It was Mark who took charge, as he often had to in the three-way love affair with Bob and Randy. The dominant blond cop was in love with Bob and had had enough of seeing him hurt and neglected by Randy. The macho gypsy had become Grady's gym coach, preparing him for his role as the new Tarzan in an upcoming big-budget movie. 

That had led to Randy's total obsession for the flawless young jock, so their gym sessions became as much sexual as physical and blinded Randy to his own mistreatment of Bob. As he was to say later, "How could I hurt the man I would protect with my life?"

So Mark, with his police officer experience of conflict resolution, stepped in and had a quiet word with Grady first, and later Randy. Mark was loved and respected by both men and his words stung and brought them to their senses. Grady's reaction was to go straight up to Bob's room where he was preparing for bed.

"Bob, I've been a goddamn fool and an asshole and I'm really, really sorry. I got so wrapped up in my work and my own stupid ego that I lost sight of everything else, even my own sense of decency. When Randy proposed the gym workouts I jumped at the chance and then when he fucked me I ... well, sounds stupid I guess... but I think I fell in love. That's the only way I can describe it. The man is spectacular, so powerful with that sexual magnetism thing he has going, and those eyes..." Grady blushed.

"But I should have dam-well thought of you. You're his lover for chris'sake, you have this magical thing with each other and I came close to fucking it up. Bob, I respect the hell out of you - you're a gorgeous man inside and out and if things had turned out differently I would have loved to ..." He broke off abruptly and again blushed deeply.

"There's only one thing for me to do ... I gotta get the hell out of your lives. I'm gonna stay in Steve's house where I can't get myself or anyone else in trouble. I won't be seeing either of you again. I seem to bring trouble wherever I go with my obsession about gorgeous men like you, and ... well, the way I look and all, I just...."

His voice trailed off and his eyes filled with tears, but before he could say any more Bob grabbed him, pulled him into a bear hug and kissed him hard on the lips in a passionate embrace, their mouths churning together in an act of mutual desire. But Grady pulled away and paced the room again, pressing his hands on his head in confusion and frustration. "Bob, what are you doing to me? This will only make matters worse. I can't ...."

"Stop talking, Grady," Bob smiled and pulled him down beside him on the couch. "First of all you are in no way to blame ... not even a bit. Randy's done this before and I know how seductive he can be, especially to a young man who is as tense and scared as you about your movie. I know Randy better than I know myself and believe me, he's a great man at heart, though his passions sometimes lead him off the rails."

The young jock felt even more confused and started to speak but Bob pressed his finger against Grady's lips and said gently, "Grady, are you working tomorrow?"

"What? Well, no, they're doing second unit crowd stuff for a couple of days and I'm not involved, but I don't see what that's got to do with ..."

"Sshh. Grady ... how would you like to spend the night with Randy and me?"

Grady's heart missed a beat and he leapt to his feet. He looked down at Bob, naked except for his boxer shorts, his arms stretched out along the back of the couch, his brown eyes smiling up at him in, his square chiseled features and muscular physique glowing under the bedroom's soft lights. Bob could be even more seductive than Randy and Grady dropped his arms to his sides in a gesture of submission. "Man, how could I ever say no to that?"

"So don't. Here's what you do. Go down downstairs to Mark and Jamie and take a shower. Have a drink with them and tell them what happened here. Don't bother to dress again, just come back up here ready for bed. By that time Randy will be home and..." seeing Grady's look of alarm, "... don't worry. You leave Randy to me."


After Grady left, Bob stood at the window and saw Mark in a man-to-man conversation with Randy down in the garden. After a long talk the men stood up and hugged, then Randy strode quickly toward the house.

Bob repositioned himself on the couch, arms stretched seductively as before, and Randy burst in. He stood looking down at his beautiful lover and whimpered, "Oh god. Fuck, fuck ..." He sat beside Bob, afraid to touch him at first, then ran his finger lightly over Bob's features. "Man, you're so fucking gorgeous and I've fucked up again. Why the hell do you put up with me?"

"Because I love you Randy - no matter how big an asshole you can be sometimes."

"Man, I went kinda crazy ... you remember that time with Lloyd when I was such a dickhead? I hurt you then and I've done it again. Buddy, I'm not gonna insult you by apologizing for the millionth time. I won't see Grady again. That's over. But I gotta make it up to you. Tell me what to do, Bob." His face crumpled like a little boy in trouble. "I don't know what to do, man."     

