There was no doubt about it. Grady and Mario had fallen in love - on their first date! Over dinner at Mario's favorite Italian restaurant and later in Mario's room over coffee and gelato, they had talked, laughed, reminisced about their youth and become so close it was as if they had known each other for years.

The one thing they did not do was have sex, not until the next morning, when Grady said. "Mario, I'm not sure what's going on here. I mean, you know I'm obsessed with beautiful men and normally, being with a man as sexy as you, the first thing I would do is get fucked by him. But we just spent the whole night together without even... I mean, it's not that I didn't want to - I'm nuts about you - but ...."

"Sshh," Mario said, pressing a finger against Grady's lips. "I am old fashioned enough to like getting to know a man before having sex. That's what I was doing over dinner, but it didn't quite work out the way I expected. Watching you talk and laugh I even forgot how beautiful you are and ... well ... I know I shouldn't say this but ... I had the craziest idea I was falling in love with you." Mario blushed. "Now you can forget I ever said that, amico."

"Why on earth would I want to forget something as beautiful as that? Like I said, I'm not sure what's happening to me, but I do know this. I want to make love to you, Mario." And so, at last, they did ... lovingly, passionately, rolling over on the bed taking turns to fuck each other. It went on all morning and most of the afternoon until, hours later they were curled up together, exhausted and elated.

Calmer now they still kissed, licked and smiled into each other's eyes, but they were at last beginning to realize what was happening to them. They talked softly, but this time not about their past (as they had in the restaurant) but about the future. Mario said that when Grady had the time he would take him to Italy and show him a Tuscany he had never seen before despite Grady's numerous visits.

Grady talked about his future as a movie actor, how complicated that life could be - "especially when you're sharing it with someone," he grinned. At those words Mario nestled closer and lay his head on Grady's chest. Grady stroked his hair and said, "You know we've been in bed all day, buddy?"

Mario chuckled. "I know, and the rumor mill outside must be churning like crazy. I'm surprised they've left us alone."

As it happens they were soon interrupted by a wide-eyed Eddie offering to tidy their room (dying to take a full report back to the boys) and telling them that the guys were all gathering for dinner by the pool.

Downstairs the boys mobbed Eddie for information, which he breathlessly delivered with round eyes and exaggerated descriptions. Then silence descended while they waited. Bob murmured to Randy, "Never seen them so quiet - like they're waiting for the Pope."

The Pope couldn't have got a wilder reception. When Grady and Mario finally appeared in jeans and T-shirts, their arms round each other's shoulders, they had 'lovers' written all over them. Their dazzling smiles were so bright they could have just discovered gold. Which in a way they had.

It was a standing ovation. The tribe always recognized a coupling of two of its members and this new pairing was so obvious and so popular that the cheers and whistles were deafening. The two men blushed and Mario smiled at Jamie who was thrilled to see his friend so happy.

They sat together at the table, with Brandon on Grady's left. Grady grinned at him affectionately and Brandon said, "Sir, does this mean that you won't ... you know ... like ... be having sex with us guys anymore."

Grady ruffled his hair. "Kiddo, how could I give that up? Mario and I talked about that and we plan to follow the house rule ... 'as long as it stays in the tribe'. So we're pretty cool about all that. 'Course, a lot of the time we'll see other guys together ... and you, my boy, will be right at the top of the list ... if Pete agrees."

Bob grinned at Randy. "Well, Brandon sure settled that one. Be interesting to see how it all shakes out. I see the wheels spinning in your mind already, big guy."

"Yeah, I was thinking ... this probably means I'll have to build another extension on the house. Shit damn, it's hard to keep up with this tribe.


Grady was not needed at the studio for the next two days, which he spent exclusively with Mario, much of the time in Mario's bed and later in Grady's bed up at Steve and Lloyd's house. "Amico," Mario said, "do you realize how much time you spend under a blanket? In the car you dive under a blanket whenever there's a paparazzi alert, and then, of course, in bed. As cute as your face looks peering over a blanket I have an urge to see you on your feet so I can admire you as you deserve."

Just then Lloyd knocked on Grady's door with a suggestion that resolved everything - dinner by the pool with him and Steve. After a shower, prolonged by a prodigious amount of soaping, stroking, kissing and laughing, they finally emerged in shorts and T-shirts, their hair still tousled and wet. Mario went to the kitchen to help Lloyd with the food while Grady helped Steve set up the table under the blue awning by the pool.

"So," Steve smiled as they worked, "no need to ask how you're feeling, buddy. You're glowing so bright you look as if you're gonna burst into flames."

"Tell you the truth, doc, I'm scared. I mean, it's like happiness has reared up and hit me between the eyes. Do you think a feeling like this can last?"

"Not with this intensity," Steve smiled, "but when the wild love making cools down something even better takes over. It'll be like Dorothy walking from her sepia house into the Technicolor world of Oz. And being in love won't scare you, it'll fill you with a joy that consumes you and Mario, and the world won't ever look quite the same. I'd love to be in that studio when you next report to the set. This really will be the New Tarzan who'll make the movie catch fire."

Mario appeared with a salad bowl and said, "Is mi amico here on fire, Steve? I did tell him to cool it."

