The guys on the bike run had had a fantastic start to their trip - with the emphasis on the fantasy. The macho black leather master Zack had been captured and humiliated as a muscular black slave, tied naked to a tree by his neck and forced to submit to the sexual appetites of the other masters and their boys.

On his knees Zack had been dowsed by the cum of seven men, then tied face down over a trestle, helplessly spread-eagled with a line of men waiting to fuck his ass. He was naked except for a wide black leather collar round his neck to which Randy attached a length of rope.

The climax came when Randy drove his beer-can thick cock straight into the slave's already savaged ass, pulling on the rope so Zack's head jerked back and he howled like an enraged animal. It was one of Randy's legendary fucks - a rodeo fantasy with the wild gypsy cowboy riding the ass of the bucking black stallion.

When it was over Randy released an exhausted Zack and supported him in his arms. "Fucking amazing, man," Randy said. "You were fucking magnificent. I could never do that with any man but you. Shit, you'll be a legend in this tribe after that. I love you man - like a brother."

He took off the collar and held it up high. "Gentlemen, I give you Zack, the toughest son-of-a-bitch I've ever known. I am proud to call him my buddy, my workmate and my friend. We're honored to have him as a pillar of our tribe."

As the cheers erupted even louder the tears in Zack's eyes this time were tears not of pain, but of pride at his endurance, and his total acceptance by this extraordinary group of men and boys.


Later, as the men rested, Randy went away with Pablo until he found a cell-phone signal so he could call Bob. It was a long conversation, with Randy relating all the events so far, and Pablo excitedly grabbing the phone to add his colorful commentary. Finally Randy said, "Shit, here I go gabbing on about us, but what about you? What you up to there, Bob?"

"Well," Bob laughed, "nothing as crazy as your testosterone-macho shenanigans, which, by the way you have to demonstrate to me when you get back. But it's shaping up to be an interesting weekend. As you know, Hassan, Eddie and Mario are up at Steve's house, leaving just me and the twins here. But Jason and Ben just got here, and Adam and Nate right after.

"Adam and Jason look spectacular, of course, ready for a workout together before they eat. You know how competitive those gym jocks can be so I'm just here to watch and adjudicate - and blow the whistle if there's a foul. Altogether a cool domestic scene."

"Oh yeah?" said Randy doubtfully. "You seem to have it all planned out ... but you know what they say about the best-laid plans. What if the unexpected happens?"

"Ah well then I play it by ear. If I get into trouble I'll be sure to call you ... provided you're not, er, all tied up with your buddies," Bob chuckled

"Asshole," Randy laughed. "I love you, big guy, you know that. Can't wait to see you ... and demonstrate some of our 'shenanigans' - just for you."

He shut off the phone, put his arm round his boy, and they went back to join the others.


Bob was feeling good about the upcoming day. He always enjoyed the house when it was quiet - free of boisterous boy chatter and Randy's booming voice. Before the other guys arrived he had been sitting at the outdoor table with the twins drinking coffee and going over their plans for the day.

The twins loved times like this, having Bob all to themselves, feeling like a small family within a larger one. They worshipped the man who had transformed their lives, saving them from living rough on the streets and guaranteeing that the brothers would never be split up, something so important to them that they had fought to preserve it all their lives.

Bob had also given them back their self-esteem by making them the chefs for the whole tribe. They loved to cook and the kitchen was their kingdom. They consistently turned out gourmet food that impressed everyone and earned them respect. Their calm, practical outlook on life that they learned from Bob, along with a constant sense of amusement at the goings on in the house, confirmed their maturity and their position in the house as senior boys, along with Pablo, Darius and Jamie.

It was mostly food they were discussing now, making sure with Bob that they had all the supplies necessary to feed three hungry men and their boys for the next two days. "It'll probably be a late lunch," Bob said. "When Jason and Adam get here they're bound to want to work out in our gym before they eat. They're two of the most dedicated gym jocks I've known."

"Not to mention two of the most gorgeous," Kyle grinned.

"That too," Bob chuckled, "and two of the most competitive. I've seen them work out together at Jason's house and the words 'workout partners' don't begin to cover it. They're workout competitors too, and that friendly rivalry becomes sexual as they sweat and strain. Hell, when they showered together afterwards they went in with rock hard rods and came out with limp dicks. You do the math."

The twins laughed, pleased to be taken so far into Bob's confidence. But Bob himself realized that he had veered dangerously close to gossip - something he normally frowned on - except with his boys, with whom he shared almost everything. It was one of the things that made their relationship unique, unlike any other master/boy relationship in the house.

He was saved from changing the subject by the appearance of Jason and Ben. The fireman had evidently just got off work as he was still wearing his uniform dark blue pants and boots and a sweaty blue LAFD T-shirt, his tousled blond hair falling over his chiseled, sweat-stained face. Bob and the twins gazed at him in awe and Bob laughed, "Shit, man, don't you ever look anything less than totally fucking gorgeous?"

"I try not to," Jason laughed. In fact he looked sexier than ever with his damp T-shirt clinging to the flawless muscles of his torso, his biceps bulging below the short sleeves. His smiling blue eyes transformed his grimy face into an icon of rugged male beauty. "Anyway, you're in no position to go on about 'fucking gorgeous', you being a dead ringer for Superman and always give me a boner whenever I look at you. Sorry I'm still in my work clothes, buddy, but this young punk dragged me out of the house right after I got home and fucked his ass.

"I couldn't wait to see you guys," said an excited Ben squirming in his seat. Ben was a real charmer, a young dark-haired gypsy boy who bore a striking resemblance to his big brother Randy. Wearing his usual loose tank and cargo shorts that he had pulled on right after getting fucked, his youthful muscles rippled as he fidgeted.

