Bob and Randy had treated themselves to what was supposed to be a relaxing weekend in the opulent Ritz Carlton down the coast beyond Laguna Beach, a chance to shake off the stress of the city and luxuriate in two days of sun, surf and love-making.   But it was turning out to be a bit more strenuous (not to say dramatic) than they had bargained for when they came across two very different young men.

 One was the hotel’s young assistant manager, Thomas, whom Randy saw as an “arrogant, patronizing son-of-a-bitch”, and Bob dubbed, rather more stylishly, an “entitled, pretentious California Golden Boy”, a title that stuck.   

Thomas looked down his nose at the rough, gypsy construction worker, which Randy took in stride with amused indifference.  But the “obnoxious prick” (Randy’s words) really riled him when they saw him scornfully tongue-lashing and mistreating a nervous young waiter by the hotel pool.  “That does it,” Randy had growled.  “No mercy for the fucker from now on.”

Randy and Bob took an immediate liking to that shy young waiter, Danny, who reminded them a lot of young Brandon as he blinked nervously behind his black rimmed glasses.   They later reassured him when they met him by chance on the beach and sat talking to him.   He was wearing only running shorts and they could see that he had a nice, compact body, the product of a lot of exercise, and a handsome young face with a hint of cheekiness under the shyness.

With gentle encouragement from Bob Danny told them his story.  He had left home to get away from abusive parents and got a job in a hotel in Seattle.  “I was the assistant pastry chef in the kitchen – and I was pretty good too.  But the chef found out I liked … well, I liked guys …  He came on to me and said I’d lose my job if I didn’t … you know.   So I quit, even though I loved my job, and decided to try my luck down here.  I was lucky to get hired, except it’s not in the kitchen like I wanted.” 

His eyes suddenly sparkled.  “You see, sir, I feel really happy when I’m working in a kitchen. There’s something about the feel and smell of food, and I got real good at making desserts.  It’s like making magic, sir, when it comes out right.”  He grinned shyly.  “Sounds kinda crazy when I say it like that, sir.”

“Not at all,” Bob smiled, with a quick grin at Randy.   “I know a couple of young guys who say exactly the same thing – and they’re both gourmet chefs working in a private house with a lot of hungry mouths to feed.  So, Danny, you’re down here all alone?  No friends, boyfriends?”

“Just me, sir,” he replied, with no hint of self-pity.  “I’m 18 now and pretty independent, but kind of a loner.  I find it safer like that.  I guess I’d kinda like to be around guys my own age but I’ve never had much luck in that department.  The hotel gives me a small room in the basement and I keep myself pretty much to myself there.” 

Bob took a deep breath and his eyes got moist.   Randy looked at him and felt that familiar, intense pang of love for him, knowing exactly what was going through his mind.

“You ever get up to L.A., Danny?” Bob asked.

“I went there once, sir.  Kinda intimidating. See I don’t have a car, but the train station at San Juan Capistrano is not far away and I caught the train to L.A.  But it was just that once and now I pretty much stay down here.”

“You should get out more, kiddo,” Bob smiled.  “Come to think of it, Danny, there’s a young friend of ours I think you’d enjoy meeting.  He’s a lot like you – name’s Brandon.   You should also get acquainted with those two chefs I mentioned.  You’d have a lot in common.   Maybe you could take the train up to town again soon and Brandon could meet you at the station.”   

Suddenly Bob turned to Randy.  “You like desserts, don’t you Randy?”

Randy grinned at him.   “Depends on the pastry chef.”


With that settled, Bob and Randy enjoyed their afternoon and evening before turning their attention back to the haughty Golden Boy, whom Randy regarded as unfinished business.  Having spent years bringing up and nurturing his younger brothers Randy had zero tolerance for mistreatment of vulnerable young guys.  It was a surefire way to provoke his anger, as it did when Thomas rode roughshod over Danny.

That, plus his demeaning attitude to the rough-hewn gypsy (‘out of his depth in a hotel like this,’ Thomas sneered) had made Randy determined to cut him down to size and shame him as only Randy could.  He had left many a man sobbing in the dust and he would take pleasure in tarnishing Golden Boy.  In fact, that process was pretty far advanced already.

It had been obvious from the start that, as much as Thomas scorned the gypsy’s lack of sophistication, he, like most men, was inexorably drawn to Randy’s earthy sex-appeal.  So, much to Bob’s amusement, Randy decided to play on both those instincts by assuming the posture of a coarse construction worker, exaggerating his Texas accent to a hillbilly drawl.

Last night Thomas had come to their room to offer “cocktails” and certain “extra-curricular services” he sometimes offered to well-heeled gentleman guests.  But Thomas had been quick to state his ground rules: “No pain, domination, bondage, nothing like that.  And I definitely do not get fucked.  Never have.  I’m a top man.”  

A  challenge like that had been irresistible to Randy whose sexual magnetism lured the Golden Boy into sex acts that went way beyond his ground rules.  After multiple orgasms, Thomas was reduced to sobbing in a turmoil of confusion, shame, and sexual ecstasy.

 When it was over Randy said casually that he was sorry they had not gone even further.  “You see, Tom, when I’m with a man I got a ground rule of my own – just the one – that the guy does exactly whatever the fuck I tell him to do.  Take, for example, that gorgeous gymnast ass of yours.  Ass like that I gotta fuck … just have to.  And the guy would have to want it.  I’d make the fucker crawl naked on the floor, beg for my rod in his ass.”

“So you see why that wouldn’t work, Tommy, ‘cos you don’t take it up the ass, never have, you being such a top man and all.  Hell, if anyone’s gonna be dominant it’s you, stud, as you proved to that young waiter down there.”

Randy shrugged, “’Course, if by any chance you should change your mind and can see your way clear to relaxing some of those ground rules of yours, my buddy and I will be right here, same time, same place tomorrow – eleven o’clock sharp.”


All that was yesterday, and the next evening Bob and Randy were sipping after-dinner brandy on the terrace of their room, both of them shirtless and barefoot in blue jeans.  “So,” Bob said, “you think he’ll come back?” 

 “Duh!   Of course he’ll fucking come, after the number we did on him.”   And of course he was right.  At exactly 11pm the door buzzer sounded.  Randy grinned at Bob and yelled, “Come in!”

