It was a well-known fact that Doctor Steve went in for some pretty off-the-wall therapy, but this one beat them all.  

It was a joint therapy session with his lover Lloyd and Lloyd's gym buddy Grady, the beautiful swimwear model and soon-to-be movie star. Steve had made them relate their sexual fantasies about each other ... and then re-enact them. Steve and Lloyd made love to Grady together, fucking his ass in turn.

For the first time Lloyd and Grady appreciated just how much more than mere gym buddies they had become. Steve had achieved his therapy objective and smiled, "Big success, Grady. It proved that you're ready for us, buddy, and we're ready for you."

After so much angst and confusion the road they were to follow together became clear, especially when they talked later and Steve asked Grady, "Are you nervous about this celebrity thing that's gonna hit you soon?"

"Scared shitless," Grady said. "My manager says my life's gonna change even before shooting begins and the media starts turning up the heat. It was bad enough after that damn underwear campaign, the billboards and all, but that was just modeling. This is a major movie so it could get real rough. He says I'll have to keep a low profile in my personal life. So I guess I'm gonna have to lie low in my little house, read a bunch of scripts and books and watch a lot of TV."

Grady sighed. "I'll probably have to give up that gym too and use a private gym or the one at the studios. I guess that's OK but I'll sure miss all the gorgeous guys there." He gave a cynical laugh. "I guess what I'm looking for is a private gym loaded with hot looking guys who can all keep their mouths shut and be discreet about what goes on there. Yeah, I know ... dream on Grady .... a place like that just don't exist, not in this world.

Steve and Lloyd exchanged knowing looks and Steve said, "Actually it does, Grady. You already met Hassan and Eddie and they are part of a tribe of great looking guys who live in a real private enclosed world. You have also met their leader, my brother Randy ... I know, I know, you're in no hurry to resume that guy's acquaintance. But he has decreed that what happens in that house stays in the house, and nobody disobeys Randy. Oh and did I mention it has a state-of-the-art gym that Randy built?

"Of course, you can always hole up here. We're not such bad company are we?" Steve laughed, "Besides, it's always been my image of a glamorous movie star - lounging by a pool in the Hollywood Hills in the afternoon sun, reading film scripts, sipping champagne."

"But I'm not a big champagne drinker," Grady said innocently. "In fact I hate the stuff."

"Dipshit," Lloyd grinned. "It's not about Champagne - it's about you, numbnuts. Hey, if you're gonna be a movie star we're gonna have to teach you some arrogance, dude."

"Don't you dare."


So as the need for privacy increased with the approach of principal photography on his movie Grady became more a resident than a visitor in the Mulholland house. He had his own key and the guest room was his, though he ended up spending most of his time in the master bedroom.

He led a secluded life there, but it was inevitable that he would meet some of Steve's friends.

The first such encounter was a few days later when he was bringing some of his clothes up to the house from his home and had just pulled up at the gate, fumbling for his gate opener. Just then he got a sinking feeling as red lights flashed in his rear view mirror. A motorcycle cop. Shit. Why the fuck would a cop be pulling him over?

He sullenly lowered his window as the cop strode up to his car. He looked up and found himself facing the most beautiful cop he had ever seen. "Oh, shit," he groaned.

"I know, sir. Most drivers say that when they get pulled over."

"No officer, my 'Oh shit' was for another reason entirely. So what did I do wrong?"

"You did nothing wrong, sir. But your driver-side tail-light is out. I have to write you up and when you get it fixed you send in this ticket with the repair bill." Grady sighed and rolled his eyes. With the faintest hint of a smile the cop added, "If you fail to do that I might have to come back and arrest you."

Grady grinned, "I think I'd rather cut straight to option two, if it's all the same to you, officer."

"Is that so? Would you step out of the car please, sir?"

Grudgingly Grady obeyed. He was shirtless in gym shorts and unlaced sneakers and as he drew himself to his full height the cop got his first good look at the stunning athlete. There could only be one man like this and the cop's handsome face broke into a smile. "Hey, you wouldn't be the famous Grady, would you?"

"The name's Grady yeah, but I'm not sure about the famous. Not yet anyway."

So you're the friend of Steve and Lloyd, the one that Randy ... well never mind about that. They're old friends of mine too .... the name's Mark." They shook hands. "I'm at the end of my shift and was going in for a drink with Steve. Here, we'll forget that ticket and go in together."

Grady was dazed. The man was a Greek God. Hell, Steve and Lloyd, then Hassan and Eddie. Now this Mark. Were all their friends born on Mount Olympus? He got back in his car, found his opener and the gate swung open. The cop got on his bike and preceded him down the driveway to the house, where Steve came through the front door to welcome them.

The cop said jovially, "Hey Steve, I just pulled over this fine-looking felon at the gate for a broken tail-light. I was about to arrest him but thought I'd let you handle the punishment instead, if you're up for that."

"Oh I'm up for it alright," Steve grinned. "Hey, Grady. Looks like I saved your ass."

"My boy here yet?" Mark asked.

"Sure, Jamie just arrived. He's getting ready for you."

"And here I am, sir. Ready, willing and able."

Grady's jaw dropped as a young man ran out the door - the travel poster version of the perfect California surfer, tousled blond hair, golden tan, beautiful face with a gleaming smile. Shirtless in surfer trunks he had the body of an athlete, his perfectly formed young muscles rippling in the afternoon sunlight.

The kid's fucking sensational, Grady thought. They called him Jamie .... and he's the cop's boy? What does that mean? Ready, willing and able, he said. Ready for what?


Jamie focused his sparkling eyes on Mark in unmistakable adoration, but then glanced at the newcomer and took a startled step back. "Oh!"

