Up on the Central California coast in a remote cliff-top house, the stunning foursome, Randy and Bob, Mark and Hassan, played, reminisced, laughed and got drunk.  And it goes without saying that the four beautiful alpha males made love - a whole lot.

By contrast, meanwhile, back in town the newcomer to the tribe, Grady, had been working long hours at the film studio in his role as the New Tarzan.  But at last he came home to announce to Steve and Lloyd that he had an upcoming four-day weekend off. And he wanted to do something special.

"Guys," he said, "if it's OK with you I want to give a party, a dinner party ..." he looked at them apprehensively ... "for the whole tribe - everyone. See, I really want to show my gratitude to you all. Ever since I showed up here, you two especially and all the men and boys have treated me like a king - and I don't mean the King of the Jungle." He grinned. "Well, that too from time to time."

He hastened to reassure them. "I promise it wouldn't mess up your house or interrupt your lives too much. I'd hire caterers and they would leave the house in mint condition. Anything you object to, I'd make sure ..."

"Hey, hey, don't sweat it, Grady," Steve smiled. "That's a terrific idea and the house will survive just fine. We've had big parties before - well, maybe not quite that big - and as for our lives, an interruption is probably just what we need right now."

"Phew, that's a relief," said Grady. "Thanks guys. Thing is, the money's starting to come in from the studio, more money than I've ever had, so I want the best. If you know any real good caterers, probably from somewhere like Beverly Hills, I'd be grateful..."

"Sure," Lloyd jumped in, "we know the best caterers there are - gourmet food, great service and a gorgeous pair of guys into the bargain. You know them too, as a matter of fact."

"I do?" Grady frowned. Then the penny dropped and his eyes opened wide. "You mean the twins! Of course, I should have thought of them. But are they up to catering a group this big?"

Steve burst out laughing. "Hell, Grady, they cater to a crowd almost this big every day of their lives, often twice a day. Here, why don't I invite them up here for a meeting and you can judge for yourself?"

And so, a few hours later Grady was swimming naked in the pool and as he broke the surface he saw the two identical young brothers standing on the deck, looking handsome and immaculate in white shorts and matching blue shirts hanging open over their flawless chests.

Taken by surprise Grady pulled himself out of the pool and stood there butt naked, water streaming down his muscular body. He looked round for a towel but there wasn't one, so he blushed and said lamely, "Hi guys ... thanks for coming up here."

Smiling serenely at Grady's embarrassment and total unfazed by his nakedness, Kyle and Kevin spoke confidently - and in sequence. "Hello, sir ... how can we help you?" "We're sure we can provide for all your needs - anything at all."

Grady stammered, "Er, yeah, sure, thanks for coming up here. Oh I already said that didn't I?" Amused by Grady's befuddlement Kevin picked up a towel and handed it politely to him. "Here, is this what you were looking for sir?"

"Yeah, yeah, thanks kiddo." As he wrapped it round his waist and his semi-stiff cock he flashed his gleaming smile. "Hey, nothing you haven't seen before, eh guys?

"But not as often as we would like, sir," Kyle grinned impishly.

Kevin got back to business. "Would you care to sit in the shade and discuss your plans, sir?" Grady allowed himself to be steered toward a table shaded by a blue awning projecting from the house. Both boys were carrying satchels and, when they were seated, Kyle pulled out of his three cut crystal water glasses and a tall bottle of sparkling water. It was part of the sales presentation they had originally devised with Bob's help. Beverly Hills had nothing on them.

Grady stared wide-eyed as Kyle poured the water and Kevin produced from his satchel glossy pamphlets and a brochure with various menus. "These are just suggested menus, sir, but we can of course customize the meal to your specific desires. We're well-known for providing exactly what the client asks for."

A glance flashed between them and Grady sensed they were talking about more than just food. These twins seemed to communicate in a silent language all their own.

Grady was amazed at their poise and professionalism, clearly products of being Bob's boys. Most of the boys round here seemed to take on the characteristics of their masters. Plus, these guys were, in their understated way, stunningly beautiful and, as he looked from one to the other, Grady's cock was stiff under his towel.

The twins glanced at each other and Kyle began. "Sir, if we could make a suggestion first, Perhaps a Sunday Brunch in the shade of this awning would be more festive than dinner. Then your guests can stay for the afternoon if they want to and it would become a kind of pool party."

"Terrific idea, Kyle. I should have thought of that."

"No need, sir," Kevin smiled. "We're the experts. That's why you need to hire us."

With that settled, the twins, speaking in turn in a seamless presentation, led Grady through the menu course by course, followed by wine choices and after-dinner drinks, table decorations and details Grady would never have thought of. Grady saw Bob's hand in all this. He had no doubt Bob helped to produce the brochures and coached them on salesmanship to great effect.

Grady made his selections, based mostly on their recommendations. "Looks perfect to me, guys. What'll there be ... fifteen, sixteen guys?"

"Place settings for twenty-one, sir," Kevin said precisely.

"Wow, that many. So how much is all this gonna cost me? And don't be shy - I'm getting a lot of money for this movie."

The brothers both had calculators that they worked diligently, then compared their results, which were, of course, almost identical. Kevin smiled. "Based on your selections, sir, this is the all-inclusive price."

Grady's eyes opened wide. "What? As low as that? You can't do it all for that price. You don't have to undercut yourselves just because it's me, you know."

Kyle replied, "We have, of course, applied a 20 percent discount, which we give to all family members." (Grady loved the sound of 'family members', among whom he was now, apparently, naturally included.) "We save money on the wait-staff we hire - Eddie, Ben and Brandon. We pay them, of course, and they can do with the extra money, but the 'three amigos' love serving at these events - showing themselves off. Of course, if you still feel the price is low, tips are always welcome for the boys."

