Chapter 27


Overwhelmed by the pressure of starring in the big budget Tarzan movie, the handsome muscle-jock Grady, with Dr. Steve's encouragement, eased the tension by indulging in rugged sexual encounters. He had plunged into the leather world of Zack and his boy Darius and ended up feeling the incredible sensation of being sandwiched between the two. While taking Darius's ten-inch cock deep inside him Grady, surprisingly, was fucking Zack's ass. 

Meanwhile, the sexual tension was building between Grady and the tribe's boss Randy and finally erupted in the first of what was to become regular gym sessions coached by Randy. Randy chose to initiate Grady in front of the whole tribe, with the assistance of his boy, Pablo. After a mind-blowing display the climax came with a triple orgasm as Grady got fucked by Randy and sucked by his boy.

Semen was everywhere - in his ass, his mouth and all over his face and chest. His ass was still filled by the gypsy's hunk of prime beef as Grady breathed deeply and gazed up at the sky with a dazed smile on his face. He had been fucked at last by the boss, by the wild gypsy he had lusted for so hungrily. It was a fuck he would never forget, and one that would be repeated. 'Twice a day in the gym' Randy had said. He was hungry again already.

Randy leapt to his feet, pulled Grady up beside him and raised his arm up high like a victorious boxer, his cum-soaked jock hanging round his neck. "Gentlemen," Randy roared ... "Grady!"

The spectators rose to their feet in a raucous standing ovation as Randy raised Pablo's hand on his other side. Grady realized, along with everyone else, that this is what it took to finally become a member of the tribe - Randy's endorsement ... not to mention his dick up your ass.

As the group regained their seats, Bob walked forward, kissed Randy, then drew Grady into a tight hug. When they broke apart they looked over at the crowd. "Most of the men you know already," Bob said, "but I'll point out those you don't. The guys running around with food are my boys, the twins Kyle and Kevin. Grady was dazzled by the identical beauty of the young men intent on serving dinner.

"Then there are the Aussies from next door, Adam and Nate." "Good on ya, mate," shouted the ruggedly handsome man with the gym-honed physique, and his good-looking boy Nate with a cheeky look in his eye. Bob added, "And this impossibly handsome young man, as you might guess, is our stylish Italian, Mario." The dark haired, square-featured Mediterranean beauty smiled up from the table. "Benvenuto, signore."

"And last but not least is our resident fireman Jason." Grady caught his breath as he gazed at the stunning blond with the superb body, shirtless in gym shorts, who got up from the table, walked up to Grady, stared into his eyes and kissed him full on the lips. Jason grinned, "Looks like we have a lot in common, big guy. My boy Ben has talked a lot about you. Can't wait to work out with you down at the gym in my house."

As Jason sat back down Grady looked at Bob and laughed, "Where to begin, eh?" His cock was getting hard again and Bob picked up two pairs of shorts from a chair and threw them at Randy and Grady. "Here, get decent you guys," he grinned.

Grady took his place at table between Randy and Bob and the group was even more boisterous than usual after Randy's initiation of a new guy - an especially glamorous one in this case.

But Bob was looking into the future and he was troubled by what he saw. Grady and Randy were deep in conversation, ostensibly about gym stuff, but Bob could see the adoration in Grady's eyes and a possessive, hungry look in Randy's as if he were eating Grady up. Bob had seen that look several times in the past and it always led to trouble.

He looked across the table at Mark with a rueful smile, sighed and shook his head. "Not again, buddy. Not again."


During the meal Grady glanced round in awe at the animated group of gorgeous men. Bob's stunning twins, shirtless in long white pants, paid special attention to him, bending over him as they served dinner, the bulges in their pants pressing against his shoulder. Grady heard the bursts of laughter from the uninhibited Aussie couple, Adam and Nate and, as they frequently smiled over at him, he promised himself he would get to know them a lot better.

Randy knew some Italian and Mario mischievously engaged him in a stilted conversation in the language. There were prolonged stares between Grady and Jason, a man who equaled him in the toned beauty of a gym-jock. As Grady imagined working out with him - and more - his cock grew even harder in his shorts.

Like any good dinner guest Grady tried to divide his time equally between Bob on his right and Randy on his left. But somehow Bob intimidated him, in spite of his smiling, easy-going charm.

First, Bob's intense brown eyes gave Grady the unnerving impression that he could see right through him, read his mind. Second, Bob's was the kind of seductive beauty that disturbed Grady and left him longing for more. Third, and most important, Randy had made it very clear that Bob was his. They were lovers and anyone desiring Bob had to get Randy's approval.

And so Grady spent by far the majority of his time talking to Randy. He had, after all, gone through an experience that was, for him, transformative, satisfying his growing desire to get fucked by the dark, smoldering gypsy. They talked a lot about gym techniques, about putting together a workout program that exactly fitted his need in muscle maintenance and growth.

It was as they talked that Bob's uneasiness took root. He remembered how in the early days Randy had become infatuated with Darius, and later with Lloyd. Randy's talent for laser-like focus, to the exclusion of all else, was one of the things that made him so powerful and dominant. Usually that intense focus stood him in good stead, but it could be frustrating for any guy who was part of the exclusion, even Bob ... especially Bob.

And Randy's steely determination to get whatever he wanted, to grab it and own it, was focused right now on Grady. Randy wanted him real bad, which meant he would have him. He was the boss, after all, and he took what he wanted.

When dinner was over and the party broke up Grady said to Randy and Bob, "I gotta go home so I can make an early start tomorrow. I'll follow Steve and Lloyd up the hill to their place."

