for each other, heightened by the feel of their cocks jackhammering their boys' hot young asses. The sight was so dazzling that the boys looked away, only to confront each other's exhilaration at being the fuck-boys of the two magnificent men.

They looked back at their masters, now staring down at them, sweat dripping from their faces into the boy's mouths. And that was it. No boy could withstand this. With twin screams their lithe young bodies bucked as two fountains of semen blasted high in the air and splashed onto the chests of the men heaving above them. More jizz followed until men and boys were soaked in cum.

But not Grady's and Jason's cum ... not yet. As they pulled out of the boys' asses Grady said, "My fucking balls are bursting, man. I gotta cum. Look at the ass of that young gypsy boy."

"Ah, you're talking about my boy there," Jason said. "He's precious - don't come cheap, and I always get first crack at that ass." Ben heard his cue and lay on the ground beside Brandon. Jason pushed his legs up and looked down at the beautiful ass covered in fine wisps of curly black hair. "Who does it belong to, boy?"

"You, sir, always. Please fuck me, sir." Jason slid his cock inside as he had done so many times before - twice a day, at least - and Ben moaned in bliss. "See," Jason said to Grady, "the boy is mine but ... well, seeing as we're such good buddies and you did win the fight, I guess I can loan him out to you."

Ben was stoked hearing these two beautiful men bargaining over him, especially when the deal was struck and the two jocks traded his ass back and forth. Eddie, the voyeur of the group, stood beside them stroking his already hard cock and watched his buddy get serially fucked.

When Grady's turn came he looked down at the gypsy face, the pale blue eyes and black hair, and saw a young version of Ben's big brother Randy. For an instant he was fucking the big brother, but that fantasy quickly disappeared as he flashed on the reverse - the erotic image of Randy fucking him as he did so often now after their gym workouts.

It was Jason's turn now and, after getting his dick sucked and fucking Eddie, he knew he couldn't hold back any more. "I gotta bust a load, man, my balls are bursting. But I want us to cum together... like good buddies."

Grady looked over at Brandon, lying next to Ben, he eyes blinking expectantly. "You ready for more action, kid?"

"Yes please, sir." So once again Grady pushed his cock inside Brandon, whose ass was more like a cauldron than ever. As soon as he entered him Grady knew, like Jason, that he had to cum. "You ready, dude, ready for the big finish?"

"OK, buddy, let's rock." Gazing at their respective boys they pounded harder and harder until they were panting, "Fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... yeaahh!!. Ben felt the familiar rush of his master's jizz in his ass and he shot his own creamy white stream all over his young body.

Brandon gazed wide-eyed up at Grady and said, "I love you sir," as he felt the muscle-jock's sperm pouring into his ass. Although he had cum so recently Brandon let go his second orgasm. And not to be outdone, Eddie, the 'little gusher' added his own generous contribution of sperm that splashed down on the breathless group of two jocks and their fuck-boys laughing beneath him.


The laughter lasted a long time until Jason took the initiative and shouted, "Guys, listen up. We gotta spend the night here together, see what more mischief we can get up to ... agreed?"

"Agreed," came the chorus of approval.

"OK, first things first. Eddie, you have to get permission from Hassan and you, Brandon, from Pete. If they need reassurance from me I'll be happy to talk to them. And I guess you'll wanna alert Steve and Lloyd, Grady, or they'll be sending out search parties and you'll be on the front pages ... 'Tarzan Goes Missing'."

Another burst of laughter, but they all did as Jason suggested and everything was arranged in minutes. Jason did speak to Hassan and Pete and swore he would take care of their boys. Grady even got on the phone with Pete and had a lengthy conversation about how magical his boy was. He had only just finished speaking with him and was lying on his back on the grass with the others gazing up at the stars when his cell phone rang. He recognized the guttural voice immediately.

"Hey, buddy, just reminding you of our workout tomorrow - 7am. I know you've probably been whoring and drinking and that's even more reason to get back in harness tomorrow. You know you've gotta look like a hunk throughout the shoot and only discipline can do that. So you be here at seven sharp or I'll whip your ass." There was a chuckle at the other end. "Well, I'll do that anyway ... even more reason for you to come. So be here, stud, OK?

