"Yeah, it's a pretty cool domestic scene here," Bob said to Randy on the phone. Boy did he get that wrong!

The tribe had split into three for the weekend. Randy, Mark, Zack and Pete had taken their boys on a motorcycle run into a distant canyon. Hassan, Mario and Eddie were spending the weekend at the house of Steve and Lloyd. And Bob and the twins, left at home, had invited Adam, Jason and their boys Nate and Ben to join them.

The first morning at the house had begun peacefully enough, justifying Bob's description of "a cool domestic scene". But Randy had sounded skeptical - and he was right to be. A competitive workout at the house between the gym-jocks, Adam and Jason, had quickly evolved into a battle of strength and vanity ... and man-on-man sex.

It had all climaxed with the two jocks kneeling in front of a mirror, Bob standing behind them, all three gazing at their naked reflections. Three long streams of cum slammed against the glass, diffusing the images of the exultant men like a movie fading to black, ending the show and bringing the audience of boys to their feet.

Food came next and the twins, who were masters of quick, improvised meals, soon had a feast on the table by the pool. The conversation was spirited, raucous even, until Bob asked for silence when his phone rang.

"Hey Steve ... hold on a second," Bob said. He muffled the phone and said to the group, "It's Steve. As the tribe's therapist he said he would check in on all he groups and make sure everything's cool."

He went back to the phone. "So what's up, Steve? ... Yeah, everything's terrific here. ... "Yeah Randy called me and told me the whole story - sounds as if they're acting like a bunch of savages up there in the canyon - no surprise there - and Zack's been put through the ringer. What about your group up on Mulholland?"

Steve chuckled. "Oh, we got a few things to sort out. I wanna make sure this three-way thing with Hassan, Mario and Eddie is on the level. I mean, it's a bit of a stretch - a husky Marine Captain, a sophisticated Italian gardener, and an urchin with a dirty face, all sharing each other's affections. Like I said, bit of a long shot. But Lloyd and I will make sure nobody gets hurt. I've got my methods."

Bob laughed. "Yeah, we've all been subjected to your 'methods' at one time or another, doc .... Yeah, yeah, I promise I'll call you if we have any problems but judging from the action here so far I don't think that's likely. Later, dude .... have fun."

He shut off the phone and grinned, "Hell, those two brothers not only look alike but they have the same protective instincts to take care of the tribe. Only difference is Steve uses his brain and Randy uses his fists."

"How's Eddie doing, sir?" asked Ben, anxious for his friend, one of the 'three amigos'. I mean after what happened to him last time when Hassan put him to work shoveling dirt and then him and Steve and Lloyd made him suck their dicks all afternoon."

Bob ruffled the young gypsy's hair. "Well I don't recall Eddie complaining about giving marathon blowjobs to those musclehunks. Happy as a clam at high tide. And I don't think they'll make him shovel dirt this time. My guess is he'll have a blast. 'Course, I don't know what Steve has in mind."

"Oh Steve's OK," Ben said confidently. "He's Randy's brother - mine too - and Randy don't let him get away with shit. Actually, the three of us are a real peaceful family."

The other boys laughed mockingly and Nate said, "Huh, you can tell that to the Marines."

"Well," Ben said, "all's I know about the Marines is Hassan. Now he's another story."


That other story had begun when Hassan took Eddie in his military jeep up to his guesthouse on the grounds of Steve and Lloyd's elegant house on Mulholland Drive. Before they walked up to the main house Hassan made Eddie put on clean cargo shorts and a blue Polo shirt (Hassan's favorite). Hassan himself changed out of his usual military pants and put on jeans and a clean white T-shirt that clung to his muscular torso.

Eddie looked at him with his urchin grin and licked his lips. He stroked the Marine's chest and said, "S'pose we don't have time for me to show you my ass, sir?"

"I've seen your ass, kid, and I intend to stick my dick in it later. But right now we're expected up at Steve's. He's getting brunch ready, and apparently he's making it a pretty fancy meal today."

"Uh-uh," Eddie said, "I don't do good at fancy meals."

To tell the truth Eddie was always a bit intimidated by Steve and Lloyd, two successful professional men - one a Beverly Hills psychiatrist and the other an architect who worked mostly for Randy's construction company. They were both classy, sophisticated and rich, with their big home on the spine of the Hollywood Hills, a panoramic view of the city on one side and the Valley on the other.

One thing that eased Eddie's nervousness around them was that they were both fond of him - and both totally gorgeous. Steve looked like a twin of his brother Randy (minus the grime and the gruffness of the construction boss). And Lloyd was a handsome gym-jock who groomed his body to perfection in daily workouts. Only a week ago when Eddie was shoveling earth they had stood round him and made him suck their cocks, then blasted cum over his naked body.

In fact the boy was more comfortable, not to say thrilled, with that kind of earthy action than with sitting at table with them over a fancy brunch. However, when he and Hassan walked up the gravel path to the main house all Eddie's jitters vanished seeing that Mario had already arrived.

Mario, with his European poise and his Italian accent could go toe-to-toe with the guys when it came to sophistication, dressed as he was now in floppy beige pants and a white linen shirt that hung open over his chest. He had recently become attached to Hassan and Eddie, and the boy was sure that Mario would help him, a young urchin, navigate the ways of a stylish house.

As Steve had explained on the phone to Bob, he was anxious to take a close look at the interactions of the new threesome - the Marine, his boy and the handsome young Italian. As a therapist Steve had counseled many men in three-way relationships which more often than not became complicated and soon foundered. He didn't want that to happen to these three whom he liked a whole lot.

