The meal had been sensational, the entertainment spectacular, and the tribe's spirits were higher than ever.

It was an especially great day for Grady who had given the Sunday brunch party to show his gratitude to the men and boys of the tribe for accepting him warmly as a member of the family.  He had received the invaluable professional help of the twins who had not only planned and catered the event, but had treated Grady to the private bonus of double teaming him in one of their sexual specialties, making love to him as they made love to each other.

Toward the end of the meal Grady had found himself the center of the entertainment when, at long last, he grappled with the handsome Australian stud Adam and his boy Nate in a wild sexual marathon. After fucking the eager young buck, Nate, Grady had submitted to top-man Adam. The tribe was dazzled by the homoerotic display of the two alpha jocks writhing on the ground making love in a tangle of muscular limbs, with Adam's shaft buried deep inside Grady's hungry ass.

Later, after a cleansing dip in the pool, Adam and Grady were seated at the table with the rest of the tribe, amid praise and congratulations. Adam had his arm round his boy Nate snuggled next to him, and the three young waiters, Eddie, Ben and Brandon, circulated with more drinks showing off in sexy matching dark-blue uniforms.

The darkly handsome Italian, Mario, had added a touch of class tending bar and now brought a drink for Grady and sat next to him.  Grady smiled his thanks and Mario grinned back enigmatically.   "Actually, amico, Adam was wrong on one point when he said he was the last in the tribe to make love to you. He was not. That distinction is mine - and has yet to happen."

"You're right, Mario," Grady said wide eyed.   "Hell, we gotta put that right. I learned some Italian when I did fashion shoots in Milan, but I could sure use some brush-up lessons. Trouble is I don't have an Italian teacher."

"You do now, amico. I can teach you the Italian language, the culture - and, well, several other things Italians do well."

"I bet you can," Grady grinned. "OK, it's a date ... mi amico."

At the other end of the table Bob, Randy and Mark were huddled together, making plans to follow up on a promise they made previously to go away for a weekend together. "Did you mean what you said then, Randy?" Mark asked. "When I mentioned Jamie you said, 'Bring him too', 'cos the quickest way for a boy to become a man is to spend a lot of time with men - especially men like us. Did you mean that?"

"Sure I meant it. And while we're at it, you think it would be OK to bring my boy Pablo too? I need to include him more in stuff like this. The five of us would be great together." There was agreement all round and Bob said with satisfaction, "Good, that's settled. Hmm, three men and two senior boys. Has all kinds of possibilities."


The table was quickly cleared and the group loosened up even more over coffee and after-dinner drinks, in what soon evolved into a leisurely Sunday-afternoon pool party. As always whenever the whole tribe gathered together, small groups formed, several of them talking business. One such unlikely group was in rapt conversation - Bob, Hassan, and the boys Nate, Jamie and Brandon.

Across the pool Eddie shifted uneasily, pretty sure they were talking about him as they kept glancing over at him. Uh-oh, what had he done now? In a momentary panic he wondered if Hassan was trading him away to be someone else's boy, but he soon rejected that crazy idea, confident in how much Hassan loved him. Still the whole thing made him uneasy, especially when Hassan looked up and shouted, "Hey, Eddie, get your ass over here."

Eddie obeyed nervously and, even as he sat down facing the men, he was already talking. "Sir," he said to Hassan, "if this is about my mouthing off to Grady, sir, telling him 'you can show us whatever you like,' I didn't mean no disrespect, sir. And that crack to Randy, 'Is the Pope Catholic?' - it just kinda slipped out."

Bob was stifling a smile and the boys were staring at him wide-eyed, signaling him to shut up. But once he got going Eddie ploughed on regardless. "Sir, you're always telling me to button my lip and I know I talk too much but ..."

"And you're doing it now, boy," Hassan growled - "talking too much. So zip it."

Through pursed lips Eddie mumbled, "Sorry, sir."

Hassan's expression softened. "Eddie, we were discussing something entirely different. I've told you before I didn't want you to be assistant houseboy all your life, I want you to learn things.

Bob tells me that Jamie and Brandon are overloaded in the office and they need help. They want to concentrate on the construction company books and farm out the household budget. You houseboys know more about house supplies and expenses than anyone else so Bob came up with an idea that Nate, Jamie and Brandon all agree with.

"Nate would list all the expenses and household payroll and has agreed to loan you to the office three afternoons a week to load them into the computer. Eventually you'd be able to compile a budget for the house. How would you feel about working with Jamie and Brandon?"

Eddie's eyes opened wide and he grinned at Brandon. "You mean it, sir? That would be so cool."

"Jamie would be your boss and Brandon would show you the ropes. You'd be on probation for a while - meaning no unnecessary chatter, no distractions, understood?"

"Aye-aye, captain" Eddie saluted. Bob smiled at him and shook his hand. "Congratulations, Eddie. I have a feeling you'll work out fine. We'll discuss details later, and now you're probably dying to tell the other boys?" With profuse thanks all round Eddie dashed off to spread the good news. Bob sighed at Brandon. "I hope you're gonna be able to handle this, Brandon."

"Don't worry, sir," Brandon grinned. "Eddie and me are real close. You all see his playful side but I know that he'll work real hard to prove himself ... to you mostly, sir," he said to Hassan. "He worships you and wants you to be proud of him. So sure, it'll work out just fine."