"Well I gotta say," Grady smiled, "your service seems as good as anything Beverly Hills could match, but your prices sure aren't."

"That's why we get so many orders, sir - many of them repeat customers. We have quite a lucrative little business going here, and we make a tidy profit that Bob helps us invest. He hopes that one day we'll become full-time caterers. OK, let's go and inspect the kitchen here."

The boys stood up and, as if by some unspoken agreement, suddenly took off their open blue shirts and draped them over chair-backs. Kevin explained with a playful twinkle in his eye, "It's rather warm out here, sir, and you look so cool in just a towel." Kyle replaced the three glasses and water bottle in his bag, they slung their bags over their shoulders and went to the kitchen.

Grady watched them take a careful look at the kitchen's capacity, shirtless now, and somehow the black shoulder straps of their bags made their lithe, youthful bodies look even more sexy. As they moved around the kitchen the overhead spotlights highlighted the contours of their identically handsome faces and every ripple of their muscles.

Even the concentration on their faces and their obvious expertise gave them a confidence that Grady found sexy in two such beautiful boys. Kyle said, "Steve and Lloyd have built a great kitchen here, Lloyd being an architect and all. We've used it before and it'll be more than adequate to cater to a large group like this. So, that seems to be everything. Are you ready to sign the contract, sir?"

Grady shifted uneasily and hesitated. "Well ... I'm not sure..." The twins looked crestfallen and Grady was quick to reassure them. "Oh I would jump at the chance to hire you, except ... see, guys, I make it a rule never to mix business and pleasure and ... we would all three be spending a lot of time together planning this thing. And there's the problem. I have this ... kinda ... addiction to beautiful guys and you two are phenomenal, so ...well, take a look."

They all looked down at the towel which was stretched like a tent over a pole. Grady blushed, "I don't think I can work with boys who make me feel like this all the time." He looked at them shyly ... and the twins burst out laughing.

"Oh that, sir," Kevin said with a smile, "that's nothing new for us. We can easily take care of it ... all part of the service, no extra charge." Kyle asked, "The guestroom is now your room, isn't it, sir? Come there with us, please."


They each took one of his hands and led him into his own room. He blushed again, seeing the messy bed - clothes, gym gear, underwear spread all over it. He scrambled to collect them up and throw them in the laundry hamper in a chaotic attempt to tidy the room. "Haven't had time to do laundry in a while," he murmured.

"No, no, no, sir," Kevin protested. "You don't have to do that, a big star like yourself. Nate and Eddie would be pleased to come up here and clean your room, do your laundry, arrange your clothes, as they do for the other men."

Kyle chipped in, "Sir, you have to get used to letting the boys take care of you. - as we are going to take care of you now." They edged Grady aside and finished clearing the bed and smoothing the sheets. There was a distinct smell of dry cum that caused another sly exchange of smiles.

"Well," Grady shrugged, regaining some of his composure, "even Tarzan gets to jack off in bed once in a while, don't you think? All that swinging around in the trees makes him plenty horny, I can tell you."

Now they all laughed, inhibitions faded away, and the boys took charge again. Kyle grabbed Grady's towel and jerked it off him. "That's better, sir. Now please lie back on the bed and relax. Leave everything to us."

Grady sat on the edge of the bed and lay back propped on his elbows, captivated by the sight of the twins moving in unison - kicking off their flip-flops, unbuttoning their shorts and letting them drop. They were wearing white briefs underneath that they pushed down slowly, releasing their long, stiff cocks that sprang out ready for action. They smiled at each other, then at Grady, and sank to their knees between Grady's legs that splayed over the edge of the bed.

Again that glance between the twins, then Kyle went first. He braced his hands on Grady's thighs, bent his head and let Grady's flagpole cock slide smoothly into his mouth. Grady sighed deeply. The sensation in his cock was amazing but it was more than that. It was the sight of the handsome young face going down on him and an identical face next to his waiting his turn.

Grady had had enough blow jobs in the house to recognize the Eddie technique and realized that even the twins had been trained by the expert. His only problem was his urge to cum right away, but Kyle took care of that, as efficiently as he dealt with all Grady's problems. Moving with erotic finesse he urged Grady to the edge of orgasm, then opened his mouth wide, simply breathing hot air on his cock so it relaxed even while it strained to erupt. It was an exquisite sensation of joy, frustration and perpetual anticipation.

Just when Grady thought he would lose his load Kyle pulled away and smiled at his brother who replaced him and took over exactly where Kyle had left off, his mouth opened wide exhaling warm breath over it. Seeing the pleading look on the young jock's face Kevin slowly closed his mouth, clenched his throat muscles over Grady's stiff rod and gently eased back and forth.

"Aaaah. You guys are incredible," Grady moaned. He had abandoned himself to the tender mercies of the twins, feeling first one, then the other, gently caress and massage his cock, their throat muscles squeezing and releasing in a concerted rhythm that brought him to the peak of arousal. By now he was used to their language of glancing smiles and when he saw it one more time he guessed its meaning. It had to be the climax. If not he would bust his wad no matter what.

"Sir," Kevin said soothingly, "we think it's time we let you release your passion. I will help you with that first, then my brother will take over. You just have to lie back and watch."

After being propped all this time on his elbows Grady now fell on his back and laced his hands behind his head, so he had a good view of the handsome identical brothers at last bringing him to the climax he had been straining for all this time. Kyle watched as his twin lowered his mouth all the way down Grady's cock, squeezed his throat muscles hard and "Aaah ... aaah ... yeah..." Grady shuddered and jism poured from his cock into the young man's mouth.

Kevin pulled off and Kyle seamlessly took his place, inducing the second part of the muscle-jock's orgasm straight into his mouth. The amazing twin blow-job held Grady spellbound - but it wasn't over. Kyle pulled off his cock and Grady watched in disbelief as the twins turned to each other smiled, then opened their mouths and pressed them against each other. When he saw them swallow Grady knew they were still drinking his cum, passing it from mouth to mouth while making love with their eyes.

