The newest young addition to the tribe, Danny, was having an event-filled day, one that would change his life. He had spent the night with his new best buddy Brandon and the two boys had sex for the first time, which had elevated their relationship from good friends to loving boyfriends

Then his job interview with Jamie, the hunky surfer and senior boy, had gone so well that, almost inevitably, it became sexual and Danny at last heard the words he had longed to hear. “You’re hired, Danny. You’re one of us.”

But the biggest surprise was yet to come. The gorgeous actor (and new screen Tarzan) Grady and his Italian lover Mario were thinking of buying the large house at the top of the hill, not far from the tribe’s compound. A group of the guys had gone to view the house with the prospective buyers and Danny had been surprised to be invited to join them.

Afterwards Grady had a request. “Danny, we have a favor to ask you. This evening Mario and I will be having dinner, as we often do, with Steve and Lloyd, whose house I am living in right now as you know. Usually Lloyd and Mario cook dinner, but we have a ton of things to discuss about the new house, so we were wondering if you could come up and cook dinner for us … and join us of course.”

Danny’s surprise and confusion deepened but, despite his nervousness, dinner was a great success. Mario had watched him in the kitchen with admiration. Then, over dinner, Lloyd had oddly asked him to tell them what gossip he knew about the celebrity guests at the luxury hotel he had worked in as a room-service waiter. But Danny refused to speak of things that were private.

Finally Grady had put Danny’s confused mind at rest. “Danny, I have a confession to make. There was a reason behind all this – asking you up to the new house, inviting you to cook dinner while Mario watched, then Lloyd’s crazy questions to see how discreet you were.

“See, we really think this deal with the house will go through and Mario and I will move in. But we have busy lives and it’s a big house so we’re going to need help, kind of a cook-housekeeper. Bob had the great idea of us hiring someone who would live in, someone who’d take care of the house, someone who’s a great cook, someone who’s discreet and won’t spill the beans to the paparazzi … and there’ll be plenty of beans to spill, believe me.

“So who? we thought. Well you, of course. You, Danny. We would like you to move in with us, cook for us, take care of us.”

Danny was so stunned he couldn’t grasp what he was hearing as Grady continued. “We considered the other boys, naturally, because I love them so much, but Brandon lives with Pete of course, Eddie’s Hassan’s boy and Ben is with Jason. Besides,” he grinned, “you’re the best cook of all. Don’t worry, we have other jobs in mind for them if they agree. Of course, you’ll probably need time to think this over, but …”

“No! … I mean, yes … not no. I mean yes, I’d love to accept, and no, I don’t need to think about it. Thank you for asking me, sir, it would be an honor. Do you mean I would be your boy, sir?

“Not exactly our boy, Danny. I mean, we think of you as a friend, though you would, in fact, be doing everything for us that a boy does for a master.” Grady chuckled. “As for me, I knew I liked you when I first hugged you and you creamed your shorts.”

Danny blushed and tried to get his mind round all this, to sort out his thoughts and feelings. Seeing his confusion Mario said, “Look, Danny, it’s late and we’ve all had quite a lot to drink, so I would like to propose that you spend the night here with Grady and me so we can get to know each other better … more intimately. Like Grady said, you would not be our boy but there would be times when you would do things a boy does for his master. Is that OK with you?”

“Yes, sir. Very OK. Very much OK.”


After saying goodnight to Steve and Lloyd, Danny followed Grady and Mario into the guest room, which already showed signs of Mario’s elegant touch. By now Danny was very nervous, not sure what was expected of him by the gorgeous movie actor and the classy Italian.

But as usual, Grady’s sense of fun was infectious and soon put Danny more at ease. Danny loved Grady’s easy-going self-confidence and his bold directness. And he soon got a startling example of that.

Grady threw himself on the bed, his hands linked behind his head, elbows outstretched and beamed up at Danny and Mario. “I don’t know about you guys, but great food always makes me horny. And your food, Danny, was the best. So, d’you wanna fuck me?”

Danny blinked behind his black-rimmed glasses, thinking he must have misheard. His head was swimming but Mario saved him. He put his arm over Danny’s shoulder, leaned in and said conspiratorially, “I know, amico – I was stunned when he first said that to me. Look at the big hunk lying there, the handsome muscle-stud alpha male – Tarzan in the flesh. Everyone he meets, everyone at that studio, wants to get fucked by him. But what he wants most is – how you say? – he wants to get butt-fucked.”

Grady roared with laughter. “That’s me … assolutamente! Couldn’t have said it better myself – and my English is perfect – unlike yours, amico.” Grady was having a great time as a smiling Mario continued to take Danny into his confidence.

“You see, Danny, when big, tough top guys like Randy get to hear that Grady likes to get fucked, they give him just what he wants. But Grady told me …”

“… in strict confidence of course,” Grady laughed.

“… he told me, in strict confidence of course, that he sometimes likes to get fucked by a young guy – such as yourself. By now he’s probably tired of me fucking him” (Grady sputtered with gleeful protest on that one) “so you’d be doing me a favor. Only if you want to, that is.”

Danny looked at Grady, then at Mario. “Sir, I … of course … fuck Tarzan? … that’s the fantasy of all time, but … but … I just lost my hard-on, sir.”

Mario sighed. “Oh I know, I know, it’s his fault. He can do that to a guy, he can be so brash – I find him … molto irritante.” He flashed a grin at Grady. “But I can take care of your problem in no time, if you would like.”

“Yes please, sir.” Danny was desperate not to lose this chance of a lifetime to fuck Tarzan!