Ben grinned mischievously at the twins, proud that they knew he got fucked every time the fireman came home. It was the twins who had first discovered the stunning firefighter when he came to the house to knock down a small brush fire. They had immediately recognized the muscle-god on the August page of their well-thumbed fireman's calendar that they jerked off over regularly.

They were pleased that Jason had subsequently taken Ben as his boy, though the young fireman had to fight hard for Randy's approval and Randy still kept a careful eye on his kid brother. If nothing else it meant he was a regular visitor here so they could jack off to the real thing - even more beautiful in the flesh than his picture.

Jason jumped up and inspected the new gym that Randy had built under a covered patio on the side of the house similar to what Jason had at his place. Randy had grown tired of working out in the basement and brought all the equipment up here. "Man, this is radical," Jason said approvingly, "just like a professional gym. Hell, Randy never does things by halves, does he?"

"Watch it, mate," said a deep Australian voice. "That gym has my name on it - I get first crack o' the whip so to speak."

Adam and Nate had arrived. Like Jason, the rugged Aussie had just come home from work having worked a flight from Sydney, and he too had been dragged to the house by his impatient cheeky-faced Aussie boy. So Adam was still wearing his smart airline uniform - black with gold bands round the jacket sleeves to denote his senior status as chief purser.

But he had brought his gym gear, hence his challenge to Jason. Even covered by his uniform there was no mistaking Adam's gym-honed body. Tall with a muscular, athletic physique, he had short dark hair and a handsome rugged face that was now beaming with his confident Aussie smile. "So how's it hangin', mate?" he said, grabbing Jason's hand and pulling him into a macho shoulder bump. "You ready to get your ass kicked in this brilliant new gym here?"

"In your dreams, stud," Jason laughed. "Randy's installed enough equipment here for two guys to work out together - soon sort out the jocks from the jokers."

Adam waved him off with a laugh, turned to Bob and shook his hand vigorously. "G'day, mate. Real sporting of ya to invite me and my boy for the weekend. You got a posh group here, just the elite, uh? ... except for this deadbeat here," jerking a thumb at Jason. He saluted the twins with a cheerful, "Hey, you two, looking more gorgeous than ever. You're always in the kitchen when I visit - we should hang out together more - that's if the big boss here will let you off the leash."

Bob laughed, "They're not on a leash, Adam - well, except for the other day when I used two collars to....." He checked himself, seeing the embarrassed blushes on the boys' faces. He stood up and hugged Adam lightly, then pulled back and said, "Hell, can't even hug you properly in case I rumple that sexy uniform. What is this anyway, you and Jason in your work duds? Why don't the two of you get comfortable for Chrissakes?"

"Too right, mate," Adam grinned and turned to face Jason. "OK, Aussie," Jason challenged, "let's see what you got."

Adam was good at this. Whenever he came home from work in his uniform Nate wanted him to take it off slowly and hand each piece to his eager houseboy. And this is what Nate did now, standing beside his master with a mischievous glint in his eye as he glanced at the other boys.

Adam's eyes were fixed on Jason's as he unbuttoned his jacket, slipped it off and handed it to Nate, who hung it carefully over the back of a chair. Nate loved this ritual and now he had an audience of boys to show off to.

Slowly Adam loosened his tie until it hung loose over his shirt. He unbuttoned the shirt, pulled the tail out of his pants and let the shirt hang open. Underneath he was wearing a tight white tank top that clung to the mounds of his chest. Adam slid the tie from round his neck and held it out to the side without glancing at Nate. It was an act of faith that his loyal boy would be there to take whatever was handed to him.

Nate took it and laid it over the jacket, smoothing out the wrinkles. The other boys, plus Bob and Jason stared at Adam in awe as he shrugged the shirt farther back on his shoulders and exposed more of his chest. The boys rubbed the growing bulges in their shorts as they saw most of Adam's torso through the tight cotton of the tank. Adam let the shirt slide off his shoulders, caught it in one hand and handed it to Nate who folded it carefully over the chair.

There was a low gasp from the onlookers as Adam stood tall, stretched, then preened in front of Jason, his tight tank emphasizing his broad shoulders and wide lats tapering down to his slim waist where the tank disappeared under the stylish brown belt of his uniform slacks. He looked superb, the bottom half elegant in tailored slacks and business shoes, his top half stripped down to the tank, looking like a fitness model.

"Impressive," Jason smiled. "Jeez, if the passengers on your plane could see you like this they would all have orgasms and send the plane into a dive. 'Course, they'd have the same reaction if they saw a hot L.A. fireman. I'll show you what I mean."

The challenge was made and they both rose to the occasion. Each man reached behind his neck and pulled on the back of his shirt - Jason on his sweaty blue T-shirt and Adam on his clean white tank. The spectators gasped as they watched the twin visions appear - two shirts rising up from tight waists, over washboard abs, slowly higher to reveal the slabs of their sculpted chests, and finally off over their broad shoulders. They knew how stunning they looked stripped to the waist, and they smiled at each other flexing the muscles in their torsos.

Not to be outdone by Nate, Ben ran forward as Adam handed his tank to Nate, who shook it out and folded it over his other clothes. Ben took Jason's shirt and held it to his face, inhaling the sweaty maleness of his master, then stuffed the shirt into his shorts pocket.

Adam and Jason laughed and wrapped their arms around each other. Then they faced the group, linked hands and held their arms up high like triumphant boxers, two high-spirited shirtless athletes evenly matched at the start of a macho contest of strength and beauty.


