Grady, the handsome young actor (and former underwear model) had had the doubtful privilege of sexual encounters with both brothers, so alike in looks, so different in temperament. The young jock had been fucked by both of them - erotically by one, brutally by the other.

Doctor Steve had taken Grady on as a therapy patient and ended up in a wild sexual fantasy with him, living out Steve's fantasies of when he had first seen Grady on a giant billboard and imagined the things he would do to him. Although Steve had fought against his attraction to the muscular young model, passionate sex had been the inevitable result.

But later Steve had to leave for a while on an emergency visit to a patient, leaving Grady alone by the pool. And that's when the raging gypsy brother, Randy, had shown up, enraged that Grady had "messed with my brother's mind". When Grady had resisted Randy's command to leave his brother alone the ferocious gypsy had applied his usual far-from-gentle persuasion.

Fueled by irrational anger Randy had tortured him, tied him down to the deck, dry fucked him, then shoved a huge butt plug in his ass. Tears poured down the athlete's face as he struggled against the ropes binding his hands above him, sobbing, "I can't take that, man .... take it out ... I've had enough."

But Randy really knew how to torment a man. He leaned forward and Grady found himself staring once more into the ice blue eyes. And suddenly Randy was kissing him, their mouths grinding against each other, lips, tongues, churning in a mind-blowing outburst of mutual male passion. Then suddenly it stopped and Randy sprang to his feet.

"Just so you'll remember me, asshole. Remember that mouth on yours, feel that plug in your ass .... and remember me. Next time you want sex from my family you come to me and I'll be more than happy to plough that gorgeous ass. Just leave my brother alone. Get it?"

But still Grady defied him. "Let's just wait and see what Steve says about that."

Randy laughed. "Don't look to Steve for help. Like I said, I'm his big brother and he'll do what I tell him. Even when he finds out what I did to his boy toy he won't retaliate against his brother. Ain't gonna happen. So long, stud. You're one hot mother-fucker, I'll give you that."


Suddenly Grady was alone, stretched in bondage, the plug in his ass reminding him of the pain of the savage fuck that had made him bust his load. He closed his eyes and waited for Steve to return. He wasn't sure how much time passed before he at last heard a vehicle pull up and heavy footsteps sounded on the gravel drive. As they came closer he moaned, "Help me .... Steve ... help me."

But the vehicle was not Steve's BMW. It was a military jeep. Hassan had come home and was walking past the house down to his guest house when he heard the low moaning coming from Steve and Lloyd's deck.

Grady still had his eyes closed against the sun as he heard with relief Steve's footsteps coming closer. But when he opened his eyes it wasn't Steve. He was looking up at a soldier - a tall muscular Marine in military fatigues and a sleeveless shirt hanging open exposing his broad shoulders, eight-pack abs and the slabs of his pecs, his dog tags hanging in the cleft between them. The square, chiseled face was dark, exotic, with slanted eyes and short black hair.

Grady thought he was hallucinating. It was a pornographic illusion. But then he heard the deep, accented voice as the soldier said, "Holy shit. Who the hell are you?"

"Man," Hassan said, "Steve sure knows how to pick 'em - you're fucking beautiful, man. And he sure knows what to do with them. I always suspected the gentle doctor had a bit of the rough buried in him - he's Randy's brother after all - but somehow I never expected him to go this far. Looks like he fucked you and tied you to the deck with a plug in your ass .... man that's cold."

Grady stared up at the spectacular Marine and felt an involuntary stiffening of his cock despite the pain in his ass from Randy's dry fuck and the plug shoved deep inside. But he felt fear too and moaned, "Don't hurt me anymore, solider." He had visions of getting serially gang fucked by Steve, his savage brother and now this muscle-god Marine. Which is why he didn't mention that it was Randy who had tied him down and brutalized his ass.

Hassan laughed, "Hell, I'm not gonna hurt you, stud. Right now you belong to my buddy Steve, so I'll leave you right where he left you. But until he gets back I'm sure he wouldn't mind me paying my respects." He yanked open his fatigue pants and pulled out his huge chunk of prime beef that was already hard. "You're way too hot for me to let it go to waste, big guy."

"I can't take that, man," Grady groaned. "My ass is so fucking sore."

"Hey, I'm not gonna fuck you, man. Like I said, I just wanna make a small gesture of my appreciation for a seriously hot young buck, looking even more gorgeous tied down by Steve. Here comes the gesture...." Standing astride him Hassan began to stroke his cock in his man-size fist, pointing it down at Grady's face.

Confused and nervous as he was Grady was blown away by the sight of this magnificent soldier, his shoulders and biceps bulging as he beat his meat, and the exotic, slanted dark eyes staring down at him. Hassan grinned as he saw the man's cock rising up erect out of his pubic hair. "Hey, not so beat up, I see. Your cojones are evidently still intact for you to get a boner like that. How about this, buddy?"

Hassan shrugged off his shirt and Grady moaned, "Oh shit" as he stared up, dazzled by the muscular Marine - stripped to the waist with his dog tags hanging down on his chest, the wide belt of his fatigues tight round his narrow waist. "You are smoking hot, soldier .... Fucking awesome. Forget what I said about not fucking me. I'll take anything from you, man."

"Nah, Hassan laughed. "Not this time, stud. Steve left that plug in your ass for a reason - to warn anyone off. That ass belongs to him."

"No that's not how it was, soldier. It wasn't even..."

"Whatever," Hassan grinned, "all I know is I'm damn close to blowing my wad. He lowered himself onto his knees, just below Grady's balls, so their rigid poles touched. He wrapped both hands round both cocks, squeezing them together ... and started to pump.

Grady threw his head back and moaned, feeling his cock locked in the big hands and sliding against the soldier's stiff rod. Then he stared up at the spectacular torso. With his fists clenched in front of him Hassan was in a classic bodybuilder pose, his shoulders, arms and pecs flexing as he worked on both their dicks.

The pain in Grady's ass melted away as he focused on the rugged Marine grinding their cocks together. The sight, the sensation, were intoxicating and he moaned, "You're gonna make me cum, soldier. I wanna see you spill your load all over me."

"Let's do it, stud," Hassan grinned. "Both together. Shit that's hot ... you look fucking beautiful, man ..... I'm gonna cum ... yeah, oh yeah ... here it cums, man .... Aaagh! Two screams filled the air as their cocks erupted simultaneously with twin jets of sperm splashing over the bound jock's writhing body.

