Thomas and Danny, young newcomers to the tribe, had faced totally different initiation rituals.   

First, the arrogant full-of-himself Thomas had tried to lord it over the senior boys Pablo and Darius at the work site.   Commonly known as Golden Boy, the self-styled ‘top man’, handsome with the physique of a gymnast, had the attitude of “a first-class prick” as Pablo put it to Randy.    

Darius was even more graphic.  “You know, dude, you’re a good-looking guy.  Pity your attitude sucks.  One more insult like that and I’m gonna shove my big black dick so far up your ass it’ll come out of your mouth.”  Then Randy showed up and the swaggering ‘top-man’ ended up sobbing in the dirt, fucked in the ass by the savage gypsy and in the face by the boys.

Randy had plans for the Golden Boy.  The tribe’s leader was eager to further his boy Pablo’s progress from boyhood to manhood and figured he was ready to have his own boy – with Thomas as the prime candidate.   Randy suspected that the domineering image he presented to the world was masking the real Thomas, a man who craved to be dominated himself.  So he was not surprised when Thomas readily agreed to stay with the tribe for a week.

Pablo was all for it.  “I’d like to take a shot at it, sir.  I think me and Darius can shape the guy up.  He may be an asshole right now, but I gotta say, when I saw him buck naked, getting butt-fucked by you and face-fucked by Darius, he looked real hot.  I mean, that face, that athletic body … he’s a real trim package.

As Pablo would be sleeping that night with Randy and Bob, Darius suggested that Thomas spend the night with him and Zack in Zack’s house.  “Great idea,” said Randy.  “I’m sure that leather stud won’t have a problem with a young blond gymnast to work on. 

Later, at dinner, Thomas gasped as Zack made his appearance.  He was the kind of man he thought existed only in homoerotic porn – a tall black alpha male, heavily muscled with a shaved head, square-jaw, chiseled features and a steely look in his gray eyes.  He was wearing black jeans and boots, shirtless except for a black leather vest flapping open over his sculpted chest.  

The thought of spending the night with this leather icon and his boy sent shivers of fear and excitement running through Thomas, especially when Zack said, “So you’re the new guy.  Seems you’re gonna be spending the night with me and my boy.”  He looked him up and down.  “Yeah, you should do fine.  We’ll soon find out.”  

‘We’ll soon find out?’ Thomas wondered.  What did that mean?


Danny was a whole different story.   As soon as he arrived in L.A. the shy, reclusive boy had formed a firm friendship with Brandon, whom he resembled somewhat.  Danny liked him so much that he soon forgot Brandon was in a wheelchair, such was his fierce independence.

And Brandon had subjected him to a quite different, and much more enjoyable, initiation with his friends Eddie and Ben. Using the talents that Eddie had taught them they treated him to triple blow-jobs that, much to Danny’s surprise and delight, resulted in triple orgasms. 

Just as Randy had a plan for Thomas, his lover Bob had a plan for Danny, which centered on his boys, the tribe’s young chefs, Kyle and Kevin.  When Brandon introduced Danny to the stunning identical twins the three of them quickly established a connection – their mutual love of gourmet cuisine.     

They told Danny that they cooked all the meals for the large group of men, a task that had become so complex that Bob insisted they hire an assistant chef.  “The problem is finding the right guy,” Kevin said.  “See, we insist on providing gourmet food and the guys have come to expect it.”  Kyle added, “Er, Bob mentioned that you’ve done some cooking, Danny.”

Danny’s eyes gleamed.   “Yeah, I love it.   I was the assistant pastry chef in a big hotel in Seattle, and I was real good too.”  When Kevin suggested that Danny help them as they continued to prepare dinner, he beamed, “Could I?  That would be great.   Do you, er … do you know what you’re doing for dessert?”

“No, haven’t got that far yet.”  The twins exchanged smiles. “Why, you got something special in mind?”

“Well, how about chocolate soufflé?”

It was agreed, and the result was that the group that gathered for dinner that evening was treated to a dessert that Bob described as “orgasmic.”   And Randy said, “Oh shit.  Man this is so fucking good it’s gonna make me cum in my shorts.  You made this, boy?   Shit damn, you gotta stick around, kid, even if I have to chain you to the damn kitchen.”  Laughter swept the table and a wave of relief swept over Danny as Brandon grinned at him with two thumbs up.

But Danny had encountered a big problem – his sexual attraction to the twins, who were obviously lovers too.  As they worked together he wondered, ‘Do they make love to each other – do they actually fuck?’  He had to go jerk off in the bathroom and when he came back he said,   “Look, I’m sorry guys, but I don’t think this is gonna work.  I can’t work with you ‘cos, well, you’re both so damn gorgeous I’d get distracted and keep creaming my shorts.  It just wouldn’t work.”

“Danny,” Kevin interrupted.  “Where are you gonna sleep tonight?”  

Startled by this out-of-the blue question he stammered, “I, er … I don’t know.  I kinda thought it might be with Brandon but Pete wants Brandon in his bed, so …”

“So sleep with us,” Kyle said.  “Our apartment is right above the kitchen and we have a king-size bed.”  Kevin added, “Besides, Bob always says it’s important for employers to get to know a prospective employee really well.  Think of it as part of your job orientation.”

The temptation was overwhelming and, after only a moment’s hesitation, Danny agreed. 

***********************     ********************

And so, it seemed, a new chapter had begun for the tribe, featuring boys’ boys and magical desserts.  As the meal ended and couples paired off, the two newcomers felt both nervous and exhilarated, a mixture they would find familiar over the coming weeks. Zack threw his arm round Darius and looked over his shoulder at Thomas.  “Come with us, boy.  Let’s see what you got.”

And Danny was soon nervously climbing the stairs from the kitchen to the twins’ apartment.  He tapped on the door and a cheerful voice called, “Come in.”   When he entered he stood rooted to the spot.  The handsome brothers, flawlessly naked, were lying on their backs on the bed, shoulder to shoulder, one hand lying gently on the other’s cock.   Twin faces smiled up at him.  

