Eddie had spent a mind-blowing afternoon with Hassan and Mario in the excitement of being treated like their captive sex slave. Then Steve and Lloyd had shown up to help with their earth-digging project - and to help tame Eddie, who had the thrill of serving all four shirtless laborers, ending with a cum-bath that almost drowned him in semen.

The next day Darius naturally 'debriefed' him, filming him as he gave all the boys a blow by blow account of his adventures in the dirt. Eddie had by now fully embraced the idea of himself, Hassan and Mario becoming a threesome and he ended his story by throwing his arm over Mario's shoulder saying, "Yeah, and me and Mario are gonna spend the weekend with Hassan at Steve and Lloyd's house. Doc Steve, him being a shrink and all, says he wants to make sure everything's ... copostatic ... with us."

"Copacetic," Mario corrected him gently.

"Yeah, like I said, hunky-dory."

Eddie then made his peace with Mario's long-time friend Brandon, who was all for the new arrangement. "Tell you the truth," Brandon said, "I was feeling a bit guilty about Mario. I mean, him and me were such good buddies and I kinda neglected him after I became Pete's boy. But he's gonna have a great time with you and that hunky Marine."

Just then Randy called Pablo and Darius into a meeting he was having with Zack and Pete in Brandon's apartment next door. Randy, aimed his remarks at the boys. "Guys, you and your crew are working so damn hard on that house I want us all to take a time-out this weekend.

"Now me and Zack are gonna be test driving two new Harleys we might buy which means we'll have four bikes for the weekend. So how about we spend a couple of days on a bike run? I would take Pablo, of course, Zack will have Darius, and Mark could bring Jamie - give Jamie and you, Pablo, a chance to prove you really have called a truce and are best buds now.

He looked at Pete. "I know you enjoy getting into leather and taking out one of the Harleys for a spin, Pete. So, what are the chances of you bringing Brandon? Think he'd be safe riding behind you?"

"You know, Randy, I've been thinking for a long time that I'd like to do that," Pete said. "I want Brandon to have all the same experiences as the other boys but .... well ... I already did some checking and the bike would need a few modifications so he and his wheelchair could come with us."

'Damn right he's coming with us," Pablo said decisively. "We're not gonna leave Brandon behind. Think how that would make him feel. Hell, that's what I do for a living, fix machines, so Darius and me could sure as hell make the bike safe for the kid, what d'ya say dude?

"No question about it," Darius grinned. "It would be great for Brandon to go on a trip with the three senior boys. So that's settled."

Randy and Zack beamed with pride at their boys and their determination and concern for Brandon. "So that's it I guess, men," Randy grinned. "You heard what my chief mechanic said - it's settled. By the way, I did mention this to Bob and he said he'd prefer to stay home and catch up on some paperwork he has. He's gonna invite Jason and Ben, Adam and Nate to spend the weekend with him and the twins. Says he don't see enough of them."

"Hm," Zack said, "so it looks like the tribe will split into three for a couple a days - Hassan, Eddie and Mario at Steve and Lloyd's - Bob, the Aussie, the fireman and their boys in domestic bliss at the house - and that leaves us eight bikers on the road. More stories for the archives, Darius. Get your camera ready."


And so the boys worked hard on the renovations of the bungalow that was to be the home of Pete and Brandon, and as the week wore on the excitement mounted for the upcoming weekend 'time-out' as Randy called it. The 'three amigos', Eddie, Ben and Brandon, would be spilt up, each of them going with a different one of the three groups, but they didn't mind.

Ben was real stoked about the prospect of spending the whole time with his master - the gorgeous fireman, Jason - showing him off at Bob's house with the twins and the two Aussies from next door, Adam and Nate. The gym jocks Jason and Adam were close buddies but always a bit competitive in their workout routines and, it had to be said, in their physical vanity. But Bob would be there to referee.

Eddie, as he had said, looked forward to a weekend with Hassan and Mario at the house of Doctor Steve and his architect lover Lloyd. The boy's cock, as always, got hard thinking about being the junior boy surrounded by four majorly hot studs - as he had been when the cloudburst of cum poured down on him.

And Brandon was excited, though a bit nervous, about his participation in the eight-man motorcycle run, for which preparations were in full swing. Pablo and Darius were working eagerly on the modification to one of the Harleys so Brandon could ride behind Pete.

A couple of days before the group took off, the two mechanics proudly presented the bike to Pete and Brandon. They had fitted a high backrest behind the passenger seat with a strap attached to it, plus a rack on the back of the bike with clamps to hold the folded wheelchair. Pete thanked them warmly and Brandon was moved by their affection for him. But he was still a bit nervous as he had never ridden on the back of a motorcycle before, and this big Harley was kind of scary.

So they decided on a test run to make the ride less intimidating. Pete picked Brandon up out of his wheelchair and placed him gently on the back seat of the bike. "Feel comfortable?" Pete asked. Brandon wriggled on the seat, leaned against the backrest and said, "Yeah, real good thank you, sir. But I'll feel even better with a man to hold onto - such as you, sir."

"What d'ya mean, 'such as me'? You know damn well it's gonna be me, kiddo. Master up front - boy behind. Here, strap yourself in." The strap was attached to the backrest and it was easy for Brandon to pull the two ends round his waist and buckle up. Pete smiled approvingly, threw his leg over the front seat and kick-started the bike. He was wearing jeans and a thin T-shirt, so when Brandon wrapped his arms round him he felt the razor-sharp abs rippling under it.

"Feel OK, kid?"

"More than OK, sir. Feels so good it gives me a boner."