The stunning sight of two beautiful young twins making love to each other, exchanging his semen, was hypnotizing. Grady freed one hand to pump his still-hard cock and shot the last of his semen up onto their faces. After one last swallow their mouths separated and they laughed at each other, seeing Grady's juice running down their faces. They began licking the cum from each other's face, like two handsome young colts cleaning each other with their long tongues.

"Oh shit," Grady moaned, "that is fucking amazing, guys - something I'll beat off thinking about."

Clean now, the twins faced him and Kevin smiled mischievously, "So, are we hired, sir?"

"You bet your life you are," Grady laughed.

"Good," said Kyle, "because we have another freebie that we offer only to our favorite clients."


Grady was lying on the edge of the bed and Kevin went to the other side behind his head. He grabbed his wrists and Grady felt himself being pulled back so he was lying on his back across the width of the large bed. He saw Kyle pull something from the same bag he had put the water glasses. Holding it up Kyle grinned, "Lube, sir. We come prepared for every eventuality as you see."

Adrenaline raced through the naked jock as he realized what came next. Reflexively he pulled his heels toward his butt and raised it inches off the bed. "Thank you, sir," said Kyle, kneeling on the bed between his legs while Kevin knelt beside his face.

Kevin said, "This is such a joy for us, sir, having the pleasure to serve such a beautiful man as yourself. You probably have never been made love to by twins but we think you will enjoy it." He leaned down and pressed his lips against Grady's in an open-mouthed tongue-probing kiss. At the same time Grady felt Kyle's fingers gently lubing his ass. He inhaled sharply, sucking in Kevin's breath, as Kyle's rod slid gently but firmly all the way into his ass.

Grady grabbed the back of Kevin's head and pulled his face harder against his, moaning into his mouth as he felt his brother begin a slow, rhythmic penetration of his ass. As always they worked in sync, Kevin probing Grady's mouth with his tongue while Kyle probed his ass deeper and deeper with his dick. Grady had been face-fucked and butt-fucked together before but never like this, never with such harmony that it felt like one single, erotic act spreading warmth throughout his body.

Soon Kevin pulled off Grady's face, giving him a clear view of Kyle's handsome face and muscular young physique rising and falling over him. Kevin rested his head on the bed beside Grady's and whispered seductively in his ear. "Look at my brother, sir, making love to your ass. He is in heaven, as am I being close to you. You see the smile on his face, his muscles flexing as he lowers himself on you?"

"Man, it feels so good," Grady groaned. "You're such beautiful boys ... I love this ... yeah..."

"We have talked often of this," Kevin continued, "of being with you, of how we could use our special skills to please you." Kevin glanced up at his brother with one of their silent signals and Kyle pulled his cock out of his ass. "It is my turn now, sir," Kevin said. "Would you be kind enough to kneel over me?"

Grady eased himself off his back and onto his knees, then felt Kyle's hands from behind raising him up and positioning him over his twin so his ass was poised right over Kevin's hard rod. Kyle's hands tightened round his hips and guided them down until Grady felt the tip of Kevin's cock that, just like his brother's, slid easily inside his already lubed ass.

Reflexively Grady rode the long rod slowly, gazing down at the handsome face that now rolled from side to side in pure joy. Grady glanced up and realized he was facing a bedside wall-mirror. "Jesus, that looks hot," he said. "I love the feel of your dick in my ass, boy ... fucking awesome."

Suddenly he saw Kyle's face appear over his shoulder in the mirror. Before he even had time to grasp the meaning of this he felt the tip of Kyle's cock pressing against his ass. "No," he gasped. "I don't think I can do this, guys."

"Ssshh," Kyle breathed in his ear and eased him forward. "As we said before, relax, sir, and leave everything to us." The sound of one boy's low voice in his ear and the sight of his brother's ecstatic smile, made Grady surrender himself entirely to the exquisite twins. He took a deep breath as the second cock entered him and he felt them both rubbing against each other inside him.

Seeing the expressions on the twins' faces - one beneath him, one in the mirror - Grady realized they were not only making love to him but to each other as well. There was always an element of fraternal attraction between the twins, no matter who they were with, and seeing it in action blew Grady's mind. They gazed at each other as if they were in their own private world, then they smiled at Grady, inviting him in to share that world with them.

Grady had never felt this unique kind of union before. He was seized by the fantasy of the two beautiful brothers making love to each other's cocks inside his ass, filling it, probing deep, both of them loving him at the same time. It was a sensation like no other and he was mesmerized.

He looked into the mirror and saw himself as never before, his sculpted muscles rippling, his face writhing in ecstasy, sharing the passion and desire of the handsome young twins. He saw Kyle's hand reach round from behind and twist his nipples hard, and he heard his hypnotic voice in his ear.

"This is our gift to you, sir. It is an honor for us both to be inside your magnificent body. Our final gift will be our juices flowing deep inside you, but we will wait for you, sir. You see my brother has opened his mouth wide. He wants to drink your sperm again, sir. But only when you are ready."

Ready?! He was ready right now. The muscle-jock's body was on fire as he felt the incredible sensation of two cocks sliding together in his ass and he saw two identical faces smiling at him. He had already cum in their mouths but his balls were straining again and he felt semen surging through his cock. Kyle grabbed it from behind and stroked it, pointing it straight at Kevin's face.

That did it. "Now!" Grady shouted and instantly felt both cocks swell and burst inside him and flood his ass with twin streams of warm juice. He howled as his own cock erupted, blasting ribbons of semen straight into Kevin's mouth and over his face.