“Welcome,” Kevin said …”to the tribe, the kitchen … and our bed.”   Kyle laughed, “Come on, Danny, don’t be bashful.”

Danny shyly stripped naked before them.  He hesitated … then took off his glasses, grinned and shrugged, “Oh what the hell.   When in Rome …”   And he launched himself onto the bed between them.  

Immediately they were all over him, groping, tickling, kissing, laughing.   “We knew we wanted you as soon as you came into our kitchen,” Kevin said and Kyle added hastily, “Don’t worry, it’s not a condition of employment” … “just a perk of the job,” Kevin laughed. 

As Danny felt the smooth touch of their flesh, their lips, their hands … and their hard cocks pressing against him … their boisterous enthusiasm overwhelmed him.   To the point where he lost his hard-on!  In his solitary life so far Danny had not had much opportunity for sexual activity – apart from jerking off to porn videos – and certainly nothing like this, his body being tackled by two playful and utterly gorgeous identical twins.

To call it sensual overload was an understatement and, challenged to react, his loins could not rise to the occasion, figuratively or physically.  It was like a circuit breaker cutting out when the electricity surged.  

Danny was mortified.   If he ever had a problem getting it up for a porn scene he simply turned off the video and went to sleep, no harm done.  But this was a prospect most boys could only dream about – and a wet dream at that – and Danny was flunking out.  He blushed deeply and stammered a lame excuse.   “I’m … I’m sorry, guys.  It’s not you … I mean you’re incredible and I love being here, but …”

“Hey, hey,” Kyle said cheerfully, “no sweat, dude.   I think the usual response in this situation is ‘it can happen to anyone’ …”    Kevin cut in, “… not that it’s ever happened to us ‘cos we always have each other.”   

Kyle chided, “Not helpful bro.   Danny, I know my brother can come on a bit strong sexually …”  

“Me!?” Kevin interrupted in mock indignation.  “It takes two to tango, ya know.”

“That’s just the point, Danny,” Kyle said reassuringly.  “Two at once can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before … we’ve had other guys with the same reaction.”  Kevin added, “But we have a foolproof remedy.   Why don’t you just watch for a while?   Always works – stiff as a poker in no time, guaranteed.  Take your time, and join us whenever you feel up to it.”  He grinned, “Pun intended, dude.”

With that Kevin turned to his brother and took him in his arms.   Buoyed by the twins’ playful exuberance Danny stood up and leaned against the wall stroking his misbehaving cock – which soon reacted, not so much to his hand as to the sight that met his eyes on the bed.   The beautiful twins were kissing … ravenously.   All the teasing foreplay they had indulged in in the kitchen now evolved into full-on love and lust.  

As the brothers rolled over on the bed, identically handsome muscle-boys sex wrestling, Danny thought his eyes were playing tricks.  It was like watching one boy making passionate, roiling love to himself.  

Their bedroom had been built by Randy, whose trademark feature was wall mirrors for just such a moment as this.   Danny gazed at the mirrors on facing walls that reflected and re-reflected an infinity of muscular young studs grappling naked on the bed.   It was as if he had stepped into a fantasy world of churning flesh, an impossible porn video shot in a hall of mirrors where hundreds of beautiful men, all identical, were grappling, wrestling, kissing in a massive, homoerotic orgy of tangled limbs and handsome faces.

Dazzled to the point of confusion Danny re-focused on the live source of this mirror fantasy – the two brothers he had watched working diligently in the kitchen, now stripped naked and gazing into each other’s eyes in a shared passion that had sustained them all their young lives.  It was obvious that this was an activity that was repeated often, manifested even publicly when they seemed unable to stop touching each other.   

And then the action took a turn that made Danny yank his hand off his cock to prevent an explosion of cum.   Kyle was, if anything, the more forceful of the two and he was kneeling over his brother between his legs, pinning his wrists to the bed and smiling into his eyes. “Tell me what you want, dude,” Kyle teased.   “Tell me what you always want from me.”

Kevin stared up at the eager face – a reflection of his own – and said softly, “Fuck me, bro. Push your dick in my ass the way you always do.  You love me, don’t you, Kyle?”

"Like I love myself, bro.   That’s what it is – like loving myself, making love to myself … fucking myself.   It’s like magic, Kevin, you know that.”  He straightened up on his knees, reached over to the night stand and dipped his fingers in an always-open jar of lube.   Kevin raised his legs and Kyle pressed his fingers between his ass cheeks and into his hole.  

“I know you like that bro – as much as I do.   ‘Cos I always like what you like, and feel what you feel.  This is mine, right?  This gorgeous ass belongs to me – it’s like mine – it is mine, eh boy?”

“Yes, sir,” said Kevin, falling into their master/boy ritual where they switched roles seamlessly in a fantasy where master and boy were identical.  “Please fuck me, sir.”

Still in a teasing mood Kyle reached down and twisted his brother’s nipples in his fingers, making Kevin inhale sharply.   “Oh yeah, that feels so good.   Please, sir, I need to feel your cock in my ass.  Please …”

Kyle released his nipples, pressed one hand on Kevin’s chest and raised one of his legs with the other so Danny had a clear view of Kyle’s cock as it slid slowly, easily into his brother’s ass.  There were twin sighs of ecstasy as the boys were united once again as closely as two brothers could possibly be.  They had spent their lives together, battling hardships and attempts to divide them, and always they had reaffirmed their devotion to each other in this ultimate act of love.

Danny was spinning in an erotic daze of disbelief, watching the two beautiful young men bring a new depth of meaning to the term ‘brotherly love’.  Kyle moved up and down gently over his twin, one hand on his leg, the other tracing the contours of his flawless chest, brushing his nipples with the back of his fingers as their eyes met in an enchanted world they ruled together.

Then suddenly their positions reversed.  In one fluid movement Kyle was on his back and Kevin’s cock was in his ass.  And so it went, with the brothers laughing, kissing and fucking each other in turn in an endless rotation of master on boy, boy on master, each image identical to the to the one before.