“Molto bene,” Mario smiled and dropped to his knees before Danny who still faced the bed. He pulled down Danny’s shorts and sucked his dick into his mouth. Danny looked down at the handsome curly haired Italian and his cock responded instantly. Then he looked up at Grady and gasped as he quickly took off his T-shirt and shorts and lay on his back naked, propped up on his elbows, his magnificent body gleaming under the bedroom lights.

“I apologize, Danny,” he smiled. “I know I come on a bit strong and put people off … I’m weird that way. And I guess Mario and I kid around a lot, but you’ll get used to us when you’re living with us. But I really did mean it, kiddo. I really would like to feel you inside me. See?”

Grady flipped over on his stomach and Danny gasped as he saw the globes of his flawless ass flex in anticipation. Then he rolled back over and leaned on one elbow, stroking his cock. “See, I’m ready Danny … whenever you are.”

Danny gulped, “I’m ready now, sir.” Mario pulled his mouth off Danny’s rock-hard cock and smiled at it with satisfaction. “È perfetto … definitely ready. Tarzan is all yours, amico. Go for it.”

Danny still could not believe that he was about to fuck the muscle-jock Grady, a prospect that so overwhelmed him he was afraid of losing his erection again. But the warm smile on Grady’s handsome face was so reassuring that he relaxed.

Mario helped too. “Time to get comfortable, Danny.” Mario not only new how to dress elegantly … he knew how to undress too, which he did now, stylishly shedding his clothes until he stood naked before Danny, a confident smile on his square-jawed Italian face. He was not as muscular as Grady but his lithe, beautifully proportioned body made Danny’s erection more solid than ever.

Taking his cue from Mario Danny took off his clothes, less elegantly than Mario as he fumbled with buttons, then stood nervously at attention before the two spectacular men, feeling more naked than he had ever felt in his life.

But again, reassurance came from Mario as he ran admiring hands over Danny’s face and chest. “Che bel ragazzo,” he said. Such a fine young man. You go to the gym a lot, I see. Hmm, give me a hug….” He wrapped his arms round Danny and kissed him on the lips. Danny not only felt the warmth of his body but also smelled the faint scent of a musky cologne that he found very sexy.

He was nestling comfortably in the Italian’s arms when suddenly the bedroom calm was pierced by a loud Tarzan yell. They looked over to the bed and saw the naked Grady with his hands cupped round his mouth uttering the famous yell he had perfected for the movie. When the reverberations died down and he had their attention he howled in mock indignation, “Hey, who do you have to fuck to get fucked around here?”

(The shattering cry had reached Steve and Lloyd in bed and Steve chuckled, “Sounds like Danny’s getting the royal treatment from the king of the jungle. He won’t forget tonight in a hurry.”)

Grady was still ‘complaining’ (with a twinkle in his eye). “Will you two cool it and let this poor dumb actor in on the act? If you don’t stop stealing my thunder, Mario, I’ll tie you both up and gag you with my dick.”

“Ah, promises … empty promises,” Mario smiled at Danny. “Pay no attention, he’s always like this. Always complaining about not getting enough attention … just because he’s the center of attention in the studio, where they treat him like a king.”

“Well I am,” Grady protested … “the King of the Fucking Jungle and don’t you forget it.”

“See how he is?” Mario shrugged “He is so high maintenance that I have to stay in bed with him all day, fucking, sucking, making love. It gets exhausting.”

“I don’t mind giving him attention, sir,” Danny said, blinking behind his glasses, not entirely sure when Mario was kidding.

“See, our new boy wants me,” Grady pouted. “At least somebody wants me.”

“Come on, Danny, there’ll be no living with him until you shove your dick inside him. We won’t get a wink of sleep. Here …” He scooped lube from a jar by the bed, curled his fingers round Danny’s cock and stroked it gently.

By now Danny was in on the joke and he loved the way these guys were always having fun. And, far from lessening Danny’s sexual desire, their playful teasing turned him on even more. It had been the same way with Brandon, where the more fun they had the sexier it was. And here he was with one of the most beautiful men on the planet and Danny wanted to fuck him … because he liked him.  He had never known that laughter could be so sexy.

All of this lighthearted banter had totally banished his nervous inhibitions and only increased his desire for the gorgeous actor. The combination of the Italian’s hand on his cock and the inviting smile on Grady’s face, not to mention the sight of his glorious body lying naked before him, roused the boy to a state of erotic fantasy.

This was the man he had seen wearing only black briefs in underwear advertisements, and had jerked off to many times. This was the man he had seen in so many promotional pictures for the new Tarzan movie wearing only a ragged loincloth. And this was the man who was now smiling up at Danny, waiting to feel his youthful cock in his ass.

“Here, let me help,” Mario said, jogging him out of his trance and back to awareness that the fantasy man was really real, right here, waiting for him. Mario looked down at Grady and shook his head. “Do I have to do it all for you?” He got behind his head, reached over him and pulled his legs back, exposing his ass to the awestruck boy.

“Come here, kiddo,” Grady smiled. Danny knelt between his legs, reached forward and Grady grabbed his hands and placed them palms-down on his muscular chest. The tip of Danny’s cock touched the waiting hole and Grady gasped, “Oooh, feel that Danny? Man this is gonna be good. When you’re living with us I’ll be asking for this a lot.”

“As often as you like, sir. I can cum a lot.”

“That’s what I was hoping. OK, kiddo, let’s feel it. Give it to me.”

Danny eased his hips forward and felt the head of his cock pass over the sphincter and come to rest inside the warm ass. He inhaled sharply, held his breath and closed his eyes to prevent cumming right away. While his eyes were shut he visualized the stunning model from the billboards and the macho Tarzan soon to be strutting his stuff on movie screens. And when he opened his eyes there he was, smiling up at him … and his cock was in his ass!

