After the fight between Randy and Mark, and between their boys Pablo and Jamie, tension was high. So Doctor Steve had come up with a plan to resolve their issues - a "fucking cockamamie scheme", a skeptical Randy had growled. They had swapped boys for two days and taken them on separate trips. Mark was currently at the Ritz Carlton Hotel with Pablo, while Randy had taken Jamie fishing up at the lake in the Angeles National Forest.

It was a bold plan, unorthodox to say the least, that could easily misfire and make things even worse. So everyone in the house was breathlessly waiting for news, which was in short supply. Bob had spoken by phone to Randy at the lake and Mark in the hotel but they were apparently in still feeling their way and preferred not to predict how things would work out - or even if they would. So the group would have to wait until the two couples came home.

To distract the boys and defuse the tension Zack and Bob had called a meeting about a different matter that involved most of the boys - the imminent start of renovation work on the bungalow up the hill. Bob had recently bought the bungalow as a rental and, although it had its charms, Randy had proclaimed it a "fixer" - run down and in need of renovation. After that, Pete, the ranger, was to rent it and to live in it with his boy, Brandon.

Randy and Zack wanted the renovations to be the boy's project, so the plan was for Pablo and Darius to be in charge of construction and Ben and Eddie would be on the crew. Brandon would monitor the supplies and help Jamie with the budget, and Mario, as always, would be doing the landscaping. Randy, Zack and Bob would take turns checking in on them from time to time, as well as Hassan who would be keeping an eye on his boy Eddie.

As Pablo and Jamie were away on their trips Darius took detailed notes on a clipboard to share with Pablo later, just as Brandon did for Jamie. The meeting was long - and noisy, especially from the youngest boys - 'the three amigos', Eddie, Ben and Brandon. "Hey, dudes," Brandon grinned, "I'm ever scared 'coz I'll have three bosses - Pablo, Darius and Jamie."

Darius said, "Yeah, kiddo, but you better wait and see if Pablo and Jamie are still talking to each other when they get back. We don't know what's going down on those trips. Might turn out to be another slug-fest."

"Better not be," said Pete, "though with all you boys working together, who knows? You gotta be on your best behavior."

"Aye-aye, sir," Brandon saluted, grinning mischievously at Eddie and Ben.


Darius had voiced the burning question of the hour - how would it be when the four guys came back? There was a whole lot that could go wrong that could spilt the house in two, with Randy and Pablo on one side, versus Mark and Jamie on the other, as it had been in the original fight. So now, as the group inspected the bungalow, they kept one ear on the gate down the hill, though neither couple was expected back for several hours.

It was late afternoon when the meeting broke up and they all trooped down to the house to get ready for dinner. Bob had decided to make this a major group event, including Hassan, Jason, Steve and Lloyd. Ever the optimist, Bob hoped it would be a group celebration but if worst came to worst at least everyone would be there as witnesses and to help pick up the pieces.

"Safety in numbers," Bob grinned at Steve, taking comfort in Steve's confidence that his plan, weird as it seemed, would work out just as he anticipated. Bob also confided in the twins who were busy preparing to feed the big group.

"Guys, if things get ugly I count on you to keep the normal routine going. I know you'll cook up something special 'cos you know what they say - 'Food has charms to soothe the savage beast'." He grinned. "Well, I'm paraphrasing but you get the general idea." They laughingly reassured him all would be well, with the cool confidence of culinary experts.

And so the group gathered with the usual boisterous conversation, though this time there was a nervous edge to it. This was potentially a pivotal moment in the tribe's evolution. And then suddenly all conversation stopped. They had heard a car draw up outside and from the purring engine sound it was obviously the Mercedes. In the uneasy silence they all stayed seated instead of the usual rush of welcome at the gate.

They heard the doors slam but no voices - not a good sign. Then the gate opened and in came Mark and Pablo. They had left the hotel right after lunch and were still dressed in their smart clothes - both in slacks and dress shirts, Pablo still wearing a jacket and tie to show off. He was dressed to impress.

OK, so they looked great, but what about their mood? After a few seconds of tense silence Pablo suddenly lit up with a gleaming style, spread out his arms and said, "Ta-da!"

"Show-off," Mark grinned. Pablo raised his fists and they jokingly sparred until Pablo landed a mock blow to Mark's jaw. The cop grabbed Pablo's wrist and held his arm up high. "The Winner! Give it up for the champ, guys."

Men and boys leapt to their feet in a foot-stomping standing ovation. Darius walked over to Mark and asked, "Hey, sir, you seen a young grease monkey anywhere, in tacky old dungarees, dirty face, black hair? You can't miss him - big mouth, attitude for days."

"That would be me, boy," Pablo said haughtily, "all cleaned up in my new duds. And you better watch it - me and Mark..." he cleared his throat and continued in a fake British accent .... "er, Mark and I have been wining and dining in a fancy hotel with waiters standing at our elbows."

"Yeah I bet, dude" grinned Darius. "But it wasn't your elbow they wanted, it was that sweet ass of yours. Talking of which, come here, kiddo." He pulled Pablo into a long bear-hug, groped his ass, then led him back to the table amid a clamor of questions from the boys.

Mark came to the table and Bob stood up to hug him. "Things worked out OK, then?'

"Better than you could imagine," Mark smiled. Then, seriously, "Have you heard from Randy?"

"Not lately. Thought it best to leave them alone. But if you got no call from Jamie I guess no news is good news." They sat down next to Steve, and Bob said to him, "Looks like that crazy plan of yours is working, eh doc? At least so far."

"Told you it would," Steve said smugly. "That's two down, two to go."

It wasn't long before they heard the crunch of tires on gravel outside and the powerful engine of Randy's truck. It was a replay of the first arrival as they all held their breath. But the tension relaxed instantly when Randy came in with his arm round Jamie's shoulder. "Hey guys," he yelled cheerfully. "How's it hangin'?"