Grady felt the full potency of youth as the twins continued to pump juice inside him until it filled his ass and oozed out down his legs. He watched in awe as Kevin gulped down his cum, his eyes dancing as he smiled up at his brother.

When their cocks had drained Grady felt hands on his back, pushing him forward and he gasped as both cocks slid out of him. Kyle leaned against him they both fell forward on Kevin. Together this time Kyle and Grady licked the cum from Kevin's face and their mouths all joined, passing the musky juice between them in a passionate three-way kiss.

When at last they lay exhausted on their backs, Grady, in the middle, looked at the twins in turn and laughed, "Oh yeah. You're hired, boys. You are so fucking hired."


A bit later the twins emerged from the bedroom side by side, looking poised and unruffled with their bags slung over their shoulders. Steve and Lloyd were in the kitchen preparing dinner (having heard the jubilant shouts from the guest room) and Steve said casually, "Hi, guys. Negotiations go OK? "

"Very well, sir," said Kevin. "Grady hired us to cater his party," Kyle added.

"You don't say," Lloyd grinned. "Must have been a helluva sales pitch."

"Thank you, sir. Bob trained us well. We have to go and start on preparations now. And don't worry, sirs. When it's all over we'll leave your kitchen exactly as it is now. You won't even know we've been here."

"Hmm," Steve grinned, "we can't ever ignore your presence, boys ... you always leave an indelible memory. Same as you've done with Grady no doubt."

The twins hugged them, then left talking softly to each other. Steve grinned at Lloyd. "We should check and make sure Grady's OK." They knocked on the bedroom door and went in. They stifled laughter as they saw Grady, lying naked flat on his back, arms and legs splayed out, looking dazed, with stars in his eyes. The room was heavy with the smell of sex and semen.

"We hear negotiations went well and you hired the boys, eh Grady?"

"Hell, you should have warned me about those twins," Grady groaned, with an inane smile on his face. "Un-fucking-believable. Does Bob get this treatment all the time?"

"As we understand it," Steve said in a confidential tone, "when Bob needs an antidote to Randy's fierce-gypsy act he goes to the twins for some tender loving care. They worship him, of course, and seem to have infinite ways of showing it. You joining us for dinner?"

"Sure, thanks. Just give me time to shower and come down to earth." He pulled himself off the bed and headed unsteadily for the bathroom shaking his head ... "Un-fucking-believable."


Of course, word soon sped round the house about the twins' triumphant sales presentation to Grady. Darius, in accordance with the tradition he had instigated long ago, gathered all the boys together to listen wide-eyed to the twins measured account of the details. When it was over Ben and Brandon nudged Eddie who said, "Guys, are you gonna ... like ... are you gonna be hiring help for the party?"

"Well," Kyle said teasingly, "we are going to need help, maybe three guys would be enough, but they have to be able to work as a team ... you know, be well coordinated. Maybe we should advertise. We thought of you 'three amigos' but figured you'd rather be guests than servers."

There was an uneasy silence, broken by Brandon. "Come on, fellas, you know we'd love to help you. I speak for all three of us when I say we'd like to be considered for the job."

The twins broke into wide smiles. "Just kidding, guys, you know the job's yours, usual pay rate, plus tips if Grady likes the service. We're thinking of getting you new uniforms for the event. Any preference for color?"

The boys gave their choice in quick sequence ... black ... red ... brown."

"So much for coordination," Pablo grinned. "You twins are gonna have your hands full." He spoke for the senior boys. "Let us guys know if you need anything."

"Thanks, Pablo. We might need help with hauling the heavy stuff like tables, chairs and the outdoor bar we're gonna rent."

And that set the tone for the week that followed, incessant talk and preparations for the "big shindig" as Darius called it. It was scheduled for Sunday, a week away, and as the activity heated up Bob made sure that all the boys helped with regular meals at the house, freeing up the twins, whom everyone deferred to as the guys in charge, with Nate as their second-in-command. As senior houseboy he was responsible for overseeing supplies other than food.

With his extensive hotel experience Mario was a natural to take charge of the bar, which he willingly volunteered to do, adding another touch of class as the classically handsome Italian bartender.

The masters stayed out of the way and left it all to the boys. This was standard practice as they strongly believed in encouraging the boys to take the initiative in events like this and prove their worth. With so much at stake this time the boys took it all very seriously.

Eddie, Ben and Brandon, the waiters, were impatient for their uniforms to arrive and when at last they did they tore open the boxes. "Blue," said Eddie uncertainly. "Navy blue," Ben echoed. "Actually, the color is indigo," Brandon corrected them. Eddie looked sharply at him. "How come you always know so much, dude?"

Brandon shrugged, "You forget, I used to read a whole lot of books when I lived alone and had no friends. There was nothing else to do except watch porn. 'Course," he grinned, "that was before I met you, Eddie." Eddie gazed at his friend and realized over again why he had liked Brandon so much when he first met him struggling to wheel himself and his groceries up the hill.

He bent down and kissed him. "I love you dude."

"Whatever," Ben chimed in, "I think the uniforms look very classy. Let's put them on." They scrambled to try them on, tight dark-blue polo shirts that hugged their torsos perfectly and matching shorts, tight enough to accentuate their bubble butts and their dicks if they were hard enough, which they certainly would be most of the time serving this spectacular group of men.

Brandon dashed out to the garden in his wheelchair, flanked by the other two, eager to show themselves off. The other boys ooh-ed and aah-ed, suitably impressed, and Nate said they looked elegant and sexy at the same time, just what the twins had been aiming for.

Grady came in for one of his many meetings with the twins and was treated to a fashion show. He smiled at their youthful enthusiasm and said, "Excellent - smart and sassy. So who do I get to fuck with first?" There was an inevitable chorus of "Me, sir ... me, sir", everyone lusting as always for the handsome blond muscle-jock in old shorts and a sleeveless shirt hanging open over his sculpted chest.

