I wish I could tell you how much of a crushing blow it was four years ago when I was called into my boss's office, but this was just one of many things that seemed to be pre-set to make my day miserable that Friday.

Mr. Spalding, I would have to say was just about the best employer I had ever had, hell, I had worked for him since getting out of college and getting my degree in Buisness Administration and Management, I was, I thought, going up in the company.

It was on a Friday afternoon, just about going home time when I got the call to go into Mr. Spalding's office.

I went in and shut his door, something I had done a thousand time over the four years I had been in the company.

Then Mr. Spalding, with tears in his eyes expressed his regrets but I was being let go, I must say when the new's hit me I was as shocked and sad about it as he was to tell me.

I was being let go, not because of anything that I had been doing wrong, but they were downsizing, and I was one of about one hundred employees they were letting go.

'I really hate to loose you Ken, your one of the best of the best that I have hired in many years, and employees like you are hard to come by, son, I tried every way I could think of to save you, but the power's that be, well all I can say is I'm so sorry.' he said.

Mr. Spalding shook my hand and handed me a severance package, with a recommendation, and referral letter to whom ever it might be needed for at any new job I might being applying for.

It was one hell of a good and uplifting recommendation though, it made me look fantastic I will say..

I noticed a three thousand dollar severance appreciation bonus in the envelope, which really came in handy in the next few weeks as I sent out resume's, done many interviews and hit the pavement looking for employment.

I got a call on afternoon when it seemed the times were darkest for me, it didn't seem like I would ever find a worth while job.

The phone rang and I answered, it was a company in Dallas, Texas wanting to know if I could come there for an interview, I just yelled. 'HELL YEAH!' Sorry sir,I mean Yes sir,' I said with much happiness in my voice. 'I would love to come to Dallas and set for an interview.' I said.

I left for the interview that Saturday, landed in Dallas, rented a car, and found my Hotel, things were looking up for me.

I went for the interview that Monday, they already had my resume that I had sent over the internet, and my forwarded recommendations and referral.

I almost had the job before I got there and the pay was considerably more than I had made in St. Louis, I was one happy camper.

They even located a nice two bedroom apartment for me, and had my things brought down from My apartment in outskirts of St.Louis.

I loved the Apartment they had gotten, it was very nice, swimming pool, a recreation room, pool tables, ping pong, shuffleboard, almost like a club atmosphere, I loved it.

I had been so into getting myself set up I almost forgot about my sex life, and as I settled in I began to feel that old feeling, that wanting, needing, that male hunger that could only be satisfied by the feel of another man.

I would more or less prowl around the swimming pool area to see what was around the area, I got to meet the pool boy, who was a living doll, young, cute as a button, shoulder length blondish hair, nice body, not overly muscular, six feet tall or maybe six one.

His name was Ned, he was an absolute doll, I met him one day out by the pool, I had taken a dip and he was skimming the pool, wearing just some almost nylon, really thin jogging pants, as he walked around the pool I noticed his cock sorta flopping back and forth as he walked, it looked like it was really nice sized too, Hell, I couldn't take my eyes off it.

I was just watching him walk, just fantasizing what I would love to do with him, as I lay beside the pool on a lounge chair, I suddenly realized my cock was laying hard, upward in my swim trunks, and it's not easy to conceal a thick seven and a half inch cock.

I came to my senses and I found myself staring at Ned's cock laying down along his leg in his shorts, just about six inches from my face.

I looked up and heard his voice. 'Hey man, whats happening, I'm Ned, the pool boy, you must be that new guy that moved into #311,' glad to meet you.'

he said.

Seeing the outline of his cock and it's nice thick head through the material made matter's worse for me, my cock rose a little more.

I noticed Ned's eyes were rather fixed on my swollen cock, pushing the material of my trunks upward.

Ned rather boldly just smiled looked into my eyes, 'Looks like you got a problem that needs some attention, I would be glad to take care of it for you if you'd like.' he said.

I couldn't believe my ears, did he just say he wanted to take care of my hard-on, was I dreaming.

'UMMH! yeah, sure,' I said.

Ned smiled and said, 'follow me to the pool house.' I quickly followed, feeling my boner swinging back and forth as I walked.

We walked into the pool house and he set down the skimmer. I turned around and he was locking the door.

'Do you do this sort of thing often with guys you meet here?' I ask.

'Whenever I meet someone that I make that connection with, I love sucking cock and getting fucked, sorry but why lie about it, It's one of my favorite things.' he said with a smile.

'Mine too,' I said as I walked over to Ned and reached down and felt his swollen cock, by this time his cock had thickened and was standing out, like a tree limb, damn this kid was hung.

'You like what you feel?' he asked.

'Fuck Yeah man, I love it, Your on hot sexy young man, you know that?' I said.