The only way he could do this was to think of it as a dream as he eased his cock slowly inside the velvet-smooth ass. Grady closed his eyes and sighed, “Oh boy, that feels so good … you have no idea how I love that.” Then he looked up and smiled. “And there you are, a handsome young buck, our brand new boy, fucking me. Come on Danny … do it to your new buddy.

Knowing the overwhelming impact he had on people – his looks, his imminent fame and wealth – Grady was cleverly trying to reframe this for Danny as two friends making love, just as Danny had made love last night to his best buddy Brandon.

And it worked. Danny’s sense of awe diminished, replaced by the pleasure of fucking a handsome man whom he would soon be working for and living with. His cock tingled as he pulled it back and drove it in again, faster and harder this time, digging his fingers into Grady’s hard pecs and staring into his laughing green eyes.

“Oh man, I love to get fucked … as hard as you like, kiddo. You look so good fucking me, boy. Yeah, ride that ass. Let your mind do the work, Danny. Imagine – Tarzan finds a boy lost in the jungle. He wants the hot young guy to stay with him as his boy but the kid has to prove himself by fucking the jungle-man.”

Danny’s fantasy took flight and he looked down at the rugged Tarzan. He had a shot at becoming his boy, living with him, but he had to show him how good a fuck he was. Yeah, he’d show him alright. He pulled his cock back, paused, and slammed it deep in his ass and over the inner sphincter. “Aaagh!!” This time the Tarzan yell was not to get attention … it was the howl of a beautiful muscle-jock getting ramrodded by an energetic young stud.

Mario, standing at the head of the bed, holding Grady’s legs back and facing Danny, smiled and nodded at him encouragingly. “Good boy, Danny. Fuck him hard … he loves it.” Mario spent much of his time these days giving pleasure to his lover and knew how much he was getting off on being fucked by a fresh-faced boy with all the eagerness and exuberance of youth.

Danny was feeling more empowered than he ever had as he looked down at Tarzan’s face thrashing from side to side on the bed, his chiseled features wincing in a welter of pain and pleasure, black hair flying over his face, his pale green eyes looking up wide-eyed at the young man pounding his ass.

In his fantasy Danny conflated the scene in the jungle with his own situation now. The lost youth desperately wanted to be Tarzan’s boy and Danny was enthralled with the possibility of living in Grady’s house. Both boys, the real and the imagined, knew that one of their duties would be to fuck the master often so they strived to be worthy of him.

Usually accustomed to what Brandon had laughingly called ‘vanilla sex’ Danny was now a changed boy as his cock pistoned inside Grady’s perfect ass. He could have cum a hundred times but held back, knowing instinctively that he should wait until Grady gave in to the growing heat in his loins. Danny felt strong, energized by the sight of the macho muscle-god beneath him begging to get fucked.

“Man that feels hot,” Grady yelled. “Come on, boy, fuck your master, fuck that hot ass, make it burn.” The once-shy young man was transformed into a fuck machine, transported to the jungle where he was pounding, jackhammering the ass of the mighty Tarzan lying beneath him. Grady reached up and ran his hands over Danny’s face and neck, down to his chest where he squeezed his nipples.

Danny’s fingers had been digging into Grady’s solid pecs but now he reflexively responded by rolling Grady’s nipples in his fingertips. “Oh yeah, work those tits, boy, make ‘em hurt. Bury that fucking rod in my ass.”

Danny knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. It was like his dick was plunging into a furnace as the spectacular man writhed beneath him, trash talking, muscles rippling, ass clenched round his cock, fingers grinding his tits. Grady yelled, “Do it, boy … let me feel that hot juice in my ass … make me … aaah …fuck … fuck … fuck … I’m cuuuming!”

Danny had never seen anything more spectacular than this … this macho muscle-jock, king of the jungle, his body shuddering, his cock blasting streams of semen over his flexing chest and abs. At last Danny’s balls burst, all his pent-up juice raced up his cock and poured over the magnificent body thrashing beneath him.

A triumphant Tarzan yell again echoed round the room, follow by boisterous laughter as Grady pulled Danny’s head down and kissed him passionately. When they separated Grady looked up at Mario behind him and said, “Well, he gets my vote … how about you, amico?”

Mario laughed, “Danny, you had my vote as soon as I tasted your quiche – and especially when I saw you cum as Grady hugged you. I know exactly how you felt … he has the same effect on me.” Mario leaned down and their mouths joined in a three-way kiss.

When they surfaced for breath Mario said. “But now we must sleep. Grady has to get up early as he has an 8am call time at the studio and, before that, his regular gym workout with Randy.” He chuckled. “Randy calls it his Tarzan pump – getting him primed for all that tree-swinging. Grady wants him to get a credit on the movie as his body coach.”

“No,” Grady grinned, “not body coach … ball buster. But he does a fantastic job … as you can see …” He spread his arms wide on the bed and flexed his biceps, pecs and abs.

“Bellissimo,” Mario smiled, “except that the muscle definition is blurred as you are drenched in semen, mi amore. And talking of which, I am the only one here who has not yet – come si dice? – got his rocks off. Please, Danny, lie down beside Grady.”

Mario walked round to the foot of the bed and gazed down at them lying on their backs side by side, his handsome lover lying with his arm stretched behind the new boy’s neck. “Perfetto,” Mario smiled. “Amici, we are going to have so much fun together. So if you will allow me, I would like to anoint our new friendship.”

Mario took hold of his already-hard cock and stroked it, his lithe muscles rippling slightly under the soft lights from above him. Grady sighed. “Look at that … gorgeous, ain’t he, kiddo? Like one of those Roman statues. Now you see why I spend so much time in bed with him. And I love it when he does this. Watch.”

