As a young man I had no problem accepting the fact that I loved being with other guys.

My name is Ken Breighton, I had been raised in a Military family and when I was nine Dad was transferred to The U.K.where we were stationed on a base in Yorkshire, England.

Dad and Mom had gotten a three bedroom place outside the base and things were quite nice, it was there in Jolly ole England that I lost my male virginity at a very young age.

I never gave thought to it being under-aged sex, but I had met this young man who's parents were teachers at the local school.

I attended the local school and made several friends.

I finally turned sixteen, when I made friends with this older kid named Michael White, he was an odd kid, in that he loved to dress different and had these ear-rings and a seashell necklace

Michael was eighteen, nicely built, sorta tall, and had his hair dark roots, with those spiked blonde tips, but there was something about Michael, that I was attracted to.

Mom and Dad was having to go over to London for some military sort of business, I didn't know just what that was all about, and I talked them into letting me have Michael over for a sleep-over.

They had no problems with his sleeping over,but no alcohol, or wild parties.

Little did I know the party that was in store for me that night, one that would change my life forever.

Michael rode up on his bicycle, and came into the house as Mom and Dad was leaving, they gave their instructions, and we smiled and agreed.

We watched as they drove out of sight and Michael smiled and said, "Hey man, I got these adult videos for us to watch, I hope you like them,"

"I Don't know man, never watched one before." I said.

"Well I know you will like them."

We had some soda's and some food to eat, and went to the local arcade and played some games, and the whole time we were there Michael kept rubbing around on my shoulders, squeezing my arms and just petting around on me, Shit man, I was eating that up like crazy, I loved the attention I was getting from Michael.

We were playing a pin-ball machine when Michael leaned over and told me how nice my ass looked in the shorts I was wearing, I really loved that one.

I was beginning to feel an attraction to Michael that I had never felt toward anyone before.

Michael and I left the arcade and went on home.

We ate some supper of fish and chips, which I love and drank some coke.

Finally went into the living room and Michael put on a video that he had brought, it was one erotic and sexually stimulating video.

Within minutes Michael reached over smiled as he looked into my eyes and reached down and my shorts were tented like a flagpole was in them.

Now I had already matured into a well hung young man at sixteen I had already grown in the cock department to a little over seven inches.

Michael reached down and wrapped his hand around the tent and gave my cock a gentle squeeze, sending sensations and excitement through my young body.

"Wow Ken, this is nice, damn dude your really big for your age." he said.

I looked down and I watched as he flexed his cock and his shorts rose up long and thick from his boner.

"Holy Shit, man is that for real?" I asked.

"Why don't you feel it and find out for your self." Michael said.

I had never given thought to the fact that Michael would possible be that big, "How big it that thing?" I asked'

"Almost ten inches!" Michael said.

"No shit man, that's huge."I Said.

"Well you can pull it out and see for yourself, If you'd like." he said.

I slid my hand under the elastic of his shorts and wrapped my hand around a really thick, hunk of cock, My hand almost didn't reach around it.

I thought I would swallow my tongue.

I had seen a few big cock's before in school but this was phenomenal.

I began pulling Michael's shorts down and out flopped this huge, thick, cock with that British foreskin still attached, and from being from America I had not see that very much, except on my father.

I was mesmerized with his thick cock and that foreskin, I reached up and began playing with the foreskin. His cock tightened up and swelled out, and I saw these huge oval balls tighten up in the sack beneath his cock. and that dark bush and his hairy legs.

"Hey man that feels so fucking awesome mate, lets go up to bed and enjoy ourselves." he said.

We both, sporting thick boners jumped up and took the video up to my room, popped the video back in and stripped naked and crawled on the bed, I was enjoying the video when Michael smiled and said. "Try this on for size, Ken," then leaned over and took the first four or five inched of my boner into his mouth and began to work it over with his tongue and mouth.

Talk about a phenomenal feeling, I wanted to take off, but all I could do was gasp, moan, and thrust upward into Michael's mouth and enjoy the blow-job.