Ned smiled then knelt down in front of me and slowly massaged my bulging crotch, I felt like, out of this world, I was really needing something like this, and it was feeling awesome.

Ned was not beginner or slouch at this, before I could even catch my breath he had slipped my trunks to the floor and had my cock to the balls in this throat, moaning his sexual pleasure while servicing my cock.

He was slipping my foreskin back gently sucking on the sensitive head, sliding his tightened lips to the hilt on my shaft and all the while massaging my nut-sack, which was slowly tightening up to my body.

Ned the began to slip a hand under my ass and began to gently massage the pucker hole between my ass cheeks.

I had been moaning after several minutes of his artwork on my cock, the sensations were awesome, and I felt that tingle, that stirring in my balls, that sensation that something was about to happen, then as my nuts had gotten as tight against my body as they could get, my ass-cheeks were like concrete, Ned slipped a wet finger into my asshole and I started firing a load of cum down his throat, which he gulped and slurped like a starving dog, as I unloaded he gobbled and moaned and licked, finally he said That was fantastic, and your cum is delicious.

God Damn, was this kid insatiable as he sucked my cock dry and emptied my balls that afternoon. it was just a little bit of heaven.

'Holy Fuck Ned,'I said with almost exhaustion from what had just happened.

I looked at his thick cut cock and noticed the tip was almost dripping pre-cum, I turned my back to Ned and he smiled and knowingly he bent me over and I felt the pre-cum slicked head of his cock touch the opening to my anal orifice and Ned just leaned over my back and as he leaned he kissed the back of my neck, and I felt the head of his thick cock punch through and I felt a slight pain as he slid nine inches of very thick cock to the balls in my asshole.

Ned knew how to fuck and fuck me he did, I was about to blow another load from his cock touching that spot inside my asshole.

I don't remember being with anyone that was into it as much as Ned was, he was making love, not just fucking, I felt his hand reach around and began stroking my cock as he fucked me into another world that afternoon, but we were both well satisfied.

Well I invited Ned to come over anytime he wanted and he took me up on it. I loved having him over, he came for meals, for watching t.v. and of course for some hot sex on a fairly regular basis.

Well it was a couple weeks later that my new boss, Mr.Breyer called me in and ask me if I like to travel, He needed someone that could go to a Trade show for the company and do some selling.

It was a new wrinkle,for me, but hey I'm always up for something new, I said sure, and as I was talking there was a knock on his office door.

I turned to see who it was and a young man of about twenty five or so came in, by the way I'm thirty one. I had seen this young man around the building and in other offices before, but didn't know who he was.

Mr. Breyer introduced me to the young man who would be attending the trade show with me, A Skip Fielding.

I was so struck with Skip, he was outgoing and friendly and so fucking handsome and good looking he made my stomach ache. He looked like he could be a model or something for 'GQ or Abercrombie.'

He was truly gorgeous, impeccably dressed, clean cut, I was getting turned on by him but then, I saw the wedding ring, just my luck, Oh well you can't will them all, I thought.

The boss ask some questions about what we liked and disliked, then he asked if we had a problem with sleeping in the same room and sharing a room with each other at the hotel we were going to in Orlando Florida, something about being hard to find rooms during that trade show.

I of course was looking forward to being in the same room with him, but It might be a little hard for me, 'I wasn't referring to my cock either,' well that too would probably stay that way while I was in the room with Skip.

We got to Orlando, got our room, went and checked out the Convention center where the trade show would be held, and got our things in order.

Skip was really sorta quiet and reserved, but friendly enough, I was almost afraid to break the ice about sex with him.

It was later that afternoon, we had done our part at the trade show, and we had gone back to the hotel.

I fell on the bed and Skip went over and got out some things from his suit case, I'm going down to the spa here in the hotel, would you like to go.

I looked up at Skip, 'A Spa, here in the hotel, I didn't know there was one,' I said.

'Yeah, see here, in the Hotel brochure Free health spa, steam rooms, sauna's and pool for all patrons. And you can get a massage for an extra nominal fee' it says.

'I wanted to get that chance with Skip, at least to have a good look at his body, damn the more I was around him the more I wanted him.

'Sure, care if I go with you?' I said.

'I was kinda hoping you would want too,' he said.

We got to the dressing room of the spa, it was very nice, plush, I watched Skip as he freely stripped and turned around naked as a newborn, Damn he was just as good looking under his clothes as he was with them on,

He was nicely built, slightly muscular, with the hint of washboard abs, nice thick muscular legs, and that hairy chest and stomach and that beautiful thick pubic hair was making my stomach ache. Skip was gorgeous no fat at all, anywhere. But still there was the wedding ring, and that held me at bay.

Well we went into the steam room and chatted getting to know each other.

We were in the sauna room with just a towel around us when I just ask Skip, 'What's you wife like? you never talk about her, yet I see you wearing a ring,' I said.

