During their get-out-of-town weekend at a luxury hotel overlooking the ocean, Randy and Bob had met two young staff members who were to have a lasting impact in their lives.   One was the shy young waiter Danny.  The other was his boss, the young and pretentious assistant manager Thomas, whom Bob dubbed the Golden Boy.

Golden Boy’s sneering attitude, and especially his harsh treatment of Danny, had offended Randy and roused his notorious anger.  Living up to his demolition-man reputation Randy had fucked Thomas’s virgin ass to a shattering climax, leaving him groveling and begging for more.  The self-styled top man had been transformed into what Randy called a fuck pig, desperate to see the savage gypsy again for more of the same.

Randy made a concession.  “Here’s what I’ll do, Tommy boy.”   He handed him a business card.   “This has the address of the construction company I own.   If you ever come up to town you can go to the construction site, ask for a guy named Pablo and he’ll put you in touch with me.  Pablo will take real good care of you.”   As Randy later said to Bob, “I have plans for Golden Boy.


It was a completely different story with Danny, a shy, lonely young guy who, despite his youthful good looks and lithe, sexy body, lived a solitary life in the hotel with no real friends. But when Bob's heart goes out to a guy like Danny, the boy’s sad, sepia world turns to Technicolor.  

Danny reminded him of Brandon, with his wide eyes blinking behind black-rimmed glasses, and it turned out he used to be a restaurant pastry chef and is never happier than when he’s working in a kitchen.   He kept himself to himself in the hotel and had only once taken the train up to Los Angeles, which he found “intimidating”, he said.

“You should get out more, kiddo,” Bob smiled.  “Come to think of it, Danny, there’s a young friend of ours I think you’d enjoy meeting.  He’s a lot like you – name’s Brandon.   You should also get acquainted with those two chefs I mentioned who work in a private house turning out gourmet food for a bunch of hungry guys.  You’d have a lot in common.   Maybe you could take the train up to town again soon and Brandon could meet you at the station.” 

So when the guys got home to Los Angeles Bob had a word with Brandon who jumped at the idea and acted on his suggestion right away.  And just a week later here he was sitting in his wheelchair at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, waiting eagerly for the boy he had come to meet.  He hoped he would recognize him from the sparse description … “he looks a bit like you, wears glasses like yours.”

Actually, as he watched passengers come off the San Diego train Brandon first caught sight of a handsome man who was clearly interested in a young guy walking a few feet away. Then he realized the young guy in the black rimmed glasses had to be Danny.

Brandon wheeled himself up to him and smiled, “Danny?   I’m Brandon.  Welcome to L.A.  And by the way, dude, that guy over there is so into you ... cruising you like mad.”

“I know,” Danny grinned conspiratorially, “it was like that on the train.  He was sitting across the aisle and kept looking at me.  I had a boner all the way to L.A. … still do.”   The boys were like two old friends picking right up from when they last met.

But just then they heard “Darling” as a woman and two young girls ran up to the man.  He kissed his wife, hugged his daughters and then, with one last lingering glance at Danny, left the station with his family.  The two boys sputtered with laughter and Brandon said, “A fine romance that would’ve been.  Stick with me, dude, and I’ll see you don’t get into that kind of trouble.   Truck’s right outside.”

It was parked in a handicapped space and Danny got in the passenger side while Brandon folded up his wheelchair and hauled himself in behind the wheel.  In a few minutes they were on the Hollywood Freeway headed for home, immersed in lively chatter about life in a fancy hotel.  During a pause Brandon said,” You haven’t mentioned the wheelchair, dude.”

“Tell you the truth, I didn’t really notice.”   That made Brandon smile with satisfaction, until Danny added, “I was too focused on the married guy.”

“Fuck you, dude,” Brandon laughed.  “Bust my balloon why don’t you.”   Danny leaned over and gave him a friendly peck on the cheek.   “Talking of the married guy,” Brandon said, “you still got that boner in your shorts, I see.   When did you last have sex?”

“Mmm, couple a weeks ago I guess.  Jerked off to a porno.”

“Couple a weeks!?  Damn, you gotta get out more, Danny.   What kind of sex d’you like?”

“Hey, you don’t mess around, do you? … cut right to the chase.  Well if you must know, what I really go for, though I don’t get to do it much, is getting my dick sucked.”  He giggled.  “I’ve been trying to do it to myself but I’m not that supple.”

“Oh man, have you ever come to the right place!   You gotta meet my two buddies, Eddie and Ben.  We’re known as the three amigos and were kinda famous for one thing in particular.  It’s a skill Eddie taught us.  Oh yeah, we’re gonna get along just fine, dude.”


As it happened, at around the same time, a smart blue BMW convertible was driving up the freeway from the same hotel, also headed for L.A.   It was Thomas, the Golden Boy himself.   In the week since Bob and Randy had left the hotel he could not get them out of his mind, of course, but jerking off every five minutes didn’t cut it.   He had to see them, Randy especially.

Not that Thomas was much changed, he convinced himself.   What he had done with Bob and Randy, surrendering his body and his ass, being what Randy called a fuck pig, was strictly between the three of them.  He craved having their dicks up his ass again, but to the rest of the world he was still a self-assured top man.  It was so ingrained in him that even his recent experience could not dislodge that image of himself.  

In fact, although he didn’t recognize this, his posture to others was now even more arrogant than before as he tried to compensate for the deep-rooted shame he felt at the way he had degraded himself in that hotel room. 

He didn’t know why Randy had said he had to go through this Pablo person, whoever he was, but he was sure as hell never gonna mention to him why he wanted to see Randy.   And it was in that defiant mood that he pulled off the freeway and checked his GPS for the address he had entered from the card Randy had given him. 

When he pulled up at the gates he was surprised at how expansive the construction site was.  And Randy owned this?   The mere thought of that name made his cock get stiff.  The gates were almost closed but there was still a gap he could squeeze through.   He was careful not to dirty his white T-shirt that he had worn specially because Randy found it sexy the last time.  

Inside, the site seemed deserted – obviously the workday had ended.  But he heard a banging noise – someone working late maybe.  The sound was coming from under a truck and Thomas shouted, “Hello … anyone there?

A figure appeared feet first as a mechanic rolled himself out from under the truck.  It was a young guy wearing oil-stained dungarees, held up by a single strap over one shoulder, with apparently nothing on underneath.  He was streaked with grease and dirt and Thomas winced at the odor of sweat.

