Growing up in the midwest had it good points and bad points,, the bible belt as it was known sorta reached up to where we lived, Mom and Dad were what you would call good home types, just good people.

My Father was a business manager for a large company and my mother was a homemaker, both were loving parents with high moral standards, we attended church on a regular basis, so I was raised in a "Christian Home" some Christian life.

I was sixteen when I got my asshole penetrated by the pastors son of our church, I liked Phillip but he had this thing for guys and I loved getting my cock sucked and finally getting the shit fucked out of my sweet sixteen year old asshole.

I learned to swallow his cum too, which I grew to love doing, sucking Phil's cock became something we did almost every time we got together, even at church one sunday we went down to the mens room in the church basement and while the music blared upstairs, I sucked Phil's cock.

Well Phil's father took a pastorate in another state and it ended our little love thing. I missed Phil a lot.

It was in Junior high school that I met Danny, and one night at a sleepover I found out Danny loved jerking off with me, something he had never done with another guy.

Now I was finding myself very attracted to his Dad, it was an older version of Danny, almost same face, well built body and since Danny's Mom had passed from breast cancer when he was twelve, Danny was one of two boys the older Trace, had gone to the Marines.

We were eighteen that My Dad and Mom was invited to go to some sort of business conference in Kansas City, I was invited to stay over at Danny's house for the weekend, to which I accepted. Little did I know what was about to happen.

It was Friday night I took my bag of clothes and we, Carl (Danny's dad) Danny and I went out to a pizza joint and had our supper then went to an auto show of classic cars which Danny loved and I found very interesting.

We went home and had a beer, being eighteen Danny's Dad would allow it as long as we didn't go anywhere and drive.

Then we went up to bed, where as we did many time, began to feel each other up and proceeded to work our way into a 69, which I have this passion for, Sucking cock and drinking cum is my favorite thing sexually to do.

Laying there on my side admiring Danny's seven inch, thick cut cock I almost tore it off getting to it massaging his nutsack, fingering his asshole, hearing him moan, now thats what Im talking about, I couldn't wait to taste his seed again.

It didn't take very long and I felt his ass cheeks tighten, his body stiffen and his moaning heralded his total abandoned pleasure, I felt his cock as it flexed with each Volly of cum, spurting into my mouth, I would have drunk a gallon if he had it to give.

"Fuck Man, Holy Shit, that was awesome Ken" Danny said as he went back to sucking my cock, soon I was almost screaming with the pleasure Danny was bringing to my swollen cock, and I felt that churning deep in my groin, and my cock let loose a torrent of sperm that would have filled a quart jar, or so it felt. I lay back totally exhausted, Danny had drained me completely.

It was six a.m. when Danny woke me and said, "Ken, I have to run to work for a few hours, I'll be back about eleven, Love you."

He kissed my tired lips and off he went.

I got up to go take a much needed piss, half hardon bouncing around, went to the toilet and let loose all that pent up beer from the night before.

On the way back to the bedroom I passed by Carl's room, door partway open there he lay, half covered with a sheet, naked from the waist up, He was one awesome specimen of older manmeat.

I noticed the sheet raised at the crotch level, and knew Carl was sporting a morning hardon.

With just my underwear on I gently walked into Carl's room, I felt almost nervousness, and excitement, I had always had this attraction to Carl, his hairy chest, needing a shave, his very well built body, laying there for the taking.

I walked over and by the time I got to Carl's bed I had a raging hardon myself just from the possibilities. I sat down on the edge of the bed and Carl stirred smiled and pulled back the sheet and said, "Crawl In" to which I oblidged.

Carl sorta spoke Morning son, how was your night, "Better than most," I said.

Carl pulled me over to him and wrapped his right arm around my neck and was so affectionate to me. I felt such arousal and excitement and looking down at Carls still hard cock lifting up the sheet. Knew what I wanted to do but wasn't sure about it.

I turned and faced Carl and while his eyes were still in that half sleep mode, I got a faint wiff of his underarm, god I had never had that sensation before, the aroma, arousal hit me and I thought for a second I would cum on myself.

I began to feel around on Carl, I felt that hairy chest the muscles thick and hard, then his washboard abbs, that stomach hair, that led down to his cock, I realized Carl slept naked.

I could tell that Carl was enjoying what I was doing because of that slight grin, I reached down and just sorta bumped his hardon to see his reaction, nothing.

I then lifted the sheets off and saw one gorgeous thick, uncut, must have been eight inches of man cock.

I began to feel around on it, and I lifted his egg sized nuts, and massage them, nothing but a slight moan, I knew then Carl was enjoying what I was doing.

After a few minutes of just playing with his thick uncut cock, I noticed this light, slick, thin clear pre-cum oozing out from the slit in the head. I leaned over and licked this awesome tasting nectar from his love pole, that's when Carl reacted, not in a negative way but in a possitive way,,"If you keep that up boy I'm gonna cum in your mouth" which to me was like saying Son Suck that cock, I need to unload.

I leaned into his gorgeous cock, wrapped my hand tighter around it and pulled back that foreskin, exposing that shiny reddish head and I went to the balls on his cock.

I felt Carl slightly raise up and moan, as I began to suck Carls cock, something I had dreamed of for some time now, and here I was fulfilling my dream..Carl let out this loud moan, raised his ass up and I took the whole enchilada into my throat as his body started convulsing and unloading his nut nectar into my throat, I suck, and licked untill I got every little drip of his cum. I felt like I had won the lottery.

As I came back up to eye level and looked Danny's Dad in the eye, he pulled my head to his and slathered the hottest kiss I had ever had on my lips. I wanted to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming but if it was a dream the taste of Carls thick, rich, musty tasting cum was still in my mouth.

Carl said, "Lay back," and he leaned over and started sucking my cock, he knew what he was doing and I didn't cum in his mouth but I did come fairly quickly, being I was so aroused and all.

Carl and I got up and dressed and went down to have some coffee, sat and I found out a lot about Carl, when he was younger he did the same things with a buddy as me and Danny, sucking and jerking off, and even some ass fucking, He had been sorta desiring to see if I might be interested in doing that sort of thing with an old man, Hes not that much older than Trace, (Danny's Older brother).

He was only sixteen when He got Danny's mother pregnant with Trace. He was only eighteen when Danny was born and they are like brother instead of father and son.

Carl and I continued with our sex relationship, then one Saturday night Danny had a Date with a Girlfriend, I thought maybe he was going straight, when I was laying on my back bent over like a shot-gun with Carls thick uncut cock balls deep in my asshole when in popped Danny, "Holy Fuck Pop, what the fuck it this, and don't say it's not what you think, your cock is balls deep in my best friend," Carl just smiled and said, "Dont get Jealous theres room for more, get your clothes off and join us."

By the time Danny got his briefs off his seven plus incher was thick and hard,, He got up on his knees beside my head and as his Dad fucked the shit out of my tight manhole. I took Danny's cock into my mouth, what was so strange I felt the buildup of my load, Danny's Dad began stroking my cock for me, that's when I felt that familiar feeling that Danny does and his hand grabbed my head as he shoved his cock to the hilt into my throat, shooting his load, just as I fired off a load, about that time I felt Carl began to pick up speed, and then he grunted loudly as he shoved his cock as far as he could up my asshole and I felt his cock spasming as I was filled at both ends with Love nectar.

Talk about a special feeling, I layed back as did Danny and Carl both slowling coming down from their climactic high.

We got dressed and Carl took us out to dinner that evening, totally happy, drained and yet fulfilled, by the way that experience happened quite often after......I.m one happy happy camper......Ciao my friends.....



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