He clicked off and Grady couldn't believe that he had a boner just hearing Randy's voice. Sure he had got off fucking Jason, and then the three boys, but what really got his blood racing was the thought of Randy's monster dick in his ass.  Yeah, he'd be there - seven sharp.


Randy had made the phone call on his way up to his brother Steve's house where he and Bob had been invited to dinner by Steve and Lloyd. Randy had been a bit delayed and Bob was lounging over pre-dinner drinks by the pool, waiting for him to join them. But before he showed up Hassan came home from work and was about to go down to his guest house when he saw Bob on the pool deck and came over to him.

Hassan had been shooting one of his many Marine promotional videos and as usual had come straight from the set. He was a pornographic fantasy in full Marine battle gear - camouflage fatigue pants, combat boots, dark green tank under a sleeveless denim shirt. He hadn't even washed off the black camouflage streaks on his exotic, olive-skinned face, making him look even more of a fearsome warrior than ever.

He and Bob exchanged lustful looks. It was a long time since they had spent time together, just the two of them, and Bob grinned, "Hey soldier, you look like you've been fighting World War III. Sit down, take a load off and grab a beer."

Just the sight of Bob, in his usual blue jeans and V-neck white T-shirt, made Hassan's cock stir and he said, "Does anyone ever refuse you anything, buddy? And now you mention it, I could kill an ice-cold beer right now after all the fake killing I've been doing for that video."

He sat down, grabbed a beer from the cooler, threw his head back and swigged a long draft. Bob gazed at him in awe and the sight of his prominent Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed was enough to turn Bob on.

"The hell of it is I gotta put all this crap back on Friday for a day of military maneuvers up near Vandenberg Air Force Base. They can be grueling, so I usually stay the night in a little house they got up there. Rest of the guys go back to the Base, drinking and partying, but you know me, I prefer to be alone."

"Yeah I know," Bob smiled. "Matter of fact I'll be up in that neck of the woods myself that day. I have to visit my firm's branch office in San Luis Obispo - a tour of inspection as Senior Vice President - crack the whip a bit if necessary. But they're a good bunch of guys and don't mind my visits - huh, they even seem to welcome them."

Hassan chuckled mockingly, "I wonder why," raising his eyebrows at the stunningly handsome man next to him. "If I worked up there I'd sure welcome a visit from the boss too."

The lustful grins were back but they just left that thought hanging in the air and took another drink. "The only part I hate is the drive back south in the rush hour," Bob said. "Traffic can be a bitch from Santa Barbara all the way back to L.A."

"Tell me about it. At least you'll be in that posh Mercedes of yours. You should try it in a military jeep. Which is why I usually spend the night in that house I mentioned." There was another silence while their thoughts traveled on the same track, and it was Hassan who voiced them first.

"You thinking what I'm thinking, buddy? Sounds kinda dumb - me alone in that house, you sweating it out in rush-hour traffic. Would you, er, consider spending the night with me? Course I realize you'd have to get back to Randy so you probably couldn't ...."

"Sounds like a plan, soldier," Bob interjected. "Course, you'd still be in uniform and I'd be in my own kind of uniform - business suit and tie - but I could bring something to change into. Yeah, I like the sound of that. Let's do it."

"Let's do what?" came a deep voice. Randy was still in his 'uniform' - old work pants and ragged tank - having come straight from the construction site. "What are you two plotting? Wait, let me grab a beer." He sat down and took a swig of beer while Bob explained what he and Hassan had been discussing. "'Course, if you'd rather I come back, of course I ..."

"What," Randy grinned, "you need my permission?"

"No, of course not," Bob said. "I just don't want to hurt you in any way..."

"Man, I don't hurt so easy, you know that. I'm a big boy. Sounds like a nice break for you. What d'ya say Steve?" Steve had just come out with more food and, when he heard the plan, thought it was a great idea. He looked at the three men and said, "Just what the doctor ordered, I'd say."

