It had been a simple request for Danny to cook lunch for Hassan, Eddie and their guests Mark and Jamie up at Hassan’s small house in the hills.  And the meal was a resounding success.

But it turned into far more than that as Danny got to stay and watch the blond police officer Mark and rugged Marine captain Hassan re-enact their long-ago contest in a military interrogation cell where they had fought, lusted and fallen in love.  Danny had watched as the two spectacular alpha males faced off again in a frenzied mix of fighting and love-making, and then reaffirmed their brotherhood with a brief boy-swap, much to the delight of their boys Jamie and Eddie.

When the action was over and the two men and three boys were relaxing on the patio with after-lunch drinks, Danny’s whirling thoughts settled into calm reflection as he recalled Eddie’s words earlier: “This is what it’s all about, dude – what makes it so great.” New boy Danny was beginning to understand how special it was to be a member of this extraordinary tribe of men, masters and boys – supportive, protective, loving and playful.

Danny wanted to throw his arms round Bob again and thank him for bringing him into the family. He felt a bit like a struggling actor suddenly being cast in a big movie that changes his life. And Danny’s life had sure changed. He had been accepted as a valuable member of the group, working at what he loved best – assistant chef for the tribe.

And soon he would start on a new adventure, living with, cooking and caring for two beautiful men – the new movie star Grady and his Italian lover Mario. Sure beats working as a humble hotel waiter being looked down on by people like that manager Thomas, he thought.

Hassan must have read his thoughts because just then he happened to bring up the man’s name. “Hey, guys, whatever happened to that Tommy guy who came up to the house after meeting Randy and Bob down at that hotel? Haven’t heard much about him lately. What did Bob call him – the Golden Boy? Something of an arrogant prick by all accounts.”

“Yeah,” Mark said, “but Bob and Randy soon cut him down to size. A guy’s never the same after Bob’s made love to him, and Randy did a whole number on him, worked him over real good as only he can, and now the guy is drooling over him, crazy in love, begging for more.”

Danny plucked up his courage to offer a more charitable opinion. “Oh I don’t think Thomas is really all that bad, sirs. He was my supervisor at the hotel … real mean at first until Bob and Randy had a word with him and then he couldn’t have been kinder. Bob said it was all his insecurity, throwing his weight around to cover up his need to be dominated by a real strong man … like Randy. I hope he does OK at the house.”

Jamie smiled. “That’s real generous of you, Danny. Who knows, maybe he’ll wind up as your assistant at the Grady House,” he laughed “But apparently it all depends on Pablo. Randy has made Tommy Pablo’s boy – you know how he’s grooming Pablo to become a boss like himself. It’s a real interesting experiment – first time a boy has had his own boy. Darius is part of it too, helping Pablo put the guy in his place.

“Wow,” Eddie said, “hard to get your head around that one. A good-looking gymnast, a top-man or so he thought, being fucked rotten by Randy and falling in love with him. Then he’s handed over to Pablo as Randy’s boy’s boy. Kinda makes your head spin. And with leather-boy Darius along for the ride Tommy’s in for an interesting time. I’d like to be a fly on that wall.”


Thomas’s introduction to the house had been far different from Danny’s, mostly because the two young guys were so different – Danny a shy young 18-year old eager to please, Thomas an opinionated self-styled ‘top man’ throwing his weight around. Hassan was right – Thomas had been dubbed an arrogant Golden Boy by Bob, and less delicately a ‘pretentious prick’ by Randy.

Bob and Randy saw through his pretense of grandeur as masking a visceral need to be dominated and degraded by a strong man. Randy had typically not minced words, calling him a ‘fuck-pig’ and, while they were still at the hotel, had subjected him to one of his legendary take-downs, jackhammering his ass and making him crawl in abject submission.

Like many men before him Thomas had fallen in lust and love with the savage gypsy and had driven up to Los Angeles to find him. Once there he had been subjected to the leather master Zack who had tied him up and used him as a captive specimen in teaching his boy Darius how to train a new recruit. In an inevitable climax he had turned Thomas over to Darius who had impaled him on his monstrous ten-inch dick while the other men watched.

“That looks fucking hot,” Randy said. “You got yourself one helluva boy there, Pablo. I hope you’re gonna share him with Darius.”

“No problem there, sir,” Pablo grinned, assuming the role of Thomas’s master. “OK, guys, let’s give him a good old tribal welcome.” Thomas opened his mouth wide as four jets of semen slammed into his face and down his throat. He gulped hard as the men looked down at him, cum streaking his blond hair, running down his cheeks and dripping onto his chest.

Pablo reached down, grabbed the boy’s arms and pulled him on his feet. Pablo grinned his crooked grin and said, “That was great, kid. Welcome to the tribe … you’re one of us. You’ll be my boy and I’m gonna share you with my buddy Darius here. Also, you’ll be loaned out to Randy and Zack whenever they want you. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds perfect, sir.”

“Good. Tonight Zack wants Darius to sleep with him, so you’ll sleep with me. I’ll fuck your ass, we’ll get to know each other and talk about where we go from here.” Pablo grinned at Randy who ruffled his hair and smiled, “That’s my boy.”


But it hadn’t gone quite like that. Despite his bravado act in front of the others this was brand new territory for Pablo and he knew he had to tread warily. Randy had told him that before anything else a boy has to really want and respect his master, with a desire bordering on worship. “Think of how you feel about me, kiddo. That’s what you need from Tommy.”

Given the submissive state Thomas had been reduced to by Randy, Zack and Darius it would have been too easy for Pablo to tie him up and fuck the hell out of him. And whatever other faults he had, the young blond athlete had a smoking hot gymnast body, the rock-hard buns of an ice-skater and a handsome face, so fucking him would be a pleasure.

