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I live in a large town in the midwest, I spend a large amount of time writing my stories, I write gay, erotic stories mostly. My stories are a mixture of reality, and wishful thinking, and some are fictitous, some are derived from actual experiences. Being from a large town in the midwest, my experiences are widely diversified. I live alone now, and I have quite a bit of time to spend on writing. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Stories by kpaul

  • The Initiation of Raymond

    Raymond was a nieve, really nice young man, and he was about to become initiated into the world of different kind of sex and love. Still a virgin in every way He was longing to learn something about life and I was there to help him learn.

  • Complete Masculinity Shrouded in Total Innoscence

    After My Military Experience I decided to go back to College and Get my Degree, My new room-mate was one in a million, and I was washed away with him. An absolute Dream come true.

  • Vacation Surprise

    It was the middle of my vacation, and nothing extraordinary had happened, at least not in the way I really wanted, I was hoping to meet up with that one person that would take my life's dream vacation over the top, that is until I met Mick.

  • Rooftop Romance with Gerald The Plumber.

    Meeting Gerald the plumber on the rooftop of the apartment building one night led to having him lay pipe for me, Fuck could this plumber take care of my leaking pipe.

  • The Gymnast and the Assistant Coach.

    I wasn't very good, but I loved Gymnastics, and when I met the assistant coach, my dreams turned from The Gymnastics to Ted, he became my new Dream.

  • The VP and The Xerox Repairman

    Having now graduated from Business School, I got a job working at my Fathers business at the Firm, I was feeling like I was wasting away until I met Doyle Fletcher

  • A Gay Mans Memories as He Grows Older.

    A Story of One Mans Memories and the things that brought him to where he is today. Mostly a collection of different memorable Memories.

  • Chad Miller, A Treasure Worth Finding.

    It was a time of innocense in my life, I was in a state of bewilderment as to which way I would go. Then Chad Miller came into my life, and took me over that edge into the world I would choose.

  • Memories of a Country Boy

    The Story of My introduction of some of lifes greatest moments and experiencs.

  • Isn't Life Wonderful, Full of Surprises

    The Story of A young Gay man and the Awesome circumstances that Lifes Cards have delt him.

  • A Father's Love for An Injured Son, And the Sons Love Returned

    My Father was rather cursed to have to hand feed and Take care of me like an Orderly after the motorcycle Accident, And then the time of returning the favor after I finally Healed up.

  • The Red Headed Stranger

    Seeing the most incredibly sexy, and good looking man at the spa, was at least for me an almost spiritual event. But getting the opportunity to meet him and get close was a dream come true.

  • Connecting To A Gorgeous Guy At Work.

    Memories of my early life, realizing my inner self and why I'm gay, and then finding Happiness with a hunk at work.

  • Hey I Know I'm Abnormal, Kevin's Story

    Knowing life is what you make it made me feel a little short in several areas. But meeting Kevin, a neighbor boy, and then My Ex, Jason, returning made me rethink many things.

  • A Country Boy Grows Up Pt. 2

    Finally getting into a routine Work pattern on the farm was awesome but the time I was getting to be with Uncle Cal made it all worth it. Uncle Cal Introduces me into the greater world of Pleasure and sex. Damn He's Good.

  • A Country Boy Grows Up

    Living on a big farm in the country presents many opportunities to see life thru a different perspective. Seeing the animals breeding, at an early age I knew why I was getting boners, and what they were for, and finding out first hand what all this sex thing was, Oh fuck Yeah Man!

  • The Summer Job, Working for My Dad PT2

    Andrew and I have a great time together I was loving working with Him for my Dad, and wasn't sure I wanted to go back to college that fall. Then I get another surprise and also a shocking revelation.

  • The Summer Job, Working for My Dad PT1

    Coming home from College for summer break left me with the chance to make some extra Money for the upcoming year at college, This Summer was going to be a whole new experience for me.

  • Finally Meeting Mr. Right, The Perfect Man

    Meeting Phil was the best and most awesome thing that could happen to me, one of the handsomest straight guy's I had ever met, but there's that one little hangup, what to do?

  • Clayton, The Salesman's Love.

    I was always told not to pick up strangers, especially hitch-hikers the consequences might by totally unbelievable, Man were they ever.


    Something happened as I was growing up that made a big difference in my life, something that still I fantasize about.

  • The NEW YEAR'S EVE Party

    It was a night of nights for me... I was so Damned horny I could have eaten the shorts of most any male there, but the hookup I found at the Party began a relationship that is still going on.


    Chip and I had been best friends for years, and I had noticed his Dad and what an awesome guy he was then something happened to us that changed everything for me, His Dad caught us haveing sex, but what it brought about was the real shocker.

  • The Party after "THE PARTY"

    I was tired of waiting and catering to my older brothers friends that night at the party then one of his best friends and I began something, hitting it off really well and had a Party of our own.

  • The New Ranch Hand

    Seeing Chris for the first time, made me weak in the knees, my mind went into overdrive and my body starting responding in a very very positive way, Now What the hell would I do.

  • Making Rookie of the Year

    Sargent Frailey was not an easy man to please, he was demanding and callous, very strict, to the rules kind of Guy, but I found out what it took to get his recommendation for The Award of Rookie of the Year.

  • Little Eagle and the Native American Pow-Wow

    Since I had this affection for all things Native American, this is the story Of what happened several years ago at The Choctaw-Cherokee Pow-Wow in Oklahoma and one very special young Brave.

  • College Orientation

    Orientation Day at the College became just that a double meaning for me especially after meeting my new Room mate at the dorm.

  • Travis Slater- The Guy Next Door 2

    Sorry guys....because of an error the first part got submitted pre-maturely this is the completion of the story..

  • Travis Slater- The Guy Next Door

    Travis was one hell of a hot guy, he lived next door but I found out he was dating my cousin Denise. I found out after a while Travis was more than just a good neighbor.