Hassan released Grady's cock, leaned forward and blasted the last jets of cum into his face and his open mouth. Grady swallowed the soldier's sperm, frantically gulping down the juice spurting from his massive cock.

Hassan gazed down at the athlete's handsome, cum-splattered face. "Awesome, man ... fucking awesome." He stood up, towering over Grady, and grinned. "Just a token of my appreciation, stud. Now I'll leave you to the tender mercies of Steve. You're his guy after all."

But after the exhilaration of sex with the Marine, Grady was suddenly overwhelmed by the anguish of his predicament. His orgasm had made his body tense and his ass muscles constrict round the plug jammed in it. Now, as his muscles relaxed all the pain flooded back in his ass even worse than before.

"No," he sobbed, "don't leave me. Untie me. You don't understand ... it wasn't Steve did this to me. Steve was great ... it was ...."

"Yeah Steve's a great guy, but hey, that sounds like his car pulling up now. I'll just thank him for the pleasure of spilling my load over his gorgeous prisoner and see if he'll let me stick around a bit longer. I wanna watch him in action."


Having treated his depressed patient and dispatched him to the psych ward, Steve had hurried back home, looking forward to a relaxing afternoon with Grady in the sun. But as he came out of the house to the deck he stopped in shock. Grady was tied down to the deck, a plug sticking out of his ass, and a shirtless Hassan was standing over him, shaking the last drops of cum over him then stuffing his cock back in his fatigues.

Steve ran forward and shoved Hassan. "What the fuck have you done, man? Have you totally lost your mind?" He raised his hand to strike him but a startled Hassan grabbed his wrist.

"Now hold on Steve .... wait a goddam minute here. I found your buddy here like this. You left him tied up with his ass stuffed, so I just busted my load over him. He shot his jizz too. It was harmless - I didn't think you'd react like this, though."

"You crazy? I didn't do this. Shit, this is fucking brutal." He knelt beside Grady and said gently, "Relax, buddy. I'm gonna take this out." Holding the handle of the plug he slowly eased it back out of his ass, watching his friend's face wince with the throbbing pain. Finally it was out and he said, "Now take a few deep breaths and relax Grady." He looked down at his ass. "Seems to be no real damage despite the pain. Were you fucked too?"

Recovering slowly Grady said, "Yeah ... it was kinda brutal too .... a dry fuck, huge dick."

"Holy shit," Steve said, untying his wrists. Steve looked up accusingly at Hassan who shrugged.

"Hey, like I said, doc, not guilty. But if I didn't do this and neither did you, who the fuck did?"

Steve suddenly inhaled sharply. "Grady, have you had a visit from my brother?"

Grady sighed. "Yeah ... I didn't wanna tell you 'cos I don't wanna stir up trouble between brothers. But this Randy seemed real pissed off at me being here. Said he's the head of your family, he takes care of you and he'd bust me up if I didn't get out of your life."

Steve had gone white with anger, which he tried to control. "Oh, he said that, did he?"

"Yeah, and I was dumb enough to defy him. I lost my cool, called him a mother-fucker and said I wasn't going anywhere. He went ape-shit and, well, you can see what he did. But let it drop, Steve. He's your big brother after all and he said you always do what he tells you. Said you wouldn't dare retaliate, so please don't. If it helps calm the waters I'll go away like he said."

"The hell you will! Here, Hassan, help me get him up on the chaise here .... Good, that's better. Man, I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions when I came home. I should have known you'd never do anything like this. Has Randy's fingerprints all over it."

"Hey, no sweat, doc. I'd have reacted the same way, seeing me standing over the guy with the smoking gun in my hand ... only in this case a dripping cock," Hassan grinned. "So you're not throwing me out of your guesthouse, then?"

"Asshole." Steve managed a weak smile. "Look I gotta go sort this out, so could you stay here and take care of Grady while I'm gone? You know where the drinks and the food are."

"I'd be honored," Hassan smiled. "Don't worry about us, just take care of yourself. Remember, you're a man of words but Randy's a man of action. So be careful."

"Thanks for the warning, buddy, but I know what I'm doing. Grady, I'll make all this up to you when I get back, OK?" Steve turned on his heel and strode determinedly away.

Hassan turned to Grady and smiled broadly. "I don't think we were formally introduced. The name's Hassan."

"Grady." They shook hands and Hassan said, "Man, I really behaved like an ass when I assumed Steve had tied you up. I would have released you right away had I know it was ...."

"Apology not necessary, Hassan, you weren't to know since I kept my mouth shut. Anyway," he grinned, "if you had untied me I would never have got that nice hot shower you gave me. I can still taste it." But then his smiled faded and he sighed. "Oh Jesus, I seem to have stirred up a real hornet's nest don't I? Are those two brothers gonna be OK?"

"Not your fault, man. And don't worry. Like I said, the doc is a man of words, hates violence." He paused thoughtfully. "Though he did have a look in his eye that I've never seen before.


It was not only the look in his eye - it was the fire in his belly, a rage that only increased as he drove down to Randy's house. On the most basic level Steve was enraged at what his brother had done to Grady, inflicting brutal punishment on a gentle, fun-loving young man who had done nothing wrong except had the misfortune to fall for Steve.

But Steve's anger went deeper than that, a fury that reared up from the swamp of sibling rivalry. It was the sheer arrogance of Randy, assuming that he could control the lives of his brothers and practically everyone else around him. How dare he intervene so brutally in Steve's life, trying to control him and deciding who he should be friends with and make love to.

What had he told Grady ... that his brother Steve 'always did what Randy told him to do', that he 'would never retaliate'? Son of a bitch. So apparently he needed to get Randy's approval for every move he made! Who the hell did the arrogant mother-fucker think he was?

It probably all came from Randy's insecurity, Steve reasoned, applying his psychotherapist's expertise. And that no doubt led to jealousy - the rough construction worker versus the elegant, successful Beverly Hills doctor. And then when he had seen Steve's latest friend, the gorgeous young model, his envy had make him strike out. Yeah, that was the problem.