They were both shirtless in cargo shorts and Randy had a cooler under his free arm. "Hey, fish anyone? There's enough in here for ya'll to eat 'til you grow gills." The twins ran up, grabbed the cooler and opened the lid. "Wow, thank you, sir. That's dinner for the next two days." They took them to the kitchen as Mark walked up, grinned at Jamie, then shook hands with Randy and pulled him into a macho shoulder bump.

"This here's one great kid," Randy said. "You should be proud of him officer."

"You bet I am." Mark turned to Jamie, put his hands on his boy's shoulders and held him at arm's length. ""You OK, stud?"

"Never better," Jamie grinned. "It was touch and go at first but we learned a lot about each other, and Randy was terrific. We had a great time. " Mark hugged him and kissed him hard. Then Jamie pulled away and walked over to Pablo sitting apprehensively at the table. He stood up and Jamie held out his hand with a smile. "Friends?" he asked. "Best buds," Pablo grinned. They shook hands firmly and then hugged, to the raucous cheers of the other boys.

Randy stood up and said, "Hey guys - how about a big hand for my brother Steve here and his cockamamie idea. Steve stood up to more cheers, took a mock bow, then threw his arm round Randy. They both looked down and winked at their young brother Ben who glowed with pride and got a friendly punch in the shoulder from his friend Eddie.

As the twins served drinks Darius had one more delicate task to perform. "Hey, dude," he said to Pablo, "we, er, we had a preliminary meeting today about the reconstruction of the bungalow and I took notes to fill you in." He was tentative, feeling sure that Pablo would see a meeting without him as a threat to his leadership, as he had done so often before.

So he was surprised when Pablo said amiably, "Great, buddy. You can fill me in after dinner -after we've fucked. Can't wait to get started." Darius did a double take and grinned, "Me neither, stud."

Brandon went over his notes with Jamie, and Zack huddled with Lloyd, the architect on the project. Sitting next to Randy Bob surveyed the group with satisfaction and said to Randy, "So I guess that's it, thank god. The drama's all over."

Randy grinned at him, his pale blue eyes gleaming in his swarthy face. "Well not quite, buddy. See in the last few days I got my butt kicked a lot. I got beaten in a fight with Mark who pretty much handed my ass to me, handcuffed me and fucked me while my boy got fucked beside me by his boy. Then on the trip Jamie rejected me, wouldn't let me near his ass even when I got rough, so I had to wait, practically on my knees, until he said he wanted us to make love."

Bob laughed. "So what you're saying is your masculinity's taken a real beating and now you want to restore it, prove to yourself you're still king of the gypsies. And we all know how you do that." Randy nodded eagerly. "You wanna go now?" Bob grinned. "Sure, let's do it."

Randy stood up. "'Scuse us, guys. Bob and me have some business to take care of." He grabbed Bob's arm and pulled him to the house, leaving knowing grins all round the table.


In their bedroom Bob prepared for the inevitable as he had done so many times before when Randy came home hot and heavy from a rough day and needed to vent his anger and tensions by attacking Bob's ass. Bob prepared for the raging stallion assault .... which never came.

As Bob began to open his shirt Randy stopped him and said softly, "No, buddy, let me do that." He slowly unbuttoned Bob's smart dress shirt, pulled the tails out of his pants and let it hang open. He gently pushed it back from Bob's chest, leaned forward and licked his nipples. Bob gasped as Randy's stubbled chin scraped his pecs, then his nipples. Randy kissed his lips and rubbed their cheeks together so the rough stubble on their jaws scratched against each other.

Randy pulled back, pushed Bob's shirt off him and smiled at his surprised lover. Randy had worn a T-shirt for dinner but he now pulled it off, went over to the drinks table, poured two large brandies and gave one to Bob. "Take a seat," Randy said indicating an armchair, and seated himself in another close by at an angle. He kicked off his sneakers, leaned forward and pulled off Bob's loafers and socks. He sat back and stared at the gorgeous Superman look-alike, shirtless and barefoot in his elegant slacks.

Randy took a gulp of brandy, sighed and shook his head. "Man, I go away for a couple of days and forget how beautiful you are. I have to learn it all over again - just like the first time. Buddy, I'm so in love with you."

Randy's eyes grew moist and Bob saw that a change had come over him while he was away with Jamie. Physically he was still the same brawny muscle-hunk as ever with his chiseled gypsy features and mesmerizing blue eyes gleaming like lasers. Bob knew Randy could pounce like a panther, as he did so often, but now he just sat and gazed at Bob as if hypnotized.

Bob always got an instant hard-on when Randy attacked him like a wild man and ripped off his clothes, but now his cock was just as hard simply sitting quietly close to him. Bob grinned and said, "So what happened to that proving your manhood thing...?"

"Sshh," Randy smiled. "All in good time. First I wanna tell you about the lake, where I learned a thing or two from Jamie. The cop's boy is quite something, you know.

"At first I resented him and the whole stupid idea of the trip, and I wanted to take it out on his ass. I tried a couple of times but I guess I came on too strong - you know me - and he kept pushing me away. I even ended up hidden in the trees jacking off looking at his gorgeous naked body in the moonlight and that spectacular ass of his. Later on I lost it and got rough ... damn near raped him ... but he fought back, kneed me in the balls and took off in the rowboat.

"It was then while I lay groaning in the sand that the truth hit me between the eyes. I'd been a damn fool, playing the big boss, proving my manhood with my muscles, just grabbing whatever I wanted. When I swam out and climbed in the boat I must've looked like a barbarian 'cos he was shit scared but I begged him to stay in the boat. I fell on my knees, said I wouldn't touch him, I'd take him straight home.

