It was December the fourteenth, I was so glad to be heading home for the Holidays with my family, I had gotten all the things I needed for the two day drive home from college, packed my car and pulled out.

I had gotten up early that morning, and filled the car. As far as I knew I had everything packed.

But I knew the trip would be lonely and long, especially since it was one I would be making alone.

I was quite proud of the fact that I would be taking a great report card home to my father, I had done very good this first semester.

I had gone to school on a sports scholarship, and was really into sports, probably as much for seeing the other hot athletes naked in the locker rooms as it was for the sports themselves.

We had just had the promise of our finals for the first semester when Holiday break was over and we returned and were warned that we needed to be studied up and ready. So there would be some study while we were gone.

I had driven about five hours, it was late after noon, and I was getting hungry heading down through Illinois when decided to stop at one of those TA truck stops with little shops and restaurants in it, I filled up with gas, and then went into this fried chicken place to get a snack, when I saw this young man, I knew he was a sailor, since the weather was a little chilly and brisk, he was wearing a Navy P-coat, my dad use to have one since he was in the navy.

I noticed he had his little Navy white hat, blue denim shirt and those Navy issue blue bell-bottom denim pants.

I guess what caught my attention most was how handsome and sexy looking he was.

He was setting straight across from me and I for some reason noticed that awesome bulge that those Navy pants seems to show. I felt that old familiar feeling in my stomach and I just realized that it had been several weeks since I had had any contact with another guy.

It brought back some memories of my earlier years as I sat there and drank a cup of hot coffee waiting for my order to be filled.

When I was sixteen my mother got remarried to a really great guy named Steve, now Steve was as good as gold to me and really just took over for my Dad, who by the way was a real son-of-a-bitch, he drank, he beat me and mom, treated us like shit, and I didn't miss him at all after Mom finally had him arrested when he tried to kill her and she divorced him.

Well Steve was an awesome guy and I quickly came to love and respect him.

But something happened, something wonderful, or at least I thought it was wonderful.

Mom, had been called away to her sisters in Denver and flew out to take care of Aunt Hazel, who had had by-pass surgery, and I stayed back with Steve, since he had a great job, and I was still in High school.

I had gone to a school game and was gone when Steve came home from his job.

I slipped in the back patio door quietly, I thought he might be in bed, when I noticed the T.V. on in the family room, I just thought Steve was watching the boob tube, and I walked in the room, there on the coffee table was several empty Budweiser cans, Steve wasn't a drunk, he just enjoyed a few beers after work to help him unwind.

It was at this time I realized just how handsome and well built Steve was, damn he could have been a clothing model in his younger years.

It looked like Steve had had a shower after he came home, there was an empty t.v. dinner tray on the counter in the Kitchen, so he had eaten supper.

It looked like he had gone to shower and just sat down in his boxers, and there he was laying back across the arm of the couch, splayed out like he had been shot, passed out asleep, one leg was up on the other arm of the couch and one leg was raised upward, his boxer underwear was standing open and I could see a side view of a portion of his cock which went all the way down and the head was bent under his nut sack, I had no idea Steve was hung like that, I realized that he had one huge cock, no wonder Mom was so in love with Steve.

I felt a strange desire to touch it, feel Steve's cock, My mind jumped back and forth with reasoning and lustful thought, should I or shouldn't I.

Well by the time I knelt done on the floor beside the sofa, I was already harder than a rock in my own shorts.

I reached up and began to touch Steve's awesome muscular chest and feel that awesome covering of dark hair, the I rubbed his nipples, and I felt them tighten up and grow hard under my fingers, My cock was almost aching by now.

I looked up to check if Steve was still sleeping and he was still asleep, that slow steady breathing, I reached over and reached in the slit in the boxer's and felt a very thick hunk of cock, I it into my thumb and fingers and began to work it out of his boxers and when his cock was all the way out, I liked to swallow my tongue, then I fished out his thick big balls.

Damn man, Steve would have made a wonderful porn star,, he had the perfect build, the balls, and the perfect cock for it.

I couldn't help myself, I began to stroke Steve's uncut cock, I loved the way his foreskin slipped back and forth, showing that pink thick belled out head.

I then found myself leaning over and licking the tip, and around the bell, tasting that awesome flavor or freshly washed, sweet tasting cock head.

It was then I decided how much of it I could take into my mouth, or if I could really deep-throat it.

I really had liked Steve up to this point, but now I was feeling lustful desire and love for this awesome man.

I really didn't think I would be able to get away with sucking it till he came without getting my head knocked off but I wanted to take it as far as I could.

I began taking his cock as far into my mouth and down my throat as I could.

I leaned down and started gently sucking his balls.

as I went back onto his thick now almost fully swollen hard cock and took it into my mouth, I heard Steve mumble, 'Yeah Babe, that's it, suck it, OH Fuck yeah, OOOOOH!!!!! Fuck!,' and I felt his hand on the back of my head and his hips now rose up,I almost gagged at the length of his thick cock sliding down my throat, his leg muscles tightened like a rock, his stomach started jerking up and down, his nuts had gone to each side of his cock, and I tasted his nut sauce, as he unloaded about a quart of cum into my mouth.

He held my head down onto his cock until it had stopped spasming in my mouth and shooting several vollies of cum.

I swallowed what I could but there was so much, and I was loosing some of it on my cheek and chin.

I could hear his raspy breathing as he came down from what I call a sexual climax high.