Steve laughed, "And while we're on the subject of good ideas, another one would be for the soldier and the construction worker to get cleaned up before we eat dinner. How about wiping off the war-paint and taking a swim, guys?" They obeyed doctor's orders while Bob went indoors to help Steve and Lloyd with dinner.

Lounging in the pool Randy said to Hassan, "You know, buddy, I'm glad this little scheme came up. See, there's been a lotta stuff going on lately, what with me getting too involved with Grady and neglecting Bob, and him sorting out the whole mess. Plus Bob keeps the Company going with office help from Jamie and Brandon, and the house too with help from the twins, Nate and the other boys.

"What I'm getting at is that Bob's been doing a lot of the heavy lifting around here and I'd like his mind taken off it for a while. I mean, we make love all the time and he's crazy about that, but he doesn't get time for much ... you know ... imaginative stuff like ... well ... the fantasizing you, Zack and the other guys get into, so ..."

"So what you're saying, Randy, is you want me to kinda take him into another world for a few hours, take care of his lusts, scare him up even ... is that it?

"Exactly - right on, man. 'Course," a steely look crossed his face, "you wouldn't really hurt him or scare him too much, but, well, you know what I mean, man. Just give him a good time. He deserves it."

"Say no more, Randy, I know just what you mean. Leave it to me, and don't worry. I'll take good care of your Bob - in more ways than one.


Friday came and in the late afternoon Bob pulled out of the parking lot of his company's branch with a sigh of relief and a tingle of anticipation at the thought of spending the night with Hassan.

Randy had been right when he confided in Hassan that Bob's stress levels were elevated after everything that had gone on with Randy and Grady, plus the day-to-day maintenance of the construction company and the house. He was the money man, after all, which brought its own heavy responsibilities.

What he needed was something to take his mind off this, something different, a mini-adventure that would break the routine of his life. Life with Randy was always an adventure, though right now it had settled into an unusually placid routine, which Bob welcomed provided he got a jolt once in a while.

Plus there was the added thrill of being alone with Hassan, something that hadn't happened in a long while. Bob had always found the macho, square-jawed Marine an exciting, highly sexual man, with his exotic Arab/Asian looks, slanted eyes, thick black hair and superbly muscled body. His taciturn, brooding attitude, his habit of keeping himself to himself, added to his rugged, alpha-male air of mystery. Bob was never quite sure what to expect from Hassan, which made him doubly exciting.

It was less than an hour's drive from San Luis down to Vandenberg Air Force Base. Hassan had explained that the military maneuvers were to take place in a heavily wooded area outside Vandenberg, not far from the sea cliffs, and were due to end by 5pm. After that the men would all hightail it back to the base for a night of drinking to relieve the stress of mock warfare. The woods would be deserted, the house empty.

Hassan had given Bob directions of where to park, then he was to follow a long path through the woods until he came to the house on the cliff top where Hassan would meet him. It was close to six o'clock when the Mercedes bumped over a gravel road and came to the parking place, not much more than a patch of dirt by the trees.

Bob got out and stared up at the dense trees, which looked kind of ominous in the late afternoon light. After a short search he found the path and plunged into the woods. Only a little sunlight filtered through the dense trees and the slight sense of danger was accentuated by the heavy smell of Cordite in the air left over from all the military activity. But Bob strode onward, hoping he would soon break through and see the house and Hassan.

"Shit," he said to himself. He had left his bag in the car with his change of clothes. But he wasn't about to go back and get it. Best to soldier on, though he was starting to get spooked by the shadows and the silence. He took off his suit jacket and slung it over his shoulder, loosened his tie and undid the top button of his shirt.

Occasional sounds broke the silence in the woods that he assumed was an animal - a deer or something. But now his imagination was really spooked and he had an irrational sense that he was being watched ... followed. To his relief he came to a small clearing where he stopped to take a breather. He leaned against a tree to catch his breath, his jacket hanging from one hand. He closed his eyes and tried to picture Hassan, more to reassure himself than anything.

Then suddenly everything changed. He heard leaves rustling behind him and something grabbed his wrists, pulled them round the back of the tree and tied them tight. He struggled and yelled, "What the fuck...? But his voice died in his throat as a figure came from behind him and faced him.