"But guess what ... he didn't want that. He said he had talked to you a lot about me and you told him how rough I could be - that caveman shit and all - but you said everything came right when I simply made love to you. And that's what Jamie wanted - for me to make love to him. Said he'd wanted that all along - he didn't want to be just a hot piece of ass for a quick slam-bam thank you man. So we made love.

"We laughed a lot too. Loving and laughing are great together, you know. Jamie said I was more of a master when I make love then I am when I'm just pounding ass. You think that's true, Bob? Is it true for you? I guess what I'm asking is, when I make love to you - do I do it right?"

Bob's eyes filled with tears as he looked at the tough alpha male asking questions like a wet-behind-the-ears adolescent.

"Randy, you big lug, you know the trouble with you? You have absolutely no vanity. You don't realize that you have more sexual magnetism in your little finger than most guys have in their whole body. When you walk into a room full of guys it's an instant group hard-on. You're saying you really didn't know that Jamie was longing for you to make love to him? I saw it the minute he jumped in the truck beside you."

"I guess I wasn't thinking about him. I was angry and just wanted to fuck ass."

"Aha, that's the caveman talking - or grunting. But Jamie and I both know there's nothing sexier than a savage muscle-stud gypsy like you unclenching his fists and taking a guy gently in his arms. You know, when Mark comes home from a tough shift and fuck's Jamie everyone thinks it's a power fuck, but most of the time they're just making love."

"But me," Randy said, "whenever I've had a rough day, especially when my macho pride has taken a beating, like getting handcuffed and fucked by the cop, I always take it out on your ass."

"Yeah, but you don't hear me complain when the caveman crawls out of his lair and hammers my ass, do you? You're spectacular when you do that. But love or lust, what you don't realize is that just being with you like we are now, knowing you love me, is enough for me - enough to make my dick hard like it is now - enough to make me blow my wad."

Randy grinned, "Yeah, well don't do that yet, big guy. First I gotta make sure I'm still a man, except this time I'll do it differently .... and I'll leave my pal the caveman in his cave."

Randy drained his brandy glass, wiped the back of his hand over his mouth and stared at Bob. "God, you're beautiful." He dropped to his knees in front of Bob, leaned forward and unzipped his slacks. He reached inside, pulled Bob's rigid dick out and stroked it lovingly. "Man, everything about you is dead-on perfect." He leaned forward and slid his mouth over Bob's cock, swallowing it all the way down until his face was buried in the wiry mass of his pubic hair.

He began to suck the long pole slowly clenching his throat muscles for extra pressure. But when he heard Bob's ecstatic groans reach a fever pitch he quickly pulled off. "No, don't cum, buddy. I wanna play with you a lot more. Get on the bed." Bob got out of the chair and lay on his back on the bed. Randy pulled Bobs slacks off, then his shorts and gazed down at the naked Superman. "Holy fuck, you're one gorgeous son-of-a-bitch."

He dropped his own shorts and held out his arms. "Here we are, stud, naked as nature intended. So let's rock." He threw himself on the bed beside Bob, took him in his arms and they rolled over on the bed, a tangled mass of muscles grinding together as they kissed, licked bit each other playfully. Their game of competing for supremacy was their macho way of loving, with none of the savagery Randy was capable of.

And yet Bob knew that Randy was in charge - he felt it in the big man's sinewy strength, his virile attitude of cool restraint when he could easily have crushed him. Bob loved the sensation that the gypsy was reining in his own strength, creating an exquisite tension that at any moment he could break out as the sex-crazed demon who could plunder his ass. It was love-making between two magnificent alpha males at the peak of their strength and passion.

Suddenly Randy flipped easily on top of Bob, leaned forward and pinned his wrists to the bed. Panting, he smiled down at his lover's face. "Got you now, big guy. So what do you want?"

"Kiss me." Randy grinned, bent down, pecked him on the lips and pulled back. "Like that?"

"Hell no. You know what I want." Randy kissed him lightly again. "Like that?" He did it again. "Or like that?" He teased Bob by jabbing down at him again and again like a bird pecking up grain. He grazed his lips, kissed his cheek, pecked at his neck, each time pulling back with a devilish grin. "That what you want, buddy? That what you call making love? Am I doing it right?"

Bob was writhing with frustration. "Fuck you, man, you're driving me crazy. Here's what I want." Randy imperceptibly lessened the pressure on one wrist, allowing Bob to break free, wrap his arms round him and press their mouths together in a ravenous embrace. Again they rolled over on the bed, this time Bob playing boss, grinding their lips against each other, trapping Randy in a passionate kiss that bordered on violence.

Now Bob was on top, holding Randy down and gazing down at the swarthy face. "They say that 'a kiss is just a kiss' but they're wrong, buddy. Not this one anyway." Bob lowered himself on top of Randy, chest to chest, and clamped his hands on the sides of his head, holding it still as their eyes met. "This ain't just a kiss, man. This is me making love."

Bob pressed their mouths together in an open-mouthed kiss sealed tight by their lips. He exhaled into Randy, then inhaled so they were sharing the same air back and forth, sustaining each other. They had never felt so close. They were one - one breath, one life, one love. It went on and on, two glorious men joined together, locking out the world.

Eventually the air weakened and they broke apart, staring at each other in disbelief. Gently Randy rolled Bob over onto his side, his back pressing into Randy's chest. They were both facing the mirror beside the bed, Randy behind Bob, and Randy said, "See that, buddy? You're looking at the most beautiful man in the world." He chuckled. "And the guy in front of him ain't chopped liver either."

"Asshole," Bob grinned and tried to pull away in protest. But he couldn't. He realized that his ass was impaled on Randy's cock. Randy had wet his cock with spit and eased it into Bob's ass so tenderly that Bob was unaware, distracted by the mirror. Randy reached both arms round him and rolled Bob's nipples lightly in his fingers. He pushed his face over Bob's shoulder and rested it on Bob's face, cheek to cheek, both of them mesmerized by the two conjoined men in the mirror.