 The door opened hesitantly.   Thomas came in and stared at the two flawless muscle-gods standing side by side in blue jeans, their arms folded across their bare chests.

“Come in, Tommy,” Randy said.  “We were expecting you.”

 Rooted to the spot the only part of Thomas that moved was his cock, swelling to rock hardness in his pants.  He hadn’t wanted to come here, had fought against it, but subconsciously knew that he would … he had too.   All day he had thought of nothing else but the handsome, black-haired gypsy and his spectacular friend, a clone of Superman.

 He still clung to his own gilded image of himself and had preened in the mirror deciding what to wear.  He was proud of his lithe, fat-free muscularity, a product of his years as a gymnast, and his time as an amateur ice skater.  After much trial and error he decided to stick with his black uniform pants – a mark of his prestige as assistant-manager … plus they accentuated his ice-skater butt to perfection.  He topped it off with a tight white T-shirt that clearly showed off the contours of his flawless gymnast physique.

And that was the image that now greeted the two shirtless muscle-gods, their ripped torsos tapering down to the blue jeans hugging their tight waists.  In spite of their scorn for the Golden Boy’s pretentious attitude, neither Bob nor Randy could deny his physical attractiveness, with his tanned, finely etched features, carefully styled blond hair and tight young body.   

The thought crossed Bob’s mind that he had spent considerable time in front of the mirror getting ready for this encounter.   Randy was more interested in the wall mirror that reflected the seductive bulge of the ice-skater ass.   Randy could give a shit about the man himself, but he was determined to shove his rod in that perfect butt.  Which is why he made the first move.

Fixing Thomas’s gaze with his penetrating blue eyes Randy walked slowly toward him.   Thomas’s heart hammered in his chest as he watched the shirtless construction worker approach … and stop a few feet away to appraise him, running his eyes over his face and the whole length of his body.  The Golden Boy wilted under the intensity of his gaze that seemed to be stripping him naked.  

“Hmm,” Randy murmured.   He reached forward and lightly twisted Thomas’s nipples through the thin cotton of his T-shirt.  Thomas inhaled sharply but his pride prevented him from instinctively saying “thank you, sir”.  Why should he thank this man?   He was the one letting him touch him.  But that flash of residual arrogance evaporated when, with one hard squeeze Randy yanked his finger off his tits and Thomas instantly wanted more.

 “Not bad,” Randy drawled, running his hands over Golden Boy’s chest.  Then he walked round behind him and groaned, “Oh shit” as he gazed down at the perfect globes of his ass bulging against the tight black pants.  Randy came closer, rested his hands on the boy’s shoulders and brushed his bulging crotch against his ass.   Man, he wanted to fuck this guy.  

 “Aaah.”  Thomas moaned in spite of himself and his legs went weak as he felt the massive bulge press against his ass and he saw Bob, across the room, stroking his own bulge in his jeans.   Randy faced him again and asked, “So why did you come back, Tom?”

“I, er … I … I …,” Thomas stammered, totally at a loss for words.”

“I’ll tell you why you came back, boy.   You were so fucking turned on by me and my buddy here that you couldn’t damn-well stay away.  How many times have you jerked off today?”

“I … er …I don’t think …”

 “Now listen boy, when I ask you a question you answer me – with the truth.”

“I came a whole bunch, sir … I lost count how many times.”

“OK, stud, you can stay for a while provided you obey the one rule I mentioned earlier – I do whatever I fucking well want with you, including, but not limited to, shoving my dick in your ass.   Is that clear?”

Yeah, it’s clear,” he said, with traces of his former arrogance still in his voice.

“Which reminds me of another rule.  You address me and my buddy as ‘sir’ at all times.”

 “Y … yes, sir.”  Thomas was surprised that the gypsy’s former crude, backwoods Texan drawl had gone, replaced by a deep authoritarian tone that tolerated no defiance.   Like the blue eyes boring into his, the voice was hypnotic.

 “Right, here’s the deal.   You’re not a prisoner here, the door’s not locked, you can leave at any time.   On the other hand, I can throw you out whenever I feel like it.   I may have to tie you up so I’ll tell you something about bondage.  If a man, any man, ever says ‘you can trust me’ don’t believe him.  More young guys have got into bad trouble like that.  That goes for me too.  I get angry real fast and then all bets are off.”

Randy turned round and pointed to Bob.   “But there is one man you can trust, that man over there, the most beautiful man you’ll ever meet in your life.   He is a spectacular human being who would never hurt another soul.   Me, not so much.  Some guys think I’m more animal than human – especially when I’m fucking.  So, alright so far?   You wanna stay?”

“Yes please, sir.”   Thomas frowned.  “Sir, it’s just that I …”

“I know, I know, you’ve never taken it up the ass before and my dick’s a fucking monster.   So I’ll give you a break.  I’m gonna let my buddy go first.   See, when I fuck it’s like a goddamn jackhammer in your ass, but with that man it’s like he’s making love to your ass. I should know.  He’s broken in many a virgin ass in the past so you won’t be the first.

“Thank you, sir.”   Gone was his reluctance to thank the gypsy – it was now automatic.  Thomas gazed at the Superman across the room, a slight smile on his square, chiseled features, his muscular torso rippling under the soft spotlight in the ceiling.   Was this really the muscle-god who was to fuck him for the first time in his life?     The thought terrified and thrilled him. 


It took a lot for the Golden Boy to temporarily renounce what he considered his natural authority with others, like that young waiter, Danny.   But here, in this room, he was like a different man in a different world.   He was in a complete state of denial.   In the real world, he told himself, he would never meet any man like the two superb alpha males now facing him, so he would never again have to yield his supremacy as he was doing now.  

Plus these men were older than him, with that special kind of dominance that comes with maturity.  He would never submit to anyone his own age … never.  He had overheard the gypsy say something about turning him over to – what was it, someone called Pablo and Darius?   He had no fears of being able to top any guy his own age.  They would fall at his feet just staring at his beautiful face and body.   

But this place, these men, were different.   It was like a dream – a never-to-be-repeated one-off experience – a ‘bit of rough’ for a change.  No harm in that.