Danny linked his hands tight behind his head, not daring to touch his cock, not daring to look, in the delusion that he would be blinded by the dazzling sight.  Instead he paced the room … only to be confounded with glimpses in the infinity mirrors of two beautiful naked boys making love, in a reflection that was repeated over and over and over again.  It was without doubt the most erotic sight he had ever seen and he closed his eyes, on the point of running from the room, when he heard Kyle’s voice.

“Danny, are you ready now?”  He opened his eyes to be met by Kyle’s reassuring smile, his cock once again in Kevin’s ass.  Kyle nodded at Danny’s raging cock and chuckled, “Sure looks as if you are.

“As you see, Danny, I love giving my brother pleasure, and right now I know it would give him great pleasure if you took my place for a while.  We would love you to join us, but I do have one request – that you try not to cum too soon.  There will be so many opportunities – you probably want to cum right now – but it’s so much hotter to hold back until the end, don’t you think?”

“I’ll do my best,” Danny said.  “You really want me to take your place – I mean, to fuck Kevin?”

“Kyle wants it and I want it, dude,” laughed Kevin.  “I saw that bulge when you walked into our kitchen and knew I wanted it in my ass.  See, I like cocks that are not too big but real pretty, and one the guy knows what do with it.”

Still intimidated, Danny said, “I’m not sure I’m that good, though.  I haven’t had much experience fucking and…”

Suddenly Kyle pulled away from Kevin, leapt to his feet and grasped Danny’s chin.  He stared at him with steely eyes and said, “Danny, you don’t get it do you?   We want you to work for us – pastry chef – full time.   And right now we want you in our bed – but only if you really want to.  Like I said before, sex is not obligatory, not a condition of employment.   The job’s yours anyway, if you want it.   Kevin’s ass also, if you want that too.”

“Dude, that’s the best offer I’ve had in years.    Yes, I want the job.  Yes I want to be a pastry chef.   And yes I want to fuck your brother’s ass.  And I’ll do my damndest not to bust my load until you tell me to.”

“That’s more like it, dude,” Kyle laughed.   “Welcome aboard.  Now get on the damn bed.”


Danny took Kyle’s place kneeling between Kevin’s legs that were already raised in readiness.   Danny was daunted – but this time he didn’t lose his hard-on that had been pulsing for so long during the multi-boy orgy.   As he pressed it against the moist hole he stammered, “Like I said, Kevin, I haven’t had much practice at this so …”

“Dude,” Kevin laughed, “you have a real self-esteem issue going on there don’t you?  We’ll soon take care of that.  Just shut up and push.”   Danny leaned forward and braced his hands on the bed beside Kevin, who reached up and gently squeezed his nipples.  “Oh man,” Danny moaned, “that feels so good.  I wanna fuck your ass so bad.”  He eased his hips forward and gasped as the head of his cock pushed inside the warm, already-lubed ass.  “Oh … oh no, fuck, I …”

"Don’t cum, boy!” Kevin ordered.   He squeezed Danny’s tits hard and yanked his fingers off them, making Danny howl in pain that stopped him from ejaculating.   He pushed his cock in hesitatingly, clumsily, which had the effect of turning Kevin on even more.  Unlike his brother’s smooth, expert penetration, this was the fumbling attempt of an amateur and Kevin loved the sense that he was being fucked by a good-looking but nervous young novice.

Not that Danny was a virgin.  He had fucked a few guys in the past but they had been furtive couplings under the bleachers – a quick, awkward fuck, then buttoning up with nothing more than embarrassed glances the next day.  But this man was glorious, one of handsome identical twins, and they were lying in a soft, king-size bed.  The heat he felt now in his cock was like nothing he had felt before and Kevin’s laughing eyes emboldened him to proceed.

And so Danny fucked the beautiful boy who had just offered him the job of his dreams and was now offering up his gorgeous ass.  At last Danny relaxed as his cock eased in and out of the velvet warmth, already moistened by Kevin’s brother.  And at last a smile spread over Danny’s face, replacing the nervous tension that had gripped him up to now."

"Dude,” he smiled, “that feels amazing, so beautiful, just like you.”   Kyle jumped on the bed and lay beside his brother, giggling as he asked, “And me too?  Am I beautiful too, Danny?”

“Fuck you, dude,” Danny laughed, now totally relaxed, “you know damn well you are.  Just turn your head and look at your brother.  That’s how gorgeous you are.  Or look in the mirror.”

Kyle teased him.  “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of us all?  Which one of us do you like best, Danny?” 

“What kind of a mind-fuck question is that, dude?  What’s it gonna take to convince you – my dick up your butt?”


Danny pulled out of Kevin, shuffled over to Kyle, threw his legs in the air and growled, “Here it comes dude.  With one long thrust he slammed his cock straight down the chute, making Kyle howl.   “Now that is a serious fuck, Danny.  You’re a quick learner – practice on the wuss, then really give it to his tough, stud brother.”

“Hey, watch your language, bro,” Kevin protested.  “You, the stud?   Hey Danny, hit me with a hard one and I’ll show you tough.”   

Danny obliged, trading one gorgeous ass for another identical one.  He knew he was being used as the go-between in this friendly fraternal spat and he didn’t mind one bit.  His self-confidence rose to the point of dominance as he ploughed each ass in turn, his strength increasing with each initial thrust.

He didn’t notice the fleeting glance between the brothers that lasted a second but spoke volumes.  While Danny was deep inside Kyle, Kevin jumped to the floor, got down on hands and knees in front of a mirror and pushed his ass in the air.  

“I’m gonna assume that’s an invitation, dude,” Danny grinned, “an invitation I can’t refuse.”  He pulled away from Kyle, knelt on the floor behind Kevin and shoved his dick in his ass, fucking him doggy style.   Kevin smiled into the mirror and said, “You’re such a great fuck, Danny.  We knew you would be.  So you’re gonna get rewarded with our own special welcome to the clan.”

In the mirror Danny saw Kyle standing behind him lubing his cock again.  And suddenly he understood.  This time it would be aimed not at his brother’s ass but at his.   As Kyle sank to his knees behind him Danny’s instinctive reaction was: “No, I can’t, dude. You’re too … aaah!”   