"Did I do it right?" Randy smiled at Bob's reflection.

"Almost right," Bob said. "Except that I haven't felt my man's juice inside me."

"Soon take care of that," Randy said, "and that's not the caveman talking - or growling." Gently he moved his hips back and forth, massaging the soft, warm velvet of his lover's ass. He kept repeating in Bob's ear, "I love you, man. I love you ...." And soon he proved it by pouring semen into Bob's ass while Bob's juice flowed onto the sheet in front of him.

It seemed that the orgasms would last forever, but finally their cocks ran dry. Randy grinned at Bob in the mirror. "So, what's the verdict? Did I do it right?"

"Asshole - you know you're the best fucking lover in the world. You knew that all along. Sometimes I hate your arrogance. I hate you too," Bob smiled, snuggling back against him.

"Sure you do. You'll probably hate it when I fuck you before bed tonight and when we wake up, and you'll go on hating it forever and ever if I have my way. And you know I always do."

And so, cheek to cheek, with Randy's cock resting in Bob's ass, they closed their eyes.


They were woken from a light doze by what was by now a familiar sound from downstairs. "Excuse me, sir," Randy said. "I think our masters are calling."

He pulled his cock out, helped Bob to his feet and they both walked to the floor-length window. Sure enough, below them on the lawn Kevin was holding the brass dinner gong the twins had bought - their latest toy - and Kyle was going at it, pounding it ferociously with his gong mallet. Behind them everyone was still round the table having finished their drinks and started to eat. To support the twins the boys banged their forks on the table in a noisy display of impatience.

Standing naked at the window Randy and Bob both slowly and contemptuously raised their middle fingers, unleashing wild cheers from down below. When they finally emerged, in shorts and T-shirts there was another roar of young voices as they took their seats beside each other. Bob said, "Sorry for holding you up, guys, but ...."

"... but you had business to take care of," Darius mimicked, rewarded by a clip round the ear from Zack. The high spirits continued way into the meal until talk gradually segued into speculation about the big project up the hill. Randy talked earnestly to Zack and Lloyd to see how far along things were. The senior boys, Pablo, Darius and Jamie, talked specifics while the junior boys just buzzed with enthusiasm at being involved in a new project.

Randy banged his knife on the table and shouted, "OK, guys, listen up. Seems we're pretty much ready to go on this. We'll have one more meeting tomorrow in Brandon's place next to the bungalow, if that's OK with you, kid. The twins can help you rustle up coffee and stuff to eat. Then demolition will start the next day. Now as you know, me and the men want this to be mostly a boys' project - give you a chance to show us what you're made of. But this is serious business, lots of money involved, so no fooling around."

He fixed his gaze on Ben and Eddie.


The next day Zack, the construction expert, explained to the boys where to start. "Now this whole room was obviously a shoddy add-on some years ago, not built to code, so it has to come down. We'll rebuild it as a second bathroom. So pulling it down will be your first job and I gotta warn you - demolition is usually more dangerous than reconstruction. You can't just go at it with a sledge hammer and hope for the best." He looked meaningfully at the three younger boys, suspecting that that kind of merry wrecking scene was exactly what they had in mind.

But when Zack left and work started it was surprisingly smooth. The younger boys were enthusiastic - it was an adventure for them - and they responded well to Pablo and Darius's supervision. Darius was surprised and impressed by the way Pablo assumed the role of boss. He had expected the usual swaggering bravado involving shouted, obscenity-laced orders, with occasional fist swinging or the constant threat of it.

But this was a new Pablo, a self-assured young man who wore the mantle of authority naturally, as if to the manner born - no yelling, no threats, just a natural command of the situation and the men under him.

"Jeez," Darius said to him during a break, "that cop sure did a number on you, dude. Couple a days at a fancy hotel and you're a changed man - from pit-bull to sheepdog. You're really taking charge of this outfit without all the attitude I take from you but the other guys hate. 'Course, they don't have the chance to cut you down to size every night with a ten-inch prong."

Pablo took a swig of beer. "You see, Darius," he said authoritatively, as if declaring a universal truth he had learned early in life, instead of a few days ago. "Leadership's a complicated thing. Some guys use their fists, others use this..." and he tapped his temple with his finger. "You use your brain, treat your men well, protect them and they'll follow you anywhere. They'll respect you as their boss."

Darius grinned at Pablo's lesson in leadership. 'Yeah,' he thought, 'I'll show you who's boss tonight when I shove my club up your ass.'

Actually Pablo got his chance to prove his point about protecting his men later in the day, though it involved a bit more than brain power. Supplies had just started to arrive from the warehouse and Brandon was checking them in. He had an inventory of exactly what had been loaded on each truck.

When the first truck arrived Brandon watched carefully while the driver did the unloading. He was an arrogant young roughneck and when he'd finished he held out his delivery slip and yelled at no-one in particular, "Here, where do I get this signed off?" He was surprised when a kid in a wheelchair said, "I'd sign it except you're a box short on the light fixtures, and they're expensive items."

The driver sneered down at him. ""Listen, punk, I don't know who you are but I don't take no bullshit from a kid like you so get the hell out of my way."

"Is there a problem here?" a voice asked calmly. Pablo had walked up.

"Yeah, there is. I wanna talk to the boss of this outfit."

"You're talking to him," Pablo said, with a hint of a smile at Brandon. "So what's your problem?"

"This retard here good as accused me of stealing. Guess he can't count ... bit dumb if you ask me. Dunno know why you hire a crippled kid in a wheelchair to do a man's job anyway."