Doctor Steve, sensitive to the undercurrents flowing between the men, said, "Jamie, this is our new buddy Grady .... Grady, this is Jamie, Mark's boy." Shyly they shook hands with a smiling gaze that lingered just a little too long. Embarrassed by the jolt he felt in his cock Jamie transferred his gaze back to Mark, instinctively seeking his guidance.

It came right away as Mark said, "OK, boy, come with me. If you'll excuse us gentlemen, we have some urgent business to take care of." He put his arm over Jamie's shoulder and steered him into the house.

Seeing Grady's bewilderment Steve explained, "Whenever Mark's shift ends up in the hills here he usually drops by to visit. We're old friends. Believe it or not that cool, collected Mark once had anger management issues, like most cops, and I was his shrink. That's how I met the rest of the tribe. Anyway, when Mark comes here Jamie has to be here to meet him because they... hey, wait a minute, maybe actions can speak louder than words.

Steve hurried into the house, caught up with Mark and Jamie and had a quick word with them. "Great, thanks guys," he said. "Just pretend we're not there."

He hurried back out to Grady and just then Lloyd came home. "Great timing, man," Steve said as Lloyd got out of his car. "Mark and Jamie are here and they just started their .... you know. They usually use the guest room but as Grady's got it now I said they could use yours, Lloyd." He grinned. "You only use it to keep your clothes in. You haven't used that bed in months."

"Hey," Grady said, "I don't wanna upset the routine here. They can use my room for whatever it is they ...."

"Don't worry, dude," Lloyd smiled. "No way you could upset those guys' routine - even if they had to do it in a field. See, Grady, the cop's just had a stressful eight hours on duty with, as he puts it, 'that bike throbbing between my legs'. First thing he wants when he gets home is exactly what Jamie can give him, and Jamie always makes sure he's there to provide it."

Grady frowned, "I may be a bit slow on the uptake but, do you mean....?

"I mean ass, dickhead. Ass - the kind you fuck. With all that surfing he does Jamie has one of the finest asses on the planet, and it belongs to the cop. The cop is used to getting what he wants so that ass better be there when he comes home all hot and horny."

"Hey, guys," Steve interrupted, "cut the crap and come with me. One good thing about them using your room, Lloyd, is that it has those French doors opening onto the pool."

"Yeah, and they'll be closed with the blinds drawn," Lloyd said.

"Not this time," Steve said. He winked and tapped his nose. "Your favorite shrink had a little word with the guys and they agreed. They don't mind an audience, especially Jamie who loves to show off that he's the butt-boy of the hottest cop in creation. Follow me."


Grady pulled on a T-shirt and they followed Steve round the side off the house to the pool where they saw the French doors to Lloyd's room wide open. Grady and Lloyd pulled up three chaises while Steve got beer from the kitchen. "They were still in the kitchen," Steve said, "and Jamie was fixing a bite to eat for Mark. They'll be here in a second."

The three men sat side by side on chaises a discreet distance from the window, close enough to get a good view of the room but not so close as to inhibit the guys in it who, in any case, would have eyes only for each other. The wide doorway was framed by fine lace curtains that stirred softly in the breeze and Grady had the impression of the proscenium of a theater. The curtain had just gone up on a bedroom scene with a big armchair facing the king-size bed.

The men took a sip of beer as the bedroom door opened and Jamie came in with a plate of food and a beer that he placed on a table beside the chair. Then he stood in front of the chair, his hands clasped lightly behind his back. Grady thought of all the times he had come home horny from the gym and tried to imagine what it would be like to find a handsome young surfer like this waiting for him. God, he thought, that cop is a lucky son-of-a-bitch.

But when Mark came into the room Grady gasped and knew it was Jamie who was the lucky one. Grady sure knew which role he would like to play as he saw the spectacular blond cop stride in, still wearing his full uniform - a black shirt stretched over his muscular torso, the short sleeves pushed up over bulging biceps. A white triangle flashed at the open neck giving a glimpse of his T-shirt underneath.

The shirt tapered down to a narrow waist cinched by a heavy black leather belt. The black uniform pants, tight over his muscular thighs, were tucked into high, shiny black motorcycle boots. It was one of the most homoerotic sights Grady had ever seen and his cock stiffened in his shorts as Mark sprawled in the armchair and raised his arms in a long, lazy stretch.

"Hmm," Mark sighed deeply, gazing at the shirtless young jock standing before him. "Looking good, boy," he said in his deep voice.

"Thank you, sir."

"You go surfing this morning?"

"Yes, sir. Early, sir."

"You work out too?"

"Yes, sir, just before I came up here."

"Yeah I see that. Great party pump, eh? So I guess we better have a party."

"Yes please, sir," Jamie grinned, then blushed and averted his gaze.

"It's OK, boy, you can look at me. In fact I wish you would." Mark gazed at him and stroked the bulge in the serge of his uniform pants. He said softly, "I'm crazy about you, kid. You're so fucking beautiful. I think about you all the time while I'm working. Can't wait to get home to you. You know what's gonna happen to you, don't you?"

"Yes, sir. You're going to fuck my ass, sir."

"Damn right I am. But first I wanna get a good look at you. Unlace those shorts."

Jamie loosened the cord crisscrossing at his waist and let the shorts hang lower on his hips. "Oh yeah, that's it, boy," the cop said, gazing at the blond pubic hair poking out of his shorts and the base of his cock nestling in it. The shape of the long cock stretched down the leg of his trunks and Jamie linked his hands behind his back again as Mark stroked his crotch harder. He settled back in the chair, took a swig of beer and gazed at the hot young surfer. He undid a few buttons of his shirt exposing more of his T-shirt over the mounds of his pecs.