"No problem," Pablo laughed, "we took that into consideration when we fitted the backrest - far enough back to accommodate boy plus boner. We figured that holding onto the Ranger you'd have a more-or-less permanent hard-on so we allowed for that. See, we custom fit accessories to fit the client's needs, boners included. Here's the helmet we got you. Has to be a snug fit."

It fit perfectly and the boys grinned at Brandon who looked especially cute blinking behind his black rimmed glasses under his black helmet. The other three put on their helmets (Randy insisted on helmets at all times, even for a short run like this) and Darius said, "Come on, Pablo, let's ride with them so we can see if it all works like it's s'posed to."

He got on the other Harley with Pablo behind him and they rode beside Pete's bike as they went slowly down the hill. The boys felt good that Brandon looked happy and comfortable and soon got used to the new sensation of holding onto his master with a bike throbbing beneath them. He felt so confident that he slid his hand up to Pete's chest and rubbed his thumbs against his nipples under the thin cotton.

"Hey, no fooling around, boy," Pete said strictly. "Safety first, you know that."

"Sorry sir," Brandon said and replaced his arms round his waist. He grinned over at the two boys and raised his eyebrows mischievously, to be greeted by frowns of mock disapproval. To make the test feel real Pete even rode onto the Pasadena Freeway for a few miles, letting Brandon get used to freeway speeds.

"Well, that worked a treat," said Pablo when they got back to the house and Brandon was back in his wheelchair. Pete agreed. "That work for you, Brandon? Think you can hold onto me like that for a couple of hours?"

Brandon grinned, "Sir, I can hold on to you all day - and all night. But just the feel of you and the throbbing of the bike might make me shoot my wad a few times."

"Just as long as you got some jizz left for when I fuck that sweet ass of yours, kiddo."


The Saturday morning of the tribe's division into three groups inevitably brought a noisy buzz of exaggerated farewells among the boys as if they were leaving forever. Most of their over-the-top exuberance centered on Brandon who was already sitting astride the passenger seat of Pete's bike, blinking excitedly behind his glasses. Pete had bought him a pair of black leather pants and he was wearing boots and a black T-shirt.

"Dude, that looks seriously hot," Eddie said as he and Ben checked him out, making sure the strap was snug around his waist. The 'three amigos' always took care of each other. Pablo and Darius were strapping Brandon's wheelchair on the rack at the back and Jamie was helping Mark load the gear onto the other three bikes. The twins had brought out packets of food that should keep them going all weekend.

Randy and Zack were checking out the two brand new Harleys whose trial run was the ostensible reason for the trip. The men had decided that they would go up to the wild area of rugged canyons, woods and streams that the Marines sometimes used for maneuvers. Hassan had taken Zack up there some time ago and the memory of their sexual combat there still gave them hard-ons when they thought about it.

"So you remember the way up there?" Hassan said to Zack.

"Soldier, I remember every detail of that trip," Zack grinned. "You and me should do it again sometime - a sort of grudge match - let you get even."

"Any time, stud," Hassan said he had checked with his Marine command and reassured Zack that no Marines would be using it this weekend. "So you'll have the place all to yourselves - for better or worse," he smiled, rubbing his ass, recalling how Zack's dick had pounded it.

So finally the convoy was ready to move. Zack and Darius were both dressed identically - shirtless in leather pants and boots. Randy wore jeans, boots and an old work tank-top that the houseboy Nate had done his best to wash, leaving it still stained but at least not stinking of sweat and cum. Mark wore jeans and the black ribbed tank-top that he knew was Jamie's favorite. Jamie and Pablo wore jeans and old, loose T-shirts.

Pete looked spectacular and drew gasps from the boys, wearing leather pants like his boy, and a black leather vest that hung open, exposing the hard slabs of his pecs and his ripped abs. As the Ranger swung his leg over the bike in front of Brandon, Brandon looked cockily at the other boys and flamboyantly put on his helmet and pulled the straps tight under his chin. Then he wrapped his arms round the Rangers naked waist.

"I want a feel of that when you get back, dude," Eddie laughed. Hassan clamped his hand over his boy's mouth and growled, "You're mine, kid, and don't you forget it."

Final goodbyes were said, including Randy and Bob who said, "Take care of them, buddy."

"Don't I always take care of my family?" Randy grinned. "And the minute I get back I'm gonna take care of you, big guy. You better be ready."

"Always, you know that - naked and willing." They fell into each other's arms and kissed voraciously while everyone waited on their bikes with the engines running.

"Hey, stud," Mark yelled. "If you can ever stop mouth-fucking your man there let's get this show on the road." Randy whispered to Bob, "And I'll take care of Mark too. I'll fuck him for you."

He swung his leg over his bike and kick-started it. They all put on their helmets and they were off, with Randy and Zack riding side my side in the lead with Pablo and Darius, and Mark and Pete behind them, with Jamie keeping an eye on Brandon. The boys who were left behind cheered and the twins slid their arms round Bob's waist seeing tears in his eyes.

"Right," Hassan said to Eddie, "in my jeep, kiddo. Steve and Lloyd are waiting breakfast for us up on Mulholland." He smiled at Bob. "Have fun down here. Hell, how can you avoid it with the Aussie and the fireman and their boys? I'd look in on you but me and Eddie will be tied up with Steve and Lloyd all weekend - I speak metaphorically."

"Sure you do," Bob teased. "I've seen their basement, you know. Go on, take your hot young gusher and get out of here."

As the jeep sped away Bob turned to the twins. 'OK, boys, Jason and Ben, and Adam and Nate will be here soon for brunch, so I'll give you a hand in the kitchen. Do you know what you'll be cooking?"

"Duh!" Kevin said cheekily, while Kyle looked at Bob in mock horror. "Oh no! No one said we gotta cook," - adding in his best Butterfly McQueen high-pitched voice, "Massa, we don't know nothin' 'bout doin' no cookin'.