As Grady went into a huddle with the twins, checking details, Jamie dampened the boys' raucous clamor with a suggestion. "Hey, dudes, don't you want to keep those uniforms a secret from the other men so you can make a dramatic entrance like you usually do?"

"Uh-oh," Eddie said, "Forgot about that. Thanks, Jamie. Come on dudes." They quickly changed and stashed the clothes away for the big day.

Which, after much frantic planning, finally arrived.

The twins wanted to minimize any disruption to Steve and Lloyd so the plan was to use the group's house as a staging area for all the supplies and trek it up to Steve's early on the Sunday morning. Nate was in charge of the inventory. The twins had previously prepared whatever dishes could be made in advance, and had already taken them and the other ingredients up to Steve's where they were even now setting up the kitchen.

Now the rest of the caravan set off. Pablo, Darius and Jamie led, hauling furniture in Pablo's big truck that Randy had given him, and the other boys followed in their trucks with dishes, cutlery and the rest of the paraphernalia.

Up at the Mulholland house Steve and Lloyd stayed out of the way while chaos reigned, brought under control by Nate. The senior boys set up the long table and chairs under the blue awning and the portable bar off to the side, leaving Mario to equip it in the professional manner.

The younger boys made innumerable trips from the kitchen to dress the table. Despite, or because of, their boisterous enthusiasm, things went surprisingly quickly and smoothly and when Grady came out to inspect the table he was hugely impressed by the elegant place settings, the sparkling cut-crystal wine glasses, table decorations and all.

"Guys, this looks fucking spectacular - real classy. I've been to fancy shmancy events at the studio that don't look this good. Well done, boys. You've all worked real hard and, when it's all over, I'll show you my gratitude."

"You can show us whatever you like, sir," Eddie blurted out, then pressed his lips tight together knowing he had gone too far again.

Later Grady took the twins aside and said, "What you've done is totally awesome, guys. I can see why you're so much in demand ... that and the extra free service you threw in when we met up here. That I'll never forget."

"That service is always available to you sir," Kevin whispered. "You have only to ask." Then, turning to the group, the twins gave their final instructions. "Mario the bar looks great, so be prepared for the onslaught when the men arrive," Kyle said. "Nate, if you would assist Grady with greeting the guests. And the three amigos ... in the kitchen with Kevin and me. Just then the gate buzzer sounded and Kevin said, "Here they come, guys. Curtain up."


Twenty minutes later all the guests had arrived and were standing round the bar where Mario, dressed in his usual sheer lounge pants and open linen shirt, expertly served drinks with the flair and speed of a professional. Grady had suggested the dress code be "Sunday casual - in other words, anything you like." The men had dressed up a bit for the occasion - except for Randy, and even he had been forced by Bob into a clean white T-shirt, at least.

As they arrived the men were all hugely impressed by the table, the bar and the smooth flow of everything. There were congratulations all round for Grady, and Lloyd said, "See, buddy, what did I tell you? You hired the best."

"You can say that again, dude - best at everything," Grady grinned salaciously, rubbing his ass.

The men were in high spirits and the conversation quickly turned raunchy. Bob slipped quietly into the kitchen for a quick word with the twins. He hugged them and said, "Guys, I am so proud of you. You've pulled out all the stops for Grady and it looks terrific. Well done. Er, tonight, when it's all over, would you like to spend the night with Randy and me?"

The brothers loved hearing this, one of their favorite things - the privilege of spending the night in the master suite, extended to only a few. "Thank you, sir," they beamed. Then they turned serious. "But right now, sir, if you wouldn't mind, we have to feed 21 hungry guys." Bob grinned, "That's obviously my cue to disappear. Good luck, kids ... I look forward to tonight."

A short time later Grady got his cue from Nate and announced, "Gentlemen, brunch is served. Take your places at the table, anywhere's fine."   In the spirit of keeping things casual he had insisted to the twins that everyone sit where they want, and he particularly didn't want the distinction between senior and junior boys. "All my guests are equal today," he said.

The men took their drinks to the table, each one sitting next to his boy, with empty chairs left for the boys still working. Grady was still standing and said with a flourish, "Guys, meet your waiters for today." There was a dramatic pause and then the navy-clad trio appeared with a loud "Ta-da!" - urchin Eddie, gypsy-boy Ben, and handsome young Brandon in the wheelchair no one noticed anymore. Their entrance was met with a clamor of cheers and wolf whistles as the boys spun round theatrically and Brandon did wheelies.

Randy's powerful voice sounded above the din. "Yeah, fucking hot, kids, good enough to eat, which we'll probably do later. Right now I'm fucking starved. You got any food in that kitchen?"

"Is the Pope Catholic?" Eddie responded cheekily, then beat a hasty retreat back to the kitchen.

Then began what Darius dubbed the food shuttle as the boy's hustled back and forth with trays of food. Brandon carried the most on his wheelchair tray table, sometimes with dishes piled so high all you could see of him was his eyes blinking behind his glasses over the top of the pile.

Bob smiled at Pete who was gazing proudly at his boy.

When everyone was served Grady went to the kitchen and came back dragging the twins with him. They were in their usual white shorts and T-shirts and, for this occasion, wore tall chef hats, looking sexy with their light brown hair curling out from underneath them. "Gentlemen," Grady said, "this party could not have happened without these gorgeous brothers here. They planned the whole thing and cooked the food. They're the best at everything they do..."

"Especially double fucking," yelled Pablo, with all the bawdiness of Randy who bumped fists with him and hugged him affectionately, ignoring Bob's raised-eyed look of faint disapproval.