All these thoughts went through his head and rationalized the whole experience for him as he gazed at the two men now standing shoulder-to-shoulder across the room, barefoot and shirtless in jeans.   They were clearly talking about him, sizing him up critically, making him feel a bit like a slave at auction.  That impression was reinforced when he heard the gypsy’s command, “Hands behind your back, boy.”

Without a moment’s hesitation the Golden Boy obeyed.   “So what d’ya think, buddy?” Randy asked Bob.  “You think this one’s good enough?   You wanna see if he’s up to it?”

Bob rubbed his chin, “Hmm, dunno.  He’s a bit … kinda delicate.  I like them beefier than him.”  He grinned at Randy.  “You know my type – big, macho muscle-hunks, a bit rough round the edges, stubbled chin, black hair, blue eyes.   But … I gotta say that tight gymnast body is kind of a turn-on.  Yeah, I guess I could give it a try.    Anyway, it’s a bit late now to put out a call for a replacement.   How about you, big guy?”

 “Oh, all I want is that fucking ass.  If I had him to myself I’d tie him up, stuff a gag in his mouth and butt-fuck him.   Man, I’d drive my shaft in deep, hammer that ass, torture it, shred it ‘til I bust a load of jizz inside.    Then I’d throw the fucker out butt naked and he’d crawl home.  He’d hate me for it but he would never forget me.   He’d jack off his whole life thinking about it.”   He laughed, “See, buddy, that’s why I’m turning him over to you first to bust his cherry.”

Golden Boy squirmed under their scrutiny, feeling totally demeaned, and horrified by what Randy had said he would do, but his cock was rock-hard and he felt pre-cum wetting his shorts.   “I gotta get another look, man,” Randy growled. “OK, boy, turn round and lose the pants.”

Thomas turned his back to them, unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and shorts. He was now wearing only his tight T-shirt that ended just above where the white globes curved up from the slim waist.  “Oh fuck,” Randy moaned, “will ya look at that fucking ass.   I don’t care whether it was gymnastics, ice-skating or gym squats that did it, but that is primo butt, man.   Almost as hot as my boy Pablo.  I should give that ass to Pablo as a present.  Him and Darius would sure get off playing with that.  OK, boy, turn round.”

Thomas steeped out of his pants and turned to face them as Randy unzipped his jeans, pulled out his massive pole and stroked it.  Bob did the same and Thomas went weak as he focused on the two huge rods in the men’s fists.   “Rip off the shirt,” Randy commanded.  Thomas moved to pull his T-shirt over his head but Randy barked impatiently.  “I said rip it off!”

Thomas hesitated in confusion so Bob took pity on him and mimed pulling the shirt down from the neck.   Thomas took his cue and yanked at the neck of the shirt, which he had chosen because the thin cotton clung so well to his torso.    Not any more.   It quickly ripped in several places until it was hanging in shreds from his shoulders and Randy yelled, “That’s enough!”

The nervous blond stood still and reflexively put his hands behind his back again.  He was almost naked now, his finely etched gymnast muscles clearly visible under the ripped shirt hanging over them.  

He stared at the dark, fearsome gypsy stroking his massive cock, and found himself falling completely under his spell.  He had jerked off all day thinking about him and now here he was standing before him, making him obey his orders to strip naked and rip his T-shirt to shreds over his torso.  Thomas even felt no shame that his cock was now permanently erect, protruding from a thicket of blond pubic hair.

Randy was subjecting him to a major mind fuck, stripping the Golden Boy of his pride and dignity as well as his clothes, his only desire now to serve the powerful gypsy and do whatever was demanded of him.  Transfixed by the ice blue eyes staring at him the Golden Boy sank to his knees in submission.

“That’s more like it,” Randy growled.  “Now that’s starting to look hot.” 

“You son of a bitch,” Bob grinned.  “You not only ooze sex appeal yourself, you have a knack of making other guys look sexy too, even pretentious young prats like this one.”   He turned to face Randy and kissed him hungrily as their cocks touched, oozing pre-cum.

“Aaah…..” Thomas groaned, staring in disbelief at the two musclehunks making love. When at last they separated and faced him he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the two massive cocks pointing straight at him.    “You want it, boy?” Randy said.   “So come and get it.”


Thomas was now so completely captivated by the gypsy’s hypnotic blue eyes it was as if they were speaking to him, telling him what to do.   He fell forward on his belly, stretched his arms forward and clawed his way slowly over the floor to the sound of tearing fabric as his ragged shirt ripped even more.

But what Randy focused on were the mounds of the man’s stunning ass flexing hard as his legs dragged across the floor, perfect round globes with hollow dimples at the sides, the white mounds contrasting with the golden flesh at the sharp tan lines.

“Shit, buddy,” Randy murmured, “get a load of that ass.   I wanna eat it, man.   I wanna watch you fuck that virgin hole as you break him in.  And then, goddammit, I wanna jackhammer that ass and fill it with jizz.”

Both men were very close to orgasm as they watched the young gymnast crawl toward them but they resisted the temptation to touch their cocks and spray their juice all over the mounds of his ass.   Close now, he looked up at the shirtless muscle-gods towering over him.  He reached forward, clamped his hands rounds Randy’s ankles and pulled himself the last few feet, then lowered his head and kissed the gypsy’s feet in an act of worship and submission.

Randy grinned triumphantly at Bob, then raised his free foot and planted it squarely on Golden Boy’s back, pressing him to the ground as a fighter does to a beaten rival at the moment of victory.  The guttural voice said, “You want this, boy?”  Thomas looked up at the iron-hard shaft way above him.   “Yes, sir.   Please, sir.”  Randy removed his foot and the groveling man put his arms round the leg of the jeans and hauled himself up, up, until his face was inches from the beer-can thick rod.

Randy grabbed his blond hair and pushed his face back so all the young gymnast could do was stretch out his tongue and lick the bitter-sweet pre-cum dripping from the cock.   “If you want my dick, boy, you better learn how to ask for it.”

“Please, sir.  Please let me taste your cock, sir.  I need it so bad.  I’m begging you ... aaah…”   His body spasmed and he choked as Randy suddenly pulled his face forward by the hair and rammed his huge rod down his throat.   The boy gagged, Randy pulled back, then drove in again, forcing tears from his eyes.   

