At a major gathering of the clan for Saturday brunch the two new boys, Danny and Thomas, had their first chance to meet all the members of the tribe.

Danny, the new assistant chef, was an instant success, bookending the meal with his quiche at the beginning and deep-dish apple pie at the end. Randy gave his seal of approval in his typically colorful way. “You made this, boy? Shit damn, you gotta stick around, kid, even if I have to chain you to the damn kitchen.”

That, fortunately, did not become necessary as Danny was kept happily busy in the kitchen by the twins. But his cooking duties did not prevent him from meeting the clan’s members as they arrived, each one more jaw-droppingly gorgeous than the one before. His best friend Brandon explained who everyone was as they came in, but Danny’s introduction to one of them proved more challenging than the rest.

The late arrival of Grady and Mario caused a stir and raunchy comments as everyone knew the new lovers still spent most of their time making love. “So,” Jason laughed, “the happy couple is finally out of bed. Must feel weird to be vertical instead of horizontal for once, eh guys?

Standing some distance away Danny stared at Grady and stammered to Brandon. “I know that guy. Is it really him? It can’t be. I used to see his picture all over the place in those underwear ads, looking totally hot in those black briefs, so damn hot I jerked off all over the picture. I might bust another load just standing here. And I’ve seen his picture online looking even more awesome in a loincloth – he’s gonna be the new Tarzan!”

When Bob introduced Danny to Grady and Mario as “our new pastry chef”, Mario, the more formal of the two, shook Danny’s hand with a warm smile. “Buongiorno, Danny, che bel ragazzo. Benvenuto a Paradiso.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mario,” Danny said shyly. Then he turned his attention to Grady, a homoerotic icon standing close to him, with his strong, classically beautiful features and sculpted torso under his loose tank. Danny’s legs went weak as the man of his wet dreams smiled with his sparking green eyes. “Mario says it’s paradise ‘cos he’s in love, and you’ll soon find out he’s right, Danny, cute guy like you. Come here and get a Grady hug.”

In a daze Danny felt himself squeezed in the gorgeous man’s strong arms and felt his warm breath as his lips kissed his cheek. His body tensed and he thought he would faint … but something worse happened. His heart beat like a drum, he held his breath … and creamed his shorts. His cock erupted under his apron and cum ran down his legs.

His face turned scarlet, he gazed in horror at Grady and gasped, “No …” He turned and raced back to the kitchen to clean himself up, moaning, “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” When the kitchen door opened and Grady came in Danny blurted, “Sir, I’m sorry, sir, I made a fool of myself and embarrassed you. It’s just that … “

“Hey, hey, Danny, didn’t anyone tell you the house rule that you never have to apologize for busting a load because you like a guy. Er, it was because of me, wasn’t it?”

“Of course, sir.”

Grady grinned, “Just checking. And far from being embarrassed, I was honored. Hey, sit here with me and I’ll tell you something.” Grady saw a half empty bottle of wine, poured two glasses and they sat together at the butcher block table in the middle of the room.

“You may not know this, Danny, but most actors are insecure, always looking for approval from others. Well I sure got your approval out there. The trouble is, trying to find someone who’ll tell you the truth – so many guys telling you how great you are just to get on the good side of you, or into your pants. Well your reaction was as honest as they come and I thank you for that.

“I … I guess I was nervous, sir, because you’re this big movie star and …”

“Not yet I’m not. Maybe I will be soon but all that stuff’s out there in the world. Around here I’m just one of the guys and that’s what I love about it.”

Danny managed a smile. “I don’t think you’ll ever be just one of the guys, sir, wherever you are.”

Grady laughed, “That’s the spirit, kiddo. Listen, I hear you’re a buddy of Brandon’s. Well Brandon and me are best buddies, so maybe you and I can be too. Matter of fact I’m sure of it.” He clinked his glass against Danny’s.

“And now we better get back to the guys. They’re no doubt missing us out there and the rumors are flying.” Grady chuckled. “One thing I’ve found out about rumors, kiddo. Never deny them. It’s more fun that way. Come and sit with Mario and me.” Danny felt warm all over as he accompanied Grady back to the table.

Sitting near him Danny heard Grady and Mario talking business with Bob and Randy. Grady was now making so much money from the movie – “it’s crazy what they’re paying me” – that he needed help with investments, including buying a house.

Bob offered to act as his business manager and Randy knew just the place for him and Mario, a large house nearby. “A house like that you’d need some staff,” Bob said. “Still, I reckon if you had a live-in person to cook for you and keep the place clean you wouldn’t need much else.”

“It’d have to be someone we got along with real well and can trust,” Mario said. “Ideally a young guy who’s discreet, loyal and a great cook. Someone who really likes us both. You got any ideas, Bob?”

A smile spread over Bob’s face. “As a matter of fact …..”


Everyone was having such a good time that, when they had eaten their fill, they all hung around drinking afterwards. The only stir came when Zack got up and announced that he and Darius were going home and, with Pablo’s consent, they were taking Thomas with them. Zack grinned at Randy. “Hey, stud, why don’t you and Pablo drop by in an hour or so to see how we’re getting on? You might be able to help us out.”

The new boy Thomas was destined to become the boy of Randy’s boy Pablo, but Pablo had left it to Zack to break him the night before. The handsome but arrogant young blond gymnast who considered himself a dominant top-man, had by now been reduced to a submissive captive, begging for domination himself by the rugged black leather master.

Zack was an expert at playing with men’s minds and the previous day he had given the humiliated Thomas only a frustrating glimpse of the leather world that he now craved. He had taken the young athlete down to his fully equipped basement, its walls covered in full-length mirrors, with red spotlights strategically placed in the black ceiling, where he spent the night.

