It was my last year in High School, I was working out with the Gymnastics troup, and altho I was not really that good myself, I was nicely built, I was doing all I could to be really a good Gymnast but, I just didn't have the goods I guess.

It was a Monday morning that Ted Schaffley came to our school, he was hired in as an assistant coach, He caught my eye as well as my desires as he walked out with a basketball under his muscular arm, his dark wavy hair was well he was absolutely gorgeous, muscular in all the right places, trim waist, thick tree trunk legs. and in those gym shorts he looked like he was sporting a huge package.He didn't look to be much older that most of the High School Seniors, actually just out of college himself.

I guess you might say I was mesmerized with Ted. I began planning my stratigy and plan my next move with Ted, Damn I couldn't keep my mind of him, I became obsessed with him.

Even at night I would fantasize about him as I slowly stroked my aching boner and shot a huge load of cum all over my blankets at home.

I was to the point that when I would get close to him I would have cold chills, I was in a fix.

I did my dead level best to get his attention, and be close to him. I know I wasn't all that much as far as an athlete but I tried.

So I did sorta become Teds right hand man, getting the equiptment in and sorted and put away after the classes. I felt like a king, but the one thing I wanted was still missing.

Then came the all-state Gymnastics tournament and Ted ask me to come with him and give him a hand, It was a tournament that was in another state and we had to take a school bus and it was a good nine hour trip.

We had left early that morning about four, and stopped twice to use a rest-stop for the bathroom break, then for lunch at a McDonalds for burgers and fries and cokes lunch.

We got to the motel about five that evening and we got our rooms, there were four guys to a room since there were two double beds in each room, except the one room with just a queen-sized bed, Assistant Coach Ted took it and ask for a volunteer to share his room, since there was just enough for all the rooms plus one extra athlete, so I of course volunteered. I couldn't wait for the night to come.

We drove around in the bus to see the sights of the new town, found the Gymnasium where the meet would be, and then went out to dinner at a Denny's.

I, since I wasn't one of the actual Gymnasts stayed close to Ten, I sat next to him and we were kinda getting attached I was having feelings for him in a big way. I would not have had a problem with Ten holding me down and fucking my brains out with that big bulging cock of his.

It was about ten thirty that night when Ten said, "Well Ken, you ready to hit the sack?"

"Oh yeah, well I watched as Ted stripped down to his boxers, he was just like the rest of him, gorgeous, washboard abs. nice set of noticeable obliques, thick legs and a lovely covering of dark hair like it was painted over his upper chest and the treasure trail down his midsection going into his boxers. and I noticed the head outline of his thick cock, it was awesome looking, I wanted to drop, slip his boxers off, suck those thick nuts and suck the cum out of his cock.

"Damn Coach, I had no idea you were built like this." "Yeah it took me a while to build myself up to this a lot of hours pumping iron." he said.

" Looks like a good amount of work there in those muscles." I said with a grin.

"Well yeah, fairly so." he said.

We both stripped to our underwear, him just in boxers and me in white briefs.

"It's rather chilly tonight" Ted said.

"Yeah, I noticed" I said.

"Lets get close under the covers together and cuddle, that will keep us warmer" Ted said

"Sounds like a plan to me," I said.

We scooted close to each other under the covers, skin to skin, I found myself putting my arms around his body and pulling him close to me.

It felt so awesome to feel Teds Body next to mine, damn his body was like a rock, hard thick muscles, like iron, I was totally in awes and bone hard.

We lay like that for about twenty minutes, I couldn't take my mind of Ted. Then I heard him lightly snoring as we cuddled, and I just thought "Do I take a chance or not."

Ted finally rolled over on his back and that's when I turned on my side, reached over and gently lay my hand on his crotch, felt around to feel his genitals, and located his cock, it was already about half hard, and Holy shit it was thick, I gently slipped my hand inside the opening of his boxers and felt the thickness and quickly hardening flesh, so hot, so hard, so thick, Shit it was awesome to actually have Ted's cock in my hand.

His cock was bigger that I thought and I fished it out of his boxers, and got his huge balls and gently lifted them out through the slit in his boxers.

I took the thickness of his cock in hand and began to rub up and down, gently and slowly as to not wake Ted, I felt his cock get harder like a piece of pipe, his head was flaring out and I could feel his heart beating through his cock. I was nervous as hell, for fear he would wake and punch my lights out, I was shaking.

I had to do this, it may be the only chance I might ever have to touch his awesome meat.

I had been stroking this cock for about four minutes when I knew I had to have a taste, it was leaking this thin, slick liquid out the tip and I wanted to taste it, I just had to taste it.

I raised up and leaned over and took about four inches of his cock into my mouth, I felt his body make a slight tightening movement...... I stopped, then continued, I was gently sucking and putting pressure on his cock going faster and faster. savoring each suck, each little drip of his pre-cum, when I felt his hands on the back of my head, pushing it down and slipping his thick cock further and further down my throat.