As Mario’s dick got harder his smile broadened on his beautiful Italian features, his curly black hair falling over his forehead. “You two look good together … really good … so good I think I have to cum. This is our baptism, amici,” he chuckled, “not exactly holy water, but close enough. Oh, yes … here it comes … aaah …”

His body tensed and he sighed deeply as semen spurted from his cock and splashed over first Danny, then Grady. They both gazed up at the handsome Italian and opened their mouths to catch drops of his juice. “I love you, buddy,” Grady yelled. “You’re my man. Here, come and feast on this.”

He leaned over Danny and licked his chest, sucking up the pools of Mario’s cum. Mario lay on Danny’s other side, leaned across him and kissed Grady. Then they both smiled down at Danny and embraced him with a triple kiss, lubricated by the pungent taste of semen.

Mario pulled the covers over them and Danny found himself falling asleep between two stunningly beautiful men … his new friends and future employers. The whole thing felt like a dream, a dream that played over and over in his mind throughout the night.


Grady woke before dawn prepared to face the rigors of the day, first with coach Randy, then a long day at the studio. He leaned over and kissed Mario who stirred and smiled in his sleep. But as Grady’s memory of yesterday came back he frowned. Danny … where was he? He thought he heard faint sounds coming from the kitchen so he eased himself out of bed, careful not to wake Mario, pulled on a pair of baggy shorts and followed the unmistakable smell of coffee to the kitchen.

“Good morning, sir,” Danny smiled cheerfully. “I remember overhearing what you said to Randy during brunch on Saturday, that you need coffee to wake you up before your workout with him. So here it is, sir.” He handed him a steaming mug.

Grady flashed his dazzling smile. “You don’t have to do this, kiddo … it’s so damned early.”

“Oh yes I do, sir. It’s my job. It’s what I’ll be doing every morning when you have an early call. Besides, Mario asked me particularly to take care of you, so that’s what I’m doing.”

“He said that?” Grady smiled. “He’s so great, I love him so much I’m scared how happy I am. Do you think he loves me a lot, Danny?”

“Duh!” Danny laughed. “Anyone can see that, sir. He’s nuts about you. You shouldn’t be scared, sir. Oh …” thinking he had gone too far, “… sorry, sir.”

“No, don’t apologize. It’s great that we can talk about anything, Danny – you know, private stuff. I’m gonna love having you around.” He took another long swig of coffee. “This is great stuff, kid. What’s in it?”

“Oh,” Danny grinned, “a little of this, a pinch of that.”

“Never ask a chef to divulge his recipes, amico,” said Mario coming into the kitchen naked except for a towel round his waist.

Grady frowned. “Oh shit, buddy, you look so damn hot I wanna take you right back to bed and make love all day. But Randy gets so pissed if I’m even a minute late for our workout. Says it’s all about discipline. And that’s a guy who knows all about discipline. Long day on the set, too, so I gotta go.” He hugged Mario hard … ‘Love you, buddy.” Then he kissed Danny on the lips … “You too, kiddo. Take care of my man, OK?”

“Aye-aye, sir,” Danny saluted. “Oh, don’t forget this.” He handed Grady a gym bottle. “I also heard you tell Randy what you put in your after-workout protein drinks, sir, so I filled this shaker with the mixture – plus a couple of touches of my own so it tastes better.”

“See, what’d I tell you Mario? This kid’s the best. He’s a keeper.” He ruffled Danny’s hair, grabbed a shirt, slung it over his shoulder, and he was gone.

Mario smiled mischievously at Danny, “No reason we can’t go back to bed for a while, eh? I mean, we’re not starring in a movie or anything. Andiamo, amico … the sheets are still warm.”

Back in the bedroom, snuggled up against Mario under the sheets, Danny had a strange feeling of being home, a place he belonged. “That was real sweet of you, Danny,” Mario said, “taking care of Grady like that – the coffee, protein drink and all. I’m so glad you’ll be living with us to look out for him. He’s under a lot of pressure at the studio though he tries to laugh it off.”

“You’re crazy about him, aren’t you, sir? I told him you were.”

“You did?” Mario smiled. “Thank you for that, Danny. I love him so much it scares me. Do you think he loves me a lot, Danny?”

Danny laughed. “That’s exactly what he asked me about you. That’s when I told him you’re nuts about him. Sir, I think when two people love each other as much as you do I don’t think you have to worry about which one loves the other more. It’s kinda, like, way beyond that.”

Mario pulled him closer. “You’re quite the philosopher aren’t you, amico? How come you know so much about love?”

“Well, it’s not that I’ve ever had it, sir, but I think a lot about it and I think I know what it would be like if I did have it. I’d love the guy and he’d love me and being scared wouldn’t be a part of it. Neither of us would be scared of it. We’d just … love each other. That’s it.”

Mario hugged him tight. “You’re right, Danny, that’s exactly the way it should be. But, still, I do worry about the future. I mean, when that movie comes out Grady’s gonna be a big star. People everywhere will be in love with him, or in lust. He’ll be in the limelight – able have anyone he wants. Why would he stick with me?”

Danny bristled. “Because he’s in love with you,” he said heatedly. “Sir, if you don’t mind my saying so, you’re not being fair to Grady. He’s a wonderful man and I’m sure he knows all the dangers of being a star. But he loves you, sir, and I don’t think he’ll ever stop.”

Mario kissed his cheek. “You’re right, Danny. Thank you for saying that. I’m just being paranoid – molto stupido.”