"Well you better learns fast, boys," Bob grinned. "Come on, I'll show you how it's done. It's easy when you know how." He threw his arms over their shoulders and led them to the kitchen.


Out on the highway it wasn't long before Randy set the pace of the ride - not as fast as he usually rode out of consideration for the guys following him. Occasionally he and Zack opened up the new Harleys to test them at top speed, much to the delight of Pablo and Darius, but they soon dropped back to let the others catch up.

Behind them Jamie was keeping a watchful eye on Brandon, and Pete looked back at him often and shouted, "Doing OK, kid?" They needn't have worried because Brandon was having a blast - turned on as much by the speed as by the feel of the Rangers bare skin and washboard abs as he gripped his arms tightly round him. The thrill was second only to the feel of Pete's arms round him when they slept at night.

After a couple of hours they swung off the freeway and began the ascent into the canyon along the narrow winding road, where they had to ride in single file with Zack taking the lead as he knew the spot where he and Hassan had stopped before, the site of their wild sex contest. Eventually Zack led them off the road and onto a winding dirt trail that ended at the stream.

It was a clearing in the trees where a small waterfall made the stream widen into a deep pool, even bigger than usual thanks to a recent series of rain storms, an unusual occurrence in sun parched Southern California. They circled the bikes round the clearing and quickly unloaded their gear - ground sheets, blankets, the copious amounts of food and drink the twins had packed, and two small hibachis in case they wanted to heat anything up. Plus, of course, Brandon's wheelchair.

For a moment they all stood around in excited anticipation until, as always, Randy took the lead. It was clear that there was lust in his eyes as he looked at Mark. It wasn't so long since the always combative construction boss and the authoritative cop had finally buried the hatchet, admitted their love for each other and become a threesome with Bob. Ever since then, whenever they were together the lust they had so long denied rose to the surface.

Now Randy stripped off his tank top and said to Mark, "Hey, officer, I'm gonna wash off the grime of the road. Wanna join me in the shower?" He nodded toward the waterfall. Pablo and Jamie, who had also recently patched up their quarrel (always mirroring their masters) took their cue from Randy and Mark. "Wanna explore further upstream, dude?"

Jamie jumped at the chance. "Sure thing - let's grab a couple of beers."

When they had gone Darius grinned at Brandon and said facetiously, "I thought they'd never leave - gives us a chance to get better acquainted, eh, dude? The path's mighty rough here so I'll push, OK?" Brandon usually liked to preserve his independence but the prospect of being pushed in his wheelchair by the handsome black leather-boy was kinda hot .... he had always admired Darius, usually from afar. So they took off.

"Looks like our boys have deserted us, Ranger," Zack said. "And these two," he nodded at Randy and Mark watching each other strip naked, "clearly have eyes only for each other. Much as I'd like to watch, we don't wanna cramp their style, eh? Tell you what, though ... that time I was here with Hassan he showed me a place those boys will never find. It's kinda special. Great place to kick back with a good buddy and a six-pack." He picked up the beer and the two leathermen, shirtless in black leather pants and boots strode off.

The hawks wheeling noisily high overhead had literally a birds-eye view of the four couples as they went their separate ways - Randy and Mark in the pool; their boys Pablo and Jamie exploring upstream; Darius pushing an excited Brandon along the stony path; and the two leathermen, Zack and Pete, headed for Zack's 'special place'.

The birds watched them all disperse and squealed to each other in apparent confusion over which couple to follow. Then they made their choice ... and swooped after Pablo and Jamie.

Hawks have a unique talent for detecting heat on the ground.


The birds made the right choice. There was a lot of heat between Pablo and Jamie though neither boy would acknowledge it to himself, let alone admit it to the other. "Shit, those fucking birds are making a racket," Pablo said.

"Damn right .... they seem all worked up over something. You think they're following us?"

Pablo laughed. "If they are maybe we should give them something to feast their eyes on ... just kidding."

Was he? Deep down they both had a sense that he wasn't joking but they suppressed the thought, even though their cocks stirred in their jeans. As they followed the stream and climbed higher it became more rocky and they realized that the water ran downhill over a succession of small rocky waterfalls. Far below them they knew that Randy and Mark were alone together showering under a waterfall - and probably more besides - and the boys always instinctively acted in parallel with their masters.

By now they were both sweating under the fierce heat of the noon sun and Pablo said, "Shit, dude, I'm fucking soaked. How about we stop for a beer - this looks like just the spot."

It was almost a twin of where their masters were - a small waterfall splashing over the rocks and ending in a shallow pool before the stream continued downhill. They pulled off their sweaty T-shirts and kicked off their boots. Then, in an attack of modesty, they half turned their backs to each other and dropped their jeans and shorts, glancing surreptitiously at each other over their shoulders.

Naked, they waded into the pool and sat on the rocks, letting the water splash on their backs. "Feels great, eh dude?" said Jamie, still not making eye contact. The modesty now came from the sensation in his cock that, with an apparent mind of its own, grew stiffer as they sat side by side, their shoulders touching. He twisted his hips hoping Pablo would not notice. He was unaware that Pablo was having the same problem, and with the same reticence.

It was only recently that they had healed the breach between them - a wide breach following a long period of animosity caused by their co-equal status as senior boys and Pablo's insecurity that he might be dethroned as the 'boss's boy'. As in most things, it mirrored the antagonism between their masters, which had ended when the gypsy boss and the cop admitted that they had always lusted for each other. Hence their wanting to be alone with each other now.

But so far, the budding friendship between the boys had merely taken the form of an initial handshake and a hug, followed by the manly comradeship of two regular buddies. Any sexual dalliances they may have had in the past they chalked up to adolescent boyhood. Now they saw themselves as macho jocks, two of the senior boys, living up to their masters' image of rugged masculinity (ignoring the fact that those masters were probably fucking right now).