"What the fuck am I doing?" Steve suddenly said out loud, angry at himself. "I'm making damned excuses for him again, like I always do ... analyzing away his arrogance and brutality. When the fuck does it stop? And who's gonna stop him? Me, that's who! Right now!" Shit damn, he fumed, the son of a bitch tortured my friend, that gorgeous man who had harmed no one - he tied him to the ground, dry fucked him and left him writhing with a butt-plug in his ass."

Steve squeezed the steering wheel with a white-knuckle grip, his jaw clenched and his eyes blazed as his rage reached its peak.


When Randy had arrived home most of the men and boys were grouped anxiously around the pool. They had become aware of Randy's absence soon after he left and guessed right away where he had gone. And now as he sauntered in looking smugly pleased with himself in his usual jeans, boots and frayed tank top, they knew for sure that he had "taken care" of Steve and his "boy toy."

He sat down, lolled back in his chair and stretched out his legs on the table, boots and all. "Hey," he shouted, "who do you have to fuck to get a beer around here?" The twins ran up nervously with a beer and a snack, set it before him and then retreated behind Bob. Randy ostentatiously banged off the bottle cap on the edge of the table, took a swig of beer and rubbed his forearm across his mouth with a deep sigh of satisfaction. All eyes were on him and he knew it. The heavy silence was broken by Bob's calm voice.

"Randy, what have you done?"

"Done! What have I done? I've done what any self-respecting guy would do to protect his brother. Like I said, any man who messes with my brothers messes with me. I said it wouldn't be pretty and it wasn't ... though actually the asshole looked pretty damned hot when I'd finished with him," Randy grinned. "Let's just say the guy won't be showing his face around Steve's place again any time soon.

"And you, Lloyd ...." Randy raised his bottle in a salute to Lloyd who was sitting nervously with Jamie on the office steps. "You and Steve are as solid as ever. Your rival's out of the picture."

Lloyd stood up, "If you did anything to Steve I'll...."

"Nah, he wasn't even home when I took care of the asshole. Hey that sounds like Steve's Beemer pulling up now. Ask him yourself."


A car door slammed, footsteps crunched on the gravel .... and the gate crashed open. It was Steve alright, but Steve like they had never seen him before. Backlit by the sun he loomed like an action hero avenger, legs apart, fists clenched at his sides. Wearing jeans, boots and an old T-shirt, his blazing eyes focused on one man - his self-satisfied brother, legs stretched on the table, tilting his chair back.

There was dead silence as Steve strode across the garden to the table. Even the breeze died and the group collectively held its breath. Randy looked up at Steve with a smug grin on his face - and that was the last straw. Steve sneered ominously, "Who the hell do you think you are?" He grabbed the back of Randy's tilted chair and yanked it over backward, sending the big gypsy sprawling on the ground, stunned.

Flushed with anger Steve looked at the astonished gazes round the table. "This man has flouted all the rules of your tribe and of common decency. He came to my house uninvited and unprovoked and attacked a young friend of mine. He tied him up, tortured him by dry fucking him, then left him in agony with a plug in his ass. He's an animal - and no brother of mine."

Recovering from his fall Randy's fighting instincts told him what came next and he reacted the only way he knew how - with a preemptive strike. He shot out his arm, grabbed Steve's leg and jerked it out from under him. With the lightning reflexes of a street fighter, Randy was on Steve the instant he crashed to the ground on his back. He knelt over him, straddling his waist, pulled his arms down at his sides and trapped them by kneeling on them hard on the ground. At his brother's mercy Steve stared helplessly up at him.

With a triumphant leer Randy mocked him. "You really think you can beat me, little brother? You should have stayed behind your fancy desk in your fancy office dishing out that psychobabble of yours. The streets are no place for a wimp like you, 'cos bad things'll happen ... like this ...."

With both hands he yanked on the neck of Steve's T-shirt and ripped it open over his chest. "Yeah, you're a big mother-fucker like me," Randy said, running his hands over the contours of Steve's sculpted chest. Runs in the family I guess - but that's where the resemblance ends. 'Cos I'm the boss of our family and any brother who badmouths me, here's what he gets.

Steve howled in pain as Randy squeezed his nipples, using his fingernails to cut into them. "Yeah, I like to hear my brother scream. I could rip your tits clear off, you'd like that, eh bro? You had enough? Maybe you'd prefer this." He pulled the torn shirt back off his chest and growled, "Great pecs, man. Think they can take this....?"

He began his notorious pec-punching attack, slamming his fists down hard as Steve flexed his muscles to withstand the onslaught. His handsome face writhed in pain and he yelled with each vicious blow inflicted by the wild eyed, long-haired gypsy.

Lloyd couldn't take anymore and walked toward the battle to help his lover. But as he passed the table Zack pulled him down beside him on the bench. "No," he said decisively to Lloyd and the other men who, agonized at watching Steve's beating and humiliation, were about to intervene. "It's between the brothers - it's been building a long time and it has to run its course. Randy's gone way over the line this time, but it's Steve's fight, not ours."

But Steve was clearly losing the fight almost as soon as it began. Randy was now toying with him, slapping his face to punctuate his words. "Trouble with you, bro, you don't know what's good for you. You and Lloyd belong together and that pretty boy toy had muscled his way in, so your big brother's gotta slap some sense into you." Steve groaned as his face jerked from side to side under the blows.

"I can see why you fell for him, he's a real hot looking guy. Shit I told him that me and him would make good fuck buddies. When I fucked him and kissed him he reacted like every man does with me - he couldn't get enough. He'll come crawling to me soon enough and I'll be happy to take him off your hands and out of your life. After I've finished with you here I'll probably go back up there and fuck him again and, trust me, he'll be begging for more."

Randy's words tortured Steve even more than the blows to his body. Deep down he knew that Randy was capable of doing everything he claimed. It was not an empty boast. Through his pain he stared up at his triumphant brother with a look of searing hate. Adrenaline raced through his body, stoking his fury, charging him with a power he had never felt before.

With a mighty effort he pulled on his right arm and agonizingly slid it out from under Randy's knee. Catching the over-confident Randy by surprise Steve clamped his free hand round his brother's throat and squeezed it in a merciless vise. Randy choked and wrapped both hands round Steve's wrists trying to pull it off. But, with the strength of an enraged bull Steve yelled, "Not this time, asshole. I'll fucking kill you, man. I'm gonna fucking kill you.

