When Lloyd got home from work he had assumed that Steve was still in session with his last patient of the day. He had peeked through the office window and pulled back out of sight, blinking in surprise. The doctor and his new patient Grady were buck naked, asleep on the floor, entwined in each other's arms. Lloyd's plan had worked. Steve had obviously played out his fantasy at last of having sex with a patient .... and it looked like there was more to come.

He didn't wait to find out ... he would leave them alone. He left a note on the hall table, though he had difficulty finding the right words. After several tries he wound up with a simple, "Gone down to the guys' house for dinner. Come join us when you're ready. I love you ... L."

But where was his difficulty? Things had turned out just as he wanted .... hadn't they? He had engineered the whole thing hoping that Steve would be seduced into living his fantasy, and he evidently had. Still, the sight of the two men wrapped in each other's arms made him uneasy.

He drove down to the tribe's compound and joined all of the other guys at the dinner table. But as the meal proceeded and there was still no sign of Steve the sense of unease became palpable and the men found themselves tiptoeing round the subject so as not to embarrass Lloyd. The boys too knew that "something's up" as Eddie whispered to Brandon and Ben.

Lloyd was dinking more than usual and Bob was concerned that he was too drunk to drive so he suggested that he should stay the night at the house. Lloyd jumped at the chance, like a drowning man grabbing a lifebelt. But the house was fully occupied that night so Mario leapt in. "You would be welcome to stay in my room, amico. It has only one bed but it's a big one and I don't snore - at least," he smiled, "nobody's complained so far."

"Gee, thanks, Mario, I'd be honored to spend the night with you. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered." Lloyd's unfortunate use of the word 'doctor' made him blush, but when he was in Mario's room the Italian's serenity and charm had a healing effect on Lloyd. Brandy soothed him and espresso and Italian gelato teased his taste buds. As he watched the handsome young Italian moving around the room he knew he couldn't be in better hands - and he looked forward to being naked in bed with him.

Mario sat down and smiled at Lloyd. "And now, amico, do you want to tell me all about it?"

Lloyd sighed with relief. "Yes Mario. Yeah, I do."


Five of the men were left at the dinner table in a tense silence, broken by Randy who glared at Bob. "So what the fuck's going on. You know, don't you, so tell me ... and don't bullshit me."

Bob looked at the other guys and sighed. "OK, it's not a big deal and Lloyd acted for the best, so he thought. He wanted to give Steve a present - to help him live out his buried fantasy of sex with a patient. Lloyd has this gym buddy, apparently a real hot actor-model, who needed therapy so Lloyd sent him to Steve, thinking that Steve wouldn't be able to resist. My guess is he was right. Steve sees patients at his house on Fridays, so ..."

Randy blazed, "... so right now Steve is up there banging this poncing model, is that what you're saying? OK, that does it. No man fucks with my brother's head and gets away with it. I'll fucking rearrange the pretty boy's face so bad that it'll be a long time before he seduces anyone else. Mother-fucking model!" he spat the word out contemptuously and started to get up but Mark and Zack restrained him and Bob tried to make him see reason.

"Randy for god's sake, don't go up there and start busting up the place. You'll make things ten times worse. We're talking about two consenting adults here ... no one seduced anyone ... or maybe they seduced each other, who cares? It's no concern of ours."

After veiled threats from Bob Randy grudgingly stayed seated. "OK, I'll let it ride for tonight and wait for Steve to see sense and dump the son of a bitch. But all of you listen up. If that mother fucker is not out of my brother's life by tomorrow I'll damn well take him out of it. That's final."


It was fortunate that Randy didn't show up at Steve's house on Mulholland where the action had moved down to the basement. Steve was sprawled naked in an armchair gazing upward and stroking his cock, careful not to bust his load. He wanted this to last.

It was as if Steve was back in his car at the side of the road on Sunset, jacking off looking up at the homoerotic billboard of the young muscle-jock showing off his perfect physique in the classic pose of hands behind his head, elbows out to the side. In the picture his torso had been turned slightly sideways, flexing his biceps, his chest and abs, his long slim waist tapering down to black briefs bulging in front. His handsome face had smiled down with a look of arrogance at the public at his feet - and especially at Steve in his car.

And now Steve was looking up at the same thing - almost the same. Grady was standing before him naked except for the same black briefs. There was a collar round his neck attached to a rope stretching up to a hook in the ceiling. And his wrists were tied to the back of the collar, forcing him into the same classic hands-behind-head pose as the billboard.

"I've done this before with you, Grady. Once last year I saw your billboard on Sunset and I had to pull over and look up at you. There you were, towering over me, almost naked, glorious ... so fucking beautiful I had to reach into my pants, grab my cock and jerk off looking at you.

"And now here you are, the same gorgeous young jock in the flesh, even more stunning in person, towering above me in exactly the same pose. The difference is that this time you're my prisoner, hands tied behind your neck. Your cock is rock hard under your briefs and there's a pre-cum stain spreading over them. And I'm here jacking off watching you.

"But this time the arrogance is gone because you are at my mercy and you're nervous. That beautiful dark haired, chiseled-featured young muscle-god who made me cream my pants a year ago on Sunset Boulevard ... that same man is right here, a captive in my basement."

Grady's heart was beating wildly as he looked down at the rugged, macho stud pounding his cock. His body flexed as he tugged at his restraints but realized he was bound tight.

"OK, you win. What are you gonna do to me, man? Tell me, what you gonna do?"

Steve's blue eyes pierced Grady's. I'm gonna do exactly what I fantasized about doing when I was sitting in my car beating my meat, like I'm doing now. Man, I wanted that picture to come to life. I wanted to see that perfect body move, to strain, struggle. I wanted to see those macho features wincing with the effort to get free.

"Did you know, Grady, that's when a man's body looks the most spectacular, when he is writhing in bondage? There are videos devoted to that. And your magnificent body is perfect for it. In the billboard your hands were posed arrogantly behind your head, but I imagined you tied in that position. I fantasized that you were my prisoner and as I told you how I would whip you and torture that beautiful body you panicked and tried to free yourself. And that erotic image is what made me cream my shorts that day in my car.

