The landscape gardener Mario had been working with the Marine, Hassan, shaping a terrace down the slope from his small guesthouse in the Hollywood Hills. A lot of hard digging under the early afternoon sun had set their testosterone racing and they ended up having a long, intensely sexual workout that could only be described as pornographic.

Afterwards, exhausted, they slept together for a while. About an hour later Mario got up to pee, then pulled on a pair of black briefs and went outside to stretch his limbs and take a few deep breaths to regroup and clear his mind. He heard footsteps on the gavel path behind him and turned to see Hassan's boy Eddie scrambling down the slope. He had come directly from working on the construction site of the bungalow that Randy and the boys were renovating.

Hassan had told his boy to come straight up to his house after work without stopping to clean himself up, and he now appeared just as he had left the construction site - covered in dirt and still wearing his sweaty T-shirt, cargo shorts and work boots.

Mario smiled as he watched him stumble closer, his eager young face smothered in plaster dust. His heart went out to him and, having just lived an incredible fantasy with the Marine captain, Mario seized the chance of luring Eddie into another. Assuming a fierce expression he confronted Eddie with, "Who the hell are you?"

Eddie stopped in confusion and his cock stiffened as he stared at the handsome Italian, stripped down to black briefs and with very rumpled hair. What was going on?

He soon found out as Mario grabbed his T-shirt by the back of the neck and hauled him into the house. "Hey, captain, look what I found outside .... this!" He held Eddie disdainfully at arm's length, too filthy to get close.

Lying naked on his back on the rumpled bed sheets, Hassan pulled himself up, leaned back on his elbows and said, "What the hell?" He caught the amused look in Mario's eye and grimaced at the boy. "What's that you got there? Is there a kid under all that dirt?"

"Reckon so," Mario grinned. "He's pretty filthy though ... you want me to throw him out?"

"Nah, wait a minute. Let me check him out." Hassan got to his feet and Eddie stood watching the naked soldier pace round him, his long, thick cock swinging between his muscled thighs. Eddie's own cock reared up in his shorts.

It was not only the sight of these two gorgeous men that turned him on - it was the room itself, with the rumpled sheets, clothes and boots scattered over the floor and ropes hanging loosely round all four bedposts. And the rancid odor of semen that hung thick in the air. Obviously this was the scene of some serious sex and Eddie's fertile mind raced trying to picture it.

Hassan faced the boy, yanked his T-shirt and ripped the neck. "You some kind of laborer, boy?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie stammered in confusion. "Just came from the construction site."

"Good - you might be just what we need. Hey Mario, we still got work to finish down on that terrace. Maybe we can put this grunt to work. And if we feel horny he could service us - reckon he's good for a blow job or two."

"At least," the Italian grinned salaciously. "Great idea. Hey, afterwards maybe we can clean him up and keep him around. He can clean this mess in here and cook dinner for us. He'd be a kind of houseboy and sex toy for us - we can share him. We may have to tie him to the bed to stop him running away, but that's OK 'cos we can work him over. What d'ya think?"

"Hmm, let's see if he's up to it. Turn round, boy - let's see your ass." Eddie turned his back to Hassan who cupped his ass cheeks through his shorts, then slapped them a few times. He spun the boy round and said, "Flex your bicep." Eddie obeyed and the Marine ran his hand over his bicep then over his ragged T-shirt feeling his hard young body underneath.

He ripped the shirt a bit more to expose his nipples underneath, and squeezed them in his fingers. "Good tight body, but you think you're tough enough to serve two masters, boy?"

"Yes, sir ... I can, sir." Eddie quivered with excitement and his cock pulsed at the thought of being treated as a houseboy and sex object by the macho soldier and his hot Italian buddy. "We can get pretty rough," Hassan growled - like this..." He squeezed his tits harder, grinding them in his fingers. "Aaah," Eddie moaned, staring at the naked solider. "Oh fuck ... no ... fuck, I .... aaagh. His body jerked violently, then became still, his breath coming in ragged sobs.

"I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to...."

Hassan stood back and folded his arms across his chest. "Well, look what we got here." He grinned down at the big wet patch spreading over the crotch of Eddie's shorts, and soon a thick white liquid started running down his leg. "Is that jism, boy?" Hassan reached down and touched it, then licked his fingertips and said, "Yup, sure tastes like jizz to me. What d'ya think buddy?" Mario licked Hassan's fingers and agreed. "Yeah, that's cum alright."

"Shit damn," Hassan laughed. "The kid busted his load just by looking at me while I squeezed his fucking tits. Now this here's a boy we can use." Unseen by Eddie he winked at Mario. "OK, buddy, let's put him to work."


A few minutes later Eddie was hard at work. He had already put in a tough day at the bungalow site but this extra job was not like work for him. He thought of it as slave labor for the musclehunk Marine and the handsome young Italian, and it excited the hell out of him. He knew that Hassan loved him like crazy and would never hurt him, but the Marine also had a vivid imagination, which included capturing a boy, pushing a shovel in his hand and making him dig.

Hassan and Mario had put on the clothes they had worn before their long diversion into wild sex. Hassan wore fatigues and combat boots, and his V-neck khaki T-shirt stretched tight over his muscular torso. Mario was in blue jeans and work boots and the white shirt Hassan had given him hanging loose over his chest.

Eddie was still wearing the filthy cargo shorts, boots and T-shirt he had been wearing all day, except that the T-shirt was now torn, ripped open by Hassan to expose his chest.