Randy's eyes bulged as he felt the hand strangling him. His own hands lost their strength and he felt himself being forced over to the side. He tried to resist but his head was spinning, his vision blurring and he heard his brother's howl of triumph as he pushed Randy off him and sent him sprawling on the ground, coughing and grabbing his throat.

This time it was Steve whose reflexes ruled as he locked a weakened Randy in the same trap he had been in. Normally Randy could power out of any hold but this time the weight and intensity of the raging man pinning his arms to the ground with his knees defeated him. It was his turn to stare helplessly up at the blazing eyes and flex in anticipation of the coming attack.

And the attack was brutal. Steve had, as he himself would have acknowledged, climbed down in the gutter with Randy with the same gypsy savagery - no inhibitions, no holds barred. He whaled into him with his fists, with the combined strength of muscle, fury and adrenaline. Randy was famously able to withstand a beating but this one made him roar in pain.

The time for lectures was over. All Steve uttered was a guttural, "Kill you, man, I'll fucking kill you," as he slammed the back of his fist against the stubbled jaw, one side then the other. The agonized face twisted in pain, the long black hair flew across the rugged gypsy features.

Randy tried desperately to pull his arm free as Steve had done but he was not driven by the same implacable rage as his brother. Steve stared at the demon face but kept seeing in his mind the tortured features of the handsome young man Randy had brutalized and humiliated. "Mother fucker!" he yelled like a battle cry as he continued to swing his fists.

Finally he jumped to his feet and stood astride the battered gypsy who was still clutching his throat and choking. "Well," Steve sneered, "at least I've wiped the smug grin off your face. The King of the Gypsies has been thrashed. But I'm not finished with you, asshole, not even close."

He hooked his boot under Randy and flipped him over on his stomach. "Get up, man ... get up!" Slowly, painfully Randy dragged himself up on his hands and knees. Steve leaned forward and laced his arms under Randy's armpits from behind, over his chest and linked his hands behind Randy's neck. He hauled him to his feet in a brutal full-nelson hold, then half-pushed, half dragged him to a tree and slammed him face-first into it.

To the sound of the gypsy's deep-throated groans Steve used the leverage of his hands linked behind Randy's head to bang his face into the tree again and again. Finally he grabbed Randy's wrist, swung him round by his arm and sent him reeling backwards, slamming back-first against the tree, knocking him almost senseless. Steve stared at the muscular construction worker sagging against the tree, his tank top ripped and his knees buckling.

But the battle-hardened Randy was not broken easily. He shook his head and his survival reflexes kicked in. Acting on instinct alone he reached deep inside him and found a hidden reserve of strength. He raised his leg, pressed his boot against Steve's chest and shoved hard, sending Steve staggering backward and crashing to the ground on his back. Randy sprang forward with the howl of a wounded animal.

Stunned, Steve looked up and saw the maddened bull charging toward him. But at the last minute Steve raised his leg and jammed his boot on his chest. Using Randy's forward momentum, Steve jerked his leg back and sent Randy sailing clear over him, flying through the air as if in slow motion. He flipped over in mid-air and smashed to the ground on his back with an agonized scream ..... "Aaaagh!"

Steve sprang to his feet and towered over the fallen giant. "Get up," he snarled. Randy groaned and made a feeble attempt to move but slumped back on the ground. Steve grabbed Randy's tank, pulled his torso off the ground and slapped his face as he growled, "I... said... get... up... asshole." Randy struggled, his tank ripped clear off and he crashed back to the ground. Steve held the ragged tank triumphantly in the air, hooked his boot under the shirtless hunk and flipped him over on his belly.

Steve leaned down and, from behind, wrapped the shreds of the tank round Randy's throat. He pulled back on it, pulling Randy's face up and forcing him to struggle up on all fours. In a daze he tried to crawl forward like a broken stallion making a last attempt to free himself from the rope round his neck.

Pulling on the tank and Randy's long black hair Steve shouted, "I said get up!" Dragged by the neck and by the hair the beaten construction worker was forced to stagger unsteadily to his feet. Steve tied the tank loosely round his neck, then tainted his big brother swaying before him. He slapped Randy's face again and again making him stagger backward like a rag doll, arms flailing, amazing everyone by his refusal to go down, staying on his feet by sheer willpower.

"You're finished, man," Steve sneered. "I can drop you whenever I want ... like this ...." and he slammed his fist into Randy's stomach. With a pitiful howl Randy doubled over and pitched forward, collapsing on the ground on his face.

From then on Steve taunted him like a cat tormenting a mouse. As soon as Randy half rose on hands and knees Steve shoved him back down with his boot. Steve hooked his boot under him and flipped him over, again and again so the broken, shirtless construction worker was rolling helplessly over the ground in the dirt. His torment seemed endless.


The men and boys had watched the whole brutal fight scarcely daring to breath. They had mixed emotions but they all knew that Steve was doing what he had to do and that Randy was suffering the punishment he deserved. Darius put his arm round Randy's boy Pablo who sat pale faced and white knuckled watching his master get demolished, and Eddie held the hand of Randy's kid brother, Ben. Lloyd was agonized by the thought that his foolish fantasy had initiated all this, but Jamie, sitting with him on the steps, pressed tightly against him.

But finally it was Zack who intervened, vocally at least. Zack usually took charge in physical confrontations like this and now he yelled, "He's had enough, Steve."

Steve stopped and faced them, his body heaving, adrenaline still pumping. "Not quite, man. What's the rule of this tribe, a rule Randy himself made? The punishment fits the crime, right? We all know the crime this asshole committed so ...."

He turned and looked down at Randy lying limp on his back staring dazedly up at the brother who had thrashed and humiliated him. "You know what my buddy felt like getting dry fucked by your massive cock?" Steve sneered. "Well I'll show you." He ripped open his jeans and pulled out his rigid cock. See, my dick is just as big as yours, brother, and it's dry as a bone."

Through a haze of pain Randy croaked, "No, man ... please ..." Ignoring him Steve flipped him over on his stomach, knelt down and yanked his jeans down below his ass. Randy made a pathetic attempt to claw his way forward through the dirt but Steve clamped his hands on the small of his back, pinning him to the ground. He pressed the head of his dick between Randy's ass cheeks and said, "This is for my friend Grady, for me, and for every man you've ever trashed because of your damnable anger and arrogance.

