Danny found it hard to believe that it was only yesterday morning that he had traveled up to Los Angeles by train from the hotel he worked in down the coast.  So much had happened to him that he felt he had been with the tribe forever.

Brandon had met him at Union Station and they almost immediately became firm friends. Not only did they look alike, blinking behind their black-rimmed glasses, but they had hit it off right away, with the same interests, feelings and, most important, sense of humor. The only difference was that Brandon was in a wheelchair, but such was his own breezy dismissal of that fact, and so fiercely independent was he, that Danny paid no attention to it.

They talked, gossiped, laughed, made fun of each other, just as best buddies do. And in the space of only a couple of days the two boys already felt like longtime friends picking up right where they had left off.

Danny, a skilled pastry chef, had also met Kyle and Kevin, the twins in charge of the kitchen and his prospective employers. They had put him to work right away and he made desserts that won awestruck praise all round and a playful threat from boss Randy: “You made this, boy? Shit damn, you gotta stick around, kid, even if I have to chain you to the damn kitchen.” The twins rewarded him with an invitation to spend the night with them, a mind blowing experience of the two beautiful brothers making love to him.

And today Danny was thrown in at the deep end, helping cook for a major gathering of all members of the tribe. That event, as usual, involved several dramas within the high-testosterone group of men and boys, and Danny himself had had his own minor drama when the gorgeous actor Grady (soon to be the new Tarzan in a big-budget movie) had welcomed him with a ‘Grady hug’ so sensual that Danny had spontaneously creamed his shorts.

The gathering lasted into the evening and when the group dispersed Brandon had offered Danny a tentative suggestion. “See, Pete’s working tonight – some sorta night-time fire-drill the Park Rangers are doing – so I’m gonna be all alone in the bungalow. I was, er, wondering if, like … I mean you don’t have to but … you could always spend the night there.”

Encouraged by Danny’s eagerly acceptance, Brandon enthused, “We’ve got a nice guest room and it’ll be fun hanging out together. I can fill you in on all the gossip and we’ll do that posh Mario thing he does with Grady … you know, brandy and espresso …”

“… and dessert, don’t forget that, dude. I’ll whip up something that’ll taste so good it’ll make you cum in your pants.”


And so now here they were, alone in the bungalow up the hill where Brandon lived with his master, Pete. Keen to make a good impression on his new friend, Brandon wheeled himself busily around the kitchen, tidying up and starting the espresso. Danny found a bowl of strawberries in the fridge and said, “Hey, dude, how do strawberry crepes sound to you? I can whip them up in no time.”

“Awesome,” Brandon grinned. “I try to be like Mario … he’s so classy when he does late-night coffee and Italian gelato and brandy. One time he asked me to join him and Grady for an after-dinner treat. Being with him and Grady was awesome, but I didn’t stick around too long ‘cos it was obvious they couldn’t wait to hit the sack together. Those guys make love all the time.”

Danny got a faraway look in his eyes. “Yeah, they’re the perfect couple alright – I mean, so incredibly gorgeous and always laughing – kinda like they’re in love with each other and in love with life. Grady was so laid back today that I even forgot he’s gonna be this big movie star. I hope he buys that big house they’re talking about at the top of the hill. Maybe we’ll get invited up there for coffee and desert like you did, eh dude?”

“Maybe so, but there was something special about Bob asking you to go up there with them tomorrow when they view the house. Remember what he said? ‘Danny, I want you to pay special attention to everything.’ He’s got something in mind I could tell, but like I said, you never know with Bob what he’s planning. I remember one time when he ….”

And they were off – gossiping about the tribe, with an animated Brandon eagerly sharing stories and his experiences with the wide-eyed newcomer, lapping it all up. They lost all track of time until Brandon suddenly looked up at the clock and said, “Jesus, it’s late. I know it’s Sunday tomorrow but you got a big day ahead of you. The twins will want your help with breakfast, then there’s that trip up to the Grady House after your job interview with Jamie.

“Yeah, I’m real nervous about that. I mean, I wanna make a good impression when I’m interviewing with Jamie but, I mean he’s so hot with that surfer look he’s got going, I better not cum in my shorts like I did with Grady. Don’t want him to think I’m sex crazy.”

Brandon burst out laughing. “Duh – being sex crazy is one of the requirements for working in this outfit, dude.” But hidden behind their laughter a delicate subject had been raised … sex!

It often happens to best buddies that their friendship becomes so firmly established that the idea of sex between them recedes and that old question presents itself – are we friends or lovers? The further along the path to “best buddy” status two guys travel, the less likely the prospect of sexual contact seems. Their relationship takes the form of a macho fist bump rather than a lover’s kiss.

Now that Danny and Brandon faced a whole night under the same roof they weren’t sure how things stood between them and, most importantly, how the other felt. So they played it safe. Brandon said, “Time to call it a night, dude. I, er … it won’t take me a minute to make up the bed in the guest room.”

“Sure, thanks,” Danny said. Brandon wheeled himself to the linen closet and pulled out sheets and blankets. Danny knew better than to offer his help, aware of how fiercely Brandon guarded his independence. But as Brandon wrestled with the pile of bedcovers Danny cleared his throat and said, ‘Course, to save you all that trouble for just one night I could always bunk in with you. I mean, you’ve got a king size bed and, well, I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“Sure, we could do that,” Brandon said casually. “Bed-making was never one of my best skills.”