Hassan had brought a six-pack of beer down from the house and he and Mario were leaning against the high slope at the back of the terrace, sipping beer and watching the kid work, like overseers. Eddie was hacking away at the earth, digging it out from the base of the slope and throwing it in a pile. "Now that is one hot young kid," Hassan said softly to Mario, both of them holding a beer on one hand and rubbing the other over the bulge in their pants.

Eddie was perspiring under the hot sun and his youthful muscles rippled under the torn shirt. Sweat poured off him, turning the dirt into streaks down his down face, arms and chest. It ran down to his shorts and soaked them from the waist down to the cum stain from when he had creamed his shorts.

"Che bello," Mario murmured. "Makes my dick hard .... man, I'd like to work him over."

"All in good time, buddy. Here kid," Hassan called out to the boy and threw a beer to him. "Don't want our young slave-boy to get dehydrated."

"Thank you, sir." Eddie took a breather, screwed off the top and took a long gulp of beer.

"So what d'ya think, buddy," Hassan said to Mario. "Think we should give this punk a hand?"

"If we don't," Mario grinned, "he'll be working half the night. This is turning out to be a bigger job than I thought." They took a last slug of beer then pulled off their shirts. Eddie choked on his beer as he saw the muscular soldier and handsome Italian strip to the waist. He almost came in his shorts again, but managed to hold back.

The three of them worked side by side - very closely. Hassan and Mario were digging so close to him and with such effort that they jostled him. He felt their shoulders touching his, and when they worked behind him he felt bulging dicks bumping against his ass. As they began to sweat he smelled the rancid odor of their armpits, and when they suddenly turned their faces toward him drops of their sweat flicked onto his face.

It went on and on, and working between these two powerful, macho males sent the boy into sexual overdrive, seeing their muscles flex and hearing their animal grunts. Then Hassan turned suddenly and his massive chest pressed against Eddie. The boy found his face buried between the soldier's pecs and he involuntarily licked the salty sweat tricking down the cleft.

He looked up and saw the chiseled Arab/Asian features of the Marine, his stubbled chin and his back hair falling into his exotic, slanted eyes. It was overload for the kid and as he felt the hard pecs brush over his face he inhaled sharply, choked on the smell of man sweat .... and busted another load in his shorts.

"Ah .... I'm sorry, sir .... I couldn't stop it ... I"

"Shit damn," Hassan chuckled as he pulled back and looked at the embarrassed boy. "Take a look at this Mario. See that jizz running down his leg again? We've got ourselves one hell of a young gusher here."

"Yeah," Mario laughed. "And I get it. I myself am - how you say - horny as a toad with all this work." He stroked the bulge in his jeans. "Can we take a break so I can pull off a quick one?"

"Sure we can," Hassan grinned salaciously, "but you don't have to beat your own meat. What d'you think this here boy's for? Let's get another beer."

Eddie watched open-mouthed as the laborers pulled out two more bottles and took a swig of beer, then leaned back against the wall of the terrace resting on their elbows with a bottle in one hand. Eddie's knees almost buckled as he looked at the two brawny, dirt streaked workers with huge bulges in their pants. "Come here boy."

Eddie came close and the Marine put the neck of his bottle under his chin and pushed his face up. "Now what you got here, punk, are two horny muscle-studs who need to get their rocks off. And one of the reasons you're here is to service us. Our crotches probably stink and we gotta take a piss but hey, this is the Marines and you take what we dish out. So on your knees, punk."

Eddie fell to his knees, quivering with excitement. Hassan glanced at Mario with a devilish look in his eyes. They both ripped open their pants, pulled out their iron-hard dicks and pointed them down at the boy. For a moment nothing happened. Then suddenly a jet of warm golden liquid slammed into his chest, then another from the other man. Soon his whole body was awash in rancid piss streaming down on him, pouring down his chest and arms, soaking his torn shirt and his shorts.

The torrent finally slowed to a couple of final spurts and the men shook the last drops of piss onto the boy's face. "OK, that's better," Hassan sighed with the relief of an empty bladder, but if you think that was just a piss hard-on we had, think again. Look at these rods." Eddie could hardly miss the long cocks still pointing at his face and he knew what came next. "We still gotta bust out loads, kid, so go for it.

This was familiar territory for Eddie, the expert cocksucker from way back, and he eagerly leaned forward. He pulled the soldier's jockstrap down below his balls, licked the balls, then closed his mouth over them with clenched lips. While he sucked on the balls he pulled back and stretched the scrotum.

"Fuckin' hey, that hits the spot, boy. OK, now the cock." He reached down with one hand and grabbed Eddie's hair. He pulled his face back off his balls then pulled it down on his cock, driving it slowly all the way down the boy's throat. He was impressed, as always, that Eddie didn't choke as he swallowed the whole length of the long pole.

Eddie tasted the last drops of piss running down his throat, then he breathed in sharply as his face got buried in the sweaty tangle of the Marine's black pubic hair. Hassan was right, it did stink, but that only spurred Eddie on to greater effort in the skill he knew best. He clenched his throat muscles in quick succession and felt the cock pulsing.

"Shit, that feels fucking awesome, kid. Hey, Mario you gotta get a load of this." Mario grabbed Eddie's hair, pulled his face off Hassan's cock and shoved it hard onto his cock. Eddie gave him the same expert treatment and the Italian sighed. "Mamma mia ... fantastico. We must keep this boy, amico ... chain him to the wall and fuck his mouth whenever we want to ... how you say? ... get our rocks off."

"Sounds good in any language, buddy ... here, let me have him again." Eddie found himself a slave to both huge cocks pointing at him, being passed from one to the other in quick succession while the laborers leaned nonchalantly against the wall drinking beer. Tears were running down the boy's cheeks, mixing with the dirt and dried piss. Hassan stared down at the dirt-smudged face of the eager young ragamuffin who looked so hot that the soldier ordered, "Make me cum, boy. Suck that dick and make me bust a load ... now!"