Zack told him that in the morning they’d go across the street to the tribe’s gathering where he would meet all the other guys. “By the time it’s over, me and Darius will be a bit drunk, horny, and ready for action. Then we’ll bring you back here to this room and continue your initiation.”

That moment had now arrived and Thomas found himself back in the basement, shirtless in black leather pants, his arms stretched up in a V, wrists tied to ropes hanging from a beam. That much he had expected – and hoped for.

He had also expected to be confronted by Zack and Darius. What he hadn’t expected was that Darius would be facing him a few feet away, identically dressed and identically bound to ropes above him, with a stiff ten-inch bulge running down his leg under the leather pants. Zack was sprawled in a chair drinking beer with a satisfied smile, surveying the scene of his two captive boys. He had hung a whip round the neck of one of them – his own boy Darius.

Thomas, the shirtless, bound gymnast, frowned in confusion. What the hell was going on? He was soon to find out.


It was a fact of the tribe that three of its most dominant leaders, Randy, Mark and Zack, while being firm friends, were also competitive, a virtual inevitability in three such macho alpha males, all supremely dominant, especially in matters sexual.

This fact had been on display earlier in the afternoon when the cop Mark arrived home stressed from a really tough shift and vented his tension and pent-up anger by rough-fucking his boy Jamie (and had then sought forgiveness by making passionate love with him). Randy, his competitive impulses roused, tried to go one better by taking the new boy Thomas round the back of the house and pounding his ass with all the animal lust of a caveman.

That did not sit well with Randy’s lover Bob … Randy dragging the new boy off in the middle of a festive meal just to prove his macho sexual dominance. Bob frowned darkly, but bided his time until they would be alone later.

Zack had watched Randy’s performance knowing that his turn with Thomas was coming up. Every bit as strong and powerful as Randy, he could have gone head to head with him and treated Thomas the same forceful way. Thomas expected just that – lusted for it. But Zack wanted much more than that. He not only needed Thomas to want to be dominated ... he wanted him to beg for it.

While Mark had his Greek-God charisma and Randy his sexual magnetism, Zack was not only a strong, handsome master in his own right. He also had his boy … and his boy had a weapon. And Zack wanted that ten-inch shaft to be the ultimate object of Thomas’s desire.

It would have been easy for Zack to whip and fuck the bound gymnast into submission … too easy … more of the same-old-same-old … boring even. But making Thomas beg to feel Darius’s massive rod inside him … that was a near impossible goal to achieve … and Zack loved attempting the impossible.

Zack had already gone over all this with Darius and had proposed a scenario that Darius found exciting – on several levels. Which is why he welcomed his situation now, bound exactly the same way as Thomas, facing him only a few feet apart. And he was already putting the plan into action with what Zack called ‘the stare’.

The stare was the sensually hypnotic gaze Darius had first learned from the master, Randy, when he came to the house so long ago, and which he had since perfected under the influence of Zack’s mesmerizing gray eyes. Next to his ten-inch endowment one of Darius’s most startling features was his pale green eyes, which now pierced Thomas’s with a seductive intensity that held him transfixed.

Thomas stared at the shirtless leather-boy bound spread-eagled before him … at his handsome, finely etched features and buzz-cut hair. His muscular coffee-colored physique had not an ounce of body fat, his veins stood out on his impressive arms, shoulders and chest, and his abs were six-pack solid.

His green eyes were warm, sexy, with that ever-present hint of humor, holding out the promise of friendship of a kind. In fact the only feature Thomas found intimidating was, of course, the massive bulge stretching halfway down his thigh under his leather pants. He vividly recalled taking it in his mouth but Darius had stopped halfway. Thomas knew he could never swallow the whole ten inches and certainly not take it in his ass.

Zack knew that the boy’s virgin ass had only recently been penetrated, first by Bob and then Randy. He was what Zack called tight-assed in every sense of the word. It would be a major challenge to get Thomas to want Darius’s horse-dick, let alone make him beg for it. That’s where their plan came in and Zack got out of the chair, rising to the challenge.


Zack slid the cat o’ nine tails from around Darius’s neck and tapped it in the palm of his hand. “Here’s what I want, boy. I wanna see that big hunk of prime beef bury itself all the way up the gymnast’s ass.” He unzipped Darius’s leather pants and pulled out his massive rod that was hard as steel.

There were gasps from both boys – real from Thomas, play-acting from Darius. “Sir,” Thomas blurted out, “It … it’s too big, sir. I can’t take it. I’ll do anything for you sir, but I can’t take …”

“Are you defying me, punk?” Zack snapped, his eyes blazing. He turned to Darius. “OK, boy, let’s show this asshole who’s boss around here. When I untie you, you’re gonna shove that long black pole of yours up the boy’s ass, even if you rip him open.

Darius stared defiantly at Zack and said, “I’m sorry, sir, I can’t do that. You trained me never to do something rough to a guy that he didn’t want. It’s against the rules.” Darius was playing a scene, of course, but when he saw tears brimming in Thomas’s eyes he felt genuine pity for the boy who was groping his way timidly into a world of dominance and submission he had just discovered.”

“Fuck you, boy, and fuck the rules.” Zack slapped the back of his hand across Darius’s face. Like fake wrestlers, Zack and Darius were skilled at simulating savagery and pain and, even though Darius felt no more than a sting, his face jerked so violently and he yelled so convincingly that Thomas gasped with shock.

“Are you daring to disobey me, boy?” Zack roared.

“Sir, look at him, he’s scared. My cock would hurt him so bad … I can’t do that to him, sir.”