"Come here," Bob smiled. He held Randy in his arms and said softly, "You don't have to do anything, Randy. You're back and that's all that matters. I'll take care of things from here on. Now, how about a drink?" He reached for the brandy bottle and poured two stiff ones. They sat in silence, sipping the warm amber liquid and gazing into each other's eyes.    

Little by little Bob saw the life and confidence coming back to Randy's eyes and said, "Good. That's better. So, you wanna know what we're gonna do." As if on cue there was a tentative knock at the door. "Ah, there's your answer. Come in, buddy."

The door opened and Grady stood there, wearing only his black briefs, just like the stunning model on the billboard where they had first seen him. Randy jumped to his feet in surprise and blurted out, "What the fuck ....?" Bob stood up and put his arm round Grady's shoulder.

"I invited Grady to spend the night with us," Bob smiled. "You don't mind, do you, Randy?"


Randy, still in his work pants, boots and tank-top, shot to his feet and stared first at the near naked muscle-jock in the doorway, then down at Bob sprawled seductively on the couch - two gorgeous men both lusting for him. He was completely confused and, despite his tender reunion with Bob moments ago, his confusion, as always, spurred his anger. "Fuck you, man," he barked at Bob. "Fuck you!"

Alarmed, Grady turned to leave but Bob said cheerfully. "No stay, Grady ... he didn't mean it did you Randy?"

"Fuck you," was the only lame retort Randy had left in his arsenal and he paced the room in a futile attempt to rid his mind of the two muscle-gods. Fat chance ... his cock was already stiff in his cargo pants.

But when he finally turned to face Bob, Bob saved him from any other feeble attempts to bolster his waning authority. When he saw the smiling, confident face of his lover Randy knew he was beaten. Shit, the man had him wrapped round his finger. He hated him. No he didn't - he loved him to death.

"OK, guys, we need a drink," said Bob taking charge. "More brandy?"

"Scotch," Randy growled in a final attempt to assert his free will. He sat sullenly in a chair facing Bob, and Bob patted the space next to him on the couch as an invitation to Grady. Having seen Randy so far at his dominant macho best as the gym coach who fucked him after every workout (a rugged boss image that Grady had fallen in love with), Grady was now seeing a completely different side of him now he was with Bob.

He had assumed, of course, that Randy was the dominant partner and did what he liked with the gorgeous business executive, but Grady was slowly realizing that in fact Bob was in the driver's seat. That wasn't so surprising, after all, given Bob's dark-haired, chiseled beauty and his air of quiet authority, respected and loved by the rest of the tribe. He and Randy were seen as co-leaders of the tribe.

So, after the drinks were poured, Bob's next words came naturally. "Guys, I just wanna say this. What's behind us is behind us. You have both apologized - in your way," he added, grinning at Randy - "so now, under the rules of the tribe, I have to be in charge and decide your punishment - agreed?'

"Agreed," said Grady enthusiastically, fairly bouncing on the couch. He had one punishment in mind, naturally. Randy hunched in his chair and muttered, "Whatever." Bob grinned, "I'll take that as a yes, buddy."

In truth, one of the things Randy loved most was seeing Bob take charge like this. Randy was usually the alpha top man but being with Bob was the only time he could renounce his authority and willingly submit to the man he loved. It felt really good and, feeling mellow with the warmth of the Scotch inside him, a trace of a smile crossed his eyes, noticed only by Bob.

"Right," Bob said. "Before all of that I say we relax for a while because I for one would like to hear about Grady's work at the studio as I know almost nothing about it and, I hazardous a guess, neither do you, Randy - too busy in the gym." Grady sputtered with laughter and was met with a glare from Randy that morphed into a half smile. 

Bob continued, "I'm sure when shooting is almost over the whole world will be asking questions about the New Tarzan when you go on your promotional world tour, so I like to think that the guys who once knew you back home got their questions in first."

Grady bristled a little. "Bob, Randy, you will never be the 'guys I once knew'. If I don't totally bomb in the movie there'll be sequels and I stand a good chance of becoming rich and famous. But you and Steve and the others will always be my closest friends and, I hope, will allow me to make my home with you. Movies are a make-believe world. This is my real world, with you guys, which is why I'm so paranoid about the press tracking me down to Steve's house. If they ever did find me there it's game over."  