Eddie breathed through his nose and plunged all the way down on the soldier's dick until his wiry pubic hair was filling the boy's mouth. Then he clamped his lips hard round the base of his cock and pulled back in short jerks, teasing the Marine into a massive orgasm. "Aaagh," he yelled as his cock exploded in the boy's mouth and poured hot jism down his throat. Eddie gulped hard and still jerked backward, milking the cock of its pent up load.

Mario was so turned on watching the Marine's body flex and shudder, that he felt his cum rising in his cock. "Give him to me," he gasped, yanking Eddie's face off Hassan and thrusting it onto his own cock just in time as it blasted more semen down the boy's throat. Eddie swallowed frantically but, even so, cum oozed from his mouth and ran down his chin. He felt his face pulled off Mario and he blinked as the final spurts of cum sprayed onto his face from both men.

He gazed up at them and Hassan said, "Shit, that was an epic blow job. You're right, buddy, we gotta keep this kid around." Both men pushed their dripping dicks back in their pants and buttoned them up. They picked up their bottles, leaned back against the wall and nonchalantly sipped beer, while Eddie gazed up at them, his face streaked with tears, dirt, cum and piss, the ground before him soaked with the cum of his latest orgasm. He was in heaven.


"Holy shit, what the hell have you got there, guys?" It was Lloyd who had just arrived with Steve, both of them shirtless in jeans holding spades over their shoulders. "We've been watching you dig all afternoon and thought you could use some help. But we weren't expecting this." He looked down at the urchin boy with distaste.

Steve's professional antennae perked up, looking for signs of abuse, but the dazed smile on Eddie's face and the gleam in his eye reassured him that Hassan's boy was enjoying every minute of his 'abuse'. Steve and Lloyd stared down at the squalid boy on his knees, cum dripping out of his mouth and running down his chin, his face and body streaked with dirt and semen, his torn shirt and shorts clinging to his body soaked with what smelled like piss. Hassan winked at them and they bought into the act.

"He stinks," Steve said, wrinkling his nose with disgust.

"Yeah," Hassan said. "He's just some runaway punk, I guess. Mario found him trespassing so we put him to work digging the terrace here. Me and Mario drank a lot of beer and needed to piss. The boy was right there so we pissed all over him, and then we made him suck our dicks. He is one hell of a cocksucker, by the way. I recommend it highly. You two should try it."

"Later, man," Steve smiled. "Lloyd and I came down here to help you finish off this project. With four of us working together we should get it done in no time."

"Five of us, you mean," Hassan grinned. "The boy here has got some muscle on him so, raunchy as he looks, he can still dig. Besides, he knows he has to do what he's told, right boy?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie said briskly, aware that the stakes had doubled now as he gazed at four men instead of two, all of them handsome muscle-gods in their different ways, standing shirtless in pants and boots, leaning on their shovels, their muscles rippling in the afternoon sun. It was all he could do to hold back yet another orgasm, but he didn't want the indignity of cum running down his leg again, embarrassed by how squalid he already looked compared with these glorious men.

So he went back to work, though it was hard to concentrate surrounded by the grunts and gleaming bodies of the four men digging alongside him. But Steve had been right, the work went much faster now, and it was only half an hour later that Mario said, "Va bene, basta, signori. That is enough. We have cleared enough ground so I can work on the terrace later with landscaping ideas I have."

"Great, Hassan smiled. Well, when you start work on it you'll still have the kid here to help you - if we keep him around that long. You can use him whenever you want and for as long as you want. You hear that, boy. You wanna stick around and work for my Italian buddy, here?"

"Yes please, sir," Eddie said, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand to clear some of the dirt, sweat and dried cum."

"So Steve, Lloyd," Hassan said with a lascivious grin, "what d'ya think of our young sex slave here? You horny after all that work?"

"We sure are," said Lloyd. "Does the kid take it up the ass?"

"Well if he didn't before he does now," Hassan laughed loudly. "Just spit on your dicks first. No dry fucking yet - not until we've broken him in. OK, hands and knees boy."

Eddie fell on all fours, his ass pointing upward. Lloyd knelt behind him and pulled down Eddie's shorts. "Holy shit, men, look at that gorgeous butt. He ripped open his jeans, spat on his cock, held onto Eddie's hips and pushed his cock inside. Eddie jolted and winced, then looked up at the Marine standing in front of him, legs astride, arms folded across his bare chest.

"That feel good, kid, with the architect's dick in your ass?"

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." Lloyd fucked the boy's ass gently at first but with increasing speed and force. Eddie felt the long dick piston in his ass so hard the he was forced onto his stomach in the wet dirt. He writhed in the mud for a while until Hassan, watching carefully, judged he had had enough and said, "Hey, doc, you wanna piece of the action here?"

"I'll blow a wad right here if I don't," Steve grinned and pulled Lloyd to his feet. Using his boot he rolled Eddie over on his back, pulled the boy's shorts off over his boots, and gazed down at him, naked except for his work boots and ripped T-shirt, his body and face matted with wet dirt. Steve unzipped his jeans and pulled out his long thick cock, the twin of Randy's. He was almost identical to his big brother in face and build, except that he was clean shaven and more refined.

Eddie was at the peak of excitement as he watched the muscular doctor spit on his cock and stroke it. He felt like a degraded sex slave being used by the four laborers ... and he was turned on as never before. He put his hands behind his knees and raised his legs, displaying his ass, still twitching from Lloyd's pounding rod. Steve said, "Hey, the young buck really wants it, guys ... you got yourself a live one here. You guys will be crazy if you don't keep him all night, tie him to the bed and take turns fucking this gorgeous ass. Let me see how it feels."