“What can I do for you, pal?” the mechanic asked.

“I need to speak to the manager.”

“That would be me, dude, at your service.”

“You?” Thomas laughed scornfully.  “You’re the manager!?  Yeah right.”   He looked around for someone else but the only other person on the site was a young black man nearby, shirtless in black jeans.   Thomas raised his arm and snapped his fingers.   “Hey, you boy.  Over here.”

Darius murmured, “Who boy, me boy?”   He chuckled to himself and shouted, “Yessir, massa, I’s a-comin’.”   He shambled over to Thomas and, maintaining the black servant posture, said.  “Yessir massa?”

Irritated, Thomas said.   “I’m here to see Randy, I’m a friend of his.  Do you know him?”

Darius frowned with a dumb-ass expression and stroked his chin.  “Randy … now let me see here … Randy.   Big guy?  Tall, lots’a muscles, looks kinda wild, like a gypsy, fierce like he’s about to take a swing at ya? …  No, I don’t believe I do know a guy like that.”

“Don’t mess with me, black boy.  What are you, retarded or something?  You know who I mean.  Take me to him.”

“Okey-dokey massa, ‘ceptin’ right now I got a piss hard-on in my pants so I gotta take a leak”

To the Golden Boy’s disgust, Darius unzipped his jeans.   Surely he wasn’t about to urinate right here in the dirt!   Thomas recoiled and his look of revulsion turned to disbelief as he saw him pull out a massive black cock which, sure enough, was hard as a steel rod.  

Seeing his shock Darius grinned.   “Yup, it’s right what you always heard about us black boys.  Only thing we got goin’ for us is the almighty club.”   Thomas could not take his eyes off it as it opened up and gushed like a garden hose onto the ground.   

Unfortunately some of it splashed on Thomas’s (carefully chosen) shoes and he howled, “Look what you’re doing, asshole.  Those are expensive shoes.”  He crouched down to wipe them off with a nearby oily rag, then looked up just in time to see the hose let loose another river of warm, yellow liquid that this time hit him square in the chest, soaking his (carefully chosen) T-shirt.

Thomas sprang to his feet.  “What the fuck you doing, boy?  You fucking moron! ”   Each time he jabbed him in the chest Darius took a fearful step back, giving Golden Boy enough rope to hang himself.   “You disgust me … you should be back picking cotton on the plantation you came from.”

Darius had finally had enough of the charade.  He grabbed Thomas’s wrist, twisted his arm behind his back, did the same with his other arm and pushed both wrists up behind him in a brutal double hammer lock.   He pushed the howling man round the site, trapped in the excruciating submission hold and stepping high to try to relieve the pressure as Darius jerked his arms higher behind him. 

They were facing Pablo now who was still on his back on the ground, propped up on his elbows enjoying the show.   “Get this animal off me!” Thomas yelled at Pablo.   “Tell him to stop.”

“Hey,” Pablo shrugged, “Hey, I got no authority around here.   You said it yourself.”  Thomas sank to his knees, his face twisted in agony, with Darius standing behind him yanking his arms high up his back.   

“What d’ya think, boss?” Darius grinned.  “Think he’s had enough?”   

“Hmm, depends on how good he is at begging.   See if he knows the magic word.”

Thomas groaned, “OK, OK I get it.  Stop … please.”   

“Wrong word,” Darius growled and applied more pressure.  

“Aaagh … no, please, I can’t take any more.   Please, sir.   I submit.    I’m begging you.  Please, master….”

That was the word!   Darius instantly released him, grabbed a handful of his carefully arranged hair and pulled him to his feet.   He held him at arm’s length and their eyes met.   “Come here, boy.”  Darius clamped his hand behind Thomas’s head, pulled him toward him and ground their lips together in a churning kiss, pressing his bare chest and exposed cock against him.

Reflexively Thomas recoiled and struggled to get away, but he was trapped in a ferocious embrace.   His resistance gave way, he yielded to the young black man’s powerful body … and opened his mouth to inhale his breath in a kiss that made his dick hard in his piss-stained pants.  

The embrace ended as suddenly as it had begun.  Darius pulled away and his pale green eyes glared at the startled Golden Boy.   “A word of advice, boy,” he growled.  “Don’t you ever, ever again snap your fingers at a black man and call him ‘boy’.  Presses all the wrong buttons. You’re lucky I didn’t beat the crap out of you.  And words like moron, retarded, cotton-picking, plantation?  Major losers, so drop ‘em.”

Darius took a step back and folded his cock back in his pants, arranging it so it stretched hallway down his leg.  “You know, you’re a good-looking guy.  Pity your attitude sucks.  You insulted me in the worst possible way, so one more word like that and I’m gonna shove this big black rod so far up your ass it’ll come out of your mouth.  And that’s a promise.   Now go get cleaned up.  You stink of piss … boy.”

He turned, strode away in disgust and got back to work, hammering nails with more force than usual as he pictured the obnoxious Golden Boy impaled on his ten-inch rod. 


Pablo got to his feet and, a few inches taller than Thomas, looked down at the not-so-Golden Boy, his face now streaked with dirt and tears, his shirt and pants wet with piss.   “That was my buddy, Darius,” he grinned.  “He’s a little sensitive about that ‘boy’ thing, especially coming from a prissy wet-behind-the-ears wimp such as yourself.   You’re lucky he didn’t pin you to the ground and shove the almighty club up your ass.  That, by the way, is reserved for me.”

Pablo turned round, shoved his hands in his pockets and pushed his dungarees forward, outlining the perfect globes of his ass under the well-worn fabric.   He smiled as Thomas inhaled sharply at the sight of the spectacular ass.   Pablo turned to face him again.  “See, me and Darius, we’re lovers.  Have been for a long time.  His dick, my ass – a match made in heaven.”

For the first time Thomas got a good look at this young man who spoke with such authority. He stared at the handsome Mestizo face with its high cheek bones, his slightly slanted deep brown eyes and his jet black hair flopping over his high forehead into his eyes.   His muscular physique was evident under his greasy dungarees and, although his face and body were smeared with oil and dirt, something Thomas would normally have recoiled from, he was surprised to feel his own cock getting hard in his pants.

He tried to suppress this … this lust that seemed to come from nowhere until the realization hit him.   The young man reminded him of Randy.   It was the body language, the way he moved … the voice, the same supremely confident air of authority.  It was as if the boy had copied all of Randy’s mannerisms, his very essence.

