It was a Saturday night in October... it was one of those nights when you were suppose to have a great time.

Mom and Dad were away for a week, and my older brother Kyle and his friends decided to have a party at the house, which was alright as long as nothing got damaged or destroyed, and the police didn't be called and get involved......

I was just starting to realize I was coming into my own, I was just seventeen and my hormones were raging as most young men are at that age.

My older brother was twenty two, able to buy booze and liquor.

My name is Braden, and I have always loved my older brother, he has been sort of my idol, great high school sports star, ect.

Kyle was built like a brick shit-house, football star quarterback, friends coming out his ass, and then there was me.

I was nicely built too, trying to fill my brother's shoes at school and all. I guess everyone expected me to be just like Kyle.

And as I tried to be like Kyle, it was almost an impossibility to fill his shoes, my interest were different, although I did love being in the locker rooms, seeing the naked guys walking around strutting their awesome athletic bodies, there was this one kid that I fantasied about with a passion.

His name was Dawson Taylor, his Mom was the girls gym coach at High School, and he was fucking gorgeous, built like my older brother and his chest was covered with this smattering of dark hair, thick pubic and an uncut cock that would rival any porn star, and the nuts of a Brahmah Bull, how many times did I watch his nut-sack and his thick uncut cock swinging back and forth as he headed for the showers after sports practice, I would have let him his way with me sexually anyway he wanted.

Then one evening after Dawson and I were working out for the team, there was just the two of us, and we did our workout, we went into the Varsity locker room, which was seperate from the regular locker room, it had a coded lock, and you couldn't get into the door unless you knew the code, which was only given out to the varsity players.

We both went into the locker room and as we went into the shower together, Dawson smiled and said, "Hey man, I have been noticing you looking at my cock and balls a lot, do you like what you see, maybe something you'd like?" he asked.

As I looked down at his package I noticed it was beginning to rise and thicken up, sorta bouncing upward with each heart beat, Damn it was huge.

"Well I would be lying if I said no, how can some guy not admire that, it's fucking awesome," I said.

Dawson reached down and wrapped his hand around its thickness and began stroking it back and forth and I noticed the awesome head as it's skin covering was retracted, my stomach did a grind and I began to get a boner, "Looks like someone is getting aroused," Dawson said with a smile.

I couldn't take my eyes off that huge cock, and those awesome balls that I had admired for the whole year.

Dawson walked over next to me with his boner in hand, "It's alright, it loved to be stroked and petted" he said.

"Go Ahead I know you want to." he said.

I reached out and took the thick cock into my warm hand and as the hot water fell upon each of us I heard Dawson's moan as I began to stroke his thick cock, "Fuck yeah! you know how to do it, Shit man that feels good, don't stop." he said.

I had stroked his cock with one hand and stroked my own with the other hand as we stood there naked and exposed, but loving every minute of it.

That's when Dawson, just opened his eyes, and looked at me "Would you like to suck it, I love to have it sucked on." he said.

I just thought why the hell not.

I kneeled down and took about seven inches of this stud's cock into my mouth and he really let out a moan at that time.

"AWH FUCK MAN, That's fantastic." he said.

I really began pouring on the blow-job as I took his cock to the length my throat would allow, I was loving this thing called cock sucking.

"Your a fucking natural at sucking cock man, hope you can swallow the load cause I"m almost there." Dawson's body began to act strangely and then I felt his cock start spasming in my mouth and I tasted this odd taste as he shot his load deep in my throat and mouth.

I slurped and slightly gagged as I swallowed his mancream,and the blow-job was over, I had sucked this stud off and swallowed his load, my first time ever, I realized I loved it.

"Damn Dude, Dawson said. that was phenomenal."

Dawson stood up and began stroking my cock till I grunted and shot a load all over the shower room floor, we both smiled as we watched my load of cum slowly slide down through the drain cover and disappear into the drain.

Dawson reacted to my shot of cum, "Damn man, that was one hell of a load."

"Do you think we might do this again sometime, I loved it." he said.

'You better believe it," I said to Dawson, and It did happen every time we could be alone I got the great pleasure of sucking Dawson Taylor's huge cock for him, he turned out to be my best buddy at school after that, all through High School.

I had finally made it through tomy senior year, and it was on a weekend night that my brother Kyle had decided he wanted to throw a party for some of his buddies and their girlfriends, I knew what it would be a wild, noisy, evening of me cleaning up everyone's messes, but it was just this once so I agreed to help serve the party guests which consisted of a bunch of his team mates with raging hormones and hard-ons and their present lays for the night.

I watched and observed as they all got a little snizzled, and more than three sheets in the wind, but many of the guys were nice to me, and quite polite but then there were a few real jerks that like to treat me like I was their kid brother and punched around on me until Cal came along.