So it would have been as unthinkable to admit to any sexual desire between them as it would with any two regular jocks in a locker room. They were just two good buddies, right? Which explained their current inhibitions.

Those inhibitions, and a stiff cock, caused Pablo to say, "I'm gonna soak in the pool, bro, and really cool off." He slid off the rocks and crouched down so he was neck deep in water, his boner safely hidden. For the same reason Jamie quickly followed him, but as he climbed down off the rocks his foot slipped on a lower one and he fell head first into the pool.

Completely off balance he tumbled on top of Pablo and they both submerged. They broke the surface supporting each other, their faces streaming with water, lips inches apart, eyes gazing at each other through a film of water. For a second their lips almost touched, then Jamie sprang back and sputtered, "Sorry, man, my foot slipped. Lucky you were there to catch me, I could have hit my head on a rock." His attempt at normalcy was unconvincing but Pablo grabbed at it.

"No sweat, dude. The rocks are slippery here but no harm done." No harm was done - quite the reverse - but they were still embarrassed by their erections and hoped that the cold water would soon take care of that. The water at this elevation was really cold, but they were mistaken if they thought it would shrink their cocks. On the contrary they got harder in the uneasy silence as they tried, and failed, to avoid eye contact.

Finally Pablo felt so cold that, without a word, he pulled himself out of the pool, walked quickly to where they had left the beers and flopped on his back in the sun streaming through the trees. He pulled his T-shirt over his erect cock but it looked stupid hanging over it like a circus tent. It only attracted attention to it so he thought of pulling on his undershorts but that would have been the same problem. Anyway, it was too late.

Jamie was walking out of the pool and Pablo tried to avert his eyes, but he was dazzled by the naked blond surfer with water streaming off his athletic body and square-jawed face. And there was no denying the long, rigid cock that stuck out before him like a homing device so Pablo tore his eyes away and tried to ignore it. (Good luck with that, as Darius would have said.) They were like two straight buddies fighting a mutual attraction - and failing

Jamie lay on his back beside Pablo and grabbed the other beer. Propped on their elbows they drank in silence, staring straight ahead - an absurd situation, even for two macho buddies, to ignore their twin erections. So Jamie forced a chuckle and said, "You too, uh, dude? Must be the cold water," with a complete lapse of logic.

He looked at Pablo's exotically beautiful mestizo face, wet hair hanging into his eyes, his heavily muscled body flexing, propped up on his elbows. "That's some boner you got there bro." Then, with another twist of logic, "Hard to believe it's still that hard after the cold water. Let's see if it's for real." Jamie let his hand stray over to Pablo's cock and he wrapped his hand round it 'to test its rigidity' as he told himself.

"Yup, it's hard alright. It's as hard as those fucking pecs you got on you." Hesitantly he began to stroke the cock as Pablo, trying to sound as butch as possible, said, "You should talk, bro. That thing you got there is standing up like a fucking flagpole." Emboldened by Jamie fingering his dick he grabbed Jamie's, covering up with a lame, "Yeah, a fucking flagpole."

Then there was silence as they at last allowed themselves to really feast their eyes on one another, their hard bodies, rippling abs and tight waists narrowing down to their crotches and the tall cocks rising up from a forest of pubic hair, black on one, blond on the other. They finally acknowledge, to themselves at least, that they had been building up a dormant volcano of hot lava - dormant until now as they beat their buddy's prong faster and faster."

"Shit," Jamie panted, "that bike throbbing under your balls really makes a guy horny. I've been dying to jack off ever since I got off it. But, hell, you can do the job, bro, since you're here. And I'll do the honors for you, OK."

"Fine with me, buddy. I'm always up for a little wrist action - usually on my own but, hey, what the hell?" They grinned at each other and pumped harder. Pablo said, "Did I ever tell you what a fucking hot stud you are, dude?"

"Not as I can recall," Jamie said breathlessly. "Then again, I don't recall telling you what a damn stallion you are, bro, with that face and all those fucking muscles. Man I wanna see that cock spill its jism all over that chest. You ready, big guy?"

"Ready when you are, big guy. Come on man, pound that cock. Damn that feels great ... it's making me .... this is it, bro .... now!" They howled in unison as the volcanoes erupted, spewing hot jizz that rose high over them and splashed down on their chests. Then they rolled over toward each other and sprayed cum over their buddy's cock, lubricating it so more cum blasted over each other.

When they were pumped dry they waited for their hearts to slow down, then they looked at each other with smiles that grew wider and wider into ecstatic laughter. "Fucking epic, man," Pablo yelled. "Yeah," Jamie said. "Only thing is, what the fuck took us so long?"


They were lying elbow-propped on their backs again, sipping the last of the beer. All inhibitions were quickly fading as Pablo said, "Man, all that fighting talk I've been doing for so long about hating you. You wanna know the truth? One of the things I hated about you was that you made my dick hard every time I saw you. You were my enemy but I wanted like hell to have sex with you. That's what made me insecure more than anything else. Confused too."

"You too, uh?" Jamie grinned. "You know all that boss's boy shit you threw around. Much as I hated it .... it turned me on. I mean, you really are a boss's boy, a junior version of Randy, with your fists-first attitude and your drill-sergeant mouth. I found it real hot and part of me wanted to cut you down to size and fuck your ass. The other part wanted to sit on your dick.

"But then, when we made up and became best buds I figured any idea of sex was out the window. I mean, we were like regular drinking buddies just hanging out together. Don't get me wrong, I liked that a lot, except for the boner in my pants. After we left each other I always had to go in the bathroom and pull off a quick on."