Home?! Randy had somehow assumed that this would be Grady's home from now on, an assumption that went along with his concept of ownership. Bob saw Randy clench his jaw with anger - he was a man who hated to be thwarted - never expected or accepted resistance to his desires. Bob grabbed Randy's wrist hard as the gypsy's anger mounted.

Randy glanced fiercely at Bob but then grudgingly relented. "OK," he barked at Grady. "But I want you in that gym at 6am sharp tomorrow ready to start work. That's how it's gonna be from now on so get used to it."

"No problem," Grady grinned good-naturedly. "I look forward to it." He smiled at the other guys, "Thanks for inviting me to dinner, guys. It was a real pleasure. I hope it's not the last time." As the group shouted enthusiastic agreement Grady said, "OK Steve, Lloyd, you ready? I'll follow you home."


After they had left Randy stood up with an expression of confused frustration, and stomped into the house, a man thwarted, feeling an unfamiliar (and irrational) sense of rejection.

Bob sighed at Mark. "I know all the signs, Mark. He's besotted with Grady. You and the other guys have all taken your turn at the guy's ass and now Randy's making up for his late appearance on the scene after nursing his wounded pride for so long. When you guys have fucked Grady he became a friend. But when Randy fucks him, he owns him - or thinks he does. We'll see how long his obsession lasts. While it does, I'm in the deep freeze."

"The hell you are, man." Mark's eyes flashed. "Don't forget, we're a threesome now and this is not the first time I've had to come between you and Randy. I'm coming with you."

Jamie and Mario, close friends for a long time now, had been sitting together and heard what Mark said. As Mark turned with concern to Jamie Mario leapt in. "Sir, would you let Jamie spend time with me tonight. It's some time since we got together ... if you can spare him, sir."

Jamie smiled his agreement and Mark looked relieved. "Sure thing, guys. I've got an early shift tomorrow so why don't you make a night of it?" He grinned, "I have to let Jamie off the leash sometimes, but you'll have to make it up to me, boy, as soon as I come home from work."

"No problem there, sir," Jamie smiled sexily. "I'll be waiting for you."

Mark winked at Mario. "Thanks, Mario. Have fun ... take good care of my boy." He left with Bob and went up to join Randy, while Jamie followed Mario up to his room.


Whenever Jamie went into Mario's room it was like walking into another world with its serene atmosphere - furnished with the discerning eye of a cultured Italian, fine white muslin curtains blowing gently in the breeze, and the faint musky smell of incense in the air. "Brandy and gelato," Mario said, offering his customary treat for an evening visitor.

He and Jamie had, over time, become intimate friends, boyfriends really. About the same age, they shared a lot in common, not least their youthful beauty, though they were different in other ways. Their backgrounds couldn't be more opposite. Mario was raised in a good Tuscan family, while Jamie ran wild, often on the wrong side of the law until Mark took him in hand and made him his boy.

Mario had curly black hair, dark brown eyes, and the strong Latin features of a handsome young Italian, his muscular body a result of the landscape gardening he did for the tribe. He was now wearing his usual loose cotton pants and a white linen shirt flapping open over his chest. A friend of everyone in the clan, Mario was his own man, still unaffiliated with any of the masters.

By contrast, Jamie was the quintessential Southern California surfer dude, a shock of blond hair atop his square-jawed, tanned features, blue eyes, his body perfectly sculpted from many hours riding the waves. He was wearing the surfer uniform of a loose tank top and board shorts that showed off his gorgeous ass to perfection. Mark had transformed him from street boy into one of the tribe's senior boys.

They sat sipping brandy, its warmth contrasting with the cold Italian gelato that slid luxuriously down their throats. Mario grinned at Jamie. "So, amico, what did you make of all that at the dinner table?"

"Hmm, like Bob said it was kind of inevitable. You know how Randy is with a new man in the group. He has to dominate him with those famous fucks of his so the man begs for more. It happened to all of us when we came here."

"Unlike me, Jamie, you and Mark have had sex with Grady. What was it like?"

"Totally awesome," Jamie smiled. "He's a gorgeous, sexy man who loves to get butt-fucked. I wish you'd seen him. But your turn will come."

"If I had been watching I would have focused on you, amico," Mario smiled. "How long have we been friends, Jamie?"

"Since Mark and I first met you working at the hotel, even before you came to live here." Jamie grinned lasciviously. "And I think I know where you're going with this, buddy. We've had a lot of sex in the past, but not so much recently. Maybe we should correct that, don't you think?"

"Well," Mario smiled, "Mark said we should spend the night together and I certainly do not intend to sip brandy all night, although it has given me quite a buzz. And when I get buzzed I ...."

He stood up, shrugged his shirt off and folded it over a chair back. He moved gracefully around the room, clearing away the ice-cream bowls and arranging the bed, knowing full well the effect he was having on Jamie, shirtless and barefoot with his long cock clearly visible through the sheer cotton pants.

As Jamie watched and stroked the bulge in his shorts his carefully honed senior-boy diction devolved into the raw language of the surfer. "Holy shit, dude, you're so fucking hot - that epic body ... that ass ... that wicked cock." Mario smiled down at him. "Mille grazie, amico - glad you like it. Now you."

Jamie stood up, kicked off his sneakers and pulled off his tank top, exposing his muscled torso. "Bellissimo" Mario sighed. They reached out and ran their hands over each other's chest and abs, then pulled each other into a long passionate kiss. When they broke apart Mario said, "Jamie, you get your ass fucked many times by Mark, do you not? And who can blame him?"

"At least twice a day, "Jamie grinned. "Often more - day and night."