Grady glanced round the room and stirred nervously, his body gleaming under the ceiling spotlights. He saw himself in the mirrors like he had never seen himself before. Steve was right. He had never looked as hot as he did now, in bondage, and the pre-cum stain spread larger over his briefs.

"Yeah, that's right, stud, look around you," Steve said. "This basement is painted black with mirrored walls because it's like a cell where I get off working on muscle-jocks like you - except that there is no one like you. You're one of a kind, Grady, and I'm gonna have a ball."

His voice became more sinister. "I'm really gonna enjoy working on that gorgeous body. And that arrogant look of yours on the billboard? I'm gonna wipe it from your face and leave you sobbing for release. And man I'm gonna squeeze every last ounce of jizz from your nuts. You're gonna blast so many loads of jizz you'll never need to cum again. See all that equipment on the wall - whips, ropes, shackles, chains? I'm gonna use it all to tame you, whip you into submission and have you come crawling back for more like a slave to his master."

Now Grady was scared. The tone of the doctor's voice - his words, his threats. It sounded as if he meant it ... it wasn't a fantasy any more ... Steve had lost control. Grady tugged again at his wrists, for real this time, in growing desperation to get loose.

Steve gazed in awe at the very sight he had visualized all that time ago in his car. The young athlete, stripped down to black briefs, was struggling before his eyes, his muscles flexed hard, his biceps bulging as he folded his fingers round the collar and tried to pull it apart. His body writhed, twisting from side to side, lats and waist stretched as his torso strained.

Grady's handsome face grimaced and he pleaded, "Man, I'm not into this ... let me go, doc ... I don't wanna get hurt. Let me go ..."

That was it. That's what Steve had imagined ... the fantasy of the muscular young jock had come to life ... it was incredible, pornographic. "It's so fucking beautiful..... Aaagh!" Steve pumped his cock feverishly to an explosion of cum that splashed back onto his abs and chest.

Grady stared in a trance at the rugged doctor, his naked body running with white juice, chest heaving as the last spurts of cum drained from his cock. Then he looked up at his own mirror image - at the bound jock, his magnificent body gleaming with sweat. He looked spectacular. His cock was throbbing so hard the head protruded over the top of his briefs.

Now it was Grady who lost control and in his delirium the man in the mirror was a stranger. "Damn he looks hot .... Yeah, work on that body, man, whip him, fuck him ... yeah .... fuck yeah." He pulled frantically at his wrists, tugged at the collar and ... "yeaahh!!" ... Cum spurted from the head of his cock up to his stomach and ran down the ridges of his eight-pack abs. He stared wildly at Steve ... and then his tear-stained face dropped forward in exhaustion.

Steve gazed at him spellbound. It was better than he could ever have imagined in his wildest dreams. He stood up, rested his hand gently under Grady's chin and lifted his face. Their eyes met and Steve said softly, "I'm sorry, Grady, I scared you. That's as bad as physical pain and I'm sorry .... It's just that you looked so...."

Grady grinned. "Don't sweat it, doc. That was fucking awesome, so damn sexy. I panicked for a minute is all - you made it all so real. But I knew you would never hurt me .... though I wouldn't mind seeing that guy in the mirror get whipped a little."

"Later, stud, when you know me better and trust me instinctively no matter what. In the meantime, you are a man to be worshipped. Has anyone ever worshipped you, Grady?"

Grady frowned. "Worshipped? I dunno, depends what you mean. I guess guys have jerked off thinking about me, a couple of them while they looked at me, but ... worshipped?"

"You saw yourself in the mirror Grady. That is about as hot as it gets and I know it made you cum. One thing I said just now was true, I am gonna drain you dry of jism. You're gonna cum again and again for me. Here, let's make you comfortable first. You want me to release you?"

"No ... no ... it ... it feels good." He grinned. "I really get off being at your mercy."

"Good, but let's do this." Quickly he released Grady's hands and let him shake his arms at his sides. Then he re-tied his wrists to two ropes that hung from above him. His arms were raised but not stretched, his elbows bent and his wrists level with his head. Steve unhooked the rope from the collar but left the collar round his neck. He grinned, "You should always keep that on .... looks beautiful on you."

He took a step back. "And talking of beautiful. Take a look at yourself." He stood aside so Grady had a clear look at the mirror. He was able to walk forward a few steps, elbows out to the side, forearms raised. He flexed his biceps in a basic bodybuilder pose and grinned. "Yeah, you're right as usual, doc. That guy looks fucking hot."

"Yup," Steve said, "a man made to be worshipped. It's called body worship, Grady ... and that's exactly what I wanted to do in my car that day. And now I can.


Steve surprised Grady by reaching for his jeans, pulling them on and buttoning them up beltless. He put on the V-neck T-shirt that Grady found such a turn on, then sat back down in the armchair and stroked the bulge in his jeans, gazing up at the bound jock. Grady stared down at him tingling with excitement.

Steve proceeded to re-live that day, describing to Grady and himself everything he had done and felt. Only now he was able to act it out as he described it. "This is what I was wearing that day when I saw you on that billboard and had to pull over. The mere sight of you gave me an instant boner. I ripped open my jeans and pulled out my cock ... like this. Jeez, I remember .... it was as hard as it is now. I stroked it like this, staring up at you.

"I could have shot my load right away but I held back. I wanted it to last. Those arrogant eyes of yours were staring down at me and I wanted you to lust for me as I did for you. So I pulled off my shirt like this .... and imagined you could see me, stripped to the waist in jeans as I pounded my meat. I thought you really were looking down at me and that's what caused the bulge in your briefs 'cos you wanted me so bad."

"Well, you got that last bit right," Grady said. "Shit, if I'd really been there I would have climbed down off that billboard, got into your car and licked your chest, sucked your dick and swallowed your cum."

"I fantasized about that too," Steve said. "But it didn't happen so I imagined that I made the first move. By now I was deep into the fantasy." He got out of the chair and stood up. "I imagined getting out of my car and looking up at you, flexing my body to make you want me."