Skip looked down, well it's like this she's alright, pretty as hell, she keeps to her self, not friendly with anyone, and the sex part is almost non existent, she don't like sex and I'm horny all the time, I'm really tired of stroking the ole pole to keep my nuts drained, I would love to have the feeling of a good blow-job or fuck when I would like it.' he said with a slight blush. Hell she has never even gotten close to my cock much less sucked on it for me.

'No shit man, I'm single but by choice,' I said.

'What do you do for a good night of just plain hot sex,' he ask.

'Just like you Skip, I love to feel a nice wet not mouth sliding up and down the length of my cock, taking me to outer space with a marvelous blow-job, licking my nuts, playing with my asshole, fingering it is one of my favorite things.' I said.

'No shit, I never tried that before, sounds like it might be fun.' he said.

I looked down and noticed his cock had risen while we talked about sex.

'Looks like you need some attention right now.' I said.

'Sorry, whenever I talk about it I get aroused and usually it ends up being a self inflicted nut for me.' he said.

'I Leaned over next to Skip and smiled, I reached down and rested my hand on his inner thigh and said, 'Well Skip what If I would tell you I would like to take care of that for you tonight, I would love to see to you having a good time, even letting you feel what that asshole massage feels like,' I looked down and saw his cock flex up and swell out, raising the towel as it went.

Skip never moved from my hand, he just smiled at me and wet his lips and my hand slid up under his towel and found it's target.

My hand went around his thickness and I realized he was cut, and the head was tight and swollen and his cock felt like hot concrete in my hand.

Skip sort raised up his hips and I heard a slight moan, 'Oh Fuck man, that feels awesome.' he said.

Skip's eyes closed as I stroked his cock a few times as we set there side by side in the sauna, I wanted to take care of him there and then, but it was a little touchy.

'Shall we take this back to our room?' I ask.

'Oh Yeah,' he said in an almost gasping anxious type of speach.

We got back to the room and I stripped him like he was my love for the night.

I beheld his beauty, Damn he was one gorgeous hairy guy, with an awesome build and a thick eight inch perfectly straight cut cock, standing upward at almost a 45 degree angle to his body, just begging for my attention.

I undressed, and like a virgin on her wedding night I lay Skip, so young, so innocent, down on the bed and as he lay there with his shoulders on a couple pillows, I took his awesome cock into my mouth and had him almost yelling and squirming on the bed, 'Oh Shit, OH FUCK!!!!!! ' Skip said as I took his cock to the bush,it slid down my throat with ease and I took Skip to heaven that night with my mouth.

But I wanted him to feel that special feeling, so I stopped and he looked at me like 'Fuck man, what you stopping for?'

I smiled at Skip and pulled him down to the edge of the bed, raised his muscular legs and pulled his ass upward toward me, I leaned to get that whiff of masculine aroma that always makes me wild, he was one awesome man.

I leaned over and when My tongue began to lick and push into his hot asshole, I thought Skip was go ballistic, he began to moan and grunt,'Oh God, Oh God, Oh fuck that feels awesome, don't stop, oh man.' he kept saying, I knew I had Skip where I wanted him.

I ate his ass out for almost twenty minutes, by the time I was finished I went back up to a totally slimy, wet, pool of pre-cum laying on his stomach and his cock was like it had been lubed with his clear nectar.

It was like heaven to me as I licked his juices up and finished him off.

When Skip finally let loose, his cock was like steel in my mouth, and I thought my head would come off, he bucked upward, arching his back, holding on to the headboard and he let out a loud yell, '''OOOOHH! FUUUUKKK!!!!!! as his body started jerking and writhing, his hands held my head down to the balls on his cock, He thick cock started jerking in my mouth and his load of nut sauce filled my mouth and started leaking out and down the outsides of my mouth, but I got every little drip, God it was awesome tasting.

Skip lay there exhausted, and just kept looking up at me in a bewildered sort of way.

Finally he spoke, 'I'm not sure what I thought gay sex was, but I never dreamed that it would be like this, that is by far the best sex I have ever had, sex that good is worth leaving your wife for.' he said.

I Let him rest and we went out to dinner and later that night he just kept looking at me and telling me he couldn't believe how awesome that was.

So before the sun rose the next morning I lay on my back with my legs up over Skip's shoulders and felt that beautiful cock in my ass and his nuts were slapping my ass cheeks. Skip was good at fucking and loved the tightness of my asshole, and he rewarded me with more hot groans and by filling my intestines with his cum.

Skip is not the same guy I met in that office that day anymore, Yeah he's still married, but he has learned to give great head himself,which was his own idea, and he has learned to take a cock up the ass, which took some doing, but he likes it now.

Truth is so do I Skip and I are together a lot, and are a perfect set of partners on the job.

Skip and I are both very glad for that Business trip with each other.



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