“You should talk to Bob, sir. All the boys say he can solve everything. Or Doctor Steve. I’m supposed to be having a session with him sooner or later, I think.”

“Great advice, Danny. Thank you. OK, now, let’s talk food – my favorite topic. You can tell me some of your dessert secrets and I’ll give you Italian recipes from Tuscany where I come from.”

Danny roared with laughter. “What?” Mario smiled. “Did I say something funny?”

“No sir. It’s just that when I was in bed with Brandon last night and I, kinda stupidly, asked if Pete fucks him when they’re in bed, he said, ‘Duh! What do you think we do, dingbat? Swap recipes?’”

Mario laughed. “Well, we can do both, don’t you think – recipes and sex? In Italy, you know, food and love always go together. How are you at – what do they call it – multi-tasking?”

“The best, sir,” Danny grinned. “When you’re a chef you have to. I can prove it if you like, sir.”

“I like very much, amico … mi piace molto. Oh Danny, we are all going to have so much fun.”

“That’s exactly what Brandon said.”

“Well Brandon was absolutely right.”


The twins had told Danny on the phone the previous night that he didn’t have to hurry back in the morning as it was a light breakfast and they could handle it. But, just to make sure, it wasn’t so late when he finally left Mario’s bed after doing what they would forevermore laughingly call “swapping recipes.” He cooked breakfast for Mario and himself and, after more hugs, drove back down to the house.

He checked in with the twins in the kitchen who confirmed that everything was under control. “And how about you, Danny,” Kyle grinned. “Everything under control?”

“Very much,” Danny smiled, and his deep blush said it all. But actually there was still something bothering him. “Er, has Brandon come to work yet?”

“He came but Jamie hasn’t opened the office yet. He’s still in bed with Mark so who knows how long that’s gonna be! You know those two. So Brandon’s up in Eddie’s room with him and Ben.”

“Thanks, guys. Is it OK if I go up and talk to them? I’ll be back soon to help you in here.”

“No problem, dude, go for it,” said Kyle. And Kevin added, “Good luck, kiddo.” The intuitive twins always had their finger on the pulse of what was going on.

Eager, but apprehensive, to see his buddies again, Danny ran up the stairs and knocked on the door to Eddie’s room. “Come in!” three voices shouted in unison. Not knowing what to expect Danny was relieved to see three pairs of shining eyes focused on him.

“OK, dude,” Brandon said, “come and sit by me and spill the beans.” “All the details,” said Eddie.” “Exaggerations accepted,” Ben giggled.

“Well, to start with, Grady and Mario want me to come and be their live-in cook housekeeper when they move into their new place.” Danny expected that to land like a bombshell … but no.

“Shit, we knew that already, dude. Mark told Jamie who mentioned it to Darius and … well you know how the jungle drums work in this place. But you spent the night with them, so what happened?” When Danny hesitated Brandon said, “Danny, that confidentiality thing you’re so strict about only applies outside the tribe. We all know what goes on around here – except for last night. So spill.”

And spill Danny did, to the wide-eyed incredulity of the three boys. But when he had finished his story he added, “Guys there’s something important I gotta say. It’s just that I … I feel kinda like an imposter. Here I am in this group for only a few days and already I’ve landed a job any boy would give his eye teeth for. It should have gone to one of you, not me, and now you’ll probably hate me for muscling in on your territory.”

“Hey, hey where’s all this coming from, dude?” Brandon said. “First of all, didn’t Grady explain that we all have masters so we couldn’t possibly live in the Grady House, or work full time? We were afraid that when Grady and Mario move we wouldn’t see so much of them, but with you there we can visit whenever we like. And anyway, Bob’s been talking to our guys, Pete, Hassan and Jason, and there’s gonna be an arrangement where we all have part-time jobs up there.”

“Yeah, Eddie said. “Brandon’s gonna set up their office and he’s gonna train me to do their household accounts. And Ben’s gonna take care of their cars and all the maintenance chores around the house with help from Pablo and Randy.”

That should have settled the issue but Danny still looked troubled. “There’s another thing, guys.” He averted his eyes and blushed. “I think I’m falling in love with Brandon and I know that’ll upset things with you guys, you being so close and all. You’re the three amigos for god’s sake.”

There was a momentary silence … broken by ringing laughter. “Dude,” Eddie said, “You don’t think we already knew that? Hell, we didn’t need jungle drums to tell us that. A guy only has to look at you two to know it. One thing about living here, we do know love when we see it.” Brandon smiled at Danny, threw his arm over his shoulder and squeezed tight. Danny at last made eye contact with him and blushed deeper.

But still he frowned. “Yeah, but you guys, you’ve got a great thing going here. Last thing I wanna do is bust up the three amigos.” Another silence followed, broken surprisingly by Ben.

Despite being boss Randy’s kid brother, the swarthy young gypsy was the one who spoke up the least. Mostly he just listened to the others … but he spoke up now. “I don’t see why it can’t be four amigos,” he muttered gruffly. “I saw a movie once about the Three Musketeers and there were actually four of them. They had this buddy called … Darth Anion or something.”

“D’Artagnan,” Brandon corrected gently. “Yeah, Ben, maybe you’re onto something there. Danny could be a D’Artagnan to us three amigos. What d’ya think, Eddie?”

“Hmm …” Eddie stroked his chin. “I saw that movie too and, as I recall, this D’Artan-whatever character challenged all three musketeers to a duel. The swordfights were awesome and that’s how he proved himself worthy to join them.”

Brandon grinned, “Are you suggesting that Danny fight all of us with swords? I don’t think I’d come out of that too well, though it’s true I am pretty swift in this wheelchair.”