Grady pulled at the ropes above him and moaned, "Oh, shit, man, don't do this to me. You look so damn hot." Shirtless in blue jeans Steve looked spectacular and Grady felt himself being pulled into the fantasy. "What happened next?" he asked.

"I imagined standing in the street staring up at you. "God, you were beautiful - and I wanted to worship you - to show you how much I wanted you. I knew exactly how I would do it." Slowly Steve sank to his knees then fell flat on his stomach his arms stretched forward ... and he started to crawl."

"Aaah!" Grady's body shuddered as he stood bound by the wrists and gazed down in disbelief at the extraordinary sight. This dominant alpha bodybuilder was on his belly dragging himself toward him. The muscles in his shoulders and back rippled, his wide lats tapering down to his slim waist cinched by his jeans and ... shit ... that ass. As his legs moved in a crawl the twin bulges flexed inside his jeans.

Grady longed to get free, to fall on that ass, press his face on the blue denim and bury it between the cheeks. He wanted to pull the jeans down to see the bare ass. His cock was pulsing now, the head still poking above the top of his briefs. If he could only get free of these damn ropes he would pin the man to the ground and push his dick in his ass, yeah, he'd fuck the gorgeous doctor.

Suddenly Steve raised his head as he crawled and Grady saw his rugged face ... their eyes met ... and .... "Fuck, fuck ... no ... no ... aaagh!" Grady's cock bulged under his briefs and the exposed head blasted another jet of semen up over his abs as they flexed and strained in a bid for freedom. "Shit man," Grady almost sobbed, "I couldn't help it, man. But you looked .... Oh shit, man, you're driving me crazy."


Steve looked up at the writhing young athlete, semen running down his abs and soaking his briefs as he hung limply from his bound wrists. With renewed urgency Steve crawled forward, kissed Grady's feet, licked his thighs until he was on his knees in front of him. He grabbed his hips, leaned forward, and wrapped his mouth round the bulge in the briefs made by his balls.

"Oh, man," Grady shuddered, "I can't take this ...it's so fucking hot" He was mesmerized by the sight of the doctor's thick, tousled hair, his rugged features and his stubbled jaw open wide over his balls.

Steve tasted, smelled the pungent essence of the young jock. He squeezed his lips over the thin black cotton and swallowed the juice that oozed out of the cum-soaked briefs. His tongue traced the long bulge that stretched from his balls diagonally up under the briefs and then the exposed head that was still dripping jizz.

Grady was desperate to free at least one hand so he could touch Steve's head, his face and his own cock, which was already hard again. Steve was licking his abs now, sucking the cum from the razor sharp ridges. Then he pulled back and stared up at Grady, the young jock's sperm matted in the stubble of his chin.

"This is what I wanted to do most that day, Grady - crawl to you, kiss your feet, worship those muscled thighs and lick your cock and balls through your briefs. But there was one thing I wanted to do right from the start, my biggest fantasy, the image that made me shoot another load of jizz. It was this ...."

Steve pulled down the briefs and the stiff cock sprang out and hit him in the face. Steve held it in his fist and gazed up at Grady. I saw that long bulge in your briefs and knew you had a cock as beautiful as the rest of you. Man, I longed to suck that dick, make you shoot in my mouth, worship you by drinking your jizz. This is what made me jack off and cum again."

He licked the cum and pre-cum from the hole at the tip of Grady's cock, then slowly lowered his mouth over the head and down, down over the whole length of the shaft until his face was buried in his black pubic hair. Spurred on by Grady's moans of ecstasy he pulled back, then swallowed the rod again deep into the back of his throat.

He reached up and rolled his fingers over the man's nipples, squeezing them hard, while his mouth made love to the athlete's gorgeous cock. It was soon shuddering in his mouth. He pulled off it and grinned up at Grady. "I told you I would drain that beautiful body of ever last drop of cum. I know you just shot a load watching me crawl, but I'm gonna make you cum again, just as I did that day in my car."

"No, man, I don't think I can, not without touching myself. I've already spilled so many loads with you there's none left. There's no way I ... aah ...." He howled in pain as Steve's fingers dug into his tits. He sobbed when Steve squeezed his mouth tight as it moved up and down his cock. "I can't, man, don't make me...oh fuck...no, stop...your torturing my dick...fuck you....fuck you, man. Oh shit ... shit...I...aaagh!"

Steve gulped as he felt jets of hot sperm slam against his throat. As he swallowed, his throat muscles clenched and squeezed every last drop of jizz from the struggling captive. Steve pulled back, jumped to his feet, grabbed Grady's head and clamped his mouth over his, passing the jock's sperm between them.


When at last they separated their adrenaline was still racing, their minds and bodies still not satisfied. Totally into the fantasy Grady's eyes gleamed as he said breathlessly, "Go sit down, doc, like before." Hearing the raw lust in Grady's voice Steve quickly complied. He pulled up Grady's briefs as before, then sprawled in the armchair, still shirtless in jeans. He pulled out his cock and stroked it as he had in his car, gazing at the muscular young athlete on the billboard.

Grady said, "You've told me what the guy in the car was thinking, but did you ever wonder what the muscle-god on the billboard would have said to you if he could speak? Sure, he was looking down arrogantly at the passers-by worshiping at his feet, but when he saw the macho stud pull over in his car, strip off his T-shirt and pull out his stiff cock, that arrogance would have turned to longing. He would have flaunted his body and seduced you with his words.

"Man, he would have said, you are fucking hot. Yeah pump that dick. I turn you on, man? That gorgeous body turn you on? What you gonna do to it, stud? I know what I want, man. I want that huge dick of yours in my ass. You wanna fuck that muscle-jock's ass? You wanna see that handsome face wince as you drive your tool deep in his gut?"

The ropes were slack enough for him to turn round and display his ass. "You see his ass, man? You see how those mounds fill out the briefs? Imagine what it would be like to drive your dick between those cheeks. Come on man, I want it real bad. That gorgeous muscle jock wants to feel your pole pounding his ass......"

Steve could have cum right there hearing the billboard model beg to get his ass fucked. He took his hand off his cock and let it stop pulsing before he stood up and let his jeans drop to the floor. He stared at Grady's eyes and said, "OK, two men buck naked. And we're both gonna watch that gorgeous muscle-jock get butt-fucked."