“You’ll do whatever I order you to, boy, or you’ll get this.” Zack aimed the whip at Darius’s cock and the rawhide strands wrapped round it. He yanked it off, then landed a blow across his chest before he began whipping his back in earnest while Thomas watched in horror.

It is a basic technique of showbiz wrestling or a movie fight that the drama is created not so much by the simulated (and usually harmless) blow but by the agonized reaction of the victim. And here Darius excelled. He was a ham actor. All his well-known flair for the dramatic and his tendency to exaggerate, combined with his sense of fun, created a vivid image of a tortured young man, his beautiful body writhing under the lash, his howls of pain echoing round the mirrored basement. Boy, could he act! He was having the time of his life.

But to Thomas it was agonizingly real and the effect on him was intense. Watching this beautiful black body enduring pain to save him from worse horrified Thomas because he felt himself at fault. One word from him could end it but the thought of that massive cock filling his ass prevented him from begging for it. He knew he couldn’t take it … but he also couldn’t take the sight of Darius’s torment either.

Worse than that, shocked as Thomas was watching the ‘brutal’ flogging, he found it wildly erotic. He had rarely seen anything more beautiful than the handsome young leather-boy writhing in bondage, his muscles flexing and straining as he tried to avoid the lash wielded by his savage master. His admiration for Darius heightened as he watched him take a beating on his behalf.

“No,” Thomas groaned. “Please stop, sir, don’t hurt him … he can’t take anymore.”

“He’ll take as much as I wanna dish out,” Zack growled. “You know how to end it, boy. All you have to do is submit to my boy’s prick … beg him to fuck your ass.”

Even as he acted the hell out of the scene Darius was aware of the emotional battle raging in the boy facing him. As he watched the anguished young gymnast pulling at his restraints, muscles rippling in his arms, shoulders and razor-sharp abs, Darius was hugely turned on and found himself wanting to fuck Thomas … and not only to gratify Zack. It was a dilemma he had faced before – wanting to fuck a guy but unable to because his cock was so damn huge.

Darius knew that Thomas was at the limit of his emotional pain and he thought he could bring the scene to a climax by again using his eyes. He stared at Thomas, who saw in his green eyes not only physical pain but the sexual desire Darius was projecting at him. Thomas not only wanted to end Darius’s agony … he wanted Darius. He was so beautiful, his ebony muscles straining upward like a body stretched on a rack, that Thomas’s lust for him overcame his fear.

Whether prompted by a desire to end Darius’s pain, or a desire to feel his cock in his ass, Thomas didn’t know. But as he stared into the hypnotic green eyes he heard himself say, “Please, sir, fuck me. I want to feel you inside my ass.” He looked at Zack, “Please, sir, stop whipping him. I want him to fuck me … I’m begging you, sir.  Please let him fuck me.”


It stopped instantly. Zack leaned forward and kissed Darius’s back, only lightly marked and stinging from the touch of his master’s whip falling across it. Zack came round to face him and their eyes locked in recognition of their joint success as he reached up to untie the ropes. Like so many times in the past, Darius looked on Zack was the most exciting man in the world. He loved him, idolized him, and wanted desperately to make love to him.

But he knew that would come later. First things first.

Darius turned to face Thomas who looked at him with a dazed mix of fear and desire. With his cock still rearing up out of his pants Darius flashed a gleaming smile. Holding Thomas’s chin he pulled his face up and kissed him hard, probing his mouth with his tongue.

“Don’t worry, kid, I’ll go easy on you.” He picked up off the floor an open jar of lube. “See? Lots of lube … no pain, all gain. Kick off your boots, Tommy.” He obeyed. Darius unzipped the boy’s pants and pushed them down, and Thomas stepped out of them, his fine gymnast body stretched upward, spread-eagled, naked. He stared at the long black pole as Darius stroked it in his fist, lubing it with long, slow strokes.

Darius walked behind him and said, “Holy crap, that is one gorgeous ass you got there boy. No wonder Randy goes ape-shit for it. I know he’s fucked you good already but you ain’t felt nothin’ like my ten inches of prime beef.” He pushed his greasy fingers into the hole and massaged it. “Holt crap, it’s tight as a fucking drum. Stop clenching it, boy … relax.”

But Thomas was too nervous so Darius pressed the head of his cock between the solid globes and against the hole. “OK, there’s only one thing for it.” Darius grabbed the gymnast’s hips and breathed in his ear, “You ready, kid?”

“I … I think so, sir.” Thomas tensed (the wrong thing to do) and inhaled sharply as he felt the head of the huge cock pass over his sphincter and come to rest just inside. “So far so good,” Darius said, looking over Thomas’s shoulder at Zack for guidance. Zack was standing right in front of Thomas and Darius took his cues from him, knowing that the last thing his master wanted was for to the boy to get hurt. Zack gave a slight nod and Darius pulled the boy’s hips back so his rod eased almost imperceptibly into his ass.

Zack had his hands on Thomas’s shoulders and locked eyes with him, with a hint of a smile. “Don’t worry, kid, I won’t let him hurt you. I know how tough this is, but believe me, it’s worth it. You’ll see. Now breathe deep and keep looking into my eyes.”

And so it began, the slow progress of the leather boy’s long black pole into the young gymnast’s flawless ass. Darius had never been so careful. He was so used to fucking his boyfriend Pablo’s ass fast and easy that it took all his self-control not to lunge his shaft deep inside. Instead he moved gently … inch by inch by cautious inch.

Thomas was not sure what he felt. Pain almost … but not quite. In fact it was fear and the anticipation of pain that didn’t come. He took comfort from Zack’s kind gray eyes and his deep, soothing voice. “Do it for me, Tommy. You want to please me, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” he answered, barely audible. “More than anything, sir.”