Thomas shook his head to clear it, and the thought of Randy reminded him of why he was here.  “Er, look, man.  I don’t know what’s going on here, but I just need to find Randy.”

“And you’ve found him boy,” said a deep voice.   Thomas spun round and, with cock-stiffening surprise, saw the man himself striding toward him from the gate.  He was wearing his usual work gear of dirty cargo pants, heavy boots and a ragged, oil-streaked tank top stretched over his chest.

Randy had seen and heard most of the encounter between the three of them and had waited for his cue to enter.  “Well, well, well,” he grinned, “if it isn’t the Golden Boy himself.  How’s it hangin’ boy?”

“Very well, sir … er…”  Realizing how stupid this reply sounded his voice trailed off.

“So what you doin’ here, boy?  To what do we owe this pleasure?”

“I, er … I, er …”

“Come on, boy, spit it out.  Ah never mind, I know what you’re here for – you came to get your ass ploughed again, am I right?”  Thomas blushed, feeling degraded in front of this boy he had just met, not to mention the black boy.   

“Allow me to do the introductions.  This here is Pablo … he’s my son and my boy and head mechanic around here.  And over there, the dude with no shirt on and the big hunk o’ meat bulging in his pants, that’s Darius, my assistant foreman, the best worker and biggest cock you’ll ever meet.”  

He looked down at Thomas’s wet shirt clinging to his chest and chuckled, “Oh, I see you already did meet.  No sweat, these guys’ll soon get you cleaned up, they’re in charge today.   I just came by ‘cos I was feeling horny, thinking about my boy’s ass and my dick inside it.   Whenever I need to get my rocks off, if Bob’s not around, I come by the site, throw Pablo across the drawing board in the trailer over there and fuck his ass.”

Thomas recoiled at the idea of this man fucking his own son.  Randy laughed, “Don’t worry, Tom, he’s my adopted son.  Come to think of it, his ass is so goddam sexy that even if he was my real son … hey, what the hell, a horny gypsy takes what he can get.”

The more shocked he was by Randy’s coarseness the harder Thomas’s dick got, which was now dripping pre-cum in his shorts.  What made it worse was that the gypsy’s blue eyes were now piercing his with a lascivious smile.   “Come to think of it, you got here at just the right time, Tommy boy.   Maybe for a change I’ll just fuck your ass.  As I recall you were begging for more the last time we met.”   He grinned at Pablo, “You don’t mind for once, do you kiddo?”

“Not as long as me and Darius can watch, sir,” Pablo said with his signature crooked grin.

Randy turned up his nose and sniffed.   “Only thing is, Tommy, you stink.   Urine is it?   Wassa matter, you piss your pants or something?   First thing you gotta do is lose that shirt.   He grabbed the neck of Golden Boy’s piss-soaked T-shirt, ripped it clear off and tossed it in the dirt.  He picked up an oily rag and wiped the boy’s chest, leaving it smelling of oil and grease.  

“That’s better – an honest-to-god man smell … like this!”   He curled his arm round Thomas’s head, pressed his face into his armpit.  In a daze the Golden Boy choked on the taste and smell of the sweaty black tangle of hair in the armpit.   “Take a hit of that, boy … this too.”  He wrapped his arms round him and pressed the boy’s face against his sweaty, grungy tank.

It has been said that smell and taste are the most evocative of the human senses, unlocking the deepest memories.  Although this was a far cry from the involuntary memory of Proust’s ‘sweet madeleine dipped in tea’, the taste and smell of grease and sweat on Randy had the same transforming effect on Thomas, suffusing him with the male essence of the rugged gypsy.

Reflexively he licked Randy’s ragged tank and Randy’s flesh as the hard body pressed against him and he felt the shape of the gypsy’s massive cock pressing against the bulge in his own pants.   He felt he was being consumed by the muscular construction boss as Randy ground his knee against the boy’s pulsing crotch.   He grabbed Thomas by the hair and pulled his face against his in a smothering kiss.

Overwhelmed by the man’s animal sensuality, his power, his sheer maleness, Thomas was lost.  Enveloped in the man’s arms, smothered by his lips, his iron rod grinding against his own through the fabric of their pants …. the boy screamed into the gag of Randy’s mouth and shook uncontrollably as his cock exploded in his pants.

He hung on tight while cum poured from his cock.  When he was drained his legs went weak and he slid down Randy’s body, down his legs until he crumpled to his knees.  He fell forward and licked Randy’s work-boots in a gesture of worship and abject submission to the swarthy gypsy towering over him.

Randy grinned at Pablo and Darius, shrugged and opened his arms in a wide-eyed ‘well-what-did-you-expect’ gesture.  Pablo stared at his master with pride and awe, while Darius shook his head in disbelief and murmured, “Son of a bitch.”


Randy hooked his boot under Thomas, flipped him onto his back in the dirt and grinned down at him. “I guess that means you’re pleased to see me Tommy boy.   Trouble is, I didn’t get my rocks off yet, but we can soon fix that.”   

He ripped open his pants and pulled out his beer-can cock.  He spat in both palms, grabbed his cock in both fists and stroked it, as close as he ever got to lubing up.  “So what d’ya say, boy, you want this pole up that perfect ice-skater butt of yours?”

“Yes, sir, please, sir,” came the instant reply from the Golden Boy looking wide-eyed at the shaft that was long enough to accommodate both fists.  

“OK, guys.   Get him ready.”   Working in tandem Pablo and Darius pulled off Thomas’s shoes, then pulled his pants down over his legs and tossed them aside.  Darius grabbed his briefs and, with one easy tug, ripped them off and hooked them round Golden Boy’s neck.  He flipped him over on his belly and said, “Jesus Christ, dude, look at that fucking ass.”  They both knelt beside it and stroked it, cupped their hands over the white globes and took turns slapping them lightly.  

“Told you so,” Randy said.  “You guys can make a feast of that ass later.  But right now it’s all mine.”   The boys flipped him man over on his back, kicked his legs and arms apart so the handsome young gymnast was spread-eagled naked on the ground.  Kneeling on either side of him they each grabbed an ankle in one hand and pulled his leg back while the other hand pinned his wrist to the ground.  The Golden Boy was immobilized, his vulnerable ass presented to Randy – an offering to a muscle-god.

Randy dropped to his knees and grinned, “Oh yeah, I remember that ass … remember how it felt too … like this.”  He launched a gob of spit directly at the hole and the fuzz of downy blond hair around it.  Then, without foreplay, he aimed his shaft at the hole and pierced it, driving his cock straight down into the fiery depths.   