Hassan was surprised to see just how elaborately the table had been set, with an array of knives, forks and spoons set beside the place settings - enough to intimidate any boy. Knowing Steve as well as he did Hassan suspected that this was all part of the doctor's infamous methods, which could never be found in any psychiatric manual.

Hassan was pleased when Eddie, after hugging Mario, stretched out his hand to Steve and said in a rather exaggerated formal voice, "Good morning, sir. Thank you for inviting me."

Steve shot a glance at Hassan, then smiled at Eddie. "The pleasure's all mine, Eddie, but you know, you could do me a big favor. Lloyd is struggling in the kitchen to put brunch together and I'm sure he would welcome some help. Would you mind?"

"Sure, sir, I'd like to help..." Mario made a move to go with him but Steve said, "It's OK, Mario, I think one's enough. Don't wanna crowd the kitchen." Mario smiled, with a slight shrug and raised eyebrows to Hassan. They both had a vague feeling that Steve was running to some kind of master plan. His 'methods' again.

"OK, I'm off." Eddie grinned at Hassan, then ran off to the kitchen, pleased to be of use rather than standing around making small talk, which usually ended up with him running off at the mouth with an unstoppable stream of very small talk indeed.


When Eddie walked into the large, modern kitchen Lloyd had his back to him, leaning over the sink. When he turned round Eddie's eyes opened wide. The architect was wearing a sleeveless black cotton T-shirt that clung to his classic torso, showing off his sculpted pecs and the sold muscles of his shoulders and arms. The round globes of his ass were accentuate by tight black jeans hugging his narrow hips.

With his tousled dark hair and soft gray eyes he looked stunning, and his face broke into a dazzling smile. "Hey, kid, you're here at last. Come and give old Lloyd a hug. He held his arms out wide, Eddie walked into them and felt the crush of Lloyd's hard body engulfing him. His cock instantly reared up in his shorts and he felt it pressing against the bulge in Lloyd's jeans as the architect kissed him lightly on the lips.

When they finally broke apart Eddie looked down at his shorts that were stretched like a tent on his rigid pole. He blushed and stammered, "Sorry, sir, I couldn't help it ...."

"Kiddo, never feel embarrassed when a hot man gives you a hard-on. Think of it as a compliment .... I do. Besides, look here..." he pointed don't at his own swollen crotch. "You did that, Eddie. You don't realize what a sexy young buck you are, do you? Hell, if you didn't belong to that tough Marine Captain out there I'd tie you down across this counter, pull your pants down and fuck that sweet ass of yours."

"Aaah," Eddie shuddered and forced himself not to cum. He had a feeling that cum spraying out over the brunch supplies in the kitchen was somehow not hygienic. Lloyd folded his arms across his chest and grinned affectionately at the boy. "So, did Steve send you out here? Not too cool of him the minute you arrive. Sorry about that."

"Oh, I'm not, sir," Eddie grinned mischievously. "What can I do for you?"

"Apart from sucking my dick and then dropping your shorts, you mean? Well, you could take over washing the spinach in the sink here."

"I can do that, sir." ('The other things too,' he mumbled under his breath.) Lloyd grabbed a black bib-apron and said, "Don't think Hassan would approve of you coming back with food all over that sexy blue shirt of yours."

"No, sir, it's Hassan's favorite."

"There you go then." Standing in front of him Lloyd hooked the apron round Eddie's neck, then reached behind him to tie the strings round his waist at the back, tight enough to accentuate his slim waist and his ass. Lloyd's body was pressing against Eddie, the bulges in their pants rubbing against each other as he cupped Eddie's ass cheeks bulging through the apron slit at the back.

"Yeah, perfect," Lloyd grinned salaciously, kissing him lightly on the lips, then standing back to admire the boy. "Only thing that would make it better is if you were naked under the apron. But Steve has decreed that this should be one of his classy brunches and I don't think a naked waiter would go down as classy. Hotter than a pistol, though."

For a brief moment Eddie wondered why Lloyd was coming on to him so much, but it made him feel real sexy so he decided just to enjoy it. He knew the hot architect wouldn't try anything with Hassan sitting outside ... though Eddie kind of wished he would.

"OK, kiddo, spinach." Lloyd stood beside Eddie at the sink and explained the drill. "The spinach in the water here just needs to be drained, then you wash the other bunches over here."

Lloyd leaned sideways and stretched his arm behind Eddie's neck to reach the rest of the spinach on the draining board. Eddie felt the hard bicep flex behind his neck and inhaled the smell of man sweat from Lloyd's armpit next to his face. Their hips were pressed together and the boy's crotch was squashed against the side of the sink. And it again took all his self-control to stop from losing his load.

The work progressed quickly as Lloyd had already completed most of it. Eddie ended up making the whole of the spinach salad while Lloyd handled the eggs and poached salmon. When it was ready Lloyd said, "Just let me get out of this damp T-shirt. Can't sit at Steve's 'classy' table stinking of sweat." Eddie bit his tongue to stop saying that he wouldn't mind at all.

Lloyd pulled the wet T-shirt off over his head and tossed it in a hamper. Eddie gasped as he gazed at the flawless body, stripped to the waist in beltless black jeans, gray undershorts just visible above the waistband. With his square-jawed features and disheveled dark hair, his torso gleaming with a sheen of sweat under the kitchen spot-lights, the architect looked spectacular and Eddie felt pre-cum oozing from his cock.

"You wanna do the honors, boy?" Lloyd asked, holding out a towel. At such moments as this Eddie always fantasized - this time about being the body-slave of this gorgeous man. In a daze he took the towel and slowly ran it over Lloyd's face and neck, then his broad shoulders and arms.