So he stuffed the linens back into the closet and they went into the bedroom. Brandon threw back the covers and they got undressed without making eye contact. Brandon seamlessly pulled off his T-shirt, pulled down his shorts, leaving his boxer-briefs on, and eased himself effortlessly from his wheelchair onto the bed.

Danny, also in his undershorts, climbed in the other side, they both took off their glasses and Brandon switched off the light. Brandon was used to sleeping in the middle of the bed pressed against Pete but now he kept well over to the side.

Danny clung to his edge of the bed too, though he found his cock slowly getting hard. Normally he would beat off before he went to sleep, thinking of someone like Grady … yeah, definitely Grady. But now he just tried to go to sleep.

The minutes ticked by and he could hear Brandon’s steady breathing. He thought of his friend lying there, of his eager smiling face that day, his kindness, his laughing eyes, his confidence and energy. Danny’s cock got harder as the movie-star’s image faded, replaced by his new best buddy with whom he had already shared so much … except for …”

Suddenly he heard Brandon’s voice. “Dude, you asleep yet?”

“No. Can’t sleep.”

“Me neither.”

There was an uneasy silence as they again waited for sleep, but their hearts were beating faster now. Danny turned over and his hand brushed against Brandon. He pulled it back sharply as if stung by a nettle. He turned back to face the wall again and muttered, “Sorry, dude.”

“S’OK,” came Brandon’s muffled reply. Another long silence followed but the accidental touch had made Danny’s cock grow harder so sleep was even more unlikely. Eventually, as if on a silent signal, they both turned over to face each other from opposite edges of the bed and made eye contact at last.

Tentatively they reached out across the wide bed and their hands brushed against each other, but reflexively they pulled back. Bolder now, they reached out again and lay together holding hands, smiling at each other like shy young virgins.

But neither of them was a virgin, that’s for sure, and shyness was far from their usual festive mood so it didn’t last long. They could never look at each other for long without seeing the sense of fun in each other’s eyes … and they began to giggle … so hard they couldn’t stop.

“Dude,” Brandon laughed, wiping a tear from his eye, “if you move any farther to the edge of the bed you’ll fall off.”

“You too, dipshit. You were clinging to the sheets over there like I’m contagious or something. Well just so you know, I’m not, so let’s cut the crap. Let’s roll!”

And roll over they did … to the middle of the bed facing each other a foot apart. Brandon leaned forward and gave Danny a chaste kiss on the lips. “What’s that supposed to mean, dude?” Danny grinned. “Here, it should go something like this ….” He pulled Brandon’s head toward him and clamped their mouths together, their tongues probing deep inside.

When at last they separated their eyes were dancing. After all their hesitancy there was now no doubt about what they both wanted. Best buds they may be, but not the kind of buddies who fumble under the sheets when they’re drunk and deny it when sober. These guys’ cocks told them exactly what they wanted.

But still Danny hesitated. “Er, dude … like, when you and Pete are in bed, does he, you know, make love to you … like, fuck and everything?”

“Duh! What do you think we do, dingbat? Swap recipes?”

“That’s more in my line,” laughed the pastry chef.

“No you wouldn’t, dude, not with that musclehunk Ranger in your bed. Listen, kiddo, I may not be able to use my legs but every other part works just fine. You’ve seen me drive a truck, right? You know I ride a motorcycle. Like the old song goes, ‘Anything you can do I can do better.’ And that, old buddy, includes fucking. Here, let me cop a feel …”

He reached down and grabbed the bulge of Danny’s stiff cock through his shorts. “Impressive, dude. Now how about this?” He guided Danny’s hand down to his own boxers stretched over his hard rod. “My leg muscles may be kaput but there’s nothing wrong with that muscle, eh? Only handicap there is trying to stuff it in my shorts when it’s hard. Like it is now, dude, thanks to you. You want a good look? Take off my shorts.”

They were having fun now, all their inhibitions banished. Danny threw off the bedcovers, knelt at Brandon’s feet and pulled his shorts down his legs and over his feet. Brandon’s cock sprang out, erect as a tent pole, and Danny gasped, “Awesome, dude.”

“Told you,” Brandon laughed. “OK, like the kids say, ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’.”

“No problem there, dude.” Danny leapt to his feet and stood astride Brandon. “Here, see it and weep, pal.” He pulled his rigid cock out of his shorts and held it proudly in his fist. “Ta-da!”

In truth, both their cocks were both of a good average size but their mounting excitement made them irresistible and Brandon asked, “You, er … are you, like … are you a top?”

“Dude,” Danny laughed, “for you I can be anything you want.”

Brandon nodded over to a jar of lube on the bedside table and Danny made use of it, spreading it seductively up and down his cock. “Brace yourself, kiddo.”

Brandon reached down behind his knees and pulled his legs up, exposing his butthole. Danny dropped to his knees on the bed and hung Brandon’s legs over his shoulders, the head of his cock easing between his ass cheeks. Danny reached for his glasses, put them on and squinted down at Brandon. “You know, that looks really hot, dude. I think I wanted to jump your bones the minute you came up to me in Union Station.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“What, in a train station!? Yeah right, me on top of you, fucking your ass in your wheelchair as it races out of control across the concourse. That would sure make a few guys miss their trains.”

They were still laughing when Danny took off his glasses and eased his cock into Brandon. As their laughter slowed to smiles Danny said, “I’m inside you dude. You wanna go all the way?”