“Aaaagh.”    The Golden Boy’s scream echoed round the deserted site as Randy pulled back … and plunged in again.   Thomas had been subjected to this before in the hotel room when his only response had been screams and pleas for release.  But this time euphoria kicked in earlier and his screams alternated with shouts of “thank you sir … fuck me, sir …”

The boys watched in awe as the pile-driver slammed into the boy they were holding captive for the master’s pleasure.  But his screams continued unabated until Randy said, “Shut him up, guys.   Gag him.”

Eager to please they let go of his wrists and legs, which he himself maintained obediently in the same position.  Darius pushed the howling boy’s face toward Pablo who leaned forward and plugged the wide-open mouth with his cock, stifling his screams.  For a moment Thomas felt he would black out, but he made a huge effort to endure the gypsy’s cock pounding his ass while the greasy young mechanic stuffed his mouth.    

Darius was pounding Thomas’s cock in his fist saying, “Come on, boy, let’s see that jizz.  The boss and his boy are double teaming you, man – your ass and your face.  You can’t take it, man.   Shoot that load … that’s an order.”

The gymnast’s flawless body bucked and writhed and he screamed into the gag as he blasted another plume of semen that shot up and splashed on Darius’s face.   “Shit damn, boy, you’ll pay for that.   Hey Pablo, shove over.”  Pablo pulled out his cock and pushed the boy’s face over to the other side to face Darius.  The young gymnast stared in horror at the massive black weapon pointing at his face.  “No … not that,” he moaned desperately.  I can’t …”

“Don’t worry boy, I won’t shove it all in.  Not this time … but you stick around and you’ll learn to swallow all ten inches.”  He pushed the head of the cock between his lips, eased it to the back of his throat and stopped as Thomas started to choke.  He fucked his face slowly, knowing that his monster tool could injure the man without some practice.  

Pablo knelt behind Thomas, pulled his arms straight up and pinned them to the ground, then surveyed the superb, tightly muscled gymnast body as if it were being stretched on the rack, while the handsome face was impaled on the long black shaft and his ass was ramrodded by the master’s cock.  Pablo stared at Randy and said, “Sir, that looks so hot, so fucking beautiful.”

“And it can be all yours, kiddo.   That’s the way I planned it … my gift to you.   He’s all yours.   OK, guys, let’s finish him off.”  The tempo picked up.   Randy pounded harder, Darius pushed deeper and the dual eruption happened.  Thomas felt the gypsy’s sperm blast in his ass while his mouth was filled with the cum of the young black stud he had insulted only minutes before.   

He gagged on the thick liquid, swallowing desperately, gulp after gulp, until suddenly the long hose pulled out, his head was pushed over and Pablo was looking down at the tear-stained face, mouth sagging open with cum running down his chin.  The mouth was so fiery hot that Pablo’s cock exploded as soon as it pushed inside, and Thomas again found himself gulping down a flood of jizz. 

In a trance he heard Randy’s voice, “You got any left, guys?”

“You bet, sir.”

“OK, men, let’s do it.”   They all stood round Thomas’s head, stroked their cocks and unleased their last stream of cum that splashed down on the upturned face and into the open mouth.  Thomas was drowning in the semen of the gypsy and his boys, blinding him choking him … and filling his hungry ass.


“You’re a fucking mess, boy, you know that?” Randy chuckled as they looked down at the limp body drenched in sweat and semen.  “Come with me and get cleaned up.”   He reached down and yanked Thomas up on his feet.   He was weak and unsteady so Randy put his arm round him and supported him as they walked over to the trailer office.

Inside Randy opened a beer, slumped in an armchair and took a good look at the young man standing butt naked, his body and face streaked with dirt, grease, cum and dry piss.  Randy pointed his bottle at him.  “You know, kid, all messed like that you look pretty damn hot.  Handsome face, athletic body that I could bulk up with a few sessions in the gym.”   The thought of Randy as gym coach made the boy’s cock rise and stand stiff out of his blond pubic hair.

“Yea, that too,” Randy laughed.   “Mmm, cut through all that Golden Boy bullshit attitude you pile on and you could even fit in here.  You got the weekend off?

“I took a week off work, sir.  I was probably gonna look up some friends in L.A.”

“No, you’ll spend the weekend here with us.  I’ll turn you over to Pablo and Darius, but that gorgeous ass of yours will always be available for me to fuck when I get horny – night or day.  We’ll see how it works out.   

“Now, for god’s sake get cleaned up – there’s a shower through that door.  Your own clothes are more or less shot but there’s a load of dirty laundry in that pile over there.  It’s all kinda raunchy stuff but pull something out for yourself  Then get a beer from the fridge, relax in here and catch your breath until someone comes for you.”

A sly smile crossed his face.  “Or, if you find all this a bit rich for your blood, you could simply leave right now and drive away.  After all, you got your ass fucked, which is what you came for.  If you stay you’ll be pretty much at the mercy of me and my boys.  So what’s it to be, Tommy?”

“I’d like to stay, sir.   Please, sir.”

“Good, I thought you would.”   Randy stood up, pulled two more beers from the fridge and left.  He walked over to Pablo and Darius sitting together on a bench at a work table and they looked up expectantly as Randy approached, gave them the beers and sat at the table opposite them.  

“So,” he grinned, “you met Golden Boy.  A lot of fun eh?   Sorry you got the sharp edge of his tongue, Darius, but you seem to have evened the score with that lethal weapon you got between your legs.   He’s probably dreaming of having it between his sooner or later.  But that brings me to something more serious that I want to discuss, especially with you, Pablo. 

“You’re my boy, kiddo and I love you, and you know my plan for you is to transition from boy to man.  And it seems to me the next step is for you to get a boy of your own that you can train and discipline.  I’ve watched you with the crew here and you’ve come a long way from the days when you settled everything with your fists.  You got that from me, I know, but I learned my lesson from Bob that fists can do more harm than god.   Hell, I almost lost Bob because of the way I treated him.”  His voice trailed off and a shudder went through him.

“Now this kid Thomas.  I know, I know, he’s a royal pain in the ass with his high and mighty my-shit-don’t-stink attitude.   But Bob thinks there’s more there than meets the eye.  Huh, you know how Bob always tries to find the best in guys.   And he’s always right.  