As the merciless face-fuck accelerated Thomas steadied himself by gripping the waistband of Randy’s jeans at his hips that pistoned forward, forcing the shaft ever deeper in his mouth.   Randy and Bob gazed in awe at the fine-featured face, wide eyed, open mouthed, tear stained cheeks, choking on the gypsy’s pile-driving shaft.  “Now he looks hot,” Randy said.  “Here, buddy, you wanna grab a piece of the action here?”

He abruptly pulled his cock clear and Thomas looked up sobbing, drool running down his chin.  The brief respite ended as he looked up at the Superman face and Bob replaced Randy’s cock with his own in the tortured mouth.  But this was not Randy’s battering ram.  Rather, it was a slow easing in and out of his long cock, allowing Thomas to stare up at the macho square-jawed face in disbelief that this magnificent Greek-God was pushing his cock in his mouth.

Desperate to please him Thomas clenched his throat muscles round his cock, learning to breathe more steadily through is nose.  But his pleasure was short-lived as Randy pulled his head off Bob’s cock and he again found his face inches from Randy’s savage pile-driver.  Randy slapped Thomas’s face with his dick and growled, “OK, boy, unless you want my dick ripping you open you better learn how to work the dicks of two buddies as their cock slave.  They’re all yours, man.”

Randy let go of him and the Golden Boy went to work on his cock, licking it, kissing it, gulping it down without gagging.   Then he turned to Bob and made love to his iron shaft while looking up at his muscular torso and holding his hips where his jeans hugged his slim waist.   He was lost in the homoerotic fantasy of a young blond gymnast kneeling before two alpha males, one a savage gypsy, the other a muscular Superman, forced to service their cocks in turn, sucking them, kissing them, licking their balls, his face buried in their sweaty pubic hair.

But soon Randy had had enough.   “Man, I want that fucking ass.   Let’s finish him off, buddy.”  Bob watched as Randy grabbed Thomas’s wrists, pulled his arms up and clamped his hands on his own rock hard pecs.  “You want it, boy?   You wanna gulp down the man-juice of that ragged gypsy you sneered at?   OK, here it comes, boy.”   

Thomas braced himself, digging his fingers into the slabs of Randy’s pecs as he watched the massive shaft pull back, pause, then piston forward in the back of his throat where it erupted in a blast of hot semen.   Thomas gulped, gagged and thought he would choke on the man’s cum, when suddenly he felt his head pulled back off the cock … and slammed down onto Bob’s iron-hard tool that drove deep and poured more sperm down his throat.

 Swallowing frantically he was drowning in cum and thought he would pass out, but suddenly his mouth was free and he was gazing at the two cocks pointing at him, held steady in the men’s fists.  In a daze he heard Randy’s deep voice.  “This is how it feels to be a cum-slave, boy.”

For a split second he saw cum shoot from the cocks before it blinded him, two streams of jism slamming into his face his hair, his forehead, streaming down his cheeks and dripping on his neck and chest.  He was sobbing in a delirium of lust, shame and humiliation, but above all a craving for more.  

He hadn’t been conscious of the multiple orgasms he had while servicing these men, but now as they stepped back and he fell forward on his stomach, his face lay sobbing in a pool of cum that he now realized was his own.


There are men whose testosterone races so fast that, even when they have busted a huge load of jism, they instantly want more.  Randy was such a man right now as he paced round the room, taking a swig of brandy, then pouring another.   His cock was still iron-hard, his eyes blazed and he clenched and unclenched his fists as he circled the cum-drenched young man lying face down on the floor in a pool of his own juice.

Bob watched Randy carefully, recognizing the signs of manic lust that could drive him over the edge.  He was like a wild stallion so desperate to fuck that it rears up, kicks down the barn door and mounts the first mare he finds.   Randy had eyes only for the ass that seemed to be gazing up at him, taunting him and he yelled “I wanna fuuuck!”  

He fell to his knees and howled, “Damn, I want that ass.”  He leaned forward and buried his face between the cheeks, licking the blond fuzz round the hole, then pushing his tongue in the ass, slurping sucking, eating it ravenously.  

When he pulled back his eyes flashed as he slapped the ass, first one cheek then the other, and yelled, “Fuck you, boy … fuck you and your fucking ass.   I should have raped you the minute I saw you – carried you up to the room, ripped that fucking uniform off you, tied you to the bed and raped your fucking ass.  He slapped harder in a welter of frustration as Thomas screamed, “No, please.   Please sir, you’re hurting me.”

Randy raised his arm again but felt his wrist grabbed from behind.  His head whirled round and he stared up at Bob’s soft brown eyes smiling down at him gently.   “No Randy, not like this.  This is not the way, you know that.  Don’t you buddy?   Don’t you?”  

Randy looked puzzled for a moment then stood up and took Bob in his arms, holding him tight.   “I need you so much, buddy.   I could’a hurt him, ripped open his ass.”  He kissed him on the lips, then turned away, momentarily placated, until his eyes focused again on the man’s ass, the white cheeks marked by red hand-prints.

He crouched down, pulled Thomas’s head back by the hair and, seeing his tear-filled eyes flinch in fear, said softly.   “You’re OK now, boy.   See, I told you you should never trust anyone, including me.  But Bob’s gonna take care of you now.”  And he let the face fall back into the pool of cum.   

When he stood up Randy’s adrenaline started to race again.   He leaned down, put his arms round Thomas’s waist, picked him up bodily and hurled him onto the bed.  As the body bounced on the soft mattress Randy said, “OK, buddy, he’s all yours.   Do what you have to do, bust his cherry, whatever … just get him ready for me.”


Thomas turned onto his back, confused and afraid, and for a moment the thought crossed his mind that he should leave.  The savage gypsy was still pacing the room his fists clenched, muscles flexed as if he were ready to pounce.  He had shoved his dick back inside his jeans but its long, thick shape ran ominously halfway down his thigh.  Thomas was afraid that the crazed man would lose control again and this time rip his ass open with that brutal weapon.   

But the hypnotic blue eyes staring down at him made him as much of a captive as if he were roped to the bed.  He was mesmerized by his dark, chiseled features, his spectacular body … and his enormous cock.   He was scared of the man, but craved his touch.