And still the rod moved deeper inside him, slowly, endlessly, as tears came to his eyes, his breathing got ragged and his heart beat wildly. Suddenly when the cock reached previously untouched depths he panicked, felt pain and squeezed his ass tight. “No, no … I can’t … it hurts … I ...” His words were stifled by Zack’s mouth closing over his and taking control of his breathing by sharing the same air.

Dependent on Zack for his very breath of life Thomas yielded to the master … and his ass yielded to the boy. Pressed against Zack’s muscular chest he felt himself totally in his power and such was his faith in him that his body relaxed … and so did his ass. The shaft drove inside him faster now while Zack smothered his mouth. Thomas had never surrendered so completely to another man as he did now to Zack and his boy, with all the desire and trust that required.

And suddenly he realized that this is what he had wanted, what he had craved and needed for so long, a desire he had suppressed and masked under his sham facade of arrogance and domination of others. He loved the taste of the leather-master, the feel of his magnificent body … and the sensation of his boy’s cock moving ever deeper in his ass.

The relief of finally admitting it to himself was overwhelming. He was no top man. He never even wanted to be, he knew that now. He was a boy who yearned to be mastered, controlled by men like these. This is where he belonged.

Zack pulled his mouth off him and smiled. “You feel it now, don’t you, Tommy? That thrilling sensation of being in the power of another man, of being penetrated by his boy’s massive cock.”

Tears ran down Tommy’s face. “Yes, sir. I know now. Thank you, sir. I want to submit, sir, to you and Darius. I want to take his cock all the way inside my ass.”

Zack nodded at Darius over the boy’s shoulder, the signal he had been waiting for. Zack wrapped his arms tight round the gymnast’s bare torso while Darius pushed in the last few inches until the whole, incredible length was buried in his ass. Thomas felt the tip of his cock touch spots deep inside him that sent shock-waves through his body.

Locked in the muscular arms of the master, impaled on the shaft of the boy, Thomas was on fire … he was soaring, howling … and blasting semen that streamed up between him and the hard body pressed against him. His body shuddered, tears ran down his cheeks and he would have passed out but for the calming voice in his ear. “Easy, boy … breathe deep, look at me … look at me… look at me.”

Thomas opened his eyes and through a mist of tears saw Zack’s rugged face and calm gray eyes smiling at him. “You OK, kid? How’s that cock feel in your ass?”

“Awesome, sir,” Thomas said breathlessly. “Please make him stay inside me.”

“You can tell him yourself, Tommy. My boy really knows how to please a guy’s ass. And I want you to look at yourself in the mirror there while he fucks you. This is what you are now, a boy’s boy. And you will look more beautiful to yourself than you ever have before.”

Zack pulled away, rubbed his hand over his own abs and chest, and scooped up the cum Thomas had spilled. He held his hand to his mouth and sucked in the warm jizz, then pressed his lips against the bound boy who drank his own semen from the master’s mouth. Zack finally pulled away and said to Darius, “He’s all yours, Darius. Do your thing.”


Zack went to the side of the room and watched as Darius wound his arms round Thomas’s chest from behind and said in his ear, “You did great, kiddo. Hell, you got such a tight, warm ass there. What do you want, boy?”

“Please, sir … fuck me … fuck me …”

“Okey-dokey.” Darius replaced his hands on the boy’s hips and slowly pulled his cock back almost out of his ass, paused and said. “Tell me again, boy. What do you want?”

“I want to feel your dick in my ass, sir. Please … please …. Aaaah,” he sighed as the long pole once again penetrated deep inside him. As Zack had said, Darius knew how to use his spectacular cock and now he went to work, looking in the mirror at the handsome gymnast as the long black cock speared his ass.

Zack had a satisfied smile on his face as he watched his boy fuck, knowing from experience just what Tommy was feeling. Just then behind him the door opened quietly and Randy and Pablo came in. They stood beside Zack and gazed in disbelief at the incredible scene unfolding in the middle of the room, lit by the red spotlights overhead.

“Holy shit,” Randy growled softly. “How the fuck did you the get Golden Boy to take that? You whip him into submission?”

Zack smiled, “No … I whipped Darius.”

Randy grinned, “You don’t say. Son of a bitch.”

“Hell, the kid was in denial. All I did was help him discover what was inside him all along. You owe me one, Pablo. All that stuck-up top-man bullshit … all gone. I’m delivering to you a boy who desperately needs a master. He’ll do whatever you say, and you can do to him whatever you like. He’s brand new to this – a blank slate for you to write on. Take care of him. He’s good, this one. I’ve never seen a guy so ready for it. Just watch.”

Thomas was dazzled by the sight of himself in the mirror. Many times he had admired his reflection – his blond good looks and ripped, athletic body. But Zack was right – he had never looked more beautiful than he did now. He had always seen himself as the flawless gymnast, a macho stud … but now that same gymnast was a bound captive with a massive black dick in his ass. Before, the reflection had been merely sexy … now it was pornographic.

Best of all he was at the mercy of the dominant leather-boy, and his ten-inch pole sliding in and out of him was driving him wild. “Fuck me, sir,” he pleaded, shedding all inhibitions. “Please, sir, fuck me hard, fuck that ass …aaagh.” His cock exploded again, spraying cum on the floor in front of him, but still the fuck continued until Darius cold hold back no longer.

The time had come for that moment where he would take the boy up to his pain threshold and beyond for just an instant. “Here it comes, boy. This is it …” Darius pulled back, then plunged his cock into the deepest furnace of his ass.

The pain hit Thomas like a sledge hammer as Darius’s hot juice poured inside him. “Aaagh!” His screams echoed round the room as he raised his feet of the floor and he saw the incredible reflection of the naked gymnast writhing in ecstasy, legs thrashing in midair, juice still spurting from his cock.