"Cool it?!" Grady laughed. "Fat chance with you around, hotter than a pistol?" Mario put down the salad bowl and they were instantly in each other's arms eating each other's mouth.

Lloyd appeared from the house and laughed, "Hey, you two - get a room!" They pulled apart and Mario said, "Grady, mi amico, we are being very rude. Steve and Lloyd do not want to watch us making love."

"Oh I wouldn't go that far," Lloyd chuckled. "I'd get off on it - only the dinner would spoil."

They got back to work and in minutes the food was on the table and they were all sitting under the blue awning with full wine glasses. "A toast," Steve said, "and tonight there is only one possible toast... 'To Mario and Grady'." He and Lloyd raised their gasses while the other two blushed.

There followed the most convivial evening that Grady could remember, with three sophisticated men - the stylish Italian, with whom Grady now acknowledged he was in love; the doctor who had guided him through so many problems; and Lloyd, the fun-loving architect.

Steve, of course, kept a professional eye on the happy couple. He was fond of them both and heartily approved of their relationship, but wanted to make sure there were no glitches. His instincts told him that what they felt for each other was the real thing, not just a passing infatuation.

After dinner they sat for a long time by the pool, the stars bright overhead, the dark hills rolling into the distance where they plunged into the lights of the city spread out like a glittering carpet all the way to the ocean. Steve looked at Grady and Mario nestled against each other, their sparkling eyes rivaling the stars and city lights.

'This is how life was meant to be,' Steve thought. The tribe had its ups and downs like any family, and its leader, his brother Randy, was not the easiest of guys. But this was life at its best, with a new love affair to celebrate.

"Hey, Lloyd," Grady said, "that thing you said earlier - 'get a room' - I think we're about ready for that, eh Mario?"

"I think we can do better than that," Steve smiled. "How about Lloyd and I get to our room and leave you guys alone out here? The stars, the hills, the city are all yours, though I know your whole world right now is what you are holding in your arms."

As Steve went into the house he flipped off the pool lights, leaving the new lovers in an enchanted world lit only by the slowly rising moon. They lay on a chaise together for the longest time just staring into each other's eyes, kissing, and staring some more. "Hey," Grady said. "How about a swim?"

They stood up, stripped naked, and dived into the pool, where the love-making continued - in and under the water. They sealed their mouths over each other and submerged, sharing the same breath in and out, keeping each other alive under water. It gave a whole new meaning to the words 'kiss of life'. When at last they burst to the surface Mario pushed Grady to the side of the pool facing the wall. He pressed against him from behind and eased his rigid cock into Grady's willing ass under water.

"Aaaah, ti amo, amico," Mario sighed in his ear. Grady turned his face round over his shoulder and kissed Mario. "Crazy about you too, buddy. Man, your cock feels so good in my ass."

In the darkened pool and the silent night, the only sounds were lapping water and their own breathing as they made love. Soon their breaths became ragged, their hearts pounded, and Mario said softly, "Now, amico." He poured his juice inside his lover while Grady blasted ribbons of cum that floated slowly to the surface.

They kissed, hugged, then climbed out of the pool. They left their clothes where they were, held hands and walked indoors naked and into Grady's room ... where they made love some more.


For a while it seemed that the whole house revolved around the lovers. Their new love was so incandescent that it was the sun around which the planets circled, basking in its warmth. It was understood that as soon as Grady got home from the studio he went straight to Mario's room and they did not appear until dinnertime. When they showed up there was a hush round the table, broken by Grady's merry laughter that was so infectious the conversation was soon more lively and boisterous than ever.

A few days later Mario was doing landscaping work at the bungalow of Pete and Brandon. Randy and the crew had completed work on remodeling the house some time ago and the guys were now well settled. The last project was the garden, which was Mario's territory as he did the landscaping for all the tribe's houses.

Pete and Brandon were already home. "So what's so fascinating, kiddo?" Pete asked coming up behind his wheelchair that was parked in front of the big picture window onto the garden. When he followed Brandon's gaze through the window Pete said, "Ah, yeah, I get it. Damn that's hot."

They were looking across the garden at Mario who was working on the edge of the hillside, clearing brush in preparation for extending the lawn to the edge of the hill. His aim was to create a kind of infinity lawn on the same principle as an infinity pool.

Mario was dressed (or half dressed) in his usual gardening clothes of dirty blue-jeans, no belt, no shirt, and heavy brown work boots. His face and body were streaked with dirt that was spread by the sweat running down his dark, handsome features. He was disheveled, his curly black hair tousled, his mud-caked muscles rippling as he worked. In short, he was a mess - a totally gorgeous mess.

Brandon's cock was straining in his shorts and he looked up at his master. "Sir, would it be all right if I ... you know ..." and he grabbed his bulge.

"Go for it kiddo," Pete laughed. Brandon pulled out his stiff cock and began stroking it. "Hey, we can do better than that," Pete said. He knelt between his boy's legs facing him and grabbed the arms of the wheelchair to steady it. Then he bent his head forward and took Brandon's cock into his mouth and down his throat.

"Aaah," Brandon sighed, looking down at his master's rugged face, then up through the window at the shirtless Italian gardener. Pete reached up and twisted his boy's nipples through his thin shirt. As he sucked his cock Pete looked up with affection at his boy's wide eyes blinking excitedly behind his black-rimmed glasses.

