Darius worked hard at the construction site as assistant to the two bosses Randy and Zack. After work he often dropped into his favorite Silver Lake leather bar for a beer. His master Zack didn't mind him being there alone - it was good for him to mix with other men, Zack thought, provided he didn't stray from the golden rule of never having sex with anyone outside the tribe.

The tall, handsome, muscular boy with the ready joke and gleaming smile was popular in the bar and he got to know a lot of the regulars well. Coming straight from work he was shirtless in black jeans and boots. Tonight he was chatting with a man he really liked, an older man who had the craggy good looks that came with maturity, and a body that was still sexy and hard-muscled from daily gym workouts.

They were already a little tipsy and talking raunchily about Darius's huge horse-dick, the frequent subject of admiration and jokes. "You know," the guy said, "I always said that someone should make a cast of that dick of yours and duplicate it ... you know, like the porn stars do. You know I live just round the corner and if you come with me now I'll show you how it's done."

The idea of his dick being immortalized intrigued Darius, appealed to his vanity, and he said, "Sure, why not?" Zack wouldn't mind - at least Darius was pretty sure he wouldn't - though he did get plenty mad if his boy stayed out too late. So he wouldn't stay long with the guy and, after all, what trouble could he get into?

He sure didn't want to get on the wrong side of Zack.

The older guy's name was Vince and as they walked round to his house Darius said, "Actually, some years ago a couple of guys did make a dildo of my dick that they used in sex shows. When I moved away from them I took it with me but I lost it. It would be way cool to have another one. My buddies would really get off on it."

So Vince got to work - and it was a long process, painting the clay mold with layers of latex, letting each layer dry and finally filling it with silicone. The first stage was a cinch as Darius's cock was hard as iron, and it stayed that way even after the clay mold came off.

There were long pauses as they let each layer of latex dry, during which they drank beer and chatted and Darius got to know Vince real well. He was a handsome, intelligent man with a squared stubbled chin and a touch of gray in his hair. His maturity struck Darius as down-to-earth, kind and sexy. He didn't know many older men and he took a liking to Vince. He was one of the reasons Darius's dick was so hard.

"How much is this gonna cost me, Vince?" Darius asked with a grin.

"Well now, that all depends on you, boy. A lot of guys pay me in kind. I mean ... that huge club of yours looks real enticing. It must feel great in a guy's ass ... mine, for example."

Darius laughed. "Yeah, I agree ... but ..." He didn't let on that he was already Zack's boy.

"There, that's another layer. Now we wait some more." Their eyes met and Darius felt his cock shudder. He didn't resist when Vince bent down, wiped off residual spots of dry clay and took the long black shaft in his mouth.

Darius was turned on by the mature, handsome man sucking his cock and, when Vince rolled over and Darius saw his firm ass, he forgot his allegiance to anyone else and impulsively drove his dick deep in his ass. The man gasped, then smiled and moaned, "Wow, I have never felt anything like that. You're hung like a horse, man. Let me have it."

Darius hammered Vince's ass with increasing force until he felt himself approaching his climax. "Great ass, man. So fucking hot it's gonna make me cum."

Vince gazed up at the beautiful boy, his ebony muscles rippling as he pounded ass. "Yeah, let me feel your jizz in me, Darius. You're so fucking gorgeous, man. Cum inside me ... take my ass, boy ... yeah!" He howled as he felt the massive black cock explode inside him, releasing a pent-up river of semen that filled his ass.

"Man, that was sensational," Vince said as the long rod pulled out of him. He got to work with another layer of latex, then sat back to let it dry. "You didn't cum," Darius said, surprised and disappointed. "Nah," Vince grinned salaciously. "I was saving it. Tell you what, I'll make you a second dildo if I can fuck that gorgeous ass. Fair's fair, I just took a helluva pounding from you."

The alcohol and genial atmosphere overcame the boy's inhibitions and thoughts of Zack, plus he really wanted to show off his perfect ass to Vince. So he knelt on hands and knees and felt the man's cock ease into him. Vince moaned, "Shit, that's hot ... I mean literally hot. My cock's burning up inside that furnace. You're such a young stud it's an honor to fuck you, boy."

Vince grabbed the hard cheeks of Darius's ass and pumped faster and faster, excited by the black buck's ecstatic moans. Vince was so turned on that that he didn't last long before he shouted, "Shit, you're making me bust my load already. I can't hold back, man ... you're so damned hot, I ... no ... no ... fuck ... fuuuck!" He slapped Darius's ass as he released a stream of hot sperm deep inside it.


An hour later the latex mold was ready. Vince steadied it in a cardboard box and carefully squeezed black silicone into it, watched by the fascinated young man. Darius heard a clock chime in another room and looked at his watch. "Jesus, it's midnight. I gotta go home."

Vince smiled at him. "What, Cinderella has stayed to long at the ball? Pun intended. You're no Cinderella, kid, but you know what they say, 'When you gotta go you gotta go'. I don't expect you to leave a glass slipper on the stairs - hell they don't make them big enough for your size twelves - but if you leave me the clay cast I'll make two more dildos for you and you can pick them up later. This one you can take with you but it'll be several hours before it sets hard."

Darius was frantic at the thought of Zack waiting for him, but he still took the time to hug Vince and say, "I had a great time, Vince. Thanks a million for this," holding up the box. "Don't worry, I'll put it to good use."

"I bet you will, stud. You're a great guy, Darius."

Darius had a feeling that Zack would not be of the same opinion, and he rushed back to the bar to pick up his truck. He was clutching the box that held the drying replica of his massive cock which had been the cause of this whole thing.


When he skidded to a halt outside Zack's house he ran to the door, breathed deeply and opened it fearfully. The house was empty. He ran outside and across the street where he bumped into Pablo coming out. "There you are, Darius," Pablo said with relief. "Are you OK? Where the fuck were you?"