Grady too was stroking the bulge in his shorts and whispered to Lloyd, "Dude, this is so fucking hot. It's like watching a live performance on a porn site, except no porn could ever look this incredible. What's the cop gonna do to him?"

"Duh! What do you think he's gonna do, dipshit? What would you do? What would any guy do? The boy's ass is grass."

Mark was having a great time, in total charge of the situation as he sipped his beer. He ran his free hand inside his shirt, stroking his nipples through the T-shirt. "OK, boy, you know what I want. Do it."

Jamie knew exactly what his cop master meant. Slowly he opened the laces of his shorts all the way down. He was wearing nothing underneath and his beautiful uncut cock sprang free, rock hard. "Man that's beautiful. Come here, boy." With the loosened shorts hanging on his hips Jamie walked forward and stood astride Mark's legs facing him. The cop reached up and rolled the foreskin back over the bulging head. Stroking it lovingly Mark said, "I can feel it throbbing, kid. You wanna shoot your load, right?"

Jamie gazed down at the chiseled Greek-God face and panted through ragged breaths, "Ye-yes, sir. Please, sir." Mark leaned forward, licked pre-cum from his boy's cock, then swallowed the whole shaft all the way down until his face was buried in the boy's blond pubic hair. Jamie's body jolted, he ran his hands through the cop's tousled hair then pulled his head hard down on his cock and screamed "Aaagh!" His cock blasted semen into his master's mouth and Mark gulped it down greedily.

"Holy shit," Grady groaned. "The cop's drinking the surfer's jizz. Didn't see that one coming. Man, that's so fucking hot. Unthinkingly he ripped open his shorts and began beating his meat. He watched mesmerized as the gorgeous blond boy emptied his cock into the cop's mouth. Almost emptied. When at last he pulled his cock out of the mouth he was not quite spent and two ribbons of cum spurted from his cock onto the cop's handsome face.

That did it for Grady. This was the police officer who a short time ago had pulled him over with the full authority of the law, and now the same square-jawed, macho cop had cum running down his face and oozing from his mouth, gazing up at the young surfer who had just fucked his face.

It was a spectacular image, shocking and mesmerizing, and as it burned itself into Grady's brain he pounded his rod, glanced desperately at Steve and stifled a scream as a plume of sperm spurted from his cock and splashed down on his chest.


"Clean me up, boy," the cop growled, ignoring sounds from out on the deck.

As Jamie bent down and licked the semen from his master's face and lips, Steve explained softly to Grady, "See, buddy, Mark knows that Jamie's balls are bursting as soon as he sees him come through the door in his uniform, so he often does this. He makes his boy empty his cock, sometimes in his mouth, so Jamie won't be so tense for the main event. Same goes for you too, I see," Steve grinned. "Don't worry. You'll be hard again in seconds. Just watch."

When Jamie had wiped Mark's dry face with a towel he unbuttoned he cop's shirt all the way down, pulled it back off his muscled pecs and moaned as he ran his hands over the soft cotton of the T-shirt, then rubbed the backs of his fingers over the shape of his nipples.

"That's it, boy," Mark groaned. "Make your master feel good. Shit you look good with your dick hanging out of your trunks. But there's something else I wanna see real bad and you know what that is. You know what comes next, boy."

"Yes, sir." Jamie stood up and turned his back to the cop. Then he pushed down on the waistband of his surfer trunks in halting jerks, slowly exposing his ass - first the tan line round his slim waist, then the white flesh rising up from the small of his back over the mounds of his ass. He paused and Mark, squeezing his crotch with both hands, said, "You're driving me fucking crazy, boy. Come on ... let's see it."

"Yes, sir." Suddenly Jamie pushed his shorts over his ass and they dropped to the floor.

"Oh fucking shit," the cop moaned, staring at the perfectly round white globes, set off by the tan lines above and below the ass that contrasted with the surfer's golden tan. Mark raised his leg, pressed the bottom of his boot against the ass and shoved Jamie forward. The boy staggered toward the bed and fell on it, kneeling on it on all fours in a well-practiced move that he knew turned Mark on the most.

"Aaaah," Mark roared as he leapt from the chair and stood over the kneeling boy, his bare ass thrust in the air. "That gorgeous fucking ass - and it's mine!" The cop slapped it hard a couple of times. "It belongs to me, right boy?"

"Yes, sir, thank you sir." Jamie looked into the floor-length mirror facing the bed and gazed longingly at the uniformed cop whose tousled blond hair fell over his brow, his black shirt hanging open over his T-shirt.

Mark knelt on the bed behind the boy's ass, grabbed the white cheeks and pulled them apart. He gazed at the hole and what he always loved most - the fine fuzz of downy blond hair that ringed it. The cop buried his face in it, pushed his tongue over the sphincter and licked the warm membrane inside.

The three men outside were all now pounding their cocks as they watched the spectacle of the handsome young athlete submitting his ass to his master the cop. "Un-fucking-believable," Grady moaned to himself.

When he had got the ass good and wet Mark pulled back and slapped it a few more times, just hard enough to leave his handprint on the white flesh. "Tell me what you want now, boy."

Jamie gazed at him in the mirror. "Please, sir, I want your cock in my ass. I think of it all day, jack off thinking about it. I love you, sir. My ass is yours. Please fuck it, sir."

Mark ripped open his black pants, reached inside and pulled out his massive cock, hard as steel. ("It's fucking huge," Grady murmured). Mark pressed the head of his cock against Jamie's hole with its thicket of soft hair, then stripped off his uniform shirt and flung it aside, the contours of his magnificent torso bulging under the tight T-shirt.