As the party started to wind down Grady circulated and discreetly handed envelopes to Brandon, Ben, Eddie and Mario. The three boys went into a huddle and gasped at the contents of the envelopes. They had never been tipped anywhere near this much. Mario came over to Grady and said softly, "Signore, this is way too generous. All I did was tend bar and I enjoyed every minute of it."

"Yeah, but you did it perfectly, Mario. And besides, you added a classy touch to this bawdy assembly."

"Bene. But one day soon, amico, I will treat you to dinner at a fine Italian restaurant, and then we will get started on your... er ... 'Italian lessons'."

"Can't wait," Grady grinned seductively. Then he went to the kitchen where the twins had tidied almost everything away. He handed them two even fatter envelopes and said, "I know you're not supposed to tip the owners of a company but you guys have been amazing - brilliant organization, great food, impeccable service. It was a terrific party - er, not forgetting that highly erotic 'extra service' you treated me to the day we met up here. Man that was hot."

"And available to you whenever you want, sir," said Kyle. "You only have to ask." Kevin added, "Except not tonight, sir, 'cos Bob has invited us to spend the night with him and Randy."

Seeing their eyes sparkle Grady smiled, "And that in itself is reward enough for two gorgeous, hardworking brothers. A night in the inner sanctum, uh? Have fun, guys."


A couple of hours later Randy and Bob were sitting in their bedroom in boxer shorts drinking Scotch and re-hashing the party that, they agreed, had been one of the best clan gatherings for a long time. There was a gentle knock at the door, Bob smiled and shouted, "Come in, guys."

The twins entered, still wearing their work clothes - white T-shirts and shorts. They were greeted by a strong, slow handclap from Randy and "Great show, guys. No one puts on a party like you two." Bob hugged them and said, "Phew, you gotta get you out of these sweaty T-shirts. Feels like you've been sweating over a hot stove in a kitchen cooking up a storm." He laughed and pulled off their T-shirts, grabbed a towel and wiped their chests dry.

"Have a seat, kids, and let me fix you a drink. Then we'll talk about the party - what went well and what glitches need to be tweaked for next time." Sprawled in a chair Randy watched Bob and his boys huddle together, the twins earnestly gazing up at their master who was giving advice on how to smooth over the rough spots in future.

It wasn't only the Scotch that made warmth surge through Randy. The sight of his glorious lover and the adoring looks on his boys sent a wave of affection sweeping through him for the guys he loved - his family. His eyes misted over and (emboldened by the Scotch) he impulsively walked over to them, folded his brawny arms round all three of them and hugged them tight.

He held them for long, emotional minutes, then suddenly pulled away and paced the room wiping his eyes. Bob and the twins grinned at each other, surprised by this uncharacteristic display of affection. Randy, embarrassed by his own show of tenderness, regained his gruff gypsy attitude, re-asserted his authority and growled, "So ... what? You guys gonna fucking talk all night or are we gonna hit the sack?"

"Hit the sack, please sir," the twins said in unison. "OK if we take a quick shower first, sirs?"

"Good idea," said Bob, tossing their sweaty T-shirts in the laundry basket. Bob pulled back the sheets and flopped on the bed on his back, hands laced behind his head. Randy hesitated. "Er, that thing I did just now ... you know, with you and the boys ..."

"Forgotten," said Bob.

"Good," Randy said and lay down beside him. But of course it wasn't forgotten by Bob or the twins. Randy's quick, impulsive gesture would stay in their memory forever. The men lay silently shoulder to shoulder until they heard the shower turned off. Seconds later the twins appeared in the doorway butt naked, drying themselves with the master bathroom's big soft towels. They hung the wet towels over the bathroom rail and, in exact unison, ran their fingers through their tousled hair.

They stood side by side, their flawless, identical bodies gleaming under the spotlights, their long cocks swinging between their thighs and shy smiles on their faces, waiting for an invitation from the men to join them. When it came from Randy it wasn't so much an invitation as an order.

"Holy shit, you guys look sexy as hell. Look at this ..." He pulled down his shorts, Bob did the same, and the twins found themselves staring at two huge shafts standing up rigid from thickets of pubic hair. "Get over here," Randy growled.

But the twins did not obey immediately. Instead they smiled at each other, turned face to face and their lips came together in a passionate, churning kiss, their bodies writhing sensually against each other. The men grabbed their own cocks and stroked them as they watched the beautiful young twins make love to each other. Randy grunted, "Fuck ... that is so damn hot. I could blow my wad just watching them."

The twins pulled apart and Kyle said, "No, sir. Please don't do that. Allow us to help you." He walked forward, knelt on the floor beside Randy and closed his mouth over Randy's thick shaft. His brother Kevin, kneeling on the other side beside Bob, matched Kyle and slid his lips over his master's rock-hard cock.

Bob and Randy pushed their hips higher, grabbed the boys' heads and forced their faces down on their cocks. "Holy shit," they groaned as the twins went into their expert routine of sucking, pausing open-mouthed, teasing, bringing their masters to the edge of their climax, then pulling back and waiting, before starting over again. The men felt the joy of approaching orgasm, then the frustration as it was denied them.