"Aaaaagh!!" The gypsy's agonized howl reverberated round the garden as Steve plunged his dry rod deep in his ass. As the brutal fuck began, with Steve slamming down against his ass cheeks harder and harder, his thick pole driving deeper and deeper into his gut, Randy again tried desperately to crawl forward, clawing at the dirt. But Steve's powerful arms flexed mightily as they pressed on Randy's back, immobilizing him.

The big construction boss was helplessly impaled on his brother's merciless cock. He was reduced to heaving sobs as he stretched forward and banged his fists on the ground in frustration, a reflexive attempt to endure the pain flashing from his ass throughout his body.

As Steve intensified the pressure he looked down at the broken musclehunk and, even in the midst of his anger, could not help admiring the rippling muscles of his back and shoulders, his bulging biceps and the rugged tearstained faced turn sideways in the dirt, his long dark hair matted to his brow.

This man was his brother after all and, for all his savage ways, he could be magnificent. Steve's anger was spent, he felt it drain from his triumphant body. He could be merciful ... it was time to end this. Still pumping Randy's ass he leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

"You had this coming, man. Don't you ever, ever again mess with me, my friends and my private life or, god help me, I will thrash you again. Here's what you're gonna do so the whole tribe can hear. You're gonna submit to me, beg for mercy ... and bust your load when I tell you."

Steve pulled back, pressed his hands against Randy's shoulder blades and rose up on his feet so his body was arched over him, the only other point of contact his rod buried in his ass. He slid his cock back almost all the way out and paused. Then, with a triumphant war-cry, he drove it like a piston back down the chute and into the cauldron of the gypsy's shattered ass.

"Aaaagh .... OK, you win. I submit, you've beaten me. I give up ... finish me off. Cum in my ass ... please, sir, I'm begging you. Make me cum.... Yeah ... yeah ... yeah...." With twin screams the brothers came simultaneously, the one on the ground under his belly, the victor pouring semen deep inside his defeated brother jerking and sobbing in the dirt.


Steve fell forward and for long minutes the brothers were pressed together, one atop the other. Eventually Steve pulled his dick out of Randy's ass and stood up. With his boot he flipped the beaten man over on his back and stood behind his head in triumph, arms folded across his chest, legs astride.

What happened next had a ritualistic feel to it. Zack stood up and the other men present followed him and formed a circle round the defeated man who stared up at them through dazed eyes. The boys remained seated, clutching each other as they watched, and Lloyd stayed with them, feeling that he had already participated enough in this sorry mess.

Wordlessly the men pulled out their cocks and stroked them. The broken gypsy, his pants round his ankles, his muscled body and rugged face stained with cum, dirt, sweat and tears, looked magnificent in humiliating defeat so it didn't take them long.

Randy gazed up at the many cocks pointing down at him and, in a final act of macho defiance, didn't close his eyes as one by one the cocks began to spurt semen, building to a crescendo until streams of white jizz were raining down on the naked construction worker, soaking his face, pouring into his mouth and splashing on his tortured body.

It seemed like an eternity before the downpour ended, the men shook the last drops of jizz from their cocks and zipped up their pants. As silently as they had arrived, they filed back to their seats at table. Steve went back to the trees and watched from there as the big cum-soaked gypsy lay alone in the sun, barely conscious, muscles twitching with spasms of residual pain.

Nobody moved. The boys knew better than to intervene in a master's dispute. Even Pablo, horrified at what had happened to the man he idolized, knew that Randy would not want his boy to approach him and share in his degradation. And the men, even Bob, all had various motives for holding back, mostly based on their disgust at what Randy had done at Steve's house, and knowing that, in the tribal tradition, he deserved the retribution Steve had dealt.

So nobody moved. Except one. Drifting in and out of consciousness Randy opened his eyes and, through a film of cum, found himself looking up at the face staring anxiously down at him from his wheelchair. Brandon's voice said calmly, "Do you think you can stand up, sir? I wheeled up close so you can grab the arm of my chair and pull yourself up. Then you can lean on the handles at back and I'll wheel us forward."

Soothed by the boy's gentle voice Randy managed a faint smile and said weakly. "Thanks, kiddo. Sounds like a plan."

While men and boys had hesitated Brandon had separated himself from them and wheeled himself over to his fallen hero. Now they all watched as Randy got slowly on all fours, then pulled himself painfully to his feet, hanging onto the wheelchair arm with Brandon leaning over to help him. When Randy was upright, supporting himself on the handles at back of the chair, Brandon spoke to the group in a clear voice.

"Sirs, I'm not sure of all the stuff that started all this and I'm probably way out of line here, but ... but I don't care. All I know is that Randy has been kind to me since the day he first came to my house. He's my hero and he needs help ... that's all I know or care about." He directed his gaze at Pete. "I hope you're not angry with me, sir."

Pete smiled, with tears in his eyes. "Far from it, kiddo."

"Thank you, sir." Brandon wheeled strongly but slowly, propelling the chair forward and Randy with it. He leaned on the back of the chair like a walker, putting one foot painfully before the other as Brandon heaved on the wheels. It was the only way Randy could have moved without the help of several men. Brandon looked back over his shoulder and smiled, "You OK, sir? You can make it ... nearly there."

They were approaching the gate and Darius sprang to his feet. He glance quickly at Zack who nodded his approval. "We'll go to Zack's house across the street, dude," Darius grinned at Brandon. He held the gate open as they passed slowly through, then followed them across the street, where they would put Randy to bed and take care of him.


The group was left deep in thought. They were silently questioning the tribal rituals that required physical violence to settle disputes, in contrast with the simple expression of love by one boy who tossed all other, baser considerations aside to simply help a friend in need. More than one of them brushed a tear from the eye as they contemplated the scene of the handicapped boy wheeling his injured hero across the lawn.

Emboldened by Brandon's example the twins stood up and walked over to Steve who was now slumped against a tree, feeling mentally and physically exhausted, not to mention aching and bruised as adrenaline drained from him. "Sir," Kyle said, "could we invite you to our apartment over the kitchen where you can shower and rest?" Kevin added, "... and let us make something real special for you to eat and drink."

Steve smiled at them. "Now how can I refuse an invitation like that?" They helped him across the lawn, glancing at Bob who smiled and nodded approvingly. Then all three disappeared through the door to the twins' rooms.

The group started to disperse after that, but not before Eddie said to Bob. "Sir, I had planned to go up and see Hassan this afternoon. Apparently he's taking care of this guy who... well, you know ... until Steve gets back. Do you think that's still OK?"