“Not swords, dummy,” Eddie said. “But there’s another way he can prove himself. Think what we do best guys. Plus, Danny says he loves you, Brandon, so he can prove how much. Kinda two birds with one stone.”

“How’s that sound to you, buddy?” Brandon grinned at Danny.

“Sounds like a plan, guys. Bring it on.”

Taking charge Brandon unzipped his shorts and pulled out his limp cock. “Talking of swords, this one’s pretty blunt right now. Think you can sharpen it up, Danny?”

“Is that my challenge?”

“Damn right it is.”

Danny smiled, leaned over and kissed him. Then he knelt on the floor in front of him, took off his glasses, bent his head and sucked his dick into his mouth. Having come into the room full of doubts and confusion Danny was now on a high. He had declared his love for Brandon before the other guys and they had accepted him – provided he proved himself, which he now took great pleasure in doing.

It didn’t take much work to get Brandon hard and that was only the start. Using every trick the guys had taught him Danny made love to Brandon’s cock and the pleasure he felt was magnified by the thought that he was publicly demonstrating his love for the guy himself.

He heard Brandon’s moans above him, which only spurred him to greater effort. “That feels awesome dude,” Brandon said. “You suck dick as good as we do. But that’s only part of the challenge. You gotta take as well as you give. Ever heard of a double spit-roast? Ben, this was your idea. You go first.”

Ben and Eddie had watched their two friends, two good-looking young guys in love, one sucking the other’s dick, and the spectacle gave them both boners. “Go for it dude,” Eddie encouraged Ben. “And one other rule. No lube … spit only.”

Ben’s gypsy face broke into an urchin grin and he dropped his shorts. Brandon smiled at him, admiring the handsome black-haired gypsy boy, same pale blue eyes as his big brother Randy, naked except for a ragged tank top hanging over his muscular chest. Ben spat in his palm and stroked his cock. He knelt behind Danny, pulled his shorts down to his knees and clamped his hands on the mounds of his ass. And that was all the warning Danny got as he felt the gypsy’s rod spear his ass.

Danny screamed into the gag of Brandon’s cock, his body spasmed and his throat muscles reflexively clenched round the rod filling his mouth. “Yeah,” Brandon howled, “give it to him, Ben. Fuck that ass … see how much our new recruit can take.”

On the few occasions Danny had taken a dick in his ass it was always well lubed. But Ben used only spit and, while Danny loved feeling every contour of the veined cock, the pain was also more than in the past. The piston driving into him hurt but also energized and he redoubled his efforts on Brandon’s cock, running his hands under his T-shirt and pinching his nipples.

Eddie stood over them mesmerized by the sight of his three buddies, the cute newcomer Danny on hands and knees getting spit-roasted – face-fucked by his new lover and butt-fucked by the muscular young gypsy. Ben was not Randy’s brother for nothing. Right now he seemed like a junior version of the boss, with a touch of savagery like his brother’s legendary fucks.

It was all too much for Eddie looking down at them. The words ‘stripped for action’ came to mind, so he did until he was butt naked, pounding his cock in his fist and yelling, “I love you guys … so fucking hot I’m gonna … aaagh …” Cum spurted from his cock and splashed down on all three of the bodies in motion.

“Dude,” Brandon sputtered, licking cum from his own lips, “What you doing? You were next.”

“I’m still next,” Eddie grinned. “You forget who you’re talking to, dude – Hassan’s little gusher. You know my dick is permanently hard, so hit it, Ben – empty your load in the new recruit.”

Ben needed no encouragement as he had been desperately holding back his orgasm for some time. Feeling Eddie’s warm jizz splash on the back of his neck, and Danny’s hot ass tight round his cock he yelled, “OK, guys, here it comes … yeah … fuck, yeah …” As Ben busted his load he plunged his cock so hard inside Danny it made him howl, pulling his mouth off Brandon’s cock and staring straight into Brandon’s smiling eyes.

But he was given no respite. As Ben pulled out of his ass Eddie immediately replaced him, not even bothering with spit as Danny’s ass was so well lubed with Ben’s cum. Brandon grabbed Danny’s hair and pulled his face forward onto his cock again. “OK, dudes it’s time for the big finish. Eddie, you claim you’re a gusher so prove it. Right, bring it home, guys.”

And that’s all it took. Eddie pounded ass and, incredibly, shot another load, this time deep inside Danny. He looked up wild-eyed at Brandon and said, “OK, I filled his ass … so fill his mouth, stud … choke him …!”

Still grabbing Danny’s hair Brandon pulled his face down on his cock faster and faster until he yelled, “I love you Danny … here it comes ….”

Danny really did think he would choke as semen erupted down his throat and he gulped desperately, taking rasping breaths though his nose. Finally he had to pull off, coughing up the last of his buddie’s juice that ran down over his chin. He leaned forward and kissed Brandon passionately, their lips lubricated by Brandon’s cum.

And all of a sudden Danny was surprised by joy. It engulfed him, swept over him like a wave, a sensation unlike anything he had ever felt before in his shy, sheltered life. Light headed he laughed with delight as he picked Brandon up bodily out of his chair and laid him on the bed.

Eddie and Ben lay next to him and Danny stood over them all, grinning down at the three upturned faces. “Remember guys, how in the movie D’Artagnan beats all three musketeers in their swordfights? But I bet you don’t know what he did to them when he’d won? He did this …” He stroked his cock a couple of times and blasted his pent-up jizz all over them, and they opened their eager mouths and drank.

As he regained his breath Ben said innocently, “I don’t remember that bit in the movie.”

In a peal of laughter Danny threw himself on the bed with them and they writhed together in an excited tangle of youthful limbs. Their laughter almost drowned out the gentle knock on the door, but Eddie heard and shouted, “Come in!” And there in the doorway stood Bob.