He dropped to his knees, grabbed Eddie's boots, pushed his legs higher and eased his huge pole into his ass. As he felt it slide down into the velvet heat Steve groaned, "Oh shit, guys, that's incredible. When you've finished ploughing him tonight you gotta loan him out to Lloyd and me so we can take him down to our basement and give him a working over.

Eddie glimpsed his future, being incessantly fucked in the face and ass by these four horny bodybuilders, and he watched the handsome doctor's flawless body rise and fall over him as the thick cock drove into his ass. The combination of his imagination and the sight of the hunky Randy-look-alike pushed him over the edge again. He grabbed his cock and with a few quick strokes brought himself to yet another climax of cum spraying over his chest and shredded shirt.

"Shit damn," Steve said. "The kid looks fucking awesome. I gotta bust a load in him ...."

"No wait," Hassan said gruffly. "You're right, Steve, he looks amazing ... an image too good to waste. Stand up doc. And you, boy - on your knees."

Eddie scrambled to his knees and Hassan grinned down at the filthy urchin at his feet. "OK, punk, this is it. Reach back and grab your ankles." Eddie leaned back, his arms straight, and gripped the back of his ankles like he was hogtied on his knees, his chest and face exposed upward.

"Let's get rid of this stinking rag." The Marine yanked at the boy's torn, muddy T-shirt, wet with sweat, cum and piss, and ripped it clean off him. "See that guys? The kid's got a hot young body under all that grime. We gotta do it justice."

Steve was stroking his rock-hard cock and the other men followed suit, pulling their dicks out of their pants and sliding them in their fists. Naked now, except for his muddy boots, the mud-caked boy stared at the four men pounding their meat as they paced round him with salacious suggestions about what to do with him in the future. He shuddered with excitement, mixed with fear as he realized how vulnerable he was, at the mercy of the men and their sexual appetites.

"I gotta get another crack at that ass," Lloyd said, "so damn hot." Mario laughed, "Yeah, well when you do that I'm gonna shove my dick down his throat. Best young cocksucker in town."

Steve grabbed Eddie's jaw with his free hand and twisted his face from side to side examining it. "You know, under all that dirt that is one good-looking young buck. What would really turn me on is seeing that handsome face twisted in pain. Think I'll chain him to the wall in our cellar and whip him 'til he begs to get fucked."

"OK, fellas," Hassan grinned, "but I get to work on him first. I claim ownership of the kid - he's got the right stuff to be a Marine's boy. I'll keep him chained up in my house for a while and show him how it feels to be worked over by a Marine. But I tell ya, when he's drained my cock I'll rent him out to you - a sliding scale depending on what you wanna do to him. Steve, if you and Lloyd wanna chain him up, whip his body and fuck his ass and face, that'll cost you plenty."

Naked on his knees, his filthy naked body stinking of man juices, Eddie had never felt more humiliated - or more excited - hearing these musclehunks bargaining for him, pounding their rods as they described the sexual acts they would subject him to. He stared up at them and focused on Hassan, knowing that the soldier would take the lead in what came next.

"Don't know about you, guys," Hassan grinned, "but all this raunchy talk has got me stoked. Anyone else wanna bust his load?" There was grunts of agreement all round and Eddie watched wide-eyed as they closed in on him. The four shirtless men stood in a tight semi-circle round him and he was mesmerized by his close-up look at blue jeans and four huge cocks being pounded in four fists only inches from his face.

Eddie gripped his boots behind him and instinctively pushed his chest higher in anticipation of what came next. Hassan grabbed his hair, yanked his face back and stared down at him. "This is it, boy. This is your life from now on. OK, guys, let's do it."

Eddie saw the fists move faster and felt a drop of pre-cum drop on his face, then another until suddenly a stream of cum smashed into his face, followed instantly by a second...and a third. "Come on guys," Hassan shouted. "Show the young punk what you got."

Instantly Eddie's only awareness was of hot semen raining down on him. He heard the ecstatic shouts above him ... "Yeah ... that's it men ... oh fuck ... fuck ... let him have it guys." Through a film of jism he saw the heads of cocks spurting rivers of man juice over him, on his face, in his hair, on his chest and abs and down over his own cock. He opened his mouth and choked as it immediately filled with cum .... he was blinded by it, gagging on it as the deluge continued.

Desperately he turned his face sideways but cum filled his ears so his vision and hearing were muted as if he were underwater, drowning in a sea of bitter-sweet semen. These were hot, virile studs, macho laborers who, as they worked, had built up a head of steam that now exploded all over their young victim. Eddie was dimly aware of the deep-throated shouts of raucous triumph, with a blurred vision of four rugged faces blazing down at him.

He was swallowing hard, gulping down throatfuls of semen until he coughed it up so it streamed out of his mouth and down his chin. Then he was yelling as his own cock erupted in a plume of cum that rose in the air and splashed down on his already cum-drenched chest.

It seemed like an eternity trapped in this heavy downpour of semen ... but gradually it abated until he felt only the last spurts of juice falling on him, then drops as the men shook their cocks dry. Eddie's coughing subsided into sobs as he eyes cleared and he saw the men still stroking their cocks, mesmerized by the sight of their own semen flowing down the naked body of the sobbing boy, oozing out his mouth and down his chin, his hair matted with dirt and cum.

Eddie was eased by the sight of Hassan smiling down at him with obvious pride. The Marine bent down, put his hands under his arms and lifted him up, then lay him gently down on his back. With his boot he shoved one of his arms above his head and splayed his legs.