There was a pause as the twins changed partners - and it began again. Different boy, same ecstatic sensation suffusing their bodies with warmth. Bob looked sideways at the rugged gypsy's handsome face moaning beside him. He caught Randy's eye, leaned toward him and clamped their mouths together, kissing him passionately while the twins worked their sensual magic on their cocks.

Randy felt himself losing control, surrendering his will to Bob and his boys as they seduced him and drove him ever closer to his pent-up climax. He flashed on the embarrassing image of himself hugging the three of them in an overflow of emotion and knew that he was now seconds away from submitting completely to their sexual power.

But submission was never an option for the macho gypsy and he impulsively pushed Kevin roughly off his cock and leapt to his feet. Surprised, Kyle too pulled away from Bob. Still on their knees on either side of the bed the brothers gazed up at the wild gypsy pacing the room, angry at himself for twice falling under their spell.

"Damn you boys, you almost had me there." He glared at Bob, "And you played along with them. But it don't fucking work like that. When I'm in bed with a guy I'm in charge ... and I damn well fuck ass. Who the hell do you think's boss of this family?"

"You are, sir," the twins said together in mock fear, (but flashing a conspiratorial smile at Bob.) "We're sorry, sir," said Kevin. "We were way out of line there." Kyle took over. "It's just that you are so totally sexy, sir, and we love sucking your cock, so we kinda went overboard and ..."

"Yeah, yeah well I guess you can't be blamed for that." Randy softened his tone and Bob chuckled inwardly seeing how the twins were subtly playing on Randy's sexual pride. He knew that Randy's impulsive display of affection earlier had knocked him off his stride, which is why he reacted so gruffly to being seduced by the twins.

Bob got off the bed and stood beside Randy, smiling at the boys. "I guess things got a little off kilter there for a minute," Bob said consolingly. "Kyle, Kevin, I think it would be good if you lay on the bed beside each other and let Randy call the shots."

They looked suitably chastened but saw the twinkle in Bob's eye. They lay together on the bed and looked up at their masters, knowing full well from the first that Randy and Bob would end up taking their asses. They had been play-acting, winding Randy up and bringing that angry-gypsy look to his face that they found so sexy.

"Right," Randy growled. "You see this?" He stroked his monster cock. "This is going in your asses. You, boy," he stared at Kyle. "I'll start with you."

Kyle pulled his legs back presenting his ass to Randy who spat in his hand and rubbed his cock. But Bob quickly reached under the bed and pulled out his hidden stash of lube (Randy always used spit). Bob reached over and lubed Kyle's butt, then clamped his greasy hand over Randy's cock and whispered in his ear, "Don't be a bully."

"Asshole," Randy hissed back, but Bob's words struck a chord, especially when he looked at the fine young face staring up at him with a mix of desire and fear. Randy's savage fucks were legendary, especially when he was angry. But any residual anger he felt now was overcome by the affection he felt for the beautiful boy beneath him ... Bob's boy. "Don't worry, kid, I'm not gonna hurt you," but still with an edge to his voice. He was still the boss ... he didn't do vanilla.

So his beer-can thick shaft pushed decisively into Kyle's ass, making him inhale sharply and groan, "Thank you, sir. You feel so good inside me." Next to them Bob smiled down at Kevin, relieved and satisfied that no harm would come to Kyle. Bob knew his gypsy well.

"You've felt this many times before, kiddo," Bob grinned at Kevin. "You want it again?"

"Yes please, sir. Very much." Getting fucked by the handsome muscle-god he worshipped was Kevin's favorite thing in life, even more than getting fucked by his brother, which also happened often. He gazed up at the soft brown eyes and moaned in ecstasy as he felt his master's long cock push slowly, endlessly into the depths of his ass.

From then on all inhibitions, all macho posturing, ceased ... it was pure affection between the two virile top men and the beautiful twin brothers. Randy evolved from leader to lover - still the swarthy black-haired gypsy that turned the twins on so much, but now easing into the same rhythmic lovemaking as the man beside him.

"You want more don't you, kid?" asked Randy, seeing the gleam in Kyle's eye.

"Yes please, sir. Like you do to Bob." Randy grinned and ramped up the speed and force of his fuck. Not like he did to Bob, but enough to bring Kyle to that exquisite limit just below the edge of pain. Randy was a master of this, making love but with an edge of fear that intensified the boy's sexual craving. "Thank you, sir," Kyle gasped. "It feels awesome. I love you, sir."

As Bob fucked Kevin gently he saw the boy glance at his ramrodded brother and knew they were both feeling the same emotion, as they always did. "You want Randy too, don't you kid?"

"Yes please, sir," Kevin grinned up at him.

So, just as Kyle was wincing under the full force of the gypsy's piston in his ass, Bob nudge Randy who reluctantly slowed down and pulled out. They quickly changed places and Kyle's stinging ass was treated by the balm of Bob's tenderness, while Kevin looked expectantly at the wild gypsy who forcefully impaled him on his long shaft. Kevin gasped with a flash of pain but immediately relaxed into the master fuck, confidant that Randy would never hurt him.

And so the twin fucks continued, gentle on one side, forceful on the other. As the men stared down at the euphoric smiles on the twins' faces it was love, even more than lust, that made their cocks shudder in the tender asses. They watched mesmerized as the twins turned to look at each other ... and their lips met in a fervent kiss. The effect on Bob and Randy was instant. They too gazed into each other's eyes and kissed each other passionately.