Danny had been fucked a few times before, but always it had been the kind where he gritted his teeth and hoped it wouldn’t take too long.  But now pleasure outweighed pain as Danny felt Kyle’s rod slide gently inside him.  He gazed in the mirror at the identical faces of the two enraptured brothers, one offering him his ass, the other his cock.   

As Kyle pushed into his ass Danny reflexively did the same to his brother and they quickly established a rhythm.  It was as if Kyle were fucking Kevin, as they did so often, but this time through the intermediary of another boy.  Once again Danny felt like a go-between, only now it was literal, with Danny physically linking the twins, feeling the exquisite sensation of Kyle’s cock driving into him and transmitting that feeling to his brother.

When he turned his head he saw multiple reflections of three young guys fucking (courtesy of Randy and his mirrors … when it came to sex Randy knew how to give a man infinite pleasure.)  For the first time Danny felt able to grasp the concept of infinity – endless repetition of three naked boys, one sandwiched between the other two, all of them moving to the same rapturous rhythm, their heartbeats in sync, their blissful sighs merging as one.

Danny stared at the twins and narrowed his eyes until the diffused image in the mirror was of himself fucking, and getting fucked by, the same handsome boy.  The fantasy drove him to the brink of orgasm, beyond the restraint Kyle had urged at the start.    “Guys, I can’t hold out any longer … you’re too fucking much for me.”

“It’s your call, buddy,” Kyle said.  “We’re right there with you.”   He accelerated the pace of his cock pounding Danny’s ass causing Danny to reciprocate in Kevin’s.   The increased tempo drove them to the edge and Danny yelled “Now!  I love you guys.”  

Their triumphant shouts echoed round the room and their triple explosion was infinitely reflected in the mirrors in the shape of three beautiful young men bucking like stallions as their cocks erupted simultaneously.   Danny felt Kyle’s semen flowing into his ass as his own pumped into Kevin, who reared up, pointed his cock at the mirror and blasted a ribbon of cum that splashed on the mirror blurring the reflection that would be endlessly repeated in Danny’s dreams.


Within minutes the three boys were writhing on the bed in a playful tangle of limbs, laughing, kissing, kidding around in the ebullience of new-found friendships and mutual lust.  

When they calmed down Danny lay on his back exhausted between the twins. What a day, he thought.  In one single day he had experienced two group scenes that blew his mind – first, the triple blow-jobs from the three amigos, and now this extraordinary coupling with the twins, endlessly reflected in the parallel mirrors, surrounding him with an infinity of identically beautiful boys.  He couldn’t wait to see his buddy Brandon tomorrow and tell him all about it. 

Kevin propped on his elbow and grinned down at him.   “So, Danny, you think that’s cured you of repeated jerk-off visits to the bathroom when you’re working with us?   If you ever feel overheated in the future you know there’s more where this came from – as you can see,” and he laughingly waved an arm at the never-ending succession of boys in the mirror.

“Talking of work,” Kyle said, we better get some sleep.   Big day tomorrow.  Bob’s put out the call for a big group brunch, which he often does on a Saturday.   He says it’s good for morale for the men and boys to all get together.   They’re always boisterous affairs and we’ll be cooking for a couple of dozen or so.   We’ve already decided on the menu and got in all the supplies, but the problem has always been manpower … until now.   You are with us on this, eh Danny?”

“You betcha,” Danny said.  “And Randy won’t even have to carry out his threat of chaining me to the kitchen.   Wild horses couldn’t drag me away.”

“Be careful what you say about wild horses,” Kevin chuckled.   “These guys’ fantasies can get pretty realistic.”   Kyle grinned, “And talking fantasies, I wonder how that new guy Tommy is getting on with Zack and Darius?    The leather master and his boy are the kings of fantasy.”

*************************    ************************

Actually, Thomas was to get only a tantalizing glimpse of Zack’s leather world that night.   After dinner Zack and Darius led the now subdued Golden Boy to their house across the street.  

As soon as he walked into the garden Thomas sensed an atmosphere that he couldn’t pin down – a kind of energy, redolent of sex and a whole lot more.  Maybe it was a scent in the air, maybe the warmth of the night or, more probably, the very proximity of the stern black muscle-god with the leather vest open over his bare chest, accompanied by his powerfully built boy to whom Thomas had already that day knelt in submission.

After his earlier treatment by Pablo, Darius and Randy, the formerly dictatorial Golden Boy’s ego had been completely deflated and he now waited obediently for instructions.  His own clothes had been shredded by Randy and he was now wearing old jeans and a thin, sweat stained T-shirt that he had pulled from the fetid pile of dirty laundry in Randy’s trailer office at the construction site.   The realization that the shirt that now brushed his flesh had previously been stretched over Randy’s magnificent chest gave him a permanent erection in his dirty jeans.

In the small garden Zack said, “Come over here, boy, let’s get a good look at you.  Darius, do the honors.”   Darius pulled the T-shirt off over Thomas’s head and tucked it in the waistband of the boy’s jeans, then pushed him back against a tree.  

“Oh yeah,” said Zack appreciatively, running his eyes over the contours of the former gymnast’s body, his lean muscles tight, beautifully defined and totally fat free. “Now that, Darius my boy, is what you call a real pretty body.  Yeah, I can work with that.  Let’s see here.”  He walked behind the tree, pulled the boy’s arms back round it and loosely tied this wrists with a rope he picked up off the ground.  

Thomas instinctively pulled at his bound wrists and Zack said, “Sure, you could get free without much effort, but I wouldn’t recommend it boy – not before I’ve got a good look at you.  Here Darius, let me show you what I look for in a new recruit.” 

Darius stood beside him, an eager pupil learning from the master.   Thomas felt like an exhibit, a bound man on display being evaluated by two dominant black men to determine his fate.

 “See here, Darius, first the face …He’s got just what I look for in a subject – fine, square cut features tense with fear.  They’ll look great when he’s grimacing in pain, all that blond hair falling over his face.  Let me show you.”    Zack squeezed his nipples hard in his fingers, making the captive moan, head thrashing from side to side, his face twisting in pain.  “See what I mean, boy?   That make your dick hard?  Yeah, me too.