"You wanna see something really epic, guys? This here kid is a gusher like I've never seen. How many loads has he shot today? Five? Six? The last time a few seconds ago. Well get this ... I can make him cum again." There were murmurs of disbelief but Hassan said, "Here, Steve, Lloyd, each of you put a boot on his thighs ... lightly though. Mario, you do the same on the hand that's stretched above him. Good, and I'll do this."

Hassan raised his foot and placed a boot squarely but gently on the boy's slimy chest. Eddie reflexively tried to move but realized he was trapped as he looked up at the four men surrounding him, pressing a boot on various parts of his body. Most erotic of all was the muscular Marine with his boot firmly placed on his chest as a sign of victory and Eddie's degradation. The only limb he could still move was his right arm and he instinctively lowered his hand onto his semi-hard cock.

Hassan smiled down at him and that was enough to make Eddie's cock stiffen a little. "Now, boy, I'm your master and I'm showing you off to my buddies. They're all watching so don't let me down. I know you just blew your wad after a lot of orgasms today, but you gotta do it one more time to prove you can do whatever you master orders. Can you do that?"

"Yes, sir," Eddie said with a trace of a grin. "Whatever you say, sir."

He began to stroke his cock, slowly at first as he looked from one man to the other, at their dirt-streaked chests, at their legs and boots pressing on his body. The boy was lying in the dirt at the mercy of the four raunchy laborers. Finally he settled his eyes on the shirtless soldier, his muscles flexed and gleaming, his dark, chiseled face smiling down at him. Eddie would do anything for the man he loved, even what he was ordered to do now.

He was pounding his cock now, feeling it get hard. He wanted Hassan to be proud of him in front of his buddies. All he needed was the sexual impulse, the masturbatory image that would push him over the top. And there it was, towering over him, his exotic slanted eyes urging him on. Always, every time he looked at the gorgeous Marine, it made him want to cum so, even now, it wasn't so hard.

His cum-splashed urchin face broke into a wide grin and he said. "I love you, sir. This is for you, sir. Aaah ... aaah .... yes ... yes...." He pounded his rod, his body spasmed, and he stared triumphantly at the four men as juice burst from his cock and splashed down on his chest and on Hassan's boot resting on it. The four men lifted their boots off him and Eddie rolled over on his stomach. He grabbed Hassan's boot and dragged himself over the dirt toward it.

He heard his master's deep voice. "That's it, punk. Clean the soldier's boot." Voraciously Eddie licked it clean, then rested his head on it, wrapping his arms round his leg in a display of total submission. The men all broke into cheers seeing the naked boy lying at the feet of the muscle-god Marine in an act of worship. Hassan grinned at them, then reached down, picked Eddie up and pulled him into a bear hug, the boy's feet not touching the ground.

Steve and Lloyd looked at each other lustfully and Steve said to Hassan, "Man, that was fucking incredible, totally pornographic ... a memory we'll be beating off to for months. But all that horny talk of our basement has got Lloyd and me really pumped so if you don't mind we're gonna excuse ourselves 'cos we got stuff to do. Tell you what though, we'll be having dinner a couple of hours from now and we'd be honored to have you three join us. Only," he winced, "clean your boy up first, soldier. He's a fucking mess."

Hassan laughed. "Thanks for the invite Steve ... we'll be there. And don't worry, I'm about to take the kid up to the house and scrub him down. You won't recognize him." He changed his grip, turned the boy round and slung him over his shoulder in a fireman's lift, wrapping his arm round his legs, his bare ass in the air. Eddie's head and arms hung over the soldier's back.

"Fucking awesome," Lloyd said, watching the Marine climb up from the terrace carrying his naked, cum-splattered boy over his shoulder. Steve was looking at Mario. "Well what're you waiting for big guy? Go with them. You're one of them."

"You think so, sir?"

"Absolutely, mi amico. Listen, I'm the shrink and I'd stake my license on it. You belong with Hassan and Eddie, no doubt in my mind."

Mario's eyes sparkled. "Thank you, doctor. Thank you." And he ran up the hill after them.


Hassan strode into the house, lowered Eddie onto his feet next to the shower and said, "Take those fucking boots off, boy."

Hassan was joined by Mario and together they watched Eddie bend over and unlace his boots, staring at his gorgeous ass thrust in the air. "Hey, Mario old buddy, can you stay the night? We'll sleep with the kid between us and take turns fucking that sweet ass. How's that sound?"

"How can I resist an offer - and an ass - like that, capitano? OK, let's get clean." Eddie watched Mario pull off his boots, unbutton his jeans and let them fall. He stepped out of them, naked except for his usual black European style briefs. Hassan licked his lips as he grinned at him, then ripped open his fatigues and pulled them off over his boots.

Eddie gasped as he saw the soldier stripped down to his khaki jock strap and his combat boots, his chest, arms and muscled thighs rippling in the subdued light of the room. Eddie couldn't help it - he didn't even care - as his own cock rose to full mast. Hassan turned to face Mario who breathed, "Magnifico" and ran the palms of his hands over Hassan's bulging pecs.

"Pretty spectacular yourself, signore," Hassan grinned and pulled Mario toward him, wrapped his arms round him and kissed him. His hands groped lower and cupped the Italian's ass cheeks through his briefs. "Man that ass is so fucking perfect. It was great shoving my dick inside it earlier today." Mario reached down and grabbed the bulge in the soldier's jock. "Ah, the captain is hard again already."

Eddie watched the two beautiful men spellbound, but with a confused mix of exhilaration, envy and a growing fear that Mario had become such a turn-on for Hassan. He was relieved when Mario pulled away from Hassan and said, "Hey, you boy, come and help the captain get ready for his shower.