Randy growled, "That'll never damn-well happen, buddy, I'll take care of that. I've already had a brush with those bottom feeders and they won't wanna tangle with me again.  

Grady looked hard at Randy. "It's also the reason I insisted on going home to Steve's house after my dinner here. It wasn't that I didn't want to stay - far from it - but Steve's house is my fortress now. If I hurt you I'm real sorry Randy."

"Ah, that was nothing," Randy shrugged, though it was a big deal at the time. "Besides, we can always get one of the kids to do their pool-boy rescue act again. They're getting real good at that - makes them feel they're part of the movie."

"Right," Bob smiled, hearing Randy mellowing out, "so Grady if you're not too tired, or brandy-ed out, tell us how it's going down at Warners."

"I'd love to," Grady said, his eyes gleaming with the opportunity to unload his work experiences on good buddies. "Much to my surprise, the first few days went extremely well. I could really feel myself getting into the part even though, of course, we film such short segments. And above all the director seems to be over the moon. And the director has to be my real focus, right now, above everyone else. Sorry guys, but if they called from the studio right now I'd be down there in twenty minutes - even though I haven't had my punishment yet," he grinned.

Grady talked at some length about his days at the studio, the crew who had taken such a liking to him, his respect from his fellow actors, the difficulty of acting in front of a green screen before the CGI effects were added. "That's computer-generated imagery," he explained with a smile. And I've already had my first skirmishes over the script. 'Tarzan would never say that,' I insisted. How in the hell would I ever know what Tarzan would say? It just didn't feel right."

As they listened to him and watched the enthusiasm on his face both Randy and Bob formed a much more rounded picture of the young man. It was always difficult - sometimes impossible - for men to get beyond his stunning beauty and easy-going charm, but now Bob and Randy were seeing a whole new side of him, his passion and dedication to his work, the excitement and the fear of carrying the weight of a very expensive action movie on his shoulders. The livelihood, even the careers, of so many people depended on him turning in a good performance.

And as they watched him they felt something like love for him, beyond lust, and a fierce need to protect him and provide a mind-relaxing refuge for him away from the studio. Which brought Bob to his next objective - the 'punishment'.


When Grady's story finally wound down Bob said, "OK, now for the punishment phase I promised you. Everyone needs to get naked. You first Randy as you have the most to take off. Grady, perhaps you can help. I have a feeling you've done this before."

He had indeed, and it almost made him cum every time. Randy stood up and Grady faced him. He grabbed the bottom of Randy's tank, pulled it off over his head, pressed it to his own face, breathed in deeply then dropped it on the floor. He always gasped when he saw the muscled torso and hairy chest, and when he looked up he was, as always, dazzled by the bright blue eyes staring back at him with that smiling arrogance that he found hypnotic.

Grady knelt at his feet and pulled off his boots and stinking socks that he also sniffed before setting them aside. He reached up, ran his hands over Randy's chest, down over the ridges of his eight-back abs to his tight waist and unbuttoned his cargo pants. They dropped to the ground and Grady pulled them off over his feet one by one. 

He stared up at the tree trunk thighs, then at the frayed boxer shorts smelling of dried piss and cum that he had spurted at work thinking of Grady. The stiff bulge was so obvious that Grady reflexively leaned forward and clamped his mouth over the shorts, sucking in the taste and smell of his huge cock underneath. Then, worshipfully, he pulled them down and as soon as the huge shaft sprang out he clamped his mouth over it and swallowed it as he had done so often before when commanded by his gym coach.

Bob sat on the couch avidly watching Grady worship the dark gypsy. He had seen many men idolize Randy before - he himself did it often. But seeing the beautiful young muscle-jock worship Randy in this way was so stunning that Bob stopped rubbing his cock through his pants as he knew he would cum. It was a breathtaking sight and Bob was reluctant to break it up but he had to before one of them shot his load.

"OK, that's enough Grady. Me next." Bob stood up and took Randy's place before the kneeling athlete. Grady gazed up at him in awe and, as he had done with Randy, he reached up and traced the contours of Bob's exquisite body, ending with his hands on the waistband of his boxers. Bob smiled down at him as Grady slowly pulled down his shorts, pausing as Bob's black curly pubic hair began to appear. 