Suddenly his field of vision was filled by another man as Bob loomed over him.   As if reading his mind he smiled down at the frightened Golden Boy and said, “You can leave if you want to, Thomas, but I hope you don’t because I want to be the first man ever to fuck your virgin ass.   He unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop.  He kicked them off and Thomas gasped as he stared at the muscle-god standing before him stripped down to plain white boxers.

The thin cotton of the shorts did nothing to hide the shape of his long cock hanging down so far that the head protruded from the bottom.  Thomas’s breathing became ragged and his heart beat wildly as he watched Bob slide his hands under the waistband of his shorts and push them down, lower and lower, exposing the cock inch by inch by inch.

The Golden Boy had performed many a striptease for paying gentlemen, but he had never seen anything like this.  He gasped as the shorts suddenly fell and the beautiful cock sprang out semi-erect, so soon after cumming in his mouth and face.   Thomas was looking up wide-eyed at a naked Superman who was gazing at his own reflection in the mirror behind the bed.  

Bob pressed his fingers on his own nipples and twisted them, watching in the mirror as his cock slowly stiffened until it reached full hardness and stood out like a pole from his tangled mass of dark pubic hair.  Then he ran his hands over the contours of his pecs, his shoulders and down over his ripped, eight-pack abs, smiling at himself with the satisfaction of a man knowing just how stunningly beautiful he is.   

Thomas had never seen anything so beautiful in his life and he moaned, “Sir, I … I …”

Bob lowered his eyes from the mirror to the spellbound boy gazing up at him.   “What, Thomas?  What is it?   What do you want?”

“I … I want to feel your cock in my ass, sir.  I want you to be the first man ever to fuck my ass.”

“Then so you shall,” Bob smiled.   As he walked to the nightstand he grinned at Randy and this time the glint of triumph was in Bob’s eyes.   Sure Randy could triumph over a man by forcing him to the ground and standing with his foot planted on his chest.   But Bob could conquer a man simply by taking off his clothes and smiling at him.      

Randy’s cock was rock hard, but right now Golden Boy had nothing to do with it.  Randy was awe-struck by Bob, as he was every day, and wanted to be the man on the bed waiting to feel his cock enter his ass.  For an instant he almost begged Bob to tie him to the bed and plough his ass, but he checked himself in the certainty that they could do that every night of their lives.  Right now he wanted to watch his lover enter the virgin ass of the man on the bed.

Bob pulled a jar of lube from the nightstand drawer, then stood at the foot of the bed.   While he lubed his cock in his fist he said softly, “Thomas, I think of you as a Golden Boy, with your fair hair, smooth, tanned skin and that fine gymnast’s body.   I know you have always been a top man, as you have said, but now, Thomas, I want you to show me your ass.”

The self-styled top man didn’t hesitate.  He grabbed behind his knees, pulled his legs back and exposed his ass to the man towering over him stroking his long greasy pole.  “Oh, yeah, it’s beautiful all right, and those white cheeks still carry the marks of my buddy’s hands.  I can see why he wanted to slap your ass, wanted to eat it.   But all I want to do is push my cock inside it.  That’s not too much to ask, is it, Tommy?”

Bob was toying with him and it drove the Golden Boy wild.   “Please, sir, please, I’m begging you.  Please let me feel your rod in my ass, sir.   I want it so bad.” 

Bob knelt on the bed between the raised legs and pressed the head of his cock against the waiting hole.   He leaned forward and braced himself by placing his palms flat on the bed beside Thomas’s head.   “You can touch me if you like, Thomas.”   In a daze, keeping his legs up high, the young man reached up and ran his hands over the sculpted chest of the muscle-god leaning over him.  “Aah … aaah,” he moaned as he felt the muscles ripple under the skin.   Then suddenly he felt pressure against his ass and instinctively clenched his hole tight.

“That won’t work, Thomas,” Bob said gently.  “I know you’ve never done this before, but the first rule is to relax.”    He felt the hole open slightly and quickly eased the head of his cock over the sphincter.   But Thomas’s hands pushed reflexively against Bob’s chest as he gasped, “No, no … it hurts so bad … I can’t do it … please take it out, sir.”

Bob did so instantly and Thomas sobbed.  “I’m sorry, sir … I didn’t know it would hurt so bad.  I really want you to fuck me, sir, but I don’t how …”

“Hey, hey.  Thomas, look at me … look into my eyes.”  The handsome young gymnast gazed up into the soft brown eyes set in the Superman features and breathed deeply. “That’s good, Thomas.  You see, you have to really want it.    I want to fuck my Golden Boy, to feel my cock in his beautiful ass.   You’ll let me do that, won’t you?   May I fuck you, Thomas?”

 “Yes, sir … please … I want it so bad.”   Bob knew there was only one way to do this.  The virgin ass was tight as a drum but his cock was like a steel rod as it suddenly drove smoothly all the way in.

“Aaaagh!” the young gymnast screamed … and passed out.   But only for a moment.   When he opened his eyes a second later all he felt was pain and instinctively yelled, “No, I can’t, I can’t … I’ll never be able to take it …”

Bob spoke firmly but kindly.  “Thomas … Thomas, I’m inside you.   My cock is deep inside you.   Can you feel it, filling your ass?”

Thomas looked up at the brown eyes, confused for a moment ... and then he felt it.  The pain dissolved, replaced by a fullness in his ass that he reflexively wanted to push out.   But he took a deep breath, forced himself to relax … and experienced a sensation he had never felt before in his life.  His body was alive, on fire … and this beautiful man’s cock was in his ass.   

He looked up at the god-like face, the magnificent body, slapped his palms on Bob’s pecs and dug his fingers into the sinewy muscles.   Adrenaline raced through every fiber of his body and he howled … “aaagh!!” … as his cock exploded in the most incredible orgasm of his life.


Randy gazed down in disbelief.  He had seen Bob fuck many times before but now he was watching him work on a virgin ass with consummate skill, finesse and, above all kindness.  He was the ultimate man, the ultimate master.   Randy wanted to be Thomas, getting his ass fucked for the first time.  He flashed back to the first time Bob had fucked him, the first time he had been fucked by any man … and he wanted that again.   

