I lived in a nice suburban area of a large metropolitan city.

We lived in a modest, yet nice, three bedroom home, you average middle America family.

Next door there was this young man about two years older than me Named Travis, whom I had admired since we had attended the same High School.

I was in the senior year at Parkway High, Travis was already in college but I remember what a jock and hot item he had been in High School, and I was proud to be his friend as well as live next door to him.

Travis had almost been considered a God to most young athletes in High School, was all-state in football, Football Tri-Captain, ran in Track and was built like a freight train, thick arms, muscular legs, ripped washboard abs, he was just a picture of awesome athleticism.

I had come to realize that I was sorta different than most guys my age in high school, I was fastly finding out that I was sexually attracted to other guys, most of the time I would love checking out guys asses and cocks and balls in the locker rooms at school, watching their tight asses move as they would walk down the halls in their jeans, and observing cocks when in the boys restrooms there in the school.

And that is where I began in my sexual orientation.

I know it might seem like underage sex but I don't look at it that way, I loved the fuck out of it.

I was just young about fifteen when I got my first blow job, I had been shopping with my Parents and I went to the arcade room in the mall to play games while they shopped.

I had to take a whiz and went across to the food court there in the mall, and found the men's room.

I walked up to the urinals and there were about five along the wall, and having no privacy dividers everything was open.

I had pulled my elastic band of my shorts down and hooked it under my balls and was just letting my cock hang free, blasting a steady stream of piss when this very good looking older man about twenty five or so, came to the urinal next to me.

undid his tight jeans opened the zipper and whipped the biggest cock I had ever seen.

I was not little for my age I already had a good six inches, fairly thick, but his was like a horse.

I glanced over and noticed him staring at my young cock, I couldn't take my eyes off his and I looked up at his face and he looked into my eyes and smiled, and he began stroking it like it was his plaything.

As I watched him stroke his thick cock, it began to swell up tight and hard, Damn it was beautiful, I found myself stroking my own cock back and forth and it was like a bone hard rock in my hand.

I watched this guy looking at me and stroking his cock and he took his hand an reached over and took my hand and placed it on this cock, I gripped around it's thickness and I felt this feeling come over me.

I was liking the feel of his hard cock, and he was liking what he was feeling. "AW Fuck kid, that feels awesome." he said.

He looked around and told me to follow him, we went to the wheel chair cubicle and went in.

The next thing I knew we both had our pants around our ankles and he was feeling my hard dick.

He sets down on the commode and pulls me to him and grabs my bare ass cheeks and pulls my young hard throbbing cock into his mouth and begins giving me the most incredible feeling blow-job of my life, I was in limbo, I remember it was so intense that I was pulling his hair as he slid his mouth up and down the length of my young cock.

I was gasping, licking my lips like I was about to go ballistic, the sensations were phenomenal, as it began to build up to an explosion, I was standing on my tip-toes with a double handful of his hair, breathing heavier than I had ever breathed.

"Oh Shit, Oh Shit, I'm gonna squirt it, Oh shit!!!!" and my little nuts tightened up tight and I began to shoot my young cum into this dudes mouth. It was fucking fantastic. and no I never regretted it or told anybody about it either.

But I can't tell you the times I went back there and got sucked off by someone, it was awesome.

It was the following year when I decided to try sucking cock for myself and see what they liked about it, I only knew at that time I totally enjoyed it.

My best buddy from school was on good looking young man, we were both sixteen, when I invited him over for a sleepover.

Derick and I went to bed that night and I began to ask him questions about sex, if he stroked off, you know, the usual things.

Well things heated up, and before you knew it we were both laying there with our briefs down around our ankles and jerking off together, that progressed to stroking each others cocks and then I just came out and ask Derick if I could suck it for him, to which he replied, "Fuck yeah, I always wanted to see what a blow-job felt like."

Well, it didn't take long for me to find out what cum tasted like, I thought Derick would tear the bed apart as he got close to blowing his nut, and he pushed my head all the way to his balls when he blew it. and He moaned and grunted as he filled my mouth with his young nut sauce, and I loved it, I was hooked.

From that night on all I had to say to Derick was I was in the mood to suck some cock and he was a very willing and ready recipient. I must have drunk a gallon of his cum before we graduated High School.

Then there was Rodney, a co worker with my dad at the Dealership, Dad was a Auto salesman, but Rodney was his friend, he was a mechanic in the service Dept. and I had seen Rodney on many occasions.

Rodney was about thirty-six nicely built, handsome as fuck, unmarried and lived by himself.

Well he and Dad had something going on about he dealership, and Rodney had come over to the house, but Dad and Mom was gone, he told me he was there to talk to Dad and I called them on my cell phone. Dad told me to tell Rodney to wait he would be an hour or two before he could be home, but have Rodney stay and they would bring some supper home with them and Rodney could take supper with us.

Rodney sat at the sofa and I turned on the T.V. and offered him a beer.

I sat down beside him on the sofa, noticing his hairy legs muscular and thick, but nicely hairy.

Rodney was wearing cut of jeans and they were slightly standing open, I could see he was commando, no underwear, and his thick balls were almost hanging out.

He was laying back on the soft with his arms up and laying on the back of the sofa, I was next to him and I just smiled and ask, "You like porn Rodney?" he smiled and said, "Hell yeah, kid who don't?"

I popped in one of Dad's porn cd's and as we sat there I looked down at Rodney's crotch and noticed a quite noticable swelling taking place.

it looked like Rodney was hiding a radiator hose in his cut-off's.

As Rodney sipped his beer, I just looked at his face and my hand went down and slid up into his cut-off's and found a very thick, hard, uncut cock. I had never felt an uncut cock before, it was intrigueing.

I was squeezing his cock head under that skin covering and Rodney looked into my eyes, "Like that Ken?" he said.

"Yeah, I love it. Don't you?" I said.

Rodney sorta slid down undid his shorts, unzipped his cut-offs and pulled them down as he stared at me, "Well Kid, Have yourself a ball, and there he sat with his nine inch boner standing up tall and thick, flopped his legs apart and I was in heaven.

I jumped down on the floor and leaned in to his manly smelling aroma, crotch, and I got lost in his furry, hairy body and began stroking that thick huge cock, He just lay back and let me enjoy self.

Rodney was in his zone when I finally slipped his foreskin back and started sucking on that beautiful cock head.

It didn't take me long to hear him whimpering and moaning as I sucked his cock like a pro.

"Damn boy, where the fuck did you learn to suck cock like this, I think I'm in love." he said.

"I sure hope you like to take a nice load, cause I'm almost ready to give you one." he said.

"Fuck yeah man, I want it." I responded.

I sucked a few more minutes and I could feel Rodney's body tensing up and his muscles getting tight, his breathing got raspier and heavy, and I felt his hands on each side of my head, 'OHHHH FUCKKKKK!!!!! yeah kid. Swallow that load," he yelled as his cock started spasming and his stomach started jerking and I felt like My mouth would explode with the fullness of his load of cum that his cock belched out into my throat, I almost could't hold it all.

I finished him up as he jerked and moaned, licking each little drip from his single cock eye.

I finished his cock and he just looked at me in amazement, Wow, son I ain't felt anything like that in a long time.

I smiled at him and just said.'Hey Rodney, it was my pleasure, you needed that and anytime you need it again, Hey I'm your man.



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