“Now for the body.  The guy’s no bodybuilder I grant you, but he has the fine physique and beautifully crafted muscles of a gymnast.”  Zack traced expert fingers over the contours of his torso.  “Good, hard shoulders and nice solid chest.  See this curve here under the pecs?  Flawless.  And those hard nipples … looks like he’s used tit clamps on them.”  Zack chuckled.  “Bet you can’t wait to get your teeth on those.   

“And those six-pack abs, wow.  See, those are the ripped abs all gymnasts develop, perfectly defined, rock hard.   Perfect for gut punching eh, kid?   See how they pop when he flexes.”  Zack punched Thomas lightly in the stomach and, sure enough, his abs flexed tight with even sharper definition.

Darius was paying close attention to his lesson from the master, who now tested him.  “OK, here’s a question for you, kiddo.   If you were to whip his body how would you tie him, and should he be naked or stripped to the waist as he is now?”  

Darius frowned, rubbed his chin in concentration and paced round the young athlete roped to the tree, running his hands over his chest, his waist, his ass, and the solid bulge of his cock under his jeans. Thomas was swimming in a head-rush of fear and euphoria as the handsome black boy examined him.  He felt demeaned, like some kind of specimen slave being prepared for a demonstration in bondage and domination by a leather master as a training tool for his boy.

“I think, sir,” Darius said, “he would look best standing spread-eagled, his arms stretched up in a V, either between trees or between beams down in the basement.   “Yeah, definitely the basement ‘cos of all the mirrors.  I would want him to see himself getting worked over.   I wouldn’t have him naked at first ‘cos he looks so hot stripped to the waist like now.   I’d whip his pecs and his back, but when I start on the ass, then I’d want him butt naked.  Oh, except for a collar round his neck.  Yeah, definitely a collar.”

With an enthusiastic fist-bump Zack said, “Great answer, boy.  You’re good and ready.   When I’ve finished with him I’ll turn him over to you and critique your technique.”

“Sir, about that ass.   That is one epic set of buns and I really, really wanna fuck him.  Can I?”

“Whoa, with that chunk of horsemeat of yours?   As I understand it the boy only just had his virgin ass broken in by Bob at the hotel.   After that he’s been fucked a couple a times by Randy but, man, ten inches of prime beef like yours?”  He grinned.   “Oh, hey, what the hell.   He’s gonna be tied up anyway, can’t go anywhere, so why not give it a try?”   

Thomas groaned and started to struggle against the ropes binding his wrists.  Zack chuckled.   “You know what?  I think the guy is starting to get off on the idea.  Let’s check it out.”  He ripped open the shabby jeans and out flew Thomas’s dick, rock hard, dripping with pre-cum.”

“Wow,” Darius said, “you’re right sir.  Man, I’d love to whip that cock.  I can’t wait to get working on it.  Neither can he by the looks of it.”

“Down, boy.  All in good time – and under my supervision.” 

Zack walked close to Thomas and stared into his eyes.  “Now listen to me, boy.   Everything you’ve heard here is just speculation.  Oh, it’s true that I give my boy lessons in leather sex and I usually demonstrate by working on him.  ‘Course it’s more effective if we have a third-party subject to work on but … here’s the crucial thing … it has to be voluntary.  If the guy’s not into it it’s a whole different ballgame – it’s no fun, it’s immoral and I don’t get into that – ever.  

“So what I’m saying is, Thomas, you’re free to leave at any time.  Like I said, you can slip these ropes pretty easily and walk right out of here.  Go across the street and they’ll find a room for you.  You kinda got an idea what you’re in for if you stay, but that’s up to you.  Now I’m gonna take my boy inside for a while and give you time to think about it.  Some guys are into this, some not, and that’s fine.  No one judges anyone here.”

Suddenly Zack wrapped his hand behind Thomas’s head, pulled it forward and pressed their lips together in a fierce open-mouth kiss.  When he pulled away Thomas found himself staring into the steady gray eyes of a man with chiseled ebony features and a shaved head.  Zack grinned, turned away, threw his arm round Darius’s shoulder and took him into the house.  

Thomas was alone, shirtless, bound to a tree.  His heart still pounding from the kiss, he was lost.  He didn’t have to ‘think about it’.   He had no choice.  He was proud of his athletic body but now all he wanted was to surrender it to this magnificent black muscle-god and his boy.


“Sir, were you just mind-fucking Golden Boy or did you mean all that?”   Darius and Zack had popped open a couple of beers and were sitting where they could see Thomas through the window.  

“Now listen, Darius, this is important.  Like I said to the boy out there, you never do any of this stuff against a guy’s will.  That’s why we always have safe words and safety knots – they’re like panic buttons if the guy wants out.  

“See, in any top man, whether he knows it or not, there’s always another guy deep inside who wants to submit to another alpha male …” he chuckled “… especially if he can watch himself suffer in a mirror.   Hell, it’s why I let you fuck me with that massive tool of yours … now that’s submission.  Watching myself in the mirror, a hot leather master getting butt-fucked by his boy, is an epic turn-on. 

“This kid Thomas is confused and really fucked up.  He pulls that arrogant-prick act to smother the urge to get dominated by a guy like Randy or me … or you.   He’s drooling at the prospect but his ego holds him back.  

“I wanted to make sure he knew what he was in for if he stays, and you saw his reaction.  Of course he’ll stay.  But he’s gotta get seriously mind-fucked some more before we get down to business.  I’ve told you before, mental anguish can be worse torture than physical pain.   He’s gonna have to wait for it, and that’ll be more painful than any whip.    

“You see, with me a guy doesn’t just have to want it – he has to crave it, crawl through the dirt for it.   Now that’s hot, and that’s what I want from this boy.   