Eddie knelt at his master's feet and unlaced one boot while the Marine rested his other boot on his shoulder. He pulled the boot off, did the same with the other, and all that was left was the jock. He raised his head and stared at the thin, soiled fabric of the jock. He buried his face in it and inhaled the rancid smell of piss and dry cum. He sucked the balls into his mouth and soaked them with his saliva, reveling in the pungent taste of his master's man juices.

He reached round and felt the straps outlining the cheeks of the soldier's ass, then grabbed the waistband and pulled the jock down over his cock and balls, gasping as the massive cock sprang out and hit him in the face. He turned to Mario, pulled down his briefs, and in a few minutes the three men were in the shower together.

Hassan licked the dried cum from Eddie's face, kissed his lips lightly, then pushed him directly under the shower head, watching the athletic young body emerge from under the filth as it washed away. "Beautiful," Hassan smiled, then pulled his boy into a full-throated kiss, breathing in the air that Eddie exhaled.

Eddie closed his eyes, felt the lips pull off, to be replaced by another mouth, Mario's, his tongue pushing into him. When Mario had finished Eddie found himself staring through water at the powerfully built soldier and beautiful Italian. Instinctively he grabbed two sponges, soaped them up and rubbed them lovingly over the men's necks, shoulders and chests.

When they were covered in suds Eddie dropped the sponges and used his hands instead. He dropped to his knees and pushed his soapy hands in their groins, round their asses, and then soaped up the balls and cocks, pulling back the foreskin and licking the heads. He ran his hands over their thighs and down to their feet.

Hassan grinned at Mario and they looked down at the good-looking young jock kneeling at their feet. Hassan pulled him up onto is feet and he found himself being hugged by both men, their bodies sliding together until all the soap finally rinsed away.

A few minutes later they emerged from the shower and Eddie grabbed a large towel and tenderly wiped their bodies dry, then his own. They all wrapped towels round their waists and Mario said cheerily, "Wine ... after all that work we need a reward." He went to the kitchen and came back brandishing a bottle of white wine. "A nice Pinot Grigio," he smiled.

"Not from your neck of the woods though, I think," Hassan said. "As I recall that's grown in Northern Italy, way north of Tuscany."

"You are correct, amico ...." And there followed a lively discussion about grapes grown in the various wine-making regions of Mario's country. Eddie lapsed into an uncomfortable silence, finding it hard to follow the conversation and let alone contribute to it. These two guys shared a level of sophistication that was way out of the boy's league and he suddenly felt inadequate as Hassan's boy, despite the great sex they had all enjoyed earlier.

"Signori," Mario announced, "I will go to the kitchen and put together some antipasti to go with the wine. Eddie frowned and Hassan whispered, "Appetizers, kiddo." "Thank you, sir," Eddie said, feeling sheepish that he didn't know the word Mario had used. It only emphasized the degree to which Hassan and Mario understood each other in a way Eddie could not.

When Mario had disappeared into the kitchen Hassan said, "Hey, kiddo, come and sit here." Eddie sat in a straight-backed chair and Hassan sat on the edge of the bed facing him. Hassan reached forward and grasped his hands and a shiver of fear ran through the boy as he braced himself for bad news. Was Mario going to replace him?

It sure seemed like it when Hassan said, "Eddie, you must have seen how well Mario and I communicate and how much we like each other. And before you arrived today we had terrific sex. So I wanted to run something by you." Eddie's eyes started to brim with tears. "How would you feel if we spent more time with Mario?"

"Does that mean Mario will take my place, sir ... like I won't be your boy anymore? I mean, he knows all the stuff you know, like wines and stuff. I'm clueless about that shit except that too much wine makes me tipsy, and I prefer beer anyway. I mean, I'm just a kid from the wrong side of the tracks and you and Mario are ... sirfisticuff ... like, sirfistercate..."

"Sophisticated," Hassan laughed and kissed Eddie on the cheek. "Hey, kiddo, where's all this coming from? Don't you know by now that I love you like crazy? I mean, all that wild stuff we did on the terrace just now, you were sensational."

"Yeah, like, I'm a great cocksucker with a cute ass."

"If that's all you think of yourself, kid, you're way off base. I love everything about you, you're perfect as my boy ..." he grinned ... "even if you can't pronounce sophisticated." Eddie grinned back and Hassan squeezed his hands. "When you became my boy I promised you would always belong to me - my number one - and I keep my word. I'm a Marine - Semper Fi and all that.

"But listen, Eddie, I won't pursue this thing with Mario if it makes you uncomfortable, except I think it might be fun, the three of us together - kind of add more layers to our relationship. You say you don't know a lot of stuff but I want you to learn new things, broaden your mind, and Mario is just the guy to teach you. You like him, don't you?"

"Sure I do, sir. He's always real nice to me and besides," he grinned again, "he's smoking hot as well as ... so-phisti-cated. See, I'm learning already." Hassan laughed and ruffled his hair. Eddie frowned, "It's a great idea, sir, but I'd have to run it by my friend Brandon. See, him and Mario were always best friends. 'Course, Brandon's Pete's boy now, but still, like, I wanna make sure there's no hard feelings and stuff."

"See, that's another thing I love about you, kid - your loyalty to your buddies. Hell, you'd make a good Marine - Semper Fi?"

"Semper Fi, captain," and Eddie saluted - back to his old cheerful self and his mischievous grin.

"OK, here comes Mario, but in a while we'll give it a test run. You'll see."