"But you are such a virile young stud, Jamie, do you not wish sometimes to be the top man? If you can find an ass worthy of you." He untied the string at his waist and let his pants drop to the floor. His cock sprang out hard as a rock, then he turned round and walked a few yards away with the arrogant strut of a model, dimples flashing in his ass cheeks as he walked.

"Shit damn," Jamie growled, mimicking Mark when he lusted for Jamie's ass. "You're really asking for it, man. Stop cock-teasing and let's cut the crap." He grabbed Mario's shoulders from behind, twisted him round and flung him on his back on the bed. Mario stretched his limbs languidly and said seductively, "What are you going to do with me, 'mio stallone'?"

"You know damn well what I'm gonna do to you," Jamie said fiercely - "what hot young surfers usually do after a long day's pounding in the waves. I'm not a cop's boy for nothing. I know when a man's asking for trouble." He dropped his shorts, got on the bed and stood naked astride Mario, stroking his long cock.

Mario gazed up at the young muscle-jock towering over him. "I have always lusted for you, Jamie. Just the other day I took a breather from gardening and looked through the back window of the office where you and Brandon were working. You were wearing a white tank-top that day stretched over your beautiful chest and I pumped my cock and shot my sperm all over the outside wall of the office."

"I know," Jamie said. "I heard you moaning and, out of the corner of my eye, watched you cum and then walk away, that gorgeous ass bulging against your Levis. I was so stoked that Brandon noticed (that kid doesn't miss much) and offered to give me a blow-job. It was perfect and made me cum in his mouth, thinking about fucking your ass."

"Well here it is, amico." Mario grabbed his legs behind the knees, pulled them back and offered his ass to his friend.

"Fuckin' A, dude," Jamie said, dropping to his knees between his legs and reaching for the lube on the bedside table. (Lube was standard equipment beside every bed in the house - except maybe Randy who simply spat on his cock.) Jamie greased his fingers and pushed them into Mario's ass as they smiled at each other. "That's the ass I remember," Jamie purred as he massaged Mario's prostate with his fingertips.

Then he pulled out, ran his greasy fingers up the whole length of his cock and pushed the head between the twin globes of Mario's ass. He fell forward and braced his hands beside the young Italian's head. "Damn, I've missed this, buddy," Jamie said.

"È vero, amico. We should do it more often - Mark permitting. Let me feel it, Jamie."

Jamie smiled and slid his long cock slowly inside Mario's willing ass. "Aaah," Mario sighed, gazing up at Jamie's blue eyes. "You are such a beautiful man, Jamie - the body of an athlete and the face of a young god. Of course Mark loves you ... and so do I." Mario reached up and stroked Jamie's face, ran his hands lovingly down over his neck and traced the muscles of his chest and abs that rippled as he raised and lowered his hips over him.

"Make love to me, amico ... your cock feels so good inside me." Jamie pushed his cock deep inside the warm, velvet ass, leaned down and tenderly licked his friend's face, kissed his eyes, then pressed his lips over Mario's in a fervent open-mouthed kiss. When finally they pulled apart they looked sideways at the full length mirror by the bed. (Randy had installed one in every bedroom in the house.)

"Beautiful, is it not, my friend?" Mario smiled as they both gazed at the men in the mirror, the fair-haired surfer fucking the ass of the dark young Italian lying beneath him. It was tender, loving, and Mario moved his face and body languidly, sighing deeply as he pushed his ass up higher to receive the full length of Jamie's cock.

"You could do this to me all night, amico, make me come again and again and still keep fucking me. Show me how Mark fucks you, Jamie. Mark has let me watch several times but ... make me feel it."

A gleam came to Jamie's eyes, a replica of Mark's flashing eyes when he stripped off his uniform shirt, unzipped his pants and pounded his surfer boy's ass. "Aaah," Mario gasped as Jamie increased the speed and force of his cock that now pistoned into Mario's ass.

Mario closed his eyes and his imagination took flight. First he saw in his mind the erotic image of the muscular Greek-God cop hammering Jamie's ass, then slowly that morphed into a fantasy of the cop pile-driving Mario's ass. He groaned, his head thrashing from side to side, consumed by the sensation surging from his ass through his whole body. When he opened his eyes it was the cop's boy rising and falling over him, his tangled blond hair falling over his face that dripped sweat down onto Mario's.

With the endurance of their young athletic bodies they made love endlessly, with Jamie copying Mark - fucking wildly at first, then slowing to a gentle caress of his ass. The boys teased each other's tits and gazed lovingly at each other. Mario murmured, "Ti amo, amico. I love your cock in my ass."

"Enough to give me your juice?" Jamie grinned. "You look so fucking incredible with your gorgeous ass impaled on my dick, that I gotta cum." While he fucked slowly Jamie curved his neck down and he was flexible enough that he could lick the tip of Mario's rigid cock. "You know what I want, dude." He stroked Mario's rod and felt it shudder in his fist. He pulled his cock almost out, then slid it slowly all the way back in until it touched the inner sphincter ... then pushed over it.

Mario's eyes opened wide as he saw Jamie's body flex hard and felt his warm juice pouring deep inside him. He stared at the impassioned young athlete and yelled as his cock pulsed in Jamie's fist and spurted a plume of semen up to the surfer's open mouth. Jamie sucked the juice in and swallowed it, raised his face upward in a howl of triumph, then bent down to drink the second spurt of jism and those that followed, splashing into his mouth and over his face.