But Pablo knew that having a boy meant more than just regular access to his ass. It was a special kind of relationship involving the boy’s undying loyalty in exchange for the master’s protection. His friend Jamie, the cop’s boy, had once joked about Mark’s police motto. “To Protect & Serve … you know what that means? The master protects and the boy serves.”

With all this on his mind, when they got to Pablo’s bedroom he decided to keep the first night low key. He recalled Eddie’s flippant advice delivered with his trademark grin – “remember what your mother said, dude … no fucking on the first date.” Yeah, well that’s advice Eddie himself would never have followed but, as it happened, it seemed right for tonight.

Thomas stood awkwardly in the middle of the room as Pablo did what he always did – stripped down to his boxer briefs and a loose tank top and lay on his back on the bed. Most nights, with his hands linked behind his head, he watched his sexy black boyfriend Darius doing a slow striptease and flexing his ebony muscles to turn him on. But this was no Darius with his leather-boy confidence. This was a raw newcomer, waiting for orders from Pablo.

He flinched as Pablo’s dog Billy wandered into the room and gave a quizzical look at this new man in the bedroom. But the dog took his cue from his master, and if Pablo was OK with this guy, so was Billy. He slumped on his blanket in the corner and watched warily.

Under the appraising eyes of the boy and his dog Thomas was so unsure of himself he began to wonder what he was doing here in this room, so different from his life as an authoritarian manager at the luxury hotel. He had to admit that the reason he had traveled up to L.A. was to see Randy, who had opened a whole new world to him – the homoerotic thrill of being sexually dominated by a man, shedding his false façade of being a top man and crawling in degrading submission to the savage gypsy.

He had not expected to be handed over to Randy’s boy (and adopted son) who now lay on the bed staring up at him, sizing him up. Hell, Pablo was only a couple of years older than him, though Thomas had to admit he was a handsome young buck with his dark Mestizo looks, high cheek bones and slightly slanted deep brown eyes, his jet black hair flopping over his high forehead. His body was incredible, his muscles honed to perfection in daily gym workouts with his dad, Randy.

It wasn’t just his looks, though, that made Thomas’s dick hard. Lying there in his old tank top, piercing him with that forceful, penetrating gaze, it was Pablo’s similarity to Randy that excited Thomas the most. Pablo made great efforts to be like his master, and he succeeded. Obeying this junior version of Randy would be almost as easy as surrendering to the master.

Pablo’s voice was not as deep as Randy’s but carried the same authority. “Randy tells me that in their hotel room you did a strip routine that you offered to your other, er, gentlemen clients.”

Thomas blushed deeply and murmured, “Yes, sir.”

Pablo realized right away that he made a mistake and had hit below with belt with the mention of ‘gentlemen clients’. Giving sexual services to rich hotel guests was something Thomas had done for extra money and who was Pablo to blame a guy for cashing in on his sex appeal? So he sweetened the pill, adding, “Bob and Randy say you looked real hot taking your clothes off.”

“Would you like me to show you, sir?”

“Hell yes. See if you can turn me on, Tommy.”

Tommy was wearing a plain white T-shirt, blue jeans and loafers, a smart-casual look that enhanced his Golden Boy looks and the beautifully proportioned body and slim hips of a gymnast. He had been an amateur gymnast before working at the hotel, and prior to that had been a figure skater – hence the flawless ass.

He started with the T-shirt, pulling it out of the waistband of his jeans, reaching behind his neck and pulling it up slowly to expose his razor sharp six-pack abs, then the curves of his pecs before pulling it off over his head and tossing it at Pablo’s feet, stripper style. Stroking the bulge in his boxers, Pablo said, “Fuck, all that gymnastics sure paid off, boy. That body is awesome – fat-free, perfect definition.”

“Thank you, sir.” Thomas unbuckled his belt, slid it slowly from his jeans and tossed it on the bed as an invitation for Pablo to use it how he pleased. Then he kicked off his loafers and stood before Pablo looking stunning, stripped down to beltless blue-jeans. Pablo pushed down his own boxer briefs and let his cock spring out stiff as a pole.

“See what you do to me, boy? You’re good, I’ll give you that. Now let me see that skater’s butt they all talk about.”

Thomas turned his back to the bed, and Pablo admired the bulge of his ass under the denim. Thomas slid his hands inside the waistband of his jeans and slowly pushed them down from his waist, over the curve of his ass, exposing the flawless white globes as his jeans fell to the floor. He stepped out of them, turned round, and Pablo smiled to see Tommy’s good-size dick standing out from his blond pubic hair, poker stiff.

As he stood there naked, looking uneasy, unsure what was required of him next, he suddenly seemed heartbreakingly lonely to Pablo who was swept by the least likely emotion he had expected to feel … compassion.

Pablo suddenly saw Tommy not as the much maligned, arrogant Golden Boy but as a man who was adrift. He had been living a lie. Molded by the expectations of others and himself, he had tried to become an authoritarian top man, as a brusque manager at a luxury hotel lording it over junior staff like young Danny. It was an attempt to convince the world and himself of his toughness, while all the time, subconsciously, he craved the dominance of another man … and had found it in Randy.

And now here he was, the lowest man on the totem pole, thrust into the middle of this close-knit charismatic group of extraordinary men and boys – and he looked so alone. He was groping to find his way … and he needed help. He needed the help of a master.

And suddenly Pablo knew how it felt to be a master, to take care of his boy – protect him, guide him, discipline him when necessary – and to love him. He remembered Bob once telling him that compassion was a sentiment close to love. He had not understood it at the time, but now he did. And his heart went out to Tommy.

“Tommy, you’re a beautiful guy and here’s what I want us to do. Look at me.” He pulled off his tank top and lay on the bed naked, a gorgeous, muscular young buck, a newly created master.

“OK, here’s the deal. Randy wants you to be my boy – and I’ve just realized that I want it too – a lot. But before I can be your master I have to be your friend. I want us to be friends. And here’s the first step. I want us to look at each other, to lust for each other … and to have our first climax together. Guys call it body-worship, but it’s more than just that. Are you ready?”