“Duh,” was Brandon’s only response as he wriggled himself down further on his buddy’s cock. Their eyes danced with the excitement of their first fuck. It was not only the physical sensation, though that was way hot. They had both had sex with other guys, of course, but it had never felt like this … two young guys, best buddies, getting it on sexually for the first time. They had already become close in every way except this, the ultimate act of desire and affection.

“Your ass is so hot, dude,” Danny said, still easing in tentatively, careful not to upset the mood of the moment.

“Hey, I won’t break, you know,” Brandon grinned. “If I can take a pounding from a hunk like Ranger Pete, I can sure take a vanilla fuck from a novice like you.”

“Novice, eh? Vanilla, eh? Well vanilla this, asshole.” He pulled back and drove his cock hard and fast and deep.”

“Whoa!” Brandon laughed, “that’s more like it, stud. Ain’t buddy-fucking great?”

Danny leaned forward and clamped his hands round Brandon’s wrists, pinning him to the bed and gazing into his eyes. “Having a buddy is what’s great, dude. Never really had one before.”

“Well, you got one now, kiddo. Your cock feels great inside me. Fuck me, bro.”

After that first lunge Danny settled into a slow, steady massage of his friend’s ass, and it felt different from any sex he had had before.

Sex for him was usually based on the look of a guy, the handsomer and more muscular the better. Up ‘til now it had mostly meant jacking off alone looking at musclehunks in porn movies. And when the real thing came along and he had sex with the twins it was a visual spectacle of two identically beautiful boys infinitely reflected in parallel mirrors as they made love to him. That had been a feast for the eyes he wouldn’t forget 

Not that Brandon was chopped liver, he thought. Far from it, he was a great looking young guy whose muscular torso was the result of years of propelling his wheelchair, and the sight of him lying beneath him offering his ass was sexually exciting. But now as they smiled and laughed together, Danny was stimulated by the intimacy of friendship as much as by a hot ass.

“This feels so good, Brandon,” he sighed. “I wanna make you feel good too, buddy.”

“Dude, you make me feel good just by being here, by being my friend. Feeling your dick in my ass is a bonus. Fuck me, Danny. I love it when you fuck me.”

As Danny continued to slide his cock in and out of his buddy’s ass he released his wrists, licked his fingertips and rolled Brandon’s nipples between them. “Fuck, that feels so hot, dude,” Brandon groaned, and reciprocated by reaching up and squeezing Danny’s tits.

“Pete loves it when I do this to him,” Brandon grinned. “He likes it real hard … like this.” He suddenly increased the pressure and Danny yelled, “Fuck you, dude, you wanna play rough, uh? OK, you’re on.”

It was an instant contest that Danny was bound to lose, his wet fingers having no purchase on his buddy’s tits while Brandon gave him the same ferocious treatment he gave Pete. “Fuck you, man,” Danny yelled, “that hurts.” It did, but as Danny looked down at Brandon’s sparkling eyes he started to laugh. “Asshole, you’re such a fucking bully. But don’t forget I still got my dick in your ass.” His gentle cock instantly became a pile-driver.

There had been many trials of strength in the tribe’s history but none quite like this. Ecstatic laughter of two boys filled the room as one got tit-tortured and the other ass-pounded. Their eyes watered with tears of laughter and of pain and in the end they were both winners.

Danny’ tits were on fire and his cock was shuddering as he finally yielded to pleasure and pain. “Fuck you, dude … fuck you … you’re making me … aaagh!” As Brandon yanked his fingers painfully off Danny’s nipples, Danny’s cock erupted in his ass. “Yes … yes …” Brandon shouted, feeling his buddy’s warm juice flowing inside him. He pulled Danny down on top of him and their mouths closed in a ravenous kiss.

Finally Danny pulled out and rolled off him and they lay on their backs still laughing in the afterglow of their first fuck. Danny let his hand wander downwards and gasped as he felt Brandon’s cock, still hard as a rock. “Hey, what’s this? You didn’t cum?”

Brandon looked up in feigned wide-eyed innocence and said in a shy falsetto, “Oh no, sir, I was always told to save myself until I met the right boy,”

“Well you’ve met him now, kiddo.” Danny jumped up, knelt astride Brandon’s chest, dipped his fingers in the jar of lube and pushed them in his own ass. “You’re in for a treat, dude. This is prime, triple-A butt you’re getting here. Here we go … whee …!” Danny held his arms out to the side like a surfer riding a wave and lowered his ass slowly down on Brandon’s rod.

Brandon’s eyes sparkled as he looked up at the lithe young body and mischievous grin of his new friend and felt the heat of his ass clenched round his cock. He reached up and ran his hands over Danny’s chest, brushing the back of his fingers against his sore nipples. “Wow, that feels awesome, dude,” Brandon smiled. “I could get real used to this.”

Danny rode his cock happily feeling it get harder in his ass until Brandon asked, “You got any jizz left?”

“For you, kid … anything.” Danny grabbed his own cock and stroked it vigorously. “OK, all together now …” Brandon smiled up at him and said, “I love you, dude … here it comes.”

Danny sat down hard and felt Brandon’s cum spurting in his ass while his own cock shot a last load all over his buddy’s chest. He rose up on his knees, off Brandon’s cock and in an instant they were rolling together over the bed.

When they finally lay, panting hard, grinning at each other Danny said, “I got a question. How do you feel about morning sex?”

“Hmm, well I do hear there’s a lot of that going around. Maybe we should give it a try.”