'Faced' was no exactly how it was as the man's head and face were covered by a balaclava mask with only small slits for the eyes. It was obviously a soldier as he was wearing fatigues and a heavy camouflage jacket covering his body, completely anonymous like masked combat soldiers he had seen in the movies.

"Who the hell are you ....and what do you think ...?" But he got no farther as the man pulled out a filthy rag and gagged him with it. His breath heaving Bob inhaled the smell of sweat and grease, and other odors that could have been cum, piss or god knows what. All he knew was that he was tied and gagged, at the mercy of this dark demon.

Without saying a word the man moved fast. He fished inside Bob's jacket and pulled out his wallet and cell phone that he stuffed into his own jacket. He yanked Bob's Rolex watch off his wrist and pocketed that too. He stared at Bob for a second, then took off running through the trees. Bob heard an engine start up and get fainter and fainter until the silence of the woods closed in on him again.

So, he thought, it was a robbery after all, a mugging. In a way that was a relief. Hassan would surely come searching for him when he didn't show up, so all he had to do was wait ... and wait.


He tried to shout Hassan's name but the gag muffled his voice. His instinct was to phone Randy but, even if he could free his hands, his cell phone had been stolen.

The thought of Randy and Hassan jolted something in his mind. That day at Steve's when he had come out of the house with food he had seen the two men in the pool talking earnestly to each other. When they saw him they stopped abruptly and grinned at each other conspiratorially. Looked like they had been plotting something.

Could this be it? Nah, why the theft, then? Didn't make sense ... and who was the guy who had tied him up and mugged him? But, scary as his predicament was, the image of the guys in the pool comforted him somehow. Randy and Hassan would never let any harm come to him, he was sure of that. Still, it was hard to relax, helplessly bound and gagged as he was.

His troubled thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a car engine coming closer - the same engine sound he had heard when the guy had left. Shit, he was coming back. What did he want this time? The engine shut off and Bob strained to hear through the ensuing silence. He thought he heard the rustling of leaves ... maybe his imagination ... but then he heard the sharp crack of a branch. That was real enough and his body tensed, expecting the man to approach from behind as before.

His eyes strained and he thought they were playing tricks as he tried to make sense of the shadows in the trees across the clearing. And then he saw him, the same guy standing in the shadows watching him. Bob tried to shout but all he could produce was a muffled groan. What unnerved him was the intensity of the eyes staring at him through the slits in the balaclava mask. Then, fuck, the man started to stroke the bulge in his fatigue pants and his breathing became heavy, even under the mask.

Bob struggled again, realizing that sex was a part of this. He was gripped with fear again ... was he gonna get raped? Shit, he needed Randy. His fears peaked as the man unzipped his pants, pulled out a huge, iron-hard cock and stroked it. Despite all Bob's stress and confusion and against all reason, he found himself turned on by the sight of this tall, mystery soldier staring at him and pounding his meat.

Straight-laced Bob didn't often indulge in fantasy but this was a real live one - the well-dressed business executive captured and bound by a mysterious soldier with sex on his mind. Except for his anxiety it would have been the ultimate homoerotic picture straight from the pages of pornography. And soon Bob's lust overcame his anxiety and he felt his dick getting hard under his dress pants.

Then, suddenly, it all came clear. The soldier grabbed the top of his balaclava and yanked off his face mask. It was Hassan! Of course it was. Of course. How, Bob wondered, could he ever had got so spooked that he thought Hasan could have exposed him to danger? His mind went back to the conspiratorial grins on Hassan and Randy in the pool.

Hassan shrugged off his combat jacket and there he was, the image that always excited Bob as it had that day by the pool - the muscular physique, dark, exotic features, high cheek bones, slanted brown eyes and jet black hair.

The Marine was still fresh from military maneuvers wearing combat boots and camouflage fatigue pants cinched round his slim waist by a heavy belt. Stretched over the mounds of his chest was a military-green tank top, exposing his rock hard shoulders and powerful arms. Military dog tags hung down in the cleft between his pecs. His chiseled, olive-skin face was still streaked with black camouflage paint and the picture was complete when he pulled mirrored sunglasses from his pocket and put them on.