"Me too, dude," Pablo laughed. He raised his bottle but it was empty and he threw it down in disgust. "So much for drinking buddies. There's no more fucking beer."

"Sounds like our cue, kiddo, don't ya think?" Darius came through the trees pushing Brandon in his wheelchair. "Now see, what we got here, dude, is what's known as a total tragedy - two drinking buddies with no drink. Got any ideas?"

"Only this," Brandon grinned. He reached round to his saddlebag and "Ta-da!" he pulled out a six-pack of beer. "You two should start riding around in wheelchairs," he said. "Amazing what you can get in these saddlebags. This is gonna cost you though, guys." Pablo and Jamie pounced on him, grabbed a bottle each, twisted off the top and drank deeply.

Darius was staring down at the cum smothering their chest and abs. "Well lookee here," he said. "Holy shit, these too-cool-for-school muscle jocks finally broke down and had sex. And about fucking time. Always hanging around together like two butch straight guys, I knew there was a bromance brewing under those pants. What did you do, guys, jerk each other off? Two off the wrist?"

They smiled sheepishly in reply and Darius was scathing. "So you broke the ice with a couple a hand jobs. Well big fuckin' whoop. So that's the best the locker-room jocks can do these days. Hey, Brandon .... you collected on those beers yet?"

"Haven't decided on a price yet," Brandon grinned. "The figure that sticks in my mind is 69 so, if it's all the same to you, I'll take it out in trade. OK, you two, you do what I say and there's another bottle each for you. First of all, see that jizz on your buddy. Clean it off."

Pablo and Jamie didn't need telling twice. They were amused by Brandon giving orders but much more than that, they were lusting for each other's body even more now that the sex freeze between them had thawed. So they twisted round on their sides, facing each other head to toe, and began to lick the cum still running over their buddy's chest. They sucked the juice from between the ridges of their washboard abs, then moved lower to the cocks that had been soaked in cum too and were already standing up again like poles.

In unison they sucked the cum out of the pubic hair, spat out the wiry hairs, then gently licked all the way up their buddy's cock. When they came to the head they hesitated, but Darius blasted encouragement. "Now come on guys, remember what Eddie taught us all. Hell, that kid's given seminars in cock sucking so surely you know by now how to give a decent blowjob."

The boys barely heard Darius's commands and they certainly didn't need his encouragement. They licked the hard corona round the base of the head, then each one in unison lowered his face over the long rod and swallowed it down his throat. Their moans were muffled and their muscles flexed as they pressed their bodies together. It didn't take them long to synchronize their rhythms so, like all good 69 action, it felt like they were sucking their own cocks.

Darius and Brandon stared down at the two hot muscleboys going at it and Darius said, "Now that's what I really call buddies coming together - or they soon will be. Man, look at that - the blond surfer jock and the boss's boy sucking each other off. Makes me fucking horny."

"Makes me hungry - and thirsty," Brandon said, gazing up at the handsome black leatherboy, shirtless in tight leather pants hugging his hips, his ebony muscles dappled with sunlight shining through the leaves. He faced Brandon with legs astride, arms folded across his sculpted chest. With a malicious grin he said, "Can't have that, dude - my buddy thirsty and me with ten inches of prime beef loaded with jizz."

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his massive cock, hard as a battering ram, which in fact is just what it was. He walked forward and Brandon instinctively opened his mouth wide and gripped the arms of his wheelchair. The leatherboy slid his black rod inch by inch by inch down Brandon's throat and he swallowed the whole thing without gagging. He had paid rapt attention to Eddie's cocksucker seminars and knew exactly how to do it.

He loved the feel of the long hose snaking back up his throat to his mouth, he sucked on the head that oozed pre-cum, then breathed through his nose as the cock slid back in, even deeper than before. Glancing sideways at the two senior boys sucking and slurping Brandon was consumed by lust and it was evident from his wide eyes that he couldn't hold his jism back much longer.

So Darius suddenly pulled out and said, "Hey, buddy, you gotta get some of the action here too." He pulled him from his wheelchair and laid him gently on his back on the ground, right next to Pablo and Jamie, and stood over him with his stiff ten inches protruding from his leather pants. Staring up at him Brandon ripped open his own leather pants, pulled out his stiff dick and stroked it slowly, careful not to lose his load.

Darius lay down beside him, head to toe, and in an instant they were going down on each other. From then on it became a cocksucking orgy as the four boys sucked and slurped, groaning into the gags of the bulging cocks powering into their mouths.

Suddenly Jamie heaved himself and Pablo on top of Darius and Brandon and they were all wallowing in a confusion of cocks, switching from one to another, bringing one to the brink of orgasm, then abandoning it for another. Tears were streaming down their faces, pre-cum dripping from their cocks, hearts racing, as the boy orgy gathered steam.

Brandon was thrilled to be part of it with the three gorgeous senior boys and his mind raced. It even flashed for a crazy instant on the mathematical question of what two 69's added up to, before the thought was banished by the meatier problem of how to cope with so many cocks. At one point all three boys were kneeling round his face, taking turns fucking it.

The action and sounds of sucking were so intense that the boys were unaware of the hawks circling high overhead in a frenzy, riding the thermals of hot air rising up from the blazing orgy on the ground.

Darius suddenly found himself face to face with his lover Pablo and panted, "Hey, dude, you wanna do that thing you do best?" Pablo knew from long experience what he meant and his face broke into his lopsided grin. They pulled their cocks out of the others' mouths and stood up, Pablo astride Jamie, Darius astride Brandon. Darius unbuckled his belt and pushed his leather pants down over his ass. They bent their knees and lowered their hips until their asses fitted neatly on top of Jamie and Brandon's poles standing erect.