Thomas found himself drawn to the handsome young stud whom he now saw in a different light. The look in his eyes was tough but tinged with compassion. Friends – yes, Thomas wanted that very much. And for the first time he replied not with the automatic obedience of a submissive boy but with true feeling. “Yes, sir … I’m ready.”

Pablo grabbed his own rigid cock and began stroking it. “You know what to do, boy.” Thomas folded his hand round his dick and stroked it, keeping time with Pablo, their eyes boring into each other. Visual admiration quickly became visceral desire as they watched each other’s muscles ripple under the soft spotlights that Randy had installed in all the bedrooms.

Pablo smiled, “You think you could get used to this, Tommy? Think you could get used to being the boy of the boss’s son?”

“Yes, sir. I want it real bad.”

“Show me how bad, Tommy. Do it, boy. Do it now! That’s an order.”

Pablo flexed his muscles as he pounded his cock and his voice assumed the air of authority he had learned from Randy. The sight, the sound, sent a thrill through Thomas that started in his groin, flashed through his cock and his whole body. The young gymnast screamed as his cock pumped a stream of jism that shot toward his new master and splashed on the foot of the bed.

“Holy shit, that’s fucking awesome man.” Pablo stared at his handsome new boy whose body shook, head thrashing in ecstasy, blond hair flying, cum spurting from his cock. It was the boy’s first act of homage to his new master and it filled Pablo with pride … and lust. “Here it comes, boy,” he shouted and his cock blasted semen over his own abs and chest.

In the short time Thomas had been at the house he already knew what was expected of him now. He walked forward, dropped to his knees beside the bed and began to lick Pablo’s semen from his body. It was a form of body worship as he ran his tongue along the ridges of Pablo’s washboard abs, up between his rounded pecs, even grazing his nipples with his tongue as he sucked in his young master’s sperm and swallowed it.

Pablo looked down at his fervent efforts and again his heart went out to the boy, trying so hard to please him. He grabbed Thomas’s hair, pulled his face up and grinned, “You did great, kid. Come to bed.”

Tommy climbed into bed and they lay on their sides facing each other, Pablo with smiling confidence, Tommy with nervous apprehension. “Don’t worry, dude,” Pablo said, “you’re with me now and I’ll never let anything bad happen to you.” Pablo’s use of the word ‘dude’ surprised and pleased Tommy and he began to relax.

“I know you’re making a huge change in your life, Tommy, giving up that good hotel job and throwing in your lot with this crowd of guys. I’ll say what Randy has already told you – this is your choice … to stay or to go. You haven’t been kidnapped into slavery or anything.” Seeing the flicker of excitement in Tommy’s eyes Pablo chuckled, “Until Darius and me chain you up in Zack’s dungeon as our sex slave.

“It won’t be easy at first. Next thing is, I’m gonna show you where we work. The construction site can get pretty wild, a bunch of bare-chested construction workers in all that dirt and mud, their bodies straining in physical labor. They can get real horny, believe me, and a new boy on the lot is fair game, especially a hot young athlete like you with those ice-skater buns of yours. That ass is gonna take a lot of greasy dicks up it, dude.”

Pablo heard Thomas’s breathing get heavy as his heart beat faster, and he noticed his already stiff dick dripping pre-cum. “Why did you quit ice skating, anyway? I heard you were a junior champion.”

Well sir, my friends and family saw it on TV and didn’t think it was a very masculine thing to do –all those sequined outfits and all … bit like a ballet dancer. So I quit, even though I enjoyed it.”

“Huh,” Pablo huffed, “better not let Randy hear you say that. He says a man’s a man ‘cos of what’s inside him. He should do whatever the hell he wants to do and fuck everyone else. Randy sure does.”

Pablo chuckled. “Remember when Danny served quiche today? Darius cracked, ‘Real men don’t eat quiche,’ and Randy said, ‘Real men don’t give a shit what real mean eat’. Round here we know what a ‘real man’ is and it don’t have nothing to do with quiche or sequins. You eat and wear whatever the fuck you want. Take Brandon, the guy in the wheelchair. Randy loves the hell out of him, says that after all he’s been though he’s the toughest one of all of us.

“Ice skating takes a lot of guts too, and it takes guts to pull up stakes and change your life by coming here. Bob and Randy saw your strength underneath all that top-man bullshit you pulled, especially after you took Darius’s monster dick up your ass. So you have what it takes, kiddo. You’ll get your chance to prove it on the construction site and you’ll have a ball doing it.

“OK, here endeth the first lesson. Time for sleep. I’m not gonna fuck you tonight, boy. Leave that ‘til you’re good and ready. Like Randy says, you have to crave it.”

He rolled Thomas over and held him from behind. He felt the boy’s body shivering and thought he heard a stifled sob. He could only imagine what the guy was feeling as he lay here on the first night with the man who was to be his new master.

But again Pablo felt out of his depth … not sure what to do. He asked himself, what would Randy do? What did he do all that time ago when Pablo, a scared, abused kid, first curled up with him and wept with relief? He recalled how Randy had held him tighter and had said what Pablo now repeated to Thomas, squeezing him tight: “You’re safe now kiddo. You’re with me.”

Adding his canine confirmation of this, Billy jumped onto the bed, curled up at the foot and fell asleep with his master and the new boy.


In the morning, their positions reversed, Thomas was pressed behind Pablo with his arms wrapped round him. They were both in a deep sleep when Pablo’s cell-phone buzzed.

It was Bob. Pablo glanced at the clock as Bob said, “I know it’s still early, Pablo, but Randy and I want to meet with you in our room. Here’s what I’d like you to do. You and Tommy have a quick shower, then take him next door to Adam and Nate’s house. I’ve asked Nate to show Thomas around the house and explain what he and Eddie do every day taking care of the place. While they do that, you come up to the master suite. The twins and Danny have laid out breakfast here so we can eat while we talk. You got all that?”