Bob struggled again to get free, but this time in an effort to stroke his own cock. The glasses had restored the air of mystery to the Marine and increased Bob's lust for the man. Even though the truth had been revealed the fantasy remained.

The same was true of Hassan. He had learned from his boy Eddie how to create sexual fantasies and this one sent testosterone surging through him. He wanted it to last.

He was mesmerized by the sight of the muscular business executive with the Superman features, tied to a tree in the middle of the woods, smartly dressed in black dress pants and a crisp white shirt. His red tie was loosened at his neck and through the fine cotton of his shirt a white tank undershirt was clearly visible over the slabs of his chest.

Hassan had always been turned on by this look when Bob came home from work, and several times, when his boy Eddie was sucking his cock, he had closed his eyes and imagined just this picture as he came in the boy's mouth. And now here it was, the living man, bound and gagged and looking "fucking spectacular" as Hassan mouthed silently to himself.

The men stared at each other in awe from opposite sides of the clearing as Hassan pounded his cock harder in his fist. He wasn't about to let this glorious image got to waste and he closed his other hand round his cock in a two-fisted jack-off. Bob watched in disbelief as the soldier's torso flexed, muscles bulged, his ragged breathing became gasps and then ... "Aaagh!"

A huge plume of jizz blasted across the clearing, followed by what seemed like an endless stream. Bob was desperate to touch his own cock ... but he didn't have to. The sight of the rugged Marine pumping his sperm was so intense that Bob shuddered and screamed into his gag as his cock exploded and poured semen down his leg inside his pants.


The fantasy didn't end there, far from it. Neither of them wanted it to.

Hassan put his dick back inside his pants and zipped up. He pulled off his tank and Bob gasped seeing him shirtless, dappled sunlight playing across his muscular torso. He swaggered across the clearing, pulled the gag from Bob's mouth and took off his mirror glasses. He pressed their lips together in a churning kiss, then pulled back and spoke his first words in his deep, accented voice.

"I was going to leave you here but as I drove away I could not shake the image of the handsome businessman tied to a tree. So I came back. I wanted more." He looked down at the growing stain in Bob's pants. "And I see you did, too."

Bob blushed but could find no words to respond. Hassan pulled Bob's tie loose and let it hang round his neck. Then he slowly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the tight white tank underneath. "Magnificent," he breathed, running his hands over the slabs of Bob's pecs through the thin cotton. He twisted his nipples and Bob gasped, "Yeah."

Hassan pushed Bob's shirt back off his shoulders and let it and the tie hang behind him on his bound arms. The soldier's hands roamed over Bob's shoulders and arms as he watched his muscles ripple under the white tank. Then he again unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, almost hard again so soon after his orgasm. "You see what you do to me, man? I have not finished with you yet. I have you bound, at my mercy."

Bob flashed on the often-told tale of the time in the Arabian Desert when Hassan, as an enemy interrogator, had chained Mark, then a young army corporal, and tortured him and fucked him, trying to make him confess. But the image quickly disappeared. Hassan had changed since then ... hadn't he? Hadn't he?

As if in answer to Bob's thoughts the Marine said, "You see, I have desire inside me so strong that I must have you. I will fuck you in the ass. But you have to make me hard first. On your knees, Superman."

Hypnotized by Hassan's deep, melodious voice Bob obeyed, sinking to his knees, his bound hands sliding down the tree behind him. He got only a quick glance of the massive cock before it pushed slowly into his mouth and came to rest down his throat, making him gag momentarily until he breathed steadily through his nose.

Hassan pushed Bob's head against the tree so there was no escape as he fucked his mouth. His cock was insistent but not brutal driving into Bob's mouth, making tears spring to his eyes. Bob felt no pain as he inhaled the taste and smell of the Marine's pungent shaft, loving the feel of his sweaty black pubic hair pressing against his face.