Pablo half turned away and linked his hands together. Then he whirled round, swung his arms and slammed the guy with a double forearm smash to the gut. He howled in pain and doubled over coughing and clutching his stomach. Pablo swung his arms again, across his shoulders this time, sending him onto his hands and knees, groveling in the dirt. He grabbed his hair, pulled his face up and glared at it.

"I know you ... Denny, right? Well, Denny, this here is a member of my crew, one of the best, and I don't let anyone talk to my men the way you spoke to him, get it? I said do you get it?"

"Yes, sir," the man stammered.

"Good, just so we understand each other. "OK, Brandon, what's the problem?"

"I think he's a box of light fixtures short."

"That so?" Pablo strode round to the truck and pulled the driver's door open. He rummaged inside and held up a package. "This what we're looking for?" Brandon nodded. Pablo pulled Denny to his feet by the scruff of his T-shirt and glared at him. The cowed driver blushed and stammered, "I ... I guess I forgot the one I had in the cab."

"Yeah, right, that must be it," Pablo said mockingly. "OK, listen, Randy's mentioned you, says you're a good worker, so I'm prepared to let it go this once and not tell him. If Randy knew how you sneered at Brandon here he'd fire your ass so fast your head would spin. So why don't you apologize to my buddy and we'll call it quits.

Denny looked at Brandon. "Sorry I said those thing to you, dude. Didn't mean it - I guess I lost my temper. I apologize, man." Brandon smiled at him and they bumped fists.

Just then a deep voice said cheerfully, "Everything OK, here?" It was Randy who had dropped by to check up on progress.

"Yes, sir," Pablo grinned. "What do you say, Denny?"

"Yes, sir," Denny said respectfully to Randy. "Everything's fine. Just finishing my delivery, sir."

"Good," Randy said. "OK, get back to the warehouse then." As Denny scrambled into his truck and drove away Randy winked at Pablo. "Well done, kiddo, you handled it just like I would." He smiled at Brandon. "How about you, handsome, you doing OK?"

"Never better, sir." Randy ruffled his hair. "Good, that's what we like to hear." Randy grinned and nodded toward Pablo. "If your boss here gives you a hard time you just let me know."

"Oh he's treating me real well sir. He's a great boss - backs me up all the way."

"Yeah, that's what I figured." Randy flashed a smile at Pablo and walked away. Brandon grinned at Pablo. "He saw everything, didn't he? Left it all to you. I gotta thank you for defending me, Pablo. That move of yours was awesome."

"Any time, buddy. Yeah, that was a double forearm smash - my signature move even before Randy taught me how to fight."

"It gave me a hard-on."

"Good, that's what we like to hear," Pablo grinned, echoing Randy. Then to the other guys, watching in awe. "OK, men, show's over ... back to work. Let's get these last two walls down before the lunch break." As Pablo walked away Brandon was still nursing his hard-on.


Under the supervision of Pablo and Darius the boys worked hard at dismantling the remains of the unwanted room. There would be no more deliveries until the afternoon so Brandon was helping by wheeling himself around, removing rubble and throwing it in a dumpster. Randy and Zack were in Brandon's apartment going over the blueprints.

The boys were so intent on their work they didn't notice that another visitor had dropped in. Hassan had been on night maneuvers at the Marine training camp in the canyon, and had stopped by on his way home, still wearing his military fatigues and boots, with a sleeveless shirt hanging open over his muscular torso, his dog tags hanging in the cleft between his pecs.

He grinned from a distance as he watched the activity. By now the boys were pretty filthy, covered in dust - in their hair, and over their sweat-streaked faces and bodies. Darius was in his usual work gear of black jeans and boots, no shirt, and Pablo was, as always, naked under his old dungarees held up by a single strap over one shoulder. The other boys wore grubby cargo shorts and work boots - Ben with a ragged T-shirt, Eddie and Brandon in old, baggy tank tops.

Hassan smiled as he watched the activity from a distance and felt his dick get hard, especially looking at his boy Eddie, bending over a stubborn plank, his lithe young body flexing, his ass cheeks outlined under his shorts. As Hassan strode forward the boys stopped work and stood up straight, partly to take a breather, partly out of respect for the exotically handsome muscle-god Marine captain towering over them, his chiseled Arab/Asian features gleaming with a smile.

"Didn't mean to interrupt," Hassan said in his deep, accented voice. "I dropped in with a message for my boy here," he said, his dark eyes fixed on Eddie. "When you get off work I want you up at my house pronto ... and don't stop to shower. I want you just the way you are."

The grubby urchin face beamed up at him. "Aye-aye, captain," and Eddie saluted.

They all reached for their water bottles and caught their breath, looking over their work so far. At a distance where the land sloped downward Mario was hard at work clearing brush. The handsome young Italian gardener was stripped to the waist in beltless blue jeans and boots and his flawless body gleamed under the hot son.

Hassan had often watched Mario working shirtless in the garden of the main house and was always turned on by his rugged, dark-haired Italian looks, contrasting with his cultured European manners. Eddie saw him staring at Mario now and grinned, "Gorgeous, ain't he, sir? You should go and fuck him - and let me watch. That'd be epic."

"Shit, boy, is that all you ever think of - sex?"

"Pretty much, sir, when you're around. Looks like Mario's having trouble with that dead tree he's trying to take out. Why don't you go help him?"

The Marine glared at the boy's mischievous face but just then Mario stumbled so Hassan instinctively ran forward down the slope and grabbed the small tree before it fell on him. Mario looked up, their eyes met and Hassan was again struck by the dark beauty of his face as it broke into a dazzling smile. "Ah, signore, you save my life."

"Bit of an exaggeration," Hassan grinned, "but you do look as if you could use some help." Together they worked shoulder to shoulder until the dead tree cracked and fell on the ground. "Here, let me help you with this other one too."