Bob and the boys rose and gave a standing ovation to the two preening muscle jocks and when the cheers died down Bob said, "That's better, guys, now come sit down and grab some coffee." As they walked toward the table Bob unthinkingly pulled off his T-shirt and tossed it carelessly over a chair. Adam and Jason stopped in their tracks, amazed as always at the sight of Bob's flawless muscularity. Not noticing their reaction he sat down and talked casually to the twins.

When he became aware that they had stopped he looked up at their stunned faces staring at him. He grinned innocently. "What's up guys? I got spinach in my teeth or something?"

"You really don't know, do you?" Jason said and shrugged at Adam. "He really don't know."

"Know what?" Bob asked, blushing slightly, feeling his teeth for spinach he had eaten earlier.

"Know how fucking gorgeous you are, lame-brain. Shit that body won't quit."

What Jason didn't add, but what they all knew, is that there's nothing sexier than a gorgeous man who is unaware of his beauty - or at least takes it all in stride, like having brown eyes. Bob had once said to Randy on the subject, "Shit nobody flaunts their eyes do they?"

(Actually he was talking to the wrong man. Randy never actually flaunted his eyes but one laser flash from those steel blues was enough to turn a person to a pillar of salt like Lot's wife.)

Anyway, the point was that Bob never flaunted his looks - unlike the two guys who had just made a three-act drama out of taking their shirts off. Doctor Steve, the therapist, had once said that vanity and a lack of it were similar. His theory was that if a guy never displayed any vanity it was an indication of self-confidence about his looks - the same thing as vanity.

Adam still gazed at Bob and persisted, "That body ... how do you do it, Bob? Do you spend all day in this gym here?"

"No..." Bob laughed. "But when I do work out it's always with Randy, and that man's a damn slavedriver. He's a tyrant, never lets up, yelling sexual obscenities at me if I don't give him 110 percent. At the end of a workout with him I feel totally pumped - horny as a jackrabbit too. Randy makes it all about sex - and that's what we do after every workout - fuck."

Adam grinned at Jason and said, "Yeah, we know just what you mean. A lot of gym jocks go to the restroom after their workout and jerk off looking at themselves in the mirror. Either that or they have sex with their workout partner, eh Jason?"

Bob chuckled. "What the hell is it about this house that makes every conversation turn into sex? Can't we leave sex out of it just for once?"

"No!" shouted all four boys in chorus. Adam grinned, "Guess that's your answer, big guy."

He sat down with Jason and the twins poured their coffee. Then the four boys ran off to the kitchen and the men fell into easy conversation, mostly about their boys. Adam talked of Nate's plans for him and his assistant, Eddie, to form their own profit making house-cleaning service with Bob's help. Then Bob asked Jason, "So how's Ben, Jason? Randy not butting in too much and protecting his little brother?"

"No, he's backed off a lot. Guess he trusts me to be a role model for him. Doesn't mind if Ben has a streak of vanity like me. Says it gives him arrogance and Randy's all in favor of that."

"Talking of vanity, mate," Adam said, "time we hit the gym and let you flash those muscles of yours." Jason grinned and they both stood up facing each other flexing their bodies. Bob happened to glance toward the kitchen and saw four eager faces pressed to the window. Soon the boys were back, the twins carrying two protein drinks, with Nate and Ben 'helping them'.

Ben had told them the ingredients of the pre-workout light protein drink he always mixed for Jason and now all four of them stood around with no apparent desire to go back to the kitchen. Bob sighed and said, "OK, guys, you can stick around. Guess lunch can't happen anyway until these guys have strutted their stuff." The boys sat beside Bob, two on each side of him, like a family taking their seats at the theater, which in a very real sense they were.

"Good on ya, mates," said the Aussie, "thanks for the drinks. Everyone knows protein's good after a workout but what a lot of guys don't know is that a light drink like this is also a great pre-workout booster. He turned again to Jason. "So, you ready, mate?"

He bent down, unlaced his shoes and pulled them and his socks off. Jason matched him, pulling off his boots and socks, then they straightened up and stared at each other, stripped to the waist and barefoot. Slowly they unbuckled their belts, opened their pants and let them drop along with their undershorts.

The boys held their breath, gazing at the naked muscle jocks' sculpted physiques. Their eyes focused on the cocks swinging between their thighs as the men walked toward the table and picked up their drinks, tilted their heads back and gulped the mixture down.

Ben and Nate ran forward and picked up the clothes they had shed, then handed them the workout gear they had brought. The boys had picked out their favorites - red Aussiebum swim briefs for Adam, and light blue boxer briefs for Jason that hugged his muscled thighs.

The boys resumed their seats beside Bob as Adam and Jason walked over to the sunlit gym. It was theater - as if the house lights had dimmed, and the curtain rode on the brightly lit stage.


It was quite a show - big on action, thin on dialogue, except for groans and shouts of encouragement and derision, liberally laced with obscenities. "Push, man, one more. Don't pussy out on me, mother-fucker. You're fucking pathetic ... push ...."

They reminded Bob of Coach Randy, and his cock stiffened at the memory of the savage gypsy standing over him, torturing his body then fucking his ass. The boys' boners were caused by the two stunning athletes pushing each other to their muscle-breaking limits.

Of course the two jocks were turning each other on too.

Jason was spotting Adam who was lying flat on the bench press. He stood behind the Aussie's his head, fingers curled lightly round the bar ready to assist. Adam's muscles popped, veins protruded as he strained to lift the bar one more time, trying not to be distracted by the sight above him of the shape of Jason's long, hard cock outlined under his snug boxer briefs. Jason stared down at the flexing chest and ripped abs and grinned at the bulge under Adam's briefs and a wet spot of oozing pre-cum.