“Aye-aye, sir,” Pablo grinned. An order from Bob was treated exactly the same as a command from Randy. Pablo was about to rouse Tommy when Billy did the job for him. Groggy and confused, Tommy felt a warm, wet tongue licking his cheek.

Pablo chuckled, “Well, that does it, dude. You got Billy’s seal of approval so you’re home and dry. No one argues with Billy.”

The men showered together and Thomas dutifully soaped up his master, running his hands lovingly over his muscular physique. It was a sensual feeling for Pablo who pushed Thomas down on his knees and stuffed his hard cock in his mouth, the first of his daily duties as boy.

Thomas swallowed it gratefully and sucked eagerly, if a bit clumsily. Pablo made a mental note to ask Eddie to give Tommy blowjob lessons as soon as possible. He looked down through the steam at the handsome blond athlete with water streaming down his face and over his muscular body. He looked hot enough for Pablo to get his rocks off right there, but it was the boy’s eagerness to please that moved Pablo so much that he shot a load down his throat.

When he reached down to lift him up by his arms Pablo saw Thomas’s own semen being washed away over the floor. He took the boy in his arms and Thomas said, “Before I came to this house, sir, I had never cum without touching myself. But it’s real easy with you.”

“Glad to hear it,” Pablo grinned. “You’ll be doing that a lot. Now get dressed ‘cos I’ve got a meeting with Randy and Bob while Nate gives you the grand tour of the house.”

Thomas was, as usual, apprehensive about meeting another member of the tribe but he relaxed as soon as Nate shook his hand warmly, smiled broadly and said in his strong Australian accent, “Pleased to meet you, mate. I hear you’re gonna be sticking around here … good on ya. Another good looking bloke in the tribe – never a bad thing. Bob has asked me to show you round the house. There’s a lot to see so let’s get started.” With a grateful smile to Pablo, Thomas followed Nate though the gate to next door.

Then Pablo ran upstairs to join Randy and Bob over breakfast. He suddenly felt empowered, somehow, sitting with the two bosses of the house after spending the night with his new boy. He felt more like Randy’s son than his boy. “So,” Randy said, getting right to the point as usual, “how was your first night with your new boy, kiddo? Did you fuck him?” Bob winced at Randy’s customary crude question but Pablo took it in stride.

“No I didn’t, sir. It was an interesting night – not what I had intended at all. See, when Tommy first took off all his clothes and stood in front of me he looked beautiful naked but … real nervous. I know you all said he used to be an arrogant prick but what I felt was … I hope it’s OK to say this, sir … I felt sorry for him.” Bob flashed a smile at Randy.

“I mean, sir, you have to understand where he’s coming from and what he must be feeling. He’s left a good, secure job with a major hotel and chucked it all in to come up here to a group of guys who can be a tough crowd, where he’ll be the lowest man on the totem pole. I think that takes a lot of guts. He’s already been roughed up by you and Zack and been fucked by Darius’s big club. No wonder he’s nervous.

“So, no, I didn’t fuck him, sir. I made sure we both got off on each other sexually by jacking off looking at each other, then he licked the cum off me and spent the rest of the night sleeping in my arms. Maybe I should’ve been rougher on him, but I wanted us to get a feel for each other, get to like each other. I mean, you taught me that a man and his boy should be friends. I hope I did the right thing, sir.”

Randy stood up with tears in his eyes, pulled Pablo to his feet and took him into a tight bear hug. “Boy, I’m so damned proud of you. I wasn’t sure you would get it right away – what it takes to be a master – but you’ve impressed the hell out of me. You have the makings of a great master and Tommy’s a lucky boy.” Randy glanced down at Bob who was smiling up at him and his boy, feeling for the umpteenth time just how much he loved Randy.

When they sat back down, though, Bob said. “Congratulations, Pablo. That was perfect. But now I’m afraid I have to pour a little cold water over the proceedings and I need Thomas to be here. He phoned Nate who delivered Thomas to them, standing nervously awaiting his fate.

Bob smiled warmly. “Pull up a chair, Thomas, and join us. The twins brought an extra plate so help yourself to breakfast. There’s a ton of food here.” Thomas’s head was whirling as he sat with these three powerful men and tried to eat.

“Tommy, I assume you’re on salary at the hotel. How often do you get paid – every two weeks?” Thomas nodded “yes sir,” puzzled by this strange question. Then it became clear. “So, you have to give two weeks’ notice?”

“Well, that’s the rule, sir, but I don’t want to go back there so I thought I’d just quit.”

“That’s not an option, Thomas,” Bob said evenly. If you want to work here you have to play by the rules, and the same goes for your current employer.” Bob saw dismay on Thomas’s face, surprise on Pablo’s and irritation on Randy’s. Randy started to object but Bob silenced him with a look.

“Guys, it’s that old thing of behaving as you mean to go on. If you allow Thomas to break his old employer’s rules, how many rules will you let him break here? Besides, it’s only two weeks and the break will be good. Now that Tommy has learned exactly what he’s getting into here I want him to take time to reflect and make sure this is really what he wants.”

“Sir, I do know what I want already,” Thomas said, his old assertiveness flickering to life, but he withered under the same stern gaze Bob used on Randy. This was the tough but fair senior vice-president speaking, who ruled the staff at a major corporation and gained their respect. (Being drop-dead gorgeous didn’t hurt either.)

“It’s the way it has to be – no argument. So here’s what I want you to do, Thomas. You drive back down to the hotel and take Danny with you. He was paid hourly so he can just quit his job, but he needs to pick up his belongings from his room. On the drive down I want you and Danny to make friends. He has told us that he likes you, wants to be friends, and he hopes you’ll do well here. So do I. He’ll come back right away on the train, you work out your two weeks’ notice and, when you drive back, Pablo and the rest of us will be waiting to welcome you.