"You ready, guys?" Pablo grinned at their astonished faces. "OK, bro," Darius said, "let's do it." They sat down on the shuddering cocks until their ass cheeks felt the scratch of wiry pubic hair. "Aaaah," Jamie and Brandon moaned together, feeling the furnace heat of the asses consuming their cocks.

"How's yours feel, buddy?" Pablo asked. "Deep dude ... real deep," Darius grinned."

They rode the cocks, bouncing up and down on them, and Brandon had the instant fantasy of two cowboy lovers riding side by side, the black one mounted on Brandon's cock and the mestizo on Jamie's. Jamie reached up and ran his hands over Pablo's chest, twisting his nipples in his fingers, their eyes locked on each other. "You look so fucking hot," Jamie said. "Come on, man, ride that cock."

Pablo and Darius turned to each other and kissed. On the ground Brandon grinned at Jamie and they did the same. Having been brought to the edge of orgasm so many times sucking dick they were all overheating and Jamie and Brandon were the first to blow. Jamie said, "OK, kiddo, let's fuck these studs." They arched their hips up, pushing their cocks in deep and blasted cum inside the two lovers.

Darius and Pablo had been kissing but know broke away with a howl, stared down at the other two writhing in ecstasy beneath them, and poured hot jism over their faces. Jamie and Brandon coughed as they swallowed, then clamped their mouths together and shared the musky juice between them.

The hawks were screaming above them and Pablo said, "What the fuck's got them so riled up?"

Darius stared at him. "Duh! Look at those two faces, dude, and tell me they don't get you jazzed." Pablo looked down at the handsome faces smothered in cum and burst out laughing.

Darius pulled himself off Brandon's cock, got to his feet and grinned down at him. "You, my man, have gotta get cleaned up. You're not fit for civilized society." Brandon frowned. "I'm looking around me, dude, and all I see is a bunch of naked guys and a ton of jizz. Not exactly my idea of 'civilized society'.

"Fuck you, asshole," Darius laughed, leaned down, pulled Brandon up bodily and slung him over his shoulder. He walked down to the pool and they both fell in, soon to be joined by the other two. They splashed around like kids fresh out of school and suddenly Jamie said, "Well look at that. Those fucking birds have finally hauled their asses away. Guess it's not hot enough for them anymore down here. Wonder where they're headed next."

"Huh," Brandon said. "If they're looking for heat they should go look for Zack and Pete. Last I heard they were headed for Zack's 'special place' where he worked Hassan over. Shit, those two leather-hunks could generate enough hot thermals to keep the birds airborne forever.


It was true. The view from above would have been spectacular as the two leathermen tramped through the woods, stripped to the waist, both in tight black leather pants and black boots. Testosterone was high, each man feeling the macho surge that came from the company of a virile muscle-god like himself. As they climbed higher up the trail they talked guy talk - motorbikes, Zack's opinion of the new Harley, Pete's job as Chief Forest Ranger, and sports, of course, with a generous exchange of colorful obscenities.

But their easy-going companionship had one hang-up that Jamie and Pablo had felt. They admired each other's brawny masculinity - two regular buddies just hanging out together, going on a hike. They reverted to the old stereotype of masculinity, an image that had no room for sexual inclinations between them. Until ....

The rocks were piled steep and Zack turned round to check on Pete a few feet below him balancing on a ledge. He reached down, grabbed the Ranger's wrist and pulled him up to his level. As Pete found his footing they bumped against each other, chest to chest, face to face. Pete found himself staring into the pale gray eyes set in the square, carved-in-ebony features.

Embarrassed, Pete shifted clumsily and the bulges in their leather pants brushed against each other. Pete pulled away and quickened his pace up the stony path, with Zack right behind him. From here on the easy-going conversation ceased and they walked in silence, each man acutely aware that some kind of sexual threshold had been crossed.

Zack broke the silence. "OK, turn right, Pete, through the trees here. There's a clearing here that I think of as my private space. Hassan brought me here when we biked up here that time, the place where I worked him over and..." He checked himself. "... where we got to know each other real well." Another uncomfortable silence, both knowing what Zack was referring to. Pete had heard the story from Brandon, who got it from Darius of course.

Pete again turned away from Zack and looked round the clearing, at the trees and their canopy of leaves. The place really did have a special feel to it, its heavy silence broken only by the faint trickle of the stream some distance away. Suddenly Pete stifled a gasp as he looked up at a branch of one of the trees and saw a long length of rope hanging over it.

He felt his cock lurch in his pants and his lust overwhelmed his modesty. He walked over to the tree, leaned against it and looked Zack straight in the eyes. "This is the tree, isn't it?"

"Yup," said Zack, his gray eyes piercing Pete's, the muscles in his ebony torso rippling in the dappled light under the trees.

"I know the story, Zack, at least the version Brandon got from Darius, who probably exaggerated as usual."

"Not this time, I bet," Zack grinned. "No need to - it was a smokin' hot scene." He stared at the Ranger leaning against the tree in his leather pants, his upper body flexing instinctively. "You are such fucking stud, Pete. Let's just cut the crap here and admit what we've both known all along. We're two hot leather guys who wanna get it on with each other, right here in the woods."

The Ranger felt his dick bulging in his pants as Zack walked toward him, the ultimate leather master with his rugged face and shaved head, his perfect torso narrowing down to a tight waist cinched by a heavy black belt, the leather pants clinging to his slim hips. Pete's heart beat wildly as Zack pressed their lips together and wrapped him in a bear hug, grinding their crotches against each other.

The Ranger felt the leatherman crushing his body and he almost shot his wad in his pants, so he distracted himself by pulling his face away and looking upward. His eyes focused on the rope above him and he groaned, "How did you do it, man?"