As it turned out they were forced to – like it or not.


Early they next morning they were still asleep in each other’s arms when they became dimly aware of low voices. “You think they did it?” “Sure they did. I can smell jism at fifty paces.” Eddie and Ben sniffed and giggled. “Think they’ve got any left?” “Dunno – let’s find out.”

Half-awake by this time Brandon and Danny were suddenly startled by two bodies falling on them. “Hey, what the fuck …?” Brandon shouted, but it was too late. The bedcovers were ripped off them and their morning hard-ons were swallowed by two hungry mouths. They looked down, saw two heads bobbing up and down over them and felt the unmistakable sensation of the two best cocksuckers in town.

Brandon looked at Danny and grinned, “What was that you were saying about morning sex? How do you feel about morning breath?”

“Fuck it, who cares.” They laughed and closed their mouths over each other in a kiss that grew evermore passionate as the feeling in their loins grew more intense. It didn’t take long for Ben and Eddie’s efforts to pay off in gushing orgasms, and they didn’t spill a drop.

When Eddie surfaced he grinned, “It’s a new service we’re offering to the tribe – ‘Morning Alarm Cocks – your friendly wake-up call – satisfaction guaranteed. Don’t ever be late for work again.”

Their riot of laughter was interrupted by a deep voice. “Do Rangers get a discount?” The four boys on the bed gasped as they looked up at the figure of the uniformed Forest Ranger in the doorway. They were stunned into silence until Eddie grinned and said, “For you, sir, it’s free.”

"Good, I’ll take four.”

“Actually,” Ben said innocently, “it’s free for everyone, sir.” Eddie glared at him and nudged him in the ribs.

Pete laughed, “Quit while you’re ahead, Ben. I meant it, though, I’ll take ‘em all, even though I’m not exactly late for work.”

Eddie inhaled sharply. “Oh shit, that reminds me. Danny, the twins sent us up here to see if you were coming down to give them a hand? They’re already in the kitchen.”

“Jesus, I was supposed to help them with breakfast. I’ll get fired before I’m hired. Sorry, sir, guys, I gotta go.” He scrambled into his clothes, kissed Brandon with a quick, “Thanks dude,” and sped out the door.

Pete stretched, unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. “Jeez, those night maneuvers leave me real horny,” and he slumped shirtless in an armchair looking good enough to eat, which is kind of what the boys all had in mind.

Brandon hauled himself into his wheelchair and brought Pete a beer from the fridge. Pete kissed him and ruffled his hair, then said, “OK guys, how about we take this new service of yours for a trial run?” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his long, hard cock.


Danny’s late arrival in the kitchen, with profuse apologies, was not the disaster he feared, and the twins greeted him with a reassuring smile. “Breakfast on Sundays is not such a big deal, Kyle said. “See,” Kevin continued, “the guys get up at different times … sometimes, for example, Bob and Randy stay in bed through mid-morning …’catching up’, they call it – and we leave the rest to your imagination.”

“Breakfast is laid out in the kitchen buffet style,” Kyle added. “Helps us keep the hot things hot, so the guys can come in when they want and grab what they want. ‘Course things will be a bit earlier today as there’s this meeting up at that big house – the guys are already calling it the Grady House. Grady says it’s the house that Tarzan bought – if he does buy it, with the money he’s getting paid for his movie.”

“It’s a major purchase and several of the guys are going to check it out – including us to inspect the kitchen, and I know Bob definitely wants you there.” Danny saw a mysterious smile pass between them and he guessed they knew more than they were letting on. As Bob’s boys they generally knew what was brewing in the house but they never let on what they knew.

At their request Danny made a big batch of his popular croissants, this time filled with a mixture of fruits. The boys he had just left were kept busy tending to Pete’s needs so Danny alone helped the twins set out the food and plates on the serving tables in the expansive kitchen.

In the lull before the invasion of hungry guys the three of them sat down and grabbed a bite themselves. By now Danny was totally at ease in the twins’ presence, though he always felt privileged to share confidences with Bob’s boys. When they were done Kyle said, “Oh, Jamie asked if you would go to the office for your job interview before everyone goes up the hill. I’m sure it’s just a formality but Bob says it’s important to get all the paperwork straight.

Danny’s heart missed a beat as he stood up and checked himself in the mirror. He had got straight out of bed a short while ago, no shower, his hair mussed up and he was sure there was still a smell of cum on his skin.

Intuitive as ever Kevin smiled and said, “Dude, you look like you had quite a night with Brandon. Would you like to take a shower in our place upstairs? You can borrow a clean T-shirt and shorts if you like. That’s about as formal as job-interview attire gets around here. Jamie himself will be in his surfer duds as always.”

So, a short time later Danny was making his nervous way across the garden to the office Randy had built to take care of all the company and household business affairs. Jamie was the office manager, Brandon his assistant and Eddie was the part-time intern, learning the ropes. Danny was surprised Jamie was working on a Sunday morning and hoped he’d be in a good mood.

Danny was still a bit intimidated by Jamie, him being a senior boy, so gorgeous and the lover of Mark the cop. But when he went in all his nerves and fears disappeared as the handsome blond jock got up from his desk with a gleaming smile, walked up to Danny and hugged him. “Welcome, Danny. When we first met we shook hands but I think by now we’ve graduated to a hug, don’t you?”

“Yes, thank you, sir.”