Mario was now swinging an axe, attacking the more stubborn clumps of sage brush. Pete sensed his boy reaching his peak and sucked harder, gulping so his throat muscles squeezed and relaxed alternately on Brandon's cock.

"Sir, thank you, sir. I think I'm close, sir." The image through the window was pornographic - the handsome Italian, stripped to the waist in jeans and boots, taking a mighty swing of the axe, his dirt-caked muscles flexing and gleaming in the hot sun.

That did it for Brandon. His heart felt it would leap from his chest as he grabbed Pete's hair and howled, "Yeah ... yeah ... I'm cumming ... thank you, sir...." His cock erupted deep in his master's throat and Pete swallowed frantically, not wanting to spill a drop of his boy's juice.


Pete leaned forward and kissed Brandon who sucked the remains of his own semen from his master's mouth. Eventually he pulled back and said, "Kid, I love you like crazy. That was one perfect orgasm. Now, talking of drinking, don't you think you should take a bottle of cold water out to Mario before he gets dehydrated in the sun?"

"Yes, sir, definitely. I'll take care of it." Minutes later he was wheeling himself across the lawn with water for Mario who paused and grinned at him. "My savior! Mille Grazie, amico. I was dying of thirst. Brandon gazed up at the macho Italian as he threw his head back and gulped the water, his pronounced Adam's apple bobbing in his throat.

"Is it OK if I give you a hand, sir?" Brandon had never been quite sure whether to call Mario sir or dude. He wasn't exactly a master or a boy. But now that Mario and Grady were lovers the extra cachet made 'sir' automatic.

"Perfetto, Brandon. As you see, I can use all the help I can get." Brandon pulled off his shirt to match Mario and for the next hour worked happily beside the beautiful gardener, sometimes even feeling drops of sweat flick on him from Mario's body and armpits.

Brandon worked hard, pulling clumps of sage brush from the ground, wheeling himself skillfully over the sunbaked earth. He had always had strong arms, a tribute to wheeling his chair for so many years, and now he put them to work. They worked silently, with Mario casting affectionate glances at Brandon. Not for the first time he was moved by the boy's determination to be as tough and productive as everyone else, doing everything the other boys did. From the window Pete was watching his boy with similar affection.

Suddenly Mario's cell phone rang and when he answered it his face lit up. It was obvious to Brandon who was calling, and Mario's loving tone of voice clinched it. "Yes, amico, I am working but I can come right away. ...... Well, sure, that would work too. I'll check it out with Pete and Brandon. I'll be here working when you get here. Ti amo, amico," he said softly.

He hung up and smiled at Brandon. "That was Grady."

"Duh!" Brandon grinned cheekily.

"That obvious, uh? Anyway, the studio is sending him home in a limo to his house on Laurel Canyon. I offered to pick him up from there but he doesn't want to interrupt my work. So he was wondering if you could do your pool-boy act, pick him up and bring him here." Brandon's eyes sparkled behind his glasses. Mario added, "Of course, we must check with Pete first."

Seeing something was up Pete had come out of the house and, when Mario explained the situation, Pete was all for it. He knew that one of Brandon' favorite things was to fool the paparazzi and 'rescue' Grady. So Brandon wheeled himself quickly into the house and emerged wearing a loose tank top and his baseball cap pulled sideways. Somehow Eddie had convinced the boys that was typical wear for a pool-boy - especially the sideways cap.

"Ah, il ragazzo della piscine - perfetto," Mario laughed. Brandon wheeled himself over to his truck, in which he always kept pool paraphernalia for occasions such as this to make the pool-boy look even more authentic. Expertly he pulled himself into his truck, folded his chair behind him and took off, waving out of the window. Mario smiled, "A wonderful boy, Pete. You must be very proud of him."

"Crazy about him," Pete said with a love-struck look in his eye.


Twenty minutes later Brandon came in sight of Grady's house and the usual gaggle of photographers gathered outside. He put on his vacant, ditzy-pool-boy face and, looking straight ahead, clicked open the gate and drove in. As the gate clanged behind him he drove round the back where Grady was waiting for him with a big smile.

"Hey, kid, you come to do my pool?"

"I'll do your pool and anything else you want me to do to you ... er, for you," Brandon grinned.

"Come into the house, Brandon. They brought me straight from the studio and I didn't even have time to take off my makeup. Besides you're supposed to be skimming my pool so we'll give the gentlemen of the press half an hour to make them believe that." Brandon wheeled himself after him into the bathroom where Grady stripped down to his shorts and wiped greasepaint remover over his face.

Gazing into the mirror Grady applied the white cream with circular motions, covering his face, then used a towel to remove cream and makeup. Brandon watched mesmerized as the handsome face slowly emerged, got splashed with toner, then turned to Brandon. "How's this, kiddo. Do you think I'll do?"

"If you mean for Mario, sir, I think he'll be thrilled to see you no matter how you look. You always look totally hot, sir."

Grady poured them both iced tea. "How is Mario? Is he working hard? How's he look?"

"You'll see that for yourself, sir. He looked so hot to me that I ... oops, sorry, sir. Too much information."

"Hey, boy, you can't just stop like that. So hot that you what ...?"