"I think I've fucked up big time, dude. Do you know where Zack is?"

"Out looking for you ... he became frantic as the hours went by and you didn't come home. I think he went to that bar you go to thinking you might be there."

"Shit, shit, shit," Darius said, pounding the gatepost with his fist. "Oh man, I'm in serious trouble. I've never done anything this bad. I'm scared, dude."

Just then they heard a truck roaring up the hill and Zack slammed to a halt with a screech of brakes. He leapt out of the truck and said breathlessly, "Here you are!  Where the fuck have you been? Are you OK?"

"I'm ... I'm fine, sir." He trembled as he saw Zack's fear at losing his boy turn to rage on finding him. "Do you have any idea how worried I was about you?"

"Sir," Darius stammered incoherently, "I'm sorry sir. I didn't realize it was so late ... I was ... I didn't realize ... I was, like ..."

"Quiet!" Zack grabbed his arm and pulled him into the house, leaving Pablo stunned watching them leave. He decided to wait just inside ... he had a feeling Darius would be spending the night with him.

Darius stood shamefaced before his master, both of them stripped to the waist in black jeans and boots. Zack's eyes were blazing, his muscles flexed like a black panther about to strike. "I want the truth, boy. You lie to me and I'll fucking kill you. I went to that bar where they know you and they told me you left with a guy hours ago. Is that true?"

"Yes, sir."


"I know the guy quite well, sir, an older guy, and he said he could make a model of my cock ... kinda like a dildo, sir. It sounded like a neat idea and he lived close to the bar so I went. But making a dildo takes a lot longer than you would think, sir ... though I don't suppose you've ever had reason to think about that ..." He paused and gulped, knowing he was digging his hole deeper. "I've got it right here, sir. Would you like to see?" It was getting worse and worse.

"Cut to the chase, boy," Zack roared. "What's this guy look like?"

"He's a real handsome older man, sir, with kinda craggy good looks, stubbled chin and all ... real masculine. He's tall, muscular, obviously works out a lot ... one of those real sexy mature guys."

"Enough! Why were you there so long ... past midnight? What were you doing?"

"Watching him work. Like I said, it takes a long time."

"Is that all? Did you have sex?"

Stiff with fear Darius gulped and said feebly, "Yes, sir."

"Did you fuck him?"

"Yes, sir."

"Holy shit." Zack turned and paced the room, running his hands over his shaved head. He turned back and looked at the boy who had tears running down his face. He was a picture of guilt. Zack's eyes grew wide as he guessed, "Jesus Christ ... did this guy ... did he fuck you?"

Darius gulped again and, his head spinning, he brazened it out, tried being tough to conquer his fear. Sobbing he blurted out defiantly, "Yes he fucked me in the ass, sir ... and it felt great!"

"NO!" Zack slapped the back of his hand across Darius's face and sent him reeling across the garden. "Get out. Get your sorry ass out of my house and don't come back. This house is off-limits to you from now on. I never want to see your face again, boy."

With a whimper, fearing more violence, Darius ran from the house, still clutching his box. He staggered blindly across the street, through the gate to the main house ... and into Pablo's arms. "Help me dude. He's thrown me out ... never wants to see me again. My life's ruined. Hold me, Pablo. Help me."


Pablo and Darius had been lovers since they first met years ago and now Pablo's only instinct was to comfort his friend. He threw his arm over his shoulder and guided him up the stairs to the apartment they shared.

Pablo opened two beers while Darius sat on side of the bed, head bowed, shoulders hunched, a picture of misery. Pablo sat facing him and waited while Darius raised his head and dried his eyes. He always projected a tough guy image to Pablo, which he knew turned Pablo on. So now he pulled himself together, his jaw clenched.

Pablo handed him a beer, and Darius threw his head back swallowing hard. He was beginning to regain his composure so Pablo rested his hand on his and asked, "You wanna talk about it?"

Darius told him the whole story and found it therapeutic to unload his troubles to a sympathetic ear. Pablo listened in silence, interrupting only a couple of times for clarification.

Pablo had met Vince once in the bar and remembered how sexy he was, so he could easily imagine him and Darius together. To that degree he could sympathize with his friend, though he knew right away the trouble he was in, disobeying the cardinal rule of no sex outside the tribe. He shuddered to think what Randy would do to him if he committed the same offense.

As Darius wound his story down his eyes were moist again when he recalled the look of fury on Zack's face. "I worship the guy, dude, but he's thrown me out. Said he never wants to see me again. I guess I'm not his boy anymore. I'll have to leave, I'll be banished from the tribe."

"Hey, buddy, stop projecting like that. It may not be that bad. Maybe he'll punish you and forgive you."

"I wish he would punish me. I'd take anything to make amends ... he could hammer my ass, whip me, torture me, anything if only he'd take me back. Hell, he could shove my own dildo up my ass and leave it there."

"Is that what you've got there?" Pablo asked, nodding at the cardboard box on the bed. "Mind if I take a look?" He pulled the box toward him and opened one side. "Holy shit," he gasped, staring in disbelief at the massive black replica of his lover's cock. "Man that is so beautiful. But I thought you already had a dildo molded from your cock."

"Yeah but it was so long ago and I lost it." He managed a grin, "Anyway, my cock has grown even bigger since then."

"It's all the fucking you do, buddy." Pablo reached out to touch the dildo but Darius cautioned, "Careful, let me see if it's ready."

Gently he touched the latex, then peeled it back to reveal the long black silicone cock inside. Don't treat it too rough 'cos it's not completely set. I was gonna give it to you as a present. Vince is making two more from the same clay mold and I was gonna give them to the other boys. But all bets are off now. I guess I'll throw this one in the trash in case Zack finds it."