He raised his arms, his biceps flexing under the short sleeves, and pumped his fists in the air. "Yeah," he roared. He thrust his hips forward and slammed his cock deep inside his boy's ass. Jamie's head jerked up and he screamed "Aaaagh..." His blond hair flew wildly and his eyes flashed. "Aaah... aaah .... Thank you, sir. Your cock feels so good in my ass. I love you, sir. I love you ... Fuck me, please."

"Damn right I'm gonna fuck your ass, kid." His arms still raised he pulled his hips back, then drove his rod into his boy's ass deeper than before. Grady was dazzled by the spectacle of the macho cop, fists pumped in the air, his T-shirt pulling free of his waistband giving a glimpse of his ripped abs as he ramrodded the naked surfer's ass. Grady was pounding his cock but Steve put a restraining hand on his wrist and said softly, "Don't come, buddy .... not yet ... watch this."

Mark's T-shirt by now was wet with sweat and, while he reamed his boy's ass, he reached behind his own neck and pulled the shirt up, revealing his eight-pack abs, then the slabs of his pecs, and yanked it off over his head. Grady gasped out loud, seeing the shirtless cop's magnificent body for the first time. "God that's beautiful," Grady groaned. "Man, my cock's gonna burst ... I gotta ..."

"No," Lloyd cautioned. "In a minute."

Mark was winding his sweat-soaked T-shirt into a rope. He leaned forward and pressed it in Jamie's mouth, then pulled the ends back and held them in one hand like a rider holding a bridle. He pulled Jamie's head back so the boy was forced to look at himself in the mirror, like a young stallion being ridden by his shirtless master. "Take a good look, kid. This is what it means to be a cop's boy. He's been riding his motorcycle all day and now he's riding your ass."

He pulled on the 'reins' making Jamie bite the shirt in his mouth so his master's sweat ran down his throat and dripped from the corners of his mouth. Mark raised his other arm in the air like a rodeo cowboy, hollering as he accelerated the pace of his cock pistoning into the boy. The young athlete gazed into the mirror, at the glorious cop pounding him, and tears streamed from his eyes and sweat from his mouth.

"This is pure gold," Grady moaned. He grabbed his cock again. "I gotta do it, guys. My cock's burning up...." But Steve and Lloyd grabbed a wrist on either side of him and pulled his hands away from his cock. But still he stared in disbelief at the extraordinary spectacle. He wanted to be both of them ... the man fucking the handsome surfer's perfect ass, but even more to be kneeling on all fours, feeling the police officer's dick driving into his ass.

He desperately wanted to touch his cock but his wrists were trapped. It didn't matter - the sight of the cop's glorious face and gleaming physique was enough. He was hypnotized, so engrossed that he was almost unaware of the sperm racing up his shaft until he heard his own voice howl and cum spurted high in the air and splashed down on his face.


Mark and Jamie, so wrapped in love and lust with each other, were oblivious to sounds from outside the room. Jamie was now lying flat on his stomach and Mark was arched over him, his feet on the bed, hands pressing down on the small of his back, his cock still driving into Jamie's ass. But the pace and the force had slackened and as they looked at each other in the mirror Mark smiled, "Time to make love, kiddo."

In a move they had perfected long ago, Mark raised one of Jamie's legs up and pushed it over so Jamie rolled over on his back, pulled his legs back and stared up at his master whose cock was still in his ass. Now when they gazed at each other it was not a mirror image - it was eye to eye, smile to smile. Mark said softly, "Think we put on a pretty good show for our audience, don't you, kiddo? Are you OK?"

"You don't need to ask that, sir. You know I'm in heaven getting fucked by a god."

Mark chuckled. "That's a bit over the top, Jamie, but I know what you mean. I love you, kid. Crazy about you." He leaned forward and their mouths came together in a passionate kiss. Jamie reach up and twisted Mark's hard nipples in his fingers as he felt the cop's tongue probing his mouth and his long shaft sliding in and out of his ass.

The three men outside watched in awe. The cop and the surfer making love was even more erotic than their wild fuck. They were so mad about each other that their love-making seemed to go on forever, but finally Mark pulled back and said softly to the boy, "Jamie, I have a head of steam that's been building up all day. I could blast enough jizz to fill a lake. You gonna let me cum in your ass, kiddo, and let me drink your sweet juice?"

"Yes please, sir," Jamie grinned. Mark stared down at him, at his golden boy, and his cock slowed its rhythm almost to a stop. He pulled his face back until it was directly over the boy's cock that pointed up rigid as a pole. "Touch it, Jamie."

Jamie wrapped his hand around his cock and felt his climax building that he had been holding back for so long. "Here it comes, sir. I love you so much .... Aah ... aah ... aaaahh." Suddenly a plume of creamy white juice shot straight up into the cop's mouth and Mark gulped it down, swallowing stream after stream of his boy's sperm.

When it finally stopped Mark fell forward and pinned Jamie's wrists to the bed. "My turn," he said softly. He pulled his cock back, teased Jamie's ass with a couple of short strokes, paused, then suddenly plunged in deep over the inner sphincter, and his handsome face grimaced in the throes of ecstasy. "Oh fuck ... fuck ... fuuuck...!" His cock exploded deep in the furnace of Jamie's ass, flooding it with hot semen that filled his butt, all the way up his chute until it spilled out of his ass and ran down his legs.

"Unbelievable," Grady said. "Un-fucking-believable."


Laughter rang out from the bed as Mark looked down at Jamie and whispered. "You want a bit more, kiddo? I think you know what I mean."

"Really, sir? You think it's possible?"