He paced round the room, his hands linked behind his head, knowing that one touch of his cock would make him bust another load.   He was crazy about the man.  He wanted to make love to Bob, to do everything to him – tie him down, fuck his ass, whip that incredible body, own him.    He took a deep breath and realized that his lust for Bob was consuming him again, so he took a deep breath, calmed down and turned his attention back to the bed.

Golden Boy was sobbing, “I’m sorry, sir.  I couldn’t stop myself from cumming.   Please don’t pull out.  Fuck me some more.”

“No sweat, kid.  You can cum as often as you like ‘cos I haven’t finished with you.   Slowly he raised his hips, pulled his cock almost out of his ass, then slid it gently all the way back in.  Thomas panted, “Oh … oh … that feels … oh ...” as Bob began a slow, rhythmic fuck.    

Thomas’s head rolled from side to side in ecstasy, and when he gazed up again he could hardly believe that this magnificent man was inside him.   He reached up and touched the angles of his face, his square, stubbled jaw, his neck and broad shoulders while the long cock pushed inside his ass.   He ran his fingers down the cleft between his pecs, then round the curve underneath, then traced the ridges of his washboard abs.

It wasn’t only the incredible feeling in his ass.  It was the entire sensation of surrendering his body to this gorgeous alpha male, being in his power, all pretense of being a top man shattered as he yielded his ass to him.  The long rod slid back and forth in his ass and he lost all sense of time as he floated in a delirium of lust.  But at last he heard Bob’s deep, gentle voice.   “I’m going to fill your ass with cum now, Thomas.   You want that, don’t you?”

Thomas nodded frantically.  Anything … this man could do anything to him.   “And when I do you are going to shoot another load all over that flawless body.   I promise, this is something you have never, ever felt before.   Here we go ….”    Bob pulled all the way out, paused for agonizing seconds, then quickly drove his cock deeper than ever until it touched the inner sphincter, then plunged over it and into the deepest chamber of the boy’s ass where it erupted in a river of hot juice.

The Golden Boy shuddered, his eyes shot wide open, his body was on fire as he opened his mouth in a soundless scream and semen poured once again over his already cum soaked body.   His arms flailed, his body spasmed and he yelled “NO” as Bob suddenly withdrew his cock from his ass, stood up and grinned at Randy.   “He’s all yours buddy.”


“No!” the shattered boy sobbed.   “Please, I want more … I wanna get fucked … I wanna get fucked in the ass.”

And suddenly Randy was towering over him, staring down at him, eyes blazing, muscles flexing ready to attack.   Thomas gazed up in fear and longing at the savage, black-haired gypsy, more animal than man, like a wild bull pawing at the ground.   He gasped as he saw the man rip open his pants and push them down, letting his massive cock spring out like an iron shaft.

“Aaaah!” Thomas gasped, staring at the cock that he craved.  He had wanted it ever since he first saw the rough, ragged gypsy come into the hotel.   He had lusted for this man, jerked off in secret multiple times, longing for this moment.  He flipped over onto his stomach and crawled toward it, tongue hanging out, drool running down his chin.   

But Randy was in no mood for mercy.   He stepped out of his jeans and paced naked round the bed, stretching his arms in the air, forcing himself not to touch his cock.   Bob had rarely seen Randy this juiced and he gasped when the big man threw his arms round him and he felt the fiery heat of his body press against him.   

“Man,” Randy said, “you were fucking beautiful ploughing that boy’s ass.  God, you’re gorgeous.  Tonight I want you to fuck me like that, and then I’ll shove my dick in your ass and fuck you all night.   He ground his lips against Bob’s and they both heard a wailing, “No, please … please, sir ….”   Randy broke away and looked down at the desperate man writhing on the bed, pushing his ass in the air.

Randy was a master of psychological torture and strode around the room, his spectacular body gleaming under the succession of spotlights as he passed under them, his cock standing out stiff from his black pubic hair, balls swinging between his thighs.   The Golden Boy writhed all over the bed on his stomach, crawling in every direction toward the naked construction worker as he paced round him, desperate to touch his massive cock.  

Randy looked down at the young gymnast thrusting his ass desperately in the air, with Bob’s cum oozing out of it and running down his legs, the remains of his ripped T-shirt clinging to his back as if he had just been whipped.  The once proud Golden Boy had been stripped of any last shreds of dignity as he sobbed and begged for the gypsy’s cock.

Randy growled scornfully, “I always knew you were a fuck pig from the minute I laid eyes on you.   Look at you, shoving that ass in my face, begging to get butt-fucked.   And that’s what you wanted as soon as I came in and walked up to your desk, wasn’t it, asshole?”

“Yes, sir.   I wanted you the minute you looked at me.  But you were so intimidating and I knew I could never have you, I could never take your dick in my ass, so I got arrogant, thought you were beneath me and insulted you.   But all the time I wanted you, I beat off thinking about you.  Please forgive me, sir.   Punish me … fuck my ass, sir.   I need it so bad.   I didn’t think I could take a dick in my ass but now I know that I can I want it again – I want your cock in my ass, sir.”

“So what are you, boy?  Tell me.”

“I’m a fuck pig, sir.   I wanna get my ass ploughed.   Please, sir, do anything to me – tie me up, whip me, anything just so’s I get to feel your dick in my ass.”  The Golden Boy’s degradation was complete and Randy sneered.

“You’re lucky you’ve got such a gorgeous fucking ass, boy, or I’d have left you on the scrap heap.  I knew I was gonna fuck you as soon as I saw that ass under your tight pants.   Damn I should have pulled you across the desk and raped you right there, then thrown your sorry ass out on the street buck naked.”

His voice was steel hard.   “Understand this, boy.  No one, but no one, talks to me the way you did, treats me like some piece of filth that crawled out of the woodwork.  Worst of all was the way you trashed that young waiter.  So yeah, I’m gonna fuck your ass, punk.    It’s the way I always punish pricks like you.”

He leapt on the bed, knelt between the Golden Boy’s splayed legs and slapped his ass, watching the white globes bounce under the blows as fresh handprints appeared.  “Thank you, sir,” Thomas yelled.  