"Over my dead body," Pablo protested. "That thing is a work of art. I'll keep it safe ... and put it to good use." He grinned his crooked grin that always melted Darius's heart. "In the meantime, buddy, while I'm waiting for the copy, I'd sure like to feel the real thing in my butt. What you need is a good fuck ... and so do I."

Darius smiled for the first time and said, "If I do have to leave I'll always stay in touch with you, dude." He felt his dominance returning and said. "On the bed, stud. Show me that ass."


Pablo was quick to comply. He knew that Darius had been crushed by Zack, which was especially painful and humiliating for the tough senior boy with his sexy blend of dominance and humor. He was a favorite of all the boys, some of whom, like Eddie and Brandon, looked on him as a hero. Pablo knew that he needed to have his self-confidence and macho attitude restored and there was only one sure way to do that.

The muscular young stud stripped naked and got on all fours on the bed in front of a mirror. He shoved his flawless ass in the air, knowing that Darius was always excited by the sight of the white globes contrasting with his tanned body. Darius's ten-inch black cock had been swinging limply in his shorts after the tongue lashing from Zack, but now the sight of Pablo's ass brought it back to solid life. As he dropped his shorts the huge club sprang out, pointing straight at Pablo's white ass.

Darius knelt behind his lover, grabbed his hips and pressed the hard round head of his cock against Pablo's hole. Pablo looked in the mirror at the reflection of Darius's face, his chiseled features set in an expression of fiery determination. That's better, Pablo thought - the tough young muscle-boy he loved.

Darius growled, "You see that massive dildo on the bed there. That's my cock. Keep your eyes on it and imagine the real thing driving in your ass ... like this ..."

"Aaaah..." Pablo sighed deeply as he felt the familiar sensation of the long rod pushing endlessly into him. It finally came to rest, filling his ass, before backing out slowly, teasing him as it repeatedly paused, pushed in a little, pulled back, fucking gently each time. Then the cock retracted all the way ... and plunged in again, fiercely this time, making Pablo's yell echo round the room.

Pablo was always driven wild by Darius's beer-can-thick dick moving expertly inside him, and he moaned in ecstasy as it made love to his ass. As he looked down he saw the dildo lying just inches from his face in all its ebony beauty, and he realized that it was an exact model of the cock ploughing his ass. As the real thing pushed into him his eyes travelled along the length of the copy, simultaneously seeing and feeling the two black shafts.

He lowered his head, poked out his tongue and licked the dildo from head to base, copying the rhythm of the real cock penetrating him, feeling every contour in his ass and mouth at the same time. Suddenly Darius flipped Pablo over on his back and touched the dildo to make sure it was now set hard. He picked it up and displayed it to his mesmerized lover. "You think there's nothing new in sex, don't you, boy. A fuck is a fuck, same every time."

"Yes, sir," Pablo said meekly.

"Well you'd be wrong. Ever been butt-fucked and face-fucked at the same time by the same dick?"

"No, sir." Darius stared down at the muscular young buck with his high-cheeked Mestizo looks and felt a surge of adrenaline run through him. Pablo opened his mouth wide and Darius eased the long black dildo inside, at the same time pushing his dick deep in his ass.

And that's how it continued as Pablo became delirious with the twin sensations. His eyes opened wide and he gazed up at his muscle-boy lover, muscles rippling as he pushed his horse-dick in Pablo's ass and the replica in his mouth. Pablo surrendered entirely to the dominant black stud, his mind reeling, his ass burning and his jaw aching.

The dual fuck seemed endless to Pablo, but suddenly Darius pulled his dick savagely out of his ass and replaced it instantly by the dildo that had been stuffing his mouth. With his free hand he stroked his own cock and flashed a gleaming white-teeth smile down at Pablo who was writhing on the bed, impaled on the ten-inch replica after enduring the real one for so long.

"You know, boy, I could split you open with this weapon."

"Yes, sir," Pablo groaned, knowing that his lover would never carry out such a brutal threat.

"So it's up to you, boy. I'll go easy on you if you do what I tell you. You're gonna submit to me and bust your load when I order you to." He rammed the dildo inside his ass with increasing force and speed, watching the handsome face thrash from side to side, tears running down his cheeks. Darius had learned from Zack how to bring a man right up to his pain threshold, which he did now, until at the very last he growled, "OK, boy. Do it ... now."

At his limit of endurance Pablo yelled, "I submit, sir. I love you ... my ass is yours. Aaagh ... aaagh ... here it comes, sir. Yeaahh!" Darius suddenly lowered his head and swallowed his lover's cock as it erupted with hot jism that he gulped down, stream after stream.

When the flow ended Darius jumped to his feet, towering naked over his lover. Pablo, his breath heaving, heart pounding, looked up hypnotized by the muscular physique and handsome black face, cum oozing out of his mouth and down his stubbled jack. "I love you, boy," Darius yelled. "Here it comes ... this is all for you, dude."

He pounded his cock harder and it exploded with an eruption of sperm that poured down on Pablo, splashing on his chest, his neck and face. Pablo opened his mouth wide and swallowed all he could, drowning in the hot jism of the macho young jock jerking off over him.

Eventually Darius knelt on the bed and slowly, gently, pulled out the dildo inch by inch by inch. Pablo whimpered when it finally came out. "You are such a spectacular top man, Darius. That was the best ever. I love it when you take charge like that, big guy. Like you're my master."

Darius fell on top of him and held him in his arms. But soon Pablo felt the big body shuddering on him and heard heaving sobs. Now that the sexual domination scenario was over, the alpha boy had collapsed in a welter of returning misery and fear as he recalled the rage on Zack's face. "I love him, dude ... I worship him. I'll love him even if he throws me out. Do you think he knows that dude? Will you tell him for me after I've gone?"