“Now that,” Zack said, “is not something you see every day of the week.


Moments later Darius had eased his cock slowly out of Thomas and stood in front of him. He reached up, untied him and caught him as he collapsed in his arms. “You did great, kid,” he said in his ear. “Not many men can take my dick all the way like you did. I’m glad you’re gonna be Pablo’s boy ‘cause he’ll share you with me and we can do this again. You want that?”

“Yes, sir … please, sir.” As Darius loosened his grip Thomas weakened and he slid down on his knees, then on all fours at the leather boy’s feet, his head bowed in total submission.

“That looks fucking hot,” Randy said. The three men at the side of the room had all been stroking their dicks as they watched the young athlete’s total capitulation to Darius and his surrender to the almighty club. “You got yourself one helluva boy there, Pablo. I hope you’re gonna share him with Darius.”

“No problem there, sir,” Pablo grinned. Darius joined them and put his arm round his boyfriend. “We share everything, sir,” Darius grinned, “even our boys. Hey, you guys didn’t cum yet, did you, sirs, ‘cos I got plenty of jizz left? Let’s watch.”

On hands and knees Thomas was regaining his breath. He raised his head and stared in disbelief at the four men watching him, stroking their cocks – the rugged gypsy Randy, the leather master Zack, his boy Darius who had just fucked him with his monster dick, and the handsome young muscle-stud Pablo who was to be his master. Thomas knew beyond doubt that this is where he belonged and nowhere else in the world.

Instinctively he fell forward on his stomach and, keeping his eyes on the four men, he crawled across the floor to them in an act of total and abject submission. “Man,” Zack said quietly, “that’s what I wanted to see.” He beat his meat faster as he watched the naked gymnast drag himself forward. “Shit that looks hot … look at that fucking ass, guys.”

“Yeah,” Randy growled, “you gotta loan that out to us, kiddo.”

When Thomas reached them he grabbed Pablo’s leg and pulled himself up on his knees, gazing up at the four men stroking their rigid cocks that were starting to drip pre-cum. “OK, guys,” Pablo said, “let’s give him a good old tribal welcome.” Thomas opened his mouth wide as four jets of semen slammed into his face and down his throat. He gulped hard as the men looked down at him, cum streaking his blond hair, running down his cheeks and dripping onto his chest.

Pablo reached down, grabbed the boy’s arms and pulled him on his feet. Pablo grinned his crooked grin and said, “That was great, kid. Welcome to the tribe … you’re one of us. You’ll be my boy and I’m gonna share you with my buddy here. Also, you’ll be loaned out to Randy and Zack whenever they want you. How’s that sound?”

“Sounds perfect, sir.”

“Good. Tonight Zack wants Darius to sleep with him, so you’ll sleep with me. I’ll fuck your ass, we’ll get to know each other and talk about where we go from here. OK, now let’s get back to the party.”

As they left the room Pablo grinned at Randy who ruffled his hair and smiled, “That’s my boy.”


The party across the street was still in full swing. Nobody wanted it to end. Obviously it was the kind of gathering that was drifting from one meal to the next …. “like life on a cruise ship,” Adam laughed.

There was a stir when the group returned from Zack’s house and it was obvious from the sparkle in their eyes that everything had gone according to plan. The boys looked expectantly at Darius, eager for details, but Darius just flashed his smile and said, “Later, dudes,” and huddled with Pablo and Thomas.

As usual with a group this big it had broken up into various huddles round the garden. Doctor Steve was talking to Mark and Jamie about the cop’s angry return home from a tough shift earlier when he had taken out his frustrations in a rough fuck of Jamie. Years ago Mark had gone to Steve for anger management and Steve now thought another session might be useful.

The twins were huddled with Danny, planning what they would cook for dinner, Danny being already accepted as an integral member of the kitchen team. Brandon was there too, simply as Danny’s buddy … they had begun to spend most of their free time together.

The other group was Bob, Grady, Mario and Lloyd the architect, continuing the subject that had come up earlier – the prospect of Grady buying a large house up the hill and moving in with his lover Mario. Randy joined them, though he detected a chilly reception from Bob.

He was right. Bob was still pissed off about the incident when, in the middle of brunch, Randy had taken Thomas round to the back of the house for a quick, savage fuck, partly to satisfy his caveman lust and partly to compete with Mark fucking Jamie. Randy had been proud of his show of dominance but Bob was determined to have words with him about it later.

Meanwhile the discussion about the house was intense as Bob had already called his real-estate pal and arranged for them to go and view the house tomorrow. “No time to lose when it comes to house hunting,” he said.” Danny was surprised when Bob asked him, Brandon and the twins to come over and join them.

“Sorry to interrupt your meal planning, guys, but I wanted to let you know that tomorrow morning we here will be going to take a look at the house for sale up the hill. Grady and Mario are thinking of buying it. Randy and Lloyd will be inspecting its structure and architecture, Mark will advise on security issues, and Kyle, Kevin, I want you guys to go over the kitchen and give us suggestions for improvements. And Danny, I want you to pay special attention to everything.”

That last comment puzzled Danny but he was flattered to be included in such a high-power group. “What do you think Bob meant?” he asked Brandon afterwards.

“You never know with Bob,” Brandon grinned. “He’s always planning something and this time it apparently involves you. See, he’s really the brains behind this whole tribe and Randy’s the man of action. Randy’s real tough, as you know, and scary sometimes. No one ever defies the big gypsy boss … well, except for Bob. He can make Randy do anything ‘cos Randy’s so crazy in love with him.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” said Danny, who loved tribal gossip. “When Randy dragged Thomas away from the meal table to fuck him behind the house I saw the look on Bob’s face. I don’t think he liked that.”