The scene was amazing - two couples, twins and masters, making love to each other as the masters' cocks made love to the boys' asses. Men and boys groaned in ecstasy, fighting against spilling their loads as the fuck intensified. The kissing stopped and the twins gazed up at the gleaming bodies heaving above them, at the eyes burning down at them. Desire mounted until the brothers could not hold back. Kevin asked, "Please, sirs, may we cum soon?"

Randy pulled his mouth off Bob's and chuckled, "You calling the shots again, eh kid? OK, but this is how I want it." He pushed Kevin's legs further back so the boy's cock was pointing down at his own face. Bob did likewise with Kyle.

"OK, kids," Randy said, "let's see what you got." He and Bob pounded the brothers' butts harder driving the twins wild. Their breath came in gasps, hearts beat wildly and they shouted, "Thank you, sir ..." as their cocks poured cum onto their own faces and into their mouths.

"Holy shit," Randy growled, watching the twins swallow their own jizz, their sculpted features splashed with cum. "Let's do it, buddy," he said to Bob and the twins watched both muscular bodies shudder and felt the huge cocks erupt, pouring hot semen deep inside them. That made the twins shoot again until they were drowning in their own cum.

Bob and Randy leaned forward and licked the boys' faces, sucking the juice out of their mouths. Then at last they pulled out their cocks, fell on the twins and folded their shuddering bodies in their arms.


After a quick shower all four men lay naked in bed. The twins were in heaven, having been fucked and loved by their master and his lover. And now they were to spend the night with them, sleeping, loving ... and whatever else the night would bring.

Before they closed their eyes Bob asked them a question. "You know, kids, next weekend Randy, Mark and I are going up to the shack in the dunes and we're taking Pablo and Jamie along. Would you like to join us?"

There was a long pause as the twins looked at each other, then Kevin said. "If you would like that, sir, sure."

"It's not what I want, guys, it's what you want. You've had a tough few days organizing the party so you deserve a break. Now come on, tell me the truth."

The truth was that the twins didn't really want another weekend of intense activity, this time tagging along with Pablo and Jamie, whom they knew still had their own issues to deal with. So Kyle plucked up the courage to say, "Sir, if it's all the same to you, my brother and me were kinda looking forward to a quiet weekend at home, spending most of the time together, just the two of us. Like you said, the last few days have been kinda hectic and we need to ..."

"... get to know each other again," Bob said, grinning at Randy. They both understood what the twins needed - a big dose of brotherly love ... whatever form that took. "Say no more guys. We get it completely. You have a good rest together."

That settled, Kyle lay his head on Randy's chest, Kevin on Bob's, their faces close, smiling at each other. Randy had to have the last word. "But just so you know, you kids are in our bed tonight so you do whatever we tell you."

"Of course, sir ... you're the boss," the twins said together." Bob raised his eyebrows and smiled at Randy. The twins had had the last word - a word that nobody entirely believed.


Early next Saturday morning Randy's big truck barreled north on the coast road headed for the Guadalupe Dunes, with all their gear and several surfboards stashed in the back.

The trip had begun as a promise between three of the senior men, Randy the King of the Gypsies; Bob the business executive; and Mark the blond cop, to spend a weekend together and flex the muscles of their three-way love affair. Mark had suggested bringing his boy, the young surfer jock Jamie, which prompted Randy to invite his boy Pablo, with whom he had not been spending enough time lately, he admitted.

Pablo, who flaunted his role as the boss's boy, sat proudly up front between Randy and Bob, while Mark and Jamie sat comfortably in the back seat. It was customary on trips for Mark to wear the black ribbed tank-top that turned Jamie on so much. Jamie, who had worked late in the company's office, now slept with his head on his master's chest and Mark's arm round him.

Pablo caught sight of them in the rear-view mirror and frowned. Pablo was the adopted son of Randy, and molded himself on the tough gypsy's image - strengths and faults alike. He was also the lover of the other senior boy, the muscular, well-endowed Darius.

But, despite all those marks of his status in the tribe, the boss's boy still felt a pang of envy as he saw Jamie in the muscular arms of the gorgeous cop. Like Randy, Pablo was the least affable of the boys but, like Randy, he didn't give a shit. Still, he resented Jamie's quiet strength and easy-going demeanor, one of the best liked of the boys and adored by the cop.

There was always an undercurrent of rivalry between the two, which was mostly papered over by a veneer of tolerance and grudging politeness. But that veneer sometimes wore thin, as it had the day before when Pablo, head mechanic on the construction site, had marched into Jamie's office and demanded new equipment, which Jamie insisted was not covered in the budget.

The confrontation had escalated quickly as old resentments rose to the surface. Brandon, Jamie's assistant, could see it coming to blows so he quickly wheeled himself out of the office and summoned Bob's help. Bob had quickly diffused the situation and come up with a compromise, followed by a lecture on the need to work together in harmony.

But, as they drove up the coast, that coldness between the two boys still hung in the air and the three men were all aware of it. Bob had even suggested earlier to Mark and Randy that maybe this weekend would provide an opportunity for the boys to wipe out their resentment for good and, as he had laughingly added, to bury the hatchet deep in the sand rather than between each other's shoulder blades.

However, there seemed to be no move in that direction on the journey up to the dunes, as Pablo preened between Randy and Bob and Jamie pressed his head against the cop's hard pecs flexing under the thin black shirt.