"Yeah, that too," Grady laughed, "as I have proof. So let's hear it for the twins." He raised their arms in the air and was greeted with cheers and applause in a standing ovation. The twins took their place at table and the waiters seated themselves beside their masters. Jason hugged Ben, Pete ruffled Brandon's hair and Hassan grinned at Eddie. "Great show, kiddo, I'm proud of you. You gotta watch that mouth, though."


The party was finally under way. They ate, drank, laughed and cussed, the louder and coarser the more they drank. The loudest laughter came from Adam, sitting next to Grady, the muscle-stud Aussie whose raucous sense of humor was tweaked by Grady recounting his trips to Australia. He had been there often for outdoor model shoots and regaled Adam and his boy Nate with his adventures down under.

Adam and Grady quickly found a natural affinity, two handsome jocks with bodies perfectly honed in the gym. Grady had not spent any time alone with the Aussie before this, but now felt drawn to this alpha male, evidently a top man, with his strong, finely etched features, short black hair and clear, confident brown eyes. He was wearing a black sleeveless muscle T-shirt that showed off his golden tan to perfection.

And that body! - the rock hard shoulders and biceps, and the solid pecs and abs clearly outlined under the black shirt. When Adam laughed, which was often, he threw his head back, his mouth wide open showing dazzling white teeth, and his prominent Adam's apple (appropriately named) pulsed sexily in his throat. Grady glanced down at his blue jeans and inhaled sharply as he saw the shape of his long shaft stretching down his leg.

The man had a boner just talking to him, and Grady matched him, inch for inch, already feeling pre-cum oozing from his rigid cock. He was dying to get fucked by that long Aussie dick, to see his naked muscles flexing over him. Shit, he thought to himself, here I go again. I'm gonna spoil everything and make a fool of myself. Adam's shoulder brushed against him and he lost the thread of the conversation.

Lost and bewildered he turned to Steve sitting on his other side. Grady had first come into contact with the tribe when he sought help from therapist Steve for his obsession with good looking men. Now he said quietly, "Steve, help me out here. It's happening again. Adam is so fucking gorgeous that sitting next to him is driving me crazy. I think I'll cream my shorts. Can you think of anything? You've always come up with a solution before, crazy as some of your remedies are."

"Sure I can think of an obvious solution. No need to cream your shorts under the table, buddy. Look around you. Seems to me the guys are getting pretty drunk and raucous. Just the time for a little fun, a distraction. You've laid on a great party here, Grady, and you could cap it by providing the entertainment. You'll be the toast of the town. Crazy, you call my remedies? Well try this one on for size. You'll hate me at first but trust me, my methods always work.

Grady suddenly panicked and wanted to call it off but he was too late ... Steve was already on his feet and banging a spoon on his glass for silence. "Gentlemen, I know the rule is no speeches but I have to say something in my professional capacity as the tribe's shrink." Taken by surprise everyone fell silent. They all knew that Steve's therapy could get pretty wild, and this time it was in public ... and the booze was flowing.

"I too want to thank Grady for this great afternoon but I'm sorry to say he is not having fun right now. I betray no professional secrets because you all know that Grady, a spectacular man himself, the New Tarzan, can become obsessed by beautiful men." Grady cringed as he listened, but strangely his excitement mounted.

"It's happening right now, and the object of his affection this time is right beside him. A ripple of surprise ran round the table but Steve said, "No, assholes, not me ... the other side." All eyes focused on Adam who grinned broadly, his Aussie sense of fun kicking in. Steve continued, "And judging by the bulge I see in Adam's jeans I'm sure that Grady's lust is reciprocated. So, men, I put it to the group. What's to be done?"


They all knew the answer but it took Randy to voice it. "Hell, brother Steve, I don't see the problem. They fuck."

Following Randy's lead the voices were muffled at first ... "fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... fuck..." but soon, in a groundswell of noise, the chant became louder and louder. "Fuck ... fuck ... fuck ... Aussie fuck ... Aussie fuck ...." Grady blushed deeply and bowed his head in embarrassment, but he realized this was another phase of his initiation - pubic sex in front of the whole tribe. Sex with Adam! So what if everyone watched."

The noise became so loud that Adam rose to his feet and held out his hands for silence. "OK, cool it mates," he said in his strong, sexy Australian accent. "I hear ya loud and clear and it's obvious what you wanna see. No worries there, mates, you'll get it. Right after the warmup act. There's a young bloke here I think has a request." He pulled Nate up beside him.

"Come on, kiddo, what have I told you? You want something - you speak up and ask for it."

Nate loved Adam in this macho mood and he shared his bold, Aussie sense of fun. "Too right I want something, sir. I've wanted it for a long time." He grinned around the group and said out loud, "I wanna get butt fucked by Tarzan." There were whoops of delight round the table, especially from the boys, most of whom by this time had fucked with Grady in one form or another. They had been wondering what took the Aussies so long.

"And that's what you'll get, mate," Adam laughed. "Boys, lend a hand here. The three amigos, still, in their uniforms, sprang to attention and prepared the ground - literally. They pulled cushions from the chaises and lay them on the deck to form a large mattress.

"Now for you, dude," Ben said. He and Eddie stood on either side of Nate, and Brandon rolled in front of him. While the other two ceremonially pulled off Nate's T-shirt, Brandon bent forward and pulled off his sneakers. The boys unbuttoned his shorts and Brandon pulled them down, then his undershorts. Eddie and Ben grabbed Nate's arms and lowered him on his back on the cushions like a ritual sacrifice.

Grady stood, Adam came close, kissed him hungrily on the mouth and said, "You're gonna love this mate." Grady felt his cock shudder and pulled away to avoid an instant orgasm. Adam's brown eyes smiled at him as he pulled off Grady's shirt, then his shorts. Naked, Grady towered over Nate who stroked his own cock and sighed, "Aaah ... you're so beautiful, sir. But you ... you don't have too fuck me if you don't want to, sir."