The Italian, looking gorgeous wearing only a towel and a big smile, came in with a big tray of appetizers that he set down on the bed. He sat beside Hassan on the bed, both of them facing Eddie in his wooden chair. He noticed a bottle of beer on the tray that he grabbed with relief. Mario had been thinking of him.

Suddenly Eddie felt a warm rush of affection being projected at him by the two gorgeous men. If this was how it was to be from now on he was all for it. He was secure now in Hassan's love for him and knew for sure he was safe and protected. Adding Mario to the mix raised things to a new level of exciting possibilities, as he was soon to find out. But what did Hassan mean by a 'test run'? He was about to find that out too.

As they munched on the antipasti and knocked back the wine and beer they loosened up and Hassan and Mario were soon talking intimately. In fact they quickly got onto the subject of sex and, like the red-blooded males they were, it became competitive, two buddies challenging each other. "Sure," Mario said, "you ended up pounding my ass but remember how you sat on my dick. Well, there's more where that came from. Even a big stud Marine can get ploughed."

"Oh you think so, eh? I know you Italian guys have a reputation as sex gods but you're no match for the Marines."

"Oh no?" Mario jumped to his feet. "You talk big, but how about putting your ass where your mouth is." He held his arms out to the side and wagged his fingers toward himself. "Let's see what you got, soldier." Hassan moved the tray off the bed, threw himself at Mario and in seconds they were rolling over the bed, locked in each other's arms.

Their towels quickly fell off and Eddie gazed in amazement at the two naked wrestlers grappling together on the bed in a tangle of straining muscles, with guttural animal noises and shouted obscenities. It was like the best porn movie the boy had ever seen and his cock stood up like a tent pole under his towel. With his eyes focused avidly on the writhing bodies his hands flew down to his towel. He ripped it off, grabbed his cock and began pounding it in his fist.

He would have cum but Hassan suddenly yelled, "Hey, time out buddy, you see what I see?"

They paused, breathing hard, and Mario said, "Sure do. We can't let the boy cum like that. How do we stop him?"

"Easy," Hassan grinned and reached under the bed. He pulled out two lengths of rope and expertly tied Eddie's wrists to the arms of the chair. "Sir," the boy pleaded, "I only wanted to touch my cock, sir. You both look so sexy that ...."

"Silence, boy! This is between the Italian and me. I tied you up so all you can do now is watch. And don't you dare blow your wad." He turned to Mario and said, "OK, stud, where were we?"

Immediately they were locked together, wrestling for the advantage. Hassan, the stronger of the two, had Mario in submission holds several times but the flexible Italian managed to twist out of them each time. Eddie knew his master would win and couldn't wait for Mario to submit and take the Marine's huge dick up his ass. All their talk of Hassan fucking Mario had kicked Eddie's fantasy into high gear ... and now he was actually going to see it.

Hassan was preening now, so confident that his next move would seal the deal. But overconfidence made him careless and Mario, seeing an opening, flipped him on his stomach, grabbed a wrist and twisted one arm up behind his back in a brutal single hammerlock. He applied it perfectly, jerking it up higher and higher, making the Marine scream and pound his free hand on the bed.

Eddie was shocked at the turn of events and watched horrified as his master threw his head back, his face twisted in pain. But, stunned as he was, Eddie felt his cock shudder and he pulled at his ropes desperate to free himself, not so much to help his master as to touch his own cock and release the head of semen that was building up in it.

"OK, soldier, you had enough? You know even a Marine can't take this. You gotta submit."

"Go fuck yourself," Hassan growled, which only made Mario increase the pressure until the pain in Hassan's shoulder and arm became unbearable. "OK, OK, enough," he screamed. "I submit ... I submit."

Eddie could hardly believe his ears or eyes as Mario released the hold and the rugged Marine slumped on the bed, shuddering in humiliating defeat. Mario gloated, "OK, soldier, you're beaten and I can do whatever I want to you - and we all know what that is." He reached down to Hassan's waist and pulled it up so he was on hands and knees facing away from him, his ass helplessly exposed, his agonized face only a few feet from his boy sitting bound by the bed.

Mario reached to a jar of lube on the bedside table and greased up his cock. Then he grabbed the Marine's hips, pulled his ass towards him and pressed the head of his cock against his hole. "Here it comes, soldier. You lost ... you pay the price."

"Aaagh!!" The Marine's body shuddered, his face flew back, his black hair flying, his sculpted features contorted in a howl as the Italian cock plunged deep in his ass. Mario didn't hold back. He rammed his cock into the Marine's ass again and again with increasing force.

Eddie looked at his master on all fours, his magnificent body flexing to withstand the onslaught, his face thrashing from side to side. Just once he briefly caught Eddie's eye, and in that fleeting look Eddie understood. He had known that Hassan could beat any man in a fight, certainly a refined young man like Mario, but he had submitted.

Eddie was puzzled at first ... but now he knew. His master was doing this for him, to show him what it would be like with Mario joining them. This was the test run he had mentioned. And what he had said about more layers in their relationship .... he was dead right. The boy was feeling layers of different sensations - starting with the fear and exhilaration of watching the big Marine submit and get his ass hammered. He had always known Hassan as the ultimate top man and it was a huge turn-on to watch the muscle-god get fucked.

Then there was the dazzling sight of Mario, the beautiful young Italian, his flawless muscles rippling as he rose and fell on the soldier's ass. But above all he felt intense love for Hassan, and for Mario, playing out this homoerotic scene for him. He wanted it to last, then realized that it would, that Hassan would always be there to protect him and Mario to teach him. He would be loved by them both, and they would both use him for their sexual release.

