The drama that had rocked and shocked the tribe - the ferocious fight between the two brothers Randy and Steve - seemed to have simmered down. Harmony and goodwill prevailed, thanks largely to the restoration of the abiding love between Randy and Bob who set the example for the rest of the clan to follow.   

But ironically, the place where the whole episode had begun was still in a state of uncertainty about the future - the house of Steve and his lover Lloyd on Mulholland Drive. It had all started there with Lloyd's misguided plan to introduce his gym buddy, the stunningly handsome swimwear model Grady, to Doctor Steve as a new therapy patient, with the playful hope that Steve would fulfil his secret fantasy of sex with a patient.

The scheme had gone disastrously wrong with Steve and Grady's instant attraction and a sex marathon that lasted into the next day. The roof really fell in when big brother Randy got involved, trashed Grady, then got into a fight with Steve... with subsequent tribal repercussions.

Not surprisingly Grady left Steve's house and went back home, but he left a long note that moved Steve and Lloyd to tears, especially these paragraphs:

"I realize you won't want to see me again - and I don't blame you, doc. If I had a lover like Lloyd I'd hold onto him like crazy and never let some asshole pretty-boy come between us.

I feel real bad about Lloyd. I always looked forward to working out with him but I betrayed his friendship. I don't think I could look him in the face again so maybe I'll switch gyms. I know we were only gym buddies but, believe it or not, his was one of the very few friendships I had.

"Of course I still have that addiction to handsome men to deal with and I would have loved to keep you as my shrink, Steve, but I know that's not on. You'll dump me as a patient and refer me to another doc - someone safer. I just wanna say that I would have liked getting to know you and Lloyd better as you are an amazing couple. I wish you and Lloyd all the best in the world, Steve - I envy you your happiness. I leave you with a big hug ..... Your buddy, Grady."

After that, they knew they had to see him again and Steve came up with an idea. Grady had said he needed more therapy so Steve had his receptionist, Ruth, call him and Grady jumped at the chance of another appointment - "as soon as possible". It was set for the next day, a Tuesday when Steve saw patients at his home. It was his last appointment at 3:30 pm.

Steve tried to stay professional. "I'll keep it cool and clinical," he told Lloyd," then grinned, "except there's a bit more to it than that. Do you think you can get off work early tomorrow, because .... well, I'd like you to be here?"

"Me??   Hell Steve, Bob once told me I was playing with fire and I think he'd tell you the same thing now."

"Maybe so, but trust me on this buddy. Now here's what I'm thinking...."


The next day Lloyd was home working at the drafting table in his office, and Steve was finishing up his notes on his previous patient when the bell from the gate sounded. Steve buzzed it open and went out to meet Grady, trying to stop his heart pounding. ("He's a patient, he's a patient").

It was a replay of the first time. As usual on work-at-home days Steve was casually dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and, consciously or not, he was wearing the same gray V-neck T-shirt he had worn the last time and that Grady had found sexy. Grady too was wearing pretty much the same as last time - baggy cargo shorts and a loose T-shirt that flattered his spectacular body even more than tight gym clothes would have.

As before, he came toward Steve smiling, though this time there was more than a hint of nervousness in the smile. They held everything in check by keeping it coolly professional.

"Good to see you again, doc," Grady said. "Same here," said Steve. They shook hands but pulled them back quickly, almost like they had given each other an electric shock. That unnerved them so Steve led Grady straight into the office and offered him a seat on the couch. Steve sat behind his desk, looked at the notes on his clipboard and picked up where the last session had ended - that is, before it went off the professional rails, about which nothing was said, as if it hadn't happened.

"Last time, Grady, I said we couldn't just treat the symptoms of your condition, we had to examine the roots of it - what it is in you that triggers this compulsion you have. And here I'm going to suggest something rather unorthodox. You see, my lover Lloyd has exactly the same addiction to beautiful men as you have. You both told me you're supposed to be just workout partners at the gym but you find it hard to get beyond your sexual attraction for each other.

"Now here comes the part you might find weird, and you certainly don't have to agree to it. See, er... Lloyd is in the house, in his office, and, with your approval, I'm proposing that I talk to you both together. That way we can examine the issue from both your points of view which would help us get to the truth faster. But it's up to you, Grady. It's your call."

Grady was taken aback and blinked in confusion. "Wow, didn't see that one coming. But, I mean, like ... doesn't Lloyd still hate me for what I did last time?"

"Lloyd never hated you, Grady, and anyway that's all water under the bridge." He detected a flash of disappointment in Grady's eyes and Steve hastened to correct himself. "Oh, I didn't mean that I ... that we, can't ...." Steve blushed in confusion and Grady smiled and relaxed. They understood each other perfectly.

"OK sure, doc, why not? Could be interesting. I was kinda hoping to bump into Lloyd again anyway so ..." with a smile and a shrug, "... why not?"

Steve went to the door and called Lloyd's name. In a few minutes he came in, even more casually dressed in gray sweatpants and a sleeveless T-shirt that showed off his solid shoulders and biceps. Grady jumped up and Lloyd walked up to him. They looked nervously at each other, then shook hands uncertainly before pulling each other into a tight hug."

"Great to see you again, dude." "Same here, buddy."

"Great," Steve beamed at them and picked up his clipboard notes. "Just take a seat together on the couch there, gentlemen, and we'll begin."

The men sat at opposite ends of the couch, then grinned at each other acknowledging their silliness and shuffled closer together. Steve smiled, noting the first small step toward reconciliation. "Now I want it on the record that you both consented to be here together. I know that may seem strange and awkward at first, as this is nominally Grady's therapy session, but as you both share the same sexual compulsion I thought that this way we could get a more three-dimensional view of the issue.

"Actually, I probably should not even call it sexual compulsion. It's rather a fixation on handsome men that, I suspect, does not usually lead to one-on-one sex. Lloyd, when you follow a hot man round the grocery store, does it end in sex with the guy?"

"No," Lloyd replied hastily. "It's .... I dunno .... not really about fucking. The most that happens is I go home and jack off thinking about him."

Steve raised questioning eyes to Grady who said, "Same with me, doc. Like I told you before, I really don't have a lot of sex - it's more about the search. When I see a hot guy at the gym I mostly just wanna look, and sometimes I jerk off looking at him. If the guy comes on to me it kinda makes me nervous and I don't want to get involved. So fucking is rare."