Zack released him and grinned, "How did I tie the soldier up?" There was a look of arrogance in his eyes that made Pete feel he had somehow lost a contest and Zack was preening in triumph.

"I tied his hands and stretched his arms up behind him in a double hammerlock. That's how I tortured the naked Marine captain, and shit he looked hot, that gorgeous face howling in pain, his muscles stretched to the breaking point. Man was he tough! That soldier suffered magnificently before he finally submitted and begged for release.

"But there's a simpler way that doesn't hurt so bad. I'll show it to you. It's what you want, Ranger, and you know it."

Pete slumped against the tree, knowing it was true. Expertly Zack used one end of the rope to tie the Ranger's hands in front of him - but not for long. Soon Pete's arms were stretched straight above him, the rope looping over a high branch with Zack pulling the other end. He secured it to a lower branch and stood back to admire his work.

"Holy fuck that's hot, like a scene from a porn movie. You can see it - the shirtless leather stud stretched in bondage, muscles straining, at the mercy of his biker buddy who gets off hurting hot musclehunks like you." Zack ran the palms of his hands over the mounds of Pete's chest, up to his neck and straining shoulders and biceps.

"Ranger, you have one smoking hot body - fucking radical, man. One day I'm gonna really work you over, whip that chest, make you beg for mercy like I did the Marine. But today I'm gonna go easy on you." He traced the ridges of his abs with his fingers then gripped his hips at his belt line. He let his hands stray under the belt and grinned as he felt the long hard pole straining inside his pants. "Man, you got a huge dick ... fucking big balls too." He wrapped a hand round them and squeezed hard.

Pete's handsome face twisted in pain and he moaned, "Fuck you, man .... shit that hurts." With one last agonizing squeeze Zack released the balls and pulled his hand out of his pants. "Course, there's always this," he said and rubbed the backs of his fingers over Pete's tits. The Ranger inhaled sharply and pulled at the ropes above him.

Zack grinned. "No escape, buddy - one thing I do know about is ropes and you ain't gonna get out of those. Shit you got hard tits ... looks like they've been worked on plenty before. But not like this, I bet." Zack gave him the full treatment, squeezing hard, grinding the protruding nipples in the rough skin of his fingertips, pulling on them, using his fingernails.

Now the Ranger screamed, his face scrunched in pain, head thrashing from side to side and he pulled frantically on the ropes in a futile attempt at escape. "Yeah," Zack snarled, "that's what turns me on, man, watching a stud like you writhe under torture. Hell, I could rip those fucking tits right off you."

Pete's chest was on fire that radiated through his body. Acting on the instinct of desperation he grabbed the rope above him and heaved himself up off the ground to ease the pain. He rose higher until his waist was level with Zack's chest. He raised his legs and wrapped them round his chest, locking his boots behind the leatherman in a killer leg-clamp, squeezing his torso with the full force of his muscular thighs.

It was Zack's turn to yell now. He released the nipples and tried to push up under Pete's chin to force him back. But Pete resisted and clamped his legs tighter while Zack helplessly pounded on the Ranger's chest. He knew this was a submission hold and saw the light of triumph in Pete's eyes - along with the lust. And that gave him a desperate idea.

Instead of pushing down on Pete's legs he pulled up, forcing his back to arch higher so his crotch was just below Zack's face. He unzipped Pete's leather pants, reached inside and pulled out his rock-hard cock. He bent his face down and lowered his mouth over the long pole, taking it all the way down his throat.

With the wind squeezed out of him by Pete's legs, breathing was tough, but Zack took rasping breaths through his nose. With all the resilience he could muster he moved his head up and down and was rewarded by Pete's ecstatic groans. It was a trial of strength - with Zack clenching his mouth round the cock while Pete tightened his legs round his body. Zack knew he had to make him cum - it was his only way of escape - so he clenched his throat muscles round the cock, spurred on by the taste of pre-cum oozing from it.

He heard Pete's panting breath, felt the legs shudder round his torso and the pressure ease.

"No!" Pete howled. "Fuck you, man. Fuck ... fuck ...fuuuck...!" Zack felt semen pouring down his throat as Pete screamed. As his cock drained his legs went limp and fell away from Zack, and his cock slid out of Zack's mouth. He stared in a daze at the incredible man who had bested him, and he knew there was more to come - Zack's revenge.

Zack's jaw clenched, his eyes blazed, and he angrily unbuckled his own belt, ripped open his pants and pushed them down to his thighs. Pete gasped as he saw the huge black cock spring out of them ... pointing straight at him. Zack cupped his hand under his own chin and spewed into it Pete's cum that still filled his mouth. He used it to lube his cock, then stared at Pete.

"You tried to beat me, Ranger, and you almost succeeded. But I knew your lust for me was stronger than your body. So get this, pal ... I'm the master and nobody makes me scream in pain without paying a price." He reached forward, unbuckled Pete's belt and pulled his pants down to his thighs just like himself. He grabbed Pete's lats and turned him around, to face the tree, the ropes twisting above him.

Standing behind him Zack grabbed the Ranger's hips and, with one forceful jerk, yanked him back onto his cock that drove down into his gut. Again the Ranger screamed and tried again to pull himself upward but Zack pressed him against the rough tree trunk and he knew he was trapped ... his ass impaled on Zack's monster pole. "No, man," he pleaded, "it's too big. You're gonna split my ass open."

"Nah," Zack growled, "you can take it stud, you're one tough son-of-a-bitch like the Marine. He learned to like it ... so can you. Just relax, big guy, and imagine the scene - two leather buddies, their pants hanging down off their asses. The Ranger is stretched in bondage, trapped against the tree, and the black leather-master is ploughing his ass with his horse dick."