"Hey," Mark laughed, "this is me you're talking to. Anything's possible for me. I want to make you happy, kiddo, so watch this." He sprang to his feet and for the first time looked through the window. "Hey, Grady, get your ass in here."

Surprised, Grady pulled himself off the chaise and came in to face the cop, who laughed, "Hey, your shirt's soaked in jizz. How many times did you cum?"

"Twice, I guess," Grady grinned, "and I could have cum a lot more." He looked down at his T-shirt and blushed. "Pretty messy, uh?" Quickly he pulled it off and Mark stared at the well-nigh perfect, athletic physique. They both heard Jamie's gasp from the bed.

Mark grinned, "You look like a guy who deserves the best. You know, rumor has it that when you met Hassan and Eddie the Marine rented out his boy's ass to you for a hundred bucks. Well I think the Police Department can be a bit more generous than the Marine Corps. How about I loan my boy's ass to you free and gratis - on the house?"

Grady gaped at him, then looked down at the naked surfer, his eyes sparkling in the afterglow of great sex. "You mean ... you'd let me fuck your boy? Well of course he's magnificent but this thing about loaning him out, I ..." he looked down at Jamie "... I mean how about you, Jamie? You don't have to do this just because Mark tells you to.

Jamie grinned. "Actually I do sir. But you see that's OK 'cos my master never makes me do anything I don't want. And ... and I really want this, sir."

Grady flashed a beaming smile and said to Mark, "Well, if Jamie puts it like that and the law orders it how can I refuse?" Grady unzipped his shorts and let them fall round his ankles.

"Wow," Jamie gasped as he gazed up at the gorgeous model from the billboard standing naked at the foot of the bed, his long cock standing out stiff as a poker. Mark chuckled, "I see all that jism you've already spilled hasn't drained your enthusiasm, stud. Besides, I've already lubed the kid's ass up good so it should be what we call in the force an easy entry. And just to make sure my kid's ass is well treated I'll be right here watching."

Mark picked up a hand towel, spat on his own cock and wiped it clean. "There," he grinned, "good enough to eat." He walked to the head of the bed, reached far forward over Jamie's face, grabbed his ankles and pulled his legs back, displaying his ass that was still oozing with Mark's cum. "There it is, buddy, on loan as promised. Go for it."

Grady looked down at the beautiful naked young surfer, then up at the square-jawed cop standing behind his boy's head, stripped to the waist, his black pants hugging his slim waist and muscular thighs, tucked into his high shiny motorcycle boots. His huge cock still hung out of his pants and swung between his thighs. His magnificent torso flexed as his arms spread wide, holding Jamie's feet and pulling his legs back in an invitation to their handsome new friend.

Grady was intimidated by the macho cop and the pressure on him was so great he almost lost his hard on. But his cock jerked back to attention when the cop's deep voice growled, "Don't screw this up, man. My boy wants you to fuck his ass and that's what he's gonna get, is that clear?"

"Yes sir," said Grady, the first of many times he would call him sir. His intimidation was replaced by a fierce desire to please this man, as fierce as the desire to fuck his boy. He knelt on the bed so the head of his cock felt the soft hair round the boy's hole. He leaned forward and braced his hands on the bed on either side of Jamie.

"Hi, Jamie," Grady said with a gleaming white-teeth smile that lit up his face. "Your master is a hard act to follow and I know I won't measure up but ...."

"Don't worry, sir," Jamie said. "See, I knew when I first saw you outside that I wanted you to fuck me, but I had to wait for Mark's permission of course."

"And that permission has been granted," Mark growled. "So cut the crap and just fuck. Don't keep my boy waiting."

"No, sir ... I mean yes, sir," Grady stammered, mesmerized by the gray-blue eyes staring at him across Jamie's body. Jamie's ass was slick with cum and hot as a furnace after the pounding from the cop's huge shaft. It seemed to draw in Grady's cock that slid easily along the wet shaft until it came to rest in the cum-filled cavity deep inside.

Grady shuddered as he gazed at the eager blond face. "Oh Jamie, that feels so good." He looked up at Mark. "Your boy's ass is incredible ... smooth as velvet."

"Why do you think I fantasize about it when I'm working and slam my rod in it as soon as I get home? So enjoy it, man. Fuck it."

Grady pulled his cock back, then eased it back in at the start of a tender, loving fuck. Jamie sighed with pleasure and reached up to touch Grady's chest, running his fingers down the cleft between his pecs, then resting his palms on them as the muscle-jock rose and fell above him.

Mark knelt on the bed behind Jamie's head so his now semi-hard cock hung down over his face. Jamie poked his tongue out and licked the head, then ran his tongue up the length of the shaft. In a haze of desire Grady instinctively bent his head and did the same as Jamie. He licked the other side of Mark's rod and felt Jamie's lips touch his over it.

There followed a minor orgy of two hungry mouths and a swelling cock. Grady and Jamie kissed, then kissed the cock, each man taking it in his mouth in turn. Raised to a pitch of excitement Grady drove his cock faster and deeper into the young surfer's ass while he made love to master and boy at the same time.

Mark's cock was now rock hard and Grady stared up at his chiseled features and shining eyes. "I love your cock, man ... I want it inside me. Fuck me, sir. Please fuck my ass."

"All in good time, man. Don't worry, it's definitely gonna happen. I knew that when you first got out of your car. But right now this is my boy's party. You wanna feel his jizz, boy?"

"Yes, please, sir," Jamie gasped, with saliva running down his chin.

"OK, Grady, my boy wants your sperm inside him and, like me, he always gets what he wants. So that's an order, stud."

Grady was consumed by lust as he was ordered by the cop to fuck his hot young surfer. His cock hammered the boy's ass as they worked together on his master's cock, licking, sucking, their eyes meeting over the long shaft in a smiling conspiracy of desire.