Randy looked up and jabbed a finger at Bob.  “And you … do not interfere.”    He grabbed the naked boy’s hips and pulled him up on hands and knees.  “Look in that mirror boy.   This is what happens when a prick like you dares to defy me.”   The savage gypsy pierced Golden Boy’s ass with his iron rod and drove it mercilessly into the depths of his ass.

There was a momentary silence.  Randy pulled his victim back up onto his knees, locked his muscular arm round his throat and clamped his other hand over his mouth.  The boy’s eyes opened wide and, as he felt the full impact of the massive cock stuffing his ass, he screamed and his cock erupted in a stream of semen that splashed onto the mirror by the bed.   His scream would have shattered the glass but for the hand gagging his mouth.

When the screams and the flood of semen slowed Randy growled in Thomas’s ear. “I own your ass now, boy.   You are a fuck pig, and you are now gonna get so damn fucked you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.”

He threw the boy forward, flat on his stomach, and gazed down at the perfect mounds of the ass in which his cock was buried.  “Man, I want that ass.”   He pressed his hands on the small of the boy’s back, rose up off his knees, his feet on the bed so he was stretched straight over him.    

Thomas raised his head and saw in the mirror the flexed muscles of Randy’s shoulders and arms as his hands pressed on his back.   He saw the hips rise … then fall and he bit into the sheet as the whole bodyweight crashed down on him and he felt the full force of the iron shaft drive inside him again … and again, and again, and again.

Everything went black for a moment and when he opened his eyes again he fantasized on a bodybuilder doing push-ups at the gym, only this one was pile-driving his cock in his ass. If there was pain he didn’t feel it.  All he knew was that, at long last, he was being reamed by the savage construction worker he had lusted for since they met.

The next half hour was a blur as he surrendered his ass to the merciless gypsy taking complete ownership of him.   Randy pulled him over on his side and fucked him from behind, then rolled him over and over on the bed, impaled on his shaft.   He held him tight in his arms, his cock buried deep and moved the head back and forth over the inner sphincter, causing the gymnast to howl and shoot another load on the cum-soaked sheets.

He pulled him back up on his knees, knelt behind him and wrapped his arms round his chest and behind his neck in a full nelson so the boy got a staggering picture of his own tanned, muscular body trapped in a wrestler’s submission hold while his ass got pounded from behind.  The voice in his ear said, “Let me see that jizz, boy.   That’s an order.”  He obeyed, spraying another creamy white shower over the mirror in what seemed like one continuous orgasm.

Then they were on the floor, rolling over in front of Bob where Randy pushed Golden Boy’s face down and forced him to lick Bob’s feet.  Then he pulled him up by the hair and pushed his face down onto Bob’s cock, making him suck it until it exploded in his mouth then over his face. And still the iron shaft pistoned in his ass. 

Randy pulled him up on his feet into a standup fuck.   He wrapped his arm round his head, smothering his face with his armpit and growled, suck it, boy, suck the man-sweat from that stinking pit.  His face buried in the thicket of wiry black hair, Thomas breathed in and smelled and tasted the sweaty odor choking him as the cock jackhammered his ass.  Just when he thought he would suffocate the arm moved away and he gasped for air, gagging and sobbing.

Randy pushed the dazed boy face-first against the mirror and growled, “Look at that face, boy, smothered in cum and tears as he gets his ass fucked from behind.   Make love to it, boy.”   

It was humiliating at first for Thomas to kiss his own mirror image, the twin faces sliding together over a film of semen, but soon he was making love to the handsome blond man he barely recognized as they both got fucked in the ass.

Then Thomas gasped as Randy suddenly pulled his cock out for the first time, picked him up bodily and threw him on his back on the bed.    He knelt between his legs, pulled them over his shoulders and drove his cock back in his ass.   He leaned forward and grabbed the shredded remains of his shirt hanging round his neck.  Using it like a rope he pulled the boy’s head up off the bed and, kneeling up straight, raised his other arm in the air like a rodeo cowboy on a bucking horse.

Thomas was writhing in the fantasy of being ridden by the wild gypsy, his eyes flashing in triumph, muscles flexing, black hair flying, his ramrod cock slamming into his ass.    

After what seemed like an eternity, it suddenly stopped.   Randy leaned forward and pinned the boy’s wrists to the bed above his head.   Surprised, the cock still buried in his ass, Thomas looked up into the pale blue eyes that had softened, with even the hint of a smile.   

“Fuck me, sir,” Thomas pleaded in what was now an automatic appeal.   

“OK, boy, if that’s what you want.”  Bob knew what Randy was doing and murmured “son of a bitch.”   Gone was the brutal hammering, gone the blazing eyes and pounding shaft.   Randy was caressing the man’s ravaged ass with his cock, easing it in slowly, deeper and deeper, over the inner sphincter and then back, massaging the sensitive sphincter with short strokes.  This powerful man who could have split him open with one thrust of his cock, was now making tender love to his ass. 

Thomas gazed up at the dark gypsy, at his stubbled jaw, long black hair falling over his face and the eyes, those hypnotic blue eyes inviting him into a magical world he could only have dreamed of.   It was as if he were floating away with this incredible muscle-god to a place they would live forever.  In a trance he gave voice to his dreams.  “I love you, sir.  Take me away, make me your fuck-slave and I’ll serve you, always.   I love you…”    

Randy leaned forward and their lips met in a tender kiss, open mouthed so Thomas found himself sharing the same breath as the man he now worshipped.   Randy pulled back and smiled at him.   “I’m gonna give you my juice now Tommy … I’m gonna pour my jizz inside that sweet ass.”  Mesmerized, Thomas felt the huge cock that had fucked him for so long jolt inside him, then pour warm semen in him as he himself shot one last load up onto Randy’s chest.   

When they were drained Randy fell forward on top of him, their bodies sliding together other over the thick juice, the Golden Boy still impaled on the gypsy’s cock.  

Randy wrapped his arms round him and breathed in his ear, “That was good, Tommy, you did great.   Awesome fuck.   And now you know why I’m the boss … and always will be.”


A few minutes later Bob and Randy stood by the bed looking down at the limp, exhausted figure lying in a trance, soaked in semen.   Randy grinned at Bob.   “And that, buddy, is how you cut a Golden Boy down to size.”