"Go for it, buddy," Bob said softly. Grady yanked down the shorts and gasped as Bob's long, hard dick almost hit him in the face. He licked the head, then took the whole length down his throat. His head swam as, for the first time, he tasted the cock of the handsome business executive, Randy's lover, the man in charge. Bob grabbed Grady's hair and pulled his face down and back on his cock, then abruptly pulled out on the verge of orgasm.

He pulled Grady to his feet and said, "Now you, Grady - lose the briefs." Bob and Randy stood side by side, an intimidating sight as Grady pulled off his briefs and stood naked facing them, trembling with anticipation of what came next.

"Right," Bob said. "Now for the sentence. Your punishment, Grady..." he shoved him so he fell on his back on the bed ... "is to get butt-fucked by me." Just what Grady wanted to hear. Bob stared at Randy. "And yours, buddy ... is to watch." He pulled up a wooden chair with arms. "And knowing how feisty you can get, we both understand what that means. So sit."

Randy reluctantly sat in the chair with a gruff, "Fuck you, man." But by now that overused phrase had lost any potency it ever had. It was now the rough equivalent of 'Have a Nice Day'. 

Bob went to a closet and pulled out several lengths of rope. He tied Randy's forearms to the arms of the chair while Randy glared into his eyes. But despite that lame attempt at intimidation Randy knew he had to submit. Once Bob took charge there was no fighting back - and secretly Randy loved being at the mercy of his hunky lover, though he would never admit it.

Bob turned his attention to Grady, looking spectacular lying spread-eagled naked on the bed, his cock pointing straight up like a tree trunk. He had instinctively spread his arms up in a V as a gesture of submission and that pleased Bob. "I see you're reading my mind, big guy, and that's a good thing. But you'll understand that I have to make sure. This is your punishment, after all."  

He pulled Grady's arms up and tied his wrists to the bedposts with ropes that were always attached there and used frequently by Randy on Bob. But now it was Grady's body pulling at his restraints, muscles rippling as he writhed on the bed. Bob stood back and admired the results of his work. "Guys, that is fucking spectacular - I have the jock and his gym coach tied up at my mercy." He walked around them stroking his cock and they both followed him with hungry eyes.

"Question is," Bob mused, "where to begin? Hmm, here I think." Towering over Randy he threw a leg over the chair and straddled him, his cock pointing straight at his face. "Now, I'm sure you wanna make it easy on your boy and have him fucked by nice stiff, wet cock, don't you, coach? So it's up to you - or more precisely, to your mouth. Open wide, coach."

Randy complied and swallowed Bob's long pole all the way down. He saw the gleam in Bob's eye and knew what it meant. Bob was about to give him as good as he got when Randy was in a savage-fuck mood. So there was no foreplay, just a ferocious fuck as Bob's cock pistoned in Randy's mouth. "What is it you always say to me? 'Take it, stud ... all of it ... eat your master's dick.' Well back at you, coach. Lube it up good, make it easy on your boy 'cos he's gonna get it big time."

The big gypsy gagged and choked and tears sprang to his eyes but he did as ordered. Not only was Bob right, but it was the only way he had to participate in the imminent fuck of the young jock he had ploughed so often himself.  

Suddenly Bob pulled his dick out, reached down and stroked Randy's cock with his right hand, cupping his left hand in front of it. "I gotta have lube for his ass, man. You won't keep lube by the bed so I gotta have some of yours. Look at me, buddy. You know I can make you. So give it to me."

Randy gazed at his lover's seductive brown eyes, then glanced down at his rippling bicep as he pumped Randy's cock. Randy could never deny his lover anything and soon his head was thrashing from side to side. "Oh shit, man. You're so fucking hot. Fuck ... fuck ... aaagh!"

His cock exploded with a stream of jizz that poured into Bob's cupped hand, stream after stream until it was overflowing.

"Just what I needed, coach. More than enough. Here, have a taste." He dipped the fingertips of his free hand into the pool of cum and stuck them in Randy's mouth. Randy sucked and a smile came to his eyes ... he was surprised by Bob's raunchiness.