"Except with you and Lloyd apparently."

The comment made them both shift uneasily and Steve quickly followed it up. "You told me you two have actually fucked a few times in the pool equipment shed behind the gym." He chuckled. "Sounds a bit like a pair of teenagers sneaking off to have sex behind the bleachers. But the real question here is, what was the difference from the other hot guys? Grady?"

Grady flashed a quick smile at Lloyd, then replied, "I dunno...well, I guess I do in a way. I mean it wasn't just that Lloyd is incredibly sexy - hell, you know that, doc, he's your lover. But we always had a great time working out together, laughed a lot, got to know each other real well. 'Course, our dicks were always hard so, when we sneaked off into that shed, for me it was like getting fucked by a good buddy - no strings, no fear of...."

"... fear of involvement?"

"Yeah, doc, I guess you could say that."

"Good, we're getting somewhere. What I'm hearing is that your sexual attraction to most guys is rather superficial, just a hot looking guy who's fodder for a later solitary jack-off session. I treat a lot of guys for sexual compulsion - such as trolling the Internet - and as you said, Grady, for a lot of guys it's all about the search.

"That kind of casual, anonymous attraction, with or without sex, very often goes along with a fear of commitment. Sometimes it's fear of rejection, sometimes an unwillingness to give up your freedom. In your case Grady I'm guessing it's the latter. How am I doing?"

Again Grady grinned at Lloyd, then back at Steve. "You pretty much nailed it so far, doc."

"So - and here's the reason I wanted you both here - what's this deal with you two taking it a step further with surreptitious fucks behind the gym? Couldn't have been that comfortable - standing up or rolling around on a concrete floor between the pool heaters. Seems like, in a way, you breached the first commitment barrier by becoming fuck buddies. But you said you liked each other a lot, a kind of bromance, so why not go farther? Didn't you ever want a bed?"

Again Lloyd and Grady exchanged glances, but this time blushing uneasily. "Yeah," Grady said, "but there was this small detail that Lloyd already had a lover. Not that I didn't think about it a lot, being in bed with Lloyd. Fantasized about it even."

"Good, good," said Steve, pleased with his progress. "Now, suppressing fantasies is a big part of the problem here, so we gotta get it out in the open. At the risk of this sounding like a confessional, Grady, I want you to describe your fantasy, starting with your initial attraction to Lloyd. Forget for a while that he's my lover, and if you'd rather Lloyd left the room, that's OK."

"No, no, I want Lloyd to stay. I want him to hear this." There was a distinct tone of relief in Grady's voice and he let it all out - which had been Steve's goal all along.

"When I was modeling I was based in New York but when I got into acting my manager said I should come out to L.A., where by sheer luck I landed this big leading role in a major movie that they all say is gonna make me famous. Anyway, I joined a gym here and saw right away that the place was loaded with great looking guys. You know, the well-known triple-threat - waiter-model-actor-singer-dancer - oh, I guess that's more than triple, right? But you get the picture."

His shy smile captivated the other two and Steve stopped making notes. "Anyway, not the best territory for a dude with an obsession for handsome men but, what the hell. Then - I think it was my third day there - I saw this awesome looking man across the gym, talking and laughing with a bunch of other jocks. Man he was hot, more than just good looking. Tall, handsome, square-cut features, soft, smiling gray eyes. And a body that wouldn't quit - a muscular, flawless physique that must have taken hours at the gym to perfect.

"Shit, I almost creamed my gym shorts looking at him. My workout was almost over but I hung around for a long time waiting for him to finish and hit the showers. I tried hard to be discreet but I couldn't take my eyes off him. I heard one of the guys call him Lloyd. At one point our eyes met for a split second and I thought there was a flicker of something, but he looked away immediately so I assumed he wasn't interested and put it down to my wishful thinking.

"Finally he was done and went down to the locker room. The toilets are adjacent and there's one stall where if you look through a crack in the door you can see the locker room and showers. I beat my meat while I watched him strip off his sweaty gym gear and saw him naked for the first time.

"He wasn't at all shy about his nakedness. Him and another guy were rough-housing, laughing and flipping towels at each other, and as he jumped around naked, his long cock swinging between his legs, I couldn't hold back. I busted a huge load against the stall door.

Grady paused and his eyes shone as he said to Steve. "Man, it feels so good to talk about this to someone who understands. Thanks, doc. Anyway, Lloyd walked naked under the shower and I watched as he soaped up, rubbing his hands lovingly over that exquisite body. And still he was laughing, trading obscenities with the other guy. I was jealous of that guy being a buddy of his.

"I watched Lloyd bend down to soap his legs and caught sight of the white mounds of his gorgeous ass. But it was his cock that really made me pound my dick harder and I swear that his cock stiffened as he ran his soapy hands over it. I was fit to bust another load when he tilted his head back and rinsed off. As the water cascaded down his naked body he ran his hands over the slabs of his pecs and I saw his thumbs stroke his nipples, which made his cock harder. That did it, and I shot another load all over the door. And Lloyd didn't know a thing."

Grady paused, lost in the vivid image of the naked jock in the shower, and Lloyd took the opportunity to interrupt. "Man, you never knew, did you? You really think I was unaware of you? That time our eyes met for a second I glanced away not because I wasn't interested but because I couldn't take it.

"I thought, oh shit, seeing the new guy at the gym, spectacular face and body, and I knew right away I'd seen you before in those underwear ads. I couldn't bear to look at you and tried to pretend you weren't there. That's why I focused on my buddies and my voice got stupidly loud.

"I saw you hanging around and decided I had to hit the showers and get out of there. I couldn't believe it when you came in after me and went into that toilet stall. I used it often myself to look through the crack at the naked guys in the shower. I fantasized that you were looking at me so I put on that show of running around naked, snapping my towel at my buddy.

"In the shower I imagined the hot muscle-stud was jerking off behind the door looking at me, though I never really thought a stud like you would actually do that. I showered like a guy in a porn movie, running my hands over my body, stroking my cock and my nipples, and for a moment I thought I was gonna cum.

"But then reality kicked in. I realized I was being stupid, so I dried off quickly and left the gym, thinking I'd never see you again. I tried to put you out of my mind but I went down to the playroom downstairs here and jerked off several times looking at myself in the mirror but seeing you." Lloyd grinned at Steve. "I'm sorry Steve, but that was the night I said I was too tired for sex and went straight to sleep."