Steve walked behind him, reached round and stuck his fingers in Grady's mouth. Grady sucked them, then spat in Steve's palm and Steve used the spit to moisten his own cock.

He pulled the black briefs down over the model's ass cheeks and they fell to the floor. Grady stepped out of them and stood butt naked, admiring himself in the mirror, his wrists still tied, elbows stretched out to the side.

Steve laced his arms under Grady's armpits, up over his chest and linked his hands behind the captive's head in a classic full-nelson hold, pressing his chest against his back. "Look at that arrogant jock now," Steve breathed in Grady's ear. "The guy from the car has tied him up and trapped him in a submission hold. Looks good, eh? And you know what's gonna happen to him now?"

Grady gazed at the mirror a few feet away. "Looks fucking gorgeous, tied up, helpless. That hot athlete is gonna get his ass ploughed. Man, I wanna see that .... I wanna .... Aaah ..."

He inhaled sharply as he felt Steve's cock push between his ass cheeks, enter his ass and drive down his chute deep in his gut. The spurt of pain dissolved as Steve began to fuck him, slowly at first then accelerating 'til his cock became a piston driving into him. They both stared into the mirror watching the bound man's muscles ripple and flex as his body twisted and strained against Steve's arms locking him in a submission hold.

The fuck went on and on and Steve wanted to stay in the man's ass forever. But his jizz had been building for so long now, his balls straining for the release he had resisted, that he knew he couldn't hold out much longer. He panted, "Man, you've got me so fired up I'm gonna bust my load real soon. But I gotta see you shoot another load first. I warned you I'd drain you dry."

"Oh Jesus, doc, I've already cum so many times, you gotta let me touch my dick. Please, man ... I wanna see that hot young buck submit to you by spraying his jizz on mirror."

Steve unhooked one of his wrists from the rope and Grady instantly grabbed his cock and pounded it in his fist. Hanging by one arm now, his whole body tensed, his pecs and abs flexed hard. He stared wide-eyed at himself in the mirror and said, "Shit, he looks fucking spectacular ... you've got him trapped, impaled on that huge rod pile-driving his ass. Look at him beat his meat. His ass is on fire ... you're gonna make him cum ...." His voice rose to a howl. "OK, I submit, sir ... you win ... I'm cumming ... I love you, man."

The veins stood out in his rock-hard bicep as he thrashed his cock and shot a ribbon of white juice that arced up high and splashed down on the mirror. At the same instant Steve yelled in triumphant and flooded Grady's ass with hot jism. He clung to him tight and kissed the nape of his neck, gazing at his mirror image as his cock emptied in his ass.

When their breathing and heartbeats slowed Steve pulled out and freed Grady's other wrist. They fell into each other's arms and Grady moaned, "Holy fuck, Steve, I never in my life had an experience like that. You are one smoking hot fucker. Man, I could play with you all night."

"Me too, big guy. But we gotta get some sleep." He held Grady's arm and guided him up the basement stairs and into the guest room. He pulled back the covers and gently shoved him back onto the bed. Steve left the room for an instant and checked the master bedroom. Lloyd wasn't home, which didn't altogether surprise Steve. Quite often one or other of them, or usually both, stayed overnight at Bob and Randy's house when they had drunk a lot at dinner.

He went back to Grady, climbed into bed behind him and wrapped his arms round him. Grady nestled his back and his butt against the doctor ... and was asleep in minutes."


Steve was right, of course, about Lloyd staying the night in the guys' house. Relaxing in Mario's elegant room he had found some comfort in telling Mario the whole story over brandy, coffee and gelato. He ended his story on a wistful note ... "I just hope he's having a good time."

Mario smiled, "If half of what you say about Grady is true Steve's having a time that is ... spettacolare."

"You're probably right," Lloyd said. "But see, I don't really know that much about Grady - he's just a gym buddy. Sure, we fucked a couple of times and ...."

"..... and Steve has fucked him once. So you're still one up on him," Mario laughed.

Lloyd sighed. "Yeah, but that once seems to be turning into an all-nighter. And what after that? Damn, Bob was right as always - he told me I was playing with fire when I set this up. I should have listened to him. Grady's so damn hot he's the kind of guy Steve would go for in a big way. I don't know if you remember last year, Mario, there was a big underwear ad campaign featuring this gorgeous jock - pictures everywhere, even one of those giant billboards on Sunset."

Mario opened his eyes wide. "Amico, do you mean that beautiful man with the curly black hair, incredible green eyes, body of death and wearing just black Speedos or briefs or something? That's him?" Lloyd nodded mournfully. "Oh, Lloyd, guys were drooling over that guy for weeks. I once stumbled in on Eddie, Ben and Brandon all staring at an open magazine page and jerking off over his picture. Oh dear, maybe not the wisest thing to throw that guy in Steve's path."

"See what I mean? Now Steve's gonna hook up with him and I'll be out of the picture. I guess I deserve it."

"Lloyd, amico, let us not - how you say - jump off our bridges until we reach them? Tell me something honestly. Is Steve in love with you?"

"Oh yeah, absolutely. He told me just the other day after sex that I was the best lover he could ever have. But now, I dunno, what with...."

"Uh, uh, uh." Mario cut him off. "Next question ... are you in love with Steve?"

"Of course I am. That's why I'm so worried."

"Molto bene. So you are in love with each other ... and that's it. All this other business is just a - how you say - a bump on the radar."

Lloyd managed a smile. "A blip, Mario ... blip on the radar."

"Ah, my English - but I was close ... blip, bump." His merry laugh was infectious and Lloyd laughed along with the handsome young Italian. He was feeling a warm glow from the brandy and Mario poured him another. "Stravecchio," he said proudly. "The finest brandy in Italy, made not far from my home in Tuscany. It will cure all your ills, my friend. The gelato too ... also the finest Italy has to offer.

"Mario, I'm pretty sure that you too are the best Italy has to offer. And I'm gonna get to sleep with the best. Huh, this brandy sure does loosen the tongue."

"And suppress dark thoughts," Mario smiled. "For tonight we shall leave confusion behind and concentrate only on the good life. More brandy, espresso, gelato?"