"It's a great idea, Eddie. Only, when you talk to Hassan I wouldn't let this Grady hear anything about the fight. It would upset him thinking he was the cause. So not a word, OK?" He smiled. "I know that keeping quiet is not exactly your thing, is it?" Eddie looked up at him wide eyed and zipped his lips with his fingers tips. "OK, kid," Bob laughed, "off you go then."

Darius came back through the gate and said, "Hey, Pablo, Ben. Randy says he'd like to talk to his boy and his kid brother. So can you come across the street with me?" The two boys had been feeling real low after watching Randy's humiliation and were only too eager to see him.

About that time Kevin emerged from the house and said to Lloyd, measuring his words carefully, "Er, Lloyd. Steve asked me to ask you if you would come up to our room and speak to him. He said he quite understands if you don't want to, but he would really like to see you."

Lloyd smiled. "Thanks for putting it do delicately Kevin. Of course I'll come. Seems like it's time for 'out with anger, in with love'. So lead on."

Bob looked at Mark with a deep sigh. "Hmm, out with anger, in with love. I wish. Time for the bridge building to begin."

"Yeah, buddy," Mark said, "and there's a whole lot of broken bridges out there."


In sharp contrast to the brutal action at the house, life was much more serene up at the Mulholland house where Grady was recovering from his traumatic encounter with Randy and getting to know Hassan.

Steve had called briefly and told Hassan that he had taken care of things to his satisfaction but he would be resting for a while before coming back. (Resting? Hassan had a fair idea of what that meant, but he asked no questions.) He had passed the phone to Grady and Steve had made sure he would stay here at least until he returned.

As they sipped wine out on the deck Hasan and Grady discovered they had something in common as both had spent considerable time in front of a camera. Hassan, in the Marine Recruitment Department he headed up, had become the poster man for the Marines. With his rugged good looks he had starred in many of their recruitment videos, sometimes with Darius as first assistant director with his video expertise.

Grady, of course had spent his professional life as a model before becoming an actor exclusively so they had a lot to talk about. Hassan sensed an amiable, fun-loving man, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous, and they quickly became friends. Hasan was more reserved than Grady, shy about his own beauty in contrast with Grady's happy embrace of his. But of course they were both attracted to each other and, in any other circumstances, Hassan would have been fucking the handsome jock by now, something they both fantasized about.

But there was a certain reserve in Grady's otherwise open demeanor which Hassan detected and said so. "That obvious, uh?" Grady grinned. "I gotta confess that I'm still feeling a bit shell shocked after being pummeled by that Randy guy. It just came out of the blue and it's left me gun-shy - or I should say cock-shy."

He chuckled, "I'm half afraid you're gonna jump on me, hold me down and fuck my ass. Not that I wouldn't go for that in a big way ordinarily - shit, you're a fucking gorgeous hunk of man - but right now my ass is ... kinda raw."

"I know exactly what you mean, buddy," Hassan smiled. "I remember the first time Randy did it to me and left me crawling in the dirt. 'Course, I later took my revenge and thrashed him good, and now we have ... let's just say ... an understanding. He knows better than to mess with me or my boy."

Hasan frowned. "Worse than anything, though, is the way Randy leaves you feeling humiliated, unsure of your own masculinity. The way I got over that is to fuck a guy and fuck hard - re-established my macho pride. You should try it."

"Yeah, well, I dunno. You've probably guessed by now that I'm pretty much a guy who loves to get butt fucked, especially by a hunk like Steve. Shit, even when I watched Randy fucking me I almost fell under his spell ... he was like ... I dunno ... magnetic ..." He checked himself. "But I'm not gonna go down that road." He laughed, "As the poet says, 'That way madness lies'.

"Oh don't get me wrong, I like to fuck sometimes, but never a guy like you, no way. It's usually a guy younger than me, like some fan who jerks off over my picture and, when he meets me, begs me to fuck him. Happens a lot."

"I bet it does," Hassan smiled.

Suddenly there was loud buzz from the gate control in the house. "Ah, that'll be my boy," Hassan said, jumping to his feet. "Actually, I first met him at one of those video shoots I was telling you about. Stay put, I'll go let him in."

Grady was left puzzled. His boy? He assumed his son. But Hassan had first met him on a film set? Weird. He was intrigued.

Hasan buzzed open the gate and met Eddie as he screeched to a halt in the driveway. Eddie jumped out of his truck and hit the ground talking, not pausing for breath. "It was totally awesome, sir, this epic fight between Randy and Steve - not what you'd call brotherly love, sir, no way - and Steve totally trashed Randy, made him submit and everything, and then all the men stood round him and pumped jizz all over him, and ..."

"Was anyone hurt?"

"Don't think so sir. Randy was pretty banged up but you know him, sir, tough as nails. Anyway Brandon was the only one who dared to help Randy and led him over to Zack's house where him and Darius are helping him, and Randy asked Pablo and Ben to come see him. And the twins took Steve to their place and he asked for Lloyd. If you ask me, sir, I think ...."

"Now listen, kid, this is important. Not a word of this to Grady when you meet him. He'll find out soon enough but I'd rather he stay calm while he's here. He's out on the deck." When they went through the house to the pool Grady stood up with a big smile. Eddie took one look at the muscle-jock in black speedos ... and nearly fell over.

"Grady," Hassan said, "this is my boy Eddie. Eddie, meet Grady." Grady shook Eddie's hand and at first the boy was speechless. Then the damn burst. "It's you, sir ... the hot guy in all those ads. I can't believe it wait 'til the guys hear about this. Me and them we whack off looking at your pictures all the time, sir, and now here you are. My buddies are Brandon and Ben ... they call us the three amigos but I think it should be the three bandidos. Ben is Randy's brother ... oops, sorry, I wasn't s'posed to mention him ...."

He momentarily ran out of steam and Grady said, "So Hassan is your dad?"

"Not likely, sir." Eddie laughed. "No, I'm his boy and he's my master. He takes care of me and I take care of him in a different way. I'll show you if you like and I'll even....."

"Eddie - stop talking!" Hassan commanded and Eddie zipped his lips with his finger tips and twisted his fingers at the corner of his mouth like turning a key. Grady laughed merrily and said, "Hey, I do the same thing when I've talked too much. I think I'm gonna like you, Eddie."