Steve chuckled. "You know, I remember that night and thought something was up. But, guys, this is exactly what I wanted to achieve here - a way for you men to get beyond jacking off thinking about each other and really share what you've been thinking and feeling. Would you pick up the story, Grady?"

"Well, I did pretty much the same thing as Lloyd, beating off fantasizing about him. I couldn't wait to get back to the gym the next day, going at exactly the same time in the hope that he always went at a regular time each day. I was real disappointed when I didn't see him at first, but then I noticed the guy lying on a bench press, his arms and chest flexing hard as he lifted.

"My heart missed a beat and I knew that as soon as he sat up and our eyes met I would be too scared to do anything. It's like that at the gym. One hot guy sees another but they're both too nervous to approach each other - like you said, doc, fear of rejection I guess. So, I don't know how I did it, but I went over to the bench before Lloyd looked up and asked some dumb question about the exercise."

Lloyd laughed, "Yeah it was real dumb, something about a wide grip versus a narrow grip on the bar. Huh, like a muscle-jock like you wouldn't know something as basic as that! Anyway, I looked up and saw you towering over me and couldn't believe it. My arms turned to jelly and I almost dropped the bar."

"Yeah," Grady smiled, "and I grabbed it. I asked if you needed a spot, which was ridiculous as I knew you could handle a light bar like that, but you said yes and ..."

" ... and as you stood over me looking down at me," Lloyd said, "I could see up your shorts and saw that monster dick hard as a rock, like mine was at the sight of you. When I finished the set I stood up and we introduced ourselves, and when we shook hands it was like a bolt of lightning went through me. There was an awkward silence and I felt the whole thing slipping away ...."

" .... but suddenly," Grady smiled, "you asked if I wanted to work in with you and I said yes, much too eagerly. We ended up working the whole routine together and we got along really well, so the sexual tension eased and we really enjoyed each other's company. Remember how much we laughed that first day? Later we showered together and we both grinned and blushed as we tried to hide our boners with our soapy hands.

"I don't think we ever actually said we would work out together the next day - it wasn't necessary, it was a given and ..."

"...and the rest is history," said Steve. He was glad about the way the session was going. Before today the emphasis had been heavily on himself and Grady and now it was shifting to Lloyd and Grady as the two gym partners opened up to each other with their real feelings. That had been Steve's plan all along and it seemed to be working. He threw out another prompt: "But tell me how you eventually decided to have sex."

Grady thought about that. "We, er, didn't really decide or anything. A few of days later we swam laps in the gym pool and when we got out our dicks were real hard in our speedos. Lloyd kinda sauntered into the pool equipment shed, I followed and right away he had me pressed against the wall, pulled my speedos down and shoved his wet dick in my ass. Do you remember, dude, how I instantly busted a load against the wall, it had been building so long?"

"Yeah, but that didn't stop me," Lloyd grinned. "I just carried on fucking that glorious ass - man it was hot - and pretty soon we climaxed together, stifling our shouts and laughter in case someone heard us. After that we tried to cool it and act just like regular gym buddies, but several times we were ready to burst and made a beeline for the pool shed."

Grady said, "It kinda helped when you told me you had a lover 'cos then there was no chance of any kind of commitment, which, like you said, doc, scared me. But I couldn't help wondering what kind of a man would be the lover of this smoking hot stud. I guessed he had to be pretty hot himself.

"Then Lloyd mentioned that his lover was a therapist. See, for some time my manager had been warning me that I was soon gonna be all over the media when this big movie starts shooting so I had to be real careful about my private life and he suggested I get into therapy to help with my obsession for beautiful men. To me that included getting over my infatuation for Lloyd too. So I agreed when Lloyd suggested that I call you, doc, and make an appointment."

There was silence for a while as Lloyd squirmed and blushed. "There's something I didn't tell you, dude, and this seems like the time to 'fess up. See, the thing is, I deliberately brought you and Steve together 'cos I knew Steve had this secret fantasy about fucking a patient and, you being so gorgeous and all, I thought you would be the one patient he couldn't resist. I was right."

Grady frowned and looked at Lloyd with a mix of anger and amusement. "You mean you pimped me out? What kind of man does that to a buddy?"

Lloyd sighed. "The kind who jacks off fantasizing about the guy he's in love with fucking the gym buddy he's in lust with. I have no excuse, Grady. Guilty as charged."

Grady's frown disappeared. "Ah, no sweat, dude. I'm as guilty as anyone. Tell you the truth, I was dying to get a look at this lover of yours." His voice became more subdued. "Trouble is, I wasn't ready for the gorgeous doctor who met me in the driveway. I mean, it was instant hard-on. And as he talked to me in this very office it wasn't only his looks, it was .... his voice, his eyes ... I dunno. Anyway my hard-on got worse and worse - or better and better depending on how you look at it - and I knew from the look in his eyes that we were gonna have sex.

Another silence, as they all knew the story from there. "So here we are," said Grady, in growing distress now, "back to square one. Steve, it was good to get all this stuff off my chest, but it don't seem to have solved anything. I'm still crazy about both of you but that obviously can't go anywhere."

He got to his feet. "You guys.... I love being with you but it's also torture. We all know what happened last time and it'll happen again. It's all too complicated for a simple guy like me. Sorry, Steve, but I gotta go."

His eyes were moist as he turned to leave ... and then he heard, "Grady. Sit down. You're my patient and we haven't finished." The voice was coolly professional, commanding, and Grady obeyed, sitting on the couch a bit further away from Lloyd than before and not looking at him.

"OK," Grady said, "since I'm spilling my guts here I might as well tell you my biggest fantasy - never thought I would tell anyone. I got to like you so much, Lloyd, and not only the sex. For the first time in my life I dreamed of dumping that fear of commitment and, well, sounds stupid now but ... after the gym, you and me going home to our house in the canyon, making love then having dinner together, settling in front of the TV or going out to a movie - you know, regular things like lovers do.

"Man, there were times when I wanted that so bad .... I jerked off thinking about it, then fell asleep and dreamed about it. I thought therapy might help me get over that impossible dream but it didn't .... it only made it worse, more complicated. Talking was great, made me see even clearer what I want ... and can never have." He choked up and tears came to his eyes. "Shit, I swore I wouldn't do this but I....." Lloyd moved close to him on the couch and put his arm round him.