Jamie stared down at the Italian's face streaked with tears - tears of intense joy. They smiled at each other, smiles that turned to laughter before Jamie fell forward, rubbed his cum-splashed face against his, then kissed hm, sharing with him the remains of Mario's juice.

As they rolled over the bed in each other's arms Jamie grinned, "Dude, we gotta do this more often. You know when I was fucking you and you closed your eyes I fantasized that I was Mark shoving his cock inside you." Mario laughed, "Me too, amico!"

"Dude, we gotta do that. I know Mark will go for it. I've seen how he looks at you. I'm dying to watch that big cop plough my Italian boyfriend."

"D'accordo, it's a date," Mario smiled. He reached for a towel, wiped Jamie's face, then snuggled beside him - two young friends, the blond surfer and dark, curly-haired Italian, pressing their hard young bodies together. Mario rested his head on Jamie's chest, Jamie curled his arm over his buddy's shoulders ... and that's how they slept.


Meanwhile, Mark was in no position to fuck Mario or anyone else. He was too busy with Bob.

When he and Bob had left the dinner table and gone up to the master suite they found Randy sprawled in an armchair, still naked except for a pair of old shorts, and nursing a bottle of Scotch. He barely noticed their entrance, buried in his own thoughts. Bob looked at Mark and shrugged. As always he knew what was going on in Randy's head.

In fucking Grady, first in the gym and then in front of the tribe in a display of dominance, Randy had become infatuated with the beautiful, macho young jock. And by his stone-age way of thinking, dominance meant ownership. He assumed that Grady would be his to mold - body and mind - and would obey him as the undisputed boss.

But Grady was not so easily manipulated and still thought of Steve and Lloyd as his rock of friendship, and their home as his fortress. Bob had no doubt that Grady lusted for Randy in a big way, but he was currently focused, as he had to be, on his film career. And by leaving with a genial smile after dinner, he had shown himself to be his own man, owned by nobody. In that sense Randy had met his match - and he didn't like it. Hence the Scotch.

"I asked Mark to join us if that's OK with you, Randy," Bob said.

"Sure," Randy grunted, "whatever you want." It wasn't so much agreement as lack of interest. He watched absent-mindedly as Mark and Bob began to undress. But although his confused thoughts were elsewhere, his lust for both men was visceral and he rubbed his cock through his shorts absent mindedly as he watched his dark-haired lover and the fair-haired cop get naked.

They made short work of discarding their shorts and T-shirts and stood staring at each other's stunning body and square-cut features. Focused on each they ignored Randy as they walked forward into a passionate naked embrace, their mouths churning together, chests pressed against each other, muscle against muscle, their already stiff cocks grinding between them.

When at last they pulled apart, Bob smiled, "Somehow I don't think I'm gonna get much action from Randy tonight, but I do need to get fucked. So, officer, do you think you're up for it?"

"Why the hell do you think I came up here with you?" Mark grinned. "On the bed, big guy."

Bob lay on his back and Mark straddled his chest on his knees. A gorgeous alpha male himself, Bob spent his day as a business executive being obeyed, but when he came home he was in the mood to be dominated. Randy was the perfect man for this - but so was Mark, with the natural authority of a police officer. Bob heard that in his voice now as the naked cop ordered, "Open your mouth, big guy. I want my rod good and hard."

Mark leaned forward and braced his hands on the top of the headboard, then planted his feet on either side of Bob's legs and rose up so his magnificent body was arched over him, his cock swaying level with his face. He lowered his hips until his cock hung beside Bob's face and he slapped his face with it, one cheek then the other.

Bob groaned as his handsome face was slapped from side to side, writhing back and forth under the blows from the cock. But at last he opened his mouth wide, caught Mark's cock in it and swallowed it deep. "That's it, stud, suck that cop's dick. Make it hard, man."

Bob gazed up at Mark's fierce eyes and chiseled features as he slurped and swallowed, wallowing in the exhilaration of taking the cop's rod down his throat. Mark stared at the sheer beauty of the rugged executive getting face-fucked, tears running from his eyes, spit oozing from his mouth. The sight was such a turn on that Mark was seconds away from orgasm when he suddenly pulled out.

"Man," Mark growled, "that looked so damn hot, I gotta fuck your ass, buddy, I gotta." He eased back on the bed so he was kneeling between Bob's legs and he pushed one of them high in the air, exposing his ass with a fuzz of soft dark hair round the hole. "You really want it don't you?"

"Yes, sir," Bob moaned. "I want it bad." He felt the exquisite sensation wash over him of total submission to the muscle-god cop. He could cast off the dominance of the business executive and surrender instead to the authority of the police officer who had stripped naked to punish his ass.

There was no lube by the bed (Randy had no use of it) so Mark spat on Bob's hole, massaged the sphincter and pressed his already wet cock against it. He smiled down at Bob and eased his cock slowly and deeply into his ass. Bob gazed up at the god-like man and moaned, "Mark, that feels ... oh, man ... it feels incredible. Fuck me ... yeah ... fuck my ass, sir."

Mark wrapped his arm round Bob's leg resting on his shoulder and pushed his cock gently inside him. He knew that Bob would most likely have received one of Randy's legendary fierce fucks, but Mark was determined not to copy Randy. Besides, he loved this man as tenderly and completely as he loved his boy Jamie. Bob was being misused right now by Randy with his fascination for Grady, so Mark knew that what Bob needed more than anything was love.

At first Mark drove his cock hard into Bob's ass to establish his dominance that he knew Bob craved, but when he saw Bob tense and flex, ready to cum, he pulled out completely.

Bob smiled at him. "Teasing my ass, eh, stud? Well, it's working. You bring me to the point of busting my load, then stop and leave me high and dry."