Lloyd raised his arms and Eddie wiped the tangled black hair of his armpits. Without thinking he leaned forward and licked the wiry wet hair, then ran his tongue over the slabs of his pecs. Sweat trickled down the cleft between them and Eddie buried his face between the pecs and sucked in the salty taste.

Suddenly realizing he was going too far he pulled back and murmured, "Sorry, sir," then rubbed the towel over the ridges of Lloyd's washboard abs. Lloyd turned round and the boy wiped the rippling muscles of his back, tracing his V-shaped lats down from the broad shoulders to his tight, narrow waist.

As Eddie cleaned him up, in an act of obedience and body worship, Lloyd stared at all the food waiting to be taken to the dining room and he said, "Shit, we did a damn good job there buddy. We make a great team." He turned round, shook Eddie's hand with a grin, then pulled him into a tight hug.

Eddie wrapped his arms round him and stroked his back, hypnotized by the feel of Lloyd's muscular torso flexing against him. He noticed a bead of sweat trickling down from Lloyd's Adam's apple into the cleft below and flicked out his tongue to catch it. And that brief act put him over the top. He buried his face in the crook of Lloyd's neck, his body shuddered and he tried not to make a sound as his cock poured jism in his shorts.

Lloyd squeezed him tighter, then released him and held him at arm's length. "Feel better, kiddo?" Eddie blushed and grinned at the same time. "Much better, thank you, sir."

"OK, Eddie, let's knock 'em dead with our cooking skills eh?" Lloyd took a fresh T-shirt from a drawer and pulled it on. This time it was a pale gray V-neck and, even though Eddie had just this second cum, he tensed and felt a tingle in his cock. That was vintage Eddie - one of the perpetually horniest boys in the tribe.


A burst of applause greeted the food carried in by Lloyd and Eddie, and the guys helped them arrange it on the elegant table. They all congratulated Lloyd who bowed jokingly then grabbed Eddie's wrist and held his arm high. "Gentlemen, give it up for my assistant chef, without whom this meal would not have been possible." They all cheered affectionately and Hassan smiled at his boy, but was surprised to see him look away, blushing deeply.

As the guys moved around to take their places Hassan took Eddie aside and said, "Thanks for doing that, kiddo. I'm proud of you. Here, let's get that apron off you."

Eddie hesitated. "Oh I ... I kinda like it, sir."

"Hey, kid, this is fixing to be a fancy-shmancy brunch so you can't sit down wearing an apron. Besides that blue shirt always looks hot on you. Before Eddie could protest Hassan had untied the apron and pulled it off. Eddie looked up at Hassan and held his breath in the unlikely hope that his master would not see the big stain spreading over the front of his shorts.

Hassan had to stifle a laugh as he looked at the forlorn boy staring up at him like a misbehaving street punk who had just been caught out. He had seen the look so often before and it always made him want to hug him. But, as usual when Eddie thought he was in trouble, he turned on the spigot and words flowed out.

"Sir, it's not what it looks like ... well it is ... I mean, sure, I creamed my shorts, sir, like you can see but ... it's not what you think. It wasn't Lloyd's fault at all - he didn't do anything .... he didn't have too .... just being close to him did the trick. I mean, he looked so hot in the kitchen ... I don't mean hot from the oven ... although that too now I think about it, kinda sweaty ... I mean hot as in sexy ... and I mean major sexy in that black shirt and all ... like sweaty-wet, you know ..... " He saw Hassan shuffle impatiently.

"OK, I know, sir ... cut to the chase, right? OK, so there we were close to together ... I mean close like kitchen workers not close like fuck buddies or anything ... nothing like that ... and in the end he took off his sweaty shirt to change it and gave me a thank-you hug and that's when I lost it and ...."

"... and gushed," said Hassan, keeping a straight face."

"Well, I guess so, sir. I mean, gushed as in busted my load, not gushed like talking to much .... but that too I s'pose now that I think about it ...." He had finally run out of steam and stared up at Hassan, waiting for the verdict.

Hassan said, "You say that Lloyd didn't do anything, but ... would you have liked him to? Do you want him to fuck you?"

"No, sir," Eddie said indignantly, "of course not sir ... I would never ...." He trailed off as Hassan raised his eyebrows in disbelief and folded his arms across his chest. With a shrug and a slight grin Eddie said, "Well .... I guess it would be kinda nice, sir, if he kinda just..."

"Kiddo, you can't get 'kinda' fucked by a guy, as I'll demonstrate later when we're in bed. But I get the picture ... and maybe it'll be OK ... provided I'm there to watch. Now come and let's eat the food prepared by Lloyd and his horny assistant chef with the wet shorts."


The others were already seated and Hassan made Eddie stand beside him at the table, giving everyone a good look at the cum stain on his shorts and letting Eddie squirm a little. Steve took pity on him (though Eddie's orgasm was no less than he expected - all part of his plan) and said, "OK, Eddie, you're sitting here, next to Hassan facing Mario." His seating arrangement was evidently another deliberate piece of his plan.

Eddie was still embarrassed by everyone knowing he had creamed his shorts before sitting down at this elegant table. Nice shirt - cum-stained shorts. So Hassan saved him.

"Did you guys get a good look at my boy in that apron? Last time I saw him in one of those he was naked under it. I came home from a bitch of a day at work to find the table set for dinner - candles, flowers, the works - with the kid standing there butt naked under the goddamn apron. Well, you can bet that dinner was delayed while I threw him face down on the bed and fucked his sweet ass through the gap in the apron."

That was greeted by a howl of laughter and Eddie's embarrassment was replaced by pride at a revelation of his sex life with the Marine Captain.

