Hi there, my name is Kevin Willis, I had been a fairly good looking guy, athletic and well just all round well built, I had studied martial arts at a local Do-Jo, and had attained to 7th degree Black Belt, so of course I had to keep my body in shape for that alone.

I went to the Police academy in the early summer of 2005, graduated with high grades and honors, and was chosen as a Rookie by the local Police department out of about 154 young men, I felt really honored.

But believe me being on a Police Force as an active duty Policeman was a lot different than just going through the motions like you do in the Academy.

Well the one thing that is different from most guys one the Force is I'm gay.

I had had my initiation into world of sex as a young man, and I was needing to watch what I said and did around the police headquarters, not knowing how some of the other officers would accept a gay Rookie, so I kept that part to myself.

Damn as I recall my first sexual experience with another male was when I was just seventeen.

Damn, I get an aching boner just remembering that awesome night that sealed my fate.

I was seventeen, a Junior in High School, I was home with Dad and Mom when Aunt Phyliss, Mom's sister, called Mom and asked if My cousin Daryl could come over and spend a few days with us.

There was some sort of Family thing and Uncle Dave and Aunt Phyliss was going to be having Uncle Dave's brother and his family staying with them for a few day's and they needed to let Daryl stay with us.

Well that wasn't all that unusual, my cousin and I was fairly close, he was a little younger than I was, actually sixteen, but big for his age and it was fine with me.

Daryl and I sat on the edge of my bed playing XBox games and totally enjoyed ourselves that night we each had had a shower and was just setting in our underwear like we had done many times.

We finally decided to hit the sack.

Daryl and I had to sleep in the same large bed, which we had done many times, but tonight proved to be different.

I of course, had learned to jerk off, and I enjoyed it almost as a daily thing, sometimes even several times a day, always up for busting a nut.

Daryl and I lay there in the dark and got into the subject of jerking off, and both admitted to the other we did enjoyed doing it, and it never went any farther that night, "UNTIL."

We had finally settled down and gotten quiet, I had gone to sleep and about a half hour later, I was laying on my back sorta splayed out with my legs spread when I began to awake with the most awesome feeling I had ever felt taking place.

My cousin Daryl was up on his elbows leaning over me, sorta setting just lightly and gently playing with the end of my uncut cock, it was of course like a rock, I was really enjoying the feeling of my cousins's light sensational touching.

I just lay there not moving or making any sort of movement to allow Daryl to know I was awake.

My cock was on fire at his touch, he would lean over and lick my stomach muscles and then he would gently squeeze and sorta move the head of my cock still under the material of my shorts.

I know he could feel it as my cock swelled up each time I flexed my Kegal muscle.

I was breathing heavy as he just played with my cock.

Finally I felt My cousin gently work my seven inches of cock out of the split in front of the boxers he began to just play with the very tip, fingering the pre-cum wet end, and he then started licking off his fingers as he would wet it with my pre-cum, it was fucking awesome.

after about twenty minutes of doing this to my raging hard-on.

My cousin leaned up over my face to see if I was still asleep, and then went back down and then pulled my foreskin back, exposing the now swollen glans of my cock, I wanted so badly to start thrusting my hips upward to get him moving on it, it felt so fucking fantastic, like nothing I had ever felt before.

I finally felt his warm breath, lightly blowing on my cock head as his mouth got closer to it.

I had to resist the urge to grab his head and shove my cock to the balls in his mouth as he just took the tip in and quietly and gently began to lick the pre-cum off the tip of my cock.

I wanted to scream out from the intense pleasure and sensations that were taking over my body.

I was almost holding my breath and trying not to gasp as Daryl finally slid his mouth down the length of my cock and I felt the head touch the back of his throat and felt the tightness of his throat as it went a few inches down into his throat, it was fucking incredible.

As he continued this fantastic sucking on my manhood, I could feel my toes curling tight, my leg muscles were as strained as they could be and I realized I was about to fill his mouth with a blast of cum, whether he wanted it or not.

My hands were cramping as I gripped the bed sheets finally, I let out a gasp grabbed Daryl's head and thrust my hip's upward, my balls were tight against my body, my stomach was jerking, I was gasping for breath, and I shoved seven plus inches of the hardest cock I had ever had into Daryl's throat as I began to pump copious amounts of semen down Daryl's throat, and I held him there as he gently gagged and I finished, I guess I was a little mean, in that I figured if he brought me there, that was what he was after in the first place.

I was a little surprised that He didn't throw up but he swallowed my semen just the same.

I lay there totally exhausted from the experience. I reached around and felt Daryl's young cock like a brick, He lay over on my body and I slid my hand inside his white briefs and felt a very wet cock about six and a half inches raging hard.

Without saying a word to Daryl, I felt his body change positions and he lay back and I began stroking his hard young cock, I could feel his body tightening up as he approached a wonderful climax.

I finally changed positions and tried something I had thought about before but I slid Daryl's briefs off and leaned over and took his cock into my mouth and, he was so excited after sucking my cock, that he took about three minutes to blow his load into my mouth, it tasted a little salty, musty and funny at first but then I sorta liked it.

I swallowed his young load and we got up and having never said a word, we lay next to each other and went into a very restful sleep and slept like babies all night, and woke up refreshed and drained.

All I could say to my cousin Daryl about the night before was thanks Kid that was fantastic.

Daryl looked up and said. 'Hey man, it was my pleasure, maybe again tonight?"

I just smiled and said, "Your On Daryl" and he was every night he was there we sucked each other off. and from that time on every time we could get alone to do the deed.

That was my initiation to the world of man Sex.

Its now several years late, I was now a city Cop. I was still in the Rookie Status but none the less a cop.