Pablo held his unhappy lover tight ... all night long.


Randy and Bob were still awake and had heard the shouts coming from the boys' apartment next door. Of course, word of the drama had sped round the clan and was the subject of intense conversation in every bedroom. "Well," Bob said, "Pablo sure seems to be taking care of his boyfriend. There's such loyalty between those boys."

"Loyalty!" Randy huffed. "Darius should have thought of loyalty when he let that guy fuck him for making a cast of that fucking dick. I don't think loyalty to his boy will be the first thing on Zack's mind. He'll boot the kid out. I know if Pablo tried a stunt like that I'd kick him out of the house so fast his head would spin."

"No you wouldn't Randy. You, banish your adopted son? Of course you wouldn't. You love him too much, the same as Zack loves Darius. You top guys are something else. When something like this happens your bravado kicks in and you beat your chests like King Kong, showing the tribe how tough you are. Nobody messes with you, least of all a boy! Nah, everyone knows that's bullshit. You and Zack have to find another solution."

"How would you know how to treat a rebellious boy? Those twins of yours are so submissive they'd jump off the roof if you told them too. Nah, me and Zack talk the same language. I gotta go see him." He got out of bed, pulled on shorts and stomped out the door, leaving behind him a man who felt that he and his twins had all just been insulted by the raging gypsy.


Randy was right about one thing - he and Zack were alike, with the same attitude and opinions. The two chiefs of the several construction sites prided strength and toughness above all, so close they were like brothers under the skin.

Randy strode into Zack's house without knocking and found him slumped in a chair getting drunk. "You OK, buddy."

"Sure," Zack said raising his head assertively, though his eyes were red and there was a hint of tearstains on his cheeks. "Why wouldn't I be OK? My boy defied me, committed the major sin of letting an outside guy fuck his ass, and I've thrown him out. He's insulted me, made me look weak to the whole tribe. I guess he don't want to be my boy anymore, and I sure don't want him so he's out and I don't wanna see him again. Like you always say, a boy misbehaves, he gets punished and that's an end of it."

Randy knew it was not that simple. And he knew just what Zack was feeling - the same things Randy would be feeling in his place. The key thing Zack had said was 'made to look weak to the whole tribe'. Zack felt humiliated and was reasserting his dominance by acting tough, tough enough to throw his boy out.

"Do you want me to fire him from his job, Zack? He's a real good assistant to me, works hard, but I'll sack him if that's what you want."

Zack looked at Randy with a hint of uncertainty and alarm. "Look, Randy, all I want is to never lay eyes on the boy again. So if you wanna keep him on, keep him on. It's your call. But I was thinking, you know the York Avenue site where we've been having so much trouble with the crew. Maybe I should go up there and take over, whip those guys into shape. I could be there first thing tomorrow morning."

"You're the best guy for the job, buddy, better even than me 'cause I'd lose my cool and beat the fuckers up. So good idea, Zack. Maybe it'll take your mind off all this and help you think straight."

Zack's eyes flashed. "Oh I'm thinking dead straight right now, man. That boy is history to me. I'm not the kind of guy who gets humiliated by his boy and lets it ride. It's done, finished." He took another slug of Scotch and Randy thought it best to just let Zack drink himself to sleep. He guessed, rightly, that they wouldn't see much of him for the next few days.


Breakfast next day was a somber affair. All the boys, minus Darius and Pablo, had got up early and Jamie called a meeting. That was always Darius's role and the boys already missed him. Jamie just let them vent and it was clear that general opinion was on Darius's side. They had all made mistakes at one time or another and been punished so, although what Darius had done was unforgivable they thought that he should nevertheless be forgiven.

But they knew that would be difficult as Zack was such a dominant guy, proud of his status as a boss, a status that had been diminished. Darius was a favorite of all the boys, idolized by some, with his muscular body, handsome, chiseled features and above all his sense of fun. He was very much a senior boy, more even than Pablo who was quick to lose his temper like his master Randy.

Jamie smiled with pride as he realized that all the boys, fiercely loyal to each other, had once again circled the wagons as they always did when one of their own was in trouble. The twins said that breakfast was ready and they all disbursed to help them get it on the table.

Notably absent from the gathering were Zack, Darius and Pablo. The twins had a quiet word with Bob. "Sir," Kyle said, "we don't think Zack has left for work yet so could we take him a breakfast tray?"

"Good idea, guys, but you better be quick. He'll be leaving early." The twins looked uneasily at each other and Kevin said, "Er ... sir ... we know you don't like the idea of any of the boys being served meals in their room. This is not a hotel, you always say, so no room service. But we think Darius and Pablo won't come down for breakfast, understandably, so this one time could we take them trays?"

Bob thought about it and smiled. Randy had been wrong. These boys were far from submissive. When there was trouble in the house they always asserted themselves and found a way to ease the problem simply by serving food. "I think we can make an exception this time," Bob said. "It would be uncomfortable for Darius to show his face. So go for it, guys. I'm proud of you for suggesting it."

In his house across the street Zack was hung over, trying to pull himself out of bed, make some strong coffee then get the hell out of here and take refuge in work. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the twins came in bearing trays with a cooked breakfast, juice and coffee. The way Zack felt now the twins looked like angels.

"Sorry to interrupt, sir," Kevin said, "but we thought you might like some hot food and coffee."

Kyle added, "We made it extra strong, sir, and we took the liberty of putting aspirins on the tray in case you need them. When you've done, just leave the trays and we'll pick them up later."