Bob’s word was law – it was settled. But as the boys filed out of the room Randy looked at the commanding figure of his gorgeous, macho lover and murmured, “God, I wanna fuck you.”

Bob grinned. “So what’s stopping you, big guy?”


Bob’s order was quickly acted upon. Before going off to work Pablo gave Thomas a warm hug. “See you in two weeks, dude. And when you get back you’ll spend the day working with me and Darius on the construction site. Randy and Zack will be there too, horny as ever. So while you’re away, like Bob said, you better decide whether you want to come back to a bunch of tough, shirtless, musclehunk construction workers with big dicks, looking out for a new guy with a gorgeous ass.”

Thomas smiled at Pablo and they both knew the answer to that question. Meanwhile another farewell was taking place – but this one only for a few hours. “Thanks for giving me the time off, dudes,” Danny said to the twins. “I’ll get an early train back so I’ll be here to help with dinner.”

As Brandon wheeled himself to the gate with Danny he said, “So, dude, looks like this is a permanent deal. When you get back, that’s it – you’ll have all your worldly goods with you. I’ll meet you at Union Station and then …” he paused uneasily. “… well, I … I kinda hope, you and me, we have a ‘permanent deal’ too, dude.”

Danny leaned down and kissed him. “You know we do, buddy … womb to tomb … ‘til death do us part and all that stuff. And we’re gonna have so much fun when I’m up at the Grady House. I love you, dude.”

“You ready, Danny?” came the surprisingly mellow voice of Thomas.

“Sure thing, dude,” said Danny climbing into the passenger seat of Tommy’s car. “And we’ve got a two-hour drive ahead of us where you can tell me everything that went down last night with you and Pablo. Oh don’t worry, dude, spilling the beans is a tradition in this house, just ask Darius. It’s not only allowed, it’s required.” Tommy laughed out loud and they drove off.


Later that day another conversation took place during the lunch break on the construction site. It had been a rough morning with several snags, and Randy had already had a fight with one of the crew, a tough, macho guy who mouthed off a lot. Pablo had his head under the hood of a truck when he heard Randy’s angry shout from his trailer office, “Hey, kid, get your ass in here.”

With a fair idea why he was needed Pablo ran into the trailer and closed the door behind him. Randy was still seething, his muscles tense as they always were when work went badly, especially when one of the crew challenged his authority. “Fucking asshole,” Randy muttered, “picking a fight with me! The guy thinks his own shit don’t stink. I’d fire his sorry ass except he’s a damn good worker – can do the work of two men. Fuck him.”

He glared at Pablo. “Come on, kid, you know what I want.”

“Yes, sir.” Pablo unhooked the one strap holding up his dungarees and they fell to the floor. He stepped out of them and stood facing Randy, naked except for his work boots. Randy grabbed him round the waist, lifted him bodily and sat him on the edge of the drafting table.

“Mother-fucking dickhead,” he growled, still referring to the crew man. He pushed Pablo back on the table, grabbed his ankles in one big fist and pushed his boots up high. He spat in his other hand and pushed his wet fingers in his boy’s ass. That was it for lube. He ripped open his work pants and pulled out his massive cock. “I should have beat the crap out of him and shoved my dick up his ass. Mother-fucker,” he shouted and drove his piston straight into Pablo’s ass.

Pablo gasped, tears sprang to his eyes, but it was a point of pride for him not to scream when Randy fucked him like this. He knew just what Randy was doing. When he was in a rage like this he vented it by fucking ass. Anger made the gypsy’s testosterone race and he either had to fight or fuck. And Pablo knew from way back that Randy often used him as a whipping boy, taking out his frustrations on his boy’s ass.

And Pablo loved it! Both he and Bob were always massively turned on by Randy in this caveman state, and Pablo now looked up at his master’s gypsy features, his stubbled jaw, his wild blue eyes piercing him like lasers. His muscles rippled and flexed under his ragged, greasy tank and his sweat dripped down onto the boy’s face. The sight, the sounds, the smell of the raging construction boss excited Pablo like nothing else could and he knew exactly what to do.

Instead of begging for mercy he did the reverse. Acting the part of the tough, defiant crew man Pablo groaned, “Go ahead, asshole, fuck my ass. That all you got? I can take anything you dish out and more, mother-fucker. You’re nothing. You can’t break me.”

As intended, Randy looked down and saw the rebellious construction worker insulting him, igniting his anger and his savagery. Pablo felt the monster cock pounding him like a battering ram, heard his curses, sucked in the rancid taste of the gypsy’s sweat splashing in his mouth as Randy yelled, “I’m gonna fucking rip your ass, stud. I’m the boss around here, get it, mother-fucker? How d’you like to feel the boss’s jizz up your ass, eh? OK, stud, here it comes … fuck you … fuck … fuuuck!”

Pablo saw the massive body shake, felt the cock shudder in his ass, felt hot juice pouring inside him. Randy rammed him a couple more times, then pulled out his dick, pointed it at the boy and sprayed the last jets of cum over his face. Pablo swallowed hard, savoring the boss’s sperm in his mouth, then his head fell back with a sob of exhaustion.

And now, after that spectacular release of tension and frustration, Randy saw his boy. “Hey, hey, you OK kiddo?” He reached forward, put his arms round Pablo’s back and lifted him off the table. Pablo wrapped his legs round Randy’s waist as he carried him round the small office, kissing his mouth feverishly.

“Guess your old man got a bit carried away there, kid. You OK?” Pablo nodded, his eyes sparkling. “Did you get your rocks off, boy?”

“No, sir. I was waiting for you, sir.”

Hey, hey, can’t have that. My boy – not blowing his wad?” He lowered Pablo gently into a chair, dropped to his knees before him and grinned up at him. “You know I always take care of you, kiddo.” He leaned forward and slowly lowered his mouth on his boy’s rock hard dick.