“Bob thinks that the boy’s bossy top-man act is just a cover, a front he puts on for the world.  It’s a compensation for what he really craves deep down but can’t admit to himself – the very reverse of top-man.  Bob says that a lot of so-called top men have that compulsion.   Bob was the first man ever to fuck him in the ass and now Golden Boy can’t get enough of it.  

It’s obvious to Bob that the boy has a visceral need to be dominated by a man, a man he can submit to and worship.  The kid thinks he’s found that in me but all I want is to have his ass available so I can fuck it whenever I feel like it.  Man, I tell ya, that ass is primo.  So kiddo, what’s your take on the guy?”

Pablo grinned, “He’s a first-class prick, the kinda guy I wanna beat the shit out of, or in his case the bullshit.  But I gotta say, when I saw him buck naked, getting butt-fucked by you and face-fucked by Darius, he looked real hot.  I mean, that face, that gymnast body … he’s a real trim package.  

“Sir, I hear what you’re saying and I’d like to take a shot at it.  I appreciate your faith in me.   With the help of my buddy here and his, er … special talents, I think we can shape the guy up.  If it works out I’d be proud to have him as my boy.”  Darius grinned and nodded in agreement.   

“That’s my boy,” Randy said.  “Obviously, as a boy’s boy that would put Thomas right at the bottom of the food chain in the tribe’s hierarchy, but that’s where he belongs right now.   You’ll have to decide what to call him.”  Randy grinned.  “Maybe, Darius, you could name him, like a plantation master used to name his slaves.  I like the irony of that after he hit you up with that ‘plantation’ crap.  Yeah, I like that.  Also, Bob thinks he should have a therapy session with my brother Dr. Steve to sort out some of his crap.

“Now the kid says he’s got a week in L.A. and I told him he’ll spend it here.  So where are you gonna make him sleep?  Down in the basement’s not an option ‘cos the gym’s in constant use.  And it wouldn’t be right for him to bunk in with you guys like an equal.  Anyway Pablo, I want you sleeping with me and Bob tonight, and I know Zack wants you with him, Darius.”

A light dawned in Darius’s eye.   “Sir, what about the guest room in me and Zack’s house?   We kinda need someone to clean up around the place, it’s a mess.   Plus … well I kinda know what Zack wants from me tonight.  I’ve seen that horny leather-master glint in his eye, so I’m in for it.   Be kinda fun to give the new boy a look at the leather world – you know, bondage, all that stuff.”

Randy threw his head back and laughed.   “Darius, you are more than just a ten-inch cock after all.  You’ve got a brain in your head, boy, as well as a bulge in your pants.  It’s a great idea.  I’ll square it away with Zack, but I don’t think that leather stud will have a problem with a young blond gymnast to work on.  No problem at all.  OK, guys, go break the news to your new boy.  He’s all yours.   Good luck.”


While that was going on, a little way up the hill a whole different meeting was going on and plans being hatched.   As Brandon had driven Danny up to his bungalow he used a break in their animated conversation to call Eddie and Ben and alert them they were on their way.   

Of course they had heard the whole story of Bob and Randy meeting Danny at the hotel and they knew Brandon was picking him up at the train station.  They were eager to meet the new boy, Eddie perhaps more so than Ben.  Eddie, with his usual exuberance, saw it as a new adventure, but Ben, the youngest of the three amigos, was less comfortable meeting new guys. 

When the truck pulled up at the gate Danny said, “I’m a bit nervous about meeting your buddies, dude.   I mean, it sounds like you three are real close, this ‘three amigos’ thing you got going, and I don’t wanna, like, barge in or anything.  Don’t get me wrong,  dude, I already feel like I’ve know you forever but … you three guys really do go way back.”

Brandon leaned over and kissed Danny on the lips.  “Dude, you’re full of shit.  Leave everything to me.  Besides, us guys have a surefire way of breaking the ice.”  Brandon opened the door, pulled his chair from behind his seat, unfolded it on the ground and lowered himself into it.  Then he rolled round to the other side, flung open the passenger door and said with a flourish, “Sir, welcome to my humble abode.”

“Asshole,” Danny chuckled as he got out of the truck and followed Brandon into the bungalow where Eddie and Ben were waiting for them.  Brandon played master of ceremonies and did the introductions.  The boys had ordered a jumbo pizza that sat on the kitchen table with four beers.   “We thought you’d be hungry,” said Ben rather shyly in the presence of this new boy.

They were soon munching away and swigging the beer, tentatively getting acquainted.  Eddie, naturally, had no reticence at all and gushed, “Dude, you look just like Brandon … the glasses and all.   Are you sure you’re not related?”  Danny was taken aback but Eddie ploughed on.

“Don’t knock it, dude.  I know it sounds like a soap opera but it’s already happened.  You know Randy, course you do …well this guy shows up, name of Steve … he’s a shrink, fancy Beverly Hills office and all, and totally drop dead gorgeous.  And, get this, he’s the spitting image of Randy … only a cleaned up version.  Randy slugged him on sight – that’s something he does – but guess what … turns out they’re brothers! … you know that thing, split up at birth … ‘course they came from this dirt poor gypsy family … oh sorry Ben, same family … anyway …”  

Brandon coughed loudly and Eddie finally took a breath.   “Oops, sorry, guys.   Talking too much as usual – that’s something do.  Hassan says I’m a real gusher, only he was talking about how much jizz I shoot, which is something else I do …”  He stopped, grinned and ran the tips of his fingers across his lips like a zipper and twisted them at the end like a key.”

Danny burst out laughing and Brandon said, “That zipper thing is something else he does, but it don’t mean shit ‘cos ten seconds later he’s talking again.”   Eddie protested, “Not true…” and in the friendly argument that followed between him and Brandon, Danny turned to Ben.  The youngest of the three amigos, Ben seemed to have shrunk into the background.  

“Now when it comes to look-alikes, Ben, you are the image of Randy, a younger version.”

“You mean the gypsy look,” Ben frowned, still smarting from Eddie’s mention of dirt-poor gypsies.   “Well, I should – I’m Randy’s kid brother.”

“Wow, lucky you.  And there’s nothing wrong with the gypsy look, dude.   It’s real sexy with that black hair and blue eyes.  Makes my cock get … oh, sorry, dude – too much information.”

“No, that’s OK” Ben said, warming to the new guy.  “My brother says you should never apologize for a hard on … most guys get boners looking at him.  That’s what you’ve got, right?”

“Sure do,” Danny laughed.  “Long and hard.”