Quick to lighten the moment Steve said, "You know guys, they always say that the most important piece of equipment in a therapist's office is a box of tissues. So catch, buddy. He tossed a box to Grady who wiped his eyes and blew his nose.

Feeling close to tears himself, Steve knew it was important to turn down the emotional tempo and return to clinical professionalism, so he went back to his clipboard notes. "You're right about one thing, Grady. Unloading your private thoughts was useful as we all know now where we stand. But sometimes words alone are not enough. They are a good first step but in themselves are not a solution. More is needed.

"There's a technique that some doctors call role-playing, but I prefer to describe simply as putting words into action. It gives me and the patient a pictorial image of the issues involved.

"Now, it does involved physical contact - replaying the kind of workout contact you have both been describing. For that we'd have to move this session down to the gym. That may seem a bit of a therapeutic stretch and I want to emphasize, Grady, that this is your session and you can, off course, decline anything I suggest.

Grady raised his head and smiled at Lloyd through his tears. "Well, now you mention it, doc, what you said about putting words into action is kinda already happening if you count the massive boner I've had in my shorts all the time sitting next to Lloyd here. So I say let's go for it - if it's OK with you, Lloyd."

"Right there with you, buddy," Lloyd grinned broadly.


The pressure had lifted. What had begun as a nervous what's-gonna-happen-next therapy session had gradually evolved into an exercise of self-revelation. Steve had skillfully led Lloyd and Grady though a truth-telling exercise where previously suppressed feelings had come to the surface. Or as Darius would have put it more succinctly, "two dudes spilling the beans".

For the first time they appreciated how much more than mere gym buddies they had become, how each man had lusted for the other as soon as they set eyes on each other, and how much more they wanted than a fumbling fuck in the pool shed. At the same time Steve had succeeded in turning the spotlight away from himself and Grady (though their mutual lust was in no way diminished) and onto the budding relationship between the two athletes.

Having shed all their inhibitions by finally coming clean with each other, natural high spirits could finally triumph over tortured lust. This was evident as they went into the master bedroom and Lloyd rummaged through his gym clothes and threw suggested outfits to Grady, who protested loudly at his choices. "Are you kidding, dude? I'm all set to become an action flick star, and these shorts would make me look like a porn star."

"Yeah," Lloyd grinned salaciously, "but I'd buy the video and jack off all night. So don't knock it, kid. With that body and that face you could make big bucks in porn, you know?"

Steve was still in his office finishing off his notes and was pleased to hear the raucous laughter coming from the bedroom. Just what he had hoped for. OK, now for the gym.

He met them in the hall and stroked his chin, exaggeratedly inspecting their gym outfits. Lloyd was still in gray sweatpants and had now put on a black tank over his chiseled torso. Grady had opted for regular black gym shorts that showed off the mounds of his spectacular ass, and an extra-large tank that hung down loose from his shoulders and exposed most of his rock hard pecs and wide lats.

"Yeah," Steve said, his boner straining against his jeans, "that'll do OK, I guess," (the understatement of the year). "Now get down to the gym and show me the workout you macho jocks have been boasting about."


As they went downstairs to the room that doubled as a gym and playroom, walled with mirrors, the atmosphere was quite different from the workouts at their public gym. They always enjoyed their regular gym but, under the watchful and envious gazes of the other guys, they had to hold in check any sexual impulses - which were many. They were workout partners like any other two guys there and it was only when lust got the better of them that they surreptitiously went out to the pool and sidled into the pool shed where Lloyd fucked his buddy's spectacular ass.

But now they were free to do as they liked, the only audience being their therapist who had prescribed this unusual mode of therapy. They jostled each other playfully on the narrow stairs, then Lloyd decided, "Dumbbell flies to start with, dude." Grady selected two dumbbells and lay flat on a bench on his stomach. He looked up the wall mirror and raised the weights in a classic dumbbell fly shoulder exercise.

"Nah," Lloyd sneered, "don't be such a fucking pussy. You're cheating, raising your upper chest off the bench. Here, this'll hold you." Lloyd slung his leg over the bench, straddled his buddy and sat in the small of his back. He leaned forward and braced his hands on Grady's upper back, pressing him down on the bench so his shoulders were isolated in perfect form.

"Thanks, man, that's better," Grady grunted as he began the exercise.

"OK, stud, gimme fifteen reps, bet you can't"

"Fuck you, asshole. Watch me do twenty."

Standing back in the shadows Steve was trying to keep a professional attitude but his cock was straining in his jeans as he watched the young jock's shoulders strain and flex, the first beads of perspiration starting to run down his classic features. He had often tried to imagine what Lloyd and Grady looked like when they were working out, and now he was watching it in all its homoerotic glory.

"Twelve, thirteen ...." Lloyd was counting. He knew Grady could go over twenty reps so he did something he had always wanted to do in the gym. He eased back on the bench until his crotch was pressing down on Grady's ass. Still pinning him to the bench Lloyd moved his stiff cock back and forth over Grady's shorts, over the crack of his ass, simulating fucking.

"Fuck you, man," Grady growled through gritted teeth.

"Other way round, big guy," Lloyd taunted. "It's your ass gonna get ploughed. Keep going man. Fifteen, sixteen...."

"Fuck," Grady laughed and dropped the weights. The feel of Lloyd's rigid cock rubbing against his butt was too much. He looked up at the mirror, at the handsome face and the ripped torso straining against Lloyd's tank and gave in. "Man, that feels hot. Fuck me, dude, fuck my ass .... Yeah .... Yeah ... aaagh!" Grady's ass bucked up against Lloyd's dick and his cock exploded in his jockstrap under his shorts.

Lloyd flipped him over onto his back and pressed his mouth against the growing cum stain on his shorts, breathing in the musky essence of his jock juice. But Grady wasn't about to take this defeat lying down. Flexing his muscles he pushed Lloyd off him and they both leapt to their feet. They raised their arms and their hands locked high above in a classic wrestlers' opening move as their chests pushed against each.

Slowly Grady pushed Lloyd back against the mirror, pinned his hands to the glass high above them and their heaving chests pressed hard against each other. In the heat of contest and lust the two athletes locked eyes and their mouths came together in a grinding kiss as their crotches churned against each other.