Jeez, this guy is the best, Lloyd thought. Not to mention sexy as hell. Mario was barefoot in gray, soft cotton lounge pants and a loose white linen shirt unbuttoned halfway down, showing glimpses of his well-defined pecs, razor sharp abs and that long, slim waist. The brandy buzz emboldened Lloyd to say, "All this stuff has tired me out, Mario, so if it's all the same to you I'd like to hit the sack ... with you, if possible."

Mario laughed. "It is, as we say in my country, not only 'possibile' it is 'obbligatorio'. One bed, two men. We have to sleep together. But I will be careful not to touch you and let you sleep."

"That's not exactly what I had in mind, Mario," Lloyd grinned salaciously."

"Bene, amico. We are thinking along the same lanes .... same lines?"

"Lanes, lines, who gives a shit? Let's get into bed," Lloyd said, pulling off his shirt and pants and jumping naked into bed where he linked his hands behind his head and gazed up at Mario clearing away the remains of their night cap.

Mario stood by the bed and gazed down at the superb gym-built body of the handsome man lying before him. "You are a beautiful man, Lloyd. Steve is fortunate to have you as his lover. I will tell him so the next time I see him."

"Thanks, buddy, but right now I'd like to focus on you."

"OK," Mario smiled softly. "But don't move your hands. I just want you to watch." Slowly he undid the last few buttons of his shirt and let it fall open. He shrugged it back so it was hanging from his shoulders and his long, lean torso was on full display. Lloyd's cock stirred as he gazed up at the classic Latin features, the lively green eyes and the shock of curly dark hair.

With an imperceptible shrug Mario let the shirt drop from his shoulders and fall to the floor. "Oh shit," Lloyd moaned. Mario was stunning, the light cotton draw-string pants were almost transparent, clinging to his slim hips and muscular thighs leaving nothing to the imagination, especially the long shape of his semi-hard cock running down his right leg.

"Excellente," Mario smiled as he watched Lloyd's cock grow steadily harder until it was sticking up like a pole from his black pubic hair. "Man you are so fucking ...." Lloyd began to say but was silenced by Mario's upraised hand. "Sshh ... do not speak, amico. Your cock speaks for you. I am grateful for its vote of confidence and will attempt to give it the reward it deserves."

Mario sank to his knees beside the bed, leaned forward and licked the head of Lloyd's cock. Lloyd groaned and his ridged abs rippled as he instinctively raised his hips toward Mario who closed his mouth over the head and slowly swallowed the entire length, letting it rest in the moist warmth of his throat.

Lloyd at last withdrew his hands from behind his head and placed them instead over Mario's, running his fingers through the thick mop of curly black hair. He pulled Mario's head up then gently pushed it back down on his long shaft. "Oohh, man that feels ... Oh Jesus ..." he moaned as he guided Mario's mouth up and down his cock. He looked down at the handsome face, the full lips stretched round his cock as Mario swallowed it deep in his throat

All Lloyd's troubles dissolved as he luxuriated in the exquisite sensation of getting serviced by the beautiful Italian. The rhythm of the gentle massage soothed him and he felt warmth spread over his naked body signaling the approach of orgasm. His balls ached and his cock shuddered with the imminent explosion of semen.

And then it stopped. Mario, alert to Lloyd's approaching climax, had suddenly pulled away from his cock despite Lloyd's anguished protestations. "No, man, don't stop ... it felt so good I was gonna shoot ...."

"I know you were, amico, which is why I stopped. You have not yet felt all the delights of making love to a lusty young man from Italy. I will show you."

He stood up and pulled on the drawstring of his pants. They dropped silently to the floor and Lloyd gasped. Mario was wearing nothing underneath and his cock sprang to attention. He was stunning in his nakedness - his long-waisted physique, tanned golden, sculpted to perfection. And when Mario turned his back to reach for a jar of lube Lloyd groaned, "Holy shit..." He was looking at Mario's bubble butt, two perfect mounds of firm white flesh flexing as he twisted round. Lloyd reflexively reached for his already engorged cock to ...

"No," Mario said, grabbing his wrist. He pulled Lloyd's hand off his cock and held it up high. "You Americans are always in such a hurry," Mario grinned, "especially when your virility demands, as we say in Italy, 'un'esplosione di sperma'. Subtlety, my friend. Take your time and you will see why I made you wait."

Still holding his wrist Mario stretched his leg over Lloyd and knelt on the bed astride his chest. He grabbed Lloyd's other wrist and pinned hem down to the bed on either side of his head. He smiled down at him. "Just so you cannot touch your cock, amico." Lloyd gazed up at the splendid face leaning over him, then down at the long hard cock grazing his stomach. "You gonna fuck my face, buddy? Do it, man - I'll give you an epic blow job."

"Amico," Mario said in a stern tone, though he retained his smile. "You should know that when Italian men make love their macho instincts rule. In bed the Italian male is in charge. All you have to do is relax and enjoy." Mesmerized by the softly accented voice Lloyd felt his own 'macho instincts' yield and he willingly accepted the dominance of this handsome 'Italian male'.

Mario took one hand off Lloyd's wrist and dipped his fingers in the lube jar he had placed on the bed. He reached behind him and folded his hand round Lloyd's rigid cock. "You have a beautiful cock, amico. I am going to caress it, but do not cum. I will be angry if you do."

He spread the lube the length of the shaft, then guided it between the cheeks of his own ass. He reached forward and squeezed Lloyd's nipples in his greasy fingertips. The sensation of the oily tit massage was subtlely erotic and Lloyd moaned, "Oh shit, man, that feels incredible. I .... Aaaah." His eyes opened wide and he stared up at Mario who was lowering his fine body and perfect ass onto Lloyd's dick, which felt like it was on fire.

Mario came to rest sitting on Lloyd's pubic hair. "Now the hot American stud is inside me ... and it feels ... fantastico. You are so beautiful, Lloyd, it is an honor to have your cock in my ass. And now you will see why I made you wait."