The sudden change in mood blew Pablo away. The raging, fired-up demon gypsy was now on his knees, sucking cock, ‘taking care’ of his boy. The sight of the brawny construction boss with his long black hair and rugged gypsy features rising and falling on his cock was more than the boy could take.

It took only a few minutes before his balls felt fit to burst, his cock pulsed, his body tensed and he said, “Sir, I can’t hold back anymore … I gotta cum ... I love you, sir. Aaahh …” His cock blasted cum in Randy’s mouth and he felt his throat muscles clench as he swallowed it down. Randy pulled back off his cock, his face right over it and said, “Give it to me, boy. Hit me with it.”

Pablo stroked his cock, pointed it straight at his master and blasted the remains of his semen over his rugged face. “Yeah,” Randy laughed. “That’s it, boy. Give as good as you get, that’s my rule in life. He stood up, pulled the boy to his feet, wrapped his arms tight round him and pressed their faces together, lubricated by the jizz of both master and boy.


No more needed to be said. Man and boy knew each other so well by now, had done stuff like this so many times, that they shared the same feelings and elation, with a father/son intuition. But while words were not needed about that, Randy did have something else to discuss with his boy. Pablo pulled his dungarees back on, buckled the single shoulder strap and they sat facing each other across a low table. One of Pablo’s favorite things was listening to his dad like this.

“Here,” Randy said, “let’s see what the twins packed for us. He opened the box containing sandwiches, fruit and several individual fruit flans. “That’s Danny’s doing,” Randy chuckled. “Trust that kid to always throw in something sweet and orgasmic.” He pulled a couple of beers from the small fridge, settled back in his chair and talked between mouthfuls of food.

“Like I said this morning, kid, I’m real proud of the way you handled Tommy last night. Exactly right – gain his trust and friendship first, it’s the only way. Remember when I first met you in that garage in the desert?”

“I fell in love with you, sir, as soon as you rescued me and I climbed on the back of your motorbike and held on to you tight.”

“Yeah, which brings me to the next thing. See, the boy responds to that friendship thing – makes him feel secure – but he craves something else. You know why he came here and you know what he wants.” He grinned. “He wants exactly what I gave you just now on that drafting table. Now I’ve already done that to him, and I’ll be doing it a lot more. Ass like his I just gotta fuck. But he’ll expect the same thing from you, kiddo, and you gotta be ready.

“So here’s what I’m thinking. This weekend I wanna get out of town for a day or so – feel the wind in my face, go up to that canyon we’ve been to before. And I want you with me – just me and you on the Harley – call it father/son bonding. You up for that?”

“I’ll say, sir! Wow, there’s nothing better than riding behind you on a motorbike holding on tight like the time we first met. That would be great, sir. Thank you.”

Pablo was on cloud nine when they got back to work and he walked across the site. Darius, ever greedy for details, said, “Talk to me, dude. What happened in there? Are you OK?”

“Never better, bro,” Pablo grinned. “Give me a hand fixing this truck and I’ll spill all the beans while we work. That is what you want, isn’t it?”


Next weekend as the Harley sped up the highway Pablo’s mind flashed back to the first time he had sat on the back of the bike, clinging on to Randy as his hero had driven him away to safety. He recalled Randy saying, “The ride will take over an hour. You think you can hold on tight to me for that long, kid?” And he had replied, “I’ll hold on tight to you for as long as you want, sir.”

And here he was, years later, still holding on to the man who had since become his adoptive dad, his mentor, his ideal of the kind of man he wanted to become. And this trip was one more stage in that process of molding his manhood – becoming a master of his own boy. Randy was wearing jeans, boots and a leather vest flying open over his bare chest and, of course, Pablo copied him in this too, similarly dressed.

An hour north of Los Angeles they left the highway and turned onto a long empty secondary road over desert scrub. Randy steered the bike onto an almost hidden dirt trail that climbed into the hills where the landscape got greener, the trees thicker, until they heard the sound of trickling water. They broke through the trees into a clearing beside a small waterfall that splashed into a pool before flowing out the other side on its long journey to the ocean.

They stowed the bike, unloaded their gear and the food the twins had packed up for them, and then it was time to wash off the dust of the highway and desert. “Follow my lead, kiddo,” Randy said. Pablo rewarded him with his characteristic crooked grin. “Always, sir.”

They kicked off their boots, shed their vests, dropped their jeans and shorts and Pablo led the way by jumping into the pool. “Aaah, it’s cold,” he grimaced as he surfaced.

“Don’t be such a wimp, kid. What am I raising here, a pussy boy?” He leapt in, pulled Pablo under the water where they wrestled until they broke the surface gasping for breath. As they trod water Randy stared at the handsome, high-cheeked Mestizo features with the dark almond-shaped eyes, and said, “Do you know how much I love you, boy?”

As if to prove it he pulled Pablo’s head toward him and pressed their mouths together in a passionate, probing, open-mouthed kiss that resulted in iron-hard dicks even under the cold water. Randy wrapped his arms round the boy, running his hands over his back, down to his slim waist, and then clamped them over the hard round globes of his ass.

“Shit damn, boy, that ass is so fucking gorgeous it’s like a homing device for my dick.” He grinned, “You know that’s the reason I recued you from those thugs in that desert gas station. My buddy Mark noticed your ass too and I said, ‘Can’t leave that behind. Ass like that? Gotta have it.’ ‘Course, there was the minor fact of you being the bravest young punk I had ever met. Sweating it out in that hell-hole with those assholes took real guts and I knew right then I wanted you as my boy.”

He squeezed his buns under the water. “Never did get tired of that ass. Every time I touch it I need to shove my rod in it.”

“Like right now, sir?”

“Damn right.” Randy steered them to the high bank in chest-high water and pushed Pablo against it face first. Pablo folded his arms over the top of the bank and clung on, knowing there would be no more foreplay. Randy, as usual, got right down to business and Pablo gasped as he felt the thick shaft drive deep inside him. “Thank you, sir. Fuck me, sir. Please….”