From then on Mark took charge. "OK, man, do it ... bust that fucking load in his ass ... make him scream, man." With one last, long drive Grady slammed his cock hard into the depths of the surfer's ass and two screams rang round the room.

Simultaneously Mark roared and his cock exploded into the two handsome faces and into their mouths. Each in turn drank the cop's semen then shared it from mouth to mouth at the birth of a new friendship, both worshiping at the shrine of the blond Norse God gazing down at them.

Suddenly they felt even more juice pouring down on their faces. Steve and Lloyd were standing on either side of them pounding their cocks and soaking them in a deluge of cum. For long moments the only sound was the ragged breathing of five exhausted men. Then the silence was broken, first by a giggle, a chuckle and then a peal of laughter - Jamie's uninhibited expression of the euphoria they all shared.


It wasn't long before they were all in the pool, reveling in the pleasure of new-found friendship. Grady was still rather intimidated by Mark whose words still echoed in his ears: "All in good time, man. Don't worry, it's definitely gonna happen..." He knew he would never be able to relax with Mark until it did.

But the same could not be said of Grady and Jamie who were instant friends. As they talked in the pool they found that they had a lot in common, especially a love of surfing. "I got to be pretty good," Grady said, "but the opportunities in the New York area are not that great. But now I'm on the West Coast I plan on doing a lot more. I guess Malibu is the place, uh?"

"Nah," Jamie smiled. "Malibu's a bit yesterday - OK for the tourists but hard-core surfers have moved farther up the coast like Point Dume or Zuma. My favorite is County Line Beach where some days I have it almost to myself. I'll give you a guided tour someday soon." Mark smiled seeing how well they were getting along. The cop was aching to fuck the gorgeous young athlete but he would bide his time. He wanted him and Jamie to become close friends first.

Steve and Lloyd made dinner early as the next day would be a big day for Grady. They invited Hassan and Eddie up from the guest house as they were already friends of Grady from the first day he came there. The meal was a casual affair as Eddie and Jamie helped Lloyd bring food and wine out to the pool where they all sat around chatting.

"So what's this big day tomorrow?" Hassan asked Grady.

"Yeah, that's kinda when it all starts," Grady shrugged. "Wardrobe is always first so I gotta go to Warner Studios in Burbank for costume fittings, though that's a bit of a joke as the script has me going round shirtless most of the time. But I gotta get an early night 'cos I have to look my best. See, they're also gonna be taking a bunch of publicity stills with a lot of press there. These days they start promotion as soon as shooting starts. Whet the public's appetite, I guess.

"Mine got wetted soon as I laid eyes on you," Eddie giggled, then opened his eyes wide in an innocent look in case he had said too much - which he usually did."

But this time Grady smiled and said, "Thanks for the compliment, Eddie. The studio said they'd send a limo for me but I don't wanna start that shit so I guess I'll drive myself. I wanna stay the ordinary guy I've always been."

"Real ordinary, yeah," Mark grinned, causing laughter all round.

"Sir," Eddie chimed in. "I'm going to get supplies for the twins from the hardware store in Burbank early tomorrow. I'll be leaving from here and driving right past Warners so I could give you a lift."

Steve made a move to overrule Eddie but Grady laughed, "That would be perfect. Me arriving in that beat up old red truck of yours. Set my stamp on things right from the start. Thanks for the offer, Eddie. I accept."


So early next morning Eddie was sitting beside the glamorous Grady taking him to his first day at the studio. He drove over Barham Blvd and was soon pulling up at one of the gates to the Warner lot. "Thanks a million, kiddo," Grady said, ruffling Eddie's hair.

He jumped out and walked up to the guard, who didn't know who he was, maybe a tourist trying to talk his way onto the lot. But when the guard phoned the business office his manner changed abruptly. "I'm real sorry, sir. Of course I should have known. I was expecting a limo, that's all. Allow me to accompany you to the stage they're using. As they walked off Grady turned his head and winked at Eddie.

Eddie drove away giggling to himself. That's the difference between an ordinary guy and a movie star, I guess. I hope he don't change. I like him the way he is.

Actually Eddie was to find that out later the same day. After work he was sharing drinks round Steve's pool with Hassan, Lloyd and Mark and Jamie who had dropped by again like the day before. The phone rang and when Steve picked up he frowned and put it on speaker phone.

"Hi, guys, it's Grady. Sorry to interrupt but I need help. I'm afraid the bullshit has gone into high gear. See that photo shoot was kind've a big thing, a ton of press, and when it was over my manager insisted on a limo to take me home. It was quite a procession with the press trailing me wanting to get shots of my home, my lifestyle and all that crap. Well I just ran inside my house and I'm kinda hiding out there with them camped outside.

"Guys, I wanna be up there with you but if I do they'll only follow me up there and blow my cover. I thought of asking you, Mark, to come down here and break them up, but getting the cops involved would only up the ante and make the circus worse. I don't know what to do."

There were frowns all round, then Hassan said, "I do. Grady, do you have a pool man?"

Surprised by the question Grady said, "Nah, my pool's only small and I clean it myself."

"Well you do now. Get ready to leave, buddy, and when you hear a truck pull up at your gate just buzz it in and close the gate behind it. It'll be your pool boy."

Hassan shut off the phone and grinned at Eddie. "Kiddo, I often fantasized about finding you here cleaning Steve's pool. Always wanted to fuck a pool boy. We'll do that one day, but right now do you think you could play pool boy just this once?"