“You saw that too, uh? Yeah, you’re right, dude. Wouldn’t mind betting Randy gets a tongue lashing from Bob about it later tonight.” He paused and chose his next words carefully. “About tonight, Danny. I’m sure you’ll be welcome to stay in the twin’s spare room until you get a room of your own, but … well … See, Pete’s working tonight – some sorta night-time fire-drill the Park Rangers are doing, so I’m gonna be all alone in the bungalow. I was wondering if, like … I mean you don’t have to but …”

“So could I stay with you?” Danny asked eagerly.

Brandon beamed. “That’s just what I was gonna ask you, dude. Yeah, it’ll be fun hanging out together. I can fill you in on all the gossip and we’ll do that posh Mario thing of brandy and espresso …”

“… and dessert, buddy, don’t forget that. I’ll whip up something that’ll taste so good you’ll cream your shorts.”


It was late when the party broke up that evening with enthusiastic thanks and congratulations on the two new additions to the tribe. Steve took Bob aside and said, “Well, you did it again buddy. Great party. This family of yours keeps growing in all the right directions under the guidance of you and Randy.”

Seeing the hint of a shadow pass over Bob’s face, Steve said, “Er, that thing during brunch with Randy and the new boy Thomas. I know that rubbed you the wrong way but, well, that’s vintage Randy. My big brother never did grasp the concept of ‘subtle’ … more like a stallion in heat beating down the barn door. It’s the gypsy in him, I guess and … hell, I don’t know what I’m trying to say here. You know the guy much better than I do … better than he knows himself. Just, er, go easy on him, uh?”

“Thanks, Steve,” Bob smiled. “I’ll try the subtle approach and, if that doesn’t work I’ll … try something else.”

Steve laughed. “I bet you will … love you, guy. Thank god my brother’s got you to tame him.”


Bob stayed late talking business with Grady and Mario and when he finally got up to the master suite Randy was already in the shower. When he emerged with a towel wrapped round his waist, he was brimming over with self-confidence and bravado. “Hey, buddy, great party. You and the guys did great. When it comes to throwing a big shindig we’re the best, uh?”

Bob grunted non-committally and Randy grinned, “OK, come on, big guy, what’s with the deep freeze? You’ve been cold-shouldering me all afternoon. Did I do something wrong … use the wrong damn fork or something?”

Bob glared at him. “You really don’t know, do you? You just don’t get it. In the middle of a family brunch, a festive celebration, you suddenly grab the new kid, drag him round the back of the house and fuck the shit out of hm. And why? Because you can. Because you’re the big boss and you felt horny when you saw Mark taking his boy Jamie in to make love with him. And you thought, ‘I’ll show ‘em … anything Mark can do I can do rougher. I’m the big stud around here.’ Well, way to go stud. I’m sure the group was impressed – not!”

“Hey, now wait just a goddam minute here, buddy. Mark wasn’t just making love as you put it. He was pounding the crap out of his boy – hurting him – and I was doing the same to Golden Boy. What the hell’s the difference?”

“Jesus!” Bob clenched his fists and paced the room, boiling with frustration. “You’re an animal, you know that? Think like a caveman, act like a caveman. Mark was tense and angry after a rough night fighting crime in the city and he took it out on Jamie. But he realized his mistake and apologized by making love to him. And he’s gonna have a session with Steve to sort through his anger issues.

“You, on the other hand, fucked that new kid just to prove what a big, macho stud you are, because you felt horny and your hormones were racing. Once a caveman always a caveman. I thought those days were over but it seems he’s still crawling out of his cave. Shit, if anyone needs a session with Steve it’s you. You’re problem is you’re oversexed … addicted to it.”

Oversexed?!  Oh that’s perfect. Man, the whole fucking tribe is oversexed. What the hell do you think’s going on right now in every room in the house? Anyway, you know you love it when I’m rough and sexy.  Never heard you complain.  But that’s it, isn’t it … I know … I get it now. You’re jealous.  You saw me take that kid away to fuck his ass and you wanted it.  And that’s what you want now.  A good fuck is all you need to calm you down and stop your nagging.”

Bob roared, “Sex! Everything comes down to sex with you. Is that the only language you understand? OK great, I know that language too. I speak sex. Get on the bed. Get on the damn bed.”

“Fuck you, man. You think I take orders from you? It’ll be a cold day in hell when …”

“I said, get…on…the…fucking…bed!!”  Bob’s eyes blazed, his jaw clenched as he prodded Randy’s chest to punctuate every word, finally shoving him backwards and yanking his towel off as he fell back naked on the bed.

Randy was stunned, not by the fall but by the sight of the raging muscle-god towering over him, body tense with anger. Now it was Bob whose testosterone was racing as he kicked off his shoes, dropped his shorts and pulled off his shirt – like Clark Kent ripping off his shirt and becoming Superman.

Randy stared in awe at a man he had never seen before … a man who had always been gentle, mild-mannered, controlled, now standing naked, his muscled physique flexed and gleaming, his handsome, square-cut features tense, jaw clenched, brown eyes narrowed in anger. He looked magnificent, a homoerotic icon, but Randy was momentarily gripped by fear – and Bob knew it.

“You feel it, man? … that fear every man feels before you fuck them with that massive prick of yours? The fear Thomas felt it when you manhandled him behind the house and he knew he was about to get speared by the construction boss’s cock. Let’s see now. No lube uh? Nah, never lube for the big macho boss who can do what he likes … spit fucking, dry fucking … who cares, as long as the King of the Gypsies gets his rocks off.