"Well, I watched Mario through the window while Pete got on his knees and sucked my dick. Mario looked totally pornographic as he worked, so gorgeous, that I busted my load in no time right down Pete's throat. It was way cool, sir."

Grady roared with laughter. "I bet it was." Then he became serious. "Brandon, I know how you watch everyone in the house, sizing up their feelings, and you're pretty good at that. So, er, how about Mario? Do you think he's ... like ... really in love with me?"

"Duh! Dumb question, sir, if you don't mind my saying so. That's all he thinks about, all he talks about. Listen, sir, let me take you to our house and you'll find out for yourself. I know it's not been half an hour yet but fuck the paparazzi. I can deal with them."

Grady threw his arms round the boy and squeezed him tight. "You know, kiddo," he laughed, "if I hadn't fallen for Mario I think I'd have fallen for you. OK, just let me get dressed."

Brandon watched with a smile on his face as Grady pulled on clean blue jeans - no underwear - and a blue T-shirt. He looked in the mirror and frowned, then changed shirts, trying a loose dress shirt like Mario wore. That didn't please him either so he raked around in a drawer and eventually chose a white tank. When he put it on it was a bit tight and showed off every contour of his muscular physique. He smiled and stroked the white cotton stretched over his chest.

Brandon had to stifle a laugh. Ever since he had known Grady he took his beauty for granted and never flaunted it, pulling on the nearest loose T-shirt that came to hand. But now here he was trying on several shirts like a nervous guy preparing for a first date. Jeez, thought Brandon, falling in love could sure change a guy. But he had to admit that the tight white tank made Grady look more spectacular than ever.

Then came the ritual they had followed every time Brandon came to the house. Grady climbed into the passenger seat of Brandon's truck, got on the floor and under a blanket. Brandon pulled himself into the driver's seat, put his folded wheelchair behind the seat, yanked the peak of his cap defiantly to the side and drove off. As the gate opened the photographers crowded round and one shouted, "Hey, kid, what's Grady doing in there?"

"Dunno," said Brandon vacantly.

"Is he with anyone?"

"Dunno." After that Brandon ignored them and drove away, the gate clanging shut behind him. All the way up the canyon he kept an eye on the rear view mirror and when he was over the hill Brandon repeated his routine phrase. Using his high-pitched Glenda, Good-Witch-of-the-North falsetto, he said, "Come out, come out wherever you are."

Grady emerged from the blanket and sat in the passenger seat laughing. "Kid, do you always have to say the same thing?"

"I like it, sir," Brandon said with an impish smile. "Pretty good Glenda imitation don't you think?"


As they approached Brandon and Pete's bungalow Brandon could feel Grady getting tense with excitement. "That good, eh, sir?"

"Brandon, I get harder and harder the closer I am to him. It scares me."

"Don't be scared, sir. I was that way at first with Pete but when I realized how much he loved me I relaxed and that's when it became really good. Fear is a waste of time, sir."

"Thank you O Wise Boy," Grady chuckled, surprised as he always was by Brandon's innate understanding of life and people.

When they drew up at the house Grady didn't move at first, as if afraid of getting out of the truck. Brandon was out in an instant and wheeled himself round to the passenger side. "Come on, sir. I've got something to show you." They were met by Pete at the door who hugged Grady warmly before Grady was dragged by Brandon to the big window.

"There, sir. You can't possibly be afraid of that." Grady was staring in awe at the shirtless Italian gardener, still hard at work, his face and body even more stained with dirt and sweat than before. It was a homoerotic sight, the dark, handsome laborer stripped down to muddy jeans and boots, muscles rippling and gleaming in the bright sun.

"Oh shit," Grady moaned in a near sob. "Oh fucking shit ..." He walked quickly to the back door, burst from the house and across the lawn just as Mario looked up and opened his arms with a dazzling white-tooth smile.

They fell into a tight embrace and Mario felt the muscles of Grady's back rippling under the soft fabric of his tank. They kissed hungrily with probing tongues, licking, nibbling, then gazed into each other's eyes, kissed them and lapped at each other's face like exuberant young puppies.

"No doubt about it, sir," Brandon said solemnly to Pete, "that is definitely the real thing." Then he smiled, "It's the way I feel about you, sir. Only difference is I don't run up to you, I wheel up."

Pete leaned down and kissed him, then stood ruffling his hair as they both watched in awe. As he kissed his lover voraciously Grady had pushed him up against a tree and Mario found himself trapped, a willing captive crushed by his captor's magnificent body under his tank. "I love you, man," Grady whispered. "I missed you ... have you missed me?"

"All the time, amico. I see your face wherever I go, feel you inside me."

"Talking of which ..." Grady smiled. Pete and Brandon gasped as they saw Grady suddenly turn Mario around so he was facing the tree, his arms wrapped round it. In one swift move Grady yanked Mario's jeans down below his ass and moaned "Holy shit" as he saw the white globes, set off by tan lines top and bottom. Impulsively he slapped the cheeks several times, leaving faint handprints on them.

"Thank you, sir," Mario groaned and those three words set Grady ablaze. They had not really got into bondage and domination before - too busy making love - but now their pent-up passion burst with such force that it could only be expressed in this way. Pushing Mario against the tree with one hand he used the other to yank his own jeans open and pull out his cock. He spat on his hand and spread saliva over his raging hard tool, then pushed wet fingers into Mario's ass.