"Boy, I said be quiet. Stand at ease." The military command shocked Grady until he caught sight of Hassan winking at him without Eddie seeing. At that moment he realized how much Hassan loved the boy and guessed he was supposed to play along. Eddie stood legs apart, hands behind his back.

"Grady," Hassan said, "you remember I said you needed to get over that Randy shit by fucking ass and you said you only fucked younger guys, like a fan who beats off over your picture. Well, what's wrong with this kid?" Eddie got an instant boner in his shorts.

"But he's yours, man. I couldn't do that to you."

"Hey, I think of us as buddies by now, so I could rent my boy out to you for an hour or two...if the price is right."

Grady immediately got the picture and loved the game Hassan was playing and the fantasy he was weaving for his boy. "Well, I dunno. In that loose T-shirt he looks a bit skinny."

"Boy," Hassan ordered, and Eddie pulled the shirt off to flaunt his muscular young physique. "Oh shit," Grady said, "that's hot. Kid you should come and be my workout partner some time." (Eddie almost shot his load). "So how much you charge for him, soldier?"

Well, the package price is 100 bucks an hour, but you can order a la carte if you want. For example, it's fifty to fuck his ass."

"Nah, I'll give you thirty." Hassan said again, "Boy!" Eddie turned round, dropped his shorts and flexed his bubble butt. "Holy shit," Grady said. "OK, fifty. How much for a blow job?"

"Ah, well there you're talking something unique. This boy here is the best young cock-sucker you or anyone else have ever met. It's his specialty. Thirty."

"Done .... Hey at this rate I should go for the all-inclusive. Hundred bucks it is."

"Sold," said Hassan. "He's all yours." Eddie was trembling with excitement while the two men bargained over him like a young slave-for-hire. He was hoping desperately that they would settle on a price and Hassan would loan his ass out to this beautiful man he had drooled over so often. And now he had been sold to him.

His eyes opened wide as the handsome muscle-jock, naked except for black speedos, walked round him, appraising him. Eddie's shorts were round his ankles and his cock was standing out hard as a rock. And when Grady ran his hand over Eddie's chest and nipples, the boy inhaled sharply, winced and gasped, "No ... no ... I can't ..." His body shuddered, his cock reared up and shot a stream of cum high in the air that splashed down on Grady's sculpted chest.

"Holy fuck," Grady yelled stretching his arms out sideways to display his chest. "Look what you've done. Look at me, boy!" Look at him? Eddie could not take his eyes off the muscular athlete, his own cum running down his chiseled pecs. "Oh, sorry, sir," Eddie gasped. "You're so gorgeous I just couldn't hold back. It's just something I do."

"He's right," Hassan grinned. "The boy cums a lot - a regular gusher. But don't worry, there's a lot more where that came from."

Grady shot a quick grin to Hassan, then became serious. "OK, boy, I paid big bucks to fuck your ass and I am gonna get my money's worth." He slid his hands inside his speedos, pushed them down so they fell round his ankles. He stepped out of them and faced Eddie buck naked, his long cock swinging between his muscular thighs.

Eddie's cock immediately rose to full boner and Grady growled, "Don't you dare cum again, boy, or I'll whip your ass before I fuck it." (That image alone was enough to make the boy shoot but he managed to hold it back.) "You ready to get butt-fucked, boy?"

"Yes please, sir," Eddie gulped, scared that Grady might change his mind.

Grady stroked his half-erect cock. "So, you think you can make this hard?"

"Oh yes, sir." Eddie's eyes sparkled. "Like Hassan said, it's my specialty, sir. I give the best blowjobs in the world. I learnt it at this bar that...." Realizing he was talking too much he pursed his lips together hard, his eyes open wide. Grady had to suppress a burst of laughter, which he managed to do as Eddie sank to his knees before him.

Eddie surprised him by putting his arms behind his back. He didn't need his hands for this - he simply leaned forward and sucked the semi-erect cock into his mouth and slowly swallowed it with a series of contractions of his throat. When it was in deep Eddie swallowed again, clenching his throat muscles hard round the athlete's cock, which instantly got hard. "Aaaah," Grady gasped looking wildly at Hassan.

"Told you so," Hassan grinned, watching with satisfaction, arms folded over his chest.

As Eddie pulled back Grady reached down, grabbed his head and pulled it down over the length of his cock until Eddie's face was buried in the muscle-jock's damp pubic hair, smelling, tasting the musky essence of the gorgeous man he had formerly seen only in pictures. The boy pulled out all the stops, determined to give Grady the best blow-job he had ever given even to Hassan.

Grady's body was tingling with a sensation he had never felt before. His cock was on fire as the boy worked it in ways no one ever had until now. He looked down and saw the sparkling eyes gazing up at him, saw his own cock sliding between the pursed lips of the handsome young urchin face. "Oh man, that feels so fucking hot ... shit, it's making my cock .... I can't ... I gotta ... oh no ... fuck-fuck-fuck... aaaagh."

He jammed the boy's face down hard on his cock that exploded deep inside, pouring sperm down his throat. At the same time he felt warm liquid splash on his legs and feet as the boy blasted another load of jizz on him.

Grady pulled out and berated himself. "Shit, shit. I couldn't hold back .... tried to save it for fucking you but I just had to empty my dick in your mouth. Damn, I really wanted to fuck that bubble butt of yours."

The urchin face grinned up at him cum oozing from the corners of his mouth and down his chin. "Don't worry, sir, it's not a problem. I can easily make you hard again." And immediately he launched into a repeat of his earlier moves, sucking the limp dick into his mouth and working it quickly into an iron hard weapon.

"Damn, you're good," Grady said, pulling out and stroking his long pole. His tone softened, realizing how much Eddie lusted for him and how hard he was working to please him. "Now for the main event. How do you want it, Eddie?"

"I'd like to watch you when you fuck me, sir. It's what I fantasized about when I came all over your picture."

"You got it, kiddo. On your back, then."

Eddie scrambled onto his back on the bare boards of the deck, and looked up at the spectacular young muscle-stud towering over him stroking his cock. He looked god-like, back-lit by the sun that cast a halo effect round him. Without thinking Eddie stroked his own cock and within seconds, "aaah", he shot yet another load over his chest and abs. Then he put his hands behind his knees and pulled his legs back, exposing his gorgeous ass.