You told me how he’s already done that for Randy, begging for that massive rod of his up his ass.  Randy knows how to make a man crawl.  Hell, he even made me do it when I first came here and we got into a pissing contest marking our territory.  He thrashed me and made me eat dirt.”   He chuckled.  “I hope you got film of that.  Someday I’d like to get drunk and jack off watching it with you.

“Randy and me are best buddies now, but you know how competitive we’ve always been.  It’s only natural for two alpha males like us.   So I wanna go one better than Randy with this boy.  Basically all Randy wants is to get his rocks off when he sees an ass like that.  But I want more from this narcissistic pretty-boy gymnast.   I want him to grovel, to crawl, to humiliate himself in begging for more.   And you and me, kiddo, together we can do that.    What do you say?”

Darius flashed a gleaming smile. “I say I’m in love with you, sir.  I say I’m honored to be your boy.”


Thomas’s cock stayed hard throughout Zack’s absence as he replayed over and over in his mind the scenario the leather master and his boy had described.   But when they finally appeared he gasped in awe at yet another homoerotic fantasy.   

Zack was now wearing tight black leather pants, heavy motorcycle boots and the same leather vest exposing his muscled chest.   Darius was also in leather pants and boots, with a studded leather harness crossed over his chest.  And Zack was leading his boy by a rope around his neck.  While Thomas watched, drooling, Zack quickly tied Darius between two trees in the spread-eagled position Darius himself had described earlier.  

Thomas held his breath as Zack draped a cat o’ nine tails round his boy’s neck … then came over to his other captive.   “See that, Thomas, that beautiful boy over there?”  Thomas almost shot his load as he looked at the muscular leather-boy tied between the trees, a harness over his chest, whip round his neck, head bowed in submission.

“I’m gonna work on him now as part of his training.”  Then came what was perhaps the most brutal part of Zack’s plan.  “But you see, Thomas, it’s a private ritual between a master and his boy.  No spectators.   So I’m gonna say goodnight to you, boy, and take you to your room.”

He untied Thomas’s wrists and led him to the house, with Thomas looking back over his shoulder for a last glimpse of the handsome young buck in bondage awaiting his fate.   They went down the stairs to the basement, where Thomas once again stood in shock.  

“As you can see,” Zack said, “this is where we play … all the equipment, all the accessories a leatherman could need.”   The large basement’s walls were covered in floor to ceiling mirrors, with red spotlights strategically placed in the black ceiling.  “And tonight this is where you’ll sleep.  There’s a small bed in the corner there, there’s an adjoining bathroom and a small fridge over there stocked with food and drink.

“Now here’s what’s gonna happen.  You sleep here alone tonight and in the morning you get cleaned up and we’ll go across to the house where Bob has arranged a full-tribe gathering.  You’ll get to meet all the other men in the tribe and their boys … and they’ll blow your mind.  You’ll never see a group of men like that anywhere, ever in your life.   

“By the time it all winds down in the afternoon, me and Darius will be a bit drunk, very horny, and ready for action.  Then, and only then, we’ll bring you back here to this room and I will continue my boy’s instruction – and your initiation.   But only if you still want it.”

“I will want it, sir,” Thomas pleaded breathlessly.  “I do want it – now, sir.”

“Thomas, I’m the master here.  I make the rules.  As I said, you are always free to leave – there are no locked doors here.  And one other thing.  You remember the collar Darius mentioned?  Here.”  He picked up off the floor a black leather collar, buckled it round Thomas’s neck and turned his face toward the mirror. “See that, boy? You will wear that while you are in my house.”

“Thank you, sir.”   

“Right.   Now, I have to get back to my boy.  We have some unfinished business.   He held Thomas by the chin and kissed him, then smiled at him for the first time.  “Just mind-fucking with you, boy.   Hey when it comes right down to it, Tommy, life is a series of mind fucks.   Trick is to find the one you like best.  Maybe you’ve found it.  You’ll do just fine, boy.  Tomorrow then.”

He strode out of the room leaving Thomas staring at the door, his mind reeling.  Then he looked at the mirror and saw himself as he never could have imagined – a prisoner of a black leather master.  He looked around the room, at the equipment scattered on the floor and hanging on the walls. He saw a whip and hung it round his own neck as he had seen Zack do to his boy Darius.    

Gazing at the reflection of the blond gymnast he kicked off his shoes, dropped his jeans and admired his naked body.  He flexed his pecs, imagining the sting of the whip on his chest, then flexed his abs to absorb Zack’s punch.   

Suddenly he caught sight of a rumpled pile of what looked like discarded clothes in the corner of the room.  He knelt down and his heart beat faster as he sorted through them – shorts, ragged T-shirts, tank tops, underwear, jock straps, all smelling of sweat, semen and dry piss stains.

Realizing that these were filthy clothes discarded by Zack and Darius after strenuous sexual workouts in this room, he held one of Zack’s jockstraps to his face, breathed in and became dizzy with the whiff of sex.   He looked up at himself in the mirror, a naked blond slave boy on his knees, with a collar round his neck and the taste and smell of his master in his mouth.   

Staring down at the messy pile he grabbed his pulsing cock, and howled, “Please, sir, I submit … I submit …”   Semen blasted from his cock and splashed all over the master’s sweaty castoffs.   Whimpering, he fell forward on his stomach and buried his face in the cum-soaked heap of clothes.  And there, naked on the floor, is where he slept all night, dreaming of tomorrow.

But one thing his dreams did not include was any thought of leaving – not for an instant.

*********************       ********************** 

Early next morning the kitchen was humming with activity, long before the first guests arrived.   It was as if Danny had been working there forever, moving around the kitchen in seamless coordination with the twins.  He familiarized himself with everything quickly as the twins assigned tasks to him.   The incongruity never struck any of them that the boys giving Danny instructions were the same boys who, hours earlier, had been offering their asses to him in turn.

While the twins concentrated on the main courses Danny was more or less in charge of offerings for early arrivals to whet their appetites before the main event – coffee, juice, oatmeal, yoghurt and a specialty of Danny’s – home-baked croissants with exquisitely fluffy pastry round a chocolate core, Danny’s own version of pain au chocolat.   