"You want this, stud?" Grady breathed in Mario's ear. "You wanna feel your man's shaft inside you?"

Mario yielded to him completely. "Yes, sir, voglio tutto ... please fuck me."

A piercing scream filled the air as Grady rammed his long dick deep inside the Italian's ass. Brandon jumped and instinctively made a move to help, but Pete restrained him. "No, kiddo, it's all good. They're learning the joys of rough sex - the kind of stuff I taught you. You get off on that don't you?"

"You bet, sir," Brandon grinned up at him with sparkling eyes.

So they watched as Grady wrapped his arms round the tree, pinning Mario's arms against the trunk. Grady's jeans slipped down to his knees and the two onlookers got the pornographic sight of two hot young studs fucking, their jeans round their knees, one shirtless, the other's muscles flexing under a white tank.

Mario was sobbing in ecstasy and Grady knew he was close to orgasm, so he suddenly pulled out, spun Mario round and hugged him tight. But with their pants round their legs they stumbled and fell together in the dirt. They rolled around in the brush, kissing, grappling, loving, fighting until Grady got the upper hand. He leapt to his feet like a wild stallion and dragged Mario over to the tree where he lay on his back on the ground, gazing up in awe at his fiery lover.

Mario's discarded T-shirt was hanging from a tree branch and Grady grabbed it. He pulled Mario's arms back above his head and round the trunk, and tied his wrists with the shirt. Then Grady pulled up his own jeans but left his iron-hard dick sticking out of them like a weapon. He paced around staring down at the erotic sight of the shirtless Italian gardener on the ground, his jeans round his ankles, arms stretched upward and tied round the tree.

Mario, in turn, gazed up at the handsome young jock in jeans and a, by now, filthy, torn white tank hanging on his muscular torso. And this man was his lover! It was a new experience to be at Grady's mercy and it brought another whole dimension to his feelings for him ... intensely erotic and hungry for his touch.

He struggled against his restraints, his beautiful near-naked body writhing, muscles flexing. He knew the effect he was having on the man towering over him and gasped when Grady put his foot on his chest and flexed his arms in a bodybuilder pose, a gesture of triumph over his prisoner.

Mario felt his cock pulsing and he moaned, "Please, sir ... you look so beautiful ... please fuck my ass." Grady's eyes blazed down at him. He was the one who always offered his ass to men. but he had never wanted to fuck a man as much as he now longed to enter the rugged Italian gardener.

Pete was gripping Brandon's shoulder, both frozen to the spot as they watched the erotic scene unfold. Grady knelt between Mario's legs and pulled them over his shoulders, his crumpled jeans hooked round the back of Grady's neck. The tip of his still-wet cock was touching the gardener's hole and Mario stared up at him with pleading eyes.

Surprisingly Grady frowned and asked, "Are you sure you love me, Mario?"

"Aaah," Mario gasped in a half sob. "I have never before felt this for any man. I want you inside me, amico. I need it so bad. Please, show me how much you love me ...."

Each man saw his own reflection in the other's eyes as Grady slid his long pole once again into Mario's spit-wet ass. Tears dropped from Grady's eyes as he felt the heat of his lover, felt the tingling in his cock and the amazing sense that he was joining with this man forever.

Grady started slowly, easing in and out of the Italian's ass, but he accelerated quickly when he saw in Mario's eyes the lust for more. In minutes his cock became a piston, pounding the Italian stud who howled in pain and pleasure. As Mario pulled frantically at his bound wrists, his body struggling, his sculpted face thrashing from side to side, Grady was spurred on to greater effort.

Mario stared up at the husky young jock, muscles flexing under the torn, filthy tank-top, and yelled, "I love you, man. Fuck me harder ... hurt me, whip me, make me submit to you."

Grady quickly reached round the tree and untied Mario's T-shirt from his wrists. While hammering his ass he twisted the shirt into a rope, tied a series of knots in it and used it to whip the gardener's heaving chest. The pain was not severe, just enough to sting his pecs and bring him to the edge of orgasm.

Grady's eyes bored into his. "I'm so fucking crazy about you, man. I'm gonna finish you off." He leaned forward and pressed the shirt-rope across his neck, making Mario gasp and his eyes bulge. In the house Brandon's impulse was once again to go and help his friend, impaled on the macho jock's shaft and choked by the shirt across his neck.

Desperately he reached up and clawed Grady's chest, ripping his shirt, digging his fingers into his pecs and squeezing his nipples. "You're finished, stud," Grady growled. "You gotta give up. Let me hear you submit, man."

When it finally came, Mario's surrender was not because of the piston in his ass or the rope across his neck. It was because he wanted, needed, to give himself to this glorious man, to be his ... to be his lover. And Grady knew this when he heard the choked voice ... "I give up, sir. I submit to you. I'm yours ... always ... you're making me shoot ... I gotta cum ... I ... aaagh!"

His cock poured semen all over his own chest and face as Grady breathed, "Magnificent," and, with one last deep thrust of his cock, erupted in Mario's ass. He looked down at Mario's handsome face, streaked with dirt, sweat and tears, and howled like a wild beast - not unlike a Tarzan yell.