Zack gazed up at them and thought how great it would be if Darius had been like them. But then he realized he wouldn't like that at all. Darius was Darius, tough, assertive and funny and that's the way he loved him. Loved him? Fuck that. Fuck, fuck. But all he said was "Thanks guys ... this is terrific."

The twins left the room glancing at Zack one last time, a sad sight, hunched over his solitary breakfast, alone and troubled. When they closed the door behind them they looked at each other with moist eyes, put their arms round each other and kissed. No matter what dramas hit the house, however much sadness was created, the twins always found their ultimate comfort and love in each other. As long as they were together they could take on the world.

Next came the boys. In a few minutes the twins were carrying two more trays across the garden where Randy stopped them. Bob had had a long chat with him and Randy had a few intense words with the boys, ending with a smile and a pat on the shoulders.

When they knocked on the door of Darius and Pablo's apartment, they went in to find the guys still naked in each other's arms, Pablo licking dry tears off Darius's face. The brothers hesitated, then Kyle cleared his throat. "Hey dudes, you hungry?" The two lovers sat up suddenly and smiled as they saw and smelled the breakfast on the trays.

Darius said, "Hey, guys, you always save the day, don't you? I thought I'd have to go away without anything to eat and god knows when I would have eaten next, or where I'd be."

"Oh, you can't do that, Darius," Kevin said. "Randy just had a word with us and asked us to tell you not to be late at the construction site. Seems Zack will be working on a different site today so Randy won't have his support and you'll be real busy as Randy's assistant."

Darius stared at them in surprise, glimpsing a ray of light amid the thunder clouds. "Are you saying he still wants me?"

"More than ever, apparently," Kevin said shrugging nonchalantly. "So eat up, dude, put your pants on and get the hell over there. When Randy says 'on time' he means on time."

As the twins left Darius pulled Pablo into a crushing hug. "You know what this means, dude? If Randy needs me at work, maybe I won't have to leave the house after all."

"As long as you stay out of Zack's way, buddy. All is not lost. Just take it one step at a time."

Going down the stairs the twins high-fived each other and Kyle said, "See, I told you, bro. You rebuild a wall one brick at a time."


The rest of the week proceeded with the same uncomfortable stalemate. Zack and Darius worked on separate sites and Randy treated the boy simply as his assistant, making no reference to Zack. Darius worked doubly hard, desperate to prove to Randy he was so useful he should stay in the house. Master and boy avoided each other at mealtimes, and the twins were only too willing to provide frequent room service.

Following in the tradition of never interfering in the relationship between a master and his boy everyone clumsily avoided the topic, with lots of stumbles and bitten tongues. It was as if the fuse was lying right there and one wrong word would ignite it.

One man who was especially frustrated was Bob. He knew this was all bullshit, an impulsive boy and the wounded pride of an alpha male. He had spent enough time in the past tiptoeing around Randy in one of his rages not to recognize a man who felt (usually mistakenly) that he had been humiliated in front of the tribe.

So Bob decided to bite the bullet and confront Zack. After dinner he took a bottle of brandy over to Zack's house where he found the construction boss morosely flicking through the payroll of the crew he was managing. "Hey buddy," Bob said with a strained attempt at levity. "Thought I'd bring you a bottle of our best brandy, the kind the twins hide from me. Can I join you in a drink?"

"Please yourself," Zack grunted. As Bob sat and poured the drinks Zack looked up sternly and said, "So, are you another one who's come to tell me how to run my life?"

"No, buddy, I ... well OK, I did come to talk so I'll cut to the chase. This thing with Darius ... I just want to say what I've often said to Randy when he gets bent out of shape. It's easy for a big guy like you to lay the law down and be brutal in punishing a guy, especially a boy. But people admire a leader more for being restrained in dealing with misbehavior intelligently, rather than simply throwing the kid out. Any man can do that."

Seeing Zack clench his fists Bob continued quickly, "All I'm saying is, please think twice, buddy, before you do anything drastic. Punish the boy, sure, he deserves it. But don't break up the relationship of two men who love each other - worship in the boy's case."

Zack slammed his hands on the table making the glasses jump. "OK, that's enough out of you," he bellowed. "Goddammit, are you telling me how to be a master, how to handle my boy? Don't you know a man never gets involved in a dispute between a master and his boy?"

Bob knew he was in deep water but decided to take the plunge. "I didn't think he was your boy anymore. You threw him out ... even though you still love him and he pines for you."

Zack leapt to his feet, yanked Bob up roughly from the table and shoved him into the garden. As he shouted at him Zack jabbed Bob in the chest for emphasis, pushing him back step by step. "What the fuck do you know about anything, asshole? You think you're so fucking high and mighty but look how you coddle those boys of yours, a couple of pussies. They could set fire to the house and you wouldn't blame them. I set the rules for my boy and when he breaks them he's out - simple as that - and it's got nothing the fuck to do with you."

As he spat out the last words Zack punctuated them with a final hard shove at Bob who stumbled and fell on his back on the grass. He quickly scrambled to his feet and brushed himself off, but Zack was like a raging bull. "I've had enough of your bullshit, asshole. Get the fuck out of my house." Bob turned away silently toward the steps. "And take your fucking brandy with you!"

Bob turned and smiled at him. "It was a present for you, buddy, 'cos you're hurting. So I'll leave it here if you don't mind. I'm sorry to have interfered, Zack. I was way out of line." He knew Zack was taking his anger and frustration out on the nearest target - and right now that was Bob. So he walked quietly down the steps and across the street.

Zack went back into his house and paced around clutching his head. "No," he moaned, "not Bob." He loved Bob, everyone loved Bob, he was a great guy, and Zack had just yelled at him, insulted him and shoved him on the ground. He beat his fists against the wall. "Damn ... damn ... damn. What the fuck's happening to me?"

