I was setting at the Train Station In Cincinnati waiting for my train, since I had a three hour layover to catch my train, I decided to set in the waiting area and catch some ZZZZ's, I was tired, just having flown from the Middle Eastern Country of Kuwait.

There is nothing like that feeling of touching down on home soil after spending almost 18 months in a combat zone not knowing whether I would be going home or not.

Many of my buddies were not so luck to be coming back to American Soil.....I had a lump in my throat as I sat and thought about the ones I had know that didn't make it.

But as they say, Life must go one and I was doing my best to put that behind me, trying to think of the good things to look forward, One of which just passed me on his way to the men's room, Damn It has been months since I have felt that awesome feeling of a hot young moist slick mouth sliding from the tip of my bone hard cock, to the base, taking me to the heights of ecstasy, that awesome feeling my that build up as my body tightens up and I feel the churning down deep in my groin and I feel the awesome almost heart stopping feeling as My cock began to flex, and shoot out volley after volley of my built up cum, feeling my lovers body as he tries to swallow all my cum without gagging, I was always known for large loads of cum,,,,,then getting to return the favor to my young lover, whom-ever he may be.

I watched as I sat there with my legs sticking straight out and my arms folded and watched this young man as he smiled and walked, I Noticed his eyes shooting stares at my swollen crotch and licking his lips as he headed for the men's room.

I grabbed my bags and watched as he entered the men's room and when I got inside the urinal area I saw a smile as he noticed me walking over to the urinal beside him.

I looked down as his swollen cock, looked to be about seven or so inches, nice cut head, already hard, and I finally fished out my aching boner, which is a little over seven too. Only I have a foreskin.

He smiled and we looked around to see if any other men were close by and there wasn't anyone else in the area at that time.

Without a word he leaned down and I turned to face him and that awesome feeling I was dying to feel took over me as his hot mouth took my hard cock to the zipper in one swift movement, and as he slid his mouth back and forth, I thought I would pass out my body started jerking and I knew I was a goner, I moaned and then let loose a torrent of cum into this kid's mouth.

He looked up as he continued to suck and drain my nuts for me, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

He stood up and wiped the cum from his mouth as I tried to gain my composure and get my breath, Damn this kid was good.

"Hi, I'm Charlie, I always like to do what ever I can for our boys in the military," he said with a smile.

"Holy Fuck Charlie, you can do that for this Soldier any time you want, and thanks for you caring."

I grabbed Charlie by the coat sleeve, "Now it's my turn" I said. I pulled Charlie into a cubicle sat down on the commoode and undid his trousers. out flopped this gorgeous cut cock, dripping pre-cum, I wanted it, NO, I needed it.

It had been almost two years since I had tasted a good hard cock, and I was starving.

I grabbed his ass cheeks pulled his juicy, leaking cock into my mouth and went after it like a maniac bear after some meat. I wasn't going to stop until I tasted his nut sauce,

It took him a few minutes but unload he did, he had to make me stop after he had drained his cum into my mouth and I guzzled it down. God it tasted great.

We went out and sat down after we had taken of each other, and I learned that Charlie was headed for Indianapolis, I was headed for Cleveland area.

We decided to ride the Train as seat mates and that night while the darkness took over, Charlie reached over and undid my fatigues and pulled my cock out and began to stroke it, and under the cover of darkness he leaned over and sucked another awesome feeling load from my nuts.

Well you guess it, I couldn't let the good deed go unrewarded and I sucked his cock there on the train too, It was sorta exciting too, since we could have gotten caught any minute but we didn't.

Charlie and I parted company and gave each other the invitation to visit if we were ever in the area of each other, and of course our cell numbers.

I got home and was glad to see my parents and stayed there for a while, but I got that restless feeling and wanted my privacy.

I got me a little one bedroom efficiency apartment, and then got a job for a couple years, then I decided I could do better if I had a degree, I know I could get a better job with a degree, more money, you know all that good shit.

I enrolled in a Good College and I went there for the orientation, Planning to live on campus in a dorm.

I had gotten my entrance papers headed for orientation, having not seen my new room-mate yet, I was hoping he wouldn't be a homophobic bastrd, I wouldn't have to use my military training in combat to put his happy ass in place if he got a little "assholeish" if you catch my drift.

It was my second week there and I hadn't gotten my new room-mate when I decided to got to the showers and take a shower.