Up at the house the boys were watching with bated breath, stroking their crotches, but Pablo put a stop to that. "Hey, guys, cool it. What d'ya think this is, orgy time? Look, Jamie is meeting with Randy and Zack next door and me and Darius have gotta go join them. There's just this one wall left and you can handle it. It's only old lath and plaster with chunks of stucco but it can still be dangerous. It's unstable now so pull it down right away, get it?"

'Aye-aye, sir," said Eddie with his signature salute and mischievous smile. But as the senior boys walked away Eddie turned his attention back to Hassan and Mario, both shirtless now working side by side. "Think they're gonna go at it, guys?"

"Dunno," said Ben, "but they sure got me going. When Pablo said orgy time it got me hard. We got time to pull one off?"

"Right there with you, dude," Eddie grinned. "You know what they say about all work and no play. OK, on your back, stud." Ben lay on his back in the dirt and Eddie knelt over him. But Brandon warned, "Hey, guys, don't forget what Pablo said. He knows what he's talking about."

"Ah," Eddie sneered, "he may know about plaster and shit but I know more than him about blowjobs and I say we got time for a quick one. Come here, dude. Still kneeling he reached forward, grabbed the handles of the wheelchair and pulled it toward him. He ripped open Brandon's shorts, pulled out his semi-hard dick and lowered his mouth over it. With Eddie's consummate skill the cock was full-on hard in seconds.

"Oh yeah, dude," Brandon moaned. "Shit, you're good. Suck me, dude. Eat that dick."

As he bobbed up and down on Brandon's cock, the bulge in Eddie's shorts grazed Ben's hungry mouth beneath him. Ben reached up and pulled Eddie's shorts down over his ass, making his cock spring free. He cupped his hands round Eddie's butt and pulled it down, so Eddie's cock slid all the way down his throat.

Eddie was in heaven and his muffled groans grew louder as he sucked Brandon's dick and pumped his own cock into Ben's hot mouth. The three amigos were doing what they do best. For them orgy time took priority over work time any day of the week. "Go for it, dudes, chow down on those dicks - squeeze 'em ... yeah that's it. Man, that feels hot."

If Hassan had come back right about then he would have seen the three dirty sweat-streaked young construction workers he had watched before, but now engaged in a whole different kind of work and far more strenuous.

Eddie was at the center of the action, his face slamming down on Brandon's cock while his own pistoned into the young gypsy's mouth. He was howling rapturously into the gag stuffed down his throat, and he made Ben's eyes flow with tears as he pounded his face. Clouds of dust swirled round them as the half-dismantled floor shook beneath them.

It became a contest between Eddie and Ben to see who would be the first to drink cum. It was touch and go, but such was the intimacy of the three amigos that they knew when they were all peaking. Eddie sucked faster and faster, Brandon breathed raggedly, Ben squeezed Eddie's dick in his mouth and pounded his own, determinedly 'pulling one off', as he put it.

The simultaneous climax was inevitable. The floor shook beneath them as Brandon yelled, "I gotta cum, guys .... I'm gonna lose it ... yeah ... oh fuck ... fuck ... yeaahh...!" It was perfect precision as three young cocks exploded together. Brandon howled, Eddie swallowed, Ben gulped and pumped his cock dry.

As they collapsed in a heap the floor shook .... and so did the wall. Pablo had, as Brandon said, known what he was talking about. But such was their blinding exhilaration that there was only one guy aware of the danger. Mario had heard the shouting and now looked up in horror at the swaying wall, ready to collapse one way or the other ... and one way was over the boys.

"Attenzione!" he yelled. "Il muro ... the wall....!" He raced up the slope and reached the wall just as it was swaying in the direction of the boys. He jumped up, grabbed the beam along the top and used his own weight to pull it away from the boys - and toward himself. Mario fell to the ground seconds before the wall did ... on top of him in a shower of plaster, stucco and dust.

The boys who at the last minute had made moves to get away also had some plaster and strips of wood fall on them, but the bulk of it had crashed on Mario.

Hassan had been further down the slope than Mario, clearing brush, so he did not have a view of the wall and had not heard the boy's sexual ruckus. But he saw Mario start running and he raced after him, arriving just in time to see the wall collapse on him. Desperately the Marine clawed at the rubble, pulling off lumps of stucco and digging through the powdered plaster. He pulled Mario carefully away from the debris and was relieved so see him manage a week smile.

With his military medical knowledge Hassan quickly checked Mario over and realized that the plaster and stucco was so decayed it had crumbled, causing minor surface injuries but no real damage. Still Mario was stunned and Hassan helped him gently to his feet. He turned to check on the boys but, despite being powdered with plaster, they were unharmed.

Scared by the turn of events they gazed helplessly up at Hassan. Eddie struggled to his feet and started to run toward him. "Sir, it was our fault ... we ... aaah..." His shorts were round his ankles and tripped him up, sending him sprawling on his stomach at Hassan's feet. He raised his dust-covered urchin face guiltily and said, "Ouch."

Despite his anger Hassan had a fleeting impulse to laugh but he smothered it and growled, "Nobody move. I'll let the other guys deal with you." He helped Mario limp next door.


The guys at the meeting in Brandon's apartment had not heard the commotion next door, except for the thud of the falling wall, which they took to be a normal part of demolition. But it didn't take long to piece the story together. Pablo related his warning about the fragile wall and his order to demolish it right away. Mario, sipping brandy, said he had heard the boys' noises, which were evidently sexual, and had seen the wall totter.

"So, you put yourself in danger to save the boys," Hassan said.

"It was a natural impulse, signore. Anyone would have done the same."

"OK," Hassan said, "I've checked you out and you seem OK, but there's always a possibility of delayed shock so what you need is rest and quiet, which you won't get around here. Why don't you let me take you up to my place, let you shower and sleep for a while. It'll be good to get away from the boys and their blustering apologies for a while."