Jamie threw his head back and laughed. “Hey, kid, what did I tell you about this ‘sir’ thing? It’s Jamie, OK? And I don’t bite … unless a guy wants me to,” he grinned seductively. “OK, sit with me on the couch here. I got all the forms ready.” They sat side by side and Jamie patiently went over all the papers spread over the low table before them – terms of employment, salary, health insurance, even a savings plan Bob had insisted on for all the boys.

It was all new to Danny and he tried hard to pay attention but he was distracted by the closeness of the sexy Jamie, dressed as always in surfer shorts and a loose tank top. When their shoulders brushed against each other Danny’s cock jumped and he stifled a gasp.

When they came to the box marked ‘Emergency Contact’ Danny hesitated, “I dunno really.” Jamie prompted him – “A best friend, say?” – and Danny brightened. “Oh, that would be Brandon. Yeah, Brandon.”

Jamie smiled, “You and he had a good time last night, eh? And I understand you got along real well with the twins in the kitchen and … socially?”

Danny could read between the discreet words and blushed, thinking of his extraordinary night in bed with Kyle and Kevin. Jamie put his arm round him and squeezed his shoulder. “You know, Danny, I think you’re gonna fit in real well here. Any problems, you come to me or to Bob. You can tell him anything and he has a knack of putting everything right.

“Also, there’s our therapist Doctor Steve. You’ll probably have a session or two with him – we all have. His methods are kind of unusual but they usually work. In the meantime, is there anything you need to ask me … any, er, doubts, issues you have?”

Danny hesitated, then prompted by the encouraging look in Jamie’s smiling blue eyes, he decided to go for broke. Well, yes, sir … er sorry, yes Jamie, there’s something you’ll think is kinda stupid. See all the guys round here are so, well, so fucking gorgeous that I have a hard-on when I’m with anyone and it distracts me. I mean, I told the twins at first that I couldn’t work with them ‘cos they were so hot I had this huge boner in my shorts walking around the kitchen.”

“And what did they suggest?”

Danny blushed again. “Well, they er … they er … said I should spend the night with them. I was nervous as hell but you know what? It worked. I mean I still find them ultra-sexy, of course, but I’ve got over that constant lust thing.”

Jamie smiled. “We’ve all had that problem, Danny, and you know what Doctor Steve said when I talked to him about it? He told me that when new workers are hired to work in a chocolate factory they want to eat the chocolates, of course … and the boss lets them … as many as they like. And by the end of the first week they’ve had enough – they don’t eat another one. They don’t lose their love of chocolate, same as we don’t lose the love of sex, God forbid, but their obsession is gone. You understand?”

Danny’s brow furrowed. “You’re saying that if I find it hard to be close to a guy ‘cos I want to have sex with him … then I should … have sex with him?”

“You got it, dude. And I don’t think you’d have a problem there. Any guy around here would welcome sex with you, kiddo.”

Danny took a deep breath and plunged in at the deep end. “Er, does that include you, sir … er, Jamie? I mean, all the time I’ve been here I’ve had this raging hard on and I’d like to be friends with you without always creaming my shorts every time you come close.”

Jamie chuckled. “Ah, I wondered when we’d get to that. Listen Danny, what I’m gonna do next would be illegal in any regular office between a personnel manager and a new hire. But hell, who ever said this was a regular office? I often think we should hang a sign on the gate outside saying, “Beware all ye who enter here – and don’t try this at home.”

Danny couldn’t help laughing, and his heart started to pound as Jamie got up and stood a few feet away in front of him. He just stood there as Danny gazed at him – the iconic California surfer dude, tousled blond hair, golden tan, chiseled features, perfect body, muscles shaped by hours paddling a surfboard. His tank hung loosely from his broad shoulders, his board shorts hugged his flawless ass and the shape of his long cock was clearly outlined underneath.

Danny’s mouth went dry and he licked his lips. “By the way,” Jamie said, “Mark left at crack of dawn for an early shift and we didn’t get to make love like we usually do, so I’m feeling pretty horny right now.” He chuckled again. “OK, so technically this is sexual harassment in the workplace but we’ll get away with it by saying it was hard to tell who was harassing who.”

Suddenly Jamie unlaced the front of his shorts, let them drop and stepped out of them. Danny almost lost his load as he stared at the tanned surfer in just his unlaced sneakers and loose tank top, with his semi-hard cock protruding from the bottom. It was like a drawing he had seen on a porn site, where he had fantasized what he would do in the unlikely event that he would ever meet such a guy in real life.

Well here was that guy… and Danny’s eyes focused on exactly what he wanted. He gasped as Jamie pulled the tank off over his head, revealing the tangle of blond pubic hair at the base of his long shaft. He leaned back against the office wall, flashed a dazzling smile and held his arms out to the side. “Ta-da! Take it or leave it, kiddo.”

“I’ll take it please,” Danny grinned. He dropped to the ground and moved quickly across the floor on all fours until his face was inches from Jamie’s cock. He raised his head and stared at the gorgeous jock towering above him. “It’s OK, Danny – go for it. It’s all yours.’

Trying to recall the lessons he had learned from the master cocksucker Eddie, Danny licked the head of Jamie’s cock, then ran his tongue up the whole length and buried his face in the wiry pubic hair. Jamie had obviously not showered because the hair still smelled of sweat and the faint odor of the cum Mark must have shot over him the night before.

