"First off let me say this, I have never with my knowledge as sex with a young man that was not of consentual age, and knew what he was doing."

The year was 2006 I had met a very handsome young college graduate, at the college I had attended, we began a torrid sexual love affair that lasted a several years.

We had just enjoyed at least two hours of passionate fucking and cock sucking, draining each other of not only our semen but every ounce of energy.

I knew of no one that could relieve me of every ounce of energy and get me aroused like Jason Ketterling, my lover.

Jason and I had shared an apartment with Jason now for two years, I thought we were awesomely happy with each other.

As we lay there still panting from the sex, Jason lay back as I rubbed around on his chest and stomach still playing with his half swollen spent cock.

"Ken, I need to tell you something, AHH! UHM!!! I really don't know how to say this, but, You know I love you tremendously, but I need to be upfront and truthful with you," He looked a little sad, and quite puzzeled.

"What it is Jason?" I asked.

"well theres no easy way to tell you, but I have been seeing someone else,"

he said.

"Well Jason, I can handle that!" I said.

"No you don't understand It's a woman, and I think I'm in love with her and she thinks she's pregnant and I want to marry her." Jason said.

I was speechless as I lay there in shock and emotional hurt.

I got up and went to the kitchen still naked as a neworn.

I turned around and there stood the most gorgeous man I had ever know, a guy I had given my heart to.

"Well all I can say is you have my blessing, Its a crushing blow but I'll get on with my life." I said.

I went up to my room and locked the door behind me. I never said another word to Jason, and although he wanted me to come to the wedding I couldn't. I sent a card with some cash, but I just couldn't go, I tried to be as gracious as I could.

I decided to move to another location due to the fact that there were so many memories around the apartment.

I bought a small house, in the suburbs, it was a 2 bedroom, 1 and a half baths, full basement, living room, family room, kitchen, dining room and two car garage home, I used some money that my father had left me when he was killed on a motorcycle accident about seven years ago.

I didn't speak to Jason after that.

I got settled in and got my house and yard looking like I wanted them, Oh yeah! I would pick up a guy at a bar or nice lounge every so often, and bring them home for a night or weekend of sucking and fucking but it just was not as fullfilling and satisfying as it was with Jason, Just something to fill in the gap so to speak.

I had lived there about a year when a young lady with a young son, moved in the empty house across the street.

I was working on a flower bed in the front yard in the hot weather, I was wearing these sort of loose fitting shorts, no underwear, and I was on my knees, I heard this young voice, "Hi, I'm Kevin, I live across the street, today is my birthday I'm eighteen, I was taken by surprise by this but I turned around to see, this rather quite handsome looking young man, looked to be only about 16, I said, "Hi there I'm Ken, Glad to meet you Kevin."

I realized that Kevin was a little maybe not slow acting, but either he was one of those extreemly smart dudes that is almost retarded acting or, he was retarted or at least a sandwich shy of a picnic. Any way he was friggen adoreable, very handsome, and as good looking as he could be.

I smiled at Kevin and he just blatently said, "Wow Ken, you've got big balls," I was shocked to say the least as I smiled at this kid and realized my nuts were hanging down in my shorts and evidently visible from the back.

"Hey thats cool, my uncle Jimmy says, I'm abnormal." so does my Grandpa." he said.

"ABNORMAL, What does that mean?"

"You know, down there like your big nuts, I'm abnormal," Kevin pointed to his package, 'Would you like to see?"

With that kind of statement and concerning what he was talking about,I can't say I wasn't a little bit curious, "Just how old ared you Kevin," I asked.

"I'm eighteen, he said. today, is my birthday"

"Well so your abnormal down there," I asked.

"Did you show your Uncle and Grandpa? " I asked.

"Yeah, at thirteen my pecker was bigger than my Uncle's "

"Your shitting me!" Was my response, and being the conisour of cock that I am I was getting hightly interested.

"O.K. just follow me," I said as I walked around to the back yard and into the garage, "Lets have a look," I said.

It was a funny feeling, here was a kid who wanted to show me what he was told was an abnormal cock."

I thought maybe it was deformed or twisted or who knows.

Kevin turned around and I stood there and watched as he began slipping down his shorts and boxers, I almost swallowed my tongue as I looked at this little dude about 5'6" kid very normal, but almost nerdish looking young man,and a huge smile on his face, as he slipped his shorts down, "Holy Fuck, they weren't kidding," was all I could say.