At least the brandy was still there so he filled a tumbler and took a long swig. "What," he berated himself, staring in the mirror, "you gonna get drunk again like you do every night?"


As he paced the room again he glanced out the window. "What the fuck ...?" There were three steps up to his garden from the street and he watched as Brandon backed up to them in his wheelchair and heaved himself up, one step at a time.

Zack stormed out to the garden and almost fell over the boy in his chair. Brandon stared up at the shirtless black muscle-god, his eyes blazing, fists clenched. The boy's timing was not good as Zack was still raging at Bob's intervention. "What the fuck do you want, boy?" he barked.

Brandon almost lost his nerve, but he summoned all the courage he could muster and stammered, "No one knows I've come sir, not even Pete. I shouldn't be here, sir, I know that and I won't bother you for long, sir ..."

"Say what came to say, boy, and then leave me alone. I suppose you've come like Bob to tell me I'm some kind of monster."

"Not exactly, sir, but, well, I do think throwing Darius out was a bit over the top. See, I love Darius, sir, all the boys do. He's been real kind to me always and I, well, I idolize him, sir ... And he worships you too, sir. He cries himself to sleep every night, according to Pablo, and I cry too when I think how sad he is." Brandon's heart was beating like a drum and he had to steel himself to go on.

"Is that all?" Zack barked.

"No, sir, not quite." He took a deep breath. "I know Darius did some really, really bad stuff and he has to be punished. He wants that too, sir, to prove how ashamed he is. But Randy always says that the punishment should fit the crime and well, sir, I don't think in this case it does. It's way too much." Brandon gulped and blinked ever more rapidly behind his glasses the more nervous he got. But he soldiered on bravely.

"Sending Darius away is just cruel, and I know you're not a cruel man, sir. That day I first met you when you brought those air-conditioners to my house I couldn't believe a man so strong, so kind and gorgeous was in my apartment. And ever since, I've always looked up to you as my hero ... until now, sir."

Zack was reeling in a confusion of rage and amazement at the courage of this kid in a wheelchair, blinking up at him anxiously behind his black rimmed glasses. But confusion in Zack coalesced into anger. He took a threatening step forward, his eyes blazing, and yelled, "So, now a fucking kid is lecturing me, putting me in my place. I'm sick to the back teeth of you guys preaching to me, so you and your damn wheelchair can go back where you came from."

In his rage he pressed his boot on the wheelchair and gave it a shove. He put more force behind it than he intended and it rolled backwards down the slope, hit the first step down and rolled over, throwing Brandon out on the grass.

Zack froze in horror and howled, "No!" He fell to his knees by Brandon who was struggling over onto his back. "Oh kid, I didn't mean ... are you hurt, boy? Have I hurt you?"

Brandon grinned up at him. "Nah, no sweat, sir, just a bruise or two. Happens all the time. I can manage this myself, see?" Expertly his strong arms righted the wheel chair, he crawled close and pulled himself into the seat. "See, sir?" he beamed proudly. "I learned how to do that a long time ago. A lifesaver sometimes. Can you see my glasses anywhere, sir? They fell off."

Zack found them nearby, placed them gently on Brandon's face and found himself gazing into his wide, blinking eyes. "Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. Blind as a bat without them."

With that Zack lost it completely. He leaned forward, hugged Brandon and pressed his face against his. Brandon felt his cheek get wet with Zack's tears - as the big boss stammered, "Jesus, I'm sorry, Brandon ... I wouldn't hurt you for the world. It took a whole lot of courage to talk to me the way you did. What you said was dead right and I needed to hear it." He sobbed, "I love him, kiddo, I love my boy."

"Of course you do, sir."

"But he really hurt me doing what he did."

"He did wrong, sir, and has to be punished. But don't forget, sir, this is about Darius's mistake, not about your wounded pride."

Zack tensed momentarily at this lesson from a boy, but then collapsed again in Brandon's arms. "But I don't know how to handle it. What do I do next, kiddo?"

Brandon was saved from answering by the arrival of Jamie. Jamie was taken aback by the sight of the shirtless muscle-god in Brandon's arms, but he blurted out his urgent message. "Sir, Darius has gone missing. We've looked for him everywhere ... we think he's run away."

"There's your answer, sir," Brandon whispered in Zack's ear. "You gotta find him."


Zack sprang into action. All his confusion disappeared and he knew for certain what he had to do. "Sir," Jamie said, "I think I know where he might be, a place down in the Arroyo where a lot of us boys have gone when we were in trouble. Follow me, sir, but when we get there let me talk to him first. He might run away if he sees you."

Zack knew that last bit was true and it cut him to the heart. The boy he loved was scared of him! Jamie and Zack ran to their trucks and Zack followed him all the way down to the Arroyo, where they parked. Zack stayed in his truck impatiently while Jamie found the right path and ran through the bushes and scrub to the spot where he himself had hidden in the past.

As he waited Zack heard a roar behind him. It was Brandon's motor-trike with the boy sitting proudly in his wheelchair clipped onto its platform. He pulled up beside Zack, gave him a cheerful thumbs up, then gunned his bike and bumped along the gravel path Jamie had just taken. He heard the two boys before he saw them.

"I can't, dude," Darius was insisting. "I can't face him - I gotta get away. He threw me out, said he never wants to see my face again. He doesn't love me anymore."

"That's not true!" The shout came from Brandon whose bike bumped over the grass and stopped beside them. "Zack does love you, Darius. He told me. 'I love my boy,' he said, and he was sobbing as he said it. He's hurting real bad, dude. You've gotta come and take your punishment and you'll be OK in the end."

"He still loves me? He actually said that?"

"Yes, loud and clear, I kid you not. You know I don't lie, dude. Now let Jamie bring you home - be the tough guy we all know and love. Will you do that for me?"