At first I thought Michael would just suck my cock for a few minutes and that would be it, but the longer he sucked and licked and stroked my boner the more I didn't want it to stop, it was fantastic.

I felt the feeling coming on, my balls were beginning to tingle, and the hardness of my cock had increased, it was like a piece of flint, and my nuts had drawn up tight into my body, and my muscles were set like concrete as Michael just kept up the sucking and stroking my shaft, I was breathing fast and furious, I felt my body doing a fucking motion and that's when I felt the final feeling, I could feel the cum boiling up in my groin and my asshole started spasming, and I felt the cum shooting through the tube of my cock and out into Michael's mouth, it was incredible, like nothing I had never felt before.

As my cock deflated and did those final little after jerks, I lay there in limbo, taking in what had just happened, and I knew then I wanted to enjoy this over and over

Michael swiped his mouth with the back of his hand, "That was fucking awesome mate, you pack quite a load there mate." he said.

It was so Immense a climax I couldn't speak for a few minutes.

I looked over and Michael's cock was still standing straight upward and it's foreskin was slid back and the reddish blue head was swollen and shiny, and I knew there was only one thing left for me to do.

I had never up to this time ever had a cock in my mouth before, I had thought about it but never done it.

I leaned over and licked on the tip, there was a little bit of this crystal clear liquid had formed on the tip and It had a lightly salty, sweet flavor and I like it so I licked it off and then began to lick on the head of Michael's cock, Michael just said, "Fuck Yeah Ken, that's what I like, suck it, yeah man go ahead."

I felt so good I took about six inches of Michael's cock into my throat and he began to face fuck me, I loved being used by Michael as he fucked my mouth I felt his thick cock slide down my throat and I loved it.

I had sucked and licked and gotten my mouth fucked for about ten minutes and was really loving this when I felt his body go rigid and the shoved his cock to the balls and almost choked me and I felt his cock flexing and jerking in my mouth as his cock expelled a huge load of musty, salty, tasting cum into my mouth, I just stood my ground and held back the gag reflex and swallowed his load.

I felt like a million bucks having just sucked Michael's cock.and taking his load.

Michael and I lay there and fell into a deep sleep, both naked and holding onto each other.

At first light of day, I awoke feeling like a new person, my morning wood standing tall and proud, happy that it had gotten the attention that it so richly deserved.

I looked over at Michael, still asleep and noticing his gorgeous ass which for the first time looked so awesome, some how it was beautiful, hairy enough that the crack of his ass looked like a girls snatch and just as hot and erotic, I leaned over and took a whiff, and the aroma almost made me cum, I began to lick his ass crack and in a few minutes I heard him moaning and I spread his ass cheeks and looked into the crevice at the most gorgeous sight I had seen, so sexy, and stimulating, my cock was like concrete and before you know it I had taken a finger and began to wet it with saliva and had slipped my middle finger to the center knuckle deep in Michael's asshole, then I took it and licked it off, god I was turned on.

Michael looked around and said, "Would you like to fuck me, I love to get fucked."

Without even answering I was slicking up my cock with saliva and shoving three fingers into Michael's asshole.

I raised and my cock head found the target and I slipped my first three inches of cock into his hot, tight hole, Michael grunted and moaned his approval as I began to fuck for the first time in my life, it was like nothing I had ever felt before, and after we were going at it a few minutes, Michael and I were fucking like breading horses.

Michael rolled over while I was still inside his anal orafice, and pulled his legs up over my shoulder's and I put my elbows under his knees and we began to make love like a married couple, it was phenomenal, when I finally shot my load I was at the point of screaming as Michael shot a load up on his stomach without even touching his cock.

Michael and I just lay there still connected until my cock softened and sorta slipped out of his asshole.

We showered and went on our way that day and every time we got the opportunity we would make out and have unbridled passionate sex.