I promised your brother Steve I’d go easy on you. Well this is me going easy.” Bob spat on his cock and rubbed his hand casually over it. “So much for lube … and so much for foreplay.”

Standing on the floor at the foot of the bed Bob grabbed Randy’s ankles and pushed his legs back hard, doubling him over so his ass was gazing up at him. Then, from that standing position, Bob suddenly slammed his hips forward and in one stroke drove his cock into the gypsy’s ass and plunged all the way down to the deepest depths.

“Aaaagh!” Even for Randy, with his high tolerance for pain, the shock was electrifying and he howled, “No, that’s too much, man.”

“Too much?” Bob scoffed, his cock still buried deep in his ass. “Too much sex for the king of sex? You were right when you said just now that I like it rough. How did you put it? ‘A good fuck is all you need to calm you down and stop your nagging’. You got that right too, big guy. A good fuck is just what I need. Good and rough like this.”

He pulled his cock all the way back and slammed it back in, driving the head of his shaft over the inner sphincter, then back and forth over the sphincter until he pulled all the way out … and plunged in again.

With the reflexes of a fallen street fighter Randy fought back, pounding his fists against Bob’s pecs and gut punching his abs. But Bob grabbed his wrists in a vise-like grip with a strength Randy didn’t know he possessed. “So that’s the way you wanna play it, eh stud? Let’s see now, what would you do to a guy who fights back? Oh yeah, I remember ….”

Bob yanked his cock out of his ass, pushed Randy’s wrists right back to the head board and quickly tied one of them to the corner post with the rope that was always kept there. Before Randy could lash out with the other fist Bob forced it back to the opposite post and tied it too.

Randy pulled mightily at the ropes but realized that his wrists firmly bound with an expertise that he himself had taught Bob. Bob laughed, “Hoist with his own petard.”

“What?” Randy grunted desperately.

‘Hamlet’ … ‘hoist with ….’ oh never mind. You taught me how to tie ropes, so you’re caught in your own trap.” Bob knelt on the bed, pushed Randy’s legs up again, then leaned forward and stared into his eyes. It was the hypnotic stare Randy used to subdue any man … and now he was equally trapped as he gazed into the mesmerizing eyes of the man he loved. “This is something else you taught me to do,” said Bob’s sensual voice.

“Ah, shit man, no. Don’t do this … you know I can’t …. Oh fuck…” He saw himself reflected in Bob’s soft brown eyes, felt the head of his cock press against his hole, then slide inside him, slowly at first, then faster and deeper. Randy’s eyes opened wide. He gazed at the man he loved, worshipped, transfixed by that stunning face, saw the eyes smile in triumph, felt his cock bury itself deep in his ass and, “Aaaah…”

Randy howled as his cock erupted in a plume of semen that rose up and splashed against Bob’s chest, then another and another until it was dripping down on him. His breath heaving he groaned, “That’s it man – I’m done.”

“You’re done when I say you are,” Bob growled. “I’m not finished with you yet, stud. That’s one of the other tricks you taught me … make a man cum so he’s drained, exhausted, finished. Then fuck him again, just when he can’t take anymore.”

The fuck was ferocious. Bob stood on the floor at the foot of the bed as he had at the start, holding Randy’s legs high. And, as before, his hips plunged downward so his cock slammed into his ass. Then he pulled back, all the way out … and drove his shaft in again. And that’s how it went, pulling all the way out, then driving in repeatedly like a piston, harder and harder, faster and faster.

Bob gazed down in awe at the bound King of the Gypsies, howling, cursing, “Fuck you man. I’ll fucking kill you. I’ve had enough … stop!!”

“Now you know how it feels, big guy. You remember what Thomas had to do to make you stop? Let’s hear it, buddy. Let me hear what the caveman makes all his victims say before he cums inside them. Let me hear it.”

“Please, man, I can’t take anymore. Please, sir … please cum inside me. I’m begging you … I give up … you win … I submit, sir … I submit …!”

The sight of the magnificent gypsy begging for mercy, his bound body writhing beneath him, muscles flexing as he pulled against the ropes, his rugged face thrashing from side to side, stubbled jaw sagging in howls of anguish … it was all so incredibly erotic that Bob yelled, “Here it comes, buddy. This is what you want … yeah.”

Cum gushed out of his cock filling his lover’s ass as Randy gazed up at him, almost as if seeing him for the first time. It was a rare glimpse of his beautiful, gentle lover suddenly transformed, as fierce and strong as a tiger … fucking him, dominating him, thrilling him … and making him fall passionately in love all over again.

Panting heavily Bob pulled his cock out, leaned forward, untied the ropes and fell down into Randy’s arms. It was as if the lighting softened, the scene changed and Bob was once again the gentle lover seeking refuge in his lover’s arms. “Did I hurt you, Randy? I’m sorry, I guess I got carried away, lost control …”

“… like a caveman,” Randy grinned. “Sure you hurt me and I loved it, getting jackhammered by the most beautiful man in the world. But I learned my lesson, buddy. You made your point. What I did this afternoon was fucking stupid, an insult to all the other guys there. I guess I was trying to impress you, buddy, trying to show you I was as tough as Mark.”

“Mostly, though,” Bob said, “it was simple bad manners at the meal table, Randy. Didn’t you’re mother teach you that it’s not polite to fuck ass in the middle of a meal?”

Randy laughed, “No, that’s something we never covered.” His eyes sparkled. “Hey, can I make love to you now, buddy? I want to so bad … I’m crazy about you. Can we make love all night? It’s Sunday tomorrow … can we buddy?”

Bob smiled. Randy suddenly sounded like a little boy asking if he can go out and play. Such a complex man, from King of the Gypsies to eager young boy. So many Randys, and Bob loved all of them. Even the caveman. Randy had been right about that too.