Mark chuckled, "High, maybe, but hardly dry, buddy. See, now I'm gonna make love to you." He pulled up Bob's other leg and draped them both over his shoulders, then fell forward, his hands beside Bob's head their faces close. "There," he said. "Now you can relax and let me love you. 'Cos whatever else happens, you'll always have me to love and protect you ... starting like this.

He slid his still-rigid shaft between Bob's ass cheeks, then slowly all the way deep inside. He pulled back and eased it in again, a little deeper. And that's how it went, on and on, with Mark sometimes leaning forward to kiss his lips, his eyes and face, sometimes pulling up straight and playfully squeezing Bob's nipples. Bob was in heaven. He reached up and clamped his hands on Mark's solid pecs that turned him on so much, then teased his nipples in a playful payback.

And what of Randy all this time? At first he had been so engrossed by thoughts of Grady that he only idly looked at Bob and Mark, and even when Mark pushed his cock into Bob's ass he hardly flinched. For some time now they had been a threesome and Randy had often seen the other two make love. Of course, he had always taken an active part but now, with confused thoughts of Grady filling his head, he felt an inertia toward what was going on in front of him.

Still, raw animal lust had always been an essential part of him, a feral instinct centered in his groin, not his brain. The two were distinct and separate so, while his brain obsessed on Grady, his loins reacted to the homoerotic acts being performed before his eyes by two beautiful men.

As he watched and brooded at the same time - his lust and longing in conflict - it was his earthy gypsy roots that finally won out, his aching groin overwhelming his brain. His ego had been deflated by what he saw as Grady's casual rebuff of him. And whenever he felt confusion and doubt about his own sexual power it always had the same effect - a need to prove his supremacy to himself in the way he knew best. Usually it found expression in dominating Bob, but not this time - not directly anyway.

He had stroked his cock to iron hardness in his shorts and now he stood up, dropped his shorts and stared fixedly at the two beautiful bodies writhing before him. Even his desires were conflicted. His lover was getting ass fucked by another man, which always needed his intervention. But the other man this time was Mark, a man he admired and desired, loved even - a dominant cop, a macho man's man, red meat to Randy. He focused not on Bob's face but on Mark's ass, the white globes flexing as they rose and fell over Bob's ass.

Randy had to take charge in the only way he knew how. He spat on his beer-can-thick rod and, before the others could react, grabbed Mark's hips and drove his cock into his ass.

Mark's eyes opened wide, he howled from the pain in his ass and saw the look of amazement in Bob's eyes. Bob stared up at Randy over Mark's shoulder and was pierced by Randy's blue eyes as he pounded the cop's ass. But Mark had taken this from Randy before (and worse) and, despite the shock, was aware that Randy had finally been shaken out of his lethargy - or dragged from his lair, as Mark preferred to think of it.

So Mark continued making love to Bob though his cock thrusts became more insistent as Randy pounded his ass. The pain quickly subsided and the three men settled into the customary climax of their three-way fucks. For Bob it was like getting fucked by both musclehunks at once as the rugged gypsy and the square-jawed cop both stared down at him. And Randy quickly settled into his role as boss, controlling the action and feeling the erotic sensation of Mark's furnace ass clenching round his cock.

The tempo heated up and their bodies gleamed with sweat in a heap of pounding muscle. It lasted for a long time, all the men reluctant to end it even though it became harder and harder to restrain their orgasms. Finally it was Randy, naturally, who brought it to the inevitable climax. Randy murmured in Mark's ear, "You feel that piston in your ass, officer? You are so fucking hot man, sex with you is phenomenal. And we're both fucking Bob so we gotta cum together. You ready, man?"

"Right there with you, buddy. Just say the word." Randy went caveman, pile-driving deeper and deeper in Mark's ass, forcing him to do the same to Bob. Their ragged breathing became howls of ecstasy as Randy threw his head back, hair flying, and yelled, "OK, guys ... now!"

"Aaagh." Their screams bounced off the walls as Randy's cock erupted deep inside the cop ... Bob saw Mark's muscles flex over him and felt his juice pouring inside him ... and Bob shot ribbons of creamy white jizz all over his rippling chest right up to his face.

The next sound was raucous laughter as they collapsed into a pile of tangled limbs sliding together over sweat and semen, three beautiful alpha males united in their own macho world of love and lust.


They sat around finishing off the Scotch and Mark saw the intense look in Randy's eyes as he gazed at Bob. Mark felt - at least he hoped - that the brewing problem of Randy's infatuation with Grady had been put to rest. A night together, just Bob and Randy, would do the trick, Mark thought, so he stood up and pulled on his shorts.

"Guys, I have one of those crack-of-dawn shifts tomorrow morning so I'm gonna crash in my own bed downstairs. By now Jamie and Mario will be curled up together ... about time those two guys spent a night together. So I'll sleep alone, first time in a long time, and I'll sleep like a log. Just what I need. I had a great time - always do with you guys. So be good to each other." He hugged them both, winked at Bob over Randy's shoulder, grabbed his shirt and left.

Bob always looked his sexiest after getting fucked, his hair tousled, body spattered with cum, handsome face glowing with happiness. Randy grabbed his hand, pulled him to the bed and they lay down together, Bob arching his back into Randy who folded his arms round him. Bob felt safe again, hoping that Randy's demons had been banished.

In fact, Randy's fixation with Grady had been relegated to the back burner in his mind, though it would be hard to guess which man he dreamed of that night.