When at last they arrived at the shack in the dunes, the activity of unloading their gear superseded any simmering animosity until Mark proudly reminded them that the shack belonged to Jamie (a long-ago gift from Mark) so "In a way we are all Jamie's guests here." Bob winced, realizing that, in an effort to please his boy, Mark had inadvertently pressed all Pablo's buttons.

Bob saw the dark scowl on Pablo's face and, in an effort to pour oil on ominously troubled waters, he said lightly. "Hey, boys, we three guys are gonna just hang out here on the porch, so why don't you two go surfing? The waves look pretty near perfect to me."

"You read my mind, sir," Jamie said. "Come on dude." He ran to the truck but realized Pablo had not followed him. He shrugged, pulled two boards out of the truck and dragged them over to the shack, his golden-tanned muscles rippling sexily in the sun, his tousled blond hair falling over his handsome young face.

He was the iconic image of a gorgeous California surfing dude and the three men all had boners in their shorts. What annoyed Pablo most of all is that his own cock got hard as he watched Jamie work, however much he resisted it. He sat sullenly next to Randy and huffed, "I get all the exercise I need at my job and in the gym. I don't sit at a desk all day. So I ain't going."

Randy punched him on the shoulder. "What's up, boy? You scared Jamie will show you up? Never knew you to refuse a challenge before ... that's not the boss's boy I know!"

Those biting words from his master hit home and Pablo impulsively sprang to his feet. "Scared of Jamie?" he sneered. "Here, give me that board." He grabbed one and Jamie smiled, "Good for you, Pablo. Last time I saw you on a board you were pretty good, so stick with me and I'll give you some tips."

Pablo was stung by what he took to be arrogance and condescension from Jamie, completely misjudging Jamie's intention, and he stomped toward the water, dragging the board behind him. Jamie ran after him, his board under his arm, and together they splashed into the waves.

Bob frowned at Randy. "Buddy, did you have to turn this into a contest? You know how Pablo feels about Jamie right now and you've just set him up to fail. Remember what I told you when you fucked the twins? 'Don't be a bully.' No wonder Pablo is insecure."

"Insecure?! Don't be an ass. I've trained my boy never to back down from a challenge. He's tough, like me. He'll come out on top - he always does."

Bob sighed and raised his eyebrows at Mark who simply shrugged in a resigned gesture - that's Randy for you. As they drank beer and watched the boys ride the waves - or try to - Randy's boast about his boy was obviously way off target.

While Jamie surfed with his usual graceful expertise, shouting instructions, Pablo was having far less success. He wasn't all that bad but next to Jamie he looked clumsy. Over-confident, he ignored Jamie's advice and occasionally got his timing wrong, lost his footing and fell off the board. And even when he caught a wave and rode it, several times he wiped out completely.

Bob was right. In his arrogance Randy had bullied his boy and set him up for the failure they were now witnessing. The boys had drifted further down the beach by the time Pablo angrily called it quits. He swam to shore dragging his board behind him and as he stumbled through the surf Jamie glided up beside him. "Dude, that wasn't so bad. Those few mistakes I can correct easily. See, it's all a question of balance and ...."

"Shut the fuck up, asshole," Pablo yelled. "Who the fuck do you think you are telling me what to do? All because you're the cop's boy you think you can throw your weight around like he does. Shit, rip that uniform off him and he's nothing."

Jamie sprang to his master's defense. "That's crazy talk, Pablo, and you know it. Mark and Randy love each other and ..."

"I said shut the fuck up, boy. My dad could demolish that cop with one hand tied behind his back. And if it comes to it I could do the same to you," he shouted, shoving Jamie in the chest.

"Pablo, I'm not looking for a fight with you but if you don't stop bad-mouthing Mark I'll ..."

"You'll what, dude? Ride a wave to his rescue like some pussy surfer scared to fight." He shoved him again ... and again. "I've seen how that cop makes cow eyes at Bob, seducing him away from Randy. He's no better than ..."

"Enough," Jamie shouted, throwing himself at Pablo. The two muscle-boys fell writhing in the shallow surf, grappling, punching, rolling over and over in the wet sand straining for advantage.

The men had watched with growing concern as the surfing lesson led to trouble that escalated as the boys argued. They caught snatches of the heated conversation, enough to know that Pablo's irrational anger was largely the root of the quarrel and that Jamie was defending Mark's honor. The men usually stayed out of all boys' disagreements, letting them solve their own problems, but when they saw the confrontation become physical they knew they had to intervene.

They ran down the beach to where the fight was in full swing. Despite Pablo's reputation of a street fighter (like his dad) Jamie was giving as good as he got, which only added to Pablo's fury. Things were getting ugly when they heard the cop's command "Freeze!" and Randy and Bob pulled the boys apart and yanked them to their feet.

It was a dismal group of three men and two boys that trudged back to the shack, seething with a mix of anger, frustration and disappointment. Rather than yelling at the boys the men gave Pablo and Jamie something worse - the silent treatment. They resumed their seats on the patio and carried on drinking beer, grim-faced, not uttering a word. This unnerved the boys who stood on the sand facing them, heads bowed, hands clasped behind their backs, waiting for their punishment.