Mario smiled his thanks and allowed himself to be led away, helped into Hassan's jeep and driven away up to Mulholland. Jamie got up and said, "I better go and check on the boys. I'll keep them there until you all decide what to do with them."

As Jamie left, Zack turned to Randy and said, "We haven't heard anything from you, big guy. The three boys have obviously behaved like sex-crazed jackasses and disobeyed your orders about safety first. So by your own rules they have to be punished. What d'you think?"

Randy shrugged. "I don't think anything. I'm not running the show here. It's not my decision." He looked pointedly at Pablo. "The boss here has already disciplined that young truck driver in exactly the way I would have, so what's your take on this one, kid?" Pablo realized that this was a test of his leadership, which included disciplining the crew when called for. But he felt unsure of himself and needed advice.

"The way I see it, sir, the boys were high-spirited and oversexed and that made them behave like idiots and put someone else in danger. On the other hand, they've worked extra hard all morning and they're basically real good guys. The work pumped them up - made them horny - and I can relate to that. Shit, I've often behaved the same way myself, as you know, sir, so I don't wanna fire them or even hurt them - like whip them or anything - especially Brandon."

He shrugged and waited for help from Randy. "You're right kid. Shit, everyone in this tribe is oversexed, and your own sexual horseplay got you in trouble often enough. But if no real harm was done I had to find a moderate way to punish you for your disobedience. So I disciplined you in a way that didn't hurt too much." He grinned. "Hell, sometimes I think you even enjoyed it so I had to turn up the heat a bit. And I think you know what I'm talking about, boy. Like I always say, the punishment fits the crime."

Pablo grinned his crooked grin. "Got it, sir. Come on Darius, let's show them who's boss."


The three boys had pulled up their shorts and Jamie had Eddie and Ben standing on either side of Brandon's wheelchair. They looked guilty but with a hint of mischief, still flushed with the residual excitement of their mini-orgy, especially knowing that Mario was not seriously hurt. When Pablo and Darius appeared Eddie began to jabber with his typical machine-gun delivery.

"Sorry, dude, that was all my fault ... just that I was feeling kinda sexy ... I mean who wouldn't with these guys?... and I wanted to get down and dirty ... not that we weren't dirty enough already with the plaster and all ... OK yeah, well that's not really revelant, I guess ... relevant? - whatever ... but anyway it wasn't Brandon's fault at all ... he warned us what you had said about the wall but when I went down on him he kinda lost it... well you know yourself, dude, that my blowjobs can do that to a guy and...."

"Silence!" Pablo barked, then turned for a quick conference with Jamie and Darius before staring at them again. "Right, we know just what went on, but the main thing is you disobeyed my orders and most of all Randy's orders about safety on the job. So you know you have to get punished - all of you. OK, on your backs on the ground."

Ben and Eddie quickly obeyed and Brandon slid out of his wheelchair and lay beside them, with Eddie in the middle. They looked up at Pablo, Darius and Jamie - not really as fearful as they should have been. Eddie held the hands of the other two lying on either side of him and squeezed them. To them this was just part of the game - life was a game.

"Right," Pablo said sternly. "You deserve to get whipped for what you did but you lucked out that Mario was not seriously hurt so that weighs in your favor. With that in mind we've decided that your punishment with be getting your asses hammered by the senior boys here."

There was relief on the ground, but Eddie spoiled it by blurting out sarcastically, "Oh no, not a but-fuck. Jeez, I'm ever scared."

Pablo glared at him. "OK, just for that, boy, you'll get the ten incher. Darius?"

"Glad to oblige, buddy." Darius unzipped his pants, pulled out his huge black cock, and Eddie, not so cocky now, flinched at the sight of ten inches of horse-meat swinging between his legs.

Jamie glanced at Brandon and Pablo and intuitively knew what was needed. "I'll take Ben," he said, "if you can handle Brandon, buddy." Pablo flashed a grateful look at Jamie and said, "I'll give it my best shot." He looked down at Brandon and their eyes met in amiable recognition that they still had unfinished business.

In ritualistic unison Jamie, Darius and Pablo bent down, pulled the boys' shorts down and flung them aside. Jamie dropped his own shorts and Pablo slid the strap of his dungarees off his shoulder and let them fall below his waist. They fell on their knees astride the boys' chest and Pablo ordered, "Get us hard."

Three cocks pushed into three willing mouths and in less than a minute they were rock hard. In fact Eddie was on top of his game and had Darius oozing pre-cum before he abruptly pulled out, followed by the other two.

There was always an element of ritual to punishment in the tribe, a pattern set by Randy, and this time was no exception as the senior boys all moved in perfect symmetry. They eased themselves back over the boys and knelt between their splayed legs, which they raised up and hooked them over their shoulders. Brandon's legs hung lifelessly over Pablo's shoulders but the rest of him was vibrantly alive with anticipation.

The seniors pressed their saliva-wet cocks against the boys' holes and Pablo said, "Ready, guys? OK, let the punishment begin." There were moans from the boys as each one felt the designated cock push inside him Eddie's groans were the loudest as he felt the unaccustomed massive cock invade his ass.

"Ow, dude, it's so fucking huge. It hurts."

"That's why it's called punishment, boy," Darius said. "Not so cocky now are you? And I think a ten-inch black club deserves a 'sir, don't you?

"Yes, sir ... sorry, sir ... ow ... ow..."

Jamie had a half smile on his face as his blue eyes gazed into Ben's. Ben didn't usually have much opportunity to get close to Jamie but he had always lusted for him from a distance, and now the macho blond surfer was fucking his ass - and it didn't feel like punishment at all.

As for Pablo and Brandon, the feelings were the reverse of the junior being disciplined by the senior. Ever since the fight, where Pablo had abused Brandon, the repentant Pablo had wanted to make things right with a boy he respected and loved. This was his opportunity to make amends in the way he knew best.