When the twins bit into the light, flaky pastry and felt chocolat oozing from the middle they pronounced them perfect.  Clearly their fate was to disappear quickly into eager mouths, so Danny made a big batch.

The earliest arrivals were the three amigos, Eddie Brandon and Ben, all hungry as much for gossip as for food.  They helped set the table and shuttle food from the kitchen, and then the activity slowed for a while before Danny had to make the salad.  The twins said it would be a good time for Danny to take a break, so the four boys grabbed food and coffee and huddled at a table under the trees.

“So, dude,” said a wide-eyed Brandon, “spill.”   Eddie clarified, “He means spill the beans, dude.”   And Ben explained, “It’s a Darius rule – a guy has to tell everything, all the details …” and they all joined in a chorus of “exaggerations accepted.”

“Guys, I don’t have to exaggerate – the truth is wilder than fiction.”    He raced through the events of last night with the twins – how the twins made love to each other, then offered their asses to him, giving him the first really great butt-fuck experience of his life – actually twin butt-fucks.   The boys reacted with predictable amazement and gasps of envy until Danny finally ran out of steam.”

“So, dude,” Ben asked breathlessly, “does that mean you’re hired?”

“I guess so,” Danny smiled. “I mean I’m already working like crazy in the kitchen on this brunch.” 

“Yes!” the boys shouted jubilantly, pumping fists in the air.”

“I mean, the twins have to get Bob’s approval, of course, and they say I have to have an interview with Human Resources, which sounds a bit scary.”

“Dude,” Brandon laughed, “Human Resources in this place is Jamie, and he ain’t scary at all.  Wait ‘til you see him, and his master Mark.  Be warned, kid.  You’re gonna meet a whole bunch of other guys today who’ll blow your mind.   That’s if the twins ever let you out of the kitchen.”  

They saw Kyle beckoning from the window.   “Hey, you better go back,” Eddie said.  “Don’t wanna get fired your first day on the job.”

With a big smile Brandon leaned over and kissed Danny on the lips. “Way to go, buddy.  I’m real happy for you.”  Danny stood up, squeezed his shoulder and ran back to the kitchen where he was met with a surprise.   The twins, in their usual uniform of white shorts and T-shirts under white aprons, were now also wearing white chef’s hats at a jaunty angle over their tousled hair.

“Bob bought these for us some time ago,” Kevin grinned, “but we’ve never worn them until now.  We thought this was a good time to start as we’re now a kitchen crew of three.  Bob must’ve been looking ahead ‘cos he bought three.  Here, Danny … this one’s for you.”   

Danny’s eyes misted over as he took the hat offered to him and put it on.   He looked at his reflection in the stainless steel door of the fridge and angled the hat just right.   The twins had earlier kitted him out in a pair of their own white shorts, T-shirt and apron so they would all be dressed alike.  Now Danny turned to them blushing and smiling.

 “A perfect fit,” Kyle grinned, “in more ways than one.  OK, now listen, everything’s pretty much running to schedule but we want you to do something – take the morning tray up to Bob and Randy.  It’s kind of a ritual – green tea and yoghurt for Bob, coffee and a big bowl of oatmeal for Randy.   And you gotta surprise them with one of those croissants for each of them.  They’ll probably cum when they bite into it.”

“If they haven’t cum already,” laughed Kyle, “which they probably have.”


Danny was rather nervous as he climbed the stairs to the master suite with the tray and let himself into the living room of the suite.   He was about to knock on the bedroom door when he heard sounds of loud groans and heaving breathing that could only mean one thing – sex.   He hesitated and was on the verge of retreating when he heard Randy’s voice howl, “Fuck! … fuck you man … here it comes … I love you buddy … aaagh!”  

When the shouts died down there was silence followed by laughter.   Danny took that as his cue and he plucked up courage and knocked on the door.  The response was a muffled “Come in”.   When he opened the door he hesitated again, seeing Bob on his back and Randy on top of him, kissing him, both of them naked.  Balancing the big tray on his raised palm waiter style Danny blinked behind his glasses and stammered, “Er, your tray, sirs.   But if this is a bad time …”

Randy rolled off Bob and lay on his back propped up on his elbows with a big smile, his teeth gleaming white against his black-stubbled jaw.   “It’s a great time, kiddo … a sensational time.”  Randy was always at his most gorgeous just after sex – his eyes dancing, a jubilant smile on his rugged face, his muscles still flexed tight, cock still hard and dripping with cum.  Danny was glad of his apron that hid the boner forming in his shorts.

“Hey, kiddo,” Randy said, “don’t you look just the part!  Cute hat.   You got anything on under that apron?  Why don’t you put the tray down and come join us?”

Danny blushed, stammered and looked helplessly at Bob who smiled patiently, “He’s just kidding, Danny.”  He threw a scolding glance at his lover.  “But the bit about putting the tray down’s a good idea.  Here.”  He pulled himself up on his elbows like Randy and patted the space between them.  Danny walked forward, leaned over Bob and placed the tray as directed.  

He couldn’t help looking at the pools of cum from both men spattered over Bob’s muscular chest and abs.  He picked up a napkin from the tray and stammered, “Er, would you like me to…”

“… clean him off?” Randy completed his sentence.  “Sure, all that damn jizz is disgusting at breakfast time.”  He grinned at Bob, then snatched the napkin away from Danny.   “No need to soak a napkin in jism, though, eh boy?”

Danny stared down at Bob who said, “Only if you want to, Danny.”

“Yes please, sir, I do,” Danny said hoarsely.  He took off the chef’s hat and his glasses and knelt beside the bed.  He leaned forward and licked the cum from Bob’s chest, down the cleft between his pecs and the ridges of his abs.  He pressed his lips against the rippling muscles, sucking hard and swallowing the musky juice of both men.  

But he felt an uncontrollable pressure in his groin and sprang to his feet.  “Sir, I gotta go to the bathroom …”  But he didn’t make it.  Frantically he pulled his apron aside, yanked his cock out of his shorts … and sprayed semen over the chests of both men.  