But still he was nervous about the pounding his master was taking, especially when Mario said, "You can't take much more, captain. Let's see you on your belly." One savage plunge of his cock sent the Marine down, sprawling forward flat on the bed, his head jerking down, inches from Eddie's crotch as he sat struggling before him.

Eddie gasped in disbelief, his cock reared up hard as steel ... and the soldier lowered his mouth over it, letting his face fall into the boy's pubic hair, taking the whole cock deep down his throat. As the Italian's cock pistoned in his ass Hassan began ferociously to suck Eddie's cock, timing the thrusts of his head to the thrusts of Mario's cock in his ass.

Eddie was driven crazy watching his master get spit roasted by Mario and himself. This was something he had never felt, something even his vivid fantasies could never have imagined. Mario was smiling at him now. "That's it, buddy. Let's make it good for our captain. We both love your master .... so let's show him how much. You ready, amico?"

"I... I can't hold back .... It feels so .... Aaagh!" Eddie's cock exploded in the soldier's mouth just as Mario howled and shot a massive load of cum in his ass. Hassan swallowed hard and his butt thrust up to make the cock go even deeper. Semen poured into his mouth and ass and tears streamed from his eyes until at last the cocks ran dry and pulled out of him.

Hassan rolled onto his back, Mario quickly untied Eddie and they both fell on his cock, licking it, kissing it, until it shuddered and spouted up a long ribbon of cum that splashed down on both their faces. They collapsed on the bed on either side of Hassan laughing uncontrollably, with the exquisite joy of discovering something brand new.

Hassan wrapped his arms round them both and said, "How was that for a test run, guys? Pretty damn hot, eh? Now we gotta take another shower and put on some decent clothes for our dinner with Steve and Lloyd up at the house. And after that we come back and sleep together, and tonight it won't be my ass up for grabs, or Mario's. It's gonna be yours kiddo. That OK with you two?

"Aye-aye, captain," they said in unison and ran for the shower.


The next morning Eddie and Mario went back to work with the crew at the bungalow where demolition had ended and construction was about to begin. But before work started all the boys, Nate included, were summoned by Darius who insisted that Eddie 'spill the beans' about his adventures the day before.

It was such a hot story that Darius filmed the eager Eddie breathlessly spilling out words like bullets from a machine gun, tripping over himself as he gave a blow-by-blow account, accompanied by the other boys' awestruck reactions ... "no way, dude" .... "you're kidding ...."

He ended by throwing his arm over Mario's shoulder and said, "Yeah, and me and Mario are gonna spend the weekend with Hassan at Steve and Lloyd's house. Doc Steve, him being a shrink and all, says he wants to make sure everything's ... copostatic ... with us."

"Copacetic," Mario corrected him gently.

"Yeah, like I said, hunky-dory."

Eddie grinned at Brandon, pulled him and his wheelchair aside, and explained the situation with Mario to make sure Brandon was OK with it. "Sure, dude," Brandon said. "Tell you the truth, I was feeling a bit guilty about Mario. I mean, him and me were such good buddies and I kinda neglected him after I became Pete's boy. He's gonna have a great time with you and that hunky Marine. But you're still gonna be one of the three amigos with me and Ben, eh?"

"'Course I am, dude." He held up his hand ... "Semper Fi."

Brandon high-fived him repeating "Semper Fi" without quite knowing what it meant - only that Eddie's sparkling eyes meant it had to be good.

At that point Randy called Pablo and Darius into a meeting he was having with Zack and Pete in Brandon's apartment next door. They all sat round the small living room and Randy said to the boys, "Guys, you and your crew are working so damn hard on that house I want us all to take a time-out this weekend.

"Now you know I'm gonna test drive those two new Harleys I'm thinking of buying, which means we'll have four for the weekend. So how about we spend a couple of days on a bike run? I would take Pablo, of course, Zack will have Darius, and Mark could bring Jamie - give Jamie and you, Pablo, a chance to prove you really have called a truce and are best buds now.

He looked at Pete. "I know you enjoy putting on your leathers and taking out one of the Harleys for a spin, Pete. So, what are the chances of you bringing Brandon? Think he'd be safe riding behind you?"

"You know, Randy, I've been thinking for a long time that I'd like to do that," Pete said. "I want Brandon to have all the same experiences as the other boys but .... well ... the bike would need a few modifications so he and his wheelchair could come with us."

'Damn right he's coming with us," Pablo said decisively. "We're not gonna leave Brandon behind. Think how that would make him feel. Hell, that's what I do for a living, fix machines, so Darius and me could sure as hell make the bike safe for the kid, what d'ya say dude?

"No question about it," Darius grinned. "It would be great for Brandon to go on a trip with the three senior boys. So that's settled."

Randy and Zack beamed with pride at their boys and their determination and concern for Brandon. "So that's it I guess, men," Randy grinned. "You heard what the mechanic said, it's settled. By the way, I did mention this to Bob and he said he'd prefer to stay home and catch up on some work on the books. He's gonna invite Jason and Ben, Adam and Nate to spend the weekend with him and the twins. Says he don't see enough of them."

"Hm," Zack said, "so it looks like the tribe will split into three for a couple a days - Hassan, Eddie and Mario at Steve and Lloyd's - Bob and the others in their little domestic scene at the house - and that leaves us eight bikers on the road. More stories for the archives, Darius. Get your camera ready."

"Right," Randy growled, suddenly all business. "Now you two boys get your asses in gear and get back to work. And don't take any crap from the 'three amigos' as those kids call themselves. No fucking around - and I mean no fucking at all."

"Trust us, sir," Pablo said. "We'll keep them in line."

As they headed out Randy called after them, "We're real proud of you boys - real proud."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 256


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