"Who says I don't want to? Don't sell yourself short, boy. You are one sexy young man - that face and that body - you Aussies must work out hard together. And when Adam honors me by loaning out his boy's sexy ass, who am I to refuse?"

Adam was standing behind his boy's head facing Grady and locked eyes with him. Slowly Adam pulled his black muscle shirt up over his eight-pack abs, his chest and shoulders and threw it on the ground. Grady gasped and his cock shuddered as he gazed at the Australian muscle-jock, stripped to the waist, blue jeans hugging his slim hips. His physique was even more ripped than Grady had imagined and his desire for him surged.

Adam knelt behind Nate who raised his legs. He grabbed Nate's ankles and pulled his legs all the way back, offering Grady his boy's ass. There were muted gasps from the men and boys followed by an expectant silence. Adam said softly, "You see that sweet ass, mate? That's the boy I love and he wants to feel you inside him."

Grady looked down at the young Aussie's handsome face, his eyes smiling and pleading at the same time. Brandon wheeled up beside him with a jar of lube on his tray table. Grady winked his thanks at Brandon, dipped his fingers in the lube and spread it over Nate's ass, pushing his fingers in and massaging the soft warm membrane inside. Nate looked up mesmerized at the blond muscle-jock leaning over him. Like the other boys he had jacked off to pictures of Grady in a magazine, and now here he was in the flesh, about to fuck him.

Grady looked up at Adam who said, "Go for it, mate. You know you want my boy." Grady pressed the head of his cock against the boy's hole, then smiled down at him and eased his steel shaft all the way in carefully until he felt it come to rest deep inside.

"Aaaahh!" Nate sighed deeply. "That feels epic, sir. Your cock is inside me ..." He yelled jubilantly, "Tarzan's fucking me," causing laughter and cheers from the spectators. Nate lapsed into his own euphoric fantasy as Grady gazed up at Adam. "His ass is beautiful, dude. You're a lucky man." He looked back at Nate, his head writhing as he mouthed the words, "Fuck me ... fuck me ..."

Grady pulled back and pushed his cock in again, deeper this time, at the start of a long, loving fuck. The boy looked stunning with a euphoric smile on his face as his beautiful young body writhed in ecstasy. Grady knew now why Adam loved him so much. He was perfect to fuck, a macho young buck, tough, self-assured, now surrendering his ass to his fantasy man.

In a trance Nate ran his hands over the movie-star's perfect body, worshipping it as it flexed over him. Grady accelerated the rhythm and power of his cock that pistoned inside the boy, who lost all his inhibitions and yelled, "Yeah, fuck me, sir. Harder, fuck me hard sir like Adam does. I can take it. I can take anything from you sir."

The eager young Aussie voice spurred Grady on to use greater force and soon his cock was a jackhammer, pounding the hot ass, making Nate's face thrash from side to side in a euphoria of sexual heat that suffused his whole body. The sight of him drove Grady wild and he panted, "I'm real close, kid ... you want me to bust my load in your ass?"

Nate was pounding his cock furiously in his fist, gazing up at the gorgeous face. "Yes, sir ... please, sir. It feels so good I'm gonna cum ... I gotta cum ... yeaahh ..." His cock exploded upward, spraying cum over Grady's face as he howled and poured hot juice inside the shuddering young buck. They shot load after load until Grady fell forward, rubbed his cum-stained face over Nate's and they licked each other and kissed eyes, cheeks and lips.

With the sound of raucous cheers ringing in his ears Grady suddenly felt something hard against his forehead. He looked up and saw Adam's face staring down at him, his long, thick shaft rearing out of his jeans and pointing straight at him. Impulsively Grady opened his mouth and swallowed it, sucking it down to the back of his throat.

All the lust he had felt for Adam now found fierce expression as his face pounded down on the object of his desire. He was close to cumming again and heard Adam's rasping breath above him when suddenly the cock pulled out of his mouth leaving him gasping. He heard Adam's deep voice ... "Not yet, mate. You know what I gotta do now. We both know, don't we?


Minutes later Nate was on his feet surrounded by enthusiastic boys congratulating him with variations on "Awesome, dude" and "Epic fuck, man...."

Grady was lying on his back on the mattress of pillows, staring up at Adam who stood legs astride, shirtless in blue jeans, his brawny arms folded across his chest. He had zipped up his jeans that now bulged with his rigid cock. "So what do you want, mate?" Adam taunted him.

"You know dam well what I want," Grady said. "I want your dick again."

"No worries there, mate," the Aussie grinned. He unzipped his jeans and let them drop. He was wearing black briefs underneath and reminded Grady of himself posing in the underwear ads. But Grady's focus was on the long shape of his dick stretching upward to the waistline.

Staring into Grady's green eyes Adam pulled his briefs down and Grady gasped as the long thick rod sprang out, rooted in a thicket of black pubic hair. His bulging balls swung beneath it and sharp tan lines accentuated his bronzed body.

Adam dropped to his knees, dipped his fingers in the lube jar on the ground and slowly greased up his long pole. Grady gazed up in awe at the stunning Aussie top man, his chiseled features set in a confident smile, the muscles of his perfect physique rippling as he stroked his cock.

The crowd was on its feet now, gathered round silently at a respectful distance in breathless anticipation of the main event. They heard the deep Australian drawl.

"You kept me waiting a long time for this, mate, while you fucked with the other men and their boys. My boy lusted for you too and you just now gave him something he'll remember a long time. Now, after all this time, it's my turn - you saved the best for last. We're two of a kind mate, two macho alpha jocks hungry for each other. So show me your ass, big guy."

Obediently Grady grabbed behind his knees and pulled his legs back, offering his ass to the rugged Australian. On his knees Adam reached forward over Grady and pinned his wrists to the ground above his head, their faces close. Their eyes locked and Grady said "You're a fucking hot man, Adam, but you know that."