“And that’s not surprising,” Brandon said, coming back into the conversation.  “Guys, listen up … two things you need to know about Danny here.  The last time he shot a load of jizz was over two weeks ago.”   There were shocked cries of, “No way … two weeks!!?  But Brandon waved them quiet.  “And the second thing is, his favorite sex act is getting his dick sucked … which … which he doesn’t get to do except once in a long while.”

Unable to restrain himself Eddie leapt to his feet and said, “Danny boy, welcome to the three amigos.  You’ve come to the right place.  I have taught these guys everything they… oops,” and he pursed his lips, resuming his fragile vow of silence.
 Brandon said, “What Eddie is trying to say is that he is the world champion of cock-suckers and he taught us everything he knows.  He used to work in a leather bar in the desert.  He was the bar-back but spent most of his time on his knees in the back room giving blow-jobs to all those leather guys.  What Eddie don’t know about sucking dick you could write on the head of a pin.  So come on, guys, let’s give Danny a real Three Amigos welcome.”

They made Danny stand and drop his shorts, and they looked in awe as his dick sprang out – not huge but one of those beautiful cocks that demand to be sucked.  All this uninhibited talk of cock-sucking had roused him to a raging hard-on.   

They sat Danny in a straight-back chair, his shorts round his ankles, and formed a semi-circle facing him, Brandon in his wheelchair flanked by Eddie and Ben on their knees.   Brandon said, “OK, Danny gets to choose who goes first.  He’s got two weeks of jizz build-up straining in those balls so whoever goes first better know how to swallow.”   

Danny found it a bit daunting to suddenly be the focus of attention but he joined in the high spirits, looked from one to the other, then said, “Ben … I choose Ben.”   Ben smiled, proud to have been the first choice.  Eddie had wanted to go last anyway as he knew his task would be the hardest and he loved a cock-sucking challenge. 

Brandon was delighted by the choice.  He had watched Danny talking to the shy young Ben, focusing warm attention on him, overcoming his reticence with kindness, and he knew how pleased Ben would be to be chosen. Brandon smiled at his new friend and said, “Great choice, dude.”  He knew from then on that he and Danny were going to be best buddies.

Ben shuffled moved forward on his knees and smiled up at Danny who was turned on by the dark gypsy face with its pale blue eyes just like Randy’s, and long black hair falling over his square-cut features.    Ben leaned forward and licked Danny’s balls, then opened wide, took them in his mouth and ran his tongue over them.  He heard Danny breathing fast and knew that he couldn’t hold out long, with that huge backlog of jism straining for release.  Had to be quick.

He buried his face in Danny’s pubic hair, then ran his tongue up the length of his cock to the head where he licked the pre-cum oozing from it.  He could feel the cock pulsing and knew he was close.   He sucked the head into his mouth and quickly, smoothly took it in his mouth and down his throat.

"Aaah … oh fuck,” Danny gasped running his fingers through Ben’s tousled hair.  He braced for a pounding … which never came.   Instead Ben used one of the classic moves Eddie had taught him.  With the cock deep in his throat he swallowed, clenching his throat muscles hard round the stiff rod.   He swallowed again and again and the pulsing movement seemed to be drawing juice out of the shuddering cock.

Danny had never felt anything like this and he moaned, “Oh god.  That’s incredible dude.  Oh shit, you’re making me cum.  I can’t hold back … I’m cuuuming … aaagh …”  

Brandon had been right.   It was a river flowing down Ben’s throat and it took all his skill to swallow quickly, gulping it down without spilling a drop.   When the flood abated he pulled back and grinned up at Danny, who leaned forward and clamped his mouth over Ben’s, sucking in the remains of his own jizz.

“Ben, that was sensational.   Thank you, man.  But I’m sorry I shot my load so soon.”

Ben smiled, “My bother also said another thing you should never apologize for is cumming, especially in another guy’s mouth or his ass.   I loved drinking your jizz, dude.”

“My turn next,” said Brandon, rolling himself forward to take Ben’s place.  But Danny protested, “Dude, I just shot a bucketful.   Let me rest for a while before you …”

“Nothing doing, Danny boy.  You’ve had a two-week dry spell so we gotta make up for it.   Anyway, you haven’t lost your hard-on so …”   Brandon took off his glasses, leaned forward and in one quick move swallowed his new friend’s cock – the first of many times, he hoped.   And this time Danny got a real cock-sucking, with Brandon’s face pounding up and down on his stiff rod.   He teased it by pulling all the way back, pursing his lips and rubbing them back and forth over the hard, ultra-sensitive corona of the head.

The incredible sensation excited Danny for sure, but it was more than that.  In the short time he had known Brandon he already felt an intimacy, an affection for him, along with sexual desire.   So as he looked down at him now – at the intensity on his eager face, wanting to please, teasing his cock – a feeling close to love swept over Danny.  It was heightened by a sense of enormous respect for this brave kid who had fought against his handicap and become totally independent, in control, confident … and sexy.

All these powerful feelings now combined to produce what Danny had thought impossible – a second orgasm.   “Oh man, that feels so great … you look so hot sucking my dick … you’re gonna make me … oh fuck … here it comes buddy … aaah!”   With a deep sigh he spurted a stream of juice down Brandon’s throat which he drank thirstily.  

As he had with Ben, Danny pulled Brandon’s face toward him, and this time the kiss lasted a long time, until Eddie’s insistent voice broke in.  “Hey, cool it you guys, don’t hog all the action.   I’m still here, ya know, and drooling.  You let me get a taste of that cock and I promise I won’t say another word all day.”

“Fat chance,” Brandon said and they all burst out laughing.  But Danny pleaded.   “You gotta count me out, dude.  I just came twice in succession … no way I can go for a third.   Look, my cock is as limp as cold spaghetti.”

Eddie looked affronted.  “Hey, dude, this is me, Eddie, cock sucker par excellence – excuse my French.  Listen, pal, I have never met a limp dick that I can’t get hard in ten seconds flat.   Here, I’ll prove it.”   He pushed Brandon aside, took hold of Danny’s cock … and swallowed it whole. 

Danny’s eyes opened wide as he felt a whole new sensation, starting in his cock and racing through his body.  Eddie was using every trick in his book on Danny, whose cock grew stiff in a lot less than ten seconds.   “What’s he doing to me?” said Danny as he felt his cock squeezed, rubbed, teased and buried in Eddie’s expert mouth.   He looked down and marveled at the concentration on Eddie’s face as he went to work on him.  