Brandon had never felt any animosity to Pablo - nothing but admiration and, to be honest, desire. And when Pablo had come to Brandon's defense by thumping the insulting delivery guy, Pablo had become a kind of junior hero to Brandon, just as Randy was already his hero. And now they were fucking ... and punishment had absolutely nothing to do with it.

From a distance Randy and Zack were keeping a watchful eye on things. Randy saw his boys - Ben with Jamie and Pablo with Brandon - and smiled with satisfaction. "Just as it should be, don't you think?"

"Yeah," Zack said, "and Darius is well equipped to fuck some of the sass out of young Eddie. I think Hassan would approve."

By now the triple fuck was well underway, and the senior boys were leaning forward and pinning their victims' wrists to the ground. All pretense of punishment had been abandoned. Even Eddie's groans of pain had mellowed into moans of pleasure as he grew accustomed to the long black pole piercing down into the rarely visited depths of his ass. Thoroughly tamed by the muscular black stud the boy moaned and writhed in mock agony, "Please, sir, it hurts so bad. Punish me more. Fuck harder, sir ... please."

Ben was gazing up spellbound by the sight of the athletic young surfer, his ripped muscles flexing as his body rose and fell above him and his blue eyes smiled down at him. "Don't often get to do this, do we, Ben?" Jamie said. "You're such a hot young gypsy boy and your ass feels so good we should do this more often. I should bring Mark down to you and Jason and we'll spend some time together, the four of us.

"That would be awesome, Jamie. You're so damn beautiful. I love getting punished by you."

Pablo's eyes were moist as he gazed down at Brandon, black hair falling over the young boss's exotically handsome face as he fucked. "I'm sorry, dude, for all the times I've hurt you. Must've been out of my skull. You are just about the gutsiest guy I've ever known. Tough guys like us should stick together, eh? Randy loves you almost like a son, and I love you like a brother."

Brandon grinned. "What you're doing right now doesn't feel like brotherly love to me, dude ... it feels like a sensational fuck. Only problem is, it's gonna make me cum real soon."

"Me too, buddy. OK, watch this." He raised his head and yelled, "What the fuck is this, guys, some kinda fuck-fest? These guys need to be punished - real hard. So let's do it, guys."

Instantly the mood changed, the tempo increased and the senior boys went all out, pile-driving their cocks into their captives' asses like pistons. The boy's writhed beneath them, their heads thrashing from side to side and they screamed with as much pain as passion as their asses were plundered. "You disobeyed me, men," Pablo yelled, "and this is what you get. You sorry you were assholes? Let me hear it."

The howls rose in a cacophony of desperation from all three. "Yes, sir, we're sorry. We're assholes ... deserve to get ass-fucked. Please, sirs. Have mercy on us ... Please cum, sirs ...It hurts ...aagh ... oh shit .... Yeah ... fuck ... fuck .... Aaagh!"

"Incredible," said Randy as the two men watched in awe - the three hot young bucks pounding the asses of the junior boys. "Fucking awesome," Zack agreed

Eddie came first, blasting a ribbon of cum into his own face as the massive black dick exploded deep inside him. Ben stared wide-eyed at the gorgeous young surfer jock pounding his ass. Jamie lowered his face so their lips were brushing together and Ben felt Jamie's sweat dripping on his face. "Jamie, you're so beautiful. Let me feel your jizz inside me ... please." They climaxed together, stream after stream until the surfer fell on top of the shuddering young gypsy.

"Our turn now," Pablo said. "His cock slowed until it was massaging the velvet membrane of Brandon's ass. Pablo leaned down close and whispered, "I love you kiddo. I'm gonna cum in your ass." But Brandon shot first. When his cock erupted it made his ass muscles contract round Pablo's cock and squeezed his juice from it. As it poured inside the boy Pablo fell on top of him, kissing him wildly, their cum-slicked bodies sliding together.


"There," Pablo said as they all disentangled themselves, "let that be a lesson to you guys. You disobey orders, you get punished."

"Aye-aye, sir," Eddie chirped as ten inches of wet horse-meat pulled slowly out of his ass. He grinned impishly at Darius. "But you can punish me any day of the week, sir."

"Come and get it!" The sudden shout was accompanied by a clamorous banging of a gong. The twins, of course, who had brought up lunch for all of them - and their gong. Randy greeted the six cum-soaked boys, hugged Pablo and squeezed Brandon's shoulder. "You two finally made your peace?" he smiled. "That makes me real happy. Can't have my boys fighting."

"Er, is there any word from Mario," Brandon asked. "Is he really OK?"

"Kiddo, he's been bathed and put to bed by a tall, dark and handsome muscle-god Marine. You do the math. My guess is he's doing just fine.

Randy was right, of course. At that moment Hassan was gazing down at the young Italian on his bed - the naked gardener with the flawless body and dark Mediterranean looks. Mario had dozed a little but now looked up at the muscular Marine. "You feeling OK, Mario?"

"Sure, sir, never better," Mario grinned.

"You don't have to call me sir, Mario. I don't think of you as one of the boys."

"Oh, I like to. Makes me feel like one of your new recruits, captain - under you command."

Hassan inhaled sharply, feeling his cock pulse in his fatigues. Mario gazed into the exotic, chiseled features and slanted eyes. "If it's OK with you I'd like to stick around this afternoon. The bungalow can wait. If you like I could stay up here and do some more work on your garden." He flashed an inviting smile. "Perhaps we could work on it together, captain?"

Hassan smiled back at him. "Nothing I'd like better. And later, when Eddie shows up we'll clean him up and the three of us can have dinner together. Sound like a plan?"

Mario chuckled, "Aye-aye, capitano."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 254


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