They froze as Bob stared down at them, then unfroze as he smiled. “Bad timing, I see … or maybe not. I get to see the three amigos in action.”

“No, sir,” Eddie grinned – “four amigos. We got a new Dartanya-whatsit.”

“D’Artagnan?” Bob smiled. “So I see … I felt sure you boys would work it out between you.” Brandon and Danny put on their glasses and blinked up at him. “And I suppose you two are in love with each other,” Bob chuckled. “Of course you are. I was right again … god, I’m good.”

And they all fell in love with Bob all over again.

“Boys, I came up here for a purpose. I want to talk to you three about the changes coming with Grady’s new house. So get cleaned up and come down to the office in half an hour. Danny, I want to show you something.”

Danny scrambled to his feet and, pulling up his shorts as he went, followed Bob along the balcony to the room next door. They went in and Bob explained, “This is Mario’s room, though he doesn’t use it now as he’s always with Grady, so I spoke to him and we agreed you should have it until you all move into the Grady House. Congratulations on being hired by them, by the way. I think you’ll be very good for those guys. So, this room be OK for you in the meantime?”

“Very much, sir,” Danny said. Suddenly he threw his arms round Bob and said, “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, sir. I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I know you arranged it all and I … I just … I love you, sir. I promise I won’t let you down.”

“I know you won’t, Danny. I knew that the first time I talked to you at the hotel.” Bob walked around the room checking it out. “I think Mario’s still got some of his things here but I’ll leave you to sort that out with him.” Suddenly there was a flash behind him and he turned round to see Danny taking pictures with his cell phone. “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking pictures of the way Mario has decorated his room and the things he has here … get a sense of his tastes and what he likes so I can help him better at the new house, sir.”

Bob smiled at him affectionately and put his arms round him. “See, I knew I was right about you, kiddo. Now, the twins need you in the kitchen to help with lunch and preparations for dinner. Off you go.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.” As he left, Randy came up the stairs in gym clothes, still sweating after his morning workout. He stood beside Bob on the balcony and they watched Danny scamper across the garden and into the kitchen. Randy put his arm round Bob’s shoulder and said, “He’s a great kid. So it’s all going according to plan, I see. God, you’re good.”

Bob looked into the blue eyes. “You wanna see how good? Damn you’re sexy when you’re all hot and sweaty like that. We’ve still got half an hour.”

“Be careful what you ask for, big guy.” Randy grabbed Bob’s shirt and towed him back to the master bedroom.


It was mid-afternoon when Eddie dashed into the kitchen and skidded to a halt where Danny was chopping vegetables. “Hey Danny,” he said breathlessly, “I wanna ask you a big favor. See I just got a call from Hassan. He’s gonna ask Mark and Jamie up there for lunch the day after tomorrow.

“You know him and Mark go back a long way, before Mark was a cop, when he was in the army in the desert war and Hassan was too … but on opposite sides. Anyway, Mark was a prisoner, chained in a cell, and Hassan interrogated him … real brutal it was, but Mark got free and it was payback time so they had this big fight but you know what? They fell in love with each other, you know that Stockholm hostage thingy …”

“Eddie, I’m real busy. Could you cut to the chase … the favor …?”

“Oh yeah. I know I talk too much. Hassan always says that I … oops, sorry. Anyway … like I said, Hassan has invited Mark and Jamie to his house up in the hills and I’m his boy so I’m supposed to cook lunch. Well, dude, I don’t know shit about cooking so I was wondering … I know I shouldn’t ask, you being our new Dartanyan thingy and all, but ….”

“Eddie, Eddie … I’d be happy to cook for you all if that’s what you’re asking. In fact cooking for Mark, Hassan, Jamie and you would be an honor. But I’m real, real busy right now so why don’t we talk later and arrange everything. You can tell Hassan not to worry, it’s a done deal, OK?”

Eddie flung his arms round him and said, “Dude, you’re the best. OK, I’ll get out of your hair and leave you to chop.” At the door he turned round. “And in return, any time you want a great blow job, dude, I’m your man.”


Later in the day Danny checked in with Jamie to ask about Mark’s favorite foods so he would know what to cook. He also mentioned what Eddie had told him and asked if it were true.

“Oh yeah,” Jamie said. “Mark’s meeting with Hassan years ago is one of the legends of the tribe. The boys talk about it all the time and jack off too, it’s so hot. Hassan was an army interrogator on the Arab side and when Mark was captured Hassan chained him up and really worked him over trying to make him talk.

“That Stockholm Syndrome thing Eddie mentioned is where a hostage falls in love with his captor, and that’s what happened there – two alpha males in extreme physical contact. Mark used that to overpower Hassan and give him the same brutal treatment. Hassan never forgot his passion for Mark and after the war he came here to join the U.S. Marines and to find Mark. And, well, the rest is history … here they are, real close buddies.

“They still love each other in a big macho cop-to-soldier way, and they get together sometimes to re-enact that time they met. But it’s been a while and I’m thinking that’s one reason Hassan has asked us up to his house. Me and Eddie will probably just stand back and watch from a distance. It’s an incredibly hot thing to see. I hope you can stick around to watch too.”

Then they went back to talking food and that was the focus of all Danny’s attention … until the day came, that is.”


Of all the men in the tribe Hassan was the most private and liked to keep to himself in his modest guesthouse on the grounds of Steve’s house. It sat among the hillside sagebrush down a gravel path below the main house.