When the flow stopped he stared down at them mortified.  He grabbed a napkin and frantically wiped their chests clean, apologizing profusely. 

Randy threw his head back and roared with laughter.  “Hell, kid, you’re gonna fit right in around here … the twins did hire you, didn’t they?”

“Er, well, sir, I think so …”   Danny frantically zipped up his shorts, smoothed his apron, replaced his glasses and put the hat back on his head.  “At least, they put me to work this morning and … and they gave me this, sir,” pointing to his hat.

Bob laughed, “Sure looks like a badge of office to me.”

“Of course, sir, the twins said they have to get your approval, and then I have an interview with Human Resources.”

“So that’s what surfer-boy Jamie is calling himself these days,” Randy grunted.  He picked a croissant up off the tray, took a bite, and the chocolate flowed out and down his chin.  His eyes grew wide.   “Holy shit, did you make this kid?”  Danny nodded.   “Listen kiddo, if my man here is crazy enough not to give you the job I’ll hire you myself as my personal chef”.  He grinned lasciviously.  “You know the kinda deal – you feed me … I fuck you.  How’s that work for you?”

Bob rolled his eyes in exasperation.  “Randy please, that’s not helpful.   He’s just kidding, Danny, pay no attention.   As for my consent, the decision is all up to the twins, so if they approve, I approve.”

“Thank you, sir.  Thank you very much.  I promise you won’t be disappointed, sir.”

Bob chuckled, “As for Jamie, I can’t imagine him coming up with any disqualifying facts – unless you have an outstanding arrest warrant for axe murder or something.   And if so we have an in-house cop who’ll take care of that.  You’ll meet him shortly.   His name’s Mark, and as a matter of fact Jamie’s his boy.”

“Thank you, sir,” Danny smiled.  “I’m not an axe murderer.”

“Oh in that case you’re hired,” Randy joked.  “Pretty low bar you set for hiring around here, Bob.  Not an axe murderer?  Great, you’re in.  By the way kid, I may have been kidding just now about joining us in bed, but sometime soon when the twins give you time off, we want you to spend an hour or two with us.  Bob and me, we have our special kind of welcome wagon we roll out for newcomers to the tribe, especially a boy as cute as you.”

“But only if you want to,” Bob smiled.

“Oh I would sir, very much.  Thank you.  But will that be all for now, sir?  There’s a ton of work in the kitchen and I think the twins need me.”  He grinned.  “Hey, sounds good to say that.”

Bob laughed, “It does, doesn’t it?  OK, off you go, Danny.  Tell the twins I’ll talk to them later.” 

He ran from the room and Randy said, “Great kid.” 

Bob took a mouthful of croissant.   “Mmm, great pastry too!   Now that,” Bob grinned as chocolate oozed out of it, “is definitely orgasmic.” 

“Talking of which,” Randy said salaciously, “there are a few other things that taste real good if you swallow hard enough.” 

“Randy, you never quit, do you?   We have a whole crowd coming in soon and all you think about it is more sex.   You know, you can be real crude sometimes.”

“Yeah, but that’s what you love about me, buddy.”   Randy smiled at him with his hypnotic blue eyes and Bob sighed.   “OK, maybe one more time.  But make it quick.”


Downstairs in the garden the three amigos were waiting for their new friend.  As Danny emerged from the master suite they pounced.  “Well? … What happened?”

“A whole lot,” Danny grinned, “but I gotta get back to the kitchen.”   The boys followed him and, as luck would have it, Kyle sent them all out with trays of cutlery, dishes, linens and food to set on the long table on the lawn.  The boys talked as they worked.   

Danny related his little adventure in the master suite, but soon Eddie took over.  He had been uncharacteristically quiet for some time and now the floodgates opened.   “Dude you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  Just you wait ‘til all the guys get here.  So far you’ve only met Bob and Randy, Pablo and Darius, Zack, and Pete of course.

“But there’s lots more.  There’s the cop Mark … people call him a Greek God, the most beautiful cop in the world … then there’s my master Hassan, he’s a big stud Marine … and Ben’s master Jason, he’s a drop-dead gorgeous fireman, been in a calendar.  There’s Adam, the hot Aussie next door, and his boy Nate … and also Doctor Steve and his lover Lloyd.   Steve’s Randy’s brother and a shrink – you’ll probably have a session with him sooner or later, we all have.”

“And don’t forget Grady and Mario,” Brandon chimed in, “they’re new lovers.  Mario’s this real handsome Italian and Grady is… well, there’s a whole story there.  He was this spectacular underwear model, you’ve probably seen his pictures, and now he’s making this huge movie … he’s the new Tarzan and he’s gonna be a big movie star, and he took me to the set and – get this – they put me in the movie, actually in the movie, only a little scene but …”

“Guys, guys,” Danny protested, “you’re blowing be away here.  They all sound awesome but don’t forget I gotta help get their food ready, so I gotta get back to the kitchen.  Later, dudes ….”   

Danny ran back to the kitchen, grateful to have a job he could concentrate on.  But he couldn’t help wondering what he was in for with this amazing tribe of men.   He was already buddies with the three amigos and the twins, but would he become close to any of the others?  And if so, which ones?   He sighed.  Well, no matter what the future held, first he had to feed them.


Across the street Thomas was having similar thoughts of the future, though his were more apprehensive than Danny’s.  When he woke that morning he had been put to work making coffee and serving breakfast to Zack and Darius before getting ready for this big gathering of the tribe.    Darius had found a pair of tight leather pants that fit Thomas and chose a black ribbed tank top for him that showed off his gymnast’s physique to perfection.   

Zack vigorously tousled the Golden Boy’s blond hair and said, “Yeah, you’re looking more the part now, Tommy.   I think the guys will be impressed, especially Pablo when I turn you back to him.  But like I said, in the afternoon I’m gonna tell Pablo I need to borrow you again and bring you back here to, er … further your education.  But I repeat, it’s all voluntary … you only get it if you want it.”

Thomas replied eagerly, “Oh, please, sir, I want it, sir.  All of it.”

*******************    ******************** 

TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 294 


Rob Williams



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