It drove Danny so crazy that he opened his mouth wide and swallowed the whole length of Jamie’s cock. It instantly grew harder until it was filling his mouth and he forced himself to breathe through his nose and not to panic. When his throat relaxed he began to move up and down the long, hard rod, remembering to alternately clench his throat muscles and release them as Eddie had taught him.

What thrilled him most were the ecstatic moans coming from Jamie, the stiffening of his cock in his mouth and the taste of pre-cum on the back of his tongue. “Oh, man, that feels awesome,” Jamie groaned. “Yeah, suck that big dick, boy … feel that body.” He pulled Danny’s wrists up and pressed his hands against his chest. Danny dug his fingers into Jamie’s hard pecs, then twisted his nipples in his fingers.

The surfer grabbed the back of the boy’s head and pulled his face hard onto his cock. Danny was trapped as the muscular jock forced him to suck harder and harder. He heard him groan, “Yeah, suck it boy, squeeze those tits, make me cum, kid … yeah … Oh shit, I’m gonna shoot … here it comes … fuck … fuck ... fuuuck ….”

Danny felt Jamie’s hot juice flood his mouth and he swallowed hard, savoring the pungent taste and the thrill of drinking the handsome surfer’s cum. He unzipped his shorts and pulled out his own raging penis so close to orgasm. Suddenly Jamie grabbed Danny’s hair and yanked his head back off his cock. Danny stared up at the blazing eyes, then at the shuddering cock pointing straight at him.

Jamie stroked his cock and growled, “You want it, boy? You want more?”

“Yes please, sir … please … aaaah.” As the last of the jock’s semen slammed into his face and his open mouth Danny’s long-suppressed orgasm erupted, spraying jism all over Jamie’s legs and feet.”

His vision blurred by semen Danny stared up at Jamie who smiled down at him with words Danny had longed to hear. “You’re hired, Danny. You’re one of us.”


After a quick shower together Jamie was driving them both up the winding hill to the Grady House. Danny’s eyes were still sparkling as he said, “You really meant what you said? I’m hired? I passed the test?”

Jamie laughed. “There was no test, Danny. You were hired the minute Bob talked to you in the hotel and decided you were just right for the tribe. And whatever Bob wants he gets. Randy sees to that. Our sex in the office was just the icing on the cake.” He grinned at him. “At least maybe now you’ll drop the ‘sir’ thing with me. Friends, OK?”

“OK, dude,” Danny smiled.

When they finally reached the house they were struck by its size, its solitary location and the big security gate that hung open at the end of the long driveway. Bob, Randy and Zack were already there with the realtor and soon there were other arrivals – the twins, Lloyd the architect, and Mark who, still in his uniform at the end of his shift, had come to check out the house’s security needs but spent the first ten minutes hugging and nuzzling his boy Jamie.

Then Brandon rolled up in his truck. He was there just to support Danny and find out how things had gone at the job interview. They immediately went into a huddle as Danny described what happened and Brandon’s awestruck comments could be heard … “No way! “You’re kidding!”

Last to arrive, as usual, were Grady and Mario, the future occupants of the house. The reason for their late arrival was obvious from the afterglow that hung round them, a more or less permanent radiance whenever they were together, which was most of the time.

“Ah good, here come the prospective owners,” Bob said out loud, followed by a grinning aside to them, “You guys made it out of bed then? I guess buying a house takes second place to fucking these days.”

“You betcha,” Grady laughed.

“OK, guys,” Bob said, taking charge. This is Jeremy our realtor and we’re all here to help Grady and Mario with this major purchase. Of course, all final decisions will rest with them. Randy, Zack and Lloyd will be going over the house to discuss any structural changes needed, Mark will check on security arrangements that have to be stringent in view of the press attention Grady expects. And Jamie, you stick with me and take notes on our financial discussions.

“The twins and Danny, I’ve asked you here to take a look at the kitchen. Check it out and see if there are any improvements you’d recommend. Brandon,” he added with a smile, “you go along and keep them in line – no fooling around. OK, guys, let’s go.”

After that it was a hive of activity as everyone went over the impressive house and extensive grounds. There was general agreement that it would be a great buy and, most importantly, Grady and Mario seemed to fall in love with it right away, spending a lot of time inspecting the master bedroom with its sweeping views of the city. Grady chuckled, “After all, this is where we’ll be spending most of our time, eh amico?”

The twins and Danny were awestruck by the kitchen, though the twins’ professional scrutiny saw some flaws … “that won’t work there” … ‘that’ll have to go” … “more electrical outlets.” When they were finished the twins went to report to Bob while Danny and Brandon wandered around the lush grounds, taking in the almost 360 degree views.

When they got back to the house they saw the rest of the group sitting by the pool in intense discussions, exchanging notes and suggestions with Grady and Mario. Not wanting to interrupt, Danny and Brandon sat a distance away, thinking they would be ignored. But they were surprised that the group several times looked over at them, then went back to their discussion.

“”They’re looking at you, kiddo,” Brandon said. “You do anything to piss anyone off?

“I don’t think so,” Danny said innocently. “Jamie said I passed the interview with flying colors ...” he giggled, “and I know he liked my blow job. You can always tell.” Their laughter erupted, but then died abruptly as they saw Grady and Mario get up from the table and head towards them. “O-oh,” Brandon said. “Here it comes, dude.”

They were reassured by the smiles of Grady and Mario as they sat with them. “You like the house, Danny?”

“It’s totally awesome, sir. I think you would both be very happy here.” He blushed, thinking he had gone too far, got too personal.”