"Please, sir. Please fuck me, sir. I want it so bad."

Hassan unobtrusively pushed an open jar of lube forward, Grady dipped his fingers in it and pushed them gently in the boy's ass. Then he pulled Eddie's wrists off his legs and let the legs fall over his shoulders. He leaned forward still holding Eddie's wrists and pinned them on the ground beside his face. Eddie gazed up in awe at the bulging biceps, the rippling muscles of his chest and abs, and the chiseled features of his square-jawed face.

His pale green eyes smiled down at the awestruck young face and he said, "So this is what you fantasized about is it? Let's see how it feels in real life." He pressed the head of his cock against the boy's hole and gently, ever so slowly, eased it inside him, pushing deeper, deeper until he felt the ass suddenly clench and "aaahh..." Eddie shot yet another load of jism, this time spurting up onto the chest and abs of the man leaning so close over him.

"Good," Grady smiled. "I like a boy who's just cum. Makes his ass tighter."

Eddie entered a Neverland world of pure bliss, gazing up at the man he had worshipped from afar and now feeling his cock sliding in and out of him, messaging his ass, loving it.

Watching nearby Hassan beamed with satisfaction. He had provided the wounded Grady with exactly the rehab therapy he needed, but more than that, he was giving his boy one of the big thrills of his life, something he would talk about to his young friends for a long time to come. And apart from all that, Hassan himself was hugely turned on, watching the boy he loved getting his sweet ass fucked by his fantasy man, the flawlessly beautiful swimwear model. Hassan pulled out his cock and began stroking it.

As Grady rose and fell over Eddie's ass his voice was hypnotic. "That feel good, Eddie? Look at me, that hot muscle-jock whose picture you splashed with your jizz. Now he's here, pinning you down and fucking your ass. You're his prisoner, he can do what he likes to you. Man your ass feel's good, it's on fire, my cock's on fire. And in days to come I'm gonna ask your master to rent your ass out to me again. What do you want most, Eddie? No, I'll ask your master."

He looked up and raised his eyes to Hassan, standing before him stroking his massive Marine cock. "What he wants, stud, is to feel your cock pouring jizz in his ass. But I want something too, man - your mouth. My boy wants to look up and see his master's cock push in between those beautiful lips and all the way down your throat. See, I'm still in charge here, you get it?"

"Yes sir," Grady gulped, gazing up at the exotically handsome soldier, stripped to the waist in camouflage fatigues and boots, flexing his muscles. Grady had wanted him since he first saw him looming over him. He was fucking his boy. Now he wanted to eat the master's cock.

And that's how it happened. Eddie could hardly believe the evidence of his eyes or the sensation in his ass as he gazed up and saw the Marine's cock disappearing into the mouth of the man who was fucking his ass. He saw the lantern jaw opened wide, saw spit dribbling from the corners of the athlete's mouth and tears spilling from his eyes - and still the man's rod kept drilling his ass.

The triple play took on a rhythm of its own ... Grady's cock pushed into the boy's ass as his mouth pushed down on the soldier's cock. He was fucking and getting fucked at the same time. All three men were soaring to their climax, Grady and Eddie just waiting for the word from the Marine Captain.

"Do it, man," the deep accented voice growled. "Fuck my boy, man, fuck him deep. And fuck my cock ....that's it, make me bust my load ... make us all cum. Damn, that face is gorgeous, so fucking beautiful my balls are gonna explode. Come on, stud, fuck that boy, fuck him ... suck that Marine's dick ... swallow my jizz, man ... here it comes ... yeah .... Aaagh!"

The triple orgasm was spectacular. Cum blasted everywhere - Grady's in the boy's ass, Eddie's over his own chest, and Hassan's deep down the jock's throat as he swallowed gulp after gulp. Then came silence. Hassan had triumphed, Eddie had been fucked by the man of his dreams .... and Grady had never before serviced master and boy together. Until now.


Later, after a swim and a new bottle of wine, the three men sat by the pool with their newly discovered intimacy. "You know, Eddie," Grady was saying, "with your build and your looks you could be a swimwear and underwear model yourself." As Eddie waved his hand in disbelief, Grady persisted. "No I mean it, the business is changing - moving away from the arrogant face like mine that says 'fuck you', to the younger cheeky face that says 'fuck me'.

"I'm serious. You say you've got a buddy who's expert with a camera. Get him to take some pictures - by the pool, say. Maybe do some with you and your two amigos. Pick out the best half dozen and I'll show them to my agent. You never know in this game."

But Eddie's lightning-fast mind knew already. Just wait 'til the guys hear about this!


Down at Zack's house Randy, still recovering in bed, had another visitor - Pete. The Ranger checked on how he was doing, then said, "Look I know you're tired and this is not the best time for bothering you. But this is not about what just went down out there - I don't know all the issues and I try to stay clear of that stuff. No, this is something I wanna ask before I go away tomorrow. It's about Brandon.

That name made Randy sit up straight and say "Great kid ... great kid."

"Yeah, I know how affectionate you feel about him Randy, that's why I'm here. You know I'm going up to Yosemite for a week with the Forest Rangers there - park management and such - so I've got a favor to ask. Could you keep an eye on my boy while I'm gone? Like you said, Brandon's a great kid, but he's always out to prove how independent he can be and that sometimes worries me.

"For instance, he's crazy about that motor-trike of his and he's talking about taking it out for a long run on his own. Like the trip he took with Zack ... only without Zack or anyone else. He's dying to prove he can do stuff like that on his own. Look, I know what just happened here, but there's no one in the world I'd rather trust my boy's safety to than you, Randy."

"Hey buddy, say no more. I'm honored you put your trust in me ... especially right now," he said with a rueful shrug. "You know how special I think that kid is ... shit, if you hadn't taken him I'd have grabbed him for myself. So rest easy, Ranger, I'll keep a close eye on him. Trust me, he'll come to no harm."

As Pete was leaving the house he met Brandon wheeling himself in. "I brought food from the twins for Randy, sir. He needs to eat a good meal, build up his strength, then have a long nap. He's pretty banged up as you could see, but I'll keep a close eye on him. I'll make sure he comes to no harm. If that's OK with you sir."

Pete smiled and ruffled his hair. "It's perfect, kiddo. Absolutely perfect."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 268


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