“Incredible,” Bob said.   “But that last bit – you know, making him fall in love with you and all – a bit over the top, don’t ya think?   He’ll never recover from that.”

“I don’t intend him to.  I’ve got plans for Golden Boy.”

He gave a hint of those plans a while later after Thomas had taken a shower and dressed.  Still dazed and in love, as he thought, he pleaded with Randy to let him see him again.  

“Here’s what I’ll do, Tommy boy.”   Randy pulled a business card out of his wallet.   “This has the address of the construction company I own.”  (He enjoyed Thomas’s startled look on hearing those last two words.)    If you ever come up to town you can go to the construction site, ask for a guy named Pablo and he’ll put you in touch with me.  Pablo will take real good care of you.”

Randy grinned at Bob who sighed and muttered under his breath, “Son of a bitch.”

 *************************    *********************

A week later Brandon was sitting in his wheelchair at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, waiting eagerly for the boy he had come to meet.   Bob and Randy had, of course, been obliged to recount the whole story of their incredible weekend in the hotel, including Golden Boy and the young waiter they had met, Danny.   So all the boys were good and primed.

Bob had described Danny’s lonely and solitary situation at the hotel and, at his suggestion, Brandon had phoned Danny and persuaded him to come up to L.A. for a few days.   He was curious to meet this guy who Bob and Randy seemed to have taken a liking to, but hoped he would recognize him from the sparse description … “he looks a bit like you, wears glasses like yours.”

Actually, as he watched passengers come off the San Diego train Brandon first caught sight of a handsome man who was clearly interested in a young guy walking a few feet away. Then he realized the young guy in the black rimmed glasses had to be Danny.

Brandon wheeled himself up to him and smiled, “Danny?   I’m Brandon.  Welcome to L.A.  Dude, that guy over there is so into you?”

“I know,” Danny grinned conspiratorially, “it was like that on the train.  He was sitting across the aisle and kept looking at me.  I had a boner all the way to L.A. … still do.”   The two boys were like two old friends picking right up from when they last met.

“You should have talked to him.”

“Nah, I’m no good at that stuff.   Too shy.”   Just then they heard, “Darling” as a woman and two young girls ran up to the man.   The man kissed his wife, hugged his daughters and then, with one last lingering glance at Danny, left the station with his family.

The two boys sputtered with laughter and Brandon said, “A fine romance that would’ve been.  Stick with me, dude, and I’ll see you don’t get into that kind of trouble.   Truck’s right outside.”

It was parked in a handicapped space and Danny got in the passenger side while Brandon folded up his wheelchair and hauled himself in behind the wheel.  In a few minutes they were on the Hollywood Freeway headed for home, immersed in lively chatter about life in a fancy hotel.  During a pause Brandon said,” You haven’t mentioned the wheelchair, dude.”

“Tell you the truth, I didn’t really notice.”   That made Brandon smile with satisfaction, until Danny added, “I was too focused on the married guy.”

“Fuck you, dude,” Brandon laughed.  “Bust my balloon why don’t you.”   Danny leaned over and gave him a friendly peck on the cheek.   “Talking of the married guy,” Brandon said, “you still got that boner in your shorts, I see.   When did you last have sex?”

“Mmm, couple a weeks ago I guess.  Jerked off to a porno.”

“Couple a weeks!?  Damn, you gotta get out more, Danny.   What kind of sex d’you like?”

“Hey, you don’t mess around, do you?   Cut right to the chase.  Well if you must know, what I really go for, though I don’t get to do it much, is to get my dick sucked.”  He giggled.  “I’ve been trying to do it to myself but I’m not that supple.”

 “Oh man, have you ever come to the right place!   You gotta meet my two buddies, Eddie and Ben.  We’re known as the three amigos and were kinda famous for one thing in particular.  It’s a skill Eddie taught us.  Oh yeah, we’re gonna get along just fine, dude.”


As it happened, at around the same time a smart blue BMW convertible was driving up the freeway from the same hotel, also headed for L.A.   It was Thomas.   In the week since Bob and Randy had left the hotel he could not get them out of his mind, of course, but jerking off every five minutes didn’t cut it.   He had to see them, Randy especially.

Not that Thomas was much changed, he convinced himself.   What he had done with Bob and Randy, surrendering his body and his ass, being what Randy called a fuck pig, was strictly between the three of them.  He craved having their dicks up his ass again, but to the rest of the world he was still a self-assured top man.  It was so ingrained in him that even his recent experience could not dislodge that image of himself.  

In fact, although he didn’t recognize this, his posture to others was now even more arrogant than before as he tried to compensate for the deep-rooted shame he felt at the way he had degraded himself in that hotel room. 

He didn’t know why Randy had said he had to go through this Pablo person, whoever he was, but he was sure as hell never gonna mention to him why he wanted to see Randy.   And it was in that defiant mood that he pulled off the freeway and checked his GPS for the address he had entered from the card Randy had given him. 

When he pulled up at the gates he was surprised at how expansive the construction site was.  And Randy owned this?   The mere thought of his name made his cock get stiff.  It being a Saturday the site was pretty quiet and the gates were almost closed but there was still a gap he could squeeze through.   He was careful not to dirty his white T-shirt that he had worn specially because Randy found that sexy the last time.

There weren’t many guys around but he heard a banging sound coming from a truck and realized it came from underneath.   “Hello,” he shouted.   “Anyone there?

A figure appeared feet first as a mechanic rolled himself out from under the truck.  It was a young guy wearing oil-stained dungarees, held up by a single strap over one shoulder, with apparently nothing on underneath.  He was streaked with grease and dirt and Thomas winced at the odor of sweat.

“What can I do for you, pal?” the mechanic asked.

“I need to speak to the manager.”

“That would be me, dude, at your service.”

“You?” Thomas laughed scornfully.  “You’re the manager!?  Yeah right.”   He looked around for someone else and saw a young black man nearby, shirtless in black jeans.   He raised his arm and snapped his fingers.   “Hey, you boy.  Over here.”

Darius murmured, “Who boy, me boy?”   He chuckled to himself and shouted, “Yessir, massa, I’s a-comin’.”


  TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 292


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