So now he could relax. Well, not really, as a new challenge faced him in the array of knives and forks beside his plate. He knew that Steve and Lloyd were used to this kind of dining, and Hassan too, at formal dinners in the Marine Officers' Mess. Mario, with his European upbringing and experience as a waiter, was no stranger to elaborate table settings either. But poor Eddie was totally out of his depth.

Fortunately he had been seated opposite Mario who now smiled encouragingly at him. "Signori," Mario said to Steve and Lloyd, "the table looks magnifico. You know, in rural Italy we always had just one knife and fork for all courses, but when I went to the fine houses of Milan and was faced with so many knives and forks all lined up, I was relieved to find there's a system ..." He smiled deliberately at Eddie and spoke slowly... "You simply start from the outside and work your way inwards."

A wave of relief swept over the boy as he realized that this was meant as advice for him, and that Mario, in his subtle way, would guide him through the meal. So Eddie confidently picked up the outside knife and fork, but Mario cleared his throat, obtrusively picked up the small serrated knife above the plate and cut the half-grapefruit before him into segments. Eddie grinned and copied him.

Steve smiled with satisfaction and glanced at Hassan and Lloyd. It was then that Hassan was sure this whole elaborate meal, Eddie's trip to kitchen, and even the boy's orgasm was all part of Doctor Steve's unorthodox methods. It would have been easy to vocally guide Eddie through table etiquette but that might have embarrassed him. Steve wanted to see exactly how Mario played his role in the three-way relationship. And he was beginning to get his answer.

Hassan was starting to understand Steve's motivation. As Steve had told Bob, he had seen so many three-way relationships end badly that he wanted to take a close look at the dynamic between this new seemingly mismatched threesome, the rugged Marine, the young Italian and the fresh-faced kid from the wrong side of the tracks.

The therapist wanted to see how Hassan interacted with his boy (the seeds of which he had already planted with Lloyd's help), and how the Marine really felt about Mario. Hassan suspected that he himself would play the principal part in seeing how the trio worked together. As always with Steve's therapy, sex would surely play a pivotal role.

Steve was especially interested in how the two younger sides of the triangle, Mario and Eddie, interacted, a dynamic that was on display right now as the little scene played out. Eddie was paying close attention to Mario who skillfully kept up his part in the general conversation while making sure that Eddie followed his mimed directions on table etiquette.

With Eddie's innate sense of fun it quickly became a game to him and Hassan's eyes misted over as he watched the two boys communicate wordlessly with shining eyes, and Eddie copying every one of Mario's moves. Steve felt he had rarely seen such warm affection between two young men, in this case teacher and pupil. The experiment was a success and the therapist mentally closed the case on this part of his plan.

Hassan grinned at Steve and murmured, "Son-of-a-bitch, you set the whole thing up."


Now for Hassan. Steve wanted to ensure that, with the arrival of Mario, Hassan's love and protective instincts for his boy had not been diminished. The meal was winding down and Steve flashed a quick glance at Lloyd. Lloyd stretched and sighed.

"Funny thing," he drawled, "food in the middle of the day always seems to make me horny. Any of you ever get that midday boner that won't go away? At work I just go to the restroom, take off my shirt and jerk off looking at myself in the mirror." He got languidly to his feet. "So if you guys will excuse me for a few minutes, I gotta take a bathroom break."

Eddie, who when he was not watching Mario had his eyes glued to the sexy architect, now looked frantically at Hassan. The Marine grinned at him with a small nod. "Er, before you go Lloyd, I think my boy has something to say to you." Steve was glad to hear Hassan punting the action back to him. Eddie stood up and blinked nervously at Lloyd.

"Sir, when a guy's horny, sir, there's always another way to, like, get his rocks off." The boldness of his own statement stunned Eddie and he took refuge, as always, in more words. "What I mean is, sir, like, out in the kitchen you looked so hot, sir, working close to me in that black shirt and all ... especially when you took the shirt off and ...."

"You mean, like this?" Lloyd smiled. He crossed his arms over his waist, grabbed the bottom of the gray shirt and pulled it up slowly, over his abs, his rib cage, over the rock-hard pecs, over his head and arms, and tossed it over the back of his chair. He stood in all his shirtless glory smiling at the speechless Eddie - well, speechless for about a second.

"Yeah," he said in a high-pitched voice, "that's the one, sir." He cleared his throat, took a gulp of water, and stumbled on. "Here, you can still see this patch of ... you know ... on my shorts ... that was when you gave me a hug...."

Lloyd wrapped his arms round him. "Like this, Eddie?"

"Hm, hm," he whimpered... "yes, sir, that's the one, sir ... that's what made me ... you know...." Lloyd held him at arms' length and Eddie felt he was sinking in a swamp of words but he soldiered on. "But it's OK, sir, cause Hassan said it would be OK if ...and he's a Marine Captain and everything ... except he has to watch us to make sure I... I dunno ... don't die or anything ..." He gulped as Hassan and Mario stared at him wide-eyed, willing him to stop talking as the swamp pulled him deeper. Steve choked back laughter, but it was Lloyd who saved him.

"Hassan said it was OK if .... if what, Eddie?"

He gulped again and blurted out, "... if you fuck me, sir." Eddie heaved a huge sigh and looked around at the others with an unexpected look of triumph that he had at last got it out. To avoid the embarrassment of laughter Steve took over. "Well, he said, using his cool professional voice, if that's the case and Hassan says it's OK, it's easily arranged. He got up and pulled a red, deep pile rug in front of a floor-length mirror. "You want to give me a hand here, Mario?"