Darius nodded meekly. Brandon revved his engine, backed up and drove back along the path. Zack was standing impatiently by his truck as Brandon drove up and gave him another jubilant thumbs up. "It's OK, sir. Jamie's bringing him back. Then it's all up to you."


The next morning, Saturday, nobody was working. Instead the whole tribe was assembled round the breakfast table, including all the guys from other houses - Steve, Lloyd, Hassan, Jason. Word had gone round on the efficient grapevine that a tribal ritual would probably play out, requiring the presence of the whole group as witnesses. The only guys absent were, as usual, Zack, Darius and Pablo.

Darius and Pablo were up in their bedroom in a state of anxious anticipation, knowing something would happen. But what? Last night Zack had caught a glimpse of Darius being driven home by Jamie, but Zack had spent the night alone with his thoughts and plans.

"Do you think it's true, buddy?" Darius said to Pablo. That Zack still loves me?"

"If Brandon told you he said that, it's true. That kid wouldn't lie to you."

"Yeah but Zack might change his mind and ...."

Suddenly the door flew open and Zack stood there. As usual he was stripped to the waist in black jeans and boots, his muscles rippling, his fists clenched, a grim look on his rugged face, his shaved head making him even more intimidating. Darius leapt out of bed naked and stood to attention before his master.

Zack was holding a short length of chain in his fist that he padlocked round Darius's neck, letting the end hang down in the cleft between his pecs. The sight of the magnificent Zack made Darius's ten-inch cock rise like an iron rod. Zack glanced down at it with a vague hint of a smile.

But then his eyes blazed as he growled, "You're at my mercy, boy. Let's find out if you're still worthy to be called 'my boy'." Zack picked up the dildo from the bed, then grabbed the end of the chain and led Darius to the door.

There was a collective gasp from the large group round the table as Zack appeared, leading Darius, butt naked, by the chain round his neck. Zack had already tied two long ropes from trees on either side of the lawn and now fastened the leather restraints at the end of them round the boy's wrists, tightening the ropes so his arms were pulled straight to the sides.

The muscular young black buck stood before the astonished group naked, in something resembling a crucifixion position, his sculpted physique carved in ebony, massive cock hard as steel, head bent in disgrace, arms stretched sideways, the slave chain hanging between his pecs. It was a homoerotic image straight out of a pornographic video. Darius was humiliated by his public disgrace but eager to bear whatever punishment Zack had in store if only he could be restored as his boy.

Zack addressed the crowd. "Gentlemen, you all know what offense this man has committed. He went with a man from a bar, a man not affiliated with this tribe, who made a cast of the boy's penis. In exchange, the boy fucked the man and then ... and then allowed himself to be fucked in the ass." A ripple went through the crowd. "He broke a cardinal rule of our group, disgracing himself, insulting his master and offending the tribe. He must face the tribe's ritual punishment.

"The cause of his offense is here." Zack held up the black dildo, then positioned it alongside Darius's rigid pole. "You can see that it is identical to the boy's own cock that he pushed into the outsider's ass before the man fucked his."

Zack glanced at Brandon. "I was recently reminded that Randy made a rule long ago that the punishment must fit the crime. The crime was committed because of this," displaying the dildo, "so this must be the instrument of punishment."

The crowd stirred in anticipation and Pablo grabbed the hand of Jamie sitting next to him. Brandon reached into the saddlebag of his wheelchair, pulled out a jar of lube that he placed on his tray table and wheeled himself across to Zack. Zack looked up in angry surprise but his anger melted into a slight smile when he saw Brandon's blinking eyes as he earnestly held up the lube. He took it and spread lube over the whole length of the dildo. Darius, his held still bowed, glanced sideways at Brandon with a look of gratitude.

Brandon rolled away ... and the moment had come. Zack walked behind the bound Darius, pressed the head of the dildo between the mounds of his ass ... and drove it deep inside, with only the handle exposed. Darius's body convulsed, he pulled against the ropes and his scream echoed round the garden as he felt the pain of the huge weapon spearing his ass.

A collective gasp arose from the spectators. This was real poetic justice, the boy impaled on a copy of his own massive, ten-inch cock - the object that had led to his disastrous mistake.


Zack surprised the crowd by taking no further action. He casually walked to the table and sat beside Randy, sensing his buddy's approval of what he was doing. Without another glance at his boy he chatted to Randy and the other men as if nothing unusual were happening.

It was a different story with the boys, all of whom stole furtive glances at Darius. His legs were shaking and they willed him to stay strong and not fall to his knees.

Suddenly, as if in response to their unspoken support, Darius straightened up, raised his head and stared straight ahead, his square jaw clenched, muscles flexed, and eyes wide open with a look of defiance on his handsome face. It was supposed to be degradation but the boys had never admired their friend as much as they did now.

And that's how it continued ... throughout breakfast and long after the dishes had been cleared away. Instead of the group breaking up, all the men and boys stayed around the house, the men in tacit support of Zack, the boys in loyalty to their friend Darius. They all tried to act normally but it was impossible with the stoic boy being slowly tortured in their midst.

The pain in Darius's ass was continuous and the rod filling it seemed to get bigger with each passing hour. His arms too, stretched by the ropes, were hurting, but he welcomed the pain. It was a way for him to purge his guilt and to prove to Zack that he would undergo any torment to affirm his loyalty to his master and respect for the tribe. He was determined never to give up.

Uncertainty hung over the whole group, many of whom cast appealing glances at Zack, who remained implacable. Of course nobody dared to actively interfere with a master's discipline of his boy. To lessen the tension Bob decided to bring some sense of normalcy to the group. He whispered to the twins who ran off to the kitchen to prepare lunch. The tribe often skipped lunch on a Saturday, but Bob thought that a group meal would restore some semblance of routine.