Then Bob turned his attention to Grady. "OK, stud, looks like I'm ready for you. Here, you wanna get in the mood by tasting your coach's juice?" He did the same thing as he had done with Randy, and Grady eagerly sucked Randy's juice off Bob's fingers. Bob smiled and stroked smudges of cum over his face. "Man, you look so damn gorgeous like that." Finally he used the rest of the cum for its intended purpose - lubricating his cock.   

Grady stared up at the brown-eyed muscle-god stroking his dick and sighed deeply. For Grady, a man was never so beautiful as when the guy was preparing to fuck him and now the sight of Bob, whom he had regarded from the first as one of the most stunning men he had ever seen, now took on mythic proportions. He imagined Bob pushing his shaft inside him and he reflexively pulled his legs back, knees bent, displaying his ass as a ritual offering. 

"Shit damn," Bob said as he stared at the macho jock with the body of a demi-god lying naked before him offering his ass to him. He knelt down between his legs and leaned forward, rested his hands on the bed beside his face and smiled. "You know, of course, that I've wanted to do this since I first laid eyes on you, Grady. But of course Randy came first and I'm glad he helped you so much. But if you're ready ... it's me now."

"Oh I'm ready," Grady grinned boyishly. "Never been so ready in my life."


Randy pulled at his restraints as he watched the scene unfold before him. When Bob pressed his cock against Grady's hole and their eyes locked on each other, Randy wanted desperately to be part of the action. He wanted to be Bob fucking Grady, he wanted to fuck Bob ... to get fucked by him ... to get fucked by Grady ... anything except sitting here helplessly forced to watch. Randy was a man of action, not a spectator..

But Bob and Grady were oblivious to his struggle, with eyes only for each other. Bob eased his cock into Grady whose ass sucked it in like it had always belonged inside him. Dazzled by Bob's beauty and the exquisite sensation of his cock filling his ass Grady sighed, "Aaah. That's perfect, Bob. Are you gonna hurt me, man? One of those gypsy fucks I get from Randy?"

Bob chuckled. "I'm very familiar with the 'gypsy fucks', as you call them, Grady. But that's not what you need right now. Look at me - my eyes, my face, my body stretched over you. That's the man who's gonna make love to you. Some men do it rough" (glancing at Randy). "I do it nice ... and ... easy." 

He pulled back and slid his shaft inside again, so gently that Grady could hardly feel it. It was less a physical sensation than something ethereal ... not simply a cock entering his ass but a feeling of being overwhelmed body and soul by this glorious man. He didn't even struggle to get free. He loved the idea of being Bob's captive, of taking whatever he did to him ... to his ass, his body and his mind.

He had never been fucked in this way. As Bob's warm brown eyes smiled down at him he felt that the man intuitively knew everything about him. He knew what he was thinking, felt what he was feeling and, above all, sensed exactly what he needed. It was total symbiosis, joining them in a blissful communion of two beautiful men. It seemed timeless ... a mystical world somehow beyond time and space. The ordinary sepia world faded away and Grady stepped into a Technicolor fantasy, like Dorothy stepping out of her house into Oz. He was consumed by Bob.

Randy had stopped struggling and he too was caught up in the magical web Bob was weaving. Bob had fucked Randy of course, but Randy was, at his core, a top man, unlike Grady who yielded willingly to the domination of a man like Bob, massaging, caressing, penetrating his ass.  

And so Grady fell in love ... as every man did with Bob, and Randy marveled again that this man was his lover. They were perfect partners for Grady - one giving him the gypsy savagery he craved, the other wrapping him in a blanket of affection.  

Grady was in a daze, his handsome face falling from side to side, moaning softly, his body writhing, pushing down on Bob's cock so it buried ever deeper inside him. He was hardly aware when his body shuddered and his cock erupted in a shower of juice that splashed down on his chest. He moaned deliriously, "Don't stop, sir. Please don't stop. Sir, I want to touch you ... please." Bob reached up and pulled quickly at the escape knots Randy had taught him.     

Grady's wrists fell free and he ran his hands over Bob's face and chest. "Beautiful," he murmured. "Man, I feel sooo good. You're incredible. I think I'm in love."

"Good," Bob smiled, "'cos I have something else in mind." He pulled his cock out, which caused a small panic in Grady's face, but Bob reassured him. "Oh don't worry, big guy. We're not done yet ... not by a mile, we're not. But so far I've been doing all the work and now it's your turn."