Bob knew that he, as the closest thing to an impartial observer, had to take the lead. Randy and Mark were scowling at each other, their tension reflecting that of their boys. Randy, while not exactly condoning his boy' actions, could well understand Pablo's anger (a match for his own) at being shown up as an amateur on a surfboard. To Randy it was natural that the contest should ultimately be decided by fists. That's how Randy settled most of his conflicts, and Pablo was, above all else, his master's boy.

Mark's anger came from his certainty that Jamie had been provoked by Pablo's belligerence. He knew that his boy had started out with the best intentions of healing the rift with Pablo, and it was only when Pablo had bad-mouthed Mark that Jamie sprang to his defense. That was a source of pride for Mark.

As Bob looked from one to the other he feared that their intransigence could grow into animosity that would ruin the weekend. He could think of only one thing to do and he went into the shack and opened his phone. Steve always answered his phone when he saw Bob's ID on it. "Steve," Bob said, "I'm glad you're there 'cause we've hit kind of a problem here and I need your advice. He explained what had happened and concluded, "There's a whole lot of tension in the air and I don't know how to deal with it."

Steve answered, "You know, Bob, I've watched those two boys lately, their simmering rivalry and all that, but I've seen something else underneath it all. You remember how it used to be the same between Randy and Mark? And look how that turned out. So here's my advice...."

"Hmm," Bob answered dubiously, then grinned. "Well, Steve, you always were an unconventional shrink but I gotta say your methods work. So we'll give it a try. Thanks, doc."

He went out, rejoined the men and they spoke quietly so the boys couldn't hear. Bob said, "Look guys, I've been speaking to Steve and, here's what he suggests ..." Randy's reaction was one of derision and Mark said forcefully, "I could never subject my boy to that."

"Guys, it's the only way. Things have come to a head between your boys and it'll take something drastic like this to solve it, illogical as it may seem. I don't mind taking the lead but you guys have gotta back me up. Please guys."


Nobody, least of all Randy and Mark, could ever deny Bob's pleas so they grudgingly agreed. The three men stood on the patio and the boys looked up at them. "Pablo, Jamie," Bob said gently, "I want you to stand close together." Reluctantly the boys shuffled closer to each other, almost shoulder to shoulder.

"Good, now face each other." The boys obeyed, but without making eye contact. "Right..." Bob took a deep breath. "Now kiss each other."

"Now way, man" Pablo blurted out, clenching his fists, and Jamie raised a panicked face to Mark. Incensed by Pablo's impertinence to Bob Randy growled ominously, "Do it, boy." Mark nodded his agreement to Jamie. Unable to refuse their masters' orders the boys leaned toward each other and touched their lips lightly together with a look of distaste.

Bob frowned. "Come on, boys, I said kiss ... you do know how to kiss, don't you? Mouths, tongues, arms, the whole thing."

The dark-haired young muscle-boy and the handsome blond surfer took a deep breath, paused under the watchful eyes of their masters, and moved reluctantly closer. Their chests touched and they put their arms round each other, tentatively at first but with increasing willingness as their mouths came together. They flicked out their tongues but, when they touched, hastily withdrew them. Then, with more confidence, they licked tongues again and probed inside their mouths and held each other tighter.

But suddenly they realized that their dicks were getting hard and they pulled away, feeling they were being manipulated into doing something against their will. Bob looked down, encouraged by the boys' semi-hard cocks. Pablo appealed to Randy, "Sir, do we really have to do this crazy stuff?" Randy raised his eyebrows at Bob, leaving the answer to him.

Ignoring the question Bob said, "Good, now we men would like to see two hard dicks - and we all know you're capable of that." He had brought out a blanket from the shack that he now spread out on the sand. "You both know the fastest way to a hard dick - does the number sixty-nine ring a bell?"

"Shit damn," Pablo growled under his breath, but they both knew they had to obey. They lay on their sides on the blanket facing toward each other head to toe so they were looking directly at the other's crotch. This time their reluctance was tempered by their strong youthful libidos that always rose to the occasion (literally) when faced with a beautiful cock.

So with no cock-licking foreplay each one took the plunge and sucked the other boy's cock into his mouth. They buried their faces into the tangle of pubic hair, holding their breath as long as they could, then gasping and sharply inhaling the sweaty, salty taste and smell of the other. Taste and smell being the most seductive of the senses their cocks sprang to attention and their reluctance faded as they sucked harder and deeper.

Bob smiled with satisfaction at Randy and Mark. Steve's remedy seemed to be working - so far - as the boyishly handsome faces plunged down on the rigid poles. Their passion was building, but their approaching climax jolted them back to reality and common sense prevailed over sensuality. They pulled away and stared at each other angrily, though this time their anger was tempered by the sexual attraction they couldn't deny but steadfastly opposed.

Bob knew this was a make or break moment so he grabbed a jar of lube he had also brought from indoors and planted it decisively on the blanket beside them. "There, now make love ... and that's an order. Come on guys ... fuck!"

Pablo, resentful of the way he had been manipulated, saw his chance to regain his dominance. "Right ..." He flipped Jamie over on his back and, ignoring the lube, spat in his palm and stroked his cock. "This is how my dad does it. He's the best fuck in the world, and I take after him." He pulled Jamie's legs up high and drove his long wet cock deep in his ass.