And so it went on, with each set becoming more competitive - incline and decline presses, flies, lunges, crunches, every muscle in their magnificent bodies rippling, their handsome faces contorted in pain as they summoned every ounce of strength.

They discovered that Randy's arrangement of the gym equipment invited competition - like the chin bars placed side by side in front of a mirror. The boys, who had long since pulled their cocks out of their shorts, now stroked harder as they saw the men jump and grip the chin bars side by side. They pulled themselves upward easily at first, their back muscles rippling, as they admired themselves and each other in the mirror.

The count seemed endless, but at last they slowed, their shoulders and arms aching, their faces and bodies running with sweat. The boys stared wide-eyed, waiting to see which one would give up first - the blond fireman in the soaking boxer briefs, or the dark-haired Aussie, his swim briefs molded round his ass. Ben and Nate shouted encouragement to their masters, the impartial twins silently mesmerized by the sight of the competing athletes.

But in the end the result was inconclusive, the partners were so evenly matched. With one last desperate heave they hauled themselves halfway up, held the strain, and grinned at each other effortfully in acknowledgement that neither could win. "Fuck you, asshole," Adam said as they both dropped to the floor at the same time to cheers and whistles from the boys.

They paced around, rotating their shoulders and loosening their arms - but their blood lust was up. There had to be a winner. They stared defiantly at each other, circling round, waiting for the moment to pounce. Suddenly they locked hands in the air in an opening wrestling move, a trial of strength to see who would buckle first. It went on a long time with much grunting and cursing, until Jason wrapped his leg round Adam's, sending them both crashing to the ground.

Locked together they rolled over the grass, first one gaining advantage then the other. The boys stood up to get a good view of the wrestling match between the two gym jocks, a tangle of straining muscles, the red swim briefs and blue boxer briefs pressing together. But again it looked like a stalemate as their strength and skill were equal.

Bob had finally had enough. It had been a turn-on to watch the fireman and the Aussie compete in the gym, and the near naked wrestlers grapple erotically on the ground. But in his mind he could hear Randy growl, "Is this fuckin-well going anywhere, guys? For fuck's sake let's cut to the fucking chase here." (The number of 'fucks' in one sentence always indicated the level of Randy's impatience, and the same now applied to Bob.)

He stood up and shouted, "Enough ... quit it." He strode forward, separated them forcefully and hauled them to their feet, displaying his own strength, though not by choice. Panting hard the combatants glared at each other, muscles flexing, fists clenched, but Bob kept them apart.

"OK," he proclaimed with all the authority of a master's master. I'm the ref here, and I've had enough of this competition to nowhere. There'll be one last matchup, and this time we'll spice it up by giving you something to fight for. The loser will submit his ass to the winner." He rubbed his stubbled chin. "Let's see now, a simple, clear-cut contest.... Push-ups! Why not?"

Adam and Jason accepted the challenge defiantly and paced around recovering their breath and loosening their limbs. They never had any trouble with almost limitless pushup, though now their bodies were weakened after a punishing workout and wrestling match. The boys were quietly ecstatic at the idea of more to come and Bob turned to the twins.

"Kyle, Kevin, you'll keep the score as you're impartial. Nate and Ben have too much skin in the game as they are the competitors' boys. OK, men, take your places for the last round."


"One last thing," Bob said. "Let's see those asses that are up for grabs - or whatever," he chuckled. Jason and Adam, still glaring at each other, pushed down their briefs and stepped out of them. The boys gaped as the men's long, hard dicks sprang to attention. Evidently the contest not only raised their testosterone levels, it raised their cocks too. For them a challenge from another hot jock was a huge aphrodisiac.

In unison, they fell forward onto the ground facing each other, their bodies rigid with only hands and feet touching the ground in the usual push-up position. Their faces only inches apart, they locked eyes as Bob shouted, "OK, guys .... begin."

It was almost ritualistic as the two men, in perfect sync, lowered their chests to the ground and pushed back up, never losing eye contact. "One!" the twins said loudly, enjoying themselves hugely, while Ben and Nate yelled encouragement for their respective masters.

The men began confidently as pushups were part of their daily gym warm-ups. But this was no warm-up - it came at the end of grueling physical exertions that had left their muscles weak. To make things worse, their stiff cocks hit the ground each time they lowered their bodies, which forced them to arch their bodies and raise their butts, displaying them like prizes on the judge's table at an athletic contest. Which was, after all, exactly what their asses were.

The twins dutifully counted off, but the other boys and Bob fell silent, mesmerized by the erotic sight of the two naked jocks flexing their muscles, their shoulders and biceps bulging with the strain, the white globes of their bare asses bouncing up and down.

And still they stared into each other's eyes, gaining strength from the intimate communion of two athletes in competition - and in lust - with each other. Each could feel what the other felt, the pain, the determination, the raw masculinity. But just as their strength was evenly matched so was their exhaustion. As their strength waned, their sexual desire increased and their eyes melted into each other's in a macho mix of rivalry and admiration.

"55, 56, 57...." The twins' metronome voices lulled them into a machine-like trance as adrenaline took over to provide the fuel that kept them going .... up, down, up, down. Ben and Nate were stroking their cocks again, dazzled by the hypnotic image of the muscle-god fireman and magnificent Aussie in a naked trial of strength. What turned each boy on most was the image he had of his master in the same pulsing movement later tonight as he rode his boy's ass in bed.