He fell forward on top of Mario and his wildness was transformed into tender concern for his lover. "Are you OK, buddy? I kinda got carried away. I'll never forgive myself if I hurt you ..."

"Shut up and kiss me," Mario smiled. "You have never been so sexy ... I've never loved you so much. Kiss me, amico."

They fell into a tight embrace and kissed ravenously as they rolled over the ground in each other's arms, a display of raw passion that drove the two onlookers to the edge. Pete and Brandon had been stroking their cocks for some time and could feel their climax building. Suddenly Grady stood up and pulled Mario to his feet. Mario pulled up his jeans and buttoned them. Grady shoved his cock back in his pants and zipped up.

They caught sight of the awestruck faces at the window and Grady, smiling broadly, grabbed Mario's wrist and held his arm up like a prize fighter. It was a homoerotic picture, the handsome Italian gardener, shirtless with sweat and dirt running down his face and torso ... and the magnificent muscle-jock in dirty jeans with the shreds of a muddy tank hanging from his shoulders over his sculpted chest.

"Incredible," Pete murmured. "May I cum, sir?" Brandon asked. "Sure thing, kid, let's do it." A few strokes of their cocks produced two howls of delight and twin jets of white juice that slammed against the window and ran down the glass.

As their cocks drained Brandon stared out at Grady and chuckled. He recalled Grady at his own house, freshly showered, carefully groomed, anxiously trying on shirt after shirt and settling on the dazzling white tank as the sexiest choice. And now here he was filthy and practically shirtless, the raged remains of his tank hanging limply over his pecs ... and looking sexier than any man has a right to.


The lovers came into the house and Pete hugged each in turn. Brandon had his back to them as he rubbed jism off the window glass with a spray cleaner and towel. He took great pride in keeping the bungalow clean for Pete and himself. "Hey, kiddo," Grady's voice boomed, "no hug for us?  What's the matter ... our little show out there turn you off?"

Brandon wheeled himself round with a big smile. "Sir, it was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. I came twice, sir." He held out his arms, Grady knelt and threw his arms round him. Mario knelt on the other side, yanked Brandon away from Grady and hugged him in turn.

Brandon's heart beat fast pressed against the sweaty bodies of the two disheveled muscle-jocks, and he could easily have cum again. He imagined the wide-eyed surprise of the other boys when he told them the story of two hot jocks discovering rough sex for the first time.

"Hey, guys," Pete said, "if you have no other plans would you give Brandon and me the pleasure of your company at dinner? I think I speak for Brandon too, eh boy?" Brandon's sparkling eyes blinked behind his glasses and he replied, "Absolutely, sir. Today I bought some big salmon steaks, more than enough to feed four guys, even ones as hungry as Grady and Mario must be. I can rustle up some mixed veggies, mashed potatoes, dessert and ..."

"OK, OK," Pete laughed. "I'll take that as a yes.  So how about it, guys?"  

Mario glanced at Grady and smiled, "It would be an honor, signori."

"Great. Now if it were my choice you would stay just the way you are, you look so damn hot, but I guess you would like to take a shower together."

"I think that's essential Pete," Grady said. He raised his arm and smelt his own armpit ... "Phew", a gesture that made Brandon's cock harder than ever. "Or I could lick you clean," he said cheekily.

Breaking through the laughter Pete said, "No way, kiddo, you'll be too busy in the kitchen."

"And I shall help you, amico," said Mario. So he and Grady disappeared into the bathroom and Brandon wheeled himself into the kitchen, while Pete raked around in his underwear drawer for a couple of pairs of boxers for the guys. A short time later they emerged, looking spectacular in just Pete's boxer shorts. Pete and Brandon were shirtless in cargo shorts.

Mario went to the kitchen to help Brandon and was impressed with his speed and efficiency as he wheeled himself round and manipulated the pull-down shelves. "'Course, sir," he said, "I can prepare dinner all on my own but it's great to have you here with me." He quickly made a couple of martinis, energetically jiggling the martini shaker, and took them out to Pete and Grady who were deep in conversation.

After he left Grady said to the Ranger, "Pete, I wanna ask you a dumb question. Do you think Mario loves me just for myself? I mean, it's not because of my looks and 'cos I'm soon gonna be rich and famous?"

Pete flushed. "You're right, Grady, it is a dumb question - very dumb. When you first met did you fuck right away?"

"No, we went to dinner and talked and laughed for a long time, then went to bed, but we didn't actually have sex until way into the next day. It's really different with this guy. I think he really is in love ... I know I am." He stood up impulsively. "I should go and tell him so."

Pete pulled him back down in his chair. "Man, will you just cool it? Of course you're both in love, anyone can see that. You have a gorgeous, kind, Italian lover, Grady, so just relax and enjoy it. Just one word of advice, though. You just gave Mario a hell of a wild butt-fuck - made him submit and all. I think you should let Mario get his own back as soon as possible."


That thought was at the back of Grady's mind all through dinner. Brandon was in his element cooking and serving dinner, spending time in the kitchen with the near naked Italian hunk. They laughed a lot and Mario was again fascinated by Brandon's dexterity and self-confidence maneuvering around the kitchen.

