Although some People might think of this story as an Incestous love story, I do not. I feel it shows to what length that a Father would go to show his Son his love for his Son..

It was the summer of 2005 while I was in my senior year of High School. I was young, Dumb, full of cum, as all young men are at the ripe old age of 17, How do they say it "10 Feet tall and bullit proof" or something like that.

I guess I was no different, I had learned that at a younger age, I love getting with other naked guys. I enjoyed sucking their cocks, letting them take pleasure in my asshole, feeling that feeling of having it stretched by their thick throbbing boners, and enjoying that feeling of them blowing their loads up my rear end, and of course returning that favor.

I was totally into pleasuring other guys.

I had been raised by just my father in a modest but nice middle American home, with just me and my awesome Dad since I was six, Mom had sucummed to Breast Cancer, and left us totally devasated.

It took some time as a little boy but I did get on with life, although sometimes I still get teary eyed at the thought of loosing my mother at such an early age, I missed her, and I know Dad did too.

I was thinking about life in general and I realized that my father, always thinking of me first, had never brought home a lady friend or lover. Not once that I could remember and I'm seventeen now.

I being a young man with raging hormones and a constant hard-on, couldn't believe that my father, handsome, good looking, well built as he was had been celebate since Mom died.

Well I could not have ever asked for a better father. I never lacked for anything especially the Love that a good Father has for his son.

This was proven out a couple years ago when I was riding on my best friend Mark's Suzuki Bike. I was on the back, setting behind Mark, and we were going down across the highway well above the speed limit, Mark and I both had helmets on and we were going at quite a good clip.

All of a sudden a car coming straight for us in the opposite lane head-on swerved into our lane and My best friend Mark swerved to miss him and went down an ambankment and we hit a big Oak Tree, that was the last thing I remember

I came too in the hospital, and was quickly put under by a doctor.

I had been out for several days all drugged up under Pain medication, when I awoke to see my wonderful father looking over me petting, caring, loving, just there for his Son.

I wanted to cry, he looked so worried and stressed out, He leaned over kissed me on the forhead and said, "Son I love you so much, I thought we were gonna loose you," I asked him "what happened, Where's Mark?" my dad told me about the accident and that Mark got away with just a broken arm and Leg, he was at home doing great, the Lucky Shit..

I knew my Dad didn't have the money to have a private nurse or hospice stay with me, so he decided to take me home and took a leave of absence from work to care for me.

Dad took me home, My injuries consisted of, 37 Stiches in my head and scalp where my head hit the tree, the helmet had been knocked off, both arms were broken, my shoulders were busted up, my collar bone was broken, and one ankel was shattered and had to be operated on. Other than that, thank the Lucky Stars above I had no internal injuries, Guess I got slammed against that tree pretty good.

It Seems that my biggest problem was both my arms were in a cast, Imobilized by rods holding them straight up and I couldn't even take my cock out to piss, it had to be done for me, wipping my ass after a good dump, was an impossibility, I was like a little baby.

I felt like a fool. But the best was yet to come.

I had been home for almost a week and I knew I needed a bath, Dad came home with some supplies and said, "O.K. Son its "bathy timey." just like I was a little kid or something, but I knew he was just trying to lighten the moment.

My Dad Stripped me naked and lay me back on the bed, with my arms in a rigid upright position immobile.

There I lay, naked, vulnerable, exposed, now normally, I love getting naked, but I hadn't shot a load in almost a month and a half, actually about two days before the accident.

As Dad washed me off he told me how he use to bath me when I was a kid, how he loved doing it for me, he got done washing, then rinsing me, and drying me off with a towel.

Now the most awesome part, was when he took this very warm water filled wash cloth, filled with soap, and lifted my nuts upward to wash under them, My cock began to feel that warmth, as his hand was touching it, and when Dad, who is also uncut, knew what needed to be done, slowly and tenderly pulled back my foreskin, and began washing the exposed head It was already about half hard but that did it, his hand touching me, the warmth of the water, slipperyness of the soap, I turned my head sideways and bit my lip as I moaned "Holy Shit," Trutefully, I didn't want my Father to stop untill I shot my load of cum, but, well this is my Dad!

I could feel my hips slightly thrusting upward as he washed then rinsed my rock hard cock.

"Shit Kid, I must admit son, thats a quite respectable hard-on there, it's as big as mine maybe bigger," then he smiled as he said, "I'm quite proud of the man youv'e become."