Bob, typically, never liked inflicting pain, especially on good buddies, so he circled the pair and, encouraged them to end the contest. "Very impressive, guys, but enough's enough. You know you can't take much more of this ... one of you has to submit to the other."

They knew he was right but in the end the respect and admiration between two athletes overcame their rivalry. Their muscles were cracking with exhaustion, but that was secondary to the lust in their eyes, the desire they felt to get ass-fucked by their buddy.

"96, 97...." The two jock's paused, at the pitch of exhaustion, and stared into each other's eyes. They groaned in unison, "I submit....", and collapsed on the ground on their stomachs.

"98!" yelled the twins together. "It's a draw!" The four boys jumped up and down with raucous cheers as Bob looked carefully down at Jason and Adam, making sure they were OK. They were more than OK. Each had tested the physical limits of his buddy in the sweaty arena they always found sexually charged with athletic testosterone - the gym.

Their hearts were beating hard beneath them, partly from physical strain, but mostly from their intensely erotic feelings for each other. They raised their heads, locked eyes and crawled painfully toward each other. They managed weak smiles, licked the sweat from the other's face, then clamped their mouths together, to the roar of more cheers from the boys.

"That was epic guys," came Bob's voice from above. They broke apart, rolled over on their backs and stared up at him. Jason said, "But it was a draw, no loser, so no fucking." The boys all looked at Bob in disappointment and Kyle said regretfully, "That's true, sir."

"Not necessarily," Bob said, pacing round and stroking his stubbled chin in thought. Bringing his legal training to bear he was like a courtroom judge (albeit a shirtless one) tussling with a point of law. "You see, the truth can often have two sides like a coin. In this case what we have is two winners - but, by the same token, two losers, which presents us with several choices.

"One - we break the tie and toss a coin to determine which guy fucks the other. Two - as winners, neither guy gets fucked. Three - as losers, both guys get fucked. Tough choice. It's the kind of decision that is usually turned over to a jury. Of course we need twelve for a jury but, in view of the urgency of the matter, with the pride of two jocks at stake, I rule that we can go with four .... namely, you boys."

They all perked up. They loved Bob always, of course, but especially when he was being solemn like this, with his semi-serious tongue-in-cheek act and the hint of a sparkle in the corner of his eye. Plus the fact that he had no shirt on.

"OK, the table will have to do as the jury box. Gentlemen, be seated. The four boys eagerly took their places perched on the edge of the table, giggling and jostling each other so Bob cautioned them sternly, "The jury will come to order. And you will not discuss the case among yourselves until we have a verdict." The boys sat still and forced serious expressions onto their faces, with the solemn responsibility of having the fate of two men in their hands.

"Gentlemen of the jury, I shall place three alternatives before you and you must vote for one only. We'll do it with a show of hands. Number one - shall we choose which of the defendants fucks the other?" The boys didn't move. "No votes."

"Right, number two - shall neither of the defendants get fucked?" No movement. "Again, no votes.

"Number three - shall both of the defendants get their asses fucked?" Four arms shot in the air and waved frantically in an over-the-top display of enthusiastic agreement.

"Right, we have a verdict," Bob intoned. "Both asses get fucked. Gentlemen of the jury, thank you for your service and you are now free to discuss the case. You are discharged ..." his voice lowered confidentially "... but I strongly suggest you stick around. Should be quite a show."

Bob turned to Adam and Jason who had been sitting on the ground with looks of amusement and affection. "Gentlemen, a jury of four good men and true has decided your fate. You are both to get fucked in the ass. Sentenced to be carried out immediately. Court dismissed."


Jason and Adam helped each other to their feet and walked rather unsteadily back to the gym. The boys followed them and stood at a respectful distance to watch the sentence (or rather two sentences) carried out. Bob had said the four boys were free to discuss the case and they took him at his word, talking animatedly about their role and the decision they had come to.

Ben looked up at Bob standing with them and asked, "Sir, you said the jurors could talk about the case but can we whack off while we watch the sentence being carried out?"

"Well," Bob said doubtfully, "that would be unusual and would need the dispensation of a judge."

"But you're the judge, sir ... can't you, like, depenserate?"

"Hmm," Bob frowned, then smiled. "OK, as you all seem to want to I guess it would do no harm. Go ahead and .... Oh, I see you already are." Before he finished speaking they had ripped open their shorts, yanked out their cocks and were already stroking them watching the naked jocks prepare."

"And now," Bob said, "we do need a coin toss to see who goes first. Bob fished a quarter from his pocket, flipped it and slapped it on the back of his hand. "Heads for cock, tails for ass. Your call, Adam. "Heads," Adam said without hesitation.

"Heads it is," Bob smiled. "Adam's cock, Jason's ass. Go to it guys."

The men gazed at each other with a hint of a smile and Jason swung into full narcissist mode. He reached up and grabbed the gymnastic rings hanging from long ropes and, thanks to Randy, right in front of a mirror. The boys beat their cocks faster as they saw the blond, naked muscle-god stretched before the mirror, admiring his own sculptured body as he twisted and flexed.

When Bob had earlier taken his shirt off the boys knew how sexy it was when a beautiful man seemed unaware of his beauty - took it all in stride. But the opposite was also true. There was something about a man who knew just how gorgeous he was and flaunted it. The more he got off on his reflection the more he drew attention to his looks and turned on anyone watching him.

The Aussie faced him and kissed him hard on the lips. He pulled back and smiled, "You're a real gorgeous bloke, mate.... and that ass...." He reached behind Jason and cupped the hard mounds of his ass in his hands. "Oh, man, since the moment we started working out I wanted to slide my rod in that perfect butt. And now I've been ordered to. So brace yourself, mate."