Feeling pre-cum oozing from his cock Hassan pulled out and looked down at the young executive's handsome face, tears running down his cheeks, mouth sagging open with spit dripping down his stubbled jaw. "Perfect," Hassan said, "just how I like a man, especially a hot alpha stud like you. I shall enjoy ploughing the ass of the proud young executive.

Quickly Hassan untied Bob's wrists from behind him and retied them in front of him, letting his shirt and tie fall to the ground. He pulled him to his feet, raised his arm and looped his bound wrists over the stub of a branch above his head. A steely look flashed in his eyes and he yanked at Bob's tank and ripped it clear off. "That's how you should always be, man. Stripped to the waist you look magnificent."

Hassan kissed him fiercely on the lips. "You belong to a Marine Captain now, stud, is that clear?"

"Yes, sir," the young businessman said, staring into Hassan's dark eyes and falling under his spell.

"And I'm gonna fuck you in the ass. You want it, man, don't you? Tell me."

"I want your cock in my ass, sir."

Hassan turned him around to face the tree, the rope twisting above his head. He reached round, unbuckled his pants and pulled them down over his ass. "Holy shit, that ass is epic, man," Hassan said, gazing at the perfect round globes. "Get ready for a hunk of Marine prime beef." Hassan pushed him against the tree, clamped his hands tight on his hips ... and drove his long pole deep into his captive's ass.

Bob's scream bounced off the trees, but it was a scream of ecstasy more than pain. He himself had lubed the cock when he took it down his throat. He looked over his shoulder and saw the fierce intensity on the soldier's exotic face, his clenched jaw, a gleam in his slanted eyes. Bob knew now how Mark had fallen in love with the Arab soldier even as he had been tortured in chains.

Hassan gasped, "Shit that feels incredible, man ... your ass is as hot as a furnace." In seconds he was pile-driving Bob's ass while Bob pushed back to take in the whole length. Hassan didn't hold back, his old instincts as an army interrogator rising from deep inside him like he was back in the desert cell as he had been with Mark all those years ago. But unlike then, this time he never forgot that this was Bob - good, gentle Bob who he mustn't hurt.

He was as skilled as Randy at pushing a man to the limits of pain, and he took his cue from Bob's euphoric moans ... "Yeah, fuck me, sir, shove that rod up my ass. Shit that feels good." Hassan bent his head forward and licked the back of Bob's neck, nuzzling the bushy dark hair that curled over the nape. Impaled on the soldier's huge pole, Bob turned round again and their lips met, grinding together as the piston kept driving in his ass.

"You're fucking spectacular, man," Hassan whispered in his ear. "I've wanted to do this for so long. Hell, I'm fucking Superman!"

It was a perfect fuck from an expert, ferocious one minute, then slowing down to a gentle massage. Still into the fantasy of the executive getting butt-fucked by the muscular Marine, Bob was driven wild, but he refrained from shooting his load ... he was saving it up.

Instead he wanted to feel Hassan's juice in his ass and concentrated on making that happen. He clenched his ass muscles tight round the big dick just as Hassan was pulling back, almost sucking the jizz out of him and making Hassan howl. After getting fucked so many times by Randy, Bob was a master at pleasuring his man and making even the most dominant fuck-stud surrender by busting his load.

"Shit, man," Hassan yelled, "that feels ... feels like you're fucking my cock. Stop it, man, I'm gonna lose it ... lose my load. Aaah ... fuck ... fuck ... fuuuck!" His massive body slammed one last time against Bob and his cock erupted, pouring hot jizz deep inside his shuddering ass.

He slumped against Bob's back and kissed his neck, biting it gently, the tough, rugged Marine worshipping the man he had captured and bound. He had taken him into a graphic fantasy that ended, as they both knew it would, with the soldier fucking the young executive in the ass.


Well, not quite ended. Hassan pulled his long dick out slowly and paced around the clearing in a jubilant euphoria, still stroking his cock to squeeze out the last drops of cum.

Watching him Bob was seized with a wild desire. He looked up at his bound wrists and tugged on them, desperate to get free. Then he spotted the telltale sign of a short length of rope hanging free and realized that Hassan had used the escape knot that Randy insisted everyone use in bondage scenes. Bob pulled it and the ropes fell away like magic, but he continued to grip the branch above him with both hands.