Then came that sad day, my father got transferred back to the states and Michael cried as we said our "goodbyes" but we stayed in touch and he plans to visit us here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Well I went to business college and got my degree and went to work for this fantastic Company, my office was on the tenth floor of this High Rise Business Building, I was a CPA doing accounting.

Well it was my fourth year in the company and we were set for the new Year's eve party the next week end.

Everyone was invited to bring a friend or a wife, or husband whatever the case may be.

I was in that state I called limbo, no one person in my life and it was getting to that point, I needed me a man.

I was so much in a Horny state that even old geezers were beginning to look good to me.

I decided to go alone to the party and went, I was just standing around talking to the other guys there from the office, most with their females or wives, you know just doing the chit-chat thing.

There were a couple of these married guys I would have hit the sack with in a New York minute, I had seen a few of their cocks at the urinals in the office, and would have dropped and sucked them dry if given the chance.

Well it was getting a little boring and then In walked Mario.

Mario was a Latino who was the head man in the mail room.

Oh yeah I had seen Mario many, many times, and ogled his dark Latino looks, he was one hot dude, and had thick muscular arms, trim waist, and looked so hot in everything he wore he was truly a dream.

I watched as Mario walked over to me and said his usual "Hey Ken,how's it hanging?"

Without even thinking I gave a response, "Hey Mario, it ain't hanging it's stiff and sticking straight out." I said.

"Mario just smiled as he held up his beer in a toast jesture,.

"well my friend, that can..... be fixed you know?"

he said.

"Yeah but I don't have a girlfriend." I said.

"Fuck man, neither do I but I don't let that stop me from having a good time." Mario said.

I wasn't sure of what I was hearing.

"Sorry man, I don't get your drift." I said.

"Well you see, I am one of those guys that can make it with a gal or a dude, and I have been wondering what it would be like to get it on with you. Are you interested, I could sure use some sex man." "But I don't mean to set you off with

that." He said.

"Not at all man, so you want to go to my apartment and get it on then?" I ask.

"Mario looked up and just said, "Lead the way man. by the way man, you have one hot ass, do you know that?"

"Well I just hope you can handle it, It loves to feel a man working on it." I responded.

Mario just looked up and smiled.

We got to the Apartment and we both began undressing each other, and I got Mario down to his boxer briefs and noticed a log laying to the side almost hard already, Mario was up and ready to breed.

I took him to the bedroom and we crawled up on the bed, and I looked up and down Mario's body and was mesmerized at his gorgeous body, tight, no fat, muscular abs, thick chest and another beautiful uncut Latino cock to enjoy, I was in heaven.

I leaned over and sucked that beautiful uncut bronzed beauty to the thich balls at its base and I was in heaven.

"Awh Fuck man! Holy mother of god." he said.

As I started giving Mario the mother of all blow-jobs. and his body was responding by shoving his cock upward toward my mouth.

I was shocked to see his reaction and how short his fuze was, "Oh Shit man, I'm gonna fucking cum, I'm gonna CUUUUUUUM," and cum he did, shit man it only took five minutes and he was filling my mouth with his Latino seed, which I gulped down like an after dinner drink.

Mario lay there in sheer exhaustion. I just watched him breathing like he had just climb Mt. Everest.

We lay there him gaining his strength and me stroking a raging boner.

Finally he just stared at me,,, "Fuck Gringo, no body has ever made me cum that fast before, your awesome." he said.

About five minutes after he gained his composure I felt that thick hose of his sliding up my asshole and He rode me like a bucking bronco, his cock felt phenomenal and I was needing it badly.

Well needless to say we had sex till the light of the New Year came shining through the morning.


Mario and I went out for a New Years day brunch and had a wonderful day together and that day is still going on to this day, and we still work together at the office and he's still my favorite mail room clerk, actually he's my full time boyfriend and Michael is coming next month, maybe I'll write about what happens when he get's here I know he will love Mario, he already know's about him and can't wait to "Meet" him or maybe it's "Meat" him. whatever.

Ciao my friends and "Happy New Year."



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