He walked behind him, looked over his shoulder and grinned at their reflections in the mirror. Adam reached round and ran his hands over the slabs of Jason's chest. Then he licked his thumbs and gently massaged his buddy's nipples between forefinger and thumb. Jason moved his head from side to side and moaned, "Shit, that feels awesome, man."

"You feel my dick pressing against your ass? You want it, man? Tell me you want it."

"Yeah, stud, I want it bad. Come on, buddy. Fuck my ass. Let me feel it. Aaaah......" He moaned loudly as he felt the Aussie's shaft driving into his ass, deeper and deeper down his chute until he felt wiry pubic hair pressing against his ass cheeks. His muscles flexed as his body twisted in front of the mirror. It was one thing for Jason to get off on his own image, as he did so often, but watching himself get fucked by the muscular Aussie was ten times better.

The boys were now pumping their dicks hard as they watched the two workout partners fuck, the dark-haired one driving his rod like a piston inside the flawless ass of the blond, his writhing muscles rippling in the sun. Adam grabbed Jason's hips and pulled him back onto his cock, harder and harder, making the handsome blond face wince in pain.

"Take it, man," Adam said. "How's it feel to have your ass impaled on a huge Aussie prong, mate? Feel good?"

"Yeah .... Aaah .... Shit it feels fucking great." He gazed at the mirror mesmerized by his own image. "Look at that hot fireman getting fucked by his gym buddy. Fucking incredible, man." Exhilarated by the sight of his upstretched body Jason knew how to display it to the max. He tightened his grip on the rings and pulled himself up a foot off the ground.

As Jason hung there swinging from the ropes Adam took full advantage of his ass suspended in midair. Still holding his hips Adam found it easier to slam the fireman's ass back onto his cock. He pushed Jason far forward, off his cock, then let momentum take over. Jason swung backward and impaled his own ass on the Aussie's battering ram.

The boys held their breath in disbelief and Ben especially pumped his cock harder. He had never seen his master look more beautiful and watching the muscle-jock's straining body swing forward and back on Adam's cock sent the boy over the edge. He walked forward, stood close to Jason and shouted, "Thank you, sir .... you're making me cuuuum...!" Ben blasted a long stream of semen that splashed onto Jason's chest and ran down over his razor-sharp abs.

"Don't cum, Jason," Bob warned softly, but that didn't apply to Adam. Seeing the naked fireman smothered in his boy's cum stoked the Aussie's adrenaline and he felt cum swelling his cock. He pushed Jason far forward, paused, then slammed his ass back onto his cock that blasted a load of juice deep in his gym buddy's ass as howls bounced off the glass.


It took a Herculean effort for Jason to hold back his own orgasm as he felt Adam's cum pouring inside him. He was so close that he frantically pulled his ass off the dripping cock, grabbed the back of Adam's neck and pushed him forward to the bench press.

Adam leaned forward and braced his arms by grabbing the bar at waist height, his body arched, legs splayed behind him, feet firmly planted on the floor. He was facing Bob and the boys and, more importantly, the globes of his ass, white against his tan lines, were pointing up at the blond jock behind him. Jason scooped the cum off his own abs and used it to lubricate his pulsing cock. "Payback time," he shouted. "Here it comes, stud."

He pressed the head of his cock into the soft, dark hair round the Aussie's butt, then drove it mercilessly into his ass. Adam threw his head back, his eyes opened wide and he yelled at the sudden penetration deep in his gut. The rugged Aussie was always a dominant top-man - except for now, submitting his ass to the blond athlete. Beating their cocks again the boys stared at the handsome face contorted in pain, at his flexing shoulders and biceps as he braced against the bar.

But the pain in Adam's ass was nothing to the agony in Jason's cock that had been building cum throughout the gym session and especially when his ass got ploughed. He lost all restraint now and his blond hair tossed wildly as he strengthened the onslaught on the macho bodybuilder, pile-driving his ass with his throbbing dick.

With wide-eyed wonder the boys watched the blond muscle-god take savage revenge on the agonized Aussie who was now staring straight at his boy, Nate. Nate stared into the dark brown eyes and whispered, "I love you, sir. You look so hot, so sexy, I think I'm gonna ...." He stood up, pointed his cock at his master and, with a choking sigh, poured hot jizz onto his face.

That did it for Jason and, at last, he released the whole load of pent-up jism that had been building for so long. "Yeah .... fuck yeah," he howled as the hot liquid slammed deep inside his gym-buddy's ass. It filled his ass, oozed out the sides, and ran down his legs in a seemingly never-ending stream. They remained silent, their breath heaving, hearts thumping, having finally done what they both wanted from the time they arrived. Their show had ended.

And then Bob took over.


Barefoot and shirtless in cargo shorts Bob faced the two men as Jason pulled out and they stood up straight. "Great show, guys," Bob grinned, "two gorgeous athletes competing, then pounding each other's ass. But so far the action here has been all about you. Our four-man jury here has been discharged, true, but they deserve recognition for their verdict which turned out to be exactly the right one. Only the judge can decide that ... and I'm the judge. So ... on your hands and knees, guys."

Bob grabbed the back of their necks and pushed them in front of the mirror where they obediently knelt and leaned forward, hands on the ground, doggy style. Instinctively they raised their heads and stared at each other, side by side.

"So far," Bob said, "the boys could only stand back and watch. Only Nate and Ben have shot their loads so far, so we'll give them time to catch their breath. All this time I have made the twins hold back for the right moment ... and that moment is now. Kevin, Kyle, the floor's yours.