Eddie pulled off for a second and grinned up at Danny.   “What’d I tell you, dude?”  Hard in five seconds, gushing in sixty.   “Aaah,” Danny sighed as he felt the heat of Eddie’s mouth wrap round his cock again and … and the unbelievable happened.   He felt cum oozing from his cock in the back of Eddie’s throat – not exactly a gusher after all the jizz he had already spouted, but enough to prove Eddie right and reaffirm his position as “world champion cock sucker.”


The guys were laughing uncontrollably when suddenly Danny looked up to see a tall, uniformed man standing in the doorway.  He shot to his feet, pulled up his shorts, pushed his cock inside and clumsily tried to button them up.   “I’m sorry, sir,” he blushed, “I didn’t know …” 

“Hey, it’s OK.  Didn’t anyone tell you you don’t have to apologize for having sex around here?”

“Told you so,” Ben murmured with a dig in the ribs.  

The handsome Ranger held out his hand and said, “I’m Pete and Brandon’s my boy.   You must be Danny I’ve been hearing about.  I hope my boy’s been taking good care of you.”  He looked around and chuckled.  “I guess he has judging by the strong smell of jizz in the room.  Hi, Eddie, Ben … and you, you young rascal,” he ruffled Brandon’s hair and bent down to kiss him.

“Sir, I didn’t expect you back so soon,” Brandon said.  “We were just saying hello to Danny here, making him feel at home.   I was hoping to take him down to the house to meet the twins ‘coz Bob says that’s real important.”

“Go ahead, kid, no problem, I’ve got my report to write up.  But come straight back up here.  It’s been a rough day and I’m horny.  And right after dinner I want you in my bed.  I’m gonna fuck you and then spend the whole night with you in my arms, OK?”

“Absolutely, sir,” Brandon beamed.   “Guys. Could you tidy up in here?  Danny and me have a date with a kitchen.”


“Now you’re gonna get to see the tribe’s main house,” Brandon said as they went the short distance down the hill, Danny making an effort to keep up with the fast-moving wheelchair.  “It’s more of a compound really.  Randy and Bob live in the master suite and the other guys live in the house too, or in their own houses nearby.   Bob was real insistent that you meet the twins and, as you know, whatever Bob says goes.”

When they went through the gate the house was unusually quiet, with no-one around.  The only sounds came from the kitchen and that’s where they headed.   The sight that met their eyes when they went it was familiar to Brandon but riveting for Danny. Two beautiful young men, absolutely identical, were working hard and harmoniously preparing food.  Dressed in their customary shorts and white T-shirts that showed off their finely contoured lean physiques, their movements around the spacious kitchen were gracefully coordinated.   

They broke their concentration as the two boys entered and Danny was treated to gleaming twin smiles.  “Hey, guys,” Brandon said, this is Danny.   Bob said I must bring him to you without fail, so here he is, signed, sealed, sucked and delivered … oops did I say that?  Freudian slip, sorry.   Listen, I gotta get back to Pete.  He had that look in his eye that means he needs … an appetizer before dinner.  So Danny, I’ll leave you with the twins and see you at dinner.”  He kissed him on the cheek and grinned, “Glad you’re here, dude,” then wheeled himself away.

The twins walked forward and shook Danny’s hand in turn.  “Good to meet you Danny, I’m Kyle …”  “… and I’m Kevin – Bob has told us all about you.”   Dazzled by these gorgeous brothers Danny realized they spoke in sequence, their thoughts overlapping, and he had the odd impression he was meeting just one guy – doubled.  The other fact that surprised him was that he had a boner in his shorts, even after his triple orgasm with the amigos.

He stammered, “Hi, guys … are you the …?

“We’re the chefs Bob wanted you to meet, yes,” said Kyle.   Kevin added, “What he may not have told you is that we are his boys.” 

“You mean…?”

“Yes.  He gave us a chance when we were homeless and drifting, and now he’s our master and … well, often shares our bed.”   Danny’s mind was reeling as he flashed on the image of that spectacular muscle-god making love to these handsome brothers.

“We cook all the meals for the tribe,” Kyle said, but today’s a light day for us.  It’s Friday, when a lot of the guys go out for dinner.   Only about a dozen guys here to cook for.”

“A dozen?  You call that a light day?” Danny laughed.

“Sure.  Sometimes there can be almost twice that many. It can get real hard to cope sometimes.  The other boys help out but they’ve got their own jobs, so it’s basically us.   Bob insists that we’ve gotta hire an assistant but the difficulty is finding the right guy.  See, although we cook for so many, we insist on providing gourmet food and the guys have come to except it.  Plus you saw how closely we work together in the kitchen and the boys tend to get under our feet.”

Something unspoken hung in the air until Kevin said tentatively, “Er, Bob mentioned that you’ve done some cooking, Danny.”

Danny’s eyes gleamed.   “Yeah, I love it.   I worked in a big hotel in Seattle.  I was the assistant pastry chef, and I was real good too until … well until the chef came on to me and said if I didn’t … you know.”

The twins glanced at each other.  “Yeah, we get it, dude.  That’s why we left the restaurant we worked in.  Look, Danny, we have to carry on preparing dinner.  You wanna give us a hand?”

Again that gleam in the eye. “Could I?  That would be great.  I love the kitchen you got here, almost like a restaurant kitchen.   Do you, er … do you know what you’re doing for dessert?”

“Huh, haven’t got that far yet.  Maybe just berries and yoghurt again.”  The twins again exchanged smiles and Kevin said, “Why, you got something special in mind?”

“Well, how about chocolate soufflé served in individual dishes.   Do you have enough soufflé dishes, lots of eggs and semi-sweet chocolate?”

“Ta-da,” they both said with a flourish, opening a big walk in pantry with everything Danny could want.  “But soufflé is a bit labor intensive.  You sure?”

“Sure I’m sure.  Try me.”   Danny washed his hands, the twins gave him an apron and he went to work.  As they moved round the kitchen the twins glanced at Danny frequently, his intense concentration as he energetically whisked egg whites in an unlined copper bowl.  “Soufflé is all about the eggs,” he said cheerfully, “and the timing”.   He soon became familiar with the kitchen and was careful not to get in their way.  The twins were impressed.  