Bob flopped over onto his back and for a moment Grady thought Bob wanted to get fucked by him. That was an idea that kind of appealed to him - fucking the ass of the gorgeous alpha male - but his own ass was now so totally primed that he needed to feel Bob's dick inside it - the bigger and tighter the better.   

But getting fucked by Grady was not what Bob had in mind. When Grady got up on his knees Bob linked his hands behind his head and smiled up at him. Bob's rigid flagpole rearing straight up from his pubic hair was an unmistakable message, one Grady, for sure, didn't miss. He straddled Bob's chest, lowered his hips and let his ass slide down the flagpole with a long heartfelt "Aaahh."   

Bob felt the heat of Grady's ass wrap round his cock and sighed, "Yeah, that's it buddy, fuck my cock ... fuck it hard." Eager to comply the young muscle-jock looked magnificent as he rode the executive's long rod, his muscled physique flexing under the ceiling spotlights.

Bob heard Randy grunt, looked over and when their eyes met he saw a need in them that he had seen often before. He couldn't deny him and, besides, it would be a treat for Grady. Bob reached over to Randy and, with two quick pulls of the escape knots, set him free.    

Grady was so engrossed in Bob that he didn't notice Randy stand up and walk over to a drawer where he kept a jar of lube for just such a time as this. Randy knelt on the bed behind Grady and the first thing Gray felt as he rode Bob's cock was a hand pushing him forward, making him lean over Bob and brace his arms on the bed beside his face. He looked up at the mirror and saw the gypsy's stubbled face over his shoulder.

He thought at first that Randy was going to take over from Bob and take his turn fucking him. But when he felt Randy's greasy fingers pushing into his ass above Bob's cock, the truth fell on him like a rock. "No! I can't ... I've never ... Bob, don't let him ..."

Bob reached up and stroked Grady's face. "Sshh ...it's not such a big thing, buddy."

"What d'ya mean? It's two big things ... two great big things. There's no way I can ...."

"Grady." Bob voice was soft and seductive. "You trust us, don't you? You can do this, believe me, and you're gonna love it. All you have to do is look into my eyes and breathe deeply. Now, you feel Randy's dick? It's all lubed up and he's gonna go real slow. You want me to pull out?"

"No, no ... stay in me." The gentle threat was enough to make Grady clench his jaw and steel himself for what was coming. Bob reach up and stroked his chin. "No, don't tense up Grady. Relax ... look at me and relax."

In the event it wasn't so bad. There was a stab of pain when Randy entered him and Grady blacked out for a couple of seconds, but when he opened his eyes he saw Bob smiling up at him and heard his soothing voice. "We're inside you, buddy ... both of us, Randy and me ... both fucking you at the same time. You feel those big cocks sliding against each other in your ass? How does it feel?"

Grady wasn't sure at first. He was getting used to the incredible sensation in his ass. But when he looked up at Randy in the mirror and realized he was getting fucked by him and his macho lover ... then he was sure. "Guys,' he breathed raggedly. "It's unreal ... oh god, it feels ... oh, shit, I love it, man. Yeah ...."  

Randy grinned down at Bob and they hit the same gentle rhythm, with Bob pushing up into the furnace of Grady's ass while Randy pulled back, the cocks sliding against each other in such a way that Grady felt the full ecstasy of a double fuck. He had never felt so many sensations at one time, all of them concentrated in his ass, and so many pleasure points were being touched at once that he knew he had to cum.

Bob sensed this and wanted to give Grady an orgasm he would never forget. "Let me know when you're ready, Randy."

"Man, this guy's ass and your cock in it are so fucking amazing I can unload enough jizz to sink the Titanic. Just give the word, stud." No word was necessary. They looked at each other in the mirror and their eyes told them the exact instant their cocks would erupt. "You ready, boy?" Randy shouted. "You ready for me and my man to fill your ass with jizz? Here it is, big guy. Let him have it, Bob ... Now!"

The two cocks swelled in his ass and unleashed torrents of semen inside the muscle-jock who opened his eyes wide and yelled, "Fuck ... fuck ... fuuuck!" He pounded his own cock in his fist, sat down hard on both shafts, and blasted rivers of cum over Bob's chest and face in the most explosive orgasm of his life.

Their chests heaving, hearts pounding, Randy pulled slowly and gently out of Grady's ass. He walked beside the bed, bent down and kissed Bob long and tenderly. He grinned, "Fuck you, man ... and I mean that in the best possible way."