Pablo never felt more alive than when he felt his master’s rod jackhammering his ass. He loved being trapped like this, his chest pressed against the cold, wet earth of the bank, his arms stretched forward clawing at the ground in a token effort at escape as the relentless shaft pistoned inside him.

The heat generated by man and boy overcame the coldness of the water and they soon felt their bodies and dicks shudder with rising urgency. “I think I have to cum, sir,” Pablo pleaded.

“Me too, kiddo. Let’s do it. Fuck that feels good. Yeah, here it comes …” With one last mighty shove Randy pinned his boy to the bank and blasted his sperm inside him. Pablo’s ass muscles clenched round his master’s cock as his body tensed and his juice spurted out under water. As their breathing subsided they watched the boy’s sperm float to the surface.

When Randy pulled his dick out Pablo bent down, sucked up water and semen and shared it with his master in another open-mouthed kiss. As they pulled apart Randy grinned, “You don’t quit do you, boy? Tastes great but I’m still starving. Let’s eat.”


They opened some of the packs of food the twins had prepared for them and lounged on the grass, eating hungrily and drinking beer. Even this high in the hills the California sun was warm as it streamed through the trees and dappled their naked bodies. While they ate Randy continued his lessons on being a good master.

“You have to be careful not to make the mistakes I did, Pablo. Take me and Bob. Now I never for an instant thought of him as my boy … a gorgeous macho stud like that? No way.

“But that was the problem … he was so damn beautiful, inside and out, that I was crazy in love with him like I’d never been before, and it scared me to death. I was terrified of losing him so I used the only weapon I thought I had to keep him – my fists. Man, I shudder when I think of the way I treated him, tying him up, trying to whip him into submission. I’ve been trying to make it up to him ever since.” He chuckled. “Huh, Bob’s the guy who taught me how to apologize. Never did that before.”

But you, kiddo, saw that force was the wrong way the first night you slept with Tommy, and I’m real proud of you for that. You’re instincts told you that you have to gain your boy’s respect and love before you can go any further.

My mistake with Bob was not realizing that he was already in love with me. Hell, why else did he come back to that motel room after what I’d done to him? And why did he stick with me through all my caveman treatment of him? Damn, I wasted so much time. I could have cut out the fear and ferocity and gone straight to just loving my man.

“You seem to have got the love part down already, Pablo, and I think I see your affection for the boy already taking root. Young Danny was the first to see the good side of Tommy when we were trash talking about him and Danny stuck up for him. I’m proud that you got it right away.

But there’s something else, kiddo … another side to all this. See, Tommy needs love and protection but he also needs to know who the master is – beyond any doubt. He craves that, he craves the strength and discipline that makes him submit. That’s what makes him prime for being someone’s boy. I saw that in the hotel room when I called him a fuck-pig. I was right but Bob said I should curb my language. Huh, fat chance on that one,” he chuckled again.

“Tommy needs that physical and sexual domination, the kind I gave him when I worked him over real good in that hotel room. That’s why he thinks he’s in love with me. And that’s what he needs from you, kiddo. Love and discipline – it’s a delicate balance. I fucked up with Bob big time, and I don’t want you to repeat my mistakes.” He grinned. “Like I always tell you, kid, don’t do what I do, do what I tell you.

“What it comes down to, kiddo, is … do you have it in you to really discipline someone you love – to hurt him even though it hurts you doing it? Do you have the fire in the belly that it takes? And that, kiddo, is the main reason I brought you up here. It wasn’t just to plough your ass, I can do that anywhere. Shit, we don’t have to be underwater to fuck.”

Pablo smiled at that last remark but he had absorbed every word Randy had said, especially that bit about ‘do you have it in you?’ He wasn’t sure … did he? He thought of Tommy lying vulnerable in his bed that night, trusting him, depending on him to offer him love and – yes – discipline. But could he do what Randy had done? Did he have that strain of real dominance in him, even over someone he felt affection for?

And another thing … what the hell did coming up to this place have to do with proving it?

Having said his piece Randy took a last swig of beer, then lay back on the ground, his arms stretched up above his head, staring up at the branches waving overhead. And slowly Pablo began to form a vague idea of what Randy had in mind.

He stood up and gazed down at the rugged, naked muscle-god stretched out on the ground on his back, limbs spread-eagled, almost like a man lying exhausted after a fight, waiting for his punishment. He had seen Randy in this situation several times before… when he had been beaten and fucked by Mark the cop, by Zack the leather-master, by Hassan the Marine, all ultra-powerful dominant men. And then he knew for sure. He knew what he had to do and it excited but scared him. Did he have it in him? Did he?”

As if reading his mind Randy said, “I don’t think you do have it in you, boy. Nah, you don’t have what it takes to punish a guy you love, to hurt him, push him to his limits until he begs for mercy. You’re just a kid, a pussy boy who squeals when the water’s cold. Takes a real man to be a master. You think you’re tough but when push comes to shove you’d chicken out … a wimp.”

Pablo knew what Randy was doing but what he said made his blood boil nevertheless. Randy had never used those words about him – pussy, chicken, wimp – and it really hurt. As he looked down at the sneering face he remembered the times he had fucked his master, but only when Randy told him to, as a kind of boy-fucks-man bit of fun. But this was serious. A lot more was needed than just a loving fuck.

Pablo felt his testosterone rising as a rush of adrenaline coursed through him. He felt more powerful than he ever had before. He was more man than boy. A pussy, a wimp? Hell no. He flexed his muscles, his jaw clenched and he saw beneath him not a loving master but a man who had just insulted him, mocked his manhood, challenged him. And if he had ever learned one thing form Randy it was never to run from a challenge … to fight back.