Eagerly the Italian walked forward and pulled off Eddie's Polo shirt. "You sure about this, amico?" he asked softly. "Yeah," Eddie whispered. "Dude, I wanted Lloyd's dick in my ass the minute I saw him in the kitchen."

Mario dropped to his knees, pulled off Eddie's sneakers and unbuckled his belt. He pulled down his cargo shorts, then his boxer briefs and eased them off over his feet. He leaned back on his haunches and looked up at the naked Eddie. "Bellissimo," Mario smiled, "worthy of any man. Aah ..." he looked at Eddie's iron hard cock that had sprung out of his shorts. "That smells of dried cum, amico. You must be spotless for your handsome architect."

Mario leaned forward, held the cock in the palm of his hand and licked it, from the head down to his pubic hair. Steve and the others gazed down in awe at the unusual sight of one boy on his knees cleaning another with his tongue, preparing him as an offering to one of the masters. When he was finished Mario pulled Eddie down and laid him gently on his back on the carpet. Mario withdrew and resumed his seat next to Hassan.

Stretched on the blood-red carpet the handsome young colt did look like a naked offering, staring nervously up at the shirtless gym jock towering over him, his torso flexing, his tousled dark hair falling over the square-cut features of his smiling face. "You are a very beautiful young man," Lloyd said. "The Marine Captain must be proud to call you his boy. But as the soldier has loaned you out to me for a while I will be honored to take your ass."

Standing under one of the soft spotlights in the dining room (Lloyd knew his lighting) he looked magnificent stripped to the waist as he had been in the kitchen, in beltless black jeans with his undershorts showing over the waistband. He kicked off his boots, pulled off his socks, then unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down. Stepping out of them he paced around in his gray boxer briefs, with successive spotlights playing over his near-naked, chiseled physique.

Eddie gritted his teeth, willing himself not to cum too soon. The sight of Lloyd was enough to do this, but the thought of this man dominating him and fucking his ass made pre-cum drip from the cock Mario had cleaned so well. And when Lloyd pushed down his undershorts and stood naked over him Eddie shut his eyes tight to stifle an orgasm.

When he opened them again the muscle-jock was kneeling before him on the edge of the carpet. Locking eyes with Eddie, Lloyd pushed the boy's legs up and doubled them over his chest so he got a clear shot at his ass, sweet and tender with downy soft hair round the hole. "Boy, that ass is gorgeous," Lloyd said. "I bet it gets fucked a lot by the captain's big cock."

"All the time, sir. Are you gonna fuck it too, sir? Hassan said you can."

"Damn right I am. But first I gotta get a taste of that hole." Still pushing down on his legs Lloyd leaned down and pushed his face between the globes of the boy's ass. His tongue pushed inside the warm cavity and Eddie moaned with pleasure as he felt it massage the tingling membrane inside his butt. Stroking his own cock he looked down at the tangled dark hair, at the rugged face pull back then bury itself again between his ass cheeks.

Suddenly he felt Lloyd pull his ass open and breathe his hot breath inside it, licking, blowing and driving Eddie wild. He couldn't hold out and lost the battle to restrain his pulsing cock. "Ohh," he whimpered, "sorry sir I can't .... Aaah...." A ribbon of cum spurted from his cock onto his chest and up to his face, followed by several more.

"Good boy," Lloyd grinned. "Now I can fuck you good." He wiped the palm of his hand over the cum on Eddie's chest, scooped it up and used it to lube his cock. "Now it's good and wet, and so is your butt. You sure you want this, boy?"

"Yes please, sir. More than anything."

Steve felt Hassan tense beside him as Lloyd slowly eased the whole length of his dick into the young ass and watched the trance-like expression of pure ecstasy on his boy's face. Eddie ran his hands over Lloyd's chest above him, then his neck and face, and moaned, "You are so beautiful, sir. I love your body - and your cock inside me, sir. Fuck me, sir, it feels so good."

Lloyd began a long, slow massaging of the boy's ass, smiling down at him while Eddie gazed up at the handsome jock like he was the only man in the world. Mario gently placed a hand over Hassan's that was white-knuckle gripping the arm of his chair. Steve watched Lloyd fuck the mesmerized boy, then scrutinized Hassan's reaction. He was clenching his stubbled jaw, his eyes laser-focused on his boy, body tense as if he were about to leap from the chair.

But seeing the joyful look on his boy's face Hassan sat back in his chair and tried to relax. He knew Eddie had wanted this as soon as he saw Lloyd and he didn't want to spoil his obvious enjoyment. Still, it was hard to take, watching his boy get fucked by the architect who always had a touch of arrogance about how he had sculpted his body at the gym.

There was even a hint of fear deep in Hassan's gut. Lloyd was not only beautiful, he was more sociable, outgoing and fun, which would appeal to a boy like Eddie. Hassan was a clench-jawed military man, reclusive when off duty, serious minded, a far cry from the happy-go-lucky kid so full of mischief. That was one reason he had welcomed Mario into their relationship - a kind of bridge across the social divide between master and boy, the warmhearted young Italian who even now was resting his hand on Hassan's.

After busting his first load Eddie had eased into the rhythm of the long rod driving into his ass, spellbound by the erotic sight of the rugged muscle-jock rising and falling above him. "Feel good to you little buddy?" Lloyd asked in a caressing tone of voice. "Does it make you wanna cum again?'

"Yes, sir," Eddie sighed. "I'll do anything you tell me to, sir."

Hassan inhaled sharply and flexed his whole body, restrained only by Mario's gentle touch.