Hassan had his back to Bob at that moment and, when he turned round to face him, Bob gripped the branch tight, raised his knees, pressed his feet against Hassan's chest and shoved hard. Taken totally by surprise the shirtless Marine staggered backward and crashed to the ground on his back, momentarily stunned.

Bob was on him in a minute, pulling his fatigue pants down over his ass and forcing his legs back, boots high in the air. Bob grinned into his dazed eyes. "So, a Marine always gets his man. Well that can work both ways, soldier. I may be a white-collar businessman but I can get my hands dirty too. You didn't think I'd let a Marine Captain fuck my ass without fighting back did you?"

Bob's pants were still round his knees so he reached behind him and scooped up the semen that still flowed out of his own ass. He used it to lube up his own cock, then pushed his wet fingers into the soldier's ass. "No, man," Hassan groaned, "this is not how it was meant to be."

"Not part of your fantasy, eh captain? Well it sure is part of mine - something I've dreamed of doing for a long time." He fell forward, pinned Hassan's wrists to the ground and smiled down at him. "Now tell me you don't want it, big guy. Look at me - my face, my body - and tell me you don't want to feel my dick in your ass. If you say it I'll let you go."

"Bastard," Hassan growled but with a gleam in his eye. "Fuck you, man, you know as well as I do I want it ... like crazy. OK, I made you beg for it so ... I want your cock in my ass, sir. Please fuck me."

The sight of the captain's chiseled Arab/Asian face with its black camouflage stripes, begging to get fucked, was so erotic that Bob plunged his dick in the soldier's ass and drove it all the way to the back and over the inner sphincter. "Aaagh!" Hassan howled, panting hard. "Shit damn ...your cock feels so fucking good in my ass. Take it, man ... it's yours."

Only the birds in the trees were witness to the extraordinary sight of two muscle-gods in the clearing - the Marine Captain on his back, legs raised, submitting to the young executive with the Superman face and body rising and falling over him, his stiff cock easing in and out of his ass. Bob shifted his hands and pressed them on Hassan's flexed pecs, and Hassan reciprocated by running his hands over the rippling chest muscles he had admired so often.

But this was not the fierce fuck Hassan had given him - that was not Bob's style. Bob could fuck a man gently and make him fall in love with him.

"I can make you cum again, soldier," he said gently.

"No way, man. Not after that massive load I shot inside you. No way."

Bob smiled and said, "You wanna feel my juice inside you, don't you? So look into my eyes ... look inside my eyes. Hassan stared up at the smiling deep brown eyes set in the square-cut face, aware that it was this stunningly gorgeous man whose cock was filling his ass. Those eyes became the center of his world, they were all he could see - including his own image reflected in them.

Hassan felt closer to Bob than ever before, united as one man, body and soul. "I love you, man," he breathed ... "make me cum for you." Bob pulled his cock all the way back, paused ... and then gently pushed all the way back in, deeper and deeper and over the inner sphincter, coming to rest in the furnace deep inside. Hassan shuddered, tears came to his eyes and he said again, "I love you, man. Aaah ... aaah..." and his cock spilled semen all over his magnificent body as he felt Bob's hot juice gushing inside him.

As their cocks drained they still stared into each other's eyes, reluctant to leave that enchanted world, but Bob at last fell on top of Hassan and kissed him softly. The fantasy of the soldier and the businessman in the woods was over.


Nothing more was said of the encounter, no praise, no superlatives. The fantasy itself was its own superlative. But at last Bob broke the silence. "So tell me, buddy - this house you kept talking about, the house on the cliffs. Was that a fantasy too?"

Hassan laughed his deep laugh. "Hell no, it's real enough alright, fully equipped, and I'm gonna take you there. We'll cook dinner, relax, talk, watch the moonlight on the waves and then go to bed and make love. And who knows, maybe tomorrow we'll have visitors. Stranger things have happened.

As a matter of fact, at that very moment Randy and Mark were plotting. They had everything figured out - except the final detail of whose truck they would drive up the coast.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 281


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