Eddie's eyes gleamed with mischief and he said, "Of course, sir ... and I've got just the outfit. He ran off down to the guest house and Hassan said to Lloyd, "Could you help me load Eddie's truck with whatever pool equipment you've got here - skimmer, vacuum hoses, brushes ...?"

Eddie soon reappeared dressed in an old pair of dungarees (hand-me-downs from Pablo) and an old cap with the peak pulled jauntily to one side. He beamed and saluted, "Reporting for duty, sir."

Hassan said, "Yeah, bit over the top maybe, but you'll do." He gave him explicit instructions ending with, "No hamming it up, kid. And here's the hard part. You don't talk, don't open your mouth. You know nothing about anything, get it?"

"Nothing about anything," Eddie repeated slowly furrowing his brow. "Got it, sir."


Twenty minutes later the mob of paparazzi were still lounging around outside the gate of Grady's small house, waiting. They were good at waiting ... all part of the job. There was a flurry of activity when an old truck pulled up at the gate, but interest died down when they saw it was the pool boy. A few of them shouted questions but Eddie ignored them and tried to play it cool, although his heart was beating fast with excitement.

Like an actor in a movie he had fixed a bored pool-boy look on his face as he reached out the window and pressed the bell. In seconds the gate swung open, Eddie drove in, almost popping the clutch in his excitement, and the gate closed behind him. He drove round to the back of the house and ran inside.

A smiling Grady threw his arms round him and Eddie said, "I did it, sir. I got inside."

"Yes you did and I'm proud of you. But getting out's the tough part. That's a cool outfit, kiddo. Hell I always wanted to get fucked by a pool boy."

"I can do that, sir."

"Nah, with that lot outside? But we gotta wait a while - pretend you're cleaning the pool. You wanna beer?"

They sipped beers and chatted for a half hour, or rather Eddie chatted in his usual stream of consciousness when he was excited. Then it was time to go. Grady got into the car and curled up on the floor on the passenger's side. Eddie threw an old blanket over him then got behind the wheel and started the truck. He had Grady's gate opener that he pointed at the gate just before he got there. It swung open, causing a surge of reporters to the gate.

Trying to stay calm and nonchalant he eased forward through the crowd. Disobeying Hassan's no-talk order he shouted, "Hey, give me a break, fellas. I'm running late today." It did the trick as the crowd parted, Eddie clicked the gate shut behind him and drove slowly down the hill.

"We did it, sir," he whooped, but the voice came from under the blanket, "Sshh, someone might be following and that would blow everything. I better stay here until we're safe inside Steve's. Keep an eye on your rear-view mirror to see if anyone's following you."

Eddie was tingling with excitement thinking he was in an action movie watching to see if the bad guys were following him. Of course, despite instructions, he was hamming it up, keeping his jaw clenched and glancing in the mirror every few seconds. He was deadly serious until ... until a face appeared from under blanket, like E.T. with a towel over his head as he escaped in a bicycle basket. Except this face was a lot prettier than E.T. - a whole lot - and there was a twinkle in the eye.

"While I'm down here I might as well thank you for saving me, Eddie. Stay cool, though, if you see anyone following." A hand emerged from under the blanket and unzipped Eddie's shorts. Then hand and face disappeared again, but pretty soon ... "Aaah." Eddie gasped as he felt his cock pulled out of his shorts and a mouth clamp over it.

It was real hard for him to play the cool, unflappable action hero with his cock getting sucked. He heard slurping from under the blanket and tried to keep a straight face. There was only one thing to do. Even as he looked for the umpteenth time in his mirror the hot mouth on his cock made him do what he did best - and most often. Groaning through his clenched jaw he shot a hot load of cum into the unseen mouth.

As it turned out, though, that didn't help. He heard a gulping sound under the blanket but the mouth didn't pull off his semi-soft cock - semi-soft only for a few seconds before, with the youthful resilience of a boy gusher, it was rock hard again. And the mouth kept sucking.

As he drove along Mulholland Drive Eddie suddenly saw a car following some way behind. Determined not to panic he slowed down, pulled onto the shoulder and stopped. His heart was beating, and his cock pulsing, as he watched the car approach ... and then speed straight past him. False alarm.

His heart calmed down but his cock didn't. "Shit," he moaned, "this is harder than I thought." Maybe he wasn't cut out to be an action star - not this kind of action anyway. But mercifully he saw Steve's house in the distance and soon pulled up at the gate and clicked his opener. He drove down the driveway and Hassan, Steve, Lloyd, Mark and Jamie were all at the door to meet him.

"Everything go OK?" Steve asked anxiously. Eddie opened his mouth to reply but instead a howl came out as he shot another load in Grady's mouth.

"What's the matter?" Hassan asked. "Where's Grady?" The blanket pulled back and there was the handsome face smiling up at them, cum oozing from his mouth and running over the stubble of his chin. "I'm right here, soldier. Is the coast clear?" Amid a gale of laughter he sat up and pulled himself out of the truck.

"Sorry, Hassan, but while I was hiding down there it seemed like as good a time as any to thank your boy. He was terrific by the way - played his part like a pro. As pool boys go, this one is the hottest I've seen. Only thing is I didn't know he could cum so much and so often - a regular gusher.

Hassan smiled, "That's my boy." With an impish grin Eddie pulled the peak of his cap down even further to the side and winked at Jamie. "By the way," Hassan said to the others, "which of you guys has ever watched a pool boy cleaning the pool and fantasized about fucking him?" Every hand shot up. "Thought so."

Eddie's eyes sparkled as he reached up to his shoulders, pushed off the straps of his dungarees and let them fall. He was butt naked underneath. His mischievous, urchin face grinned under his sideways cap as he raised his arms high and yelled, "Ta-Da!"