That's when I heard this voice, in almost a whisper, "I hope you can take my cum, because here it comes" Ted said, he had no sooner said that and a flood of cum started shooting into my throat. It was awesome,I could feel each shot as it traveled up the penile tube, each throb of his cock as it expelled its content, I had dreamed of this day for some time.

It seemed like forever when a word was finally spoken.

"Sorry man, I couldn't help myself." I said.

"Sorry, for what, I love getting my cock sucked and you do one hell of a Job."

"I felt like a million dollars, Ted liked my cock-sucking, and I loved doing it.

Well the night had just begun as far as me and Ted, he looked at me and said. "You like to get sucked too?" he asked, and he leaned down grabbed my briefs and pulled them off me, took them up to his face and took a long whiff, "Fuck yeah man, I love the sweet aroma of a mans crotch, yours is awesome" he said.

Then he lifted my legs up and dove face first into my ass and began rimming me like a starving dogs goes after a steak. I was in limbo.

Ted sucked and licked my asshole like he was eating an ice cream cone. and I loved it. then he sucked my nuts until they were almost aching.

It all became worthwhile when he took my hard-on to the balls in his mouth and with expertise he sucked cock like a hoover.

I came so powerfully I ached as I unloaded my load, I let out this grunting groan, and my nuts emptied into his mouth.

Ted sucked me totally dry, I wasn't sure he was gonna let me go, it was fantastic.

The whole trip and the tournament was a total success. but even more than a success was my fulfillment of my desire to get intimate with my assistant Coach Ted, It was the end of the Term and I would be graduating, along with the rest of my class, it was graduation night, and there stood Ted handing out the awards for the top athletes of the year and senior class, at the end I was totally shocked when he introduced me as his right hand man, someone he had befriended and came to trust and depend on to help out with just about anything that came up.

As I went to the platform I got a standing ovation, I was wondering If they knew just what all I had done for the assistant coach, the times I sucked his cock off in the locker room how many times as I stood by the half door in the locker room office handing out towels to the guys as they come out of the showers wishing I could suck them off and the assistant coach would be kneeling on the floor as they came naked toward me and he had my dick in his mouth sucking me off, They couldn't see it but I knew what was happening, Damn, what memories.

As I got ready to go to college, Ted was very upset, I was surprised too, when he told me the he had applied for a job in the sports dept at the college I was planning to attend and was accepted, he would go ahead and get an apartment and we would share it off campus, I was ecstatic.

The first night in the apartment Ted had a bottle of wine and I had just come in from Class orientation, I met him at the door he was naked, all he was wearing was a big red ribbon, and a big smile, his cock was sticking straight out, beautifully thick, the dark circumcision scar was awesome, his cock head was gorgeous. He handed me a glass of wine and said, "Welcome home baby," I wanted to cry,

Before the wine glass was empty, I was on my back on the bed, with Teds thick cock to the balls in my asshole. I was in love, with his Cock. He gently, lovingly, and slowly, made me all but crazy as he slowly fucked me almost nuts. I came with his cock in my asshole, just as he came, it was almost magical.

I lay there with his thick cock up my ass, not wanting this moment to end. I had wrapped my legs around Teds tight muscular body. and just held him there.

I was in Love, and didn't want it to end.

Ted and I stayed together for the next five years.

After graduation I went on and got my masters in education and teaching.

I accepted a job in the local school system so I could be there close to Ted.

It was September when the new semester had started when I came home early due to illness and opened the house and there was this young dude, awesomely built, sexy as hell and he had Teds cock to the balls in his mouth.

Teds face turned red, "Hey Babe, this isn't what it looks like," he said.

"Well sweetie , just what the fuck would you say it is.,,,,, Are you practicing Deep sea Diving?" I said. not knowing how I felt, we had made a deep serious commitment, I just thought.

our relationship was strained after that, and I began to look around for something and someone else.

I found this young man, a new grade school teacher at the elementary school that I was teaching at, He wasn't a jock, he was just a plain Joe, and I seemed to hit it off with him his name was Allen Rasencraft. There was just something to his very almost withdrawn, quiet demeanor, and I was right.

I took him out to supper that night, and invited him back to my place, and when I made my intentions known, he turned into a wild sex crazed machine, with a nine inch cock as thick as his wrist, he was awesome in bed too, he could fuck like no bodys business, proves the old adage, dynamite comes in small yet powerful packages..

I lay there exhausted after I blew my load that first time, he just lay there next to me with this thick long hard uncut cock, and I leaned over and I thought he would choke me to death as he slid that long thick cock down my throat, and he let out a loud groan as he dumped about a quart of cum down my throat, God Allen was amazing, and, It goes to show you, you can't judge a book by it's cover, and Although I love Allen I never have forgotten Ted, and still have a special place in my heart for him, but Allen and I enjoy each other tremendously. so with that in mind, I will say to you my friends.

LIFE IS GOOD:....................CIAO MY FRIENDS.



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