All the men and boys seemed to welcome this chance to come together again, even though it meant witnessing Darius's predicament up close. The boys especially huddled together, taking anguished glances at their friend standing stoically, his arms stretched sideways, chain round his neck, his jaw clenched determinedly as sweat ran down his face and body in the hot sun.

Brandon was holding hands with Eddie and Ben on either side of him and, when the meal was nearing its end, he felt compelled to take action. He looked at Pete opposite him and whispered a few words. Pete in turn spoke to Zack sitting tensely beside him, who frowned, then nodded his approval to Brandon. The boy flashed a glance at the twins who accompanied him to the kitchen.

A few minutes later they emerged, with Brandon carrying two bowls on his tray table. One contained water, the other some of the chicken casserole the twins had made for lunch. The twins laid the bowls on the ground at Darius's feet and the three boys went back to the table. They had been instructed by Zack not to touch Darius, nor help him in any way.

Brandon resumed his place between Ben and Eddie and they watched in pained silence. Darius looked down at the ground, glanced up at Brandon and the twins, then sank to his knees. The ropes had just enough slack for him to lower his head, his arms stretched up behind him like wings. His throat was parched so he thirstily lapped up lots of water, then turned his attention to the other bowl. He sucked in the food noisily, like a dog feeding from his bowl.

Tears came to the eyes of several boys as they watched the heartbreaking sight of the handsome senior boy being degraded before them all. The abject humiliation would have defeated most men - but not Darius.

When he had finished eating and taken another drink he raised his head and stared defiantly at the group. Bracing himself by pulling on the ropes he rose painfully and unsteadily to his feet ... and resumed the erect position he had maintained all morning, the dildo still buried deep in his ass.

It was a magnificent performance and a ripple of admiration went through the spectators. Brandon nodded slightly at Eddie and Ben and all three started to clap their hands, slowly and nervously at first but soon so boisterously that all the other boys joined in. It was a transforming moment, a noisy display of admiration for their friend's triumphant endurance.

The men too silently shared the boys' admiration though they made no sign of it. Except for Bob, who had watched Zack's distress building all morning. He knew well that it was as agonizing for a master to punish his boy as it was for the boy to endure it. Bob caught Zack's eye, raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

Zack knew Bob's feelings and remembered how offensively he had treated Bob when he expressed them. He wanted to make things right with him and the rest of the clan, whose sympathies had swung decisively toward Darius. Plus he wasn't sure how much longer he could bear to watch his boy's suffering, the boy he loved.

There was a collective sigh as Zack stood up, strode over to the prisoner and stared directly into his eyes. "You did well, boy," he said softly and tears came to Darius's eyes as he answered crisply, "Thank you, sir."

Zack went behind him and grabbed the handle of the dildo that had been buried for hours in his ass. He knew that a swift, savage extraction of the thing would make Darius pass out. As it was, even pulling it out slowly made the boy groan loudly and, when it finally exited and his ass muscles contracted, he howled in pain and his legs almost gave way. But Zack held him up and said in his ear, "You know what comes now, boy."

"Yes sir. Please do it, sir. I need to show you I love you, sir." Zack pulled out his cock that was as hard and almost as big as his boy's, and he now positioned it between his ass cheeks. He knew that Darius's ass had been ravaged by the dildo over so many hours and was sore and tender. But this had to be.

Slowly he pushed his rod in his boy's ass and the crowd watched Darius grit his teeth and groan loudly. His ass was on fire, the membrane raw, as he felt the long pole bury itself inch by painful inch. But it was his master's cock ... his master was fucking him, something he had feared would never happen again.

"Thank you, sir," he said loudly. "I love you sir. I'm sorry for what I did, for hurting you."

"And I don't wanna hurt you any more, kid." Zack said. "So you gotta show me and the whole tribe how much you love me, 'cos I sure as hell am gonna shoot buckets in your sweet ass."

In exhilarating relief Darius ignored the pain and squeezed his ass muscles tight round his master's cock. Zack wrapped his arm's round his boy's chest and they paused, still and silent. Then two triumphant roars rang round the hills as they both came simultaneously.

Darius felt warm juice pouring inside him, a soft, sweet balm that soothed his burning ass. He was in heaven as he yelled, "I love you, sir," and his cock erupted with long ribbons of semen that blasted across the grass and splashed on the ground by the table, a tribute to his master and proof of his love for Zack witnessed by the whole tribe.

Men and boys rose to their feet in a clamor of applause and cheers, a standing ovation for a master and his boy engaging in the tribal ritual of punishment, retribution and forgiveness. Zack freed Darius's wrists, took him in his arms and kissed him hungrily, provoking renewed cheers and whistles.

Jamie was standing next to Pablo and grinned at him. "Question is, dude, what comes next? I'm sure you're gonna want to fuck with your reprieved boyfriend - just go easy on that ravaged ass. And, after this, the men are all fired up to show their love for their boys. Can't wait for Mark to make love to me, which from the look in his eye will be any time now."

"Yeah," Pablo agreed, "but most of all Zack has a shitload of bridges to build. He has to make everything cool with his boy, and with Brandon who he apparently kicked out of his wheelchair when the kid tried to help. Pete's not gonna like that.  

"But worst of all, word on the grapevine is that Zack was real offensive to Bob when he came to offer advice. Said some real vicious things to him and shoved him on the ground. Hell, when Randy hears about that he's not gonna be best pleased, to say the least."

"You're right, buddy," Jamie said. "This has set off a whole mess of stuff. You throw a rock in a pond and the ripples last a long time. Like they always say, 'It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings ...' and we don't have no fat lady. If we did she'd be singing like a canary."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 287


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