Finally Grady released Lloyd's hands and their arms wrapped round each other. Clinging tight, their mouths still churning together, they circled the room. It was an outpouring of love and lust that they had suppressed every time they went to the gym, where they maintained the requisite macho pose of two hot jocks working out together. And this time there was no one to stop them .... Except ....

"Enough." Steve came forward and pulled them apart. "May I remind you gentlemen that this is a therapy session, the purpose of which is to put words into action, to re-enact exactly what you did in the past, not what you want to do now. That comes later. Do I make myself clear?"

"Loud and clear, coach," Lloyd said, grinning at Grady. So from then on it was a regular workout - with one difference. At their usual gym they were so engrossed in each other they paid no attention to the guys watching them. But now the only guy watching them was a man they both lusted for as much as for each other. So they put on a show for him.

Steve had been so close to losing his load so often that it was hard for him to break up the obvious sex scene that was developing. But his clinical professionalism held steady and now he was watching the workout they had previously described.

Not that that made it any easier to control his penis as the men were clearly out to impress him. They were hanging from chin bars face to face, eyes fixed on each other. It was a silent contest to outperform each other and Steve watched in awe as the two stunning athletes worked their bodies in a series of chin-lifts, their muscles rippling, shoulders flexed, lats flared, the bulges in their gym pants evidence of their fierce desire for each other.

But against all the odds they managed to get through their workout without any more orgasms, though there was much laughter, macho obscenities and frat-boy humor. After a final series of competitive push-ups they collapsed on the floor and Lloyd said breathlessly, "We're done, coach ... what's next?"

Steve sat on a bench facing them. "Well here's what I've been building up to. You finished your regular workout that you do most days, but a short while ago in my office Grady described his unattainable fantasy of you two going home to the house you shared and behaving just as two jock lovers would. We can't suppress that dream any longer. Let's see what would happen in real life.


This particular kind of role-playing came easily to Lloyd and Grady. Fantasy was always better the more connected it was to real life, so the two buddies found it came naturally. They went upstairs to the kitchen where Lloyd made them after-workout protein drinks. They stood around, leaning against the counters, continuing with their racy jock banter and raucous laughter.

At one point Lloyd filled his mouth with the drink, pressed his mouth against Lloyd's and let the liquid flow into him. Grady gulped it down, then pulled away in mock disgust. "Shit, dude, that's fucking gross." Then he proceeded to do exactly the same to Lloyd.

As they pulled apart Lloyd grabbed Grady's wrist, raised his arm and said, "You know what's really gross, man? Your pits." Lloyd buried his face in Grady's sweaty armpit and feasted on the wiry black hair, breathing in the rancid smell and sucking in the sweat. "Shit, you stink, dude. Let's hit the shower."

With Steve following at a discreet distance, a simple observer, the two jocks went into the bedroom. Lloyd grabbed a towel and turned toward the bathroom but Grady said, "Hey, man, you think we could shower later?" Lloyd turned round and gasped as Grady pulled off his lose tank and stood before him in just his gym shorts, his magnificent physique gleaming under the ceiling spotlights, his pale green eyes piercing Lloyd's, and his full lips framing a dazzling white-teeth smile.

The man was irresistible. Lloyd pulled off his own tank, flung it aside and grabbed the towel he had dropped. Shirtless in gray sweats he flicked the towel at Grady's bare chest, stinging him, and Grady yelled, "Hey, watch it asshole.' Grady picked up another towel off the bed and gave as good as he got. It was a replay of what Grady had watched that first day from his hiding place in the locker room, Lloyd horse-playing around with his buddy who Grady envied so much.

Standing back in the shadows Steve grabbed his crotch as he watched the two hot shirtless jocks in a towel fight. "Ouch, good one, Lloyd," Grady laughed as Lloyd flicked hard. He drove Grady back until he stumbled against the bed and fell back onto it. He lay propped on his elbows gazing up at the smiling muscle-stud towering over him. Grady moaned, "Man, I want you so bad." Lloyd bent down, pulled off Grady's sneakers then his shorts.

Under his shorts Grady was wearing an old white jockstrap, thin and frayed from constant gym use. Lloyd picked Grady up by the hips and threw him further back on the bed, again propped on his elbows. Lloyd gazed down at the pornographic sight of the spectacular underwear model in just a jockstrap lying on Lloyd and Steve's bed.

"Is this how you imagined it, buddy?" Lloyd smiled. "After a hot, sweaty workout, two gym buddies going home together like this?" He kicked off his sneakers, pulled off his sweat-pants, and he too was wearing a jockstrap underneath, an old stained gray one that Steve knew well.

Grady moaned, "Oh, man, it's hotter than I ever imagined. God, I want you so bad...."

Lloyd dropped to his knees on the floor at the foot of the bed, bent forward and closed his mouth over Grady's bulging jock. It was old and stained with sweat, drops of piss, and cum from all the times he had beat off after the gym, or even simply cum in the jockstrap as they worked out.

Lloyd breathed in deeply, smelling, tasting all the man juices of this gorgeous athlete. He sucked at the balls through the thin, cum-stained fabric, then licked the shape of the rigid cock, all the way up to where the head poked out of the waistband. He sucked in the pre-cum oozing from it and took the head in his mouth.

In a frenzy, feeling the heat of Lloyd's mouth on this crotch, Grady grabbed Lloyd's hair and forced his face down on his cock, moaning, "Oh shit, you're gonna make me cum again Lloyd ... I can't hold it ... I gotta shoot, fuck, fuck, fuck ... drink it , man ... yeaahh." His cock shuddered and Lloyd gulped down what seemed like an endless stream of hot, bitter-sweet sperm.


From now on it was Lloyd's game and there was no holding back. He had dreamed of having Grady naked on a bed and now that dream had come true he knew exactly what he would do. Seized with a sudden adrenaline rush and a dominant urge he jumped on the bed, straddled his buddy's chest, then fell forward and pinned Grady's wrists to the bed above his head. He stared fiercely into the startled green eyes and said, "So you're the new action movie star everyone's gonna drool over. Well I'll show you action, big guy, that your fans will never see."

He lowered his hips and pressed the crotch of his stained jock strap against Grady's handsome face. "Come on, man, chow down on that stinking jock .... taste that old cum and piss, breath in hard, dude... smell it, eat it."