Brandon made many trips to the other men in the dining room, proudly showing off to his master Pete. (In remodeling the bungalow Randy had made sure every part of it was wheelchair accessible.) As soon they sat down with the food before them Grady raised his glass and said, "Gentlemen, a toast - to Brandon, our chef, our host and our friend." The men raised their glasses and said in unison, "To Brandon."

Brandon blushed with pleasure and raised his glass, but quickly lowered it and blushed even deeper realizing his mistake of joining in the toast to himself. But the moment soon passed and the four hungry men dug into the food. The conversation was animated, with Grady telling stories from the film set, and Brandon reciprocating with some of the many stories he had of the house and the tribe, of which he was a keen observer.

Grady had the following day off so they drank copiously, and when they were lounging over coffee and after-dinner drinks Pete said, "You know, I don't like the thought of you guys driving up to Mulholland ... you're way over the legal limit. But as luck would have it my boy and I have just finished furnishing the guest room. It was the last of our move-in projects. So how about spending the night there? Here, come see it."

Grady and Mario allowed themselves to be led to the guest room, with Brandon wheeling himself proudly in front of them. He displayed the room with an elegant wave of the arm like a game-show hostess displaying the prizes. His pride was justified, as the large room was beautifully furnished in a masculine way, the main feature being a king size bed with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, features that Randy insisted on for all the bedrooms in the tribe's houses.

Brandon wheeled himself up to the bedside table, pulled a jar from a drawer and place it on the table with a cheeky smile. It was lube - Brandon had thought of everything. "Guys," Pete said, "as I mentioned, the room is brand new and it would be an honor for us to have you christen it."

Mario smiled, "Magnifico, eh Grady?"

"Well," Grady said thoughtfully, glancing at Brandon with a twinkle in his eye. "I wasn't so sure until I saw the lube. That clinched it. Thanks kiddo. We'd love to stay."

Brandon flashed around pointing out towels, extra pillows and the adjoining bathroom. When he reluctantly turned to leave with Pete, Mario put a restraining arm on the wheelchair. "Per favore, signori, don't leave. Earlier you saw my humiliation when I was jack-hammered by a wild brute who made me submit. I would like to prove to you that I am not that kind of man ... I am a proud Italian alpha male and it is I who do the fucking, the more macho the man the better."

They were all aware of Grady's cock rising in his boxers like a tent-pole and Mario said, "I see you are ready for retribution, signore. Prepare yourself."

His body trembling with eager anticipation Grady dropped his shorts and fell on his back on the bed, his rigid cock rising erect from his tangled black pubic hair. All three men gazed down in awe at the naked muscle-jock and Mario dropped his shorts. "Brandon," he said, "would you help me prepare?" Mario and Brandon both glanced at Pete who smiled his permission.

Brandon excitedly wheeled himself in front of Mario, took hold of his cock and wrapped his mouth around it. Eddie had taught him the art of bringing a man repeatedly to the brink of orgasm and backing off at the last moment, so Brandon was well prepared for the task he faced now. He swallowed hard, clenching his throat muscles hard round Mario's rod, then relaxed. He did this repeatedly, driving the Italian to the edge of his climax again and again while Mario gazed down at the spectacular sight of his gorgeous lover waiting to get fucked.

At last, with a howl, Mario pulled his cock out and Brandon withdrew. In a frenzy now, sounding harsher than he ever had, Mario barked, "Hands and knees."

Grady obeyed instantly, kneeling in front of the mirror and looking up at the reflection of the fierce Italian. "Are you gonna pound my ass, dude?" In response Mario dipped his fingers in the lube and pushed them in Grady's ass. He massaged Grady's prostate, then pressed his dick against his hole, paused, and drove his rod deep inside like a pile-driver. "Yeah!" Grady howled into the mirror. "Fuck me, stud. Punish my ass."

But when Mario pulled back it was slowly, gently. He leaned forward and murmured in Grady's ear. "No, mi amore, I cannot hurt the man I love. You will have to be content with this." He pushed his cock back in, slowly, deeply until it passed over the inner sphincter and came to rest.

"Oh, man," Grady moaned staring up at Mario's face in the mirror. "That feels so fucking great. Don't ever stop doing that to me, buddy. I love it ... I love you, man. Make love to my ass."

So that's what Mario did. He threaded his arms under Grady's armpits, then over his chest and linked his hands behind Grady's neck. He pulled him back in an upright kneeling position and stared at him in the mirror, the handsome muscle-jock locked in a full nelson hold, impaled on the Italian gardener's long shaft.

As Mario fucked him from behind he rested his head on Grady's shoulder and said, "See those two handsome bucks in the mirror? They're in love with each other. One is fucking the other one's ass and he's loving it, don't you think?"

"Looks to me like he's crazy about it. Look at that hot body, trapped, getting fucked by the Italian stud. I'd say he's never been fucked like this before, never felt anything like this before ... because he's never been in love before." Grady turned his head back over his shoulder and kissed Mario.