Adam grinned, "Yeah, but it's great to hear it from a hot muscle-god like you. Not that there are any like you. So this is a privilege, man..."

He pushed his cock between Grady's ass cheeks, into the light fuzz of blond hair round his hole and, at long last, into his ass ... slowly, pausing, teasing, as Grady gazed at him with tears in his eyes and moaned, "Fuck me, man ... take my ass ... it's yours."

Adam smiled. "So this is how it feels to fuck Tarzan, eh? You know I could really hammer you. I could ream that perfect ass of yours. But you're a man I need to make love to. Like this..."

He pushed his cock deeper, over the inner sphincter, sending flashes of heat from his ass throughout his writhing body. As his cock pulled back slowly Adam bent down and pressed his lips against Grady's in a searching kiss that built quickly in intensity and passion. And that's how Adam fucked, sliding his cock in the blond jock's ass while their mouths churned together. The crowd stared in silent awe and stroked their dicks.

Grady reached up, pressed his palms on Adam's rock hard pecs, dug his fingers in the muscles, then squeezed his nipples. As the lust of the two jocks mounted Adam rolled Grady on his side and fucked him from behind. They rolled over and over, off the mattress and onto the grass, the dark-haired top man fucking the blond jock in endless contortions of tangled limbs.

The crowd pulled back as they watched mesmerized by this homoerotic display of man-on-man passion. Grady was on his back, on his side, his stomach, his knees as Adam found new angles to make love to his ass. They moaned, kissed, licked, bit, pressed together in a writhing mass of rippling muscle. It went on and on, with whispered urging from both men, "Don't cum, man. This has to last."

And so it did, endlessly - a wild, passionate display of two beautiful alpha males making love, joined together spiritually and bodily, the cock of one buried deep in the ass of the other. The crowd's silence gave way first to muffled expressions of awe that grew louder and louder until the whole tribe was cheering and urging them on. The boys were jumping up and down with excitement and Brandon made his chair rear back in a noisy two wheeled salute.

The men fucked and loved to near exhaustion until they rolled over against one of the floor-length windows, where Adam pulled Grady on his hands and knees and fucked him from behind doggy style. Then he pushed his arms under Grady's armpits, wound them up his chest, over his shoulders and linked his hands tightly behind his neck. He pulled him up onto his knees and Grady found himself staring at his own reflection in the window, held captive in a full nelson hold by the macho Aussie behind him fucking his ass.

It was not only the climax of a sensational fuck marathon, it was a chance for full-on body worship as both men gazed spellbound at the mirror image of the hot young jock, his chiseled physique flexing and writhing, his handsome face thrashing from side to side as his buddy's cock pounded his ass.

Adam whispered in his ear, "This is how I jacked off thinking about you, mate, as my captive flexing in front of a mirror, at the mercy of the big Aussie, that perfect body impaled on my dick."

As Grady gazed in a trance at the handsome, square-jawed face over his shoulder, tears sprang from his eyes and pre-cum oozed from his pulsing cock. The cheers of the crowd had now become a deafening chant - "Cum ... cum ... cum ... cum..."

Adam grinned, "Better do as they say, mate, or they'll lynch us. Here, I'll make it easy for you." He pulled his cock back, paused, then drove it in deep, over the inner sphincter again into the inner furnace of his ass and yelled, "Here it comes ... I'm gonna cum ... I love you, man ... aaagh!..." As Grady felt Adam's cock erupt deep inside him he screamed ... and blasted streams of semen that slammed on the mirror and poured down the glass.

Matching their marathon fuck, their orgasms seemed endless too until Adam breathed into Grady's ear, "This is not the last time, mate," and finally pulled his cock slowly out of his ass.

They collapsed on their backs on the mattress, laughing in euphoric triumph as the tribe gathered round them. The two jocks looked up and howled as the juice of nineteen cocks poured down on them, on their bodies, faces and into their mouths, drowning them in cum as a tribute to one of the most beautiful expressions of lovemaking between two alpha males they had ever seen.

When the downpour of semen finally abated, Grady jumped to his feet and pulled Adam up beside him. They ran to the pool and dived in, and when they broke surface their mouths were once again locked together.


Soon after, amid congratulations and expressions of admiration, Adam and Grady were seated at the table with the rest of the tribe, and Adam had his arm round Nate snuggled next to him. The meal had been sensational, the entertainment spectacular, and the tribe's spirits were higher than ever as the young waiters circulated with more drinks.

Mario brought a drink from the bar for Grady and sat next to him. Grady smiled his thanks and Mario smiled back enigmatically. "Actually, amigo, Adam was wrong on one point. He was not the last in the tribe to make love to you. That distinction is mine and has yet to happen."

"Your right, Mario," Grady said wide eyed. "Hell, we gotta put that right. I learned some Italian when I did fashion shoots in Milan, but I'd sure like some brush-up lessons. Trouble is I don't have an Italian teacher."

"You do now, amigo. I can teach you the Italian language, the culture - and a lot more besides."

"I bet you can," Grady grinned. "OK, it's a date ... mi amigo."

At the other end of the table Bob, Randy and Mark were huddled together, making plans to follow up on a promise they made previously to go away for a weekend together. "Did you mean what you said then, Randy?" Mark asked. "When I mentioned Jamie you said, 'Bring him too'. You said the quickest way for a boy to become a man is to spend a lot of time with men - especially men like us. Did you mean that?"

"Sure I meant it. And while we're at it, you think it would be OK to include my boy Pablo too? I need to include him in stuff more. The five of us would be great together."

There was agreement all round and Bob said with satisfaction. "Good, that's settled. Hmm, three men and two of the senior boys. Has all kinds of possibilities."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 283


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