Grady had never seen this dominant side of Lloyd, had no idea he could be this rough. He did as he was told, wrapped his mouth round the swollen balls through the sweaty jock, then clamped his lips over the shape of the iron-hard shaft. Lloyd's jock was smothering his buddy's face so completely that Grady felt he would suffocate and he struggled hard to free his hands. But he was trapped ... he couldn't move, and still the filthy jock ground into his face.

Grady had fantasized about becoming his gym partner's fuck buddy, becoming his lover even, but he had never imagined becoming his prisoner. It was new, scary .... and sexy as hell. Lloyd pulled his crotch back an inch or two and growled, "I said eat that jock, man."

"Yes, sir," Grady said instinctively. He flicked out his tongue and licked the frayed fabric of the jock, then raised his head and clamped his mouth over it, breathing in hard. Tears were running down his face, drool oozing from his mouth and Lloyd's cock was pulsing so hard he pulled away and knelt straight up, still straddling the gorgeous body.

He looked down at a Grady he had never seen before. The handsome young muscle-god, free-spirited, macho, confident, was lying beneath him like a sex slave, tears running down his chiseled features, drool running over his stubbled jaw, his eyes staring wildly up at him.

Lloyd had known from the first time in the pool shed that Grady liked to get fucked but he didn't realize until now just how much he wanted to be dominated. When he had called him sir it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Lloyd reached up to the headboard and found the ropes that he and Steve always kept there.

Grady twisted his head and looked up at them. "You want that buddy?" Lloyd asked gently.

"Oh yeah," Grady said. "Please, man, I want it like crazy. This is what I dreamed about but I never thought ...."

Lloyd expertly tied Grady's wrists to the bedposts and gazed down at him. "Can you get free?" The naked athlete looked up at the ropes and jerked at them, his body writhing, face thrashing from side to side. Lloyd almost shot his load in his jockstrap it was so erotic, pornographic. The handsome, macho stud, the flawless near-naked model he had seen staring arrogantly down from the billboard was now his prisoner, tears running from his eyes, his body writhing beneath him in humiliating bondage.

Lloyd reached down and squeezed Grady's nipples hard in his fingers. "You want that eh, stud? Shit you look incredible. What else do you want, man? What else d'you want me to do to you?"

"Oh, man," Grady said breathlessly," I want you to fuck me up the ass. It's what I always wanted lying on those benches at the gym. When you stood over me and I saw your cock in your shorts I thought of it inside me and I creamed my shorts. Man, I want it so bad. You want me to beg? OK, buddy, I'm begging you. Please ... hurt my tits ... fuck my ass, do what you want with me, I can take it. But please shove your dick in my ass. Please, sir...."

"Shit damn, that is so fucking hot," Lloyd said. "OK, buddy, you asked for it. But you gotta lube my cock up." Lloyd pulled his gray jockstrap down below his balls and Grady gasped as he saw the long hard pole spring out. Lloyd eased forward on his knees, grabbed the top of the headboard and rose up on his feet so his body was arched over his captive, his cock pointing straight down at Grady's mouth.

Grady's stubbled jaw sagged and he opened his mouth wide. His moans were stifled by the long rod suddenly plunging in his mouth and all the way down his throat. The bound jock choked and his muscles flexed as he struggled to free his wrists, eyes brimming with tears, his handsome face impaled on his gym buddy's cock. Lloyd piled on the pressure with a few deep cock strokes before pulling out.

His eyes blazed down at Grady as he said, "This is what we've both wanted since we met, buddy. Those few quick shags in the pool shed hardly count. This is the real thing, dude." Lloyd moved back between Grady's legs, pushed them high in the air and gazed down at his exposed ass, the firm round globes framed by the straps of his jock.

"Holy shit, talking of the real thing .... now that is fucking beautiful, man. And it's right there, waiting for my cock. All it needs to look perfect is to have my rod inside it."

"Please, buddy, don't torture me or I'll bust another load in my jock."

Lloyd pressed the head of his cock against the quivering hole and said, "Don't you dare cum, man. 'Cause I'm not only gonna fuck your ass ... I'm gonna make love to it."

Grady opened his eyes wide as he felt his buddy's cock push over the sphincter and slide into his ass. "Aaah ... aaah ... aaah ... oh fuck, fuck yeah ... oh, man ... fuck me ... fuck me..."

Lloyd smiled down at the ecstatic face. "I'm inside you, buddy. My cock's deep in your ass where it belongs. Feels good eh?'

"Oh, shit.... I love you, man .... keep fucking my ass ... don't cum ... please don't cum. I want it to last forever."

If it wasn't exactly forever it did last a long, long time. Grady's ass was a furnace and Lloyd made love to it as promised. He used a few short strokes as a teaser, then pushed his cock all the way down until it passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest in the fiery depths of the jock's ass. Lloyd looked down in awe at the beautiful face moaning in the throes of passion. "Oh, man ... I can't ... shit ... don't make me cum, man. Please ...."

Gently Lloyd pulled he cock back almost all the way out. "No. no, don't stop," Grady pleaded. "I need your cock in my ass. I love you, man."

From the shadows Steve watched mesmerized. He had stopped stroking his crotch as the slightest touch now would make him cream his jeans. He had rarely seen anything more beautiful than these two gorgeous muscle-jocks, gym buddies, the flawless ass of one impaled on the rod of the other. They were fucking on a bed for the first time - a real honest-to-god fuck - two young athletes making love.

Steve knew they were joined together as only love and sex can join two men. And he also knew that his relationship with Lloyd had transitioned into a new and exciting dimension.

The fucking, the loving, went on and on. Grady's feet were flat on the bed now, knees bent, pushing his ass up to meet Lloyd's driving cock. Lloyd leaned forward and kissed Grady ravenously, probing his mouth with his tongue as he probed his hot ass with his dick. When at last he pulled upright, still fucking, he rolled Grady's tits hard in his fingertips while he accelerated the thrusts of his cock, like a piston driving into the cauldron of his buddy's ass.

"Yeah, man," Grady groaned, "do it, torture my fucking tits, hammer that ass ... it feels so fucking hot, dude. You're such a great fuck .... I can't hold back much longer, dude. My nuts are gonna burst. I gotta cum, man. Please ... let me cum."

Lloyd released his nipples and pulled Grady's jock down off his cock that reared up like a flagpole. Lloyd wrapped both hands round it and began stroking it, faster and faster. Grady gazed up at the rugged, dark haired jock, his arms and shoulders flexing as he pounded Grady's cock in both fists while he rammed his cock in his ass.

