I was so fucking tired by the time my vacation came around I wasn't sure I was going to have the strength to take it, totally exhausted.

I got my vacation paycheck that Friday night and my boss handed me a bonus check, $3500. Telling me what an awesome job I had done all year, something that would normally spark up my spirits, but I was so fucking tired from working 14-16 hours a day for a month straight I wasn't sure I could even go out and spend it.

My partner in my cubicle and I decided to take a road trip and actually I was taking him to see his parents in Vegas, they ran a buffet in one of the Big Hotels there, and had worked there for several years.

Devon (My friend). had been enjoying each others company (not openly in a sexual manner ) but truthfully there were many night he stayed over at my Apartment and we shared a bed, and I enjoyed fondling him in his sleep, and I would always end up sliding his cock out of his briefs while he slept and sucking on his lovely uncut cock and stroke myself off as I did, can't tell you how many time Devon would wake up the next morning with my cum dried on his leg.

I'm not sure but I don't think he ever knew that his cock was the source of my pleasure all these months.

Devon was one fucking handsome dude. with almost eight inches of thick. beautiful. tasty cock. I Don't think he even had a lady friend, He did mildly grunt one night in his sleep and shot his load while I sucked him, either he was playing possum or he was having one hell of a dream, either way I totally enjoyed his cum.

We finally rested that week end and we took off in my SUV early Monday from Cleveland, Ohio.

We were driving straight through to Vegas, and I decided we would eat out that night. We found a buffet and enjoyed ourselves.

Back at the motel Devon got down to his tidy whities, the only underwear he wore, which I thought were awesome looking on him Devon worked out and had one hell of a body.

I was shocked when we got into bed, and Devon turned on his side, raised up on his elbow and with his right hand inside his briefs massaging his hardening cock, said, "Ken, can I ask you something ?" I responded, "Sure man, shoot"

"I'm almost embarrassed to say anything but I was just wondering, Well! What's it like sucking a cock?" he asked.

I was speechless, He did know about me.

"What makes you ask that question?" as if I didn't know.

"Well I have been wondering, I have felt the awesome feeling when you suck me when you thought I was asleep, and I know you must get some pleasure or enjoyment from it, and I just thought I might like to try, you know, like what does cum taste like, I have tried my own, it wasn't bad, but does everybody's cum taste a like. Believe me I really like getting my cock sucked. But I think I'm ready to try it. Can I suck your cock for you?"

"Holy Shit, somebody pinch me, and I dead is this for real?" was all I could think, I was dumb-founded.

With that laying there in a Best Western Motel, in Oklahoma City, My good buddy Leaned over and began to rub on my cock through my briefs.

Now I know this was different and totally unexpected but before I could think straight Devon hand my briefs pulled down to my knees and had my cock in his mouth working it over, I know he could taste the pre-cum oozing out because I flow like a fountain when I get aroused.

Man, for a beginner I must say he was awesome. I did have to remind to watch the teeth, he would get excited and scrape my shaft and head with his front teeth, but after he got that under control, I wasn't sure I should warn him or not when I was ready to dump the load.

Awe what the shit, let him learn, I grabbed Devon's head and held it in place as My tingling, throbbing harder than flint rock cock began to erupt into his mouth, volley after volley of a big load went into his mouth, he moaned almost as much as I did. It was not bad, he swallowed because he had no where to go with it. I held his head.

When he got up he smiled at me and I wiped some of my cum off the side of his mouth and then licked it off my finger, Then I told him how awesome he did and I leaned over we began to kiss, Damn, this dude knew how to kiss.

"You don't know how many time I have wanted to do that Ken, I have had sexual feelings for you for a long time." I was stunned, he gave out no signs or even the slightest hint.

Well the rest of the trip went great, oh yeah, I leaned over that night and sucked Devon off, he was so excited to have done that he blew his load in about three minutes, It was one hell of a big load too.

I Dropped him off at his Parents house and he had purchases a ticket to fly home with, he wanted to spend as much time with them as possible.

I headed out and headed toward New Mexico the stop by Arizona.

Several days had gone by and although I was hoping to connect with a couple one night stands as I was by myself, I was having no luck, one week, two weeks and I was looking. I tried bars, Mall restrooms, even a bus station, but nothing.

Then I was at a motel there not far from the Grand Canyon, heading back east when It was one hell of a hot day, I decided to use the outside pool there one night about eleven, it was dark, almost looked overcast but yet still hot.

I went out to the pool, went through the gate, and I took off my beach towel that I had wrapped around me, and I slipped into the pool. It was dark, and I was just enjoying the feel of the cool water, when I heard this sexy, young man's voice. "Hi there, lovely night for a swim don't you think?" I turned around and there was this bodatiously handsome young man with a gorgeous swimmers build standing behind, "Hi, I'm Mick. My parents run this motel, and I usually come out late at night and check the pool out."

"Hi Mick, glad to meet you, I'm going home after a couple weeks vacation, I went to Vegas with a friend who's parents live there, he's flying home and I am going from sight to sight enjoying the trip home."

He just stared at me with this unusual look in his eyes. God he was beautiful, his eyes, his lips, his body build, and being under water I couldn't see his bulge.

After a while of silence he spoke,"I was just wondering, I bet being on vacation and all, I bet your getting a lot of sex, being as good looking as you are. and all," He said.

I just smiled, :Well Mick, truth is its been so long for me, that If I got any sex tonight My right hand would get Jealous." I said with a giggle.

"Mick came close and just looked into my eyes, "Well, would you like me to suck your cock for you, I'm really good at giving blow Jobs!" he said.

I hardly knew how to respond, I have never had anyone so blunt, yet so sexy and erotic in it before.

I smiled and responded to Mick, "Only if you'll let me suck you off," I watched the biggest smile come on his face.

"By the way Mick, just how old are you?" I asked, not wanting to get myself in trouble with a minor.

"Don't worry, I'm twenty three, I can do whom-ever and what-ever I want."

I pushed myself over to Mick and stood in front of him, "Would you like to kiss me?"

Oh yeah, I love getting fucked too." he said.

We went to my motel room and I opened the door, Mick acted like a wild man, 'I love sucking cock, and Holy fuck did he ever, he like to tore my trunks off getting to my boner, he knew how to suck too, All I could say it "Hallahlujah" My dry spell is over.

Mick called and told his mother he was staying with a friend that nigh.

I remember after he had sucked me a while, I wasn't ready to blow my load, Mick finally stripped his trunks off and mother fucker there is this at least nine inch beautifully cut cock, standing straight upward against his stomach, I took it into my mouth and began to suck and I thought he would go nuts, he blew the biggest load I had had in a long time and I loved it.

Well I stayed at that motel almost the rest of my vacation just for Mick, and man did he like getting fucked, I began to feel like Mick's sexual apatite was unquenchable, but I gave It all IU was worth trying that week. I got home and almost had to put my cock In dry dock, it and me needed to go back to work to get rested up.

I hear from Mick every so often and he plans to come for a week's stay asap.

Mean-while, Devon and I are like two peas in a pot, or should I say to nuts in a scrotum. either way where you see one of us, you see the other. We keep each other totally happy and satisfies.

Oh yeah man, Life is good.............Ciao



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