'HOLY SHIT, that was fantastic' he said, as he looked a little puzzled at me.

'Did you enjoy that Steve? I asked, 'Only a fool wouldn't have,' he responded to my question.

'Holy Shit boy, where the fuck did you learn to give head like that?' Steve asked.

'Are you mad?' I asked.

'No not at all, just shocked, that's all,' he said.

'I'm sure your mother don't know about you sucking cock, does she?' he ask.

'No sir, she don't and I don't want her to, Please' I said in a begging way.

'Hey man, I don't look a gift horse in the mouth, your secret is plenty safe with me, That was the best blow-job I have had in many years.' He said.

I smiled at Steve and raised up and he grabbed me and kissed me, licking the excess cum off my chin with his tongue.

'Actually I would love to have you sleep with me tonight,' Steve said.

I smiled and said, 'Hell Yeah man, want me to suck you again?' I said.

'Yeah maybe that too, but lets take one step at a time.' I was as much in love with Steve as my mom was I think, because I found out in bed that night what that cock felt like sliding balls deep into my little virgin asshole and I felt such love for Steve.'

I came to my senses as I stared at this young sailors crotch and now I guess I had been staring for a while when I realized his hand was sorta rubbing his bulge and his eyes were staring straight at me, my face turned a deep shade of purple.

I quickly yanked my eyes a different direction as I looked down at the box of chicken the waitress has brought me.

I finally got the nerve to look and his gorgeous looking young sailor was walking over toward me with his drink in his hand.

he slid into the booth I was setting at and said, 'Hey there, how's it going, I couldn't help notice you staring, did you like what you were staring at?' he said.

My face turned red, blushing again and I said, 'Honestly yes, I can't help myself, seeing that awesome bulge between your legs gave me a boner.'

He smiled, well there kid, maybe we need to do something about that boner then, what do you say?' he said.

'Where you headed?' down south, got a day and a half left to go yet, heading home for the holidays.'

'Sorry I don't even know your name,' I said.

'My first name is Sal' actually Salvadore Caccibando, named after my Grandfather Salvadore, he was from Palermo, Italy.'

Me I was born in Amarillo, Texas then my parents Died in a plane crash and I was raised in a children's home. I Never knew any relatives and we had to leave the home when we turned 18, either go to college, get out on our own or join the military. I opted for the Military'

'Well my name is Kevin Parsons, I'm a college student at State University. I'm on my way home for the holiday's.'

'Are you going home for the Holiday's.'I ask.

'Not really, I just have a 30 day leave, I just decided to go and take me a trip and see some of this country so I'm doing just that.'

'Where is your family?' I ask rather coldly.

'Well as I said, mom and dad was killed in a plane crash.'

'Would you like to take the trip to my parents home, you would be welcome to spend the Holiday's with us if you like, I would enjoy your company.' I said.

'Humm!!!! sounds like a plan, are you sure I wouldn't be consider an intruder?' he said.

'Hey Tell you what, I'll call home on the cell phone and make sure it's alright, by the way my Dad would enjoy you, he spend 15 years in the Navy stationed at Norfolk, Va.'

I watched as a big smile came across Sal's face, he was very handsome and his beautiful teeth were like a 'commercial perfect, white and sparkling,'

I requested the info from my Dad and was happy with his response, Dad says he would welcome any American Navy man.'

We got into my car and took off down the highway, 'Well I just want to tell you Kevin, your one fucking hot, sexy looking dude. I had some ideas of I would like to do with you, when I saw you staring at my crotch, actually I got a rock hard boner.'

'Maybe before we get to your parents house we can maybe stop and have a little fun on the way somewhere.'

Sal smiled at me as he said this and I felt his hand rub the inside of my leg, and felt my cock start swelling as he rubbed it. I looked over and saw a swollen crotch in his denim's.

I smiled at Sal, What do you like to do?, like fuck, suck, are you bottom or top?' I ask.

'Well I don't know, I've suck my share of cocks, been sucked, fucked other guys and felt their cocks as they fucked me, and I fucking love to get my ass eaten, He said with a big grin.

I looked down and said, 'how about pulling that slab of meat out and letting me have a view of it.' I said.

'Sal smiled at me as he slid a little down in the seat and undid his pants, and then he whipped out one hell of a nice uncut Latino cock, it was awesome, dark skinned, damn, it looked good, it reminded me of My step father's cock, and I couldn't wait to get a chance at it.

It was almost dusk as we finally pulled into a motel.

We got out and went in and rented a single, took our bags in, and before we were there five minutes we were stripping our clothes off, I felt Sal's hard cock pressing at my backside. It was phenomenal as Sal pushed me on the bed and lifted my legs and dove headfirst into my ass cheeks with one hell of an experienced tongue.

I was about to tear the place a part as he ate my asshole, it was fantastic.

I was mentally gone as I felt his cock sink to the balls into my body and I started fucking Sal's awesome bare cock massaging it with my anal muscles.

Sal was leaning over and we were coupled like fucking monkeys, it was awesome.

That night was just about the most wonderful night of my life, I thought I had finally found that one guy just for me.

We slept very little that night in that motel, and my asshole felt well used by daylight, and I had been Sucked, Fucked and well loved. I was in a dream like state as Sal took the wheel and drove the rest of the way to my parents house, that was one hell of a Holiday and my family loved Sal.

to be continued................



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