"OK, kiddo, do it for me," Lloyd said, seducing the boy with words. "Your ass feels so perfect, Eddie. After a hot workout in the gym, my body running with sweat, I'd love to strip down to my jockstrap, make you suck on it, then pull out my dick and shove it in your ass. I'd shoot a massive load in your ass, just like you're gonna do for me now. Right?"

"Yes, sir," said Eddie, totally seduced by the fantasy Lloyd had described and the feel of his cock probing ever-deeper inside him. "This is for you, sir ... aaah..." Another deep sigh as cum flowed out of his cock, living up to his reputation as 'Hassan's little gusher'. Except that this time he was gushing for Lloyd.

Hassan moaned quietly and would have risen from his chair but for Steve grabbing his other hand. It was as if he were being physically restrained and mentally manipulated ... and no man ever did that to this Marine. Hassan was an expert not only at physical warfare but also psychological domination from his time as a military interrogator, and he knew what was happening here.

"Yes," Eddie yelled. "Fuck me more, sir. Fuck me harder, please sir."

"You got it, boy," Lloyd said and accelerated the pace and force of his fuck His rod became a piston pile-driving the ass of the boy who was howling with pain and exhilaration. Hassan's eyes flashed, his muscles flexed and he shook off Steve and Mario. He leapt from his chair, stood behind Lloyd and glared at him in the mirror.

The soldier stripped off his T-shirt and stood shirtless in blue-jeans, a tall, fearsome Marine, his incredible, muscular physique flexing with anger and determination.

Lloyd stared at the powerful muscle-god, the exotic Asian/Arab face with its olive-hued features, clenched jaw, slanted eyes and jet black hair falling over his blazing eyes. Lloyd's biggest weakness in life was staring at handsome, muscular men ... and there had never been one like this. Lloyd was mesmerized and terrified at the same time

He had reason to be. Hassan growled, "No man does that to my boy." He dropped to his knees behind Lloyd, ripped open his jeans and pulled out his monster dick. He spat on it only once, grabbed Lloyd's hips and plunged his almost-dry cock deep in his ass. Lloyd threw his head back and screamed as he felt the massive rod drive deep inside him. He looked up in agony at the pornographic mirror-image of the soldier, felt his pole deep inside him, the pain, the ecstasy and .... Aaagh! .... his own cock exploded in the ass of the soldier's boy.


"Don't stop," Hassan yelled. "My boy wants you to fuck him so get hard and fuck him. That's an order." Lloyd was in a daze, overwhelmed by the multiple sexual sensations cascading over him. But he didn't have time to gather his wits before the huge cock pulled back and slammed inside him again and the deep voice boomed, "I said ... get hard and fuck my boy."

Amazingly, in the vortex of pain and euphoria Lloyd felt his cock pulse as he gazed at Hassan in the mirror, felt his rod in his ass, and the sticky heat of the boy's cum-filled ass round his cock. Semi-hard already he managed to pull back and ease his cock back down the boy's chute.

Hassan's face changed from fierce to affectionate as he looked over Lloyd' shoulder and smiled down at Eddie. "How's that feel, boy, his cock still feel good in you?"

"Yes, sir, thank you, sir," Eddie said, staring up in awe at his master's triumphant face, a contrast to Lloyd's that had been transformed from arrogant jock to subservient fuck slave. The architect lay sandwiched between the boy and his master, face down over the boy, his dick inside him, and his own ass impaled on the master's giant dick.

Hassan had taken over completely. He eased his pole in and out of the muscle-jock's captive ass as Lloyd stared at Hassan's face and body in the mirror, hypnotized by the sensation of being dominated by the stunning Marine. Obeying the soldier's command he was still fucking the boy, bending him double so Eddie's knees were beside his head and Lloyd's ass was fully exposed to the Marine.

"Fuck me, sir. My ass is yours. I love you, sir," Eddie moaned. But he was not looking at Lloyd. He was gazing past him at Hassan, speaking to his master. Lloyd too could not take his eyes off Hassan's reflection in the mirror.

As Hassan and his boy stared at each other it was as if Lloyd had been discarded. He was merely the fuck conduit between the two, transferring the sensation in his own ass to the boy's ass. Eddie felt he was being fucked by the man he worshipped, fucked indirectly maybe, but as he gazed into his master's eyes, Hassan was all he saw, all he felt.

In total control, Hassan set the rhythm and pace of the action, giving pleasure to Lloyd's ass and his eyes, and making the awestruck Eddie fall in love with him all over again.

Steve sat spellbound watching the scene unfold. He had sought reassurance that Hassan still felt as loving and protective toward Eddie, even with the new distraction of Mario ... and he had his answer. He marveled at the muscular power and mental control that the soldier exerted, all of it focused on the love of his boy. No one would ever hurt his boy, or love him with the same intensity as Hassan. The Marine was a true master of men ... and crazy in love with his boy.

His authority unquestioned, Hassan was bringing things to a head. "I'm gonna bust my load in your ass, Lloyd, and when I do you'll cum again inside my boy." He grinned down at Eddie. "As for my little gusher there ... well, you know what to do. But no hands, OK?"

As wild as the scene had been, the climax was slow and quiet, except for deep sighs from all three. Hassan smiled at Eddie and said softly, "Here it comes, boy .... Aaah" As Lloyd felt the soldier's hot juice flooding his ass he shot his own load inside the boy, staring not at him but at Hassan in acknowledgment of his sexual supremacy.

As for Eddie, his cock once more poured jizz on his chest as he held his arms out wide and said with an impish grin, "Look, sir ... no hands."


A half hour later, after a cleansing swim, all four men were sprawled on the deck in the sun wearing swim trunks. Lloyd stirred and got to his feet. "Drinks, I think. Wanna give me a hand in the kitchen, Eddie?" The boy jumped up - "Sure, sir" - and smiled mischievously at Hassan.