As passion built between them Mario released the hold and moved his hands down to Grady's nipples that he squeezed gently as he fucked. "Yeah, fuck my ass," Grady moaned. He leaned forward, grabbed the top rail of the headboard and braced his arms against it. He pushed his ass back further on Mario's cock and groaned, "My ass is yours, man. I'm yours. You're so fucking hot you're gonna make me bust a load. Oh shit, I can't hold back, dude. I love you, man ... oh god ... oh god ... I ... aaagh."

As Grady blasted a load of juice forward onto the mirror Mario poured semen deep inside him. Their howls of ecstasy filled the room and Brandon grabbed Pete's arm tightly as they both gazed at the pornographic sight of two dark-haired muscle-hunks wrapped in the throes of love.


"I don't think he's had enough," Mario said decisively. "Your turn Pete. How do you want him, Ranger? On his back?"

Grady fell on his stomach and rolled over onto his back. He gazed up at the muscular, square-jawed Ranger and pulled his heels back toward himself on the bed, legs bent, ass exposed. He watched as Pete dropped his shorts and towered over him, stroking his huge shaft. "You're boyfriend's already lubed your ass good with his jizz," he said harshly. "This is gonna be easy." Then to Brandon, "Hold him down, boy."

Grady's hands were stretched upward gripping a rail of the headboard so Brandon rolled to the head of the bed and held Grady's hands tight round the rail. Pete knelt on the bed, pushed back on Grady's knees and slid his cock easily into his ass, slick with his lover's cum.

Pete's fuck was short and savage, his cock a jack-hammer driving hard inside the writhing muscle-god. Grady was moaning with pain and pleasure, his arms trapped by the Ranger's boy, and was soon begging, "Please cum inside me, sir. Pound that ass ... fill it with your jizz."

The sight of the macho jock begging to get ass-fucked was a huge turn-on for the Ranger and he was soon moaning, "Fuck ... fuck ... here it comes, man ... yeaah!" Grady felt the second load of sperm erupting deep in his ass.

Pete pulled his cock out suddenly, pointed it at Grady and the last jets of semen splashed down on the handsome face. Pete was in full charge now. He leapt to his feet and pulled Grady off the bed. "Brandon, on the bed ... on your back." Quick to obey his master's command Brandon eased himself out of his wheelchair and flopped on the bed as ordered. He pushed his shorts down to his knees and his cock pointed straight up, hard as a rock.

Pete and Mario grabbed Grady and forced him to kneel astride Brandon's waist. They pushed down on his shoulders, lowering his ass until it was poised over Brandon's cock. Pete nodded at Mario and, with one last shove, they forced him all the way down onto Brandon's rod. He howled but Mario said, "Fuck yourself, amico. You know you want it, the boy's cock deep inside you."

Brandon blinked hard as Pete leaned down and gently pulled his boys glasses off. Even without them Brandon could clearly see the three beautiful, naked men - Pete and Mario on either side of Grady who was rising and falling on the boy's stiff pole, his muscles rippling as he moved.

Emboldened by the feeling in his cock Brandon threw caution to the winds and shouted, "Yeah that's it, sir, sit on the boy's big cock. Let him fuck you. You feel that rod in your ass? It's gonna make you shoot another load. Grab your dick, sir ... make it cum."

Brandon's handsome, eager face, his sparkling eyes blinking fast, filled Grady with affection for the boy. He pounded his cock faster and shot another load of jizz, this time over Brandon's face and chest. With that release of energy Grady sat down hard on Brandon's cock just as the boy felt the muscle-jock's warm juice splashing down on him. With a howl of euphoria Brandon blasted his own cum deep inside the jock's hot ass.

When his cock had drained and his heartbeat slowed, Brandon grinned mischievously at Pete. "As Darius would say, sir, that was definitely one for 'prosperity'." The room filled with laughter.

But it was time for bed. With enthusiastic hugs all round Pete said, "Come on, kiddo, time to leave these guys alone." As he put his glasses back on Brandon said to Mario and Grady, "You think you'll be making love all night, sirs?"

Pete clipped him round the ear but Grady laughed and said, "Maybe so, kiddo, but we'll be sure to report back in the morning. I know you have to make a full report to Darius and the boys."


As a matter of fact Darius at that moment had other things on his mind than a report from Brandon. After work he had dropped into his favorite Silver Lake leather bar as he did quite often. His master Zack didn't mind him being there alone - it was good for him to mix with other men, he thought, provided he didn't stray from the golden rule of never having sex with anyone outside the tribe.

The handsome, muscular boy with the ready joke and gleaming smile was popular in the bar and he got to know a lot of the regulars well. Coming straight from work he was shirtless in black jeans and boots. Tonight he was chatting with a man he really liked, an older man who had the craggy good looks that came with maturity, and a body that was still sexy and hard-muscled from daily gym workouts.

They were already a little tipsy and talking raunchily, as guys often did, about Darius's huge horse-dick. "You know," the guy said, "I always said that someone should make a cast of that dick and duplicate it ... you know, like the porn stars do. You know I live just round the corner and if you care to come with me I'll show you how it's done."

The idea of his dick being immortalized intrigued Darius, appealed to his vanity, and he said, "Sure, why not?" Zack wouldn't mind - at least Darius thought he wouldn't - though he did get pretty mad if his boy stayed out too late.  So he wouldn't stay long with the guy and, after all, what trouble could he get into?

He sure didn't want to get on the wrong side of Zack.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 286


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