He rose up and lowered himself again all the way down Lloyd's rigid pole. The rippling body rose and fell on him making Lloyd's heart pound as he felt the soft, velvet warmth of Mario's ass wrap round his cock. He was captivated by the image of the naked Italian, dominating the action even though his ass was impaled on Lloyd's cock. He reached up and stroked Mario's chest and abs, then clamped his hands over the mounds of his pecs.

"You're so fucking gorgeous, man. You're riding my cock and it feels incredible in your sweet ass. Fuck it, man, fuck my cock .... Yeah .... Damn, I can't take much more, Mario. I gotta bust my load. Let me cum, man. You wanna feel my jizz in your ass, don't you?"

"Of course, amico. I can feel your cock pulsing inside me, aching for release. So do it, my friend, bathe my ass in semen. I will make it happen ... like this." Mario sat down hard on Lloyd's pubic hair and clenched his ass muscles tight, squeezing the shuddering cock. "Oh, man," Lloyd panted, that feels ... oh ... fuck, fuck .... I'm gonna cum ... here it comes ... aaagh."

Lloyd screamed as he dug his fingers into Mario's pecs and erupted inside his ass. Mario watched the handsome jock bucking and writhing in the throes of passion, his handsome face thrashing from side to side. "Oh man," Lloyd gasped as Mario's hot ass sucked the last drops of sperm out of his cock. He looked down at Mario's cock and said through heaving breaths, "But you didn't cum, Mario. You didn't get off on it?"

"On the contrary, amico, it was hard not to spill my juice. But now I will. I was saving it for this." He pulled his ass off Lloyd's cock and shuffled back on his knees until he was kneeling between his legs. He ran his hand over Lloyd's cock, wet with semen and lube, and used it to lube his own cock. Then in one swift but gentle move he raised Lloyd's legs and eased his cock slowly into his ass.

"Aaah," Lloyd gasped. "That feels good ... but it hurts 'cos I just came."

"All the better," Mario smiled. "Now you will really feel it. And it won't be long. You are such a beautiful man - that face, that body - that I cannot hold back for long. It feels so good to be in your ass. I love fucking you, Lloyd. You feel my cock pushing deeper and deeper inside you?"

He leaned forward, pinned Lloyd's wrists to the bed again and smiled into his soft gray eyes. "You know everything is going to be alright, Lloyd. I promise you. A man like you, so beautiful, so sexy ... how could a man not be in love with you. Che bello ... che bello ... aaah ..."

Lloyd felt warm liquid pouring inside him and saw Mario's green eyes sparkling with joy, his muscles flexing as he buried his cock deep. Mario leaned forward and they kissed for long, tender minutes until at last Mario drew back, pulled his cock from Lloyd's ass and stood up.

"Stay, stay," he said quietly and Lloyd obeyed. Mario brought a towel from the bathroom and wiped off Lloyd's cock and ass, then his own. Then he climbed into bed and wrapped his arms round Lloyd. "Now we will sleep, amico, and in the morning we will make love again and then I will make you a fine Italian breakfast. You will see. Everything will come right for you ... better even than before, even though there may still be a few blips in the road on the way.

"Bumps, Mario," Lloyd said sleepily. "Bumps in the road, not blips. Blips are for radar."

"Ah - bumps, blips - si complicato. But I have you to correct my English. You see how I need you, amico?"

"Mmm," Lloyd mumbled and fell asleep with a smile on his face.


Mario was true to his word. After warm, loving morning sex Mario was continuing his efforts to reassure Lloyd over the promised 'Italian breakfast'. They were interrupted by the buzz of Lloyd's cell phone. Lloyd looked at the screen and mouthed the word "Steve".

Up on Mullholland Grady had insisted on making breakfast and Steve, with a goofy smile, had watched him moving around the kitchen in nothing but a pair of Steve's boxers, throwing ingredients in the blender for some healthy protein and fruit concoction. Steve had walked out to the hall and noticed for the first time the note Lloyd had left. "Gone down to the guys' house for dinner. Come join us when you're ready. I love you ... L."

A pang of confused remorse had jolted Steve who responded by phoning Lloyd. "Got your note buddy. Sorry I didn't make it down there for dinner but ...."

Lloyd rescued him. "..... but you spent the night with Grady. It's OK, I saw when I came by the house after work."

"And, er, you er .... are you OK, Lloyd?"

"Sure, never better," Lloyd said unconvincingly. "Actually I spent the night with Mario and we had a great time. He's giving me breakfast right now."

"Good, good, I'm glad about that," Steve said. "Er, Grady will probably be sticking around as today's Saturday - you know, sunning by the pool and stuff so ... we'll talk later uh?"

"Yeah, well there are work things I wanna go over with Bob and Jamie in the office here, so I'll probably spend most of the day here. Say hi to Grady for me." Lloyd abruptly shut off the phone and Mario raised questioning eyebrows.

"Well," Lloyd said in a strained voice, "he's fine. Grady's gonna stay up there, by the pool, 'sunning and stuff,' as Steve put it. He said we'd talk later, which sounds ominous."

There was no point in trying to second guess what it meant so Mario smiled encouragingly. "We should go down and join the guys. They'll be finishing their own breakfast right around now."

When the two of them appeared the usual lively buzz around the table diminished as they took their seats. Mario beamed and Lloyd smiled weakly. Zack, in his forthright way, broke through the uneasiness with, "You guys got that glow about you. You sleep well?"

Lloyd blushed a little but Mario still smiled broadly. "Si, signore, we did. We had Stravecchio brandy, espresso, gelato and sex ... in that order. Eddie laughed but stopped abruptly under several glares. "No, no, signore, Eddie is right to laugh. It was a happy occasion and we had a great time, non รจ vero, amico?" he asked Lloyd.

"A great time," Lloyd grinned. "Er, Bob and Jamie, I don't want to mess up Saturday plans but is there any chance of us going over those budgets that were giving us so much trouble. I can't start drawing up new plans until they're settled."

"Sure, of course," Bob said, knowing exactly why Lloyd asked. "And after that why don't you spend the rest of the day with us, dinner too?"

"What about Steve?" came a deep growling voice. "Is he still up there with that fucking toy boy?"