"Fuck you, asshole," Pete snarled, but the defiance was fake and they both knew it. Pete did relax and did fantasize on the scene Zack had described. He had always been in awe of the muscular leatherman, and often fantasized about getting ass-fucked by him. And now he was in his power and his huge prong was inside him, jack-hammering his ass. Pete was intoxicated by the smell of leather and the feel of leather pants banging against the back of his legs. The pain had disappeared and he moaned in ecstasy.

"Man that feels hot. Yeah, fuck that ass, man. Let me feel it, stud ..."

"You're not only gonna feel it, Ranger, you're gonna bust another load. After what you did to me I gotta hear you submit to the master."

Zack increased the force and speed of his fuck. His iron-hard rod was like a piston in the Ranger's butt and now Pete's ecstasy was tinged with pain. "I can't cum again, man ... I just emptied my load."

Zack pressed his mouth against Pete's ear. "Use your imagination, buddy. Think of that big black leather god behind you reaming your ass. He's beaten you, man, and he's gonna shoot his jizz in the hot Ranger's ass. You know you want it, big guy. All you gotta do is give in to the master, then you'll feel his hot juice inside you. I admire you, man - you've taken a heavy pounding. What do I have to do - hurt you more? Is that what you want?"

The deep voice was mesmerizing and Pete knew he had to do as ordered. And when he felt the monster dick plunge deeper and faster in his shattered ass he knew he was beaten. "Yeah," he yelled, "I wanna cum ... I wanna feel the master's jizz in my ass. Please .... OK, OK, I submit. You are the boss, I give up ... I submit .... Aaagh!"

He felt the big black dick explode in his ass and his own cum spurted up between him and the tree. He felt joined to the man - bound in lust to the leather god pouring his man juice deep in his ass. He couldn't believe Zack had made him shoot another load, and as his cock drained for a second time he fell against the rough bark of the tree in exhaustion.

The cock pulled out of his ass, inch by inch, then strong arms turned him around and warm, full lips pressed against his in a ravenous tongue-probing kiss. Only then did they become aware of the racket made by the screeching hawks wheeling frenziedly overhead as if in homage to the spectacular men beneath them."

Zack pulled away from Pete and looked upwards. "Damn, those fucking birds up there are going crazy. Guess our little scene down here turned them on good. You know their trouble, Pete? Those fucking birds are oversexed."


It took the men a while to recover and make their way back to camp. When they finally broke through the trees into the clearing by the stream it was a scene of testosterone-heavy brotherhood as men and boys lounged on the ground drinking. The noisy chatter ceased as the two shirtless leathermen arrived, with a glow round them and unmistakable streaks of jism on their chins and chests.

"Finally," Mark grinned, "the leather fraternity has graced us with their presence. Randy huffed, "So what kept you, guys? You tie each other up so good you couldn't get free?"

"Well, half right," Pete grinned bashfully."

Zack didn't say a word ... he let the guys' imaginations speak for him. It was obvious he had worked Pete over and he strode around preening, his ebony muscles flexing in a mute demonstration that he was and always would be the ultimate macho leather-master.

They took their places on the ground and Pete said, "So, guys, did we miss anything?"

"As a matter of fact, yes," said Mark, "including Darius's new game. Tell him Darius."

"Well, sir," Darius began, his eyes gleaming. "I once saw a movie - a porn movie actually - where a bunch of hot macho guys were sitting round a campfire - a bit like us here - and they were real horny, so they came up with the idea that they would all have sex together, and to spice it up it would be all of them against one - do what they like to him, no holds barred. It was so fucking hot I must've cum three, four times.

Yeah, sounds hot," Pablo said, "but how did they choose the victim?"

"Well, no one volunteered of course 'cos they were all top men, so they drew lots. There were so many of them they thought their chances of being chosen were slim. Fact is, they were all so fucking macho that no one dared to wimp out. So whad'ya think guys?

All pumped up as they were by their recent sexual adventures they looked around at each other and grinned. Their eyes settled on Randy for his seal of approval and he said, "Let's go for it."

Brandon sprang into action. He pulled himself up into his wheelchair, folded the table across his lap and pulled out of his saddle bag a pen and a big sheet of paper that he tore into eight. He looked up at the men, as if counting, and wrote a name on each slip of paper. He folded them, put them in his biker helmet and held it up high.

"Now let's be clear guys," Zack proclaimed. "Whoever's name is drawn has to submit to the other seven and they can do whatever they want with him - tie him up, fuck his mouth, fuck his ass, whip him - whatever. You all up for that?" He grinned with a touch of arrogance. "After what I just did to the Ranger here, I've got a few ideas of my own."

There was enthusiasm all round, but Jamie said, "Wait a minute here. How do we know Brandon didn't write his own name on all eight pieces of paper?" He grinned at him. "You know he wants it bad."

He and Darius jumped up, emptied the papers out of his helmet and inspected them. "They're OK," Jamie announced. Brandon bristled with mock indignation. "Did you guys really think I could pull a stunt like that?

"Yes!" the other boys shouted in chorus.

"And I thought you were my friends," Brandon said ... then giggled. He put the papers back in the helmet, shook it and held it up high. Milking the moment for all it was worth he slowly raised his other hand, dipped it into the helmet, raked around in it .... and pulled out one slip of paper. He put the helmet down and dramatically held the folded paper out on front of him.

"Get a move on, dude," Pablo shouted, "you're not giving out an Oscar here."

He might as well have been as he intoned, "And the winner is .... I mean, the loser is ..." He unfolded the paper, looked at it and grinned around at their expectant faces. He held the paper up for all to see. "And the loser is .... Zack!"


TO BE CONTINUED in "A Trial Of Strength" - Chapter 257


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