Bob's dreams were sweet and when he woke in the morning he reached over lazily to Randy's side of the bed ... but it was empty. A pang of disappointment tinged with mild panic ran through him, then he realized that Randy would be down in the basement gym for an early session with Grady. That's what had been arranged, after all, so it was kind of normal, and Bob sighed with resignation.

Just then there was a knock at the door and the twins came in with trays of coffee, fruit salad and yoghurt. Bob's forlorn expression gave way to a beaming smile. "Guys, if I woke up every morning of my life to the sight you two beauties I'd be the happiest guy in town."

"No reason why you can't be, sir," Kyle grinned mischievously. "We'll always be here to provide anything you want' sir ... anything." Kevin chimed in, "For now, it's coffee and fruit, sir, and breakfast will be ready downstairs in fifteen minutes." Bob ate and showered quickly and went down to the table by the pool where most of the others had already gathered.

Bob's eyes traveled swiftly over the group and there were still one or two absences - including Randy. Adam and Nate came bustling through the gate and Adam said in his Australian drawl, "Sorry we're late, mates, but my boy here kept insisting on more." He ruffled Nate's hair making the boy blush, along with his usual cheeky smile. A radiant Jamie and Mario came next and Brandon giggled, "Dudes, I guess your excuse is pretty much the same, eh? Don't have to be a genius to recognize afterglow." Melodramatically he shielded his eyes against the glow.

Laughter rippled round the table and Pete put his arm round his boy. But Bob joined in only half-heartedly, his thoughts straying to Randy and Grady in the gym and he wished Mark was here instead of at work. Just then a burst of laughter came from the house as Randy and Grady emerged from the door to the gym. They were both stripped down to gym shorts, their muscles pumped with the exertion of a rugged workout.

Randy's arm was slung round Grady's neck and he propelled him to the table. Randy broke free to give Bob a kiss on the cheek, then he and Grady sat opposite him. Grady, still breathless, smiled at Bob. "This man of yours is a slavedriver, buddy, did you know that? Of course you do," he added with a faint blush. "But I gotta say he's making me feel real good about myself, which is just as well as I start work tomorrow and I'm gonna need all the self-confidence I can muster."

"Must be a bit nerve-racking," Bob said

"Nerve-racking!" Grady chuckled, "I'm fucking terrified."

"Yeah, but we got that under control, eh stud?" Randy grinned, punching Grady in the shoulder. "All you have to do is remember what I told you ... don't let those guys get to you ... just imagine them sitting on the can taking a crap with their pants round their ankles same as anyone else."

And from then on the conversation was between the two of them. Bob even recognized the coarseness of Randy's language. He was 'butching it up' to impress Grady, though god knows the tough construction boss was the last man in the world who needed to 'butch up his act'. Bob made conversation with Pete and Brandon at his side in an effort at nonchalance to minimize Randy's obvious and uncharacteristic neglect of him.

There came a point in the meal where the twins were working hard to keep up, trying to clear dishes and keep the food coming, and that's when Bob stood up and said, "Hey, guys, let me give you a hand here." He took empty dishes to the kitchen where he stayed.

Everyone at the table knew what was going on - except Randy and certainly not Grady, focused as he had to be on the tense day ahead in the studio. It was the sole topic of conversation, especially among the three amigos - Eddie, Brandon and Ben - in their heads-together pow-wow at the end of the meal, each one expressing absolute certainty how the drama would play out, each one predicting a totally different outcome


And so the pattern took shape. When Bob woke up each morning Randy was already gone to his early-morning gym session with Grady. And when Randy came home from work Grady was waiting for him in the gym for his next session - and more. And even when he and Bob were together Randy's thoughts were elsewhere.

All pretense of Randy fucking Grady as a reward for hard work was quickly abandoned as both men longed to satisfy their animal lust at the end of each workout. Randy was the most inventive of men when it came to sex and always took Grady by surprise.

One day after a grueling workout, while Grady gazed at himself in the mirror to see the results, raising his arms and flexing his biceps in a classic bodybuilder pose, Randy pressed against his back, reached round under his armpits and linked his hands behind Grady's neck in a perfect full nelson, at the same time pushing his cock deep in his ass.

While he fucked, Randy pulled Grady up so his feet left the floor and Grady was forced to stare at the muscular athlete hanging helplessly from Randy's arms getting ramrodded from behind. After Grady shot jets of sperm over the mirror and Randy's cock erupted in his ass, Randy let him loose and the exhausted jock dropped to the floor at the feet of his merciless coach.

Another time Grady was lying on his back on the final bench press of the session. At the instant he lowered the bar into its cradle Randy quickly roped his wrists to the bar. Then he pushed Grady's legs all the way back over him, doubling him over, and tied his ankles to the bar beside his wrists. Grady was hogtied, unable to move, his ass raised in the air like a sacrifice to a god. Randy dropped his shorts and paced round his captive stroking his dick.

"You're mine now, stud," Randy growled. "That ass belongs to me. See this thick pole here? It's gonna ram your ass, right?"

"Yes, sir," Grady said, surrendering to the ecstasy of bondage, deprived of all control, at the mercy of the gypsy with his long black hair, sweat running down his face, over his stubbled jaw and dripping onto the slabs of his sculpted chest. Randy stood astride Grady, teasing him by stroking his huge club. Grady tried to move and moaned, "Please, sir, I need your dick in my ass. Please ... fuck me, sir ..."