"Er, I believe Grady is still there, yes, sunning by the pool .... and stuff."

"Lloyd," said Jamie quickly, "could we take a look at those figures in the office right now? No time like the present. Brandon, you want to come and lend a hand?" With a sigh of relief Lloyd got up and walked to the office with Jamie, and Brandon wheeled himself beside them. Mark smiled proudly at Bob in acknowledgement of his boy's finesse.

But when Randy got hold of something that angered him he was like a dog shaking a rat. "A doctor and a fucking male model ... bullshit. A doctor and an architect I can see, but..."

"Randy!" Bob couldn't resist it. "I don't think people choose their mates by the job they do. After all, I'm a business executive and you're a construction worker, hardly a match made in heaven by those standards."

"Asshole," Randy growled, in no mood to be placated.

The meal broke up and Bob joined Lloyd, Jamie and Brandon in the office. The other men and boys got busy with their various Saturday activities, relieved to let Randy alone to stew in his discontent. Unfortunately they were so focused on their tasks that no one noticed Randy go down to the basement for a moment, then return, walk quietly through the gate and drive away.


Lloyd wasn't the only one to have his breakfast interrupted by a phone call. As Steve sat with Grady over their high protein meal his phone rang. When he took the call his expression grew increasingly concerned. "OK, Neal, stay right where you are and don't move 'til I get there. Ten minutes, OK?" He switched the phone off and sighed. "That was one of my more troubled patients, Grady. Seems he's falling into a major clinical depression and talking suicide - and it's not just a cry for attention. I may have to commit him to a psych ward on a 72-hour hold."

"Go to him, man, you gotta help him," Grady urged, echoing Steve's concern.

"But I don't want you to leave, Grady. He lives close, so I'll only be an hour or so, two at most."

"Wild horses couldn't drag me away," Grady grinned. "I'll be fine. I'll go out by the pool and work on my tan. Hell, I might even make the bed. Your patient comes first, buddy."

After a quick hug Steve pulled on jeans and a polo shirt, jumped into his BMW and drove away. Grady smiled as he cleared the kitchen counter. Seeing Steve act as a concerned doctor made him even sexier. He loved the idea that the handsome, caring doctor could be transformed into the wild sex stallion of the night before, lusting for a man on a billboard.

He went outside, dropped the boxers and rubbed sun cream over his body. He spread a towel on the boards of the deck close to the edge and lay on his back. Feeling the warm sun infuse his body he relaxed and sighed contentedly. He dozed, with an image of the muscle-god doctor in his mind, wearing just blue jeans.

He didn't know how long his mind had been drifting when he suddenly felt a shadow cross his face and he heard a deep voice growl, "You the guy who's fucking Steve?"

Startled he held his hand up to shade his eyes, squinted up into the sun and saw ... Steve? Hard to tell as the face was backlit by the sun. No, it wasn't Steve, but it could have been his twin - the same muscular build, the same square cut features ... only not the same. This face was more rugged, the stubble thicker on his jaw, his unruly hair long and black, and the blue eyes cold with menace.

Just like Grady's favorite image of Steve the man was shirtless in blue jeans, but unlike Steve his chiseled torso was streaked with dirt and gleaming with a sheen of sweat. He had the same sexual magnetism as Steve, only more so with the savage look of a gypsy. Despite his confusion Grady's fixation with hot looking men kicked in instantly. This muscular giant, menacing as he was, oozed sex and Grady's cock was already standing erect.

But his presence unnerved Grady who propped himself up on his elbows and said, "Er, Steve had to go out, but he'll be back in about an hour if you'd like to wait."

Randy exploded. "Who the fuck do you think you are giving me permission to wait for my own fucking brother in his house. I knew I wouldn't like you man and I don't. Sure, you're hotter than hell, fucking gorgeous, so I can see how you seduced my brother. But you come breezing in here, mess with his mind and it looks like you've moved in - but that stops right now.

"So listen up, asshole. I'm Steve's big brother and I'm in charge of our family, a family you have no place in. So here's what's gonna happen, mother-fucker. You're gonna get up, take your perfect body and your pretty face and get the hell out of this house. You'll get out of Steve and Lloyd's life and never come back. Do I make myself clear?"

"Like hell I will," Grady bristled. "Shit, man, where do you get off ordering me around? Last time I looked Steve was a big boy and well able to take care of himself. You, in charge of him? That's a joke. A fucking gypsy in charge of that macho doctor. We'll see what Steve has to say about that. You're the mother-fucker, asshole, and I'm not going anywhere."

"Son of a bitch," Randy roared. He raised his boot, pressed it on Grady's chest and slammed him onto his back. "Aaagh!" Grady howled, feeling the pressure on his chest. He grasped the boot and struggled to lift it. "Get your filthy foot of me, dickhead .... Aaah .... You're hurting me ... I can't breathe."

Randy reduced the pressure a fraction and growled, "That's nothing to what you're gonna get, asshole. I thought you would just slink away with your tail between your legs but I was kinda hoping I'd have to persuade you." He knelt astride his waist and slammed his fist into Grady's stomach. Grady howled and clawed at Randy's chest but he had no effect on the wildman who slammed the back of his hand across his chest. Randy raised his fist to strike his face but Grady screamed, "Not my face, please, man. That's how I make my living."

Randy paused ... and burst out laughing and mimicked, "'Oh no ... not my face'. That's right, I forgot, the pretty boy makes his living stripping naked and posing for the camera like some porn star. You do porn too, stud? Don't all you guys do porn videos too?

"OK, mother fucker, I'll give you a break. I'll keep my hands off your pretty face and give you something you're used to - getting your ass fucked. Only this ain't gonna be one of those fake vanilla fucks you usually get. You mess with my family you mess with me - and nobody messes with me. You see this?" Randy ripped open his jeans and pulled out his thick, iron-hard dick.

"No," Grady gasped as he saw the massive rod. "I can't take ...."

"You'll take what I fucking well dish out, asshole. And see, it's already hard. You're a real hot looking guy and you make my dick hard, so I'm really gonna enjoy reaming your ass." He grabbed Grady's wrists and slammed them on the deck above his head. "One move, asshole and I'll bruise that pretty face real bad."