The only one who spent a lot of time with him was his boy Eddie, whom he loved and nurtured, though they were so different. The strong, silent Marine was a sharp contrast to the fun-loving, gregarious and garrulous young guy who worshipped his exotically handsome master and his superb physique – ‘a body that won’t quit’, as Eddie described it.

Hassan was still at work on an early morning shoot for one of the many recruitment videos he made for the Marine Corps, so Eddie was in the house alone, busily cleaning and tidying the house before the guests arrived. Eddie got off on the fact that he was one of the hosts alongside his handsome master.

Danny arrived in the late morning with all the ingredients for lunch, which the twins had helped him choose and pack in the truck they lent him. Eddie made an attempt at being the gracious host but couldn’t control his boyish excitement as he showed Danny round.

“Dude, this is gonna be so cool. Whenever Hassan and Mark get together it’s smokin’ hot, like nothing else you’ll ever see. And then afterwards, to prove what real close buddies they are, they sometimes swap boys for a while. Man, it is sooo awesome getting fucked by that gorgeous cop while the Marine ploughs the hot surfer jock. I kid you not, dude, when …”

“Eddie, Eddie, it sounds terrific but could we take a look at the kitchen and unload the food from the truck? Eddie stopped talking (for a minute) and Danny was pleased to see that the kitchen, though small, was well equipped. “OK, now preparing food is serious business, bro, so I’m gonna need your help. You taught me how to suck dick so maybe I can teach you how to cook.”

“Aye-aye, sir,” Eddie grinned with his trademark salute. And so they got busy and Eddie showed himself to be a surprisingly eager pupil. Danny had chosen a healthy seafood casserole for the main course and a raspberry flan for dessert, one of his specialties. He and Eddie worked so well together that the prep was done quickly, the ingredients were ready for the oven and all they had to do was wait for the men to arrive.

They soon heard tires crunch on gravel up the hill and Eddie ran outside yelling, “He’s here.” Danny went with him and stared up at the gravel path in amazement. He had met Hassan once before at the tribe’s gathering on his first day, but he had been so busy cooking so overwhelmed by it all that he had said no more than hello to Hassan, who was wearing regular casual clothes.

But this was like something out of a homoerotic movie. The husky Marine had come straight from his video shoot and was still dressed in battle gear – camouflage fatigue pants, combat boots, and a sleeveless denim shirt over a khaki tank stretched over his powerful chest. Military dog tags hung down in the cleft between his pecs. His exotic, olive-skinned Arab/Asian features still bore the black camouflage stripes of the video shoot, and mirror sunglasses added a mysterious, almost threatening look, along with his jet back hair.

Danny flinched as the soldier strode up to him but when he whipped off his sunglasses the dark, slanted eyes were smiling at him. “Hey, Danny,” he said in his deep, lyrically accented voice. “Last time we met we hardly exchanged two words so I’m glad we’ll get to know each other better.” He gave him a brawny hug and Danny found himself trapped in muscular arms and the strong, musky smell of man-sweat that gave him an instant boner. Eddie caught his eye with a raised-eyebrow told-you-so grin.

“And here you are cooking for us,” Hassan said, holding him at arm’s length. “I really appreciate that, Danny, ‘cos I know how busy you are down at the house. I hope this young punk here has been helping you,” and he ruffled Eddie’s hair.”

“Eddie has been a great help, sir. Next time he’ll be able to cook the meal himself.”

“Yeah, well I ain’t holding my breath on that one,” Hassan chuckled. “That right, kiddo? As a chef you give a real mean blow-job. And I’ll be wanting more of that later, boy.”

“Aye-aye, sir,” Eddie grinned, gazing at his master with adoring eyes.

“Right, well I’m gonna leave you two to get back to the kitchen. I’m gonna take a beer down to the gazebo and wait for Mark.” Eddie got him a beer, Hassan went into the bedroom, grabbed a military kitbag and strode away.

Danny realized that the gravel path continued past the house down onto a promontory where a small octagonal gazebo stood at the end, seemingly lost in the center of the green sage of the hills. With a pitched roof and open sides it provided shade with unobstructed hillside views. Steve and Lloyd often sat there at the end of the day unwinding over cocktails and watching the sun set. And that was where Hassan now settled, sipping beer … and waiting.

The boys had scarcely returned to the kitchen before they heard a yell. They went outside and saw Jamie racing down the path in surfer trunks and a tank top, his blond hair flying. “Hey, guys, how’s it hangin’? Danny, I gotta thank you again for doing the honors in the kitchen. Left to this guy we’d be eating chips and dip.” He gave Eddie an affectionate hug, as Mark followed him down the path.

The Greek-God blond cop had come straight off a pre-dawn shift, stopping only to pick up Jamie, and was still in his police uniform of black pants tucked into high shiny motorcycle boots. His muscular torso bulged under a black shirt, with a triangle of white T-shirt at the open neck. He hugged Danny, with profuse thanks for volunteering in the kitchen.

Danny was always in awe of the uniformed blond cop and, despite his warm hug, he detected a kind of pensiveness, as if Mark was preoccupied by something. He soon realized what that was when Mark rested his hand on Jamie’s shoulder and said gently, “OK if I leave you guys for a while, kiddo?”

Jamie smiled, “Absolutely, sir. I understand.” Eddie shoved a beer in Mark’s hand as he turned and walked down the path to the gazebo.

When he got there Hassan stood up and their eyes met. They put down their beers and Mark noticed the bulging kitbag on the floor. Wordlessly they began to unbutton their shirts. They both knew what was about to happen, what they both craved. They knew one would soon be tied up, at the other man’s mercy.

The only question was, which one would that be … the soldier or the cop?


TO BE CONTINUED in “A Trial Of Strength” – Chapter 298


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