Randy loved to hear the proud young muscle-jock beg. Astride the bench he leaned forward and braced his arms by grabbing the bar beside Grady's wrists. He pushed his hips forward and drove his pile-driver deep in Grady's ass, taking satisfaction from his screams. Sweat poured from his face into Grady's open mouth that eagerly sucked in the pungent taste

Randy growled, "I wanna see the gym-jock submit to his coach and bust a load of jizz for him." Grady nodded frantically, staring up at the dark demon ramrodding his ass. "Yes, coach. Right now. Here it comes, sir." Bent over double, his cock was aimed straight at his face and he blasted a steady stream of sperm into his own face and mouth, swallowing his own cum mixed with Randy's sweat. Riveted by the sight of the square-cut features drenched in cum, running out of his mouth and down his chin, Randy howled as he blasted hot juice inside the bound jock.

At other times Randy tested the strength of Grady's single-minded concentration, essential for his work at the gym and later in the studio where his focus would be susceptible to many distractions. While Grady was pressing the bar on the incline press at a 45-degree angle, Randy counted down ... "eight, seven, six ..." then suddenly pulled his cock out and sprayed jism all over the jock's body and face. "... five, four, three, two, one ... good job!" Grady replaced the bar, not having missed a beat as his trainer showered him in sperm.

It was not always Randy who instigated the fuck ... sometimes he let Grady do all the work. At the end of one evening workout Randy sat naked on the end of a bench, feet on the floor, his cock hanging down over the edge of the bench. "Shit that was hard work." Randy leaned back on the bench on his elbows and said, "Come on, boy - make me feel good."

Grady dropped to his knees, crawled forward and licked the huge cock from the head to the wet pubic hair, then sucked both balls into his mouth.  After licking the ball sac he aimed higher, running his tongue between the ridges of Randy abs, up the cleft between his pecs, then buried his face in the coach's stinking armpit and breathed in the rancid taste of man-sweat.

"OK, boy, you've made my dick hard. What you gonna do about that?" Grady got to his feet and stood astride the bench over Randy's chest. He pulled his own ass cheeks apart, bent his knees and slowly lowered himself until he felt the head of the rigid cock touch his hole. He looked down at the steel blue eyes gazing up at him with a mix of arrogance and amusement. Grady took a deep breath ... and sat down hard and fast on his coach's long pole.

"Holy crap," Randy yelled, staring up at the gym-jock impaled on his cock. "Man, that feels hot. OK, stud, fuck that cock." Grady's ass rose and fell on the shaft and soon he was bouncing up and down on it, watching the rugged gypsy face thrashing from side to side, his long black hair flying over it. The homoerotic sight was too much for Grady who grabbed his cock, oozing pre-cum and gasped, "I ... I'm gonna shoot, sir ... I gotta ... oh fuck, fuck, yeah ...!"

A plume of creamy white juice spurted from his cock and splashed down onto Randy's face. Randy opened his mouth and swallowed the semen of the beautiful young athlete while his own cock unleashed a torrent of warm sperm inside Grady's ass. He grinned up at Grady and said, "Can never get enough protein after a workout. Come on, buddy, let's eat dinner.

It was no wonder that Randy was exhausted at the end of the day when he crawled into bed with Bob and fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.


Now that Grady was working most days and sought physical and emotional stress release in the gym, Bob saw less and less of Randy. He knew, of course, that Randy was fucking Grady at every gym workout, maybe even at other times too, for all he knew. But he figured that all he could do was wait and hope that the intensity of Randy's fixation would lessen and he would finally realize how much he was neglecting Bob.

Bob didn't blame Grady at all. He could only imagine the strain he was under carrying the expensive movie on his broad young shoulders, and was glad he could find relief from his tension in hard physical exertion with Randy - whatever form it took.

But if Bob was prepared to wait it out another man was not. Mark seethed as he watched the situation develop, as he had seen it all before when Randy became obsessed with other guys, as he had with Lloyd. At home Mark had a rule never to intervene in other guys' domestic problems but conflict resolution was a frequent part of his job as a police officer and he knew the best tactic was to confront it head on, but as low key as possible.

So one evening after dinner when Mark saw Grady sitting alone in the garden having a last drink and thumbing through his script before going home to Steve's, he seized his chance. Randy had had to go back to the construction site to finalize some plans for the next day with Lloyd in his trailer office, a perfect opportunity for Mark to break his own rule and intervene.

"Hey, buddy," he said casually, sitting beside Grady. "We haven't spoken much lately."

"That's true," Grady smiled with the pleasure of seeing Mark. "Not since I started those workouts with Randy. They take up a lot of my free time but it's amazing how much they help my body and my mental stress."

"Yeah, well, I can see how much it's done for your body. Shit, you were always gorgeous but now you're looking even more spectacular and with a whole new confidence in your stride - proud but no too proud - arrogance tempered with kindness. And your body is honed to perfection. It's what I call the Goldilocks effect - not too big, not too small ... not too hot, not too cold. Everything's just right. Er, except for one thing I'm sure you're not aware of.

"Really?" Grady asked with innocent concern. "What's that, Mark?"

Mark gently described the issue with Randy, his obvious obsession and his resulting coolness toward Bob. "Now I've seen this in Randy before, buddy, so it's absolutely no fault of yours, and I hesitate to even bring it up knowing the pressure you're under at the studio. God knows I don't want to cause even more stress, but...."

"You don't need to say anymore, Mark," Grady said, his eyes wide with concern. "I know exactly what you're saying ... it's like you've turned a lightbulb on over my head. God I've been a blind fool, wrapped up in my own life, but I see everything clearly now. Shit, man, Bob is the last person on earth I'd want to hurt and I've done just that. I gotta go to him, Mark."

"Don't do anything too hasty, Grady, maybe you should just ...." But he was already gone.