I had just gotten my shower and went back to my room thinking I can take my time dressing since I have no-one else to see me yet and I was standing there naked as the day I was born and sporting an almost full blown boner When, the fucking door opened and there stood this young man, looked to be about 19-20ish, I froze and I think he was as shocked as I was, he just stood there with the door wide open, staring as I stood there in shock naked.

I finally said, "Hi, I'm Ken, would you mind closing the door, I don't want the whole dorm lusting after my naked body."

In a very stunned manner he dropped his bags and said. "OH Shit, I'm so sorry, I just didn't expect to see a naked man standing in my dorm-room."

I just smiled, after being in the military, nudity was nothing out of the norm.

"Well take a good look, I'm Ken your new room-mate." I said.

"Oh yeah, sorry, I'm Erick, Erick Horstmeyer, I'm from Southern Arkansas."

Now I must say I was already undressing this young man, with my eyes, and I was in not hurry to dress, I wanted to make sure he got a good look at me, I was there for the taking at least for him.

He was fucking gorgeous, not pretty but gorgeous.

I finally got my briefs pulled up and offered my help I walked out side of the dorm room and into the hall in just my briefs and got a few whistles from the other guys, with a laugh, which I just laughed along, and helped Eric carry his belongings into the room.

We chatted and made ourselves aquainted and I noticed that Eric was a little shy and withdrawn,

As we talked I noticed Eric's voice was very masculine and sexy, with an erotic overtone, which I don't think he realized.

I noticed he didn't use any dirty or vulgar words, it seems his father was a minister of a Southern Baptist Church and his life had been almost cloistered.

He was sure of anything and when I made a joke or light of things, I had to explain everything to him.

That night as we prepared for bed he asked, "This is all new to me. sounding like a 14 or 15 year old.

"I always slept in my briefs back home, is that alright, you won't mind?"

"Mind, Of course not, I sleep in mine too."

I saw a beautiful smile, 'Wow this is like going on a campout with friends back home." he said.

"Well Eric, it is a little different, you'll be living here, and if you have the need to, well you know, "Jerk off or something like that, It's alright to do it here, I do it all the time."

"We just have to get to know each other" I said, trying to make him at ease.

"I See" Eric said with a smile.

We got to know each other and I learned a lot about Eric. He was handsome, well built, almost athletically built, but he had never been to a school to play with other guys, he had just worked hard on their little farm back home.

Eric's mother had home schooled him, and he know nothing, I mean nothing of the world.

As the months went on Eric and I got to be good friends and one thing I found out one evening Eric said, "Ken, I'm going to take a shower want to go with me," It was like opening the gate for me,

I said yeah, and in that shower I got to see Eric's cock in all it's gorgeous glory, I had seen it in his briefs as he sat in the room and walked around, he was truly beautiful.

But that night I found out he was uncut like me, and it was almost like his wrist thick, and about nine plus inches long, he had never measured it but I'm a little over seven and we both got hard in the shower that night and it was quite a bit longer than mine, I wanted to work it over for him so bad I ached.

When we went back to the room, I just came out and ask him if he had ever had sex with anyone other than his own hand. He blushed.

"NOOOO!" he said in a skiddish smiling way..

"I've thought about it and what it would feel like to have someone else touch it though. Is it that much better?" he asked.

That night Eric and I talked and that's when I heard him ask me if he could come over and lay in my bed with him as we talked.

I said. sure Eric. "Ken, how do I know if I'm gay or not?" he ask.

I smiled and said, well how does this feel, I reached down and I felt his cock, "do you like the feeling of this?" I asked.

"Yeah, a lot!" he said.

I Leaned over and took his face into my hands, and felt such lust, such passion, I needed this young innocent man, I wanted to make love, not just have sex. I kissed his mouth. He acted like he was going to faint, his eyes were like glistening stars, they were so beautiful, "I liked that," he said.

then I slid down under the covers and slipped his briefs off, and began to suck on his nuts, he arched his back and moaned with pleasure. and grabbed my head.

I slid upward and let my tongue slide up the underside of his hard cock, and the foreskin had already pulled back naturally.

I heard almost a loud groan as I took his cock to the balls into my mouth, well that was the beginning of a wonderful night as well as a very fulfilling year.

I got the fantastic pleasure of training and breaking Eric into the world of sexual pleasures only a man can deliver, and I have enjoyed Eric's sexual and regular company ever since and Eric and I graduated together, Eric came to college and un- learned boy, and left and well fulfilled man.

Life is good...



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