His face twisted in anger and he yelled, “Fuck you, man.” In the typical straight-for-the-jugular style he had learned from Randy, Pablo dropped to his knees, pushed Randy legs back and slammed his dry cock straight into his ass.

Randy inhaled sharply at the start of a savage dry fuck but he had taken much worse than this in his life and taunted the boy. “That all you got, pussy boy? Think that’s gonna impress a guy like me?” He smashed his hands on the boy’s chest and dug his fingers into his pecs, making Pablo scream. But he was not Randy’s boy for nothing and the master’s legendary fury now rose in the boy.

“Fuck you,” Pablo howled and felt power surge through him as he grabbed Randy’s wrists. Using every ounce of his newfound strength he pushed Randy’s hands off his chest, forced them backward inch by painful inch until he slammed them down and pinned his wrists to the ground, his legs over Pablo’s shoulders.

He glared down at the dark gypsy and snarled, “Does this feel like a pussy boy to you, asshole? Does this…?” His hips rose, he paused, then the whole weight of his body slammed downward, ramrodding his cock hard and deep into the man’s ass. And this time Randy howled at his boy’s unexpectedly ferocious strength.

But the boy gave no respite. He had been taught, after landing a blow, to follow up fast and now he did, pounding his cock in even deeper and faster, again and again, like a merciless jackhammer.

Randy screamed from the pain shooting from his ass through his body and he instinctively tried to power out of his predicament. He could, with a supreme effort, have broken loose – he could break any hold – but as he looked up into his boy’s blazing eyes he saw a fire, a determination that he had never seen before. It’s what he had wanted to see, and that was enough.

“OK, boy, that’s enough. You’ve made your point. Now back off.”

“Fuck you asshole. What, you can’t take it from a wimp, a pussy boy? You insulted me, man and you’re gonna apologize or I’m gonna rip your ass wide open.” The brutal hammering picked up speed as the boy became a fuck-machine and his iron shaft pistoned inside the muscle god’s tortured ass.

Randy’s screams were muted to a dull groan as he endured the savage pounding and felt his body becoming limp with exhaustion. Pablo sensed this and released his wrists, using his fists instead to pound the man’s pecs and abs in a brutal assault on his writhing body. “How’s it feel, big guy, getting thrashed by a pussy-boy? All you gotta do is apologize, man.”

Randy stared up at him through tearful eyes and growled, “Go to hell.”

“NO!” Pablo howled, serious now about breaking his master’s will. He raised his arm and slapped the back of his hand across the gypsy face that flew from side to side under the blows, his black hair flying. “You son of a bitch, you abused your boy, your own boy! You broke the rules and you have to pay, you know that. Your own lover taught you to apologize and he’d tell you to do it now. And it’s what you’re gonna do, stud.”

Pablo clenched his hands round Randy’s throat and banged his head up and down on the grass. “Do it, man. Say it!”

“OK, OK,” Randy yelled. “I’m sorry … I’m sorry for what I said. I apologize.”

Instantly Pablo removed his hands from his neck, and again pinned his wrists to the ground. Taking another page out of Randy’s playbook his rhythm changed, his cock slowed from a brutal battering to a slow caress, gently massaging the burning membrane of his master’s shattered ass. It was classic Randy, the way he drove men wild by alternating savagery with tenderness. As Randy had told him … ‘Love and discipline – it’s a delicate balance’.

Pablo bent low and kissed Randy gently on his lips. He pulled back and said, “Show me how sorry you are, man. Show me … do it for me.”

As he felt the cock moving gently inside him Randy stared into the dark, almond shaped eyes of the handsome face – but not a boy’s face. It was the face of a man, molded in Randy’s image, like looking at a reflection of himself … a man ready to become a master.

“You are so fucking gorgeous, man,” Randy sighed. “You’ve never looked more beautiful to me than you do now, fucking me the way you are now. I’m sorry I had to put you through this. Let me show you how much I love you, man. Fuck me, please fuck me, buddy. Yeah …aaah … aaah…” His body heaved and his cock spurted streams of semen over his battered abs and chest as Pablo released his semen inside the man he worshipped.


Pablo collapsed on top of his master with a sob and started to speak. “Sssh … sssh …” Randy whispered stroking his boy’s head. “We both know what happened here. You convinced me you’re ready to be the master of a boy like Tommy.”

“Thank you sir.”

As they lay on their sides facing each other Randy said. “Not that I’m suggesting for a second that you ever do to that boy what you just did to me. I let you practice on me so I could be sure you had the fire in you to handle him, love him, fight for him and protect him. Discipline him if he deserves it, be physically rough with him when he craves it, and he will. But what you did to me you save for any man who tries to hurt him against his will.”

Pablo put his arm over his master and there was silence for a while until Pablo asked, “Sir, do you really think Tommy will come back to us?’

Randy laughed. “Are you kidding? I guarantee he’ll be there bright and early the morning after his last day of work. Hell, you saw his face when you described the construction site with … what was it again…?”

“…. a bunch of tough, shirtless, musclehunk construction workers with big dicks, looking out for a new guy with a gorgeous ass,” Pablo laughed.

“And you really think he’s gonna say no to that? Hell, he’s probably jacking off thinking about it as we speak. I’m looking forward to that day myself, watching that hot young gymnast walking onto the site, seeing it for the first time. There’ll be no looking back after that, kiddo.” He gave Pablo a quizzical look. “Er, is it OK if I still call you boy and kiddo?”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way, sir.”


Randy had been right. Tommy had thought of nothing else during his last two weeks at the hotel.

When his notice was up he had left there the next morning before dawn and arrived at the house when they were all still getting out of bed. He had breakfast with Pablo and the guys, then Pablo had kitted him out in a pair of his old cargo pants, work boots and a loose tank top that hung on his finely sculpted torso.

Pablo drove him to the construction site, they walked through the gates … and Tommy stared in amazement. So this is what it was all about. He had an instant erection in his pants that was to last all day.


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 300


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