Eddie was having the time of his life.


The prospect of the "pool-boy" being passed round from man to man (and cock to cock) hung in the air but Steve detected a more pressing priority. Despite Grady's fun-loving antics under the blanket on the ride here, the therapist spotted something more troubling in his eyes. He had clearly been unnerved by his first experience of being in the media spotlight.

"I don't know about you guys," Steve said, "but I need a drink." There was a unanimous chorus of approval and Jamie and Eddie followed Lloyd into the kitchen. A few minutes later they were all lounging by the pool sipping cocktails and munching on appetizers. For a while Eddie was the center of attention, eagerly relaying his adventure as the young hero who had triumphed over the paparazzi (exaggerating like mad, of course), but Grady stayed silent.

It was only when Eddie eventually ran out of steam that Grady finally spoke. "Look guys it worked this time but the last thing I want is them ever coming up here. See, the way the media works is this. Publicity feeds on itself so today's public photo shoot whetted their appetites and you saw the result.

"But it will typically last only a few days, then they'll lose interest and go on to something else. When shooting starts, with all the studio's protection, it'll be all work and none of this bullshit, but right now they're still sniffing around and they'll find me here. I don't wanna drag you guys into this so ...." he grinned ruefully "I don't suppose any of you know of some isolated log cabin hidden in the woods where I could hunker down for the next few days?"

"Not in the woods," Mark said, "but how about the dunes?" He leaned over and whispered in Jamie's ear. Jamie's eyes sparkled and he said to Grady, "Sir, I have a shack in the Guadalupe dunes about 150 miles up the coast. Mark gave it to me. We were toying with the idea of going up there this weekend, leaving early tomorrow morning, and you're very welcome to join us. We'd like that a lot.

"The shack is real remote, never anyone around, and we always have the beach to ourselves. Nobody would ever find you there. Oh," Jamie grinned, "did I mention that surfing's great up there? Waves can get real gnarly."

Grady flashed his dazzling smile and looked at Mark, who grinned and nodded encouragement. "Great idea," said Steve. "Kill two, maybe three, birds with one stone. Give you a place to hide out 'til the heat's off and also give you an opportunity to get to know these guys better. That place is beautiful ... wild, remote, deserted. Just what the doctor ordered."

"Grady grinned, "Well, if my doc orders it who am I to object? I accept your invitation with pleasure, Jamie."


So it was that early the next morning a truck drove north up the coast road with three surfboards in the back. Mark was behind the wheel, wearing shorts and the black ribbed tank that turned Jamie on so much. It turned Grady on too and he'd had an instant boner when he had seen Mark jump out of the truck when they came to pick him up.

On the other side was Jamie in his usual gear of surfer trunks and a loose, faded tank. Between them sat Grady, also wearing surfer trunks and a tank Jamie had lent him. With the two gorgeous men on either side of him, their legs touching his, Grady felt far away from the bright lights of yesterday. He had something entirely different on his mind, with his permanent erection a constant reminder.

Mark sat mostly silently with a smile on his face as he listened to Jamie and Grady chatting like old friends, mostly about surfing techniques and the best waves they had ever ridden. Mark had chosen the scenic route rather than the faster freeway, so it was several hours before they were bumping over the sandy track that led to the shack.

Mark pulled up behind it and they all jumped out and trudged over the dune to the front door. At the top of the dune the endless beach came into view and Grady gasped. "Man, you were right about the surf, Jamie. Those waves are epic."

"Surf's awesome right now," Jamie agreed, "though it tends to die down in the afternoon." He looked expectantly at Mark.

"OK, OK," Mark grinned. "Soon as we've unloaded the truck you two can hit the water. After all that driving I'm gonna relax with a beer."

With the sound surf pounding in their ears Jamie and Grady helped Mark quickly unload their gear and stow it in the shack. Mark grabbed a beer, stripped down to his speedos, settled into one of the Adirondack chairs on the shack's terrace and contentedly watched the two men waxing their boards.

He focused on Grady and was again struck by his beauty, his square-cut features concentrating on his task, his athletic physique gleaming in the sun. When they were finished Jamie said, "OK if we go now, sir?"

"Hey, you don't have to ask me, kiddo. You guys go have fun. I'll just kick back and dream of you both."

Mark closed his eyes and Jamie chuckled. "He will too. See that bulge in his speedos? He's probably thinking of your ass."

Grady gazed at the near naked Greek God sprawled in the chair, his magnificent body striped by the sunlight coming through the slats of the terrace. Looking at the bulging speedos Grady could have cum in his shorts thinking about that cock in his ass, but he was jerked back to reality by Jamie's urging. "Come on, dude, quit daydreaming - let's hit the waves." They ran to the water's edge, flung their boards in, fell on their stomachs and paddled out to the waves.

Jamie had been right - Mark was seeing visions of Grady's ass. Man, he wanted to fuck it and he knew Grady also wanted it real bad. He had felt it driving up here, had sensed Grady's desire as he rested his leg against Mark's. But Mark was content to bide his time. A supremely confident man the cop was used to men lusting for him and knew, without arrogance, that he could pluck the fruit at any time. He would tease Grady, make him wait, make him all the hotter for when the time came.

He dozed off and must have slept for a long time shucking off the stress of his job, because he was woken by two excited voices. He opened his eyes and was met with the dazzling sight of the two jocks walking through the shallow surf carrying their boards under their arms. Their flawless bodies were pumped after their exertion, water streaming down their rippling muscles gleaming in the sun, hair hanging over their glowing salt-spattered faces.

As he watched them approach Mark stretched and said quietly to himself, "Mark, old buddy, how come you got to be so damn lucky?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 273


Rob Williams



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