My Immediate Superior was a Sargent Frailey, Jacob Frailey, he was a 17 year vetern having been on the force since he got out of the Academy at twenty, just like me.

Sargent Frailey, or Jake as I called him was one hell of a rough, well built dude. he was as solid as a hunk of granite, not an ounce of fat anywhere on his body.

I was attracted to him from the beginning, but he was one rough dude.

I wasn't sure if he liked me at first but he was tolerant of my young ways.

I was doing all I could do to please him, everything by the books.

Well it was at the end of our shift that I got my first good look as Jake's body, in the locker room at Headquarters as a full dressing room, now I had seen several of the officers dressing and even drying off after showering there in he locker room, we each had an assigned.

Well our shift was just beginning and I saw officer Davis, a black officer, friendly and very handsome, I had just come into the locker room to dress for our second shift, which started at four in the afternoon, and ran to one a.m.

Officer Davis had just come out of the shower and his locker was one over from mine, I started undressing and I couldn't take my eyes off this gorgeous naked Black man with the biggest black cock I had ever seen, it looked like he had a third leg hanging down almost to his knees, and he stood a good 6'3" tall, and believe me he was all man.

I began to undress and I was down to my briefs, and I was rock hard, and it was standing out like a lamp post, and he was just standing there next to me, I couldn't take my eyes as he dried there and his cock was gently swelling out thicker and almost standing up he raised one foot upon the bench and I saw a clear shot of his gorgeous black ass and his nuts were like a black bull, hanging down in a full sack, Damn I wanted to reach over and massage those gorgeous orbs, and stroke that big black cock as it was hanging down even longer.

He turned around and noticed me staring at his manhood.

I just smiled as he stood there motionless, he came up toward me and lifted it up, "wanna a taste?" he said.

I could't believe my ears, but I realized we were the only ones in the locker room and we would hear if someone came in.

I Leaned over and licked the tip and grabbed the shaft just behind the head.

It was thick, uncut like mine, and very hard by now, Damn it was huge, I slid his foreskin back and tasted that sweet head, I heard him begin to moan as I took as much of this gorgeous black cock into my throat, he said, "Holy Fuck kid" and he began to rub my head, running his fingers thru my hair.

It didn't take very long and I was rewarded with the nectar of this black God, as his body convulsed and he unloaded his cum into my mouth.

I was in heaven.

"Fuck Kid, that was the best blow-job I ever had," he said.

"If I have my way, it won't be the only time I let you do it, your fucking fantastic." then he got dressed and before he left, "remember what happens here, stay's here, O.K.?" he said. I went on and got ready for my shift.

It was a few day later before I saw Officer Davis again, and every time I saw him he would smile and wink at me.

We did get together several time since that day and he always would enjoy a good suck job, he would return the favor too. He could suck a cock.

I had been a Rookie and under officer Frailey for almost six months when one night we had finished our shift, and Officer Frailey and I were in the locker room stripping we both decided to have a shower, Officer Frailey and I had not ever talked about anything personal like our sex lives even though we worked together, but we both went into the shower at the same time.

I noticed the size of Officer Frailey's cock, it must have been a good six inches soft and really thick, he was cut, dark skinned with a lighter skin above that scar and going up to the head.

We chatted about our job, and as we stood side by side, just letting the water run down our bodies, I realized I was attracted sexually to this older man, he was built awesomely and I realized I was hot for his body.

My cock began to rise and as we just stood there, I heard Officer Frailey say, "Why don't you let me get your back?"

I said "sure, that would be great," just wanting the feeling of his touch.

I placed my hands on the wall under the shower head as Officer Frailey began to slather soap on my back and wash it nicely, "You know you've got a very nice body son, Damn nice?" he said.

I was pleasantly surprised at his statement.

I was enjoying his soaping of my back, when I felt his body move closer and I felt his soaped hand began to wash my buttocks, sliding his hand in between my buttocks,his left hand went around and grabbed my hard cock and began rubbing it, I felt almost faint.

Office Frailey slipped a soaped finger into the crack of my ass and touched my innermost private spot, and it sent a wave of shivers that almost made me shoot my cum, Officer Frailey's response to what I was feeling, "You know Kevin (My name) you really have a beautiful ass, and It needs someone that knows how to appreciate it,"

I turned around and smiled and looked down "Holy Fuck Jake," I said.

Jake's cock was like a brick, almost nine inches of wrist thick, veiny cock, it's mushroom head was almost glowing it was so tight and hard.

I reached over and took my partner's cock into my hand and began to stroke it. Then I dropped to my knees and took about six inches of his thick manhood into my mouth, and began blowing officer Frailey, and he was really enjoying it too.

I finally stood up,looked into his eyes and said. "Well, shall we take this somewhere else? like my apartment, and I will see what I can to to relieve that swelling you have there."

"I would love to." he said.

Well have you ever heard the term "He takes my breath away."

Well it happened to me that night, I got him back to my place we got naked and went to my queen sized bed, and there after I sucked Jake's thick cock for almost twenty minutes he told me he wanted to fuck my sweet young asshole.

I let him, He folded me over on my back lifted my legs to my shoulders and slid his thick nine inches to the balls in my asshole, and believe me when I say Jake did "Take my breath away, he fucked me like Mad that night and after stuffing all that cock into my hole, believe me he "took my breath away," he could really fuck, but his cock was so big I couldn't breath for a while, but I adjusted and Jake brought us both to a roaring climax, I had to set in cold water for while to get my asshole back in shape, but it was worth it, and I'm now adjusted to Jakes cock size and well lets just say I am his personal Rookie and I keep my superior officer well taken care of and he keeps me happy too.



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