I was taking a tray of dirty drinking glasses to the kitchen when This one guy, Layton, grabbed me and gave me one of those dutch rubs and put me in a wrestlers headlocks, and it wasn't feeling too good, when all of a sudden Cal, a full-back on the football team, grabbed this dude and slammed him to the floor, "Hey man, fucking pick on someone you own size, O.K."

Layton looked up and just slurred his words. "O.K. O.K. dude don't get your panties in a wad, I was just having a little fun with the kid."

"Well the Kid is not part of this party he's Kyle's brother and he' just cleaning up after you loosers, so leave him alone, got it?"

Cal patted me on the shoulders and sorta stayed by my side the rest of the night, which was all right with me, he even helped me do the clean up after all the couples headed for their respective fuck quarters, well that was what this was all about in the first place, a drinking fuck party.

Cal just looked at me and said WOW! sure got quiet all of a sudden and looks like we're left to clean up the pieces." he said.

Cal smiled at me and said, "didn't take long for them to all disappear, did it?"

"Yeah!fucking Sad ain't it, I work my ass off and they all get to go out and have the fun and get laid, me I get to stay here and clean up, sorta pisses me off ya know?"

Cal got up and walked over to me and began to rub my shoulders, "Well Braden, I't don't have to be a total loss for the two of us, we could have some fun of our own," he said.

I smiled up at him, 'Really, I don't catch your drift." I said.

"Well, Where's your bedroom?" he asked

"Upstairs two doors down from Kyle's." I responded

'Come on, lets go have some fun of our own." Cal said.

We walked upstairs and as we walked by Kyles bedroom door, we could hear the sounds of some serious fucking taking place, Kyle was moaning and grunting and his female friend was squeeling like a pig, but Kyle was hung nicely so I could understand that.

Cal shook his head and said, "I'm getting a boner man, lets get going."

We got to my bedroom and I had installed a deadbolt lock for privacy from Kyle.

I locked the door smiled at Cal and said, "Now What?"

Cal looked over and said, Braden, do you know how cute and adorable you are, your really one good looking young stud, and he walked over and kissed me on the lips, I felt shocking electricity shoot thru my body, I had never been kissed like that before and I loved it.

Cal began undoing my shirt and trousers and I could see a pronounced swelling in his crotch showing a very nice looking swollen cock.

Cal got me naked and I was already bone hard when Cal smiled, "Beautiful man, just Beautiful," and he took my hard cock to the hilt in his mouth, I was in heaven that night I had been stroked off by Dawson but this was my first actual blow-job, and I was loving it with a passion.

I lay on the edge of the bed and Cal began to work on my balls, they were getting like a rock, tight against my body, and my asshole was tingling.

Cal sucked on my nuts and cock for a while, and then,"I want to taste that sweet little asshole man"...Up went my legs and Cal went for the manhole with his hot wet tongue, I was almost crying from the intense feeling I was experiencing.

Cal had me floating on a cloud before he went back to the cock and brought me to a what they call a screaming orgasm... It was then I heard my brothers voice outside my bedroom, "That's it BRO,, give em hell," and he laughed as he went on to the bathroom.

I could care less at that point, I still had my throbbing cock in Cal's mouth and he was slurping my last little bit of nut sauce from my cock.

I lay back on the bed now totally wasted from the climax I had just had. Cal was staring at me and wiping his wet lips off with the back of his hand.

He set up beside me and I reached over and felt his thick swollen cock through his trousers.

I raised up from where I was laying and as Cal leaned back on his elbows I undid his trousers and took out his wet tipped cock from his white briefs.

Cal let out a big moan as I took his cock into my mouth and began massaging his balls as I sucked his gorgeous cock for him.

he was uncut, thick, and tasty and I loved the taste of his pre-cum, I kept going back to the tip for a refreshing taste of it.

I had sucked his cock for a good ten minutes when he began to tense up and I knew I was about to get a nice thick load of my new friends cum.

I slid my lips to his thick dark pubic bush as I felt his cock start to pulse and jerk and got that object of my labors, and it was fantastic as he flooded my mouth and throat with cum.

Cal and I slept there that night, and the next morning I got to see who my brother was fucking the night before, she was beautiful,,

Cal came down in his jeans the next morning, "Hey Cal did you enjoy yourself last night," Kyle said.

"Fuck Yeah, I think I'm in love and as I sat there Cal leaned over and kissed me on the lips, right in front of my Brother Kyle and his girlfriend.

I was in a state of embarassment and shock, as Cal, as calm as a cucumber set down beside me and looked over to Kyle, "He is just as awesome as you said."

I looked at Kyle in a puzzled state, "you set this up?" I said.

"Fuck man, I have known your were gay since you were fifteen and Cal here is one of my best friends he's gay too, and I just wanted there to be someone there for you to have some fun with after the party too. I love you Bro." Kyle said.

'I love you too, Kyle, thanks."

I just sat there in amazement, Cal leaned over and said, I would love to start dating you Braden, I really like you."

I just sat there with my mouth open in shock.

Wow now that was one hell of a party. OH YEAH!!!!!



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