There was only one problem.  As Danny worked he kept glancing at the twins and realized that their close coordination was not restricted to their cooking.  They were affectionate with each other … more than affectionate.   Between tasks they kissed each other, groped each other casually and, hard as it was to believe, Danny realized that these beautiful twins were lovers.   He felt pre-cum oozing from his cock and knew that he had to have release.  So he excused himself and went to the bathroom next door.

He pulled out his cock, looked into the mirror and saw not himself but the twins who he imagined naked in bed.  Did they make love?  Did they actually fuck?  And when Bob was with them, did he fuck both of them.  Or … or did they fuck him?  That thought pushed him over the edge and he shot a long ribbon of cum over the mirror.  

Confused, embarrassed, he frantically cleaned the mirror, stuffed his cock back in his shorts, washed his hands and went back to the kitchen.  When he appeared he was breathing hard, his face was flushed and his eyes sparkling.    The twins exchanged grins and Kyle asked, “Dude, did you just jerk off in there?”

“No,” Danny protested impulsively, but as the brothers smiled at him he shrugged, “Well yeah, I did.  That obvious uh?  Look, I’m sorry guys, but I don’t think this is gonna work.  I can’t work with you in the kitchen ‘cos … well, you’re both such a huge turn-on.  You’re so damn gorgeous I’d get distracted and keep creaming my shorts.  I love this kitchen but it …it just wouldn’t work.”

“Danny,” Kevin interrupted.  “Where are you gonna sleep tonight?”

Startled by this out-of-the blue question he stammered, “I, er … I don’t know.  I kinda thought it might be with Brandon but Pete says he wants Brandon in his bed, so …”

“So sleep with us,” Kyle said.  “Our apartment is right here above the kitchen, we have a king-size bed – and we don’t snore.”   Kevin added, “Besides, Bob always says it’s important for employers to get to know a prospective employee really well.  Think of it as part of your job orientation.  Damn, I hope you don’t think we’re like that sleazy chef who came on to you …”

“No, I don’t think that … I mean, yes … yes, I’d love to, sir.  I mean, dude … I mean … what should I call you?”

Kyle smiled, “Oh, Kyle, Kevin, dude, anything but sir.  We’ll have to clear it with Bob, but right now you gotta get back to that soufflé.  You said it was all in the eggs and the timing.”


Dinner that evening was an unusual affair for several reasons.  First, as the twins had said, it was a relatively small group – at first only Bob and Randy … Pablo, Darius and Thomas … Eddie and Ben.   The other guys had gone out to various restaurants for dinner, a common Friday-night treat.   All except Pete and Brandon, who made their appearance with a glow about them.  Evidently Brandon had provided the pre-dinner ‘appetizer’ he knew Pete needed.  

The new boys in the house were the focus of interest, of course.   Everyone knew by now of Thomas’s initiation by Pablo and Darius at the construction site and of Randy’s plans for him as Pablo’s boy.   Dressed in old, grubby clothes he had pulled from the dirty laundry in the trailer, Thomas was sitting between Darius and Pablo.  

He had been told that he would be spending the night in the house across the street with Darius and a guy called Zack, whoever that was.  Bob sat opposite him and chatted to him casually, trying to ease the culture shock he felt at his transition from arrogant boss to boy’s boy.

Suddenly Danny appeared from the kitchen with a tray of salads.  Thomas looked up in shock at this reminder of his other life where he was the manager and Danny was his staff.  His brashness resurfaced and he blurted out, “What the fuck are you doing here?”   But Pablo pierced him with a menacing glare he had learned from Randy and he shrank back in obedient silence.   Randy grinned at Bob with a proud that’s-my-boy look.  Score one for Pablo.  Danny took it all in stride and ignored Thomas, feeling newly empowered by his work with the twins.  

But Thomas was in for still another shock.   He gasped as the gate was flung open and in strode the kind of man he thought existed only in homoerotic porn.  He was a tall black alpha male, heavily muscled with a shaved head, square-jaw, chiseled features and a steely look in his gray eyes.  He was wearing black jeans and boots, shirtless except for a black leather vest flapping open over his sculpted chest.

Thomas felt his knees go weak and his cock get rock hard.   The man came over to Darius and kissed him hard on the lips.  Darius murmured something in his ear and he looked at Thomas.

“Hey,” he said, “the name’s Zack.   So you’re the new guy.  Seems you’re gonna be spending the night with me and my boy.”  He looked him up and down, inspecting him.   “Yeah, you should do fine.  We’ll soon find out.”  Then he went and sat next to Randy and ignored Thomas for the rest of the meal.  ‘We’ll soon find out?’ Thomas wondered.  What did that mean?

The final surprise was announced by the twins.  Danny had left the table half an hour ago and on his signal from the kitchen window Kyle said, “And now gentlemen, a special treat for you, courtesy of Danny.”  

He appeared with a large tray that he set on a side table.  “Chocolate soufflé” he announced, placing individual dishes before each of them, with a brown crust rising perfectly above the rim.  Kevin smiled, “The first of many fine desserts we hope – a sign of things to come.”

Surprised, the men dug their spoons into the soft crust and took their first taste.  “Oh shit,” Randy said.   “Man this is so fucking good it’s gonna make me cum in my shorts.”

Bob grinned, “The word you’re searching for, Randy, is ‘orgasmic’.”

“Yeah that too.  You made this, boy?   Shit damn, you gotta stick around, kid, even if I have to chain you to the damn kitchen.”

Laughter swept the table and a wave of relief swept over Danny as Brandon grinned at him with two thumbs up.


And so, it seemed, a new chapter had begun for the tribe, featuring boy’s boys and magical desserts.  As the meal ended and couples paired off, the two newcomers felt nervous and exhilarated, a mixture they would find familiar over the coming weeks. Zack threw his arm round Darius and looked over his shoulder at Thomas.  “Come with us, boy.  Let’s see what you got.”

And Danny was soon nervously climbing the stairs from the kitchen to the apartment above.  He tapped on the door and a cheerful voice called, “Come in.”   When he entered he stood rooted to the spot.  The handsome brothers, flawlessly naked, were lying on their backs on the bed, shoulder to shoulder, one hand lying gently on the other’s cock.   Twin faces smiled up at him.  

“Welcome,” Kevin said.  “To the tribe, the kitchen … and our bed.”   Kyle laughed, “Come on, Danny – don’t be shy.”

Danny shyly stripped naked before them.  He hesitated … then took off his glasses, grinned and shrugged, “Oh what the hell.   When in Rome …”  

And he launched himself onto the bed between them.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength - Chapter 293


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