While Randy was at the work site Bob had been on the phone to Steve venting about Randy.

"Been there done that," Steve chuckled. "When I first met Grady I lost my head, became infatuated and neglected Lloyd just as Randy is now doing to you. See, my brother and I have the same genes and often make the same mistakes, although Randy is more carnal than I am and whatever I do Randy does it with twice the intensity and twice the damage. So I'll give you the same advice as I gave myself, and you see how that turned out - pretty damn good."

After Bob hung up he felt a bit better, though he didn't see how he could put Steve's plan into action. He stripped down to his boxers ready for bed when there was a knock on his door. When he opened it Grady burst in, obviously in a state of restless anxiety as he paced the room and his words poured out in a rush.

"Bob, I've been a goddamn fool and an asshole and I'm really, really sorry. I got so wrapped up in my work and my own stupid ego that I lost sight of everything else, even my own sense of decency. When Randy proposed the gym workouts I jumped at the chance and then when he fucked me I ... well, sounds stupid I guess... but I think I fell in love. That's the only way I can describe it. The man is spectacular, so powerful with that sexual magnetism thing he has going, and those eyes..." Grady blushed.

"But I should have dam-well thought of you. You're his lover for chris'sake, you have this magical thing with each other and I came close to fucking it up. Bob, I respect the hell out of you - you're a gorgeous man inside and out and if things had turned out differently I would have loved to ..." He broke off abruptly and again blushed deeply.

"You must hate my guts, Bob and I don't blame you. There's only one thing for me to do ... I gotta get the hell out of your lives. I'm gonna give up these workouts and stay in Steve's house where I can't get myself or anyone else in trouble. I won't be seeing either of you again. I seem to bring trouble wherever I go with my obsession about gorgeous men like you, and ... well, the way I look and all, I just...."

His voice trailed off and his eyes filled with tears, but before he could say any more Bob grabbed him, pulled him into a bear hug and kissed him hard on the lips in a passionate embrace, their mouths churning together in an act of mutual desire. But Grady pulled away and paced the room again, pressing his hands on his head in confusion and frustration. "Bob, what are you doing to me? This will only make matters worse. I can't ...."

"Stop talking, Grady," Bob smiled and pulled him down beside him on the couch. "First of all you are in no way to blame ... not even a bit. It's you who are beautiful inside and out, buddy. Randy's done this before and I know how seductive he can be, especially to a young man who is as tense and scared as you about your movie. I know Randy better than I know myself and believe me, he's a great man at heart, though his passions sometimes lead him off the rails."

The young jock felt even more confused and started to speak but Bob pressed his finger against Grady's lips and said gently, "Grady, are you working tomorrow?"

"What? Well, no, they're doing second unit crowd stuff for a couple of days and I'm not involved, but I don't see what that's got to do with ..."

"Sshh. Grady ... how would you like to spend the night with Randy and me?"

Grady's heart missed a beat and he leapt to his feet. He looked down at Bob, naked except for his boxer shorts, his arms stretched out along the back of the couch, his brown eyes smiling up at him in, his square chiseled features and muscular physique glowing under the bedroom's soft lights. Bob could be even more seductive than Randy and Grady dropped his arms to his sides in a gesture of submission. "Man, how could I ever say no to that?"

"So don't. Here's what you do. Go down downstairs to Mark and Jamie and take a shower. Have a drink with them and tell them what happened here. Don't bother to dress again, just come back up here ready for bed. By that time Randy will be home and..." seeing Grady's look of alarm, "... don't worry. You leave Randy to me."


While they had been talking upstairs, down in the garden Mark had waylaid Randy when he came home from work. When Grady left, Bob looked out of the window and saw them sitting face to face talking earnestly, with Mark holding Randy's hands across the table. Mark was doing most of the talking and Randy was gazing at him with alarm spreading over his face. After a while the men stood up and hugged, then Randy strode quickly toward the house.

Bob repositioned himself on the couch, arms stretched seductively as before, and Randy burst in. He stood looking down at his beautiful lover and whimpered, "Oh god. Fuck, fuck ..." He sat beside Bob, afraid to touch him at first, then ran his finger lightly over Bob's face tracing his features. "Man, you're so fucking gorgeous and I've fucked up again. Why the hell do you put up with me, man?"

"Because I love you Randy - no matter how big an asshole you can be sometimes."

"Man, I went kinda crazy ... you remember that time with Lloyd when I was such a dickhead? I hurt you then and I've done it again. How could I hurt the man I would protect with my life? Buddy, I'm not gonna insult you by apologizing for the millionth time. I won't see Grady again. That's over. But I gotta make it up to you. Tell me what to do, Bob." His face crumpled like a little boy in trouble. "I don't know what to do, man."

"Come here," Bob smiled. He held Randy in his arms and said softly, "You don't have to do anything, Randy. You're back and that's all that matters. I'll take care of things from here on. Now, how about a drink?" He reached for the brandy bottle and poured two stiff ones. They sat in silence, sipping the warm amber liquid and gazing into each other's eyes.

Little by little Bob saw the life and confidence coming back to Randy's eyes and said, "Good. That's better. So, you wanna know what we're gonna do." As if on cue there was a tentative knock at the door. "Ah, there's your answer. Come in, buddy."

The door opened and Grady stood there, wearing only his black briefs, just like the stunning model on the billboard where they had first seen him. Randy jumped to his feet in surprise and blurted out, "What the fuck ....?" Bob stood up and put his arm round Grady's shoulder.

"I invited Grady to spend the night with us," Bob smiled. "You don't mind, do you, Randy?"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 278

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