The lithe, muscular twins, with smiles on their handsome young faces, walked up to the men kneeling on all fours. Kyle knelt behind Adam, Kevin behind Jason. Acting calmly and, as always, in unison, they probed the men's holes with their fingers, feeling them slick with cum. No need for lube, so they pushed their cocks between the cheeks and eased inside them. The symmetry was perfect as the brothers began a long, slow fuck, gentle but highly erotic.

Adam and Jason stared into the mirror at the exotic image of the young twins, identical in their beauty and in their actions. The men knew they were both feeling exactly the same sensations and pleasures - it was like getting gently fucked by the same boy at the same time. Lulled into a state of bliss the men turned to look at each other ... and kissed. All thoughts of their battle for supremacy dissolved in the fluid tenderness of the boys.

The men finally broke apart and gazed again at the twins' mirror image, seeing double, feeling double. Their youthful muscles rippled as they moved and the sun streamed straight down on their angelic faces. The action was prolonged but at last the twins glanced at each other, then Kevin said into the mirror, "Gentlemen, my brother and I are going to cum inside you. We will do it together and we hope you will too. Please kiss each other again, sirs. We like that."

They didn't need telling twice. Again they turned to each other and their mouths locked in an act of love formed in the crucible of virile combat. At exactly the same moment they felt warm juice pouring inside them - no shouts, just gentle sighs. They shared the same air, the same elation, and released streams of semen that gathered in twin pools on the ground before them.


"You boys ready yet?" Bob was addressing Nate and Ben who were impatiently waiting their turn. "Ready and willing, sir," Nate grinned. The twins leaned forward and kissed the napes of the men's necks, then slid their cocks out, stood up and made room for their buddies. Nate instinctively stood behind his master Adam, and Ben behind Jason. But Bob said, "No, no, that won't do, you guys can do that any night of the week. Try this..." and he switched them around.

Nate had always been turned on by Jason's ass (they all were) and Ben licked his lips at the thought of topping the handsome Aussie. They fell to their knees and, with none of the twins' finesse, clamped their hands on the ass cheeks and shoved their dicks between them. The men winced but the initial pain quickly subsided and they gave into the novelty of being ploughed by the other man's boy - Jason by the cheeky young Aussie and Adam by the sexy boy gypsy.

The boys eagerly pounded away, enraptured by the sight of the two muscle-jock buddies getting hammered by a couple of boys. Nate looked across at Adam and said, "Sir, you were so great today, are you gonna fuck me tonight ... please, sir?"

"If you're good," Adam panted.

"Oh we'll be real good, sir." He grinned at Ben. "Let's show them how good, dude."

Joyfully they pounded harder and harder with the inevitable result. Pretty soon they started to yell and each one stared down at his own cock pistoning into the muscle-jocks ass. "I gotta cum dude," Ben yelled at Nate. "Ready when you are," Nate replied .... "in fact, right now!"

For the third time that day Adam and Jason felt cum streaming into their asses, their groans drowned out by the jubilant shouts of the boys. Adam waited for the boys' cocks to drain, then grinned at Nate. "OK, mate, that does it. Be warned, tonight you get your ass hammered." Jason stared at Ben, "That goes double for you, punk ... even if I have to tie you down."


The ensuing silence was broken by the sound of two hands clapping. The boys had stood up and joined the twins and now Bob was circling, slowly clapping his hands in appreciation of the men's endurance. Everyone knew that Bob was the only one of them who had not yet cum and now he was pacing like a predatory animal. The two jocks were still on their knees and their dicks were already hard at sight of the Superman lookalike gazing down at them.

"So," Bob said, back in the courtroom. The defendants and the jury have had their say, in no uncertain terms. But judges are human too. They gotta get their rocks off like any man." The two men and four boys all gasped as Bob undid his shorts and let them drop, leaving him buck naked, his magnificent body gleaming in the sun, his huge cock swaying between his legs.

Adam and Jason looked up at him in lustful anticipation but Bob glanced down at the cum oozing out of their asses and said. "Hmm, not sure I want to settle for sloppy seconds though - or sloppy fourths in this case."

He taunted them by stroking his cock and they looked up at him in the mirror. Jason, for once ignoring his own mirror image, stared at Bob and murmured, "Please, man. We want it ... bad." Adam said, "You're the boss. Do it, stud .... You want us to beg?"

Bob relented. "OK, move closer to the mirror." Eagerly they shuffled forward on hands and knees until their faces were almost touching the glass. Bob dropped to his knees behind them and said, "You two guys are helluva narcissistic, but that's fine. Randy gets real turned on when he tells me to make love to myself in a mirror while he fucks me, and now I wanna see that from his point of view. I think you know what I mean, guys."

He moved behind Jason and looked down at his cum-splashed ass. "Jeez, Adam was right ... that is one spectacular set of buns. What, you firemen do squats all day in your gym? Still, I know it's been fucked three times already, so maybe it can't take another big dick."

"No, man ... I mean yes, it can, it wants it .... I want it buddy. Aaaah ..." He sighed as he felt Bob's long rod slide down his chute. He looked up at Bob's reflection, at his hard pecs, ripped abs, biceps flexing as his hands squeezed his ass. And that face, those chiseled square-jawed features, his tousled dark hair falling over his brow. He was getting fucked by Superman.

The feeling of Bob's cock in his ass was exquisite, with the same gentleness as his twins, but packed with all the strength and power of the ultimate muscle-god. "Man," Jason sighed, "that feels incredible .... I wanna touch you, kiss that gorgeous face."