"Aaah," Jamie gasped and instinctively put his hands on Pablo's chest to push him away. But Pablo's fighting spirit was surging back. He grabbed Jamie's wrists and forced them to the ground above his head. "You're finished, dude," he jeered. "Let's see what you got, surfer-boy. Let's find out who's the top boy around here."

He began one of his master's notorious fucks. His hero Randy asserted his dominance with either his fists - or his cock, savaging the ass of his rival. And Pablo copied him now, hammering Jamie's ass in a wild bid to make him submit once and for all. "Fuck you, asshole," Jamie yelled. "You're pathetic ... I can take whatever you dish out."

Bob could see his whole plan falling apart and, making matters worse, he watched in dismay as Mark clenched his fists and moved menacingly forward. But suddenly a deep voice barked, "Enough!" Randy bent down, pulled Pablo off Jamie and yelled, "Pablo, don't be a bully!"

Even in the midst of the drama Bob smiled inwardly at the irony of Randy using the very words Bob had used on him when fucking the twins. Randy was learning. "Kid," Randy said, "you've gotta lighten up. The world ain't against you, least of all Jamie. He's a great kid, and so are you, so act like it."

Randy knelt beside him. "Kid, I used to be like this with Jamie's cop, Mark. Hated his guts, or thought I did. Saw him as a threat - him being a cop and all, strong, dominant, not to mention fucking gorgeous. Then one day my brother Steve told me to 'make love, not war'. And so ...."

Randy stood up, gazed into Mark's eyes, and wrapped his arms round him. "Sorry about all this, buddy. My boy and me fucked up." Randy pressed his mouth against Mark's in a churning kiss. The resentment that had been brewing between the cop and the gypsy was instantly submerged in a wave of renewed affection that swelled up from deep inside.

Bob quickly ran into the shack, brought out another big blanket and spread it on the sand next to the boys. Mark and Randy dropped their shorts and Randy fell on his back on the blanket. The boys watched awestruck as Mark used the lube to grease up his cock, and Randy raised his legs. The gypsy grinned, "Go for it, officer." Mark eased his cock into Randy's ass, then leaned forward and kissed him while he fucked him.

Pablo, copying his master as always, lay on his back and Jamie leaned over him, bracing his hands on the blanket beside his head. Before Jamie could reach for the lube Pablo gazed up at him with a frown.

"Dude, I wanna ask you something. Last week I was working on one of the motor-bikes in the garden and when I finished I came into the office to ask you something, and you and Brandon burst out laughing. I know my face and body were all smudged with oil and I must've looked like just a greasy mechanic, but you two laughing at me really hurt and I walked out mad as hell."

Jamie looked shocked. "Dude, I thought you knew. Brandon and me had been watching you from the office and you looked so hot working with no shirt on, your dungarees tied round your waist. The oil streaked over that gorgeous face and body made you even sexier and we both jerked off watching you.

"I said to Brandon if you came into the office right then I would fuck that beautiful ass of yours, and then you did walk in, which is what made us laugh. We were laughing 'cos we were so turned on by you, looking so fucking macho and sexy. I thought you knew. Actually, I've done that often, like the times I go to the construction site and watch you work, and I go into the trailer and bust my load looking at you."

There was a silence while Jamie lubed up his cock. Pablo said, "Since we're spilling our guts, Jamie, I might as well tell you that when I saw you earlier waxing your board you looked so fucking hot that I fantasized about getting fucked by you. I had lusted for you before but I didn't jack off 'cos you made me so fucking mad - you so blond and gorgeous, more popular than me and looking down on me, as I thought. Shit, I've been such an asshole, so blind."

"Well, buddy, we gotta make up for lost time. What did you say you wanted when I was waxing the board? Something like this?" Pablo raised his legs as Randy had done and echoed his master, saying, "Go for it stud". Jamie moaned as he eased his cock deep in his ass. "Jesus, Pablo, you have the hottest ass in town. I know you're used to Darius's huge tool so I hope I don't disappoint."

"Now you're being the asshole, dude. Just shut up and fuck. Get your own back and hammer my ass."

Jamie looked over and saw Mark still rising and falling over Randy as they kissed passionately. "Nah," Jamie said, "this is the time for making love. Revenge is so ... yesterday."

Imitating Mark, Jamie leaned forward and pressed his lips against Pablo's. And this time there was no recoil, no pulling back in anger. This time they blended together in a long delayed recognition of their affection and respect for each other, now they had buried all the bullshit of resentment and misunderstanding.

"Shit, dude," Pablo groaned, "your cock feels fucking awesome." He reached up and ran his hands over Jamie's pecs. "And that body ... so damn sexy. Fuck me, Jamie."

Bob looked down at the four men - the naked blond cop fucking the macho gypsy boss, while next to them the tanned surfer jock made love to the muscular boss's boy. It was so beautiful to watch, so ... symmetrical ... masters and boys, animosity buried, making love. As the loving fuck continued Bob pulled out his phone, punched a button, and said softly, "It worked, doc. I owe you one."

Then he got down to the business of taking charge again and getting his rocks off into the bargain. He dropped his shorts and towered naked over the two couples. The kissing stopped and Randy and Pablo, on their backs, stared up at Bob. Mark and Jamie saw reflected in their eyes the glorious image of the muscle-god they all loved towering over them stroking his cock.