"Careful, guys," Hassan said. "You know what all that led to last time. No repeat performances, OK?"

"Aye-aye, sir," Eddie saluted. Lloyd grinned and said, "Don't worry, big guy. I still got the bruises from last time," and he rubbed his ass as they went into the house together.

Alone with Steve for the first time since the sexual action indoors Hassan grinned at him. "So, how did I do, doc?"

Steve gave a self-satisfied smile. "You passed with flying colors, captain."

"Son of a bitch," Hassan murmured. "I knew it - you set this whole thing up, didn't you? Eddie in the kitchen with Lloyd, Mario helping him navigate that fancy meal, then Lloyd fucking my boy. And Lloyd was in on it too, I bet."

"Yeah," my lover plays his part well, especially when his role is sexual and there are gorgeous men around. He loved every minute of it, even getting his ass reamed by a vengeful Marine.

"The best part is, it all worked. My experiment showed that Mario is a great, and necessary, part of the triangle, a good friend to Eddie and a middle-man between the strong, silent Marine and his playful boy. You and Mario hit it off real well, a good fit. And you erased all my concerns about your feelings for Eddie - as loving and protective as ever. Yup, my methods worked perfectly as always."

Uneasy at the note of smugness in Steve's voice Hassan said, "Maybe so, on an individual level. But you know what they say in the military - unit cohesion is never really tested until the component parts work together in combat. That's where the stresses show. And you haven't seen our little unit work together yet, seen how the individuals come together - if you'll pardon the expression."

Steve laughed, but he was impressed by the Marine's logic and precision ... and a little intimidated by him too. He suspected that whenever it came to a test of supremacy, physical or mental, the Marine Captain would come out on top.


The rest of the afternoon passed happily in the sun, with drinks and snacks, interrupted by frequent dips in the pool. Eddie's joyful voice gurgled on like a stream and became wallpaper to dreams when the men dozed off.

But through it all two of the men had nagging feelings that were imperceptible to the others. Hassan still had a slight lingering resentment at having been manipulated as an experiment to satisfy the professional curiosity of the therapist. He prided himself on being his own man - in total charge of his life - and he needed no help from anyone when it came to his friendships. He felt his dominance had, in some way, been usurped and he needed to restore it.

Steve suspected some of this and feared that his methods may have gone a little too far. He had been taken aback by the absolute way Hassan had finally taken control of Lloyd and Eddie, asserting his dominance through raw physical strength, the power of his personality and sexual magnetism. A man like that did not allow himself to be manipulated without pushing back. And Steve knew that, if push came to shove, he himself was no match for the Marine.

These simmering feelings finally came to a boil late in the afternoon. Hassan had gone into the house to pee and when he came back he was not wearing his swim-trunks. The other four men looked up and saw him standing in the open glass doorway, buck naked, his horse dick swinging between his legs. He was a perfect specimen of male power and beauty. They all sensed that something big was in the air.

"A word to my team, Eddie and Mario," Hassan said in his deep accented voice. "Guys, we owe a vote of thanks to Steve and Lloyd here, not only for their gracious hospitality, but also for proving that our little threesome passes muster. Yes, we three have been kinda under a microscope, put to the test, which I'm happy to say we passed with flying colors." He picked up a glass from a nearby table. "So, troops, raise your glasses to Steve and Lloyd."

"Steve and Lloyd," Mario and Eddie intoned, detecting a note of irony - and something else - in Hassan's words. And Hassan didn't let it rest there as he stroked his chin pensively. "Only thing is - and I had a little chat with Steve about this - it's one thing to test the individual parts of a machine but it's no good unless you test the whole machine in action. And guys, our machinery has not been tested like that. Not until now."

The group stirred, suddenly sensing where this was going. "Only trouble is, I don't have Steve's expertise in devising a plan to do that, so my methods may seem a bit crude. But I think we work together pretty good, don't you, guys?"

"Aye-aye sir," said Mario and Eddie, standing up and saluting with military precision and a big smile.

"Good, so let's see here." Hassan strode forward and looked down at Steve and Lloyd who were lying on the deck naked, side by side on their backs, propped up on their elbows. Hassan picked up a nearby jar of lube that was always kept on the deck and lubed up his cock that was already hard as a rock. "Steve, I think we'll start with you."

Steve made a move to protest but was caught in the gleam of Hassan's hypnotic eyes, felt the magnetic pull of his sexuality and knew he would do whatever Hassan said. "Hands and knees first, I think, doc." Obediently Steve pulled himself up onto all fours. Eddie and Mario gazed down at the doctor, handsome and muscular just like his brother Randy, his back and shoulder muscles rippling in the sun. The self-assured, professional man who always set the rules was now kneeling doggy style at the mercy of the soldier.

Hassan gave orders to his guys. "You, Mario, up forward. You, kid ... I think you know where I want you." Hassan knelt behind Steve, Mario knelt at his head, and Eddie lay on his back on the deck and slid under Steve's arched body.

"OK, guys ... teamwork. Let's do it." The solider pressed the head of his lubed cock against the doctor's hole, then drove the whole shaft deep inside his ass. Steve raised his head and opened his mouth to scream but he was stifled by Mario's cock sliding down his throat. With cocks stuffing his ass and his throat the doctor's hips bucked, but Eddie was ready for him. Lying beneath him he caught Steve's cock in his mouth, sucked it in and clamped his throat round it as only Eddie could.