A while later the three men were sprawled on the bed in a tangle of limbs. Grady, totally exhausted, was already fading, feeling warm and safe with the soft voices of Randy and Bob over him lulling him to sleep.  

Randy was gazing lovingly at Bob, thrilled with the way Bob had taken charge and settled the situation between the three of them in the best possible way. "Son of a bitch," he murmured softly, his blue eyes lit with a smile. "You're fucking amazing, man. Watching you fuck Grady the way you did, hell, I fell in love with you all over again - for about the zillionth time."

"Good," Bob smiled. "Next time just let me know when you've become obsessed with a guy and I'll make sure everything stays on track. Look at him ... fast asleep. He's a great guy, eh? And with such a future ahead of him. We've gotta take good care of him, you know."

"Oh I plan to," Randy grinned. "It's on my agenda ... right after I take care of you."

"Well, it all turned out OK this time but one of these days you're gonna screw up so badly that I'll get the blame." He chuckled. "To put it simply ... your cock-up - my ass."

"I'll drink to that," Randy said folding his arms round him.


In another part of the house the 'three amigos' were plotting - always a risky thing. For some time Ben had been complaining to Brandon and Eddy that his master Jason had still not spent time with Grady. There had been an obvious attraction between the two men when they briefly met at the group dinner and Jason had thrown out an open-ended invitation for Grady to work out with him at Jason's home.

"But nothing's happened," Eddie said, "so we gotta make it happen. Agreed, men?"

"Agreed," said Ben. "After all, dudes, your masters Pete and Hassan got to fuck that hunky movie star so it's only fair that we get to see Jason do the same. What d'ya say, Brandon?"

"Well, shouldn't be too difficult. I happen to have Grady's work schedule for when we might have to do that pool-boy rescue stunt to avoid the paparazzi, and he sure ain't working this weekend. So how about Friday after work?"

Ben was elected to get the ball rolling which he did that night when he went down as usual to Jason's house by the Arroyo. After Jason had made love to Ben and they were lying in each other's arms Ben brought the subject up. "Er, you know that guy Grady, sir?"

Jason chuckled, "Hard to miss a guy like that, kiddo. Sure wouldn't mind tangling with that stud in the gym."

"I'm glad you bought that up, sir" (ignoring the fact that it was Ben himself who had mentioned the subject) "'cos me and the boys were talking...."

"U-huh. You know what Bob always says - whenever we hear 'me and the boys have been talking' it spells trouble."

"Not this time, sir ...you'll have a great time. We was thinking that it's about time you and Grady got together, sir, and like, worked out or something. Kind of, say," he bit his tongue ... "er, next Friday evening?"

"Fine... like I said, I wanna meet the guy. So whatever. Let's do it."

"Oh..." Ben turned on his side and looked straight at Jason with his baby blue eyes that were so like his big brother Randy's. "There was one other thing ... well me and the guys were wondering ... you know, Eddie and Brandon and me... well, we was wondering if we could like watch you work out together. You know, we work out too and we like to study and pick up tips from the experts like you and Grady, sir, so ...."

"Kiddo, what have I told you? Never bullshit a bullshitter. Cut the tips-from-the-experts crap and face it - you just wanna watch two hot jocks working out together - and whatever else happens. Anyway, you know me, kid - I love an audience. Come to think of it, you guys can cook up something for dinner afterwards and we can make an evening of it. I'd like to get to know this New Tarzan character before he gets rich and famous. Just make sure Eddie and Brandon get permission from Hassan and Pete.

A frown came to his face. "There is just one condition." Ben looked worried. "I'll do all this on condition I get to fuck that sweet ass of yours one more time before we turn the lights out, OK?"

Ben beamed. "No problem there, sir. No problem at all." And he turned over on his belly.


As soon as Eddie and Brandon got the good word from Ben they went to work on Grady. The next day they decided to use two pool boys in their usual bluff with the paparazzi. The press had, as Grady predicted, turned their attention to other things but there were always one or two lurking outside the gate to his house. When he drove home from the studio he would talk to them for a few minutes, let them take a couple of pictures and that was it.