Lloyd panted, "That billboard model was so fucking gorgeous I wanted to drink his cum. That's what I want now, man. I'm gonna cum inside my buddy, my hot gym buddy ... and he's gonna cum in me. Here it comes, man .... yeah ... yeah ...."

Lloyd felt semen racing up his cock and as it exploded in his buddy's ass Grady screamed, "I'm cumming .... I'm cuuumiing!" Lloyd lowered his face and opened his jaws wide in time to catch the plume of white juice that blasted straight up into his mouth. He swallowed hard, gulp after gulp, while his own cock poured sperm deep inside Grady's ass.

As the two men howled in ecstasy Steve turned away and quietly left the room to stop himself losing his own load. He couldn't do that. He knew what he wanted - what he had to have. He also knew it was time to lighten the mood. He had mentioned role-playing earlier and he was a master at that. He knew Lloyd loved it too, and felt sure that the fun-loving Grady would join in. Hell, the soon-to-be movie star was gonna have to if he was to become part of their lives.


Lloyd was lying on top of Grady, their cum-slick mouths churning together. When their lips separated Grady was sobbing lightly. "Lloyd, that was ... oh, shit ... I love you, man. I wanna be with you ... I know I can't 'cos ... but I ... I love you, man."

Lloyd's reply was prevented by the sound of a door slamming in the house. Puzzled, alarmed he knelt upright over Grady just as the bedroom door opened and Steve came in, still wearing his gray T-shirt and blue-jeans. "Hey, buddy, I'm home ... traffic was a bitch but ...." He stopped as he stared down at the bed. "What the fuck? What the hell's going on here? And who the fuck is this?"

"Lloyd knew instantly what Steve was doing ... it was a perfect segue. He jumped off the bed and stood before Steve like a boy caught out by his master. "Oh, er, it's not what it looks like ... well it is, I guess, no getting around that. They stared down at the gorgeous young athlete his hands tied to the bed. "Er, this here is my gym buddy. We work out together and ..."

"And that's not all you do. I guess you brought him home for a beer and one thing led to another, eh?"

"Pretty much. But I was also thinking that ... well, you know how we share everything ... well I was kinda warming him up for you."

"Good save, Lloyd. But now you mention it ...." He stared down at Grady. "Hm, now that's some welcome home, I gotta admit. Fucking gorgeous, and tied up just as I like 'em. So, boy, you just got your ass fucked by my man here. Like he said, we share everything, including - and especially - you."

Steve pulled off his T-shirt and stood shirtless, his muscular torso flexing with anticipation. Grady stared at him and felt he was having a wet dream, a dream he never wanted to end. He had an idea what they were both doing and it excited the hell out of him. His cock was already standing up to attention, and Steve slapped it a couple of times so it sprang back and forth.

"What's this, then? You know you're gonna get butt-fucked again don't you, boy, and it looks like you're good and ready. We gotta lose this though." He ripped off the frayed jock, held it to his face and inhaled. "Smells perfect." He tossed it to Lloyd. "Here, buddy, this is a keeper."

Grady watched as the muscular doctor kicked off his shoes, ripped open his jeans and dropped them and his shorts. Having just been brought to the pinnacle of lust by Lloyd, Grady was now facing the man who had previously taken him on a wild pornographic sex trip lasting a day and a night. He had thought then he would never see him again but now here he was staring down at him Grady was tied to the bed of the two lovers and he was about to get his ass ploughed by the naked doctor's steel-hard cock.

Steve looked at Lloyd, "Here, buddy, lube it up." Lloyd dropped to his knees and swallowed his lover's cock, slurping as he made it good and wet. Grady knew he had to be dreaming. The young jock who had tied him up and pounded his ass was now sucking the dick of his lover who was gonna take his turn at Grady's ass. He felt like a bound, sacrificial offering chained to a slab at the mercy of two men taking turns to fuck him.

Steve lost no time with foreplay. He knelt where Lloyd had knelt before him, raised Grady's legs as Lloyd had done .... and buried his thick rod deep inside his gorgeous ass. Grady moaned, "Oh, shit, that feels incredible. I never thought I'd feel it again and ..."

"... and you're gonna feel it a lot more in the future, Grady, 'cos you're a part of us, now." Grady had expected a rough fuck but instead Steve leaned forward and untied his wrists. He reached up, ran is hands over the doctor's face then pressed his palms on the slabs of his pecs. Their faces were closer now and while Steve fucked slowly he spoke softly.

"Therapy session's over, buddy," he smiled. "Went over the usual fifty minutes but I won't charge you extra. I'll just take it out in trade. Me and my lover will keep you here and make love to you in turns - or together - until the debt's paid off. But it's gonna be one of those recurring debts that'll never be paid off. The therapy was a big success, by the way. It showed me that you're ready for us, Grady, and we're ready for you. Hey Lloyd, come grab a piece of the action here."

Lloyd knelt beside the bed and pressed his mouth over Grady's so the dazed man found himself being kissed by one of the lovers while getting butt-fucked by the other. Then Lloyd and Steve traded off, taking turns at his mouth and his ass, and Grady floated in the delirium of being made love to by both spectacular men at the same time. As he felt one cock after another enter his ass he pounded his own cock and lost count how many loads of cum he shot. But he was dimly aware of first one guy then the other slurping up jizz from his chest and abs.

In a haze of euphoria Grady stared up at Steve and said, "I love you, Steve. I love you both. Is that possible?"

"Anything's possible in our world, Grady. Now I don't know about you but your ass feels so damn hot I gotta cum. God knows I've been holding it back long enough watching you two studs fuck like stallions. I know Lloyd's gonna bust a load too, so what about you? You've shot so many loads already, can you cum again?

Grady grinned. "Like you said, doc, anything's possible in our world."

And so Steve poured his sperm in the jock's ass while Grady came one more time over his own body. Grady looked up at Lloyd standing beside the bed pounding his cock. "Welcome, buddy," Lloyd grinned. "This is your baptism." Grady saw semen streaming down on him, felt it splashing onto his face and chest while Steve's juice kept bathing his ass. He felt he was drowning in cum but, dazed as he was, he flashed on the thought that there were a lot worse ways to go.