It was wild sensory overload for the macho doctor as he choked on one cock, felt another pile-driving his ass, and felt his own cock gripped in the vise of a boy's mouth. It was total domination of the big guy, the boss's brother, architect's lover, a successful professional now being sexually abused by team Hassan.

"You impressed, Steve?" Hassan yelled. "This is how we work, me and my boys - teamwork in action. Lloyd gaze in disbelief at his lover, always the top man, getting spit roasted and cock-sucked - his ass, his face, his cock invaded at once.

Steve moaned into the gag of Mario's cock as the attack persisted inexorably. But it eventually reached a point where Hassan knew they were all ready to cum, and he didn't want that - not yet. It was time to shift gears.

"OK, guys, give him a break." Steve felt the cock pull out of his mouth and his cock released by Eddie. But his ass was still impaled on the massive rod and spun on it as he was flipped over onto his back. Gasping he looked up at the Marine who grabbed Steve's ankles and pushed his legs up high.

"Now it's you and me, big guy," Hassan taunted him, "with a little assist from my guys. OK, Mario, Lloyd's all yours."

Lloyd did not resist as the beautiful young Italian knelt between his legs and pushed them up as Hassan was doing to Steve. Mario's cock took care of itself. Already hard and wet from Steve's mouth it slid easily into the furnace of Lloyd's ass that had been fired up by Hassan's earlier penetration. Hassan grinned down at Steve. "We've got the precision of a drill team, big guy. Let's show him, Mario."

It was like synchronized fucking as the soldier and his Italian sidekick fucked the two lovers. Lloyd reached up and traced his fingers over the contours of Mario's pecs, gazing up at the beautiful face, long eyelashes, curly black hair and chiseled features. "So fucking gorgeous," Lloyd said. "That body - and that cock. Shit, man, you could plough my ass all night." Mario smiled, "Grazie, amico. The pleasure is all mine."

Eddie was bouncing around them, asking Hassan, "Where do you want me, sir?"

"You need to ask a question like that, junior? Look there ... two hard cocks, two mouths, one horny boy ... you do the math. You're gonna be busy, kid."

Eddie jumped right in and worked like a beaver, supplementing the twin fucks with his own special talents. He knelt down and slid his mouth over Steve's cock, giving him the Eddie treatment. When he knew the doc was about to cum he pulled off, straddled Steve's chest and shoved his cock into his mouth.

He pumped hard, mesmerized by the strong, masculine face, the blue eyes, the chest heaving beneath him, and knowing that his master behind him was fucking the doctor's ass. "Permission to cum, Captain?" he shouted to Hassan who grinned, "Permission granted, boy."

Steve gagged as the cock rammed in deep and musky juice poured down his throat.

Eddie turned his attention to Lloyd. "You want help with this amico?" he asked Mario who ginned and nodded. In an instant Eddie's mouth was wrapped round Lloyd's cock, making him gasp, "Oh shit, that's fucking hot. You're gonna make me ..." But just as Eddie brought him to the brink of orgasm he did the same as with Steve, straddled Lloyd's chest and fucked his mouth.

He looked over his shoulder and flashed his urchin grin at Hassan who said, "Yeah, yeah, kid, permission granted." Knowing Eddie had just shot a load down Steve's throat Lloyd was amazed to feel the boy slam more jizz down his own. The architect and the doctor were both choking, swallowing the juice of the Marine's boy while the soldier and the Italian rhythmically fucked their asses.

"Like I said, Steve," Hassan said jubilantly, "it's known as teamwork. You think my team wins?"

"Fuck you man," Steve grinned, "you know you've won. You're the best ... we give up."

"That's what my team likes to hear, buddy. And we hear it a lot. OK, guys, let's finish them off." The final tableau was amazing - two muscular bodies bucking and writhing as cum poured into their asses and they pumped their own cocks into an explosion of jism over their chests, while semen splashed on their faces from the exultant boy grinning down at them.

Hassan pulled out of Steve's ass and stood up butt naked, cum dripping from his swinging cock. Mario and Eddie stood on either side of him and Hassan threw his arms over their shoulders. "Take a good look, Steve old buddy, 'cos what you see before you is a team, and we're gonna stay that way. We knew it all along, even without your 'plan'. Any doubts left, doc?"

Steve gazed up at their shining eyes, grinned and shook his head. "Not a doubt in my mind, Captain."


With Steve's experiment out of the way and Hassan firmly established as the ultimate man's man, the rest of the weekend was a huge success. The only questions left were who would sleep with whom, but they worked out all those permutations between them and the days passed in total sunbaked harmony.

The same could be said of the other two groups, once they had settled the friendly rivalries natural between any hot-blooded males. Bob was especially happy as he lay under a tree at home looking up through the leaves at the cerulean sky and let his mind wander.

He knew exactly what had gone on in the other groups. Guys always confided in Bob and he had received calls from the other men with long and detailed descriptions of their adventures. Still, he thought, a lot of loose ends. And that made him ponder on the possible outcomes.

There was Brandon's kindness to Zack and Zack's promise to hang out with the boy, just the two of them, and get to know him.

Bob recalled his own clumsy reference to the twins, leather collars and ropes, which had embarrassed them in front of the others but made their eyes gleam just the same.

And then, of course, there was Randy, boasting about the sexual games he had orchestrated in the woods with Mark, Pete and their boys, especially the painful sexual torments they had subjected Zack to as the designated black muscle slave. Bob was intrigued and had made Randy promise to demonstrate the acts to him when he got home. He laughed to himself. Or maybe I'll demonstrate them to Randy - now there's a thought.

Yeah, lots of loose ends, he mused, letting the images drift into fantasies, then blur into dreams as he closed his eyes and fell asleep under the tree.


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 260


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