After gently and tenderly drying my hard-on off My Dad just smiled and said, "Don't go anywhere Son, I think I might be able to help," and he disappeared out the door, me still naked sporting a seven and a half inch, rather achy boner.

It was about four minutes later when My father returned with a box of tissue and a bottle of baby oil.

He Smiled at me leaned over and gave me a kiss on the forehead, "Son You need this,"

He squirted some Baby oil on my cock and balls and sat on the edge of the bed, and reached up and began rubbing my cock and balls with the oil, lubing them up really nice, and then as I swallowed hard he wrapped his warm loving, tender hand around my uncut shaft, which was like flint rock, and began stroking it gently and lovingly, God Damn it felt so awesome. My Father really knew how to Stroke a cock, just the perfect amount of pressure, nice sensual, slow swirling stsrokes, I never dreamed my Father would even begin to do something like this, Hey! but who looks a gift horse in the mouth?

I was pushing my hips upward in a fucking motion, sorta whimpering, slightly moaning as he brought me closer to exploding.

I did not want Dad to stop, even thought this is highly unusual, and different for a Father to be stroking his son off, but what the fuck, I needed him, and I noticed he was taking pleasure in this.

My father looked at my puzzled face and spoke,as he stroked.

"Hey Son, I was once your age, I know that a young man needs to do every so often, Hell Son, Iused to jerk off at least once a day, I did it as a marathon a few times seeing how many time I could shoot a load in one day, I think my record was like seven times in one day.

This was fantastic, my father letting me know that he was a young man that jerked off just like I was, 'Hell Son, I still stroke my cock to relieve the buildup of pressure, A Guy's gotta do what a Guy's gotta do." he said.

Just let it loose son, you aren't the first Guy I've jerked off you know.

Now that was one big fucking shock, I wasn't the first guy my Dad stroked off, WOW! but I Did't care, I was almost there,'Yep, Dad Said, lookes like your about to blow, just let it go and bust that nut son,'

I let out this loud moan as the climax built up to and big explosion, and my Father just kept up the steady, rythmic stroking swirling up and down and covering that sensitive head as he did.

When I finally let loose and shot cum went allthe way over my head and hit the headboard of my bed, Holy Fuck did that feel awesome. I was a little surprised that Dad didn't seem to be bothered with my cum on his hand.

From that day forward untill My hands were free to take care of it myself. My father would give me a bathe and end it with the most awesome Jerkoff I had ever hand If Im not wrong I was his cock hard and sticking upright in his trousers with his own boner as he stroked me off.

He did without a doubt take care of his son in every way. I finally healed up.

It was about a month later, I had gone to a buddys house expecting to spend the night, things didn't work out and about nine that night I came home just to do something on the old computer and then hit the sack.

I didn't see Dad anywhere, I walked upstairs(We have a split level House) softly, not wanting to wake Dad if he was sleeping, I heard some soft sound coming from the bathroom I noticed the door adjar about three inches and I walked up to the bathroom door, looked in and to my amazement it was my father, totally naked, looking like he had just showered, standing in front of the commode, stroking his uncut cock, I hadn't seen Dads cock hard before, except in his trousers, and it was astounding, a good eight inches, gorgeous.

I watched his actions as he stood there pumping his cock with his right hand,sliding his awesome foreskin back and forth on and off that gorgeous head, pulling on nutsack with his left alternating with his nipples, twisting, pinching and totally engrossed in his sexuall pleasure.

I watched as his cock head was getting tighter, swelling out, so hard it was shiny, his breathing was getting laboured and I knew he was very close, I gently opened the door, Dad still didn't know I was there, with his head leaned back, eyes closed, I knelt down stopped his hand and quickly took Dad's cock to the balls in my mouth, I grabbed his bare ass and pulled Dad's cock as far into my mouth as it would go, Dad just Yelled out as he grabbed my head and shoved his thick cock down my throat and filled my mouth with his awesome cum.

I didn't think he was gonna stop cumming, but he did, "Oh, Fuck, Son, SHIT, When did you learn to suck cock, and you swallowed my load too."

I stood up and kissed my Dad on the lips, "Pop I love you more than you know. I just figured I owed you some loven in return, for what you did for me, and I want to show it anytime you'll let me.

I told him then the next morning that It should not feel any difference to him with me doing it that it did to me with him taking care of my boner's.

Things are very different now around our house, I love my Father more than ever and I am there for him, and my Dad is still takeing care of his Son and his needs.



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