Randy pulled from his pocket a length of rope he had brought from his basement. Expertly he tied an end round one wrist, pulled the rope up to the edge of the deck and looped it round one of the supporting beams. He pulled it down tight and tied the other end round Grady's other wrist. He stood up, reached down and yanked on his legs, sliding him down the deck so his body was stretched tight, like a prisoner stretched on a rack.

Randy towered over him stroking his cock. I gotta say, man, you are one helluva hot young jock. Pity you fucked up so bad with my brother or we could have been great fuck buddies. You should have come to me first. As it is ...."

Randy fell on his knees between Grady's legs and pushed them up high. "Now I'm sure my brother butt-fucked you good ... never could resist a hot ass like yours. But I bet he didn't do it like this. Ever been dry-fucked, Grady? Here's what it feels like."

Grady's head flew backward, his magnificent body spasmed and his scream echoed round the hills. "No!! My ass!! You're torturing my ass ... ripping me open. Stop, please, it hurts so bad ... I'll do anything...."

"Too late, asshole. You defied me and no one gets away with that, not even a guy as hot as you. I fuck rough, man, so get used to it. Just look into my eyes and it won't hurt so bad."

Randy turned up the heat and drove his cock in deep like a pile driver. It was one of his legendary punishment fucks and for an instant Grady blacked out. When he opened his eyes again he found himself staring into laser blue eyes set in the wild, dark gypsy face.

He couldn't look away - he was spellbound - and despite the savagery of the assault on his ass the pain melted away in the fire that flared from his ass and consumed his whole body. Randy leaned forward and clamped his hands over Grady's biceps. "Any man who tangles with me never forgets it," he growled. "When I fuck a man's ass he never forgets that either. You messed with my brother ... big mistake, man, 'cos you messed with me too. Now you pay."

"Fuck you, man. You'll never break me .... Aaagh!" The merciless pounding became more intense and the pain returned. But instinctively the tortured man found respite by staring again into the gypsy's magnetic eyes. He was incredible, his superb body slamming down on him, impaling him on the merciless piston driving inside him.

Grady's stretched body writhed under the onslaught on his ass, his handsome face grimacing as it thrashed from side to side. The jackhammering cock was brutal and, it seemed, never ending until Grady knew he was close to passing out. "I can't take any more," he sobbed. "You're gonna wreck my ass. Please, man, finish me off ... then let me go ....."

"I'll let you go when I see you bust a load of jism for me, stud. Look at me." The voice became hypnotic, the eyes bored into him. "I can make any man cum whenever I want. You wanna please me, Grady don't you? You wanna cum all over yourself to show me how sorry you are, don't you? You're getting butt fucked by the big gypsy and you can't resist him. Tell me...."

Grady surrendered. He had no choice. "Yes, sir. I want to cum for you, sir. Please fuck me ... make me cum ....."

"OK, man ... here it comes!" Randy eyes blazed as he fucked like a demon, his black hair flying over his rugged face, his hips slamming down, driving his cock even deeper in the blazing cauldron of his prisoner's ass. Grady heard a scream - his own - the deck shook beneath him, and his cock erupted in a shower of semen that splashed over his face. The pain in his ass turned to ecstasy as he felt the gypsy's warm juice bathe the membrane of his shattered ass.

Tears poured down the athlete's face as his body shuddered and then became still. His handsome face winced as Randy abruptly pulled his cock out and stood up, glaring down at him in triumph. "That convince you, stud? You'll leave my brother alone, go away and forget him."

"I can't do that, man. I want him, he wants me, and you can't change that, big brother or not."

"Fuck you, man. Maybe this'll change your mind. From his back pocket he pulled something he had brought from his basement room. Grady gasped wide eyed as he saw Randy's fist wrapped round the handle of a long rubber butt plug, like he was brandishing a sword. He fell on his knees again and slowly pushed it all the way in Grady's ass.

Grady sobbed, "I can't take that, man .... take it out ... I've had enough."

But Randy persisted, then leaned forward and Grady found himself staring once more into the ice blue eyes. And suddenly Randy was kissing him, their mouths grinding against each other, lips, tongues, churning in a mind-blowing outburst of male passion. Grady was lost to the magnetic sexuality of the wild gypsy ... he was falling under his spell .... when suddenly it stopped. Grady looked up desperately as Randy sprang to his feet, shoved his dick back in his pants and buttoned them up.

"Just so you'll remember me, asshole. Remember that mouth on yours, feel that plug in your ass .... and remember me. Next time you want sex from my family you come to me and I'll be more than happy to plough that gorgeous ass. Just leave my brother alone. Get it?"

But still Grady defied him. "Let's just wait and see what Steve says about that."

Randy laughed. "Don't look to Steve for help. Like I said, I'm his big brother and he'll do what I tell him. Even when he finds out what I did to his boy toy he won't retaliate against his brother. Ain't gonna happen. So long, stud. You're one hot mother-fucker, I'll give you that."

And suddenly Grady was alone, his body stretched in bondage, tugging helplessly at his restraints, the plug sticking out of his ass reminding him of the pain of the savage fuck that had made him bust his load. He closed his eyes and waited for Steve to return.


He wasn't sure how much time passed before he at last he heard in the distance a vehicle pull up at the gate. Heavy footsteps sounded on the gravel drive, coming closer and he moaned, "Help me .... Steve ... help me."

But the vehicle was not Steve's BMW. It was a military jeep. Hassan had come home and was walking past the house down to his guest house when he heard a low moaning sound coming from Steve and Lloyd's deck.

Grady still had his eyes closed against the sun as he heard with relief Steve's footsteps coming closer. But when he opened his eyes it wasn't Steve. He was looking up at a soldier - a tall muscular Marine in military fatigues and a sleeveless shirt hanging open exposing his broad shoulders, eight-pack abs and the slabs of his chest, his dog tags hanging in the cleft between them. The square, chiseled face was dark, exotic, with slanted eyes and short black hair.

Grady thought he was hallucinating. It was a pornographic illusion. But then he heard the deep, accented voice as the soldier spoke.

"Holy shit. Who the hell are you?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 267


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