"How about settling for second best?" Bob smiled with a playful hint of arrogance. "Normally you don't need to be told this but .... look at yourself, Jason, not me." Jason obeyed and stared at the face of a hot young athlete getting fucked by a flawlessly handsome bodybuilder. "Looks great, uh," Bob said softly behind him. "The kind of blond jock you wanna make love to. Show me how much you want him, big guy."

Bob's hypnotic voice and the beauty of his own face consumed Jason and it was as if he walked through the mirror. He pressed his lips against glass, kissing the face in the mirror, grinding their lips together while he felt the long rod piercing his ass. As the fuck intensified, so did his lust for himself. Kissing himself he had the other-worldly sensation of fucking himself too. His passion mounted and he was about to make himself cum when suddenly the fucking ceased and he crashed back to earth.

Bob quickly transferred his cock to Adam's ass and the Aussie smiled up at Bob's reflection. "You are so fucking amazing, man. No wonder Randy is so damn wild about you. Fuck, you could make a man do anything."

"Even make love to himself?"

"You son of a bitch," Adam said. "OK, I said anything and I meant it." He lowered his eyes and stared at his own face. Adam was not narcissistic like Jason, but he admired his own looks, got off on them in the way most gym studs do, and now as he stared at his own ruggedly handsome features and heard Bob's seductive words he found a new level of self-love.

He leaned forward as Jason had done and discovered the fantasy of kissing his own lips. They were cold, but he saw his face reflected in his own eyes, like infinity mirrors, and he was momentarily launched into a world where he didn't have to be tough and decisive.

As the cock in his ass gathered force he saw another face in the mirror come close to his. It was Jason, the gym buddy he always lusted for, and in an instant the four men, two real, two mirror images, were kissing each other ravenously in a sexual fantasy of man-on-man lust. Bob had started out with the twins' tenderness but was now fucking with Randy's savagery.

He felt Adam's ass contracting, ready for orgasm so he quickly pulled out and pounded Jason with the same savagery for a few seconds. Then he pulled out, got to his feet, grabbed their hair and pulled them back so their hands left the floor and they were kneeling straight up staring at the mirror.

Reflexively they grabbed their cocks and began to pound them in their fists, gazing at the mirror in disbelief. Each man saw himself and the buddy he had just made love to ... and the stunning Superman standing behind them beating his meat. It was a spectacular sight ... two handsome muscle jocks and the magnificent man who had taken charge and now towered over them.

"You know what to do, men," Bob said. "Show me how much you love each other - and yourselves. Their ragged breathing came in sobs, every muscle flexed as their bodies went rigid and .... "Aaaagh" Three shouts bounced back off the mirror and three long streams of cum slammed against the glass, diffusing the images of the exultant men like a movie fading to black, ending the show and bringing the audience back to the real world.


After thunderous applause from the boys Bob helped Adam and Jason to their feet and the boys rushed forward, fell on their knees and greedily sucked their masters' jizz from off the glass. The men broke apart from a three-way kiss and Bob said, "I don't know about you guys but I'm starved. As Randy would say, "What the fuck's the delay? Where's the fucking food?"

"We'll get right on it, sir," said the twins. Looking firmly at Nate and Ben, Kevin said. "Alone this time, dudes - it's faster that way." They dropped their shorts, dived into the pool, got straight out and ran bare-assed to the kitchen. They were masters of quick, improvised meals and in no time a feast was on the table by the pool.

The conversation was spirited, raucous even, and Adam smiled quizzically at Bob. Do you know how many times you've mentioned Randy today, mate? Does he live on your shoulder?"

Pretty much," Bob grinned - "and, man, is he heavy!" Just then his phone rang and he called for silence. "Hey Steve ... hold on a second." He muffled the phone and said, "It's Steve. As the tribe's therapist he said he would check in on the groups and make sure everything's cool."

He went back to the phone. "So what's up, Steve? ... Yeah, everything's terrific here. ... "Yeah Randy called me and told me the whole story - sounds as if they're acting like a bunch of savages up there in the woods - no surprise there - and Zack's been put through the ringer. What about your group up on Mulholland?"

Steve chuckled. "Oh, we got a few things to sort out. I wanna make sure this three-way thing with Hassan, Mario and Eddie is on the level. I mean, it's a bit of a stretch - a husky Marine Captain, a sophisticated Italian gardener, and an urchin with a dirty face, all sharing each other's affections. Like I said, bit of a long shot. But Lloyd and I will make sure nobody gets hurt. I've got my methods."

Bob laughed. "Yeah, I'm familiar with your 'methods', doc. We've all been subjected to them at one time or another. .... Yeah, yeah, I promise I'll call you if we have any problems but judging from the action here so far I don't think that's likely. Later, dude .... have fun."

He shut off the phone and grinned, "Hell, those two brothers not only look alike but they have the same protective instincts to take care of the tribe. Only difference is Steve uses his brain and Randy uses his fists."

"How's Eddie doing, sir?" asked Ben, anxious for his friend, one of the 'three amigos'. I mean after what happened to him last time when Hassan put him to work shoveling dirt and then him and Steve and Lloyd made him suck their dicks all afternoon."

Bob ruffled the young gypsy's hair. "Well I don't recall Eddie complaining about sucking those musclehunks' dicks. He's never been happier. And I don't think they'll make him shovel dirt this time. My guess is he'll have a blast. 'Course, I don't know what Steve has in mind."

"Oh Steve's OK," Ben said confidently. He's Randy's brother - mine too - and Randy don't let him get away with shit. Actually, the three of us are a real peaceful family."

The other boys laughed and Nate said, "Huh, you can tell that to the Marines."

"Well," Ben said, "all's I know about the Marines is Hassan. Now he's another story."


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 259


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