Until the pool boy showed up. That pool seemed always to get so much attention it must have been one of the best kept in L.A. and it's a wonder nobody questioned the frequency of the pool boy visits, but the ruse still worked and Grady left the house in either Eddie's or Brandon's truck under a blanket and was soon safely installed in Steve's house - his 'fortress'.

This was the first time Gray had two pool boys which made it a bit uncomfortable under the blanket, but it soon became clear, after he emerged from the blanket, that they were there to work on him. He knew as soon as he heard the phrase from Brandon, "Sir, me and the boys have been talking" (Grady too had had Bob's warning.) You know you've met almost every guy in the tribe now but still not Ben's master Jason. He was in a fireman's calendar once, you know - the August page - and ...."

"Hey, kid, you don't have to sell me on how gorgeous the guy is. The time I met him at dinner I told myself we should get together sometime in his gym."

"Well now's the time, sir," Eddie blurted out, relieved that Grady was suddenly making it easier for them. They relayed Ben's conversation and Grady was all for it. He could tell Randy that he would switch his Friday evening gym session to Jason. Randy wouldn't mind now that he was comfortable with his relationship with Grady and Bob after several triple-teaming sessions.

And so it was that on Friday evening the same two 'pool boys' picked Grady up from his house and drove him down to Jason's small, rustic house by the Arroyo Seco. Jason wasn't home yet but Ben was already there, preparing the ingredients for protein shakes in the kitchen and generally making the house presentable.

Jason had been delayed by an especially tenacious fire event and Ben explained he would come straight home from that at the end of his shift. Eddie and Brandon were listening eagerly as Ben showed Grady round Jason's impressive patio gym. It was a good half hour before they heard the screech of brakes outside the gates, all heads turned and they saw the fireman stride in.

Grady did a double take. Only in the calendar had Grady seen the man in his heavy work gear - and then it was shirtless in his heavy yellow pants and red suspenders over his bare chest. Now he was in full gear and as he pulled off the heavy helmet Grady saw the blond hair matted over his high forehead, his chiseled features running with sweat and streaked with smoke smudges.

"Hey, boys," he said cheerfully. "Grady, my man, sorry I'm late. The boys been taking care of you?" He strode forward and shook Grady's hand with a vise-like grip. Deep inside his work pants Jason's cock stirred as he perused Grady who, as always, had not dressed to look sexy - he didn't have to. Just his usual gym shorts, sneakers and loose tank were enough to show off his perfect physique.

Grady sat down at the table with the boys and watched while Jason said, "Shit, you don't know how long I've been wanting to get rid of this heavy jacket. I almost stripped shirtless in the middle of the damn fire." (Another cock twinge all round.)

He shucked off the big fireman's jacket and Grady realized that Jason was putting on a show. He had heard from most of the guys that Jason always put on a show. Fine by him. Grady found narcissism sexy. He wasn't beyond a bit of mirror-love himself.

But this show turned out to be a real cock-stiffener. Jason's dark blue regulation T-shirt was wringing wet and he quickly pushed the wide red suspenders off his shoulders and pulled the T-shirt off over his head. Slowly he wiped his face clean of soot and sweat with the T-shirt, then wiped his neck and around the slim waist, inside the waistband of his pants,

With the suspenders dangling at the sides of his pants Jason walked over to the outdoor shower and stood under it, letting the cascade of water pour over his head, down his rippling muscles and over his flameproof pants. It was quite a show and as Grady watched he realized how badly he wanted the guy.

Jason pulled his suspenders up over his naked chest, which only served to highlight the full beauty of his torso. This was exactly the way he looked in the calendar. He shook the water from his hair and straddled a chair at the table, gratefully picking up the ice-cold beer Ben had set out for him.

"Phew, that feels better." Jason raised his bottle in a toast to Grady. "OK, big guy, here's to new compadres. I have a feeling we'll hit it off big time."

Grady raised his bottle and as he gazed into Jason's eyes it was as if he saw exactly what made the man tick - the beauty, of course, the openness, masculinity, but the narcissism too, which indicated exactly what Jason wanted.

Suddenly Grady knew what he wanted too. With all the other guys it had been almost routine. They took one look at Grady and wanted to fuck him - which was great by him. But this time it was different somehow. He wanted something different.

As for the boys - they wanted whatever they could get from the two gorgeous, muscular jocks eyeing each other. And they knew they would get it.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength - Chapter 279


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