But Mario beamed, “We think so too, amico … but of course, Grady and I would be happy anywhere.” He grinned at Grady, who took over.

“Er, Danny, we have a favor to ask you,” Grady said. “This evening Mario and I will be having dinner, as we often do, with Steve and Lloyd. You know, of course, I’m living in their house right now. Usually Lloyd and Mario cook dinner, but we have so many things to discuss about this house, so we were wondering if, er … if you could come up and cook dinner for us … and join us of course. We checked with the twins and they said they can handle dinner down at the house tonight … though the guys will be sorry to miss your fabulous dessert. So how about it?”

Danny swallowed hard. He was shocked but, after all, how do you ever say no to a gorgeous hunk like this. And he didn’t want to say no, definitely not. Still he was tongue-tied until Brandon dug him in the ribs and hissed out of the corner of his mouth, “Say yes.”

“Er, yes, sir … of course sir … it would be an honor. Yes, I’d love to cook for you.”

“We were hoping you would say that, amico,” Mario smiled and kissed him on the cheek.


Danny was in a daze for the rest of the afternoon. It was a typical laid-back Sunday with most of the guys milling around, swimming, chatting. One of the main topics was Grady’s probable purchase of the Grady House as it was already known. In discussions with Bob and his realtor they had come up with the amount of his offer, a figure that the realtor thought was eminently acceptable. Bob would ask for a short escrow so the deal could close quickly.

But all this was above Danny’s head. He was concentrating on what he would cook for Grady, Mario, Steve and Lloyd this evening. The twins helped him a lot with the menu and even provided some of the ingredients they thought they might not have up at the house.

Brandon, of course, was a rock of encouragement, expressing full confidence that Danny would rise to the occasion and triumph. “It’ll probably be late when you’re done but here’s the key to the bungalow. I’ll be in bed with Pete but make yourself at home in the guest room.”

The twins lent him their truck and he was relieved when he was finally on his way. He was greeted at the Mulholland house by a smiling Mario who explained that the other guys were still deep in discussions so he would show Danny around the kitchen and give him a hand.

He was thankful to find out that Mario intended to spend most of the time with him, so he would not be entirely alone in the kitchen (or entirely to blame for a disaster, he thought in his darkest fears.) Right from the start Mario’s presence was reassuring. “I shall teach you some useful Italian phrases, Danny, while you teach me some of your cooking skills. I have much to learn.”

In the environment he loved best, the kitchen, where he felt most sure of himself, Danny quickly gained in confidence. Mario made suggestions that Danny was secure enough to accept or gently reject. “No, Mario, those would be two sharp tastes together. You need something sweeter to cut the acidity…”

Mario smiled. “Verissimo, amico. I stand corrected ... you are the expert. We shall do as you say.” By the time the meal was taking shape Danny was totally relaxed and they were the best of friends, though Danny was definitely in charge of the meal.

“Now for dessert,” Danny said. “I remember how Grady said he has to preserve that gorgeous Tarzan body, but I could make an apple-raspberry crumble with the lightest of pastry. Won’t add a pound. How’s that sound?”

“Perfetto, Danny. You really – come si dice? – know your stuff, don’t you?”

And when dinner was finally served the other three agreed whole-heartedly and Danny glowed with pride at their admiring comments. “This is delicious,” Steve smiled. “Is it all your doing?”

“Well, I…” he began, but Mario cut in, “Assolutamente! Danny was the chef – I could only stand back like an admiring amateur.”

“But you didn’t cook down at the Ritz Carlton, did you?” asked Lloyd.

“No, sir. I was only a waiter there – by the pool during the day and room service in the evening.”

Lloyd cast a quick glance at Steve, then back to Danny. “Room service, eh! I’ve always thought room-service waiters must see a whole lot of stuff going on. You know where the bodies are buried, I bet. Guess you get a lot of celebrities in a hotel like that?

“Er, yes sir, we did,” Danny said, not sure where the conversation was headed.

“You must have seen some of them do some pretty wild things?”

“Well, maybe, sir.”

“Come on, spill the beans kiddo. Who did what, and to whom?”

“I er, I’m sorry, sir but I can’t talk about that.”

“Oh come on, Danny, just one or two juicy stories. You can trust us – won’t go beyond these four walls.  I, er, could make it worth your while.”

Danny blushed and his eyes teared up. “Sir, that’s confidential. I can’t talk about it to anyone. I wish you wouldn’t ask, sir.”

The uncomfortable atmosphere was broken by loud applause from Steve. “Well done, Danny – the soul of discretion! I’m sorry, kiddo, that was all my fault. I persuaded Lloyd to ask those stupid questions to make sure you know how to keep private things private. It was kind of a test, and you nailed it, Danny – knocked it out of the ballpark. Grady, I think the ball’s in your court now.”

Totally confused now Danny stared at Grady and, despite his anxiety, couldn’t help feeling his cock jump in his shorts as the beautiful man smiled at him. Danny, I have a confession to make. There was a reason behind all this – asking you up to the new house, inviting you to cook dinner while Mario watched, then Lloyd’s crazy questions to see how discreet you were.”

“Really, sir? But … why?”

“See, we really think this deal with the house will go through and Mario and I will move in. But we have busy lives and it’s a big house so we’re going to need help, kind of a cook-housekeeper. Bob had the great idea of us hiring someone who would live in, someone who’d take care of the house, someone who’s a great cook, someone who’s discreet and won’t spill the beans to the paparazzi … and there’ll be plenty of beans to spill, believe me.