In the meantime, while Bob and Randy were reaffirming their love that had existed for so long now, two boys in the bungalow up the hill were taking their first tentative steps in a brand new relationship. With Pete away for the night Brandon was keen to make a good impression on his new friend Danny and he wheeled himself busily around the kitchen, tidying up and starting the espresso.

Danny was looking in the fridge and pulled out a bowl of strawberries, Brandon’s favorites. “Hey, dude, how do strawberry crepes sound to you? I can whip them up in no time.”

“Awesome,” Brandon grinned. “You know I try to be like Mario … he’s so classy when he does late-night coffee and Italian gelato and brandy. The other evening he asked me up to his room to join him and Grady for an after-dinner treat. It was so cool. Kinda … stylish, you know, with that European thing he’s got going. Being with him and Grady was awesome. ‘Course, I didn’t stick around too long ‘cos it was obvious they couldn’t wait to hit the sack together. Hell, those guys make love all the time.

“Yeah,” Danny grinned, “and I made a complete asshole of myself when I first met them this morning and creamed my shorts as soon as Grady hugged me.”

“Hey, stop beating yourself up about that, dude. Everyone thought it was real cute. They all feel like busting their load when they look at Grady.”

Danny got a faraway look in his eyes. “Yeah, they’re the perfect couple alright – I mean, so incredibly gorgeous and always laughing – kinda like they’re in love with each other and in love with life. Grady was so laid back I even forgot he’s gonna be this big movie star. I hope he buys that big house they’re talking about at the top of the hill. Maybe we’ll get invited up there for coffee and desert like you did, eh dude?”

“Maybe so, but there was something special about Bob asking you to go up there with them tomorrow and … what did he say to you? He wants you to ‘pay special attention’ to everything? He’s got something in mind I could tell, but like I said, you never know with Bob what he’s planning. I remember one time when he ….”

And they were off, gossiping about the tribe, with an animated Brandon eagerly relating stories and experiences to the wide-eyed newcomer lapping it all up. Danny produced his crepes and Brandon’s expressions of awe and admiration only momentarily interrupted his flow of words. They drank espresso, ate the crepes and sipped brandy, subconsciously trying to be like Grady and Mario – like most young guys modeling themselves on men they admired.

These two found they had so much in common, completing each other’s sentences, laughing a whole lot, that it was obvious they were already best buddies. Time slipped by until Brandon suddenly looked up at the clock and said, “Jesus, it’s late. I know it’s Sunday tomorrow but you got a big day ahead of you. The twins will want your help with breakfast, then you got that trip up to the Grady house, and then your hiring interview with Jamie.”

“Shit, yeah, I’m real nervous about that. I mean, what if Jamie discovers a reason why I can’t be hired? That would put the kibosh on everything.”

“Don’t be paranoid, dude. Like I told you, Bob wants you here and what Bob wants he gets. If Jamie does find anything negative, which I seriously doubt, Bob will fix it and there you are, home and dry.”

“‘Course,” Danny grinned, “I mean Jamie’s so hot with that surfer look and all, when I’m talking to him I better not cum in my shorts like I did with Grady. Don’t want him to think I’m sex crazy.”

Brandon burst out laughing. “Duh – being sex crazy is one of the requirements for working in this outfit, dude.”

Their laughter covered up the fact that a delicate subject had been raised. Sex. It often happens to best buddies that their friendship becomes so established that the idea of sex between them fades away. The further along the path to “best buddy” status they travel, the less likely the prospect of sexual contact seems. Their relationship is best expressed by a macho fist bump rather than a lover’s kiss.

Sure, when Danny first arrived, Brandon, Eddie and Ben had welcomed him by sucking his cock in turn, but that had been boyish fun, more in the category of two horny high-school jocks getting drunk one night and fooling around until they get their rocks off. And when they wake up sober next morning they pretend nothing happened.

But now that Danny and Brandon faced a whole night under the same roof for the first time they weren’t sure how things stood between them and, most importantly, how the other felt. So they played it safe. Brandon said, “Time to call it a night, dude. I, er … it won’t take me a minute to make up the bed in the guest room.”

“Sure, thanks,” Danny said. Brandon wheeled himself to the linen closet and pulled out sheets and blankets. Danny knew better than to offer help, aware of how fiercely Brandon guarded his independence. But as Brandon wrestled with the pile of bedcovers Danny cleared his throat and said, ‘Course, to save you all that trouble for just one night I could always bunk in with you. You said it’s a king size bed and, well, I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“Sure, we could do that,” Brandon said casually. “Bed-making was never one of my best skills.”

So he stuffed the linens back into the closet and they went into the bedroom. Brandon threw back the covers and they got undressed without making eye contact. Brandon seamlessly pulled off his T-shirt, pulled down his shorts, leaving his boxer-briefs on, and eased himself effortlessly from his wheelchair onto the bed.

Danny, also in his undershorts, climbed in the other side and Brandon switched off the light. Brandon was used to sleeping in the middle of the bed pressed against Pete but now he kept well over to the side.

Danny clung to his edge of the bed, though he found his cock slowly getting hard. Normally he would beat off before he went to sleep, thinking of someone like Grady … yeah, definitely Grady. But now he just tried to go to sleep.

The minutes ticked by and he could hear Brandon’s steady breathing. He thought of his friend lying there, of his eager smiling face that day, his kindness, his laughing eyes, his confidence and energy. Danny’s cock got harder as the movie-star’s image faded, replaced by his new best buddy with whom he had already shared so much … except for …”

Suddenly he heard Brandon’s voice.  “Dude, you asleep yet?”

“No.  Can’t sleep.”

“Me neither.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 296


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