"Oh Right there MUM, give DAD my love and a big hug, and tell every body Hello, and you all have a Wonderful, Happy Holiday Please, yeah! you too! I will, Love you guys, Tell Aryn, and David, I love and miss them for me. Bye, Love you."

I watched at Matt hung up the phone, looking sorta homesick and sad, yet happy and pleased that he had gotten to speak to his parents.

Matt had decided not to try to go home for the Holidays, and to stay with us over Christmas and New Years.

It was the nineteenth of December, the weather was getting rather chilly, and Matt and I were going to the mall to do some last minute Christmas Shopping.

Mom and Dad had planned the week away, which they do every year just before Christmas, when they drive to Chicago and go Christmas shopping there, that's where Mom was born and raised, so it was just us boys at home for the week.

It was on the Tuesday after Mom and Dad left for Chicago, they weren't due to return until the following Monday, that I came home and saw Matt entering the garage across the street at Timmy's house.

I waited and waited for Matt to return and decided to go see what was up.

I went in through the garage to enter the kitchen, no one was there, I knew that Timmy's Parents worked at the same company and rode home together and wouldn't get home until around six that night.

I went through the side door in the garage into the kitchen and didn't see or hear anything, nothing in the living room, I headed up the stair- way to the upper level of their four bedroom split-level house, when I heard it.

I heard Matt's voice, "OH Fuck Mate its so fucking big, take it a little easy man."

Timmy's bedroom door was slightly opened and I looked into it and Got one hell of a surprise, or should I say a shock.

Matt and Timmy were both naked as a newborn, Matt was up on the bed on his stomach, Timmy was laying on Matt's back with his hands hooked under his arm pits, and he was sliding his thick nine plus inches full length up Matt's asshole, and Matt was in a slight bit of pain, I could tell by the look on Matt's face wincing, and grimacing, but Timmy being his usual self, was not relenting as he fucked Matt's sweet hairy British asshole.

"Oh yeah Baby, you have one sweet ass, there sweetheart," Timmy said as he mercilessly rammed the full length into Matt's sweet looking bubble butt.

The more I watched his thick wet, cock as it slid in to the balls and out to the tip in Matt's ass, the hotter and more turned on I got, I was almost jealous of Timmy. He was fucking Matt's sweet looking ass like a friday night whore,grunting, huffing and puffing as he fucked.

After I had watched this action for a few minutes,

I realized Timmy was not a hair trigger kind of guy, he could fuck for an hour or more before busting his nut.

And he gets more rough with it as he goes.

I stripped naked in the hallway sporting a raging pre-cum dripping boner of my own, and pushed the door open, there I stood, me naked and stroking my hard cock, the there they were, connected at the asshole, I smiled as I went into the room, they just stopped and stared at me like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie Jar.

"Well! so While the Cats away the mice play." I said. with a big grin, truthfully, I wanted to join in and that was just what I planned to do.

I Figured as I could hear Matt's grunting and moaning, I would just slip my cock into his mouth and that should quieten him down.

I got up on the bed and Timmy knew what I was going to do.

I knelt in front of Matt's face and took his head in my hands and he opened his mouth as I slid my rock hard cock into his mouth and Timmy went back to ramming his cock to the balls in Matt's asshole.

Timmy leaned forward and he and I began to kiss as we both made sexual, passionate love to Matt's gorgeous, sweet little British Body.

We both shot our loads into Matt's body at almost the same time.

Matt swallowed my cum and Timmy's cum filled his intestines.

I threw Timmy some wipes and he cleaned Matt's ass off before we both rolled sweet little Matt's adorable body over and began to make love to him, I have Always been a person that don't feel right with the, "I get my nut and to hell with you attitude."

I leaned down and looked into Matt's sweet face and then leaned down and began to suck his sweet uncut British cock with every ounce of my being.

Matt began to thrust his cock upward into my mouth and I felt his body began to shudder as I felt his cock spasm in my mouth and as Timmy lay over and began to play with his nipples and kiss his adorable mouth, I felt his nut sauce fill my mouth, that was something the began to happen a lot with the three of us during our school year.

It seemed that from that afternoon on our sex life became insatiable, We loved to have three-way's a lot.

I woke up in the middle of the night with my cock being sucked on by Matt, it seemed like a never ending orgy, which of course I love it.

I seemed like we would take turned being the guy in the middle, But I never grew tired of feeling Timmy's gorgeous cock in my asshole or in my mouth, and I think Matt felt the same way.

On afternoon we, Timmy and I came home, Matt wasn't home I looked out and saw Timmy over in his garage and so I went over Timmy held his hand up to his lips in a "sshh" gesture, I frowned and walked over to where he was and he pointed into his kitchen.

We both got a shock, Timmy's Dad was leaning against the kitchen counter with his pants around his ankles, his bare ass against the counter, and Matt was on his knees with Timmy's fathers ten inches in his hand and as he stroked his thick boner with his right hand he took about the first five inches into his mouth and sucked that big cock like it was his first.

Timmy's Dad, was thrusting forward totally enjoying getting a fantastic blow-job from Our friend Matt.

We silently watched as Timmy's Dad started getting more almost violent, grabbed Matt's head and began face fucking him almost gagging Matt as he blew a huge load into Matt's mouth.

We went on back over to my house quietly, and in a state of shock, Timmy was the most shocked, he never dreamed his Dad would do anything like that.

A few minutes later Matt came over and just stared at us as we stared back.

Timmy looked at Matt and just asked, Well Matt, "just how long have you been giving my father blow-jobs?" he asked.

"Please don't be mad at me" Matt said.

I was over there one day and your Father and I was talking and somehow the subject got to sex and he told me he wasn't getting any sex at all, and as we talked I just ask him if he ever got sucked off before, he said Yeah, when I was younger but it has been before Timmy was born, and never anything close to that since he was married to Timmy's mother."

As we talked I noticed his cock was getting hard and I just reached over and started stroking it and he let me, I realized he was bigger than Timmy and I wanted to see it, the next thing I knew I had undone his pants they were on the floor and I was staring the biggest cock I had ever seen eye to eye, so I leaned over licked it a few times, heard him moan and then took as much of it as I could in my mouth, the first thing I knew I was drinking his cum, which was awesome, so I go over ever few days now and releave his stress." Matt said.

Timmy looked over into my eyes and said. "Well Fuck me, the old man like head from a guy. would you believe that?" he said.

Timmy started giggling and said, "Well Matt since you have had so much practice here," and he whipped out his now hard nine plus inches.

Matt went to his knees and began servicing Timmy, I was turned on and I pulled out my own cock and began enjoying the show and stroking off, Matt motioned me over and he grabbed my cock as he sucked Timmy, and began stroking me off, I came before Timmy.

Well needless to say, that was three of the best years of our lives, we never went needing sexual release and we also started Including Timmy's Dad in our fun, and he totally loved it.

Oh yeah, and I will tell you this. Timmy's Dad, Rodger, can fuck too. OH hell yeah, and I love feeling that ten inches filling my manhole.

One night I went over and Timmy's Mother was gone, she taught some classes in adult night college in the local community college.

I went over and I sucked Timmy and Matt off while Rodger, filled my intestines with his thick boner, and what a feeling as I took Timmy's load then Matt's load in my mouth and felt Rodger's cock unload his load in my intestines. I shot my load without even touching it, What a night that was.

So many things I could tell about my relation ship with Matt and my boyfriend Timmy, I could fill a book.

All I will say is Never before has Great Britian and the good ole USA done so much to establish Good relations."

Ciao my friends





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