“So who? we thought. Well you, of course. You Danny. We would like you to move in with us, cook for us, take care of us.”

The idea hung over Danny’s head without penetrating. He couldn’t grasp what he was hearing as Grady continued. “We considered the other boys, of course, because I love them so much, but Brandon lives with Pete of course, Eddie’s Hassan’s boy and Ben is with Jason. Besides,” he grinned, “you’re the best cook of all. Don’t worry, we have other jobs in mind for them if they agree.

“We also talked to Bob and the twins and Bob thinks it can work out with them. “You’ll still help the twins in the kitchen when they’re cooking big meals, so in a way you’d be dividing your time between the two houses. It’d be hard work, but of course, you’d be completely free to ask your buddies up there, hang out with them, sleep over with Brandon. We love and trust those guys. But you would be the guy living with us and taking care of us. Of course, you’ll probably need time to think this over, but …”

“No! … I mean, yes … not no. I mean yes, I’d love to accept and no, I don’t need to think about it. Thank you for asking me, sir, it would be an honor.” Two questions sprang immediately to his mind. “Sir, did Bob have anything to do with this? Jamie said he kind of arranges stuff in the house. And does it mean I would be your boy?”

“Yes, and no, Danny. Yes Bob had the idea right from the start and guided it all according to plan. And no, you would not exactly be our boy. I mean, we think of you as a friend, though you would, in fact, be doing everything for us that a boy does for a master.” Grady chuckled. “As for me, I knew I liked you when I first hugged you and you creamed your shorts.”

Danny blushed and tried to get his mind round all this, to sort out his thoughts and feelings. Seeing his confusion Mario touched his hand. “Look, Danny, it’s late and we’ve all had quite a lot to drink, so I would like to propose that you don’t go back until the morning. Spend the night with Grady and me so we can get to know each other better … more intimately. Like Grady said, you would not be our boy but there would be times when you would do things a boy does for his master. Is that OK with you?”

“Yes, sir. Very OK. Very much OK.”


They were impressed that Grady insisted on calling Brandon and the twins to tell them he would not be home until morning. They said goodnight to Steve and Lloyd and Danny followed Grady and Mario into the guest room, which already showed signs of Mario’s elegant touch. By now Danny was very nervous, not sure what was expected of him by the gorgeous movie actor and the classy Italian.

But as usual, Grady’s sense of fun was infectious and soon put Danny more at ease. Danny loved Grady’s easy-going self-confidence and his bold directness. And he soon got a startling example of that.

Grady threw himself on the bed, his hands linked behind his head, elbows outstretched and beamed up at Danny and Mario. “I don’t know about you guys, but great food always makes me horny. And your food, Danny, was the best. So, d’you wanna fuck me?”

Danny blinked behind his black-rimmed glasses, thinking he must have misheard. His head was swimming but Mario saved him. He put his arm over Danny’s shoulder, leaned in and said conspiratorially, “I know, I was stunned when he first said that to me. Look at the big hunk lying there, the handsome muscle-stud alpha male – Tarzan in the flesh. Everyone he meets, everyone at that studio, wants to get fucked by him. But what he wants most is – how you say? – he wants to get butt-fucked.”

Grady roared with laughter. “Assolutamente … couldn’t have said it better myself – and my English is perfect – unlike yours, amico.” Grady was having a great time as a smiling Mario continued to take Danny into his confidence.

“You see, Danny, when big, tough top guys like Randy get to hear that, they give him just what he wants. But Grady told me …”

“… in strict confidence of course,” Grady laughed.

“… he told me, in strict confidence of course, that he sometimes likes to get fucked by a young guy – such as yourself. By now he’s probably tired of me fucking him” (Grady sputtered with gleeful protest on that one) “so you’d be doing me a favor. Only if you want to, that is.”

Danny looked at Grady, then at Mario. “Sir, I … of course … fuck Tarzan? … that’s the fantasy of all time, but … but … I just lost my hard-on, sir.”

Mario sighed. “Oh I know, I know, it’s his fault. He can do that to a guy, he can be so brash – I find him … molto irritante.” He flashed a grin at Grady. “But I can take care of your problem in no time, if you would like.”

“Yes please, sir.” Danny was desperate not to lose this chance of a lifetime to fuck Tarzan!

“Molto bene,” Mario smiled and dropped to his knees before Danny who still faced the bed. Mario pulled down Danny’s shorts and sucked his dick into his mouth. Danny looked down at the handsome curly haired Italian and his cock responded instantly. Then he looked up at Grady and gasped as he quickly took off his T-shirt and shorts and lay on his back naked, propped up on his elbows, his magnificent body gleaming under the bedroom lights.

“I apologize, Danny,” he smiled. “I know I come on a bit strong and put people off. I’m weird that way, and I guess Mario and I kid around a lot, but you’ll get used to us when you’re living with us. But I really did mean it, kiddo. I really would like to feel you inside me. See?”

Grady flipped over on his stomach and Danny gasped as he saw the globes of his flawless ass flex in anticipation. Then he rolled back over and leaned on one elbow, stroking his cock. “See, I’m ready Danny … whenever you are.”

Danny gulped, “I’m ready now, sir.” Mario pulled his mouth off Danny’s rock hard cock and smiled at it with satisfaction. “È perfetto … definitely ready. Tarzan is all yours, amico. Go for it.”


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 297


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