Bob wanted it to go on forever, wanted time to stand still on this perfect scene. But by now Randy and Pablo were both squeezing their asses round the cocks that impaled them, causing Mark and Jamie to groan in ecstasy as they held back their orgasms. Bob stared down at Randy and their eyes met in that familiar but other-worldly union of souls. They knew exactly what the other felt, what he needed. And right now they needed to cum.

Bob beat his cock hard and shouted, "You are so fucking beautiful, guys ... I love you all. Let's do it, men. Yeah ... fuck yeah ... fuuuck ..." Cum blasted from his cock and showered down on their faces, heads, chests and backs. Randy had tears in his eyes as he mouthed, 'I love you man,' and shot ribbons of sperm up onto Mark's chest. Mark and the boys were quick to follow suit until all five men were howling in triumph as they pumped juice and finally collapsed in a heap of tangled limbs and laughter.


Randy was the first to disentangle himself and reassert his leadership. "Ok, guys, let's hit the water." Buck naked he ran down to the surf followed by the men and boys. There was a lot of playful wrestling and macho rough-housing but this time with no hint of rivalry among either the men or the boys. They finally burst from the surf and ran up the beach where the men breathlessly regained their seats on the patio and Bob proposed a toast.

"To Steve and his whacko ideas."

"To whacko ideas," Randy laughed, and Mark grinned, "I'll drink to that."

Jamie and Pablo sat cross-legged on the sand, smiling shyly at each other, not quite sure what came next after they had at last called a truce and made love, albeit at Bob's insistence. Was it real? Would it last? Pablo's attitude had evidently changed when he grinned his crooked grin and said, "Hey, dude, you know I didn't mean all that garbage about Mark. That was my anger talking. I'm sorry, Jamie... it was total bullshit. Mark's a great guy and you're great together."

Jamie flashed him a smile of forgiveness and their shyness disappeared. "Tell me, buddy," Pablo said, "I wasn't all that bad on a surfboard, was I?"

Jamie's eyes sparkled. "Of course not. I told you that before. Like I said, it's all a question of balance and the position of your feet on the board."

Pablo suddenly looked like an eager young boy. "Do you wanna show me again, dude?"

"Totally. Let's go, buddy." Jamie leapt to his feet and tucked his surfboard under his arm. Pablo did the same and they trotted down to the water and launched themselves into the waves. The men watched with huge satisfaction as, unlike last time, Pablo followed Jamie's instructions and soon the boys were shouting with exhilaration as they glided flawlessly side by side on the crest of a wave.

They stayed out quite a long time and when they finally skidded to a halt on the beach they flung their arms round each other. When they ran up to the shack, their eyes gleaming, Pablo said to Randy, "Sir, me and Jamie were talking and we wondered, well, if it would be OK if we pitched the tent in the dunes and spent the night there together."

Randy rubbed his hand over his stubbled jaw, teasing them with frowning contemplation. "Hmm, not so sure about that one, kid. What do you other guys think?" Bob and Mark stifled smiles and shook their heads doubtfully. But then Bob said, "I dunno about you guys but I don't wanna be kept awake by two horny young bucks fucking all night on the floor of the shack."

"Hell no," Mark said, "the tent's the place for that kind of behavior. Guess maybe we have to say yes."

Jamie flung his arms round him. "Thank you, sir. You're the best." He grabbed Pablo and they ran off to the truck to unload the tent. The men smiled smugly at each other, congratulating themselves on this happy outcome. Then a frown came to Randy's face and Mark said, "What's the problem now, big guy?"

"Well, I guess things worked out OK. It's just that it kinda pisses me off when we three are together and one of us takes over, makes all the decisions, gives the orders and we tag along like his damn servants. Hell, man, I'm supposed to be the boss of this outfit and you're a fucking cop for Chris'sake. We don't have to put up with that shit, do we?"

"Fuck no," Mark growled. "It's about time a certain bossy Senior-fucking-Vice-President executive stud got cut down to size. Any ideas?"

"Oh yeah, plenty. Wait 'til we get him in the shack tonight - just the three of us. His ass is grass."

He stared at Bob who caught the twinkle in his lover's eye and quivered with anticipation.


Later that night, when the men were in the shack and the boys in their tent, it happened that back in town in Steve's house Grady's mind was also on sex. He was lying alone in bed, fantasizing and stroking his dick, when his phone rang. He took his hand off his cock, grabbed the phone, and smiled when he heard the sexy, accented voice. It was the very man he had just been fantasizing about.

"Amico, mi scuso for calling so late but are you working tomorrow?"

"Er, yeah Mario, but it's a light day and we should wrap early. Then I have two days off."

"Eccelente. I would like to meet you after work and take you for that dinner I promised at my favorite Italian restaurant. Afterwards, if you still have the energy, we can make a start on your, er ... your Italian lessons."

Grady's acceptance was instant. "It's a date Mario. I'm glad you called. I'll phone you tomorrow when we've wrapped."

After he hung up Grady realized that his cock was harder than ever. His thoughts lingered on Mario's hesitating 'er' before 'your Italian lessons'. Was he sure the handsome Italian meant language lessons - or something else? Whatever - his fantasies now provided the 'something else' as he pounded his cock and came all over his washboard abs.

Then Grady fell asleep, his body wet with cum, his mind crowded with dreams.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 284


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