"Have you ever measured it Kevin?" I asked,

young Kevin said no, not really, I grabbed a measuring tape and I told him to come over to me.

Kevin smiled as I took the take and measured it around, it was bigger soft than mine is hard, as I touched it, I began to swell, "Sorry it gets that way when someone touches it." he said.

I was astounded to see this fire hose that was almost as thick as my wrist and long as his forearm, it measured eleven plus inches long, and almost six and a half inches around, gorgeous head, beautifully cut, with a beautiful shaft, It was just longing to be caressed and sucked and made love too.

"Kevin, Have you ever had someone touch it and maybe stroke it for you?" I asked.

"Well, yeah my uncle use to like to suck it for me, but he wouldn't let me cum when he did, I would have to stroke it off after he left.

"That won't happen with me," I said as I leaned over and took Kevin's swollen cock into my mouth, it was just too fucking big to get all in my mouth but I knew that before I quit in the next few months I was gonna keep trying I would accomplish taking it full length in my throat. It only took Kevin a few minutes and I felt that cock begin to spasm and Kevin started jerking almost squeeling as he filled my mouth with his young seed, I hadn't tasted anything that fresh and delicious in quite a while.

"Kevin acted like he had had a epilectic fit or something, he just stood there smiling and looking at me and saying "WOW! that was fantastic.

You think we could do that again sometime?" he said.

"Hey Kevin, anytime you need it come on over, I loved it, and by the way, "Yes! you are abnormal, very abnormal, but in a wonderful way, don't ever be put down with being that big, almost every guy I know wishes he was abnormal like that." I said.

It seemed Kevin was more abnormal than I had first thought, he was coming over for a suck job almost every day or every other day, he couldn't be drained of all his cum. But truthfully I didn't mind at all, not at all.

It was only a matter of time when I asked his Mom if he could go camping with me. She was so kind and accomodating, she thought it good that Kevin had some adult male figure in his life, so it was Friday afternoon and we were heading for the southern part of the state, going fishing, swimming, boating and of course enjoying each other in the sexual arena.

We got to the camp area, it was ours alone, next to the lake.

We got settled in an we roasted hot dogs over the fire and then went for a moonlight skinny dip in the lake it was awesome, then we sat around the campfire naked and told Ghost stories and It was so sweet to see how loving and kind and adoreable Kevin was, I was starting to feel for him like I had about Jason. but he was so much younger.

That night I got to break him in to the art of Fucking, My asshole had never been that stretched.

All in all the campout was a wonderful bonding experience for me and Kevin.

We were in an almost full blown affair.

it had gone on for amost two years He was now 19 and I was 31.

We were setting in the living room, sorta loving around on each other when the door bell rang.

I had no idea who it might be.

I opened the door and almost had a heart attack, there in front of my face stood Jason.

He looked beaten down and almost like a whipped puppy.

I felt rather sorry for Jason, I asked him in.

"I guess you wonder why I'm here," he asked.

"I'm just waiting," I said.

"Well I thought Marrying that bitch would take care of all my problems but She is absolutely crazy, and that time we had sex and she got pregnant was just about the last time we had sex." he said.

"And that affects me HOW?" I asked.

"You dumped me for her," I said.

"Jason looked up at me almost at the point of crying, "And I have regretted it ever since." he said, very sad, almost like he could cry. Can you ever forgive me, I have missed you more that you can imagine."

"I introduced Jason to Kevin and Kevin just smiled at me and said. "Well Ken, you know, to ere is human, but to forgive is Divine." he said with a smile looking at Jason.

Well Jason had left Denise (the Bitch), she miscarried the baby and Jason was out in the cold so to speak.

Jason spent the night and it turned into a very interesting night, I got to set aside and watch Kevin slide that hugh cock to the balls into Jasons sweet asshole, a place I had felt my cock in many times, and Jason gasped for air. I just sat there watching as it took place, and I blew my load just enjoying the scene as Kevin unloaded a huge load of young nut cream into Jasons stretched asshole.By the time Kevin was done, Jason was gasping for breath. Well thats enough to wet your whistle...

More to come in part #2, From Ken, Jason, and Abnormal Kevin. life is good... Ciao



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