Sometime later, after their passions cooled and they had showered together they were lounging on the deck sipping wine and chatting as casually as old friends. Grady was so relaxed, so laid back now that Steve thought of what his future might hold. "Are you nervous about this coming celebrity thing that's gonna hit you."

"Scared shitless," Grady said. "My manager says my life's gonna change when shooting begins and the media starts turning up the heat. It was bad enough after that damn underwear campaign, the billboards and all, but this time it could get real rough. He says I'll have to keep a low profile in my personal life.

"So I guess I'm gonna have to lie low in my little house, read a lot of scripts, a lot of books and watch a whole bunch of TV. I'm gonna find out just how lonely a movie star's life can be. I'm not even sure how safe my house will be. Hell, I already saw a car parked up the hill from my house yesterday, a paparazzi hoping to get a candid shot of me taking a piss or something, find out how big my schlong is."

"Shit, I could tell him that," Lloyd said with a wicked grin."

Grady sighed. "I'll probably have to give up that gym too and use a private gym or the one at the studios. I guess that's OK but I'll sure miss all the gorgeous guys there." He gave a cynical laugh. "I guess what I'm looking for is a private gym loaded with hot looking guys who can all keep their mouths shut and be discreet about what goes on there. Yeah, I know ... dream on Grady .... a place like that just don't exist, not in this world.

Steve and Lloyd exchanged knowing looks and Steve said, "Actually it does, Grady. Listen, I'll make you a promise. Everything that happens here is protected by doctor/patient privilege but I also personally guarantee that anyone else you meet through us has the same iron-clad discretion.

"You already met Hassan and Eddie and they are part of a tribe of great looking guys who live in a real private enclosed world. You have also met their leader, my brother Randy ... I know, I know, you're in no hurry to resume that guy's acquaintance. But he has decreed that what happens in that house stays in the house, and nobody disobeys Randy. You said 'not in this world' and you were right. But that house is in a world of its own ... a kind of never-never land. Oh and did I mention it has a state-of-the-art gym that Randy built?"

"Anyway, I just throw that out there for what it's worth. Of course, you can always hole up here if you need to. We're not such bad company and it's a big house. Besides," Steve laughed, "it's always been my image of a glamorous movie star - lounging by a pool in the Hollywood Hills in the afternoon sun, reading film scripts, sipping champagne."

"But I'm not a big champagne drinker," Grady said innocently. "In fact I hate the stuff."

"Dipshit," Lloyd grinned, slapping his arm. "Champagne's not the point. You are, numbnuts. Hey, if you're gonna be a movie star we're gonna have to teach you some arrogance, dude."

"Don't you dare."

"Or maybe," Steve said stifling a grin, "the answer is our room downstairs. That's as private as anything gets in this town. So we'll keep you there, chained up naked like a sex slave. Lloyd and I will visit you often, fuck your ass, fuck your face, double fuck you, whatever perversion we come up with. We'll unchain you so you can work out naked, which you'll do a lot to keep that perfect physique in shape, and we'll watch and jerk off all over your straining muscles. You'll be safe from prying eyes there, and no one will know except us three. How's that sound?"

"Sounds pretty nigh perfect to me," Grady smiled.


So as the need for privacy increased with the approach of principal photography on his movie Grady became more a resident than a visitor in the Mulholland house. He had his own key and the guest room was his, though he ended up spending most of his time in the master bedroom. His presence there was kept quiet, known only to Hassan in the guesthouse and his boy Eddie who was sworn to secrecy "on pain of death" said Hassan, "with that mouth of yours."

Inevitably, though, Grady would meet some of the other guys in the tribe, the first such encounter being a strange one. He was bringing some of his clothes up to the house from his home and had just pulled up at the gate, fumbling for his gate opener. Just then he got a sinking feeling as red lights flashed in his rear view mirror. A motorcycle cop. Shit. Why the fuck would a cop be pulling him over?

He sullenly lowered his window as the cop strode up to his car. He looked up and as the cop pulled off his helmet Grady found himself facing the most beautiful cop he had ever seen. "Oh, shit," he groaned.

"I know, sir. Most drivers say that when they get pulled over."

"No officer, my "Oh shit" was for another reason entirely. So what did I do wrong?"

"You did nothing wrong, sir. But your driver-side tail-light is out. I have to write you up and when you get it fixed you send in this ticket with the repair bill." Grady sighed and rolled his eyes. With the faintest hint of a smile the cop added, "If you fail to do that I might have to come back and arrest you."

Grady couldn't help saying, "I think I'd rather cut straight to option two, if it's all the same to you, officer."

"Is that so? Would you step out of the car please, sir?"

Grudgingly Grady obeyed. He was shirtless in gym shorts and unlaced sneakers and as he drew himself to his full height the cop got his first good look at the stunning man. There could only be one man like this and the cop's handsome face broke into a grin. "Hey, you wouldn't be the famous Grady, would you?"

"The name's Grady yeah, but I'm not sure about the famous. Not yet anyway."

So you're the friend of Steve and Lloyd, the one that Randy ... well never mind about that. They're old friends of mine too .... the name's Mark." They shook hands. "I'm at the end of my shift and was going in for a drink with Steve. Here, we'll forget that ticket and go in together."

Grady was dazed. The man was a Greek God. Hell, Steve and Lloyd, then Hassan and Eddie. Now this Mark. We're all their friends born on Mount Olympus? He got back in his car, found his opener and the gate swung open. The cop got on his bike and preceded him down the driveway to the house, where Steve came through the front door to welcome them.

The cop said jovially, "Hey Steve, I just pulled over this fine-looking felon at the gate for a broken tail-light. I was about to arrest him but thought I'd let you handle the punishment instead, if you're up for that."

"Oh I'm up for it alright," Steve grinned. "Hey, Grady. Looks like I saved your ass."

"My boy here yet?" Mark asked.

"Sure. Jamie just arrived. He's getting ready for you."

"And here I am, sir. Ready, willing and able."

Grady's jaw dropped as a young man ran out the door - the travel poster version of the perfect California surfer, tousled blond hair, golden tan, beautiful face with a gleaming smile. Shirtless in surfer trunks he had the body of an athlete, his perfectly formed young muscles rippling in the afternoon sunlight.

The kid's fucking sensational, Grady thought. They called him Jamie .... and he's the cop's boy? What does that mean? Ready, willing and able, he said.  Ready for what?


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 272


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